Rush Limbaugh Denied Service at Mexican Restaurant

Jan 31, 2013

rush-limbaughConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was refused service at a Mexican restaurant in Florida today while attempting to eat lunch.

The owners of Pablo's Taqueria in Palm Beach Gardens say that they have a strict "no racists" policy and kindly asked Limbaugh to leave the premises when he attempted to place his order.

He initially declined to leave the restaurant, and after a brief argument was escorted out by security guards.

The incident began when the restaurant's manager recognized Limbaugh as he was making his order. The manager approached his table and kindly asked him to leave. According to witnesses, Limbaugh then stood up and launched a racist, obscenity-laced rant.

"Now you listen here you little f**king chihuahua, this is the United States of America, not some banana republic," Limbaugh bellowed. "I am an American citizen and I am hungry. I demand to be served.

"My ancestors built this country while yours were sacrificing 10-year-olds to the Aztec gods. This isn't your country. It's our country. You're a guest here in America. And as a guest, you have an obligation to obey your hosts. Do you know what that word means? Obligation? It's like a duty.

"Now go back into that kitchen and make me 12 chorizo tacos, 12 al pastor tacos, six chicken tostadas, six beef tostadas, three pork burritos, a plate full of churros and some f**king horchata. Now! Before I call immigration you wetback border bandit."

El Rushbo Odioso

"Actually sir, here in the United States, the freedom of association clause in our Constitution allows small business owners the right to refuse service under reasonable circumstances," the owner politely responded.

"Your ugly, racist views mean you're liable to cause a disturbance in my restaurant. And I simply can't have that. So you can take that outrage, put it in this ketchup bottle, shove it up your ass, and get off my property. Es su obligación."

Limbaugh was then escorted out by security from the strip mall in which the restaurant is located. In an interview, the owner of the restaurant, Pablo Pena, says his decision was practical and not political.

"I don't have anything against Republicans," Pena said. "I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. But this Limbaugh guy is a f**king pendejo. We serve a lot of families here. I don't think his kind of rhetoric is appropriate for our clientele."

Limbaugh is known for his controversial views on race and immigration. He has vowed to single-handedly obstruct efforts by Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Mike Gardner

    You got to be kidding me? I know that Limbaugh is a arrogant butt, but I find it a little over the top that he actually said these things. At first, I thought it was from The Onion. If he did say those things, shame on him big time.

  • Mike Gardner

    Well, you were kidding me. I forgot that I subscribed to this Onion-like site. Joke is on me. Still funny.

  • I don’t believe it….

  • Annie Smithers

    Wow, you people obviously have nothing better to do with your time than spew out a ridiculous story about a good man. Get a real job you bunch of losers!

  • J Brown

    Believe it.

  • Jason

    Ummmm…..he’s not a good man. He’s a pill popping douchebag Whos been divorced three times and dropped out of college. LOL

  • This tidbit made my day. That fat drug addled turd must have been livid. Great!

  • nocountryforwho

    And dodged the draft.

  • dscman

    Yo,people, this is a satirical news site. You do understand satire, right?

  • Ryan

    You’re a total douche.

  • A GOOD MAN!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh, i’ll have what your having.

  • Hellpig

    so that makes Obama a crack dealing drug addict ..right?

  • nocountryforwho

    Well… It would, if you had any proof of the claims you make.

  • jeff warren

    a good man ?that’s funny !!pill head ,draft dodger,drop out ,big bag of hot air.annie it’s time for your med’s,,you will be ok.

  • Woody

    Denying Fatso food was a hit below the belt where a lot of previous food now resides as fat. Bet the restaurant will be flooded with new customers

  • Bwahahahaha… need to figure out how to add Hannity to the story then it would be perfect.

  • HighInfoVoter

    And now a bunch of brain-dead liberals will read this and believe it to be true, tweet it, post it, and voila! a new internet urban legend is born!

  • Agreed. Rush is a douchebucket and you Annie, well you drink from it…

  • Mathematicaster

    D00d- don’t tell ’em! It’s sort of like a cross between Poe’s law and trolling!

  • Mathematicaster

    We be copyin’ the Tea Party! Works like a charm!

  • LOL…you wasted no time showing up though did ya?

