Ann Coulter Walks Out of Star Trek, Claims ‘Too Many Minorities’

May 16, 2013

ann_coulter_rect-257x171Conservative commentator Ann Coulter walked out of a screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness last night, saying that the science fiction adventure had "too many minorities."

According to witnesses at Regal Cinemas in New York, the controversial author was seen cursing out the screen and exiting about half an hour into the picture.

In an interview on Sean Hannity's radio show today Coulter defended her actions saying that liberal Hollywood had lost touch with average Americans.

"Apparently in the future the liberals have extinguished all the white people," Coulter explained, "I mean they got a black girl running the communications, an Asian guy driving the ship and a pointy-eared alien doing pretty much everything else.

"I guess we're supposed to just accept that minorities will be the new majority. This isn't an entertainment film - it's nothing but a pro-Obama, multicultural piece of propaganda.

"And of course its not even realistic. Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages? And shouldn't Sulu have crashed the ship into a quasar by now?"

Yesterday's Enterprise

The Star Trek franchise has a long history of promoting multiculturalism since its inception in the 1960's. It broke ground with a multi-racial cast and notably featured the first television kiss between a black and a white character.

The current film, which opened yesterday, is a reboot directed by J.J. Abrams featuring the characters from the original series. Critics have praised the film, but rarely mentioned its politics - a point which also confused host Sean Hannity.

"Now Ann, you know I love you," a puzzled Hannity said, "but I've seen the film, and although there were minorities, there were also plenty of whites. So I guess I don't see your problem."

"Sean, the only other white people are foreigners," she retorted, "you got one Communist from Moscow and a lazy, socialist engineer from Scotland. There's only one red-blooded American white person in the whole movie - and thank god he's the captain. The ship would fall apart in minutes without him.

"And Spock? The actor's gay, and the character is 'Vulcan' - which is code for Jewish. But its not just the characters. The whole Star Trek thing is a socialist plot to brainwash our children.

"I mean no one actually owns the ship, no one gets paid any money, everybody's 'equal'. And they've been flying up there for years and still haven't seen God yet. Karl Marx would have been proud Sean."

Coulter is known for her controversial views on race, and is the author of the recent book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

  • Am I the only one who Think Ann Coulter needs to get laid? but let’s be honest, who would??? XP

  • DepthTested

    On a positive note, after a D.C. screening, Joe Biden was surprised at how clean and articulate the black characters were. Harry Ried pointed out that the characters don’t speak like “most blacks.”

  • I would be any amount of money that had the Perminator Al Sharpton made a similar comment about a film having too many whites, not one eyebrow would be raised

  • Rainlion

    roflmao — you’d lose that bet, since you’d be one of the first to break out the pitchfork and call for his head lol

  • Special Eddie

    Let’s see; movies, TV shows barely feature any so-called minorities to the extent that it looks like all filming was done in Klan territory and you want people to be offended by Sharpton pointing out that over half of America is ignored? Gee, I wonder where you live.

  • Royal

    shes a drama queen desperate for attention and relevance both of which she is rapidly losing ….she feels rejected and marginalized because the only thing that separates her from the every other hack in universe ..isnt all that important anymore

  • The ORIGINAL series had the sme minorities as this movie. Why is it a PROBLEM NOW!!!

  • she should be arrested for disorderly conduct at the theater.

  • BlazeKing

    “Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages?”

    Since centuries ago!!! I bet she doesn’t know that Black people were in Rome speaking Latin…

  • Stop reporting on her, no one cares, she is losing steam, and for good reason, you report on her, you give her steam, let her fade into nothing

  • BLahblah

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever read, only because it’s so horrible

  • Le Choooch

    I dont believe her…Everyone know the black guy gets killed within the first 5 mins. of movies.

  • She doesn’t have the IQ to know all what we are discussing. She should be incarcerated in a school I suggest

  • Toby

    What a nut she is! This is the most offensive of all her comments. Imbecile.

  • Does this woman’s brain work, she is such an idiot!

  • Mark J

    I wonder if she’s aware of the tens of millions of Africans speaking Swahili, and millions in the Caribbean who speak French and Spanish. Seems they can speak all sorts of languages. Might be a bit much for a true conservative to realize.

  • MR G

    Problem with this site is that the irony is borderline plausible when it comes to the crazy right-wing.

  • I’m baffled . . . Is this an Onion article?

  • chrissunner

    exactly her point. we got laid on her trap.

  • chrissunner

    we got laid on her trap. just another publicity stunt for a fallen star. beam us outta here!

  • “Hi, this is Sulu. I took a left at Proxima Centuri, and now I’m stuck in the middle of this quasar . . . “

  • Wow . . . Even SCOTS aren’t WASP enough for her?

  • “I guess we’re supposed to just accept that minorities will be the new majority.”

    Isn’t this exactly what is predicted to happen in the U.S in the next few decades? The only thing I understand less than people relying on mainstream media for their news is relying on FAUX News. It’s a haven for bigotry in disguise as the republican party and nothing more.

  • Nattydaddy

    Wow, didn’t know was so blatantly ignorant. My kind of conservative. That way I can pick em off from a mile away

  • vito33

    Coulter also voiced strenuous condemnation of the movies “Shaft” (#1 and #2), “Roots”, “Blazing Saddles”, and that episode of “The Twilight Zone” that had a black guy and an Asian in it.

  • vito33

    No, you’re confused. You’re quoting McConnell and Cruz.

  • DepthTested

    If you weren’t mentally challenged, you’d know that Biden and Reid both said those things about Obama. Jeez. Liberals are so uninformed.

  • DepthTested

    You’re too stupid to realize the story is a parody.

  • Why in Bahamut’s name would she even go to the movie? It’s literally the same diversity they had fifty years ago.

  • My mission is to seek and destroy all imperfection.

  • Rob

    I said the same thing… though I feel that way about most conservatives.

    Give me 10 minutes with Ann, she’ll be ultra liberal after 😉 lol

  • Don’t think she would take too kindly being forced to cover from head to toe in one of those schools.

  • Cole

    Duuude, I loathe everything about the woman and what she is and couldn’t agree with you more.. All that said, I really wouldn’t mind loosening her up a little lmao

  • gross

  • Yes, Anne, the future is a nefarious plot by progressives to advance the time space continuum. But science fiction has a plan for you, dear; those clever futurists can put you in cryo sleep, where time will stand soothingly still until the sun grows cold. Meanwhile, the rest of us go about the business of living and dying in peace.

  • I’m Republican, and even i think this bitch is insane. Personally i’d be offended if there were only whites, i mean, my race is a fucked up bunch. Surprisingly you’d think i’d be like her, i’m a mick and a kraut, but i’m not, i see nothing wrong with the movie, and am tired of idiots like her making my party, and race look like a bunch of uninformed hicks. She’s almost as accurate in her “history” as Yahoo is in it’s “journalism”

  • Casey

    I wonder if you’re aware this isn’t a real article….

  • John Doe

    This amazing moment you realize how conservative box can make someone dumbass.

  • Dream

    She’s a typical polemist trying stir the pot just to get attention.

  • Riaan

    WTF is this bitch on about?

    “Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages?” Err…. since before they were even in America. Oh but wait, I’m sure because they believe in your god, he made them speak English right?

    “the only other white people are foreigners,”
    Foreigners hey, Im pretty sure the US is made up of a whole bunch of foreigners.

    Bitch is Racist and Ignorant. Seeking attention. Grow up.

  • zengrrl

    Why is anyone still paying attention to her? The only time she rears her head to the public is to spew hateful bile on everyone.

  • learnyashit

    Do people not know a joke when they see it?

  • Don’t be so gullible

    It’s a hoax, you morons.

  • Afro-Blue

    Say, is that the Anne Coulter who was the mistress of J.J. “Dynamiiite” Walker? Wow! She didn’t complain about “minorities”–in her bed!

  • Lurchi
  • They would be beastiality on your behalf/

  • Pagdor

    Wow, with all the other reasons why a person might walk out of a Trek film, (Plot holes, reused plots, 2 dimensional characters, enough lens flares to blind you, etc) She walked out because of casting….the one aspect of the new movies they got right. Stunning, truly stunning.

  • # “And of course its not even realistic. Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages #

    Huh ….. Ann Coulter is a BIG if not the BIGGEST RACIST to ever walk this planet?

    So tell me how many languages does Ann able to communicate in?

    Yes …. she should leave this planet as it according to her has too many minorities

    Can a person really be this stupid?
    Does she play the part of being this stupid very well or is it possible

  • There are many people who speak more than their own language.
    No matter the color of their skin. There are many people who can speak a language not their own.

    Americans usually are not amongst them.
    Cause their language is English and that is spoken as a second language in many parts of the world. There is no need for them to learn any other language. I bet you Ann C does not speak other languages well or not at all.

    This Ann C. is a very stupid and racist for sure. I cannot understand how a person becomes this way. And yes she seems to be wanting attention. She just could have left the theatre without putting on a ‘show’

    I really wonder you know … no body attacked her …. I think I would have. At least pulled a bunch of those blonde hairs out of her scalp.
    But yes .. you are right i would be lowering myself to her standards and that would not be good.

  • Also a lot of people in Africa still speak two languages!
    Their own native and French or English or what ever language comes second in their country.

  • Glad I do not live in the States things have become worse. Stupidity too I am afraid.

    People who do speak a language in a certain area will speak different or just a little different than like the people who live in an other area 500 miles away. This is the same no matter the language spoken.

    In the country I live (netherlands) this fact you can hear even from town to town! Zaandam sounds different than Amsterdam, sound different to Groningen

  • vito33


  • Andrea Leong

    “And of course its not even realistic”

    You mean this site, right?

  • Andrea Leong

    Nope, it’s from a less well-known satire site called ‘The Daily Currant’.

  • Andrea Leong

    OH MY GOD(S)/OTHER. No more comments unless you’ve read this page: http://dailycurrant.com/about/

  • yes but the rest of the world will read this article and THINK it is true.
    think about that.

    And a lot of Americans think it is true.
    I could not tell but then again well english is not my native language.

    I think those websites must be (if this is a hoax as you say) make this more clear.

    People outside the USA base their opinion on articles and things like this. And the way people think about the USA … hm … for a big part they allready think the USA is a Mickey Mouse country where things are not real in other words people are not very smart.
    Where 5 year olds get my ‘first riffle’ and shoot their younger sister for crying outloud. Was big time in the newspapers overhere … you as an American I guess do not want to hear the comments! Would be pretty offensive I would guess.

