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Netanyahu: America ‘Made the Wrong Choice’

Nov 07, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the American electorate today, calling them 'ignorant' and 'intellectually challenged' for re-electing Barack Obama to the presidency.

The conservative politician from Israel's Likud party made the comments during a live interview with Australia's ABC News.

Ostensibly on the network to discuss Israeli-Australian relations, the conversation soon turned to the day's big news - Obama's reelection to a new 4-year term.

The ABC interviewer asked Netanyahu his opinion on Obama's victory, and the PM did not mince his words:

"I think its a shame," he responded, "Clearly the American people don't know what's good for them. I don't know if they're ignorant or intellectually challenged. But they made the wrong choice.

"Mitt Romney was a superior candidate. I know the man well. He's the most competent human being I have ever seen. He would have rebooted their economy and destroyed Iran once and for all. It's criminal, frankly, that he was not elected."

Special Education

Netanyahu then went directly after Obama, apparently indifferent to the damage he might do to Israel's special relationship with the U.S.:

"I fear for what America will become under this sophomoric amateur named Obama. He knows nothing about foreign policy. He doesn't care about Israel. And he seems to be sympathetic to the motives of Muslim extremists."

"Apparently the American people wanted four more years of childish, cartoonishly naive leadership. I don't understand it fully, but like I said - it probably has something to do with a diminished capacity for logical reasoning."

Netanyhu and Romney worked together at Boston Consulting Group in the 1970's and have remained friends through the decades. Relations between the Isreali PM and Obama have been strained for years. The men are said to personally dislike each other.


  • Djdw

    Shove it up your ass Ben, hopefully the American people will be smart enough to sit back and watch your country destroyed rather than trying to get involved and causing WW3.

  • djdw1

    This asshole can’t leave one day without our support. What a sob; you are done bastred. Now, we know why under George Bush Sr.; when this SOB was ambassador to the US, he was not allowed to visit the State Dept. we must support Israel but get rid of this jerk

  • Celtic Dude

    I thought this story was true! [email protected]

  • Douglas Peterson

    This is only further proof that it is long over due to abandon our support for Israel. They are nothing but the spoiled brat of the middle east and expect the continued support of the WW2 Allied countries that stole the land from the Palestinians to give to them. While we can not make up for that mistake we can tell them to piss off, if they wish to try and be the bullies of the middle east and fight their stupid holy war over which mythology is right let them do it on their own. We need a diplomatic resolution for Iran and Israel needs a better leader. This guy is an idiot and we should cut ties with their country that WE GAVE THEM TO BEGIN WITH!

  • p Air

    this is a fake news site. it’s comedy…

  • No, Bibi, it’s Israel that’s made the wrong choice–repeatedly for several years. Come on, guys, bring back Ariel Sharon.

  • paulette

    A Blind man can see that this is not a true comment. Lets not start problems okay.

  • nydrumboy

    You guys realize this is a satiric website, right?

  • Serendipita

    So this guy wants to annihilate Iran just like that and is bitter because we don’t give him a pass to push the button!! Your, bud lost Net. Cheap shots at the American electorate won’t work. We are not your patsies, baby.

  • Serendipita

    Daily Currant — You need a statement across the top of your page that clearly states ALL of your articles are bogus and made up for comedic effect. Why are you misleading your readers without this statement? These stories are really not all that obviously false. Netanyahu and Obama are known to have a testy relationship so these statements are not really that far-fetched or far-fetched at all. Sarah Palin could have thought we were having another election in 2014.Fully plausible for her.

  • It may be comedy, but the best comedy is that which simply extends the truth into comedy.