Egypt Issues Arrest Warrant For Jon Stewart

Apr 03, 2013

jon_stewart_freaks_out_over_libyan_bombingsThe Egyptian government has issued an arrest warrant for American comedian Jon Stewart, accusing him of blasphemy and fomenting "anti-Egyptian" sentiment.

The charges come just two days after Stewart used The Daily Show to blast Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi over his harassment of Bassem Youssef, an Egyptian satirist critical of his government.

Youssef is the host of the wildly popular El Bernameg (The Program), a satirical news program inspired by Stewart's The Daily Show. He has been questioned by police in recent days, and the government has threatened to revoke the licence of the television station at which he works.

According to a statement issued by Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki, Stewart will also be charged with "contributing to the delinquency of an Egyptian" for his role in inspiring Youssef to challenge the Islamist regime.

Mekki claims that since clips form The Daily Show are rebroadcast in Egypt on CNN's international channel, Stewart is open to prosecution under Egyptian law.

Pyramid Scheme

"Mr. Stewart has 30 days to surrender to Egyptian authorities in Cairo," the statement reads. "If he does not comply he will be tried in absentia and we will seek his extradition from the American government.

"This conspiracy to defame the Egyptian government violates our laws and will be prosecuted fully. Mr. Stewart may think he's funny. But in reality he is destroying the moral fiber of Egypt with his numerous references to penises and openly flamboyant homosexuals like Larry Craig, Marcus Bachmann, and Lindsey Graham."

Some have reacted with surprise that Egypt is investing precious time and energy into pursuing a legal case against a foreign comedian. Faced with a collapsing economy, a constitutional crisis, and an epidemic of sexual assaults, the government's resources could perhaps be better used.

However, in an exclusive interview, Mekki said there is nothing more important than defending Egypt's honor against the United States' most prominent political comedian.

"We're making this our top priority," he  said. "We're taking prosecutors off of sexual harassment and domestic violence cases and reassigning them to Stewart. These jokes simply cannot go unpunished.

"We're also planning to get The Moment of Zen segment removed from the Egyptian broadcast immediately. We can't have Buddhist fifth infiltrating our Islamic republic."

According to legal experts, Egypt's action against Stewart will have little effect as the American government is unlikely to extradite him.

"Egypt is a sovereign country," explains one prominent international lawyer. "They can do whatever they want. But their warrants have no validity in the United States.

"All this would do is stop Stewart form visiting Egypt. So I guess no pyramids for him."

Watch: The video that started it all.


  • Anonymous

    Boohoo he can’t visit a country of savages in a region of savages

  • LMST

    Is this a late April Fool’s day joke??

  • This can’t be real.

  • If your religion can’t handle criticism, then it’s really not much of a religion…

  • zok

    Shame on the web designers who wrote the mobile code for this site, the should be extradited as well!

  • Which is what I say about Mississippi.

  • Jeff

    All the news on this site is satire, like The Onion..

  • Please tell me this is a late April fools prank.

  • iris

    this one looked REAL. Got me fooled for a minute there!

  • Look at the articles on the right of this one and you soon realize it’s satire. 🙂

  • Honestly and with all my respect to your opinion I disagree with you, it’s the stupid government that we have in Egypt that can’t handle criticism not the religion 🙂

  • Zaid

    Hold your horses there! Couldn’t wait to get that one out right?

  • zeth006

    Religion is just a convenient label if anything. Easy to attack, but often the wrong target.

  • Masry

    u.s. media puppets shouldn’t play in other countries internal issues…

  • madi almasry

    مرسي شكله عايز يتفشخ فى الإعلام العالمي

    هو اللي بيجيبه لنفسه

  • This terrorist group the brotherhood a nuisance in all countries of the world.After escaping from prison and stealing in Arabic States and all peoples and Governments begin immediately to get rid of this terrorist brotherhood groups in Egypt and Tunisia and in the world..

