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Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality - The Daily Currant - The Daily Currant
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Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality

May 13, 2013

bachmann-250x159Congresswoman Michele Bachmann threatened to leave Minnesota today if the state goes ahead with its plans to legalize gay marriage.

In an interview with a local television station, the conservative firebrand said she believes God will destroy Minneapolis once the legislation is enacted, and wants to be far away when the reckoning happens.

"The Bible is very clear on this issue," she told KSTP-TV this morning. "Homosexuality is a sin, and God will punish communities that support it.

"Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could defy the will of God, and we all know what happened to them. If the governor signs this legislation into law the Minneapolis-St. Paul region will be next.

"I have a friend from Eden Prairie who's already packed everything she owns into her car and is driving out to Montana as we speak. These are very scary times. I don't want my family to be the last ones out."

God Hates Rainbows

Minnesota is set to legalize same sex marriage tomorrow when Governor Mark Dayton (D) is expected to sign a bill passed last week in the legislature.

It will become the 12th such state in America after Delaware and Rhode Island passed marriage equality legislation earlier this year, and the first Midwestern state to pass gay marriage though the legislative process.

Although none of the other states has suffered from Biblical-like destruction, Minnesota's most outspoken voice in Congress told anchor Bruce Nolan that it's only a matter of time.

"I don't know what it will be, Bruce," she said. "It could be an earthquake. It could be a volcano. It could be some sort of flesh eating virus. All I know is that God does not let homosexuality go unpunished, and Minneapolis is next in line for his wrath.

"It breaks my heart to think that the Democrats are willing to play politics with the lives of so many Minnesotans. And I hate to leave so many of my constituents behind, but I urge them - please, please - follow my example and get your loved ones to safety before it's too late."

In a subsequent interview with The Daily Currant, Bachmann says she's not sure where she'll go if she leaves, but is seriously considering Oregon as a possibility since its constitution bans same sex marriage.

"I've heard wonderful things about Eugene," she says, "and I think (Democratic) Congressman (Peter) DeFazio may be vulnerable to a challenge. They're the nicest people in the world out there. I'm sure we'd be welcomed with open arms."

  • Poe. I’ve been poed.

  • Kyle Bogue

    We’ll miss her!

  • Oni Stark

    I love Win/Win situations!!

  • Equality

    haha Bachmann that’s fine.. Just go to another state full of bigots. I’m sure you’ll be welcomed there.

  • MechaVelma

    good riddance

  • Yahtzee!

  • That means she’ll lose her Congressional seat. Good news to everyone I know.

  • Dlm1025

    If these morons actually knew their bible and what their religion teaches they would realize that the New Testament is about “grace” and that once Jesus died “the law” was canceled. What they should be following is love not hate. Just a thought.

  • Ricster99

    GREAT news for the people of Minnesota. Gay Marriage and Bats**t Bachmann leaves the state. And LOL at hot her imaginary friend will destroy the state.

  • LMAO Eugene? Really? Can’t think of one person I know that would be friendly with a person like her. Since she likes “Bible-Thumping” so much, she should move to Grants Pass.

  • I will vote straight republican for five straight years on all ballots if she leaves in the next year. I swear to God.

  • Christians need to stop complaining that they are unfairly stereotyped as bigot dingbat wackadoos until they publicly seperate themselves from christian bigot dingbat wackadoos.

  • Ranger Rick

    Montana doesn’t want her either! Keep running from State to State… will have no where to go.

  • It is all pretty moronic… but so are christians who think their bible isn’t full of all of the dingbat hatred and paranoia found in today’s wackadoo fundamentalists. Christ said to keep “every jot and tittle” of the Mosaic law and also said that he had not come to replace the law, and had not come to bring peace and grace but a sword. There is a reason that when fundamentalists debate liberal christians on the bible, they win big and win easy. Read your bible!

  • Someone

    Please dont come to Oregon!!! We are working to overturn that ban and approve marriage equality here

  • 1 Timothy 2:12 – I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. This includes gay men.

  • Gerry Mazloum

    Why doesn’t she just go one step further and drink poison.

  • crazy bitch, i know the people of Minnesota will be happy to end the embarrassment with this idiot…what’s she going to do about her husband…

  • Gerry Mazloum

    LOL Good luck Buddy!

  • MrBeale

    Minnesota can’t pass this quickly enough.

  • jiangoforever

    Wow, what a god of love!

  • Jesse Sigler

    Ask your friend if she has any room in her Montana-bound moving car for you and the 42 tons of intolerant hate-speech you’ve generated over the last three years.

  • Clairvoyant

    We’ve already made God angry by not stoning adulterers anymore. Plus, raise your hand if you have not ever ate shellfish of some kind.

  • but Oregon will put it in the ballot. Where will she move if Oregon overturns its ban in 2014???

  • Happy Days are here again!

  • Yeah, Mrs. Crazy– Iowa fell into a massive sinkhole, Maryland was swallowed by a giant crab, Washington was lost behind a haze of pot smoke and there’s just a big gaping hole where all of New England used to be. God’s been real active on this issue.

  • Adam OR

    You stand no chance of being elected in Oregon, so by all means, please come.

  • This is a fake website for fake news. It’s called satire.

  • Ash Tree


  • Babs Wash

    If God hates rainbows why did He create them?

  • Justin

    What an ignorant bitch. Goodbye!!

  • Have fun with this piece of work Montana

  • Thanh

    I could have sworn I was reading an article from The Onion.

  • tracy max

    Buh-Bye! Win/Win is right!!!

  • Teto85

    Does she promise? Win/win.

  • damnarama


  • Alaska just got themselve a New Palin!!

  • anonyboy

    The news is fake but the web site is quite real. 😉

  • I know u r being sarcastic (**-)

  • anonyboy

    Or my personal favorite – catfish.

  • I Wish she WOULD die… Er, I mean, Leave Minnesota.

  • anonyboy

    Well these guys do just as good a job.

  • Andrew

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  • He meant that The LAW would be fulfilled in that way, not that we have to follow it in that way. Cos he himself was guilty of breaking it, as noted in several of his antics in the NT.

  • Tim

    Actually I’ve seen when fundamentalists debate peaceable loving Christians the fundamentalists go down in flames. They have no response to the argument that Jesus taught love and peace. Jesus did not bring a sword…that was added 1500 years later by Constantinople.

  • nic

    where she going to run too when all the states legalize it on federal level?? that is my question…dont need to run from it.

  • They do the same job. “As good a job?” Only if you think the Houston Astros do as good a job as the NY Yankees.

  • bendgame

    Don’t let the door hit your fat butt on the way out.

  • So long Michelle, the times they are a changing.

  • Icing on the cake of human rights!

  • TallOn

    The sins of the Sodomites that got them destroyed were: the abuse of strangers, neglecting the poor and needy, and the stigmatizing of outsiders.

    This woman is a disgrace to Politics, America, Minnesota, Iowa, and Christianity

  • sjhuinker

    Whatever makes you sleep better at night, Michelle, knowing you are married to a GAY MAN unwilling to accept who he is and how God created him. The Bible never “clearly states” homosexuality is a sin…but it does, however, clearly state God creates everyone in in the image of his own eyes, and we should accept and love every one of his children – that means GAY OR STRAIGHT! Not accepting everyone for who they are is SINNING, and just hypocrisy on your part. This would be such amazing news if gay marriage went through and she left. WIN-WIN for Minnesota.

  • mswansonxi

    Poor, poor confused souls. I mean, Trolololo.

  • brad

    So, how about all that hellfire raining down on all those other states?

  • Why must this be satire?

  • Concerned in Oregon

    I don’t want her in MY state! Although I’ve got to LOVE her prospects in Eugene, as it’s the loudest marriage equality city in the state. We don’t want your kind here, Bachmann. Oregon will be soon counted as one of the equality states, I have no doubt. I don’t know where I’d rather you go, as your kind of ugly hate and fear mongering will be detrimental to the peace and safety of any community you settle in, but please don’t come ruin Oregon. We are a beautiful and loving people, your kind don’t belong with us.

  • She’s come unhinged, again.

  • Lightforth

    OREGON? That’s both amusing and terrifying. Anyway, all my best and congratulations to Minnesota, and I hope every couple planning their weddings right now have long, happy lives together. 🙂

  • kidcat24

    Of course she would try to continue advancing her life in government at the same time telling her base “Government Bad”

  • Brad

    She is literally insane.
    I think she should read her Bible again, because according to it, ALL sins are equal.
    God hasn’t destroyed her home for being so judgmental yet.

  • Jimmy

    Good Lord NO woman! You clearly have no idea about Eugene and you’d be defeated so soundly we’d never hear from you again – on second thought, PLEASE move here. It would be my absolute pleasure to be counted among the masses who despise you and are willing to continue supporting our wonderful Peter DeFazio!

  • EMV

    Why do people just pick and choose what they want to believe from the Bible?

  • tomtallis

    Many of my relatives moved to Oregon to get away from Michelle Bachmann and most of them live in the Willamette Valley. I don’t think she’s going to be welcomed with open arms.

  • Because running way from people you disagree with is what Jesus would do.

  • I’ll help her pack – free of charge…

  • Soontobeproudminnesotan

    what a psycho! lol too funny. Are we back in the 60’s again?!?!?!??! Pathetic excuse for a human right there.

  • cvryder2000

    Got a clue for her…..Montana doesn’t want her. Northern Idaho might though! Or maybe Mississippi……

  • Johnny Coleman

    OMG Michelle Bachman please leave!!!! No matter what happens, please please please please please LEAVE!!!!! Your bigoted views and actions hurt so many people, you are not welcome here. Please leave us alone. Actually, though, I REALLY hope that is a promise.

  • Amused

    Maybe she can use that Swiss citizenship she got and leave the country all together!

  • Bahahaha, she is so crazy

    Troll! I figured it out! Michelle Bachmann is a TROLL!!!

  • I will help you pack!

  • Don’t get too excited friends, she’s a Republican. Their memory gets erased every night when they’re unplugged-

  • Rspjr

    She better not come to Arizona. We have enough looney’s here now!

  • motomo31

    She need to leave the planet!!

  • I’m sorry, you said what about Sodom and Gomorrah?

    “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of
    bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters,
    neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.” -Ezekial 16:49 KJV
    Learn your own Bible before you use it as a weapon.

  • Tracy

    “A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed.”
    Deuteronomy 22:13-21

    Lets kill every woman and female teenager.

    The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use. Not cake for special occasions.

  • Oregonian

    This is great for Minnesota, but I really hope she doesn’t move to Oregon!

