Republicans Introduce Bill to Abolish FEMA

May 22, 2013

130306_POL_RandPaul.jpg.CROP.article568-largeRepublicans in the Senate today introduced a bill to abolish FEMA, the agency of the federal government which coordinates responses to natural disasters.

The proposed legislation would immediately halt all the agency's work, lay off its employees, and use the money saved to finance a tax credit for oil and gas production in national parks.

In a speech on the Senate floor the bill's sponsor, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, argued that despite the recent spate of tragic tornado strikes in Oklahoma, disaster relief shouldn't be the federal government's business.

"FEMA is just one more example of Big Government run amok," he explained. "Sure it sounds good. Who wouldn't be against so-called disaster relief? But we're paying for this program with money borrowed from China, driving our country deeper into debt. That's the real disaster.

"I suppose people need help in times like these. And if individual states want to set up disaster relief agencies, that's fine. But why should taxpayers in other states be forced to pay? Kentucky doesn't have earthquakes. Kentucky doesn't have hurricanes. Kentucky doesn't have tornadoes, I don't think. So why are we footing the bill for this stuff?"

Hurricane Paul

Republicans have long had an interest in disbanding FEMA, an agency that most Americans believe fulfills a necessary role of government. Presidential nominee Mitt Romney famously said he wanted to "eliminate" the agency before reversing himself following a public furor.

Republican Rep. Ron Paul led a long crusade in Congress to do the same, once claiming that the agency was a "a system of bureaucratic central economic planning."

Rand Paul, who is Congressman Paul's son, has in the past said he doesn't believe FEMA is worth paying for with borrowed money. He went further today, arguing that the time had come for its complete dismantlement.

"It used to be that churches and volunteers handled natural disasters," he lamented. "Nowadays we have teams of so-called experts and scientists and professional disaster relief engineers.

"It's dangerous to stop depending on your friends and neighbors and start depending on the cold, long arm of the federal government. I can't think of anything my local pastor and a couple of strong young men can't handle. Can you?"

Although local first responders and volunteers have been essential, FEMA has largely been praised for its efforts in Oklahoma so far, with its urban search and rescue teams being credited with helping find survivors.

"Rand Paul is a f*****g idiot," says Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, whose tiny state sits astride a hurricane zone. "The federal government, by pooling resources and exploiting economies of scale, can do disaster relief more efficiently the the individual states alone.

"If this arrogant douchebag got his head out of Ayn Rand's ass long enough to see two feet in front of him, maybe he'd understand how important this work is."

  • *Ayn Rand

  • Guest
  • FEMA, an agency that is always late at the scene. Overpays for everything, issues support based on ‘political’ needs. If your welfare poor, racist african or illegal you get housing/food vouchers/clothing first. If you owned a home, had a job, you get a loan, you have to repay, but the loan can take up to 180 days to process and another year before you see a dime. If you do not believe me ask those in the bottoms of New Orleans still awaiting FEMA’s final approvals for there homes
    I can see his frustrations with it, but not his logic.

  • FEMA is useless and should be done away wit and the money put into States hands to provide it’s citizens with disaster relief. FEMA waste more on doing nothing than helping anyone.


    send this nut back to the factory. He squeels more than the sows in KY.

  • Dave

    Delaware Gov. Jack Markell is a Democrat. This should surprise no one since his response to logic was to resort to name calling like a 3rd grade schoolyard bully.

  • bill

    fema is there to house the citizens when martial law is declared. why all the coffins? why 800 camps in the us? if they were for disaster survivors, why would they have watchtowers and inward facing barbed wire

  • K K

    YOU CAN’T STOP FEMA RIGHT NOW, they are up to their rectums perparing internment camps for marshal law, the the DHS’ war on the American public at the whim of Oblamer and the upcoming invasion of the United Nations security forces to disarm and imprison the patriots so the New World Order can take over.

  • I love Rand Paul but he should have introduced a bill to Abolish the IRS first then Homeland Security then FEMA. All down the line.

  • live_free_or_die_69

    First FEMA, next DHS & with it the TSA scum! I don’t even like Rand because of some of the things he’s said & done. But on this I completely agree! Abolish FEMA!!!!

