Sarah Palin To Replace Hasselbeck on ‘The View’

Mar 12, 2013

110804_sarah_palin_605Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is set to replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck on ABC's daytime talk show The View.

The controversial conservative figure has reportedly signed a $10 million five-year deal to join Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepard and fellow newcomer Brooke Shields in a revamped lineup designed to stoke spirited discussions.

The arrival of Palin and Shields replenishes the venerable show's roster following the departures of longtime hosts Joy Behar and Hasselbeck, who was finally fired today after intense speculation surrounding her status on the show.

Palin's deal is especially important because it fills the need for a conservative viewpoint, a role which Hasselbeck had hitherto played.

"We felt like we needed to replace Elizabeth with a leading conservative woman," said Charissa Gilmore, vice president of ABC Television Group. "Naturally, our thoughts turned to Sarah Palin who is both a conservative icon and a media whore...er star rather. Sorry."

Prepare for Battle

Palin contract purportedly comes with a clause forcing her to read newspapers and magazines every day for the entire length of her tenure. Not to be outdone, Palin has requested copies of the Financial Times, The Economist, Foreign Affairs, National Journal, Roll Call, and the scientific journal Nature.

"I'm just so grateful for this opportunity to debate with the big girls," Palin says while shopping at Carrs in Palmer, Alaska. "I've been reading up and preparing my talking points.

"Ask me about anything. The civil war in Syriana, the India-Pakistan fight over cashmere production, Putin's attempt to invade Atlanta, or Queen Elizabeth's decision to pull U.K. troops out of Afghanistan.

"Personally I think it's a travesty that Obama refused to mine the harbor in Savannah. It leaves us exposed for the next assault."

Palin also expressed joy to be working with her new co-hosts, all of whom she has admired for decades.

"Oh I'm just so excited to be working with Whoopi," Palin said. "I'm such a huge fan of her work in The Help and Eat, Pray, Love. Sometimes it seems like these people are mostly all in jail or on welfare, but she's one of the good ones."

The subtle racism of mistaking Goldberg for Viola Davis is just one example of why Goldberg, a stand up comedian and actress, has in the past expressed extreme dislike of the former Alaskan governor.

Goldberg's intense hatred of Palin have caused some to speculate that she too might leave to show. But according to the comedian herself, she's just re-upped her contract and is ready to do battle.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna show this Eskimo Queen who's boss."

A spokesperson for Shields explains that she's elated to be working again and is looking forward to introducing herself to a new generation of women who don't exactly know who the prominent 1990s actress is.

  • Blanche Beecham

    This gal has the ka-jizzle to bring dewy life into a hot dry mess of a show. I’d fold laundry with Governor Palin.

  • GovSlacker

    Do women still fold laundry? Michelle Obama just folds money donated by the American Tax payer.

  • Blanche Beecham

    Women that love their men do laundry! What woman worth her salt isn’t clenched into ovulation at the thought of ironing a man’s shirt?

  • GovSlacker

    Folding clothes and ironing. I guess I never visited your part of the country.

  • CJ

    I wish Sarah Palin and this show would just go away!


    The First Lady does not receive a salary.

    The President receives a salary of $400,000 per year and could probably make much more in the private sector.

    That’s probably why Donald Trump failed to make a serious run for President. I understand his gig on “The Apprentice” pays him $30 million per year. Why would he give up that just to be President?

  • GovSlacker

    So who pays for her wait staff, driver, 24 assistants, travel, and lodgings while she is on one of her many vacations? She is a regular George Washington, “Don’t give me a salary, just pay my expenses.”

    p.s. You’d have to strap me to a chair nailed to the floor to get me to watch the Apprentice..

  • Class ladies; show some class if you know what that is. It is a bit like character but curvier. That lets you out Goldberg. BYe Bye! Srah do what you do best;be intelligent and smart and timely. I will NOT vote for another meathead. You want to be John MCain? Move to Arizona.

  • Irene Chaffee

    yeah ,, I get a rush doing that too… also love cooking for a man.. and then watching him fix my plumbing.. hahaha

  • Irene Chaffee

    oh no ..now it is going to get exciting and really worth watching.. .

  • Seahawk

    He also failed to make a serious run because only idiots take him seriously.

  • JNA

    If she replaces Elisabeth, I will never watch it again

  • rnicho

    This story is an outright lie. Jenny McCarthy will be the next cohost.

  • Bill

    My kind of woman 🙂

  • Bill

    Same for The View…..but I might watch sometime if Palin was actually going to be on……BUT, you do realize this whole article was just a joke don’t you. They would never put Palin on with Whoopi. That would not work at all…..no possibility.

  • Bill

    You’ve got to be kidding me Bob. If Barack Obama had never been president, he would have a hard time
    even making 100,000 a year, much less 400,000. AND…of course, after he’s president he can earn a boatload making speeches. That’s actually the only thing he is good at. I would be glad to take an IQ test
    against the president anytime and anywhere. And I guarantee Trump is smarter than him.

  • Steven Mcdonell

    “Sometimes it seems like these people are mostly all in jail or on welfare, but she’s one of the good ones.”

    This has to be fake right? I mean even for a conservative this line is outright stupidity incarnate