Bachmann Will Challenge Boehner For GOP Leadership

Dec 12, 2012

bachmann_rect-460x307Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential bid may have gone down in flames, but the Minnesota congresswoman appears poised to rise from the ashes in 2013.

Sources close to the Tea Party darling say that when the new Congress begins in January she will challenge Speaker John Boehner for leadership of the House Republicans.

The loquacious firebrand already leads the conservative Tea Party Caucus, and if her bid for Speaker is successful it will complete the Tea Party's transition from a fringe protest group to the most powerful ideological bloc within the Republican Party.

Bachmann has been quietly building support within the House Republican ranks since the election, and aides say she already has 70 votes locked down - halfway to the number needed to be elected her party's choice.

Steuern Macht Frei

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Currant, Rep. Bachmann refused to discuss her future plans, but she sounded every bit the candidate:

"America has been rocked by this economic crisis. And I find it outrageous that in the middle of the deepest recession since the 1930's the president and the Republican leadership are negotiating a plan to raise taxes on American families."

"Speaker Boehner insists on helping Obama perpetrate this fiscal atrocity, and it's time he be held responsible by his caucus. We were elected to oppose Obama, not roll over for him."

Bachmann dismisses the idea that Republican's must compromise with Obama on taxes, likening such a deal to the appeasement policies of the pre-WW2 era:

"Neville Chamberlain compromised with Hitler in the 1930's, and look where that got us. Now I'm not saying Obama is the same as Hitler. There are some differences - Obama doesn't believe in white supremacy, for example."

"But I am saying that if we allow Obama to raise taxes on the top 2%, most Evangelical Christians will be living in concentration camps by 2016. Its like that old saying: First, they came for the billionaires but I did nothing because I wasn't a billionaire. Then they came for the millionaires, but I did nothing because I wasn't a millionaire."

"Then they came for every virgin Christian female in America between the ages of 18 and 22 and sold them into Muslim sex slavery in Saudi Arabia. And I did nothing because by then the tax hikes had collapsed the economy and I was too hungry to stop them."

Two Heartbeats Away

Boehner is under tremendous pressure from the right not to cave into the Obama administration's demand for tax increases on the wealthy. However, with the fiscal cliff looming and his leverage waning he may have little choice.

Bachmann's challenge reveals the extent of the divisions of the GOP, whose Tea Party faction believes it is in a struggle to save Western civilization from socialism:

"John Boehner may be comfortable leading our nation down the path of collaboration with the forces of Obama's red oppression," she explains, " But I am not. Like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt - I will stand and fight."

If elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bachmann will be the first Republican woman to hold that position. She would also be second in line to succeed the President in case of death or incapacity, behind Vice-President Joe Biden.

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  • Wow man, profound comment. War on women anyone? If America survived the psycho Speaker Nancy Pelosi then we could survive and Congress would thrive with a Speaker Bachmann or anyone of the others who you mentioned. What a dick. The extent of a leftist’s thinking always “Yeah those Dems they sure is smaht ain’t they Martha…its doze old meany repubickans, daze be evil…we won!” Dems calling all of us dumb. Please take stock in the members of your party. As mentioned Nancy “we need to pass it before we know what’s in it” Psychosi. Sheila Jackson Lee who thought we had planted a flag in the 60s on Mars and not the Moon. Hank “Guam will capsize if the troops land on it” Johnson. Anthony “I threw my junk all over the internet” Weiner and of course, most recently HiJackson Jessie Jr. who resigned in disgrace from Congress for illegally misusing campaign funds then hides out at the Mayo Clinic as if he’s sick or something. “People in glass houses….” Putz.

  • Be careful about what you say Gary. Your Partygirls Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Mad Maxine Waters have the brains of a statue. Even a vulture won’t touch their carcasses.

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  • What bothers me about Bachmann is only reenforced reading the comments from her rabid-dog supporters:

    You believe your own party is THE WAY and you cling white-knuckle to the idea that anyone not of the party is both Everything negative that has been made up about them and an Enemy that Has to be destroyed by any means necessary.

    It wasn’t bad enough that she and her confederates declared that their hatred and opposition to the president was their first priority when they had the failed goal of making him a one-term president. Obama is the first president of either party who opponent’s party singled them out specifically as an enemy (I read the 2012 version of the Republican Party Platform).

    The Constitution doesn’t even require we Have parties; they are a convenience of the politicians. The nature of compromise is such that No One gets exactly what they want. Genuine service requires it because we as Americans have a right to expect our elected officials to have as their first loyalty taking care of the people’s business Not purposely hurting America for the good of their party.

    We get that Republicans don’t like taxes. We get that Democrats don’t like making cuts. Both should get over it and fix the debt crisis but only one party is even paying lip-service to what the people want.

  • Creationist. That alone makes her dumber than mayonnaise. ; Creationists need to be kept away from sharp objects and our legal system.

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  • Sheree

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  • Sounds good to me. Obama is just like Hitler in many ways. Instead of National Socialism, he serves Global Socialism. He is a Black Supremacist. She is a big improvement over Boehner.

  • Au contraire, both parties are paying lip service to fixing the debt crisis. Neither party is willing to do what is necessary to fix it. raising a few paltry billions from higher taxes on people that are the main engine of our economy, small business, when the deficit is about 12 times what the proposed tax increases will generate, is just stupid.

    Spending more than you have year after year after year is irresponsible, it is destructive. The only reason they won’t tackle the problem is it represents votes purchased. Blithe and callous as it seems, it is time to stop paying people to not work. This includes the ENTIRE population. Like it or not, seniors get every penny they paid in for SS and medicare long before they expire. If the money had been invested and grown that might have a different complexion, but what they paid was gone the same year they paid it…thanks to the politicians who now want more…you do the math, genius.

