Romney Calls Hispanics ‘Taco Jockeys’ In Hidden Camera Tape

Sep 18, 2012

Yesterday the magazine Mother Jones unveiled a leaked video tape that showed U.S. Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney asserting that 47% of the country would never vote for him because they are "victims" who are "dependent on Obama" and don't take responsibility for themselves.

Today the controversy widened further with the impending release of a new portion of the video in which Romney unloaded on America's Hispanic population, claiming they are "losers" and "freeloaders" who are only in the United States to claim welfare benefits.

Leading Latino rights groups have characterized the video as "shockingly racist" and have called on Romney to drop out of the presidential race and allow a new candidate to run in his place.

You got some 'splainin' to do...

The full video - which is slated to be released later today - shows a donor asking Romney how he will court the Hispanic vote in this election when polls show that Obama has a 2 to 1 margin amonst those voters.

Romney responded by saying that it was futile to even try to get Hispanics to vote Republican because their "primitive culture" was antithetical to Republican values.

"Hispanics will never vote for me because they can't possibly understand my ideas. They are descended from a primative culture. They were sacrificing 9 year olds to the gods before Cortés came."

"And these people. The ones that come to the U.S.. ...these people are losers. They couldn’t cut it in their own countries, and now they want to freeload in ours. When I’m president I’ll send Mexico a message - take 'em back. We don’t want these taco jockeys anymore."

The Trent Lott Trot

Reaction to Romney's leaked comments has been swift and unforgiving. The National Council of La Raza, a major civil rights organization for Americans of Latino descent issued a blunt statement calling for Romney to drop out:

"It is unacceptable for a major party nominee to refer to nearly 20% of the American population as "losers". We demand that the Republican party replace Mitt Romney as their nominee."

Leading Republican figures including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner have refused to discuss the new video with reporters.

The three are said to be quietly meeting in Washington, D.C. to explore the possibility of replacing Romney as the nomineee, a step that - while perfectly legal - has never been taken this late in the process before.

Most pundits think elevating Paul Ryan to the top of the ticket is the only viable scenario, though others are calling for an experienced dark horse candidate like Jeb Bush or even a Hispanic choice like Marco Rubio.

Lower ranking Republicans on Capitol Hill say they are shocked by the release of the video, and were at a loss explain why anyone would risk making such comments, even in private.

"I can't believe he just did that, " says Lindsay Graham, a moderate Republican senator from South Carolina "Do you think he's mentally ill or something? I'm starting to wonder."

Democratic analyst Paul Begala, however, has a different theory:

"I'm begining to think that Romney might be a robot Democrats sent from the future to prevent anyone from ever voting Republican again. Its the only thing that makes sense at this point."

  • OMG Disaster. LoL

  • Matt D

    I was going to amazing and sad,but really its not,its just sad.

  • can’tstoplaughing

    Is it Christmas already?

  • this can’t be real

  • johnny

    It’s satire folks.

  • LOL taco jockeys? Did he really say taco jockeys? I don’t support Romney but that must be made up.

  • Romney should drop out but they cant just pick a nominee, without the delegates approval Ron paul was the runner up he should be the nominee to run against obama. he at least was in the race until the GOP cheated there nominee in.

  • Mencius

    This is obviously a fucking joke. Romney is a terrible candidate but this didn’t happen.

  • tourist1

    OMG! is right. And he has the ironic blindspot to refer to folks from Mexico as a “primitive culture” unlike himself of course. Never thought I would see someone on the national stage that makes Sarah Palin look astute. And Joe “the gaffe” Biden comes across as a present day eloquent Lincoln in comparison. I hope Mitt remains on the ticket because the Republicans nominated him to be their standardbearer for a reason. So let it stand, and let the American people decide what kind of country they want to be creating.

  • Taco Jockeys..is that what they called the prisoners in the “Polish Death Camps” ?

  • 5ivelakes

    You got me! Totally thought this was real.

  • michael johnson

    They never had venereal diseases before Cortes came either, Willard. And you know, they did let your gramps have five wives when he had to flee prosecution in the USA for bigamy.

