Election 2012

George Bush Accidentally Votes For Obama

Nov 06, 2012

Former U.S. president George W. Bush accidentally voted for Barack Obama today at a polling place near his Crawford, TX home.

According to local reports, the two-term Republican was confused by the instructions on his electronic voting machine and mistakenly cast a ballot he intended to discard.

Witnesses say Bush argued with poll workers for several minutes afterwards in a effort to redo his vote, but in accordance with state law they ultimately denied his request.

The embarrassing incident may have gone unnoticed if it weren't for a local newspaper reporter who happened to be voting in the next booth. Suzanna Everett, a politics correspondent for the Waco Times witnessed the entire ordeal and crafted a cunning scheme to make it public.

Left On Red

Barred by ethics rules from using knowledge gained within a polling station, Everett waited for Bush to leave the facility and ambushed him with a trick question designed to fool him into revealing the news himself:

"Mr. President Fox News is reporting that you've accidentally voted for Barack Obama. Would you care to comment?"

Thinking that his mistake had already been found out, Bush sought to minimize the damage:

"Yes unfortunately because of the incompetence of the folks who designed the ballot, my vote counted for the other guy," Bush responded. He then attempted to explain exactly how the mishap occurred:

"First of all, everything was very mismaladjusted on the screen. You shouldn't put the senators and the congresspeople and the presidents all jumbled together like that. It's too crowded. Just confuses folks."

Bush then explained that after marking the wrong candidate, he sought to correct his error by clicking the red "Cast Ballot" button, thinking that it was designed to 'cast away' the ballot and bring up a fresh one:

"Usually red means stop and green means go. I thought I was stopping"

A New Legacy

Bush is no stranger to election day controversy, having been pushed into office himself by the Florida fiasco of 2000. In that election hundreds of votes intended for Democratic rival Al Gore went to protest candidate Pat Buchanan instead due to poor ballot design.

In an official statement released shortly after the event, former President Bush said his experiences today have inspired him to make electoral reform the signature cause of his post-presidency:

"Laura and I will be dedicating the next few years to fixing our electoral system. Every American deserves a clear, simple ballot when they go to the polling place."

However, the system Bush used has been deployed successfully around the country with little incident. A spokesperson for the company that manufactures the machines says they stand by their product:

"Until today we have never had a single instance of someone confusing the "cast ballot" button for a "cast away ballot" button. This is a problem unique to Mr. Bush, and we have no plans to change our machines."

  • Dizcuzted


  • Gotta be a snark story – “mismaladjusted?”

  • I just cringe every time I see that bumper sticker “Miss me yet?”

  • m577a2

    Its cool, he’ll make sure to vote Romney the next 5 times he votes today.

  • Jana

    You do realize that this news outlet is purely satire, right? Check the “About” section at the bottom.

  • 1. I could completely see this really happening. 2. It makes me cringe how many people are reposting this as if it really happened.

  • Gregg

    Well another fabricated crock by a Bush hater. Never happened. I did hear Obama voted for Mitt Romney on though cause he is tired of his own failed policies.

  • *Sigh* oh George, still dumb as usual.

  • rjs

    This is a comedy site, jackass.

  • I love its a lie when you guys do something stupid.

  • MN

    You have got to be kidding. A former leader of our country doesn’t know what the “Cast your ballot” button means?! Even my 9 year old who went with me today knows that.

  • Adi_Venkata

    mismaladjusted … the new word for the year …
    Great Parody story …

  • Leave The Onion to the The Onion please.

  • 🙂

  • Emma

    “Accidently” ?????

  • lol…ahh i want this to be true sooo badly…

  • too funny, thanks for the laugh

  • ME


  • LMAO Stupid is, stupid does. ~ Forrest Gump

  • Ignorance is no excuse. So he says, ” accident ” … how dumb is that to blame a machine for his idiotic excuses. I say … “CONGRATULATIONS … YOU MADE A GOOD VOTE COUNT”

  • Tom r

    My god is this what passes for humor these days? I’m an independent voter and am non partisan but someone must really hate our former president to find this sort of thing funny.

    A fellow commenter said it best, leave comedy to the onion because comedy is hard and you are terrible at it. Oh and poorly formed comedy isn’t “satire” it’s just poorly thought out and unfunny.

  • Amelie

    I am pretty sure this is fake 🙂 still, funny.

  • OMG!!! You freakin morons actually believe you are reading news stories on this site??? WOW, you really don’t know this is what’s is called?..satirical !!! I fear for this country

  • George Bush

    Like the onion, but not funny.

  • Jesse2573

    The articles on this website ring too true to be clearly satirical. The jokes are too subtle (and sometimes aren’t even jokes at all but just minute exaggerations of the truth), so, as a result, people get confused and think this website is real news. I know that some people will label this confusion brilliant in itself, but, to me, it’s just lazy comedy writing.

  • Now, this explains a lot. “We invaded Iraq. I damn well told you, ‘Invade Italy’. I did, I did, I did.

  • Hate Stupid People

    I would not be surprised if he did, even considering the source. He is so dumb he could not pour piss out of a pair of boots if he had to see the sole.

  • ron

    Great link..lmao the ex leader of the greatest nation in the world was confused by the voting machine.lmao male cheerleaders are funny

  • KARMA!!!!

  • Not to bad for a “C” student….lol what a joke. Only president Bush would do something like that…lol IDIOT

  • Kate

    THANK YOU for being sensible enough to point this out… there’s a viral post going around tumblr. There are people. Who actually believe this article.

  • Mike

    Bush needs to stop smoking weed. If he is now blaming the black guy for being ignorant then let the cards lay as they may.

  • CB


  • NZChick

    I know this is satirical it’s just so damn plausible!

  • Even if this isn’t true… I can see it happening.

  • Troy

    well it IS georger bush. These things happen all the time

  • m

    “Usually red means stop and green means go. I thought I was stopping launching a nuclear attack”

  • oh come on,,why let facts interfere with a perfectly good story

  • Nick Montana

    I have to say, when I noticed this on my Facebook feed that had been posted by someone, I immediately had to believe it could not have been real even though I had never heard of the Daily Currant. Then again, after perusing through the article, it was written convincingly enough to appear at least semi-plausible, and I do admit for a moment or two I did wonder if this could be authentic. Of course thanks to the comments, I get to sigh a breath of relief that the man who was (questionably) elected twice to be the President is not so breathtakingly stupid as to screw up his vote, and even worse allow himself to blurt such information out, even if it contradicts what I know to be Bush’s habit of being extremely guarded and inaccessible to journalists. Well played, Daily Currant, I’m confident you will lure and fool quite a number of people eager to believe anything that validates their belief Bush is a hopeless dimwit, although I personally believe he’s absolutely not but loved to play one for the sake of winning his campaigns.

  • jim

    are you for real? Even my 9 year old knows this is fake.

  • Paul

    He will never get over this, silly one!

  • Valerio Vota

    Here in Italy one of the most important newspaper’s website reported this very article as a real news. Then when, after thousands shares over the social networks, they found out it was satire and a hoax, they removed the entire page from their website without any explanation nor excuse.

    Here in Italy we are used to believe the absurde, related to politics.

  • Barbara Bush’s pet project as First Lady of the United States was Adult Illiteracy in America, some could argue he is illiterate. Him mistakenly voting for President Obama was NO mistake because during President Obama’s first term, Dubyah REFUSED to criticize Obama because of the mess he left behind. He protested to let our President know he voted for him. My story and sticking to it!…lol

  • JV

    It’s the Daily “Currant”, not “current”. It’s like being the Daily Raisin. Dead giveaway. Great story though.

  • I could see him doing this and it still not being the dumbest thing he did that day.

  • Marsha Rupe

    More proof that man is an imbecile.

  • The same people that wanted Romney elected this guy to two terms. I wish they would raise their standards for ability to deal with technology.

  • CB

    hahaha misspelled accidently

  • Stéphane

    ça m’étonne pas, déjà il a toujours confondu sa couille droite et sa couille gauche, alors les boutons de vote c’est pareil

  • gapot

    George is the smartest guy in Texas….wot

  • Danny Z

    is this supposed to be funny?

