Mugabe Bans the Color White

Feb 02, 2013

mugabeZimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe issued an executive order today banning the color white from his southern African country.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital Harare, the controversial, octogenarian leader said the order would immediately outlaw the possession of all white-colored objects and mandate harsh prison sentences for those found to be non-compliant.

Mugabe explained  the ban would rid the country of the white color's "harmful colonial legacy" and bring great benefits to the black majority of Zimbabwe.

“Nothing good has ever come from something white,” Mugabe said, “Zimbabwe and Africa have suffered at the hands of this imperial color for too long. Its presence has brought nothing but recession, lawlessness, and hyperinflation. White is a troublesome plague on our revolutionary nation and therefore everything that is colored white must go.”

Mugabe added that his order does not include a grandfather clause allowing white objects that are already in the country to remain.

“If you have a white house, you must paint it," Mugabe explained, "A white dog? You must dye it. White rice? You must throw away and order brown. Toilet paper? You must quickly sully until you can procure pink.”

Reports have been emerging from all over the country of citizens painting their refrigerators black for fear of government reprisals. Local paint stores are said to be out of stock, and smugglers are beginning to bring in canisters from South Africa to cover the shortfall. The government is also reportedly preparing to spend billions on a new cloud-seeding technology that will turn clouds green.

Hank Kingsley, an Africa analyst at Barclays bank in London, says the new ban will likely further erode Zimbabwe's confidence with international investors and creditors.

"I don't think this strange policy is going to destroy the country's economy," Kingsley admits, " but business people are surely going to be scratching their heads saying 'Hey now... Do I really want to be investing in this oddball country?' "

The Color of Excellence

Mugabe, 88, has been the leader of Zimbabwe since 1980. He played a pivotal and widely praised role in the struggle for independence and black-majority rule against the white minority-controlled Rhodesia.

In recent years, however, Mugabe has been condemned for human rights abuses and for his land redistribution policies, in which commercial white farmers have been driven off their land by mobs. The program and other Mugabe policies has caused a steep decline in the once-prosperous economy.

Zimbabwe’s presidential election is due this year, with Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party challenging the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, a leader of the MDC who is expected to challenge Mugabe for the presidency, said he was “shocked” by Mugabe’s proposed ban and vowed to overturn it if elected president.

But in an interview published Friday with the government-run Herald newspaper, Mugabe said he thinks a ban on the color white will have widespread support among "the groups of people whose opinions I will listen to."

Mugabe added that he thinks fellow African leaders in neighboring countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Angola should follow his lead and also ban the "colonial color".

When asked if the proposed ban on white was motivated by racism toward white people - who still make up a small minority of Zimbabwe's population - Mugabe dismissed the idea outright.

“It’s ridiculous to call me a racist. One of my best friends is white,” Mugabe said. "He's from Switzerland and he helps me hide all my money."

  • Guest

    Okay, I don’t like the past as much as the next person, but I think this is way too extreme. Besides, his teeth are white, are they not ? Will he pull his teeth?

  • satire…

  • aaaaaa, dahhh. look closely at the given picture. they are brown. nonetheless, the old man belongs in an old peoples home. 88, shit. ma grandma is 85 and cant control her own home let alone the whole country. mugabe should retire and enjoy all the money he has stolen

  • Beali

    LOL!!!!!! LMBAO!!!!

  • Joe King

    dude, currant is a berry

  • ok

  • David Jacques

    LOL – are clouds in the sky going to become illegal immigrants? Mugabe: “Shoot those clouds down”

  • oldergeneration

    I just cannot get myself to believe this, we are being bull$#1tted, aren’t we?

  • Fagobien

    Who is going to try and change the white color of his eyeballs to a dark brown color without being cast into prison because their eyes would be white as well

  • Guest

    It will be a country with no teath and no brains.

  • Neels Mostert

    So whats gonna happen to the clouds?

  • Namibian

    As usual, fabricated lies against Mugabe. This is exactly how they started with Gaddafi and we believed. This is another Illuminati publications, God know what they are up to.

