Important Notice

May 28, 2013

On May 28th The Daily Currant published an article entitled “Gina Rinehart Calls for the Sterilization of the Poor” which referenced a Youtube video featuring Ms. Rinehart.

Like all articles we publish this article was strictly satirical in nature and not intended to be factual.

We are happy to affirm that:

-No such incident ever took place, nor does any such video exist.

-The views reflected in said article do not reflect the views of Ms. Rinehart and were never expressed by her.

Thank You

- The Editors









  • Royal Hopper

    What a ..cow….I doubt this will make publication but darling I wouldnt breed with you if you were the last woman on earth and if your Daddy hadnt handed you that mine you would be running a Wal-Mart and you likely know it…

  • Pulse

    What. The actual. Fuck…

  • susan piacentini

    She must be an abortion..

  • Justin

    source please

  • pinko

    Claiming she had been misquoted and her statements taken out of context by The Daily Currant Gina Rinehart clarified for the public. “It’s not just the ones who are smoking and drinking too much who don’t want to work. In speaking with my inferiors making upwards of $100,000/year I find they also don’t want to do the hard but honest labor that needs to be done at a competitive wage. I am not saying that only those making over $100,000 should breed and the rest be sterilized. Not at all. What I am saying is that Australia has to import more of those inspirational $2/day Africans. Of course the Africans will have to reimburse their price of passage and some may say doing so will take their, their childrens’ and grandchildrens’ lifetimes, but when needs must, then needs must.”

  • Dio Vesselinov


  • Lilac

    She’s no conservative. She’s a leftie hippy scum.

  • Alex

    Kill it before it lays eggs!

  • Well . . . there are lower and upper classes because there are classes (der.) There are the incredibly poor, the working poor, the working middle class, the barely working upper middle class, the upper class and, finally, the upper crust that isn’t too pretty. Usually inbred, these are the inheritors; the ill-educated because they didn’t have to do the work in school, much less anywhere else, and those without common sense. I might add, too little sense to NOT post their inane thoughts. We feel the most pity for this class. Like Her Royal Highness, Madame Antoinette, their numbers are too clueless to make it in the world for long.

  • Lolly

    The problem with her wanting to do this is, if only the rich were to breed … the rich would no longer be ‘rich’ because they would no longer have the ‘poor’ to feed off … and it looks like she has literally been feeding off them!

  • Except that we aren’t facing a grave economic crisis AT ALL.

  • Also, imagine a world full of HER children!

  • Lolly

    I’d rather not .. ughh .. vile! But, I am a mere mortal so my opinion obviously won’t count!

  • dee

    surely this is untrue…..link to You tube clip ?

  • Edward

    If you want intelligent workers, hire them straight out of high school and pay them while you train them to use the equipment. Employers and recruiters these days put this ridiculous expected experience and qualifications, if you want good people you need to train them yourself before they go off and study art history or what not.

  • Dante

    Hey Gina. An IQ test. You V me for the lot. you got what it takes love?

  • Alexandra McCallum

    Where is this awful video? I can’t find it?

  • Benji Addai Antwi-Boasiako

    Is ‘Ignorance’ her middle name?

  • Anna

    WTF….I demand all the billionairs and millionars to share their money with the poor…karma wil hopefully be a bitch on this one….disqusting woman

  • anon

    That is an extremely ignorant comment.

  • iiss she crazy?

    So who will do all the work of the ‘underclass’ if every body is earning over $100,000? I hope she doesn’t plan on eating at a restaurant, getting repairs done on her home or car, catching a taxi, getting her hair cut, buying groceries, have her house cleaned, educate her children, need a nurse, want fresh bread, have roads maintained for her to be driven safely and therefore to also pay her driver. It goes on and on! Stupid stupid woman! She only has her money because of the work of her father. Some people really need to think before they speak.

  • Hugil

    You’d almost think The Daily Currant was political satire. Oh, wait a second…

  • disqus_YzzMPp241B

    That is just as bad! Taking advantage of the most disadvantaged and desperate.

  • Charles

    That’s why I say sucked in to the big businesses that pay carbon tax, you’re going down!

  • Charles

    SUBWAY is her middle name

  • Jim Gray

    This is funny,”In a video uploaded to her official YouTube account, the Australian
    mining heiress said that income inequality is caused by differences in
    intelligence, and eugenics is the only answer..” This tells me that the intelligence level of the wealthy is the biggest problem we have in Australia. I only have to watch parliament to see how retarded and childish the wealthy are. People like Gina would do well to keep their mouth shut in order to hide their ignorance. I have thought for many years that if we culled the top 10 percent of the wealthy in Australia the country would be financially healthy again.

  • Elly

    Where’s the link on youtube?


  • she is conservative on a level beyond stupid, like tea party times 1 million stupid

  • nope, Diet Coke

  • Wolf

    There are some people so poor, the only thing they have is money.

  • Chezza Kendal

    Lmao. You fat cow. . Not even your children like you. Fat toad.

  • Murakai

    Hahahahhahaahahhahhahhahahahhhahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahaahah, she is a weird one.

  • Guest

    So, is she more intelligent than “the underclasses” for inheriting daddy’s fortune, and attending to the best schools in the world since she was born?

  • Ellana Lawson

    Gina Rinehart what sort of comment is that????. You over paid fool. My partner and I both work and earn $96,0000 a year should I have not had kids. Which I might add one is currently doing a double degree at Uni. Shame on you….

  • help the poor

    We the people should hang people like gina rinehart, its our land and she’s making top dollar from our land

  • Andrew Douglas

    I call bullshit. No source can be found anywhere on youtube.
    Not even that tub o’lard would say something so stupid. But not a bad idea though….

  • help the poor

    It was her husband that died thats how she inherited here wealth, even her own kids hate her

  • Really???

    You IMBECILE!!! That would have to be the dumbest comment/statement I have ever heard. If that is what Australia’s richest person has to say what hope do we have???

  • mamikel

    Most of her employees would fit the category she wants to sterilise. Great plan. The other one that escapes here is her workers are also her customers.

  • Bongalong

    She’s got it all wrong. The poor, fat and stupid should be running on treadmills to run a series of turbines to generate electricity for our towns and cities. It’s a green solution that puts the poor to good use, stimulates the economy and requires no eugenics. And then when they die of fatigue, we can process them into soilent green (yep there’s that word again) and solve world hunger too. 😀

  • Aaron

    How about NOT letting in a ton of asylum seekers who come here ILLEGALLY and giving them all the jobs that we australians are forced out of because theyre cheaper to employ?

  • Jonathan

    So how much labour have you done in your life exactly? I can’t believe you would say this.

    1. Maybe no one wants to work for you because of your attitude towards people who are less fortunate than yourself (which is almost everyone if you consider this a solely economic factor).
    2. You probably don’t know that much yourself since you have been handed your money. You didn’t even work for it. Get over yourself.
    3. You try living off Centrelink. Nobody wants to. Its pretty much pay your rent and some bills then buy food. That’s it. You have no money to do anything.
    4. I know there is not a labour shortage, do some work in your life and find someone to make you even richer and stop complaining.

  • Lilac

    Eugenics is a left agenda, fool. She’s one of yours.

  • Jazbec

    Does the b**ch think before she opens her fat mouth? Who’s going to make her good in a couple of years, clean her stinky toilet, …. Spoilt brat who only has money because she inherited it!

  • Lilac

    Why? Because it exposes your own sick agenda?

  • rinewhore

    so she is saying that everyone earning under $100k and over are smart and everyone that earns under is dumb… some of the most interlectual people in the world come from poverty

  • notarichfatcunt

    nothing like the opinion of a deluded asshole that walked over everyone and her own family to get where she is

    she should be the last in line of a human centipede

  • extravagantnonsense

    proof. this is awful, you cannot print something like this without a link to the video.

  • avrillev

    Yuk! How disgusting!

  • avrillev

    I wonder how many modern day slaves she employs in her mines and what not… such unbelievable greed

  • Anonymous

    That bitch needs a bullet 😉 soon they will all fall. All billionaires who consider themselves above the poor and fail to recognise equality… Her time will come, and so it will for the banksters and so it will for rogue governments who reign tyranny and work against their own people.Governments that support corporations and money over people are the very epitome of filth, as for this filthy cow. She will fall…

  • Barry

    Oh fuck off Gina!

  • John Cocktostone

    Too small minded. Should not be based on income alone, it should be based on genetics as well. If you fail to meet a certain set of criteria, you are not able to re-produce. It’s actually quite a logical idea. I’m not a rich person against the poor, just a realist. There are too many people for our scarce resources. Why not limit the number of new people and eradicate congenital illness at the same time?

  • Guest

    Ignorant and intolerant. What an animal.

  • Jjessessica

    Maybe everyone wouldnt be do poor if she wasn’t hoarding billions which will never be spent

  • Herp de Derp

    Check the source, people…. The daily currant is a satirical site… this never happened.

  • Anonymous

    This bitch is so stupid, doesnt she realise if everybody happened to be rich, a hamburger would cost them a million dollars due to massive price inflation.The stock market is a lie

  • A Kiwi

    hitlers back and in drag be very weary Austrailia this cow sounds like NZs jonky

  • Tousti-Tonu

    Because getting a huge business from your father makes you intelligent.

  • Jane

    This is the media’s interpretation and what she said, I would like to listen to her speach for myself before making up my mind. The media NEVER report stories exactly how they really are or what was actually said.

  • yes, this is satire, but hands please, if anyone can actually hear her saying this.

  • Syro

    She is witholding her children’s inheritance, it is a dirty law suit. She had the media gagged too. The obese beast

  • dave

    My new wife and I work and earn about $60k p/a between us. In addition to this I have 4 rental properties, hey perhaps I can rent them out to her $2 a day workers for $5 a week. Between us we have 3 kids at uni 2 of them with first class honours + PHD’s. Glad we had em before Gina gets to be PM.

  • Sean

    Hmm, if this article is true, then is this Adolf Hitler re-incarnate? She wants to ‘create a new class’ of Australian by eliminating the poor? What a horrible woman. She obviously was never taught humility or mutual respect for other human beings, quite obviously seeing as her own family and most of this nation hate her. And I thought we were meant to learn from mistakes, but obviously the ol’ saying that history repeats itself is as true as this woman is stupid.

  • Marina

    I doubt that she would be running a Wal-Mart hadn’t she been handed the mine by Daddy… more like shop at Wal-Mart when she has a spare coin to “splash out”… What a bitch!!! WOW!!!

  • leo


  • Rob

    I think eugenics is a great idea.

    We can start with eliminating her! That should solve a lot of problems.

  • Tom Tom

    But who will work in here mining company then when you can just find doctors, lawyers and millionaires in whole Australia??

    She will be broken after 5 years and crying why she was so stupid not to see that comming when goverment comes to sterilize her children.

    Muhahahaha fail par excellence.

  • Lana

    Money doesn’t make you a better parent you stupid stupid stupid woman!!! If anything….from my own experience….money does the complete opposite!!! I personally had a better childhood when my family was living on the poverty line!!! Oh people like you make me SO FECKING ANGRY!!!

  • Askara75

    Sooooo … does this mean that Ms Rinehart wants me sterilized simply because i’m going through a seriously rough time in my life?
    I don’t friggin think so Ms R!
    ANYONE can be poor … just as ANYONE can be homeless … i am currently BOTH!
    Because I’m both, i’m suddently an “underclass”?
    I DID NOT ASK FOR MY SITUATION and i’m doing EVERYTHING i can to get out of it … but unless i’m a rich bitch, it ain’t gonna happen overnight!
    So much for the good upbringing, proper education (right through Uni) and the life experiences I’ve had through various jobs I had!
    Might pay for Ms R to walk a month in my shoes right now!

  • you havn’t ernt anything, your father did but you havn’t, and by saying this now we all know you don’t understand how the world runs.

  • She supports the UN Agenda 21 – oh-yes, Gina is Eugina! 😀

  • Do not like this woman but have not tracked any legitimate source and it was her Father (Lang Hancock) that mentioned steriliation and Aboriginals so they would breed out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMaRuk6pGOc

  • yah

    where is the video???? I havn’t been able to find it.

  • spot on mate

  • just had another thought, if all the rich sheared their money with th poor, then there would be no poor we would all be the same, “sorry for swearing”

  • Ju

    The real problem is that she probably thought about it… and it still makes sense to her !

  • Looks like Gina’s overweight, fat necked and round face gene pool is more than a little lacking herself, and what does money have to do with it. Lets sterilize her, first.

  • Facepalm at all the people who think this is real. lol

  • Jai

    Who’s going to collect the rubbish, be my bank teller, be my taxi or drive the bus?

    Gina Rinehart logic: well I’m richer than you… your argument is invalid!

  • Anything as dangerous as Rinehart, and that mean and ugly, should be forced to have and wear a mandatory Hannibal Lecter, muzzle. In this case, extra large.

  • Steve

    Yep I have looked and looked and cannot find a source! As much as I dont like this woman, this article is complete rubbish and lies!

  • please is there a link to her video stating this,i cannot find the video,her greed has become cruely self serving but realistically being able to see her actually staing this would be best for all concerned ?

  • do you have a link to the video of her stating to steralize the poor please ?

  • Looweez

    Does that make her an obeast?

  • michael

    and yet the muslims are winning the breeding race… ?

  • many of us are trying to find this video,after all words saying “on her private youtube account video”,need to be verified,please if some one has the link please post and put on youtube and facebook for all of us not so computer savvy

  • still asking for link to the video with her stating this ?

  • none of us can,i continue to ask for link this this supposed video ?

  • as i keep saying,link to this supposed video please !

  • Elvis

    The carbon tax expenses are being passed on to us. The “big businesses” being taxed are the people who grow, transport and process our food, our power bills, universities, hospitals, public transport, water and recycling companies.
    We are the ones who will suffer it.

  • seda

    She is the lowlife

  • deafjohn

    who she think she is as she not born in uk so bugger off and leave uk alone.
    however rich you are as you still bigger selfish think of yourself .

  • seda

    Now that cracks me up. LOL

  • seda

    She hates her children.

  • Brad

    This fat thing shouldn’t even be aloud to open that big fat mouth of hers, if she’d have built her fortune from the the ground up, than fair enough she could speak… but she just got lucky that it was handed down to her and she had a chance to make something out of it.

    Matter of fact, I bet the cow doesn’t even do most of the thinking, she probably pays a professional who advises her on the actions she should make and does all the hard work for her.

  • ForrestGump

    What a fat mole!! Bury her in one of her mines…..probably still won’t be enough satisfaction for us hard working Australians

  • Wayne

    Wile I think it’s a good idea I find it amusing that so many gullible people believe the story…..all Labor supporters I’m guessing who will believe anything…our economy is in great shape ha ha ha.

  • the99%

    I call for the culling of the 1% Re distribute the wealth over the whole planet! everyone except the 1% wins!

  • Ummm

    You all know this is a JOKE site, right, LIKE THE ONION? It’s satire. Maybe we should actually consider sterilising those who don’t get satire…

  • Wayne


  • m4ry

    She should get sterilized.

  • Wayne

    Wat is Tea Party, isn’t that an American thing centred around Boston? Are you so Americanized that you now think your American? Will you be voting Obama in the September federal elections?

  • the99%

    thats her dad…. are you sure its a joke?

