Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay

Feb 28, 2013

popesPope Benedict XVI announced today that he has resigned his papacy because he is gay and "could no longer live a lie."

In a statement released to Italian news media the 85-year-old departing pontiff says he is relieved to be coming out after eight decades in the closet and urged the Catholic Church and other faiths to accept homosexuality as a natural part of God's creation.

"Like many gay Catholics, I have been forced for too long to choose between my faith and my identity," the statement reads. "My profound love for my beloved church compelled me to lie to myself and to my fellow believers about a basic component of my humanity.

"I deeply regret that deception. I have not been honest with the Church, and for that reason I decided that I could not continue my role as leader of the world's one billion Catholics.

"Now that I have been liberated of this secret, I wish to express my belief that homosexuals are equal in the eyes of God. I beseech the Catholic Church to reconsider its ban on gay clergy and become a leading force in the struggle for gay rights."

Gay the Pray Away

Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on Feb. 11, becoming the first pontiff since the Middle Ages to resign his post. His stated reason was to retire before the ravages of old age left him unable to complete his duties.

Yet rumors have been swirling in Rome since the announcement that the decision instead had something to do with homosexuality at the Church's highest levels.

There have been newspaper reports of a secret "gay conclave" within the Vatican that visited local prostitutes and was thereafter blackmailed.

But there has been no indication that the scandal touched the pope himself, and today's news has come as a surprise to most following the story.

Benedict resigns his papacy today, and will technically cease his duties as pope at 8 p.m. Central European Time. It had been anticipated that he would continue on as a "Pope Emeritus," but given the Church's ban on homosexuality his future role is now unclear.

Say it Ain't So Joe

Reaction to the Pope's statement has ranged from shock to excitement to despair. Some conservative figures in the Catholic Church have even expressed outrage at the move, suggesting Benedict should have remained in the closet.

"Look everyone knows that the only people who sign up for a lifetime of living in all-male dormitories with no possibility of marriage are gay men," says Phyllis Gates, a conservative Catholic blogger (by doris at dresshead support). "But why did he have to actually say it? Denial was working so well for us."

However for Rick Santorum, one of America's most prominent anti-gay Catholic politicians, denial is still alive and well.

"I don't believe him," Santorum says from his home in Washington, D.C. "Homosexual activists have clearly compromised Pope Benedict through blackmail or brainwashing or some sort of queer subterfuge.

"He's not gay. He can't be gay. That's just not possible. He's just pretending for some reason. And it's my job to figure out what that reason is."

Pride and Joy

While Santorum is looking for evidence of a gay conspiracy, however, LGBT activists are celebrating the Pope's pro-gay rights message.

"It's heartening to see a leading person in the Catholic Church finally take a stand for equality," says Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign. "The church has hitherto been one of the most powerful anti-gay rights organizations in the world.

"Although it's a shame that he was forced out because of his orientation, we're all hoping that Pope Benedict's words of tolerance will resonate with people of faith around the world."

Gay Catholic blogger Andrew Sullivan, who speculated yesterday about a homosexual relationship between Pope Benedict and his personal aide, was phlegmatic towards the news.

"I wish I could take some credit, but honestly anyone could have predicted this. No women, fabulous hats, and Prada shoes? This is the gayest institution in the world."

  • LK

    If the story is confirmed to be true it den means we are doomed!

  • Marshal

    This is BLASPHEMY…Jesus forgive you dear friends and give you a heart of repentance. A normal religious priest goes through years of formation and through years of formation and this is complete media gimmick. Jesus bless you … Peace!!

  • mystrdat

    Hey, watch me say “Jesus lives in your butt”.

  • mystrdat

    Jesus lives in your butt!

  • Nigeria Catholic

    I don’t believe this…pure blasphemy..

  • those of you saying that it is a blasphermy should sit up and face the realities of life, a man of 85 years of age said that this is whom he is and you are there saying it’s a lie, is pope a God? no. this act of immorality has been going on among the catholics but God almighty have decided to expose them period. may the name of the Lord be exolted forever.

  • kayman

    This is just a write up made so rumours will increase..the pope didn’t say n has nt said anytin like dis yet..may God 4give u 4such a blasphemy

  • Harrynutsack

    Actually, the idea of a pope is pure blasphemy. Jesus said himself no one comes before the father but by me. The pope and his pedophile friends are trying to block the road to heaven for some back room “hide the sausage” and a little cash.

  • Harrynutsack

    Exactly, Jesus said himself “no one comes before the father but by me.”

  • Georgina

    This is BLASPHEMY… you state that as though it were a bad thing.

    Without a deity, how can there be any form of blasphemy?

    Easy, like racist and islamophobia, it is a word made up by bigots, to excuse their bigotry and put the blame on the rest of the world.
    Don’t like me covering my face? Racist.
    Don’t like me raping children? Islamophobe.
    Don’t care whether Jesus was gay or straight? Blasphemy.

    In the words of your idol: Take care of the splinter in your own eye.

  • Jayd041

    I don’t see an author or a source for the article. It may be a hoax.

  • The pope likes it up the pope’s nose. Bwaaaahahahahahaha. This is some kinda sick joke, right? Right??

  • matt

    Wow are there some deceived people posting on here. News Flash!!! The pope is not God!!! Therefore, it cannot be blasphemy. Those of you who have faith in man and not God will be very sorry. “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.” Psalm 146:3

  • Whether they like are attracted to women, men, boys or goats isn;t the real issue that they are supposed to remain celibate??????? Last time I checked the Bible said we would all have temptations, it’s up to you to act on them or not. AS any type of priest or pope I was under the impression that celibacy was the criteria.

  • Josh

    You dont post a single story that’s true? Who the fuck actually subscribes to your bullshit?

  • Source Please

  • Some lady

    Come on people it’s a Satire paper use your brains.

  • just me

    that’d be because it’s satire.

  • Boomz41

    The most amusing thing about satire these days is how few people catch on to it.

  • wow


  • scc

    he is gay and it’s rampant in the catholic leadership

  • Rae DULL

    The pope has been living a lie all along. He has been telling others how to live…he is a mortal person afterall. All I know is: GOD will not be mocked.

  • There’s no author or source…..I think this is satire like an article from “The Onion” :-).

  • umuunlad_na_pinas

    Written so nicely that I almost fell for it. =)

  • sangxiang


  • sandeul

    Love the little headlines.

  • TheTruth

    Was it blasphemy that this piece of trash shielded child molesters?

  • Fabulous Darling!

  • I mean people REALLY read “I don’t believe him,” Santorum says from his home in Washington, D.C. “Homosexual activists have clearly compromised Pope Benedict through blackmail or brainwashing or some sort of queer subterfuge.” and STILL didn’t get it?!?!?

    It is stunning to see up close!

  • It all presupposes that you know “The daily Currant” – I did not. Now I do. In my view, this is extremely dangerous – especially in these times with all sorts of rumors. – 1st of April is only funny 1st of April – not the rest of the year.

  • Take care friends, The daily currant takes critical comments away. I just got one removed.

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  • josh_of_teradyme

    oh god this is just hilarious how many people are getting vehement about a fake piece of news! rotflmAO

  • this article is a f.@.g

    fake and gay


  • To all the people buying this, you will go to heaven if you give all your money and possessions to me. (Worth a shot, since you’re that dumb to believe just anything)

  • EdwardWJones

    A made up story based on truth.

  • Roll

    I was so hopeful.

  • Righteousnes is God

    Pope was there just because of money, but is trying to aparent to be a saint. He’s not eveen their court of bishops. KJ Bible on Lev. 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

  • 呼哈哈


  • MP

    The Daily Currant is an international English language online newspaper
    which **satirizes** current events in politics, business, culture, science,
    and the media.

  • But isn’t that what the church has been doing for many centuries now?

  • Fae

    Are you really illiterate, or is that fake?

  • hypnoblonde

    it’s all about taking the focus off his crimes against humanity…

  • libel.

  • Lisa

    Always said that all of the even nuns are gays!!! Smh!!

  • I’m glad you took the time to ask, my dear Fae. In fact, I am illiterate.

  • Justus Aljon

    Joseph, what is your banking account? I want to go to heaven and I am suffering having to look after my millions in the bank expecting others to steal it. But by giing it to you I am saved. Thank you buddy… THANK YOU!!!

  • Justus Aljon

    Yeah… I cannot read or rite either

  • That is him as a person, not the catholic church!

  • Which crimes again now?

  • mel bond

    isn’t the pope supposed to be a celibate? not allowed to love anyone intimately whether man or woman? how did he know he is gay?

  • mel bond

    ha ha ha ha

  • me

    Then what about Sodom and Gomorrah if gays are equal before God?

  • The Catholic Church does not have a ban on gay clergy. It just has a policy that all clergy – gay or straight – must remain unmarried and celibate.

  • Gossipwelovecom

    Um okay!

  • dr diva

    people smart and humorous enough to understand satire.
    do you know what satire is? google it.

  • Little boys.

  • mel bond

    i agree with you though! it was astonishing to me

  • Jeddy Khan

    Because he is gay, he will go to heaven, not because he was the pope

  • Don’t you know that after Brunch they go out to the local schools and recruit.

  • Please make all checks payable to :Jonathan Charles Gee Off-Shore retirement fund, Caymen Islands

  • Jesus loves you….everyone else thinks you are an asshole!

  • Non-Existent cities wiped from the Earth by a non-existent god.

  • Yea, it`s amazing!