  • Kim

    We are also paying for FEMA camps…. They get so much money, and people never see even close to what they get. I hate FEMA and I pray that this bill passes…

  • Kim

    They got enough money to give everyone a new home for Katrina and food and water and clothes for everyone.. They are profit. End up at every false flag event, and how many dozens of FEMA camps do we have. Getting rid of FEMA is so important for so many reasons.

  • Kim

    FEMA is bad and are not our friends. I wouldn’t run to them in the worst of times. These FEMA camps and Coffins are so real, and everyone who is unaware please research these facts. We have to get rid of them before anyone who speaks out is in a FEMA camp through the NDAA

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Don’t stop there Rand… take the IRS, DEA, Dept of commerce, Department of education, dept of energy, dept of the interior and HUD. They all need to go! There is so much waste, fraud and as the headlines admit, corruption in all of these federal agencies… take em all down!

  • Sparky

    I like the first part, but oil and gas tax relief? Are you kidding me?!! And in national parks no less. SAD DAY.

  • Eric Summerset

    Kentucky does have tornadoes and floods!


  • Gas and oil within our borders are the resources that we need to quit being drug into wars on other continents. America needs to become self sufficient again. We have everything we need we have just allowed government to legislate us into dependency.

  • The Mick

    What Rand said IS really stupid. I live in KY and we have been affected by hurricanes, earthquake tremors, and tornadoes over the past several years. I guess the idiot forgot about 2000 when 1/4 of Owensboro was leveled by a tornado. We have also had to declare a State of Emergency 2 years in a row due to severe ice storms. We get hit by hurricane weather and tornadoes EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Either he’s a complete moron or he isn’t from KY.

  • Yuri

    Delaware Gov. Jack Markell is a useful idiot who would have trouble running a thrift shop. Pathetic!

  • Mark Steudlein

    No FEMA is not perfect, BUT when a disaster hits the government should help the legal citizens of the United States instead of helping other countries that hate us or even want to kill us if they had a chance. The legal citizens pay taxes which should be used to help legal law abiding citizens with rebuilding their homes and getting them back to at least where they was at before the disaster happen. My family was in New Orleans when Katrina hit it wipe out everything we owned, even though we had insurance we never had enough to cover the house and all the items we had bought in the 24 years of marriage. Now after paying a mortgage for 20 years we have to start over because the BANK gets the check not you because they own the house. FEMA gave us a little money but not enough we think the government should have given us more instead of giving billions of dollars to people who hate us. Loose every thing and try to start over it is not a good feeling. Remember CHARITY SHOULD START AT HOME NOT GIVEN TO PEOPLE WHO HATE US. OH one more thing before you say what about all the money that was collected for the victims of Katrina we never received any because we didn’t live in the ninth ward but we did loose every thing, we had 12 feet of water in our house…

  • David

    FEMA is a blatant violation of the 10th Amendment and is in the pockets of insurance companies. It is now declaring fire and other accident damaged homes in neighborhoods that have stood for decades “Flood” hazards and will not allow them to be rebuilt without costly and un-necessary modifications like raising them six feet off the ground. How would that look in a neighborhood?

  • Drew

    I was thinking the same thing. If he can not respond in a well mannered, educated way, he should not speak at all. Everybody has there beliefs on how the government should be ran, but as soon as you resort to name calling, you will not be taken seriously.

  • You people keep going on with your tinfoil hats and faux news. And for you morons faux = fake.

  • caps caps caps capS caPS cAPS CAPS your f@#$ing idiot

  • was an atheist

  • Right, but more importantly, they had misspelled her name in the original article. I see it is now corrected 🙂

  • Debra Odey

    It’s a money pit! I believe in the power of good people to help in times of disaster. Friends and neighbors coming to the aid of others in need, not big government. Government will always argue that you can’t do it with out them. Thats because so many people nowadays are too stupid and certainly too lazy to help. Their mere existence is dependent on the government. One day the government handouts will stop and they will be screwed. Helping others in times of need without condition is good for the soul.

  • Chris Grooms

    You forgot the fact that FEMA doesn’t do a damn thing to help anyone. A few employees handing out a few bottles of water out the back of a small truck is NOT disaster relief. They have warehouses full of supplies, yet they do not provide them. They dropped the ball on Staten Island, they dropped the ball on Oklahoma. They always drop the ball. Yet the mainstream media paints them as saviors who in reality did nothing to assist anyone with all of the resources they have available.