  • Wayne

    Notice no Author Names……cowards, I would be worried if I wrote this because she has the money to find you and the money to sue you.

  • Jason

    Her stupidity goes without saying, for one she obviously wouldn’t be on over 100k without inheriting her wealth. Australians should read Robin Hood.

  • ballsy

    does she not realise if the government was to try and sterilize us “poor” poeple we would ALL revolt and destroy everything they hold dear and kill the “rich”. come at me gina you horrible excuse for a human, id tear your heart from your chest and feed it to my dog..

  • David

    Does nobody realise that this article is satirical?
    It’s not real.

  • Charlotte Campbell

    what about all the peole that work in her mine? bet they dont earn that much. so what will happen when she has no one left to rune her mine? hopefully she will no longer have an income and get sterilized herself so that she can’t breed any more ignorant idiots into the world.

  • Brad

    All that MONEY and you cant even employ a professional Nutritionist to help you slim up…. LMFAO!!!

  • The Big Dog

    Well there an easier way, implement an IQ test and if they don’t reach a certain level they sterilised and don’t get to vote either! lol

  • crysanthi

    Are you kidding me? “Most”of the worlds influential historic and current figures came from impoverished families. She is a snub nosed ignorant woman that has let her inherited power get to her head, whilst she has clearly lost her soul. BY her thinking there will be no one left to do the “poor jobs” she is so quick to insult and attack. Who will run the stores or fix the roads? Who will pick up her garbage or do her hair and nails? Silly stupid woman. I have never wanted to swear as much as I do now! How dare she! Forget the artists of the world! we would have no one wanting to be a painter, singer or musician from the fear of being sterilized! what an Australian embarrassment she is.SHAME!!! why is there NO media outcry for her to apologise?

  • Sarah

    I think she should be euthanized (obviously she is living a painfully lonely life) and her wealth spread to the poor!!!!

  • giselle97

    Iain (Evil) Duncan Smith will have already been on the blower to her asking for details of how to implement this in the UK.

    What a witch she is!

  • Sarah

    you hit the nail on the head with that one!!

  • Revved

    ALBERT EINSTEIN was poor remember that. if stuck up rich bitches shared the billions they don’t need, Poor people wouldn’t be poor. and since when is 100k a year poor?

  • What a repulsive fat turd

  • Sarah

    I hope your right because if your wrong then she will probably be beaten in the streets by the people she wants to “sanitize” and it would serve her right (if she spoke those words)

  • little Red

    Wish they would ask for volunteers to be sterilized….. tubal ligation is expensive with no insurance…. I would love to!

  • Mike

    Damn so many people here taking this seriously have been trolled hard!

  • lee

    Since she’s loosing 17 million per day more than most people earn in a life time, can we start with her?

  • stupid bitch!

  • Ivan

    What about who are rich in love and honor, and do not care for money?

  • Sheila Hannigan

    I cannot believe this women. The parties that are in government are no better than Hitler and the Nazi’s. They have not got a clue how to run a government, they pick policy’s out of the air and try put them in action. When they clearly won’t work, they take no notice of the IMF, waste money and them give themselves a pay rise while everyone else is getting a pay cut, or worse still get sacked. They fiddle the figures and tell lies. Unf..king believable.

  • leigh

    If she wants to pay me over 100,000 a year i’ll have a job thanks

  • Brigitte


  • Wayne

    Here is her real speech, pay attention to it or be a fool and ignore what she has to say, she didn’t become wealthy by being an idiot who knows nothing about business. She inherited $400 million from her Father and turned its into $70 Billion.under Gillard we risk becoming the next Greece.

  • Greg

    Given she was born before her father became a millionaire. If that rule had applied one year prior to her birth, she would not have been conceived.

  • goran

    fuckin stupid americans

  • Tanya

    This has to be a completely false article…..or is Gina really Hitler?

  • Mark Mathews

    WOW…. 100k per year to have 10 or 12 kids…. that makes u poor…. so why has someone that makes billions only had 4 kids?

  • Alexandra Burnell

    “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

  • Outdoorstype

    My god, I am simply stunned as to the amount of people who believe this is real. And a bit saddened.

  • Abigail Clarke

    Whether this article is completly true or not it still annoys me. Only a rich spoilt ignorant bitch would even consider sterilization what is she thinking?? also its a load of crap that australians dont want to work. There are so many people our there looking for work and are willing to learn, like myself i am desperate to start a career. Unfortuantly for me ,no one wants to employ someone who needs training. The problem is because of the economic downfall that employers want to import workers because they dont want to pay there fellow aussies a descent pay . Its the economys fault and the rich pigs that rule this world, not us lower-class people!!!

  • Abigail Clarke

    Its the economys fault and the rich pigs that rule this world, not us lower-class people!!!

  • Narayan

    Not linking to the actual video displays dubious credibility on the part of whoever wrote this.

  • stuart young

    she is sick and should be put in a mental institution!

  • Floella

    All I can say is there’s a big resemblance to Basher Bea from Prisoner Cell Block H. Couldn’t be the same woman could it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5PAIQpLo1VU

  • dane

    whats her I.Q. then?

  • tim

    it’s a SATIRICAL website – hence it’s not true, just a satire! haha Jesus Christ is everyone retarded?

  • tim

    its a satirical news article. Hence not true – just poking fun at her.

    i think your intelligence has come into question over this post

  • Linda

    she’s an embarrassment to every woman and an abomination – probably a spawn of Hitler.

    Money can’t buy intelligence or a soul, it seems……

  • Faith Sylvester

    Satirical news source fails at being satirical. Good job tricking people though. >_>

  • Jacob Groenveld

    No, she has probably been feeding ON them

  • Wendy

    Wow. How intelligent do you have to be to inherit your fortune?

  • Oe1ie

    Let’s check her IQ, see who’s more intelligent? Her or most of the Australian people. I know who should stop procreating and it’s not the ‘poor’ people. Really shouldn’t take her serious. Ignorant woman, quite empty I guess.

  • beep

    HAHA. what a joke. steralize this cow.

  • Robbie Kuhn

    She’s just jealous ‘cos she’s not getting any…
    Seriously though, what a fool!

  • Juice

    They should have sterilised her father before he breed ….

  • brazzcole

    I doubt this is actually real.

    However, the idea that procreating should be a privledge rather than a right makes sense to me. There ARE too many uneducated, lazy, drunk people taking up space and money in society.

    That said there are many hard working people who don’t make 100 grand a year that ARE valuable assests to the country.

    In an ideal, crazy (brave new) world there would be some sort of regulation when it came to having children.

  • hohoh

    yes difference in intelligence. what a darling, i think she should be sent to Mars immediately.

  • Jenni Stevens

    This is a joke right? I have alot to say about that, but not all very nice, so I will refrain. I am stunned by this.

  • that may be but the point is that it is getting circulated as fact on other websites and is causing quite a stir.

  • With a face like that she doesnt need to be sterilised.

  • Gina Loxam

    I can’t believe this is for real??? Was it written on April 1st. She, Cameron and IDS would get on well. These people are making Hitler look like a Saint

  • Wayne Kerr

    Most of of you muppets posting on here are the unintelligent ones this SATIRICAL article refers to. Most of you will probably need to look up the meaning of satirical as well……………….

  • Mike

    She’s Aussie, she’d be running a Woolies.

  • Gidget cooper

    You’d think someone who has the amount of wealth she has would hire a decent makeup artist. Her hair and makeup is appalling, as are her political arguments.

  • AutodromEilend

    This woman deserves the Nobel in economics for finding out the solution to stop poverty, also she deserves to be devoured by wild dogs.

  • Slugabed

    This woman is a walking field-day for psychiatrists and others interested in how nature and nurture affect the personality….

  • arkibos

    Hug, you’d think she would use some of that wealth to suck the fat from her head

  • Allison

    I was born poor, and I have a Master’s. Should I be sterilized? I believe she meant the stupid, which is equally insulting, and she would be referring to her self anyhow as she is obviously an elitist, who knows nothing of the real world.

  • slightlyamused

    Oops, forgot the Daily Current is satire.

  • Michael

    Wow, I like to consider myself a conservative, but people like this give most conservatives a horrible reputation.

  • kobi

    How about we cut the bitch open , take all her money and feed the starving and help the homeless …. Or better lets kill top 1000 billionares and use the money to help them in need … How about that … Lets vote for it id say 99% will be on our side and the 1 % if killed could save whats wrong with this planet …

  • Suomy Nona

    it laid eggs already.. more stinking lizards crawled out of that flabby gut

  • Jamie Raisbeck

    And where exactly does this bitch rate on the most HATED scale?

  • Sterile poor bloke

    Sick twisted should be locked up for such comments

  • robyn

    A terrible insult to hard working aussies who were paid low wages by her companies, an insult to the intelligence of over 50%of australian workers…. dig a bloody big hole and dive in it you silly lady…. your biggest job in life has been counting daddys money….. a classic example of silver spoon dementia

  • Richard

    Sounds like she needs to get laid…

  • sofie

    if income inequality really would be caused by differences in intelligence, she would be broke.

  • Bruce Lee

    stupid bitch, no idea. lady rinefart, if you eaned 200k to clean out toilets I bet you would fail. Many want a better job and life and will work for it. I work 7 days a week and don’t earn that cos you twats killed the economy. I think the people (99%) know who needs the bullet…..

  • jdog

    and he didn’t even work for it really he just found it and said this land is mine! Very easy way to get rich if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. doesn’t require much intelligence or hard work.

  • Torpy

    A very rich man once asked a very wise man, “If you are so smart, why aren’t you wealthy?” The wise man replied, “If you are so wealthy, why aren’t you smart?”

    This slug clearly falls into the latter category.

  • Cynthia Brink

    someone should of sterilized her parents. This billionaire should become a Cuban and learn to live with less so that other could simply live!

  • Bruce Lee

    Better still, any government official who fails via vote (from public) and the “greater leaders” of our economies around the world (ie banksters etc) should be put out of their misery and no longer procreate. Public opinion would rule and money mean nothing. Burn your workers and get shot, devestate the population and meet your end. While not ideal for a solution, it would make them think about “us” more cos it impacts “them”. Today there is no accountability, so they don’t care.

  • [email protected]

    Hahahaha 🙂

  • angrydave

    What an utterly disgusting bitch. She is totally removed from reality. Would she be so arrogant had she been born poor? Just because she inherited wealth it does not make her special.

  • robyn

    SO miss R do you pay your housekeeper $100.000 a year ? Do you pay your gardener $100,000 a year.. do you pay your car washers $100.000 a year? I think not….. your a hypocryte…. everyone should blackban any association with you … I am happy to work for my 44,000 a year looking after aged people who I respect….. i have none for you….

  • so true

    what about lottery winners…or people who have a choice of taking the money now…or a portion every year…..what about people who were earning 100’000 but due to inflation saw their money drop in value????……..she needs to explain herself

  • Folks, the Daily Currant is a satire site!

  • Lorraine

    I bet she has never been laid …..get a grip you heartless bitch thought it was just the UK with people like her ….

  • grockster

    er… some of the people coming from the wealthiest backgrounds are incredibly stupid – and oh look, she’s a prime example of just that.

  • Interesting – would she allow for rich people paying “losers” to have the fertilized eggs of rich people and using poor people as embryonic gestation devices?

    What would be the going rate?

  • She better not eat food prepared by some of these people she wants to neuter. There might be some poor people ejaculate in her clam chowder.

  • kalbotros

    So is she suggesting sterilizing asylum seekers too?

  • Ang

    its pretty obvious its satire- other articles in the side bar next to the article: “pope benedict comes out as gay”, “bloomberg refused second slice of pizza at local restaurant”, “sarah palin calls for invasion of Czech republic”…

  • atunionbob

    This idiot thinks that wealth is genetic. That education does not matter..”Son of a Dr over a drunk bar tender” How does a son of a Dr gain more intelligence then any one else? They dont take it from me…I am a son of a Dr. Lots of people are far more intelligent than I am. I am more intelligent then some others too. But that is because I went to school and got an education. I do not have the brains to do certain types of Math, got a mental block against it. But all else I am good on. Yet my friend who is the son of a mechanic is very good at math and he is a mechanic also. So this idiot woman does not know squat when it comes to running a business it seems. She was just lucky in getting one inherited and the economy boomed for her. Luck only no brains.

  • Ang

    this is satire, daily currant is a satirical site- other articles in the side bar next to the article: “pope benedict comes out as gay”, “bloomberg refused second slice of pizza at local restaurant”, “sarah palin calls for invasion of Czech republic”…

  • Ang

    this is satire, daily currant is a satirical site- other articles in the
    side bar next to the article: “pope benedict comes out as gay”,
    “bloomberg refused second slice of pizza at local restaurant”, “sarah
    palin calls for invasion of Czech republic”..

  • Hooty Hootowl

    Man this chick is batshit stupid. She did not make her empire. Daddy did.

  • Ang

    o_o this article is satire….

  • Yvonne

    I haven’t found the video so far. Anyone got a link please?

  • T. Durden

    The people she is after are the ones everyone depends on. We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We guard you while you sleep. We drive the ambulances. We process your insurance claims. We control every part of your life. So don’t fuck with us.

  • James Darby

    If Gina did say “and I can’t find a decent worker anywhere.” She would mean coming out of school or University. Unless a former student is the child of Self Employed parents who work in the same business and interact with their children and employees together the chances of finding an ’employable employee are about 8%. The socialist Australian School System ensures that those entering the job market are collectivised (Say to the employer “How much do we get paid” instead of “How much money can I make if lean your way of doing things and exercise a strong willing work ethic?”), “equalised” (when given an instruction instead of saying “Thankyou. I will get that done please feel free to check on me and please always let me know ways I can be more profitable” say “I know” and “non-profitable” thinking in terms of their “entitlements” instead of their profitability. The capacity for today’s new employee to place themselves in the mindset of an ‘apprentice employer’ is negligible with zero desire to learn to treat the business as their own. Compulsory Super (Employer tax) and ‘Unfair Dismissal Laws locks the employee into a horror feeling of “I (one of the rare occassions they will say “I” instead of “we” or “us”) never want to own my own business, fancy employing people that you can’t sack and having to keep working with employees who ‘just’ won’t work”. When an employee decides never to own their own Small Business the chances of that person being profitable are seriously diminished.

  • Terina

    What an idiot!

  • Guest

    what a snooty upper class bitch, maybe the best thing for this world is to get rid of selfish bitches like her, would make a lot of people very happy, including her kids

  • Bobius

    Sorry guys, I Cant find the you tube link??

  • IrishLily

    Maybe she should stop being such a greedy cuntbag and share some of her wealth. -.- I wonder if her father was born into wealth or if he had to work hard for it.

  • Mrfunnel

    By her logic, being poor runs the genes? And what right does she have to say this as a billionaire that inherited her fortune?

  • James Darby

    That is what the French thought as they took 10years to cut the heads off 80,000 of their intelligent citizens causing the deaths of millions through starvation and the Napoleonic Wars. The French never recovered from the loss of those intelligence Genes.

  • RFTC

    Might we consider an postnatal abortion for this woman?

  • James Darby

    “We” stands for ‘pee’ and “Us stands for ‘Puss’ try an “I” and you might end up not voting socialist.