  • my transfer didn’t go through , they ask whether it is one of the Vatican accounts . I could have paid into the account of the movement to revive the eunuch quire , but will that get me to haven ? Please advice

  • No one can be brave enough to authenticate this article because it is not necessary. The beauty of the Roman Catholic Church is not in her ‘purported’ flawlessness but in her obvious universal perspective of anything. She has withstood all there was to withstand without collapsing. She can’t collapse because her foundations are on rock. according to the biblical parable, rocky ground represents those who cannot grasp that which comes from above. Yes, the majority of mankind is in this class. In fact a person with a rocky mind is that one who cannot visualize anything spiritual whether from God or the devil. Therefore, any external spiritual harshness in form of retribution cannot shake such a person’s conscience. I think it has reached a time where both God and the devil should be removed from the equation relating chaos to mankind’s acts. as Pope Emeritas Benedict XVI said, ‘religion should be made personal’. There are three types of religion : (1) Religions of fear (full of superstitions and irrational adherence to deity worship), (2) Religions of reason (philosophical and pleasing to the mind) and (3) Religions of the Spirit. the former Pope merely wants all of us to graduate from religions of reason to religions of the Spirit. There will not be any formal guidelines for this exercise. More so, what will matter will not be the pace of progress but the direction of progress.

  • Everyone has latent homosexuality which is awaiting cultivation by… the devil? Heterosexuality is not a panacea for all evils. if it were so, then how would you explain the raping of women and girls by errant soldiers in some parts of our globe? In the spiritual plane, homosexuality and heterosexuality are complimentary to one another. This is because an evil in the spiritual realm does not manifest as in the physical realm. Thus, when Saint Peter asserted thrice that he loved Jesus, he was most probably reasoning like a homosexual. In his mind, women were evil and the path to heaven is one devoid of women. In such a case, homosexuality becomes holy so long as it involves only the mind but not the body. in the early days of colonization of Africans, there were churches for whites, churches for coloureds and churches for the blacks. The funny thing is that it is only in the churches for blacks where men were separated from women. this is a negative point of heterosexuality. In other words, Africans being the most heterosexual race demonstrated an inability to tone it down in moments when it was least needed (when praying). When an African man is next to an African woman, there is too much electricity between them to perform meaningful spiritual exercises. This is why for a long time the physical body has been described as evil. It is now time to spiritualize the flesh. How? You know better!

  • Emma Root Dzeko

    speechless damn i was a good believer but now i am done

  • For every single lie existing in the universe, there is another parallel universe where that lie is true. Parallel universes are supposed to be isolated from each other but some ‘adventurous’ individuals have discovered portals for accessing them. This is why we have so many versions of the life of Jesus. In the region immediately above us, all such tales become true so long as you are above them. When you are above something, that thing cannot affect you. The best way to be above something is simply to purify whatever good that is present in that thing without complaining about it’s impurities. In this way, it will matter less whether Jesus married Mary Magdalene or whether Indeed Jesus ran away from his captors and another person was crucified instead. In all these diverse endings of Jesus life, the common denominator is that there is a reason why Jesus came to earth…

  • Ja1

    What the f**k? What a propagand… IDIOTS, IDIOTS EVERYWHERE!!

  • cyalatta

    Hmm a troll calling another troll a troll on the net..wow bet that got cha!

  • ?????

  • Erastus

    God Almighty can never be mocked

  • Erastus

    how can u be doomed? dont u know the way to God through Jesus! if we do read the bible , u aint gonna see a pope there,i mean this idea of papacy its all bullshit cos since creation it’s always been ‘man and woman created he them’. All we need to know is that God has made a provision for us to come to him through Jesus Christ and that is period!

  • Erastus

    u guys should think straight! wat hath Jesus got to do with this? nor the church?. If only u understand that the church is u and i who ever believed in Jesus, then u would know that the so called pope is and can never be the head of the church so i keep wondering why this scandal iscoming back to the church?wen its entirely the pope’s , who has actually derailed, and we pray God 4gives him!

  • Kima


  • Umm… you do know that the DC is SATIRE, right?

  • Rookie

    I didn’t recognize the Daily Currant as a satirical media but kept wondering. When I hit the comments attributed to Santorectum I was still torn. Honestly, he is that stupid!

  • Larry Ft Pierce

    i AM ALMOST 67; everything about 2013 is (fill in the blank). Love to MOST of you.

  • I’ve lived in the same town as Santorum (well, the town he’s meant to live in anyway) and yes, that is something that would come out of his mouth.

  • It is NOT satire. They would never allow satire on the Internet!

  • Goats? GOATS? This is the first I have heard of Priests with goats. Where was this?

  • Could a ‘satirical hoax’ be a double negative, indicatating a truth? Just askin.

  • I notice he met in private with the new Pope for over an hour at the Papal vacation palace. What do you suppose THAT means?

  • Yes, yes. Humor should be outlawed. Satire is sooo irresponsible. Of course, that is only because so many people are so dumb.

  • How would we know? They have so many secrets! You only keep secrets when you want to hide stuff, and you only want to hide stuff when you’ve done something wrong…or discovered something that might be dangerous. Like maybe, Jesus never really rose from the dead. Or something.

  • Yes. Isn’t it lovely! We need MORE blasphemy in the world, not less.

  • Naw. Come on. Jesus really said “gather unto my house all the gold and all the silver, and all the finest artwork that hath been made and put it all in one big fancy palace, and guard over it with Swiss soldiers in funny suits, and…..”(I forget the rest, but no one can prove he didn’t say these things, so he must have.)

  • Exactly. A person’s relationships with the Universe and any God or gods that may or may not exist should be up to the person, and the entities he aligns with. No need for the Catholic or any other churches. But we do need a few good rules which we can all agree upon….Don’t kill, don’t steal, and don’t lie, are good “Don’ts.” But I also like don’t insist on making others wrong, don’t always insist on being right, don’t insist on always dominating and don’t be afraid to give in to others from time to time, and don’t invalidate others while justifying ones self.

  • Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things. We need MORE blasphemy, not less. It is healthy.

  • William North

    If you don’t think God has a sense of humor, look in the mirror!

  • Can I pay with paypal? 60-day guarantee I’ll get into heaven? …with 72 hot gay virgins? Wait… Screw the virgins. Gimme the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. They’re hot enough for the pope, they’ll work for me!! 😉

  • harrynutsacklover!

    lol i want harry nut sack!

  • fuckme

    this is nasty… gay is fucking poisoned in the earth.

  • AFV

    Get over yourself, it’s not your world anymore.

  • Dave

    Not Paypal, but you can pay with papal 😉

  • no news about that today in no italian media…

  • junebug1999

    LOL!!!! I love it!

  • Tommy Hill

    When I first heard Pope Benedict retired, my first thought was he was stepping down because some child all grown up now had something on him. Now I read this. Close and maybe not to far off. It is dangerous to have Gay Priest. I am not even Catholic but I thought the mission of the church is to be celibate and dedicate their life to God. I find so much contradiction between Catholicism and what the Bible teaches anyway, it really is no surprise. A lot of “Alter boyz” grow up to become Priest. Very sad.

  • Go Gay Pope

    I wondered if this was real when I read it, and then read your (and other people’s) comments about how one is supposedly ‘dumb’ if they read this and thought it was true. I’m certainly not dumb and don’t see why a person would be dumb to believe this article. Ok, sure the quotes are kinda amazing/ridiculous, but people say kinda amazing/ridiculous things often. I could easily imagine the pope at 80 years old realizing he’s been living a lie, not feeling right about it, wanting to live with a clear spirit in the last years of his life, and coming out of the closet. If you don’t know Daily Currant as a media source and don’t keep up with the Vatican, Catholic, or even Christian news, you could easily believe this story. Jussayin..

  • David

    Until today- I supposed that it is only in my country- Czech republic. We have a similar website and 85 % of our nation is able to take it seriously and write shocked comments under it. I am glad when I see it also in other states and sites 🙂

  • GollyGullible

    “No one comes before the father but me” I love it when you talk dirty

  • You’re right. It’s God’s world, and he finds homosexuality detestable…

  • its me man, just me

    i saw this as satire right off, but i agree with you. i wondered if there couldn’t be a bit of truth to the story

  • Julia


  • Mike Rehak

    Could it be that as ‘satire’, it doesn’t make the grade? Could it be that gay humor isn’t all that? Or is this what the unionized teachers get overpaid for?

  • Mike Rehak

    A jsou to jenom levaci?

  • B_Rad1

    You need to Visit God’s Facebook page, he answers all questions.

  • http://www.nuankh.com/

    This is something to look into, hopefully all this mess dies down in the not so distant future.

  • … the Onion could take some lessons from these guys. Well played, Daily Currant! Well played.

  • AFV

    Scientifically speaking you’re full of s4it.

  • Science “performed by gay enthusiasts” proves nothing.

  • AFV

    Your reality is fantasy. All disproven by science. There is no comeback. Only more stupidity that pours out of your maw.

  • And sarcasm is strictly prohibited.

  • Hey brosef, I guess you don’t understand satire. That’s cool, though.

  • Then, you must not exist either… You’re a figment of your own imagination.

  • Oh my gosh. So he refused to let priests who want to marry women, get married but he is condoning a sin and saying we should accept that as part of God’s creation? What a jerk.

  • You’d think that if god detested homosexuality so much he’d have made it a commandment, i’m sure he could have written smaller and gotten one more on the stone tablets. But to the best of my knowledge there is no commandment that says “thou shalt not bone bob in the bum”. So, since it doesnt say it, my guess is that he’s not all that worked up about it.

    How many more gays does god have to make before people start to realize he’s ok with it?

  • Finally, someone who gets it. It really comes down to something someone really important in the bible said. “love the sinner, hate the sin”

    Too many other people seem to forget that other bit of wisdom in the book, “judge not lest ye be judged”. Funny how they only remember things that support their version of reality huh?