  • duif73

    They will be called white after they have dropped the all important rain… until then they will be usefully white caught up in a grey area.

  • shanna wratten

    No more Sadza! they’ll all starve! lol… and anyone really believes this crock? I don’t like him as much as the next white Zimbo who’s had to leave the country they grew up in but really? this is bull!

  • shanna wratten

    Yeah this is bull… the guy is a flaming idiot but this article is totally unbelievable

  • shanna wratten

    It’s called satire, and I think it’s wrong to post this without making it clear that the article is not true!… but not all that is said about Mugabe is ‘fabricated lies’… the guy drove Zimbabwe into the ground!

  • Phatman

    There goes the National Test Cricket team. Who is worse? Julius or Mugabe…….I think Mugabe takes the cake!!!!

  • Martin

    he will rule until he is white, pale white haha, what about our sins are washed white as snow. no no not as black as whatever WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE

  • Guest

    What a brilliant and indirect business proposal. This calls for more paints export to Zimbabwe for sure. Thank you Bob.

  • Allen Smith

    Someone should advise the old fart that ‘WHITE” is a tint not a colour. It also means that the whole country will never read again as paper and your pc screen are all white. Also let us remember that Idiot Amin was just as obviously senile and stupid towards his end. Don’t look now Bobby your time is up.

  • Karien Bez

    Nee wragtig het die ou npi heeltemal kens geraak en is daar nog breinselle oor? Dit is seker sy idee vsn ‘n “laat” April gek grappie
    ……. :((

  • Cazi

    This is hilarious you HAVE to read all the comments! Excellent material for a comedian.

  • Dude

    this is a satire website -_-

  • shanna wratten

    yeah I realized when I saw titles like ‘Message From God Found Hidden Inside DNA Sequence’ and ‘Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay’… I just don’t understand why people write this kind of satire, it’s not very clever (I don’t think)

  • Theo

    And you, sir is a qualified moron

  • TZ2013

    Hilarious! Mmmm I wonder what black and pink striped zebras will look like?

  • Theo

    Note I said: IS
    I cannot believe how obtuse you are! And a Namibian like me!!!!!
    Morons like you make me want to puke…

  • whiteandblack

    Is that mean, this guy bans also financial help send to african countries by white people like me who donate from time to time to help children and poor people because their own goverment e.g. Mugabe cannot support them?Another, Insane paranoic ‘leader’.

  • Theo

    No he belongs in a grave next to all the innocent people he put there.

  • Theo

    For sure.
    You from Zim?

  • Andre Nienaber

    Mugabe every dog get his day ,but you wil get a long weekend . The day will come for you to answer many questions and that will be in front of my ALMIGHTY FATHER . You will never ever skip that appointment

  • Des

    LMAO!!! I wonder if he’s going to dye his mielie pap as well???

  • shanna wratten

    Yup! Really miss it… born there and lived there till I was 19

  • Sukuma

    Very funny! Perfick!

  • Julie

    Seriously – I cannot actually believe what I have just read. This man is absolutely insane and needs to be locked up in a mental asylum FOREVER!

  • No Words

    How Neanderthal…and ignorantly self incriminating!! “One of my best friends is white. He’s Swiss and helps me hide all my money. ” No, he helps you steal all the people’s money, and your white friend is the only smart person you know.

  • No Words

    I am so gullible. So am I to understand that The Daily Currant is a satire?? What a waste of time and energy..

  • Oscar

    This is pure comedy coming from a sick head of state. Anything and everything white? What about his teeth and that of fellow citizens who have in the main sparkling white teeth. Let this garbage talker set the precedent by giving his teeth a color makeover. Most Zimbabweans are wise enough to not heed this stupid call.

  • Taz of Aus

    What an A.H. – One of the biggest racists of all time. all washing machines driers and fridges are white, idiot

  • From this day on only dark clouds will hang over Zim.

