Steubenville Rapists To Be Released For Football Games

Mar 18, 2013

Officials in the town of Steubenville, Ohio say they plan on granting two football players convicted of rape and sentenced to prison weekend passes out of jail during football season.

The passes will allow the two high schoolers to compete on their city's famed Big Red football team despite the fact they'll be behind bars.

This morning on the steps of Steubenville City Hall, officials from the Mayor's Office, police, and county jail announced the plan and promised the town's citizens that their beloved football team would not be affected by the verdict.

"These two young gentleman have been convicted of a terrible crime, no question," said Mayor Domenick Mucci Jr. "But the bigger crime has been committed against our town's proud tradition of winning high school football.

"Depriving Steubenville High of its star players ahead of a possible championship season is an act of unconscionable cruelty. That's why we've arranged with the local jail to have these young men continue to play for Big Red Football while serving their sentences."

Varsity Blues

Reaction to the move within the tight-knit town has been overwhelmingly positive, although some worry that weekend passes aren't sufficient to properly maintain the team's greatness.

"Personally, I don't think this goes far enough," says Herb Anderson, a 63-year-old retired autoworker. "Sure they can play in the games, but what about practice? Practice is just as important as the games. They need to be let out daily from 3 to 6 for practices."

Mary Wojenski, a waitress, agrees that more needs to be done to ease the pain and suffering of the rapists.

"I was shocked when I heard they were only granted weekend passes," she says. "I mean, seriously? Jail has suddenly become more important than Big Red football? I can't think of anything more important than winning a local high school football game. Can you?"

Outsiders, however, have blasted the town's plan, saying it gives special privileges to two violent offenders who should be treated like any other convicted rapists.

Several national anti-sexual violence groups have denounced the decision, saying the weekend passes make a mockery of the criminal justice system.

One exception to the resoundingly negative tone of outside reaction has been Penn State University, which released a statement saying it fully supported Steubenville's move.

"Finally, America has produced a high school that has its priorities straight. We're excited to see rape cover-up and mitigation is alive and well at the high school level, and are looking forward to recruiting heavily from Steubenville High in the years to come."

As some readers have pointed out, this article is SATIRE. It is not meant to be a factual article. Thank you.

-The Editors
  • David

    If anything deserves to be boycotted, it’s this footbal game.

  • Mary Wojenski, a waitress, agrees that more needs to be done to ease the pain and suffering of the rapists.

    Wow…. Just wow….Because being raped isn’t painful, and raping isn’t causing the person to suffer, no not at all.

  • josh

    Please tell me this is satire!?! These boys deserve to be raped as well andshould not be allowed too play football. What makes them so god damn special?

  • rachel

    Take it easy folks…its Satire!

  • Ash

    Oh wow! this is absolutely disgusting. How dare these rapists be allowed out at all! And I thought this case couldn’t get any more horrifying! Hope these boys get what’s coming to them.

  • Adam

    This not true! i 100% guarentee it.. this artical is bogus and whomever wrote it is lying through their teeth

  • I really have to say that i am speechless. This is Not a punishment, this is free room and board for rapists! When i first read this i thought it was a joke, that no city in the nation could be so stupid and that someone was just messing around. That poor poor girl proably feels so small and alone….. Shame on em all!

  • Barb

    Hmmm…I didn’t see anyone on the steps this morning…

  • What a ‘disgrace’. If I had kids in that school, I’d take them out. If anything the entire school needs to be closed down for REWARDING the RAPISTS of a 16 yr old CHILD! The entire school, as well as the ‘judge’ are nothing more than ‘trash’. And they all should be treated as such!

  • So you’re saying the Rapist do not get to play? That the article was a lie in order to illicit our reactions?

    Funny ……I didn’t ‘see’ a ‘disclaimer’ any where.

  • And your proof of that? If the article is merely ‘satire’ as suggested by @4a79bc3d7bb95c5ebd3e885b3f066efd:disqus where’s the disclaimer?