  • rosen84
  • intewedm

    Why shouldn’t the pope be queer? The Roman Catholic church does not follow the Bible or Christ’s teachings. “In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men.” Could Jesus have made it any clearer? Catholicism is an evil cult…but it’s not as bad as Islam. If they don’t denounce the queer old fool, they deserve God’s wrath!

  • Dude, I know about these “science work” done by gay enthusiasts. Just look it up. Fact: The Scientist who claimed that animals can be homosexual was gay, himself. Oh, and you do know that science has been proven wrong before, don’t you? It happens all the time. Quit using science as your god.

  • If there is no truth at all, it cannot be amusing; therefor for any satire to work, it must have a grain of truth to it.

  • Justin Gbagir

    This is arrant nonsense. May God forgive u bcos u don’t know what u are doing.

  • maria

    No, this is all about the farcity of the catholic church and it’s failure. God said ” I will build my church upon this rock, and not eve the gates of hades will prevail against it.” Obviously this is not the church GOD was talking about because it is falling in every way possible. Gay’s, pedofiles, I mean you can’t really think this is from GOD people do you? It’s a church created by the devil himself to fool the masses of people who buy into their drama…. I don’t know of any greater deception that the catholic church and it’s all to make Jesus look like the bad one. I mean isn’t that what Satan wants. Is to discredit Jesus. Come on people it’s not about gayness, or child molestation. It’s about realizing that this church is a fake church. Jesus has nothing to do with this church or it’s false teachers.

  • Justus

    So many people believe this can’t be true and then there is another group that believes it can so unless someone out there knows for sure then nothing can be said.and it is all just guessing.

  • this story may not be true but the pink cap ain’t photoshopped

  • and the B is that for Beiber

  • JesusWasGay

    Exactly, that is why Jesus never gets stuck with the limp biscuit.

  • Am GAY


  • Am GAY

    Wow am glad my brother wish ur my wife <3

  • Leg

    Say it ain’t so

  • Doug

    Take my money please! So when does the next flight leaves?

  • Berettatakinyocheddar

    LMAO.. An 85 year old coming out is just… BLAH.. The roles are changing men becoming more feminine and women becoming more masculine

  • Fuck the pope and all Catholic

    Ummm… Who cares if a pedifile is gay? He fucks boys not men

  • Souheil Bayoud

    Those who do not know the Truth fabricate lies against others to satisfy and justify themselves for what they believe it is true,and people follow them believing that is true.This time there will be no dispersion from the tower of Babel but total destruction.

  • Finea

    Wouldn’t have said it any better maria. i totally agree with you; the catholic church is not of God. period!!!

  • Lol. A joke that probably contains the truth.

  • the mission statement of this site clearly states that the news is fake ohh come on!!!

  • More faux news! With just a soupcon of possible truth to make it credible, for a second or two.

  • rami

    pops are fakers i am as a muslim i would give the Christians a tip
    dont follow those dumb pops your never sure they are good or not Christianity is the only Religion i have respect for cuz we share loving the same man jesus and both teaches goodness ya and pls dont Listen to the tv Nonsense about islam at the end were both waiting for jesus to come back

  • Yes I agree. I could c some truth in this. Agreed with Go Gay Pope – If it was true, it would be possible that he wants to live the last years of his life knowing that he came out and was honest. If it was true, then he obviously still believes in his relationship with God, that doesn’t change, and I do believe that “gayism” is a part of God’s natural plan… ppl have been gay literally for thousands of years and will continue to be gay. I do believe that God would accept a gay person just as much as a straight person. We are all his children after all, why would that change just because someone was gay?

  • Nep
  • how many little boys did it take to make him happy

  • Kris Kniland

    The church should allow priest to get married so they can be the sample family to the millions of people in the world, but not a gay marrige, come on…who decides to be on that side should stay on that side and not try to get other to be like them, starting with kidds. I think is about time for the catholic church to put an end to this crap.

  • mark w

    A natural part of God’s creation? Its against His law. Thats the catholic religion, satanism disguised as a Christian religion. You cannot take the laws of God and twist it around to suit your own desires. Gods law is clear, man shall NOT lie with man.

  • Teto85

    I thought pedophiles were mostly straight.

  • lex

    …I’m sorry but that is TOTALLY something that douchebag would say. I’ve had people tell me that homosexuality in nature (say, amongst giraffes for example) ..is liberal propaganda….seriously.

  • paul

    you joking right? God accepting gays ? what about the big flood , or Sodom and Gomorrah ? what about the Revelation where He is very clear about gays ? Don’t tell me you are a christian ….

  • Satire people. Satire people. Satire people. Duh.

  • shogun

    he better go back in the closet cause hes not wanted …lol

  • ok.

  • What a tasteless lie. it is clear what God says about that veil lifestyle

  • Servant

    His holiness did not make this announcement neither a valid Italian news media. Please let us be respectful, and not offend God and His servant. His holiness loves prays, and makes many sacrifices for us , let us be thankful and not in any way disrespectful, God bless you.

  • Andrea Leong

    Or even the about page of this site.

  • Andrea Leong


  • Andrea Leong

    Perhaps it’s satire from a satirical site called “The Daily Currant”.

  • Old Chicago

    My Sicilian grandfather (who lived to be 97) was an Altar Boy in the 1920’s. He told me things that had gone on in the Catholic Church in New York and Chicago that would make you cringe.
    The main supplier of priest to the Catholic Church in the US was from the Irish and Italian communities. They would “Hide” their gay children in the worlds largest “BOY’S CLUB”, the CHURCH!

  • Ohtel

    That right there contradicts that “god” made us all, If he didn’t like people that are “Gay” then Why did he make them? if it was a mistake then doesn’t that say that “god” is not perfect? why do people Bow heads and praise someone that didn’t do the things us Mortals believe he did?

    So who made us? this fact just empowers Human Evolution from Animals over millions of years and begins the killing of All Religions.

    My personal Theory is that the 1st Evolved humans Came up with there own Theories and that got passed down over the centuries as a Joke and it caught on….while the story got shorter and shorter with people doing there own versions of it over many decades.

  • jri

    the church is gonna say this is a false statement i see it coming… hmmmm the church is always ready to hide the truth… they are gonna blame this on the work of the devil.. smh

    The pope better start paying more in in tithes and offering if he wants to go to heaven

  • jri

    the church already beat you to this hun… i shall be giving my money in offerings

  • It could be. There’s certainly good satire and bad satire. However, even the best satire will be taken seriously by the gullible.

    That is to say, you can bet your bottom dollar that if Swift were to publish “A Modest Proposal” on the internet nowadays, it would attract thousands of outraged comments and emails from those who took his suggestion VERY seriously.

    “Could it be that gay humor isn’t all that?”

    Because this is definitely representative of all “gay humor” (whatever that is.)

  • Kelly Siebecke

    Is it really “clear”? Feel free to give examples.

  • rumennek

    Kelly the devils blind children will never see .if you don’t want God in your life he doesn’t want to be in it. but you’re the one that will pay for it. you and people like you will bring America down .Personally I can’t wait . Now I need to vomit nasty vile thing.

  • Kelly Siebecke

    I asked you to give examples of what God has said about homosexuality. You did not do that. Rather, you chose to judge someone you don’t know at all. What did Jesus say about judging others?

    I am a born-again Christian – have been for 38 years. Likely longer than you’ve been alive. Now – do you want to try again or should I just write you off as another bigot who has no proof nor knowledge about that which he claims to be irrefutable?

  • Charlie’s

    That’s. a damn lie who ever these people are are sick minded and dirty lowdown devils

  • Douglas Mckeever

    Reading the comments, it’s clear that there are a lot of stupid people out there. Well done to those, with IQs above 50, who recognised that this is, very obviously, satire. ROFL

  • The Nigerian Prince

    Dear Joseph,
    I believe you! Just send me your bank account number, routing code, and secret PIN number and I will send you all of my money. I repent for any evil that I may have done in life and now realize that you deserve my money more than I do.

  • NewDavid

    Truly the “time for tribulation” has begun, in not only the world, but the USA as well. This next election in 2016 will decide for us all, just what will be in our very near future, and beyond.

  • Mathew Philip

    Well…if you believe that, guess what? you can use botticelli’s “mappa dell’inferno”. Why did God create women and men seperate? When a marriage takes place …its a consecration..btw man and woman and people like you who dont understand what God’s purpose is or the biggest truth that “who” god is..you have no right to say whether God will accept then or not! Think.. Read the bible and prove me wrong!

  • Tumy Modise

    Daily Currant…whts tht?

  • Bang

    To All The People In Here,You Will Go To Heaven If You Give Me All Your Riches,Do So Now Please…LoL

  • gailallen

    lol…heheh…I have tears rolling down my eyes….to believe this article is really telling how far we have come with regard to using our own minds to make clear judgement and what the media have done to our sense of judgement and our ability to think logically… anyone with half a brain reading this would question its validity …even if its partly true the way it is written clearly speaks to how lacking in credibility it is. Even the fake mainstream media would not have done such a hack job…

  • More like more of the Lucirerians trying to get rid of the church

  • mlthed

    This Blog, The Daily Currant, is a satirical blog. Obviously, this is a satirical piece and as with the best of satire, it has some believeability!

  • TruthTeller

    Even if this story isn’t true, popes have always been exposed to touching little boys behind closed doors. So yeah, if this story were true, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Shmuck

    Pedophilia is a problem, but I have not ever heard of a pedofile… The red squiggly line pops up when I type it… You must be using Internet Explorer

  • Shmuck

    Harrynutsack, what a thoughtful comment.