  • Here’s a second to the folks who recognize this stuff as sub-par, lackadaisical satire – you guys aren’t funny.

  • Rob Dman

    Lame lame lame…. why would you point that out? It was more fun watching the mouth breathers gasp at the outrage.

    Party Pooper!

  • Fanny

    George Bush on a bad day is smarter than most of you posters ona good day. Sad but so true of America.

  • Ben Winchester

    Well, we did elect Bush to office twice, so I’m not sure we can blame you.

  • White people, but what else is there to expect from a famly of form slave traders.

  • TruthsBeTold

    LOL. Who ever you are, you have a great sense of humor!

  • Rowan Mor’

    Ok team… we now know this is all Bull Semen but the man was actually, true public record, amazed by bar code scanners in grocery stores… so plausible that my hat is off on this post!!! I will not say anything about my past or present voting, but if I did the ‘things that make you do hmmmm’ so did others.

  • Libby Buck

    Help America Vote Act 2002 – it’s your own damn fault fool!

  • pixiedust8

    Speak for yourself. You are certainly not speaking for me or the people I know.

  • SK

    I could see this happening…..I guess I just saw a hilarious movie

  • SO
    demonizing the last president is still in? How about Demonizing the one
    we have so he can be impeached and get rid of him before we’re a 3rd
    world nation in 4 years.

  • Grammar matters

    Had the author written “in AN effort to redo his vote” instead of “in A effort to redo his vote” it would have been a more enjoyable read. Part of what made/makes Bush so laughable, is his oblivion when it comes to command of the English language. It is a shame that so-called journalists these days seem to fare no better in their usage.

  • I can see someone stupid enough to vote for Obama believing that.

  • Matt

    Not surprised at all.

  • theNewDanger

    Bush would be obfuscated by a yarn ball

  • So this explains how such smart people could have chosen to re elect Obama. must be the reason a bad machine that confused everyone. and all the stories of republicans being removed from helping with tally of votes. I just knew that Obama had some scheme to stay as president, its the only explanation. I know America is not that stupid to re elect this moron..

  • michelles2cents

    It was very believable, right up until the part about dedicating his post-presidency to electoral reform. That’s the sad part; how in-character it is.

  • knee jerk much?

    It’s satire you fuckin rube.

  • Tom

    You know the word is “accidentally,” right? Not “accidently?”

  • Antoine Green

    Ha ha . Bush know he was voting for the right person.

  • deckbose

    In an article that includes the word “mismaladjusted,” I think “accidently” will do just fine.

  • deckbose

    If only.

  • Indiana Jones

    Confusion master as always….

  • deeeeznuuuuts

    ahahha, yeah figures this is satire. If not it would just be some sort of conspiracy

  • SSJijingi

    Are we sure Obama is not Bush’s preferred secret candidate?! Me thinks it was no mistake!

  • সাহাদাত উদরাজী

    ha ha ha….

  • that’s “nucular”

  • Jared Bryan

    Mostly because the politicians here in Italy OWN the media corporations. 😛 This place has the most absurd media (newspapers AND television) in the free world.

  • Jared Bryan

    You’re the idiot… the article is a joke!

  • Jared Bryan

    Your post = too long.

  • Rocket Man

    He’s no rocket scientists, that’s for sure.

  • Alan Wong

    this rag is a joke

  • TRB

    It’s humble shock to technology, bang-up to W.B.

  • Stfupplz


  • saiprem

    And he was president……..!!!!!!!…….???????

  • ‘nukelar’! hahahahaha

  • deckbose

    Really? What makes you say so?

  • deckbose

    It’s funny that Republicans not only elected this man to 2 terms, and allowed him to nearly destroy the nation’s economy and morale, but now try to hold Obama to standards they willingly ignored for 8 years while Bush drove the country into the dirt.

  • deckbose

    This coming from a person who appears to prefer endless lying, shape-shifting and political expediency to a man with convictions.

  • deckbose

    The “fear for the country” element was on display Tuesday night when 50 million people voted for the snake oil salesman named Romney, not here where GWB’s universally accepted intellectual challenges were satirized.

  • deckbose

    Is that English? “on though cause”?

  • deckbose

    Given the actual juvenile meltdowns of Rove and Trump, just to name two, not to mention the ridiculous projections of the GOP intelligentsia like George Will, Dick Morris and Peggy Noonan, is there really any reason to doubt that George W. Bush is capable of something just this buffoonish? Satire or not, it hits the target.

  • MaintainTheConstitution

    He voted to legalize marijuana also. Even though it wasn’t on the ballot in TX. He’s well connected. Just sayin…. http://cannabisnationradio.com It’s time for an honest conversation about marijuana.

  • Ryan Young

    Poe’s law! Waht are you doing!

    …This sounded too true to be fake. 🙁

  • Elijah

    haha… no ONE presidency is going to turn the USA into a third world country. For the most part, it will be business as usual. A third world nation? wow!!!

  • what a character,what a contender,what a prick!

  • r3t0dd

    My head believes this is fake, but my heart wants it to be real.

  • Danna Boley

    This is too damn funny, and the work he’s going to be doing should be to abolish the electoral college altogether !!

  • bitter much?

  • you wish lol

  • sure lol your 9 yr old read this lol

  • mixhatem

    Sadly not true, but still a good story

  • Nathan Tuttle

    Frankly, the fact that it’s easy to confuse fact with fiction on this is proof of both Poe’s Law and makes this such brilliant satire. It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t close to being true.

    Also given the fact that “legitimate” news sources tell lies and damned lies every day of the week kinda screws with the “legitimate” news boundary.

  • Norman Patterson

    Not surprising……..he never endorsed Romny.

  • Norman Patterson

    Not surprising…………….Bush never endorsed Romney

  • person

    he graduated yale and harvard business school. Even if his daddy helped him get in both(no legitimate rumors that he did though), the fact that he graduated is proof that hes really freaking smart

  • slim

    Wow I’m happy for obama ,second time around wow but no matter what we all are one nation ,1 world

  • slim

    I don’t think it was a mistake dowh

  • Assuming this is a hoax. No one is that stupid and it he would not he shared that information (and it would be EXTREMELY illegal to have sought/stole/hacked the results) ….. but that would have been an awesome real story.

  • kristi dahl

    He is just an Idiot!

  • deckbose

    Well, for what it’s worth, I also graduated from an Ivy League school and I can tell you with certainty there are plenty of idiots that graduate all 8 of those institutions.

  • person

    idiots to you, maybe but compared to ‘most people’ (which is who fanny meant) they’re still wayy smarter. Also, his SAT score was 1206/1600, which, while lower than my circle of friends, and shouldn’t be enough to get in Yale, is still better than most people, since 1000/1600 is the average

  • stormkite

    Believe that was his daddy.

  • Calvin Dean

    I knew it was fake when the word(?) “mismaladjusted” was used. Also the reference to “Fox News”. They ought to report on the real words spoken by that anti-Semite, former President Jimmy Carter.

  • Dude

    mismaladjusted, bwahaha…..

  • Bryan Smith

    The extra chromosome left live for stories like this.

  • Lighter

    Isn’t that the same philosophy that cost the Mitt and the GOP about two years’ worth of campaign funds?

  • lol he never change. always the same joke/dummy type of guy like 12 years ago!

  • Bill T

    Now that Obama Phone Lady is the Official spokeswoman for the Obama Democrats—Bush is very old news!!!

  • IrishEyesAreBlue

    @ MN … don’t believe everything you read on F/B – it DID NOT happen!!! The MEDIA just loves to be-little George Bush – yet Obummer can talk about campaigning in all 57 states and they don’t say a word!!! AND OBUMMER MADE THAT STATEMENT ON LIVE T.V. IN FRONT OF GOD AND ALL THE PUBLIC!!!!

  • Petitejete

    It’s satire.

  • Peter Dawson

    Come on! This has got to be from The Onion. If true it will make me believe in god — or maybe just poetic justice!

