Bachmann: ‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches

Sep 28, 2012

Michele Bachmann Wants to Ban FalafelMinnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann courted controversy today by claiming that falafel and other "jihadi foods" should be banned from school lunches in the United States.

In an interview with local television station KSTP in Minneapolis, Bachmann explained that after visiting a local elementary school she was shocked to find that falafel - a fried vegetable patty popular in the Arab world - was being served as a option on the vegetarian menu.

Ostensibly in the studio to discuss her close race for reelection against Democratic challenger Jim Graves, Bachmann instead used the time to appeal for a nationwide movement against Arab cuisine.

Startled by the parochial nature of her statements, KSTP anchor Chris Johnson felt obliged to challenge her reasoning:

"I have to ask Ms. Bachmann, why is that a problem? I mean some children like the taste of falafel, what's wrong with that?"

"Chris, falafel is a gateway food," responded Bachmann, "It starts with falafel, then the kids move on to shawarma. After a while they say 'hey this tastes good, I wonder what else comes from Arabia?'

"Before you know it our children are listening to Muslim music, reading the Koran, and plotting attacks against the homeland.

"We need to stop these terror cakes now, before they infiltrate any further."

God Hates Chick Peas

Bachmann stopped short of advocating a ban on all Arab food, saying that  "responsible adults can probably use Arab food safely in moderation."

However, she made clear that she was frightened by the pace at which the cuisine has permeated the U.S.:

"I have a friend in Texas who has to homeschool her children because her local public school forces students to eat hummus. Its everywhere now. This is really scary stuff."

Bachmann then intimated that the widespread use of Arab foods in American schools could be the sign of a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top:

"I have no proof that President Obama is forcing our children to eat Arab and Middle Eastern food. But it would certainly fit the pattern."

Bachmann has a history of controversial statements regarding Islam and the role of Muslims in America.

She says her first priority upon returning to congress will be to introduce a bill protecting America's children from the dangers of Muslim cooking:

"We must ban falafel and other jihadi foods in schools before its too late."

  • Muslim



    This woman is crazy. How can people like her have power? WTF is going on with this country. Who would have thought that taking a bit out of a falafel can magically create you into a terrorist -_-

  • Jim Olson

    I honestly cannot tell if this is satire or serious.

  • REALLY ! this must be a joke if not this woman is a buffoon and is not fit to hold public office ,send her packing !

  • LOL!!! She’s truly dumb and a bigot.

  • Citizen A

    I wonder if she knows that there are Christian Arabs in the world and they eat falafel and hummus too… so being the case, what “Christian foods” is she willing to ban?

  • Is this a joke?

  • Elizabeth

    I am having the same difficulties- I checked twice to make sure I wasn’t reading the Onion.

  • Mina

    Please tell me that this is a joke. Arabia?! Is she really that willfully ignorant?

  • Full of beans

    I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging open. Get real, is this real.. wait, am I on the Onion web site?

  • Guys this is a Satirical website like the Onion. Interestingly though the fact that most people are willing to believe Bachmann is weird enough to actually say these things speaks volume on her.

  • zine

    Come on, Minnesota. We must get rid of Mrs. Bachmann. How can we continue to elect such an idiotic person to represent our population?

  • Dinas Bran

    The Daily Currant is satire. Click on “about” below. C’mon people.

  • brooklynmomma

    this woman is the biggest moron ever! she might as well put a ban on all foods in the U.S ( sushi because of our history with japan, pizza for fear of turning our kids into mafioso, etc) i feel sorry for her kids because they will not be able to function in society or the real world due to their mother’s racist views & paranoia.

  • satire…..have you read the other stories on this page….cmon

  • Abdullah R.

    Guys, The Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper.

  • Neolithicman

    It’s satirical.

  • N. hafeez

    Guys we really need to take this seriously. I mean come on! Jihadi hummus! WE ARE DOOMED!! D:

  • Sam

    U gotta be kidding me

  • riosam

    Every word she says is true! This needs to be stopped if it isn’t already too late……this country is becoming more and more Islamified everywhere you look..especially within the walls of public education…….Those of you that are berating her for comments need to ‘Wake the F—K Up!’

  • huss

    keep eating crap america mcfat suits you all well

  • a

    She is crazy!

  • Satire

    THe Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper like the Onion

  • A

    She is just “too” crazy!

  • Lisa G.

    what a nut job. If it is true she would probably ban all ethnic foods. Politicians have to learn to stay out of our lives, our bedrooms and our kitchens. Stick to politics, if they even remember what that is.
    she is probably a lousy cook and her kids hate her boring lunches.

  • p-gotch

    Satire. Look at the articles on the side. I don’t think Bill Nye is challenging a “Fucking Idiot” to a debate. Still, she’s almost crazy enough to say that crap.

  • FreePalestine


  • Poe’s Law

    Poe? Is that you?

  • the_anti_Hannity

    OMG This has to be fake But I would put it past her that is the saddest part

  • Carabella1

    I eat hummus. I eat falafel. Wow. Wonder if that means I’m a jihadist. Nah.

  • Yeah, I don’t see any other sources for this…

  • Mike

    So my name is mike as in Michael not Mohammad…..I’m from Lebanon and I’m Christian. i dont normally say these things but i think I hate this women….Racist Bitch excuse my lango….not all Arabs are Muslims and Muslims are not the only ones who eat Arabic foods…..so before you start talking smack, you should probably do some Research before you open your big ass trap.

  • Noen

    Lets deport her to Arabia.

  • What’s disturbing is that I can’t tell whether it’s satire or real. It’s certainly nothing out of the ordinary for this blithering idiot.

  • Daylongdriver

    sounds like she wants us to contimue to be the most overwheigh country in the world, if were not were close.

  • Cat

    if falafel in schools promotes terrorism than maybe we should take away
    burritos and tacos so we don’t support gangs and the drug cartel Oh and
    don’t forget Asian food too because then we might support communism and
    nuclear weapons. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I’m just saying

  • HotDamndrea

    Oh Lady Bachmann, you so crazy even those in the know are double checking to make sure this isn’t the first ‘true’ article by the Currant ;p

  • Paul Ries

    I am sorry Ms. Congress woman Bachmann, but we do not ban other ethinic foods. Food dishes popular in the Arab world are quite good and very popular in restaruants. Schools should be able to feature what foods are good for students and there should be no discrimination because of their country of Origin.

  • Ali M

    No Falafel, No school !

  • Anti Falafel Activist

    From now on we all call her Congresswomen Falafel!

  • Bernard

    This is just unbelievable! This woman is getting paid by my tax dollars??? To do what? She is brings shame onto our nation: a nation founded on the principles of diversity, plurality and equality.

  • must get my son a Qu’ran before he asks for one-He loves Middle eastern food.

  • Guest

    This aritcle gave me cancer…

  • really?

    This article gave me cancer…

  • edorozco

    This is one stupid woman.

  • ashli

    Omg stupid, ignorance on stage! Food dont lead to bad decisions, she so dumb, i like vegi meals they are good, what next she gonna ban the taco cuz hispanics are taking over the south! Like seriously she is so stupid, she should not make others suffer over her own personal fears, she needs mental help, she needs to work out her own fears in private to keep from looking stupid but too late she did! Dumbass racist!

  • eorozco

    Another Idiot, I am muslim, and a veteran of 10 years its my right to be muslim and not have to put up with crap from people like you.

  • ashli

    Omg stupid, ignorance on stage! Food dont lead to bad decisions, she so dumb, i like vegi meals they are good, what next she gonna ban the taco cuz hispanics are taking over the south! Like seriously she is so stupid, she should not make others suffer over her own personal fears, she needs mental help, she needs to work out her own fears in private to keep from looking stupid but too late she did! Dumbass racist!

  • Does she really mean
    that? Or she is seeking publicity. I hope she does not otherwise she’ll be
    greatly hated in the UK as many love Falafel.

  • Thanks, this make sense

  • This nut case needs to an asylum bed not a seat in congress.

  • riosam

    Me? Just Me? How about me AND Michelle Bachmann? You? You’re like a locust invasion that needs to be eradicated!!

  • riosam

    You’re a stupid fool!! Why don’t you do us all a favor and move to the middle east!!

  • GregJ

    Yes this is scary because even though it seems to be satire, one can almost imagine this ding bat promoting this kind of thinking. Did the whole damn Republican party drink some kind of insane Kool-Aid?

  • Get a life.

    HEY BACHMANN thanks for reminding me, I’m now craving for falafel.

  • theveiledgirl

    Oh yeah? Well if this person’s a stupid fool..then you are just simply an ignorant, absurd, non-sensical, hater of mankind. Shut up you filthy animal you’re getting on the nerves of so many…actually I take that animal part back even they aren’t as heartless as you.

  • theveiledgirl

    Ha ha ha. Stop trying to be so funny. Did you know the word ‘Islam’ is translated to peace so you just said this country is becoming more peaceful..and you’re against that? How horrible of you…LOL!

  • Mariane I.

    For all our technological advance and scientific progress, as human beings, i guess people are becoming more stupid OR they just pretend to be stupid coz they dont have anything else to think about but themselves. im a christian arab, i eat falafel and i pray everyday for people like bachmann. even if its a joke there are lot of people who think like that! so stupid and immature.

  • riosam

    The true translation of the word ‘Islam’
    Islam in the Arabic language and in Qur’an means total submission and obedience…

    STOP drinking the cool-aid and ‘Wake the F–k Up’

  • riosam

    WTF is going on in this country? Islamafication of our country, which starts with the youngest of our population! Stop drinking the cool-aid and if not for yourself but for your country, ‘Wake the F–k Up’

  • justwondering

    this can’t be real? is she fucking retarded? not sure if there’s nothing else to talk about or is she’s such a giant ignorant hack that she thinks this is really an issue…

  • It is shocking, I was really thinking this is part of a movie for Bratt probably but no she is actually real, OMG how many in this country think this way and she is a congress man a wonder what is the difference between her and the Jihadiis,,, nothing I guess nothing they are coming from the same thinking school, if there is thinking there

  • PAIN

    What if Middle Eastern put banned on Mc Donald, KFC, Pepsi
    and other American items? 20% affect on American economy. This limitless dumb
    lady don’t understand that food, music and Art is generic language which is
    keeping people together unless u want America to rage war for Israel again for
    banning falafel.

  • Brad

    you insignificant worm of a human being, Islam means peace..you illiterate moron. go educate yourself before you start attacking a religion that gave you the life and luxury you are in now…HISTORY doesn’t lie you piece of dirt.

  • aneela

    Thank god…people are seeing some truth…as i had enough of degrading and untrue comments about Islam…..salaam all…meaning peace to all

  • Jamileh Abed

    Based on this article, either Michelle Bachmann is extremely racist or extremely stupid or both. It is sad that someone like her is a representative of any office in the U.S!

  • Blinded by hatred

    Adding a new meaning to “blinded by hatred”

  • Nadia

    Seriously …is this some kind of joke …
    Arabophobia can’t reach this limit OMG…

  • Ben

    She should tell her husband stop using condom made from lamb intestine on her ,because Lamb is a JIHADI favorite food! Other was she is getting fucked by JIHADI !! bahhahhahha :))))

  • LMAO!! Show any sort of islamafication of the US and I’ll show you a bridge I have for sale. . .

  • iwonder

    whats better is! if she believes falafel could play with childrens brains.. then what does she think of Burgers.. if their food is anti-terrorist then we should have clean brains. IDIOT

  • Sameh

    Guys I put nothing past Bachmann, but I’m sure this is a satire, no way someone is THAT dumb.

  • Sameh

    And you’re an infestation of “stupid” that needs to be weeded out 🙂 It’s a satire you idiot, not even Bachmann is stupid enough to say that kind of nonsense. But, obviously, you are.

  • Sameh

    Islam in the Arabic language and in Qur’an means total submission and obedience “To God”. But any way, it and the world peace “Salam” have the same root, and in Arabic the root of the word affects the tone of the word, so Islam is submission to God that brings inner peace.

  • Wendell

    This woman is either stupid or she is a perfect impersonator of one.

  • susanai

    I thought she was mad now I know. I love falafel, have eaten it for years. Gateway food indeed!!!!

  • Wow…really??? This is very ignorant for someone who’s supposedly a leader to a community. That’s like saying if you eat chinese food you’ll end up worshiping Budha

  • anonymous

    Oh yes! Good idea! Let’s just stick to feeding our children burgers and fries with a soda and side! Because that’s SO much better than TERRORIST food! Crazy people.

  • AJ

    Beware of the mighty falafel patty hahaha! She obviously watches too much Sponge Bob.

  • I don’t know: she’s pretty far out on the edge there. I wouldn’t put it past her ignorance.

  • observer

    Hummus and Falafel is jewish food as well can someone tell this idiot

  • Penin Diaz

    I’m sorry to tell you that jihadi cuisine has infiltrated Jewish culture, as well. A hundred years ago no Jews considered such foods to be Jewish, and what do you think is the language of origin of these foods?

  • Penin Diaz

    Biggest moron? Sorry but she’s not the one that suggested roll-down windows on aircraft. See http://glossynews.com/top-stories/politicos-and-polticians/201209262348/republican-strategy-to-overcome-roll-down-airplane-windows/

  • Ahhhh, so funny yet so sad. The fact that some like riosam would so vehemently agree with this outrageously satirical artical, goes to show how sadly racist, hateful, and stupid Americans have become.

  • riosam, you realize this artical/web site is satirical? It is making fun of Bachmann and ignorant people like her… which apparently includes you.

  • rod

    WOW lady, did you come up with this by yourself or someone tought you this lol lol lol

  • Monsieur d’Nalgar

    Hilarious! I shared on my blog and Facebook…

  • I know bachmann knows no bounds of stupidity, so I actually thought that she was just making another of her retarded statements, but then I read “terror cakes”. A big smile on my part.

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    That would be Kool-Aid, learn to spell before you leave the trailer park.

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Personally I love Humus and it is only 1 point on Weight Watchers.

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    I forgot about Taboli which is very good and 0 points on Weight Watchers unless you add some extra olive oil which really is mid east on not Italian,

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    It is a wonder how they let them out of the trailer park for the day and they use the library computer. Such a shame, perhaps gates should be installed and a proficiency test applied before leaving, what say you riosam.

  • Dan

    whats the problem?
    put Israel falafel instead.. lol

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Personally I am not a fan of Chipolti – but boy am I out in left field on that one. Do you realize how many non hispanci people eat that stuff and LOVE it. Lets ban it – cause it is too spicy and increases the use of bathrooms thus our sewer rates are rising. Oh I digress and am giving ideas to the lug heads who are = well shall we say = stupid

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Lets give her an DNA and see if she has eaten any in the past month.

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Good answer but I still don’t like Chipolti

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Would that be East of Chicago Pizza?

  • Ashamedofyouidiots

    Communion Wafers

  • freshacconci

    This had me going until she “said” that it “starts with falafel, then the kids move on to shawarma”.

  • Isaac

    You don’t believe that Bachmann said these ?

  • Mo

    omg.. his lady needs help.. pretty fast, afterall at least vegetarian food is healthy.. and if she look up other cuisines especially those pretty close to the middle east she will find the same.. Ms. Bachmann..pls book a flight to TELAVIV and go a restaurant there. You will find them serving falafel and hummus as well…

  • Despite the satire, Bachmann’s routine crazy declarations are dangerous and offensive.