  • What a dumb B***H… Sorry for my outburst……

  • D

    The anchor’s name is Bruce Nolan. She was talking to God!!!

  • Tracy

    “A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed.”
    Deuteronomy 22:13-21

    Lets kill every woman and female teenager.

    The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use. Not cake for special occasions.

    But like a lot of people here have said, good! Leave!

  • Damn, Punk’d again…… Dohhhhh!!

  • Guest
  • Atheist Finch

    Wow, the morons are out in full force. Canada and many other countries have had marriage equality for many years, and no wrath of “god” yet. Funny how that happens with imaginary beings.

  • Kirk

    FYI, Dailycurrant.com is a satire site, much like the Onion.

  • Maybe she just wants to leave snow and is using gays as the reason she is leaving. In any case, it’s good that Minnesota won’t have to deal with a judgmental head case anymore.

  • Bye Bye!

  • This fluke of a Congresswoman’s days are numbered wherever she goes. I live in Massachusetts, and not only is our divorce rate the lowest in the country, we have yet to be visited with any plagues of bugs, tidal waves or much more than very minor earth quakes since gay marriage started here in 2006. That bombing at the Marathon was 2 messed up kids from Eastern Europe, NOT God’s wrath.

  • gah

    Well i have good news for everyone…there is no GOD.

  • I don’t think the People’s Republic of Oregon would welcome her.

  • reginamarie

    I’m sorry, I dont see how the christian religion and THE LAW AND POLITICS intertwine and how any one person of any faith should have a say on what people do with their lives…not everyone follows the same faith, or ideals. We are supposed to support and love one another NO MATTER what. Isnt THAT what jesus taught…judge not lest ye be judged?

  • grr

    I literally scrolled back to the top to double check what website this was. Thought it was a joke when I read “flesh eating virus”

  • Rachel

    Please leave Bachmann, no one likes you anyway! You’re crazy, and this entire article confirms it.

  • I’m sure many would say, with great gusto, “Don’t let the door hit you in the a–“

  • SR Raider

    No kidding. I’m in California and I don’t want her as close as Oregon. Yikes

  • Oregonian For Equality

    If she REALLY thinks she and her family would be welcome in Oregon, especially a very liberal college town like Eugene, she’d best think again!

    Does she know nothing of the state’s political history? Remember the OCA? Lon Mabon? Scott Lively? They, and their ilk were run out on a rail!

    If she’s not well-versed in history, then she’d do well to pay attention to the CURRENT political trends in the area. Though Oregon’s constitution currently prohibits marriage equality, the tide is quickly turning. She could end up here, and in just a year, be packing up her family again to move….where?

    Perhaps the Palins have a few spare rooms to shelter them from the winds of change? I wouldn’t wish that on Alaskans, but it seems the more charitable option.

  • Xenolite

    Let her go. A great way to get rid of a stupid person.

  • WOW

    Tracy – there might be enough room in Bachmann’s bags for you to hitch a ride….

  • Yeah because Canada fell into the ocean a long time ago, I remember that now…

  • del2124

    Wouldn’t that also deprive Minnesota of that pray-away-the-gay psychology practice of her husband? Then what choice will all those struggling MN homosexuals have to overcome their sinful ways?

    All that aside, this just strikes me as terribly cowardly. What politicians are supposed to do is address problems and work to implement practices that benefit their communities. If you think Minnesota is making a bad policy choice, go work to correct it. Running away to Oregon and shouting “God will smote you” is not the behavior of a responsible politician.

  • realitycheck

    Eugene is hyper liberal. Oregon will want nothing to do with this evil creature.

  • mswansonxi

    Well, 50-some-odd comments can’t be wrong, I guess. THIS IS A SATIRICAL SITE! THIS STORY WAS *MADE UP*!!!! Come on, people. Seriously. I… I just can’t try to clarify this any further. Cue the next “Ooo lawdy don’t move to my town, crazy Bachmann lady” comment.

  • I just shouted that out my window…part of me believes she heard it

  • Retinella

    I wish people knew this was a satire site (like The Onion) and not a real news site.


  • Good news/bad news: Good news for Minnesota, bad news for Oregon.

  • Mike

    You mean there is a volcano in Minnesota, I did not know that..

  • Get out Bachmann.

    I’m pretty sure no one in Oregon wants you.

  • Purist, inflexible, combative, and untroubled by any complicating fact.

  • DMDoom

    Wait, Eugene? Heh, she ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • i’m loving this idea, more reason to legalize universal marriage.

  • This is indeed satire.

    From http://dailycurrant.com/about/:


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Gail Moen

    Politics and religion are 2 SEPARATE THINGS! Get over your judgemental self-righteous bull and either go to work for the people of this state or get out. I won’t say that I should get to choose a path for you. You should not think you are so All Mighty that you can choose for me.

  • Matthew

    “WOW”…I think that you missed Tracy’s point.Why are people trying to uphold certain passages in the bible while ignoring others? …Hence the cake for special occasions line.

  • Nobody likes her anyways

    The bible also says that a marriage is not valid if the wife is not a virgin on her wedding day. Deut. 22: 13-21

    Also says that a women cannot speak in church (1Cor. 14:34-5) and that she cannot peruse any career in politics because they cannot have authority over man either (1Tim.2:12)

    Obviously any biblical reference she uses is flawed and completely invalid.

    Michelle Bachmann is a total joke and a hypocrite. She is a bigot who very few people have any respect for whatsoever. Leaving Minnesota would be the best thing (and probably the only positive thing) that woman ever did for this state. I have lost much faith in our political system simply over the fact that such a ignorant intolerant person could have received any votes. Just leave this state already!

  • Exactly….Take Marcus Bachmann, for example. That homosexual is clearly being punished….forced to marry and live with Michelle….

  • theinnerring

    don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. dang, if we had known it would be so easy……….

  • theinnerring

    yeah, maybe we can get her to leave the country next!

  • RuyGuy79

    No Michelle, Eugene would not welcome you so kindly nor would you over throw Defazio. You’d be laughed out of the state. Oregon does not welcome your intolerance.

  • Me

    My question is, “Mrs. Bachmann, how do you know what you know?”

  • vetipie

    great leave the state then lady, not sure too many will be bothered.. please don’t come to California, we eat people like you for lunch

  • vetipie

    aww bummer.. I got all excited she would leave

  • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

    Yeah she probably means it as much as Piers Redcoat Morgan meant it when he said he would leave the US if the assault weapon ban failed. Would like to see both happen…

  • Mark

    What a lunatic.

  • mswansonxi

    I’ll bet you $100 that this whole story of Bachmann moving is a lie.

  • exboyracer

    Really she has a friend who could pack everything she owns in her car. Somehow I find it hard to believe that this woman would have and thing to do with a homeless person. I also find it hard to believe that a homeless person would want to have anything to do with Michelle Bachmann.

  • Gfresh

    What a c&nt

  • Read Jeremiah 22 for a real threat of divine destruction. And it has nothing to do with gay marriage.

  • exprudentiavirtus

    It’s probably because she’s afraid her husband will finally make an honest man of whatever “long-time special friend” he’s been hiding in the bushes all these years LOL!

  • I’d like her out of MN even though I don’t live there any more, but she better stay out of Oregon too! That’s where I live now!

  • Jo Baecker

    What’s taking you so long.

  • Todd

    My favorite part,

    “I have a friend from Eden Prairie who’s already packed everything she owns into her car and is driving out to Montana as we speak. These are very scary times. I don’t want my family to be the last ones out.”

    This is an example of her making up something to make a point – she has been busted on this so many times – she would never name the person, etc.

    MB, please leave no matter the vote…

  • I find it hard to believe that anyone would want anything to do with Michele Bachmann

  • If she likes she does not have to stop at just leaving MN she can just leave the Country. One less idiot to deal with.

  • Considering this is the daily currant…I’d be better off (and excuse the lack of creativity here) flushing it down the toilet…unless you’ll buy me a beer so I at least get something out of it

  • sjhuinker

    I refer to him as the real-life Cam of Modern Family 🙂

  • since she cant comprehend the concept of “separation between church and state”, this is GREAT for America and MN!!

  • I hope she doesnt realize how happy shed be in North Carolina……mmmm Oregan maybe shed make it to Portland before God destroys it like Sodom Gommorah

  • JustAThought:)

    What ever happened to separation of church and state?

  • HereIAmAgain

    Dammit, Daily Currant!!!…and I was so hopeful!

  • Has anyone ever thought she’s just been, like, tripping on amphetamines this whole time and doesn’t even know what she’s saying? I mean look at those eyes… when she gets excited they’re the size of saucers!

  • Dan

    Would her gay husband stay in MN?

  • Where is her love for liberty now? I never knew liberty had exceptions for when it came to something you didn’t agree with. Hopefully a wacked out progressive doesn’t take her place though, or things will be just as bad or worse.

  • OMG! Best news ever! Buh Bye, Michele!

  • Woot, woot! I’ll help her pack! I have a truck!!

  • Louis

    Bye, Bye, Bachmann!!!

  • it passed, wonder if she will leave

  • Guest

    Shows how stupid she really is. Eugene is one of the most liberal cities in Oregon, and one of the least religious. Michelle needs to just stop in Montana or Idaho on her way out; we don’t want her here any more than most Minnesotans want her there!!

  • Knew it was too good to be true. 🙁
    The global satirical newspaper of record

  • The world needs love

    “I’ve heard wonderful things about Eugene,” she says, “and I think congressman DeFazio may be vulnerable to a challenge. They’re the nicest people in the world out there, I’m sure we’d be welcomed with open arms.” yeah sure “the nicest people in the world” except when it comes to accepting gays. Hypocrites! love everyone

  • TKnTexas

    This IS real, not satire or wishful thinking?

  • WOW is she nuts or what? Scary woman…..

  • Sarah16

    I would like to direct Bachmann’s attention to this educational flow chart on the relationship between gay marriage and the bible

  • Jeremy Haddenham

    The bitch won’t last 5 seconds in Oregon. WE DON’T WANT HER!

  • Jac.

    Okay. Go join the Westboro Baptist Church why don’t you?

  • IceStormer

    Goodbye, so long, farewell, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, Mickey! Do you need help packing? I got a lot of boxes you can use!

  • DavidDavidDavid

    I’ll help her pack. She has never represented me in any important issues.

  • No! She might move to Eugene! oh she would be so surprised- if she wants to find a home in Oregon she needs to head VERY east.