    Stories like this Ann C. reaction to a movie will get their own lives and people all over the world will based their ideas up on the USA based on stories and articles like this amongst all other stories we hear about the USA offcourse. Like the people who live in the tunnels of las vegas because they no longer could pay the rent to their houses/appartments. People saying no healthcare well just let them die and so on.

  • Dave S

    I have worked in Africa for many years I am always amazed at the number of Africans with many languages All my crew on here have French, English, Spanish and 2 or 3 African languages. In my experience this is not unusual Just goes to show bigotry is ignorant.

  • Bill O’Reilly

    Ann Coulter needs to be butt-raped. By a pig. Or a dog.

  • Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • BlazeKing . Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Dave S Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Sophia Keenesburg Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Royal Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Jacob Cheiky Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Sophia Keenesburg Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Pagdor Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • zengrrl Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Riaan Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Dream Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Larry Leker
    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Chace White

    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Jalna Broderick

    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Chaya

    I think she just needs the right woman. Maybe I could be the right woman, for a night.

  • John Doe

    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Kenneth M Burgess

    The Daily Currant stories are purely fictional

  • JC Eggleton

    The Daily Currant stories are purely fictional

  • Nattydaddy

    The Daily Currant stories are purely fictional

  • marc

    Guess this isn’t real. Coulda fooled me. Actually, it did! The whole time reading it and thinking it was actually her, I wasn’t surprised.

  • This is a parody site

  • This story is pretty good satire, isn’t it?

  • The “trap” comes when you realize that this story is actually satire.

  • You got “laid” on a parody

  • MR_VP1

    The next guy she sleeps with should be a “minority” but it probably wouldn’t happen because then the jig would be up!

  • This IS satire, right? Please tell me it is.

  • zengrrl

    Real or not, she still only gets people to notice her when she says nasty things about others. I just wish people would stop writing about her, real or fake. She doesn’t deserve the attention.

  • She is a boil on the butt of humanity

  • This woman is truly an idiot. Apparently she hasn’t figured out yet whites have been the minority on this planet for thousands of years. Yes, we all know this is satire, but we also know this is exactly what she thinks when the cameras and microphones are turned off too.

  • james

    I just can’t get past her bobbing adams apple

  • Star Trek has always been about different races (species). Even Captain Kirk
    himself had relations with several “unearthly” “non-white” women over
    the decades. The characters have not changed since day one with being
    multiple races and species. If Ms. Coulter bothered to notice
    anything else with her racist eyes, she should have at least been
    satisfied with the fact that a “white MAN” is running the ship, which
    apparently she thinks is the way it should be even in the science
    fiction future. I always found Star Trek to be awesome because of its
    inter racial (species) partnerships and relations over the decades, to
    include all the novels and comics. I think that it may have been part of why I am
    open and accepting of people of different races, backgrounds, religions,
    cultures, and so on. I bet she watched and loved the Smurfs back in the day….and guess what, NONE of them were “white”…..This dumb blonde needs a reality check. Its just a movie…..smh!

  • Ugly Bigots never change.

  • james

    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • David Eccles

    Are you aware this isn’t a real article?

  • Jack

    I think this Ann fellow needs to chill out and stop reading Mein Kampf

  • It’s called satire people

    Daily Currant is a satirical news blog, None of its stories are true.
    If you go to their website you will notice two things, none of the
    stories have any video and if you go to the “about” section of their
    website you see the following in the Q&A.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address
    real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real
    events happening in the world.

  • Chiefs420

    I love this quote “Apparently in the future the liberals have extinguished all the white people.” Ummmmmm it’s not liberals that are extinguishing white people, Ann. It’s genetics.

  • Andrea Leong

    Really? Out of all the gullible posts here, you reply to james with this?

  • Andrea Leong

    Totes inapropes.

  • Andrea Leong

    The clue is not very far away: http://dailycurrant.com/about/

  • Andrea Leong

    Ain’t no one getting laid around here.

  • vito33

    Please stop telling people this. The comments here are often funnier than the stories!

  • Andrea Leong

    Upon scrolling down, I see you’ve been doing a bang-up job. Fair enough if you got one false positive in there.

  • ph0ust

    So you are saying the rest of the world is stupid and isn’t responsible for knowing the source and veracity of what they read?

  • swested

    “She”? That’s being generous, no?

  • This woman is racist from head to toe 24/7. Ann Coulter cannot even enjoy a movie because of her racism. That is sad.

  • Mingandflash1

    Wouldn’t her comments about the current Star Trek easily be applied to the original series of over forty years ago, that’s very sad that we have moved on so little. Poor Ann, history repeating itself and like most ultra right wing conservatives she knows so little about the past that she will never learn from it. Live long and Prosper

  • Juicifer

    I love that the “only red-blooded American” is in fact a Canadian…

  • When it comes to Ann Coulter, the line between truth and satire is VERY blurry.

  • The problem is that its too believable when any political figure is mentioned. The parties have become receptacles for the most radical extremist derangement. You could make up any ridiculous story and it would be milder than what they are doing in real life.
    It would be like claiming that the president of the United States refused to send help when one of our foreign consulates was attacked because he didn’t want to admit that we were attacked by terrorists right before the elec…Well, never mind that one.

  • This is a joke site right? This can’t be true. If so, she has lost any ounce of credibility she has.


  • Scotty, lazy? F U Anne! You coke junkie.

  • She must have a new book coming out, because she’s trolling for attention.

  • Yes she needs to get laid, and preferably by a black man; this will update her views

  • the fact that this dumb crap is news is beyond me

  • To be fair, the actual woman is insane enough that its kind of difficult to tell.

  • Do you really NEED to attack her femininity? Aren’t there plenty of ACTUAL reasons to attack her? Stop acting like it actually matters if she was born female, because it doesn’t.

  • swested

    For a “woman” – or whatever – who makes a career out of denigrating others, I don’t consider any aspect of her to be off limits for mockery or judgment.

  • This media whore has reached new heights of bat crap crazy.

  • Arakiba

    This is either an Onion article or Coulter never saw the original series.

  • Please please please tell me this was mistakenly taken from the Onion. How does this racist cadaver still have a show if these quotes are legit? w.t.f?

  • Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww

  • Shannon Harewood – Malone

    This is outrageous. I do not even want to live in a world where things like this exist, I mean, are you kidding me?

  • Hank Scorpio

    A healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing on the internet. Apparently a whole lot of people are completely lacking in that.

    It’s a parody site. This particular article is designed to hook in lefties by feeding into their prejudice about righties, in general, and Coulter, in particular. Congrats to many on being ignorant enough to fall for it.


  • This is simply offensive.
    In the future, there will surely be no “white” people.
    All our races and nationalities are mixing rapidly now, you think in 1000 years in the future there are still going to be “white” people??
    I don’t know what planet Anne lives on, but it must not be this one.

  • Scoot

    I’d “F” her, but you can bet she would be in the bathroom crying after it was over.

  • Charlie

    She’s a f’in idiot.. Man, I have never seen such a narrow minded individual in my life.. scary.. plus, it’s an Earth ship, not a US WASP ship.. and we’re hoping that “in the future”, people have outgrown these idiotic fears that separate us.

  • Hank Scorpio

    Except it’s not true.

    Was it a narrow minded belief in the racism of Coulter (or all conservatives) that over-rode the common sense notion that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet?


  • MrBlifil

    I guess she’s not that into the darkness.

  • She’s authored a book? Has she finished coloring it in yet?

  • Everyone that’s commenting knows this is a satire web site right????

  • Sevrock

    she should have known considering The title is “In to darkness”

  • Alessa

    This woman’s mouth is too ignorant to be true! She clearly seems as though she has never left American soil. There are people in the Caribbean ( well thanks to European settlers) that speak more than 5 languages. O_o, She needs a 1 month vacay and a heavy dose of minority d**k…

  • sarah muffin pie

    Wow…I saw the movie and this whole topic didn’t even cross my mind, i didn’t count the colors of the crew for f*&^s sake, i just enjoyed the freakin film!.. jesus, am i the only one who is sick of hearing all this sh*t, its 2013 and my god, are we still so divded? People are never happy are they… ‘must get the racial balance right’ to please nuts and cracks like this messed up woman?! i hope if we are re-incarnated, she comes back as my dead orchid plant

  • Yes, this is satire, but “Mugged” is a real book by Ms. Coulter. Remember that.

  • Her parents must have been a couple of doozies. I am guessing that their home was the national HQ for the KKK. What a waste of oxygen!

  • dannyjmt

    At first I thought this article was real. It’s only when I saw other headlines that I realized it was a satire site. This article is–unfortunately–100% plausible.

  • Listen, I think Ann Coulter is a jerk, but the people on here who think this is a real article are a little ridiculous! This is satire, people, it’s fake! It’s meant as humor!

  • hooha

    This is obviously a joke

  • Hasn’t someone put her in an institution yet. Obviously she has some sort of mental illness?

  • All these idiots beleving fake news. I would charge that the daily current is racist for falsely labeling someone a racist.

  • And this is not the first time they did this to Coulter. At this point its clear this is not satire, its a full on propaganda smear job.

  • It’s interesting that she would lash out like this, considering that the same cast was present for the 2009 Star Trek reboot, and TOS had the same cultural makeup as the current crew. This isn’t exactly a new setup.

    And really? Black people can’t speak foreign languages? Scotty is lazy? And ‘Vulcan’ is code for Jewish?

    Someone on Twitter mentioned this reads more like an Onion piece than a piece of actual commentary? I completely agree.

  • She needs to get a life…. or at least off of TV

  • Oh, it is definitely satire. One of the best parts about this site is seeing the responses from all the low information types.

    The people that choose to regard TDC articles as truth without doing further research on their own, deserve to be fooled.

    Off topic: I admire Ms. Coulter’s strength for standing up for what she believes in. Folks should take time to listen to her, she definitely ain’t no racist.

    Black Panthers and KKK, now those people are racist.

  • *facepalm* It’s satire, people. She may be horrid but even she’s not this daft.

  • WoW.. I can not believe how many people thought this was a real article and how upset they got…


  • Funny thing is the most racist groups have homes and roots in the democrat party. They just change who they re racist about not that ideologically they predisposed to being racist if they are democrat. La Raza, New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and many more for example. They just shift to being racist against those that threaten their power.

  • She needs to get laid by several minorities..trouble is she does not realize that she is now a “minority”..what goes around in terms of whites invading North America and Europeans invading South America has come full circle..now whites are the minorities..

  • Lizzietish81

    Who would have expected that a movie based on a show that was renown for its multinational cast would have so many minorities? Methinks Anne wants some attention.