  • When natural disasters hit outside this country, the people of the US are the most generous givers in the world. What makes you think they wouldn’t do the same for their neighbors, and more effectively with the grimy, corrupt, overpriced, over-staffed, wasteful, FEMA out of the way, (and stealing less of their hard-earned money).

  • Mike

    If you can not spell “their”, you will not be taken seriously.

  • Michael Wylie
  • DixieAngel_76


    “”Rand Paul is a f*****g idiot,” says Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, whose tiny state sits astride a hurricane zone. “The federal government, by pooling resources and exploiting economies of scale, can do disaster relief more efficiently the the individual states alone.”
    I’m sorry ‘governor douchebag’ (if it’s good for you to call Senator Rand, it should be ok for us to call you) but the Federal government has a long and very sorry history of dropping the ball on things like this. Bottom line is, if we are going to keep the ship afloat we are going to have to jettison a lot of unnecessary pork like FEMA.

  • Michael Sterling

    They can simply vote to abolish the original one. Quit putting new legislation on the books and start removing the dead weight instead.

  • San

    Everyone on here makes typo errors……it’s the content that matters! If you only found spelling errors, you are no intellectual wizard!

  • San

    He is shouting from the rooftop to be heard!!!

  • American Dad

    Everyone! Stop spelling it “marshal” It is “Martial” (pertaining to the Military). A Marshal is an agent of the state or federal government.

  • American Dad

    When was the last time YOU visited a National Park? Yeah that’s what I thought.
    You are also one of those people who don’t want to drill in the US, but will bitch and moan about high gas prices, right? Yeah, thought so.

  • American Dad

    Why should the US Government (or anyone for that matter) GIVE you money when Nature and physics overpowers you? You live in a bowl below sea level, and then wonder why your house gets flooded. I say the same to those who build on floodplains. YOU take the risk, why should WE pay you for your bad choices? The US government won’t reimburse me for gambling losses if I go to a casino and lose. Why should it reward you for a bad gamble?

  • Visitor Today

    FEMA will be abolished the same and exact second politicians, journalists, priests, preachers and other liars STOP lying! And NOT before.

    Anyone who can’t see through this publicity fiasco is too stupid to matter or survive …

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

  • The Voice of Sanity

    I don’t know whose crazier Paul or the people commenting here.

  • diannkirby

    I can’t believe the number of ignorant posters here who think that getting rid of FEMA is a good thing. Improve it, yes. But we cannot depend on folk making arbitrary promises to help out when they are under no obligation to do so. Why have people become so selfish and self-centered, showing no empathy or compassion for anyone or anything? In addition to being conservative Republicans, most of them called themselves ‘Christians’ but are such hypocrites. They balk at the government helping anyone yet when they want or need something, they demand help from the government. At the same time, they have no problem with tax credits for corporations and the rich and they love corporate welfare. What is wrong with these people ?

  • Knobby101

    What exactly did FEMA do to help out?

  • Morningglory

    I wish these brainless democrats would just shut up and let the republicans fix our country. They are the only ones that have the sense to do it. Democrats act like a bunch of whiny little brats that need their butts wore out a few times.

  • Christopher Nunn

    How would states go about funding a state disaster relief fund? Most states are already struggling to balance their budgets as it is. And as for those who think that their “disaster free” states shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of disaster prone states, it is very dangerous to think that your state will always be disaster free. Freak natural disasters happen all of the time, and can strike without warning. In my humble opinion, it makes sense to have a federal back up plan just in case state resources aren’t enough.

  • Christopher Nunn

    If you could always depend on the help of good people, then FEMA would’ve never been necessary in the first place. In addition to that, any charities that go to help in these damaged areas would immediately be overwhelmed by people who otherwise would’ve received assistance from the government.

  • Christopher Nunn

    Sen. Paul states that he doesn’t think that Kentucky has tornadoes. He must not have been paying attention last year

  • What a worthless moron you are. Republicans are the ones who destroyed the economy with eight years of the twice never elected illegal Bush/Cheney regime.

  • Lucille Matte

    Does anyone have the bill #?

  • jan

    Need to study up on the FEMA “camps” would love to know who will really be going into them…. not who they say will go, but who will really be going……

  • Canuck Sailor

    When will you people understand – this entire site is satire – this article is NOT true.

  • Leanne Musson Watts

    It’s not a typo error. It’s a grammar error. You’re no wizard either.

