Todd Akin Claims Breastmilk Cures Homosexuality

Aug 26, 2012

Missouri U.S. senate candidate Todd Akin has stoked more outrage today by claiming that male homosexuality is a disease and that the medical establishment has found the cure.

The Republican congressman, already under fire for his controversial comments regarding rape, told a reporter for Cape Giradeau's KBSI 23 News that "female breastmilk - when fed directly to an adult homosexual male daily for at least four weeks - has a 94% chance of permanently curing homosexual perversions."

"Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else."

Akin made the scientifically dubious statement during an interview that was supposed to mark the "rebirth" of his campaign to defeat incumbant U.S. senator Claire McCaskill.

Akin was leading in the polls until August 19th when he told a local radio host that victims of "legitimate rape" could not become pregnant because "the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down." In the wake of the ensuing controversey his 11 point lead in the polls has turned into a 10 point deficit, and obeservers have written off his chances at winning the seat.

No Means No

Facing certain defeat, all major figures in the Republican Party have called for Akin to stand aside and allow another candidate to run. The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee and several important outside groups have also pulled funding for his bid.

Despite the heavy pressure, Akin has refused to step aside saying he is in the race to win.

In the interview Akin explained that he will never back down from his beliefs and he is excited to bring his unique brand of conservatism to the U.S. Senate.

Ducking questions about his viability he proceeded to educate reporter Jeff Raskin on several issues very close to his heart including the global conspiracy to falsify the fossil record in the name of "radical Darwinism", and the plot to turn Michigan into the capital of a new Islamic States of America.

Spray the Gay Away

But the congressman really hit his stride when discussing homosexuality.

"This may surprise you Jeff, but I don't think homosexuality is a choice. We evangelicals, we know that it's a disease. But the good news is - we have the cure."

Akin then explained, "The National Institutes of Health has treated hundreds of young men through clinical trials at their headquarters in Maryland. They don't want the public to know because the secular liberal elites have succeeded in brainwashing the public into believing that homosexuality is a positive thing."

"We now know how to purge men of sin and put them on a path towards god. Why can't every gay man in America have that knowledge? Just 4 weeks of live breastfeeding can cure them of their terrible suffering. Why aren't we talking about this?"

Somewhat dumbfounded by the brazenness of Akin's pronouncement, the reporter then asked if this supposed treatment only worked on men.

"Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else," Akin replied "I'll leave that one to your imagination."

Claire McCaskill has issued a statement denouncing Akin's latest gaffe as "an outrageous and offensive pseudoscientific slander" and called on national Republicans to "respect the choice of Missourians" and allow Akin to continue his campaign.

UPDATE: Reader Tami has sent us her version of how Time magazine should respond to today's news.

  • Imagine2

    You can’t fix stupid. Just wait for it to die out and heaven help what was passed in the gene pool

  • jstsyn

    OK if, and I mean really, if this guy is this far out how has it effected his judgement doing his job up until now? Doesn’t Congress have some sort of test to weed out imbeciles that are dangerous to America? We need to choose a grade school and find replacements for the republicans in Congress. Seriously, this guy does not belong in Congress. Those that share his ideas don’t either.

  • Becca

    Ok this isn’t actually true people.

  • Stan

    Dailycurrant editors, I know this is satire, but fix the typos. This is badly edited… even for a fake news website.

  • troubled

    Please correct the grammar and spelling errors in this article if you expect anyone to take it seriously!

  • You can not even make this stuff up

  • Unbelievable!! What an idiot. How could anybody be that ignorant. He is the true definition of “Redneck”. OMG!

  • lil mama

    Its amazing this “man” got this far in life. He’s definately living in his own world. No offence but you must be pretty twisted to think being gay is a disease. And even more twisted to believe drinking breast milk…is a cure.

  • People like him make work for professionally trained counselors so much harder, because the sad thing is that there are people that believe this BS. I think he needs a psych evaluation.

  • what a FREAK-SHOW–he needs mental health counseling.

  • Wouldn’t put it past Akin to say something so outrageous, but how come no one else has reported this? Can you provide a link to the original interview? If it was on KBSI, there has to be a video. And I really want to see this video.

  • Guest

    Can you provide a link to this video?

  • jd20

    Yes. You actually can make things like this up. For instance, there is absolutely no record anywhere of this interview actually occurring. The KBSI Website does not have a record of the interview and not one other media source listed it. I thought it could be real at first, but this story is a straight up lie.

  • jd20

    There also is no reporter named Jeff raskin at KBSI

  • Cean

    This can’t be real. I hope years from now we’ll find out this was all a publicity stunt.

  • Sam

    Umm its sad that so many don’t realize…this is SATIRE….although breastmilk has been used to try and “cure” homosexuals before…Bachmanns husband has even mentioned it before…

  • Guest

    Oh man and I thought Todd Akin was gonna be a one hit wonder! He just keeps on giving and giving the juicy soundbites!

  • schitzengigles10

    apparently you can it seems

  • marksanfrancisco

    The man is a suffering saint! Just a saint!

  • OK, you people need to get your eyes checked! Look in the upper right-hand corner of the page here!

  • It clearly says “The Global SATIRICAL Newspaper of Record”! Please tell me you know what “satirical” means?!?

  • Jack

    This is fake. If it were true then every left wing lib site and news station would start there news cast with it. Some people are actually so gullible and naive it is not even funny. Do some research before you go whacky on a fake news story.

  • klhayes

    This is his campaign strategy?

  • Religious Outlaw

    This man has lost his grip; he is not fit to run for office. He belongs in a sanitaruim.

  • FlatBaroque

    I do not know if it is the case, but the Republican party probably has him on a Science committee of some sort. That’s how he knows. We’ll all know soon enough, I suppose.

  • [email protected]

    That is the craziest thing that has ever been said- there is no way he believes what he is saying- he is insane! he needs to be locked up in a mental institution- not running for any political position-OMG!

  • JBatch

    Satire. Apply directly to the forehead. Satire. Apply directly to the forehead. Satire. Apply directly to the forehead…

  • Steven

    Yes you can make this up. It is satire. That means it is a joke. This is a satirical news feed. It is all made up for a laugh.

  • Steven

    This is satire, it is written as a joke. And the joke is on you.

  • Steven

    It is satire, it is a joke news feed.

  • Steven

    You don’t really have to do any research, just look at the top of the page where it plainly states,
    The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record.

  • Steven

    You cannot fix stupid, don’t even try. The joke is on them.

  • OK, c’mon, this is really The Onion, right?

  • Steven

    The joke is on the fools who fall for this. The really sad thing is how many are fooled into believing anything, and then they turn out to vote with no facts in their heads.

  • jaman

    No doubt this guy’s vocal cord tubes need tied… he’s a idiot! So why make up shit to make yourselves look like such total social and political moronic invalids??? It’s amazing how the hate of some people-sheep get others to follow anything!!! Hate is like that too. Hate… the shit magnet that fools fools…

  • jaman

    Please… this is such hog-wash!!!

  • minaharker

    Yes, it’s satire, but you can still imagine this Repub pinhead actually saying something this stupid.

  • Alicia q

    I clicked on this from a link on a friends Facebook and am viewing on my iPhone and I can’t see a header about it being a satirical newspaper so many people may be missing that.

  • Alan

    maybe he wanted to get breastfed by claiming to be gay and wants to for therapy ….

  • It must be embarrassing to be a Christian or Republican.

  • tmay

    If it is a satire site, it doesnt say so on the mobile version of the site. May be what’s causing the confusion.

  • cellopets

    For the first time in my life, I cannot tell whether or not this is a true news story. Is The Daily Currant another one like The Onion, or did this idiotic man actually say those things?

  • This guy give me great hope. i am a little worried about the presidential election. But with this absolute ignoramous running, the republicans will not win the senate. I have faith that the people of Missouri are too intelligent to every elect such a buffoon.

  • Liz

    LOL, I’m beginning to love this guy. He’s one of the best things to happen to the dem party since Baraq Obama! Keep talking Todd! Hey, what’s your view on mixed race marriage and girls playing soccer? Huh?

  • Jack Ryan

    Its listed at the bottom of the mobile site.

  • Liz

    Oh shoot, this is a joke. Too bad…

  • Guest

    Can this vile man get any weirder?

  • rocktivity

    I didn’t know the Daily Currant has a syndication deal with The Onion!

  • KneeJerk

    Satire but useful for voters, despite what you suckers say. It is EQUAL to his other staements that make this satire satire. You see, you need to start with a fact. The fact is Akin thinks rape is self curing. FACT WORTH BASING YOUR VOTE ON !! The satire is in making up a satirical story to point out the root of satire, which is —— FACT. You republicans need to go to real school. Ech comment pointing out “satire” with derision is in fact it’s own mini satire on how plainly stupid you all are. Thanks for outing yourselves! LMFAO You guys are hilarious!

  • Damn you republicans making it so hard to tell what you’ve actually said and what is satire.

  • JasunMark

    He just did.

  • maggy

    Is this an article from the ONION?

  • Please, please, someone kidnap our village idiot. . .and keep him!

  • Joshua Kricker

    O.K. Very funny. Even I was taken in there for a moment. But what does THAT tell you when a number of people, even for a moment, can be led to believe that an elected official could be THAT freaking stupid!

  • tanklv

    What you repukes don’t get is that nearly EVERYTHING the repukes have ACTUALLY said these past 4 years is so outrageous and full of shit, that it’s easily believable that he actually said/believes this. Sucks to be a repuke, doesn’t it?!

  • Novocombo

    America responds to satirical news: “You can not even make this stuff up!”

  • seattlesnow

    this freaking guy is the gift that keeps on giving

  • John McAndrew

    Your satire would be more believable if you used spell check. That was actually my first tip-off that this was not real journalism. My first time at your site. Good stuff. But, really: spell check.

  • anonymouslyincredulous

    Yes, life is usually stranger than fiction. I can’t believe this man is still running for Congress. What a waste of mo! If he gets elected, and serves on the health, science and technology committee, I will be amazed, which is something I seldom am, anymore. He’s also crude and filthy.

  • mary

    the sad part is that this is totally true, i live in the area, and he is really that stupid

  • Suzie

    It’s not a real news story–it’s satire. But probably.

