Paul Ryan Refuses to Tip Elderly Black Waiter

Apr 08, 2013

ryanRep. Paul Ryan refused to tip an elderly waiter today at a Washington-area soul food restaurant.

According to witnesses at Auntie Ruth's Bistro in Northeast D.C., Ryan stiffed his server on the grounds of "personal austerity" and proceeded to tell the 72-year-old man to "get a real job."

The situation started when the Wisconsin Republican showed up with 15 of his staffers to have a two-hour working meeting at the restaurant. Although he didn't have a reservation and no one called ahead, the staff at Auntie Ruth's worked hard to accommodate his request.

James Anderson, who's been waiting tables at the restaurant for 20 years, skipped his lunch break to serve the congressman and his entourage.

After hours of backbreaking work, the congressional staff returned to their offices and Congressman Ryan stayed behind to put the bill on his government credit card.

Human of the Year

When Ryan attempted to leave the premises without paying any tip at all, Anderson politely asked Ryan if he was satisfied with the service.

"Listen, I was satisfied with the service," Ryan explained, "but I'm not paying you a cent. You know why? Because you're a taker. I've already paid for my meal. I've spent the money I'm legally obligated to spend - and here you are begging for more.

"Why don't you go out and get yourself a real job? Get an education and then go be an engineer or something. Don't sit around doing shitty jobs your whole life and then expect me to pay for your bad decisions.

"You don't like the fact that you work a minimum wage job? Tough. You should have used your parents' inheritance money to get a college education instead of wasting it on booze and women."'

Genius Next Door

For his part, Anderson says he was fully within his rights to suggest Ryan leave a tip and is "disappointed" by Ryan's comments.

"I didn't take my lunch break just to serve Ryan's table," he explains. "I was serving 15 people. That 's a big group, and I worked very hard. I rely on tips to pay my bills, so I felt I had to ask.

"The truth is, I never got any inheritance money from my parents. My folks were sharecroppers down in Georgia, never had a dime to their name. What little money I ever had went to pay for their health care.

"I was the top of my class in high school. And I got a scholarship to go to Georgetown University. But when I showed up, the school withdrew the money. They didn't know I was black.

"So I've just been here in Washington ever since. Doing odd jobs. Just trying to make enough to get by. I think I would have made a great engineer. Math was my best subject. But those were the segregation days."

A spokesperson for Ryan says he has no plans to apologize to Anderson, and claimed "those people" are the reason why this country is going bankrupt.

  • Guest

    Is this story for real?

  • No. It’s satire. But I could picture Paul Ryan doing this.

  • While I wouldn’t put something like this past a cretin like Ryan, I just refuse to believe this is real. But then again, most Ayn Rand followers are HUGE douchebags, so there might be some sort of merit to this.

  • You’re an idiot.

  • why you gotta be a hater?


    Poe’s Law strikes again.


    It’s not, but it’s gotten to the point where satire about Republitarians has become indistinguishable from what they really believe.

  • Colleen U Jones

    I cannot find this restaurant’s name or address. Can anyone help me?

  • No, because the Daily Currant is satire.

  • Susie

    I hate Paul Ryan and am in no way defending him. But this sounds like an urban legend. And it’s only reported here. The Daily Kos had it up for a few minutes, then deleted the story.

  • Susie

    What’s up with the name calling?

  • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. This is a satire site like the Onion.

  • What is really sad here is that it’s very hard to tell that it’s satire at first. I could see Ryan doing something like this. Especially the “get a REAL job” part. Would be a lot funnier if it weren’t so close to they way he is perceived.

  • People, please realize that the Daily Currant is a satire publication. This story is not true and is only presented to elicit a response.

  • “…A spokesperson for Ryan says he has no plans to apologize to Anderson, and claimed “those people” are the reason why this country is going bankrupt.”

    Those people???

    Who does he mean, ‘THOSE’ people??


    non college graduates?


    Paul Ryan, you are an ASSHOLE.

  • Because, that’s what republican’s are.

  • Kara.

    It’s really sad when republican antics are hard to tell apart from satire.

  • Jamz

    I believed it for about three paragraphs, until it got to the “booze and women” line.