  • Good for what exactly? LOL

  • its satire

  • TheEmperorIsStarkers

    Of course! I’m just disappointed that it didn’t actually happen. 🙂

  • jooberdoober

    …but not out of the realm of possibility! It certainly sounds like something he would do.

  • Zaza

    Que bueno!

  • “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.”

  • But it seems so true, because Limbaugh has, does, and will continue to say equally offensive things every day of the week,

  • racist asshole! you don’t like it. MOVE TO COSTA RICA LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD FAT FUCK!

  • It’s satire. It didn’t really happen

  • Annie, it’s no more than what Rush does on the airwaves every day.

  • LMAO” I love it.

  • Nancy

    Wow Annie, now that is good satire, almost as funny as the original story.
    Glad to see you are in the spirit of this page

  • briank

    it might be satire, but it actually sounds like it would be true. if they hadn’t gone overboard on the amount of food, i would have thought it was real.

  • I knew it was satirical though I’d never been to your site. It just sounded too good to be true.

  • rael1964

    Good satire usually raises its subject to the level of ridiculous in order to make a point (see: “A Modest Proposal”). This story is waaaaay too believable to qualify as “satire”.

  • rael1964

    Well what do you expect? It’s completely within the realm of reality and believability.

  • pendejo, indeed.

  • HassleinBooks

    There is NOTHING good about Rush Limbaugh. The man is a vile symbol of hatred.

  • I thought Republicans liked illegal aliens and hispanics because they want everything done for as little as possible like here in utah everyone makes minimum wage where as in other states the same jobs pay double.

  • What part of “the pilgrims were illegal aliens” doesn’t Rush understand?

  • Brownsugar7

    Mmmm, he should have been asked to leave! the owner was right!

  • Alas, I am not near Palm Beach but I am bloody going to pick up the phone and ring them with congratulations … what an embarrassment to human kind.

  • zihuarob

    There is NOTHING good about PIG LIMBAUGH. Unlike PIG LIMBAUGH I have a real job that also allows me to altruistically help my community and tens of thousands of its visitors. The sorry excuse of a man PIG LIMBAUGH is a waste of humanity and needs to be unceremoniously flushed away.

  • send this skinhead to Costa Rica!

  • AtlantaScott

    I was hoping beyond hope that this was true. Poo. All things considered, Rush obviously stimulates some subset of restaurant economies very substantially.

  • It would be amazing if this really happened. The thing that makes people believe it could have is that Rush is that much of bigot in real life.



  • Not a leftist or a rightist

    I’m laughing at all the idiots who retweeted this as though it was real. What’s funny is that it’s the intolerant liberals who are a. more prone to use cuss words, b. more prone to think private business must be forced to accept anyone as customers c. more prone to try to argue with out facts and d. more prone to call people names (as many others who follow this comment will no doubt do) – so surprise me and see if you can actually make a logical argument. Remember you can only refute an argument using facts and logic. Nothing else works. Calling people names is known as an ad hominem fallacy.

  • Nancy Alborell

    Oooo! Let’s send this to every restaurant in Limbaugh’s town! Even though it’s satire it makes for a good suggestion!

  • Tico73

    We don’t encourage sending trash to your country. Don’t encourage sending trash to ours !

  • Brock

    I would be more inclined to describe it as “attempted satire”. Nobody hates Limbaugh more than I do, but this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • ct

    good satire spares no prisoners – it goes after left, right and anyone else. it exposes hypocrisy in all forms. this is a bit more like propaganda… you might be tempted to think it’s justified, since Rush himself is a propagandist, but that’s not really the case. most importantly, its just not that funny. it’s more like a creative essay for high school from a kid

  • Must be true…read it on the internet

  • Good to know 🙂 … I was thinking ‘this cannot be real’ even for Rush. Further, from my understanding, Rush has a different personality and does not even believe half the things he says on the radio. .. ‘It is all for show.’

  • If it was MY restaurant, I would never have seated him!

  • Of course we get that it’s satire! And it gladdens the cockles of my heart to read it.

  • Should have put him out in the hog lot to eat with the rest of the pigs. He couldn’t even qualify to be there because when sent to be butchered 90 % would be dicarded as fat and spoiled meat.

  • your language speaks volume..

  • colleen2

    Ah, what I would give to have been there for this delicious moment!

