CNN Reports Barack Obama Has Resigned

Apr 18, 2013

John-King---ThursdayCNN reported that President Barack Obama resigned today.

Correspondent John King took to the airwaves this morning to explain an email from White House press secretary Jay Carney saying Barack Obama had quit over "budget issues."

The network was forced to retract its claim  five minutes later, however, when it realized that King had taken the email out of context. The embarrassing gaffe comes just one day after CNN falsely reported that an arrest had been made in the Boston Marathon bombing case

"We're following a major news story here at CNN," King told his live audience. "According to an email from a very high level source within the White House, President Barack Obama has resigned effective immediately over some sort of budget problem.

"Again we don't have all the details, and nothing has been confirmed. But we're going to repeat this anyway - it appears that U.S. President Barack Obama has resigned this morning due to a nonspecific issue surrounding the budget."

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After leading a brief discussion panel speculating as to exactly why Obama chose to be the first president since Richard Nixon to quit, CNN producers forced King to apologize on-air for the report.

"I am just getting word that our producers have reviewed the email in question," a chastised King declared, "and they have found no evidence of Obama's resignation. It appears that the email only concerns budget negotiations, and the word 'resigned' was taken out of context.

"We'd like to sincerely apologize to our viewers for this bit of misinformation. Again for those just joining us, President Barack Obama had not resigned today as previously reported on this network."

Indeed examination of the email shows it was nothing more than a routine press release sent to thousands of journalists. The sentence causing the confusion read:

"'Barack Obama is resigned to a smaller budget bill which does not include any new stimulus spending."

In a statement CNN explained that King's misreporting is simply par for the course in the news business.

"In today's 24-hour news cycle fast moving events can often throw even the best networks off guard. CNN deeply regrets this latest error, but we in no way feel it jeopardizes our hard-earned reputation for credibility."

  • LOL Some sort of Budget problem……

  • Matt

    LOL…did CNN actually have the gaul to self promote their “hard-earned reputation for credibility” directly after claiming that the Presidemt of the United States had just resigned?!? It would seem to me that you have very little credibility remaining to in fact make this silly claim CNN!

  • Diana Bauer

    “CNN deeply regrets this latest error, but we in no way feel it jeopardizes our hard-earned reputation for credibility.” Which they are proceeding to piss all over….their “reputation for credibility” has become rather strained, no?

  • Well that does it for me! These kind of irresponsible mistakes can have dangerous consequences. This is plain sloppy journalism!

  • Breaking Broken News Alert: Credible reports…
    #CNN reported that President Barack Obama resigned today. obviously not true because fireworks not seen at #FoxNews

  • The Daily Currant: Because the Onion is now too well-known to catch people off-guard anymore.

  • way to go cnn, what else is new.

  • Lottie

    Oops he did it again. John King reported wrong information yesterday about then Boston bombing.

  • maybe he did not know what the word “resigned” in this context meant

  • TeaBagMe

    the irony of those who don’t know the difference between satire & news chastising the network for ‘silly’, ‘bad reporting’. In other news, you are the butt of this joke.

  • Another reason why I watch MSNBC. CNN has become a shadow of what it was. Too bad….

  • I find this site pretty funny, but if you’re fooling a lot of people a lot of the time, it seems to me you’re missing the ‘satire’ part of the ‘satire’. IMHO, the Onion shoots stories ridiculous enough to be funny; the Currant’s stories, whuile funny if you know they’re fake, often are too close to ‘real’ to be funny until WAAY after you’ve read the whole thing.

    Or, alternatively, I am an unimaginative dimwit who never gets the joke. It could happen.

  • DailyCurrant

    From Wikipeida:

    “Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.”

    The “Satire” is not missing from this article. The Onionesque silliness, however, is what is lacking.

  • Guest

    This is hasty carelessness. No reputable news outlet would make such an allegation upon merely receiving an e-mail without thoroughly checking the information before going on the air. These aren’t the only errors CNN has made.

    In reporting about the explosion at the fertilizer plant in West Texas, they showed a map that implied that all of the hospitals were in Waco. That’s factually incorrect. The level one trauma center is about 40-45 miles south of Waco. I live in that town, and the hospital is two miles from my house.

  • Richard

    Is it possible that King being sabotaged by David Gregory of NBC? He knows that his version of Meet The Press is flopping big time, and losing viewers. Most people would replace him in a New York minute if they could. John King, Chuck Todd, Christine Amanpoor, Solidad O’Brien…Take you pick, as any of them would be superior to Gregory!