  • lol sad but true as the song goes…



  • dani

    omg. It’s satire. No one actually thinks Ryan did this. Relax.

  • wyskwy

    Do you have some anger issues Eva? It is SATIRE! That means not real. And if you were do much of an American, you would support our president, not call him a dictator. I don’t remember anyone calling GW Bush a dictator when he sent off troops to die for a lie and the personal gain of his friends. Then made the Patriot Act that took away more freedoms than President Obama would dream of doing. If you prefer a media that caters to the republicans and demonizes the democrats, we can certainly find one…oh look, there it is, FOX!!!

  • Jeffery Laircey

    Typical republican Douche

  • atrueamerican

    The reason our country is going down the toilet is because of people like Ryan and it is time we the people of this country told him to get out and stay out of our country! Get out and stay out! We don’t need his hate and our country has had enough!

  • C Brown

    “Perceived” being the operative word, because this image of Ryan has nothing whatsoever to do with fact. Agree or disagree with his approach to the economy (his lead role in government)– but to paint him as cheap and cruel, or call him a “cretin” (as below) is to show oneself content to know nothing and be ruled by irrational partisan emotion. Do any grown-ups have an opinion here?

  • chesty chastain

    The reason he is perceived that way is because of horrible “satire” like this.

  • Good grief, lady. As someone so eloquently put it before – SATIRE.

  • Why make him leave? Perhaps if Ryan spent more time among the poor, the city folk, the struggling and the discriminated, he’d be a model citizen in no time! (Btw, this article isn’t real, it’s Satire 😉 )

  • Jcbmack

    Actually satire aside this. Is very much who Ryan is as well as Romney. 47 percent.

  • Honestly, I believed it until it registered that I was reading the Daily Currant, lol. Whoops! 😛

  • Reverend Snow

    But…but…I thought the dictator left in 2009 after his term was up?

  • What’s saddest of all, to me, is that the commenters believe that Paul Ryan (or a Republican) would actually act like this.

  • Debra Allison

    I still prefer Arthur Clarke’s ‘Third Law’

  • Jullian Archon

    You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya?

  • kidcat24

    When did republicans come to hate the people who built this country and made it’s products? Heck they even got their echo chamber to tell themselves and others they are worthless and unskilled. There is no one in this country that is unskilled. Then Santorum says if you want to go to college you’re a “Snob”

  • kidcat24

    The day the republicans got their echo chamber to say that an auto worker on the line for 30 years didn’t deserve to make a good living is the day this country went to #*%T.

  • keith f.

    vote for this piece of shit?….someone needs to beat him to a pulp….in a purely satirical sens of course

  • SQKK

    “Ignorance in action” ~ Boehme ~.. @Eva.. You and your ilk have to resort to name-calling because that’s all that is left in your pitiful bag-o-trix.. If you were really a patriotic American you would not have to refer to POTUS as a ‘dictator’. Get over it.. Have some self respect and show the same to others including our president. You behave like a five year old… It is indeed pitiful that your best shot is to demean the POTUS!

  • Katerina

    Ryan got education by sucking the taxpayer teats and taking SSI that was not even his; he was too young to earn SSI by that point, so you and I had to pay several years worth of taxpayer money to this freeloader that he didn’t even earn! Now he turns around, get a fat wallet off of his Koch owners, and wants to block real people who actually PAID into SSI from getting our own money back!

  • Katerina

    You know this cretin is doing it behind the scenes. He just hasn’t got caugh… yet.

  • DickChasey

    I’m not Republican and even I don’t believe this story


    You’re not a Republican, but you’re awfully defensive of them and flinging around that patriot word like it means anything anymore. PS – Dictators aren’t elected, and if Obama was a dictator, the Congress would be long gone by now.


    That is also so good law.


    A Republican would. I don’t know how common it is, but I’ve seen enough dollar bills left as tips with ugly things written on them and passive aggressive notes left on receipts to know they do. However, people stiff tips all the time without sharing their reasons, so, grain of salt.


    Ironic and horrifying considering he, himself, is a college graduate and was speaking to people who had to know that their kids would have a better chance with a college degree.


    That’s because this is satire, dear, not news.


    Or, y’know, because of the things that come out of his mouth.