  • Hellpig

    all of you low-information Obama voters should NEVER breed

  • Brian

    The Daily Currant (like The Onion) makes fake satirical news stories in the interest of comedy. If you click on the “About” section it clearly states that. If stories like this are clogging up the channels you normally get your news from then you should probably check your source for news, cause they aren’t.

  • guhuhuh

    You guys KNOW this is a joke, right???

  • Dear Ms Coulter

    Minorities are already the new majority. But I know how out of touch with reality you are, so I’ll let that little oversight go.

  • Yes, this is all about the current president and his race. It’s not like these characters were created in the 1960’s. Wait… what? They were created in the 1960″s? Ann, go to IMDb.com and type in “Star Trek”. Look at who was in the original series and the names of the characters.

  • If Star Trek has too many minorities, this bitch needs to get back to the kitchen.

  • Alicia

    What is sad is that she has made similiar REAL LIFE statements that were this ridiculous–and people took her seriously for years.

  • Alicia

    I agree

  • Alicia

    I do but this is so much like something she would say that many believe she said it–why not–she has made even stupider claims in real life.

  • Alicia

    Yes–she is a joke–and would say something like this in real life–wait, she a HAS said stuff like this in real life and it was JUST as ridiculous. What is sad is that she actually had people taking her seriously for years.

  • Teto85

    Don’t fret Ann. The next one will have a tranny just for you.

  • bob

    the only thing her vagina is good for is freezing the warts off of my toes…

  • Liberals are the dumbest animals on the planet. You really will believe everything you’re told, won’t you? This is a satire website. Sheep.

  • Only because you are VERY easily duped. Baa baaa, little sheep.

  • No, they believe everything they’re told. Good li’l sheep!

  • Feel free to invite yourself out of the game of life, little bo peep.

  • What is sad is that you are gullible enough to fall for this hook, line and sinker. In fact you ate the pole and took a bite out of the boat, too!

  • Neither do stupid, gullible people.

  • drake3232

    That bitch be not be taken serious because it not worth anybody time to listen to her. Plus, she to get laid definitely from a black guy of her status and I bet she think differently.

  • why hasn’t she been committed yet?

  • Smith

    I think most people here missed your joke.

  • Braintrust5000

    What a piece of white supremacist trash.

  • Well, if you wanna be an Annhole about it, the last 8 of 10 people hired in our IT team (you know highly technical stuff) were all foreigners…

  • What does God need with a Starship?

  • Wilbur Post

    Good luck finding a horse lacking enough self-respect to do the deed with her.

  • JamesDenton

    This is not a real news article. The Daily Currant is a Satirical News Site.

  • JQuest

    Oh, please. She’s a media addict. She craves the attention her inflamatory rhetoric generates. If you really want to get to her, ignore her. She is nothing without “controversy”.

  • Dan

    Haven’t black men suffered enough?

  • dstfano

    She does not even believe it, didn’t she just put out another book on different races? So why not creat a little publicity to get her books sold. She is just dressed up trash like the rest of them no morals. These people would sell their mothers to a pimp.

  • Damien

    Your right, I don’t mean to sound all stereotypical here, but are there any other ethnicities known for having big ones? What about Polynesian men? Maybe she needs a good Polynesian man to help her into the 23rd century.

  • Is this for real? This isn’t some sort of satire?

  • Damien

    No seriously, did she really say this stuff? Tubez or it didn’t happen!

  • mama

    Check out that Adams apple….I’m not sure that “she” is actually a “she”.

  • Grizzly ironbear

    Holy…is she really that stupid? I mean damn…she’s the QUEEN of stupid blondes.

  • tzwicky

    What a nimrod. So she missed the original Trek cast? JJ Abrams didn’t invent them. My alternate-reality timeline would definitely NOT include idiots like Ann.

  • Brent Wroten

    C’mon man, she can’t really believe this. It got to be a fake story. I mean it’s the same amount minorities it had in the sixties. Obama was like 7-8 yrs old when it first aired. How did he get in it.

  • Katie Kintner

    When she pulls this bullshit, she GETS ATTENTION and that is what it is all about! It gets her LOTS OF MONEY. Too bad Gene Roddenberry has passed away, I’m sure he would have PLENTY to say about this idiot woman.

  • bblande

    You do understand this is a satire website, right?

  • bblande


  • bblande

    No. Even for her, this is over the top.

  • bblande

    You understand this site is satire, right?

  • William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk is a Canadian. That should drive her crazy. A Canadian commanding the USS Enterprise. LOL

  • 1) In the Star Trek universe, there never has been a United States — the Earth is is a One World Govt., promoting a one galaxy govt (The United Federation of Planets). 2) The exact same characters in the current film were also in the original (from the 1960’s) Star Trek on TV. 4) Ann is an idiot.

  • saphire

    She need to be inform and educated on geographic and anthropology, because Africa is a big content with many country and people have traded for years and with other continent as well like the middle east and Mediterranean area. Also out all the race white American can only speak one language and not even very well.

  • saphire

    it only on scary movie!!!!!

  • Donutbaker

    Uh, Amy … Sweetie. You are part of a minority on this planet, right now. Haven’t studied world populations recently, I take it?

  • John B

    45 years ago Gene Rodenberrty chose a Black woman to play Uhuru, an Asian to play Sulu and a Jew to play Mr. Spock. Ann Coulter’s grandma was mortified.

  • shytot

    She needs a good spanking.

  • Donutbaker


  • ok, what crack, meth, or cocaine is she doing???? or is a combination of all three?

  • dmcs

    She actually dated JJ from Good Times!

  • dannyjmt

    One only needs to look up actual outrageous comments spewed by Ann Coulter to see that this article could totally be true.

    Anyways, I’ve always maintained as a personal theory that Ann Coulter is just a “troll”–always saying provocative and controversial things to drum up publicity.

  • it might be made up story, but its not really satire. what out of this do you think shes doesnt really think? i dont know this site and i didnt know it was satire.

  • Ian

    “The Star Trek franchise has a long history of promoting multiculturalism since its inception in the 1960’s.” Correct! It’s a future where all humans live in peace on Earth and there is no division of country. The characters in Star Trek don’t represent the United States, they represent humanity.

  • In the sequel (you know there will be one) they should cast Ann as a black hole.

  • Oh that’s a relief. Someone linked this and my faith in humanity was severely shaken.

  • thetreyman


    what is really ignorant is thinking the daily current does real news and thinking all of the stories here are not made up as satire, then shooting your mouth off about a made up quote.

    there, now you’re not ignorant about the daily current anymore.

  • thetreyman

    no, i think these idiots really think this is real.

    funny how they dont recognize their own bias when they get fooled by a story like this.

    but hey, look on the bright side. these folks get to cancel out your vote every election.

  • Who is going to lay that dog? not even with sterile gloves

  • thetreyman

    faux news describes the daily current perfectly as that is exactly what they do.

  • thetreyman

    are you threatening to kill ann coulter over a made up article?

    if you would like to see ignorant, look in the mirror fool.

  • thetreyman

    also amazing is how being a hack liberal can make someone believe a made up story. dumbass anyone?

    pot meet kettle.

  • YammerHammer

    I think most here know it isn’t real. Anymore than the fake scandals the repubs planted are real. But she does say and do things equally as silly and bigoted. That’s why the spoof works. And folks are discussing it and adding some fairly funny comments. Nothing wrong with that.

  • thetreyman

    do you like being made a fool of.

  • equality72521

    This story is false…wow you left-wingers are either totally stupid, or totally amoral liars to believe this. Well I guess you could be both.

  • thetreyman

    it is no doubt fake.

    you do have her pegged though. she is a verbal bombthrower. of course there are plenty of those on the left as well. and yes, she only says some things to get liberals upset.

  • thetreyman

    while i have heard ann say many things to upset liberals, i have never heard her say anything like this. not even close. could you point me to your source material for this accusation.

  • thetreyman

    nor did she in real life. this is a fake news website. none of the stories here are real.

  • thetreyman

    you bias is showing.

  • Mr. E

    Her vagina has teeth. Sharp ones.

  • thetreyman

    how do you know? are you a mind reader? or is it simply what you want to believe?

  • thetreyman

    i’d do that green chick.

  • thetreyman

    a good book to understand how the left thinks.

  • thetreyman

    not really. unless you’re a lefty hack that only sees what you want to see. then yes, the lines are very blurry for you my friend.

  • thetreyman

    does it hurt when you think? is that why you dont do it?

  • thetreyman

    i guess recognizing fake news stories is not your strong suit. you are mindbogglingly gullible. thinking this is a real story completely negates everything else you wrote. no one should listen to the village idiot for information on anything past, present of future.

  • zoe99

    ~It’s true. No conservative has ever been fooled by The Onion or The Daily Currant. Conservatives are so smart!~

  • zoe99

    Well, *someone* has to give birth to the next generation of doctors and lawyers.

  • zoe99

    This website is also a parody news website, just like The Onion. It is newer and not quite as well-known, but the telltale marks of satire are unmistakeable if you read carefully.

  • zoe99

    It’s not a smear job; it’s parody. Most people (liberals AND conservatives) know it’s satire. It’s just not terribly funny, because it’s so close in tone-deafness to Coulter’s actual past comments.

  • thetreyman

    and you still didnt recognize that it was satire. or maybe you did….hmm. i may have to give you a pass on this one because that is kind of funny.

  • dale1953

    If she’s serious she needs to be committed, If she’s playing for publicity, she needs to censured by the Right. Either way, she needs to be relegated to the dust bins of history, as an unashamed ratings/money whore, and anyone who agrees with her is seriously misguided!

  • zoe99

    It’s not really off-topic to say that you admire Ann Coulter on a thread about Ann Coulter, is it?

    Have you ever taken the time to listen to an actual Black Panther? Most of them are less racist than Coulter.

  • thetreyman

    this is a news satire website. nothing here is real. at least you questioned it. unlike some of the other people commenting here.

  • zoe99

    Sad that someone who doesn’t know the meaning of racist feels so comfortable throwing it around with impugnity.

  • LotsofQs

    ann, go back to whatever snow-white-ass planet you’re from and leave humanity alone. you are one crazy whacko that needs to spend some alone time on an asteroid for about three gazillion years…..

  • zoe99

    It’s really not that funny, unfortunately. Too close to the truth; also, just not that funny.

  • zoe99

    No, it was a reasonable belief that someone who has said incredibly stupid, mean, and inane things in the past, just to be shocking and draw attention to herself, might have said something stupid, mean, and inane to be shocking and draw attention to herself.