  • The Queen of Whack-a-Doodle Bachmann leaving Minnesota? I can only hope it happens. Best case scenario…she leaves the USA for good. So long Nut Job…you will not be missed!

  • Sandbur

    Don’t forget to take your hubby!

  • Andrea in Oregon

    She married a gay man – why hasn’t she been punished by God? Maybe she should leave the country – all states would breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Barry

    I was so disappointed this wasn’t true. Damn satirical website getting my hopes up.

  • johnnyfarout

    shouldn’t she head to Switzerland?

  • RandomName

    Ba bye.

  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • tom czerniawski

    If Minnesota makes gay marriage compulsory, does that mean Michele Bachmann will catapult herself into the sun?

    Let’s run an experiment!

  • Teto85

    Well, this is the Currant, a poor impersonation of the Onion.

  • SLS

    Hey Currant you missed a Joke:

    “When told Eugene Oregon has a very large Lesbian population, she started to cry. But she still kept packing her bags”

  • Marcus Bachmann is absolutely schvitzing with glee!!!

  • Hugh_Oxford

    What would you say are the practical or philosophical limits of what constitutes “marriage” in law?

  • darma2u


  • Promises, promises…

  • scaredofwingnuts

    This chick is bananas.

  • Where is she headed? Florida or Ohio?

  • Sin in the old testament-bible for jews.Is sher one?

  • LolWhatsThat

    might as well move out of the U.S.

  • Ha! I thought she was going to move to Oklahoma or Mississippi!! She may want to reconsider moving to Oregon!!

  • Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality–good by

  • Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality–good by-by by—by by –by by Bachmann

  • How about she leaves the united states?

  • ellid

    If she truly thinks she’d be “welcomed with open arms,” she’s even crazier than I thought.

  • BAM

    isn’t she moving to Sweden? This woman is afraid to die, because she knows she is going to have to answer for quite a bit to her so called God. If she was as Godly as she pretends to be she would not be living in fear. laughing stalk

  • I lived in Eugene for 23 years and can assure you that a few people there will welcome her with open arms, but the vast majority will pillory her.

    And I’d love to see her run against DeFazio. Maybe the Republican Party will waste, I mean throw, millions of dollars on that race, too.

  • Good to know she won’t be infecting Washibgton state.

  • Bachmann, You can leave, but when you leave do not go to another state. Leave the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because you are a bigot, a fraud, and an EVIL woman. And there is no room for you in this Country. Begone with you!

  • nothing but negative comment about her, seems like she is making the right choice to leave.

  • Luke

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Daniel Reed Miller

    Although I’m sure these are things she *could* have said, this is a satire site. A bit subtler than the Onion, but satire.

  • KenSanDiego

    Doesn’t Congress have some kind of safeguard to protect us from insane people holding office?

  • Really

    Yeah god punishes look what he did to her husband….

  • The Currant is a satirical publication. It sure would be nice if it were true.

  • Mc doodle

    It’s funny how she said being a homosexual is a sin but god forgives every sin and he loves everyone no matter what I’m Christian for my entire life I support gay marriage and the bible do not quote that homosexuality is a sin I know this because my mom is a pastor at a church so she shouldn’t be saying those stuff if clearly she doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  • Bippybuddy

    Sign her up for the Westboro Baptist Church. She’d fit right in, and would be helpful when they flash their posters condemning gays!

  • Apparently she means she is leaving her gay husband before the flesh eating virus comes for him. Farewell Michelle, you need a small asteroid to set up shop. You can wait for Jesus or the Devil or whomever, there. Please take Rush, Glenn, Anne and Gretch with you.

  • LOL!!!

  • The MasterSteve

    If She feels like that then the state is better off without her, as Who need bigots like that!

  • WOW

    Tracy – YOU are missing the point. GOD IS LOVE…Your job, my job, the job of all humanity is to love one another first as God loves us. Doesn’t leave much room for much else when you drill down to the purest level. Leave the judging to God. If there is a bill to be paid, let God write the ticket. That’s God’s job – you have been given one task. Try to open your heart to learn it and know what it means. Because someone loves you, in spite of your seeking out of Bible verses that you feel justify continuing hate. The gift of grace is so easily given – just as it was given to you.

  • The MasterSteve

    send her to the “Bikini Atoll”

  • atheistbob

    why isn’t this woman in a nice white jacket with reallly long sleeves?

  • huhb

    It’s the ol’ Westboro Baptist mantra again: Bad things will happen if you don’t follow MY religion!

  • How can this be real?

  • larry

    Just 300 miles more east…

  • midnightdj

    That disgusting bitch so make me want to vomit!

  • Marilyn M

    OMG… if we could only be so lucky! It’d be good riddance to an embarassemnet to this state. Good luck lady……
    from one damn PROUD woman in MPls MN

  • calmattie

    what a nutcase, you have been brainwashed into believing that the bible is the word of god. it’s not!!!! written by man to keep the masses in line with their own vision. you are sheep! say baaa! you havent had an original thought since you were indoctrinated. try moving off the planet you moron. no one will miss you. one less religious fanatic is a good thing in this world.

  • Josh A

    I will help her pack. And we will have an open seat in her district! BONUS!

  • Deuces you pitiful BITCH!

  • Jeanne Deau

    So…how does God know where same-sex marriage is legal? I mean, if Minnesota legalizes same-sex marriage and, say, Idaho doesn’t, how does God know where to stop raining down His judgement? Would He go by the changing street signs? How accurate *is* His judgement? Can His Lordship pinpoint a square meter of sinful, same-sex-marriage-accepting Minnesotans with His Vengeful wrath, or is He more a Jackson Pollack kind of God, scattering it here and there, in a way that feels right to Him?

  • wiredpup

    Ya know, if god is pissed at anyone he’s probably pissed at all these RW/TP/GOP fake Christians, aka CINO.

  • XYofIight

    Okay Buh-Bye now, Michele.

    By the way, before i buy your home could you remove the stench of ointment and pee from the property?

  • Dearest Michele!! Let’s throw her the best going-away party EVER!!!!!

  • Phil

    WOW that’s good news IF she follows through (but she won’t, like most of her type it’s all bluster and jive talk). She should consider that most, if not all, of the US is quickly following suit and perhaps she should just give up her Citizenship and go someplace where they hate gays as much as she does, say Iran or Iraq, and apply for citizenship there

  • Thomas Mc

    She should move to Iran. Her kind of people.

  • Thomas Mc

    I think this vote is his reward for putting up with her.

  • Thomas Mc

    Actually, I’d like to slam it into her face, then push her out.

  • Thomas Mc

    Her leaving would only make America a better place.

  • Thomas Mc

    They have some caves in Pakistan with very similarly minded people.

  • I say let her go. And she needs to reread the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed them because they would not welcome a stranger and show compassion.

  • This is almost as good of news as gay marriage passing in the first place! I hope she leaves and quits making a mockery of our wonderful state!

  • If we would have known it was that easy to get rid of her I’m sure we could have passed this law many years ago with FULL support from both the House and Senate!

  • pine

    oh god please dont come here

  • So long as she doesn’t come to Michigan, we have enough problems without having her here!

  • magen goschey

    hey yay this day jsut got even better thank you so much for leaving <3 lol

  • Jett

    She sounds absolutely insane. Even scarier, who are the morons that voted her into office?

  • Stay away from Oregon! We’re all mostly sane out here. Don’t need more insanity rubbing off on us!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henry Krinkle

    I knew this was a joke when I saw that she was considering moving to Eugene, Oregon.

  • We can only hope she follows through on this threat.

  • corysnana2

    Good-bye and for narrow minded. Who are we to judge someone else’s belief that this is what is wanted. Children adapt to the situation around them. We need to adjust to someone else’s beliefs, we can teach them everyone has a right to there own belief. If we where to believe everything that has been said then the world would have come to an end long ago. She sounds like an over grown child throwing a fit.

  • James Poster

    Please, please, please come to Oregon. I need some new entertainment and driving a religious nutbomb away from another state would be good times.

  • Guest

    OMG…this dummy gets worse every time she opens her mouth. Bachmann is frightening in her assessment of what the Bible states but, then again,. I’ve never known a Born Again that didn’t twist and turn the scriptures to suit their mindset…whatever that might consist of. It’s outrageous that she, as a member of the US Congress, can get away with NOT upholding the Constitution concerning separation of church and state. She should be ashamed as a member of the Christian faith, a citizen of this country and a Congresswoman that she espouses fire and brimstone nonsense such as this. I’m shicked that the people of Minnesota elected her to public office and that they choose to allow her to remain there. They may not have realized what they elected back then but there can be no mistake about it after all she has said and done. Education was lost on this one!

  • Maybe she can get one, in her MOUTH ღღღ.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    I thought this was a story from The Onion or something comical.

  • James Poster

    He couldn’t even keep Lot’s wife from turning to salt when they were far away, so I’m guessing his control is a bit shaky.

  • OMG…this dummy gets worse every time she opens her mouth. Bachmann is
    frightening in her assessment of what the Bible states but, then
    again,. I’ve never known a Born Again that didn’t twist and turn the
    scriptures to suit their mindset…whatever that might consist of. It’s
    outrageous that she, as a member of the US Congress, can get away with
    NOT upholding the Constitution concerning separation of church and
    state. She should be ashamed as a member of the Christian faith, a
    citizen of this country and a Congresswoman that she espouses fire and
    brimstone nonsense such as this. I’m shocked that the people of
    Minnesota elected her to public office and that they choose to allow her
    to remain there. They may not have realized what they elected back
    then but there can be no mistake about it after all she has said and
    done. Education was lost on this one and so is the true
    Christian faith!


  • blah

    Oregon doesn’t want her, especially anywhere west of the Cascades. Might be better off heading to Alaska and checking into Hotel Crazy run by the Palins.

  • Rachel

    Finally…. adios!

  • jackIL

    Wish they’d all go rapture and leave the rest of us in peace.

  • God doesn’t hate rainbows, doesn’t the Bible says He favored us with Rainbows after the siege of rain after 40 days????….

    OMG!!!.. I thought we were taught as Christians to respect and love every being in this world, no matter what……EVERYONE…we don’t pick n choose who we are and who we should love or not…

    Also, what happen to separation of Church n State.

  • Larry

    good ridance to bad rubbish

  • I’m one of her constituents and I’ll help her pack.
    Oregon, close the borders and man the towers.

  • Gosh I wish this was true…

  • After saying this and she’s not being committed to a nut house..yikes!