  • naldoprz

    this source is so unreliable!

  • naldoprz


  • yvonne

    you are so right…

  • Anthony Ellul

    So what? Cast the first stone if you are without sin.

  • Anthony Ellul

    Be whatever you want to be; do not expose your sexual abnormality to get my approval; I do not give a damn because you wanted to come out of the closet. That’s your f. business and do not mess up with the teachings of the Bible.

  • Dom Cee

    Capitol NO!God abhors gay.Levitcus 18:22

  • Dom Cee

    There’s more secrets about the vatican he’s got to reveal.The mighty hand of God is upon him to expose a lot of secrets otherwise, he won’t have peace and a lot of disease awaits him.Says by my spiritual father “Seer Blessed” of AS GOD SAID, IT MUST BE DONE.’The Temple of Most High God’.He told us since last year 28th October, 2012 that, pope was broght down from his position in the garden of Eden.On the 28th Feb 2013 pope resigned.My spiritual father “Seer Blessed” has been saying it often and on since early this year that pope got a lot of things to confess to the world otherwise, he would be afflicted with more and more disease.The will God Almighty must be done.

  • Pau Mendoza

    Y’all need Jesus

  • Quest

    God loves Gays but hates gayism or homosexuality or whatever you call it. Accepting the man doesn’t mean he accepts the act. He accepts gays lovingly so he could CHANGE them. He hates sin not the sinner; he seeks to separate the sinner from his sin…cheers!

  • Michael Nnaji

    Another puzzling story but is there any truth in it?

  • Omolangidi

    God created MEN AND WOMEN only TWO GENDERS!!!!

    People have been perverting their minds, and becoming gays, others might have had bad experience in life and they turn to be gays, some are cursed by their first generation. God is angry with those that go against his WILL. he mad MAN & WOMAN to REPRODUCE.! He is Almighty and Powerful. PERFECT. we all his children but its up to us TO ACT LIKE ONE.

  • julia

    questa ci mancava in Italia!!!!

  • licic

    selll your possessions, give to the poor and follow God.

  • Kodzo

    lf the Pope wants to get closer to God by resigning his Papa ship,then why is he trying to encourage people to gay. Or is he trying to win souls for the devil? Sodom and Gomorrah is the commoners Bible story.

  • NeverWrong

    well i can certainly say that the Lesbian population is very much out of control nowadays.

  • Eloise

    Die hele lot mans in die katolieke kerk is Gay. kyk maar na al die kinders wat so deur die jare deur hulle misbruik is ! So ja dit is vir my glad nie nuus oor die Paus nie !! Ek het niks anders verwag nie .Maar ek dink daar is `n ander probleem dat hy opstap ! Nou sal daar seker `n Swart Paus ook kom alles word baie mooi uitgewerk !

  • Timothy

    while you are at it send me some too

  • Timothy

    It is amazing how we can allow ourselves to be caught up in our own deception. God created Man: Both Male and Female. The arch enemy of God then goes about to pervert every thing that God has made. Is nt it interesting to note that to every good thing God made there is a counterfeit version? Aimed at distracting us from the truth. The source of which is steeped in man’s wickedness.

  • Self-Cloner

    Act like a Child? You can do it. Proof are your words.

  • lindaMC

    I am a republican and I say God, if there is one, made everyone. That includes gay people. You can’t deny that. People who don’t accept them, there is something wrong with you, they are here whether you like it or not. Santorum I would never vote for you because of your skewed thinking.

  • bill Weaver

    To the retired Pope. Congratulatons on finally being able to come out and be who you were created to be by God. I fully understand now why you gave up being Pope when you did. I hope the rest of your life can be lived out in the open. I wish you well….

  • Albert Westpy

    My, my, my…….the cat is out of the bag !

  • we


  • Jake Ken

    I must confess that I am highly disappointed with him. What does he mean by all persons and gays alike are equal before God. For Christ sake please let him Show me in the Bible where Gays were accepted by God. I am not surprise any way that the church with the largest congregation in the world is bedeviled with this issue. This is just an indication that the end is at hand and I entreat all believers and Christian to stand up against this demonic and an abominable sin for the sake of our soul and that of our children.

  • Steven Gournay

    Those dark circles under Benedict’s eyes are from too much masturbation, or else he’s using the wrong kind of tampon. He’s such a hottie though! Rrrruff! I bet he loves to go to Villa Borghese at night for the rough trade, too!

  • Katricia Newland

    because gays are people too and if god hated them so much he would have created them.

  • Blackchicken

    Homosexuals are not equal in God’s eyes. Homosexuality is a sin against God, so why wouldn’t He have a problem with homosexuality?!

  • chester

    Barack Obama came out that he was gay today too!

  • Terry

    Perhaps they should change their name From the daily current to the Daily Stupid.

  • Stephan McCarroll

    No surprise here at all. The only concern I have is why lie about it in the beginning? To me, what this shows, is no one is capable of just telling the truth today. What a shame.

  • Stephan McCarroll

    If he is “NOT” gay he should come out and make a statement to the fact. One thing is clear, God doesn’t provide mixed messages, we do. The Bible is absolutely 1000% clear that homosexuality is not appropriate at any level in life. This is not to say that we have a license to not love and appreciate all people, but we do not have to approve of their chosen lifestyle.

  • Renereyy

    My dear! because the society accepts a particular practice, it doesn’t make it right before God. He is HOLY and RIGHTEOUS. HE is HIS WORD. His word condemns the gay practice. We are supposed to live according to what His word says and not what other people or the society says or does…..

  • poo

    ur all gay

  • Lynne

    Sad…please read about the ‘church’ …It’s in Acts or anywhere else New Testatment. Ridiculous to place your eternity on the line and not genuinally investigate something (by the way that is b/c the natural non-born again man desires his sin & really does not want to repent nor can without Christ & being born again). Anyone really saved knows (1). The Gospel is true & (2) lol…the Vatican/Catholiscsm is NOT the Church.

  • Gen2Rev

    I’ve only been on this site for 15 minutes and realize that it is really bad satire. It’s bad satire because it’s not obvious enough. But come on people wake up and go to a real news site; time is precious why waste your hours here? I have to admit I did laugh at this one.

  • JeffMcCar

    How in the world do you know what God hates or accepts?..you must be joking. If you wish to be taken seriously as a believer, try not to pass off your beliefs and assumptions as facts. A believer by definition is one who holds beliefs….a belief is far from being a fact.

  • Tony Villeda

    It´s hard to believe but this the space age. May God have Mercy on us, tv

  • MandaLynne

    The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment. A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.

  • MandaLynne

    FYI: The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment. A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.

  • MandaLynne

    It is a satirical website similar to The Onion. None of its stories are true.

  • MandaLynne

    The Daily Currant is a satirical website similar to The Onion. None of its stories are true.

  • MandaLynne

    People – calm down. The Daily Currant is a satirical website similar to The Onion. None of its stories are true.

  • joe

    oh shut up you ignorant bigot. all homosexuals are borne of straight parents.

  • Andrew Houston

    Just because he is doesn’t make religion true.

  • Thomas Zinecker

    God accepts gays as much as he accepts someone who looks to lust after a girl and commits adultery with her in his heart. Everyone who is saved, may still do these things from time to time but they will be crushed under the burden of the Holy Spirit so after some time being saved it will cease out of their lives..

    So yes, God, does save gays, adulterers, lairs, etc by giving them a new heart. But a miracle has happened, they now love the things god loves and hates the things god hates, a miracle called being born-again…

    Can you be a Gay christian? Is just like saying, can I be a drunk Christian? Yes, but those sins won’t last too long with the spirit of God working within.

  • urban.spaceman

    “God doesn’t provide mixed messages”

    Who is the father of Joseph?

    MAT 1:16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.
    LUK 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.
    Judas died how?

    “And he cast down the pieces of silver into the temple and departed, and went out and hanged himself.” (MAT 27:5)
    “And falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all of his bowels gushed out.” (ACT 1:18)

    There’s a few hundred more but I can’t be arsed to post them.

  • Kathleen A Clay- Dewey


  • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    You’re ruining all the fun.

  • Thomas

    Correction: Other churches DID separate men from women. The Lutheran church in my pasty white (northern state) hometown did in my grandparent’s generation and before. (early 1900s)

  • Lisa

    I once dated a man who was 1 year from being ordained as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church when he decided to leave. He told me that nearly every man in the seminary was gay.
    Look at it: you’re guaranteed a job for life, people treat you like a god, and your family doesn’t continually ask you when you’re getting married and giving them grandchildren. It’s a win-win situation. Oh, and for some they even like that they get to wear dresses – and in public, without ridicule!

  • Bernie

    This is garbage! Don’t you think CNN, or other major network New stations would have reported this. Do your research and you will find this is not true. I’m not Catholic, but I sure don’t take a website like this as News, but lies!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t recall the Pope “coming out” as homosexual. If he did, the media would have had a field day (since our media is literally OBSESSED with the topic of homosexuality).

    I smell a fake article

  • Anonymous

    correction: homosexuals are MADE from child molestations & sexual abuse….usually from other homosexuals

  • Celtic Knight

    Take this with a grain of salt. These are the idiots which stated Ben Rothlesberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)had been in a car accident and had broken both legs. It was a complete lie and fabrication, as is , I suspect this story to be!

  • jeffision

    Oh why, why, did you tell them? 🙂

  • jeffision

    He wouldn’t be the first gay pope.

