Romney: Instagram ‘Must Be Banned’

Oct 22, 2012

Mitt Romney YoutubeU.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for the banning of Instagram today, apparently under the misapprehension that the popular photo sharing app is used for measuring quantities of illegal street drugs.

The former Massachusetts governor was speaking at a retirement home in Florida, part of a last-minute campaign swing before Monday's presidential debate.

He used the opportunity to discuss crime and substance abuse - issues that have not featured prominently in the campaign thus far, but disproportionately worry older voters.

Fast Beautiful Highs

Romney took a tough no-tolerance stance, claiming Obama has overseen an unsettling relaxation of drug policy:

"This country is seeing an epidemic of drug use and drug related violence. Thousands of kids are dying every week from marijuana overdoses and heroin fueled mass shootings."

"And its not just in the bad neighborhoods. Kids from good backgrounds are getting caught up too."

"I've just heard about this application - a mobile application for your iPhone  And what you do is place a small amount of cocaine, or marijuana, or PCP on top of your phone and the application instantly tells you how many grams you have."

"Its called Instagram. And do you know what the really scary thing is people? I'm told this instant drug measurement tool is the 9th most downloaded app for the iPhone."

Filter Madness 

"I visited the University of Florida recently. And everyone in the halls was talking about their Instagrams and how much they were sharing their 'dope pics' with their friends. They don't even try to hide it anymore. Under Obama dope has become an acceptable part of the culture."

Romney then tried to link this imaginary drug problem to Obama's economic policies, and suggested a Romney alternative:

"This is what the youth of Obama's America look like. Out of work. Up to their eyeballs in debt. And hopeless, they turn to their Instagrams to sell and consume drugs."

"Well when I am President we'll get our kids off their iPhones and into good paying jobs. And then we must ban this Instagram to make it harder for our children to fall into the trap of illegal substances."

  • chachi

    What a f**king moron …

  • Reese

    wow,,unfuckingbelievable. what a dumb fuck..lol…why wouldn’t his stupid ass research this first.

  • Young c

    You can’t die from marijuana overdose tho….

  • Heroin Violent Offender

    Sometimes heroin makes me so angry that I could get up off my couch . .. load my gun . . . and shoot . . . wait, I’d better do another hit before . . . what was I thinking?

  • Sarah

    why wouldn’t your stupid ass research that this isn’t true?

  • Mike

    is there a such thing as a “marijuana overdose?” so out of touch with reality. I’m almost beginning to believe Romney isn’t really as close in the polls as the media suggests. Even staunch Republicans have to look at this dude and cringe.

  • Jasmine

    Go back to school stupid n learn more about History n Secience idiot before u run for president…

  • jeremiah matthews

    Is this a joke?

  • Nicole

    You’re an idiot if you believe this shit.

  • This is clearly satire a la “The Onion”

  • MDC

    Did this guy just say marijuana overdose? What a bafoon.

  • Even still, it sounds like something he would say. You can’t deny that he is out of touch with the people.

  • FUCKING LOL. even it is fake still was.a good enough read, and probably convincing enough for the average republican to believe

  • Stephen

    This is a joke people. It’s obvious. People don’t say look at my dope pics.

  • Netia

    You can’t measure marijuana on Instagram the only dope pics are from older people. He don’t need 2 put all of us together and say we’re all doing it!! He already getting on my nerves, he’s gonna ruin this country 4real

  • Alonmg

    LOL idiot this is a satirical news site dipspit!

  • You are the actual last person who should be calling anybody stupid. You have me convinced by this comment that you’re an ACTUAL retard.

  • nana

    lmfao he just made himself look like a complete idiot! this has made my day! lol

  • Abby


  • Gym

    This is almost too close to possible to be considered satirical. But seriously, if you believed it without question, you’re probably too dumb to use the internet responsibly.

  • Romney is a fucking moron. dope means cool or awesome. We need a president that understands the adults and also the youth, not a controlling and moronic person.

  • Gym

    Please disconnect your computer from the internet immediately.

  • hayleigh

    go back to school and learn more about satire before you comment

  • ariann

    even though this is fake it totally suits something he would say hahahaha.

  • Instagram – _FreeKeith

    ”…Thousands of kids are dying every week from marijuana overdoses… ” lmao , no way he would say that .

  • “I visited the University of Florida recently. And everyone in the halls was talking about their Instagrams and how much they were sharing their ‘dope pics’ with their friends. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Under Obama dope has become an acceptable part of the culture.”

    God, I wish this was real.

  • Kai

    Being that Mitt Romney is an idiot, who can blame ANYONE if they believed this was actually true?? HA!

  • Honesty

    Romeny is such a racist ignorant bastard team Obama

  • This article is clearly a joke.

  • Thug215

    Wow lmao what a dumbass!

  • Romney has fucked up so badly, he should vote for Obama himself

  • Bianca

    Hilarious! Not even Romney would be this dumb, but this is too funny!!

  • Bensir


  • Tucson

    Is this real?

  • so there goes the internet too, and digital cameras… you cant stop people from sharing information.. i mean its part of their freedom of expression… so if he wants to ban that please go through the bill of rights and constituion and let us the people of the socia contract… know who gets to have their rights and who doesn’t….

  • even if this is onion… it is still funny if he said it… i tell you .. those seniors… them and their “satire” hilarious

  • Rebecca T

    I commend you, Currant. Not only have you created a hilarious satire — although quite unbelievable especially considering Romney has his own app similar to instagram and is thereby well aware of how it works — but you have also made a prime example of how many ignorant millenials will believe anything they read on Facebook or Twitter. Sad, really.