  • Jerry

    MSNBC?!? Fk MSNBC. It’s a lie factory that reports 80% opinion, no actual fact.

  • Geoff

    Says the knuckledragger that watches Faux News…

  • khater

    Jerry, how’s the kool-aid?

  • May as well read Weekly World News.

  • Jerry: Put down the Kook-Aid, lest something real might enter your domain!

  • Dana

    CNN has, over the past two or so years, lost appeal and credibility in my eyes. Local news is sensationalism, Fox is fiction most of the time, CNN is confused about what a “source” is…. Not sure where to turn for national/international news these days.

  • Alex

    Folk, the Daily Currant is a satire site. It’s like having April Fools Day 365 days a year. Google the story if you don’t believe it is satire. This page will be the only one to come up with the story. That’s because it is satire. Get it now?

  • this is why no one believes when something serious actually does happen. the news is a joke. all of it.

  • Ron Burgundy of the modern era..lol “F-U San Diego”!

  • let me say this clearly — THE STORY IS UNTRUE. This site is satire. It’s made up for laughs.

  • im_on_the_fence

    …can’t believe some of you idiots fall for this…smh…just shows the intelligence of those right-wingnuts…

  • miles

    Haha! You watch MSNBC? Nobody watches that leftwing trash. Fox News is so much better, and the American people know it. Idiots watch MSNBC.

  • I almost YELLED “Y E S!!!!!”.. but my joy was overshadowed by the sudden realization that JOE BIDEN would be President.. I almost overdosed on Xanax trying to calm myself down. The ONLY thing I would want to hear is that “obama AND biden” have resigned together! LOL

  • Are you THAT Stupid? Do you MORON liberals think that Conservatives sit GLUED to FOX News? DUMBA$$.. We are SMARTER than you.. We get our news from ALL kinds of sources.. But YOU on the other hand are an IGNORANT MORON.. you sit and watch CNN & MSNBC like Jesus is LIVE telling you whats going on.

    F’king IDIOT.

  • Wait.. HE is drinking koolaid because he says that MSNBC lies? They DO! So does CNN.. totally biased.. ANYONE thinking otherwise is a FOOL.

  • ed ellington

    the smugness in your reply is pretty ironic coming from a representative of a supposed satire site. this is actually a valuable, critical question from a reader. why would you feel the need to be so curt? you are calling into question the performance of other people at their jobs in this article. you should be able to take a little critique without bunching your proverbial panties.

    In satire, the audience is supposed to understand that it’s a put-on so as to reveal a deeper truth. as it it written, this is merely dis-information, which is not, in itself, satire. i understand that you are pointing a finger at the rampant inaccuracy in today’s news. Are you also attempting to point the finger at your audience for being gullible as some sort of inside joke in the copy room? If so, mission accomplished. If not, then, yes – there is an element of satire missing here…

    Tho, as I write this, I fear that I am simply missing the revelation of truth. According to your comment section, there is a lack of comprehension that this is not a true article despite being told it over and over. So, maybe I am just one more guy who is dense.

  • MSNBC and Fox News are both guilty of being extremely biased. If you watch either of those stations, you are getting more propoganda than news.

  • disqus_3bGojWppHf

    80% is being very kind sir.

  • lol

    Scientific evidence proves that conservatives are not smarter then liberals.

  • pmsnbc, bwha hahahahah! Talk about a shadow of a “news” station

  • Says the stupid liberal citing nonexistent scientific evidence. Produce that “objective” study mr enlightened one

  • This is true. I haven’t gotten drunk in a few years because I have my kids, but there’ll be one drunk in my house tonite. I’ll get one of my liberal friends to watch the kids. Oh to dream.

  • LaRue Parker

    idiot is what idiot says. I don’t think in a million years will conservatives (whatever that crap means) will be smarter than anyonel

  • As usual you arrogant twits think just spewing words makes it true.

  • Niclas

    Don’t watch the news…. ever … Don’t read the newspaper… ever !!! Easiest that way

  • Joe Biden is now the president?

