Election 2012

Palin Announces 2014 Presidential Run

Nov 09, 2012

Former Republican Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin announced last night her intention to run for U.S. president in 2014.

Speaking exclusively to Fox News from her Wasilla, Alaska home, Palin said there was no time to waste in replacing the newly reelected Barack Obama:

"Barack Obama's second term is going to be a bigger disaster than the first," she said in an interview to Fox's Sean Hannity. "We need to prepare our nation for the post-Obama era of prosperity.

"The next election is only two years away. That's only 420 days. And when that day comes, I intend to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2014. "

Alaska Standard Time

Apparently unbeknownst to Palin, U.S. presidents are elected to four-year terms. The next presidential election will be in 2016, when the Democrats will have to field a new candidate because of term limits.

Aghast at Palin's gaffe, a panicking Hannity tried to walk her back:

"Governor I'm sure you mean 2016 right? You're announcing your candidacy for 2016?"

"No Sean I don't believe there will be an opening in 2016," Palin responded, "Obama's Republican replacement will be running for reelection by then.

"I want a clear shot at the nomination. And the field is clear in 2014.

"It's Palin '14 or bust. I already have all the stickers made and everything."

Palin was the Republican Party's candidate for vice president in 2008. She resigned as Alaska's governor the following year and has since worked as a political pundit.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Palin's campaign forwarded The Daily Currant a copy of her new bumper sticker:

  • Mixbee

    Does this bimbo not realize that two years is 730 days? She is a bigger moron than I thought.

  • anonymouse

    Does Mixbee not realize that this is a fictional/humorous article? He/she/it is a bigger moron than I thought.

  • Julia

    This is a joke, right? Nobody is that stupid. Right?

  • RockefellerJones

    Without intending it, the comments section of this site explains the last fifty years of American political history.

  • Please No More….I can’t stop laughing! HA HA HA HA!

  • RockyMissouri

    Dear god, can’t we just have ONE DAY without coming across her mindless, selfish thoughts….? One, stinking Palin-free day….? 🙂

  • RockyMissouri

    She’s a bigger moron than ANY of us thought…..

  • This entire site is a joke, but yes, people really are SO stupid as to not get that.

  • Susan

    Yes I would vote for her.She believe in God and Country.

  • My Name

    The Republican Party prepares to throw another election…..

  • My Name

    It is now beginning to become clear to me why the Republicans deliberately threw the last two Presidential Elections. It’s obvious that they didn’t want to deal with the results of an eight year Pres. Bush administration,the increasing military and economic problems in the world and societal problems at home in the U.S. Why else would they have allowed a proven non-native-born Kenyan Muslim socialist (see evidence by D.Trump, Sheriff Arpaio) to run for and become President?
    That’s the only explaination that I can think of………

  • Yes, Susan, make sure you get that Presidential Ballot in 2014!

  • user ‘my name’ is an idiot

    A ‘proven non-native-born Kenyan Muslim socialist’? Why do you think that, because he’s black? How’s your tinfoil hat coming?

  • ModdKenwood

    dude.if Palin had actually said that the NETWORKS would’ve interrupted programming to report it.
    The story is a JOKE/PARODY/FAKE…take yer pick…and no I don’t mean for you to take your picture.

  • RockyMissouri

    Even if it were true…no programming would have been interrupted…..dude. And she is STILL a moron.

  • LLENO22


  • Oh wow. I’m sure it’ll go as stellar as her first try at the WH.

  • Jerry Pritikin

    Palin needs a case of KAOPECTATE to stop her runs, the problem is she has diarrhea of the mouth!

  • 2 words
    Holy shit!

    I can say shit as long as I say holy!

  • Harbinger08

    Oh, yeah, Susan, they’ve already started the early voting. Better hurry on down to the courthouse.

  • My Name

    Sorry….that was meant in a satiric sense….. But I do have a tinfoil hat! It’s great to put on and make people wonder……

  • Shelley Peterson

    Ok of course this is a joke , but even this is a really really bad and dangerous joke….I lost 3 seconds of my breath when someone posted the headlines on fb…as I was choking and gasping for air I saw it was from the dailycurrant. By that time I was breathing and wiping away tears from chocking LOL…. Not a good joke people really.

