Oscar de la Hoya Slams Mitt Romney, Challenges ‘Bigot’ to Fight

Sep 19, 2012

Boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya may have officially retired from the sport he loves, but he says he's ready to enter the ring again with Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Yesterday a hidden camera tape was released in which Romney described American hispanics as 'losers' and 'taco jockeys' that freeload off of the rest of the country.

Today the 39 year old Mexican-American ten-time world champion was on LATV's morning news show to promote his bilingual hip hop album, and couldn't resist commenting on the simmering controversy:

"I didn't ask the government for a god damn thing."

"You know its disapointing in this day in age to have to remind some people that Americans of Latin descent are just as American as everybody else."

"Look at all the contributions that Mexican-Americans have made to America. Edward James Olmos and Salma Hayek in film. Hilda Solis and Bill Richardson in government. Cesar Chavez in civil rights. Carlos Santana in music. Arte Moreno in business."

"I mean we've been a living breathing part of this county for hundreds of years. And America is a richer place culturally, politically, and economically because we are here."

"So its terrible to see politicans - particually Republican politicians - play on fears of Hispanics or immigrants to get votes or win support from donors. Its just dispicable."

Demasiada Cordura ...

The anchors then asked De La Hoya about Romney's specific allegations that Hispanics are "freeloaders" looking for government handouts:

"You know Carla I'm disappointed by racism. But what Romney said there wasn't just racist - it was bigoted. And bigotry fucking pisses me off."

"Mitt Romney's not gonna fucking tell me that I'm a freeloader. I've worked my ass off to get where I am - just like millions of other Hispanic Americans. And I didn't ask the government for a god damn thing. I had fewer opportunities and had to work twice as hard to achieve success. And you'll never find me complaining - I loved every minute of it."

"Who the fuck is this dirtbag son-of-a-millionaire to say people like me aren't hard-working?"

De la Hoya then looked directly into the camera and addressed Romney:

"So I got a business proposal Mitt. If you step into the ring with me and repeat what you said to my face, I'll donate $1 million to the charity of your choice."

"Just give me five minutes. Then afterwards we can go hang out at my mansion, watch the NFL, eat hamburgers and have some Bud Lights. When nightfall comes I'll light a firecracker under your ass and pretend its the Fourth of July."

"That's how American I am mutherfucker."

After the interview, De la Hoya issued a press release saying that he stands by his comments and his offer still stands.

A spokesperson for the Romney campaign had no comment on the incident.

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