  • shusei

    This was greatest article to put end on these depressing hypocrisy contest. I didn’t no this was hoax, but still, funniest. Thank you

  • I would not be surprised if he really did just that! ” Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • whu

    Before knowing that “The Onion” was purely satire i took them seriously. This however, seems to be near factual…

  • whu

    What, you dont think so? Its actually fact!

  • “former President Bush is not a very bright man” “(in some quarters)” “some quarters”?!

    how ’bout 3 out of 4 quarters?


  • whu

    You and i both know why this man was elected for two terms and that was because of 9/11 and the occupation of afghanistan in search of the man responsible for those events. It was out of our hands and we need to admit there before the next POTUSA is Jesus himself

  • A lot of my friends don’t 😀

  • Ken

    Even if it isn’t true he is a total idiot

  • Iwo Atase

    Obama is the man so Bush did the right i think he mean it to vote Obama

  • Dave

    Brilliant. Actually scares me that this guy was once ‘in charge’ of the most powerful country in the world.

  • Brad

    at least when it comes to Bush Romney the BS is from satire sights were as BS about democrats are from legitimate conservative sites.

  • Yes

    Whay are you saying this didn’t happen? This is true. I saw him.

  • Haha, no we didn’t. That you believe it is almost funnier than this article! lol

  • Someone

    Why am I not surprised at all that Bush would make a mistake. Lol

  • This is VERY funny.

  • BRAVO!!!!!

  • First-time visitor to the Daily Currant here. I thought this story was legit until I got to the comment section. Kinda feel stupid now, but not nearly as stupid as anyone who ever voted for Bush or Obama! Thanks for the warm welcome, Daily Curant! I’ll definitely be back for more satire.

  • titus

    What a fag

  • Larry

    “legitimate conservative sites.” No such thing.

  • “Fox News” is still airing, Dear!

  • Sowelu

    This is a false story!

  • Samils

    Even if this were true, what a cheap and insensitive thing to do. Give it a rest you hate mothering Libs!

  • Amazing, a HUSSIEN Obama troll monitoring the satire site for runaway slaves and enemies of the plantation that make grammatical mistakes supporting the political enemies of the slave owner hussein obama. Listen deckbose, I live in the free state of Texas (outside the barbed wire and jurisdiction of your Hussein Obama master) and would like to make an offer ($$) to the slave master for Greg’s freedom. I’ll pay extra if you don’t whipp him.
    Bunch of state owned union slaves. Does your mommy read these for you? It’s unfortunate that by default defeating authoritarian rule and TYRANY will free people like you that can’t survive without government cheese, but, you are a reminder of what good ole fashion charity is for. Do remember its a temporary hand up and you will have to learn the basic skills.

  • deckbose

    It’s par for the course that a man such as yourself would describe an incomprehensible comment as a “grammatical mistake” — it pretty much sums up the lack of cogency in your own remark.

  • Zehra Deford

    Actually Ex President Bush never did like Romney. The rest is just talk. He did the right thing, for the first time!

  • Marianne


  • Jean Nathanson

    LOL Some people never change….that’s Bush for you!

  • Is a “legit conservative site” the same as “legit. rape????” These people are severely deluded.

  • michael G

    Come on George, U intended voting for the President in the first place so the good lord above guided your hand. That was not an accident and u know it. Why? because of all the millions of US citizens who voted, U are the only one claiming mistake and blaming the system. Shame on u. former President blaming the same system under which he was elected? Some of us don’
    t forget.

  • He was too busy thinking about how he was going to put “food on his family”.

  • This whole story is bogus……

  • Salvator mundi salva nos

    I always thought Mr. Bush had “the Least Brains” of all the Presidents, it was confirmed in his Deeds

  • Blair

    Bush originally was blaming the hurricane but an advisor said, “Turd Blossom already used that one, W!”

  • den

    Just a sufficiant brain to wear a gun….

  • BosqueNorse

    Seriously. it is a wonder he even has the sense to do it correctly.

  • BosqueNorse

    Seriously, it is a wonder Shrub has enough sense to do it correctly.

  • Daniel

    Pretty sure he sold his Crawford ranch 3 years ago and now lives in dallas

  • Jim

    Not funny? If you mean it’s hilarious, yeah.

  • Unknowing even Bush made the obvious choice….

  • LOL! More explanation for the 8 failed years and why history will remember this criminal as our nation’s worst president

  • suetiggers

    my hubby said “and this village idiot led the country for 8 years !!”

    it is funny now but sure wasn’t then……..

  • MittRyan

    Perhaps the only sensible thing this moron did in life

  • Wandaful

    He really meant to vote Barack from the start. It really wasn’t a mistake

  • God doesn’t like ugly but ain’t to crazy about pretty!

  • Quan1

    In other news, he is also traveling around teaching motivational speaking. Go figure.

  • jesargent

    Talk about a contradiction in terms.

  • jesargent

    I have seen items quoted from the Onion because the commenter thought it was real. Which explains all those viral e-mails full of conspiracy theories that Snopes is constantly having to check out.

  • jesargent

    After several years of Berlusconi……….

  • jesargent

    Sounds just like him,

  • jesargent

    Bush was a “legacy” attendee at those schools. He got in because Daddy went there and had the money to send him.

  • .hey DICKBOSE, I MEAN…HEY DICKBOSE…what’s wrong with my spellchecker….I’m trying to type your screen name, truly…try again…hey DICKNOSE..darn it. It keeps changing the e to an I..AND Now the S to an N…oh, there..it worked….ok…HEY D.I.C.K.N.O.S.E…..WELL ya can’t say I didn’t try…..it’s going to have to be D.I.C.K.N.O.S.E. when you and I trade ideas, Do you mind if I just call you DICKNOSE ?for short? No no I’m not saying I want to call you SHORTDICK, I was asking if an open minded non judge mental HOMOSEXUAL GAY TRANSGENDER FELLA’s like yourself (and those weido’z in that snapshot you were showing around) WHAT I was wondering DICKNOSE is if you are sure that those kind of operations are part of Obama Care AND if not would you still have voted for your gay congress person. I’m just saying, some people will say anything, especially while you were doing…well..you know…favors. Your first instincts were right. What he told you after he..I just cant say what u did….opposite of GO. Hehe. Anyway, I was thinking, if Obama care WON’T pay for that operation, maybe you could do a bake sale or something. It’s probably cheaper when your using all your own parts too, I mean how much can it be to get ur ..nose down there and your, well, down there to where ur nose was….plus it will be easier on my IPad when I reply cuz I can just call u DICKDICK…THAT’S FUNNY NOW DICKNOSE SEEMS REDUNDANT!!

  • deckbose

    Thank you for saving me the trouble of pointing out what a complete fool you are.


    George Bush belongs to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston. They hate
    Mormons more than anything else (more than they hate Moslems) .He does not want
    a Mormon to be a president which they do not consider as Christian.His Church
    is more important than his party.They are against the fast spreading of
    Mormonism in America and a president from them will even make it faster

  • Oh Mr.bush put down that bush beer cause your short bus outside waiting on you to take you to your tutoring class.

  • catmandolin

    Mormonism isn’t “fast spreading” in America, or even in Europe. It’s been played out among people who have access to the Mormon history the LDS having been trying to hide for such a long time.

    Perhaps it’s gaining in Papua New Guinea though. It’ll stop there as well when those folks have increased access to the Internet. The exposure of the sordid history of Mormonism is killing the cult.

    Good try though…

  • The greatest nation in the world??? How so?? Not recently.

  • He didn’t make a mistake people he intended to vote Barack Obama for President thanks Mr. Bush for your vote, now you can received your “I VOTED” Badge!

  • sabiha1

    To think he ruked the workd for 8 yrs!!Dumbo.

  • Alex
  • Am i suprised? Not! Dumb ass!

  • Dave

    and this asshole was president of our country for 8 long horrable years….. “God” help us………………….. Dav.

  • Dav

    His Dad was just as bad or maybe worse????????????