  • Fdfd Asaa

    this is a spoof surely

  • RiGeL

    We just should kill all useless people ! And as she doesn’t do the job in her mines, she’s obviously of no use. Is there no decent australian people with a rifle who could rid the earth from such a parasite ? This would really makes humanity better. Ok, there will be a lot of “things” like her to eliminate, but…

  • RiGeL

    Not might : MUST !

  • RiGeL

    She has her money because of the work of the “slaves” of her father.

  • James Darby

    Education has failed you. Attempt the passage again without the word “BUT”. The reason you can’t do maths is the same reason that about 70% of your peers can’t do it. It is because a socialist labor voting school teacher never wanted you to accept the truth of maths. If you accept the truth of maths, the logic, the reason, the capacity to judge then you cannot be a Labor voter because you cannot live a lie.

  • RiGeL

    This is to hope, it’s satire, but unfortunately, this is not so obvious.

  • Cheryl

    Never believe anything you read unless they are willing to provide the evidence.

  • Freyfaxi

    happened in Lynchburg, VA in 1927. The Nazis shipped doctors from the
    Lynchburg eugenics program over to Germany pre-WWII to teach them. http://www.facinghistory.org/resources/library/lynchburg-story-eugenic-steriliz

  • James Darby

    Gidday mate, not any more, I have truthed it out.

  • 7 deadly sins

    Take a look at this Gina Rinehart. People could survive if you shared some of your wealth. It’s American clip, but since your Uber wealthy it applies to you.


  • coreboy2010

    Also, if you’ve got 10 or 12 children, $100,000 isn’t going to go that far. One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich. There’s enough of her to feed a family for a week, although the taste would be very bitter obviously.


  • The Raven

    I hope she hasn’t seen her wikipedia page.

  • Devils Advocate

    Just to play devils advocate here, but in one respect she is right. The less intelligent someone is, the more children they seem to have. Those with a more defined intellect want to ensure that they can afford to support their children and offer them a stable environment and a decent education. Unfortunately there are those who have children for the sole purpose of increasing their welfare allowance. Not everyone in poverty is stupid however, and I feel that there should be a limit on the amount of children someone should be allowed to have in order to a:) stop overpopulation b:) stop children being born into uncaring family environments and being treated as a commodity (Frequently being thrown out of the house from morning until evening) c:) Allow for a better standard of education for all and attention to be focused on every member of society. The number of children would, in an ideal world, also be determined by such things as the intellect and health of the individual but i cannot see that ever being accepted by the mainstream of humanity because nobody wants to feel inferior to others.
    The truth is we are destroying ourselves through our own selfishness and refusal to accept that we are breeding our own world towards destruction. Nature will survive us, we are not going to destroy the planet, we will just cause our own extinction. There is no longer a survival of the fittest, there is a survival of everyone, even those who do not contribute to the gene-pool, and their number is now in fact increasing beyond the numbers of those who have a value on a ‘natural selection’ level of existence. We, as a species, have now started to regress instead of evolve…
    This should not be about how much you earn, but about how much you can contribute to the species on a genetic level.

  • BeasleyGreen

    That Mr. Wolf, is a fantastic quote… I hope it’s yours 😉

  • Ian Allan

    If she has strong views like that perhaps the Police should investigate !!

  • Helen

    Her parents should been sterilized before her birth …. It would be a shame if some thing came about were her role in life were reversed and the cash flow was gone

  • No Ms. Rinehart, they need to sterilize FAT people!

  • Sparkz_

    Words fail me, this woman is actually allowed to run a company? She should be in the nearest lunatic asylum!

  • Sadrina

    OR – we can find out who is going to be a capitalist drain on society and hoard billions of dollars and make sure they don’t procreate so when they die they have to give back all they earned off the hard work of other people and corrupt system in place to make them so absurdly rich.

  • Bluey Blue

    Jealousy is a curse, just because she is too fat and ugly in mind and body, to find a man that will procreate with her, doesn’t give her the right to bestow her putrid opinion on other women/mothers,her personality is testament to why her children and most of the the population hate her

  • Helen

    damn i miss spelled words I should be sterilized !

  • Ha! I have a better idea! Why don’t the poor….eat the rich 😀

  • Martin

    I don’t think most people realise that. Lol.
    But judging by ho fast it has spread around facebook, I can see a lot of people hating her for this because they believe it’s real.

  • pez

    we should killed her to food africa

  • pez

    we should kill her to feed africa

  • jay


  • vaginehart

    we should stop feeding the fat then

  • Croc Hunter

    Ahh…so a fat, ugly, ‘heiress, who inherited her entire fortune and has never worked for anything a day in her life thinks the poor shouldn’t breed.

    I’ll tell you what, there is no amount of money on the planet that would make me want to stick my d**k into that pig.

  • B4kun1n

    So. Revolution, anyone?

  • Sterilise that fat munter

  • J.

    I’d rather we sterilised people too stupid to recognise satire.

  • Someone should take her out…and beat some sense into her small fat brain.

  • Þorri Fólks Bryndisarson

    I say sterilize the rich, much cheaper as there are so few and once they are dead their money will save the country they live in from going bankrupt.

  • Alexandra Sorina Antoci

    this bitch is pissing me off… but then again… she’s not worth my nerves… *activating zen mode*

  • Why don’t we, the 99% make a new international law that nobody may possess more than 500 Million in wealth?

    The surplus wealth can be used to eliminate poverty, world hunger, most diseases, war and all of the ills affecting humanity. The 1% should be put to death for crimes against humanity.

  • Diaz

    Someone needs to show this non-human bitch what lead can do.

    Humans are NOT ‘capitol’.

    Sure would like to see the videos mentioned in the article.

  • How on earth is anyone taking this seriously? This is a spoof site – just look at the heads for other ‘stories’ to the right of this one!

  • Diaz

    That is the best quote I think I have ever read/heard.

  • grungeandgaze

    I’m unemployed with a Masters degree. Poor = unintelligent must be the least intelligent statement I’ve ever heard.

  • Diaz


  • Diaz

    She couldn’t run a faucet.

  • John Kochendorfer

    this is a joke mag like the onion .. they make this stuff up

  • James

    Anyone got the link to this video?

  • Diaz

    Depends on your perspective. I personally feel that this bitch, and others like her(Gates) are the most disadvantaged as there could possibly be.

  • Diaz

    Target practice?

  • Diaz

    She hates HERSELF.

  • not your poor to sterilize

    buy a liposuction if you are looking to waste money pig

  • Joe

    The Daily Currant is a satire site guys.

  • Tracy Caldwell

    She inherited her fortune from Daddy. She didn’t create it herself. So she wants to lump everyone together steralize us. Let’s steralize her. She sounds pompous, racist and not everyone that makes under a $100,000 is lazy or uneducated. Some of us are teachers that educated you. There are also some rich folks that are extremely lazy and have no work ethic at all, so let’s not sterotype.

  • Joe

    Check out the other articles on this site and surely you have to realise that this is a joke 😛

  • Wooshy

    And with that image in mind I will need many years if intensive therapy to sleep again!

  • You need zen to deal with satire?


  • Lone Raner

    i wanna see that fat cow come try that on me,is she that deluded? and her father robbed his mining company and land from the native AUSTRALIAN who wasnt WHITE,remember most of the australians are decendants of the crap from england,our drunks/whores and dead legs,so if she got her way she would never been born

  • She’s an idiot. A classist idiot. And she is probably in need of a great deal of counseling. Its a good thing I took Multicultural Counseling!

  • You Nam Haer

    Everyone who says there should be fewer people on the Planet always wants to start with someone else.

  • Vio

    Nobody sais anything about the number of children she has, she is so reach she should have like 50…

  • S

    Unbelievably cynical, ruining all efforts of people who love freedom, and proving arguments for people who hate freedom. This is financial eugenics, a new fascism. Since the crisis came form mixing up everybody’s property, the solution is for everybody to be on their own. Not to grow their addiction on welfare, but not to positively eliminate the poor either. Poor people need freedom in a free society, that will make them responsibly advance out of poverty. The war on poverty created huge bureaucracies and zero results.

  • But then who would big, fat, slobs like Gina use as slave labor once her current slaves expired?

  • PierreS

    She is the living proof that someone rich can have a stupid offspring!

  • Molly Isaac

    May I suggest a much quicker and cost efficient solution. Sterilize the rich. Then soon there will be no ” underclasses”. As I see it, we should have started with Ms. Rinehart long ago when her reproductive organs and brain cells were still functioning !

  • Katrina Embrey

    This bitch needs assasinating!! How dare she just assume all poor people are stupid!! More like a decent education is out of reach for most ‘poor’ families! My 4 year old could come up with a better solution than this spoilt little girls ideas. I am ashamed to be australian after reading this 🙁
    Adolph Hitler reincarnated right here!

  • Nathan Thomas Mentley

    Actually Sarah Palin did suggest we invade the Czech Republic.

  • Raoul Duke

    More than likely it isn’t. She really thinks this way.

  • this bitch dumb as f***! Money don’t buy intelligence and this old hag is proof

  • Katrina Embrey

    Ok so it may not be truth and pure satire.. But going by previous statements shes made.. I wouldnt put it past her

  • Adrian Ganter

    Gina Noheart more like it. Note how it says in the first sentence ‘conservative billionaire’

    Conservative = A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in politics.

    Removing the function to conceive and give birth to new life isn’t a conservative thing to do, you rich ignoramus. How about you donate some of your wealth to the poor. That’ll solve poverty. Don’t think you will be spending it all in a hurry.

  • B

    imagine that… for a woman who “inherited” wealth in a country that was made up from criminals wants to sterilize the poor… maybe if you every actually had to work you would see things differently

  • howiebledsoe

    She’s already training dentists to mine iron.

  • Sam

    She seems to forget that luck plays a huge part in life. The people you were born to, the people you meet along the way. I have poor health, so sadly I cannot work. I have 2 children and there’d be no way that I would have given up the chance to have had them or more if I choose to.
    People like her need putting down. She disgusts me. Maybe she wasn’t getting enough attention so thought she’d make a ridiculous statement like this!

  • Adrian Ganter

    I just hate it how she says this. Yet she has all the money in the world to help poor people get back on their feet. I don’t understand how we can let someone like that speak on behalf of the country. I hate politics. The people that are running the country need to be stripped a lot of their wealth. Everyone should earn the same and any excess goes to people that NEED it, i reckon!

  • ajn

    It’s a joke people! The articles on this site are all fake. It’s amazing how many people believe anything they read online.

  • Colin Mcneillie

    One word sums her up Arsehole.

  • Sie

    You can tell that the Almighty doesn’t like money. Look who he gives it to. And there’s nothing so illusory as the apparent association between money and intelligence…

  • Anjana

    Reinhert maybe one of the richest but she is definetely one of the dumbest, heartless, egotistic, in the world….

  • anjana

    she does not have the inteligence to even work at a walmart, much less manage it. No, she would be on welfare, eating junk food and not being able to move, she would be so fat…,

  • Alexis G.

    SATIRE SITE!!! Have you not noticed. Having said that – I wouldn’t find it hard to believe her saying this at a dinner party with Lord Mockton, Murdoch, Abbott etc. Apparently her father was a huge admirer of various facist authoritarian leaders he had met… I would need time to find the source (an anecdote from a panelist on Q&A).

  • Chris

    Gates? You surely don’t mean Bill Gates, who’s given around $30 billion to charity?

  • Sherry Parker

    she has some serious mental health issues……riding a HIGH HORSE that she will soon be pushed off………..she did not earn a penny of the money she has today………….she was “BORN”…into the money…..get the gist…..someone has way too much time on her hands…………hope she plans on doing all the work in the future

  • Chris
  • Me

    What a stupid dumb fat ugly bitch

  • Seán Maguire

    Well, in fairness, with some of the outlandish things people spout about on the internet these days it’s not hard to see why people get confused. For example, Romney’s ”Binders full of women” and “I was poor once, me and my wife had to live off my company shares” moments both sound perfectly at home on the Currant.

    On the other hand, it does show how easy it is to convince people of anything on the internet.

  • See “Giving evolution a helping hand” at


    for news of more eugenics.

  • Chel

    I was wondering when it would come to this….. when rich people would feel comfortable enough to say this.

    I think it important to realize that often a person’s net worth is a measure of a person’s ability to deceive, cheat, and take from others what is not their own (morally, ethically, or even legally). Being rich is certainly not a measure of intelligence and it is even less of a measure of your value to society.

    Perhaps we should sterilize all the rich folk in an effort to eliminate crime and Wall Street plundering.

  • Does she own a mirror? Just saying….

  • Alexis G.

    And she has been fighting to stop them getting their hands on their legitimate inheritances for years from a trust set up for them (no doubt to avoid taxes). Oops, I guess she forgot that when you set up a trust in your children’s name to avoid paying taxes – you actually have to give that money to them when they are of age… Disgusting hey, won’t share her insane level of wealth with her children. So in a way – I guess she does regard her children as stinking lizards. From what I’ve seen of them in interviews (okay, just her son), he actually seems like an okay guy. Trying to start a company producing sustainable building materials.

    Does she not remind you of Jabba the Hut? Cruel but true. That’s why they try not to ever show her below the neckline! It’s a scary sight!

  • Nathan Thomas Mentley

    No, that snopes is about attacking the CR in response of the Boston bombing. Which is in fact false.

    Sarah Palin has suggested she wanted to invade after realizing it can in fact not be seen from her house.

  • ChenMcGen

    The problem with your ideas is that by stopping the allegedly unintelligent from breeding we would indeed have a more intelligent population but those people working in oppressive conditions such as in rubbish dumps, public toilets and recycling depots, along with those who collect rubbish out of trash cans would eventually be as intelligent as you like to think your self to be and so would not find themselves content with such poor conditions, being tended towards rebellion and in being as intelligent as you like to think yourself to be, they would succeed because they would surpass you in determination and have little to loose. Eugenics has been a previous consideration of the British empire in history but in their collective wisdom and after contemplation they realized what an error it would be…. Would you be content on two dollars a day?

    Take in and consider for a while “We see the world not as it is but as we are.” You see the world in terms of how it would best suit you and a selfish vision it is.. I am on a disability support pension, as are both of My parents but two generations ago we had an empire, a mansion and eleven servants keeping the house, not to mention those keeping the gardens and the workers in our employ; don’t think it can’t happen to you and yours…

    I think that you have confused the capacities that money brings, privilege and a life free of hardship with intelligence…

    What if you found lost in the Jungle surrounded by poor hunter gathered? Could you survive? You would be the stupid one then and would hope for sympathy that they might provide for you in those circumstance in which you don’t fare so well…

    Sorry but your perspective seems little more than a justification for your own existence and goings on and has little foundation in reality with a clarity at all..

  • pollypat

    Gina Rinehart is treading on dangerous ground with her comments. Rich, poor, clever or not to clever, mentaly or physicaly challenged, she is speaking the words of Hitler! And we know what happened to him and his evil army of followers? Soldiers were killed all over the world so she could live in freedom and a life of luxury. So stick to stuffing your fat face and hanging diamonds round your fat neck and leave the poor alone and keep your opinions to yourself!

  • Bob

    If only she was smart enough to understand that money does not equal ‘brightness’! Australia, God help you.


    She’s under the ego-centric, and convenient delusion that what ever is your level of wealth you merit it.
    So,she thinks her thoughts on any given matter are like gold dust , but the lives of the poorest are worthless.
    She’s also an idiot. It’s inequality that breeds poverty,not the poor themselves.