  • kidcat24

    Yes, and had his college education paid for with Social Security after his father died.


    Perception is based on what one sees, not what one made up. Ryan created a perception of himself that some see as wonderful and others see as horrible, if you can’t understand why this is a logical extension of the way some people view his budget proposal, I got nothing for you. If you can’t see this as a logical extension of the way the loudest Republicans view the working poor, I got nothing for you.

  • Pissed Off

    What a frigging idiot!! I hope they gave you spoiled food!

  • A P

    I am about as liberal as you can be without going to prison and I seriously doubt the veracity of this story. It’s a good metaphor for the philosophy of Ryan and Republicans in general, but I’m pretty sure this did not happen as described.

  • A P

    The crux of the story is consistent with Republican economic policies — they are pretty straightforward about the fact that they think poor and working class people struggle with money because they are lazy and stupid and therefore do not deserve any help. But no, Ryan would not act like this — not because he would have actually given a hoot about a waiter but because it’s clearly bad politics. In other words, the reason this wouldn’t happen is because Ryan is too smart to do something this obscene in public, not because he’s too decent a person.

  • Paul Ryan exemplifies the very worst of humanity. How horrifying that this monster could have become the Vice President. He is absolutely evil, racist and downright malevolent. He has no redeeming qualities as a human being and in addition hunts deer and elk in the cruelest manner, using a bow and arrow. I would welcome someone turning the tables on him – one less savage in our society to deal with.

  • muhltrayne

    The sad part is that this story is completely plausible.

  • I don’t believe this for a minute!

  • I hope Ryan gets buttfucked by a big fat black dude…..

  • Rebelle

    Or to be informed and intelligent.

  • O goodness… I feel awful for the server. I am sure he does a good job and works hard – and I praise him for doing so. Just think America… this was the small-mindedness that you wanted as your VP. Still think the wrong man was elected President – fine. But this is the outright racism and hatred that we need to avoid.

  • Unfortunately as Roger Ebert said “You can’t spoof a spoof”. And Paul Ryan already is a spoof.

  • Big Momma

    Representative Paul Ryan is a complete idiot. Did I mention that he is a complete idiot. Cudos to the Waiter for his patience and good manners.

  • Big Momma

    so its sattire eh, you got me, however, you’ve got my response towards anyone who would do that to a person

  • Well, the article caputre Ryan’s attitude quite well, all things considered. And that attitude has been taken on by the entire GOP. Their contempt for the American workers grows daily and now, in the light of over 90% of we American want stronger gun control, they are going to filibuster all the bills so we can’t even get a simple vote on the measures. This amounts to a tyranical rule by the minority, not in line of the spirit of our Constitution.
    On the other side of the coin, November, 2014 will be here before we know it and I hope the memory of the American people will be long and strong and that the more sane members of our body politic will keep reminding the voters of just who is on the side of our people….and our constitution. My parents taught me that words are very nice, but you will always be judged by your actions.

  • angie

    Rep. Paul Ryan, it wouldn’t hurt to be nice.

  • This makes me so sick.. with this economy.. get a real job.. that is a real job., but for him to say that is deplorable. I’M SO HAPPY HE IS NOT THE VICE PRESIDENT,, WHAT A DOUCHE

  • A message to those who might be tempted to stiff a restaurant server (“Server” is the gender-neutral term for a “waiter” or “waitress”.): Servers don’t get minimum wage. The last time I checked, they made $2.15/hr. Minimum wage, if I’m not mistaken, is close to $7.00/hr.

  • DailyCurrant

    Not all states allow restaurants to pay servers less than minimum wage.

  • ROMNEYS “MINI ME” his 47% moment like Ryan thinks that a Black man at 72 so when he wanted to go to College in 1959 had all the doors open for them Paul get your head out of your fourth point o Contact.

  • K G

    So the Currant is really a place to libel people but pretend you didn’t because “satire”? I hate PR, but I fail to see what’s “funny” about this piece – enough to make it “satire” instead of libel.


    Technically, that is minimum wage. There are two minimums set, one for tipped employees and one for untipped employees. In theory, the wage of a tipped employee (the tipped minimum+tips) should equal the untipped minimum. This doesn’t always happen, though, because people stiff tips and dine and dash and other assorted mishaps. By law, the employer is supposed to make up the difference, but some restaurants make that so difficult that servers don’t bother.