  • thetreyman

    it amazes me how some people, like you, can navigate their way out of there house every day. if you think the stories on the daily current are real then do us all a favor and dont vote.

  • zoe99

    The Daily Currant = The Onion. They are different websites, but they are both SATIRICAL news websites.

  • thetreyman

    the fact that you think this is a real news site is beyond me.

  • zoe99

    So, it was immediately obvious to you that when Ann Coulter called the 9/11 widows “harpies” it was real, and that this was a joke? Interesting.

  • thetreyman

    dave buttree has reached new heights of gullibility.

  • thetreyman

    congratulations. you have figured out what the daily current’s “news stories” are.

  • thetreyman

    yes, the daily current is kidding you. here is a helpful tip for you, learn to recognize satire.

  • thetreyman

    i dont know either but you seem to live on the planet gullible.

  • thetreyman

    they saw it on the internet so it must be true.

  • thetreyman

    do you come from an alternate universe where the daily current is a real news site? or do you just want this to be true so you believe it?

  • thetreyman

    no, she does it to piss off lefty hacks like you. mission accomplished.

  • thetreyman

    no, its just that you want it to be true.

  • thetreyman


  • thetreyman

    you probably shouldnt question someones mental fitness when you are being duped by a satirical website.

  • this lady is a moron

  • thetreyman

    yep. i heard them talking about killing white people simply because they are white.

  • thetreyman

    the problem is these idiots vote.

  • dannyjmt

    Assume much?

  • thetreyman

    and you should get a clue…..or at least not comment and embarrass yourself as gullible.

  • thetreyman

    amazing, isnt it.

  • thetreyman

    who would have expected that people are go gullible to believe this is real.

  • thetreyman

    “out of touch with reality”

    this from someone who is being fooled by a satirical “news” site.

    pot meet kettle.

  • peterpun

    This cow will do anything to get her name in the papers..

  • thetreyman

    you should go to the “about” section on this website and learn to question things, even if you want them to be true.

  • thetreyman

    another gullible lefty.

  • thetreyman

    i hope you realize this is a satirical “news” site.

  • thetreyman

    and im sure ann cares as much about that as she does that you were gullible enough to believe this story.

  • thetreyman

    another gullible lefty.

  • thetreyman

    “She does not even believe it”

    true, because she never said it. dont be so gullible to be taken in by a satirical website.

  • thetreyman

    now you can go back and make fun of how gullible they are.

  • thetreyman

    no, but if you believed it then you are.

  • thetreyman

    its fake.

    and i want to make a young obama growing up in kenya joke so bad right now.

  • thetreyman

    you shouldnt call someone an idiot while being fooled by a satirical website.

  • thetreyman

    you cant be stupid enough to believe this story is real can you?

  • thetreyman

    no, you are the idiot for believing this.

  • thetreyman

    does it hurt to think? is that why you dont do it?

  • thetreyman

    nope. but i dont think this is much of a stretch.

  • thetreyman

    there are plenty of reasons to dislike ann coulter. fact is she gets on my nerves. but to get outraged over something that didnt happen is foolish. so, in this case i will defend her. everyone knows she is a verbal bombthrower and it is aimed, usually, at the left. just to get you guys all riled up. she likes doing it and being hated by people like you. just like the lefty bombthrowers like being hated by the right.

  • thetreyman

    and you should go and study what satire is.

  • thetreyman

    i could ask you the same question since you believe this story actually happened.

  • Man Coulter is known for her Adam’s Apple.

  • thetreyman

    the fact that you believe this is real shows who the real misguided one is.

  • thetreyman

    is it moronic to believe a made up story?

  • thetreyman

    please tell me you dont believe this made up satirical story that is on this satirical website?

  • uber liberal

  • but but but Coulter says ignorant stuff like this all the time. That this is entirely in step with her espoused beliefs does not warrant criticizing anyone who takes it at face value.

  • “i think these idiots really think this is real.

    funny how they dont recognize their own bias”

    Dude? Nothing in this steps far from Coulter’s past racist statements. There is no “bias” to believing anything that purports to be a racist view expressed by Ann Coulter.

    If the surf had a history of washing up an average three turtles, 19 shells and 80 pounds of seaweed per day, and someone said four turtles, 12 shells and 120 pounds of seaweed just washed up, there is no “bias” in someone who accepts the statement at face value.

    Jeez, and you are calling people “idiots”? You’re a moron. Grok that.

  • No, trey, Coulter is batshit crazy, and this is not out of character for her at all.

  • trey, no one who learns that this story is not true is outraged at the story past the point of knowledge.

    Any outrage you discern past that point of knowledge is aimed at fricking nutjob idiots who try to criticize those who accepted that this typically-Coulter satire was real, when reality is no less bizarre than this satire.

    What is evident is that nutjobs are so relieved that their pinup beanstalk Coulter didn’t actually say this that they try to gain some advantage from the sordid fact that the story is entirely believable.

  • Dfsdfs

    Gotta love the idiots that don’t know what satire is.

  • Anna Gram

    Ann Co*lter = A Loner C*nt

  • Big Brown Occulus

    I have one thing to say about Ann Coulter. Yuck! She is the most unattractive woman on the face of the Earth, and that has nothing to do with her physical looks but everything to do with what she is on the inside. Again, yuck!!!

  • David Carlo

    Ann Coulter is a fascist racist bitch – and I am a Conservative Republican!

  • Hank Scorpio

    Way to double-down, Zoe. Don’t bother to ponder whether the bubble in which you live your life might exaggerate the “evil” of people with whom you disagree. You certainly wouldn’t want to have an open mind.

  • thetreyman

    so you believe in convicting someone of a crime that didnt happen because you feel it could have? is that the america that we have to look “forward” to.

  • thetreyman

    only because you want it to be true.

  • thetreyman

    i dont deny that colter gets on my nerves, but i wont convect on trumped up charges.

  • thetreyman

    it is only through your bias that you think that she actually said this. she may be a verbal bombthrower but to think she would actually say these things is comical.

  • Men, really. I am a die hard feminist progressive and think this woman is as big a douchnozzle as Rush Limbaugh. But really, making jokes about your magically healing penis (or anyone’s) “fixing” her little problem is rape culture. I am tired of fellow lefties contributing to rape culture. Here’s a test… replace the words Anne Coulter” with “random angry feminist lesbian.” in your statement. Does it make you cringe? Would you slap someone for saying it on an article about two moms struggling for acceptance in raising their kid? Yup. Thought so.
    The woman has 10001 messed up attributes. Please stop focusing on the one, (and your “solution”) that makes every woman in the room cringe and has nothing to do with her awful, wretched, shrunken soul. Which is the real problem.

  • Longduree

    I guess she never saw an episode of star trek before. The franchise has always been multicultural, and in a good way. What a terrible person Ann is that she gets upset at the though of a crew that includes a black woman, an asian man and a pointy eared space man. I think she has revealed her true self with these statements.

  • Oh, everyone is aware that its satire. The problem is that it is so close to something she would (and indeed not as extreme as some things that she has said) say that it’s on that line of “is it real or satire?”. The only thing that gives it away as fake is the website, everything else is sadly plausible.

    It says a lot when her views are so extreme that what would normally be an insane comment to attribute to an individual seems perfectly possible to have come from her.

  • Guest

    but the liberal someones will just abort them all. We need people that like the next generation to bring them up.

  • Longduree

    Not all of us lefties are into being politically correct. It’s humor. Humor can be a bit spicy.

  • filmmakr40

    She has got to be kidding. I can’t believe anyone is that racist and stupid. She has got to be saying crap like that just to be controversial and sell books. The scary thing is that she panders to people who actually believe her. I’m shocked that she’s even given air time to spew her ignorance.

  • rodneyur

    Those challenged folks occupying street corners with their sandwich-board signs and pamphlets are not given a lot of air time/coverage. Why is this highly challenged individual given any at all? She’s silly.

  • saris1

    You understand that this is comedy, right? This article is not real, this never happened.

  • Visheup

    “And of course its not even realistic. Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages?”
    Wait, what??? I think the average black person in the US speaks more languages than the average white person. Is this chick really a tv personality and author or was she made up by Monty Python?????

  • Is this real or like another Onion site? Can someone be so publicly stupid? That’s like saying there wasn’t enough Whites in LOTR because 2/3 on the screen where Orcs, Elves, and Hobbitsis

  • If she can’t create some kind of controversy she might have to look for a real job…

  • Freddy At Night

    Reckon Ann didn’t see the official trailer for the movie first…


  • Sebasstian

    Being from sweden (shaped by democratic socialism, (coulter though would probably consider us as full blown commies)) I have a hard time making sense out if coulters argument, are they meant to be taken seriously or as irony…

  • LawMan5643

    I just hope that whatever her problem(s) are that she get’s them taken care of. Sounds like she really needs to get laid in a bad way.

  • Bill

    Poor excuse for satire. I hate Ann Coulter as much as the next sane person, but if you want your site to be entertaining, do it correctly.

  • wow. I’ve not seen the most recent movie, but I’m pretty sure Ann Coulter has lost her mind. Who goes into a Star Trek movie expecting anything other than multi-cultural, international , interstellar team checking out the universe.

  • Set her up with Chris Brown. They’re an IQ and personality match.

  • Baker

    I think she just trying to get some attention promoting her new book … !

  • Guest

    There are no words.

  • Fresh87


  • Bored by You

    This is why America is done. You people are too busy with hate to know that you are completely stupid. Go get your “news” from the Onion.

  • I’d stick it in her!

  • I’d give her a minority report!

  • Freddy At Night

    Pot! Meet Kettle!

  • Freddy At Night

    Kinda like you learning to write to get on the internets, huh…

  • Freddy At Night

    Except by the 23th Century, science had found the cures for homosexuality and Islam!

  • Freddy At Night

    Still flippin’ burgers, eh, Julian?

  • Freddy At Night

    Reckon she ain’t the only one!

  • Freddy At Night

    How’s your book doing, Baker?

  • Wow, apparently she doesn’t get it that IT’S JUST A MOVIE!!!!! purely entertainment. Pro Obama? Really. Go away Ann, please just go away……….

  • Freddy At Night

    Det är satir, maoistiska blodigel!

  • Lolwhat

    Lol you people will believe anything slapped on the web xD

  • Freddy At Night

    I used to like The Onion – until it went shilling for the Left and the homos…

  • This woman… hurts my head.

  • Freddy At Night

    And we didn’t know until now your brain is made of petrified wood!

  • Freddy At Night

    In this movie they weren’t “checking out the universe”… They were searching for effeminate alien men and interstellar government benefits!