  • Bachmann would’ve said this if she were that informed. Regardless, she’s offensive.

  • bass_voice_of_reason

    Almost all the haters like you that I know, don’t even know any Muslims. They listen to something in the wrong-wing media and swallow it. People who succumb so easily to fear are basically cowards.

  • it’s satire. the sad thing is it sounds realistic enough for her that it’s hard to know. but go to the homepage of this site and you’ll see some equally funny and vaguely plausible stories

  • bass_voice_of_reason

    I hope no one tells the Israelis that falafel is a “jihadi food”. Falafel stands are as common in Israel’s cities are Starbucks are here.

  • WB

    This is a satirical website. It’s not true.

  • OMG

    This is a satirical website. Click on “about” all the way at the bottom and you’ll see. But it’s really funny to see all the reaction!!

  • KevinBanjo

    oooohhhhh, so THAT’s why we are a communist country now. CHINESE FOOD!

  • Bradford Davis

    This bitch is insane. Bradford Davis

  • Japanat

    But you’d better call them “freedom fries”, just to be safe

  • Wael

    hate it when a clever politician spills the beans on our secret plans
    to invade the US using our WMD of Falafel and Houmos. Back to the
    drawing board now that our plan has been so
    cleverly exposed. The congresswoman has earned my respect and
    admiration. Still we Arabs have succeeded in implementing another secret
    plan the results of which are so evident in the person the the
    Congresswoman; we have succeeded in exporting to US our brand of clever
    politicians. The Congresswoman does not know this yet, Please don’t tell

  • Japanat

    I think rio spam was being sarcastic…

  • Noor

    Now I am Craving Falafel.

  • Basma Nahar

    hahaha the woman is stupid or what!!! she should be sent to a mental institution not congress. we eat burgers that doesnt make us Americans,,and eat pasta that doesnt make us Italians .God how can someone be that racist !!!!

  • Basma Nahar

    hahaha the woman is stupid or what!!! she should be sent to a mental institution not congress. we eat burgers that doesnt make us Americans,,and eat pasta that doesnt make us Italians .God how can someone be that racist !!!!

  • Iridés

    This last seems to be so American when in her home she probably has TACO TUESDAYS & SUSHI MONDAYS & shit smh

  • Iridés

    This last seems to be so American when in her home she probably has TACO TUESDAYS & SUSHI MONDAYS & shit smh

  • humus/falafal

    oh my God. she is Stupid stupid and stupid. What is happening to America……….She is plane racest.

  • Far East Laughing

    I seriously hope this is a joke because it made me laugh so hard nest she’ll ban meat and potatoes cuz it lead to being redneck and then you mightr shoot someone….AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • BlackAmethyst

    she’s a dumb idiot, why not ban tacos and other mexican food and drink since the mexicans are the one invading this country, with their drug cartels and gang violence and bringing cocaine in amounts enough to get rid of the national debt…. oh, that’s right… cuz she’s probably sprinkling cocaine on her taco….

  • BlackAmethyst

    she’s a dumb idiot, why not ban tacos and other mexican food and drink since the mexicans are the one invading this country, with their drug cartels and gang violence and bringing cocaine in amounts enough to get rid of the national debt…. oh, that’s right… cuz she’s probably sprinkling cocaine on her taco….

  • ken

    It is satire. The problem is, is that far too many people have already read this and have passed it along that this actually happened!!

  • Hahaha , last time , Bush changed French fries to be Freedom fries , I thought that this non sense ended , no wonder there are ignoratens all over the world but she’s losing a great taste 🙂

  • Agreed. Likewise in full honesty, I thought this was for real until I came to the bit about kids moving on to shawarma.

  • Is this lady stupid?

    Is this lady serious? We might as well ban Chinese resteraunts while we’re at at it. Lets also ban Swiss chocolate.

  • The article is a spoof. She never said any such thing though I could believe that she did. You obviously went for it sir.

  • John Lion

    0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 – Another Arabic conspiracy! It’s been MM’s of years in the making and the truth is only coming out now in MMXII. I for I have had enough! Return to Roman numerals I-ce and for all!

  • KP

    Is this joke? If Bachmann is so against Falafel and poor little chick peas then technically she is anti Semitic as well. I don’t really care if she hates Arabs, Chinese, Muslims or who ever else in that area of the world but leave the effing chick peas ALONE.

    Queen of gerbonzo!

  • I honestly wouldn’t put it past her.

  • noha bokhari

    Come onnnn what kind of a mantalaty is this?? Is she for real? U r scared of us that much??poletisions of the united states of America, where r u going with this kind of rasism??

  • Michelle Bachmann is so ignorant she does not know her history. The development of European cuisine is due to the culinary excellence from the Middle East, Asia and India, spices and all, which was adopted by Greeks, Iberians and Europeans since the dawn of civilization. Why identify Islamophobia with nutrition? How can people allow this type of backward politician to represent them in Congress? Michelle Bachmann is Swiss-American by nationality and her comments will not sit well with Swiss authorities.

  • Babaganoush for brains.

  • Romney and Bachmann can go on a joy ride with aircraft roll on -roll out windows, and junk food as menu, and see who gets sucked out first. That is the type of leadership they project to introduce to America.

  • And Arab Jews as well who promote Kosher diet. If Bachmann is to be believed she should also ban Italian spaghetti – a combination of Arab and Asian recipe.

  • elliegrll

    That was the tip off for me, too. There’s no way that the word shawarma is in Bachmann’s vocabulary.

  • I am a Muslim scholar and a schoolmate of Osama bin Laden in 1979 in Saudi Arabia. OBL is a filthy rich, campus fanatic, spoiled brat who dreamed of an adventure against the Russians in Afghanistan. I don’t believe him one bit and most Muslims do not subscribe to his ideas. But CIA gave him that opportunity. Maybe he came across with remarks by Rudy Giuliani against Islam and treating Yasser Arafat like dirt in America and in 9/11 gave Giuliani a dose of his medicine and total ignorance. We still grieve for the innocent victims of 9/11. It’s a terrible tragedy.

  • T. Q.

    Is this woman even literate..? I’m stunned.

  • Raymundo Sebelen


  • Livefreeordie

    she should sue!

  • Livefreeordie

    you’re an idiot! this is a satirical publication. she didn’t say this.

  • Susan

    How on Earth can you make Taboli without the standard dressing of olive oil and lemon juice? Other then that is is pretty much chopped parsley and diced tomato.

  • You are as bat sh’t crazy as she is.

  • Why stop there?

    France has turned away from good, Christian austerity measures to address their national financial troubles, favoring instead the clearly Socialist approach of taxing the extremely RICH!

    It’s time to take French Fries OUT of our Godly, AMERICAN diet! What was it our fearless leader Darth Cheney said? “Let them eat FREEDOM FRIES!”


  • Muslim

    Bachmann, ur an idiot. The Koran talks about peace and good manners, something u clearly don’t have

  • Loralee

    This is sooo tongue-in-cheek….come on, people.

  • Mona

    It is getting rather hard to tell anymore, isn’t it??

  • I didn’t believe it because she’s too xenophobic to look up obscure (at least to most Americans) cultural-specfic terms like “shawarma”. They should’ve stuck with “falafel” as that’s pretty common to see sold in major US cities.

  • I guess since those extremists preach freedom of speech they should practice it, I imagine them in protest of a falafel stand they can’t close with a sign “Once you have a bite from that delicious falafel it’s a downward spiral” 😀

  • I imagine protesting a falafel stand with a sign “Once you have a bite from that delicious falafel it’s a downward spiral” 😀

  • That’s exactly the point.

  • That’s the problem with people like Michele Bachmann. They are blurring the line. She’s so ridiculous I can actually imagine her saying this. … but that said; this can’t be real. I’m pretty sure it’s satire… Right?

  • Marla

    Dumbest shit out there, this is gotta b a joke

  • Italia

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, sorry cant stop laughing. Peace and Muslims or Koran dont go in the same sentence.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    We also better ban algebra, since it comes from the Middle East! While we’re at it, we might as well shut down Disney since they made a Muslim-y movie (Aladdin).

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Freedom fries, that is. Can’t have “French stuff”.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    These yahoos spend too much time masturbating to Ted Nugent to know how to spell.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    She’d fit in perfectly with the religious wackos who run Saudi Arabia.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine


  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Might be confusing. Keith Olbermann occasionally calls Bill Orally “the falafel fatwa guy”.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    I don’t think so. Remember, according to the fundies, that show is “gay”.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Every time that Michele Bachmann or one of her acolytes opens their mouths, Mr. Burns occasional question runs through my mind: Smithers, who is this ignoramus?

    MB needs to go back to helping her husband (or is he the wife?) “cure” gays.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    or becoming a commie

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    I think that MB has something else for brains.

  • are you kidding me? someone tell this ignorant, uneducated, sorry excuse for a human that A. not all arabs are muslims, they also come in christian, Jewish, and antitheses. B. If eating falafel might lead to reading the Koran maybe we should ban pizza so it doesn’t lead to drinking wine. C. kill your self.

  • The phenomenon is known as Poe’s Law.

  • The phenomenon is known as Poe’s Law, which basically says you can’t parody a fanatic, because their actual beliefs really are that far out there.

  • Bachmann is, or this wouldn’t be so easily mistaken for an actual article.

  • @riosam–do you, perchance, freeze frogs in your spare time?

  • @riosam–not sure if you’re a troll, or just very stupid.

  • riosam

    And does strapping on a vest with explosives and blowing up ones self (and others) also bring inner peace??

  • kingofmeows

    THEY’RE an idiot, or Michelle Bachmann is an idiot for making this story actually believable?
    I vote Bachmann.

  • riosam

    Don’t know what boat you just rode in on but I am Christian and a natural born citizen of the US. The impact Islam has had on my life since 9/11 has been all negative…

  • riosam

    So killing 3000 people is an appropriate response to a few negative words about Islam? You sick S.O.B!

  • riosam

    Where exactly is ‘Arabia’ located? There is ‘no country named Arabia’…If you want to deport someone, deport all the Muslims back to their countries of origin..

  • gogo girl

    Please someone tell Ms Bachman that Jesus Christ also came from ARABIA (wherever this is in her world map) and that he probably ate Falafel and hummus too. Beware.

  • shah

    Super liked ur comment.. me too sorry for her children 🙁

  • Like she hasn’t honestly said things this dumb.

  • Sarasotan

    I really think the line, “Chris, falafel is a gateway food” should have been the tipoff, Of course it’s not true. The scary thing is that she’s SO out there that lots of people believed it was true!

  • i am hungry 😛

  • Teal

    This has got to be a joke?! If Americans get her into office, OMG, I’m scared! She’s messed up!

  • Adam

    I feel like I just got rickrolled by the Onion.

  • mary

    This is the DUMBEST BIOTCH in the world!!!!!!! I love Swarmas, the same way I love Mexican, Indian,Greek, and etc. food! And guess what, I am a Cajun girl.

  • mary

    What else would one expect from this backwoods hefer. She doesn’t even realize he husband is GAY!!!! No offense to the gays…

  • shah

    @cat very well described…. super liked it.

  • I concur completely

  • How do we get these tea stains out of the fabric of our great society?

  • Unfortunately, she is serious.

  • fredddddddddd

    gotta stop using numbers, too. they’re Arabic numbers. kids won’t flunk math any more.

  • joseph

    lol dafuq did I just read

  • Great satire..and yes, I didn’t know for sure whether it was. You can never really tell with this woman.

  • Abdul

    She gave a good example of stupidity.

  • George P. Burdell

    Both falafel and shawarma are popular foods in Israel, Michelle.

  • Don Pepe

    Sounds about right. I’m introducing a ban on pizza and maccaroni before the kids become Uzi-toting Mafiosi

  • dina

    is this woman a total idiot or she is playing idiot?????

  • mhanson

    This is a Satire Website. It states the Global Satirical Newspaper of Record at the top of the page when scrolled over…. People will believe anything these days and take anything at first word. Its Sad really how un-informed most people posting here are….

  • NMM

    If you’re going to post satire, it should be marked as such.

  • DailyCurrant

    Why? It’s marked on the about page and it should be obvious to any reasonadble person. Don’t blame Currant for your unreasonablness

  • Tom Edelbrock

    This is in fact a satire website. Did you see the headline “Apple to replace Facebook app with Myspace”? Not gonna happen!

  • I <3 Falafel

    Absolutely ridiculous! And God knows why Americans vote for this class of politicians. I wonder if she would be able to name 3 countries of the Middle East, excluding India.

  • Just the fact that Michelle Bachmann is on the planet makes me falafel.

  • I also initially thought this was fer realsies. Why not?This is the woman who believes a teenage girl became mentally
    retarded from the HPV shot! (No, Michelle… this girl didn’t
    become mentally retarded from the vaccine. She caught Mental Retardation
    from spending too much time with Republicans, and you in particular. Now THAT is something
    that rots your brain from the inside!)

  • thunder Angel

    Obviously this is a fake article. There is no Chris Johnson on the KSTP staff. But it is very funny.

  • how do people like this get voted into office?????

  • She should also advocate getting rid of Math education: the Arabs gave us the “zero.” What an idiot!

  • john sayegh

    My mom makes the best falafel, golden brown on the outside, deep greeen on the inside. That’s the parsley, but the real treat is the tahini sauce with diced tomato or the cool leban with cucumber salad. The messier the better.

  • @Sameh: just because she didn’t say this, doesn’t mean she’s not stupid enough to say it. Just look at some of the other stupid stuff she’s said. That’s why it’s so hard to tell if this is satire or straight reportage. (see “Gardasil causes mental retardation” and “pray the gay away.)

  • The thing is with the Minnesota Moonbat you can never be sure if it IS “The Onion” or something like it or she really said something that stupid. The fact that you can’t really tell should speak volumes to Minnesota’s 6th District i would hope. The fact is she is clearly stupid enough to take an article like this seriously.

  • jfk

    My tip off was when it said “Global satirical newspaper…”

  • This “nut” was appointed and sits on the Congressional Intelligence Committee. A real overreach there!

  • Meyce

    The dumbest and most ignorant thing I have ever read

  • blah

    wait…some people actually thought this was serious?…wow…talk about a bias ready to gobble up anything ridiculous…she’s said stupid stuff but this would be like an article saying that obama’s new economic stimulus plan is providing $1000 to women for each abortion they have or something equally absurd.

  • riosam

    Yes indeed! PEACE is just breaking out all over!! Coming to a theater near you sooner than you think…of course you’ll never see it coming, your head is buried in the sand clear up to your ankles..


    String of Iraq car bomb blasts kill at least 32…

    Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples in Bangladesh…

    Militant group al Shabab attacks church in Kenya…

    Bomb explodes near Islamic school in Nigeria…

    Grenade attack on fair in Thailand injures 30…

    Car bomb kills 4 in Syria…

  • my thoughts eactlyx

  • Italiafever

    it seems she is !!! sorry to break the news for you LOL

  • Iron Man

    Shawarma is good enough for the avengers, it’s good enough for America!

  • Who will save all of us from Michelle Bachman???

