Fox News Claims Adam Lanza Was a Democrat

Mar 29, 2013

ingrahmFox News claimed today that Newtown mass murderer Adam Lanza "must have been a Democrat."

During a segment of America Live this afternoon, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham and host Megyn Kelly said that new evidence released yesterday about Lanza's lifestyle, personality, and hobbies showed "clear indications of liberalism."

Following a long investigation, Connecticut police released a report yesterday describing items from at Lanza's home - including a large stockpile of guns, an NRA certificate in his name, newspaper clippings from a school shooting at an Illinois university and news stories about Norwegian mass murderr Anders Breivik.

The report also described Lanza's social isolation,  his obsession with the video game Call of Duty and the fact that he used 154 shots the day of the shooting.

While discussing the debate over gun control, Ingraham broached the issue of Lanza's political affiliation arguing this new information showed his leftist leanings

"Isn't it ironic that all this talk about gun control was started by a Democratic mass-murderer?' Ingraham opined. "I mean this kid got his inspiration from a liberal Illinois university and socialist Norway. Clearly he was an Obama voter."

Fairly Unbalanced

Faced with the dilemma of allowing questionable claims to be aired on her program and trying to lift her ratings through controversy, Kelly decided to join in the fray.

"Well it is certainly true that Connecticut is a liberal state," Kelly responded. "I think there are twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans.

"But what really struck me most was the fact that he was in complete social isolation. That totally fits the Democratic pattern. Everyone knows liberals don't have friends."

"I was thinking the same thing," Ingrahm chimed, "and this Call of Duty thing absolutely nails that diagnosis. I read somewhere that 95 percent of Call of Duty players vote Democratic.

"But can I make another point? The fact that it took 154 rounds for Lanza  to kill 28 people shows that he's a big-spender who likes to waste resources. If he were a fiscally conservative mass-shooter he would have only used 40 to 50 rounds max."

"Oh wow. I hadn't even thought of that," Kelly responded, "but you're absolutely right. Only a tax-and-spend Democrat would be so careless with expensive ammunition."

In a statement released after the program, Fox News president Roger Ailes refused to apologize for the segment, saying he felt that "Lanza was a socialist, just like his best friend Obama."

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