  • Freddy At Night

    Wow! And apparently you don’t get that this article is SATIRE!!! Pure entertainment! Please go away now, Cathy…

  • Freddy At Night

    People who play WOW hurt my head…

  • do people not realize this is parody?

  • She must spend a ton of money on bodyguards. I would love to go on a date with her…just her…and me…and a baseball bat

  • W

    Um, more than half of the Enterprise crew is white, lady. Are you sure you were watching Star Trek??

  • Russian55

    Apparently she never saw the ORIGINAL Star Trek and doesn’t realize that most of the Planet Earth is not white….

  • Here is one of the individuals who should be removed from our society. Firstly Miss racist bitch, the characters in this reboot are accurate to the original show. SO good on the writers for not changing up everything about an already loved franchise. As for black people speaking foreign languages, black people invented the numbers we use in our language. Without them we would be using roman numerals. As for Asian driver’s I laugh so hard at your understanding of the world and would love to lash you to the front of any Zero the Japanese piloted in WWII. You want bad drivers? Look at poor white teens. As for the Vulcan, since when has Vulcan been code for Jewish? Since you made that up whenever you first spewed this insipid garbage right? I thought so. What is sci-fi with no aliens? Boring and diminished is what, so hush your lying, racist, given too much ability to communicate mouth. As for socialism, you are a damn fool. You live in a pure capitalistic society, cant you see the harm capitalism dose? It lets the few control the many, to bleed them dry of all but the bare minimum needed to survive then buy the government with bribes and debt loans to further legislate how the people must spend their lives. For a society to exist in peace with each other, Capitalism and Socialism must meet in the middle and shake hands. And before you go off on a rant that a TV show and movie franchise made me think like this, I don’t like Trek. What made me realize this one day is overly paid dushebags and cuntwaffles like you who are so wealthy and popular they get to spew words like oral diarrhea onto the communication lines to inflict upon the public your opinion which unlike what you may think you are not entitled to. You think something is wrong with America right? Well I will tell you what it is. We as a country allow people like you to be our public face. You are why other countries citizens hate Americans you sow unworthy of a name. They think we are all like you.

  • echochamber

    Right on. Another “woman” dabbling in public affairs when she should be home cooking.

  • sherae


  • sgt

    “… first television kiss between a black and a white character …” Why is that important??? Do blacks and whites need to kiss? Why the ‘push’ to ALWAYS mix? Are we unable to appreciate differences without intimacy???

  • Jay Dee

    Don’t embarrass yourself and presume this is true.

  • Give me examples of things she has said that are even close to this in context?

  • LS

    -what a prejudiced bi**h. If she was a TRUE Star Trek fan, (as I am seeing as I was a part of a conventioneers group),
    she would
    KNOW, the ORIGINAL, there WAS,, a mix of different ethnic backgrounds –
    white, black, Asian, Scottish, and aliens too.
    Ann Coulter
    It’s 2013 beotch, get over yourself!
    I am a MIX, of, Irish, German, Scottish, English, Austrian, Blackfoot Indian, and a LITTLE Jewish- got a problem with,THAT one?! Didn’t think so.
    Mommy and daddy REALLY shunned you from reality didn’t they now? We ALL live and breathe the same air, eat the same foods, pee, sh**, get sick, etc…and deal with the same issues day in and day out- DEAL with it!
    Wow, unreal.

  • Pierre

    Show’s you that, as usual, they’ll let just about anyone graduate from Cornell…

  • Freddy At Night

    I had to walk out ‘cuz they was to many homos in teh movie and homos make me saaaaad! 🙁

  • Freddy At Night

    Whoa, dude! This is the biggest load of faggotry I’ve seen this week!

  • Freddy At Night

    Reckon you believe gay Asians can drive good to!

  • xderloin

    The last article I read on THE DAILY CURRANT was about Palin. They should just remove the “RRA” and get it over with. Just sayin’.

  • LS

    If you don’t like what others comment here, than, WHY, do you allow comments? You’re no better than she is (Oh wait, that’s right, because you work for her). Maybe you shouldn’t be paying attention to the ‘homos’ in the theater (Oh wait, those in denial are usually one themselves).

  • Nudgie

    Oh, come on. We all know she tucks it. Maybe she could do it with all American Mom Farrah Abraham? Ooops – no, Jewish.

  • Chris

    Not only is Ann C. a dumbass but Zoe Saldana isn’t black, she’s Puerto Rican/Dominican, LATINA.

  • Dan

    Thank you, William A Manning, for valiantly reminding every single commenter that this isn’t a real article. I shall nominate you for the International Society for Internet Fake News Award for Investigative Reporting.

  • Andrea Leong

    Come on now. All the gullible conservatives just aren’t commenting because they think “fair enough, good points Ann.”

  • Andrea Leong

    “no, she does it to piss off lefty hacks like you. mission accomplished.”

    So what you’re saying is… she’s a troll, just like dannyjmt supposed.

  • Ms. Coulter did seem rather exclusionary in her observation that the blond, blue-eyed white man was still in charge of them all…

  • Oh, for the love of……. this is a fake story people.

  • LAuserR

    What’s bad is that people are reporting what she said. She should be ignored. She does this every time when she has some junk to sell. It’s free publicity and a distraction. Ignore her.

  • LAuserR

    HAHAHA Never heard of this site. Good one. People listen up:

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that
    covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science,
    health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide –
    now including South Sudan.

  • thetreyman

    no idiot. she does it to piss off lefty hacks like you not to drum up publicity like dannyjmt said. so she is trolling you, not trolling for publicity. and i for one support her in that endeavor. anything else, sheep?

  • thetreyman

    way to play the conservatives are racist card. its so old now that its comical. the stand by comment from sheep that cant think for themselves. what problem, exactly, do you have with freedom? or is it that you dont know what freedom really is and think it’s taking from one to give to another? anything else, sheep?

  • Andrea Leong

    How did you manage to post this directly after the previous comment?

  • HumanityIsGarbage

    They’ve been flying for four years and still haven’t seen god yet? Wow god can be found OUT IN SPACE?!??!?!? What planet does god live in? Can we just fly on up to god and say hello?

    This woman proves she’s an terrible, disgusting person almost every time she opens her mouth. The world will be a better place when she is dead.

  • Andrea Leong

    Oh, wow. Okay. Forget I said anything.

  • Andrea Leong

    Firstly, JQuest didn’t give any indication that he or she is a lefty, but merely asserted Ann Coulter is an attention-seeker. You said earlier that Coulter is a verbal bombthrower and gets on your nerves.

    Secondly, I’m not sure how you made the leap from my jab at conservatives to thinking that I have a problem with freedom. From what I understand, there’s a greater gap between the right and left side of politics in the US (than here in Aus) — maybe that explains it.

    Thirdly, there’s something incongruous about closing two replies in an hour to the same person with, “anything else, sheep?”

    Fourthly, the fool here is me, because I believe you’re just going to reply with something else hostile, if at all.

    (I thought your reply to JQuest was meant good-naturedly, which makes my comment read differently. I’m going to continue to take your comments in a humorous way, because they don’t make sense otherwise.)

  • Visheup

    Drive to where??? Ohhh, you meant ‘drive too’!!!

  • This is satire right? The perpetual old maid [NO ONE will ever marry the poor thing], takes out her obvious frustrations on anyone who she deems threatening. Which is everyone who is not Ann! She is so delusional and pathetic one can only feel pity for poor dried up Ann.

  • it’s fake. ‘the daily currant’ is a satirical news publication, much like ‘the onion’. this did not actually occur.

  • Chiefs420

    Convect? What does convect mean? Ahhh… I THINK you must mean CONVICT. I also THINK that little conservative troll should learn how to spell before accusing other people of not THINKING.

  • cocodile

    I’m amused (read: livid) that Ann lumps everyone into “White” and “Not-White” like there’s only two races. What a disappointing political commentator — not a single thing that leaves her mouth is intelligent. Ever. And intelligent commentary is what people need to hear.

    Not racist bullshit.

    EDIT: Also, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with all the lewd comments. Ann Coulter pretty awful, yes, but that’s no excuse to start dropping misogynistic comments everywhere. Gross. All you guys did was trade her racist behavior with sexual harassment. Don’t fight harm with more harm. We’re better than that. =

  • disqus_1iBc

    as long as she is attacking Star Fleet and not any real people I am OK with it

  • redneck63625

    Nigroes are the only imbeciles stupid enough to believe this was a legitimate news story, probably because “legitimacy” is an alien concept to them…

  • Guest


  • Jack



  • thetreyman

    trolling is what i do best. i thank theirfore i are.

  • DatBus

    Well I don’t agree much with the likes of Ann Coulter, but I am glad that someone is questioning Multicultural politics and realizes it isn’t all friendly and KumBaYa.

  • thetreyman

    she does get on my nerves sometimes but you attacked conservatives as racist with what you considered a little jab. since you dont live in the US and are most likely not conservative, you think it’s funny. as a conservative, it is the oldest tactic the left uses to try to shut down debate. it’s tiresome and played out. since you dont live here you may not know all the things that are now considered racist by the left. such as, Chicago, socialist, angry, golf, i could go on but you see my point.

    i said “anything else, sheep” because i wanted to call you a sheep twice. that was my mistake. you being from Australia, i should have said kangaroo.

    as far as jquest is concerned, he is gullible. this site doesnt do real news. they do however make up stories that play right to what the left thinks conservatives are. that is why you see so many here who believe that coulter actually said those things. she has said some things in the past that have had me cringing, but never to this level.

    if there was a story about bill maher that said he was advocating putting conservatives through reeducation centers, i would have to see the video to believe it. also, he is a comedian so i would have to have the context in which he said it to know if it was some punchline to a joke or not. and there are some conservatives that would believe this hook, line and sinker. they too are gullible and would be believing it because they wanted it to be true.

    now, anything else, kangaroo?


  • Revyloution

    Why does God need a spaceship?

  • Only because you were unable to satisfy her!

  • Canuck Sailor

    For those too stupid here to realize it – and that would mostly be left wing types who don’t read critically – this is satire. It didn’t happen. Mind you, it’s very poorly done satire. Were I Ann Coulter, I’d be speaking to a lawyer about this.
    The funniest part of this is the screaming lulus here ranting about how nasty Ann Coulter is…so let me repeat: this is satire, a bad joke, it never happened.

  • Lynn Ertell

    I happen to know some well-endowed Samoans we could hook her up with.

  • What a f’n idiot…I suppose she failed to realize that was the racial make up of the ORIGINAL STAR TREK!!!! That woman is delusional.