  • Facepalm

    Eugene? As in “gay people make out in public and no one cares” Eugene? As in “women ride around on bikes topless…downtown” Eugene? Man, she’s in for a surprise. She’s right, though; it is lovely.

  • Emi Briet

    The main difference between the Onion and the Currant is the Currant’s not as blatant. Though the fact that much of their stuff is often taken as real… not sure if that means the Currant are masters at what they do… or if the people they satire are just that frakkin’ crazy *heh*

  • The thing is, even though this is fiction and satire, every time she opens her mouth, stuff like that comes out. Maybe she will believe this article and think she actually made that statement and leave?!

  • hey lady theres gay people out there too and whereever else you will reside so maybe get a one way ticket to mars;we dont need hypocrits like you anyway!! BYE BYE

  • InternationalRelationsXPERT

    The Currant is a knock off wanna be onion

  • A volcano. Destroying Minneapolis.
    Well, as soon as that happens, I’ll start taking your threats of Godsmiting seriously. In the meantime, I’ll laugh hysterically at your idiocy.

  • Triaa

    I believe God, don’t want his name used by someone who judges others, and God is a being who is too high above her for her to understand that God is a being beyond human, and God being such a being will not destroy a city because of what we chose to do because this is call giving people freedom, the right to live, because when a human being dies, it’s them who’s going to die not her so they can live their lives however they want, cause it’s them dying when their life is up not hers, if she dies ain’t no one want to die for her, leave for all we care, less complaining to hear about, if you lose, you lose don’t drag everyone down with you.

  • surro4gayparents

    So, wondering if Mrs. Bachmann realizes that Oregon is now one of the TOP states for GAY SURROGACY??? Oh no! What will she do if she moves there???

  • John Torgerson

    Relocating? Listing your home? John Torgerson: Realtor. Licensed in Minnesota.

  • Kayla Kuhlman


  • Ken

    I think someone needs mental help.

  • Zach B

    You’re not welcome with open arms. You’re not welcome at all.

  • MN Proud

    good riddance you walking pile of garbage

  • Okay, you’re welcome to leave anytime.

  • PLS

    Please not Oregon!! I think Texas would be a much better match for her.

  • Triaa

    She should go to court or something though, she just threat a lot of people, and for someone of her status that’s very inappropriate with the fact that she should know what’s right and wrong, and “God” don’t like people using his name to threat other people saying that they will die, when it could be her plotting something, but for all i care she’s moving out far

  • Evan “Almighty” Baxter

    Bruce Nolan! Bwahahahaha!

  • Shifting her focus to ban cannabis? Sly woman…

  • boots

    How many countries in Europe have same-sex marriage? A lot. So far none of them have been destroyed. Michelle, you are a disgrace to politics but most impartantly Minnesota. Please go and don’t let the door slam behind you.

  • straight lgbt

    go! go! go!

  • Would that it were true. I guess its would be easier to leave Minnesota for this reason than lose to Graves in the next election ! Unfortunately, the Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper like The Onion

  • OMG i’m from eugene. Stay out of my town you witch!!!

  • What’s this “Sodom and Gamorrah” thing? And who are all the people that are supposed to know about it? I’ve asked numerous friends and no one seems to have an answer. Someone did say that she thought it was where salt came from (?).

  • Eugene Oregon is a very progressive liberal city. Trust me she would not be welcomed with open arms! Peter DeFazio would probably love to run against her in Oregon’s 4th congressional district. A guaranteed win for him.

  • Kirk

    Dailycurrant.com is a satire site, like the Onion.

  • Joe

    Goodbye Michelle…… you have done nothing for this State since the Presidential Primaries. I have friends in Montana and they are not happy about you and your neighbors moving there, Hopefully you will bury yourself deep into the Montana wilderness so we will not hear from you again. Minnesota is a proven progressive State; We don’t sit around and wait …..we lead. That’s something you haven’t done in 4 years. You spent more time in Iowa than Minnesota. Now you want to move from Minnesota. We won’t miss you. This inpending move of yours is the best thing you could do for this State. May God Bless you in your future blunders.

  • Blightwood

    lol, Well that’s like… your opinion man

  • alansafe

    This person is actually a member of the U.S. Congress.

  • mwicks

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out!! Believe it or not – you will not be missed!!

  • K Moon

    What, is she afraid that her husband will divorce her and marry someone he loves?

  • I wish she would back it up and leave ! good riddance ya looney !

  • ShroudedSciuridae

    Because there’s no gay people in Montana….

  • hahahahaha….she thinks she’s going to find a conservative bastion in EUGENE, OREGON!?!?!?! Bitch needs to do her research!

  • Lola

    Man is she clued out if she thinks Oregon wants her…what a freak!

  • K Moon

    It’s probably closer to the truth.

  • JAH

    She is so dim….it is sad really. I can’t wait for the volcano to erupt on MN. Can someone tell me where it is????

  • So… if this eventually becomes law throughout all states, would she just leave the country? Because, I frankly can’t see a downside there.

  • This woman is a complete WHACKJOB. Let her leave. Switzerland has to take her now.

  • Roy

    i wish her sons and daughters were gay!

  • kb

    Seriously though, doesn’t it worry you that people that are OBVIOUSLY bug-nutty, bat-shit crazy can hold a seat in Congress? Like, she isn’t even a little crazy. her beliefs are totally insane… we need to work on a bill to keep the mentally ill out of government.

  • JR

    “”I’ve heard wonderful things about Eugene,” she says, “and I think
    congressman DeFazio may be vulnerable to a challenge. They’re the nicest
    people in the world out there, I’m sure we’d be welcomed with open

    Oh, she has no idea.

  • chair jackson

    God hasn’t destroyed her husband has He? So, what’s the worry?

  • Sorry, Eugene. But, we don’t want her anymore!

  • Whatevercakes

    I would like to point out, MN is not the first Midwestern state. Iowa passed it in 2009. Carry on

  • Well, if she leaves Minnesota does that mean, oh please let it be so, that she’ll have to give up her seat in the Senate?

  • How this woman ever got elected over and over is a sin but look at what just happened in SC…

  • equas52

    Dire consequences were predicted for Utah for tolerating of polygamy–150 years ago. Last I checked, we’re still here–although no one knows God’s timetable (or Her mind for that matter).

  • DailyCurrant

    Iowa didn’t pass anything. The Supreme Court decided it on its own.

  • Eelecurb

    People reading the Old Testament need to come on over to the New Testament. It’s much nicer over here. I give you two new commandments, Love your neighbor as yourself………….

  • Jake

    Wow, you’re not very smart are you? lol Tracy and Matthew are on your side. Their post of that scripture is satire or sarcasm. Intended to show that people are selectively using scripture. They (and I) agree with you that GOD IS LOVE!!! lol

  • StillStraight In Mass

    Does this idiot suggest that those states where there is marriage equality are in line to be demolished? Does she attribute the Boston Marathon bombing to God’s wrath on Massachusetts? Hey, Minnesota, two good things may be on deck for you: marriage equality and cutting this bigoted ignoramus loose! Congrats from Massachusetts — Boston strong!

  • She needs to go, far far away.

  • Bev

    Packing party at Michele’s house? Let’s all help her leave.

  • Lee

    LOL You can tell she has never been to Oregon before. She is going to get eaten alive if she moves out here. The oh-so-friendly Oregonians won’t be so nice and welcoming to that biznatch.

  • Mark

    Maybe she’s got a point–After all, her husband’s punishment is having to live with her.

  • No, don’t go to Oregon. We like it Bachmannless.

  • Hopper

    She obviously doesn’t know anything about Eugene, Oregon. In fact, I don’t think she knows anything, period.

  • I suspect she’d be much happier in northern Idaho..

  • DistressedRepublican

    Her comments again show how taliban-like these tea partiers really are. I would not be surprised if people in this country who were indifferent to social issues such as gay marriage now support it because they won’t be told how to think by bible thumping hypocrites. Shame on the republican party for letting them bully themselves into their ranks. If the republican party has any guts they will reread Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, kick these hypocrites out and put their focus back on the economy and smaller government.

  • Ron

    What an idiot

  • DaveinPDX

    It would be wonderful to have Michelle Bachman come over here to Oregon, and try to unseat Peter DeFazio. She’ll definitely get what’s coming to her if she does.

  • Otterboy1127

    The reason one cannot immediately understand that they are reading satire, is because the things she says and has said about many topics is satirical in it’s seriousness.

  • windjammer

    Maybe once the Supreme Court overturns DOMA she’ll leave the COUNTRY! Talk about a win win situation

  • Maybe this will be motivation for all the other states to allow same-sex marriage.

  • wow michelle………..wow…..

  • I was tricked. I thought this was real… but it’s not far from what comes out of her mouth

  • JellicleCat60

    GOOD!! Bye Bye, Biotch!! Good Riddance and NEVER EVER return, Hater!! BAAAAHAHAHHAHAH!!

  • JellicleCat60

    NO! We don’t want her sorry ugly azz in New England, either! LOL!!!!

  • JellicleCat60

    AWWWW!! Dammit all!!! Sheesh LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hilarious — though, as with Sarah Palin, spoofs of Michele Bachmann are almost indistinguishable from things she has actually said and done. Forget Oregon; she needs to return to her home planet — she can leave Marcus behind to remarry, now that it’s legal in MN.

  • cmort

    believe it or not WE are in OREGON too! I feel bad for her and her family. Where will they end up when all 50 states pass this ?

  • HuskerForEquality

    She is not welcome in Nebraska!

  • Rob

    Oregon will run her out. Apparently she has no idea about Oregon

  • I have a better idea Bitch. Offer yourself as a burnt offering to God that he will not punish you for this country realizing that we gay folk deserve the very same rights that you ignorant assed conservatives havd. God does NOT hate anyone and that includes those of us that he chose to make gay. Go back and re-read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and you will find their sin to be inhospitality and greed. No more, no less. And what makes you think Oregon is going to welcome you anyway. You are and have been the laughingstock of Congress for years..

  • don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!!!!!

  • Please please please, vote this woman out of office. God would be pissed that she uses the bible to spread hate.

  • Scott

    The fact she is even an elected official shows how shallow the gene pool is in MN.

  • demandequality

    except it’s not true because Daily Currant thinks mocking gay bashing is funny especially when children in Bachmann’s district killed themselves http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/26/michele-bachmann-silent-o_n_910040.html

  • Bachmann, stay out of Oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • demandequality

    Daily Currant made this up because they think it is funny when LGBT children are gay bashed to death like this http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/one-towns-war-on-gay-teens-20120202

  • rwgunn

    If Bachman is an example, the “god” has been trying to destroy

    Minnesota for a while, now.