  • مصري

    مرسي يا عبيط فضحتنا .. وحدت صفنا و قويت عليك قلبنا .. جاينلك كمان يومين نرجع ارضنا.. انت و خرفانك مش من هنا..مش من هنا.. تاجرت في دينا و ارضنا و هنقيم عليك حدنا

  • مصري

    We the Egyptian people have nothing to do with the proclaimed idiot named morsy we have not elected nor want him and everything he does or say does not reflect our opinions nor our desires. the country is being hijacked by the worse kind of terrorist “incompetent idiots” Jon we love you and respect your message and fear nothing from this idiot as you would be protected by millions of you fans if you choose to come to Egypt. PS this idiot can NOT walk the streets of Egypt as we usually egg him every weekend.. written by Moe Zaghloul a candidate for the Egyptian senate

  • Steve

    “…he is destroying the moral fiber of Egypt with his numerous references to penises…”

    Best line in any piece of writing i’ve read all week!

  • MM

    This is not the issue here at all. But tell me which religious faiths like being criticised, I would like to know so I can find myself a ‘real’ religion

  • You might as well prepare to be arrested for that comment.

  • Even though this is satire, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it becomes true at some point.

  • I was thinking that this was an article from “Onion”.

  • this HAS to be Parody as it is just too stupid…

  • rami

    what the F***

  • parisinla

    you guys do know april fools is only on the first right?

  • Religion justifies immorality, hate, murder and so on. It’s easy to attack because it’s awful. The only good thing it does is organize people to do things they can do through any social organization as well-funded as religion. Religion is the best target all of the time, and a justified one.

  • It’s not a religion, but peer-reviewed sciences like being criticized.

  • Absolute nonsense!

  • MrFury59

    I say lock him up……………he is way too funny for me and I could use a rest. How dare he? Morsi for congress I say.

  • Mohamed Rabea

    Fuck morsi

    Fuck The government

    Fuck Brother Muslimhood

  • Bottom line here is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Just like the rest of our constitution, its just disappearing. Once people loose what they have, then it will be to late to realize how wonderful the USA was.

  • The muslim faith is derived from subjecting basic human rights and controlling everyones every move with an iron fist. And they wonder why we treat them as animals and barbarians. everyone knows Muhhamad was a pedophile

  • JerryJ26

    I can only imagine that most egyptians don’t even know who John Stewart is let alone even care about him. This is another attempt to enforce thier blasphemy laws on the west and stifle ant criticism of arabs.

  • The question should be more appropriately asked like this: Which religious faiths will issue international death-orders, protest in the streets for days at a time, kill one another, and not feel a pang of remorse for it? The religious faiths of Egypt.

  • slightlyamused

    Religion is someting humans made up to explain the world around us. Then it quickly became a tool used to exploit others.

  • “Mekki said there is nothing more important than defending Egypt’s honor
    against the United States’ most prominent political comedian.” No wonder we’re all dooooomed to repeat the past. And repeat. And repeat.

  • OK all due respect to all of you but here’s the real issue: the only reason someone acts like that in a drastic manner is because they have something to hide and/or because the comment is highly offensive. I say in this case it’s both. But the question is what does the Egyptian government have to hide? Someone please name me one religion besides Islam that preaches violence. And please don’t say Christianity during the time of the crusades because that was due to one person’s misinterpretation of the bible’s teachings (Pope Urban) not the whole church, not to mention there was already wars going on in that point in time. If you don’t believe me look it up

  • anonymous

    religion is not the issue here, u need to watch the show translated into your language and read more about the topic before writing such statements. knowledge is a bliss fyi

  • Religion is PRECISELY the right target. Thank Whatever we are still not run by some freakin’ theocratic bullshit in this country. Religion is the catalyst or actual cause of ALL hate and discord in most of man’s history.

  • Adam

    After reading this I seriously had to check if it was still April fools’ day…

  • Good. We in America admire the bravery of the Egyptian people and hope you can find a president worthy of your efforts of 2011. Morsi is a pig.

  • If you are non-religious you can’t be blasphemous, so the charges are even more ridiculous than originally pointed out. What Egyptian politicians and sadly some of our own don’t get is, here in The States we can basically say whatever we want.