  • OaklandBikeMedic

    OK, here’s what I want you to do:

    1. Go find your Bible.
    2. Find all the parts where Jesus ripped on gay people (hint: there are none)
    3. Find all the parts where Jesus ripped on judgmental people (hint: there are heaps).
    4. Do the Christian thing and quit trying to rule other people’s lives by your pretend magic book.

  • MauiShadow

    Wow, the only thing sad about this story is the fact that 99% of the commenters have no idea that… THIS IS SATIRE!!! From the bible thumpers who are in melt-down mode to the secular liberals who are joyously seething with “I knew it”… you have all been had! Has everyone in this seemingly brain-dead country lost the ability to think critically? I can only laugh at the idea that so many of the commenters are probably in heated conversations at this moment, trying to convince their friends/coworkers that this is the “truth”.

  • MauiShadow

    It’s a satirical article on a satire site, Einstein.

  • MauiShadow

    It’s a satirical article on a satire site, Pastor Einstein.

  • MauiShadow

    So you get to see the world through God’s eyes? How nice for you. And BTW, if God created everything, then he also created homosexuals. Why would he create something he finds sinful? Crawl back to the dark ages homophobe.

    Also…It’s a satirical article on a satire site, Einstein.

  • Moni

    because it would be plastered on the news EVERYWHERE!! *duhh

  • ArcanVmXII

    Successful troll is successful.

  • pride

    Are you freaking serious?

  • Jayse Church

    you are never allowed to judge a worldview by the abuse of it. read about the model church in Acts of the Apostles in the bible

  • Labman

    I think it is hilarious to watch everyone bicker over this matter. We have so much else to be worrying about. Ok, yes, I admit it, I am a homosexual. Why am I one? Honestly, couldn’t tell ya. Tried to figure it out for years. Forced myself to try and look at girls in a way that could attract me to them. No go. To me, I live my life, I have things that I want and worked hard for, I am happy, and my partner is also happy, and we travel and see the world. I have the car I always wanted and the job of my dreams. I am a medical laboratory scientist and I help tons of people everyday, even the ones who will put me down. But somehow, I always seem to breakthrough with a smile on my face and just wave the stupidity that is in front of me. My co workers don’t mind at all, the whole hospital knows of me and my relationship and are always asking how us two are doing. Its great to know that we can get along just like “normal” people. This will continue to be an argument for years and years to come cause its pleasing to some people to debate a point. (Chemical release of certain hormones) Anyway I have to get back to work.

  • elliot

    First of all, gays never asked to be gay they were born liking guys just like you were born liking girls. You just can’t help it. What about hermafrodites ? They can’t really tell what their sexuality is so can they be penalized for that since they were innocent babies born into it? Second, the hatred for gays on the bible comes from the old testiment. In leviticus it also styates that a child that disobeys their parents deserves to be killed. Do we follow that rule nowadays? I don’t think so.

  • elliot

    He also created hermafrodites….what happens then huh? When they grow up and have either sexual orientation.

  • Justin Side

    it’s as funny as to nominate Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize, I just hope one of the two is a hoax !

  • AnnaHart

    Um, I think that you just used the word “gayism” pretty much invalidates anything else you said.

  • Mari

    which is why we keep our eyes on Jesus, not man. The pope is like any other flesh and blood, he is only a man.

  • Mari
  • Veoren

    “Just forget the sins and look at the POSITIVES, their MISSION. Forget all the pain, death and suffering they have inflicted upon the world, look at how they spread “God’s” Word! Awwwww, so cute.” This kind of crap is what Jesus stood against. He wasn’t a big fan of hypocrisy, jus sayin.

  • Veoren

    “Paul” just like the hypocrite, homophobic “deciple”. Yet Jesus saved a gay man, and made of his beloved an good example to others. All while not saying “you are homosexual, change your ways”.

    Sodom and Gomorrah were heterosexual oversexed men who wanted to fuck anything that moved. Including Angels.

    Big flood was for people like you.

    Just. Saying.

  • Veoren

    Your fear begets you. Repent and renounce your fear and hatred, if you truly love God.

  • Veoren

    Take your “cheers” and die with it and your hypocrisy. The world needs less fear-addled sheep like you to create HIS kingdom upon it. If he hates it, why did he made it an unfading part of nature? You are saying we must change the nature he created?

    People like you who sin with fear and never open their eyes to change this sin, they are the pitiful sinners.

    See you after some long, painful time in the purgatory.

  • Lavigne

    “becoming gays’ ~ Yeah, except for the fact that we can scientifically prove that the mindset for being gay is genetic, meaning you are BORN gay. Period. There are several other things ‘wrong’ with the above statement but I doubt me pointing them out will change your mind on anything. Keep hiding under your bed with your bible and ignoring the accumulative knowledge from the last two thousand years while the rest of us work to improve life on earth.

  • Hebrew Israelite

    If you will bring scripture of God addressing sodomy as something He created and accepts…then you will have made your case. But you won’t. YET, Jesus said He did not come to do away with the LAW…which in Leviticus condemns sodomy (homosexuality). No one is born gay, it is a curse that is passed down the family line. Point is, God does not and will not accept this as natural or good. Just like adultery or any sexual activity other than His model in Adam and Eve, homosexuality is a SIN! I’m sorry but it’s truth and nothing will change that. He hates it and clearly says you need to repent and stop it! Don’t ask me…Go to Him. If you really want to know…He still speaks to those who seek Him. Make sure you are ready to hear what He actually has to say. Once you hear, you are accountable to DO what He says.

  • Shadii

    you’re an idiot

  • Shadii

    You say that story is about gays? See it through my eyes: A man is willing to give up his daughters to be attacked or raped by the men outside their home…and Revelation does not explicitly state anything about gays.

  • Shadii

    So true, read the old testament laws….ALL of them. We don’t follow them

  • Shadii

    You ever hear the saying “ignorance is bliss”? Like how Adam and Eve didn’t even know they were naked until after eating from the tree of knowledge/good and evil? The serpent did have have a little truth in his deception saying they’d be like God knowing good and evil. Since then, mankind has only gotten smarter; knowing more and more of the mysteries of life and the world-like God. Would you not say that we are still learning more and more about God or is he so simplistic that we’ve had him figured out for over centuries now?

  • Shadii

    Your ignorance is bliss

  • Shadii

    People are stupid to deny that it doesn’t exist

  • alf

    you are absolutely wrogm there is the third gender called intersex. Its also God creationof what we call human.

  • chel

    feeling euphoric over there?

  • Tim Ouellette

    I can’t believe what I read below.What about he who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge lest ye be judged. Twisting the bible to suit your narrow minds will not win you a seat in heaven. Dr. Rev T Ouellette… GAY

  • zach

    well technically gay is still men or women .. Gods doesn`t give a crap about your sexual priorities … poeple sometimes forget that believing in God is about Bible, christianity and definetly not about church ..

  • zach

    it is bible .. i really doesn`t say what God wants or not .. in one part he is against murder, i other he appeal to murder .. etc .. it is collection of more or less accurate historical stories and teological and ethical metaphores .. full of contradictionary and somethimes lacking coherence ..

  • zach

    so based on Bible: Earth is flat and steady (Deut 13:7, 28:49, Job 38:13), Moon is source of light (Gen1:16, Iza 13:10), Men owns women and women is worth one bull or donkey (Ex 20:17) and of course you can sell her (Ex 21:7) .. etc etc … too many corrections, translation mistakes, editing with purpose …

  • 0.o

    Whatever it is, it’s fake and wrong.

  • 0.o

    Don’t tell me you have a brain….

  • billdrayton

    This is a very courageous step this man has taken. It will have profound ramifications for the Catholic Church, together with the present pope’s comment: Who am I to judge? when asked about those being gay and whether it is wrong in the eyes of the Church.

  • zee

    God Is Not A Man…And You Sound Ridiculous

  • Amazed

    seriously? I’m Catholic and I think this religion sucks! He resigned cause he;s gay??? So… These people should live a lie so who invented the church rules will be happy? well F***k him….. If being gay is a sin….. why did GOD make him and millions of others this way???

  • indra

    im not supporting Gay, but as a christian, i believe God gives us a free will… if anyone here dont agree to Gay, does not mean that you can judge them,.. arent we supposed to be the one to guide and bring them to the right path? even in the end they dont want to receive it,.. we should know that they have free will are not we? tell me what would Jesus do?

  • Crysttal ThatChic


  • bigtoe8 .

    this statement is childishly ignorant

  • bigtoe8 .

    OaklandBikeMedic. AMEN!!!!!!

  • kalizhada

    Is this what our world has come to? So failed journalists are now crowding the internet with satire journalism and proudly think these articles bring them honor and prestige by faking information in the guise of legitimate information? These authors couldn’t make it as a legit journalists and see the popularity of such publications as The Onion and they believe if they too can fake the news they too will become prized writers? All they do is cloud the air with disinformation and cause confusion for people who get caught off guard with these outlandish news angles (present company included) for the benefit of false sensationalism. This is a sign of our times, as mediocrity and sub-par performance is rewarded with praise from an audience that has fallen way below standard intelligence levels. Fuck satire sites, and fuck the Daily Currant.

  • Nina

    Thank you for shining some light in this discussion! Seems that many people here don’t know Jesus is real 😉 Yes the Bible clearly states that God forgives gays, in the church of Corinth Paul preached to some people and named different sins which included homosexuality, and said to the church but you were cleansed and you were sanctified. That means they WERE gay, but no longer gay because of the purifying work of the Holy Spirit.. Jesus loves prostitutes, gays, drug dealers, all sinners, but they DO have to repent.. He is merciful and forgives!

  • Michael Aronson

    Grow a sense of humor.