  • Italiafever

    https://www.facebook.com/justfalafel?ref=ts&fref=ts is coming to a place near you, Runnnnnnnnnnnnn Michelle Runnnnnnnnnn

  • I believe we should create a separate country for Bachman and her cronies……They and their beliefs are certainly not a part of the American culture. Real Americans don’t fear monger like this. Real Americans arent bigots. We believe in the equality our country wa built on. After all, ALL of our ancestors were immigrants……with the exception of Native Americans. None of us has any more right to be here than anyone else.
    Unfortunately Michelle Bachman is serious……she means every deranged word that comes out of her mouth.

  • Michelle Bachman is not smart enough to understand satire.

  • The stupidity, it hurts! When will it end???

  • Cheese

    They are a collective idiot.

  • chootspa though

  • john from the uk

    If this is really serious I’m so pleased she’s on your side of the pond…we have enough political morons here but this takes the trophy!!!!

  • Penny

    This woman is crazy!

  • Isaac

    If you think we are included as ignorant people, just contact the TV station and ask for short interview that Bachmann had with the TV. Station about School Lunch. The Daily Currant is showing the ignorance of some politicians daily, you can call it Satirical website…

  • troch

    Haha! stop importing the Jihadi Oil from the Saudis … thats a first!

  • Kerry

    The fact that a large number of people can’t recognize this as satire says a lot about the electorate and the dumbing down of America and its leaders. Sad.

  • Hasan

    Idiots are everywhere!

  • PeaceCake

    “We need to stop these terror cakes now, before they infiltrate any further.” Hmmm, looks like Ms. Bachmann is quite a terror cake in her own right.

  • justobserving

    The first time that I had a falafel was in a Jewish restaurant/deli called the Tel Aviv in Toronto Canada, 1972

  • kiptw

    I was about 60% sure it was satirical. Checking the headlines of other articles on the site made me certain of it.

    Well done, Republicans! You’ve almost made satire completely impossible!

  • …or not.

  • Jay

    I enjoy reading your satirical ‘news’ stories. However, I wish you would review the quality of your writing:
    “We must ban falafel and other jihadi foods in schools before its too late.”
    – that should be “before it’s too late.”
    Another article had the word ‘mislead’ (in the past tense). That should be ‘misled’.

  • Hasan

    Idiots are everywhere!

  • hs

    You reply is the best! No more math.

  • Now maybe if it was Imam bayaldi….

  • oh dear…hummus? Hummus is healthy for you!! wtf!! They should start adding gluten free and all organic foods to school lunches! And some Couscous…this lady is OUTRAGEOUS!!A cuisine of culture is good for everyone. So what they going to force everyone to eat nothing but AMERICAN food? Yuck…Eating Arabic food isn’t going to cause our kids to become terrorists LOL

  • This should be in the onion LOL

  • Randy

    I am so glad the Falafel made National News. Now we can sleep better at night.

  • Head/desk

  • Oh wait. this is fake? HAHAHAH

  • This isn’t real right?

  • I can’t either. That’s really a sad commentary on Republicans.

  • I laughed hysterically. If this is satire it’s incredibly good!

  • Meg

    Cue the Twilight Zone theme ’cause this lady is “out there”! How do people like this get elected to public office in the first place!!!

  • David

    Maybe someone should remind Ms. Bachman that Falafel is one of the most popular dishes for Israeli people!

  • It is NOT because she is way out there. It is because Liberals will believe absolutely anything that hurts Conservatives and/or supports their LGO. Give one example, just one little example that she is SO out there.

  • “This has got to be a joke?!” See you got it right to start with, your intelligence and instincts told you the truth to begin with. But you tossed that away and went with your bias to attack her further, based on an untruth.

  • Ah hell, I posted it to Facebook and ranted about it until I noticed it was The Daily Currant. Doh! That’s the problem, these right wing Christian terrorists and traitors really are this insane, no amount of spoofing goes too far since extremist Christian lunacy and hatred for America is perfectly in accord with their actual ideologies.

  • Ignorance at its best…I bet ur related to Bachman too.

  • Adamsmom

    What about banning pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, ziti or any other pasta because of the organized crime implication to them. Without the Arabic invention of the ZERO, nobody would have an address, phone number, social security number, passport number, or ZIP CODE. IDIOTS.

  • Thinking about this amusing spoof it made me think about this restaurant where one can get some awesome felafel but they also provide hookas and stuff to smoke in them. 🙂 The right wing extremists probably would ban the place if they ever learned of it — and could make a buck and sow fear and hatred by doing so.


  • I wonder what else comes from Arabia?’
    I wonder if she’s ever heard of coffee.

  • Can we really elect people this dumb???

  • This is satire, but it also proves Poe’s Law.


  • I need audio before I make a statement.

  • riosam

    Astounding that you can compose an entire paragraph that consists of nothing of relative importance!

  • I agree. I could totally picture her saying this except that I doubt she has the extensive Arab cuisine verbiage memorized.

  • wait..what?

  • B

    It is Greek cuisine not Arab! Get your countries straight you kook! You probably couldn’t find Greece or any other country in the world on a map. It’s people like you who shouldn’t be in office and that the US needs to deport because you’re running our country into the drain.

  • riosam

    So tell me Einstein, I’m supposed to consider your comment relevant when you can’t even spell the word ‘article’ correctly?
    That being said, yes I fully realize this is political satire! It doesn’t change the fact that our country is being too easily influenced by the Muslim faction….

  • Almasi Sidu Jifu

    And the sad thing is, she’s serious!?!?!?

  • Abby

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA this is all I could say when an educated so called politician comes out in public and make such statements! I have to say she might be right coz the falafel and chick peas create excellent gas! A great weapon!!!!!!

  • Is this like the Onion praising the Iranian leader over President Obama? I seriously can’t believe someone in her position could there being that closed minded and bigoted.

  • Dolores

    the fact that people actually think she has said this speaks volumes about this dimwitted moron. She thinks that if she dresses in a fancy suit and wears a pearl necklace that she is classy. Her lack of knowledge and ignornace only makes her seem like the trashy, uncouth, lunatic she is.

  • Casting your ballot for Bachmann is a gateway vote that leads to drooling and wearing a tin foil hat.

  • Dolores

    islam does mean Submt. Submit to God. Do you know why afghanistan is in warfare? Do you know the first about regional geopolitics? If you had an inkling, you’d know that the afghans are a very proud people: they expelled the british (unlike the Indians and Pakistanis), they expelled the russians, and now are determined to expel the Americans.
    Afghans had only submitted to Alexander, because Alexander submitted to them. Alexander’s force will be the only foreign army to have been taken well by the afghans.
    It’s not about islam. This goes beyond islam. Afghans pride themselves on this. They would rather burn their country to the ground, than be under foreign occupation.

  • dolores

    the white race has done the most heinous crimes against humanity: enslaving the children of africa, exterminating the indigenous of the Americas, causing the holocaust, and now, launching propaganda against muslims. Mark my words people, there will be a holocaust against muslims. And I am scared for them. May God protect humanity from these devils who scour the earth, pillaging and raping it of its resources, then assaulting the other nations of the world.

  • dolores

    go back to your trailer park, you trailer trash.

  • Dolores

    hey bastard, Americans were over there meddling in the afffairs of their countries, putting in dictators, so that they can sell their american shit to the middle east, and steal our oil.
    The arab world had had enough. Tjats why Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi, all dictators placed into power by the US, have been overthrown. They day US starts to leave these countries alone, is the day there will be peace on earth. So long as the US keeps meddling in their politics, you will have extremists who will say enough is enough, and start taking things into their own hands.
    so you twisted trailer trash, get off this site and go take a few night courses on global affairs and politics.

  • dudu

    hahahaha…..seriously that is very funny!!

  • Kawartha Colours

    Satire or not, this article reminds me of the decision to rename french fries as Freedom Fries…

  • Kawartha Colours

    It’s a satirical piece, but to answer your question, Yes!

  • Rifat Siddiqi

    Good thinking, lets start with banning cultivation of all the ingredient in USA, like maze wheat peas, buffalo farming etc all contribute to same middle eastern JIHAD Cuisine. hahahaaaaaaa

  • Kawartha Colours

    India’s in the Middle East? I thought it was in South Asia…

  • If I eat scones, will I have a British accent?

  • Perhaps, like the confused Bill O’Reilly, she really means ‘loofah’…

  • jdode

    Is this an Onion article? Have I entered an alternate universe? Next thing you know, she’ll try to get rid of Mexican food, too.

  • Sorry, I can easily hear her voice saying this stuff. Especailly the line about terror cakes. ROFL
    (and crying because it could be true)

  • Mike

    You could at leas spell her name correctly.

  • Alex

    Its satire

  • Nofal

    It’s bull shit I think the US needs to ban ppl like her

  • Randall679

    I thought for a minute there, this was an Onion, but now I realise this is stupid enough to be true … Falafal is practically a staple in Australia, as is hommus and pita bread, shawarma and the rest … we have a growing multicultural society here, not monocultural assimilationist society as the Reichpublican Teabaggers want … I wonder if Batshit Bachmann has had caviar recently? MOST OF THAT COMES FROM IRAN AND RUSSIA!!!

  • Lisa Hopper

    Oh please tell me this is satire. If not, this woman needs to be put in a luny bin!

  • Poe’s law is in full effect here.

  • lil aussie

    I cannot believe this stupid, ignorant, racist, cultural black hole called Michelle Bachmann! Please, someone in America, tell me that she is off her meds and has actually just escaped the asylum?!? At least then I could pity her – she is one scary Yank who shouldn’t be allowed on the streets let alone be given a microphone.

  • riosam


  • nizar

    Lollllllllllll . . . . No can do coment. . . Laughing too hard

  • The best way to harm a cause would be by promoting it with inane statements.

  • Arab_falafel

    how do you Americans vote to somebody like her to be in the congress ? clearly she never tried falafel 😀

  • hosny

    Any mind believes this .whats ur logic .use ur mind mrs backmann

  • toni

    She is a nut

  • Happy

    Did Zohan love hummus lol

  • veritas maximus

    shshshs.. guys listen.. dont tell this idiot congresswoman wannabe that arabs have put genetically modified pro arab cells in homos and falafel so that we win arab sympathy amongst unbiased american children … its a terrorist plot for peace 😉

  • same here. i mean …is she kidding me?? how stupid is she ?? what idiot congress is that ? lolll… how ab the jewish invasion to the whole middle east ? how about discussing nuclear terror ?? guantanamo terrorism ?? let her go get a life

  • Stevie Beekeeper

    this may be funny but you know it’s going to be taken the wrong way and fundamentalists do not share your sense of humour or do you feel safe publishing such stories, I wouldn’t.

  • Falafel-phobia
    a new term to enter the dictionary soon; is it serious, it can’t be easily
    tolerated. Do continue spreading hatred against minorities or people with different
    in race and religion helps to protect the community from danger? What is about
    freedom values, respect for humanity, human dignity and diversity aren’t these
    values in danger? How can people trust such personality if they are manipulating
    public for political competition?

  • do the American want to send people like this to the Senate ???? Really ???? My god..

  • It’s satire. SMH.

  • Ahmad

    Lol what a hilarious statement!
    Shawrma is known in some other places as Doner & it’s Turkish btw. Does she know that in London the most schools started serving Halal food. It’s globalisation madam not “an attack” or invasion. We have American food everywhere in the “Arab” world!

  • Anwar Ghalayini

    thank you Michelle Bachmann , you have settled a long dispute between Arabs and Israelis of who was the Creator of Falafel, you have all the thanks of the Arabs for taking their side, Good job . how about moving into politics and settle the Middle Eastern problem.

  • JFW

    This is satire. What is not satire is the principal in the Washington school who thought that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were racist in that they were unfamiliar to foreign born students.

  • Sandy G

    That she was actually elected by Minnesotans says a lot more about Minnesotans than it does about her!

  • DiDiRock

    And you’re so ignorant you don’t know that this is a SATIRE. Look up the word if you don’t know what it means. People like you are so BIGOTED that you are willing to believe anything, no matter how obviously satirical it is, that is attributed to the right. I am neither Republican or Democrat, and I know better than to blindly believe everything I read…And if these comments were real, what the hell do the Swiss Authorities have to do with it? LOL…what, they gonna come to the US and charge her with a crime????? LOL

  • DiDiRock

    There is a parody of a religious-right site that wrote something on the current plethora of ghost hunting tv shows. A lot of people believed it to be a true site, since these people CAN be that ridiculous. Pretty sad that we’ve come to this.

  • Chair 1

    Congresswoman Bachmann really does need to get out more, Falafel, shawarma and hummus are all claimed by the Greek Orthodox and Jewish communities as well as the Arabs. In fact, falafel was developed by the Coptic Christians, who keep Lent much more strictly than most other Christian communities. To call it a Muslim food is insulting to what is probably the earliest Christian community.

  • DiDiRock

    it’s a SATIRE….LOL

  • Who spiked this woman’s tea?

  • Bruno07

    I agree. This could be from the Onion

  • Sadly, this is probably a true story. This female has made similar, utterly bizzare and factually devoid statements before. Her grasp of facts and reality are supremely strenuous, and that is a massive understatement.
    See this http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/republicans/a/michele-bachmann-quotes.htm

  • Joyful European

    God I’m glad I don’t live in America… Seriously.. “The food will make ours children muslim and then they will bomb homeland!” Way to go and the world get’s better place… HAH:

  • vt

    This is not responsible journalism. Soon none of us will believe anything anyone says. Hey, maybe we’ll all be happier if we just ignore all journalism!

  • I am almost speechless….this woman should be institutionalized.

  • Ronnie

    I’m from Minnesota and we all think she is insane and are extremely ashamed to have her as a representative. The reason for her win has more to do with manipulating/reorganizing districts to favor the conservative vote. i.e. Not all Minnesota voted for her. One wealthy district voted for her, but all of America has to live with her.

  • That was hilarious! The sad part is this is the kind of thing she would say!
    Bachmann has blocked me from posting comments on her Facebook page (probably because I point out her voting history with the bill numbers).

  • Lulu

    Is she serious?? She Makes me sick! What a racist.

  • JOEN


  • Sudevi

    Is this chic for real?

  • I can’t either.

  • Jeni Markham Clewell

    Are you kidding me? I guess the falafel sits right next to the koolaid, so better not drink that either, huh?

  • Tom Graham

    The underlying message is surely correct, i.e. that exposure to foreign foods imperils the indigenous culture. Just consider what McDonalds, Burger King and that crowd have done to Europe during the last 50 years. It’s just too horrible !

  • Quizling

    That was exactly my first thought. The Onion does a wonderful job of writing stories that are just so well written but about totally batshit things that it really made me think this was one of theirs.

    The current “See Also” section makes me think the Daily Currant is an Onion “wannabe” in which case I give it a thumbs up.

  • Sarah D

    OMG this is the dumbest thing I ever heard! Middle Eastern cuisine is amazing and it has nothing to do with Muslims or the Quran. I mean almost all Muslims living in the West are living their everyday lives just like everyone else. This woman isn’t seriously running for congress is she? Oh man, Americans would be so foolish to vote for and support her based on her illogical nonsense. What a shame.

  • naz

    This lady is crazy, and Psychopath, I hope she loses, and a sane Good american takes over and start working for the people of Minnesota, vs spreading hate, bigotry withing our country.
    also she should know that Falafel is also an Israeli meal, same as Hummus

  • don

    Can’t eat taco’s either, because they form the basis for illegal immigration. Why not go there too?