  • sadie jo

    Have you donated money to disaster relief? Where does all of that money go? Why do we need FEMA?

    When a catastrophe happens, FEMA has it’s hand out wanting people to donate MONEY, not supplies. The Red Cross accepts donations of food/clothing/supplies and will accept money if that is how you wish to assist, but they don’t suggest “money” instead of “supplies.

  • Alex S

    What a nice sweeping generalization you made there. Bravo.

  • corineh

    It is the case of a department created with the right intent only to have it abused. Claims made falsely and paid, proper claims filed – not paid. Those paid and who received insurance money did not repay FEMA as required. Katrina was a disaster from the get go. There should have been evacuation plans in place – surrounded by water and the mayor was clueless. Wouldn’t you know where your poor people live?? Wouldn’t you use public buses and school buses to transport those in major flood areas? It is amazing on which states receive better treatment from FEMA than others and which states request more FEMA support than others.

  • corineh

    IRS is illegal according to our constitution and should be abolished.

  • corineh

    Sad thing is if they vote to abolish, who knows what gets tacked onto that bill that has absolutely nothing to do with FEMA.

  • david denning

    I could go either way on the FEMA business indeed its biased help from the federals gov and esp that its on borrowed money…that’s just not it. On the other hand some communities in sever disaster States may actually need some sort of disaster relief/ aide I think it should be available if need be. The fact that you all want to use the borrowed money instead of disaster relief to be used in gutting national parks for oil and gas. That is an atrocious idea let alone plan of action. I agree and support almost everything Sen. Paul stands for but this one is not getting my support seeing as I am using my GI Bill to get a bachelors degree to become a National Parks Service Officer this completely goes against my future prospects and what I have utilized my GI Bill for. I guess I’ve wasted my education if this is the future of our National Parks!

  • Before you just take this article as law, you should find out just how corrupt the FEMA admin has been in their wasteful spending of funds, There is a lot of info out there that you should research before you make your judgement on this issue.. just saying.

  • Hans

    Voice of Sanity, I’ve got to admit it, I come on to read how nutty and paranoid some people here are!
    Thanks for the entertainment all!

  • Michael Sterling

    Which bill will they tack onto? If you abolish a law (remove from the books) there is nothing to tack to.

  • The local first responders are the real help not this government agency. FEMA only comes in after everything is pretty much done. They are never there to help out just dictate. FEMA is a feel good agency and serves no real purpose except to waste taxpayers money. In a disaster towns and states can still ask the government for help without FEMA. Just like they used to way before FEMA was ever conceived..

  • This is the craziest post I’ve seen since I heard that the BLM just spent $6M for more wild horse roundups, at a cost of over $80M per year to hold our wild horses in BLM prisons. We NEED a government agency to handle the needs of people who have been displaced due to a natural disaster! We DONT need a government agency who intentionally displaces our wild horses! Anybody who believes we need to continue to destroy our planet for fossil fuels needs to come into the 21st century, we have a multitude of clean energy solutions that we need to invest in rather than continue the same old methods that keep us in the 20th century and destroy our water, air and land.

  • You are really misinformed if you think they “gave everyone a new home for Katrina”. They subsidize flood insurance (which citizens pay for – mine is $1500 a year). They provided some grants, for instance to get rid of mold or to help people raise homes or put up hurricane shutters. People who did not have flood insurance did not get anything to help rebuild their homes and if you drive through New Orleans, you can see a house that looks fine, a house that’s ugly and half rebuilt, two empty lots where the houses were bull dozed and a house that is still standing there boarded up and in ruins. You REALLY don’t know what you are talking about.

  • ke4wbq

    This man is really uninformed and he really proves that when he states that Kentucky doesn’t get tornadoes. The state might not get outbreaks like in “tornado alley” but it does happen, if he had bothered to check his numbers before making his statement he would have seen that yes in fact they do get tornadoes, and according to NOAA, it has been hit with 2 F5’s..the very same size that hit Moore, Oklahoma, 24 F4’s, 52 F3’s, 159 F2’s,228 F1’s,133 F0’s, and Seven of undetermined strength…for a total of 605 tornadoes! It took me less than a minute to find these results, but yet a senator, someone that is supposed to intelligent, makes such an incorrect and stupid statement. And no, local church groups and the like are not always able to step in after a disaster, if they have been impacted as well, maybe even lose their facilities and equipment and whatever else they have, they are just as bad off as their members.

