Mourdock: Rape Victims Should Have ‘Prayed Harder’

Oct 24, 2012

Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock caused fresh controversy today by suggesting that women should pray to avoid being raped.

In a meeting with the editorial board of a small newspaper in southern Indiana Mourdock claimed that many rape victims are "not right with the Lord" and should have "prayed a little harder" to avoid their fate.

The new comments come on the heels of his controversial statement in Wednesday's senate debate, when the conservative Tea Party Republican said pregnancy by rape is "something that God intended to happen."

Those words have attracted national condemnation from Democrats and Republicans alike, and have jeopardized Mourdock's chance at winning his close race against Democrat Joe Donnelly 

Deuteronomy 22:28-29

Mourdock was in the editorial office of The Evansville Daily Post this afternoon in hopes of securing the influential paper's endorsement.

The wide ranging interview covered all topics, but the highlight came when a reporter asked if he believed God intended women to be raped:

"Personally I think that the closer you are to God, the less likely you are to run into something like that," Mourdock responded, "Some of these women - if they had been more faithful to the Lord, if they had just prayed a little harder - then they wouldn't have found themselves in that situation."

"I've seen marriages break up and friendships drift apart because someone wasn't right with the Lord. I think the same is true in any situation. With Jesus Christ on your side, only good things will come."

He then went on to propose a unique anti-rape measure:

"And in the case of rape Christ has a specific remedy. Studies have shown that if you pray for at least 20 minutes before any big date, your partner is 93% less likely to rape you."

"Scientists say prayer can create a 'rape halo' around a woman's body which instantly renders a potential rapist impotent. I'm not sure how it works exactly. I think its pheromones."

"So I don't think God wants a woman to get raped. He offers her a choice. The rape halo is only a prayer away. If she's too lazy to get on her knees and ask for it, that's her fault. "

Mourdock defeated Senator Dick Lugar for the Republican nomination in May. His hard-right views have turned what should have been an easy win for Republicans into a neck-and-neck contest.

WATCH - Mourdock's comments in the debate yesterday:



  • So, this Romney pick is unaware that babies, the elderly, men, nuns, and the disabled all can be victims of rape? Are they night “right with God?”

    This is the future if the GOP gets its fangs deeper into the electorate.


  • ProChoiceGrandma

    Apparently this is satire, but it sure had me fooled, but only because it sounded as foolish as what so many Rapepublicans have said before!

    I searched Google and could find no such paper as “The Evansville Daily Post”.

  • RealityChecker

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper.

    Q. Are your newstories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • Sidra Thorne

    Mr. Mourdock, you are a sick, disgusting, reprehensible life form that I dare not compare with human beings.

  • They had me until the “rape halo” bit. Well done.

  • BTW, the Daily Currant is satire and fiction. Check their about page before you make a fool of yourself.

  • Sir: The Daily Currant is satire and fiction. Check their about page before you make a fool of yourself.

  • 2012 is the year of the Batsh*t Crazy comments.

  • 2012 is the year of the Batsh*t Crazy comments.

  • Holy Crap. You ‘re right. No more Bath Salts for me.

  • Bless you, Mr. Mourdock, for telling the Truth! Praise His Name (Jesus)!

  • so this is basically The onion, jr.

  • it’s SATIRE

  • roni

    Thank you I needed the laugh. The sad thing is with everything else the republican party has spewed during this election this is almost believable

  • Nikite

    Wtf?! If he wasn’t misqouted in this article he’s a sick SICK individual! God also allows bad to happen!!! Look at King David and many others in the bible! God isn’t a sunshine n flowers God!!!

  • Big Steve

    The Onion is Currant Light

  • This sort of satire is not really fair. We can’t tell it from the “republican reality”.

  • cubs12

    This article is satire…BUT, moudock’s original comments about rape and mittnooochio’s endorsement of him are facts.

  • I am so glad this isn’t real. Because people that think like this are too stupid to be alive

  • SaturnGirl

    This man needs professional help. And he needs to be voted out of office. I say this as a Christian, a mother, and a grandmother.

  • SaturnGirl

    Okay, even though I stand by my previous statement, this makes me mad. I don’t like being used by someone else’s political platform any more than another. Stumbled across this website,didn’t know it was a parody/satire site.

  • What an incredible thing for someone to say, or to believe. I am glad that folks like Mourdock and Akin are being up front about their views, distasteful as it is for us to hear. Now we KNOW that they should never, ever, ever be allowed in a position of leadership anywhere outside the asylum.

  • anon

    the sad part is when you can only barely tell satire from reality in politics

  • lol – satire is a wonderful thing and it can in fact show someone’s true colours :p

  • Howard1955

    Same it did sound plausible . Cleaning up my act on posts

  • Howard1955

    did wonder why i hadnt heard of this incredible story

  • Robert Tobin

    So how come so many women are raped by priests and ministers.

  • if she gets on her knees and asks for it I don’t think it’s rape anymore.

  • Jim

    What pure shit.

  • Jim

    Oops, victim of satire…

  • This article should definitely not be shared as fact. When people discover it’s satire it distracts attention from Mourdock’s actual comments which were outrageous enough. Liberals and moderates ridicule the Right for taking articles from “the Onion” as fact…please don’t make the same mistake.

  • Emwell

    I’m Christian and that is a load of complete and utter tosh.

  • When is this thing disguised as a human being going to shut his mouth? I’m beginning to get a headache now every time I hear his name.

  • Mr Senator….perhaps YOU should pray that the men who rape women don’t rise up as one and attack YOU! How did you manage to get into office with that f***ing attitude!!!!!!

  • Joan

    you are bringing prayer and Christ into the issue, I think the proper
    place to start is that men who are rapists and abusers should pray to
    create a halo of protection for all women they encounter in their daily
    lives. Maybe Christ will help them control their mental illness,
    aggression and violence!

    Mr Mourdock, you are sick and disgusting.

  • Praising Jesus’ name “is a load of complete and utter tosh[sic]”? Who’s the REAL Christian here again? Certainly not you.

  • Wagging your tongue at me in the form of an “emoticon” is no way to seduce me, Adam. I’m strong in my faith and will NOT be tempted by elicit homosexual come-ons.

  • Evansvillian

    I agree about the dangers of this type of “satire”. I followed a link from FaceBook posted by someone who believed it. I had no reason to question it (sadly) until I reread and saw “Evansville Daily Post”, which is not our local newspaper.