Romney’s Touts His ‘Asian Binder’

Oct 17, 2012

Mitt Romney YoutubeU.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised in a speech before a group of Asian-American veterans that he will use "binders of Asians" to hire the next White House sushi chef.

Romney is a well-known fan of the Japanese raw seafood delicacy, having done many business deals in Japan while leading private equity firm Bain Capital

In a VFW hall in Dayton, OH Romney explained to the audience that his love of sushi connects him culturally to Asia and he'll keep that connection going as president:

"My first act on day one will be to repeal Obamacare."

"My first act on day two will be to hire the White House's first full time sushi chef. How about that? Isn't that great? Job creation for Asian-Americans. Isn't that fantastic?"

"I'll take out my big yellow binder and find just the right Asian to make my sushi every day. Will he be Japanese? Will he be Korean? Chinese? Maybe he'll be Malaysian. You never know. Everybody gets a fair shot."

Romney says that if the first Asian does really, really well he may hire a second Asian to cook sir-fry for him.

"I like my rice crispy and my soy sauce highly salty. Do any of you in the room have sons looking for work? Send them my way. I'll put them in the binder. I need good ethnic help."

Romney first introduced the concept of "binders" for groups of people in Tuesday's presidential debate, when he claimed he was not a misogynist because he used "binders full of women" in his recruitment practices as governor.

The remark has been criticized as sexist and outdated.

Watch: Miss the debate? Watch the full second presidential debate below.



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  • Incredulous

    Is this satire? Or was Mitt really so clueless?
    Wow, a White House sushi chef is such a step forward for Asians… not. How many Asians on the Supreme Court? in the Cabinet? as advisers? How about women? Just take a look at the faces around Mitt to see how he wants america to look.

  • dude, please

    of course this is satire