  • Susan Yassa

    OH MY GOSH, my husband is Coptic (Christian) Egyptian and my eating falafel and other Arab foods for years has not turned me into a bomb maker! In one of my cookbooks, JEWISH HOLIDAYS COOKBOOK, published by DK (ISBN: 9780756640897), on page 102 it states, “Falafel and hummus are popular and traditional foods in Israel. Almost every street corner has a falafel shop just bursting with the flavors of the Middle East.” Perhaps Ms. Bachmann didn’t realize that Israel is also located in the Middle East. Shame on you, Ms. Bachmann, for speaking such hate against Middle Eastern cuisine.

  • Susan Yassa

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.
    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your newstories real?
    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.

  • Brent Christensen

    Folks, this is satire. Before you react to any news article, EXAMINE THE SOURCE. Unfortunately, critical thinking is woefully lacking in much of the modern world… Go to dailycurrant.com/about and see the following:

    Q. Are your newstories real?A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Brent Christensen

    From dailycurrant.com/about

    Q. Are your newstories real?A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • wherehascommonsensegone?

    I cannot imagine anyone with a brain spouting this nonsense?

  • Suhail

    So American kids are turning Communists eating chinese, into Mafiosi eating pizzas and drug lords eating Mexican ? How do you do racial profiling of an entire region or cuisine based on a handul of criminals? US Politics now reduced to: Vote for me, because Falafel = Terrorism ? These people are expected to lead global superpower, America?

  • “We must ban falafel and other jihadi foods in schools before its too late.” !!


  • Scary thought, isn’t it?

  • Hey Michelle! Do you know where all those nasty numbers you see come from. Yes! Arabic numerals! Maybe you should go back to using Roman numerals.

  • People who respond seriously to a satirical article mocking a famously ignorant politician end up looking MORE ignorant than the politician the article is mocking.

    See also: http://literallyunbelievable.org/

  • Dave

    Falafel in not an “Arab” food – its a “Middle-eastern” food – even savored in Israel. Its in Israeli menus – as well as menu’s of Arab restaurants. Google ISRAELI FALAFEL and you will find several sites with Israeli Falafel and recipes. This stupid open-mouthed idiot woman has almost no knowledge of ANYTHING she says. I don’t think there’s any connection between her bird-brain and mouth.

  • Mason

    This sounds like a Joke. How ignorant this lady can be! whats wrong with eating Hummus and Falafel??? they are much more healthier that a nasty burger and fatty mac and cheese.
    There is no relation between eating international food and becoming a terrorist. How stupid. Eat some ceviche and you will became an Indian jajajajja. Ridiculous.

  • CommonDog

    If this does not prove Bachmann to be completely bat-shiat, then there is absolutely no helping those that believe her…

  • utahbird

    and to realize that this wack job could have been sitting in the oval office. Maybe we should let her vent some more so we would know her better next time. My doctor keeps congratulating me on eating the mediterranean diet. Falafel and hummus are healthy food Mrs. Backman. if you want authentic cuisine maybe you should sprinkle MSG, corn syrup and chemicals on your falafel to feel you are eating good old American Food.

  • Sfphscott

    Next time an article is ripped-off from “The Onion” give due credit.

  • DailyCurrant

    WHAT? This is not ripped from The Onion, this is The Daily Currant, a much smarter, more international saterical publication

  • Iff we all eat vegan we will be all able to eat plenty and in peace as one people all over the world.

  • Actually, India did. “Arabic numerals” are really Indian numerals.

  • Hulkster1

    Bat @ss crazy

  • This Guy

    What a fucking raciest bitch!

  • jane cerva

    Confused, here. Is this satire? Or did this really happen? With Bachmann, it’s hard to be sure…she’s kind of self-satirizing….

  • John Ahrens

    Bachman’s type of thinking is very dangerous. What if we ban all Arab inventions? no distillation, no soap, no crankshafts just to name three. We should all open our wallets and contribute to her opponent.

  • hahahahahahaahah she s very funny bachmann

  • This woman is a nutcase!

  • Mohammed

    I can’t get it !! i mean jihad in Islam means defending and fighting the (enemy) honorably ,but people think of this as a name of killing people!! I find this as racist as what happened in the 50s and before.

    Please read more about Islam and Jihad before you judge based on stupid person’s perspective.

    and BTW, this topic is silly.

  • Maher

    I cant believe some humans think like Mrs Bachmann!! Tell me she’s nt serious!!!

  • shox

    Now I know the real cause behind sept. 11, the guys ate falafel for breakfast !

  • i honestly think we should maybe ban you Ms Bachmann

  • scott

    If we are going to ban hummus because it is Arabic, we should also ban the Hamburger, because it was invented in Hamburg Germany. If children eat this, they may become Natzi’s! And how about General Tzo’s chicken? General Tzo was a war monger. Spaghetti comes from Italy, also the home of Mussolini. Do we want our children to become fascists?

  • Nikki


  • bbmcrae

    The important thing is you don’t sound unhinged or drunk.

  • If the article is satirical, it will probably give the whack job some ideas for a new campaign. If it does, someone should tell Bachmann that
    falafel is just as popular with Israelis as it is with Arabs and
    everyone else in the Middle East.

  • Farhan

    I laughed the whole time reading this, She cant be serious?

  • Farhan

    She would not know the difference

  • marc

    falafel is a gateway drug. she’s 100% on the money. The food is so addictive everyone who eats it eventually wants to bomb a small country full of infidels.

  • loispix

    What about Koran food? or Indian food? Will we become Hundi? Or, God forbid, Mexican food? Will we become illegals? Yep, let’s stick to good old American junk food like Twinkies! Right on, Michelle!

  • loispix

    What about Koran food? or Indian food? Will we become Hundi? Or, God forbid, Mexican food? Will we become illegals? Yep, let’s stick to good old American junk food like Twinkies! Right on, Michelle!


    When is that woman getting committed? She would feel better and be taken care of. Michelle! STOP TALKING!


    When is that woman getting committed? She would feel better and be taken care of. Michelle! STOP TALKING!

  • wert

    This woman is retarded.

  • Gateway food?What a looney toon!!!

  • She’s right, of course. I hade pizza once as a kid, now I’m a gun runner for the mob.

  • All I have to say is: Vote this crazy person out of office!!! a Gateway food? Minnesotans, she’s making your state a laughingstock. Return her to private life!!!

  • It is also an Israeli favorite, very delicious. Her brain is a falafel, all chickpeas fried in a ball.

  • Damn!!!! It was wacky enough to be real . . .Still, vote her out of office!!!

  • latejana

    she is a goner for sure; gone over the edge

  • K W D

    The US government should focus on making sure that their school children
    HAVE lunch to eat never mind something as ridiculous as this… grumble
    grumble grumble. Gateway food- wow, wow wow. Thank goodness we live in Canada!

  • Clint Zumalt

    i know what you mean if she is serious that she doesnt want influence from other nations lets see how she likes living without them. lets see her live without her car her clothes her electronics including her phone and the camera that recorded her and all the equipment shes using. i honestly cant think of a more retarded request from congress…

  • What a fucking nut. She should not be in politics if she honestly believes that falafal causes terrorism. This is the most racist, insensitive thing I have seen! She should be ashamed and should pay for her offensive remarks!!!!!

  • Richard D. Cameron

    On her very best day, she 12 cookies short of a dozen. If/when she is re-elected, it is about her constituents whose judgement and intelligence are open to question.

  • Cynthia

    This is so true: I gave my husband pasta and pizza for dinner all the time and before I knew it he was fornicating like Berlusconi and dancing the Tarantella!

  • Jenny

    My brotherinlaw is Lebanese. His children are health slim intelligent and if more people followed their diet they would be a lot better off health wise.

  • Well, for heaven’s sake, don’t tell her about belly dancing classes.

  • Judi

    Oh my lord this is hilarious XD

  • outraged

    as long as the Bimbo doesn’t mess up with my syrian white cheese and olives 🙂

  • Dr. Adel

    what an idiot essay, I believe that food doesn’t have anything to do with religion, nor Arabic neither french. So, if we bear that in mind we can understand that the thing that Bachmann said is just a way to express her hatred towards Islam. Besides, to prove that food doesn’t have any relation with religion, lets take Mcdonalds as an example; It almost have branches in all arabic country and non of them thought like this ^smart^ Bachmann, and if that shows something it shows that food doesn’t have any relation with religion ..

  • Suckitmichelle

    This b*tch is psyco lol

  • BryanCooper

    Actually, they’ve made it unnecessary…

  • Geeze lady! You are soo dumb and racist! Who cares!? You just sound plain racist to me!

  • Revenant Shadow

    Poe’s Law has made satirical pieces like this nearly indistinguishable from factual reporting when it comes to Batshiat Bachmann.

  • stacknef

    ok…..it wasn’t just me thinking “yeah this is Bachmann” to…. “hey, this is getting too weird even for Bachmann” in the span of 20 seconds LOL
    Well played,,,very well played. I hope!

  • I always looked forward to Falafel Friday!

  • E. Farnham

    She is the stupidest women. EVER. Remember the Colorado Shooting? the person responsible, HE WAS PROBABLY CHRISTIAN! Religion is not to blame, the person is.

  • Connie

    Did anyone tell her that they teach algebra in the schools? That is an Arabic word.

  • broadzilla

    seriously????? What does this woman think should happen next…go back to segregation of African American individuals?? Or maybe banning those citizens that are of Native descent??? Get a fricken grip, lady..!!!! I’m not even a US citizen and I’m outraged by her statements!!

  • please tell me it is satire? I just got through posting this article on a site that has a quote from Obama saying that he is happy what Islam has done for America, but the backdrop of one of the planes hitting the twin towers. It was meant to vilify a whole religion, that those planes struck the US.

    I posted this article in reply that was said I was “over the top”. Then I added: I could say the same. Vilifying a whole religion for acts of the few, would be like vilifying Christianity for the acts of Hitler….

  • indian numerals are really that we “ARABS ” use ,, but the numerals that YOU use is Arabic numerals my friend 🙂

  • Wolfgang

    Dr. Bachmann sounds Anti-Semitic and Islamo/Arabo-phobic (illegal in the US as of 2012). All these phobias stem from her desire to continue to break the LAW. She must be charged with crimes against harmless foods from regions that are friendly to all of us, provided we stop stealing their resources (I am not talking about garbanzo or lentil but oil). I recommend that she must be also charged with crimes against humanity, given her bigotry.

  • RG

    Why waste the time writing fictional crap like this? What purpose does it serve?

  • DailyCurrant

    Comedians and scientists are the only two professions paid to tell the truth.

  • Sasa Basha

    Falafel of mass distruction will invade the Shawerma and take over the world

  • QQman

    if what she is saying is true . i am Screwed, since i arrived to USA from middle-east i have been eating Mcdonalds…………!!!!!(:

  • Sandra

    Not all Arabs are Muslims…

  • labman57

    Not only does falafel have Middle Eastern origins, it’s also good for you — very healthful. Which means that the FLOTUS would likely encourage its consumption by school kids. Yet another reason for it to be shunned.

    Yep, our kids should be fed a steady diet of pizza, tater tots, Freedom Fries, tortilla chips with Cheez Whiz, and Twinkies, you know, good ol’ patriotic American food.

    Remember, satire usually has a kernel of ironic truth at its core.

  • Don’t give them salad either because they might turn into RABBITS!

  • Randy Collins

    I read this story to my wife and she brought a couple of good points. If we are to believe what this “nut-case” is saying then we better start banning Chinese Food and things like spaghetti. It’s a form of fear taken to the ultimate degree.

  • Come on, people, obvious satire here. There’s no way Michelle Bachmann would say “responsible adults can probably use Arab food safely in moderation.”

  • That is true the numbers in english are written right to left like 132 is from right 2x10pwr0+3x10pwr1+1x10pwr2

  • hope orkin

    oh i hope its real, cause if so she is SO stupid and its just too funny. could it be just satire? it might be, its too ridiculous — my daughter and i laughed and laughed!!

  • not all Muslims eat Falafel either!…

  • Mitchell Sternbach

    I find it absolutely amazing (and pitiful) that, although obviously, or, Probably, satire, this article is not unbelievable. Because she is, indeed, an idiot. But then- that, for sure, has been obvious.

  • Mitchell Sternbach

    There are a lot of other stupid people around, too. Lots.

  • SF

    Arabia? Really? What is this, Aladdin for the adults!? Its the Middle East and North Africa! Maybe if you do visit one of the many “Arabian” country you’d know that “Arabic” is the language and NOT a destination!

    As a very well educated, cultured and liberal muslim are we supposed to go on a killing spree in elementary schools cause we have Mc Donalds!?!? You poor woman…

  • Amir

    This is wrong logic becoz none among the millions of people eating McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut all over the world have become rednecks.

  • TH

    And here I thought that falafel and hummus were from Israel. Is she saying that this is a master plot by Mossad to turn America against the Arabs?

  • Frankly speaking, you cannot be more silly, absurd futile or the least badly ignorant: one day they claim our food and traditions-even from times before Abraham-are Jewish others put themselves as the devils advocate and honestly speaking we do not give a dam to who or what you are or what you think, utter none sense, we have a firm belief that rubbish like you and what you believe in is cheap stuff will fade away and what is useful to humanity persists.

  • Ahmad

    The stupidity is Epic.. considering that she is a Congresswoman!!

  • A jafat

    This woman is a racist typical Zionist not Jew because Jews denounces such behavior .according to jewish history it’s claimed by them that falafel origin is Jewish so as Junius so what the he’ll is she talking about …

  • Ban all Falafel, Hummus, Tabouli and Pita bread – because these all sound like “jihadi” food – as per Michelle Dumb Bachmann.

  • Backmann made a fool of herself again

  • I guess we have to charge anyone who eats falafel with DWI,,LOL,, IGNORANCE,,,

  • angela

    Are you serious? Are there really people in the USA that docile, that racist, that stupid and that ignorant? Oh God dont ever let these people move to my country, let Australia break ties with this evil abomination USA.

  • Sunny Shamrock

    You’re right that’s when I knew it was satire. Almost had me though.

  • I try to post a comment, but I can’t. This is just… I don’t know how to put it. Mind boggling? Is that the proper term for it?

  • This has to be a joke. It has to be.

  • This bitch cannot be serious!!

  • prasad Jammalamadaka

    If this is a satire it is not that good .

  • if this is serious, so it could be the new US revolution. Thus Miss Bachmann achieved, what she sought for, namely to get US citizen to consume more of the healthy Falafel instead of Big Macs and large Pizzas

  • i adore this Julie!! I’m Egyptian & realize that ignorant fanatics exist everywhere…Zeinab Abdallah

  • Ok I know EVERYBODY says they’re going to face desk when they read something stupid. But this is the moment I am ACTUALLY going to do it.

    *slams head against desk*

  • Bachmann has lost any brain cells she may have had. someone please get the straight jacket.

  • It’s satire.

  • 430189

    I wish she would go after Mexican food!

  • Mr bill


  • No.

  • She didn’t.

  • It’s satire. But, Bacchman is a joke.