  • Gazzer

    Tea baggers are beyond satire. They have gone on record saying completely cretinous, irrational,illogical,bigoted, contradictory,and blatently untrue things countless times and when challenged on the things they say they just shrug their shoulders and say they are entitled to their beliefs and other people support them. The only thing that marked it out as made-up to me was I think he would be more than happy to see a black man doing a minimum wage job.

  • I used to serve at a place on the same street as a congressman’s office…when they came in they left 15% TO THE PENNY…very politically correct at the time…not a penny less, not a penny more…lmao.

  • poor bill

    that’s the republican way of thinking if you are middle class or poor, they see us as ” Trash that needs thrown out ” if your not rich they look down on the working man. Thank god the republicans didn’t win the election because that is how Paul and Mitt would have treated all of us poor people, the people who pay their taxes to support the politicians. Wonder what would happen if we decided not to tip them in the way of not paying taxes anymore. that will give you something to think about the next time you vote

  • There is a fool born every minute, guess what your one of them.

  • There is a fool born every minute. As you can tell by the likes and remarks buying into this garbage you can see….no truer words were ever said. Get a clue!

  • ThisIsGonnaBeAwesome

    You’re. Fool.

  • As a representative of unspeakable evil, hatred, and mindless bigotry, conservative Republicans have no equal. I’m not sure if this is satire or not. Just in case, all food servers, make sure Republicans get a little something extra in every meal from now on. (I do.) http://www.filthyliberal.com

  • Look Mr. Ryan, servers are paid a sub minimum wage because of people like you who say they make it up in tips. Then you turn around and refuse to tip because you have already paid for the meal. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. I think servers should be paid a decent wage and not have to rely on tips at all but that is not the system and stiffing a server is stealing, maybe not in law but morally.

  • David Starkey

    Too bad the story didn’t include him being shot & then complaining about minority violence.

  • twasi

    “I was the top of my class in high school. And I got a scholarship to go
    to Georgetown University. But when I showed up, the school withdrew the
    money. They didn’t know I was black.

    Poor me – if I hadn’t been black I coulda been somebody.

  • Hilda Jordan

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Paul Ryan reeks of racism. He should have been arrested for verbal abuse

  • Y’all know that this page is an Onion knockoff, right folks?

  • CrusadaB

    Many people think this is true…shame on you

  • skepticalobserver

    Lying is cheap satire, if it is satire at all. Check the definitions.

  • This is not satire. This is from the desert of the real and I can prove it. I contacted Mr. Anderson to find out why Ryan had not given him a tip. He said Ryan told him “There is no spoon.”

  • Raymond

    I question your obvious understanding of liberal. If anyone were going to prison, it would have to be a conservative. Secondly, you may doubt the veracity of whatever, though I SERIOUSLY doubt news organizations would be prevaricating concerning this story. Anyway, If Ryan did this, which I have no doubt that he did, the folks he represents should recall and replace him. Ryan’s an idiot. He should know that most among us don’t receive an “inheritance” from our parents in the first place, and if we did, he and others like himself would do whatever required to make sure most of it ended up in his/their pockets. He should get off his fat a– and take his own advice. Get a real job you parasite ! You weren’t using your own money to pay for the dinner you stuffed your face with anyway. That money came from the hardworking taxpaying citizens of our country. Ryan should be very ashamed of himself but that won’t happen because that requires a brain, something he is TOTA|LLY lacking.