  • Suzie

    You should probably ask the author, since this was made up. It’s satire.

  • Suzie

    Neither. It’s an Onion-like satirical “news” site.

  • Suzie

    Agreed, but this story is satirical. It’s not true.

  • Suzie

    Did the word “satire” in the corner of the page give that away? Of course it is–that’s the point.

  • Suzie

    Add yourself to that list, because this is a satirical “news” site. It’s not real.

  • Suzie

    I agree, but this story/site is satirical news. It’s not actually real.

  • Suzie

    No, it’s satire.

  • Suzie

    This is a satirical site. Who’s believing the BS? Though I agree, the dude’s a nutjob.

  • BobPhillips

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.” I can’t wait until Rachel Maddow get’s hold of THAT whopper! He’s even dumber than we thought.

  • anonymouslyincredulous

    Okay. The jokes on me; but it is easy to assume he could say this; because he is outrageous. Furthermore, nowhere on the mobile version does this article claim to be satire. Maybe, I’m naive; but I am not so pretentious and condescending as to denigrate others for falling for a joke when there is no indication that it is one, and to assume I would not be an informed voter. Why the hostility?

  • Suzie

    That’s because it’s a satirical “news” site. Like the Onion. Like it says in the corner of the page.

  • Suzie

    No, because it’s satire. Not real.

  • Sean

    I suppose ‘legitimate rape’ would be forcing your penis down a lesbian’s throat and ejaculating, thus leading her away from the path of sin.

  • Suzie

    Because it’s a satirical news site.

  • His “unique” beliefs by other names are ignorance and stupidity.

  • BobPhillips

    OK, I NOW see that it’s a joke/satire. Wasn’t familiar with this site. Good joke, though.

  • seventhseal


  • mary

    it isn’t a joke, i watched the interview

  • Prairiearth

    Why do liberals think pointing out the facts are “hostile”

  • Earley Days Yet

    It doesn’t say that on the mobile version of the site, so it’s understandable that people are confused. Considering the number of Onion articles that are reposted across social media as truth, I think this one’s forgivable.

  • Earley Days Yet

    It doesn’t say that on the mobile version of the site, so it’s understandable that people are confused. Considering the number of Onion articles that are reposted across social media as truth, I think this one’s forgivable.

  • Guest

    The fact that the Repubicans now need to refix all policy statements with , “This is NOT satire”, pretty much sums up their predicament.

    If no one knows whether your policies are are serious or a joke – they are a joke.

  • Denis

    fact that the Repubicans now need to prefix all policy statements with ,
    “This is NOT satire”, pretty much sums up their predicament.

    If no one knows whether your policies are are serious or a joke – they are a joke.

  • Dee

    it seems that in light of the recent shitstorm caused by remarks and ideas like these in this article, this ‘satire’ is not funny. Considering the incredible stupidity of republicans lately, I would not be surprised if this was meant in all seriousness…

  • Peter Gatliff

    In reality this is what Akin is saying. “Women’s world is her husband, her family,her children and her home. We do not find it right when she presses into the world of men”, -Adolf Hitler. If want to see the real plans for America by the right wing Republicans. Google the “Business Plot”.

  • Akin must be a poe. Nobody can be that stupid. Not even in the G.O.P.

  • Exposer

    What a sick and twisted bast*rd. However, he represents the true rethuglican soul to the people of the United States. We need to be both repulsed and appreciate the exposure of the truth about rethuglicans.

  • TOSA720

    “The Daily Currant is an English language
    online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business,
    technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible
    from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan” SATIRE ASIDE, ANY WAY YOU CUT IT, AKIN IS A MORON…..

  • What a sicko.

  • Birdie

    You just can’t make this shit up folks. My grandparents generation of Republican have been replaced with this new, unscrewed and deranged version of fundamentalists.

  • Bird

    You mean like the fact that the Republican party of old has been transplanted by this alien race of off base, unscrewed numbskulls?

  • Unless you’re a politician that also possesses a degree in the applicable science you profess to speak about, and can prove what other scientists never did, you can’t talk about it like it is science. Otherwise it’s your unfounded theory. Something called quackery…here read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quackery

  • Poe’s Law. When dealing with extremists it is impossible to decipher whether a statement made is parody or serious. When dealing with today’s Republican party, they’ve said some pretty messed up and stupid things so it is not too far fetched that they would actually say something like this.

  • Hopes he find cure for bad weather too. Would be fanous then …………..

  • NO, this is a farce. Clearly.

  • Alfie

    Idiot Suze Orman posted this article, saying, “Sometimes people are just too ridiculous to give them any attention but this was just too hard to pass up. PLAIN STUPID” Sounds like she’s looking in the mirror.

  • ERica

    Which facts, Prairiearth? The “fact” that a woman isn’t
    ‘legitimately raped’ if she becomes pregnant during the attack? Or the “fact” that you can ACTUALLY “spray the gay” off of someone? It’s HOSTILE when you MEAN to go out and purposely hurt someone or attack their points of view…and even their lifestyles..this includes making victims feel like stir fried shit.

  • Jitu Rajgor

    Perhaps people are much interested to know about his drinking,eating and shutting habits which made him such a genius. Put on some light Sir.

  • JULZ

    Can you even imagine what comment #3 will be? He’s got to be doing this on purpose. He has to.

  • OMG this guy is a nut.

  • Frank

    They have teeth you know…

  • This has to be a joke, right?

  • JayDee

    Hard to tell the diff when it Legitimately sounds like something he would actually say. Im glad he wont drop out of the race. Just means another Democrat in senate.

  • mydirtysexymoney

    What an embarrassment to anyone in public office. This guy must know this works first-hand if he claims it is true. To all the people from his State…PLEASE don’t vote this guy. If he wins, then the people of Missouri will be branded as complete morns…at least in my eyes.


  • I was raised on Breast Milk
    Beeep Wrong
    I am gay as $3 Gay dollar comes

  • jbncnow

    Yes why is that?and i see WAY MORE hostile republican ads!

  • jbncnow

    Yes how did he get so old without somebody knocking him on his ass!

  • i think this guy has lost his mind

  • I think it says more about the candidate than those who were tricked that it’s so readily believed.

  • Michelle Tongue

    Im a republican and i think Mr. Akin is out of his mind

  • Facts, are you going to claim that you are among people who got cured under this procedure? Or are you among lesbians who need to drink “male milk” for 4 weeks (as claimed by this nutjob)?

  • Guest

    You need to mark a satirical article as satire, considering the tone of the current political campaign.

    This is now being spread about as “real” news.

  • NOLA59

    I’m not sucking on any woman’s titty!

  • Did Akin miss his calling then? Maybe he really wanted to be a comedy script writer…

  • Mark Fletcher

    God must be shaking his head in disbelief by this man’s comments. He Is obviously mentally ill……no normal person whether gay , straight , Christian , Jew , Republican or Democrate can really believe or truly agree with any of it.

  • It’s never too late. Then he could get one of them there socialist hip replacements.

  • Peter

    LOL Why didn’t it work for Rufus Wainwright, Todd?


  • The Lesbian can be cured by drinking something else – I’ll leave that up to your imagination – (breastfed men/what – penis sucked sperm) OMG this man isn’t even human.

  • This asshole get stupider every day.

  • pfft

  • mary1

    This man is not a Republican. He is a nut!

  • Now we need to find a cure for his ignorance and stupidity…LOL

  • Shellbell7711

    So you’d rather have a dumbass in office that makes stuff up than someone who can actually do the job right just because they are a democrat. You must be a republican because it sounds like you just want your party to win just because they are your party and not because they are the most qualified…ugh! I hope your whole party goes down with Akin!!

  • Woaaah, And now the kinks come out…

  • alwaysurangel08

    Or for a woman to drink…..well, thats just the most discusting thing ive ever heatd….and i am blessed everyday that i have a gorgeous WIFE…and i am the mother of our 2 beautiful children! If i am diseased, then im not trying to find nor am i asking for a cure!

  • Just when you think he can’t say anything dumber than the rape comment…..

  • And I would think lesbians drinking sperm would only make them more gay…. after they threw up that is…

  • can of worms

    This is the Republican party. The only difference in Todd Akin and other Republicans is that Todd Akins does not know how to hide his thoughts to get votes.

  • karen iuppa

    hahhahhaaa love it. keep ’em coming!

  • I wonder how much breastmilk he drank before he felt he was cured. He still looks like gay boy wonder. He is a TOTAL DOUCHE for saying lesbians drink something else i.e it comes from males. Y do they allow these people to speak???

  • BluelineMike

    The thing is….this isn’t far from what these assholes really believe.

  • Maeva

    This shit is unbelievable. How could a political party let an old dirt bag like that express this kind of statements ? I’ll make him drink SOMETHING ELSE, maybe it’ll cure his illness !

  • Adriana T….Lesbian.

    Die in a f*cking hole. I myself am a lesbian. I didn’t choice this, just like I didn’t choice to me a female. I am Jewish but I am going to put some bible stuff in here. THE BIBLE STATES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY BEING A SIN. That is what you have made yourself believe. I can promise you that you will most likely not find 1 SINGLE HOMOSEXUAL FACING “TERRIBLE SUFFERING.” He obviously didn’t think about what he was saying, he said “I DON’T THINK HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHOICE.” I PROMISE YOU, HOMOSEXUAL’S HAVE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE THAT IT IS NOT A CHOICE FOR A LONG TIME. You might wonder why every gay man doesn’t have “this” knowledge, but honestly you did to get some damn knowledge in your f*cked up head. Can someone please give me his address so that I may like totally beat the shit out of him?

  • anthony brown

    ive been saying it for years its in the can milk formula!!!

  • Stephen Colbert said it best- “The truth has a well known liberal bias.”

  • Archon Leliel

    First I thought it was an Onion article..
    Then I thought it was April 1st..
    Then I realized this idiot is STILL on the SCIENCE COMMITTEE!

    He needs to leave public life. I think the dementia has finally fully taken hold.

  • It says “Global Satirical Newspaper” but in small letters in the upper right hand corner- easy to miss. And there are plenty of Republicans who are crazy and stupid enough to say this and believe it, sad to say. Republicans departed from the fact-based world a long time ago.