  • Anon

    who ever wrote this article needs serious prayers for lying so stupidly and immaturely. This is seriously immature journalism. And to those who believe this article, be rational. I am in Zimbabwe and nothing of the sort is taking place. The situation is peaceful and calm and the citizens are happy. To the journalist i say GROW UP

  • Max

    oh so we are going to see zimbabwe get a new flag… there is a huge WHITE triangle on it too… and what about his formal dress coded… i see white there too

  • Max

    bwhahahahaha he is also going to digging for a long time to get all those little white pebbles out his country

  • Max

    don’t forget the teeth

  • Max

    i think they sit around the sunday lunch table and decide who can come up with the most idiotic suggestion for the following week

  • Anthony


  • Shawn

    Oh my gosh can’t stop laughing, so funny and yeah what about sadza and green clouds lol

  • Coleen

    I hope he gets a movies se headache … Panado’s are white

  • Giovanni Rain

    Good. I am happy he does! Because white people.. FOOLS and traitor “do gooders” like you are perpetuating the poverty they are in by giving HANDOUTS to them. At least I can respect Mugabe to some degree.

  • LMAO…..this whole article is hilarious !!

  • Tino

    someone actually sat down and spent a good hour to write this?

  • Whitey

    When last did he check the colour of his hands and bottoms of his feet? They are about as white as I am! – black nugget boot polish will work for a while – odd ball indeed!

  • James

    Can I be the first to pull out his white teeth and the white of his eyes!!! What a Tool!

  • A-Botswana

    Your opinion Sir Mugabe.. u hating on the whites doesn’t mean we have to follow lead, you being racist is none of our business.. keep poisoning yourself and keep us out of it,we are one,white,black or blue..

  • Brendan

    Um, don’t they have more important things to worry about?

  • Addie

    this is the most BS article that i have seen in my whole life

  • Suicide Bomber


  • Shaun

    This must be a joke

  • Frikkie5000

    It is a satirical website. None of the articles are true. If you believe any of this there is something wrong with you.

  • Sarah*

    WAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I cant cope honestly!! And he says all this whilst wearing white…Does this fool not know that the TWO most primary colours in the whole world are black and WHITE! Go back to school you fool.

  • Honey-bunch

    To say that WHITE caused the recession and hyperinflation is one of the most ridiculous statements in that article! Has he got mad cow or senile dementia because it sounds like the rantings of early kings of England pre 1900’s

  • Anonymous

    Uneducated ppl make uneducated decisions… Surely the whole country is not that stupid

  • dolfo

    what is he going to do about the WHITE clouds above Zimbabwe in the sky, what an idiot, try changing that Mugabe.

  • john

    He will buy the new aquafresh blackening…

  • Craig Gilman

    Remove all his teeth, bones and white blood cells.

  • Jesus

    Hitler would of massacred every single last one of you if England and America didn’t intervene. You are ungrateful cavemen trying your best to use politics which is too far above your understanding.

  • Ivan_Mark_Radhakrishnan

    And this is what ‘the majority’ of Zimbabweans ‘voted for’?

  • Marietta

    No more white wedding dresses !! No white teeth !! No white maize ! No white sheep ! No white flowers !! No more white milk from black cows !!I wish for you Mugabe..a black cloud with white hailstones as big as white cricket balls, and a black coffin , a black tomb stone with white writing ” here lies the biggest idiot and please no white angels”

  • Ric James

    nah he doesn’t even deserve to be buried next to innocent ppl…..he doesn’t even deserve a grave…..should throw him into the Sahara desert by him self with just a shirt and pants …nothing else

  • Linda

    Oh please, people are just coming out with stories. He did not say that…

  • Ladybirdleigh

    Although I believe this article to be total hogwash, well said A-Botswana we are HUMAN not colours, lets start acting like it!