  • Douglas Moody

    Mismaladjusted???? what the hell is that?!?!

  • Teresa

    Sounds about right, LOL

  • Stevie Sugano

    Is this what’s known as a Freudian ‘slip?” Adorable.

  • margmoron

    Look in the mirror moron.

  • Warrior1016

    What a pity it’s not real as he’s stupid enough to do that!!!

  • Barack_Sucks

    wow a site for liberal masturbation….. too funny. ill bet only 98% of dhimmiekkkraps believe its real.

  • Barack_Sucks

    yea ill bet you do. after 4 yrs. of lil barry boo-boo even jimmie carter dont look so bad. wait till your 2013 taxes arrive….. 🙂

  • Barack_Sucks

    das ok mama you wanted barry to be a real prez. and that didnt happen either …youll get over it.

  • Barack_Sucks

    its a joke aimed at the low-information voters…of course you find it plausible….thats the point. shootin fish in the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Barack_Sucks

    of course you can dearie…god bless those old eyes of yours.

  • Barack_Sucks

    ” lying, shape-shifting and political expediency ” you could not have summed up Obozo any better. see and people said
    youd never get any where if you didnt graduate the 3rd grade!.

  • deckbose

    Timely response there, BS. Did it take you two months to form the thought of just to do the actual typing?

  • deckbose

    For all of Obama’s faults, and there are many, in a match race with George W. Bush, Obama still comes off like a mix of Einstein, Gandhi, Borlaug and Batman. THAT’s how fucking awful President Bush was. Perhaps you’re just too young or too ignorant to remember.

  • Barack_Sucks

    nah…jus makin the rounds …checkin to see which of these
    lib [email protected] off sites are stll active. didnt notice it was 2 mos. old cause i was laughing so hard i at how many of the poor low info clown voters sucked this up. God i can still hardly stop laughing
    and its been almost an hour. i havent laughed this hard since i saw all you “highly edumacated liberals” falling for Oreilly assaulting Santa…..dear heaven i need oxygen…must stop laughing so i can breathe…. there thats better,i cured my laughing by looking at the liberals crying cause they realize
    bwahahahah .now ive gone and started laughing uncontrollably again. really you poor [email protected]@rds remind me of the black lady who said “Obama gon pay mah mo gage “…that lady is now homeless and jobless btw, or the Obamaphone lady.

  • deckbose

    It wasn’t the liberals who objected to raising taxes. It was the GOP falling in lockstep for their unelected spiritual guide Norquist. I have no problem at all with having my taxes raised if it helps to reduce the debt. It seems your hyena imitation is all for naught.

  • Barack_Sucks

    yea thats why we cant see his college transcripts…cause hes einstein. nice thinkin there squeegee.actually bush has helped more Africans than carter,clinton and obama(who leaves his alleged brother to rot in a tin shack in Kenya) what a bro.not even a birthday card or a new pair of shoes. just vacation after vacation and $7000.00 dresses for the squatch.also i cant even imagine a fem like barack flying a fighter like bush. and jimmy carter is most self promoting do gooder to come down the pike in a century…hes completely irrelevent unless your counting when he teams up with dictators and terrorists to try and embarrass the country he claims to serve. the only phony bigger than the georgia goober is al gorebull warming gore.
    you know…the guy who REALLY won in 2000?..wink,wink.
    you libs are just soooo funny when you put on big people pants,stand up on a kitchen chair and try to explain the world to your parents. just cuter than the dickens..and just as crazy.
    hope this helps you figure it all out…..BWAHAHAHA.

  • Barack_Sucks

    wow…and another liberal bottom skipper reaches into his
    “library of knowledge” (oxymoron of course) and pulls out *SNOPES* ….when you have to resort to snopes or wiki a. you
    lose the argument b. your a low info lib.
    c. we dont have a tax problem…we have a spend problem.
    liberals and money are like a cracker-billy on meth…spendin all the money like its on fire. now how many trillions in 4 yrs?

  • deckbose

    cool story bro. take some more Percocet and keep dreaming.

  • deckbose

    How many links would it take for a moron like you to be convinced? There are dozens that explain the same truth. But you’re a deluded tool, what difference does it make what the truth is? You’re going to believe your idiot fantasies no matter how much truth is plastered in your dumb, non-comprehending face. You’re a sad pathetic stupid little man. Have fun with your delusions.

  • Barack_Sucks

    funny old dude you sure seem to be familiar with percocet.
    any reason? did you happen to read that off the bottle in front of you maybe???

  • Barack_Sucks

    of course i also notice you cant refute a single word of what ive said….because its true.

  • deckbose

    Percocet does nothing for me. I prefer the hard stuff. Truth and facts. I’m merely acknowledging the absence of logic in the haze of your commentary. I was being generous ascribing the problem to substance abuse. At least that way you could wake up with a functioning brain. If you say it’s not drugs, then I guess your brain is just broken for good.

  • deckbose

    Nobody refutes Gish Gallop. We just laugh at it. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Gish_Gallop Show me a link where Carter is self-promoting. That’s one of the biggest, most absurd lies I’ve ever heard. Show me a link about Bush helping more Africans than “carter, clinton and obama” — you’re full of hot air, dude. Show me a link about obama leaving “his alleged brother to rot in a tin shack in Kenya.” Not right-wing attack site links. Real links. You’re full of ignorant bluster. You’re a joke. I feel no need to refute lying trash like you.

  • Barack_Sucks

    well i guess it only takes snopes or a yank off joke site like this to convince you, eh? why is it all you low info types pretend to be liberal internet perfessers,lol and always site snopes,wiki ,huffpo,etc,etc…blah ,blah,blah.
    did your “IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE”(ROFLMAO) professors let you use these? or did they perhaps insist on something a little more….true…or …verifiable?? hmmm? i dont need any delusions thanks..im having too much fun with yours. have fun with your new tax rates there low info voter.
    2013..the year the OBOTS realize they’ve been had. ive been sheltering my money where Oclown cant touch it for 4 yrs. now. this is gonna be funny. kind of like when all of stalin’s useful idiots got lined up and machine gunned into trenches,because they,like you ,were no longer necessary.
    dont go gettin all wee-wee’d up you just put on your bib and you eat your liberal peas. you wanted em,you voted for em….you eat em. HAHAHAHA….this site is definitely goin in my files. 🙂

  • deckbose

    Is there a point somewhere in that unintelligible mess of a comment? I can’t find one. So no links to verify any of your claims? I guess that proves you’re a foolish chump liar. Thanks for playing.

  • deckbose

    Fanny wrote “most of you posters,” not “most people.” Thanks for trying to read her mind, though.

  • Barack_Sucks

    oh do i need a “link” to prove to you that i know your a wanna be whos full of hot methane?? i dont think so. enjoy your new lower standard of living,skippy,courtesy of the guy who wont raise taxes. i made the claims but you are (so predictably) unable to refute the truth. by this time next year most of you lo info voters arent gona have internet cause obamaphones dont have data plans. then youll have to log in from the library.
    funny…didnt you vote for barack Oclaus cause he was gonna give you liberal leafblowers shiny things? oh well. :/

  • Barack_Sucks

    forgot to ask how do you feel if the “Wascally WepubWicans” ban falafel in school lunches??? bwahahaha
    you poor dim lil muffinheads.

  • deckbose

    Just curious, are you taking Ritalin or Adderall for your ADHD?

  • deckbose

    Hey, why don’t we talk about George W. Bush, since we’re on a Bush thread? About his willfully ignoring FBI advisories in August 2001 that bin Laden was preparing an attack on this country? That he was too busy vacationing on his ranch in Texas to safeguard the nation. How 3000 people died on continental US soil because Bush was as incompetent as any President who ever lived? Or how about his consequent invasion of uninvolved Iraq that ended up killing more than a hundred thousand innocent civilians and destroyed the infrastructure of a sovereign nation? And how the cost of the pointless war nearly drove the United States into bankruptcy? And how the Bush Administration crippled the moral superiority of the United States worldwide by advocating torture and the killing of civilians in a war that should never have even taken place? Let’s mull some of those topics for a bit as you complain about Obama raising taxes on the wealthy. My, you certainly keep your priorities in an interesting arrangement, don’t you? As long as it’s convenient for you, that’s all that matters.