  • Carey

    Well shit give me those titties lmao

  • Carey

    wow prairiearth it’s ok to go take your meds now

  • This guy is an imbecile! The very fact that ANYONE votes for him makes the mind boggle!

  • This may be parody, but I’d bet Akin and his RW brethren think something akin to this.

  • I urge you to retract any and all statements regarding the most recent controversy on rape, and now I hear you say that breast milk will stop homosexuality.
    It is apparent that your knowledge of these issues is lacking any sort of intellect, common sense, or medical proof.
    All you are doing is playing into the liberal theater, and if you have ANY respect for your party you will bow out of any further gibberish, and issue an apology for your careless statements.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  • Poweti

    The problem with political jokes is that they get elected.

  • “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”. I know now why the chicken crossed the road.

  • Shout out to all Lesbians… I’ve got your cure right here… Better than Yoplait!

  • Akin knows cause he took the Breast Milk cure himself. Same with his partner in biological crime Paul Ryan. Lesbians can be cured by drinking ‘Sperm” is that the inference Toddy. If this guy ever gets sick please Doctors don’t give him medicine give him Urine. It cures everything.

  • Clarissa


  • you and me

    hot damn I like this guy

  • Pete

    Oh see, I missed that because the mobile version (or at least the page the was linked to on Facebook) doesn’t say that – the header has been stripped off here.

  • Legion63

    My wife is the “reporter” they talked to at KBSI. She is not a reporter, they don’t even have reporters. They called and asked a stupid question and she told them that they were only a local affiliate with no reporters and that was the end of the conversation. Now she’s getting calls from England.

  • Big Brother

    It is extreme difficult to tell the difference between *satire* of crazy fundamentalists beliefs, and *actual* crazy fundamentalists beliefs


  • I fell for it too until someone pointed out where it says it’s a satirical newspaper. The reason I fell for it is because this maniac with apparent foot-in-mouth disease, would possibly believe this stuff. His faux pas so far lead me to believe there will be more. So when I read this article, I thought this was “more.” God please deliver us from Republicans, all of them.

  • If you are stupid enough to believe this article, you are exactly the kind of voter who is too stupid to notice that Obama is the Hitler of this century.

  • If you cannot tell that this is fake, you are really too stupid to vote.

  • jvaljon1

    So did I, what’s all the hoo-hah? It IS, Todd Akin…I think that he’s the only honest Republican out there. At least he SAYS what he THINKS, and that’s more than you can say about Mitt Paul Ryan Romney or any of the rest of them.

  • jvaljon1

    Yeah I remember that, Sam! Bachmann’s husband always is trying for the cure of being gay. Still, she has to call him whenever she’s a half hour from home, so that he can stop trying, and “prepare” (ie, get dressed and kick the young guys out) for her arrival!

  • jvaljon1

    Yeah, well, Akin DID say, when asked by the reporter: “I don’t know if this works on lesbians! They’d probably have to drink SOMETHING ELSE, I leave that to your imagination.”

  • lmao Sorry to laugh as it is not funny that some Americans politicians are so damn stupid.

  • satire is one thing but having already said what he said about “Legitimate Rape”… It is easy to see how he could have gone this route too.

  • jvaljon1

    Bob….on a Smartphone, the top line where it says “Satire” isnt at all clear. On my daughter’s Smartphone, it’s a blur. She showed it to me and said, “This is the last day of school, and IT’S GONNA BE FUN!!!”

  • jvaljon1

    Depends on the size of your screen, though…

  • And you wonder why the country is made fun of and is falling apart! We have morons in office! I’m sorry but there is no room for satire in office! How can you respect a man who ever says something like this in that type of pubic arena? On stage in a comedy show yes but not there. He is wasting everyones time and money and avoiding his job.

  • lompoc_claremont

    My mother breastfed me when I was young, and I’m still gay as a two dollar bill. It’s quite sad that there are still people in what many regard as “the greatest country in the world” that don’t understand that homosexuality is as natural a sexual orientation as heterosexuality.

  • L. O. L.

    You do realize this is a satirical website, right? Obviously not…

  • Derek Whittom

    By stupid I think you mean ‘sane’.

  • Straight

    Who knows maybe a gay sucking on a tit for four weeks might just convert them from sucking on a ____. Of course those would have to be republican tits and the other we all know to be democraps!

  • Aren

    He is a moron.

  • Paul Grant

    My fellow White people are scaring me with their beliefs! Can people be really this stupid?

  • AMERICA! How can you let such dangerously retarded and uniformed misogynists take positions of power in your society? How could any person in the 21st Century be so fucking ignorant, full of hatred, and ignorant of every scientific fact learned over the past 100 years? This guy is completely screwed in the head …. he needs a rubber room, not a position of power.

  • Jack Ryan

    Wow. Someone actually agrees with Akin on his brestfeeding cures gays idea. Didn’t see that coming.

  • you think he would have learnt, being gay bi or lesbian is not a choice nor a disease it is just the person no more changeable than your eye colour

  • not true todd akin did!

  • ideazones

    What if the woman vending or donating her breast feeding service is herself a lesbian? Would it still work? What if the receiving patient is a lesbian? What then? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • julia boggs

    and this is why i am a freaking PROUDDDDDDDDD democrat.

  • johnh

    Yeah. Missouri Republicans are just satirical all over the place.

  • Something else? Purple stuff? Sunny D?

  • Becca

    Um, pretty sure JayDee was saying they WANT a Democrat in office…

  • YesDearest

    Oh, he drank it for 4 weeks

  • pogowasright

    I’ll bring the cookies, you bring the boob.

  • robby

    is this the standard of person running your country? ROFLMFAO!!!

  • Link please

  • Oliver

    Thanks to this page, I laughed epically, hysterically, during several minutes, and then I learned of the existence and great interest of Poe’s Law.

    Two good reasons to be thankful. Thank you very much for this article 🙂

  • The Democrats have their Weiner, the Republicans have their Akin … seriously, what I get out of all this: Vote Libertarian!

  • I laughed, OUT LOUD when I read this. It’s funny and utterly sad at the same time. Are there really people this idiotic in the world?

  • meh

    Yes let’s laugh at the people who have legitimate reason to be outraged by statements like this. Not like they’ve ever experienced this in real life before, outside of the context of satire!

    It’s satire, but it’s not any more unbelievable than “legitimate rape,” and that one actually came from the horse’s mouth.

    Men being cured of homosexuality by breast milk is not something this site just made up. People actually believe it’s possible. And if it’s not breast milk, it’s deep psychological intervention, or some other perversion of “science.”

    And lesbians, hey. They can just be cured by cock. Because every woman really just wants dick, no matter what they say.

    I apologize, as I’m not trying to pick on you specifically. But I think the bullshit comments here are getting more outrageous than the article itself.

  • Natasha

    This man talks absolute dog shit! It all boils down to perverted religion, religion being a blanket to hide the latter! I honestly do not know what goes on in the land of authority to enable this guy to actually be part of an election/ political debate or ANYTHING! Sad, Silly, strange little man…



  • 1meanmomma

    This guy’s a friggin joke ALL AROUND!!! Every time he opens his mouth, something stupid comes out of it. What’s worse is the fact that our news media, that I pay a lot of money for each month, are on this guy like white on rice. Seriously, breastfeed grown men…PLEASE!!! I cut my kids off at 18 months, if not sooner. As far as the women go, good luck with that one. This guy should find a really big rock to hide under and not come out for a very, very long time.

  • bob

    Link to the video of this interview please?

  • SidneyVaught

    I believed the quote was for real until I realized it was satire. The statement was so stupid it just had to be a quote from a GOP member. I expect nothing but total idiocy from the Republicans.

  • This guy must have an arse the size of the moon, with all the totaly stupid made up crap he pulls out of it. Idiots are fun

  • Yeah maybe he is being honest to himself, but not to the public when he makes such idiotic remarks as he does. This guy is nothing but a joke and doesn’t need to be working in any office which runs this country!

  • i dont think he qualifies as a republican anymore, this is what we call a nutjob

  • Vincent Salvati

    man can this guy just shut his mouth and go back to the 1800’s

  • I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs as that is one of the better aspects of this country. But hearing what this guy says, and basically giving the middle finger to all of the accumulated human knowledge, I move that we start a petition to deport him

  • J_a_s_o_n

    Human breast milk is illegal to sell. We must legalize breast milk! So we can suckle the gay away!

  • Ivy

    I think it’s more than possible that someone from his own camp is feeding him this stuff to sabotage him. Well done! The possibility that he may actually believe what he says is horrifically scary.

  • that wingnut is a total conspiracy theorist. Does anyone believe that the CDC or NIH is holding secret trials with “female breast milk” and my gay bros. I was breast fed by my sainted mother and I am still gay as a goose…..I suppose Toddieboy would say I am part of the 6% for whom this witchdoctor remedy didn’t work. Go away Toddieboy. You are a freaking lunatic.

  • Why do they get mad when we laugh? This is really funny stuff!

  • NEIL

    OBVIOUSLY I was gay when I was born — because I HATED BREASTS then, wouldn’t nurse or drink breast milk! MR. AKIN — maybe if you tried sucking on a c*ck it would make you SMARTER!!

  • Try and try as I have, suckle after suckle of Zac Efron’s nipple, I simply cannot get milk to come out.

  • Thus, a common Tea Bagger. Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Todd Akin – all intellectual giants.

  • Sam

    There is all kinds of crazy out there and there seems to be a big helping being served up by Republican’s lately. The national party need to get this in check – they have to have a stronger hand in controlling the crazy.

  • My god, is this guy a complete moron? Breastmilk cures homosexuality? Does drinking breastmilk and then drinking…something else cure bisexuality?

  • Thirsty

    I think I’m gay. Bring on the titties!

  • Oh my my Mister. you should have left your Stupid home kiss you Senate seat good bye…

  • TonyaA6

    For Pete’s sake! He can’t possibly be this stupid. He needs to sit down and STFU. He is an embarrassment to the state of Missouri.

  • Sexually repressed mouthpiece who escaped the insane asylum.