    AND…..my Ancestors have ALWAYS been in this continent even before yours MR Limbaugh were ever here. Pendejo is correct.

  • Hellpig

    why would he eat at the KKK? the KKK was founded on Dec. 19th 1866 by 6 democrats……..now get off your Obama phone and get a job

  • Hellpig

    Damn Low-Information Obama Voters…Now I understand how Hitler was elected

  • DailyCurrant

    Quite the opposite good satire requires a sense of realism and subtly. If you want someone to hold your hand and point the jokes out to you – go to The Onion.

  • the “conversation” quoted here was completely made up.

  • pilgrims were not illegal aliens. there was no law, no infrastructure, no land ownership, Europeans built those things while indians were sleeping in grass huts.

  • This is a good thing be it as it is.

  • Rush’s drug addiction has been proven, where’s your proof that Obama did anything more than a little pot, just like all of us did during the 70’s

  • liberals aren’t the ones who have a problem with this story, we just believe it hasn’t happened yet but it will! As for not being from the right, you sure are bashing the liberals! Liberals are not the ones who are racists and call names, that would be the right wing racists, bigots!

  • The giveaway is that I doubt Limbaugh ever eats in public. He needs a team of food-testers to make sure nobody poisons him.

  • fzmello

    Haha. How often we judge others according to our own methods and motivations. Rush, despite his ego and arrogance, has a far better vocabulary and command of his emotions. As aware of his public image as he is, he wouldn’t be caught dead using such guttural language. Picked this out as typical liberal tripe and outrage-trolling at the very first quotation. The funny part: if the author had been more subtle, they might have caught much bigger fish. lol

  • Sandy

    You Go Pena, I am proud of you for standing up for your American equal rights which this idiot can’t seem to understand!! And next time I get to Palm Beach, I am looking forward to eating in your Restaurant, and if possible Shaking a real mans hand!!!

  • why didn’t he have the sob arrested? just for stupidity?

  • Pinche viejo pendejo!! He is a total alhsose!!

  • fipp

    I am hoping that this is not true, that this is an urban legend. Even though I do believe Rush to be a racist, for anyone to lower themselves to his level. To be intolerant towards hims, only in some ways proves that there is nothing wrong with him, or his views. We have to be inclusive, even of those we 180 degrees disagree with and who are disagreeable. As Gandhi wisely said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  • Barrack

    Mr Limbaugh would not have acted that way!

  • American Tourist

    Finally Americans are standing up against Fat and Drug Addict Radical potty mouth Limbug

  • Made my day. hee hee hee

  • Is this REAL, or a fake news story?

  • Frankly, I am TIRED of these fake news stories!

  • Daskat

    I can’t believe that you people are still talking about this stuff and no one is taking down the deer crossing signs in my area. if I hit another one, Ill never afford the insurance on my Yugo….

  • MarkyMarkandtheFunkyBunch

    I’d bet that some liberals did take this seriously, but all they would need to do is look at the disclaimer to know that it’s satire and shouldn’t be confused with reality. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of us that are smart enough to know that this is a satirical website that can’t be taken seriously. That’s what differentiates us from Fox viewers.

  • Thank you, Rush, for proving all the horrid stories about you. You are such a prize example for the idiot-right

  • what an arrogant asshole!

  • Betsabel

    Because there were no laws it didn’t mean that they had the right to come do whatever they want and exclude the people that were already here (for at least 12,000 years according to studies).

  • Bert

    love love love love

  • KarenJ

    The Ann Coulter story made the rounds and had to be debunked over at Mediaite or some other not-right-wing news blog…

  • david kline

    I have a new hero, Pablo Pena, and a new resturant to visit!

  • F**king pendejo, that pretty much describes this idiot

  • You guys and freewoodpost.com have got me on several occasions. It’s bad when the satire is so believable that you don;t realize that it is satire. Keep up the good work brothers!

  • This place will definitely get my patronage next time I find myself in the Palm Beach area! Way to go, Pablo!

  • I love how this site censors comments, right Mr. moderator. that’s right, I said satire is supposed to be FUNNY, and you are not. I hope you like being sued.

  • Aklock

    Send this to Fox and watch fair reporting unfold…..

  • GateKeeper

    Obviously, you don’t understand “satire” the way most people do.