  • demandequality

    The Daily Currant idiots think like The Onion who also thinking mocking gay bashing like this is funny or clever http://thelastword.msnbc.com/_news/2011/07/27/7181887-teen-suicides-in-bachmanns-district?lite

  • Good Riddance. No one wants you here. When you were running to try to become president everyone in Minnesota was embarrassed. Go to Wisconsin and embarrass them for a while.

  • demandequality

    No this a lame excuse for thinking that bashing gay bashers is funny especially when those gay bashers want LGBT children to be gay bashed to death like this http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2011/07/michele_bachmanns_home_distric.html

  • SilentHue

    ….a volcano?

  • Please someone buy this woman a bus ticket! Anywhere but here! Cuba maybe?

  • demandequality

    Daily Currant jerkoffs think gay bashing is funny

  • An amphibious bus of course!

  • Some Random Dude

    If she moves to Oklahoma, she’ll raise the average IQ of both places!

  • tom

    Good bye michelle thank god

  • Pack your bags then.

  • Michelle didn’t cross the crazy line until she substituted Minneapolis/ST.Paul for Sodom/Gomorrah.

  • So wait…God hasn’t wiped her house off the map yet and she’s been accepting her gay husband all these years. I think she’s safe. Or maybe she wants to leave because now her husband can legally marry his lover.

  • sftommy

    There are places she could probably get better care and still not have to be institutionalized.

  • demandequality

    yeah they are masters as being idiots who think gay bashers are funny

  • demandequality

    the disgrace is The Daily Currant idiots who thinking mocking gay bashers as “satire” is funny or clever – IT IS NOT

  • Charlene

    Hey Michele, when you move from Minnesota, please stay the Fuck out of Texas…we already have to many asshole bigots like you here already…Maybe you and Rush should move to Iran or North Korea… Just a thought!

  • Sanityisabeautifulthing.

    There is a village missing an idiot….

  • Matthias

    There is always Saudi Arabia Miss Bachman, where they follow the words of God and the Holy Book, pray 5 times each day and homosexuality is illegal!

  • Aaron

    Gay marriage is legal and Bachmann might leave… This is the greatest day ever!

  • Why stop at Oregon? There are plenty of theocracies where zealots like Bachmann are in charge. I’m sure she would be so happy to live in a country that follows harsh interpretations of mythology books, like she would impose on this country if she could.

  • Agrue

    this is just cruel………we actually want her gone……

  • kvnacl

    So long, Farewell, Alvederzane, Goodbye!

  • whitmansspider

    Eugene would eat you alive.

  • Dutz

    There are places that might welcome religious extremists – Iran.

  • I have friends, boxes, tape and truck. Name a time and we will be there.

  • Make my day

    yes Michele your husband will be welcomed in Oregon with open arms and zippers but you will not be.

  • I love people who quote the Bible. There is one quote and its ambiguous at most. However the stoning a woman is pretty clear. I suggest we start stoning women. Are you behind that Michele?

  • JamesPiekko1

    The bible tells how other people are supposed to live, and provides an excuse to hide behind when ignorance and predjudice comes into question.

  • BYE….I want my daughter to know everyone is equal.

  • She needs to go south.. I wonder if she realizes that she won’t be working in Congress anymore..

  • Patroy

    SO divorce and adultery are Ok with god, Michelle? You and your kind are such hypocrites!! BTW , your god will judge you as well !!

  • Fire Plug

    She doesn’t have to go all the way to Eugene she can stop at Hillsborough Baptist Church Kansas and be just like family to her.

  • Bascoda

    As a long-time resident of Eugene, Oregon, I can assure you, Ms. Bachmann, you will NOT be welcome here. We try to be tolerant, but there are lines of malevolence and crazy that we will not cross, and you are way over those lines already.
    Might I suggest that you consider relocating to Iran, or perhaps Somalia? I understand they welcome religious fanatics there. Of course, the fact that you are a woman might pose a bit of a problem, but I’m sure god will help you work through that.

  • Edward Cadman

    BWAHAHAHHAA!! She’s going to Oregon because we’re too liberal?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • AimR

    GOD IS LOVE, and the only punishment placed on communities willing to support His message of love are those so ignorant and close minded to open their hearts to change. Good job Minnesota!! Let her leave—the State would be better off without her anyway!

  • tinkerer

    Feel free to leave with great haste Michelle, and don’t let the door hit ya on your way out.

  • If this is all it takes to get rid of the crazies, I’ll turn gay and get married right away!!

  • sdowsprstp

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya…

  • Tell your friend not to go to Montana, seven Indian Reservations there, and most revere “winktas”!

  • Come to Iowa Michelle. I have an uncle who needs help scooping out a pen he uses raising pigs. You will felel real comfortable as it smells much like most of what comes from your mouth.

  • brittany

    One…earthquakes and volcanos in minnesota…are you STUPID! Two…flesh eating virus haha. And three…if god doesn’t let homosexuality go unpunished then how come nothing bad happened to me yet? Wow and how did she win ovrr the minnesota people to vote for her?

  • There’s something like 37-38 states currently safe for her to move to, but check again next year

  • Logan

    Let me help you pack.

  • she may have to move out of the country once all states do it.

  • wow what a whack job, no wonder our government is so messed up with idiots liked this running it.

  • I’m from Portland, and we consider Eugene to be hippie-ville compared to us. If Bachmann comes here, she’s in for a nasty surprise.

  • This really has to be a joke article right? I always thought she was bat crap crazy, but this goes farther out in to la la land than I gave her credit for.

  • Rick

    Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.

  • Pretoriana

    Hey Bachmann, not all of the people use the bible!

  • Pretoriana


  • Joe Capistrant

    Gee, had it only been known how easy it could be to get rid of her perhaps we might have passed the legislation much, much sooner.

  • Johnny Donellan

    We have got to get rid of here.

  • Eugene

    Dear Congressperson Bachman,
    You obviously have no idea what Eugene is about. Let me assure you, as a former Eugenian, Bagel holes like yourself are NOT welcome. We have our standards. And you are most unwelcome, in Eugene, or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.

  • I think she’s smoking something. Oh hey Michele wouldn’t it just be justice if one of your children came out! How Ignorant can one person be?

  • nutlog

  • Truth Addict

    This article has to be a joke. Has this been re-posted from The Onion? If she really said those things, that woman is certifiably crazy.

  • Sasha Golliet

    so where would she go if all the states legalized gay marriage. Where ever she goes, the states should legalize it

  • MargaretEDavis

    So long Bachman bye bye we’ll watch for the mail hope you’re in jail so toot toot tootsie good byyyyyyyyyeeeeee.

  • auslick

    sheesh we get it

  • MargaretEDavis

    IF her God allows HER party to pass laws that control a woman, that defund food for the needy, and all the heinous things they have done to this country then what kind of God is he…

  • Steve

    Maybe the congress woman would enjoy living in Saudi Arabia. I hear their government is strongly God-centered. I just hope she has people to drive her to her Hitler rallies cause apparently God thinks woman drivers are an abomination.

  • MargaretEDavis

    Just like all people like her running off at the mouth and never doing it. Didnt Nugent threaten to either be dead or in jail if President Obama was re-elected well he didn’t go anywhere, altho a lot of people sure wish he would have lived up to his word.

  • The woman is bat-shit loco. Flat-out. Hope she joins Ted Nugent and Rush Limbaugh in their promised self banishment from this country. I wish them no ill will, nor malice, but rest assured, no tears will be shed when God decides to have them swallowed by a whale.

  • Bobbie MaGee

    This woman has the reasoning skills and the spiritual maturity of a five year old. How was she elected to office? it’s embarrassing.

  • Curtis

    leave the us plz and thank you

  • ipaint2love

    Its sad that there is so much hate. But stupid is as stupid does…. and you bachmann don’t get it! Its 2013!!!! get over yourself and find love and humaness. your sick and lost may you one day find peace…

  • wearealllostnow

    This law will be repealed when Governor Cuckoo is gone from office. This will not stand. Nice innocent terminology “marriage equality”. It is state sanctioned sodomy. Sick!

  • Lmao, This bitch is psycho. You wanna leave? Good GTFO and let us enjoy the absence of your bible bullshit.

  • ajjones40

    “Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could defy the will of God – and we all know what happened to them.” OMG she doesn’t know her Bible very well apparently since Sodom and Gomorrah were CITIES not PEOPLE gez

  • Jeff

    Oh, no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!! We do NOT want that crazy bitch here in Oregon!

  • GOOOOOOOOO!!! Please!!!!!

  • sas

    She plays too much of sky rim…

  • well bitch, there’s only 13 states to rule out. pick one and you’ll do fine for a while. hint, stay south of the mason-dixon line and you’ll do fine.

  • Hilarious!! LOVE IT.

  • Victorian

    If she thinks Minnesota is the only place under judgement she seriously needs to read the rest of the book.

  • db

    Bye. STFU and leave you crazy B!

  • K White

    Great, don’t let the door hit you on the way out Michelle! If you leave I can finely admit I’m from Minnesota – even my conservative friends and family members from other states think you are a joke.

  • Yep, you just keep running from your fears…don’t let the door hit you in the…..

  • Bachmannsanidiot

    I pity the state that gets that stupid kunnt

  • Her husband should be thrilled with the news.

  • godloveshomos

    Pretty sure Eugene, OR is one of the most liberal cities in the nation. Bitch is crazy.

  • rhoman

    I’ll help her pack

  • Heraldblog

    “I don’t know what it will be, Bruce,” she said, “it could be an
    earthquake. It could be a volcano. It could be some sort of flesh eating
    virus. It could be a delusional halfwit Congresswoman who embarrasses the crap out of the GOP, and her closeted husband with a mail-order counseling degree who uses prayer to cure teh gay.”

  • LOL … too funny

  • StallChaser

    No making fun of homophobes, because they do horrible things. Not funny. Similarly, at no time ever in the history of the world has anyone ever made a funny joke involving Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, adultery, or drugs, because they have all done serious harm to real people at some point.

  • Don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha

  • anonymous

    “Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could defy the will of God – and we all know what happened to them.” I have no idea what happened to them… haha. not everyone pays attention to religion. and no one cares if you leave minnesota

  • Miriamleah

    It seems like she has already been infected

  • cubsandchocolatemilk

    Does that mean sodomy will some day be called minneapolisdy?

  • Buh Bye, Bitch

  • This is a joke website.