  • jo brooks

    dear fellow readers of satirical news articles. it is absolutely flabergasting what you post here. 90% of you seem to be completely unaware that the DAILY CURRANT (note spelling) post satire:

    satire |ˈsaˌtīr|
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. See wit1.
    • a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire: a stinging satire on American politics.
    • a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.
    • (in Latin literature) a literary miscellany, esp. a poem ridiculing prevalent vices or follies.
    satirist |ˈsatərist|noun
    ORIGIN early 16th cent.: from French, or from Latin satira, later form of satura ‘poetic medley.’
    if you are to ignorant to understand this, please crawl back into the hole you came from, and leave the rest of us to chuckle along

  • Mugabe is a prophet sent from God!

  • pointandshoot

    Is this a joke?

  • Wow….Turn the clouds green? Paint refrigerators? This seems strange rather than productive. It also seems to be a waste of resources. Don’t they have other issues besides the color white. I get the symolism but is banishing the color going to erase the problem….I’m left scratching my head.

  • Guest

    With a tyre, some petrol and a box of matches

  • Burzum

    @Ric: rather with a tyre, some petrol and a box of matches.

  • iLLuminus

    Watch out Robert!!!! The clouds are coming, you can’t ban the clouds now can you? Or do you have a button for that. lol

  • Richard Loch

    what about the packaging of imported products

  • bobfairlane

    Stupid ######. Paper is white. Now what are you going to do?


    You peoples are being manipulated to hate Mugabe…It’s pretty obvious. ‘They’ want you to view him as a monster. I don’t believe that story not even a moment.
    It kills me how easy it is to manipulate people minds.
    People do your own research, look for someone who live in Zimbabwe, look on facebook, on youtube.
    I too used to think that Mugabe was nothing short of ‘black Hitler’. I later found out that I was made to think that way. ASK YOURSELF, IF MUGABE WAS SUCH AN EVIL MAN, WOULD HE HAVE WON THE MOST ELECTION, THAT MANY OBSERVOR TESTIFIED IT TO BE FAIR? I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Guest

    “….white farmers have been driven off their land by mobs”. REALLY? Don’t you mean murdered along with their families? (A father was made to drink battery acid while his wife and daughters were raped in front of him), driven off? I THINK NOT. He’s just a hateful RACIST with a lot of innocent blood on his hands. Mmmmmmm…. don’t hear an outcry about racism here, does it not apply?

  • teachermrap

    Read the book of obadiho…..will Jesus Christ do the same when he returns?

  • Jeff Hosea

    nay…he will just get him some gold ones…bling, bling……….lol

  • richarddavis

    Helps me hide my money , Looool

  • KC Crazy Clown

    Brilliantly put!

  • Thabiso

    This has to be the most ill informed news agency in the world….do you guys jus sit and dream up stories about Africa…your fixation on President Mugabe is worrying and the comments on this page even more so. Its the perfect example of pure ignorance.

  • bma


    this joke clearly goes to show that even in old age Mugabe still knows that in life it’s the small things that count!

  • justaposter

    Jesus is white, him turning against the color white would ultimately make him Satan my dear doctor

  • Ghost Freak

    PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A RANDOM JOKE?! Can not be true… It’s ridiculous! I refuse to believe anyone can “Ban a colour”, Not possible!!

  • Peter Macklyn

    This man has lost the plot. His racial hatred of the successful white achievements is now showing. I think he has finally flipped and is in bad need of psychiatric help. Can anyone in their right minds see this stupid fool enforcing this backward idea? Who will he lock up if the clouds are white, it’s insane what he is proposing and he probably does think this is a good idea he thought up. Poor fool, laughing stock of the World let alone Africa.

  • Peter Macklyn

    Patemson If you think mugs won the election free and fair then you are obviously as stupid as your dumb article. Get a life fool.


    that is only to see him in the dark

  • D white

    Funny how whites favorite line all over the world to people of color is “if you don’t like it leave” or ” go back to your own country” well now it’s time for you to go home. It sucks when the shoe is on the other foot don’t it. i would hope that black leaders would be a little more humane than our white counter parts, but then again a little pay back seems fair to me. this is meant to be funny but but i support Mugabe and all his change. For those of you who don’t where were you during apartheid when millions of indigenous Afrikans were murdered.