  • Gina Pocan

    From what I read, she’s got the intelligence of of a joey, never worked a day in her life. Her fortune was inherited. She’s psychotic. Speaks with fork tongue. She wants to eliminate the poor, but at the same time, wants to pay people less. She’s a freaking mental case. I can’t even accept her as a woman. Normal women don’t even think like that.

  • Morogth

    A perfect rebuttal.

  • lalahulu

    What a nut job. Not everyone is greedy and ambitious and wants to dominate others like the rich do. To think that poverty exists because of intelligence differences shows just who mentally diminished she is. Wow.

  • Alexis G.

    That’s right! How would the rich be rich and grow ever richer, because the upper crust always must have more – hoovering every possible dollar they can squeeze out of their workers and find in their future path? How would they get richer if they didn’t have masses of poor and working class people to exploit to make them ever more richer? They would have to start cannibalising each other’s wealth to make them more money. (Like drug addicts, they always need to get another fix, preferably a bigger fix next time). Mmm, that probably wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Then again, what they get up to in Bangladesh, China, India, Mexico, Honduras etc. is a pretty nasty sight as it is. The only thing nastier is human trafficking/slavery, so VERY low down on the ethics list. Of course they don’t have any ethics…and slaves are probably more of a hassle than simply exploiting hungry, desperate impoverished people.

  • Dan

    Unfortunately, a vast number of ignorant leftists leaving comments here are unaware that The Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper targeting conservatives and that its content is not factual. Get you your heads out or your _____

  • Alexis G.

    I’ve seen her son interviewed on television and he actually seems like a quite decent bloke. Interested in making money, yes, after all – his mother is withholding his inheritance – but he is working on starting a sustainable building supplies company.

  • Alexis G.

    She hates humanity. Especially all workers (which would be almost all of the human population). Workers! They have the temerity to ask for a good day’s pay for a hard day’s work (the iron ore business is very profitable), safe working conditions, holiday pay and sick leave and superannuation! The nerve…

  • beebop

    Yep her fortune will soon dissapear if she’s having to pay everyone at least 100 thousand plus , her father would be turning in his grave lol some business woman. as it’s already been stated she inherited her fortune and she’s not of good breeding stock …or really that intelligent…damn she’s got nothing going for her at all ….she’s got money though, damn she’s gonna need it lmao

  • My blog post about eugenics, “Giving evolution a helping hand”, is ever so slightly satirical too. However, it does raise a serious point.


  • Anjana

    I’ve research this, I believe than while we may not agree with some of her ideas, what this article says it’s a lie, and I really don’t agree with this kind of journalism, trashing someome and putting nasty remarks in her voice, just beacuse they don’t like her or want to be sensasionalists and make more money spreading these lies over the internet, so people will go to this website, the more people go to their website the more money they can charge for advertising,,…I just watched the video and i’ts not like this, I maybe wrong, but so far it looks like this. I believe is so important to research stories we share before posting, specially when serious issues or peoples lifes are affected. wether we agree with them or not… Shame on this website spreading lies about people. I may not like some people or agree withtheir ideas, but to spread lies about them, that;s just not ethical…

  • Folks, this is fake. Geez.

  • Alexis G.

    I think it’s actually “greedy-guts” or “sociopathic”.

  • Anjana

    One thing is to be satirical , another put this kind of lies, nasty lies in someone elses mouth. That is not satire…

  • Circuit BIrd

    How about you go and get fucked, love?

    An opinion like that shows YOUR LACK OF INTELLIGENCE and how you’ve thought this through, you Marxist bitch!

  • Aaron Buss

    sooooooooo…she says she is gonna pay Australians less…wouldnt that make them all poor and inherently …all sterilized ?

  • John

    What a total bitch

  • John

    Mrs Hitler with a statement like that.

  • Kennedy

    Maybe her parents should have been sterilized then we would not have to look at her ugly face or listen to a rich persons ratings.

  • Ray

    I can’t find the Youtube video?

  • treblig1989

    This reminds me of someone, short little Austrian guy, didn’t like Jews very much… Can’t quite seem to remember his name… Oh yeah that’s right, HITLER!!!

  • Andy

    It’s funny/sickening/ironic having such an ugly bint ranting about good breeding, and intelligence at the same time, all the while being either too stupid or ignorant to comprehend the basic economics of how market systems increase inequality, especially if interest-bearing loans are involved, or the bio-psycho-social factors that shape intelligence, where inequality causes people in those ‘underclasses’ to have lower average intelligence or academic achievement due to reduced educational opportunities.

  • James Gallagher

    So, does this stupid bitch pay her housekeepers, gardeners and other domestics a $100K+ salary? Does she pay all the workers who are making her rich more then $100K per year? Probably not. So, she’s just perpetuating the problem. The problem with the undeniably wealthy is they tend to be unbearably naive.

  • SadBetty

    She’s one classy human being…. 🙁

  • anonymous

    The only way to end poverty is to end greed.

  • Joe Erato

    Conservative…… she is anything but. In order to amass that amount of control and execute the orders to subjugate a single group based on economic output can only be done by a powerful body which makes the rules. Im agine a system that would medically force people to undergo procedures based on the law of the land and not the freedom of the individual……………..What group pushes for such over reaching powers? what group pushed for centralized politically controlled health and welfare services? She is as conservative as politicians are truthful.

  • ChenMcGen

    There was a Power Ball lottery in which one could win thirty million dollars.

    Money = intelligence; it would be nice to win all those brains..

    Money = Class; and so if you see an old lady accidentally drop a hundred dollar note in the supermarket, just remember; it will make you more classy to keep it than to give it back to her..

    A lot of really intelligent people also have hearts and the state of the world combined with their ability to comprehend it all is so devastating to them that they are too psychologically damaged to be what you might call productive.

    You are a prime example of irony; you think poor people should be sterilized and at the same time you are one of the richest people in the world but apparently you are still not happy.. I guess money does not = intelligence or happiness after all….

    Corruption can = money, theft can = money, drug dealing can = money, robbery can = money, fraud can = money; am I talking about the good people now?

    “”Only by eliminating waste and focusing on our brightest, most efficient workers can we hope to see off our rivals in the emerging world.””

    Ummm! What rivals? It is this perspective of ‘rivals’ that is the biggest problem in the world; powerful people of nations need to start seeing their neighbors as neighbors and not rivals… Sure there are some tensions and conflicts between nations but you’re intelligent, work them out..

    You want to kill off poor people on your own side to help you defeat an imagined enemy? So should be sterilize the diabolically delusional and dangerous schizophrenics in positions to do damage to the nations with their delusions grandeur or just cease all assets for the nations welfare?

    I am, you are, we are Australian…. Yes; like it or not; despite all your wealth, power and privilege that comes with it; you are still just one of us mere flawed human beings titled Australian so get off your high horse and come and smell the roses with us and don’t mind the dust, it’s safe, that man from the EPA who spends more than he ears said so….

  • Rosemary Smith

    How many sons of doctors/millionaires aspire to go work in a mine anyway?????

  • D.VI

    …and she is still alive ?

  • Brian

    Has to be a wind up, surely?

  • She looks like she’s eaten other rich people to become rich if you just look at the size of her!

    Jesus lady! Eat a salad! LOL

  • Joe Erato

    Waa waaaa just read the about, this whole site is satire. Fooled me!

  • vito33

    Were you born without a sense of humor or did you have it surgically removed?

  • A mirror

    bitch please take a bathe..with all the money you got..your whole persona stink to high heaven….and it’s a pity all your wealth cant do anything for you looks….you still look like a bag lady with halloween make up on…

  • Michael

    Gina Rinehart is a special kind of stupid, isn’t she. While I have said for years that people should be required to have a minimum IQ to be allowed to breed, IQ has never been divisible along economic lines. This shows one case where a rich person should NOT have been allowed to breed.

  • Adam L.

    The poor should just eat HER.

  • Patrick From The Netherlands

    Last century some people had a sick brain like this kind of people, 600.000 Jewish people were destroyed in Europe! Even people with money can be STUPID and cause a financial crisis WTF!

  • So where are her 300 children? I mean we calculate children per income she should be having triplets every year. She is obviously not practicing what she preaches, how convenient.

  • Chris Martinez

    She looks like Mrs. Jabba da Hutt

  • Is this bitch serious?

    Only people who come out of diamond studded vag’s shall walk the land! – Thus spoke Rinehart.

  • Patrck

    Th is is a load of crap, and nothing but a smear campain against Gina. Ms Rinehart never said this at all, and all you idiots who believe this need your heads read

  • patrick

    tim youre right .Those that believe this need their head read

  • What a sad soul.

  • Off with it’s head.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    Hey! How about this..We have a popular vote…pick one :

    (1) Sterilize The Poor
    (2) Sterilize The Wealthy

    Sounds fair and democratic to me! ;=)

  • Moa

    So ugly and fat and no brains also. She should share her money to young, beautiful women to enjoy life and make the world a better place. Terrible fat and ugly women!!!!

  • Moa

    What about to not eat so much, terrible fat women! And share your food to poore people?

  • graham

    I love how no one knows this is a satirical site

  • Moa

    Sterilize Big Fat but rich women just like her? So we avoid bullshit??

  • If she hadn’t inherited her money she would be dirt poor herself since she has no common sense!

  • Nemesis

    And what, exactly, did this bloated skank do to earn her billion? Also, unless I am terribly misinformed, didn’t we have eugenics policies for the first few decades of the past century? Look where categorizing groups of people as less deserving than others got us.

  • God forbid that she should have children.

  • C

    Oscar Wilde quote I think


    Where is this alleged broadcast? I could not see it anywhere.

  • Richard

    I might not have a lot of money, But at least i have the intelligence to know that money is superficial and in reality means absolutely nothing without human society. Human society that without the majority of all populations breeding would collapse. Disease is getting more common and bacteria more and more dangerous and this lady wants to lower the diversity. Smart move… Not. Clearly she thinks that we are some how not wild animals and just slaves to work when she didn’t work for her money but inherited it from her dad then spent her time bossing everyone around. She needs to learn that at the end of the day she is no better than anyone else. Just a consciousness inside a sack of meat and bone. She claims she’s somehow superior when in fact she is quite the opposite. Some of the greatest minds in the world have been dirt poor their entire lives. Instead of sterilizing and narrowing the gene pool how about we sterilize your mouth old lady. All agreed?

  • Marty Mc Fly


  • Try BODY guards….. lol…. Not even a billion dollars could pay the “underclasses” to protect her…. The other problem here, she did have time to think before she spoke… She even had time to think about it before/after making her video that she still decided was ok to post…

  • indy

    perhaps she should share her ethics to Africa, they breed like rabbits,

  • K8

    Her father actually said in an interview once that aborigines that won’t/don’t assimilate to the white man’s way should be herded into a camp and chemicals put in the water supply to sterilise them and their race would die out. I think he’d love what she’s going on about!

  • Matt

    Stupid woman sitting on the money her Father made, bet if she was one of the “underclasses” she wouldn’t be saying this! It is these “Underclass” people who put in more work than she ever will as she has these “underclass” people running around on her pay roll. How insensitive. Money is the root of all evil, and selfishness.

  • itookredpill

    I will happily drive her around for $100k a year.

    But why is it I cant have one child on $99k, but I can have 12 on 100k?

  • Erin Lale

    Wait, I thought she was Australian? Wasn’t Australia originally a prison colony for England’s undesirables? If England had sterilized its prisoners, she would never have been born?

  • aguyuno

    Guys. Seriously. This is a satire. Gina Rinehart is an evil, heartless bitch – but this wasn’t actually said.

  • Chunky Monkey Wobble Slop

    One of the richest women in the world… Can’t afford a gym membership

  • Guest

    Obviously Gina Rinehart’s wealth the is no indication of intelligence. Stands to reason that poverty is not an indication of lack of intelligence!

  • James

    She has a strange understanding of genetics, economics, justice, and community. Such a person is also, alas, likely to suck at life.

  • Guest

    Gina Rinehart is proof that wealth is not an indication of intelligence and poverty is no indication of lack of intelligence.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Gina Rinehart is proof that wealth is not an indication of intelligence and poverty is no indication of lack of intelligence.

  • Shelly Curran

    Finally someone BRAVE enough to speak the truth!! BRAVO!! You guys can criticize her all you want but when some fricken neighborhood junkie is the only choice you have for President you’ll wish you listened to her!! I have been saying this about the US for ever. Just think about it….Who is mass reproducing in the United States?? Yeah we can’t verbalize it without being called racists but we all know where this country is headed. Educated people with careers 1 or 2 children. Uneducated, low income, welfare recipients 4 or more children. Food stamps, gang bangers, welfare, medicare…..and the list goes on.

  • Shelly Curran

    Anyone who starts a conversation with “bitch please” is exactly the kind of person I’m talking about.

  • Shelly Curran

    Hey don’t spoil it!! LOL

  • JJism

    A piece of her brain must be sterilised.Shame on you.

  • Fuck Gina

    Advocating genocide is a crime against humanity! Mass genocide of your own people based on a paper dollar! Gina, you are a disgrace to your fellow Australians.

  • disqus_TAjisV8EOh

    Does anyone know what this website is?

    At the top of your browser it says ‘The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record’

    The clue is also in the name:

    Currant (with an ‘A’): A fruit, similar to a raisin

    Current (with an ‘E’): new; present; most recent: the current issue of a publication.

    D’ya get it now…

  • This kind of mindset is sick… selfish to the bone…leave it to nature. maybe you were lucky you were not the first victim of this cruel mind set…

  • Kachina Lively

    When people like this start telling the world what to do with the poor then we are in serious trouble! People with money have no right to guide the world, especially, when it comes to who can have children and who can not. So Hitler, Lady! Rich people have destroyed this world! I see you have no missed any meals! This world is crashing down and you do not have the solution! Gosh, people with money are so IGNORANT and Dangerous.. God save us from the Rich..

  • dee

    She is already fat from what i can see.

  • El Bee

    She would fit right in with the Third Reich!

  • Jonathan James Bevan

    Elistism is the root of all evil

  • Can’t we simply call her a low class PIG?! She acts like it.

  • Amy Clemente

    she still wants the poor byt doesnt believe us normals shiuld have kids. one day someone is going to snap at her…

  • Soldier ant

    Gina Gina Gina maybe we should sterilize the ugly just in case they produce ugly kids so us good looking folk don’t have to look at them at work. You are a genius sterilize me now as I never could have your logic.

  • Heroh

    This is a joke. Where is the original source?

  • Da’Von

    Yes that inherited wealth is easy money. I wish a BITCH would leave me 100,00 I would turn that into millions trust me..

  • Ros

    Love it…………….I know people like this……….some are members of my family. Sad but true!

  • Kerry Sutton

    Maybe she should take a leaf out of Gates book and try giving back to a world in need as opposed to massing great wealth that she will never be able to enrich her life in ways that truly matter. Greed and uneducated comments do not breed, humanity, humility, kindness, love and a happy enriched life. I think this lady is to be pitied that she can’t see past her wealth to the need of the less fortunate obviously born with a golden spoon did not breed a golden heart.

