Todd Akin Blames Bill Nye for Hurricane

Aug 29, 2012

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin has deepened the controversy surrounding his candidacy today by claiming that science educator Bill Nye is to blame for Hurricane Issac - the deadly storm currently menacing New Orleans.

Akin - who has already attracted outrage with recent statements regarding rape and homosexuality - says that Nye has angered god with a Youtube video in which he claims creationism "hurts kids."

In a town hall meeting held in a Presbyterian church in Chesterfield, MO Akin explained to the audience that natural phenomena cannot be separated from the spiritual realm:

"I think its pretty clear if you study the Bible that natural disasters are no accident. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because their people had sinned. And now we have an American city facing a similar fate. "

Mardi Gras, Mercredi Noir

Akin then argued that God has taken notice of America's corrupt moral culture and has punished that nation in accordance with scripture:

"Look around us. We have gays in the military. Lesbians on the Supreme Court. Promiscuity in Hollywood and in music and on the streets. And now we have this guy ...what's his name...Bill Nye...we have this guy Bill Nye going around saying we can't teach the word of God to our children!"

"Is it any wonder we got an ungodly storm off our shores? How dumb do you have to be to think that's just a coincidence?"

Phonecam video from the incident shows some in the crowd of churchgoing Christians jumping to their feet and singing  "amen".

The Eye of Nye

Meteorologists tend to disagree with Akin's description of how weather works.

Todd Wallace, a leading researcher at Washington University in St. Louis says "There is simply no evidence that religious beliefs affect weather patterns. Storms like Issac hit the U.S. frequently and extreme weather is prevalent on every continent, regardless of the creed of its inhabitants."

But that hasn't stopped some of Akin's followers from demanding accountability from Nye, a figure beloved by millions of Americans for his Bill Nye the Science Guy series of educational videos.

Former Arkansas governor and Chick-Fil-A eating contest winner Mike Huckabee expressed his belief that Nye should repent on his radio talk show:

"Frankly I think it might do some good if Bill Nye got on his knees and asked for forgiveness. The storm isn't over yet. Maybe the good lord will let up if he gets a little contrition from him."

The Daily Currant has reached out to Bill Nye for comment, but his representatives could not be reached at this time.

  • There’s no way that this is real. Is Todd Akin that stupid? Am I being punked? This would be an Onion headline with no editing.

  • qgr

    Er… it’s the Currant.

  • Is this a hoax? I find this hard to believe. Todd Akin saying God is punishing us for people like Bill Nye saying that they believe in evolution over creation is on par with the Westboro Baptists position on gay people.

  • You guys can see the top of the page that says “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record” right?

  • Republicans:science::Democrats:economics

  • Wow. This man is truly insane. And involved in running your country.

  • Shoop83

    You know what’s scary? The fact that a satirical publication is so difficult to tell apart from the current reality. Some in the crop of “leaders” we have right now might very well have said this.

  • Brandon

    for people who don’t know what satire means :
    1.the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    2.a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human follyand vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    3.a literary genre comprising such compositions.

  • Agustine

    Good thing these people are the leaders ….no wonder the US is in the shithole

  • atlanticxing35k

    It’s satire folks! And great satire at that!

    Even though Akin “thinking” this way would not surprise me at all. Even he is not stupid enough to say it out loud now.

  • OMG, Akin needs a padded room! If Bill Nye Caused Issac, then who caused all the other hurricanes that develop every hurricane season, every year, for millions of years?

  • Rubes

    Todd AKin, are you as religious as you claim? Then why are you speaking poorly of Nye if front of the entire nation!! Doesn’t that go against your belief of being a “Good Person”?

  • China Grove

    Nye has a holy hell of a lot to ask forgiveness for. That jerk.

  • Josh530414

    If god is really so spiteful that it would unleash a hurricane on what is one of the most religious portions of the U.S., just because one guy believes we shouldn’t teach lies to our children. Well, then that god is a F@#$ing asshole.

  • Steve

    What I LOVE about this site is that it makes you realize that these guys are so crazy that these things are believable!

  • umad

  • obama is the leader not akin

  • Chris

    So basically, God randomly kills people because Bill Nye made him angry. Do this god of yours is an evil murderer? Wow, sounds like someone I’d love. And it’s not like Bill Nye hated Christianity either. He just doesn’t agree to that incosistent ideology.
    This is fucking stupid. Todd Akin, that is.

  • Chris


  • Tina

    This man is simply nuts and is so far into his so called cult hes brain is completely brainwashed and hes brainwashing poor innocent people out there. He needs to be put into a insane asylum, not running for senate. Get this lunatic some mental help quick before something horrible happens to the poor people he is targeting or his “followers”…

  • Tina

    I agree with you, thats why i say there is no god, cause if there was the world wouldnt be so messed up. They say how powerful this so called god is, then why cant he stop the horrible stuff going on. I am a non god believer and i am a happier person for it.

  • Todd Akin…. kill yourself.

  • So someone tell me what got God so furious about New Orleans, and why did the wealthier folk there get an easier time of it? I thought that Jesus said it was extraordinarily difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Has Billy Graham or somebody changed God’s mind about that?

  • Jeff

    It’s really disheartening to hear that the people in charge of the
    U.S.A. don’t understand the simple principle of causality. In fact, it’s rather
    shameful. Let’s put it this way: since Akin made his remarks, Hurricane Miriam has begun approaching the southwestern USA. Is it reasonable for me to therefore assert that Akin made “God” angry by insulting Bill Nye’s intelligence?

    But a few words on this, because there will undoubtedly be those who don’t understand why these type of co-occurrences ARE coincidences. Picking any two frequently occurring events and deciding that one actually caused the other is fallacious. All we actually know, looking back, is that a whole bunch of things happened one-after-another over time.

    Another example: if Lindsay Lohan pulls another DUI and someone gets shot in a gang-related murder in L.A. shortly afterwards, should we charge her as an accessory to murder because she “caused” the homicide by incurring “God’s” wrath? The answer is no, because lots of people drive while inebriated and lots of people get shot in gang-related murders.

    Another example: everyone who ate a pickle in the year 1854 later died. Is it reasonable to assume that eating pickles causes death?

    All this is just to say that chronology doesn’t imply causality. Not only must one be able to demonstrate that event B always follows event A, but one must demonstrate that B does NOT occur in the ABSENCE of A. In the case of Nye vs. Akin, it’s clear there is no causality at play because hurricanes happen regardless of Bill Nye’s opinion about Todd Akin.