  • James Arthur

    Finally someone that speaks the truth. Nothing good has ever come from whites, except war, death, hatred, jealousy, envy, racism, and evil. Well said dear Sir. Ban them and the color ur country will be far better off.

  • Srp

    There is white on his top…

  • LordDenning

    What a load of bollocks!!! a propaganda article inspired by white supremacy indirectly playing the race card. Some white people are insane for real, how can one cook up such an absurd story????

  • Daoyi Liu

    Hahahaha I see this happening 😛 lol

  • nico

    what colour paper will they use?

  • Sandy Green

    Cannot believe this is true…. surely the major newspapers will have picked this up and reported it????? I don’t like this man but even I doubt he would extend his behaviour like this!!!!!!!

  • stayshappy

    perhaps that be the ONLY thing he wants white…I ain mad at him

  • stayshappy

    The alien race is gettin booted off the planet…the ethnic races are gearing up for change…we are the majority…that alien race has destroyed the planet…time for them to go

  • shanna wratten

    Good and bad in all races… don’t judge all people by one characteristic and what others with that one characteristic have done or are doing… I know people of all races I can’t stand and ones that are brilliant… Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.

  • Altus

    Look at the positive side, because of this anti colonial and anti western civilization stance of Mugabe, Zimbabwe must be the most environmentally friendly country as nothing much are consumed over there…..err, except black paint it seems.

  • Burrito

    This newspaper is a completely serious newspaper. No satire around here. That’s right!


    “Nothing good has ever come of white” this loser says? Marshmallows,
    Q-Tips, toilet paper, snow, doves, clouds, white chocolate, mayo, mashed
    potatoes, cream cheese…come on now.

  • Tom

    The clouds up in the sky are in violation of being White arrest those Cumulus clouds

  • LizzieBee

    N the whites of his eyes lol

  • Africanfirst

    Wena. There is no way that Matabeleland where he killed thousands of Matabele with ethnic cleansing would ever vote for Mugabe – yet he won by a landslide there. Have you ever even been to Zimbabwe? Please do not speak about things of which you have absolutely no experience or knowledge. Mugabe is worse than hitler.

  • Africanfirst

    And where were you when Mugabe’s 5th brigade murdered thousands of Joshua Nkomo’s Matabele people??? When they took the old ladies and old men and cut their heads off and threw them down the abandoned mines, when they took young children and hacked their limbs off in front of their parents and then killed the parents. Where were you or is it ok for blacks to kills blacks. Come to think off it where were you when winnie mandela was advocating the necklacing of political rivals – or again do black lives not matter to you???? You are very selective.

  • Talk about PATHOLOGICAL!!

  • the liberal mind at work alive and well. See, you’ve drank the cool-aid for far too long sweets.

  • shanna wratten

    See you think ignorance is bliss! Do you honestly think people should go to jail because they want the land they owned back? or that they should be in that prison while their son is dying of malaria? I am not excusing anything that Mugabe or any other raping murderers did (to my personal friends by the way!) but how would you like it if someone came in your house and kicked you out! Would you not try take it back? It goes both ways… My ancestors and other white settlers did it to them and now they are taking it out on my generation, my friends, my family!!! I hate what is being done there… People of all color are suffering in Zimbabwe under the reign of the ignorant who can not tell the difference between good people and bad people just because they have a certain skin color

  • Jerry Bomb

    Dude. You know this is a joke website, right?

  • Do I think “ignorance is BLISS”? Do I honestly think people should go to jail because they want the land they owned back”? or that they should be in that prison while their son is dying of malaria?

    What do any of those questions pose have anything to do with my “cool-aid” statement to you?

    You came on here quoting some ridiculous rabble about the “night, moon and stars”? And “judging people of all color by their character and not their color” etc.

    I’m saying point blank that you’ve been drinking the cool-aid for far to long.

    Your blind if you think this stuff is nothing more than satirical. This is the real world Shanna. A world in which YOU and the rest of our race (WHITE) ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY wiped out through Miscegenation. It’s not a conspiracy IT’S REAL! Do your own research if you don’t believe me.