  • Arizona Mildman

    Wall Street Bankers cause the financial crisis so, the solution is, let’s sterilize the poor in retaliation. That makes as much sense as “Arabs and Pakastanis attacked us on 9/11 so let’s invade Iraq.” Conservative has become a synonym for “F**KING STUPID”!

  • Arizona Mildman

    I hope she does realizes that her party wants to turn this into a third world nation of people who all do three minimum wage jobs to survive. It isn’t racial or wealthy against the poor anymore. It’s matter of the people who care about others and the people who don’t.

  • widower9

    Wow, you got THAT right!

  • widower9

    I am now confused as to just what a “Conservative” is in Australia. I am a VERY CONSERVATIVE American and I can NOT imagine this kind of thinking. This is the kind of thinking which a Communist or a Fascist would dream up.

  • Doc. Goose

    Wow you guys are retarded. This is a satirical news site. jesus…know what you’re reading before you jump to conclusions.

  • IsleShire

    Born on second base and thinks she hit a double.

  • Jacob King

    If she was successful in getting unintelligent people sterilized, she’d be one of the first to go. Any couple making less than 100k? She’s not a couple, and she isn’t making that kind of money, she inherited it, so technically, she still goes.

  • Kimberly A Davidson

    Lets Eliminate The Ugly Then!

  • Ridiculousness

    let’s instead not let the fat and ugly to breed.. oh wait, that means she would be on the list…

  • Eagle

    Fuck of Gina, my parents are on te minimum wage living with depression. Guess what? I scored a 99.85 ATAR. Learn some manners!

  • Taleisin

    Says the woman so ugly she can’t get laid.

  • just saying

    many rich people came from families who were once poor and made their money and left it to future generations like her so why should poor people be killed off now their are many poor people who become rich, become doctors, lawyers, presidents so that is foolish what she said she may have mental problems so i have nothing nagative to say about her.

  • Alex

    Lets assume that some parts of this argument are logical ( which it isn’t ) and we did this who is then going to do these jobs that keep our siocity running such as collecting rubbish working in supermarkets and many of our trades because she’s not going to want her kids doing them and no ones going to want to pay 100000 a year for these people but eventually they will get old and we will apparently have a population to smart to put up with these jobs and that will be great for the economy

  • Stacy Smith

    This is one dumb bitch……

  • tammy

    Spoken from a woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth. How dare she!!! Take away all her money and she is just a pig and ignorant…..

  • Tabi SweetiePie Hawley

    I have 4 beautiful children, I don’t have to be rich to provide for them, I don’t have to be rich to show them how much I love them, I don’t have to be a stinkin’ millionaire to tuck them in to bed or read to them, or help them with their homework or to raise them to be doctors or lawyers or whatever they so chose to be…. YOU ARE A COLD DEVIL GINA RINEHART! Maybe those that are rich in money should be forced to have to have vasectomy’s or full tubal

    ligations because let’s face it why do they need kids if they have money RIGHT???? That’s your arguement vise versa after all ISN’T IT GINA RINEHART???? that if we don’t have money we shouldn’t be allowed to have children!!! WELL SHAME ON YOU because unlike you you friggin money whore My children have a great mom who busts her tail for them for minimum wages and still does everything for them…. Shame on you for pretending you are anything like a HUMAN!!! I’m glad it’s up to god to show mercy on your soul because the lord knows I wouldn’t…. IF the world continues to be filled with GINA RINEHARTS CIVILIZATION WON’T STAND A CHANCE IN THE FUTURE….

  • Inspiridos

    It is sad to see that fascism is alive and well and did not end with WW2. So Australia has its rich idiots and imbeciles too … she should be sterilized from her wealth that she inherited.

  • Begonia

    So, capitalism has reached its climax: inhumanity.

  • Tina

    WOW, First she needs to realize that at 100,000 and 12 kids one would be dirt poor LOL. Second what son of a doctor wants to work at her mine? and I am sure she does not pay over 100,000 so the son of a doctor would work for her and be forced sterilization. She is so stupid. Glad she has daddies money. Some of the greatest people came from poverty…Albert Einstein, Oprah, Steve Jobs was born in poverty and adopted just to name a few.

  • Sid JL Garo

    greed is Evil

  • And this brand of stupid is what passes for “conservative?”

  • it’s not for real

    Do people realise that this is a satirical website?

  • Doc

    Where did you get your sources for this story ?? !! How about giving us the link to her FB page where all this happens, ’cause we cannot find anything like it

  • rogue_lady

    Makes for a funny read though..
    All these people spouting off. Just proves that most people believe anything they read. No ability to critically think for themselves and analyse fact from fiction.

  • rogue_lady

    And you have provided evidence of low intelligence by believing this article, on a clearly marked satirical website!

  • Mario Salazar

    I’m a Catholic and I have been an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C., Philippines. It is a sad truth that our Urban Poor multiplies like flies. But to say that the poor are stupid is wrong. I have a neighbor whose father is an Auto-Mechanic. He labored to send his daughter to take up nursing course. She graduated and worked in a prestigious hospital in London, England. She is now a head nurse in that hospital. She was able to bring his family to migrate there. In the Philippines, our economy and government is dominated by corrupt Filipino-Chinese whose main objective is to suck our meager finance dry. Our OFWs or Over Seas Worker, Filipinos who works in other countries generat $34 billion a year. We have so much resources, but all does not benefit the common Filipinos because these wealth are surreptitiously spirited out of our country by dishonest Filipino-Chinese in our government. We have gold mines which produce billions of dollars (US), but 98% of these precious minirals are also smuggled out of the country by unscrupulous Chinese syndicate. The real Filipinos has nowhere to lodge their complaint because by doing so, you will be considered seditious and therefore subject to arrest. Our Filipino-Chinese government is not there to serve the Filipinos but to aggrandize themselves at the expense of the native Filipinos. We are as intelligent as anyone, but the opportunity to developed our economy is stunt by the fact that our government and businesses is dominated by Chinese. It was a hostile take-over.

  • rabbitwithfangs

    Dear Daily Currant, I think you need to look at average IQ levels and perhaps consider the subheading “This is a Satiric Website Where We Exaggerate Things For Humourous and Sardonic Purposes.” Because there’s a LOT of people here who think these stories are fact and it makes me really embarassed for them.

  • Melissa Segal

    so true

  • Melissa Segal

    ignorance is bliss

  • Misha

    “I believe that any couple making less than $100,000 a year should be
    forcibly sterilized through a vasectomy or fallopian tubal ligation.
    Those earning more than $100,000 a year should be encouraged to have as
    many as 10 or 12 children.”

    What a totally ridiculous statement to make

  • Cindie Staziker

    Hmm lets see miss I inherited everything umm fuck off 🙂

  • Joseph White

    I was literally appalled, until I realized that this was the Daily Currant and anything they publish is satire.

  • sam

    Wheres the video? I find this hard to believe..

  • margueritechippmatthews

    Just because your parents were successful doesn’t mean you will be. Look at Gina Rinehart. She’s taken a successful company ans is making a mess of it. On the other hand, don’t look at Gina Rinehart. You will be much, much happier if you never have to look at Gina Rinehart. Although I gotta wonder what she smells like. People that look like she does and have the attitude she does and as few friends as she does usually small pretty bad. On the upside, she is in favor of population control and there is absolutely no danger of her reproducing (not naturally at least). So, she does have that going for her.

  • Franklee

    As has been pointed out in many of the comments this is a satire article but the women is so nuts that its not a huge stretch of the imagination to believe this could be a true ‘Gina’ statement.

  • Brutus Balan

    One can never know whether one is saying intelligent things or not before something is said. Unless the mind is spoken, others may not benefit from someone who may think wisely outside the acceptable norm of the unthinking mob. Furthermore, whether a comment is intelligent or not it is for others to deem it otherwise. So it is better to speak, intelligent or not and own it if proved wrong. So, let her have a say, excess or not. At least it gets people talking.

    An aside though without endorsing her, if you have been to the poverty stricken 3rd world and seen slums and children procreated in utter poverty as laborers or begging hands, unlike the money thrown at the unmotivated, the lazy and the stupid by the Australian government towards the so called poor or the deprived here, you may even be tempted to think like her. There are people who do not grasp the opportunities afforded here or learn to live frugally.

    One thing is for certain, she may have inherited riches but she is more intelligent than most people in Australia to build on her fortunes and business. Others would have just goofed up the inherited fortunes in indulgence but she is intelligent in her own right. Indigenous health in this country is mostly their own making and having lived in the Kimberley I saw first hand how they lived to my envy and distress all at once. I have been very poor having none of what they get, I have lived in the 3rd world and been to India twice and living there for a year, I KNOW what it is to be deprived and poor going without food. Money thrown at people who will not help themselves, is a lose lose merry-go-round and a bottomless pit. Take time to ponder !

  • shaun

    umm link to the video ?

  • georgiaanne

    can any body actually find the actual video of this and post it? I can’t find it, and I’d like to hear her actually say this.

  • Nathan

    If she trimmed her moustache right you could call her hitler!

  • Skymasterfunk

    I cannot find the YouTube video anywhere…has this been withdrawn or is this article innacurate?

  • Sharyn Chook Lotto Ellis

    She’d be the next obese pig lining up for Centrelink payments with her feral sprogs in tow…

  • Brutus Balan

    I really doubt Gina could have said all that is reported here. The thing about $100,000 bench mark to procreate seems very bizarre.

  • Nathan

    Oh look who it is! Lmao

  • Brutus Balan

    To call it satire and then to call her nuts and that say she could have said it too is bizarre. A irrational hatred for her, huh?

  • The voice of humanity.

    Doc, EVERYBODY KNOWS Gina, the pretty ballerina thinks like that. $1 per day African workers on Australian soil. Was that to help the rest of Australia; which she is raping and cutting for it’s minerals as fast as she can? What does Gina need with 40 billion dollars? She needs it to help Australians right? We lnow thats not going to happen! Where’s everyone else’s cut? Ohhh right…

  • dias asteris

    We are a joke.. The laws are being fast tracked and we have no say…!! Bill Gates here to promote Vaccinations! Then a law is passed yesterday in NSW to fine day care centre $6000 to have children there wiith no vaccinations, and soon all Public Schools!
    Hollywood! Then Today Gina Rinehart claims its better for society to reproduce our richer society as it produces better offspring.. Why not, Not let her have children becaause overweight selfish obnoxious Greedy and Abusive attitude will Be inherited By Her genes … They want to control BIRTH by Class of Income!! Hahahah And they want to have a law to take babies away from drug addicts at birth! Who is to say what addiction for what person is more harmful than an other… This style of approach is causing this downward spiral!! FUCK this CONTROL…. We are here to Reproduce and Multiply to carry our Families Blood line just as it has Survived for so many Years!! what do you think? Its all connected…

    Brothers and Sisters Worldwide (facebook page)

  • Mumma85

    To be honest I think this is sterotyping people. Who gave you the right to say if you dont earn a certain amount of money then they arent in total to have children. Just because you have had the silver spoon fed to you all your life doesnt give you to judge and tell ppl if your poor you need to be sterlised. Poverty isnt just through mutiplying most of the issue is lack of enployment, housing and governments letting too many immigrants taking our jobs and housing and give them money hand outs and new housing etc. You need to crack down on boat people and mirgrants coming into Australia

  • Maude Green

    I can’t find the video of Gina saying this on Youtube – can you link it to the story?

  • Brutus Balan

    We normally go by what is written and if it comes from a major news media like The Australian we can know it is not far from the truth but minor papers are suspect to me. I don’t think this was reported in the major papers or I could have missed it. At least the radio journos would have made a lot of noise about this and I have not heard anything like that too. It seems so out of character. A video anyone? Hmmmm….!

  • joefriday

    It seems obvious to me that this woman will never reproduce unless there is a blindfold involved.

  • wanda white

    And they say third world countries are abusive, you better hop the srock market don’t crash because then…you’d be…ahhh…poor!

  • Meagan Lane

    A Lesser income does not equal a lesser
    intelligence. Some of us are wise enough to choose lesser earning careers,
    which do not take advantage of others or rape our environment of its natural
    resources for short-term benefits and financial gain. Also in point, the
    average salaries of our most intelligent individuals, our educators, are humiliatingly
    low. Capitalist tycoons who make their fortunes in commodities should be
    ashamed of themselves. If Gina Reinhart had her way, the expected lifetime of
    this elitist’s fantasy world would last less than a decade. With each self-serving
    glutinous and fascist pig climbing over one another to get the “top,” who would
    care to consider sustainability and alternate resources? This ideal angers me
    to my very core. Ms Reinhart you are so very incorrect, disproportionate wealth
    is caused by greed and greed only. If wealth were distributed fairly, meaning
    you could not take advantage of one person to benefit another, our society as a
    whole would become harmonious. If our world ran on free Tesla energy and
    sustainable resources everything from crime to disease would dissipate. Anyone
    with half a brain can understand the logic of this, without the stress of money
    controlling our lives, happiness and cooperation will follow suit. Free
    wireless energy means even the poorest communities can thrive, the fact that we
    rely on mined resources in 2013 is laughable. We are being persecuted by greed
    on a daily basis. And as the world nears destruction at the hands of wealthy
    pigs, history will paint a large dunce cap on you Gina Reinhart. One more thing,
    “go fuck yourself.”

  • Ryan Prendergast

    70 years on from world war 2 and we still have learned nothing. If people like this occupy seats of power the human race does not have long before extinction. She speaks of intelligence as if she has some, wow!

  • MikeL

    This is satire…right? RIGHT?

  • Now the exterminators know who to exterminate.

  • phil

    hey ive been trying to find this youtube video but have found no results. did she actually say this or is this just a hoax?

  • nick

    well. she didnt insult gays, so I guess no one is going to make a fuss…

  • Tommo79

    she is a fool put iher in with the boat people and send em back to sumwhere bad lol

  • Carl Golenberg

    Amusing…she says means test people for survival (effectively) and says people should be paid less in the same go. I’ll let others comment on the fact she inherited her money, or that she seems to think the only measure of value is ability to work in her mine. Don’t know how to break it to her but I don’t even WANT to work there. And while her argument that the value of a worker is determined by there breeding stock is terrifying on many levels, that still doesn’t address the fact that I doubt a doctor planned for his offspring to be a miner either. The reality is that only the desperate and uneducated would look for such employment; now doubt her empire is built on and requires the downtrodden to function. Ah, the irony.

  • Raza

    Many of the greatest minds in history were born into poverty and many cretins have been produced by the wealthy and privileged.

  • TropicalChucky

    you fat piece of trash. how about working for your money. you never had to work a day in your porky sorry life.

  • Lance T

    I absolutely, highly agree with Gina. Spot on.

    The underclass are nothing but over-breeding parasites, who suck the blood of respectable, hard-working contributors of society.

    The underclass, low-income earners are scum.

  • allbuss84

    Ahh eugenics, the great Liberal experiment of generations past is apparently still alive and well. Most people thought eugenics died after the Kennedy’s lobotomized JFK’s sister. They were wrong.

  • TheDigitalNinja

    She want’s to neuter the un-intelligent, and so does it by wage and not actual I.Q testing…
    Maybe because they’ll find hers so low.

