Alfonso Ribero to Star in Fresh Prince Spin-Off

Sep 10, 2012

Actor Alfonso Ribero is set to reprise his most famous role, bringing Fresh Prince's beloved Carlton Banks to a new Showtime series.

The primium net announced today that it has greenlit production on an eight episode first season of Carlton Unchained - a single camera dark comedy penned by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan.

The series will pick up the story of Carlton -the lovable preppy trust funder from the long running 90's sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

According to the show's continuity, after graduating from Princeton Carlton goes directly to Wall Street and lands a high-powered job at powerhouse investment bank Lehman Brothers. He rises quickly up the ranks and achieves success in life and love.

But when the firm goes under he loses everything, including his job, his marriage, and all his parents' savings. 'Unchained' focuses on Carlton"s quest for vengeance through his vigilante efforts to punish those responsible for Lehman's collapse and the Global Financial Crisis.

Its Not Unusual

Kohan got her start writing for Fresh Prince, and says she's thrilled to be working with Ribero again:

"I always loved the charecter of Carlton. And when I was writing for the show I thought we could do more with him."

"He was a Regan Republican, very into trickle down. I thought it would be interesting to explore how he would react to a crisis in free market capitalism."

Kohan explains that while 'Unchained' is inspired by the charecters and story of Fresh Prince, the format and subject matter are a radical departure:

"This is going to be a very different show. It has a very dark sensibility. Tone-wise its kinda like White Collar meets Dexter meets Breaking Bad. Its about someone who's lost everything and has nothing to lose as he seeks revenge."  

Banks v Banks

Ribero is also excited to be returning to the role that made him famous:

"At first I was hesitent to revisit the past. But I was drawn to this new take on the character.  I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan and I was interested in exploring who Carlton would be if he lost everything."

"Basically every week I find a someone responsible for the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the financial crisis and I destroy their lives."

"Sometimes I plant drugs on people and send them to jail. Other times I hire prostitutes to seduce them and then ruin their marriages with a sex tape. Otherwise I just hack into their bank accounts and donate the money to charity."

"This is the most fun I've ever had filming. Its been a great experience. I've even gotten to reunite with some old friends."

Fresh Prince co-stars Will Smith, Tatyana Ali, and Karyn Parsons are set to be making guest appearances, with Ali possibly joining the cast as a regular should the show be picked up for a second season.

"Carlton Unchained" is produced by Warner Brothers Television and Kohan's Tilted Productions. The series premiere is set to bow on Showtime in Spring 2013.

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