    The fact of the matter is that the government has access to monies and assets that church groups and other local disaster recover groups just don’t have and would never be able to acquire. Yes FEMA has had a bad record of response in the past, but with Craig Fugate filling the position of director, the agency has made some real changes. People really should look into things before making broad, narrow minded statements and they should understand how the response and recovery process is supposed to work before making judgments about what has failed, what has been done fix things, and how things are constantly reviewed to make further improvements!!

  • Kim

    Did you read what I wrote???? I am saying they were donated enough money for this and didn’t come through and give the money to the people. They got enough for everyone, and didn’t give it to them. They are awful and useless, and are a part of a lot of bad things. I am very educated, very informed, and know a lot about this. Read before responding with insults. People are left with moldy houses in NY and NJ and they did so little for people. People who donate to them are just throwing the money away. Fema is not our friend and I mentioned we needed to get rid of them. Who would say that if they gave everyone a new home?

  • ke4wbq

    I’d say both..lol

  • tad

    The Federal goverment was meant for only 2 reasons! #1 National Security #2 To uphold The Constitution! Thats it and they cant even do these 2 things right!!

  • tad

    Anyone that needs to depend on the federal goverment is the real fool! Im from thr fed gov and im here to help lmao soo laughable you sheep!!!!

  • tad

    Yea Nicolas because The Communist News Network is soo truthful and msnbc is so smart! Whos the real moron?!

  • diannkirby

    I really feel sorry for you.

  • littlehummer

    While we are at it don’t forget the Department of Education. Jimmy Carter’s contribution to America.

  • Jimbo

    Kim, when I donated to FEMA last year, I got a nice letter back from Craig Fulgate telling me how much they appreciated the donation and were only going to spend it on mold reduction.

  • Jimbo

    Shuuuush! Don’t spoil it.

  • Jimbo

    They are building them out in the Nevada Desert and in the middle of Mississippi. You can see them if you use google earth. There is even a new railroad track they are putting into the Nevada one.

  • Umm,, this is a satire website, like The Onion. None of this really happened. It’s humor.

  • this is a satire website, like The Onion. None of this really happened. It’s humor.

  • Umm,, this is a satire website, like The Onion. None of this really happened. It’s humor.

  • I can’t believe you people. LOL!!
    Look at the headlines on the right? New Pope is Gay? Palin calls for invasion of Czech Republic? This is a satire website.
    I’ll see you over at The Onion and see if you are just as gullible there as well. Try to have a sense of humor…

    However, I would like to see FEMA dumped though. If you have ever been in a disaster you know just what a waste they are. Anyway,, carry on…

  • Jimbo

    >AD thats what he is sayin. U.s. Marshals will come and take you away to an Obammer Camp (TM) if you speak out about youre rights bein trampled by the neonutzys of FEMA

  • Superdave Show

    So stealing money from others is ok? This is done at the point of a gun. First off, FEMA is unconstitutional! Then again, I see more and more excuses every day from people who want to ignore the parts of the Constitution they dont like.

  • Debi K Baughman

    Looks to me that they didn’t hear what you said, Kim. It was a bit confusing in this instance….but your last line pretty much tells what you are thinking except that it could sound as though it is only being sarcastic and that your first line is what you meant. I knew what you meant, but I think that others may not have it is one of those read between the lines posts that we all really need to learn to do right now…in everything

  • JK

    Is there a bill number on this proposal to abolish FEMA?

  • FEMA doesn’t coordinate natural disaster recovery, it stands in the way of it while pretending to help.

  • diannkirby

    Making up your own facts there, kiddo. NOT Cool.

  • Omar Spence

    It’s satire, but republicans are douchey enough to actually want to do this.

  • Omar Spence

    Which one is more ridiculous, the article or the comments? FEMA camps? coffins? the invasion by the UN?

    Talk about your tinfoil hat demographic!

  • texasaggie

    And don’t stop with civilian agencies. The navy isn’t any use fighting terrorists on land. The air force is a bunch of right wing missionaries trying to convert everyone in sight. The army is a bunch of sociopaths. The marines are worse. The only thing left is the national guard and they’re paid by the states, so what more do we need? Just think of how much we could pay for with all that money saved!

  • texasaggie

    There are times when satire goes too far. Your post is one of them.

