New iPhone App Will Revolutionize the Way You Think About Toaster Pastries

Apr 01, 2012

Have you ever agonized over not getting your sugary breakfast food out of the toaster at exactly the right time? You know what I mean. You're late to the office (or school or whatever). You pop a Pop Tart in your toaster while you're busy changing in the next room and getting your last minute Powerpoint together.

As you're putting the finishing touches on your genius proposal, BOOM - you remember that you popped that pastry in the toaster. But alas, your pastry is now too cold to eat, and if you throw it back in the toaster it will overcook. Yes - your pastry is lost.

I've been burned by this scenario more times than I can remember. But never again!

Introducing Frosted, the new app for iOS and Android which promises nothing less than a complete revolution in the way humanity prepares its toaster pastry breakfasts. Frosted automatically syncs with any compatible WiFi enabled toaster and sends an alarm to your phone notifying you when your pastry is done. Frosted also connects to the toaster's internal thermometer so you can set pre-determined temperature thresholds at which to send the notifications. You can even change how long you want your pastry to cook remotely from the app!

But wait. How would you know whether you should extend your pastry's cooking time if you're away from the toaster? Well Frosted has that covered. The app links with your toaster's integrated webcam so that you can see your pastry being toasted live in real time on your phone. If it looks a little soft, just press a button and the toaster will stay on a few seconds longer. Too crispy? Press Frosted's "Eject it Now" button to save your pastry from the doom of over-burning.

Some might ask why the greatest minds in Silicon Valley are spending their time and energies on helping fat people in rich countries get fatter more quickly while millions starve around the world. But I say screw it - life is short , sugar tastes good, and sugar + the iPhone is a dream come true.

Thanks Frosted!