Bill Nye Blasts Todd Akin, Challenges ‘F**king Idiot’ to Debate

Aug 30, 2012

Bill Nye Todd AkinBill Nye may still be The Science Guy, but he's no longer Mr. Nice Guy.

During a live interview this morning with the Smithsonian Channel, the mild mannered science educator unloaded on U.S. Congressman Todd Akin, calling him "a fucking idiot" for accusing Nye of personally provoking Hurricane Issac.

Last week Nye uploaded a video to Youtube urging parents not to teach their children creationism. At a town hall campaign event yesterday, Akin used the video as an example of immoral behavior driving god to punish America through extreme weather.

Although reporters reached out to Nye for a statement yesterday, his first discussion of the matter came this morning at Smithsonian's Washington D.C. headquarters.

Nye Got a Feeling...

The 56 year old star of the long-running "Bill Nye The Science Guy" was in the studio to promote his new documentary series focusing on the neuroscience of childhood development.

After briefly discussing his show, the Smithsonian anchors asked Nye about Akin's recent accusation. The normally genial Nye wasted no time venting his rage about the comments:

"Look, these people they're fucking retarded. Rape can't cause pregnancy? Breastmilk cures homosexuality? I caused a hurricane by challenging creationism? Who can possibly take these people seriously anymore?"

The slightly uncomfortable anchors then tried to change the subject, but Nye persisted:

"It used to be these Republicans didn't believe in global warming or evolution. That was bad enough. Now they don't even believe in egg + sperm = baby. Where does Todd Akin think babies come from? Does he think there are separate storks for people who were raped and people who weren't? "

"Hey look over there! It's the rape stork. It drops its babies directly at the orphanage."

"He's a fucking idiot. Just a plain fucking idiot. I'm sorry - I don't say that word very often - but it happens to fit in this case. He's just a fucking idiot."

A Decent Proposal

As the stunned anchors hurriedly tried to wind the conversation down and cut to commercial, Nye stared directly into the camera and issued a challenge to his new-found rival:

"So Todd I got an offer for you. You and me. Any time. Any place. Debating science mano- a-mano. I'll bring the facts, and you bring the Vaseline. Because your ass is gonna fucking need it when I'm done whipping."

Nye apologized once more for his language before ripping off his microphone and walking off the set.

Representatives of the Smithsonian Channel say they have no comment on the incident.

Bill Nye could not be reached, but a since-deleted tweet on his Twiiter account posted shortly after the incident read:

"@ToddAkin Never enter the eye of Hurricane NYE!"

UPDATE: Readers report that The Bill Nye Meme has arrived.

UPDATE 2 :  Click the button below to ask Todd Akin to accept Bill Nye's challenge!


  • It’s about time someone that well-known as mild-mannered and goofy took these nutjobs to task in such a blisteringly uncharacteristic display of kick-assery

  • dhgossett

    All Bill Nye is doing is stepping down to Todd Akin’s level. Leave Todd Akin alone and he will disappear that much quicker, giving him attention just keeps him in the limelight. As far as the evolution and creationism they both are theories that deserve equal consideration when they are talk to children. We need to stop having this as a dividing wedge in the science community

  • Nevar

    I don’t know about that. The more that reasonable people expect these people to go away, the more they crop up. You have to address them head on. Creationism is not a theory, nor is it even a hypothesis. It’s some stupid political idea that politicians came up with to manipulate religious voters. Get that garbage out of science classes. Science has a method, a process, goes through peer review. It’s grueling thankless work. High school textbooks are always 5 years behind the research, that’s how much it’s vetted. And creationists just walk up and want representation? That’s ridiculous and insulting.

  • Please stop talking, dhgossett

    Um, no. Ignoring issues doesn’t solve them, they merely give them a quite place to grow into something less controllable. Even when scientists don’t address the overwhelming amount of people who attack science at the pulpit, they still go with fury and rage. It needs to be addressed because it does affect our society and our future.

    And no, creationism is not a theory. Clearly, science education has failed you because you’d be able to understand the difference between a scientific theory and a “layman’s theory”. Evolution has evidence and massive amounts of data supporting it. THAT’S why it’s a theory – it’s an explanation WITH vasts amount of testable support. Creationism is desert herdsmen living in tents thousands of years ago taking a stab at it. It’s used for religious indoctrination, it’s basically anti-advancement, anti-intellectual, and anti-science. Creationism has no business being taught to anyone, especially not children who haven’t learned to distinguish reality from religion.

  • Arichelic

    Will a video of the interview be available to view?
    I’d like to see the man in action. =)

  • LauraNo

    You guys, Nye didn’t say these things. Think.

  • epynephrin

    I’m not sure this is a Streisand Effect situation, I think this is one where we need to draw a line between fact and fiction. Mr. Akin is clearly ignoring facts, and if we don’t call him out on them, there are people who may actually misinterpret what he says as fact.

    Those who understand science need to spend a few minutes eliminating this “Evolution is /just/ a theory” nonsense; gravity is also a theory, but no one seems to have a problem with it. Creationism, on the other hand, has been created in the last few years as an “alternative explanation,” not a theory.

    Top it off with the fact that there is nothing in evolution that contradicts religion, except the age of the planet which is only a few thousand years from one or two interpretations of the Bible–so there’s really no reason for creationism, except to appease people who read the seven-day creation account literally, and not figuratively.

  • Pat Reynolds

    I soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanted this to be true – can someone make it happen, please??

  • Gary Z

    You might get struck by lightning or you might not. That does not mean you have an equal chance of being struck by lightning and not being struck by lightning.

  • Chad

    Top of the page ”
    The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”. The third word is key here.

  • Maddie


  • Carlos Montera

    BILL is RAGING LATELY, kind of LOW if u ask me (

  • He probably didn’t say any of this, but he should (and probably is) thinking it. The dude pretty much tried to influence a generation of kids with science…the fact that people (let alone in a position of power) still have really, really dangerous outlooks of how basic systems work is kind of scary.

    Anyways I’m glad I could learn to just question stuff, if anything. This post fooled me initially though, bastards.

  • Hypersapien
  • Hypersapien

    You realize this is satire, right?

  • Mike Adams

    Will McAvoy would be proud

  • Guest

    YES! Go Bill Nye!

  • Hypersapien

    Of course he didn’t say any of this. This is a satire web site.

  • well played! the Decent Proposal was a lovely nod to Swift. Still wish Nye had actually said all this though.

  • Trent

    Thank you bill NYE!!!!!! Finally someone points out the republicans idiocy!!!!

  • walkingmama

    LOLOLOL “So Todd I got an offer for you. You and me. Any time. Any place. Debating science mano- a-mano. I’ll bring the facts, and you bring the Vaseline. Because your ass is gonna fucking need it when I’m done whipping.”

  • For those who don’t know, this is a joke article (as much as I wish it were real!)

  • dturnlund

    It’s about time somebody stood up and called these people out.
    The fact that generally mild mannered Bill Nye did it shows the depth of the problem.
    There’s this thing amongst conservatives where they think that their ignorance is equally as valid as real knowledge.
    You can have your opinions, but if they don’t stand up to the facts, they are wrong, period.
    You can have your own opinions, but you can’t make up your own facts.
    And yes, he is a fucking idiot.

  • CK

    What a BAMF!


  • Lane N

    Gravity is a law (G), it is a certainty, just like the events in this article didn’t happen (as delicious as that would be).

  • Dudes, it’s a joke, a spoof. He didn’t actually say that.

  • anonymous

    putting your emotions first before logic is irrational. Religious people won again in the favor of the government. Keep personally insulting these people and they’ll keep stepping on your rights.

  • Jakestidham

    I’m a religious person, but I agree with you, creationism shouldn’t be part of high school curriculum… It should be something you choose to go to on Sunday… Choosing it freely not imposed by government.

  • Ashley

    Bill Nye is the best. I’m so glad he called out that brainless idiot.

  • EgoAnt

    Oh I would love to see a video of Bill Nye losing it.

  • Bill Nye, the courageous and dead-on correct guy! We love you Bill!

  • Dan


  • Creationism is weakness

  • Peter

    So if a gay guy walked up to Akin and had sex with him, then it would be an illegitimate rape as Akin won’t be impregnated. Correct? 🙂

  • FOolio


  • Fred

    You liberals always think you have the answers, spouting off about how we conservatives are “nutjobs.” well, as much as this is a joke, it’s has a ring of truth:

  • Will



    …erm, I believe the term is ass-kickery…and you are abso-fricking-lutely right, Jim Fazio.



  • user1234567

    I wonder if a kickstarter could make this reality….

  • This doesn’t really enhance your argument, you moron.

  • Aaron Legere

    Conservative stigmas aside, Akin is indeed a nutjob.

  • Its just for shits n giggles, Sir. As much as we would have loved for it to be true, sadly it is not…

  • chris1465

    Scientists don’t use their brains. Thanks for the example of conservative thinking.

  • awesome.


  • Andy

    Funny how there are statistics that prove that there are far more college graduates that are Democrat than Republican… Back up your arguement Fred. Please show me how the Republicans actually have made this country better. Was it better when Bush borrowed many trillions from the Chinese? Lemme answer that for you: No. Because if they wanted their money back right now, they’d own 1/3 of us.

  • Nye has nothing to apolotize for. He is saying what others should be saying but are too cowardly to do. GO BILL!! The Science Guy is my Hero!!!!

  • Guest

    Hell ya! Bad choice of language but it’s about time someone that is RIGHT calls the “Right” out on their BS in such a direct way. 1000 dollars says Akin wants NOTHING to do with any debate with Nye. I’d bet he wouldn’t even debate him for a million dollars. He’s got NOTHING and he knows it.

  • Urza

    China owns 8% of our debt – just saying.

  • Zac

    This just made my whole week. Respect for Nye X9000

  • THANK YOU Science Guy !!!! It’s about time someone said it.

  • Oh course Republican brains are used more. It’s hard work trying to reconcile the myriad incongruencies in a Republican’s belief system.

  • kit

    I really can’t believe the number of people that are debating a story that is clearly a piece of satire! bwahahaha!

  • /facedesk

  • This man has been my hero for years and years. Too bad this is a story. XD

  • omg i am so happy right now! BILL BILL BILL!!