  • sdgman

    If we had known that was all we needed to do to get that crazy be-atch to leave the state we would have legalized gay marriage YEARS ago!

  • Sheperd

    I know right.. everyone Sins, since Adam and Eve ate from the fruit, sin happened. There is nooo greater sin, the world likes to categorize sin but if she wants a category, what she is doing judging people sooo brutally is coming a great sin than homosexuality. sin is sin; lie is lie. if she wants to use her thinking, GOD did not destroy her for bashing people… if she think GOD is evil then clearly she does not know my GOD. GOD is love, everything love. it says love others and if you judge someone, GOD will judge you the same way for your sins, so she should be very careful so she wont be judged when she gets to Heaven the way she is brutally judging others.

  • sdgman

    That’s crazy talk.. is this “The Onion?”.. I’m not sure what I’m reading

  • No. It clearly states in their mission that they use satire to promote intelligence. It’s fictional and humorous, but has a purpose. And I would argue that it’s more effective than most news media.

  • Well, it is wishful thinking for sure. Whether there is any truth to this article is beyond me, as I have not looked any further into it. We can hope!!!

  • Damn it!!!! Why do you have to rain on my parade!! lmao

  • seriously…

    you can’t just state some of those jokes aren’t funny just because they hurt someone. Comedy = tragedy + time as I was told in acting classes.(some semesters ago)

  • We won’t welcome her brand of moral crusading human trash. She needs to be marginalized, demoted, and left in the dust bin of histories curious anachronisms.

  • kas

    Grow up Bach and keep your hate and poison to yourself. Shame on you for hiding behind God…when you are simply an arrogant bigot.

  • Please go and don’t let the door hit you in the backside as you are leaving!

  • shadowgrrl

    ROFL if this woman moved to Oregon she’d be in for a HUGE surprise.. lol

  • Well one would hope that she would fall in a giant sink hole, or a hole of some other kind. The woman is just as stupid as a log and I do a disservice to logs in comparing her to one.

  • Tristan

    Poe’s law… any sufficiently extreme viewpoint is indistinguishable from a parody of the same.

  • Settle down. It’s SATIRE!

  • Yamajama

    I don’t see what the problem is.

  • emj

    God hates ALL sin. If God were to destroy Minneapolis over gay marriage, then He would just as soon destroy my home town for drunkenness, adultery, fornication, child abuse, and political corruption. She’s delusional if she thinks this is the icing on the cake. This is just the beginning….

  • Luke

    Leave then, you ignorant bitch!

  • Patsy

    The Northwest doesn’t want her out here, either!! Maybe North Korea would take her!!!!

  • that and people need to learn that life is way to short to take seriously

  • eastern oregon- its a different breed out there

  • E Cash

    she is so damn crazy that this is almost not a joke…

  • If she stayed away from Eugene and Portland she might have a chance. otherwise we’ll probably shock her out of several years growth. Not that she hasn’t already done the same thing to herself with her caustic commentary against both gender varient, orientation varient, or non christian peoples.

  • lifegiver36

    I know she is dumb but its hard to believe she is this dumb. It’s scary to think that voters in that state would actually keep electing someone like this if its true that she said all of this. She is not moving though because then she would lose her seat and she cares more about her seat then anything god will do to the state.

  • moonkat51

    People, this is The Daily Currant. It’s fooled a lot of people, and just recently, Drudge.

  • Could be the ice pushing in from the lake by the wind, as I saw tonight on the news! Soon she’ll not have anyplace to run to as marriage equality will be the law of the land.

  • ghyltonpdx

    Oh no you won’t be welcome here. Don’t even think about it. We are a tolerant and peaceful public here in Oregon, and efforts are underway to amend our consititution to allow same-sex marrage. Only a matter of time. Keep you bigotry and hateful fear-mongering where you are.

  • good maybe she will move to china she certainly don’t know her bible she only goes by what she was told to believe. its not homosexuality god hates its the miss use of love! if you commits adultery orgies fornication sin period . cheating love god with all your heart and love your neighbor as your self. two greatest commandments god never said my greatest commandment was to hate and kill gays!

  • jrlatguy

    Wow! Is this lady really this insane and ignorant??? Why is she even allowed in a political system? Oooppps! I guess our political system is filled with dumb brainless and senseless idiots. Just listening to her talk gives me the creeps that she could be in any kind of command and more dumb and foolish are those who place her in power of anything.

  • I hope this clarifies why we atheists find religion so breathtakingly stupid.

  • One good thing can come from this: states will rush to pass marriage equality to keep this lunatic out.

  • ALlen

    She should just leave the U.S., we don’t need that kind of nut case in our nation, much less a government official.

  • Debbie

    The Daily Currant is a satirical website just like the Onion. Just FYI. Though, this probably isn’t miles from her true feelings…

  • Guys, this is the Daily Currant, a site just like The Onion. This is not a real article. Funny, but invented. Bachmann may be crazy, but even she’s not *that* crazy.

  • Jesus’ #1 Sister

    Is it wise to assume today’s Gay population will suffer the same fate as historical residents of Sodom and Gomorrah? Is not judgement or fate assigned by the biblical God? How are these two separated generations alike? How are they different? Who is to say? What if today’s Gay population is exactly what God hoped it would be all these many years later? What if they have overcome something (or all) that needed to be overcome? How will you respond if God smiles upon them, pleased with their progress and finds them well pleasing in His sight? Have you ever imagined that God could love them this way? Perhaps it time to consider this as a viable, benevolent possibility….

  • Dj Kohli Rocks

    Yeah, GOD really hates it when people fight to become equal with each other. When people unify for peace…to accept ALL his people. Yep, he hates that!

  • Shmarmy

    The bible is also clear about how you can treat your slaves… just saying…

  • So let’s see if I’ve got this right … God didn’t mind a couple of centuries of brutal American slavery … He looked the other way when Americans slaughtered the natives by the hundreds of thousands … but now, because of people loving each other, He’s going to destroy us. Uh-huh, sure.

  • Dr. Seuss is very clear on that. He does not like green eggs and ham.

  • Frank Forst

    Pls do so, leave and never look back

  • Frank Forst

    the key Q to ask her is this? does she even have heart to be broken. A friendly suggestion is for her to move closer to her radical friends in south, maybe she should go to MS or SC. This is the best idea she has come up with ever, leaving MN.

  • Lanahyde

    The fact that so many people found this piece of satire believable enough to question it speaks volumes.

  • And so many Minnesotans are thinking, “We shoulda legalized gay marriage years ago!!

  • Vinnie

    Everything that has to do with god is all made up! There is no god!

  • Please! Let ALL of these crazy Bachmann-philes pack up and leave. Sorry Montana, your bat-shit crazy count is about to go up.

  • bryan

    good lord if we knew that is all it took to get rid of michelle, the peeps here in minnesota would of passed same-sex marriage along time ago. P.s. Michell… karma baby and god watches and sees all. YOu have done nothing but been rude/crude/ and a hate seekers of another human being of which god created!!!! Good luck on judgement day!!!!!

  • Mitch

    Goodbye Bachman ! 🙂

  • Very scary times indeed. She doesn’t want to be the “last ones out”? LOL why? What provoked her leaving the state let alone not being the LAST ONE OUT? If she doesn’t want to be the last ones out, she’d better pull her husband from the closet and have him come out as at least bisexual…

  • Name

    Quit being such a tool

  • scott

    This is a satirical article from Politicusa.com

  • l’empress

    Daily CurrAnt? Isn’t that a berry?

    That woman gives stupidity a new definition — or a synonym.

  • Duck

    No fair!! She already has HER gay marriage!

  • Congrats, Minnesota! So glad she won’t be considering CT, as we have had that legislation a bit longer. Woe to the state where she lands…

  • EMLking

    I actually just looked twice to make sure this wasn’t actually a piece of satire, because I honestly didn’t know.

  • The Daily Currant has outdone itself.
    That type of attitude would be right up her alley…if she only had the courage to give up the soft job she landed.

  • MCS

    Watch out Oregon! She’s the Devil!

  • Sweet

    I think she should brush up on her bible… it says in there that only certain clothing is “acceptable” to wear… I don’t think nylon or spandex, or elastic is one of the pieces… time to shed the clothing Michele!

  • lilamunch

    I want to say something here, but the words simply won’t come. I am amazed that I can still be shocked by what comes out of her mouth. How is she an elected official!?!?!

  • oregonlady

    I live in Eugene, OR and no you are not welcome. We don’t need your small minded hate ruining this great place.

  • wth.. really where did the loving God I know, go to?…

    maybe she need to read between the lines…

  • jcam

    Those of you liberals who brainwash yourself with the Daily Current should know they are quoting satire as fact. They quote come from a satirical site. It seems Politicusa also used those quotes, but later figured out that they were satire and put “Satire” on their article: http://www.politicususa.com/tea-party-darling-michelle-bachmann-threatens-flee-minnesota.html

    However, unlike Politicusa.com, here at the Daily Current, they don’t have the brains or decency to tell you it is a satire, something you brainwashed morons should have figured out just from reading the article.

  • pat gourley

    I would love to see her try to win an election in Oregon. She does not know who we are.

  • 1Sonny2

    Romans 1:26-27

    For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    Leviticus 20:13

    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

    Go ahead and scoff all you want…you’ve been warned

  • Jeff

    bitch is retarded

  • vito33

    How stupid are Americans?
    I like to read the headlines here and sometimes the story that goes along with them, but I’ve never looked at any of the comments before.
    Hoooooooooooo, boy!

  • jcam

    I agree. It should be obvious to these morons that it is satire just from reading the article. LOL.

  • Over there

    Don’t be so kind. It’s okay to have ill-will and malicious thoughts for those three

  • Just Minnesota? Why stop there? Just leave the country. One more step to a better world. Also does she not realize that the bible states about women? http://www.openbible.info/topics/women Maybe she should be concerned with EVERYTHING the bible says and not just pick and choose for herself.

  • Sueb

    Can I help her pack? she is an embarrassment to ALL of MN, not just Minneapolis!

  • Virginia Smith

    Ms. Bachmann, know this, Oregon does not welcome you!

  • cageordie

    LOL! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing I’ve heard in years. But wait, she’s serious. What a sicko!

  • Good one.

  • whether she said these things or not, you can’t really blame people for believing this, everything she says is batshit crazy!!!

  • Oh my; what part of the rainbow story, the word of God, does this person not understand.

  • yes she is

  • Liberal NW

    As a current resident of Eugene, Oregon, this cracked me up!!! We’ll welcome her and show her the way….. HA! HA!