  • This is an outright LIE. What an idiot this writer or whatever you want to call him…I call him a LIAR and an idiot. Especially insulting to Romney since he’s a Mexican himself.

  • DailyCurrant

    Romney is neither a Mexican citizen nor of Mexican descent.

  • jstsyn

    If this is true let him stand as the republican nominee. If this reflects their values let them stand up for them. Leave him in the race and let America decide.

  • obamaiskillingus

    Anyone who is buying into this is an idiot. Funny how this “happens” right after all this talk of his great character.

  • Pinky

    this is hilarious, i almost thought it was real until i scrolled up the page and saw this: “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”. LMAOOOO!!!

  • And those civilized Spaniards had a little ceremony called the Inquisition which burned a lot of people at the stake: for the greater good of course.
    And Christianity.

  • datora

    Hey … wait a minute! I am one boss taco jockey. Just ask any of my girlfriends. From what I understand, Latinos don’t even eat taco. All that much.

  • Up to now I have been an agnostic. But since “mitt madness on tape” I’m starting to believe there IS a god and not only does he love Barack Obama…but he has a wicked sense of humor.

  • What does that mean? is it a newspaper that does nothing but tell lies???
    Personally I would prefer to see the video. if there is not one, then its not true. but if there is, then I can’t dispute his words.
    he should still drop out for the 47% remark, it is not presidential material criticizing half of Americans whether it is true or not. but it is his choice

  • It’s a testament to the idiocy of Mitt Romney that when I followed the link to this story and didn’t quite check where I was reading, I actually believed this and started to share it as real. Well done, Daily Currant!

  • Gina Marie

    Please Read! http://dailycurrant.com/about/
    And this is NOT funny! It’s very racist, inflammatory and not even true! Shame on you for this one! You should apologize for this one before more people think that this actually happened!

  • little_minx

    Pretty sure the nod would go to Paul Ryan.

  • DUH

    Where is the link to the full video???

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    Congratulations The Daily Currant! You have won The Art and Practice of
    Trollism’s Troll of the Day! Well Done!

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    I’m all for bashing politicians…but this goes a bit too far. Maybe it’s cause i never heard of this website before.

  • This may be satire, but the sad fact is, it’s believable.

  • This is fucking ridiculous. Why are you posting these “satires?” They make us ALL look bad. Stop it! Jesus Christ.

  • chicagolaw1

    This was great. Totally fooled me. I think what makes the article so funny is that its painfully believable Romney would have said that. Great article1

  • derukugi

    This is rich! Keep ’em comin’!

  • Smart Grunt

    It’s funny to see how many people fell for this. IT’S SATIRE! Jonathan Swift must be chuckling in his grave. In other satirical news, the Irish debate easing economic trouble by entering the organic food market with “Organic Babies.”

  • Burt Zerker

    Silly libs, wonder how many of you had palpitations?

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    I think it proves your idiocy more than Mitt Romney’s.

  • Notaheroyet

    Yeah I think God and Obama are not on speaking terms and all according to Obama’s stance on partial birth abortions.

  • Notaheroyet

    you do know this is a fake article scroll up the page and read at the top right.

  • Smart Grunt

    Basically, this site makes up news stories for comedic purposes. It ridicules the stories on the news and takes things to extremes to get a rise out of people. Apparently, it’s working. See the Onion for more examples.

  • Howard Roark

    The top of the page has a clue- “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”

  • Howard Roark

    I guess you missed the very top of the page “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record.” Derp

  • Leftists and Obama voters have to be the dumbest in history to believe this. Look at twitter and all the morons who fell for it. All Obama voters.

  • I know I won’t vote Republican…ever again!

  • Adam

    I think the part where it says “robot from the future” clearly establishes the satirical nature of this piece.

  • Cy

    If you are reading this via mobile version, you won’t see the title. I guess that’s how people confuse the article being satirical.

  • James

    This article is fictional (aka NOT REAL), and is written as a joke. You sound like a fool.

  • Chris

    Do you realize that If you are reading this via mobile version, you won’t see the title. I guess that’s how people confuse the article being satirical….. Who’s the fool now?

  • DailyCurrant

    It’s written in the footer of the mobile version.

    Who’s the fool now?