  • Aliya

    if anything I would just stop it, or lower the hurrcianes teir catagory number. Nye, you didn’t cause any Hurricanes, just a sereis of events that lead up through unbalanced weather patterns. And we may have a couple of more Hurricanes as well. The fact is “History is being written, so non of this happended. it’s the hurricane season as well. God does not smite it’s victims using weather patterns. Also it’s nice to see you stick up and fight back against morons. <3

  • nada

    How badly I wish this were true ;A;

  • Ssshhh, sshhh. The grownups are talking.

  • Russell Orrell

    Thank you Bill Nye, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  • Jordan

    The Creationist theory or “belief” as it should more accurately be called has been around really since the bible (book of Genesis). It is the belief that humanity, life, the earth and the universe are the creation of a supreme or supernatural being. Basically you can believe in both creationism AND (gasp!) evolution, creationism just gives a reason to the scientific aspect of why are we here. Ok sure, so atoms collided, big bang and what not, but you expect me to believe that it was all completely 100% randomness that created life and the earth and universe? I don’t buy that at all.
    As far as evolution is concerned, it’s definitely possible (if not probable) that we evolved from monkeys and all the evolutionary theories happened. In the creation story, Humans were God’s last creation, in day 6. Why must me assume that 1 day for a supreme/supernatural being is the same as 1 day for us? It could be that 1 day for us is thousands of years for God. Anyway hopefully this helps, either way I think it was ridiculous and insulting to claim creationism is “some stupid political idea that politicians came up with to manipulate religious voters.” An incredibly silly notion, no doubt. I’m fine with evolution being taught as a theory in classrooms, and I’m fine with creationism only being briefly talked about, even if it’s just a “some people believe this, despite the lack of scientific evidence” or something along those lines.

  • Ryan Gates

    I can’t believe someone would be able to get under Bill Nye’s skin like this. I don’t believe it. I don’t see him >EVERactually< said some of the things he's apparently said, then why the hell is he still breathing? I don't see anyone surviving with that level of mouth breathing, weapons-grade ignorance.

  • sixthfore

    A disclaimer: The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Q. Are your newstories real?A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues though satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Robert Britt

    Good on you, Mr. Science Guy! Don’t take any guff from those swine.

  • Delicate

    That site’s font is too big for it to be right.

  • Misti

    Video, must see video!!!!

  • an old fan

    go bill go, anyone think bill sounds like the doctor? from doctor who?

  • an old fan

    i’m a republican btw but theres no excuse for being an idiot when you’re that rich

  • Amazing. We are doomed. No one understands satire any more at all. Just about everyone in this thread needs to get a DICTIONARY!!! Holy Crap you folks are DUMB!

  • Mara

    Even if this isn’t real, I give it ten to one odds that Bill Nye does, in fact, think Todd Akin is a fucking idiot.

  • Dillinger

    Bill Nye FTW!

  • emily235

    My hero.

  • Really sad when Republican reality is so pathetic that it’s hard to identify satire any more.

  • Silly you, Guest. Republicans don’t debate. The most we can hope for is they agree to debate but then avoid all questions and vomit talking points and lies, which their base will suck up and decide they won the ‘debate’ for telling the most absurd lies. (And this is an example of how we can use great satire to discuss legitimate points.)

  • Morphyous


  • And I suppose you think being nice to hypocrites and liars will make them stop doing all they can to intrude on our rights? Please explain how that is going to work when all they’ve done throughout history is use ‘nice’ against people.

  • Rob Cunningham

    Bill Nye the Science Guy only ran for 5 seasons…

  • Don’t know about the video but you can find the correct spelling for help in any dictionary and the shift key to the right or left of your pinky finger.

  • Poorly written software puts a lot of unnecessary strain on a processor.

  • Zach Steege

    Does anybody have a link to the video of this or does it no longer exist?


    That’s not a meme…. it’s just a single quotation

  • Guest

    hahaha Andy maybe you should look up the facts before you write things that make you look retarted. Oh and Republicans have done plenty of good things for the country, same goes to Democrats. Democrats are not the perfect party, try using actual facts rather then just raging and showing why most Americans are ignorant when it comes to politics.

  • Kat

    You’ve never taken a debate class before, have you? Anyway while not every single republican ever is a nutjob, there are many who actually believe Ackin’s statement was true. The “doctor” who made that all up is a major GOP campaign contributor. What party do you think Fred Phelps votes for?

  • hahaha Urza just bitch slapped you. Andy maybe you should look up the facts before you write things
    that make you look retarted. Oh and Republicans have done plenty of
    good things for the country, same goes to Democrats. Democrats are not
    the perfect party, try using actual facts rather then just raging and
    showing why most Americans are ignorant when it comes to politics.

  • Please do not think that all christians or all republicans are this stupid. I don’t know what happened to this man as a child! I hope he was dropped on his head or something,THEN there would be a good excuse for this extreme stupidity! Bill Nye,it is not your fault nor any scientist who believes in evolution. God loves you and he is not a God of hate,but LOVE! Mr Akin you should not use God to further your cause! Shame on you! And women do get pregnant from rape you idiot! There are lots of Christian women who still choose to have their baby after rape some keep it,and that is only after LOTS of prayer and godly strength! You need to repent and I will pray for you!

  • Justin

    8% is still over a trillion dollars.

  • Hats

    This is awesome! I applaud him.

  • Thanks for saying what most people with two working brain cells wants to tell that idiot.

  • Bill you gotta know there are millions of folks behind you all the way! You and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Micheal Shermer, Danial Dennett, you all keep speaking up! We need all of you! Good grief someone needs to shut Akin up.

  • So… Your god of love; is this the same one that sends people to hell for all eternity if they don’t do as he says?

  • Franklin Turtle

    Bill Nye = Jesus

  • jbeard4

    Where can I find this video?!?

  • dfsghfdhfd

    useless, from uncle moron.

  • Tenaciousdana

    I’m so proud of Nye! He’s very very right. Some people are just freakin’ retarded. Good job Nye. I’m backing you all the way man.

  • TeraTrue

    It’s so sad that such ignorance can make generally mild-mannered people explode like that. .. I can completely sympathize with him. *Hugs Bill Nye* *Great big hugs*

  • theWhyteMaN

    That was epic! I’m still laughing out loud!

  • The Anti-Troglodyte

    I feel like this only proves that conservatives are nutjobs… Your idea of a “ring of truth” is a post about a hypothetical scenario which is first off ridiculously flawed, and secondly doesn’t actually prove anything. It’s just a conservative making fun of democrats. Maybe the conservative brains are so overused because all they do is sit there reading an obsolete religious text and twisting to their whim and then making fun of the proponents of reason and logic, you know, the people who actually rely on facts to make a point. So next time, think twice before making a complete fool out of yourself and only strengthening the point of the party you’re arguing against…


  • …and fake.

  • If this is true, he is my new hero

  • Joel Healy

    Adkin is a classic example of Southern excessive in inbreeding.

  • tempfile

    i hate all of you equally

  • Little Fokker

    Actually since sex is often referred to as fucking, it seems very appropriate to say that Akin is a fucking idiot if he doesn’t understand that Rape can cause pregnancy.

    So instead of saying fucking idiot, perhaps we should say Sex idiot.

  • super t

    Amazing! Love you for that….just perfection.

  • Loki

    Hurricane Issac happened because God hates Republicans.

    Katrina happened because God hates southerners.

    Galveston Bay? God hates Texas twice!

    Has anything like that ever happened to Vegas? Nope. That’s proof that God likes Vegas.

    Did you see the recent story about a whole football team struck by lightening when they prayed to Jesus before their game?

    That’s because Jesus is a false god!

    How much more obvious can God make it?

  • I found your link difficult but not impossible to masturbate too. Thank you.

  • Bulat Popov

    It’s “retarded”. To quote you, “…maybe you should look up the facts before you write things
    that make you look [retarded].” It’s simple spell check. See the little red line when you type “retarted”? That means it’s incorrect, but you might be just too ignorant to pay attention to things.

  • JohnG

    I don’t think this is a matter of just calling conservatives nutjobs. This is a very specific incident where there are some definite nutjobs who happen to be conservative. While Nye may have blanketed all republicans in his attack, it’s obvious that he was upset and also who the real target was. Not to mention, said target is apparently a moron.

  • Mr. Nye, you have been and always will be, a goddamn hero in my book…and this only furthers it. Bravo, sir. Akin is a damned moron and should be locked away in the looney bin for his radically idiotic, brain-damaging level of stupidity and ignorance.

  • unbiased and proud

    All you two-party worshipping people are idiots. It’s not about what club someone belongs to, but whether that person has America’s best interests at heart. Geez….

  • Fucking Sc!ence

    A.) Love.
    B.) The Almighty simply adores all of “his” sinful, pagan, Hollywood, hippie homos too!!! He would never give us a decent enough earthquake to dump us into the ocean! <3 Respek.

  • dickbob

    I think you all are nutjobs to sit here and fight about something as stupied as someone else’s conversation. it does nothing besides makes you look like an ass. thats why or country is so messed up. people thinking they are right when in fact they have no idea how wrong they are. bush was a rep. and he screwed up the country. Obama is a dem. and is still screwing it up. We are all screwed because we leave or fate in the hands of bad men. This is why I don’t vote. Get a life of your own and take charge of it. not someone else’s. all of you sound like crying babys. just like congress. ya big bunch of Losers

  • Bill Nye For President
  • Alison

    Have you heard the joke about your mom sucking my dick? Because it has a ring of truth to it.

  • I always liked Bill Nye and watch his show whenever I happen across it while channel hopping. The thing I don’t understand is why he would apply the statements of one obvious moron to all who are conservative. I am a conservative and I place a very high value on science, the knowledge gained through observation, experimentation, and application is what drives the comforts of our modern world. I would be willing to wager that 99.999% of conservative people would agree(have to leave that small percentage off because all social groups include some level of loonies)

  • John S.

    You said doctor who…

  • Y_U_Gotta_B_that_way

    Wow, way to just outright hate dude. Remember that every person who lifts a finger to work for our nation is valuable, from the people that lack a college education who grow your food and mine, to the self-absorbed intellectuals with unnecessary degrees (I’ll have a PhD in mere months btw), who contribute nothing but ideas. Party affiliation means nothing, we’re all still people and some of us are driven by beliefs and emotions. The answer is not to belittle people for being poorly informed, it is to gently and kindly offer them help and do our best to educate everyone without bias.