  • texasaggie

    Reading the posts you would think that most of the commenters actually believe the story and don’t realize it is a spoof to point out the ignorance of knuckleheads like Ron Paul. Since almost all of them are right wingers, it isn’t too surprising.

  • BOBinBrooklyn

    Uh, this is not a real story. it’s satire but very close to the truth.

  • Vickey A. Lewis

    Who can trust the government after the Obama Administration has mislead us so very,very much. One scoundrel after another, another, another and who knows how many more have not been uncovered as yet!!! It is time to change the tax system and have people start putting most of the money normally meant for taxes in a personal savings account for when disasters happen!!! We could do with soooooo much less government employees and control. Do away with the IRS, Obamacare, and so many other government agencies. We must take back AMERICA, it is the citizens’ country, we pay for it !!! Get America out of the hands of Chicago Thugs ! Our government is so corrupt !!!

  • Vickey A. Lewis

    Sorry to have such negative thoughts on what use to be a wonderful country, but in my opinion, if one cannot see what has and is happening, then they have their heads buried in sand and/or are so uninformed an incompetent !!!!!

  • Vickey A. Lewis

    Yes, so corrupt one might think we are a third world country and if things don’t change we will become an impoverished third world country. Please remember this when voting for Senators and House of Representatives in the next election !

  • Glenn

    You are a idiot honestly. name calling is what you are asking for and you got it idiot!

  • Nicolas Edwards

    OMG!!!!! Glenn Beck took time off of his busy day to say hi to me.

  • Anonymous




  • Dustin Jester

    Google Dade County Florida and Fema during Hurricane Andrew. have fun…… I hope anyone who doesnt see that FEMA is only their to make money and confiscate guns. Ask your soldiers what they were asked to do during Katrina. Look for bodies during the day and kick in law abiding citizens at nite.

  • Steven Kunkel

    Hey Gov. Jack Markell!!!! Your the damn doucebag! Get your head out of Obamas a$$!

  • Slam Dunk

    And by receiving that letter you actually believed that was what they did! No wonder we are in the state we are in. My best friend was right in the center of Katrina and did not receive a dime for all her losses. Her home which was not a very old home was wiped put. Nothing from her insurance because the insurance companies walked away and did not pay for one reason or another. These agencies will tell you anything….anything for you to donate.

  • Slam Dunk

    Can you read or understand what you read?

  • Slam Dunk

    You are so right Kim. They could have built a new home for everyone that suffered loss during Katrina. Instead, people were moved into contaminated FEMA trailers. FEMA purchased all those trailers with those donations and grants and the trailers sat around the state and were never moved until they rotted away. FEMA wasted all that money and is only another useless arm of the government.

  • Kim

    Please get rid of FEMA… What a great thing it would be.

  • ladylaughsalot72

    Absolutely! Get rid of FEMA… RIGHT AFTER WE GET RID OF THE IRS, and even BIGGER problem!!!

  • Yvonne

    During an emergency the people in need of assistance are desperate. Any kindness when ones world seems to be turned upside down or obliterated is helpful. We do need to keep in mind that many of those working through FEMA are trained for this work. By this I mean they are trained to find survivors buried within the mess left behind by whatever catastrophe took place; and not just in specific areas. I can tell you for a fact that only a hand full of churches are either able or are willing to help people that are not part of their congregations; a sad but true fact. In the old days it was different and churches did reach out to help everybody in their communities. I agree there are great problems with FEMA as well as too many other government agencies. I think if FEMA as well as many of the other organizations were completely revamped with totally new management and priorities perhaps the problems could be solved. Unfortunately not every fire department and police department is equipped with specially trained people to do what FEMA is known for.

  • Michael Lawrence

    Actually, under the constitution, the military is one of the things the federal government is actually responsible for. Don’t expect them to go away.

  • Robin Leclerc

    FEMA is worthless…they give out all the good free stuff to people who dont need it and just show up for freebies..tryin to get their rent paid and free groceries… and the people who really need it get nothing..i agree…get rid of them

  • Robin Leclerc

    most of our govt is a big joke…wouldnt it be nice to just scrap it all and start over fresh?….the abuse and fraud is rampant and only getting worse as we who work pay for it….f-ck that..i am so over it

  • wlarry

    And if their work is to rescue people, help people, save people……why do they need all that ammunition???????????????