  • Lyn Sterling

    Many of our greatest thinkers, finest entrepreneurs and ingenious creators were born in the lower middle class to the desperately poor brackets of society. What you suggest is moronic at best. There’s no guarantee that a man or woman born into a higher wealth bracket will make something of themselves. In fact, a great many are dregs unto their societies. Just look at the entertainment industry (Lindsay Lohan comes to mind…)

    Good job, there. This is Fascism at its finest. You’re a prime example of what made the Nazis so inhuman.

  • woodchuck

    She looks like a pig. A form of karmic justice. What she said was perhaps the most arrogant and vile thing I have ever heard from the lips of a fellow human being…Some of the worlds most brilliant and creative minds, artists and musicians, as well as top athletes have come from poverty. I happen to come from a school, that while wealthy, took great pride in sponsoring students who were not. A couple of the poorest students of all turned out to be a brilliant architect and a neurosurgeon respectively. To look at Gina, I’m not sure she would know which end of a screwdriver to use if she had to. She certainly couldn’t be trusted with a hammer.

  • Melanie

    What she doesn’t realize, is that rich kids often have a sense of entitlement. I know people who come from poor backgrounds who work in the mines and work hard. They have found the ones who slack off are the people who have never known what it’s like to work hard for your money.

  • TheDigitalNinja

    Scum, is demanding millions of people to forcibly go under a life changing operation(which I’d love to know who is going to fund it)

  • Peter

    People, unless it has been removed, there is no reference to this on YouTube, so my guess is it’s a beat-up and you are all over-reacting. I dislike GR immensely, but unless the accusations are true, you’re all pissing against a wall.

  • rogue_lady

    This a satirical site. Only those worthy of breeding will understand that this article is merely a piece of satire. *smh*
    So many fools ready to believe anything they read. I cry for the future.

  • Krystal Faye Mann

    Sometimes novel ideas come to us and seem smart, but we probably shouldn’t SAY all those ideas. Take time to think on it, and realize it isn’t the brightest!

  • S0NB0Y12

    Europe sent their most degenerate murdering, raping, thieving criminals to colonize the Earth and this is the end result…wanton genocide of anyone who refuses to conform to the colonizers way of life. Mercy.

  • Kristin

    Don’t think many doctors sons will be happy to clean your toilet, Gina. Wake up!
    Working hard? Can’t see how you “worked hard” to get your money. Think it was all from daddy?

  • rogue_lady

    Or maybe it’s a piece of satire, on a satirical website?

    Just a possibility. .

  • Ghost

    Sterilize the stupid and mentally ill, not the poor.

  • MJ

    Sorry Gina we’re not all born into billionaire families!
    I wonder what she thinks the threshold should be!? Perhaps she should share her wealth more and less of her dumb-ass opinions and help eradicate poverty…The only way we know how… Through education! While we’re on topic can we eradicate overweight people such as herself? Surely the only way to stop obesity is to tape mouths shut! Which would really serve two purposes. #twobirdsonestone

  • rogue_lady

    Or maybe it’s a piece of satire, on a satirical website?

    Just a possibility

  • facepalm

    and then once all the “poor” people are killed off those that are poorest become the blight on Gina’s society. You’re an absolute pig and a disgrace to the country of Australia.

  • James Rjr

    So if sterilizing the poor means I have to wake up to someone who looks like Gina Rinehart every morning then Futures to invest in are paper sack companies!

  • Superwoman

    As a member the Aryan race (a Scandinavian) I also have a few problems with people like Rinehart who are butt ugly and overweight. I think sterilisation should start with people like her. If she can’t use her billions $$s to find a good personal trainer and a style consultant well she obviously is not entitled to this money. Only the beautiful should inherit the earth! She has misused her wealth. Zeig Heil!

  • DummyDecoy

    how about sterilize the naive rich bitches like eugenics Gina Rinehart, keep her genes in a bottle to find a cure for stupid, its a stupid idea, its an acts of genocide

  • Robert

    I wouldn’t hesitate in flying over to Australia, and murdering her in her own bathtub. Then I’d feed her body to the pigeons. Just looking at that face inspires it.

  • rogue_lady

    What a score! But still… not so smart. Sorry.
    This a satirical site. Only those worthy of breeding will understand that this article is merely a piece of satire. *smh*
    So many fools ready to believe anything they read. I cry for the future.

  • John

    Perfect, more fuel to the fire… The underclass will rise up and overcome their salve masters.
    Do not forget

  • guest

    That is the strangest thinking… That money = value or intelligence. Does she sound like her character is a reflection of Dicken’s Scrooge?

  • Ryan

    Did you earn all your money Gina? Or did you inherit the means to do so? Easy to make these claims having never left the ivory tower


  • rogue_lady

    But clearly not intelligent enough to know satire when you see it.
    This a satirical site. Only those worthy of breeding will understand that this article is merely a piece of satire. *smh*
    So many fools ready to believe anything they read. I cry for the future.

  • Superwoman

    Its not the poor who are the problem but the fat, ugly ones like her. They eat so much more of the world’s food, more cloth has to be used to make their extra large sized clothes, they require far more resources. We need to breed beautiful people, not uglies. Sterilisation should start with her!

  • Tia

    oh this makes me laugh. The people who make over $100,000 will soon enough be poor if they had 10-12 kids, what a joke.

  • Ginaisadouche

    I wonder what she would think of a similar theory to sterilize the obese people?

  • Melanie

    Just discovered this is a satire page. It’s believable because most of us would not be surprised if she said something like this.

  • rare.common.sense

    This is a hoax. Idiots. Although we definitely are dumbing down the population- the average IQ in Australia is in decline (I see it in these comments every day). It’s all thanks to the Govt paying the lower economic population to multiply while the higher IQ population remain at 1-2 children. It is plain simple fact that IQ levels are lower in lower income families. We are heading for disaster by giving incentives for welfare families to keep breeding, of course not sterilisation but we certainly shouldn’t be PAYING them to have more kids!

  • embarrassed to be an aussie

    Gina is an absolute joke, way out of touch with reality… who does all the dirty work in her mines?????would love to see her in the there doing that dirty job on the income she wants to pay them(remember her comment about paying overseas workers $2 a day!!!!!) she is not rich because of her intelligence, she would be nothing at all without the silver spoon she was given, she should live in the real world on a minimum wage for a month to really know the value of hard work and a hard earned income… her comments are making a laughing stock of australia

  • Curmudgy

    Money worshipers tend to forget that they suck innovation, creation and intellect dry and contribute nothing to the fold but the reinvestment of their trust funds to reinforce their legal right to take and give nothing in return. I wish I could take back all of my building design and other intellectual property from the wealthy jerks I wasted it on. Today I’m a janitor, and even though I occasionally see ads in the paper for what I’m qualified for, I have a moral dilemma to the idea of contributing to the comfort of these parasites who give me scraps for my hard work. I’d rather be poor and contribute as little to their system as possible. They tend not to take into account that some of us poor are high IQ conscientious objectors to their anti-meritocratic idea of civilisation.

  • Larr

    What a f###ing bitch! Maybe she should donate her money to the “POOR”

  • Joe

    How about sterilizing rich peoples mouths? Who wants to hear them gloating anyway about how they dream of making more money by eliminating the underclass that sustains them? Way to go Gina the compassionate!

  • Satire Police

    You people make me laugh!! has not one single person here heard of satire? The daily currant is satirical news. Lead like little lambs…

  • Deanna Lightner

    These remarks from a woman who INHEIRTED HER money!!!! Has she EVER worked a day in HER life!! NO, just talking out her bum!!!e People really don’t think before they open that gaping hole in the middle of their head called a mouth!!!! Gee I guess She is going to pay poor folks 100k a year to work her mines, do her yard work, and on and on….. Some just don’t think do they? And they say she is powerful? I say she is the POOREST person on earth!!!

  • anne B

    I do not believe that Gina Rinehart made this statement. Could you please provide a link to the video or published interview? Better to check your facts rather than rely on dodgy Internet blogs

  • James Smith

    she has no right to say anything, the only reason why she is wealthy is because of her father doing all the hard work not her. She needs to shut her mouth and actually get out there and do some labor work instead of talking about being poor.

  • ICK

    Where do you draw the line Gina? the poor, the disabled, anyone with an IQ under average….. Then you’ll start with race and religion…. Something tells me she would have loved Hitler…and Hitler would have LOVED her… I can’t believe an Australian would say this crap… Disgraceful.

  • Carlybear

    Hey I have an idea Gina,

    Why don’t we force rich people to pay their taxes, and higher rates to help the poorer families get through a struggle that was probably forced upon them when you sold one of your companies and laid off about 500 quality workers who then sunk into depression who took to gambling or whatever.

    The rich don’t realise that they don’t need to be rich, and the middle class are usually the happiest and live fulfilling lives in careers they love and actually being able to raise a family outside of the spotlight. Although ignored and yes we have to get loans for houses ect, at least we respect our fellow human enough to not judge them and let them go about their day doing as they please, even if that iis having children even though they cannot financially support themselves.

    Gina Rinehart should go jump…just sayin’

  • kira

    there are so many flaws to this i dont even know where to start, so how about this if you are born with the ability to reproduce then no one has the right to take that away from you, that is basic human rights, no reason is justified, we are born able to reproduce that is nature that is the way it is supposed to be, who are you to take that from anyone. Secondly Gina must not have thought this through, what shes is talking about just wouldn’t work, this is basically natural selection, although if this case it is forced selection but that does not work in one generation, it would take many many generations to bring about an actual change but after you sterlise the first lot of people based on income, how do u go about deciding who is worthy or not, its ridiculous, what are you going to do get a crystal ball and see which of the five year olds of the next generation will earn less than 100,000 a yr, or do you wait till the next generation are adults but then wheres the cut off, even some of the smartest people doing some of the higher paid jobs don’t earn 100.000 a year when the first start working and what about those how have their children young. honestly before you start making wild claims you should at least think them through otherwise you will keep making yourself look dumber than the high school drop outs. Plus how narrow minded she is only really thinking about her work force and industry. not everyone can work the highest paid jobs or whos going to drive the rubbish trucks or work in coles or in restaurants, and im not saying at all that there is anything wrong with these jobs actually the opposite we need people doing all these jobs but i’d like to gina remove her own waste or go to a restaurant and have to go into the kitchen and make her own meal. The world needs all sorts of people gina.

  • Ace

    What I hate more than Gina……..is wankers making up bullshit……this
    was Never said in that video

  • Kevin Matthews

    You lot are pretty dull. The website is called the daily currant… its a fuckin joke lmao. Find a source, I challenge you.

  • Testy Ozzy

    I wonder how much is benevolently given to their charities as a tax dodge… Such duplicity. If this is the case outlaw charity – people do genuinely need help – I wonder what publicity stunt is next

  • Dodedodedodedo

    People do realise that this is a satire right? Not to be taken seriously.

  • John Banks

    so true slap this bitch

  • Ace

    Hope the fuckers get sued

  • Carlybear

    I don’t think it’s fair to place her amongst other Australians. A true Australian wouldnt dare say that lol

  • AllTruth

    I don’t think this is true. Now Her dad has said that but I can’t find anywhere where she is saying that. I’m not saying she didn’t but I need more proof if I’m going to pass this info along

  • Amy

    Where’s a link to the video?

  • Michael Andrews

    Funny would she be wealthy if she didn’t have her inheritance. Would her real intelligence make her gain that wealth is she started again?

  • Bronb

    This woman just proves that all the money in the world doesn’t make the person. What a foolish out of touch woman Gina is. She has no grasp on reality and should stay quiet until she has actually walked in the shoes of those that she so willingly shares her unwanted opinion on.

  • Olivia

    Is this girl trying to communicate?

  • Courtney

    Wealth does not bring you the joy of children whom will love you no matter what ‘class’ you come from.

  • ROYB55

    She probably never earned a dollar in her life.

  • Anon

    They should also sterilise fat ugly people, but I suppose Gina wouldn’t support that…

  • KA

    If this article is a joke at Gina’s expense, then I hope that she is equally offended that people would believe she could think something so profoundly insensitive and arrogant.

  • kin

    sharing her wealth with the nation is a right thing to do, but telling other who should have more kids is not right idea…is a discriminating against lower income rights to have more kids. this is a discrimination act. everyone have the right to have kids regardless who they are and how much they earn or education. the rich should give more tax and should contribute more is common sense. after all we live in the land belong to native aboriginal. it is the wealth of resource that we are consuming and is belong to the native people of this land after all.

  • Rosemary

    crazy comes crazy goes !!!

  • snoebay88

    Money doesn’t fix stupid !

  • t-Dogg

    A house is not home if its empty!!!

  • The voice of reason

    Hey Rinehart…why stop at the poor? Why not either sterilize or even eliminate those with a disability? Don’t get RSI counting all of Daddy’s money…

  • Did she consider eating the poor instead of sterilizing?

  • Jacob Arnold

    I wonder what she would think of those who think you should steralize the obese?

  • mrslady

    has anyone actually fact checked this article? There isn’t actually a video on youtube that I could find.

  • frankyman

    Maybe Rhinehart should consider the billions spent on health care for the complications of obesity each year. Should we sterilise them too, herself included? What a joke.

  • flow

    Creating a superior race! Isn’t that what Hitler tried to do? That went well didn’t it?

  • David_Sander

    Okay, I know this is satire, but it really is only a slight nudge away from where she likely is now; and there are quite a few more out there that think this way than might comfortably be considered.

    All I have to say to her and her ilk is: “Memento mori”

  • JohnAbramson

    I can’t believe what I just read. Is it a spoof?

  • Michael Harrs

    This article is an outrage. If you are going to make a comment on any
    issue, first get your facts right. How many who subscribe to this blog
    and more to the point this article have researched Youtube and
    Rhineharts comments on …’Sterilisation of the poor? I have, and there
    is nothing pertaining to Rhinehart addressing this subject. This is left
    – wing propaganda which is not informing Australians on the subject but
    further whipping people up to respond with vitriole!

  • This idea of sterilizing the poor has been around a long time. It’s too bad it wasn’t implemented before her family got rich.

  • mel

    its not like this bitch earned her money it was left to her so if her dad didnt leave her all that money she might have be one of the “POOR PEOPLE”……grab a brain love

  • Courtney

    Seen as she is so wealthy, she should have 50+

  • Mostly Amelinda

    Where is your evidence of this video. I can not find it. Folks. Cough. Idiots.

  • Natty

    Who’s gonna work for her at $2 a day if she sterilises the poor?

  • jd

    What a fat tub of sheet!

  • spring witch

    Given how well her own children turned out, fighting over her money rather than going out and earning their own… well, I believe the term is “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

  • Pinto

    She probably should be put down

  • me

    Wouldn’t surprise me if she said this but… joke perhaps?

  • Jeremy Comans

    Actually, she has turned a minor fortune into an empire.

  • Greig

    She should be stripped of all her wealth and then hung by the neck!

  • Signe Knutson

    If we sterilized the ultra rich, there wouldn’t be any poor. I have a genius IQ and choose to live below the poverty line and teach my several children to live simply instead of destroying the earth.

  • Matt

    Sounds like neo-Nazism to me.

  • scott

    I find it amusing that she is making such an unintelligent
    comment, doesn’t surprise me, what has she done to make comments such as these,
    has she made any scientific breakthroughs, have academic achievements, she was
    given her money on a silver platter… Most of the people that I look up to earned
    their money, achieved their greatness through hard work, determination and
    passion!!! Seems the only thing Gina is
    passionate about is cheesecake, hard work, mmmph, look at her.