  • Bshopper63

    Heehee… Send her out here to Oregon. We’ll put her in touch with her inner rainbow! Eugene, the city of free love!

  • doug

    Lighten up! Making gay bashers look ridiculous is a legitimate way of making them less potent. Mel Brooks used the same technique to great effect in his numerous sendups of Nazis.

  • Larry Parker


  • Larry Parker

    So why are you choosing these obscure passages as “gospel” and ignoring the thousands of other declarations made in the Bible? Let’s stone the heathens while we are at it.

  • jim heacock

    hello michele
    to bad u interpet the bible the way u do
    u and your husband u know the one that when he opens his mouth pink flamingos fly out think u can pray people straight
    well we know that gay preachers can pray u gay then
    ur kind of mentality and all the others like u
    is what has made this country the way it is today
    u should go and join the phelps clan in kansas
    u all would make a great cult

  • a

    not believing in god is a sin, we don’t punish people for not believing, so why would we make it illegal for gays to get married.

  • jcam

    Michelle Brown, I wasn’t fooled. The problem is you are batshit stupid, and the your biased partisan media has trained you to believe that you are so brilliant that anyone who disagrees with you politically is comic-book stupid and/or comic-book evil. You have to be brainwashed to believe something like this without being skeptical and checking it out.

  • this is a joke website and is just smearing Michele for no reason. She has not said these things.

  • It is a website similar to the Onion only more devious because it is more believable and yet still completely false.

  • jcam

    Now she isn’t, you gullible fool. She never said those things. This is a satirical site.

  • jcam

    What part of satire do you not understand. Oh, that’s right, you don’t understand satire.

  • Erik

    the bible also says a lot of things are a sin of which she is doing one of them and the great god hasn’t destroyed her for it. so get over it already, someone being gay has no affect on anyone so if it doesn’t affect you then whats the problem.

  • Amie

    Enough already. The Currant is clearly in support of gay marriage and is making fun of an ignorant woman who doesn’t support gay rights. Your constant, misguided criticism makes me wish you were on her side instead of ours, and frankly, makes you seem as stupid and ignorant as she is. Wait… you’re not Sarah Palin, are you?

  • What a cruel hoax for those of us who live in the sixth and are misrepresented by Ms Bachmann. It sounded so true to her usual form that I thought if she didn’t say this surely her speech writer wrote it. Please spare us false hopes of her leaving the state in the future and send dollars to Jim Graves, her opponent in 2014!

  • Gays arent keeping me out of Minnesota, She is..

  • santosangre

    Marcus, on the other hand, vowed to stay forever.

  • She moving to Costa Rica too ?

  • labman57

    All kidding aside, should some unfortunate tragedy — whether an act of nature or result of human negligence or malevolence — befall the residents of a Minnesota community in the next few months, Bachmann and other sanctimonious sycophants will no doubt attribute the devastation to “God’s wrath” upon those heathens that embraced Satan and permitted walking abominations (i.e., lesbians and gays) to pervert the rite of marriage.

  • anon

    iowa leagalized gay marriage like 6 years ago whoever wrote this did not do the work to find out all the facts

  • This is a great day for the people of Minnesota, Congrats, by the way don’t even think about sending her to California, We will block the border

  • fandancy

    I wish it was true but it’s actually not far from the truth.

  • PoodleSheep

    Please stop breathing at your earliest convenience.

  • Oh, nooo Michelle…NOT THAT!!

  • jcam

    No, Barb, it was you who believed the article, and I’m laughing at you. How gullible are you people?

  • jcam

    No, TKnTexas, It is NOT real, and you ARE gullible.

  • jcam

    Tristan, that is why these posts from gullible leftists seem like parody.

  • jcam

    Teresa, I didn’t believe it for a second. The Daily Currant can’t help it if many of their fellow leftists are extremely arrogant and gullible.

  • whatthef?

    ok. for a minute there I thought this was REAL. I live in EUGENE and WE DO NOT WANT HER!!!

  • jcam

    Amie, actually, all your fellow leftists who think this is a true article and didn’t have the brains to detect satire and check it out are the ones who have proven themselves to be stupid and ignorant. I’ve enjoyed these comments from gullible, arrogant, ignorant leftists far more than the article. LOL. This reminds me how leftists think Palin said what Tina Fey actually said. All these gullible arrogant liberals aren’t related to Joe Biden, are they?

  • jcam

    No, Emi, it means leftists have been well trained by biased, partisan “news” media (which they see as objective) to believe themselves so brilliant and moral that anyone who disagrees with them is comic-book stupid and/or comic-book evil.

  • jcam

    Dan, I’ve been reading these posts and it seems the Daily Currant promotes gullibility not intelligence.

  • Satire is usually only funny when it isn’t believable. THIS HOWEVER is believable AND funny. I can completely see her doing this, and the idea that she would think it a threat is hysterical.

  • Unlike the Onion, the Currant is confusingly subtle in its humor, and this isn’t the first time it’s been mistaken for a real news site.

  • D

    @Corey and @Andrew sword represents the Holy Spirit – Ephesians 6:10-18.

  • D

    …through the word of God – Hebrews 4:12.

  • I hope this is not a threat but a promise. We are holding you to this Shell.

  • this is satire folks……although as much as we want it to be real…….

    about The Daily Currant:

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • John

    If you didn’t know it was MB talking you’d think they were Westboro Church statements.

  • John

    It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s Onion fodder with her.

  • Volcano in MN???….LMFAO…sad this woman is on the Intelligence Committee in Congress.

  • How is that different from the rightists who follow fox news?

  • mike opland

    see ya

  • Progression

    Good riddance.

  • Progression

    Now if only it were true…

  • :)

    her husband definitely embraced his homosexuality and left her

  • jcam

    Good, Chris. At least you are admitting that these leftists are as stupid as you believe people on the right to be. Of course, to actually make your point, you would have to show me how people who watch Fox were stupid enough to believe a hyperbolic piece of satire that was clearly satire to anyone with even half a brain.

  • She’ll have her own show on Fox. I can see it now: The Huck and Bach Power Hour.

  • TravelBob

    My mom and sister are supportive of gays in Montana…so better not move there or they’ll be in your face, Michelle! I think a good place might be Antarctica…but even the penguins probably won’t accept you there. Good luck on finding anywhere that will accept anyone living in the previous century!

  • let the bitch go.

  • chrt


  • You may want to pick up a copy of the Bible and read Revelation. It is real and true. Homosexuality is a sin and God will punish it, along with every other sin, if it isn’t covered under the blood of Christ.

  • I’ll help pack!

  • Any reason Michele “Queen of Whack-a-Doodle” Bachmann didn’t pack up and catch a ride to Montana with her friend? Perfect opportunity to back up your lip flapping rhetoric for once. You’re not thinking you’d be missed by anyone with a brain and common sense?

  • I heard she wanted to go to New York because that’s where Batman is.

  • unicycle6869

    Funniest thing I have read all year. Ha. Wonder where she will move when the entire USA makes it legal..it’s only a matter of a year or two.

  • Wipe

    Fuck off. Report news or go fuck yourselves you not very clever, barely college grad asswipes. Please stop wasting the internet on yourselves. Thank you.

  • LBD

    Don’;t let the door slap you in the butt. Best message I’ve had all year.

  • fred

    is there a way we can convince her to leave EARTH?

  • lgcamp

    Good for you, Michelle. Always remember that filth outnumbers morality on this issue. People have been suckered into the idea that morality is outdated. It’s good to see a champion for morality. You go, girl!

  • lgcamp

    You don’t have to BELIEVE the article to give a serious answer to it. You just have to give your opinion from one side of the fence… the moral side or the immoral side.

  • lgcamp

    You don’t have to be religious to be MORAL.

  • lgcamp

    We let God do the bashing… we just agree with Him.

  • lgcamp

    Funny, I don’t recall her ever calling anyone a sorry ugly azz.

  • lgcamp

    A phobe (phobia) is someone with a fear. Take it from me… nobody FEARS queers.

  • jim smith

    Nobody is talking about what she is saying. what do you think? I saw something on PBS i think called outlook actor ben kingsley was moses.
    God punished a whole city. could that happen?

  • Mariana Petoom

    The Minnesota average IQ will rise at least 50% when Bachman leaves the state.

  • Mariana Petoom

    Parrtisan news media? Oh, you mean newspapers and TV stations Rupert Murdock owns. I agree that it is biased. Or the N.Y. Times that has won so many Pulitzer Prizes? The Pulitzer family is Jewish so you will discount them I am sure.

  • Mariana Petoom

    Don’t you mean Her?

  • jcam

    LOL. According to you brainwashed mindless sheep on the left, only Rupert Murdock is biased. Look up Sumner Redstone and George Stephanopoulos. Take a look at the difference in coverage between Paula Deen and the leftist Alec Baldwin. How is it possible that the sheep on the left are so stupid?

  • Mariana Petoom

    Why do you find the need to be insulting? Don’t you know how to disagree agreeably and without calling names?
    I never said only Murdock is biased, there are plenty of biased people wherever you look, despite political affiliations-but most of them are not media moguls. Baldwin? He’s not a journalist or an author, why should he be included in your message? However they do share a level of stupidity. I think Baldwin learned to shut up and Deen is still making stupid remarks. I don’t believe Baldwin is a racist but Deen certainly is defining herself as one.

    In a message dated 7/1/2013 4:25:58 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

    (http://disqus.com/) _Settings _ (http://disqus.com/dashboard/#notifications) (http://disqus.com/dashboard/)

    A new comment was posted on _The Daily Currant_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?impression=94fbc56a-e2a5-11e2-8d96-003048db5eee&forum=1379034&thread=1 285576376&behavior=click&url=http://dailycurrant.com/2013/05/13/bachmann-thr eatens-to-leave-minnesota-over-marriage-equality/#comment-948493351:RmmNodnT -Lrge_rszmNGELw4yo0&post=948493351&type=notification.post.registered&event=e mail)

  • jcam

    It is hard to try to have a rational conversation with someone on the left. 1st, you didn’t understand my point in the comparison of the leftwing media’s biased coverage of Baldwin and Deen. Then, you can’t see the bias in the coverage. To you, it is the same exact coverage, and it is somehow Deen’s fault because she is apologizing as the leftest media trashes her, demands she shows up in their shows, and takes everything away from her. On the other hand, they didn’t demand apologies from Baldwin and took nothing from him. Your biased media kept claiming Deen is a racist and demanding she apologize. When she skipped the Today show, your leftist media trashed her for it, but to you it is her fault they demand she show up on the Today show. Your leftist media supported Baldwin and didn’t demand an explanation or that he shows up on the Today show, and you are too blind to see the difference in coverage. To you there is no real difference in coverage, so how am I supposed to be polite? But I’ll play along with your game. Why is it that you believe Deen is a racist and Baldwin is not a homophobe? Also, what are the stupid remarks she is making: “I’m sorry?” That’s her stupid remark? Weren’t Baldwin’s homophobic remarks stupid, and hasn’t he done this before to gay journalists and even to his own daughter? Didn’t he abuse Kim Basinger? What do you mean he stopped?

