George W. Bush Apologizes for Iraq War

Mar 20, 2013

George W BushFormer U.S. President George W. Bush apologized for the Iraq War today, saying the conflict was "his biggest mistake."

In a statement released to a Texas newspaper, the 66-year-old Bush said he meant well when he sent America to war but asked the American people to forgive what in retrospect was "a clear example of poor judgement."

The admission comes on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, which began in 2003 and ended in 2011 with more than 36,000 American casualties and estimates of more than 100,000 civilian deaths.

"After the events of September the 11th, I focused all my energy on protecting America from the next attack," the statement reads. "Regrettably in our zeal to defend America, my administration exaggerated threats which - although real - did not constitute a clear and present danger to the United States.

"After my presidency I have come to the belief that the Iraq War, although well intentioned, was unnecessary and too costly to justify. I deeply apologize to the American people and to our soldiers and veterans in particular for engaging them in such a conflict.

"I may have made a mistake - but I think all Americans know that I pride myself on being able to admit my failures."

Shock and Awe

Bush also used his statement to address some of the lingering controversies surrounding the war, and showed remarkable honesty and contrition.

"In the run up to the war," he continued, "my administration made claims that  turned out not to be factual.  Personally, I truly believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But when we couldn't find the evidence, we fabricated it.

"It was wrong to misoverexaggerate the nature of the threat. And although men like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith were the most directly involved, ultimately I was the man at the top and I accept full responsibility.

"Additionally, once we went to war we should have gone in with a detailed plan. I thought it was more important to topple Saddam Hussein quickly than to prepare for the post-occupation. Clearly I was wrong, and I am sorry.

"The entire war was the biggest mistake of my life. I have asked my God for his forgiveness, and now I ask the American people. I hope history records that I was a good person, just trying to do the right thing."

In response to Bush's statement, former Vice President Dick Cheney gave an interview to NewsMax in which he labeled Bush's apology "childish" and defended his actions during the war.

"I still believe that the world is a better place without the tyranny of Saddam Hussein," Cheney said. "It's a shame this cowardly deadender no longer agrees and has joined the Cindy Sheehan wing of the Republican Party."

  • Gene Conway

    Austerity has apparently come home to roost. Alas, there is no more money to pay for his continual protection from all the enemies he made and failed to kill. His social security is all used up.

  • Bruce Brittain

    Enjoy the posts but this one is too poignant for me. As I observed to my Marine Officer son-in-law as he deployed to Iraq in 2003, “The military campaign is a slam dunk but the resulting cultural clash will be tragic.” Now that this same son-in-law occasionally provides protective service to W, there seems evidence that your post might hit very close to home re: W’s inner thoughts and the neocons’ continued defense of a senseless war.

  • Gabe Newman

    “misoverexaggerate” Does this mean country music fans can accept the Dixie Chicks as true talent again?

  • Sean


  • adetunji

    God is all-forgiving. Here is a wrong medium to get that from people. Perhaps Bush will need to seek apology from the iraqi war victims in their grave.

  • Tony Ireland

    Why doesnt he ask the surviving families of the 100,000 Iraqis that he killed for forgiveness?

  • Jensen

    WAY TOO LITTLE WAY TOO LATE..HE HAS THE BLOOD OF THOUSANDS ON HIS HANDS AND NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED FOR WAR CRIMES ALONG WITH HIS HENCHMAN AND CO CONPIRITORS ESPECIALLY CHENEY …His apology is worthless..he needs to pay with his fortune…he should be stripped of every penny he has which should be given to every veteran of that and the ensuing wars.

  • Chris Stone

    The war wasn’t a “mistake”, it was a war crime. It doesn’t require an apology, it demands a trial.

  • kunlexy0007

    He, Mr Bush should be punished for all his actions. He never offer single apology to the Iraqis. He should face war crime tribunal



  • Oladimeji Sun

    apology ! apology!! apology in deed !!!after lots of people have killed ,lots have been maimed now its apology time , it is late for a cut head man to cry,

  • Oladimeji Sun

    apology . Dont mind that heartless man , he will surely be judged by God and man he thought the whole world is foolish lets wait and see one thousand years is like a minute in the face of God

  • Randy Russell

    Well now, that makes everything ok, right ????
    I wonder if he will be sending out letters of apology to all that lost their lives including the Iraqi citizens and especially the children.

  • Randy Russell

    What are you talking about, him and his family are guaranteed secret service protection for life, not to mention a host of other benefits at the expense of the common taxpayer.