  • Tim


    You’re mistaken. Theoretically they receive minimum wage but anything they make in tips is directly proportional to the minimum wage. For example; if a waiter makes less than minimum wage in tips on average per hour, the establishment must pay the waiter the balance to meet the minimum wage requirement per hour. However, if the waiter averages more than the minimum wage per hour in tips, the establishment doesn’t have to (in reality) pay the waiter anything from it’s profits. It’s a truly f—– up arrangement. Establishments should have to pay minimum wages, or more to it’s servers PERIOD! … and any tip a server receives from those they serve should be theirs alone because they were given the “gratuity” because the customer felt their service was worth the tip. It’s called a gratuity for a reason. . Look up the meaning of that word. Any “bus” boy, cook, etc., employed by the establishment should be paid the minimum wage , or more, by the establishment. The customer, the establishment of the employee AND UNCLE SAM are responsible for this situation. The server is spread eagle over a barrel and the establishment, Uncle SAM and, to a degree, the customer are taking “turns” with the server, against the server’s will and without protection! If the server did the right thing, they would share the gratuity with the bus boy and cook equally, assuming they deserved an equal share. How did this all get so out of hand.? I’ll tell you how. Uncle Sam wanted “his” cut of the server’s gratuity. Another name for UNCLE SAM? How about UNCLE PAUL RYAN?.

  • lachef

    The reason this is believable is because this is the Ayn Rand Ryan–along with his entitled running mate who casually dismissed 47% of the entire country. Remember Ryan is the douche-bag who forced his way into a homeless shelter to pose for photos to make himself look good. I bet not tipping is something he does all the time but on the ‘down low’…..

  • Jane Lane,

    LMAO!!! Great!! Poor old Eva is trying to Fact Check satire. OMG!! What is this world coming to?

  • john smith

    This is getting pathetic. We get it. You guys are a leftist parody site that loves to praise Obama and call Republicans racist and cheap. But enough is enough. You just posted some racial garbage about Ann Coulter with a black pilot and now you go to the exact same joke with a black waiter. Grow up.

  • Trini

    Ryan eating at a soul food restaurant? Bwahahahha! The first sentence tells you it’s satire.


    Yes, I have an opinion. To call him a “cretin” is an insult to cretins. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.
    Really good satire, DC!


    I you need to start drinking decaf!


    You are confusing Santorum with Paul Ryan. Ryan’s father died, leaving Ryan to rely on that Socialist SSI.

  • Ryan is too busy pandering to the latinos to care about Black people.

  • kidcat24

    What I was showing is they are all from the same cloth.

  • It’s sadder when the world’s antics are.

  • Ryan Boyce

    “your one of them” when calling someone a fool. How ironic.

  • satire or not…the story is believable….some will believe it and get a bad taste in their mouth.

  • it’s getting plenty of response isn’t it.

  • Shalom5000

    Ok. God never forgets, that’s for sure and we must not ever, Forget either.. When 2016 comes along, we will make sure we remember his stupid A$$ and the ReTHUGlican/GOP slime that they are! No problem. We will remember example’s like this type of ReTHUGlican behavior…We won’t forget! And certain members in Congress…Vote them outta there and shut them down!!!!

  • chazzie

    Now whos name calling LOL

  • Ashok Bhagat

    I cannot imagine anyone can be so rude and insensitive, particularly towards an old man of 72 years. That is what happens when you get education in C quality university.

  • Chuck

    Good laugh not true but good laugh

  • Seahawk

    You have a choice not to come to this site. Just like I have a choice not to read Ann Coulter’s books or listen to Rush. By enough is enough I hope you mean you will stop reading stories here since you obviously don’t think they’re funny.

  • Seahawk

    It’s satire twasi, but thanks for your two racist cents.

  • Queenlovlee Hill

    Wow……what a obnoxious sleeze bag

  • Marcos Gonzalez

    I’m so happy mih rass is a Democrat. lol Ii hope they never do this shitry.

  • Mariana Petoom

    you should have included the definition of satire in your message.

  • Sharon Lauer

    You know this is a spoof, don’t you? Look at the website, the name of the “paper” is The Daily Currant, not Current, as one would expect. The articles are satiric, similar to those of The Onion. And since the subject grew up in a blue collar neighborhood whose father died when he was a child, he can hardly be pigeonholed into the elite group that many (most?) politicians fit. In fact, it’s doubtful that Mr. Ryan would have settled up (if this had happened); usually staff takes care of those things.

  • DRPoliSci

    “those people” are the only reason why you don’t have to clean toilets, cook your own food, and get to sit behind a desk and manipulate other people’s money and life.

  • Marcus


  • Marcus

    And of course you personally know him well enough to make claims like this.

  • Marcus

    I’m not sure if I find your comment more disturbing, or the fact that two people like it.