  • meg

    your a little too mean and angry buddy.. go get laid before you burst a vein

  • Proof that liberals are stupider than conservatives: Joe Biden

  • The bottom line is the life we all lead whether one considers himself or herself liberal, conservative or somewhere in between. Personally, I don’t care if men b*tt f*ck each other or if you “worship” your pet stone. However, don’t infringe on what made this nation stand tall above all others in terms of basic rights and that doesn’t mean everyone doing what the minority wants, including what is basic human decency towards one another. It’s a New Testament thing that most atheists have no clue about.

  • I garner my information outside of the MSM and that includes Fox. Do your research people.

  • Please cite the research.

  • r vande zande

    What a glorious day it would be if Obama would resign for the sake of the country.

  • ….and what does your statement really mean? If you consider yourself a “liberal”, does that mean that you support Marxism actually and that you belong to the government? Please expound.

  • JoelinPDX

    The best thing about this is knowing it is BS. Geez, if Obozo resigned, his life insurance policy Joe Biteme would be elevated to the top position. Even though Obozo is obviously unqualified to be in charge, Biteme is an even bigger nightmare.

  • And that’s why you need to shout profanity to make a point.

  • The “using wit”, and “Held up to ridicule” are the parts that are lacking. This is something that could EASILY have happened, TDC is just a horrible site. I agree with it’s position on the issues 99% of the time but the execution is devoid of any real talent, thought, or ability.

  • The onion wasn’t really designed to catch people off guard, some people are just so stupid they made that mistake. Of course the Onion is great entertainment and makes a point through real satire. This stuff is just “Ooops made you look!” hack writing.

  • People who identify as either liberal or conservative instantly give up 1/2 the great ideas and solutions that could fix problems because of they’re stupid enough to believe that “Their side” actually give two squirts of urine about the citizens. Listening to you guys argue is like listening to two people argue over which boot is better to get kicked in the crotch by, the red one or the blue one. At the end of the day you both line up to let “Your Party” kick “the people (ie you)” in the crotch and you feel better on the days that your favorite colored boot does more of the kicking. Two equal yet opposite camps of lemmings, sheep, and loud unextraordinary people.

  • John

    You are not a good person. I can tell by the way you talk. May God forgive you for your poor choice of words in speaking to your fellow man. Your life must be filled with turmoil if you talk like that. You probably have few if any real friends so you will die a lonely slow death. Or you may do us all a favor and just put that gun to your head and put us out of our misery for having to share this earth with a waste of life like you.

  • DailyCurrant

    The Onion has been around for 20 years, so many more people are aware of its satirical nature.

    The Onion does not have comments, so who knows how many people take their articles seriously.

    We do satire that’s close to the truth because we feel that’s what good satire is all about. No other reason.

    If you prefer zany silliness, go read The Onion.

  • DailyCurrant

    It is much harder to do comedy that is closer to the truth. If you knew anything about comedy writing, you would know that.

  • DailyCurrant

    And no, by the way CNN reporting that Barack Obama has resigned because it has one email source that it misread – without checking for confirmation – is RIDICULOUS! If you’re not intelligent enough to realize that’s its not our fault. We don’t dumb down our stuff to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  • SL Brow

    “In today’s 24-hour news cycle fast moving events can often throw even the best networks off guard. CNN deeply regrets this latest error, but we in no way feel it jeopardizes our hard-earned reputation for credibility.”
    NOW that is laughable……………..hee hae heee haw

  • Yup! another bites the dust!! another Fox News sympathiser!!!

  • brian schneider

    CNN did not make that claim. Do you not understand satire?

  • What is Jerk in English?

  • D Umbo

    Nonsense, How can he resign. Barak Inladin’s marines waked Obama in Pakistan ages ago.. You can’t tric me haha

  • DisqusSuks

    Daily Currant, how does it feel? (Typical journalist non-question.) I just discovered you and think that you are doing a great public service. It is my hope that at least a few people who now think you are a real news site, when they realize the satirical nature of your site, will question what they get from the Lamestream news sources and look beyond the MSNBC/Fox paradigm. Are you surprised by how many people think these stories are real? I guess I’m not. Keep up the great work!

  • Well I THINK I overheard a guy in the bus station lavatory say something that might have sounded a little like that.
    -CNN Brass

  • Greg

    We are just taught to read something that is
    – not a deceptive lie
    – not just entertaining
    but is meant to teach us to use our brain and ask: can this be true, and what, if not, does it mean to me 😉 – GREAT STUFF to read.

  • al

    yea well , your wrong as usual

  • blackyb

    Since when has CNN ever told the truth?