  • That is nuts. I wonder if it’s ok to eat schnitzel or suchi yet. The best thing DEMS can do is get that fruitcake out front and centre. The election is about courting the undecided…who would want to be on that bus? She must also be a Birther…just guessing.

  • im positive this is satire but ive never heard of ‘the daily currant’…i

  • “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.” (maybe fox will report on it)

  • M.Shamsi

    how about banning algebra as well? or let me name it by “Jihadi science”. Seriously, you people are so dumb if you follow what Bachmann ideology and attitude toward Arabs. Secondly and more importantly, Arabs is a race & ethnicity (I suppose she should study Anthropology & history before stating her stupidity & claims), it has nothing to do with religion! I am an Arab and what pisses me off that people are so dumb in the 21st century.

  • harry

    We should also ban Pizza. After all those damn Catholic Italians. Don’t forget any Chinese foods, damn Commies! No maple syrup, damn Socialist Canadians! Tomatoes, damn Peruvian whatevers. At what point do we get rid or at least ignore these morons!

  • Salma


  • She’s in her third term.

  • What is really scary is that people will re elect her to office

  • 1984

    What’s next to go? Algebra?

  • Yes, it’s satire.

  • Guest

    You simply could not make this shit up, could you? If it appeared in Veep as a sketch you would all laugh like crazy, when this stupid moron does it, we begin a discussion! Heaven preserve us from this sort of madness. What next? No more curries because Hindus and Sikhs eat them?

  • Yes.

  • sansankudo

    I had a hard time deciding if it’s satirical or real too, but the word shawarma gave it away. Anyway, it could be real after all – it’s America.

  • If it was in a Veep sketch we would all laugh like crazy but as it is written here, you can so easily believe it is true.

  • I thought the same thing! I was like, “She really didn’t say that, did she?” I wonder if she has a problem with nachos, because, you know, that’s the gateway food to tacos, and from there, you join a drug cartel. lol

  • Okay: She said of homosexuality, “It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is ‘gay.’ It’s anything but gay.”

  • No.

  • Satire.

  • It is.

  • “Satirical.”

  • No, it’s satire.

  • If someone had’t pointed out to me that this was satire, I would have believed it 100%. This is SO Michelle Bachman – uninformed, misinformed, proud of it and outspoken. My guess is she has an IQ of 70

  • She’s only Swiss by injection – her husband is Swiss. She is 100% home-grown American stupid.

  • real truth

    You Have got to be kidding–a middle eastern Cuisine and we are saying this is Muslim—and this person is running for office??? ohhh BoOOoooYYyyy!–is america in trouble if this is what at the helm today—that is like saying all christians are KKK since the KKK tout a Cross and use a bible—we should all ban christendom then because they– burn black people and wear white hoods–OH wait Your black and are a christian does that mean your burn white people at the stake—this is seriously dangerious stupidity—I would put my name on the ballot and vote for neither Democrat or Republican—if they are using a race or ethnic or religion card to win a election then they have no soul and ay even be alien in there thinking to what Humanity really is–send a message to illiterates like this who obviously manipulated there way to this position and not earned it–this kind of thinking has no buiness in the 21st century where we are going to have enough problems with water shrtages due to previous administrations who dried our lake and sent the fresh water to other countries–food shortages because the agro corporations poisoned the land with bad genetics–and illnesses as a resut of the Genetically engineered diseases that came from Bad technology–do you really want incoherant–ignorant people like this to be at the helm—they cannot even tie there shoes if it were velcro–smarten up on this–

  • No, it’s satire.

  • Satire.

  • *satirical

  • No.

  • extremeD

    Satire or not, she is bat crap crazy!!!

  • It’s satire.

  • I agree, but it’s satire.

  • It isn’t true.

  • House, actually.

  • It is.

  • Sudevi

    lol. yes I know.

  • Yes, it is.

  • No, but it is satire.

  • No.

  • No you don’t. It’s satire.

  • Hatefulness on either side is wrong, to me both sides are the same by their extreme hatred of the other. There will be no peace in America nor any issues creatively addressed with this mindset.

  • disqus_81T9ryFwLL

    It’s all a take on the Hindu system developed in the fifth century. We use Greek numerology, and formulas for modern purposes as well.

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, that’s why European food tastes just like Arabic or Indian. Hogwash. Crap logic and no proof of your nonsense.

  • Rebecca

    Nor should she. Long live Judeo-Christian USA, not Ameristan.

  • Dave_Adams

    Does she know that they teach Algebra there too?

  • safee

    reminds me of a politician in France called Marine Le-Pen, she asked to ban halal meat in restaurants and claims that most of restaurants serve Halal meat because its cheaper in France.

  • safee

    By the way, modern math and modern medicine was also developed first by Arabs, you should ban that too… oh wait… the education system is already poor in the states… no need to ban it 🙂

  • It’s satire, if it was real someone would have posted the interview on youtube.

  • carlsan

    The sad thing is most people can imagine her saying these things!

  • DMerrow

    I too cannot tell if this is a joke or real. Either way, its disturbing that someone seeking political power in our country is so culturally close-minded that she thinks our food choices have a much deeper meaning. Give me a freakin’ break lady!!! I like french fries and hot dogs just as much as any American, but if I choose to order Chinese take out, will my eyes start to slant too? Ya, it’s just *that ridiculous*!!!

  • OR

    So next will she call for a ban on the gateway oil from Arabia?

  • Falafel lover

    It’s the hummus among us that’s tearing this country apart!

  • Keep your long, spindly nose out of my lunch!

  • What a stupid ignorant lady you are….Muslims are not terrorists….You should see whats going on in America first and then talk…All the other shootings attacks from Americans that is not a terrorist??you say they are mentally retarded or something else when it comes to that…AND YOU ARE ONE RACIST LADY…MUSLIMS are peaceful people and you should not judge a book by its cover….IGNORANT STUPID CRAZY LADY YOU ARE…

  • {Does the face palm thing} Knowing the level of intellect available to rightwingers and conservatives, I’d not be surprised if this were true. This is a pretty much universal Mediterranean/MiddleEastern foodstuff! I ate it in the Armenian Taverna a week or two ago and it hasn’t filled me with the desire to get even with Turkey over the 1915 genocide… my local Greek Cypriot eatery serves it, but I have never wanted to go out and bomb Turkey in revenge for their invasion of Cyprus in 1974… and has anyone advised Mrs Bachmann that falafel is a perfectly kosher foodstuff not unknown in Israel? I mean, after eating kosher falafel, would I then feel the need to go out and bulldoze a Palestinian settlement and shoot any of its inhabitants who objected…. er… hold on a minute…

  • Hmmm, Swiss food…. So therefore, eating Emmenthal cheese and Toblerone chocolate predisposes you to being an amoral banker who will look after the money, shield it from harm, and not care whether it came from an escaped Nazi, an Al Queda terrorist, or a tinpot African dictator who’s been thieving the foreign aid money to give himself a retirement pension…

  • manitoba bass

    If this is real, God help Minnesotans. What a wing nut!

  • thedudeabides

    More fake satire to paint republicans as out of touch. i wish people would fact check, before they share articles.

  • Guest

    I can tell this story is counterfactual because when people use “its” vs. “it’s” incorrectly, it’s always in favor of “it’s.”

  • This story is clearly counterfactual because when people use “its” vs. “it’s” incorrectly, it’s always in favor of “it’s.”

  • is this like the onion? or is this woman that dumb?

    next thing you know she’ll want to ban stir fry because that’s communist or something.

  • Paul

    At first I thought this was from the Onion.

  • elljaye

    It’s Satire. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Bachmann secretly believed this.

  • GUYS, read the description of this website! This is a purely satirical, fictional website for entertainment purposes. Even though there is no doubt Michelle Bachmann always says the dumbest things on Earth, this is story is fake.

  • Mrs Bachmann before you start with the food, look at the lessons. In m
    ath they use arabic numbers.

  • SioB

    Did I stumble upon the Onion by accident? WTF!

  • Lenny

    This has got to be a joke. Not even she’s that nuts!

  • Novus Ordo

    Thank you for buying Saudi petroleum today.

  • chris

    This woman is a picture perfect example of why abortion should be legal

  • There are several actually 🙁

  • that was hilarious lol

  • poxod

    Michelle Bachmann does have a documented tendency to casually slip into bigoted tangents that leave interviewers flabbergasted. I give the writer extra points for using her oft-repeated phrase “my friend told me”. It was very well written satire.

  • Raz

    I am ashamed that people like Bachmann represent us in the congress.

  • OMG that was so freaking funny, I just about died!! lol

  • sea


  • Chisna

    Satire or not. It wouldn’t surprise me. What I can’t get over is the fact that she said nothing when the Bush administration opened up dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood in 2007. But now anyone that dares speak to anyone from the MB is in bed with Muslim terrorists.

  • Jen

    Omg, where do these people come from?!

  • OMG is this for real? Is she that out there… OMG… she is truly insane. I don’t get it, how ridiculous is this?? Go away woman you make your entire party look bad not to mention women and hormones!!!

  • gvanderleun

    The number of leftist credulous morons reading this and believing it would seem to be infinite.

  • Beth

    The fact this story is on various news sites suggests she is serious. She obviously doesnt know that falafel is eaten a LOT in Israel and has been popular here in the states for decades.

  • GEC

    The Arabs did not invented the Middle Eastern cuisine, they were living as nomads in the Arabian desert. The falafel, hummus and all these tasty food are the inventions of Midlle Eastern countries, including Israel. They date long time before the Islam was revealed to the Arabs

  • Chef V

    she might not have said it our her mouth but I can see that mess rattling around that empty head of hers

  • Typical jewish, Wake up this is not israel where the jewish steal the land and discriminate against the Arab

  • Mai

    Is she for real!!!! If so, I cant believe she has a place in congress!!!!


  • patronanejo

    Good stuff, Julie!

    ‘Arabic numerals’ were actually invented in India in the 5th century. They’re called ‘Arabic’ because Europeans learned about them via Arab traders from North Africa in the Middle Ages. Arab mathematicians know them as ‘Hindu numbers’.

    The concept of zero also originated in India in the 9th century, though the decimal point system is a 9th century Arab invention and it was this (with its elegant way of expressing fractions) that particularly interested European scholars.


  • patronanejo

    If we’re going by injection logic, her “gay-cured” husband is ostensibly multinational.

  • patronanejo

    Ha…you just said you vote Bachmann.

  • patronanejo

    The point is, Senator Michelle Bachmann (R – MN) is so decidedly preposterous that what should immediately be recognised as satire requires a far more jaundiced eye.

    Clearly, it you who fails to appreciate the meaning of the word

  • Not only the zero … all the numbers actually .. 1 2 3 4 5 etc. are Arabic numbers. If you want to double-check on that, read any British official paper like a birth certificate, it reads at the bottom something like “This document was written using English letters and Arabic numbers”

  • all we have to do is send chicken nuggets to Dubai and we’re more than even.

  • This is a satire, you idiots.

  • @patronanejo:disqus : you and Ahmad Ibrahim are both right, The numbers used by Arabs nowadays are Indian, but the numbers used by the western world are Arabic.

    The idea behind using those “Arabic” numbers (123456789 and 0) is based on the number of angles in the shape of a number, i.e. 1 has one angle, 2 has two angles etc.it just makes sense that zero has no angles.

  • OldUncleDave

    You know the world’s gone crazy when you’re not sure if a piece like this is satirical or factual.

  • ObservingSwede

    I don’t know whether to cry or scream. If this was satire it wasn’t funny. If it was serious then she is more off her rocker than her ever. Does eating pasta make you Italian? Does eating tacos make you Mexican? As Americans we should learn to use chick peas more in our diet because they are healthier and less destructive to the environment than mean proteins. I love hummus, falafel, roasted chick peas, etc. Michelle is totally off the deep end but given she somehow believes her husband is heterosexual that is no surprise. My “mayday” went off the first time I saw her husband on camera. He is either an out but secretive homosexual or one that has not yet burst forth from the closet. But trust me, he is one or the other.

  • Johnny Worku

    Did she really finish high school? This is a perfect example of ” Dumb as a rock”

  • “Chris, falafel is a gateway food,” responded Bachmann Soooo by that standard I guess the last time I had that it should have miraculously made me want to behead women and kill Americans? There must be something wrong with this old white guy (me) since that never happened. Bachmann is an idiot and she’s taken a double dose of stupid for lunch.

  • Is this an article from The Onion!??!?!!??!!??!!?!?

  • melech

    Thank God for Michelle. I have been eating falafel and hummus for years. And when I go to Chicago, there is this great Kosher restaurant that serves schwarma. It is almost as good as the kind I ate in Tel Aviv. But now I know that I have become a closet Muslim. I remember eating Borscht in 1950’s and that made a Soviet spy. And then those Egg Rolls turned me into a follower of Chariman Mao. My frustration is that I have been eating tacos for years and I still can’t speak Spanish. And this woman was a Republican candidate for President and she sits on the House Intelligence Committee

  • Joel

    This is so ridiculous . I hope she get attacked by falafel bullets and drowns in hummus, but seriously how I this person even allowed to speak publicly in congress ?

  • Unless thats what she wants you to believe ….

  • Michael Egelhoff

    She sucks…. If you vote for this person you’re non-american in fact I hate you.

  • How stupid can someone be?! grow fucking up!

  • M. Kamel

    That is Greek to Me!

  • Nada

    Lol!!!!is she for real?..that’s sounds crazy to me!

  • Aoine Dune

    I really feel like smacking my forehead really hard right now. This election season, what do I see? Not campaigners talking about how they’re going to do the right thing by the American people, not by a long shot. All I ever see is mudslinging, and one party making fun of another, or outright lying about the other, or this kind of thing. Republican, Democrat, whatever! I’m voting for whoever is NOT trying to make our country communist/socialist!

  • G

    This so stupid that this could be a priority. Congresswoman needs to be slapped. If I had a kid I would rather have them eat arab food than get fat off of american good.

  • Thanks for a great laugh lady. But really?? It insults the intelligence of people who voted for you.

  • What a racist Looney bird.

  • anon

    The fact you can’t mouse over the website to see that it’s satire scares me

  • she should be banned from schools

  • sassbutta

    This idiot needs to choke on some hummus!!!! NOW

  • Marcus Darnley

    that’s because it’s bad writing

  • I got this link from my daughter and it’s NOT the Onion?
    Welcome aboard the Good Ship, Whut-the-HUH?
    It’s like that SNL skit where Gerald Ford’s aides started tripping over themselves to make the president look less clumsy.
    Is it that time again?
    I read the big GTOP money is leaving Mittens and going to the state level.
    That’s where the REAL voting happens (or doesn’t).
    The problem is in Congress and they’re pushing their money at the candidates that will keep their laws from changing.
    So, let’s say, she’s to convince everyone to vote “Not Bachmann” because we don’t want her voting on anything of import.
    Who’s next, another Republican refugee who checked the “D” box?
    Or whatever the Dems are supposed to be?
    Normally, I would say, vote the record. *cough*
    The only resolution from the perspective of an independent voter is to huff and puff and blow the GTOP house down, then deal with the Democrat problem afterwards.
    Congress needs a re-org because as it is, (and has been for about 30 years) got a big SNAFU that we can only break up by sinking the radical right and restore the balance. If the neocons are still there on the side of the GTOP, mucking up things, we don’t need ’em.

