FOX Renews ‘Mindy’ For Six Seasons

Oct 11, 2012

FOX announced today that it is renewing freshman half-hour comedy The Mindy Project for an unprecedented six seasons.

The move comes as a shock because the single-camera Mindy Kaling skein has only aired three episodes, and most sitcoms are only renewed a year at a time.

However, Suzzana Makkos, VP of Comedy Development, explains that FOX has learned the hard way the need to invest for the long term:

"Basically since pulling the plug on Firefly and Arrested Developmentwe've realized that canceling our best shows isn't the best strategy. So now that we have another hit, we're not letting it get away."

Mindy has been compared to cult classic Arrested Development in terms of its awesomeness.

Put On Your Saris, Its Time To...

The order expands the current season to a full 22 episodes and includes six additional 22-episode seasons.

"We think that creative people work best when they have stability and job security," explains Makkos.

Also included is a syndication deal with TBS, which will begin airing the series after its third season.

Makkos admits that the order is risky because it bets so much on Kaling, who serves as the show's showrunner in addition to her acting duties. But she believes the risk is justified:

"We think Kaling is a hotter, browner, less bald version of Larry David. We have every faith in her ability to carry Mindy for seven seasons and beyond."


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  • Venty McSpleen

    i hope the prety Mindy marrys Dr. Castellano,