  • 4aAMerica4ward

    fucking awesome, and that’s to show you, most “wetbacks” really want to be the better of america. and we tend to respond with a smart answer. of course there is always ignorant’s, who believe they are entitle to everything. i’m proud o the person who kicked him out. and rush~ FUCK YOU. you deserve that you fucking arrogant, idiotic person. Who is simply stealing the air from young people. with people like him, america keeps going down the hill. remember your history and your future will be bright.. immigrants started and founded this country ,ofc after taking over from native land and wiping them off the map,almost. and continue to build this country with countless waves of immigrants. until today the 21st century. and because people are fucking lazy and work the system didn’t wanted to get blame for the economy problems. guess what immigrants are our scapegoat. well no. if america wants to progress, first they should not criminalize immigrants. and should embrace the immigration. because it’s even in nature, and economies show growth during that time. pure facts. kick racist people out, after all this is America . The land of the free and the HOME OF THE BRAVE.

  • jvaljon1

    That ends my lingering doubts about the folk in Little Havana…..who as far as I ‘ve always known, vote Republican (homage to Ray-gun who ‘rescued’ some Cuban refugees who swam over with wet-foot, dry-foot)….great! Now bring ’em over to TX, where when Sen. K Bailey Hutchison just stepped down, the legislature put up an unknown named Ted Cruz (TED CRUZ….A PROVEN CONSERVATIVE!)., who WON (May 2012 legislative replacement election) even though his Democrat opponent Ortega, was by far the better man.

  • Exactly, which is why this story works. The dialogue between Limbaugh and the owner is what set off the BS flags in my mind. Not necessarily what was said, but rather the fact that the site published the entirety of the dialogue. If this had been an actual news story, chances are the reporters would have interviewed the people involved after the fact and would only have an estimation of what was actually said.

    So yeah, this is satire. However, I for one would not be surprised if a scenario like above played out, and judging by the number of people who bought into this, it definitely comes across as believable, which is exactly what makes it a GOOD satire.

    So yeah, props to the Daily Currant for a well-written and well-thought satirical article. Even if it didn’t actually happen, it’s still enough to get people talking, which of course was your goal all along 🙂

  • jvaljon1

    I used to believe that, fipp….just like you. “We Democrats must not lower ourselves to the Republican level.” I watched while we high-minded ones stood back and the Republicans ran over us with one dirty trick after another, (all the way up to the US Supreme Court!) and let George W. Bush STEAL our Presidency—not once, but TWICE!

    Now I say: “FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. We’re AT LEAST as good as any ten Republicans. Let’s not shut our mouths to be polite. Let’s fight fire with more and better fire that I KNOW we’re more than capable of.” I have sympathy for you, fipp, because normally what you are saying about Ghandi and all, would be absolutely true. But we Americans are fighting for our lives here, and these ba$tard$ (pendejo’s too good for Rush, I think) can’t get fought Ghandi style. They have to be stomped into nothing.

    God Bless that restaurant owner! Hey by the way? What Rush ordered? WOW does The Turd know how to EAT!!!!!

  • jvaljon1

    People like Rush don’t think of wait staff or even restaurant owners, as ‘on their level’. That sounds EXACTLY like what an outraged Rush would blurt out. The shock alone that this restaurant owner was showing him to the door, would have absoljutely made him declaim the way that he did!

    One thing that I DO agree with you, you pitiful NeoCon piece of tripe, is that there ARE FAR MORE LARGER FISH than Limp-bough! LOL!

  • jvaljon1

    ….volumeS! So does yours, LOL!

  • jvaljon1

    Now now, Fern….these jerks aren’t worth it!

  • jvaljon1

    Right in everything but your last sentence. In TEXAS it’s for minimum wage, too.

  • Matt

    See if he was in California I would be thinking look who is talking.. Since it was a part of mexico but was stolen/bought which ever you prefer by the states. Also Being in Florida I can still point out that he is technically the guest of this country as it was originally home to the American Indians and how ironically just taken over by the Americans claiming to have “found” it.

  • DailyCurrant

    There’s no censoring other than a basic obscinity filter.

  • Ryan

    Let us know how that works out… better yet, when you find the number for “Pablo’s Taqueria”, post it here so we can ALL call them with congratulations…. This kind of ignorance, intolerance, closed-mindedness, and blind prejudice is embarrassing, indeed.

