Mel Gibson Chokes Waiter for Serving Him Matzah Ball Soup

May 29, 2012

Hollywood actor / director / raging alcoholic Mel Gibson has been questioned by authorities following an accusation of assault at a pricey Santa Monica, CA deli.

The Oscar winning star of Braveheart, Mad Max, and the Leathal Weapon series reportedly became violent during a confrontation with a waiter regarding his order.

Although Gibson had ordered a ruben with chicken soup, his waiter - a  21 year old UCLA film school student - was so star-struck he forgot to tell him that the only soup they had left was matzah ball - a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish:

"Do you think I look like one of them? Do you?"

"We were all out of chicken soup, but I forgot to tell him when he ordered. So I offered him a free bowl of matzah on the house. I had no idea free soup could piss someone off like that."

When served the soup Gibson lept out of his chair and began berating the waiter:

"Do you think I look like one of them? Do you? Do you think I look like someone who shovels this Jew juice into his mouth?"

Witnesses say Gibson then pinned the young waiter up against a wall with one hand wrapped tightly around his neck. After a few seconds of squeezing, Gibson let go saying "This is your lucky day motherfucker. If I wasn't late for a script re-write on Maccabees I would punch your Jew-loving lights out."

Gibson has reportedly lost his agent, manager, and publicist over this latest anit-semetic incident. Analysts say he will likely never work in mainstream Hollywood again.

The American neo-nazi National Socialist Movement, however, praised Gibson's stand against "the Jewish soup conspiracy" and invited him to direct a promotional video for their Youtube channel highlighting the threat Matzah represents to America.

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    right…what crap. Get over it! You ar emakign all of you look bad!

  • Im sorry I have to agree with Mel Gibson on this. AshkeNAZI jew was exile out of Europe and was given the land of Palestine if they got America involved in a war which was promise to the jews in Europe if they won the war and they did so those jews was given Palestine while people were living there already. Those jews killed many of innocent people and still killing innocent people in GAZA. People need to read their Bible history, those are not the real jews and even GOD don’t claim them as his people in Revelation 2:9 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art
    rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are
    not, but are the synagogue of Satan.