    Otherwise ODIN help you.

    Here read this: http://whiteresister.com/index.php/news/64-interracial-marriages-in-u-s-reach-a-record

  • Mr.Grimm

    @stayshappy bet you’re a spear chunkin jungle bunny spook too aren’t ya??

  • Double

    Are you planning on going to Zimbabwe? No? Then why do you care and find need to throw insult? Weird Mr. GRIM, weird!

  • Guest

    I would like to know what they going to do about their white teeth and the white under their hands and feet?

  • krmike

    What an a$$hole !! Is he going to paint everybody’s eyes and teeth black ??? !!! Seeing that black is synonymous with evil will the country now be known as the “EVIL EMPIRE” ???!!!!

  • Bertie

    Colonialism is having a wonderful time destroying people and enslaving them in Zim. Not because it is active but because leaders like Mugabe and people that got hurt by it cannot let it go and simply refuse to believe they are free. If you fight for freedom it is good but you need to have a strategy on how to have a successful life after you won the freedom. It is useless to fight for freedom from colonialism after you got your freedom from colonialism. This is why new leaders should take over that does not have a hurt based foundation from where the govern.

  • shanna wratten

    That is what happened to Mugabe… Their land was taken from them then he was put in jail for fighting back… while in jail his son died of malaria and he was not allowed to even attend his funeral… do your own research
    Or better yet, live through 19 years of it. Zimbabweans of all races suffered.

    And so what about miscegenation… it’s peoples choice if they want to ‘muddy’ the gene pool. Do you think there is a ‘master race’? kinda reminds me of someone…

  • Travis Roberts

    white TEEF?

  • Travis Roberts

    paint your TEEF purple to mach your gums.

  • Inside out

    According to whatever religion you believe in, because his God looks like him…not some “white” dude called Manu or is it Emmanuel.

  • Charlie Galatas

    The vision of a true idiot. Way to ruin yet another country that was once prospering under European leadership, and continue transforming the entire continent into a massive festering murderous corrupt trash heap. What a waste of such a great land’s resources.

  • Charlie Galatas

    What evidence do you have to support what you said? What good has come out of Africa in the past 1,000 years? How many major contributions to science has Africa made versus Europe for example? Or China. Or Japan?

  • Charlie Galatas

    If I was in Africa, I would gladly leave as fast as possible. I don’t know why any European would remain surrounded by such murderous filth and corruption.

  • Robert E. Lee

    Then why is he using OUR language. TNB

  • Robert E. Lee

    Nothing good comes from whites? What a total idiot! Stop using OUR language then ape!

  • Dale Ramsey

    This is the problem with Racism in the U.S. Black people want pay back against whites for slavery. I have never owned a slave nor did my family, In fact at the very height of slavery only 1.6 % of whites owned slaves, because they were to expensive for your everyday person, not to mention you all were rounded up by your enemies which were also Black and sold to Europeans. If it were not for WHITE Republicans who knows how long the Democratic party would have kept you in slavery, and as it goes the Democratic party has kept youo down even until this day with their policies..

  • leforteelise

    Wow, what a moron. This is “colorism” and it is based on racism against the White Rhodesians that built the country in the first place. White is Right.

  • Jeff

    I followed a link here from another page. They had me going until the part about dying the clouds. After all, equally stupid stuff has been said by these revolutionary leaders. Kicking all the people out of your country who know how to run the factories, then blaming them when your economy declines, for instance, which this man did, so banning a color is not out of the realm of possibility.

  • bnn

    All he has 2 do is redesign the flag 2 include the colors preferred.

    As always all this is abt is propaganda hogwash agst Mugabe & as usual the rabic bulldogs let loose on media like this 2 attempt 2 rip him 2 shreds.

    Libya, ‘Egypt’, Afganistan, Iran, China, Syria, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, Muslims, etc- all familiar? Of course!