  • george

    Give me a break they raped a girl and u wanna let them out on the weekends to play football i say NO let them rot in prison for what they done they dont deserve to be let out do the crime do the time

  • jessarreti

    Look at the About Link: “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper”

  • jessarreti

    “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper” @ the about link

  • mike cookman

    This is beyond pathetic. football is more important to the idiots of that town than the girl who was abused by these assholes.

  • Ryan

    If any of you actually believe this… Wow you’re dumb. Lol

  • Willow

    Where on earth are you getting your information from??? That is entirely not true!! you are making a mockery of this trial and towards the city of Steubenville. Surely you people are not taking this serious?? lol.. this story is like leading the sheep to the slaughter house.. Your a joke and so is this story!!

  • From this town…you re not

    This is false….you are trying to gain readersby making false news stores …go right a fantasy book


  • Ryan

    How do any of not realize this java satire news site. The site says it, and you can obviously look at that cute article about bush accidently voting for Obama. C’mon people be smart and check sources of what you read before you believe it.

  • Cmon man. This writer is really bored. You really need to stop stirring the pot.

  • robert

    They don’t deserve to play football. I think that’s bullshit that stupidville is that concerned about football then the victim…………….

  • drewlefleur

    wow rednecks never cease to amaze me. I hope that town never wins another game.

  • It’s not real. It’s satire. It’s a joke. Fake. Pulling your leg. Not truth. Comedy. Sarcasm. Dark Humor. Etc.

  • It *IS* satire. It’s a satire website. These kinds of comments are on *ALL* of their posts. They have a way of writing that is *just* this side of comedy to not be a deceitful lie.

  • lol — just look at the site. The whole thing is full of nonsense articles. It’s a joke.

  • josh

    I usually have a great sense humore but this is in ill taste especially after what a mockery of our court system has been made.

  • unimpressed

    Too soon.

  • Ryan

    This site is just as disgusting as those rapists for even making this topic a ‘joke’. It’s quite sickening to see this even if its not real. My faith in humanity is become very thin due to crap like this..

  • Brian

    Ask the girl who was raped if this is funny. Some things are not fodder for satire. You’ve crossed the line.

  • DailyCurrant

    This joke isn’t about rape. Is about sports versus the criminal justice system.

  • They need pay for what they did that mean they need to go jail

  • Willow

    I so agree, This is not true!!

  • I do not see the humor in any of this.

  • TheTruthAndNothingButTheTruth

    Come on people do you really think they would let them out to play football?? This writer has you eating out of the palm of his/her hand. This is a false story, they are in jail and will remain there.

  • The disclaimer is in blue at the bottom of the story.

  • William Carpenter

    So from what I have read and heard, football to some people is more important than obeying the law? They are in high school and we are already giving them special privilages! This is wrong!

  • i am so disgusted by the fact hackers get more sever sentences and they didn’t physically hurt anyone. i hate are pro stupid sports mentality. hang em castrate em all, especially rapist athletes but that’s 90% of them in my experience they just get covered up to save the sports

  • all football and basketball teams college and pro cover up 10000’s of rapes and protect athletes from punishment castrate all jocks

  • why would a pot farmer get a more severe sentence that’s just sick

  • You just lost my confidence as a news source. You’re making fun of the town is one thing but this yellow journalism does so at the expense of the victim and the perp’s family.

  • Actually… this isn’t far from what happened several days later. CNN mourned their sentencing.

  • I didn’t either. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a satire site. However, they seem to be predictors of the future. CNN genuinely mourned their convictions. On air for the whole world to see. And it wasn’t satire that time.

  • Favour

    Those that support their weekend release for a game should bring out their daughters, sisters, aunt , wife and mothers to be raped and let’s see how they feel, if ever they wouldn’t support a life sentence for rapists.

  • If I was that girl I’d be happy that at least one website got what a joke the judicial system was in my case. The fact that some people believed this article proves how screwed up the case was.

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    Look at the smug look on that ape’s face. Disgusting.