  • gerraf

    This woman is truly suffering from true realty in life, and needs treatment. Anyone who accepts her philosophy in life needs treatment just as well.

  • maira

    this person is out of her mine she cant handle the idea that the U.S.A is made up of differ people

  • This has to be a joke. I would put money on it. I know she’s a moron, but even she isn’t THAT stupid —

    I vote fake!

  • Wolf

    Dr. Bachmann sounds Anti-Semitic and Islamo/Arabo-phobic (illegal in the US as of 2012). All these phobias stem from her desire to continue to break the LAW. She must be charged with crimes against harmless foods from regions that are friendly to all of us, provided we stop stealing their resources (I am not talking about garbanzo or lentil but oil). I recommend that she must be also charged with crimes against humanity, given her bigotry.

  • Joukahainen

    This is total bullshit! Greetings from Finland.

  • I got this link from my daughter and she’s rather borked up that it’s NOT an article from the Onion

  • MJ

    “Falafel: Rise of the Jihadis”


  • ikokkinos

    Me either, but it’s really funny. But then again it’s really scary if it isn’t satire.

  • ikokkinos

    I laughed even more at your comment

  • Rodney

    I seriously agree you Jim, I’m not sure what is real anymore! This seems to be a story someone decided to add to or take away from! I really hope we don’t have people in congressional seats who think this way about FOOD! They need to worry more about the PEOPLE coming into the nation illegally then the food our kids are eating to learn a different culture! Not every Muslim in America is here to kill us and they need to stop pushing that stuff. Get back to being the America we were before 911 and treat people with some respect

  • Roipolloi

    Really? Felafel is a concoction of the Coptic Christians of Egypt as a
    replacement for meat during Lent. It is still popular with the Copts,
    who cook large volumes of it during religious holidays. What will she
    think of next?

  • roipolloi

    Okay, now I see it’s satire. It would have been obvious if not for some of the other things she has said.

  • ikokkinos

    How dare you say that! The greeks invented everything.

  • ikokkinos

    You are cheeky! Lol

  • MatthewOgden

    Absolutely Jim… the most telling thing for me was that my initial response was not “hell, no way I should verify that” but “hell, no way, is that vicious insane and insidious bitch at it again?”…

  • ikokkinos

    You could have replaced the word America with world (I assume by america you mean the USA), sounds like you are on the americans side

  • Moe

    Jihadi food? Lmaoo
    Bitch please

  • Israelis eat falafel and hummus too. Shouldn’t that negate its negative effects?

  • so based on her “logic”, eating Chinese food is a conspiracy to bring communism to the US? ….just LOL

  • Ricky

    Satirical? Comical? Made up?. THIS IS what she believes in, and she says what she thinks and feels! And she represents the people who support her… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?l

  • Brad

    Somebody must have mistakenly gotten this stuff from the Onion News. She can’t possibly be this stupid.

  • Pete Wilkins

    Forget party politics!! Do NOT reelect this idiot!!!

  • Jessonthego

    I really hope this is a joke, is this a joke? As a young voter I find it hard to stay involved and aware of politics and politician enterprises like I should when things like this are just as reliable as watching Fox cover a story. Oi! You want the next generation to be more sophisticated, get rid of this b.s. please!

  • oewufhgoewihowegf

    How can someone be so FUCKING STUPID? It’s sad and scary at the same time. Why should the government control what children eat? Bachmann claims she’s a conservative but really a true conservative would actually be against her idea. The government should have no business controlling what children should and shouldn’t eat. Parents should make those decisions themselves, and the schools should have the responsibility to provide healthy food choices for children. At most the government should encourage these schools to do this, not control.

  • Chris Up

    Come on! for real?

  • Nicolas

    Another ignorant WASP that depicts the class of “Educated
    Illiterates” elected to office. She might want to drop the Numeral “0”
    since the Arabs invented that too. I am Christian from the Middle East that speaks
    Arabic and have been eating Falafel all my life, I have not converted yet!

  • what a joke

    ..you dumb worthless piece of crap ..this us what we don’t need in government ..A RACIST!!! ..where in the works do u think most foods come from? ..Chinese next ? ..lets all go to mcdonalds and eat sh=t

  • LMAO!! PLease!!! NOT THE CHICKPEAS….SECURITY!!! LOL!! I want what she’s smoking!!!

  • ElectMeforcongress

    As an afghan canadian, I understand of you elected Clinton. He did well and his only mistake was receiving felatio… But why in the world would you elect her as your congresswoman when she says things like this?

  • rashid zaidi

    No wonder we are in trouble with nut jobs like her in congress! Lol do something good for America rather then wasting time on such stupid pursuits
    on tax payer money.

  • I agree-Heaven forbid, what if pierogis, boiled cabbage, corned beef, chop suey, gyros, capicola(prnc; cabbaghoul) would be allowed ‘in’? It could bring in a Polish, Russian/Irish, Jewish, Chinese, Greek/Arab and Italian maelstrom that could bring down America..!..What?! Oh right *!*…eaten on a daily basis?!..you’re kidding me, right?!

  • Bachmann forgot where her “Jesus” was raised. Jesus was probably eating hummus for breakfast anyway! Come on, I cannot believe that American would want to vote for someone who put at the top of her agenda banning midleeast food in school. Your gigantic deficit is more important to deal with. Create jobs, don’t become intolerante to other culture.

  • Oh, PS Michelle, I’m 49, but when I was 14, falafel was sold at the historical “The Arcade”-Cleveland and do tell, vegetarian quisine could be had at Govinda’s on Euclid served by..What?!..yes, honest to goodness orange robed-(terrorist) shaved head single pony tailed wearing “Krishna” followers…”Peace, Love, buy a flower” it was a sleeper agent cult all along..my $2.50 special of the day, spicy veggies and potatoes, helped fund this cult that made me want to hug everybody and listen to George Harrison. Gateway? I’ll say!

  • name

    It is pretty funny, but its really way more saddening. how ignorant! and she is in politics!? it’s pretty clear she is not in a good position to evaluate what is best for any community. chick peas really, if you eat cick peas you will have a desire to harm your neighbours…. so does eating McDonalds induce ignorance, discrimination and hate?

  • Kraunk

    Yes, this is a satire. Unfortunately,in Bachmann’s case- NO it is NOT obvious.

  • ChutPata

    Folks, she is no joke. Everytime she makes a hate speech against Muslims and Arabs, a Muslim Mosque, a Hindu Temple, or a Sikh Gurdwara is attacked and innocent people are killed. She is the reincarnation of Bloody Mary.

  • SWM

    oh come on…Michelle IS that dense. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she truly believed that stuff. The far right must be really proud of all the things she says!

  • NK

    This women is an idiot!! There is nothing else left to be said about it.

  • JRC

    It should be banned in elementary schools but not for her reasons. You know when its served in a school its going to be made with fillers and fried in who knows what and for the Hummus do you really think they make it with good olive oil or cheap corn oil

  • Pablo

    Because of this woman and Glen Beck, the John Birch Society now is mainstream and no longer a bunch of nutty conspiracy theories.

  • Anne

    This is about as stupid as stupid can get, how in the world did she ever get elected to anything

  • The raven

    Hey a bunch of people wanted her to be President…there is the real humor!

  • Falafel_Star

    Let me call her on a ‘Falafel & Shawarma’ party.

  • Jordan

    Don’t let your kids eat corned beef either. They’ll join the IRA before you know it.
    This woman is clearly an idiot, to put it nicely… Does she really think other people think the same way she does?

  • qlez

    instead use italics.

  • nkm

    Zero came from India, not Arabs! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0_(number)

  • OK folks No more turkey on thatnksgiving because your kids may want to go to Turkey a Arab country.

  • Jesus came from Middle east I guess we can drop him also

  • My Humble Opinion

    Close the tapas bars and ban souvlaki. We can’t have Americans thinking we should emulate the social programs of Spain and Greece. Look where the economies of those countries are now. Please, Minnesota, vote this nitwit out of office. She is an embarrassment to your state and our country. On the other hand, she is a blessing for people who don’t have access to Comedy Central.

  • eddy

    So spaghetti is a gateway food to mafia? Lol

  • squirpled

    i guess she has never tried falafel our she wouldn’t be complaining about it!
    this line made me laugh so hard “God Hates Chick Peas” is this what America is coming to!!!! XD lol

  • you took the words right out of my mouth! This has to be a joke, right?

  • Jihad Al Jayyousi

    Sorry to say that the lady is either crazy or stupid. She can simply say “I hate Arabs and Moslims, and I can’t accept them in anyway; whoever they are.” Saying this might be understandable, though not totally acceptable.

    The funny thing in the matter is that uttering such nonesense only comes out from the assumption that the people she happens to be addressing are equally silly or brainless. This is simply insulting, isn’t it?

    Now >>>I hope I won’t be similarly condemned because of the name I was given when I came to life; it doesn’t “taste” good for many!)

  • Oh noes! More culture! WE MUST STAY TASTELESS!!!!

  • MtnBear

    I’m sure she would like to see only the highly processed, GMO crap the corporations that pay her bribes, sorry campaign contributions, want to feed our kids, in schools.

  • mtn_bear

    Oh, so that’s why Republicans have so much trouble with math.

  • disgusted

    This is beyond ridiculous. Why dont we just admit that some of our representatives are not too bright and will do anything say anything to get elected. What a shame for America

  • The first time I was introduced to falafel was through a friend of mine at Hillel (Jewish student house) during my college days. This was back in the 80’s and this nitwit is just learning about falafel and shwarma? Well, I guess she better share this with all the Israeli/Jewish restaurants that serve both.

  • This woman is nuts, get her OUT of office

  • Raff

    FYI falafel is very popular amongst jews and in Israel. In fact, it is a Passover food.

  • barb s f

    Good luck, Jim Graves. She’s gone off her nut
    I’ve eaten falafel since I was a child when my Syrian uncles mother cooked it for me. Along with a lot of other Syrian foods. I love the smells of near eastern food. Never thought of such a gate way. She’s just plain insane.

  • HAHAHA! OMG.. best comment ever..

  • This cannot be true. She is crazy but she is not a nut. Gateway food? I am sure someone is just trying to make fun of her.

  • OMG with all the Chinese food we eat…no wonder China is kicking our asses. We need immediate investigations into pizza, pastrami, kielbasa, curry…

  • Dusk

    This has to be the work of The Onion.

  • Superabound

    When it comes to the Tea Party, there is literally no difference.

  • Is this serious? I really hope not, because if then, ignorance and xenophobia is far more real than any of us imagined. And, that is what is scary. This person cannot really be running…

  • At first I laughed, but this isn’t funny. What she is saying is motivated by the same narrow minded bigotry that fueled segregation. I hope the people of Minnesota know how bad she makes them look.

  • the school FORCES kids to eat hummus? chickpeas are one of the most nutritious foods out there, but lets have the kids eat french bread pizza instead JUST IN CASE HUMMUS TURNS THEM INTO A TERRORIST!

  • A vote for her should come with a free lobotomy…

  • Robertjm

    Thank you for the best non-stop breakout uncontrollable laughter I’ve had since the 1990s!!! My two dogs were generally concerned when I couldn’t stop! 🙂

  • Teresa

    A quick search and this is what came up –
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Not to be confused with The Daily Currant, the global satirical newspaper .The Daily Courant was one of the world’s first regular daily newspapers, commencing in 1702 from premises in Fleet Street.Looks like this is a satirical newspaper

  • Giraffemom

    Look up Poe’s Law and you’ll understand what happened.

  • Teresa

    The Daily Currant is a global satirical newspaper – not to be confused with the Daily Courant.

  • Teresa

    Yes, it is a satirical newspaper according to Wiki,

  • kiptw

    Knowing Poe’s Law doesn’t necessarily make it that much easier to spot instances of it, though it’s probably what led me to check the externals. Even something like this (which is less nutty than some things real Republicans say nowadays) yields up its secret if you can find more obvious satire on the same site.

  • anything to stay in the news. Idiot! Falafels are also an Israeli food. I live in nyc and buy mine at the Jewish deli.

  • Rick Carter

    OMG she is living in another world and is dangerous. How is it possible that this woman holds a seat which Bill Luther and Gerry Sikorski once held? Does she know how outrageous these comments are and that IF the foods she describes will “turn” people into Muslims, then perhaps Jews living in Israel need to change their diets! As a former Minnesotan, I must say that all my friends who still live there MUST defeat her this election cycle. She is an embarrassment to the good people of Minnesota and everyone EVERYWHERE!!

  • both

  • A “gateway food”? For pete’s sake, she just says whatever pops into that tiny, bat-shit-crazy brain of hers. How does she get elected? She’s an idiot. And I’m not just saying that because I like falafel.

  • Bachmann’s preferred school lunch. Chicken salad w/ Mayo on White Bread, with a glass of Milk.

  • This woman is a moron! I hope she never returns to Congress.

  • rubygirl

    What about Chinese food? I can’t stop shaking my head over this. And she’s gonna take this to Congress? Wow! One can’t help but wonder if her mental stability was affected after losing the Presidential nomination!

  • See, this is why the rest of the world think Americans are a bunch of ignorami who make the Guild of Village Idiots look like the cleverest people in Britain

  • i can’t tell if this is a joke or really that much ignorance lol damn you internets, you’ll be the death of us all

  • OOh Nooo!!!! It is not enough we have Sarah Palin!!

  • Michelle Bachmann, you are such a racist American. Kids are kids, you dont have authority over school lunches and not all arabs are bad. They wont attack our country cause they dont know what the hell falafel is

  • Nanjaffa

    Where can I send two donations-The first to The Graves campaign & The second for the medication Ms. Bachmann so obviously needs?

  • gnowayout

    Joel Benin (Stanford Professor of Middle East Studies) even repeated this story at a public affairs forum in Palo Alto, earlier this week.

  • Delicious

    Comedian Assaf Cohen actually talks about “scary” Middle Eastern foods in his standup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ao-7Q3tXMY

  • Captain America eats shawarma

  • Linda

    If you check ‘about’, you will find that this is indeed political satire.

  • Steve A

    This woman is really stupid ,,,,,,

  • rana harb

    Is that person really part of our government?? I don’t even know what to say….where to start…..

  • yaser

    This isnt true. my religion (islam) is the religion of mercy and forgivness but some people in the weastern countries doesnt want you to know the trurh and how can falafel be related to torrisem it is non-sense. Why are you so rasist we eat your burger and pizza and we dont say that it make us christians

  • lusty91a

    ha ha ha my god how stupid some people are as Don king would say “Only In America”

  • Iva

    What is frightening is that this lunatic was elected in the first place.

  • This woman is crazy. Arabic food is delicious and just as different as Italan is to Greek. She should come to Michigan where there are many places serving this delicious food. Bring on Shwarma, Hommus, Pita, Tabouli! We are all getting “converted” here and LIKING IT!

  • bigdolla

    How wacko can stupid get?



  • me

    yeah feed your children junk food it’s way better than “jihadi’s food” as she said , how dump she is !!!

  • James

    I had a bagel and lox this morning and now I have an irresistible desire to speak to a Rabbi.

  • I am looking for the Onion Logo somewhere

  • Are you fucking kidding me?! This is a joke right? This is the onion…I’m on the wrong page..I think?