  • When the society and the religion are so intertwined, the easier of the two to get rid of should be the primary target.

  • The fact that I actually had to wonder if this is satire or not kinda speaks volumes (read on another cite, came here to find the base).

  • Religion is only a tool. It can no more be held accountable for the atrocities done in its name than the gun can for deaths and injuries caused with its use. The people who misuse it are to blame.

  • Jon

    Pig-headed idiots, Steward is not Egyptian citizen.

  • ja42

    charged with “contributing to the delinquency of an Egyptian”: ?
    are you kidding me? Its already delinqint.
    And Ahmed my brother A salam alikum , The religion mentioned can’t Handle criticism for sure…..its writen in dosens of sura’s ,and about a bilion people all over the world proved it when some animator draws mohamad ….. or when a kopti egyptian made a stupid film about islam . unless you call burning cars killing people and destroying stuff “handling criticism” im afraid you are wrong.

  • Eric Olson

    This is hilarious.

  • BillyG

    seriously?! Arrest a “COMEDIAN” cuz u dont like his jokes?? C’mon, there are more important things for a Government to be wasting, yes I said wasting, time on… Shows how blind and stupid people can be. ROTFLMFAO.

  • kikooky

    This isn’t meant seriously, is it? It has to be joke, surely. Not even America itself would do something this absolutely stupid (jks, I don’t hate America, just most of it’s population (if you’re offended, good))

  • Jay

    As an American WOMAN who has visited Egypt, I am appalled by comments like these. Their government is corrupt, not the people.

  • Duckpond

    Great new business in Egypt for black market JS show clips,

  • Does Egypt have a moral fiber?

  • It’s not

  • JonJon

    Why does Daily Currant write such stupid posts? They’re not funny, not satirical, and definitely not worth reading. I guess the creators think it’s fun to watch how people confuse their fabrications with real news. I hope it goes out of business soon or Google stops running ads on their site so they run out of cash.

  • banchara

    god, I’ve heard that prosecution is the sincerest form of flattery, but this seems a little extreme….

  • and that Arab Spring is really doin’ what now?

  • christianity did it for decades

  • ..Peter..agree w/you for the most part, but — Christianity has been, and continues to be, violent throughout history, way beyond the Crusades, Inquisition, etc. Let’s see — there was all those people burned at the stake, not the least of which was St. Joan of Arc. In modern times, you only have to look at Ireland, any third world country, the American Native Indians, the whole Puritan Witch-hunting thingee. Oh, we Christians do not have a very kind history

  • Classy

    The Egyptian government sure knows how to make fools of themselves. What a “joke.” (pun intended) They’re making a laughing stock of themselves in their desperation to gain a sense of control. Blasphemy and fomenting “anti-Egyptian” sentiment shouldn’t even be illegal. If they are illegal then the offended government officials should be arrested immediately for making the rest of the world think they’re are a bunch of damn fools.

  • Egypt is giving Stewart hours of material with this…

  • Marc Lalonde

    Look like you guys in Egypt have elected a “dictator”. Get him out of there asap!!

  • Brennan

    Is this for real?.. It looks like satire.. Unfortunately these days, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to tell the difference.

  • Karen Copeland

    Control! Control! Control! or maybe just an over sized ego looking for a photo op.

  • jc

    I had to double check whether I was on the Onion for a second.

  • Leo

    religion doesn’t “explain” the world. That would be science. Religion is an answer to why is there a world; not how it works.

  • Seriously. Morsi is an asshole and I would rip him a new one I ever would met him in peron. FUCK OFF MORSI.

  • Leo

    Judaism. Ever heard of the Talmud? Or biblical commentators? All Jews did all day for the past 2000 years is trying to find problems in the text and explain them. You can ask them any criticism you have and they would gladly answer you.

  • slightlyamused

    I didn’t mean that religion actually explains the world around them. That would be an absurd statement. They just didn’t have the scientific means that we do now 3000 years ago. Religion grew out of the stories that they created to explain what they didn’t have the means to explain. E.G. Why does the sun appear to go across the sky everyday? A god drives his flaming chariot across the sky everyday.

