Congressman Yells ‘Go Back to Kenya’ During State of the Union

Feb 12, 2013

state-of-the-union.gi.topA member of U.S. Congress from the state of Texas shouted the phrase "Go back to Kenya" during President Obama's State of the Union address tonight.

GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer made the outburst about 10 minutes into the President's speech, shocking those within earshot.

Audio of the comments was outside the range of network microphones, but some viewers could see the stunned faces of members of congress sitting near the freshman lawmaker from Lubbock.

Neugebauer's verbal spasm took place at a particually ironic moment, right after the President appealed for bipartisan unity.

"The American people do expect us to put the nation's interest before party," Obama proclaimed. "They do expect us to forge reasonable compromises when we can."

"Go back to Kenya!" Neugebauer responded.

A Lone Star

Neugebauer is known for his extremely conservative views, and has previously co-sponsored a bill to force Obama to reveal his "real" birth certificate.

His most notable outburst to date had been an incident in 2010 when he screamed "Baby Killer!" to Democratic Representative Bart Stupak on the House floor to protest his vote in favor of Obamacare.

Negebauer's words provoked immediate condemnation by both Democrats and Republicans in the chamber via Twitter.

Even former rocker Ted Nugent, who was also in attendance, says Neugebauer's actions went too far.

"You won't find a bigger critic of President Obama than me. I think he's a Socialist, Muslim overlord trying to destroy this country," Nugent tells The Daily Currant. "But you need to have some respect for the dignity of the office.

"These guys in Congress are completely crazy. It's out of control."

The event calls to mind a similar occurrence in 2009 when South Carolina representative Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" to President Obama during a joint session of Congress.

  • LOL

  • dizzie

    Freedom of speech.
    Just saying

  • Don

    I’m a white male, 61 yrs old, and I cannot remember ever such disrespect for a President. Have we lost all semblance of civility in government? Or is it nothing more than uncontrolled racist expressionism by some white men who can’t get over a black man being President of a country that was founded by “immigrants”??

  • Marvelous!

  • dave

    You know this a a satire site and this didn’t really happen?

  • Honest Abe

    This is a FAKE story… it’s called satire. How you survived 61 years is a mystery. You may now resume your regularly scheduled guilt trip.

  • Lose-Losw

    I bought it too until I read the responses to your comments. This site is more effective than the Onion at blurring the lines between satire and reality. The quote from Nugent gave it away, cause I don’t think he’d ever respect Obama

  • onecanuck

    I continue to be astounded by how thick some people really are. I refer to the ones who are unable to understand classic satire when they read it. Perhaps supermarket tabloids are their usual news sources.

  • Oh, this is so funny. Thank you, thank you. I had to check to see if this member of congress is actually real and, Indeed he is. Factual, I mean. But, he’s the one who yelled, “Baby Killer,” at another member of congress.

  • Hellpig

    Typical Low-Information Obama Voter