  • I love Bill Nye and look up to him a lot. I don’t agree with some of his beliefs, but I RESPECT them.People like Todd Akin need to hear out what others, such as Bill Nye need to say & vice versa. Now Akin may be an idiot, but please don’t think that all of us Christians and Republicans are idiotic, bigots who speak out of our asses. I apologize for the poor representation given by Akin and many others(O’Reilly).

  • thehotmageaeris

    I fucking love Bill Nye…

  • thehotmageaeris

    Well put, good sir, well put.

  • thehotmageaeris

    Really? I mean, really…? Just look at the people that represent for conservatives. I need not say more.

  • thehotmageaeris

    We alllllllll know Nye is thinking this though. We can have that small comfort. 😛

  • I don’t believe he was tarring all republicans with the same brush. He said “these republicans”, one would assume that means republicans that are like him, of which I am learning there are quite a lot, sadly.

  • thehotmageaeris

    Key word: satire.

  • Wow…this THE most awesome article I have read all day….LOL Holy SHHHHT!!!

  • Guest

    Actually, Kat, if you did your research you’d find that Fred Phelps is actually a Democrat. Not only is he a Democrat, he actually ran for office in that party on multiple occasions. Way to fail.

  • kevanlove

    Oh, he’s no shrinking violet, he’s Race Walker, after all.

  • Yeah… but, my question is how come conservatives always seem to let that 1.111% that are loonies be the ones to represent them?

  • IuIz

    …says a chick…?

  • Guest

    Love it – you go, Bill!!!!

  • TLE

    Just like a conservative, trying to prove an uninformed point with a made up story. Think about learning how to PROPERLY utilize the Google. It’ll change your world.

  • Yeah… but, my question is how come conservatives always seem to let that 0.001% that are loonies be the ones to represent them?

  • Sorry 0.001%

  • Kind of funny how we get to make fun of Akin in real life (because he’s real and Republicans think he’s sane enough to put into power), and your counter-example is a made up story, and not a very clever one at that.

  • Bill Nye the takes no crap guy! All right, Bill!

  • Too funny! Go Bill!!!!

  • Just to put you in your place Andy, Obama has accrued 1/3 of all of our nations debt. That’s right. Obama: $4trillion, All other presidents combined ever: $8billion.
    That’s why the Democratic party is trying so hard to keep his performance record out of the campaign. Because that’s what makes a good President, performance. Not only that, but he promised us in ’08 that if he didn’t cut the nations debt by half that he would be a 1-term president. America can’t afford to let him trample on our economy for 4 more years, or we will literally be Chinese.

  • nice solid argument man, you really bring up some great points that are extremely important.

  • chelly

    Bill Nye, you are a hero!

  • rinquist
  • Sad but True

    But no one (i.e. the other party OR independents) managed to give us a credible alternative, now did they?

  • Hell yes. My childhood hero just became my adulthood hero.

  • Lib

    Yeah, apparently Republican’s brains are overused from making stupid comments like Akin and dreaming up dumbass “jokes” like this. Most liberals run when one of theirs becomes a wingnut – not stand in line to vote for them.

  • Lib

    Yeah, apparently Republican’s brains are overused from making stupid comments like Akin and dreaming up dumbass “jokes” like this. Most liberals run when one of theirs becomes a wingnut – not stand in line to vote for them.

  • Matthew, i’m not sure that the comparison to China really helped your point. After all, how *is* China’s economy doing these days? (As to “… we will literally be Chinese.” I have to admit being stumped; how will this happen? Alterations on the genetic level? Plastic surgery? (… you *did* say “literally”))

  • AE

    Good to see conservatives embracing science, but unfortunately that percentage cannot be true. Just look at the percentage of Americans who do not “believe” in global warming or evolution. Even if these horribly high numbers were evenly distributed between Reps and Dems (I don’t think they are) you’d still have a very high percentage of Reps not believing in basic scientific findings. Sadly

  • Oh it’s a LOT more than .001% Tim! The majority of republican voters vote that way based on their religious convictions. Perhaps not, you, but most of the ones I’ve met do.

  • blue

    theres no video of this anywhere on the internet is there? because fox forbid pro-evolution

  • Snake river girl

    Bill I nominate you for President of the Geek Party! You have my vote.

  • Sassan

    WOW! I have new profound respect for Bill Nye!

  • G

    As a 90s kid, I’d like to see Bill Nye the Science Guy back on air. And with all these idiot politicians preaching pseudoscience to the masses, we need that show right now!

  • Wilburr

    The one question in the debates which will cause Obama to win: “Let’s say your wife were to be raped. Should she be forced to carry the child regardless of her wishes?” Romney’s answer would be probably along the lines of feeding the afterbirth to the dog on the roof, thereby doing some good. (This makes about as much sense as the actual things they do say.)

  • Derek

    Hey nutjob! You learned your own name!

  • As much as I like Bill Nye… Todd Akin never said “rape does not cause pregnancy”

  • charles

    well since we had a budget surplus with clinton and the only president in between was W that would make W “all the other presidents combined” wouldnt it?

  • Bill Nye for President 2012!!!!!!

  • Oh Jonny Boy

    Because this is a satirical newspaper and this never really happened. (Check the top right of this page)

  • googoo

    Patrick, you’re crazy. I’m liberal, but your logic sucks.
    You just correct Tim’s circumstantial claim with your own circumstantial claim.
    And frankly, his seems more likely. It’s always easier to think of the other side as crazy and believe the hype than to read into things deeper than the media does for us.

  • nobodysuspectsthebutterfly

    No, because it never happened. This is a fake story on a satirical “fake news” web site.


  • This is so awesome! Bill Nye the science guy takes on Todd Akin and his stupidity about all things science, like ”legitimate rape” and his accusations that Nye’s video on evolution caused hurricane isaac….hilarious!

  • Raz

    Unfortunately, this would not work, as in the case of legitimate facts, Akin’s brain has a way to shut itself down.

  • science snap

    It’s technically a body transplant, not a brain transplant. You replace the body around the brain, you can’t replace the brain since that’s what IS you. Consider yourself scienced.

  • favro

    has this video not been posted? i want the link t watch the interview

  • dougy

    satire does not mean it hasn’t happened, this means this article is made to ridicule an individual.

  • dougy

    great article

  • David

    You’re right! It must take much more brain power to ignore the actual meaning of Obama’s comments and instead just chant “We Built It!!” until you’re blue in the face. And let’s remember, this is what the “leaders” do when they’re on international television …

    Nice try though.

  • Nick

    Ah yes, the No True Scotsman logical fallacy. An old favorite of mine.

  • I very much doubt the veracity of this article.

  • ItsZed

    Congratulations Mr Nye! These stupid Republican idiots are like bullies and its time we fought back and put them in their place.

  • ItsZed

    The originators of the scientific method at the time of the ‘renaissance’ (rebirth), believed it important was to study and understand God’s creation. Science has done this for 500 years, and unfortunately for the creationists, what we have discovered is that the world is impressive, magical, incredible, but was not likely created 6000 years ago.

  • A User that Watches

    Haha. This whole going back and forth between which party is better, and such… is why we are so divide on matter that actually can make a differences.. each side wants to think they are superior…and there for we must do 100% of what the say.
    So it funny cause you can see how “we” argue over this page and to what affect? That one of “us” might walk off feeling a little more Cocky for putting another down… way to go society!
    As someone in another comment said both party have done this country good in someway or another, and both sides will continue to do good for this country in the years to come.
    So remember it makes no difference if you fight between each other on here.. cause nothing will come of it.

    ~A User that Watches ~

  • That’s nothing. I heard Beakman smoked a joint dipped in PCP and then ripped Lester’s arm off. They didn’t air that episode, but no loss, it didn’t have Josie in it.

  • guest112

    I agree and its not all republicans but i would say a majority discredit global warming, a smaller majority disagree with evolution because it goes against their religious beliefs. As far as the legitimate rape yes that might be .0001% but i assure you on the other issues a majority of the republican party agrees.

    I remember when Bill argued with someone on Fox News about the facts of global warming.

    “How do you know or test that the earths getting warmer?”

    Bill-“It’s called a thermometer and you place them in different spots around the earth and watch them over a period of time then take that data and analyze it. It’s called Science.” best response ever

  • Isaac S

    It’s Isaac not Issac. The hurricane has been in the news enough for people to know how to spell Isaac. Also I have been legitimately raped and did not get pregnant.

  • Tori

    This is fake, you fools! Bill Nye is a professional man who conducts himself in a professional manner. The fact that anyone could buy into this is ridiculous.

  • GetIronic

    Unfortunately, Bill Nye drank the global warming kool-aid.

  • BEEF

    Uh okay… this is 100% false guys. Seriously, do you really think that Bill Nye would ruin his publicity like that? He’s a lot more educated than this article makes him out to be. As in, Bill Nye wouldn’t use such offensive/sexually explicit language.

  • mkc

    i laughed out loud and cried a little, I’ve now bought some of his DVDs from the bill nye the science guy videos so my little man can see them when he grows up! when he’s old enough to hear such language (21 in my opinion lol) ill make sure he knows this quote is from his childhood favorite lol!

  • lia

    just going from what website this is I’m assuming it is completely false, though hilarious and i would love Bill, my childhood hero, all the more if it was true, this probably is really bad for his image with all the cursing, he didn’t even say it and people are up in arms about it.

  • kris

    He said that in “legitimate” rape a woman’s body has ways to “shut that down” People took this to mean he didn’t think all rape was wrong but i believe, In general terms he was saying if you were really raped, and not a liar, your body would most likely not allow you to become pregnant.

    The question asked was whether or not he would vote to allow for abortions in situations of rape or incest and he began rambling about how in legitimate rape cases there wasn’t really a big chance of a woman getting pregnant, her body wouldn’t let her, so there was no need for the exception, then he said a few other things i don’t really remember exactly what but something along the lines of siting examples that included male on male rape which made no sense as two males (consensual sex or not) will never make a child.

    This actually makes no biological sense. Akin is an idiot completely absorbed in his religious fairy tales with very little grasp on biology, sexual reproduction, medical knowledge or basic common sense on how to answer the question asked instead of incoherently rambling about a sensitive issue (rape and abortion)

    I wasn’t trying to yell at you (figuratively) but to inform anyone that thought Akin was decent guy by reading your post.

  • Kudos to Bill for his challenge, but his choice of challenge is hugely inappropriate and damaging to him and offensive.

  • Thank you Bill Nye. You’re a not just the Science Guy you’re a Hero for standing up to these people and telling it like it is.