  • jcam

    Don’t blame it on the people they satire. Those people are not the ones who made the stupid mistake. Blame in on the moronic liberals who can’t tell the difference between satire and reality.

  • jcam

    For some reason I couldn’t post this on your last message, but this is in answer to your last
    message. Why is what Badwin said “stupid” and what Deen said “hateful”? Wasn’t Baldwin’s gay bashing “hateful,” and hasn’t he done it before? Deen was in court in a sexual harassment case. The
    opposing lawyer asked her questions that were overly general such as if she thought jokes with the n-word were “mean.” That is a completely ridiculous question designed to make her look mean because in reality it depends on the joke and the context of the joke. Chris Rock and Louis CK both make jokes using the n-word, and they are both brilliant. In addition, Deen claimed she used the n-word THIRTY YEARS ago after she was mugged. After one is mugged, one is so full of fear and anger one is usually not thinking rationally and should be excused for what he or she said at the traumatic time. In addition, who hasn’t said things they regret thirty-years ago? Why destroy a 65-year-old woman for something she said when she was 35-years old and under duress of being a mugging victim? The lynching of Deen makes no sense. You claim she
    continues to say hateful things? She has not. Why do you make this claim? Can you tell me the hateful things she continues to say as she is apologizing? It
    seems to me your biased media has given you an impression that is not true. Also, why do you imagine you can divine her evil motives for apologizing? Do you read minds? How can you divine people’s motives? In addition, she lost her TV shows, endorsements, and book deals because she used a word thirty years ago. That makes sense to you? On the other hand, Baldwin went publicly gay bashing NOW, and he’s done it before, and your media didn’t set out to destroy him like they did Deen. ABC news, a network that hires George Stephanopoulos as an “objective journalist,” stuck up for Baldwin. Even the biased liberal “journalist” Anderson Cooper asked why Baldwin got a pass from the media: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/06/28/anderson-cooper-why-does-alec-baldwin-get-pass-using-gay-slurs-conser How is it possible for a thinking, breathing person not to see the bias in the coverage? As for your claim about mega-corporations only being Republicans, where did you come up with this? Look up Sumner Redstone. He owned Viacom and CBS. For years he bragged about giving money to Democrats, and the money from his corporation always went to Democrats in huge lopsided proportions unlike Murdock who gives to both sides. When Redstone’s CBS news was caught with fake, forged documents against Bush during the 2004 elections, Redstone suddenly claimed he voted for Bush with a back-handed compliment, that Bush is a Republican and Redstone was a giant corporation. But that was obviously a lie because Redstone always supported Democrats, and all his political donations
    had gone to Kerry, not Bush. When this came out, Redstone ridiculously claimed he gave money to Kerry because Kerry is a nice guy. Why is it you heard of Murdoch and not Redstone? It is because your media reports on Murdoch and not Redstone.

  • Mariana Petoom

    My media? LOL I only wish I could afford to own some. You are nit-picking my response. I assume you understand I didn’t want to use the same word twice in one paragraph.
    Both Baldwin and Deen said stupid and hateful things. She made anti-Semitic statements, I don’t recall the words, just the intent.
    I did not apologize for Baldwin, as you do for Deen. “My” media covers Redstone as well. They are comprehensive purveyors of news. They editorialize on the editorial page, not in the news columns.
    Perhaps Mel Gibson is your hero. In his drunken rant he said vile things too. Alcohol just loosens the inhibitions, doesn’t alter one’s beliefs.

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  • jcam

    You claimed you wanted to have a conversation without name calling, so you can learn a different perspective, but then you accuse me of Antisemitism, which is ridiculous because I’m Jewish and pro-Israel, and then you ignore everything I said. My point was the difference in coverage between
    Deen and Baldwin, you didn’t even address that. I even had a liberal journalist admitting they gave Baldwin a pass. You didn’t address that. And if
    your media really did cover Redstone like they cover Murdoch, why are you making the false claim that media corporations are run by Republicans when they are mostly run by Democrats? When has
    your media covered Redstone? Basically, you ignored everything I wrote, and declared your media objective purveyors of news when they are more biased than Fox. In addition, as I pointed out, Deen was destroyed for admitting to using the n-word thirty years ago when she was mugged. It was not about Antisemitism. You seem to hate her because your media declared her a bigot, but you don’t even know the accusations. That’s not thinking for yourself.

  • Mariana Petoom

    Tell me which media outlets are Jewish owned and operated? The New York Times is, and has always been owned by the Ochs family,I know. The Los Angeles Times since its inception was owned and operated by the Chandler family, rock-ribbed Republicans and Christians. When the senior Chandlers died their more liberal son took over but he was soon ousted by greedy stock owning cousins who wanted to sell it, take the money and run. It was bought by someone (whose name I should know but can’t think of at this moment) who lives in Chicago–a travesty regardless of whether he’s a Democrat or Republican, I feel L.A.’s only major newspaper should be in the hands of Angelenos. (That’s what we call ourselves). It presents the news fairly and always includes a right wing columnist on the editorial page. There was an attempt by some public spirited and wealthy people among them to buy the Times but that effort fizzled. How much of Los Angeles media do you follow? I haven’t followed the coverage of Baldwin so I really can’t comment on it. I just know he said some stupid things and he appears to be a hothead. No one I would look up to. I vaguely recall some articles about Redstone some time ago, but can’t recall the essence of those reports. I do know that he is extremely old, in his 90’s I think. I did follow the coverage of Mel Gibson and his drunken Anti-Semitic rant that I believe I mentioned before. He is far to the political right but it hasn’t

    seemed to have hurt his career because he is wealthy enough to fund and produce his own films.

    I mentioned Murdock only because he’s been in the news re: reports about his buying media outlets. Quite a few years ago, before we ever heard of Murdock we were in London and went to see a play starring an actor we never heard of–Anthony Hopkins. It was about an Australian who went to England and bought the London Times. In a reversal of art imitating life, within a month of our visit Murdock, an Australian bought the London Times and started his career as a major media mogul.
    I apologize for not responding well to your comment. I don’t think Baldwin got a pass, the public was made well aware of his character flaws. I will try to be responsive if you chose to write again. It is much more edifying to have discussions with people who hold opinions different from mine.

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  • jcam

    I don’t see how it matters that the NY Times is owned by Jews. The Sulzberger family are secular liberal Democrats. They haven’t endorsed a Republican for President since the 1950s. The LA Times is a horribly biased paper. Their news coverage is terribly biased. In addition, they just brought back endorsements and to no ones surprise they endorsed Obama and every Democratic candidate. Compare the difference in coverage with Mel Gibson’s antisemitic remarks and Baldwin’s homophobic remarks. They are already done with the Baldwin coverage. That is because Baldwin is a leftist activist, so they give him a pass. By pass, I mean the tone and the length of the coverage. Deen is wrongly portrayed as a racist and Gibson is rightly portrayed as an anti-Semite. However, Baldwin is portrayed as a “hothead,” but not a homophobe. ABC news and other liberal news outlets even make this case for him. Then his homophobic rant is out of the news within a few days. The liberal media has made a lot of “news” about Murdoch being a conservative but nothing about Redstone being a liberal and an admitted activist for the Democratic party.

  • Mariana Petoom

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. The LA Times as I believe I told you, was founded, owned and operated by the rock-ribbed Republican Chandler family. It never endorsed a Democrat while Norman Chandler the patriarch was in charge. When son Otis took over he moved to right of center, which was a sea change. He was ousted by lesser family members who together owned enough stock to do that. The paper was then sold and although a group of Angelenos tried to buy it they were out bidden by someone from Chicago whose name escapes me. I have no idea if he is a Democrat or Republican. I have found the news articles to be non-partisan but the editorials to be more liberal, although they employ some very conservative writers on the editorial page
    Are you an Angeleno and a subscriber to the L. A. Times? We are and read it every day. We also subscribe to the N. Y. Times which sometimes has more news about L. A. than the local paper. If you are not a daily reader, then your critique can not be accurate.
    Any newspaper reports news that have to be current. Both the Baldwin and Gibson stories are old and no longer news. Deen’s comments just came to light and so got the attention recently; there have been no articles about her in a while (or the other two).
    There haven’t been a lot of articles about Murdock being a conservative, I can’t even recall one. Ditto about Redstone.

    In a message dated 7/3/2013 6:55:02 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

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  • Equal Opportunity Offender

    Good riddance! GET OUT and STAY OUT of Minnesota!

  • Robert John Nicholas

    This just shows you how IGNORANT these people who claim to be living according to the Bible are. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not homosexuality – it was inhospitality. The self-righteous in that story threatened to sodomize and bully people much like Bachmann does.

  • Robert John Nicholas

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Jwes

    This crazy bitch really is out of her mind! She would be burned at the stake if she tried to run for office in Oregon.

  • gladys

    OMG, I also live in Eugene. I don’t want her here!

  • Bill

    Bye Crazy Lady!

  • bear

    You guys are true assholes…

  • Rick Carufel

    If only this were true. Sadly we Minnesotans are not that lucky.

  • Why

    I do not believe that homosexuality is mentioned in Revelation, nor did Jesus speak against it, and really, it can be argued that the Bible, in it’s original language, and contexts, does not speak against it as you claim. So, you may want to pick up a Bible and read it, in context and with a concordance, and study that up a bit. At the very least it is questionable. If you can let go of your preconceived ideas, you will see what it really says, or does not say, in the Bible, about homosexuality. And the sins of Sodom (and Gomorrah) were not homosexuality; Check out Ezekiel 16:49
    It is very unfortunate that in recent versions certain unknown words, or previously unknown words, were mistranslated as “homosexual” when it, 1. makes no sense and 2. is just, plain and simple, wrong. Gotta wonder why someone would do something like that and condemn a whole group of God’s creations…

  • Keneau

    Has she left yet or should we buy her gas

  • nobodyforpresident

    Stop calling these dipshits “conservative firebrands”. “Flaming assholes” is more like it.