  • zoe99

    Oh God, I hope you’re joking…

  • zoe99

    No. People do not realize this is parody.

    Sad, I know.

  • zoe99

    It’s another Onion site. Just not as funny.

  • Thank you. Every vote counts.

  • zoe99

    It’s not very funny humor. Really. It’s not. And I *despise* Ann Coulter.

  • zoe99

    I think you missed the irony in your own post there, O Clever One…

  • zoe99

    Your mom’s calling you; it’s time for dinner. Run upstairs and enjoy dinner with mommy!

  • zoe99

    I’m pretty sure saphire’s first language is not English. And I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s the only one you have…

  • zoe99

    But you restrained yourself because you know there are no young Obama growing up in Kenya jokes that are actually funny… good for you!

  • zoe99

    (1) Everyone knows the real low-information voters all watch Fox News (and they didn’t vote for Obama).
    (2) Liberals aren’t any more likely to have abortions than conservatives, and no one “makes” anyone have abortions. Nice strawman.

    Super-creative username, btw.

  • zoe99

    Uh huh. You heard this in… your dreams?

  • zoe99

    I in no way want it to be true. Ann Coulter has said dangerously stupid things, not just once but often enough to make it not that shocking that she might say something just this appalling. In this case it isn’t something she actually said, but it’s JUST LIKE something she might have actually said. (9/11 widows = harpies, anyone?)

  • Longduree

    Yes it is. It is hysterical. You would see that if you were not just looking for excuses to be offended.

  • Coulter was born female? I rather doubt it.

  • How about Coulter? Can she even speak English?

  • “It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in ever presidential election since 1950 – except Goldwater in ’64 – the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.”

    “Airports scrupulously apply the same laughably ineffective airport harassment to Suzy Chapstick as to Muslim hijackers. It is preposterous to assume every passenger is a potential crazed homicidal maniac. We know who the homicidal maniacs are. They are the ones cheering and dancing right now. We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

    “Ethnic profiling is the only reasonable security measure that has been thwarted in the war on terrorism.”

    (talking to a disabled Vietnam vet) “People like you caused us to lose that war.”

    “In contemplating college liberals, you really regret, once again, that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals by making them realize that they could be killed, too. Otherwise they will turn out into outright traitors.”

    That last one is a doozy. Someone has a political view you disagree with? Kill them! Hope that’s enough for you, but there are PLENTY more.

  • patchbran


  • suca dikk

    she’d have to keep her mouth shut long enough to get laid, and lets face it she is to opinionated and racist to attract anyone.

  • zoe99

    My mind is waaaaaay more open about Ann Coulter than hers is about me or my fellow liberals, of that I have no doubt. For your information, I live as far from a “bubble” as you can possibly imagine, have many conservative friends and even more conservative colleagues, and find that many conservative commentators hold valid and interesting world views. Ann Coulter is not among those.

    Btw, I never used the word “evil;” that was your contribution to the discussion.

  • zoe99

    Have you ever seen the stats on how many conservatives still think Stephen Colbert is a real conservative?

  • zoe99

    That comment does not really get better with repetition.

  • zoe99

    The amount of pleasure you and your fellow conservative commentators are getting from this is very telling. It must suck being the butt of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s humor every night.

  • zoe99

    Please. Both of you need to pay more attention to Godwin’s and Poe’s Laws.

  • zoe99

    Please read the venom she spilled onto the 9/11 widows (“harpies,” whose husbands were probably “just about to divorce them” when they were inconveniently killed in the WTC) when she disagreed with their politics. I’d say this is mild compared to that.

  • zoe99

    I wouldn’t say any political figure; some are far more extremist than others. If someone had said that Barbara Boxer had said this, we would all know instantly that it wasn’t true. If someone said that Chris Christie had said this, we would all know instantly that it wasn’t true. But if someone said Michele Bachmann had said this? Well… that would send me checking for independent sources, and how many commenters on the internet actually bother to do that? I didn’t even bother to when I saw this posted on a friend’s FB page and commented initially, even though I have been using Snopes to de-bunk since before Snopes was cool.

    The real problem will come when someone cuts and pastes this into an email, thereby disconnecting it from its source, and thousands of grandmas and grandpas will believe that Ann Coulter actually said this.

  • You just have to keep clicking those Ruby Slippers Zoe, and the world is as you wish it. (Cough)

  • At some point, she’ll need to make up her mind which group she wants to be a full time spokesperson for: Westboro Baptist Church? Aryan Sisterhood? White Christian Identity?… she’s gonna give herself whiplash.

  • thetreyman

    if you are too stupid to look up “black panther, kill white people” on the internet then none of your other responses are worth replying to. it is clear you wish to bury your head in the sand. they are the black equivalent to the kkk except they go around saying these things and people like you defend them. if you were honest, like me, you would condemn both.

  • She has an adam’s apple!

  • Andrea Leong

    Fair enough. I didn’t realise the state of debate in the US. Here in Australia, everyone is a bit racist (AKA “I’m not racist but…”) so if you call someone racist it just rolls off like water off a Mandarin duck’s back.

    I haven’t roamed around this site to see how balanced it is or isn’t (although maybe you were just referring to the particular stories about conservatives, not saying the site is left-leaning on the whole?).

    As an aside, I’m surprised by the number of gullible commenters. The Currant’s not quite as absurd (or as clever) as The Onion, but it does clearly cross the line of what a reasonable person should expect to be true.

    One last thing: there are twice as many sheep (100 million) in Australia as there are kangaroos 🙂

  • Andrea Leong

    Amazing how the comments taking this seriously keep pouring in!

  • Andrea Leong


  • Andrea Leong

    Please reference an actual, real-life news story.

  • Andrea Leong

    You could have stopped after the first sentence.

  • Andrea Leong

    Alternatively, some people actually don’t find it funny. Not out of a sense of outrage — they just don’t. Humour being subjective.

  • DS

    You know this is a joke right?

  • Canuck Sailor

    Why would this amaze you? They re-elected Obama with the votes of people like this.

  • Ann Coulter’s a self-proving idiot.

    She’s obviously never seen Star Trek before!

  • Citizen Victory

    Man Coulter is a despicable creature. The world would be a better place without her.

  • I’m a multi etnical latino guy, descendend of brazilian indians, africans, basques and andaluzians.If Coulter watch for my face she will call me mexican scum.But I’m brazilian, and I’m working with law enforcement.

  • In my opinion, she’s a racist.I don’t know US law about hate crimes.But in Brazil, racism is a federal ofense.

  • Frank V

    I am no Obama fan, but how can she say that Start Trek is Pro-Obama?!? These Characters were created in the 1960’s!!!! What a bigoted pot-stirrer!

  • Bri

    this. is. satire. ffs! its meant to be humorous, and it’s poking fun at her extreme right-wing views.

  • rere

    I really don’t know her, but is she a special needs person…….I’m just saying.

  • Jonny Wadd

    She’s the kind of woman that needs a backside awakening…

  • She is the devils apprentice.

  • LiaMac

    She’s just a drama queen and will say anything to make the Dems. look bad. Oh, and she’s raciest in the worst way.

  • adamn

    …is she aware that Star Trek has been around since the 60s? And there was a previous film? And multiple television spin-offs, all featuring international casts and many races?

    What a dumb@$$.

  • Adam Nixon

    It’s just a film…

  • Mike

    The movie does not reflect the political views of the current administration. There are not enough Mexicans on the Enterprise.

  • Mark J

    Good one!

  • Meet the maddest Americana and get acquainted with her ideas (if such an overload of rantings can be called “ideas”!!!).She
    fumes because in an interplanetary ship there are “minorities”! Thank
    goodness the Klingon officer wasn’t born yet! I wonder how she classes
    the Jedi… This lady is so ignorant that she doesn’t mind to become the
    laughing stock of the Americas and beyond!

  • swingvote25

    It’s scary how many believe this article is real. confident idiots are ruining this country.

  • fishcake

    V that

  • Lord Jimsicle

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

  • “Coulter defended her actions saying that liberal Hollywood had lost touch with average Americans.” Ann, brown IS the average American color.


    How could someone who is supposed to be intelligent, say such idiotic things? I just dont get why you would want to still have that attitude in this day and age. Also, why is everything someone deems about race, directly tied to Obama?? She even had the nerve to call Spock gay!!?? Yet, she thinks that others are ignorant. Wow.

  • Eve

    And here we have the new most hated woman ever, just behind Maggie Thatcher

  • gordo

    you people realize of coursethat the currant is a spoof publication,,,,

  • Granny K

    Wait just a second. Vulcans used to be violent and now they are very logical and have no emotions at all…so clearly Vulcan is code for British.

  • Richard

    Ahhhhh Ann, the voice of the GOP. Keep up your bitter bigottedness it helps people see where the GOP really stands.

  • Its amazing how often idiots fall for fake news strories. On an unrelated topic I have magic beans for sale.

  • Given the subject matter, it’s entirely plausible for it to be true!

  • David

    I love reading the comments from everyone who doesn’t realize this is satire

  • Marcus

    So Star Trek is pro-Obama?

    Interesting, I guess they foresaw Obama back in the 60’s when they cast the original characters, in the same roles and races they are today.

    Ann Coulter is a ridiculous person with ridiculous views.

  • karey jackson

    Most of America is sick and tired of minorities getting a free ride over the color of their skin. She just had the balls to say it. I am sick of How Black People Meet, BET, All black colleges and all the rest of their racist bull. If I do not possess a right to make an all white tv station, college or website, neither do they. I am not racist at all. I am just being honest and real. They need to do away with the whole thing of parting extra rights to them. We are equal or nothing. Cause at this point it is just being abused and not doing its original purpose. Actually it is racism reversed on the others.

  • karey jackson

    Any particular reason why my comment was deleted? Nothing ugly about it. This is America. We have freedom of speech.

  • Osovagabundo

    Um Anne, it’s called ” Into Darkness” , get a clue . It’s not into whiteness

  • I’d do her…..if only I could find some duct tape to close that big mouth of hers…..

  • Sounds like the syphilis talking.

  • Scott

    Ok. Now she’s REALLY desperate!!!!

  • Quantummechanic720

    What a sycophantic A-hole!

  • Mark Russell

    I’ll be damned if I’m going to defend Ann Coulter, but you guys really need to grasp how important irony and hyperbole are to satire. As it is, I see your stories posted on Facebook all the time as genuine news stories because they’re too subtle and humorless to be taken as a joke.

  • Ann Coulter is pittiful. Black people speak many languages, and American Indians were once the majority population. We have treaties with equal nations only, treaties being the “supreme” law of the land (U.S. Constitution, Article 6). The U.S. doesn’t make treaties with minority groups. She is hateful, jealous, and not very smart.