  • Sabrina

    Where’s the respect for wemon in the eyes of Akin a comment like that is not only disrespectful but non factual why doesnt he go to war torn countrys where wemons clitorises r cut off and are rapped dayly and see how meny children were born as a product of rape! People that Ignorant shouldnt b aloud to speck , never mind speck for or to the masses! Bill has every reason to b angry…we should all b angry with such ignorance!

  • Guest

    Almost half the population think the bible has all the answers. The also elect all the Christians. The Holy Wars are underway around the world. The edicts and pronouncements by these holy warriors will one day prove their downfall. I can hardly wait for that day but, I fear, it will be some time coming.

  • restats

    Almost half the population think the bible has all the answers. They also
    elect all the Christians. The Holy Wars are underway around the world.
    The edicts and pronouncements by these holy warriors will one day prove
    their downfall. I can hardly wait for that day but, I fear, it will be
    some time coming.

  • Dave Bender

    New name:Bill Nye “The Kick Ass Science Guy!”

  • Pete Maurer

    My kids watched hours and hours of Bill Nye when they were little, and it didn’t hurt their faith any. But now I think Nye is going too far. He’s not “challenging” creationism as he claims; he’s firing a carefully aimed broadside at it with the intent of sinking it. That is a lot different than a “challenge”, which would be more like a shot across the bows.

    I hope Akin doesn’t accept the challenge. He’ll make an ass of himself and make all of us creation believers look like idiots, bigots, or worse. If Nye has any guts, he’ll challenge not some easy-target yahoo like Akin but someone educated and well-informed like William Lane Craig or John Lennox, etc., who can actually debate him on his own level.

  • Adonis

    So before a huge Dem. vs. Rep. debate begins, who here is registered to vote and is going to vote this coming election?

  • Well, Obama did say that. And he shouldn’t have. And it did show his naivety in believing that the GOP would work with him, or at least meet him half way and compromise. He foolishly believed, back then, that everyone in this country was more interested in getting our country back on track than they were in power and partisan-ism. He was wholly unprepared for the fact that the GOP would cock-block him on everything, would refuse to play at all if it wasn’t according to their rules. He had far too much faith in his country and countrymen.

  • Wow. US Military is helping you move on, huh?

  • Because, you know, profanities and insults are the best way to show that we’re any better than Akin, right? C’mon Bill, you’re smarter than that.

  • Um, you might want to read this. He may have been a Democrat once, but not in a long time.

  • True, but it’s long past time that people publicly called out how disgusting, idiotic, and dangerous the GOP has gotten.

  • Why does one man all of a sudden represent the entire GOP? Even the GOP has turned on him. I’m no Republican, but at the same time, i think it’s ridiculous when people try to trash an entire party because of what one person has done or said. And if anyone honestly still thinks that either of the mainstream parties are truly better, they’re just fooling themselves.

    Anyway, point is that Bill Nye could have easily conveyed everything he said without calling Akin “a fucking idiot” and thus sounding grossly unprofessional. he could have still said “your statements are absolutely ludicrous, baseless, and ignorant,” and challenged him to a debate, and it would’ve been just fine.

  • spike

    how does that have the slightest ring of truth? The story is made up and not actually true in any way. it’s completely irrelevant to how things actually work in real life.

  • Oh? darn. lol

  • I love Bill Nye the Science Guy! He kicks seven kinds of ass with one lab coat tied behind his back!

  • JenniferDaphne
  • cj hamilton

    Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

  • BeurreFrais

    Does no one realize that this is a satirical website? Everything is 100% fictional.

  • Mary

    Except for the fact that the earth is not actually warming…and don’t blame anyone but Akin for Akin’s stupid comments, period.

  • Ktastic

    The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record

    Right in the top right corner of the screen. Going to the about section also shows that this site is purely a work of fiction. None of what you see here are facts.

  • Daisee

    I love it. FuckSorcery with Bill. Fuckety-fuck-fuck.

  • Fuhgl

    Good job taking a satirical article seriously, everyone. Honestly, critically examining something that seems strange or unlikely is a lost art.

  • Todd Akin accepts Bill Nye’s challenge for a debate!

  • It’s been my experience that people who take the Bible literally are afraid to think for themselves. This is an act of a fool. Why? If you follow the word of God literally, you can end up not questioning the pastor’s interpretation, and therefore be mislead. Science explains how the world works, but doesn’t conflict with Bible teachings, unless you are an ignorant fool, like Todd Akin. Leaders like him, and the people who would vote for him based on these idiotic beliefs set back progress, and understanding. It’s hard to believe anyone could think like this guy. I hope Bill Nye wipes the floor with his dumb ass.

  • Chase

    I <3 you Bill Nye! You are my hero!!!

  • lol… Good job, Bill Nye the science guy! I get so tired of Republicans pretending this America is Dumb! Bill Nye is aware of the stance the right takes on the Endowment for the Arts and funding for Public television also.

  • Or you could read polling data, which supports Patrick, but that would make sense. If you are actually progressive please start using your brain before you shame the rest of us.

  • The heading of this site reads:
    The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record – this incident didn’t happen!

  • Billy Nye if you caused the hurricane I’d like to say thank you because it ended our drought lol.

  • articulate

    Satire. SATIRE. Not true. God, I wish is was, but it’s not. The phony story is so well written that many people are taking it as fact. I love it. But, let’s take a breath and consult the buzzkill expert, Snopes:

  • articulate

    Oh, were it not true! Thanks, Alan. Here’s the sole source of all questions on Jeopardy, Snopes:

  • articulate

    Steve, I share your forehead-slapping amazement. Were it not true, but let’s go the the Snopes:

  • China Grove

    Yeah, if you actually knew Nye, you wouldn’t think he was such a nice guy. He is a major jackass. A kiddie show host who hates kids, and will sue at the drop of a hat.

  • Ishtar

    I… I… I just… Oh my god… OH MY GOD YES!! My childhood hero is now defending political subjects near and dear to me! I’m so proud.

  • With ya on this one Bill!

  • It’s_A_Joke

    You do know that this is satire, right? Nye never called Akin a fucking idiot on national television…as much as I wish he did.

  • Truth69

    Check Snopes. You can’t believe everything you read. Check This is a myth

  • yeld

    It’s not conservatives “letting” them represent the group, it’s the people shoving mics in front of these idiots to manufacture news.

  • yeld

    Until Bill Nye shows us his diploma, I refuse to call him “The Science Guy”

  • Cindy

    Oh My God! This is fantastic!! I always liked Bill but now he’s my new hero!

  • Steve Giere

    WHOA !!! Good-bye political correctness! This is [email protected]!!! Bill Nye just became the NEW “Dirty Harry.” I say Obama should get Bill Nye to open the Democratic National Convention this week. Eastwood, you’re history. Bill Nye rules! Can’t you just see him at the podium talking to an empty chair? “Go ahead, Todd Akin … MAKE MY DAY!”

  • Voice Inside

    Okay, mud slinging China Grove, how about backing up your claims with some facts.

  • yes this is also false
    here is the snopes page on it

  • SheDevil

    Okay. Those of you idiots who are debating what Nye ‘said’ in this article, you do know this is a work of fiction on a satirical website, right?

    Here, try reading this one:

  • Imananjidesuka

    I can corroborate China Grove’s statement, to a point. There are numerous stories (V.I. I don’t have any news links, but it’s fairly well known among us locals) here in Seattle of Nye being rather brusque with fans of any age who approach him in public. I remember years ago the local radio show (Andy Savage on 107.7) had a call-in hour asking for stories about Nye’s public misgivings.

    It’s always seemed he was just trying to be left alone and able to go about his business undisturbed, though not in a particularly nice manner. It’s not malicious, but often a lot less sugar-coated than most people expect, since celebrities these days are essentially expected to be “on” 24/7. It’s further exacerbated because kids get the same treatment adults do. I don’t agree with it, but you can see his point!

    He and my father used to work together, well before Almost Live or any of his TV gigs. Pop said he was a rather quiet guy, but a couple decades in the public eye can take a toll on one’s ability to feign a smile for everyone who comes by asking for a photo or an autograph.

    That being said, he’s certainly not stupid, and I would love to see him verbally/mentally thrash Rep. Akin in a science debate.

  • k790

    Why do you believe global warming? Do you know it’s true? Have you done those tests? Oh, you haven’t. You’re just going on someone else’s thoughts and observations. Typical atheist mumbo-jumbo.

  • k790

    Yea all you pseudo-intellectual progressives. What a shame that would be.

  • k790

    I’m sure initially a college graduate is likely to lean left. After all, I’m sure you wouldn’t argue that colleges are some of the most liberal institutions on earth. However as people age, they tend to wise up and vote conservative. Funny how there are statistics that prove that.

  • AScientist

    So all of science is untrue simply because YOU have not personally done the tests? Wow I didn’t know that’s how it worked, you must be really busy confirming facts like water boils at 100C and freezes at 0C, otherwise how would you know they’re true? Typical dumb-ass mumbo-jumbo. I’m guessing because of your “atheist” comment that you’re religious, and as such believe a whole pantheon of things simply because someone told them to you. WAKE UP. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

  • Todd Akin accepts Bill Nye’s science debate challenge!

  • I respected Bill Nye before. Now I revere him. He’d never talk that way to someone who was honestly ignorant of facts. But you have to work seriously hard to say things as stupid as what Akin and his ilk say. It deserves no respect and deserves only contempt.

  • k790

    Haha, well yea……I know certain things, such as at which temperature water boils, by my own experience. Believe it or not, I have boiled water before. Your mention of cognitive dissonance is really a non-sequitur here by the way. Typical pseudo-intellectual person trying to sound smarter than he is.

  • k790

    And where did I say all of science was un-true? And why would you assume I spend all my time figuring out what was true in science? Eesh think a little before you post little one.

  • Nyeistheman

    @k790: I don’t think you understand how science works though. Scientists submit their findings to peer-review before the findings are ever published. Once they are, any subscriber to the journal that published the findings in can read those findings for themselves. Concerning global warming, YOU can look at the data all by yourself, and if you can read graphs and have an understanding of statistics then you can interpret the data as well. It’s all there for you to see. So what are you really suggesting when you argue against global warming? That the data is wrong? That it has been misinterpreted by scientists (not-likely because of peer-review)? Or that scientists everywhere currently researching it are just making everything up? People don’t ‘believe’ in global warming. They recognize it because all the data (evidence) is there.