  • blackyb

    Either they are so dumbed down they cannot read or they told the truth then lied to cover up the truth. Anyway, I will know when he leaves or is arrested from our White House. CNN is so flaky no one should even bother to believe anything that comes from there. Most of them have an agenda.

  • blackyb

    Just an excuse.

  • blackyb

    Are you surprised?

  • blackyb

    Yeah, you sound just so intelligent, yourself. What a vocabulary. You must have gone to Colombia and learned all of that.

  • blackyb

    Too late.

  • blackyb

    Which monkey graded the tests?

  • blackyb

    Joe Biden graded both tests. He could not figure out that T means True and F means false. He probably graded both tests wrong and came to the conclusion he wanted to.

  • blackyb

    Well, don’t it?

  • blackyb

    The Simpsons. Now you know it is true.

  • blackyb

    Making that case again, huh, Charlie?

  • blackyb

    Charlie just wants to justify B. F.(ing,) huh, Charlie.

  • blackyb

    He learned it in Colombia? Perhaps that is in (Bogota?) Colombia at a school for the advanced challenged.

  • blackyb

    Try sympathizer. This is the American spelling of it.

  • blackyb

    Oh, really now?

  • blackyb

    Uhh Huuu?

  • marvin nubwaxer

    lack of common sense is not a job skill for a reporter. seems i remember dan rather resigning over some misreporting.

  • Joe Schmo

    Is that even a real word “stupider”, and better yet used in an attack of intelligence.
    Try this instead….
    Proof that liberals are “dumber” than conservatives, Joe Biden for instance.
    Now that would have at least sounded like it was written from a source that could claim a lack of intelligence of an another group of human beings without having to remove the shoe from your mouth.
    Just saying….

  • Donny

    Steve you are right. Thank you.
    @Meg – ha are you 12 yrs old and thinking Steve is talking like a big mean grown-up

  • chigbo.obienu

    Breaking news’ vortical cataclysm for the Vatican and the white house. I
    would like to (“be the first to know”) read my obituary!’

  • Sarena Watkins

    CNN is becoming less & less reliable.

  • Helen P. Megginson

    That’s what you get for having to be the FIRST to report breaking news. I don’t care who reports the news first, I care who reports it right!! You deserve this gaffe!!

  • Bob Bigellow

    You just replied to yourself.

  • Bob Bigellow

    What’s “The Onion” you speak so much about?

  • Bob Bigellow

    “smarter THAN liberals”

  • Ed

    You have such a way with words when you go off your meds. 🙂

  • Tracy Bacani
  • Tracy Bacani


  • LJinFLA

    Sometimes your and your readers’ comments are just as funny as the articles. I love this site…keep it up, you all are doing a fine job.

  • fanboynota

    I think this article is great. Who wouldn’t want to throw up their hands in disgust and give up occasionally. Do you think our presidents have never wished they could stop being elected officials? The hidden message here is that questioning what you read is important. Part of the satire is that no matter how this article reads as a fake article, as a real article some people will post this on their social networking walls and debate to death what they feel the story means about politics. The satire is written so well it very well could be real, but if you aren’t someone who checks their sources, you could commit the same fallacy as the fake news caster. Do you see how many ways that can be interpreted? That’s how ambiguous prose works. Am I implying John King is fake or referring only to the fictional John King or the fake news casters on facebook? Perhaps this article even teaches a much needed lesson to people who only read lines and not betwix. A note to the writer–I don’t think you need to argue about your art. Some of us get it and are right there with you.

  • ForTheMusic

    ..i sure wish he did resign..geez..he needs to!

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  • Karen Smith

    There would be fireworks all over the country.

  • Bootlip

    That would be a catch 22 situation,. the critter dies but then we get brain dead Joe in it’s place. Maybe Joe would self delete after receiving the news that his butt buddy has quit.

  • montgomeryjhm


  • Mariana Petoom

    CNN apologized?? Presenting false news? That’s unforgiveable unless it’s Fox. CNN should have run that story on April Fool’s Day.

  • tullmargaret

    alk bout a thief

  • tullmargaret

    anything yto protect hisass

  • elscotem

    Would have been nice news if true.

  • PlainOldTruth

    The poorly read dumbed-down politically correct Social Constructionism Faith-believing public is resigned to accepting the complete dismantling of the republic.

  • Guest

    http://www.jam20.com isn’t a website.

  • Pilgrim

    In other news, the economy surged ahead in the last few minutes. . .