  • This isn’t real, it can’t be, it’s a comedy piece. Even Ann Coulter isn’t stupid enough to say this crap

  • LocicMan

    Blacks have been able to speask a foreign language ever since they learned English.

  • thetreyman

    thought you might like kangaroo better so as not to mistake you with a New Zealander or a commie democrat drone from the states. dont know if the news has made there but it would seem we here are living under a soviet thug dictatorship. what with the IRS targeting of democrat opposition and the seizing of reporters personal communications. not to mention the operation fast and furious scandal that armed Mexican drug cartels and the dereliction of duty of the administration while our Libyan consulate was under attack by terrorists. tens of thousands of Mexican citizens along with US citizens, including a border agent, have died in a drug war on our southern border, made worse by the BATF letting known straw purchasers buy guns and take them back to Mexico to arm the cartels. and then standing by while 2 Navy Seals repelled attacks for hours to defend our ambassador and staff, letting 4 brave people die. if i told you what the animal terrorists did to the ambassador before his death you would be shocked.

    so now, does any of that criticism sound like i am just hating on a black president. sadly, to the liberal operators here, bring up any of that can only be because you hate black people. aint it great to be in Amerika these days?

    i am still going to call you kangaroo. or maybe i’ll shorten it to just roo.

    anything else ya need to know Roo.

  • Andrea Leong

    Was it a long post? If so it might be in moderation, I think that’s happening to my longer posts.

  • Andrea Leong

    I don’t 🙁

  • Andrea Leong

    Hahahah someone is downvoting us here! It amazes me because I can’t fathom posting something without my eyes flicking to the very last comment, yet there are gullible posts directly after “guys this is satire” posts. Wow. Just wow.

  • Andrea Leong

    Perhaps I was downvoted by a left-winger because someone thought I’m a conservative US voter. Actually I’m Australian and have never voted for either major party here (those being centre-right and very-very-close-to-centre-left).

  • Canuck Sailor

    Absolutely astounding. Probably 90% or more of the people reading this have NO IDEA that this article is satire. For those for whom that is too tough a word, it means it’s a joke. It’s NOT true. And the people who wrote it are dying of laughter at how stupid democrats are for believing this.
    I repeat – this is a joke article. It is NOT true.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Uh – not to point out that you’re stupid, but this article is a joke. It is NOT true. That makes you the laughing stock – stupid.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Dumbass? This entire article is satire, a joke, it isn’t true. Now who is the dumbass?

  • Canuck Sailor

    Really? But you missed the fact this entire article is a joke. Not hard to make the dems look stupid, if you’re an example.

  • Canuck Sailor

    …and you’ve obviously never read satire. This article was a joke, not true. You’ve been suckered – you’re the self proving idiot here.

  • Canuck Sailor

    …and we wonder how Obama got elected to a second term. The answer is right here…Wow is right.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Better than that? You were too stupid to realize that this article is a spoof, a satire – it isn’t true. But nice touch on calling the misogyny….guess the ability to either be one or recognize one comes with being a democrat….

  • Canuck Sailor

    what’s unreal is that you spent all this time criticizing her over an article that was a spoof, satire – not true. This was a joke, and you fell for it. Maybe instead of going to conventions for Star Trek, you should have gone to class.

  • Ummmm sorry but no silly blonde. There are more aliens in the universe than blondes.

  • What a hag.

  • adamn

    true. egg’s on mah face. question is, how come so many people THINK it’s true right off the bat?

  • Have to be honest. I was going to comment. It had nothing to do with your comment. But, after reading yours I literally thought, “No. There is no point. Stop. It’s been handled.”

  • Canuck Sailor

    I must have read it three times before I figured it out – I’ve read some of Coulter’s books and that’s not the sort of thing Coulter would say, which is what first made me suspicious. Secondly, if she DID say it, the rest of the media would have been all over it like stink on a monkey.
    As satire, it’s poorly written because the humour in satire comes from the reader knowing it IS a joke.

  • She is paid to shock. She is a shock-jock without having a radio show of her own. The press she gets from these stunts helps to keep her in the spotlight and thus sell more books. When you post and comment about her, no matter how anti-Coulter the post is, you help her career.

  • adamn

    good point

  • Andrea Leong

    I replied, it was long reply so I guess it’s in moderator limbo, hold on.

  • Andrea Leong

    Especially if the story isn’t true.

  • Andrea Leong

    By that logic, my first and only language is foreign.

  • Andrea Leong

    Have a gold star.

  • Andrea Leong

    I wonder if she can pick satire, though?

  • Andrea Leong

    I could tell from the headline.

  • From this web-site’s “About” page;

    “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.
    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?
    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

  • Tyrell

    It’s funny she mentions the fact that minorities will be running the show—As many academic textbooks are now referring to minorities as the “emerging majority”. This is a fact that must be excepted; in 2013, women vote and blacks are in the white house–CATCH UP! But more importantly, pure races may not even exist in the future and, I wonder, would this be the very answer to world peace: the genetic intertwining of ALL races to form a single race?

  • She says it. Bloggers post it. She get the attention she wants. She wins.

  • thetreyman

    you must have used a no-no word. you’ve just been MODERATED. i hate when that happens.

  • Folks.
    As terrible as Ann Coulter’s often ignorant views are – this news article is satire. It’s a joke pointing out how easy it would be to believe she said these things. But it’s not a real article.

  • “And they’ve been flying up there for years and still haven’t seen God yet.” I’ve been thinking that for years…

  • Stormcrow


  • That CHICK IS CRAZY.. I put nothing by her SICKNESS…

    She did say women shouldn’t be able to vote…

  • KeCo

    This whore needs to shot out of a the nearest airlock without a spacesuit.

  • Damn minorities! I support Ann Coulter. Who would want to sit in a theater next to a Klingon or Cardassian? I do have the hots for older Beta-Zed women.

  • thetreyman

    ha. almost forgot about that one. too funny. when i heard her say it i could just imagine the commie drones collective head exploding. thanks for the laugh and the memories.

  • Most conservatives/Republicans are racist intolerant ignoramuses. They are proud of it.

  • Andrea Leong

    Ugh. Where’s my reply? I’ll try to remember the main points:

    Fair enough, I didn’t realise the state of debate in the US. Everyone in Aus is a bit racist (“I’m not racist but…”).

    I haven’t checked out the rest of the site to see if there’s a lean to it, but it’s unfortunate that it’s not as funny or clever as the Onion.

    Incidentally, there are twice as many sheep (100 million) in Aus as there are roos 🙂

  • Andrea Leong

    What about if she didn’t say it? As in the case of this satirical article?


    On the positive side, Ann Coulter has just been signed to co-star in a remake of “The Bride of Chucky.”

  • thetreyman

    i got that one, Roo. then i posted a reply. then you got “MODERATED”. i’m telling you, you probably said a bad word that the daily current didnt like. you would be surprised what some of the “bad words” are. i left a comment that said “burn in he11 tyrant” when Hugo Chavez died, and i got “MODERATED” by twitchy and they deleted my comment. i have seen f**k, c**t and a host of other swear words there but that was some how over the top.

  • AllWorkAllPlay

    As if I needed another reason to despise this completely vacuous woman…

  • This is a fake story. Note there is no sources or writer listed.

  • rdfInOP

    I have never heard a well formed coherent thought from Ann Coulter. Someone once described her as a, “Contraversialist” and I think that is entirely accurate. She seems to be willing to say anything just to get attention. She doesn’t seem to care whether that attention is good or bad as long as it isn’t indifferent.

  • Jason Boyd

    I take it she has never watched a single episode of Star Trek (any series)

  • Donna Stein-Hartnett

    I knew this woman was bashit insane, but this is bizarre even for her. Her meds definitely need adjusting.

  • Obviously satire, something some people don’t get. The saddest thing is that the story could actually be true!

  • Are you a rocket scientist by any chance? Coulter is a nutter for sure, but I think some people need to set their BS detectors to full power.

  • I know black people have been oppressed in the past and i would in NO way want history repeating. But for the sake of humanity, can’t a black guy just shag her? You know, take one for the team, save the world, that kind of thing.

  • abe froman

    Bless you Ann. You speak the truth!

  • Did you read any of the other comments?

  • thetreyman

    are we still on this after a week?

  • Raymond Lopez

    Im a conservative republican and I do not share Ann Coulture Views on this issue, I think the aliens from other worlds are welcome on this planet as as they follow our laws and abide by our United Federation of Planets directives, I welcome diversity,as long as we the humans who hosts them here aren’t jeopardized!:) Live Long & Prosper! V/

  • princesspr

    Here again, Ann saying things to get a reaction. I don’t even react at all. She is just one sad individual. I put her right up there with the Kardashians: Will do and say anything to say relevant. I just don’t entertainment her! It’s pointless!

  • Lilac

    Shows how dumb you libs are. You can’t even pick a fake story. Lol

  • Lilac
  • anon

    What a Moron! What planet does she live on? She cant even master simple maths, The populations of the the Far Eastern countries, India, China, the Indian sub-continent, the middle east, the Africa countries and the South American countries combined already far out-number the whites, so tell me again who’s in the “minorities”??

  • Joe Erato


  • ColoradoTruthTeller

    I do believe Ms. Coulter has reached a new low… After this rant the only people who take seriously would have to have dangerously low IQs. This isn’t funny… People in this country listen to this “woman” and think she’s smart.

    And one more thing – If any one, ANY ONE, has anything bad to say about Chief Engineer Mr. Scott, even the Simon Pegg version – well, they can just bloody well SAY IT TO ME FIRST!!!!

  • Laid? I think she needs to be spayed. We can’t have that woman procreating.

  • Omar Spence

    I like how the currant’s stories are just close enough to reality for you to have to read carefully.

  • Omar Spence

    she looks like a dude though 🙁

  • Publius Ceasar

    I thought this was an Onion article…

  • Presumably, she would be in favor of the IRS profiling certain conservatives applying for 501c4s.

  • Roberto

    But everything is still run by white males so that seems realistic

  • Darknlovely

    She’s an idiot, and frankly, I’m more surprised at any one paying to hear her speak or read anything she writes, more than what she actually says. She is suffering from delusions and a case of plain dumbness. “Since when do black people speak foreign language”? She a joke. Real news or not, she’s still an idiot.

  • Vic Taranto

    haven’t any of you figured out that this entire website is bullshit? really? are you all fourteen?