  • KB

    remember reading an article about her a year or more ago…and if my
    memory is right it was all about how she wouldn’t give her money to her
    own kids when she passed away, I think she even called them lazy…I
    don’t remember exactly but this woman seems to be off her rocker!!

  • Survival of the richest? Lol

  • Wowzers

    could you imagine it? People won’t just ‘willingly’ go to get sterilised so you would have people being dragged from homes kicking and screaming or at gun point, tied to their beds or put in cells so they don’t try to make a run for it before the op.
    Too bad for Gina, when I was 18 and out of home I would have been sterilised as well in that category, now I make almost that on my own and my partner does as well, it would be too late tho for us to have our 10-12 children cuz she would have already sterilised us. In fact, I know a lot of people who didn’t make enough to fill that quota until they were a bit older, too late for all them too.
    Oh, and is she personally paying for all the sterilisations I mean our government is already broke so they can’t? Given our Government is broke, who do you want to sterilise there for that one? Where do you want to draw the line on this?
    Soooo many arguments can be had on this one!

  • Namango

    I’m thinking she should put her money where her mouth is…..McDonalds?????

  • Artoj
  • Joanne Yonsen

    well may be we should get rid of the greedy people and then there would be enough for the rest of us who are not greedy.

  • Truth Seeker

    so true!.. she has got to be the dumbest f**kn billionaire on the planet!!! what a stupid bitch.. and a waste of genetic code!!!

  • ben stiller

    You know this is fake right?

  • lol

    You people don’t know when you’ve been trolled.

  • gullible

    You guys DO realise this is a satirical site and she didn’t actually say this right???

  • Anthony

    She may be on to something. How about sterilization of elitist white bigots. There are fewer of them, so it would be quite the cost savings. and without them, many of the worlds problems (war, corruption, greed, etc.) would be eliminated..

  • BJH

    did someone put makeup on jabba the hutt ? im sure most women out there would love to think that their uterus is a clown car to produce countless mindless drones for this fat skank, that’s the problem with the super rich too much time on her hands obviously, she really need to get her own family issues sorted before coming out with verbal diarrhoea like this.

  • ken

    WTF. I have noticed that she has commented without saying the words – in my opinion – which makes the post she has made “actual”. Maybe the press should get a hold of this so as the rest of Australia can make a commercial decision on her

  • Willhemina Wahlin

    While I wouldn’t put these comments past this fatuous excuse for a ‘human’, it is satirical. THIS, however, is not. Her dear old Dad and one of the vilest humans to ever have walked the earth. As one person said, Hitler would have loved him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pMaRuk6pGOc

  • Manturian

    its millionaires that gave us such brilliant minds as Dan Quale, George W Bush, and Paris Hilton. If the answer lies in genetics it sure isn’t millionaire genes!!

  • Kerry Watson

    Gina, if only we all had fathers as well off as yours. Maybe that would make us worthy of the air we breath!

    And you have is it 10 or 12 children? Presuming of course you make over $100,000 !

    And I quote “Only by [eliminating waste and] focusing on our brightest, most efficient workers can we hope to see off our rivals in the emerging world.”

    Gina, I was under the impression that YOU are among those in OUR county wanting to bring these ‘rivals’ into the country!

    Please feel free to reply ….

  • Cat

    Of course she calls for sterilisation of the poor! But she could solve a lot of hunger problems if we chopped her up and divided her amongst the hungry. Though if we chopped up her billions, probably everyone in Aus. would be earning more than 100k per year.
    I love the way she equates income with intelligence.
    I’d call for sterilization of her, but I have grave doubts anyone wants to fuck Jabba the Hut.

  • Steph Christy

    Obese woman should not have children. Send her directly to Ethopia. For the most wealthiest woman in Australia, she really lacks in education. All her billions came from her father, he should have left it to the needy, instead of a only child, who’s motivated by money only.Such a empty creature, it show’s in her persona.

  • Realist

    Unintelligent white trash with money.. She inherited everything. Her opinion is irrelevant. If her father wasn’t successful, would she have the same opinion? No. Given her ignorance, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were assassinated.

  • pj

    I believe we should halt people who look like Jabba the hut from procreatin… just saying.

  • sxhogan

    If anything justifies a tax on wealth this does. Her philosophy equates to that of Hitler who tried to exterminate all those of the Jewish faith!!

  • Carol Mickelsen

    This woman is extremely shallow. She has no understanding of the true meaning of life whatsoever. She is obviously spiritually bankrupt, her material wealth notwithstanding.

  • Realist

    Unintelligent white trash with money.. She inherited everything. Her opinion is irrelevant. If her father wasn’t successful, would she have the same opinion? No. Given her ignorance, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were assassinated.

  • Her father should have had a vasectomy before she was born.

  • Rod Fraser

    Gina you are the vileness of humanity. Never worked a day in your life. Your kind have caused every problem in the world today. You will die alone and hated. No amount of money can stop that. Hitler would have been proud you, you parasitical scumbag.

  • Tuhi

    Maybe fat people should be sterilized too so that stress is taken off the health industry saving tax dollars.!! Some people aren’t given a mining empire to walk into. Money isn’t wealth, nor does it make you live any longer.

  • Cassie

    she just wants another excuse to hire people on 457 visas, it is she who stopped the proper fly in fly out workers, there are men willing to do the work she just doesnt want them she wants cheap foreign labour… and I am sorry but some of the wealthiest people in the world have come from nothing!

  • Clare Goodin

    That is an ignorant view to have considering where she got her money good ole dad eh. Also how can you guarantee great workers just because their parents are doctors etc. All the hard workers I know learnt their work ethic from their parents who certainly were not doctors or earning anywhere near $100,000. Besides all countries are built on the working classes. Use your brain to think with lady not your bank account

  • BellaBean

    This type of thinking is exactly what is wrong with the world today. Just because you were GIVEN money and an iron ore mine does NOT in anyway make you better than the person working three jobs just to scrape by. She needs a reality check, and karma needs to knock her down a few notches.

  • Damo.

    Ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is what leads us towards the majority of these ridiculous problems we have today. You sound like Gina.

  • Chikenfingers

    that fat ogre probably has enough money to free the world from poverty. Dumb cow…

  • Gavin Satie

    I may not earn over $100,000.00 dollars year and may never be financially rich, but I am rich in love, something you will never understand.

  • billbloggs

    has anyone got a link to the youtube clip where she says these comments…I would love to share it.

  • carl

    wow.. you are a tool

  • True

    In the name of money, she’d order the murder of her own kind. What a sad creature she is.

  • stu

    Link to video or it never happened

  • True
  • Mach Inetree

    Thinks she is intelligent
    Thinks intelligence is hereditary

  • Fake

    Where is the link to the video ? they site YouTube but i can’t find it :-/

  • Luke Macdonald

    What’s the weather like up there on your giant pedestal Gina? I have no words for your lack of compassion and empathy for your fellow man/woman.

  • Brian Davids

    You don’t make sense Damo.

  • Brad

    If every Rich Person such as her’ was forced to share the love- ‘money’ or! spend it on educating the lower class,….we woulnt be so POOR now would we……. , Having said that, Share the love Gina, cause theres always two sides to a story.

  • Kirsty

    How about the sterilization of ignorant pigs..seems more logical

  • Brian Davids

    You all do realise that this is a satire site containing false news stories. If this was true, it would have been plastered all over the major papers & TV stations, for there are plenty in both who don’t like her.

  • I’drathernotbreedinyourworld

    Regardless of all of the, very accurate, comments like “Who will clean her streets and serve her food”; at what age does this 100k pop in? As soon as they are 18? Their first job? or by the time they are 30?
    The most poorly reasoned, ignorant and arrogant statement I think I have ever heard, not to mention the such obvious links to ideals the Nazis used to have.

  • Bruz

    If I was a woman, I’d rather be poor, than be rich and look like that fat warlock

  • Marion

    Shades of Hitler

  • Jeskmh

    Real life Voldemort.

  • ziggy

    I can’t fine the youtube video mentioned in this article – does anyone know the link? or the title of the clip?

  • Erena David

    Your a fat obnoxious bitch, where are your 12 children. You didn’t even make your money, you inherited it.

  • Coops

    I don’t have $21 Billion, but I will sit an IQ test against Gina any day of the week. Of course, should I prove to be more intelligent, her theory indicates that I am more entitled to her inherited wealth than she is…….

    Come on Gina, would you like to have a punt?

  • Guess

    Stupid gee bag

  • Looking at it; and my thought strays … because she is repugnant in a Jabba the Hut kind of way; if only “wealthy women” were allowed to have children … I’m not sure any wealthy male with an ounce of self esteem would touch it … it might mean the end of humanity … if anyone should procreate (if it is at all possible with that thing). I’m not even sure that it is at all female. Would it lay eggs like a platypus … you know I think a platypus is actually more attractive; I’d rather be poisened by its barbs … than allow that bulbous thing near me. No amount of money in the world would be worth it.

  • Cameron

    I’m sorry but if you’re among the people who actually believe this is real you’re the one who needs to be sterilized. Take note of the name of this site. “Daily Currant”. Enough said.

  • “Conservative billionaire …” Conservative? She is not conservative, if talk this…

  • Cam

    If you actually think this is real she is going to crush you.



  • marc

    It is a shame that when her mum & dad were poor that they did not get sterilized and we would not have to listen to this moral deficient idiot! YOU ARE A SHAME TO OUR COUNTRY.

  • guest

    ummm…it’s satire folks….don’t get ya knickers in a knot…

  • Hungry

    Eat the rich, solve world hunger.

  • Mark

    Gina Rinehart doesnt have a youtube account. She is reluctant to speak to the media at all. The disgusting comments of serilization can be attributed to her father, Lang Hancock about 30 years ago and referred to the parts of the aboriginal population that refused to integrate with white society.



  • Undecider

    She seems to forget where her wealth comes from.

  • Undecider

    People like her gravitate towards replacing worker-class humans with robots. Thus, considering the elimination of us bottom feeders. The age old mindset.

  • Dominic Johns

    Gina….go fuck yourself! Do you think that just because you’re rich from the fat of our land that your opinion is worth anything. Pull your head in…beeeeatch!

  • hawkgirl71

    sounds like Hitler reincarnated. unbelievable. what world does she live in.

  • Nathan

    Gina Rhinehart is stupid and sterilization of people violates human rights.

    However, it’s just as foolish to stereotype all rich and poor people.

  • ravi

    Ah Gina, I am of the opinion that you are incarnation of Hitler. What is your birth date, is it after the death of Hitler.

    You did not earn what you have it came by a fluke inheritance

  • Man

    Whilst were at it, lets ban obese ugly women from having children.

  • deacon_2112

    oh really? if what you say is true, then why do the wealthy say such stupid things? it’s like they’re asking for a beatdown.

  • Gomez

    I love how all the underclass are complaining she does make a good point lol

  • Jason

    Give me your money.

  • karon w

    That’s disgusting I have 5 children now grown up. It would be a sad world if I didn’t have them.

  • Kitty

    Can we sterilise the stupid instead, starting with this one?

  • Kevin

    Doesn’t Gina realize that a worker that she is employing either inadvertently buys her products and processes and dig up her product. If every one where to be the upper class after a time nobody would be buying her product and she would have to be one of us. That would be an interesting inbred thought.

  • Nathan

    If you assume all wealthy people say such dumb things, then you’re very ignorant and foolish for stereotyping them.

    For example: Sylvester Stallone has an estimated net-worth of over $200 million, but doesn’t support that.

    It would be just as ignorant to say all poor people are dumb which is false. Some people became poor due to bad life decisions, no-savings or other misfortune.

    I think she Inherited hear wealth, didn’t earn it.

    People who are capable to work shouldn’t leech of welfare paid by working people.

  • King Richard

    How about we just stop all immigration from the third world

  • justMe

    how about we start doing the same with incredibly ugly, fat, arrogant twats….at least we’d all be poor but beautiful (i mean that in an interior way). I am disgusted by ms.australia’s most powerful woman – go die in a corner quietly please.

  • poor but intelligent

    Heil Reinhart! Heil Reinhart! Heil Reinhart! Heil Reinhart! Heil Reinhart!

  • smartie

    yet she probably pays most of her employees less then $100,000 a year

  • Gaz

    I think she did..and then ate them by the looks of it.

  • disqus_YMcoMyxoBB

    No wonder your kids treat you like they do if this is the way you think & treat people you should hang your head in shame the only reason you have money is because of your father , i think your a dead set Mutt !!!!!!!!

  • Julz84

    $5 for a bullet for this stupid c@*t

  • john

    Gina would not be so rich if she didnt inherit it all. She might want to remember that.


    Why Does Money make some people stupid?

  • Samit Mathur

    sick and poor bi***!! Feel so sorry for her way of thinking…..

  • Deepak Bista

    Democratic society means freedom of expression and this is where Gina exercises her right to express!

  • Yes, she’s obnoxious. But where’s the pudding?

  • Guest

    You people are all retarded…this is a satirical news website, meaning the article is not true. Get informed before getting on your moral high-horses.

  • Ady hall

    Think you should jump off a cliff and leave your money to poor.x

  • Mark James Brazendale

    I hope this bitch dies.

  • trev

    She is a f@#k head she doesn’t know what working for money is seeing she got it from daddy, stupid bitch ill take your daddys money and do better with it then you. If I was a doctor I doubt my son is going to get dirty for his money id want him to be a doctor aswell.

  • Gen Fisher

    who would tap that 50 times yuk

  • themo
  • Bleah

    Adolf Hitler would have no argument with this, he was a fan of Eugenics. As were many early Charles Darwin supporters who claimed some in the human race were more highly evolved than others.

  • cherrymac

    Gina Rinehart sounds like she should be locked up as a danger to society or the person that wrote such rubbish, if this is false. If she has us all sterilized who is going to work in the mines oh of cause it will be the off spring of those earning over $100,000. The worry is someone like this has power in Australia. Every other country in the world must have a laugh at our expense.

  • srs

    Se should just commit suicide

  • obviously

    GUYS IT’S A JOKE. THIS IS A SATIRICAL NEWS WEBSITE. Yes, she’s a crazy bitch on the best of days but do you really think the people in charge of her PR would let her say anything like this?


    Guys, she didn’t actually say this. This is a joke news story. Seriously.

  • Wangdoodle

    What a fuckwit

  • KatieLa

    only satire because she’s smart enough to NEVER make such a statement on record. 🙂

  • Mafia

    Might I just say:
    Screw you, Miss Rinehart.

  • Mitchell McCreath

    Strange, I can’t find it on YouTube.

  • John Lilley

    Let’s see… People on low incomes are of low intelligence…. Hmmmmm… I am a cleaner and I have an iq of 170. Former member of Mensa. Intellectually I run rings around Ms. Rinehart. I’ll bet she wouldn’t give me a job though!!

  • None of yer buisness

    Step 1 – Take away all of her money

    Step 2 – Take away all of her security

    Step 3 – Leave her in one of the worst parts of Mexico

    Step 4 – Enjoy

  • Catbug

    Damo. that didn’t eve make sense lol -___-

  • Mary Chalk

    Its funny how someone “so rich” can personally reflect on issues that simply dont affect her. Like all politicians, they have no idea about living in the “real world” Lets go back to the old days and the first days in this country where being a politician was voluntary and no source of income was required of that job. If you are so against what you say, with all the money you have, do something about it! Education can fix most things but clearly not your pompous, arrogant, ignorant and totally insensitive point of view. Pathetic excuse for a woman. Shame, shame, shame…..