  • Theta

    Good thing this story is totally legit and verified… if it wasn’t, comments like those would make you look like a gullible, intolerant, hypocritical, partisan douchebag..

  • rozlee

    “My people built this country while yours where sacrificing ten-year-olds….???”

    Uh, no. In the hundreds of years before Columbus invaded the Americas, your ancestors were fighting endless wars against each other in Europe, going on Crusades, having Inquisitions, the Dark Ages, burning witches and valuable art and literature because it was “blasphemy,” endless persecutions in your god’s name and killing untold ten-year-olds of every stripe while you did it.

  • rozlee

    6 former Southern CONFEDERATES. Now, don’t Southern Republicans today love Confederates? They’re always flying their flags and talking about ol’ Dixie.

  • Robin
  • Lanna Jo Neal

    Please stop posting on this site, that I can find out who three people are that “unfriended me” it is none of your business.

  • It’s too bad he didn’t get a spicy hot fajeta that he could have choked on, f—ng fat bozo Limbaughumbug is.

  • Rush is a bigot and maybe a bit Dim but I dont believe he would go Archie Bunker in a restaurant with witnesses. I do believe however that he may have whispered some derogatory statements.

  • That is of course that he isnt being fired like Sarah Palin from Fox for not being controversial enough

  • Monika

    LOL the food order was the thing that tipped me off too

  • Yet another page I will be banned from.

  • RockyMissouri


  • RockyMissouri

    Somebody should remind him about that….

  • RockyMissouri


  • rael1964

    I’m not dissing you, I actually enjoy your site, but “Rush Limbaugh Acts Like a Hateful Racist” is not satire, it’s reality. “In Midst of Xenophobic Rant, Limbaugh Realizes ‘I Hate Myself'” is much more funny.

  • Me

    If he hates the immigrants and other ethnic groups, why was he eating at a place where they are obviously gonna be?

  • Roger Neckles

    Don’t you just love it when Cretins like Limbaugh rant like that, l his European ancestors stole the USA from native indians such as the owner, remember your heritage Limbaugh, there is no “Sitting Bull” in your lineage!!! Now F***K OFF YOU BLOODY WANKER AND SHUT IT! A*S HOLE

  • Brad

    I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh, but this story sounds like pure BS.

  • JannyMae

    Let that hatred out! Confirmation bias at its best! Congratulations, Daily Currant, you’ve stoked the fires of hatred against conservatives with an utterly absurd piece of satire.

  • JannyMae

    You don’t listen to him, because what you say is completely untrue.

  • JannyMae

    No, he’s not. You just think he is, because that’s the caricature that the media has duped you into believing. Sucker!

  • JannyMae

    Keep posting. All you’re doing is proving that the hater here isn’t Limbaugh.

  • JannyMae

    Obama admitted in his own autobiography that he “did a little blow when he could afford it.” Your ignorance is showing…but you apparently are comfortable with it.

  • JannyMae

    Yet you’re not bigoted against Rush Limbaugh? That’s all you have is screaming racist, and that’s what Limbaugh points out every day on his show. You can’t handle the truth. That’s why you hate Rush.

  • Ernestine

    I fell for it I thought it was real until the 12 chorizo tacos, 12 al pastor tacos, six chicken tostadas, six beef tostadas, three pork burritos, a plate full of churros and some f**king horchata. HaHa!!!!

  • nrse2go

    We know that, but the dummies that take satire from a known satire site as true without question deserve to stay in lala land. They are not thinkers just kool aid drinkers, and believe anything that makes them feel right no matter if it is true or not

  • joejmz


  • chainsawhandz

    I think you mean if I want jokes at all. There certainly weren’t any here.

  • DailyCurrant

    Yeah “In Midst of Xenophobic Rant, Limbaugh Realizes ‘I Hate Myself'” sounds like an Onion headline.

    It doesn’t make any sense. How does a journalist have introspection into Rush’s head? Do any real newspapers have headlines like that? Satire isn’t supposed to be fantasy or science fiction. Its supposed to be grounded in the real world.

  • Believable? Only to a total mush head.

  • That isn’t true. Rush is no more a racist than you are a free minded individual.