  • DailyCurrant

    Thanks. I don’t think Romney programs his own apps though. He’s probably unaware of 99% of what happens in his campaign.

  • I need for this to be a joke…Its hilarious either way…but I just need for Romney not to be this big of an idiot…SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • Audrey

    Some of you people need to get a sense of humor. This is clearly a JOKE! I don’t think anyone can be this damn dumb. But anyways, this just made my day. Lmaoo funny af!

  • tyler

    Lakia, you fucking idiot, this is a satirical article.

  • tyler

    Dumb cunt. this isn’t real.

  • tyler

    Mushaw, you may be the most unintelligent person I have ever come across on the internet.

  • Tyler

    Mike, don’t be such a stupid person. Think.

  • Brett

    Dude this Tyler dumb ass needs to chill. Obviously it’s not real but not everyone is gonna realize it right away. So stop talking shit cuz someone ‘might’ believe it u ignorant asshole

  • IODonweed

    Nahh.. more like for you idiot liberals to believe and then repost this onto Facebook.

  • T0rrey

    “Marijuana overdoses” — Whoever wrote this is a fucking retard. Maybe you forgot a comma, but even if you did, you are dumb.

  • DailyCurrant

    Its a joke dumbass.

  • Laz

    And yet if you scroll through the comments the vast majority of the people fooled are idiot Obama supporters.

  • LMAO

    Uhm….how do u overdose on Marijuana and die from it?? I think that has actually been scientifically proven to be physically impossible. Maybe Mitt should test it out??

  • Lawl

    Wait. I thought it was 47%

  • Daniel

    Brett, shut up. It is perfectly ethical for Tyler to call people dumb shits if they act like dumb shits.

  • Bryon Lape

    And it is Obama who wants the power to shut down the Internet in case of an emergency.

  • amaze

    first of all this is 2012; many words today have different connatiative meanings. second of all, he needs to his research on social networks

  • So you’re blaming President Obama for this too? Unreal.

  • I posted it but I made sure to mention that I didn’t believe that it was real

  • the term “idiot” is usually better suited to anti-Obama supporters (aka, people who are voting for Romney because he’s running against Obama)

  • Actually, if you were on Instagram you’d see how many people do post pictures of them using. It’s foolish to say the least, but they do it.

  • hill-air-E-us

  • Daniel, shut up yourself. Brett was right.

  • Daniel

    Unfortunately El Negro, Brett is wrong. I know I know, it sucks…It’s just that if no one points out that someone is acting like a “dumb shit” how will they ever know they are acting like a “dumb shit”? Accountability. That’s the answer! So while I may not agree with Tyler’s choice of words, his sentiment is spot on.

  • wtf7777

    I Elect my 4 year old grandson to take Ro

  • BeyondPolls

    Sounds like the Left is running out of ideas.

  • Iron Maiden

    Romney banned air and water too. I believe it because it read it on the interwebs and the Obama person told me it was true. No where’s my Obamaphone and Obamabucks?

  • Iron Maiden

    Actually, we find it hard to believe you stupid Libs will vote again for a President who has given us record deficits, record unemployment, record death toll in Afghanistan, record number of people on food stamps, record bank failures, record foreclosures, record spending, record number of months unemployment above 8%, record trade deficit, US dollar devalued, US credit rating downgraded, record number of golf games…

  • agroulx

    Um no it doesn’t at all. You obviously are not engaged in anything that matters in the real world.

  • Too funny. Only the gullible…

  • Well done, Currant.

  • twostellas

    Bwhahaha…gotta love it. Obama supporters believe anything, if it coincides with their bias. I love all the comments saying, but but but, even IF it is fake, it sounds true…fake but accurate?? *smh*

  • Dawn Blush

    Will you please start clearly labeling your columns as satire. Morons all over twitter are threatening to assassinate Romney because they think these stories are real.

  • PurpAv

    The joke is that you can’t tell the difference

  • PurpAv

    Biden might be that dumb though…

  • PurpAv

    No, but you were just proven a gullible rube

  • PurpAv

    I got this bridge I’m willing to sell real cheap…

  • PurpAv

    FYI We already got a control freak as prez and a moron as VP.

  • Debo

    Then you haven’t been on the internet long!

  • voting for obama

    First of all this guy is just ignorant … Before assuming something like why don’t you actualy look it up. It’s a site for picturesss !!!!! You can not weigh anything you dumb ASS . Just Because it says gram don’t mean its a scale ….

  • Mr. Irons

    It’s a gag article.

  • Stewart

    Romney wants to Ban Alcohol & Tabacco being he’s Mormon and believes its the Devils tools!
    It’s the churches wishes

  • Calm down Romney supporters, We all know this is FAKE. but, it was still hilarious. lol. #TeamBarack

  • Are you referring to that bridge to nowhere? If so how much you letting it go for?

  • Smokalot

    What Marijuana overdoses? Never heard of that! I smoke 20 joints a day!

  • I don’t think anyone can be this damn dumb. But anyways, this just made my day. Lmaoo funny af!

  • Interesting! I could not understand how it is possible?

  • YourStupidYourselfBitch

    Whose HOD :3 ?

  • Dumbass Above

    Wow republicans start an argument out of the blue..

  • You Don’t Say?

    You don’t say?

  • Will B

    heh. Out of the “Blue”

  • Stacy Goodson

    The republicans are the reason we have Jay Jay Evans in the white house right now !!!! look at the full blooded idiots they nominate for the white house.McCain & Thurston Howl the 3rd here relate to nobody in this whole country !!!!!