  • orpheusrises

    THis article is a fake! Only a lib would be dumb enough to believe it.

  • Rixar13

    “In a statement released to a Texas newspaper, the 66-year-old Bush said he meant well when he sent America to war but asked the American people to forgive what in retrospect was “a clear example of poor judgement.”
    Yes it was but, we knew that…

  • Gerry Manderine

    fake as 9/11

  • Good For The Goose

    Why apologize? Just go on trial for perjury. That’s what the gov. expects Snowden to do for his “treason”.

  • Muhsin

    If not here, the court of GOD will definitely put him on trial and he will suffer the deaths of all died in war combined. I don’t expect justice from biased and unjust world order.

  • Chase Crawford

    It’s fake dumbass… Bush doesn’t need to apologize for jackshit, 5x more people would’ve been killed had Saddam Hussein been allowed to remain as the tyrannical despot in charge of that nation and it’s military.
    We don’t do appeasement of dictators, we don’t empower them, on the contrary, we withdraw as much of their power as possible.
    About Snowden, he compromised US intelligence on terrorists and foreign spies on US soil (which were the main targets of the NSA, not you, as much as you may feel you’re important and special)

    Everything the NSA does needs to go through forms, as Snowden himself did not hide, the liberal media did though, shame, cause that’s a MAJOR part of it.
    You can’t use the NSA to impose fascism if everything needs to go through such bureaucracy.

    I consider Snowden a traitor to the United States the moment he rambled about US spying on France, why?
    Because France spies on us too.

    By talking about it, all Snowden did was jeopardize our relationship with NATO, thus putting the USA in greater danger than at any other point before WW2.
    In the end of it all, Mr. Snowden betrays all his principles, joins the Russian Federation, known as one of the most heavily repressive, fascist and intelligence (FSB) driven powers in the world.

    He is a traitor my friend, regardless of your ideas of the contrary or the trash the liberal media tells you and on occasion FORGETS to tell you.
    Like some 10,000 Chinese spies operating on American soil as we speak, some 1,000 Russians and so on… all they care about is Russia’s repression and state owned Media are awesome, America is evil because if freed Afghanistan from civil war and Taliban rule or because we rid the Iraqis of years of death and war under Saddam Hussein…
    Because we helped Libya overthrow the dictator with gold statues all over the place, and “amazon” female guards almost out of a comedy like “The Dictator” and gave minor assistance in balancing the odds by stopping his air superiority and allowing the numbers of the rebels to give power of the country to the Libyan people.

  • James Russel

    I, for one, forgive the man.

  • DaMaestro

    Folks – Daily Currant is a SATIRE site. Bush didn’t apologize, and don’t hold your breath waiting for him to do so. This is a SATIRE. Sad to say…

  • Jared Amason

    stupid comment! A war crime? Engaging in a War does not create a war crime. Even if it is an unethical war.

  • Kristinfan413years

    only you forgive him.

  • a idlfkag

    Raping Iraqi women in the hundreds and destroying their livelihood are war crimes. That’s what your soldiers did, so how about that?

  • billybob

    He’s a Texan. Since when do Texans care about any human being that is NOT a WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT? Iraqis don’t qualify as humans for him, hence he apologizes to white Americans.

  • Billybob

    Haha! Yeah, I bet you watch Fox News a lot don’t you? Go eat a hamburger and french fries you idiot yank!
    Saddam Hussein didn’t kill that many people at all, and the US has NO BUSINESS INTERFERING IN OTHER COUNTRIES, DESPOT OR NOT!! WHY HASN’T THE US BOMBED A BUNCH OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES?! BECAUSE IRAQ HAS OIL! Freakin’ idiot! Also, Snowden exposed the unethical behavior of governmental institutions within the USA, for which your DESPOTIC government would have had him killed. Why don’t you focus on your own shithole instead of trying to overthrow middle eastern dictators?

  • Jared Amason

    I would agree that any man raping a woman deserves 30 years in prison. I’m sure that the men of Iraq have never raped their women, right? (read an article sometime) Soldiers should be punished with war crimes when that occurs. But, it still isn’t Bush.

  • stefs8494

    lincoln should have been on trialfor raping the south

  • stefs8494

    the iraqis decided to kill each other

  • watan

    ‘American people and to our soldiers and veterans in particular for engaging them in such a conflict.’

    Because the poor Americans sitting in their comfy first world country are the ones who suffered,