  • Susanne

    Is she brain dead or is there a journalist out there having an extremely good laugh on her behalf? Just shows that you have to be careful of those racist politicians what can THAT lead to ? ;D

  • Excuse me, you’re a well educated person. What’s the female of bozo?

  • She’s not ignorant. She’s American. Americans don’t know anything about countries and the ways of people outside America, except perhaps the refueling stops on the way (fast disappearing) and the kilo-tons they calculate it will take to quieten dissent.

  • nojinx


    Wait…this is a serious article?!?!?

  • mchuss

    O.K. Michelle, time to adjust your meds. Your food paranoia has returned.
    This would have made great news if it was back in the primaries.

  • I am not only 100% agree with Michelle Bachmann, but we should also ban all the AL- HALA product in our stores…. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR CANADIAN/ AMIRICAN PRODUCTS, TO BRING OUR ECONOMIC UP…

  • Sam

    Are you serious? obviously this idiot is just trying to find a cheap way into the spotlight to try and further her less so bright future..

  • RobRoy

    Sounds like she’s in cahoots with George W. And Sarah Palin – also John (I just love Iran) McCain

  • When I eat feta cheese my checkbook won’t balance!

  • Jogee

    I’m Italian and we love chick peas! Michelle Bachman should be force fed falafel !!! What’s next-spaghetti& meatballs- because you know it’s a gateway food that only leads to becoming a mafia hit man!!!!!!! Michelle Bachman- Crazy!- cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs!!!

  • This beeoch can just EFF OFF!

  • Let the kids and the parents decide what they eat, you are in no position to tell people what they can and cannot eat – you are an evil stoopid minded woman who should be chained to your stove, and forced to cook and eat these food YOU don’t like

  • Lol

    She is insane… Lol.. Jihadi food???

  • retiredinboyntonbeach

    Bachmann is an anti-Semite, because falafel is an ISRAELI food. Every Israeli restaurant in the US serves Falafel.

  • Salman

    Are you sarcastic …?

  • AIK2012

    I’m really wondering if she was a drunk when she made the interview.. if not, then her brain is totally damaged

  • AIK2012

    Israelis eat Falafel too!!

  • NANJ

    love falafel and make it all the time. Michelle the moron has no idea
    what it is. Italians call it vegetarian meatballs:
    1 16 oz. can of chickpeas or garbanzo beans.
    1 large onion, chopped
    2 cloves of garlic, chopped
    3 tablespoons of fresh parsley, chopped
    1 teaspoon coriander
    1 teaspoon cumin
    2 tablespoons flour
    Salt & Pepper
    Oil for frying
    Drain chickpeas, and place in pan with fresh water, and bring to a boil.
    Allow to boil for 5 minutes, then let simmer on low for about an hour.
    Drain and allow to cool for 15 minutes.
    Combine chickpeas, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper (to taste) in medium bowl. Add flour.
    chickpeas, ensuring to mix ingredients together. You can also combine
    ingredients in a food processor. You want the result to be a thick
    Form the mixture into small balls, about the size of a ping pong ball.

    Fry in 2 inches of oil at 350 degrees until golden brown (5-7 minutes).
    Serve hot Over Sauce or with Sour cream with herbs

  • Mo

    That is so stupid, the math number we use is Arbic number!! so what we should ??? change to what??

  • MMofeez

    In 976 AD the Persian encyclopedist Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Khwarizmi, in his “Keys of the Sciences”, remarked that if, in a calculation, no number appears in the place of tens, then a little circle should be used “to keep the rows”. This circle the Arabs called صفر ṣifr, “empty”. That was the earliest mention of the name ṣifr that eventually became zero.[23] wikki

  • lefty

    I know she’s a republican, but come on. Now food is going to start dictating how children grow up?? This is par for the course for the right.

  • Martin Pavlov

    Well I guess I’m a Terrorist then according to this lady, as I have conquered Shawarma and Humus…. We should ban Coffee and the word ”Sugar” as well while we are at it as both have Arabic Origins… I cant believe insane people like this are in a position of potential power….. I’m telling you the next step for this lady will order FBI Surveillance at a ”Star Bucks” near you!

  • Martin Pavlov

    Just like there is no way someone running for president can come on National TV and ”with a straight face” say middle class has a 200k-250k income right?

  • As the founder of Falafel Day http://www.falafelday.com I hope this is a joke!

  • earthguardian

    What a pitiful statement from a woman who is supposed to represent our country!!! /wow. She is some example of clarity and maturity. How is she any different than the ones who are so steeped in indoctrination that they think we’re all polluting their religious environment /she’s no different. Just polarized with nonsense!!!! To me she is utterly pitiful. full of the same fear based madness as they are steeped into believing. A vicious circle indeed!!!

  • Marsha


  • Marsha


  • Suzi Gordon

    I think Michelle Buchaman should get a bit educated and become more rational before trying to go back to Congress.Cindy Gordon

  • I love ISRAELI food, & therefore eats felafel, Ms. Bachmann: You are a BAD Evangelical Christian! You DO NOT support Israeli food. Therefore, when the rapture comes, you will NOT be saved.

  • That’s the scary part! These politicians are such dufuses, that if we question whether its satire, we are done!!!

  • Shamma

    That is awful. Racist. Shameful to have someone like that in politics. That is called dirty politician CHEAP

  • Oh MY GOD, you’re hilarious, did they test her IQ before she goes public?

  • Papaelao

    She’s lost it. No reasoning – to pep the seasoning.

  • Well, it pissed me off when they banned HASHISH. It was one of my favorites when I lived in Morocco! Darn !!! ….and I know a lot of women who should be made to wear a veil. ! No, I dont like the multiple wives. I can bearly handle one ! Dont cmels and donkeys get better gas mileage ($5.50 a gallon in California)

  • Skeptic

    Uh, folks, this is a satirical newspaper. If you hover over THE DAILY CURRANT, a gray “tool-tip” box appears that says The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record. If that’s not enough, try going to the home page. I don’t seriously believe that they’ve received a dispatch from Steve Jobs…

  • Aboubakr rkie

    Be ware of Sushi , its the gate way to wasabi and then kamikaze

  • Pragmatic

    You are confused. Arabs use Indian Numerals in most countries. But the 1234567890 are Arabic Numerals. And yes, the concept of zero was invented by the Indians but never used it competently. Arabs invented Algebra and counting as we know it today.

  • We should definitely keep this woman away from any source of power, otherwise there will be nothing left for us to eat. What is she going to strike next? Soya sauce may be next perhaps and who knows what else?.

  • Marlene Saad

    What has Michelle been drinking????
    Has she lost her mind??
    I have always been a fan of hers – but not anymore. She has become illogical and so very strange!!!
    Does she not know that Arabic food is part of a culture – which includes conservative Christians all over the world????
    How dare her say because we cook and eat Arabic/Greek food that we are all Jihadists. What a dummy!!1

  • herbm

    She has a point about this gateway thing. Next, kids will be looking into Arithmetic and – gulp – Algebra –

  • Levantine

    Actually Falafel, Hummus, and Shawirma do not come from Arabia, they come for the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia.

  • lior

    terror cakes!!!! 🙂

  • Galgamish

    Retarded lady

  • Winston

    Was the cuisine served on tasteful and matching china and silver? That would combine the gateways to terrorism and homosexuality. Holy cow! Just when you think the Republicans have hit the intellectual bottom.

  • Kaz

    I actually laughed out loud then I realised that she may be serious.

  • what a fn loser. a. the terror was Georgie bush. b. American food is poisoned with GMO. msg .gluten. c. what a fuckin idiot.

  • thank Allah lol its satire. phew i couldn’t bear that much stupidity

  • Matt

    This article is a “gateway article”. It makes me want to institute a minimum IQ for congressional members.

  • zonmind

    Its people like her who make anyone who believes in smaller government and less government intervention in our lives look like idiots. I hate that she regurgitates Ayn Rand and when she has an original idea its this garbage. For sure the stupidist thing ive heard in some time. I know shes a blithering idiot but this makes it quite obvious shes retarted. If your a politician and cannot make the distinction between food and ideology you should be taken off and thrown in a mental institution before you are allowed to vote on bills that could effect peoples lives

  • Bob

    Where is the onion logo? Is this broad for real?

  • Kurdistan

    Why because it is healthy lol wow

  • If this weren’t satire I’d say: Um, Michelle, you whack job, Jesus ate falafels, yes, actually, historically speaking, pita type bread, fried chickpea patties, sesame yoghurt sauce and cukes go way back before Jesus. Tomatoes came from the new world several centuries later. But whether this is satire or not, Michelle Backmann is an ignorant loony-toon.

  • Mazen Mardini,M.D

    what about america’s taste for arab oil? may be because we need it ! Is it still OK to eat Kouskus or Pita bread,or how about your daily morning coffy(Kahwa),it came from Yemen and africa’s horn(Somalia and Ethiopia),may be she needs to abandon it too,very dangerous items.

  • Of course they did, and when they discovered that she had the IQ of a falafel (oops!), they said “you’re in, you’re one of us”.

  • Nice one.

  • Haider

    Please note that, Arab in nationality not religion, Christian
    in middle east also Arab we have several religions beside Islam,

  • Vene

    Me lo traducen?

  • Nadine

    Lady Bachmann, as a pharmacist I must ask: have you not been taking your antipsychotic meds on schedule?? Get admitted to the psych ward ASAP!!!

  • Nadine.. Don’t erase comment

    Lady Bachmann, as a pharmacist, I must ask, have you been skipping your antipsychotic meds? Get admitted to a psych ward ASAP!! Crazy.

  • And was just about to go and get some nachos! Whew! So I bought Chinese instead!

  • What person doesn’t realize is that she trying to starve me!! I will EAT what I want WHEN I want. She’s breeding stupidity and racism! And did I mention that she’s trying to starve me!

  • Madeline

    OMG, i laughed so hard and especially at the comments, now I’ve heard it all
    she’s either very ignorant or satire?
    first of all it is called middle eastern food, has nothing to do with religion and
    for her information the arab world is diverse in religion, some are catholics
    as well as athiests.

  • dave

    great logic

  • Yasmin

    This is hilarious! I have not laughed so much in ages! I live jihadi foods-falafel wrap is a favourite, I wonder if that’s why I feel radicalised LOL

  • kid_45

    dumb bitch

  • Ductape

    if she did say that, I guess that next we should ban water. After all, Al Qaida drinks water.

  • Samah

    ok, and while you’re at it don’t forget mexican and chinese food … u dont want those kids to grow up as drug smugglers or bad drivers!! u know it’s not like we came over to your side of the globe and shoved pureed chickpeas down ur throats! dont want ethnic foods on the menu, suite ur self, just dont come crying to us when kids are 400 pounds munching on KFC breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    Middle-Eastern, Flafel eater, Hummos lover .. and DAMN proud.

  • greg kelly

    is she serious, what a disgrace it is food nothing else but food, did not know of anywhere where any food has created a bomb

  • Remember…. bashing the french fries 🙂

  • Riaz Ahmed

    This can not be true
    May god bless her

  • This women is so sick that sickness needs a new defination. She is paranoid, she must be sreaming in sleep and waking up to say more nasty things. The fear tactic continues….

  • Your comments is hilarious..she has an IQ of a falafel.

  • Rumia

    Jihadi foods? Haha, oh Bachmann, how happy I am to hear you’re not running for president anymore. You’d be a HUGE disgrace to all Americans

  • Syed

    I wish she would start working on not using the Middle Eastern oil and Chinese goods too. What a Republican? I am sure thay will facing a strong challenge with this mentality.

  • sissy

    It’s satire. What is serious is that it is believable. She is just frightening!

  • sam

    IF this woman really did say this …… this woman is an idiot. It’s simple. We live in such bizarre times now, it’s impossible to know if this is for real or not.

  • Hiba

    How on earth did she become a congresswoman?? She has the reasoning of a 2 yr old.. It’s hilarious/ridiculous!

  • Woolfy

    Falafel murdered my mother and raped my sister.

  • OMG OMG …And who,s dare to say America is a dull country to live INN…!!

  • MNhistoryfan

    Folks, folks, this is a satire put out by a website called Byxmaster — sorry that’s not the name, but it is satire. I imagine Snopes had it.
    First time I saw it, I found it believ

  • Anon
  • rabih

    nice to see you americans have your priorities right.. idiots like this represent you.? i only reflects your intellect! as for the muslim haters.. falafel is also eaten by christians as their main dish in mid east.. and further to that.. maybe you should make it your national food since izrailis claim it also..


  • Adam

    If shes is a u.s congresswoman and she is that stupid how does that reflect on the rest of the population?

  • Oh no… i’ve been eating this food all my life…do you think im infected with terrorist now to?! D:

    I wonder what food she ate that infected her with stupid. That is what the nation REALLY needs protecting from!!

  • Dionysius

    The fact that some of you took it semi-seriously is similar to the fact that some on the other side take seriously the calumny that Obama is secretly trying to subvert our government in interests of Islam.
    As long as you both look at each other as either evil or stupid, you play into the hands of those who manipulate you.
    You might try to have a little empathy and understanding.

  • Oh my Gawd….If she was concerned about the nutritional content of falafel she would sound less stupid.

  • aprilreeves

    I love you guys! Best comments EVER!! Needed a little giggle after reading that garbage. The US is really polarizing. The morons are coming out of the closet in rapid fire. Another civil war coming up?

  • Falafel lover :)

    LOL !! She is funny..real comedian !! DUMB ASS !!

  • please ban pasta too..isn’t it linked with mafia?
    ich ich

  • Elisa

    Is this article a joke? This can’t be serious, is it? I mean, it’s not the Onion. Does this website publish satire?

  • The sad thing is, there are people who’d still vote for her.



  • If the food is good and it healthy then what is the problem???? We do have some good things come out of the Middle East but the media doesn’t allow that! :-/ I invite you all for some hummus & falafel the NEW peanut butter and jelly lol

  • LOL.. This sounds like a joke! She makes it sound like falafel are little bombs that are going to explode in your stomach…

  • W-OW. I really wanna comment, but… No comment…!

  • Aaron

    I think we should also ban Supreme Supper cat food. It is clearly atheistic. The Supreme Being must be in charge of determining what supper is the right supper!

  • You are very right. The following quote of P. J. O’Rourke perfectly fit this situation. “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power”.

  • I like hummus

    Oh my is this for real?? I hope the people of Minnesota DO NOT reelect that idiot … Sounds like she has issues of paranoia … Do you think that children know or even care about the origin of their food … Why do people try to make a big issue out of nothing??

  • farah

    She is obsessed… they have such mental disorders out there? Jihadi is the virus in her brains eating her up, She needs treatment fellows!

  • farah

    She is obsessed… they have such mental disorders out there? Jihadi is the virus in her brains eating her up, She needs treatment fellows!

  • Louisiana Creole Black Woman

    Nonsense. I love falafels and I am a natural born Louisiana Creole Black Woman. She needs re-education, she needs to make sense. I’m sorry, bigotry never makes sense.

  • WTH …. Ive been eating those things for 26 years … and Never Knew it was a JIHADI FOODS

  • Jack

    Is that the stupidest thing I have ever heard since decades btw Shawrma is amazing and I will keep eating it !!!