  • Barack_Sucks

    well lets see bush was pres. for 8 months when 9/11 occurred and the sum total of the fbi briefing data was “some people in the middle east want to attack us”. clinton however ignored numerous chances to take bin laden incl. the time the Saudi’s were going to present him gift wrapped. maybe he was to busy satisfying his “urges” eh? what was the total of his attempts?
    T-lam attacks of africa and an aspirin factory and a for show only attack on a training compound when public and congressional pressure forced him into it. and bin laden left hrs. before the first t-lam hit point zero.
    as for pointless war ask dirty harry and piglosi… and findabrain feinstein…they were in on the briefings. the libbies voted to invade once…wanted a do over and voted a second time to invade iraq.
    colin powell gave the u.n. 3 folders of surveillance transcripts,intel and satellite photos showing
    truck convoys moving very specialized tanks and storage equip. over the mountains into syria and our forces found abandoned chem. warfare processing trucks discarded along the same route after we invaded. and now the libs wring their hands and cry “foul”. thats why i never trusted any libs in my unit in iraq….oh,my bad there were none…they were home running their “highly edumacated blowholes” .
    as far as bankruptcy ,slick willy was claiming almost a trillion $$ surplus…bull. accounting tricks,less than 23o billion and then 9/11 and afghanistan happened during the clinton internet bubble bursting.
    bush tried i believe 14 times to get congress to reign in the liberal housing insanity of the everyone owns a house balloon mortgages and every time he got shot down by…..liberals. and as far as bankruptcy ,who ran the congress from 2006-2010??? liberals led by piglosi…spending like all the money was on fire. b.hussein has spent more money in 4 years than almost ALL other president’s combined FOR 236 YEARS.
    as far as the 1% your crying about ,you could take every penny they had and not even pay 7 or 8% of our national debt…just put companies employing millions out of business.
    as far as being an “expert” on the middle east there “ivy league boy” you wouldnt know the difference between a
    tribesman and his camel.
    hey you might want to check into some of that adderall
    for yourself,although for you id recomend seroquel and maybe fanopt or haldol to control the delusional fuges and reality breaks.
    see what i mean about wiki ,snopes and KOS and huffpo
    and those site? when you get your info from them it always comes back to bite you in the as s.
    thanks for reminding me yet again why im not a liberal. 🙂

  • Barack_Sucks


  • deckbose

    Could you translate this comment into English, please? The actual “sum total” of the FBI advisories was that bin Laden had men in flight training facilities around the US and had plans to attack this nation by using aircraft as weapons. So I’ll tell you what, when you want to start dealing in the truth, please feel free to contact me. Until then, I’m really not interested in your lies and slander.

  • Barack_Sucks

    oh and by the way…clinton made the rule that clipped the lines of communications between the fbi and the cia and other
    government agencies that would have allowed them to actually
    be able to present pres. bush with useful,coherent info that actually might have prevented the attack on 9/11. slick willy failed to do his due diligence the first time and to make it harder to moniter his presidential malfeasance he rewrote the rules by which intel agencies communicate with each other….and then you blame ????? bush. typical shallow water lib.
    you should get a refund on that “ivy league edumacation” you got there boy,i dont think it took.
    practice up some…your really not very good at this.

  • Barack_Sucks

    your not real fond of history or facts are you there??
    i have yet to see you refute a single fact. your a troll.
    check my dates,check the libs voting records check ..check..
    check. i have a better weapon than lies …truth. it is sure,it is certain and it endures through any storm of lies.

  • deckbose

    “The Gish Gallop is the debating technique of drowning the opponent in such a torrent of half-truths, lies, and straw-man arguments that the opponent cannot possibly answer every falsehood in real time.” This is your raison d’etre. This is your SOP. This is all you’ve got. You are the single worst, most ineffective debater I have not only personally come up against, but that I have ever read. You are a total joke.

  • deckbose

    You have not yet stated a single fact. Why would I need to refute the hallucinations in your head that you’ve gathered from right wing attack sites. I have asked you repeatedly to provide links for the lies put forth here, and you have given me absolutely ZERO. You’re a con artist with no con. You’re a complete freaking idiot. You think I need to respond to your lies? Dream on, my imbecilic friend. Let me know when you have an actual link verifying any one of your foolish delusions.

  • Barack_Sucks

    zzzzzz wha? no facts yet? with all your huffpo and daily kos links??? you probably didnt even graduate community college.
    i repeat your not very good at facts OR rebuttal. your a noob.
    and you are for sure a socialist libtroll. since you have no facts or truths or even weakly applicable rebuttals , then, troll; i now claim your arm as my trophy. it will go over the door with all the other troll’s arms i have collected…..until it’s time to throw it into the poodle pit.

  • Barack_Sucks

    you could have at least tried man…1 fact….1 rebuttal …just one.
    but no.just ad hominem.
    and im keeping the arm. till its time to throw it in the poodle pit,troll.

  • deckbose

    You keep screaming about “no facts” while never providing a single link to confirm your lies. It’s as though you have exponential delusions, to the 2nd power. You scream for facts while providing none. You’re a real broken piece of work, sir.

  • deckbose

    Show me a fact and I’ll refute it. But you and I both know you have no facts, so all you do is whine.

  • deckbose

    I particularly love when insult machines like yourself cry about ad hominems. Maybe you better cry for mommy, too. It’ll be just as effective.

  • Barack_Sucks

    well if all i have is “hallucinations” then it wouldnt be very hard to PROVE them wrong,would it?. you could dispell my “right
    wing delusions” like phantoms and vapor…..if only you had facts. butyou only have progressive huffpo nonsense and liberal backward talk.
    and im still keeping your arm as my trophy troll.

  • deckbose

    Shut up and give me a fact. All you do is whine and lie. You have nothing. No logic. No truth. No trophy. No dignity.

  • deckbose

    Why would I waste my time disputing your delusions. GIVE ME A VERIFIABLE FACT OR STFU.

  • Barack_Sucks

    i have given you my assertation of facts and my factual rebuttal
    of your nonsense and all you do is complain and ad hominem and you have not rebutted a single fact in my statements. i have given dates,names and assertations of events…all of which you circle like a wild dog but never do you disprove.
    im not going to rebutt myself am i? yet you seem to expect me to do your arguing for you.
    i have discussions on four other threads AT THE SAME TIME
    THAT IM ARGUING YOU TO A STANDSTILL. doesnt say much for you or your arguments. all you have is ancient liberal
    boilerplate you are probably reading off a website. i have heard and disproved with facts the same spiel your using too many times to count.and every person using your cut and paste
    liberal rota has met your fate. you cannot disprove anything ive said. many have tried and all fell upon the sharp edges of truth.
    and im still keeping my trophy.i have a lot of them.
    ( remember…im holding four other discussions at the same time as im arguing with you).
    and im still keeping the arm no matter how you beg.

  • Barack_Sucks

    i have given you at least 20 or 25 paragraphs of facts…all of which you pretend not to see.pick one or shut up,troll.
    remember,im arguing with 4 other people right now,and they are actually willing to TRY. not that its doing them any good….garden variety trolls.all.
    p.s. im still keeping the arm.

  • deckbose

    Yes, I’m very impressed by your imagined dexterity. But I’m still waiting on that very first verifiable fact.

    You don’t seem to understand the relationship between assertions and facts, which is a shame for someone who claims to be holding multiple discussions at once. Without evidence to support your lunatic claims, you are merely a derelict in the park, in raggedy clothes, saliva dripping down your stubbled chin, screaming on a soap box about issues and events you have no evidence to support nor, of course, any firsthand knowledge. You’re a dupe of the worst sort.

