Alex Jones Claims ‘Looney Toons’ Predicted Boston Bombings

Apr 24, 2013

Screen-Shot-2012-12-14-at-7.22.40-PM-1280x900Outspoken radio host Alex Jones has claimed two “Looney Tunes” characters predicted the Boston Marathon attacks as part of a wider false flag operation involving the U.S. government and cartoons.

Jones, who is best known for fostering conspiracy theories on his national radio show and website, attracted controversy last week for suggesting two out-of-context clips from a recent episode of “Family Guy” had predicted the Boston Marathon bombings.

Jones, 39, claimed the bombings were staged by the U.S. government to justify increased security.

In response to the storm of criticism, Jones fired back on his radio show today by claiming he had discovered a deeper conspiracy after he found episodes of "Looney Tunes" in which Wile E. Coyote attempts to destroy the Road Runner through the use of dangerous explosives.

He said the concept "was eerily, frighteningly similar" to the Boston Marathon bombings.

“After the establishment media called me abhorrent for talking about the ‘Family Guy’ clip and Fox pulled that episode, that was all the evidence I needed that I had stumbled upon the truth,” Jones said. “In fact, I discovered the United States government had this false flag attack planned way back in the 1940s, when the Road Runner and the Coyote were created.

"Let’s look at the facts: the Coyote is this loner, a pathetic loser who is always trying to kill and maim the Road Runner with dangerous explosives he got from the ACME Corporation, which sounds just like the American government," Jones said. "You have to be a low-grade moron to not see parallels with these two Chechen kids, these losers who supposedly carried out this bombing; and the runners – the Road Runners – in Boston.

"Only this time, after many failed attempts, the Coyote was successful."

Jones dismissed anyone who disagreed with his comments as "a stupid moron public, dumber than dirt, that has no idea of what's going on."

"Is it pure coincidence that ‘Looney Tunes’ made propaganda for the United States government during World War II?" Jones added. "The same U.S. government that wanted us to believe that fascism and communism was taking over Europe, while all along fascism and communism were taking over this country.

"If you think that what I'm saying is pure nonsense," he added, "that I’m just seizing upon this terrible tragedy in Boston for publicity or to boost my own ratings, as the so-called establishment media have claimed, well then congratulations. That's exactly what the New World Order wants you to think!"

Homer the Destroyer

Jones told his radio audience that evidence exists of a deeper conspiracy with cartoons predicting devastating events and tragedies.

Jones said "The Simpsons" cartoon show predicted the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011, which happened after a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami.

"Homer Simpson works in a nuclear power plant, and there's an episode where the power plant melts down on his watch," he said. "As it just so happens, Homer Simpson has also gone to Japan, and his image is used for a Japanese laundry detergent. There's a character called Radioactive Man who looks like Homer. Does this not strike anyone as strange?

"The truth is Homer Simpson was the New World Order’s warning to Japan to not stand in its way," he said. "I mean, Homer is the leader of a secret cult bent on world domination!

"Wake up, damn it! The evidence is all there. The New World Order and its minions in the United States government have been caught red-handed. They're just counting on you to be dumb and to go along with it."

  • Poe’s Law

    I have long suspected that cartoons are how the GOVERNMENT controls the sheeple…

  • stormstyle

    Poe’s law lol cever name

  • D Umbo

    So. Was it Mary Paylin that invadid Boston after all then? Very intresting.

  • concerned

    Beginning at frame 2:20 in a YouTube video titled “Explosions at the Boston Marathon” (viewed by over 24 million people) published by the “Boston Globe”, you see a man wearing a blue t-shirt that says “FARAH RESCUE” “FD” in large letters and “Afghanistan” in small letters underneath. This is one of the few clear videos of the bombing that YouTube requires you to confirm you are willing to see graphic images. It doesn’t require this for blurry copies of the same footage.
    CNN cuts out this part of the video when it airs this footage of the explosion. Why? Why not show the FARAH RESCUE AFGHANISTAN t-shirt?
    Also in the same video, there is a thin US soldier wearing an oversized US military uniform who looks upward and to the left twice, while he is trying to focus on removing a barricade. Who is he looking for? There is a second nearby stocky soldier who remains focused looking down at what he is doing. Then this second soldier drops a large piece of crumpled paper (from out of the bottom of his pants leg) to the ground before he also runs alongside the man in the FARAH RESCUE t-shirt.

    What is the FARAH RESCUE in Afghanistan about? Is it related to the April 3, 2013 failed attempt by the Taliban to rescue its members held prisoner in a courthouse in Farah?

    How many t-shirts like that are there? Who made them? Why?

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    alex jones is far more informative than the mainstream media however

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