  • Nayzak

    Hehheheehehehe this woman is so funny….I think she will be a very good comedian in the Congress, and she will be known as
    the falafel woman hehehehe

  • nasheefa razzak

    In South Africa we call this absolute KAK! Bachman has this for brains too LOL!!!

  • Natalie ~

    Heart health & cancer fighting foods
    & brain power & metabolism foods do have an important place in the health of all children & adults. Garbanzo beans & garlic & tahini is what hummus is made of ~ all healthy & a fantastic source of all these health benefits & protien!

    Hail to the health of all people & bring on even more changes to school menus. 🙂 add a veggie plate
    flanking the pita & water bottle & apple & you WILL have a happy & alert student after lunch!

  • Fel Falla

    Epic Fail..

  • Fel Fella


  • Sarah joe

    Wtf is this women think!! That’s such stupid and none sense of talking! Get a life

  • Hahahell!

    You are hilarious! LOL

  • what’s funny is that we all know Bachmann is stupid enough to have said it

  • Jessica

    I know what she means, last time I are Chinese food I converted to Buddhism. Stupid woman, she will be the next president.

  • I had spaghetti for dinner. Now I think I’ll go whack somebody, tie cement blocks to his feet and throw him in the bay!

  • Carrie O’Flaherty

    Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity,

  • De Lair

    If this is serious, she is an idiot!

  • e

    If the Falafel and Shawerma are terrosrist food.. does this mean that KFC and McDonald are Patriotic food

  • Tamara

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. What has our society come to? When the discrimination against a single community has become so powerful that even their cuisine is being banned? It’s not enough that all of our mothers, fathers, brothers and friends are being called towel-heads, sand-niggers and being hated on. The Arab American community is being discriminated against for crimes committed by Extremists, not Muslims or Arabs. When James Holmes in the Aurora shootings killed tens of innocent individuals, he was identified as a single, crazy individual. Not as a christian or as an American, and his crimes were identified as having nothing to do with his religion or background. I think it’s time that America wakes up and stops putting individuals in positions of power to discriminate against millions of innocent families that are tax dollars just like other Americans, that are becoming doctors and lawyers and providing our services as Americans to Americans. Stop discriminating against a culture and religion that has suffered for decades as a result of the actions of dozens of extremists.

  • Toumia falafel Egyptian fans

    I read the article and was so astonished to know the lady who attacks chick peas was really a congresswoman. For God’s sake stop this nonsense.

  • very good point! her intelligence wouldn’t help her memorizing that much. Besides,
    if she knows so much about it, she must be an Arab cuisine consumer.

  • How about we ban you from this world you Bitch

  • Hassan Jawad,

    I am happy to hear that, this shows the beginning of the end of American thinking and eventually the end of America from her logic…..

  • aguazales

    Welp, this article fooled the Iranians: “Congresswoman Michelle Bachman of Minnesota equates violence in schools with “Jihadi lunches.” Bachman pointed out that schools that served “terrorist lunches” that included falafel or hummus, substances she believes likely to draw down the “wrath of god,” are responsible.”


  • Raybob

    What a nut bag.

  • Omg

    If we can’t protect our children from the endless supply of nitwits in the American homegrown Taliban-like Republican Party, what _can_ we protect them from?

  • Guest
  • Issa

    ARE. YOU. F*******. KIDDING. ME. Faith in our generation: Completely lost

  • Exmortisfangirl

    No you
    fool! you’ll be eating chop Suey first and the next thing you’ll do is read Mao’s red book!

  • el

    According to this IGNORANT IDIOT, and NOT to be prejudice, we should ban some food that are infiltrating the US therefore:

    No Basturma: It’s Armenian
    No eggrolls: It’s Chinese
    No Moussaka: It’s from Cyprus
    No croissant: It’s French
    No souvlaki: It’s Greek
    No Pizza or Spaghetti : It’s from Italy
    No bagels: It’s Jewish
    No Tacos: It’s Mexican
    No Kielbasa: It’s Polish
    No Poutine: It’s Quebecer
    No Swiss cheese: It’s from Switzerland
    No Turkish delight: It’s from Turkey
    No Pho soup: It’s Vietnamese

    And definitely No Sautéed reindeer: It’s from Finland, Sweden and Norway

    So the students are left with Hot dog from McDonald, fried wannabe chicken from KFC, a burger from Burger King with sides of potato chips, Funyuns, Cheetos, Lays, Ice Cream, Hohos, Extra buttered Popcorn, Fritos, donuts, and wash it all with Pepsi or Coke OUPPPPPS … sorry DIET Pepsi or Coke

  • momogenki

    …………………… AHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA i choked on my hummus.

  • What’s really scary? SHE WAS REELECTED!!

  • Stu

    It’s a satire site.

  • environmentalphotog

    fact: tea partiers are idiots.

  • So, we got: American cheese, American Fries, Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Potato Chips, Macaroni and Cheese, Hotdish, and Meatloaf? No wonder we’re fat.

  • This has to be satire.

  • jkarov

    This article sounds perfect for a xenophobic ignorant Christian supremacist like Bachmann.

    Ignorant? She sounds like a 4th grade girl in this clip, trying to explain climate science to a room full of PhD’s


    “Carbon dioxide is a natural product of nature, Mr speaker!”
    “Carbon dioxide is natural, it occurs in earth’!!

    Sure, sweetie, so is EBOLA, ANTHRAX, and cobra venom, it occurs in earth, but maybe it’s not so nize!

    Does she have any idea what she sounds like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jkarov

    Hey, not just any ice cream! No eating any of those hippie/communist/ elitist ice creams like Ben and Jerry’s, or Hagen-Daz, or that stuff that favors Mussolini called, umm.. Gelato . NO GELATO, it’s FASCIST ICE CREAM!!!!

  • jkarov

    Hey Diane, you forgot the fun part!. Find a smelly dead fish, wrap it in newspaper, and leave it on the doorstep! 🙂

  • jkarov

    Or maybe she should ask her husband about gay therapy, and why he’s focused on GAY subjects, and why he’s such a good dancer, and why… well, never mind.


  • jkarov

    well said, and painfully obvious

  • Jessica Linney

    what an absolute joke our government has become

  • just true

    I agree that she’s a dumb idiot, but for all the people mentioning nachos, those were actually invented in a Texas border town at a bar.. granted, it was entirely influenced by Mexican food and made by Mexicans.

  • This woman is beyond twisted and crazy… And the really, really sad thing is that people are voting for her to represent them… How have we allowed our nation to come to this?

  • holychryst

    nuttier than a fruitcake, would make a great president, give lots of countries lots of laughs at her stupidity. The worst part of this though is the fact that she is a Congresswoman that people actually voted for, makes them even dumber than she is in my opinion.

  • That people have voted for her is really scary!

  • Terry Thompson

    This must be satire!

  • Don’t ever talk about my falafel that way.

  • moman

    Its gotta be a joke. White racist people.. hilarious. Gotta love them..

  • captain obvious

    This entire site is satire.

  • ….Suddenly i find our Lebanese so-called Politicians wayy more interesting & rational….
    oh…i’m an Arab..& i’m Christian…I Love & eat Falafel & Shawarma…& there’s no such thing as Muslim Music…

    *Multiple..so many Jokes…MUST..MOCK..BACHMANN…*

  • SereneY

    hahahaha! this is just too funny! if this is true, then i applaud the population 🙂

  • That’s insulting the falafel though. I’m sure the falafel has a better thought process than Bachmann does.

  • I normally pride myself on my wit, but this really had me fooled. I thought it was real!


    I cannot believe this is the 799th comment! Quick, someone make it 800! The interesting thing is that this something that you would explain Cong. Bachmann to do.
    In an unrelated note, I would like compliment the Daily Currant for th ability to type directly into he Comment Box, as if it were MS Word, unlike many other websites!


    Yeah, like when she said the Founding Fathers ended salvery, when every 6th Grader knows that slavery ended in 1865.

  • Sam Nesheiwat

    i feel like part of my IQ diminished by reading her article… im an american born jordanian(moms christian,dad is catholic,im agnostic.) ive been eating foods like hummus and falafel since i was born… it doesnt mean im EVER going to read the koran or become a muslim >_>

  • Bob

    How could someone so STUPID be in a position of influence totally escapes me! Instead of looking at the health benefits of such cuisine she irrationally correlates Arab food with terrorism. I was raised Christian but also to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Unfortunately in this case I can not in good conscience tolerate such ignorance. I truly hope I am not alone in seeing how ridiculous this story is.

  • Tank Murdoch

    Bachmann is brilliant, why do liberals and jihads have a love affair. I mean with Sharia law gays are beheaded in Arab countries. Hot dogs and fries please!

  • Omed Li

    So Keep eating your cheese burger, fat Americans

  • mixie1

    My God!!!!!! How did anyone this absolutely stupid, fear mongering and a blatant liar at that get so far in the chain of politics????? Why are people voting for these stupid, stupid candidates????? IT IS FRIGHTENING that Americans don’t think and only turn our elections into the same cheerleading high school elections for who is the most popular when we see their name in print all the time b/c their money machines can buy more air/TV time.

  • holger uwe hansi

    feel free to share this one. created by me.

  • rockyhardwick

    This is a satirical news site. Yes, she’s still whacked out, but learn to look around.

  • rockyhardwick

    It’s a satirical news site. Yes, she’s still whacked out, but learn to look around.

  • rockyhardwick

    Yes, she’s still whacked out, but learn to look around – this is a fake article on a satirical news site.

  • rockyhardwick

    Gee, what tipped you off?

  • @myblocktyler

    Still on the lookout for a ‘Breaking Bad’ lunch box kit for my son.


  • Jeanette

    I am glad I am Canadian. I can eat what I want, say what I want, wear what I want and pretty much do what I want. No room for a Bachmann here. What an ignorant bitch.

  • khalludy

    hahahahaha….big like

  • Bubba.

    This has to be a satire.. Well I sure do hope.

  • Cpt_Justice

    By saying that felafel & shwarma are Arabic/Muslim, someone is falling into an anti-Israeli trap! & I am only being half-joking, here…

  • Cpt_Justice

    Unfortunately, there is no parody of that sort of person that is not outdone by….that sort of person.

  • kd

    Did I accidentally open the onion again!

  • musa

    I think she lives in the stone age. What has food to do with it, and can’t see the link between jihad and the food. By the way there are many arab christians also and all eat the same food what would she say about them. Btw i’m one of them.

  • musa

    Shawerma is turkish ready history and know other cultures and don’t be closed minded.

  • TopAssistant

    Has anyone read – An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America? You can buy it for only $5.00 on Amazon. Here is the Muslim Brotherhood’s creed: “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and dying in the way of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”
    Another brilliant writing from the MB plan to destroy America as they march towards a global caliphate. “The process of settlement is a
    ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim
    Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand
    jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and
    “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2013/05/25/an-explanatory-memorandum-from-the-archives-of-the-muslim-brotherhood-in-america
    You can read an online copy here at The Oak Initiative website: http://www.theoakinitiative.org/pdfs/teamb/15-Shariah-The-Threat-to-America-Team-B-Report-Web-285-308.pdf

  • RebeccaLiz

    The real question is, does she have a problem with New York Kosher falafel? Or shawarmas? Or even hummus? My (very Jewish) mother was my go-to source for these and other purportedly “Arab” foods!

  • Carla Kelley

    REALLY? This woman is dangerously ignorant, if not downright stupid! But maybe stupid all the way to the bank! she and “reality TV” reveal the astounding IGNORANCE THAT ABOUNDS. Well, it is funny! Nothing to do but laugh I guess.

  • Joey VanLeeuwen

    Is this real? AIPAC is going to throw a fit.

  • Joey VanLeeuwen

    Okay, confirmed untrue.

  • digitalgma

    “I have no proof that Michelle Bachmann is occupied by the devil and forcing our children to eat lies and misinformation, But it would certainly fit the pattern.”

  • Ron Lewenberg

    In so far as Bachmann was introduced to Felafel in Israel, the answer should be obvious to all.

  • Dorachell

    This is a joke, isn’t it? I don’t like her, at all — she’s one of the most irritating politicians out there — but, I still can’t imagine a member of congress having an IQ quite that low. It would be frightening.

  • Gen2Rev

    This whole site is a joke. It is a satire website. You cannot and should not take anything serious. Honestly, why does anyone go hear? I’m only here by some link, and then did some research on some articles. I think this website does this in hopes that their lies will get out there and build up anger in people. Not sure but I think they are spouting a liberal agenda. I really don’t want to waste anymore time here.

  • Gen2Rev

    This whole site is a joke. It is a satire website. You cannot and should
    not take anything serious.

  • Steve

    I clicked on this link from Facebook and I seriously thought this was an Onion article.

  • Hesham Abdelhafez

    But the israelis friend of America claim also that falafel and humus are their food too! I personally found humus in sainsbury’s UK written on it israeli humus!

  • Hesham Abdelhafez

    And what about pasta and pizza! Can I eat them or I will be Italian mafioso! You know we have a lot in Egyptian media like her nowadays 🙂

  • Mostafa

    A Jew that hates falafel? Lol

  • clementinesalmassi321

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  • Sehr bedenklich

    Yeah, we must ban falafel, hummus, lemonade, coffee, orange juice, we can’t let the kids sleep on mattresses anymore, we definitely must quit teaching them algebra and chemistry, fire all navy admirals, can’t drive any vans, and, most importantly, can’t let anyone eat candy!!! boah, Alte, wer hat Dir denn in den Kopf geschissen, Du Nazi-Tusse???

  • Kim Mulligan

    Same here. Satire I can only hope? I survived University in the 1980’s eating falafel within stones throw of the first Kinko’s. The US needs more vegetarian based foods for our diets. Plain and simple, legumes and lettuce and sunflower seeds know no national boundaries. Hard to tell if this is serious, anything this woman and her buddies comes up with always sounds like a joke anyway for rational, educated people.

  • Dan

    We need just good ol’ American cuisine like aspertame, trans fat, GMO, and hormone laced factory meat!

  • giuseppe

    Sorry for the silly question. I’m from Italy and I don’t know her. Is that a satire page or she sad that for real? Anyway falafel and hummus are a food staple of jewish israeli cooking…

  • Jamie Robillard

    Sadly, it is not satire. She is really that deluded.

  • Jamie Robillard

    Sadly, it’s not satire. This woman is actually that deluded.

  • aleena rose

    Wasp dudes! Amazing stuff continues the good work.
    adt security reviews

  • Jabird

    So we should probably ban mexican food, italian food, german, japanese
    and chinese food while we’re at it, because.. you know, that’s
    dangerous and will turn everyone’s taste buds into psychopathic homicidal murderers. That’s alright, America can live off of corn, since.. you know, even hotdogs and hamburgers are german. S’OKAY, WE’LL STARVE!

  • Mark Edworthy

    What a load of short-sighted, right-wing falafel!

    I like eating sauerkraut, does that mean that I am going to invade Poland?

    After reading this article, I am glad that I dislike McDonalds and Pepsi

  • Don

    It’s satire. This site wants to be “The Onion” but doesn’t quite get it.

  • sudon’t

    I don’t know who did it, but I’m glad the practice of salvery was ended. The very notion of having to hand things to the upper classes on silver salvers is offensive! Poor people do not have cooties. I mean, not so much anymore.