  • k790

    By all means, I recognize that a lot of truths found through science are likely just that, truths. It has undoubtedly in my opinion given us great findings in a number of areas. And through the process you mentioned, which involves multiple checks on the subject at hand, many scientific findings are inherently more convincing than they otherwise would be. However, in my opinion one would be foolish to think that the prevalent opinion of the day will still be as popular 5, 10, 50 years from now. History is full of examples of when science has purported something to be fact, only to be disproven a short (or long) time later. I think scientists used to say smoking was good for your health. You can postulate that based on certain data, you know what will happen say regarding the earth’s temperature in the future. But in reality you have no clue. That is my point.

  • Patrick

    So….. Sources? Any kind of proof?

  • Bill Nye just got like +1000 points in my book!

  • Praxiteles

    Yes, yet also consider that the denial of science even seems to go deeper than what Bill mentions:
         –contraception teaching versus abstinence teaching 
         –legalization and controls versus the war on drugs
         –drug addiction as a disease versus treating drug addicts as criminals
         –homosexuality as genetic versus a choice
         –America’s Healthcare system is failing versus America’s Healthcare is #1

    Everything listed on the left has a preponderance of research to back it and everything listed on the right has a paucity of studies to support it.

    It feels like it is becoming the party of science versus the party of un-science…and un-science is winning.

  • Sometimes it takes some choice words to make people pay attention, and when they come from someone who is usually so gentle people do pay attention. Good for Bill Nye.

  • Artoo Arnot


    Your doubts are not based on scientific evidence, rather on a feeling that something may not be true. You simply haven’t looked into the evidence. Surely you understand that scientists can determine what happened before written time? Climate patterns appear in geological records, for example. Do you think that millions of scientists are involved in a great conspiracy? Peer review roots out the pseudo-scientists. By the way, your example that science used to purport that smoking was good for you was actually pseudo-science funded by the tobacco companies and was exposed by the peer review process.

    It’s okay to believe in a god and also acknowledge scientific fact. Go ahead. Take a chance. You actually have the appropriate skepticism to be a scientist yourself, but you have to open your mind.

  • k790

    – Ok, not really relevant.
    – That’s not really true, but is of course true with many things.
    – No, no I don’t. How can anyone. Climate patterns appear in geological records? Come on man. I understand inferences can be made about things such as the age of the earth, etc. But if you can’t admit that it is somewhat laughable that anyone purports to know what happened billions of years ago, well I hope you soon see the light on that one my friend,
    – No, no great conspiracy. I do think that in an effort to prove something which cannot be proven, they may too readily subscribe to a certain finding, however. Please don’t tell me that scientists cannot have any type of a hidden agenda.
    – Yea I was thinking that when I wrote it actually. I should have picked a better example. Interesting point you bring up though. Perhaps scientists have an incentive to report certain things on global warming, due to certain organzations’ influences.
    – My mind is opened my friend, but I am very skeptical. And will always be on certain things, such as the age of the earth. For someone to enlighten me on that one would be something else.

  • i fucking love Bill Nye

  • veronica


  • oops
  • Fladabosco

    I never realized Bill Nye was so cool. I want to buy him a beer. If he loses the bow tie.

  • skeptic mind

    Deep time is a difficult concept to refute. A few pieces of evidence off the top of my head are … 1. Distant stars + constant speed of light 2. Star cycles, 3. Geological record, 4. Constant decay rates of elements + uranium dating, 5. Measurable generation to generation variance in genetics + genetic divergence, 6. Cosmological inflation + ‘bound’ of visible universe, 7. Cosmological radiation, 8. Supernova nucleosynthesis + relative proportions of elements on earth, 9. Change in composition of universe as you look to more distant reaches.
    I am a super skeptical as well though being a true scientist. Science as you said does not prove, but provides an explanation that best fits the known observations. However, as there is zero evidence refuting deep time at this point in history and a mountain of evidence for it, I’m going to choose to believe in deep time.
    Bill Nye’s point was that deep time explains sooo much, and you need it to do practical work in many fields of science. To practice science, I suppose you could believe God created the universe in an instant 5-100k years ago, and God just made it so that the universe implied deep time because God can do as He pleases in His infinite power. But at the end of the day, you have to teach deep time in science as you will need it for practical calculations if you want to learn science at a deeper level.

  • shmoo shmoo

    I have a tendency to be skeptical whether or not I actually existed a second ago.

  • did nye really use the “R” word? does he not know how politically incorrect this word is? oooops

  • Voice Inside

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. What you relate here is, as you say yourself, more the behavior a public persona trying to be live a private life when not “on”. This is MUCH different than China Grove’s statement that Bill Nye is a “major jackass” and someone who “hates kids”. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify for us all.

  • The Neuromechanicist

    Why is this still up when the story is falsified? As satisfying as it would be to see a mild-mannered scientist lose his shit about an idiot politician, this is a misrepresentation of the Bill Nye who got me excited about science as a wee one.

  • CrunchyChristian

    Wow. The hate on both sides is why this county is in the mess we are in. If you can’t see we have a problem in the environment, you are blind. I don’t believe in man-made global warming as it is presented by “scientists”, but we do have a major environmental problem on our hands and to ignore that is our own demise. That being said, I also think that teaching what you believe to your own children is your right as a parent! I am sure there are worse things people could be teaching their children. Its part of the vast tapestry of religions that our country is made of. this article disgusts me. How could two scientist who obviously hate each other so entirely have a half-intelligent conversation?

  • Me

    He just got about 1,000,000x cooler IMHO…lol!!!!

  • Tiffany A

    Sometimes stupid people push piss you off. He’s a normal person , just like the rest of us.

  • Artoo Arnot

    Maybe I can find a storybook that explains it all.

  • Artoo Arnot

    that was supposed to be @disqus_7WU8U8zuga:disqus

  • do people really believe the things humans believed back in the dark ages, that people they think are evil cause natural disasters? that what they believe is immoral or wrong can really cause a hurricane?

  • that quote from bill nye made me giggle…and cringe a little that it needed to be said

  • K93

    the FACT are the earth is warming, icebergs are melting and the sea levels are rising… Global warming IS happening. The cause, that’s debatable… But in the meantime, why continue to seemingly destroy your god’s creation, rather than do the best you can to protect it? Now who’s a dumb-ass mumbo-jumbo?!

  • Katrina

    I freaking love Bill Nye <3 He made my life so much butter through what I've just read as well x'D

  • xandy

    i am a research biologist… while you are correct on publishing our findings in peer reviewed journals, it doesn’t mean that it is set in stone… it means we have to keep testing. global warming is a tricky one. there are normal fluxuations in global temps, as we go back and forth between ice ages and warming periods, true tests to see global warming stats, have to compare temps over several hundred thousand years… not decades and centuries. that is where most of the debate is, is it man made warming, or natural. while yes some areas are warmer than other, they are also seem to be getting cooler during the winter… ice packs are extending farther each winter, and there retreat is greater due to that… its a fascinating area of study, and i assure you, the jury is still out even within the field.

  • This is funny but needs to be labeled what it is a parody or hoax

  • JackDornson

    lets not forget that obama had the trifecta… the house, senate, and the executive for half of his presidency thus far.

  • Charl

    i was absolutely loving this, then i realised it wasn’t real. Too good to be true!

  • DerronJ

    lol you guys are such idiots… don’t you know this article is fake?

  • There is ZERO evidence that homosexuality is genetic. The fact of the matter is that no one knows what causes this illness, but it almost certainly is NOT genetic. No genetic marker has been found and no geneticist with a drop of credibility has ever claimed to have found one.

    And your typical idiotic leftist blather about the U.S. healthcare system ignores the simple fact that people flock from all over the world to get treatments available ONLY in the U.S., or at least available without absurd waiting lists. If you think state control leads to high quality of anything, your ideology is showing. Peole don’t fly from the U.S. to Canada to get open-heart surgery, or from the U.S. to the UK to get sophisticated cancer treatment. They do go the other way around though. And you know it….or should. But maybe not since most leftists live a pretty protective bubble.

    And the idea that drug addiction is a “disease” is so pseudo-scientific as to be a cliche. Here’s a clue: if you can avoid a symptom by an act of will, it isn’t a disease. No one has to drink. NO one has to ingest drugs.
    You babble leftist cliches and fancy yourself learned. In fact you’re nothing but a bundle of all the psychobabble your friends, professors and Hollywood idols have spewed at your for decades. Read something outside your little leftist world and learn a little.

  • Vee

    hope all you who are offended by this realize…. its all made up.. this i a satirical newspaper website hence not real news

  • Er, its actually God, not god. I know it’s popular to lave god
    in lower case these days but its used as a name to identify a specific entity,
    and while God may not be his actual name, it does serve as a name for the sake
    of these sentences. The trend in leaving god in lower case has really ballooned
    and I’m usually called an idiot or something, but tis really irritating to see
    this. Please don’t defend it, it’s not a title, and “believers” don’t
    cap the G out of veneration. It’s just basic grammar.

  • Forthe same reasons Liberals do, because nice reasonable epel don’t make good press.

  • Actually Science is not summed up as
    “Global Warming and Evolution”. You can safely reject both of those
    and still believe in other Scientific things. For that matter you can believe in
    one, say Evolution, and not the other, like Global Warming. Or Vice Versa.

    Science, like Religion, is not a monolith,
    though people often treat them both as such.

  • Jason

    @Fred – Isn’t it great how when conservatives are mocked they automatically fire back at “you liberals”? I’m a 3rd party – I hate both parties, but one thing they’re both right about consistently is the stupidity of the other party. From an outsider perspective, you conservatives certainly are nutjobs, just like anyone else who accepts wildly fictional stories from the Bible and from Fox News while rejecting hard evidence when it’s right in front of you.

  • survon1

    Good day to you Mr Nye, you give truth to my week’s beginning and are a welcome hero to a blind eye of today.

  • anon7384

    This never happened. Snopes is your friend.

  • Bre

    Oh my god! Wow. lolololol. WAY TO GO BILL NYE!
    p.s he is so right. Anyone who denies evolution and only teaches their kids creationism is setting their child up to fail at all education.

  • the Moose

    Having grown up on Bill Nye videos… This is the best story I could’ve woken up to this morning ever.

  • Jenny

    He wouldn’t, because he didn’t actually say these things. It’s a satire webzine.

  • Anthony

    A double thumbs-up to Bill ! Let him have it ,with both barrels.

