Glenn Beck Calls 911 After Accidentally Eating Halal Pizza

Feb 05, 2013

glenn-beck-0011Conservative radio host Glenn Beck called 911 today after accidentally eating a pizza prepared according to Muslim tradition from a Arab-owned pizzeria.

According to a review of the emergency 911 tapes, the 48-year-old commentator was afraid he had contracted food poisoning from the "contaminated" meal and expressed concern that the restaurant may have links to terrorism. 

The incident began in the offices of the Blaze TV where an employee had ordered out from a new pizza place for lunch.

"I heard really good things about this pizzeria called Mazaras. According to Yelp its like one of the best in Texas," explains Howard Beale, a producer for Beck's network. "So I ordered it for the office. And everyone loved it. It was some of the best pizza we've ever had.

"But then someone asked me what this word 'Halal' on the box meant. And I didn't know. I figured it was like a style of pizza. You know like New York style, Chicago style, Halal style.

"We were all puzzled by this 'halal' thing so we Googled it. And wow were we shocked to find out it was an actually Muslim thing."

The term halal refers a method of preparing food that is consistent with Islamic teachings. It is comparable to the term kosher in Judaism.

"When he found that out, Glenn immediately started going into panic mode," Beale says. "After a few minutes in the bathroom he called 911."

The Daily Currant has exclusively obtained a transcript of the 911 call, which reads as follows:


911 : Hello this 911. What is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Hello? Hello?

911: Hello sir what is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Yes I think I might have been poisoned.Oh my god, please help. Please.

911: Okay calm down. How do you think you've been poisoned?

Glenn Beck: Pizza. I ate a pizza that I shouldn't have eaten.

911: Okay, so you think you have food poisoning then?

Glenn Beck: Yes ma'am.

911: Do you have any signs and symptoms? Any vomiting? Nausea? Diarrhea?

Glenn Beck: No, nothing like that yet. But I can feel the poison inside of me. I know it's coming. Please help!

911: Help is on the way sir, don't worry. What makes you think the pizza you ate was poisoned? Was it undercooked?

Glenn Beck: No no nothing like that.

911: Well then I don't understand. Did you put something on it?

Glenn Beck: No no. It's just...I don't trust the place that it came from.

911: Okay sir where did you get the pizza?

Glenn Beck: Its was from Mazaras in Fort Worth

911: Oh Mazaras? I love that place. Great sauce.

Glenn Beck: Oh yeah? Well did you know that it's run by Muslims?

911: I did not know that sir. Is that relevant to your problem though?

Glenn Beck: Relevant? Ha! That is the problem. You don't know what Muslims put in food they prepare for Christians. No one does.

911: Okay...

Glenn Beck: I mean think about it. It's the perfect opportunity. Millions of unsuspecting Americans. How do you know Al-Qaeda isn't opening halal restaurants all across the United States right now, just waiting for the right time to strike?

911: Well sir that's unlik...

Glenn Beck: And the Muslim Brotherhood. Have you seen what they're doing in Egypt? How do you know they're not already here in America funding these sleeper cells? Think about it. Family owned restaurant? It's the perfect cover!

911: So you think that a local Arab pizza place is associated with Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and might have poisoned you in an act of gastrointestinal terrorism?

Glenn Beck: Exactly.

911: Okay well, paramedics are on their way. Did anyone else eat the pizza with you sir?

Glenn Beck: Yes there were six of us. We're all gonna flipping die! Just hurry!


The owners of the pizzeria say they are shocked by the incident, saying there's nothing dangerous about eating halal food.

"It's basically just making sure we don't use pork. That's pretty much the only noticeable difference," explains Ahmad Rida, owner of the restaurant.

Authorities say that in the end Beck did not have food poisoning. He was diagnosed with an acute anxiety disorder and given sedatives to ease his paranoia.

  • “gastrointestinal terrorism”


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    I take a different view. This was an obvious abuse of the 911 system by Beck and carries a criminal conviction. It should be investigated as such. Also, possible defamation of Mazaras or other civil claim giving rise to civil damages for harm to business or causing incite full hate. If facts are true, Beck knew better or should have known better as one experienced with the laws of the media and/or his possible influence as a celebrity of sorts. It is not humorous and if true, Beck should be held accountable. If facts are as stated, this appears to me to have been done by Beck for its deranged humor effect and/or publicity.

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    They made him pay for the dispatch, right? Like they do for other “fraudulent” calls

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    Wow, this is the most shotily constructed propaganda I’ve read in a while. Do you guys wake up laughing at the fact that people believe the things you publish on your website?

  • You guys know this is a satire website, right? None of this actually happened. You may want to take that into consideration before you call Mr. Beck horrific names.

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    Nice, this is going to be priceless publicity for this pizza place. They should send a thank you card to Beck.

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    He says stupid things, but Beck is no idiot. For all things Beck, see The Glenn Beck Review.

  • Wait, what? I was simply pointing out to the people that were insulting Beck for this that this didn’t actually happen.

  • Kudos Daily Currant.

    That was extremely well written — clever, creative and funny.

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    This shows how uneducated America is. This site is satirical which means the stories are not true, just humor, yet people believe it as if it were fact. No one questions anything anymore. It is sad that there are so many sheep.

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    I love it when someone is unjustly called an idiot. It makes me laugh. I think satire wouldn’t be funny if it didn’t fool some people. That’s where the real comedy gold is. All we hear is “Glen beck is and idiot because I don’t know what satire means!” and “I can’t believe how dumb someone can be for having a story made up about them that makes them look dumb! What an idiot. Serves Glen right for being the subject of a false news report!”

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    So if you are reading this comment and you took this article seriously please for the love of God find some way to sterilize yourself. Do it for the children, the world has enough stupid people already and emergency rooms have largely bypassed all of the filters on the gene pool so without your co-operation you risk infesting the pool, Perhaps the child who might have cured cancer will never make such an achievement because someone somewhere picked up one of your sub-standard genes and thus produced a mediocre publicly educated burger flipper rather than a super human genius.

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    I have become convinced the Daily Currant is actually Andrew Brietbart operating from beyond the grave.

  • and yet this is a FAKE story. there trying to bash Glenn but they /fail hard. i cant wait to hear glenn talk about u losers day.

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    I agree that much of college is indoctrination. Particularly because of corporate investment. Whose college are you paying for dumbass? “Libtard” “Liberal Media” “Obama’s Coming To Get Yr Guns” Have you people ever stopped to look at how vacuous and boorish those expressions are? Liberals get trolled by untenable reforms. Tea Party assholes get trolled by the Koch brothers. We all get trolled by big business and the nanny state.

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    I’m a muslim, i am not here to defend or contradict anybody’s perception. though that guy’s reaction tends to be classified as paranoiac, but from how those stupid terrorists(not muslims but terrorists, ISLAM got nothing to do with terrorism) have been publicizing our religion, it is obvious people are going to get scared of any muslim figure in today’s world. But still, over exaggeration should be directed towards a re-education of holding a no-prejudice view/thought/analyse towards any human being!(safe if he got a weapon pointed at you)

  • though it is a joke, these scenarios do take place in everyday life…

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