    Currently, the government is surviving on monetizing the debt, how long do you think that will last? Are you ready for triple digit inflation? Yeah, China isn’t buying our debt now, the Fed is…with freshly added zeroes.

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  • Glenn

    Actually Gary based on your insightful remark, you’re one of the deepest thinkers the left has going for them.

  • Michelle Bachmann isn’t dumb. She just has no qualms about playing on the worst parts of human nature to get elected, and does nothing for this country except incite bigotry. That’s evil, not stupidity, and that’s why comparing her to politicians like Pelosi is an apples to oranges comparison, even if you think Pelosi is a bumbling moron.

  • JS

    Actually our once great nation under God. You now have your secular nation. A nation without God. Get it right.

  • There is NO war on women, but there is a war on this Nation and our Freedom’s.

  • Wow, a lot of people flunked a reading comprehension test today.

  • NormanAllen

    We need Bachmann as Speaker of the House because she is more qualified for the job. The crazier they are, the more beloved they are to GOP and their sponsors. One has to be absolutely bonkers to advocated the benefits for the 1% at the expense of the 99% without any shame/guilt or remorse and even be proud of it. I wonder what type of world they were raised in and expect to leave for their kids.

  • DC

    This is one of the most ignorant summaries of the current situation I’ve seen yet.

    There are still a whole lot of people in this country that believe in a small, limited central government that strictly adheres to the constitution. Yet, when has our government done anything but grow and take on more power? You talk about compromise, but in truth there has been no such thing as compromise in our government for decades now. The answer to every problem has been for some time now, to just spend more money, and grow government.

    This isn’t about any belief in party, it’s about people who have decided enough is enough.

    It’s interesting how many accusations democrats make apply equally to their own party, this one is no exception: “…that anyone not of the party is both Everything negative that has been made up about them and an Enemy that Has to be destroyed by any means necessary.”

  • DC

    Yep, that comment sounds about right from a Democrat. The party of tolerance my ass.

    Anyone that’s dumb enough to discount Creation, as at least a minute possibility, needs to be kept away from posting comments online.

  • besmith

    Actually only seniors that live a long time get more back than what they paid into social security. My mother for example never collected a dime of it, as she died at 52 years of age. Divorced and kids grown, the government gets to keep every nickle she ever put into social security. If we didn’t have a social security system she’d have had enough money to put some toward retirement that she could have assigned beneficiaries to receive that money upon her death, but government instead stole all that money to buy votes with.

  • DC

    You realize, by your own party’s standards, you’re racist and sexist?

  • Conservatives Unite!

  • DC

    Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other. -John Adams

    “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”—Patrick Henry

    “The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principals of Christianity…”—John Adams

    “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”—George Washington

    I’m sorry, what was that about a secular nation?????

  • 1NJNurse1

    No problems were ever solved with calling each other names. If Michele Bachmann want’s to run for speaker then she has a right to and she also has a right to not be called names. Neither does the people writing in this blog. If there are trolls running around ignor them. When you call back names to them they get worse and that is exactly what they want. If you want to discuss this article then do so.

  • Anon E. Mouse

    This could be really interesting. As if the congress isn’t already dysfunctional enough……

  • Really a moron? She has a law degree and worked for the IRS. She also supported Jimmy Carter and worked in Israel on a kibbutz. I think she has plenty of bona fides as to brains.

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  • MNwhodidntvoteforCrazyLady

    Well said. Top 1% of job creators often equals Top 1% of job outsourcers. I am all for small business owners, but we can’t ALL own small businesses.

  • Sheree

    Just a poor unfortunate kid raised in a Liberal school system that took GOD out of the equation & you can see the condition of America today because of it. We have Lib wackos in Canada too. PS – there aren’t any athiests in fox holes.

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  • What the heck is up with the GOP of course she woule be preferred to be speaker than Mr Comprimise. History tells us the ALTERNATIVE MINIMUM TAX WAS created to force the wealthy to pay more we know how that worked out . This party has zero knowledge of our own History time for the tae party take over…..GO MICHELLE…

  • She didn’t get a single vote. She is such a douche bag.

  • I am mildly surprised that Bachman thought she had a chance to be the House Speaker. She has a VERY overinflated view of herself and her appeal to others.

  • Get your fact straight; I’m an Independent not a democrat. You merely fantasize about a supposed lack of criticism of democrats to defend your decision to sneer down your nose instead considering what people like Bachmann have done to the GOP. Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave at what his party has drifted into.

  • Plenty of people believe in God and his role in Creation without becoming Fundamentalists and Creationists. The problem with such people is that they believe that everyone should be Required to support their beliefs starting with hijacking the schools and teaching Fundamentalism to all the kids of non-Fundamentalists. For them supporting their own interpretation of the First Amendment can Only be achieved at the expense of the freedom of religion of everyone else.

  • There aren’t that many Atheists among Independents and Liberals either. We Do however see people purposefully drop the words “social” and “conservative” off how they describe their religious beliefs so they can then slander anyone who disagrees with them as supposedly opposing Christianity.

  • There’s a difference between saying we are demographically Christian and politically Christian. Go read the treaty of Tripoli. The founding fathers never intended to have the government recognize an “official” religion. The idea is for people to make those decisions on their own without coercion. Most of the earliest immigrants to the colonies that became America had faced religious persecution in their homelands and then discovered they weren’t noble enough to be trusted with the chance either.

  • The question wasn’t whether the founders had private faith but rather whether they designated a specific religion or denomination as the official (i.e. state) religion and endow them with authority to force their views on others. The Constitution is very specific about that. Not only does it forbid a religious test for holding office but the First Amendment specifies the “free exercise” of religion as a right of every citizen.