  • Let’s see, Hitler was raised by strict parents, and attended art school. He saw Socialism as a Jewish conspiracy, and became a Nationalist. His party advocated that equal rights were only to be given to German citizens – “foreigners” and “aliens” would be denied these rights. In 1923 he led a failed attempt to overthrow the elected government. After the US crash in 1929, Germany’s declining economy made his positions more popular, though politically his party’s extremism made it difficult to pass legislation. Frustrated by his lack of success, Hitler in one speech called for the end of democracy a system which he described as being the “rule of stupidity, of mediocrity, of half-heartedness, of cowardice, of weakness, and of inadequacy.” After the 1932 elections, when his party held a plurailty of seats in Parliament, Hitler was elected Chancellor.

  • is this a joke???

  • Tell, what part of this sounds even remotely like Barack Obama?

  • This man is clearly mental.

  • This is the kind of F#*ktard that wants to run the country? We are seriously screwed!

  • Lee

    Is their HMO going to cover the costs of curing them?

  • lynn

    It has been picked up by many other sites, thinking it is real. The problem is, once you prove that you’re an idiot, it’s easy to believe that you will say idiotic things.

  • rezme

    As long as the breastmilk is due to a pregnancy from an illegitimate rape…

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/08/it-is-political-protest-so-question-is.html Some political protests should be covered and others probably not. You decide!

  • NSFW

  • Kevin T. Keith

    I believed this was real up to the last few paragraphs. This is not the craziest stuff wingnuts have actually said.

  • This is just unreal. But it’s real. There are crazies like this out there who are too close for comfort in getting into the Senate and making big decisions about your life. A large majority of them are already in congress. I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice-berg for Akin. Who knows what else goes on in that demented brain of his. Do not vote wack jobs like this into power. Get out there and vote for Obama on Nov. 6…if you don’t, Akin and other’s like him are what you have to look foward to for your future. Except Akin’s colleagues have half a brain to keep their mouth shut in what they would actually sign into legislation.

  • idk what his.imagination is sayin but i aint suckin on no.dick for.4 weeks i take a breast ne day though this guy is clearly crazy and inside gay and scared ha i think is testing is very ignorant and god shod put a foot.in his ass.cause if.god didnt want gays there wouldnt be.gays bro thee fuckin end ha

  • Jeremy

    This guy is making Republicans look WORSE…Notice I didn’t say bad lol……

  • Shelbster

    WTF?????? I see a rubber room in this morons future LOL

  • Damn: Bloomberg was right!

  • So does this explain Barack Obama and Reggie Love?

  • what an idiot

  • tellinitlikeitis

    OMG this man is insane.

  • I have a friend that would. Would you contact Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn), I have a friend that would like her to help him.

  • Listen to the broadcast. the link is in the first part of the story.

  • Mark

    People are saying this is satire. How do we know that? This man has already said the dumbest of dumb things, so why would we assume this to be satire? Because its so over the top? So was the last thing he said. if it is satire, his timing couldn’t be worse and thus, he continues to dig the hole deeper of which i say, just fill it in with him in there.

  • The best lines:

    “Just 4
    weeks of LIVE BREASTFEEDING can cure them of their terrible suffering.” (Emphasis mine.)

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.” (I don’t even want to imagine it!)

  • Jason – Paul Ryan and the 2012 Republican Platform agree with Akin in terms of banning abortion with no exception for rape or incest. I guess they all think “the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down.”

  • GManF

    Insanitas Maximus

  • Great find the newspaper but this was a interview on KBSI Chanell 23.

  • OnionPeeler

    There’s not link. This is a JOKE. Kinda like the Onion, except not as witty.

  • Are you so stupid you can not listen to KBSI Channel 23 News?.
    Do you think you are a imformed voter.

  • Erica

    What if your lactose intolerant

  • Where are the PRIMARY sources for these quotes?

  • lu

    “female breastmilk – when fed directly to an adult homosexual male daily for at least four weeks – has a 94% chance of permanently curing homosexual perversions.” Is this guy doing this on purpose or is he really that ignorant…. lmfao! There is more wrong with you Akin than any gay man ever… it’s time to step down. Seriously, what is the pay off for him in saying all this nonsense?

  • Time to remove him from everything as he is obviously suffering from some mental defect. Seriously the guy is messed up in the head. How can he even be in the public realm.?

  • Langleyite11

    He didn’t actually say this, right? Someone made this up? No one, not even a republican could be this stupid!

  • Sheepublican

    How long will it take for republicans to pass a law demanding all mixed drinks served at gay bars are made with breast milk?

  • abel

    Its people like this that make life for the rest of us a Daly nightmare with this talk of drinking urine to “cure” us that piss me off

  • wants the truth

    Shame on you for reporting such silliness. If just one person believes this and forwards the article, you’ve started a riot of lies. How can anyone believe what is printed with stuff like this happening.

  • This is unbelievable. You HAVE to post the actual words, with a link to his voiice. Come ON!

  • benita

    This is what happens when you are a lunatic. You get credit for crazy **** you didn’t say. Don’t go around saying stupid things and you won’t be a target.

  • manonabike

    Mad as a box of frogs with chillies up there arses.

  • how much money is this guy getting to fall on the sword for his team mate to look so good??

  • Trudy

    All “republicans” don’t fit into that category. And in fact, there are some “democrats” that could share the spotlight with idiots like Akin. Come one people…

  • Trudy

    Really? I’d put Pelosi and Biden in with the group of idiots too!

  • DanP6

    This is what Republicans would all sound like if they would just tell the truth how they feel about science and women’s issues. Instead they give us that smirk, they call it smiling, and never answer when asked what their plans are, just endless, mindless moaning about everything Obama does or plans to do. When Obama took office the stock market was in the high eights, now it’s in the thirrteens, and the corporations are flooded with money, which they refuse to spend to create jobs. They are holding America hostage so we will vote Bishop Willard into the White House, so they can take every last cent from the poor.

  • Trudy

    Dude…the kool aid you’re drinking is spiked a little to strong! You cannot label every single Republican into that category….it only makes you sound out of touch!

  • The Physics Chick

    they already have, many times

  • The Physics Chick

    Are you SURE this is satire???? I am just saying, they have been spewing some pretty stupid shit lately…

  • The Physics Chick

    I agree, and he should take a double dose

  • NorCalWino

    When it becomes too difficult to distinguish between reality and satire… well, there’s a problem.

  • The Physics Chick

    I like being lesbian, so I will pass on whatever the cure is…

  • This man is a dumbass.

  • The Physics Chick

    I do not think this is satire…I think they slipped a TRUE LIFE one in on us this time…

  • DanP6

    In case you are not aware of this, he and Paul Ryan are very close personal and professional friends who share common thoughts to the extent they joined hands to present a bill restricting aid to victims of abortion to Congress. This is not the first time Ryan has discussed these twisted ideas with his partner. Akin, at least didn’t cut and run from his odd ideas when they were met with derision.

  • The Physics Chick

    You SURE it is satire??? Think about some of the recent batshit crazy stuff they have been saying….

  • “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else.”

    Bwahahahaha!!! I’m dying over here *snort*

  • The Physics Chick

    Oh right, because Obama killed all the Jews like Hitler??? This article, although a parody, is actually believable when you consider some of the idiotic stuff the conservative republicunts spew every day…Comparing Obama to Hitler is just crass and shows a lack of intelligence…

  • The Physics Chick

    Sounds like nearly ALL of the current republicans to me…

  • The Physics Chick


  • The Physics Chick

    eww, i will pass

  • The Physics Chick

    only because it is something believable…look what these idiots have been saying lately, right?

  • The Physics Chick

    you SURE? lol

  • Oddly enough, omg, there are actually gay republicans. Sexuality is NOT a political party. Not all republicans are anti gay and not all democrats are pro gay. When will the meatheads of this nation figure that out?????? Proud gay republican here btw. 🙂

  • Trudy

    Oh…you know them personally? Goodness….where do you get you’re information from? The Daily Currant or The Onion?? Please….

  • Phlogiston

    I am with you on that, Got sucked in because they say so much crazy stuff that this didn’t seem much different than the usual

  • Trudy

    BRAVO, Rick! I believe its all the crap printed as news. Some people believe anything they hear or read. I on the other hand do my own research and use my brain. I don’t drink the kool aid. BTW…..I am a republican who believes everyone whould have the right to make any choice they choose….who they marry, what they do with their body, etc.

  • Trudy

    Sooooo are we only allowed to post comments that agree with this ridiculous story? Each of my very truthful comments have been deleted….unlike this story!

  • DailyCurrant

    No comments have been deleted.

  • rinsac

    It sure didn’t in my family. Is this man really this stupid? YES!

  • medocadvikian

    Did this man ever study any basic science? Or, did he get all his scientific training from a bible

  • Sheepublican

    Yes they do. Republicans are idiots.

  • Jim

    You don’t really think you’ve set up an actual equivalency there, do you?

  • Sheepublican

    It didn’t work for Bachmann. I’m sure he isn’t attracted to bat crap crazy.

  • Jim

    There are indeed some idiotic Democrats. (Lyndon LaRouche tried running for president as a Democrat.) Thing is, Akin’s viewpoint is a mainstream viewpoint within the Republican Party (see Palin, Huckabee, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc.), whereas LaRouche and his ilk aren’t taken even remotely seriously by Democratic voters. You don’t seriously think someone like Joe Biden is comparable to Akin, do you?

  • Trudy

    If you’re asking if I’m comparing apples to apples – no. But Pelosi and Biden have far to many gaffes to discount them from the idiot category.

  • Trudy

    Akin’s comment is completely idiotic….far from any mainstream viewpoint within the republican party. That is why they’ve called him to step down. Now if you said that some republicans do not believe in abortion…I would agree. BUT…Some democrats don’t believe in abortion.

  • Caris

    I am very conservative and a registered Republican. Akin is a fluke and needs to be run “out of town”. What an idiot!!! And, Hart Man, they “all” don’t think the female body has a way of shutting itself down. You sound like as much a bigot as he is. Actually, it is simple. Every life is a gift. And that child did not chose what happened – or will happen. It isn’t about the woman, or the rapist. Ultimately, the innocent one is the baby. No…. no shut down took place. Akin is an idiot.

  • joyce dorsey

    Satire?????? I don’t think that they know the meaning of the word. they have really come up with some stupid stuff!

  • Trudy

    All this so called satire does is entice the silliness. And…I don’t know a single person who find any of it funny.