    Feel free to drop this conversation from your multiple rantings. You are convincing no one, you are establishing nothing but your lunacy, and I find you utterly distasteful as a debate partner. Most people at least try to verify their claims, and perhaps there is some subsequent challenge over sources, but you’re one of the type who simply insists you’re right because you believe it in your broken brain. Sorry, that’s not good enough anywhere beyond your ears. So, until you start providing links for your claims, you can consider me deaf to your mindless rants. If and when you start providing links, I will respond.

  • deckbose

    Your claims are NOT FACTS, Sluggo. They are your claims. If you don’t understand how to play the game, then get the freak off the field.

  • deckbose

    Are you rubbing the arm between your legs? Are you enjoying the feel of another man’s skin? You sure seem insistent about holding onto my body parts. I better start calling you “ma’am” rather than “mister.”

  • deckbose

    See, if I say George Bush was a pedophile, that is not a fact. That is my claim. You don’t seem to understand the difference between the two.

  • Barack_Sucks

    actually,skippy..that is how the game is played. you made statements that i refuted with my “facts”. you dont believe my “facts” so you refute them,see? ….except you cant…because they are true.you are unable to disprove any of my statements because they are TRUE. your not the first lib to batter himself to pieces on the rocks of truth. surely there ‘ivy league’ if you had
    any rebutting facts of your own you would have clubbed me senseless by now. right? right ,ivy league? are ALL the liberal websites down?
    and while ive explained this to you YET again, i have vanquished another troll and im down to you and 3 others at the same time. wow….just wow.
    and im still keepin the arm, ivy league. 🙂

  • deckbose

    Your ignorance is stunningly unassailable. You are out of your depth, Missy. You vanquish entirely in your own broken mind. I have no need to add to your misery. You are a pathetic soul and I will give you a pass because I feel sorry for anyone as stupid as you.

  • Barack_Sucks

    no skippy.that, in a debate, is your assertation of a fact….if i disagree with your assertation,then it is up to me to either disprove your assertation of fact(to in effect prove your fact to be false) or at least show mitigational evidence that your fact is
    not provable as a positive value statement.
    since mr. bush has never been charged or found guilty of pedophilia by a court of law ,such convictions being public(as well as scandalous) i feel safe in discounting the veracity of your assertation of fact. but i cannot prove it. all my facts were open and public matters of record,well reported by news agencies and government’s own records. if i was wrong it
    SHOULD be easy for you to proveit.but you cant…because im right.and you are probably the 50th liberal who has tried the same but,but but bush tactic regarding these matters
    so i keep the arm.
    p.s. what university did you say you attended ?? 🙂
    and now one of my other trolls is getting frisky and actually trying(dimly) to assemble a cogent and coherent argument.

  • deckbose

    No, that’s where you’re completely freaking wrong. It’s up to me to prove my claim. The burden of proof is on the accuser, or are you entirely unfamiliar with American jurisprudence. Now I see how you work. You make outrageous lying claims that you feel no need to verify, and then you wait for someone to step into your rabbit hole and try to disprove your delusions. That’s not the way debating works. You make a claim, you have to prove it. And you have yet to do so with ANY of your specious remarks about both Obama and Bush. You live in a full-on bubble of distorted beliefs. It’s up to you, Missy, to prove your claims, not the other way around.

  • deckbose

    Just to put one of your “facts” to rest — that Bush was only warned of a possible attack, with no more specificity than that — prior to 9/11, I’m going to give you a primer in how debate works. Here are half a dozen links proving that Bush was warned of the specific details of a possible attack, from sources from the US mass media, both print and television (including right-leaning Fox News). If you want to ignore these sources as biased, then you tell me who you consider a reliable source, and I hope to God it’s not brietbart, The DC or the Blaze.








    This, my idiot friend, is how you support a claim.Not by simply sitting back and waiting for someone to dispel your delusions.

  • deckbose
  • Barack_Sucks

    soooo you want to debate creationism vs. evolution? wow you cant even win a debate with me when im putting you and other multi trolls down and you want to hitch up yer draws and get into religion???

  • deckbose

    This has nothing to do with the debate about creationism vs. evolution. This is about debate technique. Would you like 12 more links saying the same thing, you half-witted simp? The burden of proof in a debate rests with the person making a claim, contrary to your idiot theory that someone makes a claim and the burden is on the other party to disprove it. Your grasp on debate technique is as faulty as your claims about Obama and Bush. But, as is clearly enunciated here, “In practice it is only as useful as the participants’ ability to learn from it. If no one learns anything from a debate it’s a waste of time.” That’s you, Missy. The Waste of Time.

  • deckbose
  • deckbose

    Just out of curiosity, are you, like, 14 years old? You argue like a child, you refuse to accept facts, and you banter on, hitting the same debunked points over and over, like someone without any adult capability for rationale. How old are you, really?

  • Barack_Sucks

    well at least your trying. im not even gonna skim the nytimes or cnn they are mouthpiece rags and to be fair i wont use the references ive culled from fox since youll cry foul.

    the commons (?1?) sums it up best,IN THEIR FIRST

    The Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9-11 is now finished, but the findings that have been released fail to mention any warnings from foreign governments. The US mainstream media also has paid little attention to warnings from foreign governments.
    are you privy to something the rest of america has missed,hmmm?
    none of these references refutes my 2 assertations
    1. that cry and beat their breasts as they may libs (incl. feinstein and others of the d. ilk on the senate committees)
    can factually claim that pres. bush was EVER given a coherent briefing containing any of this data. much of what these sources references would have indeed been provided
    …..to pres. clinton. bush you see did not become pres. till
    2000 ,when he “stole” the election from gore. *wink,wink*
    this also buttresses MY claim of clinton sitting on his hands(and the info) because he was busy trying to “redefine” what is is as he and his wife were desperately trying to avoid impeachment and a federal cell.
    also if you read deeply you see that as i said…no single intelligence agency had enough coherent information to develop “actionable” intelligence or a useful ,succinct briefing
    that could have prevented anything. it still amounst to one guy telling one cop,”bob is going to rob the bank”…
    …bob who?,how,when? driving? walkin? disguised?
    alone? with friends? how many? armed? with what?.
    these “links show that many people whispered clues to many cops and informants and almost none of them communicated with each other well enough to claim…Bush knew.
    the reason the FBI and the CIA were not speaking to each other is…..slick willy. it made it too hard for him to mess with the fbi papers so he made sure they didnt share data.
    and that is THE SINGLE BIGGEST REASON that the POTUS recieved no actionable data. it was truncated and
    chopped to pieces by the inability of the clinton regime era intelligence services to be able to compare and collate existing data. as i said hours ago. clinton had every opportunity to prevent this and other disasters in toto,
    IF he had been able to focus on the job at hand instead of getting laid. the Saudi’s warned him over and over about
    bin ladens plans and even offered to DELIVER OBL to
    the US trussed up like a christmas goose……clinton refused.
    and so in disgust the royal family washed their hands of a dangerous man who several years later,took down the towers. bush was on the job 8 months and reacted to the attack like an American pres. ,clinton was on the job 6 yrs.
    and ignored his duty to allay a clear and present danger to the u.s.
    and to divert attention, libs after 4 yrs. are still trying to
    blame a debacle born and reared during the clinton occupation of the White House on a president who dealt
    with the blowback of clinton’s malfeasance after less than a year on the job.and did pretty well doing it. was bush perfect?
    nah he was kinda liberal,but id take him in a hot second over the clueless, self absorbed,on going train wreck that is currently wrinkling the sheets(or should i say vacationing)
    h ell i would even take carter back over this guy….but just barely.

  • Barack_Sucks

    uhhh,dude…i mean mr. ivy league…your claim was that i was wrong…it is your job to prove me wrong.which you still havent done…so sorry…im keeping your arm libtroll to feed the poodles.
    all those long winded links and you still end up without an arm.
    well of the five trolls ive dis armed (see what i did there ivy league? 🙂 ) your certainly the most long winded.
    maybe someday you libs can find a better fall guy….your trolling will turn out better for you.
    thats really sad ivy league four other trolls AND you and i was listening to music at the same time. 🙁 sucks to be you.
    hey you never said what “university” you “attended” ivy league
    ????? seriously it might not be too late to get a “refund”

  • Barack_Sucks

    bwahahahaha….. look at the avatar……you know you want to snuggle up to that hot hunk of bi-prezzy. he might not mind that you only have one arm.