  • insignia37

    Ann Coulter is a PERFECT example of a fetal alcohol syndrome demon. She looks like she could be George Bush’s sister… or horse.

  • RTR

    Plenty of dumb conservatives fall for stories on The Onion.

  • RTR

    You really think only Democrats fall for this stuff? You should try visiting “Literally Unbelievable”

  • Canuck Sailor

    I know – that’s truly scary…

  • Canuck Sailor

    Hey – stupid. The entire article was a joke, and YOU fell for it.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Hey – dipstick. The entire article was a joke, and YOU fell for it.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Hey – honeypie… The entire article was a joke, and YOU fell for it.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Hey – how stupid can you be? The entire article was a joke, and YOU fell for it.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Hey – you oh so clever liberal you. The entire article was a joke, and YOU fell for it.

  • Canuck Sailor

    If I were you, I’d look up the words ‘satire’, ‘hyperbole’ and ‘comedy’ – and see how they apply to what Coulter says. You might just find yourself getting an education, one you seem to need rather badly.

  • Lilac

    Not to this degree. Lol.

  • tracy two crows

    Obviously you CONs are far worse,for chrissakes you picked McCain&Palin for president,worship a drug addled Pedophile who’s also a closet case which is why he works in radio,and still think that some magical Sky fairy of yours should dictate what the rest of us do.Your stupidity has gotten to the Point that The Onion is closing it’s doors,because your ilk has taken Idiocracy to a WHOLE new level.Todd Akin,Marc Sanford, The “Personhood” founder who’s also a Convited child Abuser..yup,you surrre know how ta pick ’em alright.Yet you think WE’RE stupid?THAT is a Laugh Riot all in itself!

  • RTR

    Um, yes they very much do. Even crazier stories than this one, which is semi-plausible. Check out the website “Literally Unbelievable” if you need confirmation. But your head is so far up your own a$$ you’re unlikely to ever confront any view that doesn’t already conform to what you think you know, so I know you won’t bother.

  • Kitty

    Oh dear God…Gene Roddenberry’s widow is going wipe the floor with this woman….

    A few points to make here, since I KNOW my Trek:

    1- they DO get paid. In CREDITS.
    2- greed, race, sexuality all that crap, even material things are unimportant. Native Americans are famous for this, I should know I am one.
    3- Did this woman ever watch the show? Uhura was still black, Sulu was still asian and Spock was still a Vulcan.
    4- There are plenty of black people who speak foreign languages. They’re called AFRICANS. Uhura is SWAHILI.
    5- Yes, a lot of Vulcan hand gestures and mannerisms are similar to Jewish mannerisms – Gene wasn’t sure where to go with the Vulcans so he turned to Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, WHO IS JEWISH! Of course he went with things he was familiar with!
    6 – Points of interest – BONES IS FROM GEORGIA. The medical officer? Did she totally forget him?/ The original Bones, DeForest Kelley was actually from Georgia. Karl Urban however…is Australian.
    7- Neither person who has or is currently playing Chekov is actually properly Russian. Walter Koenig, I believe, was from DETROIT. Anton Yelchin was born in Russia and raised here.
    8 James Doohan was Canadian. He could do the Scottish accent though, so, Scotty. Simon Pegg is from London. Again, he can do the accent so, there ya go.
    9- Who Cares If Zachary Quinto Is Gay? George Takei is gay too, but we all still loved Sulu anyways!

    This woman…is seriously DUMB. Do us all a favor Ann and do some damned research before you go all freaky on us.

    The whole point of the original show’s point was that in the future life was better because people like you weren’t around anymore. We got rid of all this crap and life was better. All that was important was who you were, what you could do and how you lived your life, not your color, creed, religion, race or monetary worth.

    Therapy…or maybe anti-psychotics would be good friends for Ann I think.

  • John Johnson

    You are typical perverted sub-human american filth. Die race traitor cancer.

  • John Johnson

    Hollywood is run by jews. It is a breeding ground for untermenche. America is filth, it is contaminated. Only racial holy war will solve this.

  • Roderick Bateman

    Racist is a hate word. In the 60′s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • mxe363

    what the flying fuck, this is wrong on so many levels

  • Paul_Wesson

    Yes, irony is wasted here isn’t it?

  • Sabertooth Wombat

    The characters were all established in the mid 60s. How do you not know that?

  • Sara

    This is Star Trek. This show always had these people, black, white, green…yes green. Where has she been the last 50 years?

  • Tomy Kay

    So when the aliens that based their historical documents on Star Trek do show up on earth she’s in for a big surprise.

  • bushywhacky

    I want to turn on my TV and see The Coulter, Palin Comedy Hour

  • Guest

    This IS a parody, right? I mean, not that I wouldn’t think she’s capable of saying something similar …

  • andrea

    Yes it is; this is a parody site.

  • andrea

    This is a satire site. How do you not know that?

  • andrea

    This is not a real thing that happened.

  • andrea

    10 – this is a satirical article.

  • andrea

    Good thing we didn’t pay to read this satirical news article.

  • andrea

    Pretty similar, seeing as this is also a satirical news site.

  • andrea

    The people who take this article to be the truth have questionable IQs.

  • andrea

    Or, you know, she didn’t actually say any of this.

  • andrea

    Things she didn’t say: anything reported in the above article.

  • andrea

    Note, also, that this site clearly says it is satirical.

  • Bibrax Redux

    Because–as you can see–most of America is now officially brain dead, or comedically autistic. Decades of relentless Progressive Heroin injections under the tutelage of State Indoctrination educators, has reduced the Herd to mewling, lustful gnus…

    Ho-hum! They are so easily duped and manipulated.

  • Bibrax Redux

    You arsehole! This is fhukking satire! How cretinish can you possibly be?

  • Bibrax Redux

    Fourteen? How about embryonic? These ridiculously serious and outraged retorts are exemplary of The Herd’s incapacity for any modicum of cognition…No wonder they are so easily manipulated!

  • Bibrax Redux

    Apparently, YOU are the only demon suffering from acute fetal alcohol syndrome. This is SATIRE, you doltish twunt. Grow a cerebrum and learn to recognize humor!

  • Bibrax Redux

    High teens or low 20s…MAX!

  • Bibrax Redux

    “Semi-plausible”? Now THAT’S an erroneous supposition! Where the divine Miss Coulter is concerned, the SciFi genre is most definitely unimportant.

  • Bibrax Redux

    Whoa! Settle down there little doggy!

    Speed balling Progressive Heroin only leads to run-on sentences, cocksided cognition, and delusional accusations. May I suggest rehab for your [ahem] ideological affliction?

  • Guest

    Wow, this is mind-bogglingly stupid drivel from Ann Coulter. Black people not knowing any foreign languages? WTH is that?

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Republicans love Texas, Texas has more minorities than most states. Its 38 percent Hispanic and 12 percent black and 5 percent Asian contrasts to Vermont which is only 3 percent Hispanic and Asian and about 2 percent black. Republican red states either have lots of Blacks like the Deep South, Georgia is 26 percent black or Texas which is 38 percent Hispanic. if the Republicans don’t like the minorities why don’t they promote Red States like Utah which is only 13 percent Hispanic or Nebraska which is only 10 percent Hispanic and 5 percent black. These Red States fit their liking better than the South which usually has 18 to 38 percent Black or Texas 38 percent Hispanic. I would like to see the Republicans contrast Utah with California instead of Texas.

  • Fletcher Mcgiveron

    Lol. I thought this was real at first, but it’s a little too extreme, even for her.

  • comfypaws

    Egad you fools, ever hear of satire? Stupid people are clueless and spew hate. Unreal.

  • Lol! I didn’t know The Onion changed it’s name to The Daily Currant!

  • LAuserR

    I don’t know. I can’t see another comment that was posted by me on this topic. Sorry.

  • andrea

    Sorry for not being clear. I meant: directly after a comment in which someone said “this is satire”. (And I assumed that this comment, being the most recent before yours would have been visible at the top of the discussion.)

  • menachem Har-Zahav

    What JJ Abrams has done to Star Trek is an attempt to turn it into something like star wars. Killing six billion Vulcans by destroying the planet was really the last straw for me.

  • Paulie

    UM… and a WHITE dude in charge of them all… You worthless Racist imbecile. OOPSIES! God she makes me feel smart….. All the time.

  • paulie

    I wish she really did this… If we could just record her thoughts…. They’d be similar I’m sure…

  • Viktor

    Do your own research!

  • GreatWhiteNorth Pinhead

    Thanks Mr. Obvious, take off ya hoser!

  • GreatWhiteNorth Pinhead

    Coultergeist – see urban dictionary

  • Joe Kerr

    Are you aware your initials are WAM ?

  • Joe Kerr

    Do your initials stand for Wack A Mole?

  • Joe Kerr

    I just love that the article, I know its a fake, says that ‘ And shouldn’t Sulu have crashed the ship into a quasar by now?’ because you know that Asians are bad drivers 😀

  • Dwane Pipe

    Dude looks like a lady…

  • Yes. Are you aware that yours is used in text speak for joke?

  • Sometimes.

  • Honestly, I think the real irony here is that Star Trek, particularly ENT, is usually accused of having the OPPOSITE problem. See http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HumansAreWhite . (Yes, I know this is a parody article.)

  • unclesamonmars

    What?No anti gay speeches on this post?

  • unclesamonmars

    A frontal lobotomy would cure what ails you, Scooby Doo .

  • unclesamonmars

    At least she isn’t afraid of gays like you.

  • unclesamonmars

    Ann Coulter is a skank and a racist regardless of the fact that this is satire. If you didn’t spend all your time on the web bashing gays, you might be aware of it.

  • unclesamonmars

    Says the gay basher.

  • unclesamonmars

    20 would be twice your IQ.

  • unclesamonmars

    And being conservative leads to hating people that are different. You are an example of that.

  • unclesamonmars

    Yours also.

  • unclesamonmars

    It’s satire you twit.

  • unclesamonmars

    Trolls, be they lefties or righties, don’t bother with disclaimers. I knew you knew that but what the hey!

  • John Johnson

    Right, then i would fit in with you and your friends just fine. Actually all i really need is some weed and lsd, then i can enter into the same false reality you are in. Been there before, i understand you well.

  • Dragonfall magi

    Can someone tell me where I can find a news article about ann coulter remark on 9/11?

  • Freeway1

    The federal government had an indirect role in the 9/11 attacks.

  • David B.

    The trouble is its hard to do satire on Coulter. The article was believable. She is so stupid, and I do mean stupid not ignorant. Even the truth does not deter these bozos from their “talking points.” The wonder is why lying is considered Constitutionally-protected speech.