  • Jumper

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!!? This dude is batshit cray cray

  • PurpAv

    All democrats get to start with a 20 point IQ handicap to keep the playing field level. That pushes Biden and Pelosi out of the idiot categoty.

  • Trudy


  • DaGonz

    Batshit crazy doesn’t even begin to describe this “candidate’s mental status.

  • Hey, if coining the phrase “legitimate rape” netted Akin $100,000 in new campaign donations, why wouldn’t he delve deeper into the absurd….

  • Give examples..would love to hear it.

  • Some sense of humor you have.

  • This man is a utter and complete IDIOT

  • Yeah, and you suck too.

  • Just shows how your brain shut down.

  • Your own research does not include what you hear or read? Hmmm…what does it include?

  • Shelbster

    The mother didn’t chose to be raped either. Why is she not a victim?

  • WTF????

  • This individual is obviously mentally ill and should seek treatment.

  • Linda

    What a MORON!!!

  • i agree with pelosi being an idiot, as well as harry reid, and those are my party leaders, but keep biden out of it. he has proven himself.

  • loooking

    Someone complaining about to many gaffes had better move out of that glass house…and quickly!

  • Akin is two oars short of being able to paddle a canoe. I would also suggest that he has had too much Kickapoo Joy Juice to drink, and he now has his head buried in a deep, dark recess of his body.
    Just when one thinks people like Akin can’t get any dumber, he goes and proves one wrong.
    And people actually elected this ignorant dirt bag to Congress……oh well…dumb, dumber and dumbest…..and this is just Missouri the “Show Me” state. Well Missouri, Akins really showed you….

  • hilleli

    Being a victim doesn’t give you the right to victimize others. That’s just spreading the pain around.

  • Are you actually trying to say that you’re incapable of deciphering the difference between “anything they hear or read” and “what you hear or read”? Try re-reading that post.

  • Try Reading a Book

    that child? that “child”..its actually called a fetus, cannot survive without its host. Its a parasite not a child…clown

  • OhForTheLoveOf…

    Except in doing so, you’d be wrong.

  • Debbie Eaton

    Thank God I am Canadian and our poloticians; albeit not perfect, in no way hold such stupid perverse beliefs as this obviously mentally deranged individual. OMG how can he say any of that bullshit with a straight face? Disgusting and shameful:(

  • Casey

    I haven’t heard Biden say something on the level of breast milk curing male homosexuality. I have heard republicans say such things. I have also heard republicans say things like “childrens do learn” a republican who couldn’t pronounce nuclear, republicans who think you can see Russia from Alaska. Should I continue? I have also listened to republicans time and time again say that this country was founded on Christian beliefs. Which is completely wrong and if they would like to represent this country should at least take the time to learn it’s history. These are also the same people who proudly claim to be God fearing Christians. That in itself is enough to provoke me to call them idiots.

  • Casey

    LMAO, yet another “yeah well I am taking my ball and going home” type response from someone who has no ability to further debate a subject with facts when actual truth is handed to them.

  • Casey

    again, “I am taking my ball and going home” response. Please keep feeding me with your poor excuses for responses.

  • Dan


  • Jaguar

    More people need to be responsible when it comes to propagating the human species. Contraception is fundamental to this. Without it there will be hundreds if not thousands of unwanted children who will be given up because their parents can not afford them. This is what Republicans will do for America. They care about the child so long as it’s in the womb but once the baby is born then they are like now it’s your problem. Republicans want to abolish medicare, medicade, social security, planned parenthood, welfare, food stamps and so on cause they feel it burdens the middle class. That is a load of HORSESHIT!!! These programs help the disabled workers of this country who paid into these programs when they were working and also for the eldery who also paid into the programs when they worked. These programs YOU paid for for YOURSELF so YOU can retire at age 65. If these programs do not exist then you work till you no longer can and I hope you like Dog and cat food cause that is what you will be eating in your golden years IF you live that long. :/

  • Trudy

    LOL! Oh right cause they are so well spoken!

  • Trudy

    Do yourself a favor and educate yourself.

  • Trudy

    I’ve NEVER heard a republican say such a thing about breast milk and homosexuality….thought I have read such a ridiculous story here on The Daily Currant. Here’s a few Bidenisms for your reading enjoyment….please try not to laugh too hard~

  • Trudy

    You really think its funny to make fun of homosexuality on any level? Todd Akin was 100% wrong in his comment about rape and don’t think poking fun of curing homosexuality is any more appropriate.

  • Trudy

    Yes…he’s proved himself to be an idiot.

  • Trudy

    Whaaat? That was my exact point in the post.

  • stan James

    this is his problem – he’s a queer in denial But his nutjobiness appeals to a lot of freakouts like him.

    Here’s his problem in a nutshell from psychology


  • Mike

    Nope…I agree Biden’s an idiot…from the comment that Barack is the first Black candidate who is articulate and a few others…the less he speaks the better. I’d prefer the party skip over him when looking for a candidate in 2016

  • Mike

    Nope…I agree Biden’s an idiot…from the comment that Barack is the first Black candidate who is articulate and a few others…the less he speaks the better. I’d prefer the party skip over him when looking for a candidate in 2016

  • This man is NOT a republican he’s freeking moron! I don’t think I’ve ever heard more rubbish in my life! He belongs in the dark ages.

  • Up next, he reveals how flinging poo will make you immune to the common cold.

  • Casey

    @ Trudy, yes he has made mistakes. No argument there. I still stand strong on there are very few republicans that I can even remotely even consider giving my vote. Maybe when I see one who doesn’t see anyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do as a threat I might possibly consider it. As it stands now, anyone who is willing to vote for Romney should be forced to join the military. When I say the military I mean the Marine Corps or the Army. Simply because we (Yes I say we because I am a Marine) will be the ones sent to yet another foreign country to make sure his pockets continue to get lined. Anyone who actually thinks that another businessman as President is a good idea, should be slapped twice daily for being an idiot. Both Bushs are a perfect example. Deep ties in the oil industry and we end up in the heart of the middle east, the area of the world controlling the majority of the oil on the market. The fact that Romney refuses to disclose his tax returns should tell everyone something. He doesn’t want anyone to know where his money is invested. Sorry, but if Obama has to produce his birth certificate, Romney should have to produce his tax records.

    I am tired of my brothers giving their life to make sure the rich stay rich, I am tired of seeing my brothers being disabled for life, dealing with emotional and mental issues to make sure that the ultra rich can continue to ride the backs of the middle class working Americans. Have you got sons of age to join the military or soon to be of age? Would you want them joining the military with Romney as president, who by the way was quoted as saying that this country, Obama specifically, should not have spent the money to continue searching for and kill Bin Laden. In the same breath said that at this point we have no reason to leave Afghanistan. So we shouldn’t have went after Bin Laden but we should not leave Afghanistan.

    It’s ok though. I understand. With half of today’s society happy on their knees being told what to think and what they should believe why should I expect any different?

  • MakBeth

    Please explain to me, then, how someone who is gay can possibly be a republican, when the party itself is so horrifically homophobic! Seems self-defeating, to me. And as a lesbian, it feels like youʻre the crab who pulls the potential escapees back down into the bucket where they will die.

  • MakBeth

    True … Iʻm a democrat, a lesbian, and a Mom … and I do not believe in abortion.

  • ApeMan

    What I want to know is where are they going to recruit fine Christian women for the “live breastfeeding” program to eradicate male homosexuality?

    Recruiting fine Christian men to contribute to the campaign to eliminate lesbianism by “drinking something else” should have no problem and even a waiting list.

  • Trudy

    Okay…here goes. As a person who strongly respects each and every person who voluntarily signs up for the military, I will only say if you don’t want to risk fighting for your country then you shouldn’t sign up….regardless of the circumstances.

    As far as having a business man as President….the key word would be “successful” business man. Why does Romney not want to make his money and tax returns the focus? Because its not the focus. He has never hidden the fact that he is a successful business man. And if you have a problem with what he paid on his tax returns than let’s fight to reform taxes…..a fair tax act would be a great idea! All Romney did was pay exactly what he was suppose to under the law.

  • JamesSpears

    What a fucktard.

  • Pro-Choice

    No no no what’s at issue is the women who after being violently raped is told by idiot pro-lifers that she has to spend most of a year being reminded every second of every day that she is carrying the result of the worst day of her life. Ryan went so far as to say all conceptions are equal I wonder if he would say that if he was the one who was raped.

  • Claire McCaskill could slam into a bus full of senior citizens while munching on a live kittens impaled on a stick, wearing fur & txt’g while driving to the polls drunk & show up late to vote w/ a Lance Armstrong approved steroid needle sticking out of her arm & still beat this fool!!

  • Embarrasment to the Republican race. Being gay myself, this is the dumbest ever, maybe he is homophobic?

  • Trudy

    Please explain to me, then, how someone who is a lesbian can possibly be a democrat who doesn’t believe in abortion, when the party itself is so incredibly pro choice! Keep your crabs in your own pants!

  • rita hess

    gosh he can’t help it. his parents must have eloped to Il., thinking they wouldn’t be brother and sister any more.

  • Pro-Choice

    So a group of undifferentiated cells have the same status as the raped women. If you really beleive that then you should oppose bathing because living cells are destroyed every time you take a shower and those cells contain the same genetic data as those of a early stage conception.

  • stefanos

    I’ve heard Missouri women (and men) provide the best milk available. Still, I don’t feel I want to be cured … not just yet ;o)

  • puffball

    What I find funny is this claim is a load of bullshit. Breastmilk isn’t a cure for homosexuality lol A person is born with this they do not make it a choice.

  • If Catholic men like Ryan could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

  • You do realize this is satire, *unlike* what he said about the female body “shutting that whole thing down”.

  • @flockatiels


  • Jed

    If it is a fetus why can u be tried for double manslaughter or murder for killing a pregnant women? Any one have any answers for that. This country is getting more messed up by the day, on both sides of our government.

  • Jed

    If it is a fetus why can u be tried for double manslaughter or murder for killing a pregnant women? Any one have any answers for that. This country is getting more messed up by the day, on both sides of our government.