    U try 2 ignore the fact that multitudes DONOT believe & will NEVER accept 1 word u continue 2 spin.
    Just imagine ur crap in ur last sentence.
    “………1 of my best friend is white. He’s from Switzerland & he helps me hide my money”. LMAO.

  • shanna wratten

    I am from Zimbabwe but left because of the problems there… My friends of mine were beaten and forced to promote Zanu-PF, my friends aunt was raped his uncle was told to choose whether his wife or child would die first, there is very rarely water or electricity (we had to collect water in a big container when it was available or rained and had to use a generator when there was fuel and top up a converter on the rare occasion we did have power as you couldn’t always get fuel)… When certain officials went to ‘observe’ the elections they were only allowed to go where Mugabe dictated they could, with escorts… there is much too much to post in one comment but don’t be fooled, there are ways of hiding the truth… (this specific website is meant to be satirical, however, so this particular article is not true)

  • madeuce42


  • Billy Stephens

    So no more light bulbs?

  • PrinceoftheNile

    Whites are the original cavemen what are you talking about? Learn your biology before you speak. Sit down Neanderthal your time will soon be up.

  • PrinceoftheNile

    Although this is satire it’s funny to see the clear skin Neanderthals up in arms .

  • David Jacques

    LOOOOL! You made my day 🙂

  • Peter V Walker

    Get serious this article isn’t for real. Its written tongue in cheek. Please enjoy the humour.

  • lurker133

    Idiot, Jesus is latin american

  • Nemesis

    Maybe you’re right, and we Westerners should start initiating revenge towards the people (the black community) who attack us in western nations (for seemingly the same reasons as you – extreme institutionalised racism), but whites tend to be more strong-minded and mature about this – ie the black community’s ‘two wrongs make a right’ principle.

    I see you link all people together (even dead ones from a bygone era) as ‘the same tribe’, simply due to innocent people having the same colour of skin (white).
    You must be very unintelligent to NOT know you’re a racist, but I suppose when whites were the first to adopt an ‘anti-racism culture’, it was expected that institutionally racist communities would cowardly abuse it, rather than bravely join in. ‘Racism’ has long been a method for blacks to attack people they are racist towards (ie whites).

    Your whole attitude is beautifully ignorant, racist and hypocritical.
    But this is sadly too often expected of the black community.
    Whites are brainwashed/trained from birth to NOT see skin colour, yet Black culture obsesses about it – ie trained from birth to see skin colour. Your racist attitude epitomises the lack of development in some of the more backward people on this planet. And you’re not doing much good to combat those educated chaps who categorise us all into ‘constructive races’ and ‘destructive races’. So stop supplying the evidence!
    Pretty much everyone on Earth realises most modern white folk are non-racist, and most people regard the black community as nigh-on institutionally racist. [The no.1 conversation in the West, is about the irony of racism, plus the relentless physical and sexual racism of the black community]

    Anyway, I’m amazed that if I go by your principle, I am entitled to beat up any black person, if a completely different black person mugged a relative of mine.
    Interesting morals. The backward morals of a true bigot and racist…but predictable.
    If we want to fight GENUINE racism, we must start targeting the backward bigots of the developing world (as you epitomise). And those institutionally racist communities that crossed an ocean to the West, and chose to ‘abuse’ instead of showing ‘gratitude’ to the people who gave them shelter and charity.

  • Mo

    What have you been smoking, Bob?

  • The Truth

    you are so STUPID! how come you never complain about the land the white people took when they colonised Africa huh??? they brainwashed you if you check the majority of rich people are white in South Africa and the blacks suffer why??? Oh and the queen of England is over 90 years old and she can run the country so do more studying please

  • The truth

    President Bush is responsible for thousands of deaths in Iraq but he’s a hero??? Mugabe didnt even kill a thousand it was only lies fed by the BBC

  • The Truth

    Sir Robert Mugabe greatest African president..Zimbabwe is free of colonialism and the land belongs to Zimbabweans they might suffer but they refuse to be robbed of their own land