  • Kenneth C Strickland

    Okay, for the most part I think allot of us can agree, and stop with the arguing because as we all know (lack the nay sayers) our government has slumped to the lowest low that we the people have let it fall to in the past 12-16 years. I can understand everyones frustration but: Who here is really doing anything about what our government has been doing? We have a man trying to abolish a part of our corrupt government, but everyone here is arguing or if you want bickering, altercating, or what ever you want to call it on this website. Instead of writing letters to these people, or posting adds in the local paper or what have you… Your voices are allot more powerful than this, and here it’s obvious everyones opinion is being taken for granted.

  • PJai

    Kim the way you wrote implied that they actually bought new homes..obviously not your intentions…sometimes what we think and what we write don’t always match up.

  • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

    I understood Kim…she said they “Got enough” didn’t say anything about what they actually did with what they got…

  • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

    actually no, in times of war only… other then during war we are NOT supposed to have a Standing army/military (the National Guard dont count in that so long as they are controlled by the states and they are the militia by many states Constitution….the rest are considered a Standing army and that is why we have literally either been in full fledged war or near so since the Civil War…. just to justify keeping a Standing army…


    There is the need to have a full time standing military, otherwise we would not exist today. There are many many benefits from having this military, however I do realize that there is a great deal of fraud and abuse going on. Back to FEMA, they should be abolished as they are not really needed.


    that is funny as hurricane donna in florida didn’t receive any such help from fema and managed pretty damn good! course fema wasn’t around back in those days. americans are well known for their ability to adapt to the situation at hand!

  • Michael Lawrence

    Article 1, Section 8 of our constitution allows Congress to form a standing army. The founders or our nation realized that a standing army was going to be necessary to maintain our nation’s freedom. Imagine if there had been no standing army in 1812…our nation would have once again come under British monarchical rule.

  • Candy

    The thing I hate about fema are the fema camps set up just waiting for us!!

  • Candy

    the people who donated money to red cross,,etc should have gave it to the people who needed it there is so much fraud and people who help their friends who just needed new homes Case managers etc….

  • candy

    Same with Camille in 1969, neighbors and churches helped everyone,, who knew there was fema?? lol It was mother natures fury not the governments fault (or the taxpayers)

  • James

    That was the 1940s, and they were internment camps. They were used to house suspected “enemies” of the state. there were work camps in the 30s that were no more than hobo jungles. with forced labor and re-education. these and other Democrat efforts to “help” the poor were investigated by McCarthy int he communist witch hunt, that was unproductive and left use with Unions to accomplish the same intended destruction of the American way.

  • Betty Eyer

    Sorry, but I don’t think you are particularly well informed on how FEMA works and that was the point of my post and that still stands as far as I can tell. FEMA is not about just raining money out of the sky to fix every possible problem after a disaster. The tax payer could not afford that! I’m not saying that FEMA is perfect, but it’s a damn site better than people would have if it didn’t exist, which is nothing. If you think insurance companies are going to line up to insure homes in the previously flooded areas without government subsidies, you are nuts. But then, you think FEMA camps exist, so maybe that settles that question right there.

  • Betty Eyer

    First, why would FEMA build new homes for people who never bought FEMA flood insurance in the first place? Where are these people going to live while new homes are built? Who is going to do the work on the homes and where are THEY going to live? How is a community going to get all those supplies for building homes? Are there enough building inspectors in your area for that many new homes? How long will it take when you also have to rebuild the electric grid, etc???? In the best of situations a new home takes 5-6 months. In a disaster situation, make that a year. So folks need someplace to live for that year, thus the trailers.

    Do you really think the government can wave a magic wand and that kind of devastation is just going to go away over night? You folks are not in touch with reality.

  • mackelby

    Is this for real? The rest of the stories from this site are strange at best.

  • Tony Boyd

    I’m with Rand, Shut FEMA down.

  • Leisa

    WOW, Jack Markell is a real peach. If he’s the product of public school systems I’d say we need to all be home-schooled. While I personally think that FEMA should be severely curtailed if not shut down, I think the money saved should be used to pay off some of the federal debt. Or are these *d—-bags* not aware of the federal debt that like quicksand continues to swallow us whole? I don’t think we should be doing any more studies on why somebody who is gay overeats, or gets depressed, or giving any more money to help slaughter babies. This country will continue to see stuff happen because we have turned from God, and yeah, that’s pretty much my opinion, but the more we try to bail out the failures we’ve created, the deeper we dig the pit we’ve been pouring money into.