  • When I got to the part where he ordered all that food, then I realized that it was a satire. They almost got me. LOL.

  • That’s another one, Ketchup in a Mexican restaurant? That would ruin everything!

  • homasapiens

    If only this were true!

  • homasapiens

    which makes him even more odious than before if that were possible. Because he’s convinced a lot of people of what he says.

  • homasapiens

    Sure, there were laws. The native Americans had been living well, for thousands of years. There were enormous cities, strong trade routs, diplomacy, agreements. There were homes of wood and stone. Every bit of the land was owned– by all of the peoples, if not by one particular person.
    Don’t be so ignorant.

  • If you ever listened to Limbaugh you would know what crap this is. Compared to most talk show hosts he is exceedingly polite and deferential to other opinions. My God, Elton John is one of his friends and played at his wedding. He obviously has a different opinion on things than a lot of the people commenting here but I have serious doubts that many of these commenters could honestly say they have listened to him enough to form an opinion on their own, as opposed to being told what a racist homophobe he is. Pray, dear people, that others don’t judge you with such little true evidence.

  • pendejo !

  • Janny Mae… “Conservatives) have done a wonderful job of stoking the fires of hatred against them very well, all by their loathsome.

  • Moss_back

    Still, I was a little doubtful until I got to the part where Rush placed his order, at which point I KNEW it was a fake story.

    If this had REALLY happened, Rush would have ordered TWICE as much food…

  • someone should tell the fat racist illiterate pig that they do have the right to refuse service to anyone. expecially trash like him

  • i wouldnt put it past the fat sob to really do this

  • Sashatree

    God, I hope this story is true! Hate doesn’t seem a strong enough word to use when describing how I feel about this bloated, offensive, ignorant, racist, and downright STUPID hate mongering jerk. BRAVO FOR THE RESTAURANT OWNER!!! If I lived in Florida, I’d be ordering lunch AND dinner there a lot to show my support for the owner!! Well done!!! THAT’S WHAT I CALL BEING A PATRIOT!!

  • Oh, if only this were true.

  • LeeBerto

    This is the land of the free. You have the right to have opinions, even to discriminate, not to offend, of course. The restaurant owner should not deny service because of someone´s opinions. That follows the same logic of the employer who denies a job to someone for racial or ethnic reasons, no?

  • Joel

    Are we now saying it’s ok to say these things, as long we project it onto a Republican?

    I take issue with the fact that, regardless of satire, the hate-speech and language came from the writer’s imagination and psyche. And as a Mexican-American, I find the author to be the racist one here…because not in a million years could have come up with that language, and I feel those words and stigmas are in this writer’s heart and mind to have said those things.

    He’s trying to pass it off to easy target…and thinks there is humor in throwing that language out there- While I don’t it funny at all. Satire doesn’t give you a license to throw out hate-speech.

  • Joel

    Could I have come up*

  • What a bullshit story. Not even funny because there is not even a hint of truth.

  • The only SOB I see here is Dale Mulkey.

  • Rich T

    More lies from the liberal left !

  • tired of your stupidity

    you guys are idiots !! go troll somewhere else ! heres a piece of reality for you !! democrats are all racist ! kkk democrats !! black panther party = democrats hmmm can u say MORONS

  • tired of your stupidity

    that wasn’t meant towards you shelley !

  • jimhall909er

    it says it was a joke you stupid republican!

  • jimhall909er

    it says it was a joke you stupid republican!!!!!

  • jimhall909er

    fact: republicans only read headlines! if they read the whole story. they’d know it’s a joke!

  • Shannep

    “I demand to be served” really shows the core basis of conservative thought.

  • Bill30097

    Never said it was true, moron.

  • Marcus

    Well I guess it could be in the “realm of reality” if you have never actually listened to his program long enough to understand how baseless most of the claims and insults made against him are.

  • Marcus

    This is satire. Thank you Christopher for proving the need for fact checking.

  • Marcus

    In an attempt to prove that liberals don’t name call, you participated in name calling…twice. Makes sense to me.

  • Gary Grimm

    as he was thrown onto the sidewalk, you could hear Rush cry Allah-Akbar!

  • denver41

    served that limp blow hard drug addict RIGHT! YOURE MY HERO!!