  • God how I wish that had actually happened…..hey, all you smart people look up there in the upper right hand corner of this website what does it say?? “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”

  • Fred

    ALL you liberals that hate on republicans all you want, but you all know the truth that Obama needs to be voted out before he ruins America even more. Ha ha Bill Nye made a funny–does it really matter? Are you really better off than you were 4 years ago?

  • ktr

    now was all that really necessary? where’s the love man?

  • JW

    wow, what a completely hate filled angry person.

  • Gary DeVaney

    Sometimes an honest man has to tell it like it is.

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t say all republicans… you can’t generalize stupidity with a political class, some people are just plain dumb.

  • Chris the Science Guy

    As a moderate-conservative and a Christian, I still believe that religion has no place in a child’s science education at school. I hold a bachelors degree in biology and am still capable of believing in both evolution AND creation. Being a man of faith does not make one entirely a “religious” person and because of this, their opinion should not be discounted due to their belief. Not all of us of faith are naive, idiotic and loud-mouthed- just those who make it on television and in politics. Whatever side you’re on, there’s going to be those few who make what you stand for look bad- Republican or Democrat. Let’s all agree that Todd Atkin is an idiot and leave it at that. By the way, I love how a couple commentors below me are trying so hard to prove themselves right about a discipline that is based on disproving everything.

  • Victor Bui

    can somebody post the link for a video of said interview? i really would like to watch one of my childhood heroes become my college hero

  • sheezy

    Ya’ll know this is satire, right?

  • Rape Storks Favorite Son

    [email protected]

  • futurebeast

    Everyone votes based on their religious convictions. Science is as much of a religion as any other. Even if it seems more reasonable. Sure some guy saying a bunch of stuff that most people find absurd and even offensive is something that can be justifiably confronted with righteous rhetoric, but in the end it is all a reality TV show and most of what people believe, true or not, comes to them as hearsay. Most think what the TV says.

  • He just can’t say bad words at home or mommy spanks him.
    This explains much of what is posted on the net..

  • Yonsung Lee

    While i concur with you, I have to say that while no one’s opinion should be discounted solely because of his/her belief, anything based on religion should stay away from law. The Founding Fathers were at least partially deists (the Enlightened religion of the period); US was NOT founded on strict Christian beliefs. If it was, the Puritan justice system would still be thriving. But now, many Republicans are going, “Yeah, insert those Christian principles into the law!” Well, are they trying to create the Christian version of Sharia? I’m exaggerating it a bit, but the fact that law in US has mainly stayed independent of any religious beliefs is quite obvious.

  • Rob11ar

    Wow Ur ignorance in the field of math and science amazes me. Then you use ur lack of knowledge to attack science and its members altogether. Merely because you dont understand it. Im not going to sit here and explain how math and science is applied when calculating age of the earth, sun, etc or how quantum mechanics works (go to college). But all the proofs are there to check our work. We’re not pulling it out of our ass. It also amazes me how ur so quick to discard anything that is scientific fact, yet you believe that a book that was written by some guy was writing the word of God.I believe in God and hey maybe the Bible is the word of God. But no one can prove this cuz there we weren’t there. We’re suppose to go off faith. And thats fine. People need something to believe in. But cmon the whole bash against science is getting kinda old. Quit adapting the same mindset that religion extremist had back when there was science oppression. Thats where all the science bashing comes from when you read the bible. Science is important for our development. The same math and scince that is used to calculating the age of earth, universe, etc is the same math and science that was used to figure out electromagnetism and quantum mechanics and therefore make computers, internet, and the opportunity for you to keep posting nonsense. You can thank the scientists for that

  • RWFG

    How many years of data do you have?

    How long has earth had an atmosphere?

    How’s that dataset looking?

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    Obviously an untrue story about Nye. May horrid things happen to whoever abused the good man’s name.

  • Dannie

    I’ve been a fan of Bill since my elementary school days, now I’ve become a bigger fan thanks to his backbone. I LOVE BILL & I LOVE SCIENCE!

  • Andreas

    When you people like Al Gore and David Suzuki alarming people with global warming is mostly man created, yet live in Mansions, drive gas guzzling cars and fly on private jets; should raise alarms to everyone. Shows their Hypocracy and only dwelled into the issue because it was profitable.

  • Bad Earl

    It has been pointed out by others that this is a piece of satire. In case you still don’t get it, let me explain: THIS IS MADE UP! It didn’t happen. Those of you who continue to treat this as real are as gullible as those who believe in the BS peddled by the religious right, like Congressman Aiken!

  • Kodesy

    Oh, the irony. Here are zealots trying to denounce science, yet without scientific exploits, they wouldn’t even be able to post these comments. Scientists used to be burned at the stake for “witchcraft”. These days, they’re ridiculed on the very devices they’ve helped create. Ugh, someone try and show these religious folks their hypocrisy because they’re incapable of seeing it for themselves apparently. P.S. Politics are a sham. Democracy and voting doesn’t really accomplish anything. The same people remain in power, just behind the scenes. Don’t believe it when I’M the one saying it? Well, search Joe Rogan: The American War Machine, and watch the whole video. Maybe he and Eisenhower can straighten things out for us.

  • Artor

    This article should be labeled as satire. I don’t buy it that Bill Nye dropped that many f-bombs in an interview, or that he challenged an idiot like Akin to a debate.

  • Chris the science guy

    I agree with that statement. My thing is that under my faith, I don’t believe that homosexuals should marry. But, that’s under MY faith and although I may be against it, others should be able to do what they feel is right to them. If two women/men get married, it won’t affect my life, or my relationship with my wife. If my child’s science teacher says that we evolved from chimps, it won’t affect my bringing them to a church on Sunday mornings.

    As far as abortion is concerned, I am not a woman, so it’s not up to me whether a baby should be aborted or not. I obviously believe that a baby should not be aborted, but it shouldn’t be illegal for a woman to lose her right to do so.

    With that being said, I think this country’s welfare system is very messed up and although there are some strict rules on who can receive assistance from the government, it needs to be tightened. In Florida, I’ve seen some section 8 housing that is much nicer than my $1300/month townhouse rental, and likewise I’ve seen so many people drive to walmart in a caddy with brand new 22’s paying for groceries with food stamps.No more handouts.

    I know I’m straying way from the topic, but I think in order for this country to thrive again we as a people need to make our own paths- stop asking for handouts and jobs (where is the government going to create jobs from?) and get dirty. People can’t find jobs because they’re so far from reality. Just because you’ve received a degree doesn’t mean you should come out making $60k/year with NO experience. Start from the bottom, work hard and I’m certain you’ll have no problems finding a job- either that, or you should’ve majored in something other than liberal arts!

    ***sorry this was a rant!

  • If that’s so then you need to grow a spine and stand up to the lunatic fringe in your party who happen to be calling the shots currently, while all you supposed rational repubs sit on your hands.

  • That is a nice retort but, I reject the repubs claim that both sides are equally screwed up. No comparison. Currently, the GOP has become the party of lunacy and irrationality. All of you professed rational repubs, you better start speaking up or forever cast your fate with lunatics.

  • Jeez. I almost missed that this site was a Onion clone. I’ve never heard of it before. Haha.

  • Boo bill Nye

    Where are all the people calling out Mr Nye on is extremely insensitive use of the word “retarded”, Having close friends that are extremely offended by this slur, you think you’d hear a few people calling him our on this. Another fake.

  • ML

    Actually, the phrase IS kick-assery.

  • Steeb

    Creationism isn’t centralized around fucking Christianity, Bill, if you’d take your head out of your ass for ten minutes and stop cherry picking negativity you’d realize this.

  • User

    Bill Nye please see your shrink ASAP. O i saw your mathematical formula. Sperm + egg = baby. Tell that to your dumb democrats when they are killing the baby.

  • FC

    AWWW YEAHH! Bringing it down on those dumbasses!

  • evolution =)

    I agree 100 % Nye is right Akins is a retard. I congrATULATE nye FOR making that video.

  • Ever since Bill Nye suggested that evolution should be the only theory taught to children, he lost all respect from me. Bill, you need to sit down and shut up. You remind me of those people who KNEW the Earth was flat and demanded the arrest and/or execution of people who said otherwise. Stop clinging so tightly to something that has not been proven and keep an open mind, which is the fundamental idea behind science.

  • What I see happening is that people are sitting here bickering back and forth trying to prove their points. It’s a simple thing. I personally believe in creationism. Not because of proofs, but because of faith. If you would like the proofs I have come across while researching, then here you go. A computer does not evolve a program, someone has to write it and put it in there. So how could human DNA, which is extremely complex and very “finicky” about how it HAS to be programmed just simply evolve? I don’t see how it’s logically possible. How about the “Big Bang”? (What, science can’t do better than “Big Bang?” That’s the best name they could come up with?) What the “Big Bang” says to me is that there was absolutely nothing in the beginning. Then that nothing exploded (impossible through Newtonian physics) and created an entire universe. Even if there was material in the beginning (which would have made the explosion impossible since it would require heat, and the only way the material could be there was if it was infinitely old, making it 0 degrees kelvin), the odds of a universe being created out of that would be millions of times greater than standing on Mars and throwing a dart at Earth, hitting a bulls-eye the size of an atom dead center. But for me, the greatest reason that I believe in creationism (or more accurately, intelligent design) is that we created the Large Hadron Collider. This device can create the equivalent of a miniature “Big Bang.” If we can do this with our limited knowledge, then why couldn’t a being that has a much greater knowledge of physics be able to create the same experiment on a universal scale? To believe that we are the highest form of intelligence in this universe and all other possible universes is so egotistical that anyone who does think that way should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Ichthyic

    -depends. what resolution do you want? data looking at long time periods goes back millions of years, data looking at shorter intervals goes back tens of thousands, data looking at DAILY temperature variations goes back hundreds…
    -the earth has had an atmosphere for billions of years; any geologist can verify with simple rock samples.
    -fantastic, thanks for asking. you can see some of it for yourself here:

  • Tony

    You guys are funny. All you’d have to do is look on snopes and find out that this isn’t true. But instead you buy this stuff hook, line, and sinker. Sheep.

  • Actuallythere ar Irrational Democrats, I mean Keith Olbermann oretty well answers Bill O’Reilly, for exsmple, and I’ve seen loony conspiracy theories when Bush as president abotu FEMA camps or 9-11 beign inside jobs that were on par with Birtherism and the idea of Obama beign a communist agent.
    Both aprties have their loonies.