  • Marky

    Yvonne, you think that before FEMA was set up that the US was completely helpless? And all of a sudden when FEMA was setup, all our problems were solved? We were doing fine back then. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t this bad. States would handle their own problems. Neighboring states would send help if one place was overwhelmed. Churches and charities are always there to help. Red cross, has so much money it’s holding on to and so many volunteers. FEMA would be ok if we were at a surplus. Problem is, that money is borrowed. Our children have to pay for that in inflation. I can’t even imagine my kids buying a $25 carton of milk and a $50 loaf of bread. The other consequence of inflation is our children will be slaves of work just to survive. Markell is THE douchebag.

  • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

    http://www.usconstitution.net/xconst_A1Sec8.html I stand correct thank you but also please note WHO does this “Legislative Branch” yet… they fall under the orders of the Executive Branch now…. it also states Militia (not Military) and WE are the Militia yet have been propagandized into thinking Militia is bad and evil…

  • Darrell Huber

    You better go back to school on that one my friend, since President Bush, the Guard counts as part of the Standing Army. It is also more under control of the federal govt now than ever before with that stroke of the pen back then. we make up 43% of all troops deployed as front line troops and due to the draw down, the active units will be downsized and the Guard will take on more of the active missions now. Need to keep up on the changing roles of the Active and Guard land warrior roles as to this date. They are getting rid of 5 full Army Brigades, the guard will assume more deployment and mission essential roles….

  • Darrell Huber

    Re look at the Fema camps and stop watching so much glume and doom youtube. If you look at these so called camps listed on the map locations, they are either old, and I mean old pow camps so bad they cannot be used by anyone or they are National Guard Bases, I know 3 are near me and I ave been there as I am in the guard, One is near lake Erie and is a rifle range for us and the NRA so do your home work instewad of believing everything you hear, fact check!

  • LC

    The layers of regulations FEMA adds to any rebuiding project makes their “solutions” impossible to accomplish or pay for. When you ‘invite’ any government agency in to help, they will not be happy with rebuilding it the same way. Instead, they ramp up the requirements and regulations so that you have no choices and you cannot afford their solutions. Catch 22

  • BookmanWA

    Nobody’s paying attention, BOB. But it does make for an interesting Rorschach test, in a slow-train-wreck kind of way.

  • Brad Sloboda

    dammit getting rid of fema is the right thing to do so screw u jack………….

  • Slam Dunk

    Hmmmm! I think it was FEMA that was handing out money cards, (similar to visa cards) to people. Cards that were worth thousands of dollars to thousands of people that weren’t even eligible for them. Alot of fraudulent claims and the taxpayers got stuck with it all Also, you have to be a FEMA worker to defend them like you do. There are thousands of videos, pictures, and stories from all sorts of news agencies out there, and you still deny the FEMA camps. You are the fool, not I. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but at some point you have to stop being stupid and start opening your eyes to the reality going on around you. Have a nice day.



  • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

    that is how they plan to take over what was considered for most states “the States Militia” as for ND the NG is considered the States Active Militia and the People are considered Militia Reserve as per the ND State Constitution…the States and the People need to stand up NOW and take back what is Rightfully theirs…

  • HaHa

    I think the government can be more responsible than what they are. Most of the money donated to help people rebuild didn’t go to where it was suppose to.I had a friend who volunteered to help at New Orleans, at New York and in Oklahoma. She said the same thing about every place. Most FEMA workers stood around and did nothing most of the time. The volunteers did most of the work and it wasn’t their job.. FEMA is a waste of money.

  • HaHa

    Actually no congress isn’t. If the executive branch controlled the Legislative then we wouldn’t have a government shut down.

  • William Dorrit

    Rand Paul almost got it right.

    Close FEMA, lay off all of the workers, take the savings and pay off the National Debt.

    Lets leave something in the ground for our children.

    In every way possible the US Govt is facilitating the strip-mining and Rape of the United States.

    $16 Trillion in Debt with more than $100 Trillion in bills coming due.

    PS End Federal Flood Insurance, and stop subsidizing people to move into flood zones while connected Developers make a fortune. What part of Government is not Totally Corrupt?