  • deckbose

    Nice dodge again, Missy. There are dozens of sites with similar information about the FBI advisories prior to 9/11. You can play Three Wise Monkeys all you want, the evidence is overwhelming. Congressional investigations are notoriously biased. But the main point here that your infantile brain should grasp is how a debate works. I put up links, a wide variety of sources, you dismiss them out of hand like a typical empty-headed fool, without any concomitant analysis or contravening details, and I laugh at your ignorance. But, see, your inability to put up even a single link for just one of your absurd claims points up the chasm between your delusions and the truth. Sadly for you, Missy, this is how debate works. It’s not merely a matter of wishing away the facts that contradict you. You have to go through the system. Link your delusions, defend them against analytic assault, and then you can claim victory. You are so far from anything resembling that routine that it’s like a vaudeville routine trying to school you on how to debate.

  • Barack_Sucks

    i have 14 disqus id’s dont beat yourself up ivy league, its just that as a troll….well you got no game. now that troll over at physics.org…he had game…you could have taken notes and
    edumacated your self at trollin. who knows ?
    4 on 1 plus you ivy league….bwahahahaha

  • deckbose

    Which is the part you don’t understand about how a debate works? It’s like you don’t speak English. You make a claim, THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON YOU, DUMBASS, TO SUBSTANTIATE IT. You have a hole in your head where everyone else keeps their ability to reason and think. “it is your job to prove me wrong.which you still havent done.” NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. It is your job, you fucking asshole to prove your claim. Stop mouthing off with your lies and just admit that you’re either 13 years old or English is not your native language. Show me ONE link — as I have shown you a half-dozen — which verifies your nonsensical claim that someone else must disprove your idiot delusions. THAT IS NOT THE WAY DEBATE WORKS, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  • deckbose

    You have 14 Disqus IDs? Well, that pretty much sums up what a total fucking loser you are. You’re afraid to live and die under one screen name. You need to change identities whenever you’ve embarrassed yourself, like here in this thread, before you can return as someone else. So sad. You’ve admitted to the world that you don’t even have enough confidence to debate through just one screen name, that you need to jump around from alias to alias because too many people already know what a total loser you are. Geez, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was debating someone so disabled and insecure. No wonder you can’t understand the simplest rules of debate. Good luck in life. I know it won’t be easy for you as such an idiot, but I hope you manage to reach adulthood anyway.

  • Barack_Sucks

    not at all,i took the time to read them…its just that they do not prove that bush was ever presented a precis of data that contained enough collated coherant data to be able to order or direct any action….unlike clinton. which if youll review was precisely my assertation. all your links say is that the data existed…in the same fashion as puzzle pcs. unassembled in a box. in fact your links even point out how disfunctional inter-agency communications were…again my point. your own links
    are what im using to prove my point. i never said data did not exist ,i said it was jumbled and fragmentary and for all practicle purposes equated to …some one in the middle east wants to
    do bad things to us..maybe suadis…maybe planes.
    i could tell you that much reading the news…but i cant do much with it. what saudis?…planes? no planes? here? or there?
    much of this data according to the links YOU PROVIDED
    was discovered under clinton’s watch but were ignored as clinton and the cia didnt really talk much and clinton only talked to the fbi when he needed some “help” from them.
    and lets not forget Sandy “burglar” berger who got busted stuffin secret national documents down his pants or hor clinton allowed Chinese engineers to steal multiple stage rocket technology.
    the deeper you dig into those links of yours the more they prove MY points, exhonerate bush from actionable foreknowledge of events and incriminate bill clinton in gross
    dereliction of duty and his oath of office

  • Barack_Sucks

    yea the libs are pretty much afraid to debate after a go or two so to sucker em in i have to switch handles. i have several under my real name . my best one has 2100 comments and
    78,000 likes. by the way “deckbose” is that your real name??
    🙂 nice stats on that profile for a loser. but what the hey.
    youd probably be better at the disqus debate thing if you didnt get so mad…jus sayin as soon as you get mad …yo lose.
    now what was that “school” you went to?
    p.s. you cant have the arm back

  • Barack_Sucks

    media matters jeez it figures.

  • deckbose

    “i said it was jumbled and fragmentary and for all practicle purposes equated to …some one in the middle east wants to do bad things to us..maybe suadis [sic]…maybe planes.” Interesting interpretation considering the following paragraphs in the links:

    While some of the intelligence went back years, other warnings —
    including one that Al Qaeda seemed interested in hijacking a plane
    inside this country — had been delivered to the president on Aug. 6,
    2001, just a month before the attacks.

    The new information
    produced by the commission so far has led 6 of its 10 members to say or
    suggest that the attacks could have been prevented, though there is no
    consensus on when, how or by whom. The commission’s chairman, Thomas H.
    Kean, a Republican, has described failures at every level of government,
    any of which, if avoided, could have altered the outcome. Mr. Kerrey, a
    Democrat, said, ”My conclusion is that it could have been prevented.
    That was not my conclusion when I went on the commission.”

    “The revelation came as legislators demanded an explanation after an FBI
    memo alluding to ignored warning signs about Sept. 11 emerged. Two
    months before the hijackings, FBI agents in Phoenix reported their
    suspicions about Arab students at a Phoenix flight school, and directly
    referred to the possibility of a connection to bin Laden.”

    “Well, it was clearly a review document, but it had current emphasis and
    current interest. The title of the piece, as you said earlier, was “bin
    Laden determined to strike inside the United States”. This in itself
    should have attracted a good deal of attention. And then it went into
    F.B.I. reporting which was very sensitive at the time. Noting that there
    were increased indicators of hijackings that could take place in the
    United States, again inside the United States. And that there were
    increased indicators of infiltration from Canada, of al Qaeda
    terrorists, with explosives.”

    And I fear that perhaps we won’t get all of the answers through this
    Commission, and quite honestly, the fact that Condi Rice as National
    Security Advisor continues maintain they didn’t know or couldn’t have
    known is unconscionable. There were warnings out there, outside of a
    specific date, time and place, there was plenty of material out there
    that if they had just paid attention, or if she had done her job, and
    put people on alert in August, the FAA would
    have been notified. The Port Authority would have been notified. The
    city of New York would have been notified. New York City was a clear
    target after ’93. The people in Tower Two — my husband, should have had
    the opportunity to decide whether it was time to run or whether there
    was not a reason to get out of those buildings. And instead, they heard —
    you know, claims that everything was fine. Everything was safe and they
    took their time getting out. I think it’s unconscionable.”

    The next day, the first item on the CSG’s agenda was that very thing
    from the day before. June 25th, Clarke — that’s, of course, Richard Clarke (search) — warning Rice and Deputy Hadley that six separate intelligence reports showed Al Qaeda (search) personnel warning of an attack.

    And of course, the briefing of August 6th saying bin Laden
    determined to strike. This administration had all of that information,
    and that was in the 9/11 report, and that is much more significant, in my view.”

    In 1998, U.S. officials received reports concerning a
    “Bin Laden plot involving aircraft in the New York and Washington,
    areas.” Officials received reports that al Qaeda was trying to establish
    an operative cell in the United States and that bin Laden was
    attempting to recruit a group of five to seven young men from the United
    States to travel to the Middle East for training in conjunction with
    his plans to strike U.S. domestic targets. Indeed, the report concluded that “a group of unidentified Arabs planned to fly an explosive-laden plane . . . into the World Trade Center”.

  • deckbose

    Yeah, that’s why you have to switch. Because people are afraid of your inanity. hahahahaha

  • deckbose

    78,000 likes for 2100 comments? I doubt it severely, but the fact that you actually look at these Disqus statistics and draw some satisfaction from them is the final nail in your Idiot Coffin.