  • Justin Side

    How can you know ? you were in his Holy bed ?

  • Thomas Zinecker

    I can only testify of what the Bible really says 🙂 Keep strong sister, and remember we are in the last days so be sincere in your prayers and always have a thankful heart.. Always!

  • supaman12


  • Mateo Gomez

    I’m considering becoming gay myself. If I like it, I may stay gay (see what I did there?).

  • Dan Dorfman

    It’s not about fakery, it’s about social commentary and criticism via wit, also known as SATIRE. This is not intended to be journalism, and the writers neither aspire to be newswriters drumming up sensational stories to create controversy nor intend to confuse the general public.
    If you lack the sense to tell the difference, then you are a part of the satire as well you ignoramus.

  • A Person

    God doesn’t even exist. What the fuck are you people smoking?

  • kalizhada

    Excellent rebuttal! Now that’s debate!

  • Husband’s Lover

    No. Homosexual comes from a rainbow 🙂

  • anonymous

    When they’re not doing the nuns, they’re doing little boys.

  • JesusLovesGays

    Have you REALLY read Leviticus? I mean, really? Which other parts of Leviticus are LAW? I mean clearly, as Christian, you can obviously pick and choose, right?

  • TonyinSeattle

    Is this a joke? Wasn’t Hitler Jewish????

  • Kelsey

    Sooo it’s a sin to love? Thats the most fucked up logic I have ever heard! Love shouldn’t be defined by law, whether it be government or the bible! Theres only one thing to follow, God loves all his children. Done, simple as that, I and the rest of the world shouldn’t need any more.

  • Ameen

    Being a Muslim, I would not belive in such a story as we are asked to investigate the matter first before propogating it. Likewise, I would also request the people to study Islam’s teachings first and the biography of our beloved prophet before labelling as terrorists or engaging in blasphemy against our prophets. This article very well reflects how little wisdom and morals the western media has!

  • Tripfag

    Daily currant is satire

  • Oki

    money isn’t everything when Jesus said renounce. money was just a part of it. people from the gov’t or in the church (humans) will always have excuses to use all means to satisfy their greed. That’s why he also said that the poor are very lucky, because they have nothing in the first place. Did Christ’s teachings do anything to any of you? no, it’s the people who pretend they know Jesus. For example, “Hi, I’m a Christian and this is Jackass!” and blame Jesus because an asshole said that? C’mon people, NOT all rich or powerful people abuse what they have, and NOT all Christians live the way they were expected to be. Before we became Christians, Atheist and all, we we’re damn humans for crying out loud!

  • Phantus

    A lot of religious morons are passing this around Facebook thinking it’s real. Have you never read another article on the Daily Currant? The gullibility of cultists is obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how tight they have their eyes shut while their whole life passes them by.

  • Phantus

    This might be the single most idiotic comment I’ve read all year. I hope for your sake you’re kidding. Nobody is that stupid.

  • Phantus

    It’s kind of funny seeing all these religious weirdos on The Daily Currant. A site that spends much of it’s time playing on the ignorance and bigotry of cultists and conservatives for the rest of our entertainment. That’s like intelligent people going onto FOX news or an NRA site. It’s opposite day I guess.

  • Carbon

    which one is word of GOD the old testament or new testament? is God keep coming again and again to release the new version which suits the current days? if you dont agree with old testament then what is the point of following the new testament since new came from old or you mean the old testament was having mistakes that is why new version came since God made some mistakes

  • HolyHerald

    Don’t worry people, this is already Biblical ^_^
    the time will come when the right doctrine will be made wrong and the wrong doctrine will considered right…Just live according to what Your faith has and always will teach/taught you… we don’t need to consent to or contradict this just live a life that matters … stick to the golden rule (and not the golden goose with golden eggs, or even Midas’ [golden] death touch).

    Lets just go on with our lives and LIVE the FAITH not just stay in our seats and comment on the internet while the devil’s advocates are out there lollygagging and spreading hoaxes about our faith…we have to be in the world as well…doing our thing as believers otherwise we’re just passive!

    being gay is a personal choice and may change at any given time or age AGAIN it solely relies on the person who made the decision, its NEVER a “NATURAL PLAN” LOL! ^_^

    Regarding the case of the Pope being gay…it was never actually proven…although what WAS INDEED PROVEN was the fact that the Pope stepped down from his position due to threats also initiated from WITHIN the VATICAN which is REALLY kind of sad…but no matter how much they try to eliminate the weeds, new ones (accomplices) will always take their place…AGAIN that too is BIBLICAL…

    the crux of the matter is, we have to ACT out FAITH not just speak it by word of mouth…accept gays as fellow human beings but REMIND them about the purpose of being a MAN or a WOMAN…NEVER EVER CONDEMN THEM FOR THEIR PERSONAL DECISION…they may actually revert to their natural selves if talked to considerately…

    about the others who commented here about this…please read, READ and REVIEW facts before coming to hasty, generalized conclusions…say for example, one FACT is that…the Former Pope Benedict XVI never released media coverage of what he was doing prior to this post and in the latter days…so did Pope Francis…(he did not mention consenting to gay marriage, he merely mentioned the fact that we must respect ‘human individual’s rights) they released encyclicals though, which are by the way very informative, other than that…NO MEDIA COVERAGE, INTERVIEWS etc…

    “scientists have made it possible to bend light, while the media found ways to bend the truth” —for the purpose of stirring up people and causing mass confusion which they would of course benefit from because of ratings on who has the most convincing stories…

  • mick Wander

    And I| suppose girls are made heterosexual from child abuse and molestation from heterosexual men. You people really scrape the bottom of the barrel in your bigoted nonsense. God may have made 2 genders but gender is not the same as sexuality of which there are many and have been for 1000’s of years.

  • Mick Wander

    The Bible was written by men to control the lives of others through fear and guilt and it is still being used for the same end. In Buddhism there is no concept of a supreme being creator and never has been. it’s amazing that in that religion all men and women are equal and there is no discrimination against anyone on the grounds of sexuality. Listening to you lot in your ignorance and bigotry using a non existent god who you claim to speak on behalf of as an excuse is pitiful.
    Half the world is dying of man made poverty, starvation disease and genocide, while the so called civilized half spend billions every year blowing each other off the face of the earth and all you people can do is witter nastiness about gay people who by and large are just ordinary people going about their daily lives. They have no choice and they have no agenda and just want to be left in peace. Shame on you all.

  • Mick Wander

    In Buddhism there is no concept of a supreme being creator and never has been. it’s amazing that in that religion all men and women are equal and there is no discrimination against anyone on the grounds of sexuality. Listening to you lot in your ignorance and bigotry using a non existent god who you claim to speak on behalf of as an excuse is pitiful.
    Half the world is dying of man made poverty, starvation disease and genocide, while the so called civilized half spend billions every year blowing each other off the face of the earth and all you people can do is witter nastiness about gay people who by and large are just ordinary people going about their daily lives. They have no choice and they have no agenda and just want to be left in peace. Shame on you all.

  • Glenn Alan Guarin Boyles

    Its the SIN and not the SINNER that matters in the afterworld. Whatever is the truth Benedict has been doing what is expected of him by the church. His orientation is his personal and private which may matter after his death.

  • Pundit78

    This story is an Irresponsible post by a despicable fame seeker.

  • OaklandBikeMedic

    Don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of cosmic revelations. Long story short: “God” told me not to take the Bible too seriously so it won’t contaminate the message of Jesus. That accountability to “God” is why I don’t let my fellow man’s sexual orientation get in the way of the commandment to love him as my neighbor.

  • James Gilligan Murray

    Thank you for painting a bigger picture, Its good to see someone that realizes that there are more important things than bickering about sexual orientation, .
    Yes gays exist, yes they mostly want to go about living their lives, yes they are human.
    But focus on more important things like helping to prevent people from dying from starvation, giving out a good quality education to children, getting International Humanitarian Law in place to save lives, stop mass murder of innocent people etc.

  • clementinesalmassi321

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  • guest

    Shouldn’t he be charged for protecting so many pedophiles? He didn’t only lie, he protected criminals who were raping children.

  • eklat

    hahahaahaha….. tsk…. what are you trying to imply??? have you read the BIBLE?

  • BobInBpt

    Wasn’t it just as ridiculous to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize as he sends armaments to revolutionaries and slaughters women and children with drones ????? Do you think that Gandhi would have supported revolutionaries in Egypt and Syria ????

  • BobInBpt

    Good for you, Labman. I agree with you entirely. I, also am gay and cannot pretend to be attracted to women, so how can anyone say that I am living an “unnatural life” ???? It’s natural to me. If I forced myself to be with a woman, THAT would be unnatural and also unfair to the woman to just use her as a shield to hide behind. You did the right thing, as did I. At least we are honest. Way too many overtly homosexual men hide behind women and other “macho” activities to cover up their true identity.

  • BobInBpt

    I notice that many on here keep saying that this article is only satire and not factual. Well, how would anyone know that? Where is the disclaimer anywhere on here? Couldn’t they be sued for libel for printing out and out lies?

  • BobInBpt

    Well why not? According to the Bible, God has allowed the Devil full run and control of the earth for at least 3,000 years. He allowed the Devil to torment Job and kill his family. He allowed the Devil to kill most of the prophets and even Jesus. And the Book of Revelation says that at the end of the Thousand Year Kingdom of God, that the Devil will be let loose again to tempt more souls. Doesn’t that make God just as guilty as any Pope ?????

  • titou75013


  • titou75013

    hahaha Anonymous is the perfect specimen of the errors of God! The perfect idiot! An arrears!
    I prefer to suck 100 (young) dicks than to chat with someone who has as stupid arguments!