  • The Truth

    I Agree with you they must take their land back they can run their own country

  • The Truth

    you clearly know nothing you say people are being killed where do you get those news??? Mugabe is a hero respect him he’s done good to the people there might be suffering but its better to suffer and not be under colonial rule

  • alphastatus

    Down with white, up with yellow…;-)

  • shanna wratten

    Unfortunately it wouldn’t work in practice cuz of all the mixing of races (where would the child live? and the parents would be separated) and a few other reasons… oh well, so sad that it’s going on so long…

  • Africanfirst

    Either you are ignorant or you are ZANU PF/CIO. Do not think you will get away with it for ever. I know first hand from a little village near Plumtree. Have you not heard of Gukurahundi – I have seen it. It lasted 4 years and only ended when Comrade Nkomo was forced to sup with the devil – Mugabe. Cde Nkomo only acquiesced to save his people.

  • ThatGuy

    “New in Zimbabwe: Colgate optic BLACK! for the ultimate African smile!”

  • Boer met ‘n Roer

    jou dom onnosele onopgevoede moroon. hou jou smoel want jy het geen idee waarvan jy praat nie plaffer.. kruip terug in jou gat en dank jou ensestirs dat my oupa jou kom help het anders het jy vandag nog in jou gatriem rondgeloop en aan ‘n boom geswaai.

  • Charles Bukowski

    The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

  • steven

    not all white people are “evil” its just the one who do the most wrongdoing that stands out. there is good in every race and gender
    and on the war comment if a goverment sees the moment to take control of a resource their greed takes them over and they go to war to gain resources and money

  • mai7

    Shanna, I guess he’s thinking the way Whites always thought when it came to Blacks. Did you know all freed Blacks did not get the 40 acres and a mule? Did you know that after the war some states took back the 40 acres and gave it back to the Whites? Did you know that the reasons many did not receive this distribution was because of the KKK threaten to kill them? Many Blacks started communities and Whites killed them burn every one of their houses. Then the Blacks set up tents and by God they came back and tore them down. Whites did raids in Black communities up until the late 50’s. Stop whining. They killed up a bunch of Blacks and dug a massive grave and threw all the residents in it..children included. Don’t ever say good Whites. Whites didn’t care about the good Blacks they were all bad in Whites’ eyes. I’ve seen the devil’s hate in their eyes.

  • shanna wratten

    It is very sad that that people can be so cruel to other people. It is also sad that you think that that is the way we all think… Some of my best friends are black and mixed race, they are wonderful friends!… some blacks can be nasty to whites and some whites can be nasty to blacks… I know whites who are ignorant and don’t work, have loads of kids and live off the taxes I pay and complain they don’t get enough but I also have a friend whose uncle was beat up, aunt was raped and he was told to choose whether his child or wife should die first (by blacks)… good and bad in all races, it’s down to an individual person and their choices that makes them what they are

  • Nni

    ZIMBABWE 1865 many freed slaves long to go back home, on being back in Africa ,they found it a strange land once again. refusing to ever step foot on American soils again they carved out a niche for themselves naming their new lands Zimbabwe.

  • XG

    No, throw him in the north / south pole… then tell him to change the color 😀

  • Mugabe is the best thing that happened to South Africa! South Africa belong to the black South African. Mugabe is a role model for future black African leaders or incumbents for the role. He stands with a long line of African leaders such as, Idi Amin, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Mummar Ghadafi, and most importantly Shaka Zulu. I love this brothers holy presence and spirit! Africa for the African! One day all the holy black people of this planet shall return home to our holy place – heaven being destroyed bythe white devil!

  • The white race kills and murder on every continent around the world.

  • Why does the white man seeks to control every nation and power on this planet? Because he is the devil that the holy prophets talked about.

  • The whit man corrupted every garden (or civilization) he has ever visited!

  • The with man is the devil that corrupted the garden of evil!

  • But this devil is losing his power and soon the heel of the holy ones shall crush his head underfoot. Salaam Alaykum!