  • AN-G

    Just wanted to let you know, homosexuality isn’t an illness, that’s something people used to think. So that’s kind of awkward when people say that now. Like “ew, someone still thinks that?”

    Try and think before you type.

  • Actually sayign “Sciece is True” is a bit tricky. Science is a method of inwierry, not the reslts of that inquery. There is a danger to equatign Science with Scientific ideas, because if those ideas are wrong, we will refuse to accept them as such if we think fothem as “Sxcince”. I’m not a Creationist, but usign this as an exmaple, suppose Creatonsm is right and Evolution wrong. That doesnt mean Science is wrong, it means Evolution si wrong.
    There is a difference.

  • Fred Phelps doesnt vite as the system tohim is damned. he doesnt liek Republicans, or emocrats. Its on his website.
    By the way, Ledt Wing Raicals who omb buildigns support the Democrats, so I guess the Democrats shoudl be all seen as radical bombers…

  • It looks like my comment was deleted for some

    This article commits a grammatical fallacy that’s
    become common now. It leaves god in lower case, whilst using it as a name. Actually,
    in English if a word substitutes for a name, it is a name, so it should be God
    and not god. Christians don’t cap the G out of veneration for their deity, god is
    not a title, and it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, I’ve heard those
    excuses. All that matters is that in the sentence it’s a proper Noun identifying
    a specific person.

  • He didn’t tarr anyone, the storyis bogus.

  • Actually beleif int he Bible is not evidence that ine is a nut. The whole idea of bashin the Bible as fiction though is bigoted.

  • Return Of The Jam

    I’d much rather see Bill Nye debate a scientist than a politician. I’d recommend Cambridge graduated Stephen C. Meyer, a man who would absolutely mop the flood with Nye’s archaic beliefs.

  • Optimistic Agnostic

    Bill Nye, you are soooo hot! Totally in your corner on this! Viva science!

  • I wish that it was true – so very, very much.

  • Cynchak

    Right on Bill Nye!

  • Bill Nye is a public figure for children and always will be. He should be above such conduct even faced withsuch circumstances.

  • Common

    Mr. Nye, in order for evolution to have truly occured, positive mutations need to be present in the human genome. Do we have any evidence of this? No. There are no positive mutations to date (not to mention the absence of any transitional species, which should still be evolving today). While idiots within the Republican party (Akin) discredit global warming, the issue is not if it does occur (it does), but whether or not human activity accelerates it. Well, it’s a known fact that due to carbon dating, we know that methane levels were higher in the middle ages than they are today…I guess all of those knights were excessively driving their Hummers after leaving the battlefield. Yay science!
    I guess that attributing the absurd claims of one moron within the Republican party is a trait that should be attributed to all Democrats as well. Perhaps that means all libtard Democrats believe that the universe came into existence after a rapid expansion of energy that couldn’t have existed in the first place through scientific laws, “The Day After Tomorrow” is an accurate forecast due to our killing of the planet, and that unloaded guns shoot people.

  • JonnyTHM

    And vote for Romney? Hell No! Obama and his administration aren’t solely in charge of the country, it’s the people too, it’s time for america to get off their asses, quit being a bunch of proud, selfish, fat-asses and go get an education.

  • Dick

    True but this piece of satire is still fake. Idiot.

  • Sai

    Holy shit. Childhood icon turned badass. It really is at this point, you can’t be polite with people like this because if you give them an inch they take a mile. They need to be called on their bullshit quickly and sternly in this exact manner.

  • Bill Nye is my HERO!!!!!

  • Indeed it is.

  • raging moderate

    Problem is that the cultural side of the Republican Party has been taken over by wack jobs like Akin, and the leaders like Romney feel the need to pander to them. Democrats aren’t immune to their own issues, but it is just disheartening to see that a substantial minority of the country actually believes this crap.

  • Kevin

    No different than the stupid D-Congressman that thinks Guam may tip over because to many people are on the island.

  • cjons

    This is fabulous. Bill Nye probably said what many scientists, doctors and intelligent citizens have been thinking. Bill Nye should have a new show called “Todd Akin is a f**king idiot”! Then Al Frankin can do his show, “Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot”!

  • Jake

    Yeah, y’all know this story is fake, right?

  • get a life i will never sign a petition to over the law of the land.

  • This is fucking hilarious “So Todd I got an offer for you. You and me. Any time. Any place. Debating science mano- a-mano. I’ll bring the facts, and you bring the Vaseline. Because your ass is gonna fucking need it when I’m done” lmfao, I don’t care what party you affiliate yourself with, that shit is funny as hell.

  • SuperGuest

    @twitter-21634348:disqus I’m glad someone already commented about your ignorant gay=illness retort. So I won’t waste my time on that. You obviously think that America has the best healthcare system, right? So how come for years people in the states drive to Canada for cheaper prescription medication? How come non-citizens in the U.K. have better health care coverage than a large percentage of “covered” individuals in the U.S.?


  • Right on Bill !!!! I’m 56, have a degree in Genetics, live in the real world and can’t believe the crazy things that our so called advanced, western civilized society can be duped into believing and supporting…. Sounds like you gave ’em the verbal ass-kicking that was long over due!!!!! Maggie Nicolson

  • guy1

    yes but you have to realize that most of these people believe that the earth is only 3 thousand years old

  • guy1

    sorry..6000 years old

  • 1337

    Do we have footage of this? I wanna see it if we do!

  • Darren

    Swearing and personal attacks don’t impress me. I think you can disagree with someone without being disagreeble. I think the Science guy dropping the f-bomb does not strengthen his good points, I think it makes him look like a bitter guy taking the low road. I won’t allow my kids to ever watch him after this rant. His points and science stand on their own, no need for him to go that vulgar and negative. Poorly done by him and really just plain rude. I am not defending Mr. Akin’s comments at all, but Bill Nye as an educator and someone children look up to should have taken the high road. And I personally think you can believe God, or a higher power, or whatever you want to call it, created the universe and also believe in evolution. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Really disappointing behavior and language, Science Guy.

  • T

    I don’t think you understand the nature of the big bang. It wasn’t actually an explosion, it was an expansion of spacetime (which continues today).

    As for the evolution of DNA, I suggest you read up on the RNA world hypothesis and similar. We have explanations for these things, even if you/everyone doesn’t know about them.

  • My hero

  • Its phoney as a 3 dollar billl erebody.

  • Bravo !!!

  • epynephrin

    Then what am I thinking of? There’s something people accept as fact that is, in fact, a theory and not a law. I must be sleep-deprived…

  • KDL

    If his comments don’t apply to you, than don’t be offended. You can be conservative without being a fucking idiot and a liberal while being one. If you’re not a fucking idiot, don’t worry about it, either way.

  • KB

    I think you’re stats might be off on the science thing. According to a Gallup poll, 60% of Republicans believe in creationism. “There is a significant political divide in beliefs about the origin of
    human beings, with 60% of Republicans saying humans were created in
    their present form by God 10,000 years ago.”

  • Dentonious

    As a believer of Christ. I respect your comments in the end of your post here. I believe science should be embraced by Christians. I am a firm believer in your statement about God implying whatever he wills. It is nice to see a knowledgable scientist respecting this view. Someday I would like to have my children be taught science by a teacher with this attitude.

  • bwims

    People that use bad language in the cause of science demean it as much as people who try to pretend that computer models can prove anything.

  • bwims

    If, as seems likely, climate science is politicised, there is no point in going to a .gov site for verification. As for “millions of years”, paleoclimatic data is a guess, a fudge, a finger in the air. Even the so-called thermometer data isn’t well calibrated further back than a few decades during which time the UHI effect has screwed it all to hell. Have a look at the photos, and read the climategate emails before you respond so blithely

  • JesusWasASocialist

    The “majority” of Republicans may have common sense, BUT THEY ARE NO BETTER than the Muslims who don’t vocally and loudly denounce Muslim extremist. The reason Hitler got as far as he did was because too many disagreed with him BUT said nothing. Now stupidity and ignorance is spreading like a plague throughout America, and the republicans are promoting it because only an idiot would vote against their own best interest.

  • This man has totally lost what respect he once had…he has gone over the edge and should be fired in disgrace. He is definitely out in my home and life forever.

  • bing

    its called ice. and carbon. and it’s locked and stored on earth and available for hundreds of thousands of years. and this response is not so blithe. morons. it’s called SCIENCE.

  • the whole site is labelled as satire….look up at the top right corner of the web page …. GASP
    “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”

  • mhm and believing the bible isnt “going on someone elses thoughts and observations?”

  • Artor

    Yup. I figured it out after I posted. The fact that no other source mentioned such a thing, even after Ham issued a debate challenge to Nye, clued me in.


    What if Bill’s middle name was Brown? Think about it.

  • My whole family is religious and try to tell me evolution doesn’t exist, their only “proof” is that no one can verify the big bang theory. I’m currently working towards my Bsc, and can’t wait till I have all the knowledge I need to have a good argument about this subject!!! Go Bill Nye, science rules.

    Side note, it would be awesome if you could control a hurricane

  • reelay

    Pretty good, considering the massive changes over the last 20 years, compared to little changes over the past thousands. but thanks for comming out champ. 😀

  • ignaciot

    Do you know what’s really scary? THIS:

  • Chad

    Todd Akin started the death of bill nye rumor.

  • Bill Nye for president!


    “How many years of data do you have?” Many years before the first combustion engine was invented?


    How many years of data did we need to figure out there was a hole in the ozone layer caused by HAIRSPRAY?

  • I cant stop cheering the science guy

  • When, Oh when will the mind suppressing ass holes like Akin ever come to their senses before they go off the deep end and completely rush us back to the Dark Ages and an insidious WW4 with weapons of sticks and stones? Geez, their fairy tale fabled lives are a threat to all humanity and moreover, to good science. Not a happy

  • Vito

    Although I agree with the evidence that we are in a warming trend caused my man-made factors, you can’t say that there have been little changes over the past thousands of years compared with the last 20. The most recent ice-age just ended about 10,000 years ago (which is the blink of an eye geologically speaking). I wouldn’t call the end of an ice age a little change in the past few thousand years. 🙂

  • 3vix6

    @Fred – Actually I am better off than I was 4 years ago. I graduated college, worked an internship that turned into a job and now I’m at a fairly large corporation making decent money.