    Homosexuals stay between them. But you, and other with same mind, with your very poor spirit, you try to mix yourself with sense people.

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.
    In any case, You will not suffer from the housing crisis.

    Trop con ce mec ! hahahaha

  • Doris Tanner Thompson

    Where do you people get this stuff? Sad how stupid you believe people to be. This is garbage. Should you ever print anything that was true, I would not believe you. You’ve cried Wolf too many times. Shame, Shame.

  • Ray Mercier

    WTF difference does it make, he’s sworn to celibacy anyway. he cannot act upon urges wither it be male of female…

  • don’t believe the article
  • joshfc2001

    all the buddhas and Jesus’s have been unleashed in this comment thread LOLLL. but this article is just hilarious!!

  • Janoski

    Does it need to be a straight guy to serve god? “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at him!”.

  • RJMilo
  • mm

    Please read the ABOUT page of this site….

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • This is a spoof site designed to impact negatively those of faith and conservative values …

  • Tini

    Thats why people accept Islam as the only way of living.

  • Maude

    You obviously don’t understand the
    Bible very well if you think “the big flood” or “Sodom and Gomorrah” have anything to do with gays.

  • Marcel Abanda

    The same blood flow in the stream of the pope. he is Human like us. At lease he ‘s been able to free himself from that inner killer “the conscience”

  • NAME

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  • Ebenezer

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  • William Harper

    and you know this how?

  • mockery …satire or not seldom has a positive effect except for those engaged in it by having a good laugh at the expense of the one being laughed at….done on the internet it takes on the dynamic of gossip .where .it mutates into false facts that are taken as true and very damaging to the one its aimed at ….

    as a protestant christian I may have differences with the catholic theology and take exception to the moral corruption that has creeped into the catholic church …but I will use prayer and other venues to elicit correction …

  • William Harper

    Wow! Does this apply to all “mockery” or just “mockery” that offends you? In other words, do you ever mock anything?

  • To say I have never used mockery in the past would not be true ,however over time I have learned that mockery is a serpent of many tails that is capable of reaching around and biting you …carelesly using words that hurt others can and often does come back to haunt you …letting words fall from ones lips or pen that hurt others is niether right nor loving …

    I try to apply the standard set down By Jesus …Iam not perfect yet but it is agoal I shoot for….

    Matthew 5 : 43-47

    43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

    47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

    Satire that is employed in sessions where some one is being roasted and the subject of the roast understands the dynamic, it may be OK ….but even there I would apply the test ..is it hurtful in the long term ….

  • Logic.

    This article is so lacking in any substance. Let’s hold our media accountable people. Where was he quoted saying these alleged statements. This wouldve been a headliner on national news if this wasn’t just some arbitrary, though creative piece of satire. Please do some research before you believe just about anything. I fear for your rapidly decreasing intellect and ability to reason

  • Marga

    The church deserves to be mocked to the highest degree. They are the laughing stock of the world and an evil misogynistic and child abusing organisation. Do you have a sense of humour? This article is satire!

  • Marga

    If you are so bible orientated… have you ever read the part of the bible where Jesus said that anyone who hurts a little child, should have a millstone put around his neck and thrown into the sea? – I cant remember the exact words, but Jesus did indeed rebuke evil deeds many times. Turning the other cheek only allows evil to continue. “All it requires for evil to triumph, is for good people to sit back and do (or say) nothing to stop it”

  • There may be elements in the Catholic church that are this way…but there are also millions of loving and caring folks that would give you the shirt off their backs if they thought you needed it …they are a part of that church you so glibly lump together and say they deserve to be mocked…

  • There is appropriate times to turn the other cheek …the lord followed his own sermon on the mount advice/standard at his trial by the jews and pilate …

    but I agree turning a blind eye to evil that is done to children whether by clergy or some average joe should be rebuked and appropriate justice meted out to those that harm children … Each one of us has a responsibility to report these kind of evil things … and if we don’t ..one day we will be called to account for why we didn’t by the lord ….

  • Aidan

    Although I am an Atheist I absolutely respect Galut1’s points, more so than my fellow atheists, in fact. As he’s pointed out there’s satire and then there’s mockery, this IS NOT SATIRE.

    I have gay friends re-posting this thinking it’s actually true, that is not in any way amusing. I think many atheists’ are forgetting, we are absent of religious doctrine, not a group who comes together to bash others…for me that’s a big part of being an atheist – to be a humanitarian, to step outside preconceived false labels based on someones spirituality or faith.

    I’m not defending organized religion which I dislike, I’m defending the good people who do not deserve to be treated like idiots because they have another opinion. There are more intelligent, and considerate, ways to make a protest or point.

  • Thank you Aidan , I appreciate your thoughts on this …

  • Michael

    This is about the only bit of sense i read here. What a sad world we live in…

  • Ejm03

    being Gay is a sin! the people who follow after the Lord would know this. The Devil comes in many disguises to think we are suppose to let sin in the world and except it is sickening. We love the sinner hate the sin.

  • Time to Learn

    Sorry buddy, but there have always been more than just two gender/sexes male, female, and hermaphrodites. And if you doubt this maybe you should do some research. GOD is very much so perfect, but man is not and therefore neither is the bible seeing that it was not only written by man, but changed to suit the needs of men through the ages. ANd with GOD being the perfect being that he/she/it is I would think that petty feeling such as anger and hate would be quite beneath GOD. If you disagree with any of this that’s totally your call, but don’t bash on other people because of what you believe.

  • Time to Learn

    Please take this personally, you are in fact a very stupid person. May you one day choose not to be.

  • Time to Learn

    How many days are in the “last days”? We have been in and will be in the “last days” until there are no more days. So you should keep your faith in GOD, Love, and all that has been created in the image of strong no matter what.

  • Time to Learn

    Thank you, but you forgot that every religion with a bible believes itself to be the one true world of GOD and if that is so then none can possibly be.

  • jack

    wow, you’re an idiot haha

  • MaslowK

    I see what you’re getting at I think. It’s that people generalize the terrible actions of a few proclaimed christians and then turn around and say “See see? The CHURCH is so BAD!”, right? I agree that this is incredibly shortsighted of people, even if I don’t agree with christian beliefs :/

  • MaslowK

    Yes, most likely satire or simply false information. Take a look at the number of comments on this article so far (or the number of facebook “likes”) and you’ll see how viral something as outrageous as this can be.

    Now couple that with these sites making money based on the number of “clicks” they get and you’ll see what incentive they have to lie; the truth doesn’t make the most money 😉

  • Nathan

    This shows how weak and pathetic the gay movement is, to resort to lies to propagate a message of unholy filth. Sad broken people. 🙁

  • TakeMyMoney

    ..hmm, you don’t look like a Nigerian Prince. I’m skeptical but I really don’t want to pass up the oppurtunity.

  • Jen

    True or not, God Bless Pope Benedict for asking the Roman Catholic church to re-consider their stand on homosexuality. Who can bring a bigger audience to this topic than the Pope? We are not living God’s word when we treat others the way gays/lesbians have been treated…..

  • Jason Hartwick

    You mean like the hypocrisy of saying “tolerate everybody’s beliefs and choices, unless they’re christian, then it’s ok to hate, revile, call names, and tell them their beliefs are stupid, just because of the mistakes of SOME of them”?

  • KDude

    And if you believe that….. you also get to KEEP your healthcare!

  • James Abuda

    me to. hahahaha

  • Jimmy

    Gay is not a gender… just saying

  • NAME

    Thank god you and others have the strength so say these things. The internet world is being led by a minority of outspoken idiots who think they know it all.

  • Lino

    Respect begets respect…

  • [email protected]

    God is not a man or women, just simply God. God created humans. We are but a single piece of sand in a Universe filled with creations. What we think has nothing to do with anything, but feelings that change through out our lives. The only truth humans should worry about is karma. You walk your path, and others will do the same, the secret is not to judge others by what you think is truth.

  • TRA

    Who made you God? Poison has entered your heart, most likely from ignorance.

  • Jess

    All you people saying God or Jesus condems gays … Are wrong! You all obviously dont read the RED WORDS in the bible, which were when God was speaking… Jesus or God did NOt say anything about gays anywhere in the bible! Read the red words!!! Not mans words … Which the only line in the bible saying anything about gays was translated by man… Not out of Gods mouth…. Think about it!

  • Marita Helenius

    This is satire or simply false information!

  • Manfred von Lühmann

    amen to that!

  • axel

    The church and the monarchy itself are bad people. People who practice their faith and aren’t blinded by it are good people. The monarchy has always been about rich white men controlling other people under the word of “god”.

  • axel

    ya, you’re so oppressed. %99 of people don’t give a fuck about what faith you practice. If someone is annoying you about your faith; ignore them. Their probably just some anti-theist neck beard. also the apostles killed more people then they saved.

  • axel

    No one is specifically one gender. There is 64 different combinations of chromosomes. If you think I’m lying go read up on Cytogenetics. You might be more of a little girly man then you think.

  • Michelle S.

    Using “Logic” as your identifier when you seem to not have any… Please look up what satire is.

  • Michelle S.

    It’s called a satirical blog, dumbass.

  • Michelle S.

    Yes, there is. Someone doesn’t seem to understand how websites work or google.

  • Michelle S.

    How about how your comment reflects very well on how idiotic and thoughtless you are? It’s called a satirical blog.

  • Michelle S.

    You can’t even spell the name of the site properly.

  • Dameo

    Timothy, just give me your number and address and I’ll give you his bank account!

  • Terry

    Yep that’s right, i’m not as perfect as you, so sorry.