  • Andy

    What a fucking idiot … really ? … Is this who is wanting to run our country ? Can we please bring back televised public executions of the government … fuckin let them eat cake was nothin compared to this idiocy… chop chop …

  • OMG is this guy for real?

  • Your right, he has never hidden the fact that he is successful, and I’m sure his taxes are in order. However how about the money he hides in foreign bank accounts. This is where we should be concerned. He shows no faith in this country.

  • Max

    Explains why he is a ass hole.

  • abunchofgibberish

    I’ve got an idea! Let’s call a bunch politicians “idiots” even if they’re completely unrelated to the content of this article because calling people names on the internet is a real solution to our problems!

  • abunchofgibberish

    Also, let’s engage heavily in political stereotyping, since every person alive who identifies themselves as small-government and pro-business (Republican) obviously believes this newfangled super-science that Akin is preaching. Very accurate way to get your point across and make people want to listen to what you have to say.

  • Suga-T

    That is sheer nonsense. How is it that a fetus should have more rights than a woman, who is a walking, talking, breathing on their own, human being? So what it appears you are saying is, a woman could be beaten, strangled, raped and left for dead (which is how most rapes occur), and should consider herself fortunate and blessed if the rapist spills his seed inside of her, making her pregnant? That is preposterous! The rape victim did not choose what happened when they were raped… but they DARNED well should be able to choose what happens to them after.

  • Suga-T

    So who suffers if a rape victim has an abortion? And please don’t say the fetus.

  • Suga-T

    Or if his wife, mother, grandmother, aunts, sisters, daughters or granddaughters were the pregnant rape victim.

  • abunchofgibberish

    Actually, regardless of what your high school history teacher taught you about the founding fathers’ intentions, America was indisputably founded on Christianity. Take some time, think about it, read more about the people who founded the country’s government. We all like to think of America as a place of “religious freedom,” but the fact of the matter is that the country was originally chartered as a place for freedom to practice Protestantism; freedom from the Catholic Church.

    I won’t argue with you that there have been some very ill-informed Republicans in our time, but you should definitely get your facts and perspective straightened out a bit before you get into name-calling. It doesn’t make you any smarter to tell somebody that they’re stupid.

  • abunchofgibberish

    This is a poor analogy and should not be taken as having a scientific foundation. This message brought to you by the Coalition to Prevent Pseudo-Science from Being Spread on the Internet.

  • abunchofgibberish

    I don’t think you understand what “satire” means.

  • abunchofgibberish

    Whoa. Hold on a minute here. Akin’s viewpoints are mainstream? This is a mainstream Republican viewpoint? As a registered member of the Republican party, I would like you to explain this to me.

  • Tom

    I am sure he has the Tea Bagger vote all but locked up.

  • shelley40

    bugger.. I breastfead my three sons for ages hoping it would make them gay! Why can’t these people get their facts right?

  • Laney

    WOW… really?

  • Casey

    No this country was not founded on Christianity. Hence the Treaty of Tripoli, might want to look that up. As for my high school teachings, I am going to assume you are from the south. I however was educated in upstate New York where teachers didn’t input their religious beliefs into our classes. Please try to argue with me on that one. I beg you. I currently live in south Louisiana and constantly have to correct what my kids are being taught by teachers here. Maybe you should spend some time reading your history. The majority of our founding fathers were Deists. As for my facts and getting my perspective straight I will instead give you facts, this is the very first line of the Treaty of Tripoli:

    As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.

    That is pretty clear and straight forward. This Treaty was unanimously approved by the senate after being read aloud and a printed copy given to every member of the senate.

    This country has steadily gone down hill since it’s people have forgotten what a government lead by religion is capable of, you know like the government of England? Why are the people of this country fighting so hard to drag this country back to exactly what our founding fathers fought to escape? I know history repeats itself, but people need to wake up, there is no unexplored continent that we can all flee to and start over again. Well except maybe Antarctica. So please, don’t try to tell me how this country was founded on any form of religion. I have my facts and my perspectives in order, maybe you should put yours in order before you respond again.

  • Casey

    You don’t understand why I feel his tax returns should be produced. I know he gets tax breaks, that is why he wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for the ultra rich.

    I am more concerned with where his investments are, I could care less what he paid in taxes. I want to know he isn’t heavily invested in the oil industry, or in companies in China or Iran. I am more concerned with how his “successful businessman investments” are going to dictate his decisions and course of action in world circumstances when it comes to this country. He does not want to make his tax returns the focus because it would let people know where his interests are financially. How is it wrong to make his tax returns the focus but perfectly acceptable to make Obama’s birth certificate the focus? Anyone who thinks that Obama’s birth records were not fully inspected and confirmed long before he became president has no idea what it takes to even be eligible to run for president.

    As for not signing up for the military for fear of fighting for this country. I have already served for this country. I had no problem fighting for this country. The problem is that fighting in Iraq was not fighting for this country. Fighting in Iraq was fighting to make the oil industry rich. It was fighting to make the investors in Haliburton rich. The ignorance of the people of this country truly amazes me. We go into Iraq because of reports of WMDs, uncomfirmed reports which turned out to be, big surprise here, completely false. Yet we have known for years that China has nuclear capabilities and we have done nothing, we know for a fact that Iran is vigorously working on nuclear capabilities and we do nothing. Do you know why? Because no one would make any money off of a military action against either of those countries. That’s why. I would gladly give my life in defense of this country, to protect our freedoms. However, giving my life to line someone’s pockets is not my idea of defending this country. Unless you have stood shoulder to shoulder with other men and women in a combat zone, I could care less your opinion on our military. As for you respecting each and every person who volunteers to serve, I volunteered. I did my service, I put my time in, I have the scars to prove it. I have seen the results of money hungry politically powerful businessmen. I would go back to a combat zone willingly to prevent another one from being president of this country.

  • Wait a minute! He actually said that??? In public! In front of reporters! I thought that this was something that The Onion published.

  • There you go! There are idiots everywhere.

  • Why doesn’t he concentrate on a reccession cure, homelessness cure, cancer cure, mental health, education……he reminds me of the guy off American Beauty, nuff said!!

  • CaseyFirns

    not only does he wan’t to extend the Bush tax cuts for the richest people in the country, he wants to change the rules for capital gains so people that already have millions/billions to invest will have to pay next to NOTHING. The Romney-Ryan plan would REDUCE HIS TAXES TO LESS THAN ONE PERCENT PER YEAR!!!!

  • Guest

    zygotes are not children, they are clumps of cells, have no brain, heart, (one could argue no soul for over a month if you are versed in brain chemistry) etc at first…

  • CaseyFirns

    come one, come all, step right up to the ignorant cretin bigot show at the GOP convention!!!

  • CaseyFirns

    ok… do you believe other women should have the choice and right to privacy? and even if you’re not religious remind me again about how that would mesh with separation of church and state?

  • CaseyFirns

    all these idiots don’t want government to regulate or be involved with anything except when it comes to a womans body, or the legal rights of gay people, or the voting rights of minorities and anyone who isn’t likely to vote for them…they don’t want to pay taxes, but what happens when they need police or fireman, or roads or water and air that isn’t toxic- they don’t want social programs until they are the ones who have fallen into bad times… and don’t realize a GOP vote will hurt them unless they are already insanely rich or don’t care about the future of their kids or any ones kids and only obsess about other peoples fetuses

  • Trudy

    Hiding money? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard….sorry Stan. Don’t we all put money in banks to protect it? If he wanted to “hide” money, I’m sure he has a few mattresses at home that would work.

  • Trudy

    Dude, Obama extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich!

  • Mikeythespikey

    But he has no intention to refom that system Romney would be a disaster!! How can you say that universal health care is anti american!!!!

  • BC

    “Grandpa?! Who let you out of the nursing home again?!”

  • Casey

    And yet Romney wants to not only extend them, but give the rich even more tax cuts while raising taxes on the middle class.

  • Trudy

    There is much more to the information you state above….Yes Romney plans to keep the original Bush tax cuts (just as Obama did) but extend tax cuts to ALL Americans across the board. He will also cut corporate tax rates, which he says will stimulate economic growth. Indeed, there’s evidence to suggest that cutting corporate taxes can do that, and the Tax Foundation expert (who supports Romney’s plan) suggests that more jobs would be an acceptable trade-off for a less progressive personal income tax system. You either have a fair tax rate across the board or tax the hell out of the corporations that provide the jobs. Its Econ 101 and common sense!

  • Trudy

    Whaaat?? When did I talk about Universal Healthcare? But since YOU brought it up, it would be a disaster! Yes, our healthcare system as we know it, needs reform but not Obama’s (Pelosi”s) plan! Ask any person in Canada and Europe if they like to wait 90 days (or more) to get the very important diagnostic tests prescribed by their doctor. And those on medicare will have the hardest time finding a doctor that will take their medicare. Besides that….whose paying for it?? Anyone who pays taxes!!!! That includes ALL middle class people like me! Since Obamacare has been enacted, my healthcare premiums have risen 20%! I’ve already being squeezed….

  • Trudy

    You have the facts wrong AGAIN! Where do you get your info, Casey?? The Onion or Daily Currant?? Please! Romney isn’t raising taxes on ANYONE. In fact, he wants to cut taxes across the board – yes that will give the wealthy a tax cut too – so what – why should they pay anymore than anyone else?? Did you also know that he also wants to give corporate america tax cuts…OMG……are you burning up in side??? However, did you stop to think that in doing so, more jobs could be created? This would stimulate economic growth.

  • Casey

    Send me some links. Because I haven’t been able to find not one instance where he wants to cut taxes across any board. NOT ONE. I have found where people making less than $250k pay a far higher percentage in taxes than those making over $250k. Really? corporate american tax cuts. You mean more cuts for big business? No not from a republican. This is text book trickle down economics which has been proven time and time again that it doesn’t work. Did you ever think that if you give bigger tax cuts to the middle class (being that it is the largest economic class in this country) their ability to actually spend money on goods and services will drive this economy and put millions to work. You don’t have to give big business tax cuts if the middle class has the money to actually spend. Because big business will make their money from the middle class spending that money in their stores, buying their services, in turn the higher demand will create more jobs. Tax cuts for the rich does nothing but put money in their pocket that they are going to continue to invest in foreign countries and hiding offshore. Just like Romney. The middle class of this country is what drives it. That has been proven over and over again. If the middle class is broke, the economy is shit. The ultra rich are not slowing their spending right now because they have the money to spend. The middle class is not spending money, that is why there are no jobs and the economy is shit.

