Justin Bieber Compares Himself to Jesus

Apr 15, 2013

800px-Justin_Bieber_2011_2Justin Bieber directly compared himself to Jesus Christ today.

In an interview with a Norwegian news magazine Bieber claimed that he's on "a similar mission" to that of the Christian prophet and "totally thinks" that Jesus would have been a fan of his music.

Bieber's remarks come just a day after he signed the logbook at the Anne Frank house "would have been a Belieber," implying that if she had survived the holocaust Frank would have been a Justin Bieber fan.

"I think its pretty obvious that Anne would have been into me," Bieber told Here and Now magazine this morning. "She was 15 years old. No boyfriend. That's pretty much my key demo.

"If I had been around back then, I totally would have given her a free concert ticket. She deserved one after all that Hitler stuff you know?"

Christian Modesty

Bieber's narcissism stunned the Norwegian reporter, and he decided to goad the tween idol into making even more self-serving comments.

"Justin, you've certainly had a lot of success. But you wouldn't compare yourself to the likes of Nirvana, the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles would you?"

"Dude I'm way bigger than the Beatles," Bieber responded. "What I'm doing, it's very similar to what Jesus was doing. I bring light and hope into people's lives where before there was none.

"I hear the comparison all the time. People come up to me and they're like 'Wow it's like meeting Jesus.' It's pretty cool. We're on similar missions he and I."

"You don't find that arrogant to make such a comparison?" the interviewer inquired.

"You know I don't think it's arrogant at all. I understand why Christians would want to compare Jesus to me. It makes a lot of sense really, and I'm glad their lord and savior reminds them of my greatness.

"In fact I'm a pretty devoted Christian myself. I even have a tattoo of J.C. on my leg. I totally think that dude would have been a fan of my music if he hadn't been killed by Judas or whatever.

"That sucks when cool people get killed. What happened to Anne was especially messed up. But if Anne Frank had survived the holocaust, I like to think we could have worshiped Jesus together."

Justin Bieber is an internationally best selling tween recording artist originally from Canada. He is currently touring Europe on his Believe Tour and his ex-girlfriend recently said he has a small penis.

  • John J

    This article is ridiculous. Justin Bieber is much bigger than Jesus. He is bigger than God. The Christian god must be a middle-level deity because he had to sacrifice his son for our sins. That only makes sense if he was reporting to a senior god. And that god is Bieber. Get your facts straight, TDC.

  • akelly

    So is Justin B going to save your soul?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pablitoart Pablo Cáceres

    I agree! Both of them are overrated.

  • Mike

    This sounds like an article from the Onion. Is this for real? If Bieber actually said those things, then he’s an even bigger douche than I imagined. Unbelievable!

  • evans

    I am definite this Justin is hastening his death by equating himself to the heavenly deity. Watch this space, he won’t live longer i tell you. Thats being sarcastic and unbelievable.

  • LookBrightSide

    Assume that this means that the Romans will get to flog Bieber and nail him to a tree?

    Wondering if it will be on Pay Per View?

  • preesi

    Its hard to stay grounded when you have 4 MILLION Beliebers and many Goons placating you and excusing everything you do.

  • MissMandyLeigh

    Not real people, calm down :p


  • judas

    Jesus was sacrificed for man, then maybe Bieber should be sacrificed for the BS he talks, so he can feel the pain that Jesus suffered, the twerp couldn’t take the pain of a splinter in his finger, this idiot needs parental control…..

  • sophie

    JUSTIN IDIOT… U are just a little boy with a very little mind, u think u have everything while the truth is u have nothing at all. u think life is all about opening ur mouth and dancing like z one with evil spirit. This fame u got is from God. He can take it all and make u a beggar, home less, bedridden … do not u dare comparing to ur self to Jesus, to the one who sacrificed his life for the love of the world. If i were u i would not even dare to compare my self to one scientist who is trying to contribute something for the good of others… so, calm down little boy and ask forgiveness to what u said.

  • Mohsin Youasf


  • Mohsin Youasf


  • greatwood

    you need GOD wisdom for you to be great

  • Kadri Gbemisola

    You need more of Jesus Bieber if you really claim to know him. Then all i can say is ask for more of him. I see you love Jesus but don’t really understand who he is or why he died. Ask for more, Lord more of you…

  • kelly M.

    he climbed to fame to head to this child, watch over his words or end up like John Lennon or who created the titanic

  • Guest

    John, I believe you are trying to be sarcastic, but your comment isn’t a good one. There is only one savior, and His name is Jesus Christ.

  • Guest

    I’m not surprised that Justin Bieber would make such pathetic and stupid comments about himself. The Bible clearly teaches us that those who exalt themselves will be humbled. Justin Bieber’s time is coming.

    As far as his Anne Frank comment, even if she had survived the holocaust, she would have died before he became famous. Judging from how intelligent Anne Frank was, I highly doubt she would have been a fan of Justin Bieber.

  • Oran Black

    The Daily Currant is a satire like The Onion, none of the stories are true.

  • mikez

    Jesus blessed you with that talent you have Mr BIEBER you are only part of his creation from generation to generation so you can not measure your self to him with your life that is the reason why the devil was thrown away from heaven because he started comparing himself to Christ and measuring himself to him and then the next thing he wanted to rule heaven forgetting he was only part of Christ’s creation…

  • gazza

    I love the last sentence of this article. Call me immature, I don’t care. I hated bieber from the start, the little douche has let fame go to his head and will soon be a nobody.

  • Gift malama

    This article is ridiculous. Justin Bieber is much bigger than Jesus. He is bigger than God??????????? This young boy seems to be mad, he does not know what he says

  • http://www.sakkyndig.com Rune Fardal

    He is bigger than Jesus he said…. and people just laugh of him as a narcissist!

    If he said he was bigger than Mohammed, 3 world war would start… and he would be called a racist!

  • Zjivila

    Any body here ever been mis-quoted…………………….? Dont judge unless you are prepared to be judged with the same measure.

  • Jack

    Justin Beiber is Fool. He should be appreciating God for that talent he has given you instead of Trying to exalt himself above God.

  • James Russel

    Jesus had a legion of followers and he did just fine.

  • Billy

    Yes Jesus is Righteous and the son Of a Holy God., It is a dangerous thing to compare yourself to God .The last so called rock star who made a comparison to Christ . I believe was John Lennon ( at the moment that is what memory reminds me any way)
    . So lets ask John what he thinks about what bieber is saying. Oh wait we cant.

  • big fab

    Lol.like God. Lol lol. He must be on some crazy drugs. Lol. Let him come and say it to me face to face.

  • Walter White

    Is it just me, or are the majority of posters herein unable to spot spoof stories? Personally, I think he is a more plausible Jesus than the one in the bible, because at least we know he exists. Mind you, extrapolating on that theory, my cat is also a contender for a “real” Jesus.

  • ldixson45

    We can only hope!