  • Shelley Peterson

    LOL are you calling me stupid Julia

  • Zookat

    Miss-UnderStanding is her moniker! (-:

  • gwminsd

    The Onion is reporting that Levi Johnston is slated to be her running mate.

  • Eddie107

    If this were the Onion, I would have suspected it to be a lie, but there is no other reason to believe that this wasn’t reliable information. Palin is just that stupid, why would anyone feel the need to make other people look stupid by making something up? She says things this stupid 5 times a day, just fucking report that!

  • So believable it is scary…

  • madmemere

    Only if we can have a rockymissouri eclipse!

  • madmemere

    Why don’t you (last) two deport yourselves to Red China; you’d be a welcome addition to their communist labor force!

  • Harbinger08

    Too funny. Guess what, I’m a real American, born and bred, and my liberal friends and I aren’t going anywhere, and we are going to keep voting in ever increasing numbers. Get used to losing from now on. You’re outnumbered.

  • Bubble Buster

    Ever increasing numbers is right. Just like the Ohio poll worker that voted six times in the 2012 election. With voters like that, it’s no wonder the Democrats win. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/feb/19/ohio-poll-worker-who-admits-voting-twice-obama-may/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS

  • Harbinger08

    Yeah, because 6 fraudulent votes is what swung the election. How can Republican vote machine tampering, vote suppression and blatant gerrymandering compete with that? Fact is, Bubbles, we have the numbers on the ground and we will continue to win. It’s not fraud. We really do outnumber you. Believe it.

  • Harbinger08

    And Bubbles, here a link to that lefty site Daily Kos. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/02/08/1185705/-Idiot-Melowese-Richardson-voter-fraud Maybe you’d like to see how those liberals really feel about Melowese Richardson. And read the comments.

  • Huh? You mean she going to start running, since they do spend about 2 years on it.

  • I was looking forward to a long running joke. Oh, wait. . .

  • Being outnumbered by IGNORANCE is nothing to brag about.

  • Harbinger08

    We weren’t bragging about it, but now that we’re not any more it sure is a relief! The end of right wing conservatism is here!

  • Pretoriana

    The Daily Currant is always a joke. 😉

  • Guest

    No, that was God and “county.” LOL! Very funny article! I can see why people might get confused over whether or not she actually said all this or if the article is just a parody.

  • Guest

    No, that was God and “county.” LOL! Very funny article! I can see why
    people might get confused over whether or not she actually said all this
    or if the article is just satire.

  • .

  • BryanCooper

    where do we contribute?

  • Mike

    Id like to bAng sara paline looks like she would be fun lol

  • Given how stupid most of us comprehend that she is, it was natural to spend two minutes imagining that she’d really said it, lol.

  • We have a choice between a baby killing, liberal abortionist, or a conservative who will honor the U.S. Constitution.

  • I’m with you, Benee nee, I can’t stop laughing! HA HA HA HA!

  • Palin is!

  • I love this post, Jerry and I hope you won’t mind if I use it!

  • The biggest moron. Who ever would vote for such a moron?

  • What a very funny post, Shelley! I laughed aloud when I read it! this is great!

  • Yeah, just on stinking Palin-free day would be Grrrrreeeaaaate!!!!

  • Palin ran out of Alaska. People voted for her (not I) and trusted her and she let everyone down so she could get into a more important office and she couldn’t get in, still, she didn’t live up to her commitment in Alaska. I doubt she could commit to anything and stick to it. She’s a loser!

  • The only verified voter fraud in 2012 was by the right. Several instances. Get a new news source.

  • If this is true why is there no record of it on the Fox News site? Something amiss here.

  • Guest

    @ Rachel- I do believe she is THAT stupid !!!!

  • Anilise Blackwell

    you and the rest of the United state too 🙂 she is a joke

  • Sherriel2001




  • This is a spoof site designed to take advantage of gullible people to negatively impact conservatives and Christians ….

  • Nothing but a satirical spoof

  • Missy M

    Yawn. Flunky writers. Do something original, Palin is a dead horse.

  • BadgerShagger

    Sarah Palin is not only the most intelligent member of the GOP but is widely respected for her depth of knowledge in foreign affairs, in particular of Russia, and one day will make a great dog catcher.

  • John Z Prosise

    Nalin Palin , She has the Stickers made and Everything

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    WTF 2014?