  • Thejester

    What does it make you when pretty much everything you said was completely wrong?

  • Sam

    The only reason Canadians have to wait is because our doctors move to America to screw you guys over because you don’t have universal health care.

  • Sam

    These are the programs that allow a middle class to exist.

  • It’s a pity more people don’t study history before making pronouncements about it, You are quite right agout the Treaty of Tripoli. However, saying that the US is a Christian nation is like saying the US is a Male nation. All the signers of the constitution were affiliated with one or another Christian religion, and were all men. Why? Because white christian men had all the power. As for the first amendment, its original purpose was to protect states from the imposition of a federally imposed religion. Only later was it interpreted to prevent the imposition of religion on individuals. So according to the original intent of the founders, states should be completely within their rights to say “All politicians must be congregationalists” or to allow states to tax for the purpose of building and maintaining churches. Massachusetts had a state-supported religion until the mid-1800’s. So did Connecticut. And until the mid-20th century states could (and did) bar athiests from public office. Of course they also barred women and blacks.

  • You would know.

  • Thejester

    My question was for abunchofgibberish…not you Barbara.

  • Casey

    It’s not Econ 101 and common sense. It’s called trickle down economics and it has been proven wrong repeatedly.

  • Ake

    And the “female” lesbians should drink his sperm directly from his penis? And talking about a disease, it’s in his head. Since this researchers have time and money to waste, can they study male breast milk injecting directly in his head to cure his stupidity?

  • fdup2

    Why would or should one nut jobs opioin be used to bash an entire party. This is ludicrousness. There are cooks everywhere and here is one more.

  • Casey

    I never said the US was a Christian nation. As for all of the men who signed that treaty being affiliated with one or another Christian religion I don’t believe that. The majority of our founding fathers were Deists. Not Christians of any form. I never stated that religion was not a part of this country. I said it was not founded on Christian beliefs. Far too many people simply sit in church and listen to a man at a pulpit spew revisionist history. Or, they are raised in an area where the teachers teach them revisionist history in school. I spent days fighting with my teenagers because their history teacher was telling them that the Civil War was fought because of slavery. That’s it, no other reason, just slavery. Almost every time I have this discussion by the end of it I find out that the person I am debating with is from one of the Bible belt states. I would never have believed some of the things that people here say if I hadn’t heard it for myself. It is simply amazing how many people here who were raised in “The Church” will simply parrot what their preacher says like it is written in stone and indisputable. I am not saying I am completely right about everything. But the majority of these people honestly believe things that are so out of this world that I can’t believe that they haven’t been locked in a room with padded walls.

  • SongOfOle

    Just thought I’d point out, being from Alaska myself: You actually CAN see Russia from the most western tip of the Aleutian Islands, and even make the 7 mi. hike across when everything’s frozen (people have and still do). Not a Palin/Teabagger/Repugnantcan fan by any stretch, but still.

  • Casey

    I stand corrected. I still think she’s an idiot because to follow that up she said that checking for Russians was the job of the Alaskan people. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure we have not been concerned about Russian invasion for a very long time.

  • I suppose that since he’s on the science committee, he has inside knowledge of secret government tests. These are certainly scary times, getting to know your elected officials is rather disturbing. And a lot of these people are really fixated on sex.

  • Guest

    In other news, the number of
    gay men in the US rose drastically today. Sources cited their desire for
    a cure and looking for a few breasts to suck on to get it.

  • In other news: the number of gay men in the US rose drastically this week.
    Sources cited their desire for
    a cure and are looking for a few breasts to suck on to get it.

  • no on can prove whether he did or did not pay exactly what he was supposed to without the tax returns.

  • This country was not chartered to gain freedom from the Catholic Church. It was to gain freedom from the Church of England. This country’s government was also founded because people did not want to pay taxes to England when they had no political representation in the English government.

  • Well let’s see. 1.) you have no medical training, 2.) you have NO evidence to prove that what you “claim” is even true, 3.) homosexuality can NOT be cured, 4.) religion and sexuality has no place in politics. All this is… another form of ignorance at its finest! Grow up people and stop putting your nose into things where it does not belong.

  • Good news for those in the gay community…doctors have discovered a cure for “gay”!

    Bad news for those suffering for mental midgetry. Your condition seems to be insufferable and incurable.

  • Griff

    They’re a different brand of idiot.

  • rdl114

    But seriously, Aken’s pronouncements aren’t “gaffes,” they are his policies and beliefs. While putting your foot in your mouth may not commend a person for high office, talking about legitimate rape, breast feeding gay men and hinting that lesbians need to drink something else that is unmentionable, certainly disqualifies him.

  • rdl114

    By the way… when commenting on gaffes, try to spell the word too with two o’s.

  • cwsculptor

    Little Diomede is NOT an Aleutian Island. And it would be a long walk from Attu (last of the American Aleutians) to Medny (Russian), about 40 or 50 miles, even if the currents let it freeze over.

  • This is A-Typical Republican BS. To baffle with BS is the norm for them.

  • WHAT!

    What an ignorant ass. So, if a male child is breast fed as an infant then why would they be gay? Would not the breast milk prevent it?

  • WTF?
    Why is it that all the jackass sexist assholes with idiotic ideas to “Curing” homosexuality are always in charge? Here is more proof that society is failing us.

  • felix

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.”

    What ? Semen ???!!!

  • This is so hilarious, how can anyone take it or him seriously??

  • The Kool-Aid is yummy isn’t it

    You are all fools. Akin may be an idiot but he looks like a rocket scientist compared to all of you. This is a Satire site. It’s a joke! He never said breastfeeding cures homosexuality. What a bunch of moron’s. And somehow you all think you’re mentally & intellectually qualified to vote. We are in big trouble…

  • The Kool-Aid is yummy isn’t it

    It’s Satire, a Joke, he never said it. You now look like a fool for believing it. Do you not know what webiste you’re on?

  • Fred B.

    Wow, this guy is even dumber than I thought. Pretty scary to think that he is actually an elected Republican…I mean, what does that say about the people that voted for him…Pretty much all A+ classic fucking idiots…

  • Outraged

    Let’s mix breast milk with the “imagination” juice (no need for the subtlety at this point, Akin) into a formula and give it to Akin in a baby bottle. Maybe he’ll turn into a human being.

  • BlueMan

    So, what’s the difference between a Republican and a nutjob ?

  • WTH?

    Only a 10 point deficit?

  • Trudy

    Just like we cannot prove that Obama, Barry Soetoro and Harrison J. Bounel are the same person….

  • Trudy

    Bahahaha….you’re actually correcting my spelling when words are self corrected all the time because of electronic devices! Get a life!

  • Trudy

    Try spelling “Aken” correctly asshole!

  • Trudy

    Of course they are…..that is a profound thought btw!

  • Ah, another wise and intelligent comment by Mr. Akin, not! For those of you who support this idiot, I ask you do you really want a man as blatantly stupid as Akin within the Senate? But don’t think this is comming from a Claire supporter, I will not be voting for either canidate for they are one in the same! Oh no, no, no, you may say, “How can they be the same if one is a Reblubican and one is a Democrip (Thanks Mr. Ventura, for the reference) The answer is they both promise change, that is never delivered upon and will say anything they need to get votes. For example, my impression of Akin that he is taking advantage of those who are religious within the Republican party. Listen to any of his speeches and you will see he makes countless references to his belief in God. Please I ask the religious community ti reconsider there choice to support this man. All those that keep claiming, and insisting that Akin is a “pure” and “Godly man”, that’s great, for you anyway, but put all that aside and hear what this man is saying! Do you REALLY want this man representing the religious community you may belong to? Dump Akin’s dumb ass, take the GOP’s reaction as “divine intervention” in ending this idiot’s campaign! Thank you!

  • Michael Ryland

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.”

    OK, the first part is just his abject stupidity showing. This quote exposes the pig he truly is. He talks about turning someone to the path of God and then makes a comment like this? There is just nothing more to say about this sub-human pile of excrement.

  • JudiHumphreyReigel

    Casey, I’m from the South and, this man is certifiably crazy! He may as well have said, ” you can cure homosexuality by stacking bowling bowls under water”. I know what you mean though…I was asked while checking out at the grocery, “what church do you go to”? Jeez…I wanted to ask her, “what kind of panties do you wear”?!

  • designazi

    Hmm casey, don’t like borrowing from China, and don’t like tax revenue from taxpayers, so, how do we pay for the $3 trillion we spent in Iraq, and the $1.5 trillion poured into Wall street? Oh, wait, cutting NPR and EPA? Okay, that gets us about 1%

  • Ok, first of all, while the majority of our Founding Fathers were Christians, the other 25% or so only identified themselves as such,but were actually Deists, who believe that God pretty much does not interfere or intervene in and with human concerns and that He endowed man with Reason for a purpose. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Ethan Allen and James Madison were a few. And even among those who counted themselves as members of a particular denomination of Christianity, many were NOT fundamentalist (Bible-literalist and purist) in their religious beliefs. But while Christianity did have a great influence on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, there were many other philosophical and practical influences, ranging from the Deists and Rationalists of Europe, and those from Ancient Rome and Greece. Our Founding Fathers were Highly educated. Secondly, because they were highly educated and were very familiar with History, they purposely went about to keep church and state seperate, while generally recognizing the importance of Church and religion as both a social institution and as a means, for as long as needed, of morals and values for the general populace..which at that time wasn’t very educated. So, in a way our country was and in a way not really so much founded on Christianity, although modern Christian fundamentalists are trying to reshape and revise our history as though ALL our founding Fathers were.

  • KIDK

    That’s very true rick. Its amazing how people forget that Obama had said that he thought gay marriage was wrong. that was up until recently when he suddenly changed his mind

  • ADrauglis

    “Female breastmilk”? is there any other kind?

  • Wiscats

    How is it possible that this nincompoop is offering up another idiotic statement? Was he not the least embarrassed when the party turned against him for his beyond-stupid rape remarks? He doesn’t have the brains to be embarrassed. Scary!