    4 years ago I lived in an apartment, ate Ramen noodles, had kind of a krappy car.. Today I have 2 brand new cars and a house. So, Yes Fred.. I am better off since Obama took office and I don’t blame him for the economics that he was given by probably the worst president in our nation’s history.

  • Science Rules

    Ice cores from Greenland and the South-pole verify the accuracy of the earths temperature and climate for over 200,000 years now while that is nowhere near the age of the earth it most assuredly puts an end to the young earth sillyness.

  • This is not even satire… this is blatant misinformation. You are NOT the Onion. Once again poor Nye has become the victim of a stupid online prank.

  • MVB

    Ah… No. The occurrence of Global Warming is fact. Also a fact is that humanity is playing a huge role in the current trend of climate change. Those “someone else’s observations” are the observations of climate scientists around the globe. Not all of these scientists are atheist but all of them are respected professionals in their field of science. It’s one thing not to understand the science, it’s another thing altogether to disregard that science because you don’t understand it or it doesn’t fit conveniently into your beliefs.

  • k790

    Lol…Typical person with half-a -brain trying to sound intelligent. Actually you may be right. I just got word scientists have confirmed the sky is in fact red! Your thoughts?

  • Christine

    Bill Nye is too classy to say retarded. Fucking, yes, retarded, no.

  • Bill Nye would never talk like that LOL. It would be fun if he did but he wouldn’t.

  • Go Bill!

  • mike

    God do I hate this website

  • madman

    Bravo! Bill Nye. You da man.

  • Pat Hunter

    It’s about time that people call out these right wing religious fanatics for their
    stupidity. If they want to believe all that crap , that’s OK ,but don’t force it on
    the rest of us. I like to call them the new far reich. !! YOU GO BILL NYE !!

  • You go Bill!!! I luv it when a wanna be “know it all” gets shut down!!! Woot Bill!!!

  • JawboneII

    Tough love but it is about time somone took this idiot to task. hat a happy

  • He who loses control loses. Nye does not help his cause when he responds in such a fashion.

  • Bill Nye is my fucking hero.

  • blamo


  • Right on Nye !! you da bomb 😛 i watched you as a kid and you just won me back good sir 🙂

    i wish you the best of luck

    you may never read this put the more positive energy directed at you the better 🙂

    Much love Bill!!

  • Akin may be an idiot (ok, he is an idiot) but Bill Nye is NO SCIENTIST. He’s a half-assed comedian with a BS in Engineering.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    PERFECT! you go boy.

  • fhdfhfdh

    This article is fake!! i heard Bill Nye himself refute this in an interview with Penn Jillette

  • twistus1

    You must not know about the “little ice age”.

  • twistus1

    Scientist are people too. They get mad and says things out of character just like everyone else. Your ad hominem gives your statement no credibility. Your attack of his character is baseless and ignorant. The thermometers are strategically placed to take in account of these things. It’s called science and in science you have to eliminate all conflicting variables. BTW he never really even said any of that.

  • dom

    Its not that us “right wingers” dont believe in global warming… its just that in my beliefs it happens but it is largely due to the earths natural cycles. In the 70’s there were actually people freaking out about global cooling. And what melted the ice age? a large spike in global temp. when humans werent around. Sure we might contribute a bit but some of those commercials that show a polar bear sitting on one ice burg blaming humans for everything wrong with global warming piss me off.

  • Sim

    why drag global warming into this? Why explode over those things too? Shows something about this guy’s insecurities.

  • vaseline guy

    tell them how it is bill. Its amazing how ignorant our elected officials are..scary actually ty bill…Vaseline lol

  • vaseline guy

    there was a period on earth when both poles were jungles and rain forest. so maybe we should think about that a little. Pretty sure humans didn’t cause that warming trend.

  • vaseline guy

    bill is my new hero….

  • Nolan Long

    Good point Mr Nye

  • KatMan

    A king sized “attaboy” to Bill Nye for having the stones to call a moron a moron and direct it to the republican party that is so full of morons as to be the laughing stock of the intelligent world! George Carlin would be proud!!

  • bubba

    God put that their to test yer faith!

  • Sean Jones

    Why do you believe in God? Do you know hes real? Have you met him? Oh, you haven’t.You’re just going on someone elses thoughts and observations. Typical religious mumbo jumbo

  • Mitchell Brown

    “Modern” “conservatism” of the like found in the Tea Party and the Republican’t Party make the term “conservative” hard to quantify from a linguistic standpoint. See, I would regard someone like Barry Goldwater or Michael Oakschott as “conservative”. The folks today who so proudly and loudly wear the moniker are more akin to The John Birch Society’s knuckle-draggers. Its too bad because it makes communication harder when we don’t have agreement on the definition of terms. Liberal used to have the same problems, and to some extent still does, but I would argue not so much. A modern, middle-of-the-road Democrat is probably far closer to what we might call a member of the American political norm that the right-wing of the modern Republican’t Party. Its mostly a legacy of Lee Atwater’s (and his protoge Karl Rove) strategy of courting the Religious Right for their powerful organizing potential. Neither Atwater nor Rove were/are religious but they were smart organizers and they USED the wacko religious folks in the sticks to their political advantage. The problem is that just like engaging Al Qaeda and the Taliban to roust the Soviets from Afghanistan, todays ally becomes tomorrow enemy.

  • Mitchell Brown

    Sorta like the guy above who somehow brought Muslims into the conversation.

  • Mitchell Brown

    Those weren’t Democrats regarding FEMA camps. Those were John Birchers and others on the extreme Right. I’ll concede your point about Olbermann, but he’s a talking head and not an elected political official.

  • Mitchell Brown

    You CANNOT not believe in Evolution and tell others you (or yourself) that you “believe” in Science. You just can’t. Sorry.

  • Jon

    This comment shows something about your intelligence.

  • Robley Dugas II

    Too many people disagreed with Hitler?? That is 100% false. Due to hitlers success with his socialist economy-unemployment being at 0%, his people followed him and became willing to support a vision to take over the world, people should stop using the name hitler to make a point when they don’t have the facts, as far as the muslims go, that is an eastern problem and not an american one, so far at least, until repubs get exactly what they want, ignorance is not knowing something, this is straight up stupidity, and what makes it worse, is it is by choice….

  • w.e.b.


  • Sean

    “It used to be these Republicans didn’t believe in global warming or
    evolution. That was bad enough. Now they don’t even believe in egg +
    sperm = baby.”

    Wait… it’s republicans who don’t think that combining sperm and egg makes a baby? Really? Wanna think about that for two seconds before you say it?

  • Boise Dagger

    The whole concept of science is that you question what others have decided is fact. You can believe in science and not believe in evolution as it is currently being presented. That is the entire point.

  • gus

    It pisses you off? But people in Asia wear filter masks daily because the pollution in the air is so bad. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of that kind of thing? Even if science is wrong? Why would it piss you off to improve the planet? That’s what baffles me in the counter argument. Isn’t it better to do something good and be wrong for the reasoning than to do nothing or worse?

  • Nate

    Because Fuck you thats why!!

  • cjc

    this is a SATIRE site. none of it is true–but it should be

  • Bilibin

    Haha, they think he’s Storm. I always liked this guy since Elementary School. I may be devoutly religious, but “Creationism” is so stupid. Seriously.

  • Domingo Tamayo

    Awesome! We need more public people advocating for logic or who simply adhere to logic!

  • rhetorich

    did you know this was satire?

  • Kakrikoran

    Please prove God put it there. As far as I can tell, I have no evidence God exists.

  • darrellzilla

    Oh, please tell me this is true.

  • Of COURSE it’s satire.
    No “public figure”–even one so outspoken as Bill Nye–would EVER have the stones to announce their antagonism toward the powerful in such stark terms in public.

  • medcannabis1


  • Steve Simpson

    Let’s just hope that current consensus science has the right answers, which can be a stretch of the imagination, same as any other theory.

  • beauhindman

    Reading comments on these articles is worse than reading comments on The Onion’s YouTube vids. People will believe anything.

  • Mitchell Brown

    “Little Ice Age” is just a euphamism for a short-lived cooling period. It wasn’t a meteorologically defined ice age.

  • Mitchell Brown

    Did you know the Upper Great Lakes, especially Lake Superior’s norther shore is still “rebounding” from the retreat of the glaciers and that the southern Great Lakes, especially the southern shore of Lake Michigan is now subsiding?

  • Amber

    Fact to check: The graph that says Bill Nye could not be reached. The Tweet underneath it is from Todd Akin.

  • T. Bagwell

    Ok, everyone gets that this never happened, right? Because I’m seeing a whole bunch of comments here that seem to be taking this way too seriously.

  • Bob

    Good for Nye. These morons need to be told off.

  • Daniel


  • stu

    I agree with Dom’s initial sentiment. I think humans aren’t helping, and are, in fact, contributing to the cycle, but, the planet warms and cools on its own. That being said, I agree with Gus; I’d rather do what I can, and see people try to do what they can, to slow down our effect on the cycle. There’s no question the way we live, overall, isn’t good for the planet. There’s no harm in recycling, reducing emissions and so on.

  • stu

    Much as you’re going on someone else’s thoughts and observations about the existence of a higher being. That is, unless, you personally speak with the big guy in the sky.

  • sterling

    Major problem was the choice to use the term “global warming” instead of “unusual climate change,” or something along those lines. I hope people are ready to see Hurricane Sandy type storms in the northeast every year or so.

  • Generaluser
  • Me

    Of all the bad-assery… So much win was achieved.

  • Guest

    Bill Nye is accurate, of course. Incredibly stupid politicians like Akins should be DENIED a venue for their incredibly irresponsible talk. Sadly, he still represents tens of thousands of others who are stupider than he is.

  • Yarg!

    Bubba’s comment was a mock statement 😀

  • lemuel852

    my Aunty Savannah recently got a 2012 Nissan Murano SUV from only workin parttime on a home pc… moved here w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

  • alex

    where’s the footage??

  • RussGl2

    No question that Rep. Akins is stupid however, from my years of listening to Nye on local (Seattle) television, it is apparent that his ego outstrips his knowledge. He regurgitates trite positions and tries to characterize himself as an elite scientist when in fact he is nothing more that a (lousy) entertainer.

  • Seth A. Yellin
  • Seth A. Yellin
  • Seth A. Yellin
  • That_Guy

    I was wondering how far down I would get before someone mentioned that……

  • Lostallhope

    I’m as right on the political scale as possible, but not part of the religious right. In fact i’m very anti-religious. leaves me with not much of a home