  • deckbose

    That’s about 12 straight comments where you inquire about my education. I can understand your jealousy — I was taught how to speak and write, and you’re a complete fucking moron when it comes to communication skills — but do you really want to parade your jealousy so starkly for everyone to see? You’re obsessed beyond all reason with my education. It’s so pathetic. Other than being 14 years old, is there really anything that’s stopping you from getting the same education I did?

  • Barack_Sucks

    “In 1998, U.S. officials received reports concerning a
    “Bin Laden plot involving aircraft in the New York and Washington,
    areas.” Officials received reports that al Qaeda was trying to establish
    an operative cell in the United States and that bin Laden was
    attempting to recruit a group of five to seven young men from the United
    States to travel to the Middle East for training in conjunction with
    his plans to strike U.S. domestic targets. Indeed, the report concluded that “a group of unidentified Arabs planned to fly an explosive-laden plane . . . into the World Trade Center”.

    Pop quiz who was president in 1998?

    i can pick the rest of this apart just as as easily,but im blogging over at physics.org if you want to join in over there.
    all this your posting simply proves “some felt” or “some believe” etc.etc. it doesnt tie anything up in a bundle much less with a bow on top. it only “suggests” possibility or what
    the mostly uninvolved “felt” or “suppossed” in hindsight.
    and again i point out ,much of this was in the wind in clintons tenure….where are your links stating his orders and instructions on this?? rriiiggghhhhttt.
    but what do i know im just a guy with 14 disqus handles.
    by the way what was your major/minor studies…did you mention? well no matter
    believe me ….libs have been tryin to hang bush with this since 9/11 and its never washed yet.
    and maybe you might find out what ol d.feinstein and pelosi et al were briefed on? …. 🙂
    and now im off for a bit mr. uhh “deckbose”(that’s not your real name is it? i wont tell 😉 ) uhh ill just call you ivy league.
    ive got to switch handles and go see if i can find a certain someone who wants to argue Hawking model gravitational
    theory vs. Einsteinian model gravitational theory.
    come along…if i find him you can take notes 🙂

  • Barack_Sucks

    believe me ivy ,the last place id pay to get educated at is where
    you went to get edumucated,lol. we definitely wouldnt be in the same classes. its just that,well i saw how you was making a big deal of your “ivy league” education. fair is fair. you put it out there .put up or shut up. you said it im just callin your hand.
    but you kind of sound like my old buddy who was a poly sci.
    major…lol…how the heck do you major in head games? but he would get out of class and he liked smoking weed,and man let me tell when he got stoned would he ever talk,talk talk. you and him would probably be soul bros. jus sayin you sound like
    a studies major. not that theres anything wrong with that
    if thats what your into( lol).
    me ive always preferred math and computer sci. fair is fair.
    if you want to troll on your education dont act all shocked when someone throws down a b.s. flag…. thats football.

  • deckbose

    “believe me ….libs have been tryin to hang bush with this since 9/11 and its never washed yet.” And that’s why Bush was welcomed at the RNC this past summer and given a primetime speaking slot. There’s no stigma attached to the Bush Presidency, no sireeee! The GOP holds him aloft as a shining example of what the Repugs can do for the nation.

  • deckbose

    I never “put it out there” in this conversation — you went searching for information and have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s really kind of sad. The quality of your writing is so hopelessly insufficient and yet you have the gall to suggest you would reject an Ivy League education. As if you could ever get in. No one who writes like you do gets into the Ivy League, Missy. You should just accept that fact. But let me see if I understand you correctly — you’re claiming I did not graduate from an Ivy League school? Is that it? It doesn’t surprise me. You’ve been wrong on 95% of everything else you’ve written tonight, why not one more lie?

  • Barack_Sucks

    well i already told you bush was too liberal for my tastes..
    fiscally he was bad.of course he was only 20% as bad as
    Obama fiscally but hey who knew obama would be such a
    train wreck …..when they elected him again….ooopsie.
    and dont try the but mittens b.s. with me either cause
    the only reason on EARTH i would vote for mittens would be
    to stop the “national catastrophy” of lil barry boo boo.
    and i wouldnt have let bush speak at the convention either.
    but much of bushes toxicity was falsely applied by liberals
    trying to explain gore’s humiliating debacle in 2000 and the
    just plain pathetic failure of john gigolo kerry.
    the fact that obama is still leaning on blaming bush for his
    inability and unsuitability to run a country much less show
    up in the senate as a clean young black and vote present is beyond pathetic. almost nothing highlights obama’s lack of character or personal honesty as well as complete lack of the true skills of governance like his incessant whining of
    “it’s bushe’s fault”. parents wouldnt let a five year old get away with that weaseling and yet ater all these years liberals still take it hook line and sinker. and incredibly enough most are unaware and low information enough to where they actually internally believe it.

  • deckbose

    Let’s ignore the fact that your response does not address my point at all — that’s par for your course — but you apparently think 53% of this nation’s electorate is “libs,” and that’s why Obama was re-elected. Good analysis.

  • Barack_Sucks

    nothing is secret on the internet. do you have your I.P. locked?
    🙂 you must have been pretty obsessed to be throwin it out at people who dont care. do you have a reading comprehension problem? i begin to believe you do. now ill give you a minute to review…… ok,i said i wouldnt go to the school YOU went to.
    are you suggesting that you went to EVERY ivy league school?
    and recap again im not saying you didnt go to an ivy league school….im just not saying YOU DID . nor am i questioning your graduation of said school…or lack of graduation. its more fun for me when i let you dig yourself in to a foxhole and then have to defend it ….or crawfish. i simply ,understandably asked you to clarify the assertions that you were so eager for others to be impressed with.
    as far as not getting in your probably right…bush and clinton and obama were legacy upgrades who didnt quality either.i dont feel too bad.
    but you still sound like a studies major to me.
    as far as my writing…im a lazy typer i admit. spelling,syntax and proper punctuation only matter in programming.or math.

  • Barack_Sucks

    by the way is deckbose your REAL name? why are fraid to use your real name? is it an anagram? for perhaps derrick bose?
    or is it a noun like tie that rope to the deckbose,matey?
    surely an upstanding person like your Lordship would use his real name? and DID you graduate? 🙂
    it can be our lil secret if you didnt. i still think your cool.

  • Barack_Sucks

    were you at duke?…your a blue devil? hmmm. maybe not.

  • Barack_Sucks

    oh my deckbose you an ivy leaguer (or not an ivy leaguer)
    troll the blaze??? wow you just lost some respect from me.
    but i still love you my lefty bro!
    arent computers amazing? all those hrs. connected to the same
    chat interface … as me, not very bright of you there ivy league…..well i was honest..i told you i program.
    im curious which of the few ivy league schools did you say you
    went to ? or didnt go to?
    p.s. you need better sec. prot’s.

  • Barack_Sucks

    :O and the huffpo….i freakin knew it!. dude…that is nasty.
    going to the huffpo for info is like crappin your pants…..
    …posting there is like sitting in it. really ivy league… we gots
    to get you correct bro your making a mockery of your ivy league education….or lack of ivy league education. huffpo and media matters and dailykos are like the meth ho’s of info and posting sites.

  • Barack_Sucks

    hey ivy league you ever play Spyglass or Pebble Beach?

  • gorgegirl

    If George W Bush voted for Barack Obama, it probably wasn’t by mistake.

  • gmorone

    Almost 6 trillion in 4 years. Bush had 3-4 T in 8 years. This alone is an incredibile statistic. Unemployment? Food stamps?

  • deckbose

    Healthcare for 70 million uninsured Americans. An end to 2 pointless wars. Equal pay for equal work. Yeah, I’ll stick with the current Prez.

  • berry lee

    He is somewhat incompetent anyhow or he wouldn’t have run up our deficit like he did

  • Dr.R. Clavan

    Bush was the best president except for Reagan the USA has ever had.

  • Damn, I got a stitch I laughed so much. I heard they made a film of the two Bush’s, Snr and Jnr. Anyone seen it? It’s called Dumb and Dumber.

  • james_from_cambridge

    That’s our Bush! Man I miss that show…!

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