  • dp

    Trudy you are clearly an idiot. You should probably stop arguing stop talking because it is abundantly clear that you don’t know what you are saying.

  • dvndrew

    maybe he’s just a troll?

  • dp

    Mitt Romney, I’m hoping won’t have the chance to raise taxes. Hopefully the voting majority will recognize that he is not the man for the job. Surely the majority wouldn’t vote for this moron.

  • Akin is a card-carrying nutjob. lololol

  • Ok, I know education in the more southern states are run by corporations but this is getting ridiculous.

    When will you all grow up and think for yourselves?????? Think, research and get over republican lies (democrat lies too)!!!!

  • Don’t forget the many years George Bush hacked the English language. Of course the GOP thought that made him sound like “one of us.” No thank you, not like me.

  • Envious Anon

    I don’t know why people hate gays so much. More gay men = More single ladies for straight guys.

  • Marc

    Goes to show that monkeys in suits are still monkeys….

  • Jah Kee


  • seemant

    Todd .. you still have a brain of a toddler . and i am amazed how the hell did this idiot become a part of US senate

  • jane

    LOL! What can you say to this? He is a MORON and is slowly hanging himself with every word he says. Maybe he secretly belongs to the West Borough Church out of Topeka Kansas. Sounds like the same Prejudice and hateful rhetoric that Phelps spews.

  • Scandinavian


  • beachbuzzard23

    Im thinking Dem., or Rep., arguing over a nut is redundant.
    How about lets follow the Constitution and stop with Political Party garbage.
    The only idiots here are people that can’t read.
    Discerning it into separate personal agenda doctrines is criminal for everyone.

  • This stupid freakin’ imbecile has more money than me, and it makes me angry.

  • Raymond McIntyre

    This man is a raving idiot!

  • RU Serious

    Well, I can tell that most of you are all Republicans because you couldn’t stay on the subject at hand long enough with regard to how idiotic, uninformed, and ‘out there in la la land’ Akin is! You’re even talking about Bush tax cuts! What does that have to do with this story??? Not a damn thing!!! Not staying on the point of this article and strategically veering away from the newly crowned Republican’s problem, and even stirring up a few new issues, is typically a Republican trait. You obviously picked the best idiot to get things started in that direction. But, now I’m wondering just what the lesbians are supposed to drink. Ah, yes. I’d bet that’s his next scientific discovery which will be a ‘sure’ cure. Hey, at least he didn’t blame the Democrats for inventing homosexuality…yet. Another scientific study. Sorry, Akin. It’s well past time for you to hang it up. Don’t embarrass your family and your Party anymore.

  • Hahahahaha at least Claire McCaskill has a brain, calling on the national Republicans to “respect the choice of Missourians” and allow Akin to continue his campaign – it would then be a guaranteed victory for her 🙂

    As for Akin’s claims, I would love to hear what the National Institute of Health has to say in response to Akin’s accusations that they have not published the clinical trial results showing that 4 weeks to breast milk will cure a homosexual man.
    Too damned funny.

  • lalala

    So what youre saying is if you make a gay guy suck a titty for long enough he’ll start to like it.

  • kikidou

    and to think that this guy is a politician… scary very scary as there are surely people who listen to him! to say that he is an idiot would be kind.

  • Buzzkill

    Actually, not so true. America is special in the developed world based on the fact that as a % of GDP, more money is funneled into the healthcare system then anywhere else. And the sad thing is, is that European/Canadian healthcare systems actually work and they boast a longer lifespan then us. So the whole “Universal healthcare doesn’t work” line is complete garbage.

  • Buzzkill

    A supply-side economists. AKA Moron. If I as a business have money to invest, and I see that there is a demand for a product, I am GOING to supply that product, even if there are taxes. Your argument is saying this: “Good god, all these people want iPods, and I have money to invest in making iPods, but gee wizz, all those pesky taxes, I think I’m not going to invest.” Utter crap.

  • Buzzkill

    His view isn’t mainstream? Are you kidding me? You do realize Ryan co-sponsored a bill proposed by Akin that would include the term “Forcible Rape” Instead of just “rape”, without giving a definition of “Forcible”? Later on Ryan would say “Rape is rape, end of story.” so why would he want to insert forcible into the bill? Absolute garbage, republicans are just scared of what would happen if there were no longer minorities in this country.

  • intelligent idiot

    what a moron! Regardless of it being satirical or actual it is still moronic.

  • K

    What the h$&@ seriously. It’s time to ask the hard question….: what kind of retards are we letting run this country. Holy crap people. Why… Really… Omg …. Wow just wow

  • You sir are an idiot, Obamacare doesn’t even kick in fully until 2014 so blame your damned insurance company for the rate hike which probably would have happened anyway. And it has been proved time and again that countries with universal HC are better off, financially and medically. http://blog.nj.com/njv_guest_blog/2012/04/the_power_of_universal_health.html

  • A Republican.

  • sally

    it’s a shame that he calls it “curing”, like as if its a disease

  • Former Street Preacher

    I am not, nor have I ever been sodomite, but I think this is assinine to make that type statement.
    The truth is, just like two heterosexuals, shacking up, outside the bonds of marriage, homosexulaity is perversion and those individuals must be delivered by the Holy Spirit.
    It is possible to leave a lifestyle of sin (I’ve known some, who have, mind you) but the sinner MUST repent of his/her sin, first!

  • MyThought

    Please don’t forget the know-nothing, do-nothing White House loafter, when you add Pelosi and Biden!

  • And too much breast milk causes lesbianism. Especially if the mom has been eating a lot of chocolate.

  • hahahahahahahaha! i love this guy. he’s a walking, talking idiot box. seriously. the democrats could not have invented a better crank candidate.

  • no, Song, you can’t. you can see BIG diomede from LITTLE diomede… but they’re NOT part of the aleutian islands. (as any REAL alaskan knows).

  • This is the Onion, right?

  • labman57

    His proof?
    He’s been drinking the stuff his whole life, and he hasn’t yet been sexually attracted to a man.

  • Laura

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.” Apparently natural, motherly nurturing cures homosexuality in males, but if you’re female, you’re stuck with the age-old “SWALLOW, BITCH.” The fact that this is completely invented just makes it more offensive. Homophobia alone isn’t enough. We MUST have misogyny at the same time!

  • Hugsy Muffinball

    “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else,” Akin replied “I’ll leave that one to your imagination.”
    oh your really shouldn’t have done that…..

  • “Lesbians can be cured by drinking something else.” Oh god my sides.

  • DuncanBarkingD


  • The most telling fact about far Right intelligence is that those who proclaim the most emphatically that they believe the Bible, quite obviously don’t read even the whole of the four Gospels. There are commandments after the first ten in Exodus that hold you accountable for the consequences of letting a dangerous ox loose, staring a fire, or digging a pit. Tell that to BP.

  • I spent my boyhood as a Scottish Presbyterian, a follower of Calvin’s and Knox’s doctrine that every man was his own priest. As a consequence of diligently exercising that priesthood, I am convinced that the Universe is not a place created by a Being who loves humans, nor any other living, suffering organism. I am therefore an atheist.
    As for the founders of the USA, note that the most populist of them, the brilliant pamphleteer Thomas Paine, wrote “The Age of Reason” as a defence of the existence of God, and lambasted both the Old and New Testaments, which he accurately called the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, as insulting to the Creator of that which is plainly evident in Nature. Nonw of the first five presidents was a Christian.

  • tourist1

    Not even close. Biden comes off as a modern day Lincoln compared to this deluded wingnut.

  • tourist1

    paid troll?

  • SETX

    “We now know how to purge men of sin and put them on a path towards god. Why can’t every gay man in America have that knowledge? Just 4 weeks of live breastfeeding can cure them of their terrible suffering. Why aren’t we talking about this?”


  • disgusted

    This asshole is doing just what the republicans are paying him to do…distract people from what is really going on…and as for you trudy…how much are they paying you to be part of this distraction? No one is that ignorant if it is not on purpose!

  • Howard

    er..this is from the Daily Currant – a satirical ‘newspaper’. It’s not real folks…

  • Becks

    “42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” — Steven Wright

  • Leap

    The last real Republican was Dwight David “Ike”
    Eisenhower. He put the American
    people before the corporate greed of the institutions that controlled the
    office of the recent Republican Presidents. These present day Republicans should stop using the
    Republican name and relabel themselves as narrow-minded bigots, like the Whigs,
    since their minds are in the early 1800’s.

  • ihave1blackcat

    I think I’ve heard it all now…..I’d like to know what beverage would cure this nut case……..he needs to be committed, he’s WAY off the deep end

  • Akin did not have a simple Biden-level gaffe – this is a full-on belief….why would you put Pelosi there?

  • You are conflating mistakes of speech with mistakes of thought or inability to comprehend.

  • Doge139

    Haha akin deffinalty didn’t say this but this is actually pretty funny!

  • Don’t confuse thought with bluster.

  • Jimbo

    You down Christianity. Christian values have brought so much good compared to about anything else. So what values do you want? I suspect communist or atheist values. So please go live where you will like the values. We are free to move about. Tell the professors who trained you they can go too. This freedom to move to what pleases you is a great gift the communists do not allow their subject. So your movement will be restricted once you get to your paradise. You will be totally taken care of once you get there. Plus, you will live away from those Christians you dislike.

  • So you are basically arguing that the only values OUTSIDE of ‘Christian’ values are atheistic and/or communist? Do you actually ever read books? Are you that small-minded and uneducated? And just where in my statement did I down Christian values, or said that I don’t like Christians? It is obvious that you are utterly incapable of logically deducing and extracting points from an argument or statement and understanding them for what they are, and THAT is PRECISELY why you Bible literalist Christians fail to understand the world around you.

  • Sorry, but stupid is as stupid does, which is a point well proven by this idiot’s ( Aiken’s) statements and some of the comments here. No, this was NOT founded on Christianity. Christianity was the religion that many of our Founding Fathers practiced ( not all of them by any means), and yes most of the colonies settled here escaped from the religious tyranny of England, but many of the educated colonists afterward saw the perils of ‘religious government’ of the religiously ran colonies and they broke free or worked to make them more democratic. That is NOT something merely taught to us by a High School history teacher..that is fact.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Just males? Damn, I’m still screwed!