  • BitchPlease

    its a choice man. u want to be a gay? they start liking guys..

  • Dakota

    I know his number and address, Dameo. Just go to my website, create an account and log in so I can give it to you!

  • Debra Powers

    I only need 199,000 so I can finally by a real house…you can message me on facebook,,,,

  • kouklotheatro

    The problem is what happens if you don’t accept Islam in certain areas of the world…

  • kouklotheatro

    the daily trolling!

  • Carmel Garcia

    I don’t believe this news. It’s as always, speculation, so that one will make harm and damage the church. It’s always the same people who don’t believe in God or who wanted something from the church and did not get it. Jesus said that harm wil be done to the church in the centuries to come but it will not be defeated, because He will be always with the church till the end.

  • arnold azurin

    @sir julius. God bless you more, please share your blessings to my country…and me too..

  • arnold azurin

    @ sir justus, please send me some of your blessings

  • fernandoago


  • Andy Wesley

    I don’t think anyone is suprised Lol

  • Guy

    You are so ignorant

  • k

    Much love to him!

  • Lia

    I think you should do your research on those “rich white men” ruling the church..you obviously haven’t a clue on the lineage of past Pope’s!

  • Lia

    Who exactly did the apostles kill?? Last time I read the bible the apostles were the ones who were running for their lives..do you know how many Christians were killed in those day for switching to Christianity?? Including some apostles?? of course you don’t its evident by your posts..Please take a theology class soon so that you can at least spew some facts instead of this crap!

  • Lia

    Your an uneducated moron. 99% of child molesters are straight..and anyone who is homosexual is born that way..another case of the uneducated!!

  • This is absolutely brilliant 😀

  • Cedric

    “Yes, most likely satire”

    Well done Einstein. Perhaps if you got your head out of the bible, you wouldn’t be such a gullible twit.

  • MaslowK

    What makes you think I’m a bible-thumper? Kind of a silly assumption to make based on one internet comment 😛

  • Guest

    Or larger tribes ravaging smaller ones in the name of their favorite higher power somewhere around the middle east, if we take some parts of the old testament as actual history. Sort of boils down to the same thing, and in that sense really didn’t start exclusively as a “white” thing. It just happened that colonial europeans took advantage of the same concept at some point.

  • Freddy

    Well said TAyers333. Its not a choice to be gay any more than its a choice to be straight. Nobody should be judged for being either. We are all unique beings, with paths to walk and ultimately our own karma to receive.

  • ndrwmll

    LMAO. Classic awesomeness.

  • Guest

    How about what faith you aren’t? My relatives in Scotland were oppressed in their low-income neighborhood by the teenaged children of muslim families. These youth would beat up the boys and spit on the girls for not wearing burkas. Authorities did nothing. They were forced to leave the country. Because of American immigration laws and their income level they had to go to Canada.

    When all of us are equal under the rule of law we are free.

  • Veoren

    I don’t.. really understand if you’re on my side or not.. :/

  • Jason Hartwick

    Neither. I don’t think there should be “sides”. We are ALL human, and we ALL have a right to our own opinions. I am just tired of hearing that all the blame lies on one side of an issue like this. Christians are often hypocrites, but by the very act of saying “everyone should be accepted for who they are”, then turning around and hating someone for their belief system, or constantly showering hate upon their belief system, people who are against christianity are no better. So I am not on your “side”, but neither am I on the “side” of christians. I am on the “side” of equality and acceptance for EVERYONE. Stop the fanaticism of some christians, but don’t forget to stop the fanaticism of some anti-christians (meaning “against christians”) while you’re at it.

  • Halelujah

    Oh yeah?…well my uncle got a porsche, he stole it….

  • JEFF_777

    The apostles killed more people than they saved? How did you come to that ridiculous conclusion?

  • FidelKastro

    X lo menos fuiste valiente en manifestar lo k piensas y no recurres a un facilismo literario. En cambio hay escritos x alli k denotan cobardia en defender los valores, transmiten su temor al k diran o simplemente translucen sus propias frustraciones y recurren a escribir en favir de lo k sta de moda ser heterofóbico.

  • A Random Person

    Hmm…I guess if he’s happy with his decision, then it should be fine for the time being. He served great after all these long years, and all of a sudden, people hate him for coming out of the closet. Where is your logic, people? Look at what he’s done over the time he’s been here!

  • Garry Brezia

    The pope gives the truth about himself for his conscience liberation. So, let’s not be his defenders on that fact.

  • Charlene Evans
  • Charlene Evans

    does nobody ever read the fine print?! http://dailycurrant.com/about/ sheesh…

  • William Harper

    this part, “…designed to impact negatively those of faith and conservative values …”

  • A Believer

    I am so glad that my trust is in Jesus. My life is based on the Holy Bible. God destroyed Sodom for this sin and He will not change. In the Old Testament, people were stoned. Jesus said, If you love me “Keep my Commandments”. There are many more in the New Testament than 10. If the whole World obeyed the Bible. We would have a wonderful World. The Catholic Church is not set up as the New testament commands. Why would anyone pray to Mary? Jesus is head of the Church and He is the only way to Heaven . He is the door. He is the only one that can forgive sins. I am so glad He forgave me of my sins Paise the Lord..

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  • FilthyHeathen

    That’s why it’s so clever.

  • Jim Brasher

    Only a fuckin moron would post bullshit like this. Daily Currant is fictional satire and not a source for reliable info.


    Lynne, as all the joking above shows you, the Pope wasn’t/isn’t Gay! Please do investigate! But remember, Do NOT mistake the sins of men, as the sins of the Church.(speaking of the pedophiles and those that hid them) Every Catholic truly believes they should all be punished under the law.


    Notice no name on the article. . . . . .

  • Nikos
  • Patrick

    It’s as if people don’t realize this sounds exactly like all the junk mail we receive. “I’ve got millions to give you, so send all personal info to me!!” type of thing. You see it too much.

  • lsba

    Dun tell me you’re a Christian

  • Rob Dotzler

    Hey Paul, I suspect the whole point of this “article” is based on the fact that Benedict was part of the pedophile cover up. That’s why he gave up the papacy FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF CATHOLICISM! F*cking bigot.

  • Rob Dotzler

    I, for one, am not buying your latest argument. I think you’re being disingenuous now. Just trying to seem like you want equal niceties? I call b*llshit.

  • Rob Dotzler

    What does he care what he says, he’s Anonymous. Just another troll. His courage just blows me away.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Or maybe he was MADE from child molestations & sexual abuse….usually from other pedophiles.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Gee, I wonder if Leviticus mentions anything else….

  • Rob Dotzler

    “Don’t ask me…Go to him.”? Got that address?

  • Rob Dotzler

    His participation (and outright control over all of the reports) with the massive coverups of pedophile priests gives this parody all the credibility it needs.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Haven and all their “troubles”? No thanks! 😉

  • Rob Dotzler

    Only $$$ scores a douche like this the woman he has. Jmho.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Let me fill you in on dangerous. FOX news. It acts like it’s a news organization but it’s a horrifying lie factory who wants us all to fall into lock step (goose step?) with the owner who is so rich he could give a crap if you live or die. The funniest part of the wealth that goes to him? It goes offshore as he’s not even an American, or if you need that translated, ‘murican.

  • jake hoek

    None can prove anyone is born as a homo-sexual. but it is self-evident we are all sinners and all sins dwell in us! But are not germinated (yet) fully. God created man SINLESS. In Adam we all fell into Satan’s kingdom. When He puts HIS fear in us, we depart from evil, though not perfectly. Many bloggers rantings reveal the enmity in the unconverted. Besides God predicted it will get worse when approaching the last day! This I can confirm comparing, mine before World war 2 youth years, when the majority, atheist also, abhorred homosexuality! O Mores!

  • Bruce Lee

    Disgusting!… Former head of the Christian faith enjoyed playing with his bits!!

  • Walter White

    What a stack of crap.

  • Walter White

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!! You muppet….

  • Walter White

    You don’t need a website to negatively impact on “those of faith”, science and logic already does a great job.

  • Walter White

    It reminds me of the two Irish priests in our parish, Father Patrick Fitzmichael and Father Michael Fitzpatrick….

  • Walter White

    Anybody who spells the word idiot incorrectly, can’t really call anybody else an idiot, now can they, eh?

  • Nikos

    Therefore, when referring to our moon, use *The Moon* or *Moon*. When referring to our sun, use *The Sun* or *Sun*.Therefore, when referring to our moon, use *The Moon* or *Moon*. When referring to our sun, use *The Sun* or *Sun*.

    I see you are a scholar eh?

    As a true scholar that you are you should use a capital C when you write the word Christ also when you reffer to the Bible you should use the capital B because all the nouns are written with the first letter capital. I hope you know what a noun is, a noun for example is the Sun and the Moon.
    I write this because i see you tend to correct people’s writing behaving like a grammar’s policeman or my old teacher who still does the same. He is old what is your excuse for pretending to be the Oxford’s dictionary eh?
    Friendly Nikos

    2014-06-14 17:05 GMT+02:00 Disqus :

  • Walter White

    “I write this because i (sic) see you tend to correct people’s (sic) writing behaving like a grammar’s (sic) policeman (sic)”

    An eloquent diatribe, devoid of grammatical accuracy; well done and I rest my case!

  • Susan

    When I first heard the joke, back in High School they weren’t priests.

  • Susan

    I think they got this from The Onion.

  • Susan

    That is why I was smelling ‘reprint from The Onion”

  • Mike Jones

    the credibility of the church is intact. he disqualified himself instead of being an illegitimate ruler of the church.