  • Maverick

    My goodness is this real ?? we all know in Egypt that this Morsy is insane but this is far beyond madness

  • Guest

    I hope Fox and the Tea-party are watching. THIS is what a tyrannical, despotic, and [insert other derogatory term applied to President Obama] looks like.

  • this can’t be real.

  • Guest

    … thus proving Mr. Stewart’s point, completely.

  • not. This site is basically a lesser known satire sire, like the Onion.

  • windship

    Arab Spring = Sharia Law?

    Religion, which has no sense of humour, eventually ruins Everything.

  • we helped these people gain control of he govt and they do something as ridiculous a this….

  • Oliver St.John-Mollusc


  • One would be thinking that the moral fiber of Egypt would be stronger then when someone makes a statement on or about the arrest of someone who is critical of an Egyptian authority!
    Perhaps the reaction by the authorities shows how fragile this moral fiber actually is, and how little has changed in Egypt… from one undemocratic system to another……. limiting the freedom of expression is a sign of insecurity and of fear for the opinions of the People!
    When religious sentiments are (starting to) rule politics, and Freedoms of the People we know from experience that such sentiments cause the fall of those implementing them!

  • What you are saying is that in fact no religion is much of a religion….. Neither Christianity nor Islam can take criticism, and fight it with the lowest means and ways possible!
    Religions are the 21st century plague!
    Abolish religions in public, only allowed in private and behind closed doors!

  • ImaMe

    LOL!!! Oh man, I guess right wing nuts are EVERYWHERE

  • HKG

    A very hasty generalization. Not all Egyptians are like that and not all Egyptians support Morsi and the new idiotic government to begin with.

  • HKG

    That “country of savages” is enriched with HISTORY and CIVILIZATION as well as revolutionaries and rough patches. Every single government in the world is full of idiots. Unfortunately, Egypt is undergoing that at the moment. Other than the fact that this is a satire, Egypt welcomes anyone to it’s country except for racists like yourself.


    An Egyptian MASSIVE John Stewart fan.

  • HKG

    “preaches violence”? I am going to ask you a question, how can a religion “preach violence”? How could people even follow violence? Have you ever talked to a Muslim and actually listen to them and ask them questions about their religions just like some people have misinterpretations about the crusades like you say? These people might’ve not read the bible and interpreted it well, just like you have never bothered to actually research about Islam and I am not talking about the news or internet crap that aren’t credibly sourced. I am talking about actual scholarly articles and non of that neo-orientalist crap. Try being culturally relativistic, try understanding people from their context and not from what you see but from their point of you and understanding. It’s fine to not believe in a religion, and it’s fine to believe that your religion is the one and only or the best religion.. Everyone thinks that but, what is not fine is to ASSUME incorrect information about a religion.

    I respect your view though 🙂

  • HKG

    Do you not hear the news? Egyptians are practically revolting everyday, man!

  • now you can see why right wing christian fundamentalists can’t gain ground in any main stream political election anf why they are dargging the republican party down with them

  • ^_________^ wow

  • Ban radical atheists and atheism from the public square….whats good for the goose and all that eh.

  • Not_A_Morsy_Fan

    This complaint from the guys who spread an aura of unbridled sensuality with their quaint references to fingers going any which way 🙂 Cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Just like Christianity, a religion can either choose to ignore the criticism, or threaten the sane men and women who critique. With no evidence to counter, you can really only do one of the two things; Jon Stewart just joined the Galileo club. Thank goodness Mr. Stewart lives in a country that will protect his freedoms to say whatever he wants without fear of persecution.

  • SaveOurFreedoms

    Is this for real? Or am I reading the Onion? This is too funny.


    Good rant, but it’s a fake article, so I guess the joke is on you.


    That’s easy for you to say.


    It’s well-written, but it’s very good satire.

  • HaakonKL

    It’s satire.

  • mash107

    Make that one government topped, Jon