  • pamsapm

    gina forgets that if we were dumb enuf to sterilize the poor there be no one to slave for her and pick up her mess. most poor people work harder then anyone have 2 or even 3 jobs just to keep food on their kids tables which is part of the endless cycle of oppression in which they live they too tired to look for a better job or to get better qualifications and their family life sufffers and the same happens for their kids.

  • Karel

    Question is, would she have been this rich if she hadn’t inherited all that money… It’s the kind of ignorance that borders to stupidity. She’s not a hair better than the poor. She only got lucky because her parents did all the work for her.
    The rich get richer because they have the money. The poor don’t get a chance to show what they are capable of.

  • Kay Danes

    We would not have Ghandi or Nelson Mandela if Ms. Gina had her way then. Some of the greatest inspirations come from those who have had to strive for life. Gina… come to my world in remote middle eastern regions and I’ll show you people who earn less than $2 a day but have an abundance of wealth and strong values.

  • Mark Bickerton

    The comments attributed to Mrs Rinehart in this article are
    false. Mrs Rinehart has not recently prepared or uploaded any video as described in the article and she disavows the comments attributed to her.

    Please see the following link to a recent presentation and
    a video by her:


    Mark Bickerton
    Information Manager
    Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd

  • Patricia Emin

    so put your children on to one of the mine machines do you think they will be able to work them. You might be joking but you are one silly bitch, so many children of lower class people move the world with there work and you will find the children of rich like you will have to fight them to keep your own money or was it there’s but have they got the good minds well I am a DSP and my brain is 130 IQ is that good enough my children work hard and are good people why should you stop people from having children. My old doctor had a child that was mentally slow. if you are so worried about us share your money with all Australians.

  • Patricia Emin

    yes you are right, thank god I have the love of my children.

  • Rachael

    lol aussie’s…. =))

  • cheiis

    I suggest that she get sterilised and has a gastric band while shes at it. She probably eating all the poor peoples food

  • TheUnsilentMajority

    Who would be dumb enough to libel a billionaire? Except maybe you. lol bonehead.

  • Aneeda Strong Drink

    Gina…..so out of touch with most of our population. Many couples only earn under or up to $100,000 per annum. Yes our leaders could make better decisions, but please keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Astroboidmc

    Well I say Tina is a mean person with no heart I’m poor and gay so hay that makes me a stray how about Tina try hard try to have a bit more heart in stead of the gasy fart she keeps on slaying people 4 being a humen being then a slave lets c Tina is a wealthy women who ripped of her farther so she’s the poor one cause she hasn’t got a heart I say gona b nice and shre the money not keep it and look down on people who is not the smarterst person in the world I say I’m proud to b poor cause I have it all meaning love and a heart that u seem not to have I say with all that money u have is to help the poor not ignore I’m so mad at u gona I have no money but I’m happy so do me a favour go around the world witch u can do in style and give your money to. People who need food and water but no u won’t u r greedy and mean so I call 4 u gona to let your money free and stop picking on me so now I’ll swing of a tree and say weee lol but u have all the money and u r soooo funny so go away and thing money buys thing love is 4 life so enjoy your chanerlear while I’ll go change a light bolb so all I say gina go to all the poor countries buy things for people that don’t have a grat headstart in life as u so instead of your stupid ways of thinking cause u have all the money we all dream off use it to help people not sit on your high horse while in struggling to eat so I guse u pay someone to rub your feet life is a gift not made of being a Grady thief! I will have so much respect 4 u if u go to someone and give them a hug and apligse 4 being a homeless bully that needs to wake up and love someone!!!!!!

  • joakim

    well, she’s in actuallity worth crazy amounts more, she might even be considered the richest woman, if u count her company. and her power, too, is kinda hard to quatify

  • Astroboidmc

    Gina I mean not Tina lol

  • Kaz

    This is just proof that Gina has lost touch with reality, maybe if she did something for poverty, instead off opening her mouth, its time to open the purse…… very disappointed in you Gina

  • Guest

    well, her ideas remind me of Germany in the 40s where some people thought they need a special breed over there and we all know how that ended and we certainly don’t need that again…

    Gina – it’s time that you wake up and seriously: Your thoughts are so un- australian, it is ridiculous. What if I said – we don’t need any fat people in Australia as this is bad for health system etc. And certainly the costs the overweight people cause need to be covered by the tax payer. So following your thought process (if it is actually a thought process?!) all fat people should be forced to lose weight?! You didn’t think of that, did you? Hm, seems you just think about how to make more money and did you ever think about helping poor people? You are one of the richest people in the world and wouldn’t it be great if YOU did something against poverty, against starving children and homeless people? But stop – no, you can’t do that because you wouldn’t get anything in return but a simple ‘Thank you’ and that’s not good enough because this would come from an underdog and not from a doctor’s son!

    Oh another thing – doctor’s son: to become a doctor you do not need to be intelligent, you just need to learn heaps of things in a very short period of time, nothing else.

    Really, your money just blew your brain out of your overweight body but there will be the time where all your money can’t help you anymore because one day you will suffer diabetes, a heart attack or a stroke due to being so obese. And then? Well, then you belong to us underdogs as well – but we are rich, because we are healthy and this is what counts.

    And now – just get fucked!

  • andrew

    she half right ..in that relationship ..who gets the “cut” the male or the female!!

  • David in Perth

    Gullible fools… this is a fake (actually a satire in incredibly poor taste). For a moment get on youtube and find the offending video… but you’ll fail, because there is no such video. You’re just a lynch mob, the lot of you.

  • Rebecca Murphy

    All I could think while reading this was “rich and bored, internet too easy, TROLL THE WORLD”. Then I realized what site I was on and got sad

  • BrightonSA

    No such video, stupids!

  • Brian

    Or megalomaniacal bitches with ridiculous wealth handed to them by daddy could just give a small part of it to those less fortunate.

    If anyone should be desexed, its this cow.

  • Scott Tognola

    I find Gina, to be contradictive, its alright for her she inherited a very successful company, I vote for Gina to be sterilized.
    Also she says good workers are hard to find? Well I say she is not looking hard enough.
    It’s alright for her to make comments about said poor people when she had her wealth and business handed to her on a silver platter, I work hard… And I love to work hard, I reckon her dad is rolling over in his grave…

  • pez

    i don’t think one’s social class has anything to do with their intelligence, but then, i think you just proved my point, no matter how rich you are it doesn’t make you any smarter, just makes the news when you do open your mouth

  • pez

    gah you beat me too it

  • pez


  • Kay Brown

    I agree 100%. And those couples (note she didn’t say singles) earning over $100,000 who she deems are allowed to breed and have 10 or 12 children, will therefore not be earning that amount because of all the maternity leave … jus sayin’

  • Ju

    I’d like to see the video. Where can I find it?

  • Veronica

    She is right.

  • bush

    Allow me to remind Gina of something she might be forgetting. With her current lifestyle she is not going to live forever. She really should be using her billions to create clones of herself and plan to transfer her soul, identity, memories and personality to them one after the other so that she could live for ever. Let us all hope when the surgeons make the final cut, they cut all the crap from her personality and bring out the real Gina if she is still in there somewhere.

  • then this is rather mean,i am a Forgotten Australian Child Abuse Suvivor and i have just finalised my Video Interviews for the Royal Commission,and i have a very special needs daughter (my forever baby) from the drug testing they did on us as innocent children,i fight for all who suffer abuse and this kind of ‘Pretend reporting’ is hurtful and distressing to all of us who have suffered these abuses and are fighting for children and babies STOLEN daily from their families or young mothers every day,people really need to think and learn compassion before posting untruths and upsetting vulnerable people,especially at this time with the Royal Commission,the FORCED ADOPTIONS APOLOGY,and PRU GOWARD trying to force through IMMEDIATE ADOPTION OF REMOVED (STOLEN) BABIES WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT and COMPLETE ALIENATION OF FAMILY,not nice to say the least !

  • Necrange

    elle devrait commencer par se faire opérer des ovaires pour pas que ça connerie se reproduise ce serait un bon début et ensuite se faire greffer un cerveau pour comprendre qu’elle est une aberration de la nature . comment peut on parler ainsi a notre époque alors que les personnes qu’elle dénigre lui permette de vivre sans rien faire de constructif voir instructif si ce n’ait de dénigrer les autres. connasse de riche qu’a tout hérité de ses parents qui eux devait surement savoir ce qu’est le mot travail

  • who cares.

    I agree with her. The brightest should be allowed to breed and the rest should be made infertile. Long live Hitler. I mean long live Gina Rinehart!!

  • Intelligent one!

    Gina Rhinehard – a joke and one fucked up unit!!! Self-adulating and has no ability to distinguish between intelligence and inheritance! She who imports a whole lot of poor people to work in her mines! Try getting rich people to do the hands on, dirty job for you – you ignorant so and so… you may be wealthy but you have no class!!!

  • Insulted $100,000 + Human

    A doer of the New World Order hey? I say we start with the overly filthy rich and overly obese, Ms Reinhardt fits into that category! What a stuck up, mean, tight fisted cow….what a blight on society……anywhere on this plant. Solution to the problem…..Gina could eat those who don’t earn $100,000 per annum……I would imagine that any child of a Doctor, Solicitor etc would discourage their child from working with or for any person like Gina who thinks that humans are nothing more than waste. Your father should’ve belted you more you spoilt bitch!

  • Asher Wolfson

    Da Vinci was a poverty kid. So we should have sterilized his mum, right? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about such complex topics as the human body. And then maybe polio (which we wouldn’t have conquered) might have had a chance at getting to Gina Reinehart.

  • marie

    Gina will one day see her maker she can’t take her money where she is going

  • Sandi Seymour

    dear Gina old idea by you rich folks read war against the weak and you will

    see that American eugenicists proposed exactly this to the president in 1902 and it was also American research that Hitler used so very successfully one could pose a contrary position = no one individual should be able to accumulate wealth that belongs to a WHOLE nation not an INDIVIDUAL Shame shame shame also this is the woman who will not share her wealth with her children – really how much can one person morally have one asks

  • christine

    pretty sure she was being sarcastic. dohh

  • Shirley Cameron

    I understand what he is saying, I guess I’m a poor intelligent human being…:)

  • benimaru

    Do you think someone may have just watched Idiocracy?

  • Suzie

    I think the only person here that shouldn’t be having children is Gina Rinehart, you are a small minded person and put shame not only on woman but Australians, get a life! Ignorance is bliss?

  • Hmm

    Maybee we start with beheading the rich and distributing the wealth?

  • James Osborn

    The real problem with Gina Rinehart is defining “poor.” My wife and I have a combined annual income of about $85,000. That means she thinks we should have been sterilized. Yet we have three strong sons. They are all good, virtuous citizens. The eldest is married with two children; the second is married with two children in Norway; the youngest . . . wait for it . . . is a junior at a state college. Take that, Gina!

  • Lorgrom

    this evil woman understand that without the working poor, her children
    and such would become the working poor. You still have to have
    bartenders, wait staff, cooks, etc. The amount of money you can earn
    isn’t an indicator of how well someone works. Many times good people are
    born into poor situations and they spend their entire lives working to
    make things better for their children. Her plan would eliminate that up
    coming social group, which in the end will lead to an ever decreasing
    number of families. Does she really think her family even two generations ago would have qualified for saving if her plan had been implemented then? Very doubtful!

  • laurel

    and she needs to go on a diet…maybe share some of the food she eats with people who are hungry.

  • Green Flutterby

    Let’s see . . . . she wants to lower wages . . and then penalize people for not earning “enough” to “deserve” to procreate? and I guess artists and musicians aren’t valuable enough, either, to reproduce, in her warped view of the world.

    Within the past century, hasn’t the world already had more than enough of people like this scum-of-a-person who touted eugenics, and took action to exterminate entire populations deemed “unfit” due to religious beliefs, ethnicity, physical “imperfection”, race?

    I hope there is some way to bring this woman to feel ashamed of herself.

  • KGB

    So is it her opinion that we should all have no ethics or morals and be comitted to destroying our beautiful Country and Planet for the sake of power, greed and profits to keep the obscenely rich in the position they currently hold?

  • Common sense

    Is she the long lost evil spawn of Adolph hitler?

  • patricia spinazzola

    So, if she loses all her money, can we euthanize her???????

  • Harry J

    It’s the socialists you really have to worry about.


  • under cover waitress

    I like The Onion better. Too bad they are closing up shop (11/6/2014.)

  • Seig Heil! Eliminate the Jews and we’ll have a race of white superhumans! Let’s murder millions of Sekh Muslims and the rest of them will have…………. er……….. no no. Wait, I know!! I have billions so let’s eliminate the poor! You know, those who work in my mines. Oh, wait.

  • Belinda

    This is one scary woman….

  • Floor.

    Probably the spirit of the Nazis is not solely something historical from Germany but still around in many places….

  • lady

    they should rip her of ALL her possessions, bankaccounts, international possessions and bankaccounts and all other houses that she has to go to on holiday or a weekend away and let her live among the “poor” people.. let’s see then who is the poor one… what a stupid cow and sorry excuse of a human being!!!

  • Nyteshayde

    It’s a satire site, people. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

  • scrzbill

    She could pay her workers over $100K a year and then they wouldn’t need to be sterilized. Instead, she chooses to pay them low wages because she doesn’t have enough food to feed herself. What did she do to make her money? Right, born with a silver spoon and ship for brains.

  • Brandt

    Her existence as a billionaire undermines her entire hypothesis.

  • Mark Russell

    It’s hard for people to recognize this as satire when what she actually said is funnier and more laden with irony than your spoof of her.

  • Steele Saunders

    If you’re too dim to realise you’re reading a “news item” on a satirical website… maybe you should be sterilised.

  • [email protected]

    I hope she did not have any children to pass her genes onto, she is one sick bitch.

  • Reneé A.

    VERY well said!

  • John Styber

    She should be put to death as we do it with gravely sick animals.

  • Jihem

    And sterilization for the ugly fats womens, when?

  • Or alternately we could sterilize all the fat ugly people like her. I don’t really think that, but is it any more outrageous than what she is suggesting. What about people who make a decent living but don’t care about money that much, like teachers and social workers etc… should we sterilize people because they care more about helping others than they do about getting rich?

  • Amaryllis

    What a bitch! Perhaps she should watch the news…children of “people with money” are not perfect. They live off mommy and daddys money and do drugs and OD. Lady needs a reality check! A single mother can raise her child the best she knows how, working 3 jobs to support her family and can still manage to raise a child that goes to college and graduates with a doctoral degree.

  • Wole

    What a stupid little women. To bad her mom wasnt sterilized so we didn’t have to endure he stupidity.

  • ParliamentHillCat1

    Hitler tried doing the same thing…

  • Danielle Marie Eckert

    Are you serious who do you think you are telling others what to do if anyone needs to be sterilized is this woman she is lucky to be hiding behind a camera because if she said this to my face I would steralize her myself

  • Ranger Jill

    $100,000 a year + 10 to 12 children= a need for welfare. Wow! She may be financially rich but, she is intellectually poor.

  • adriana37

    Looks like the inside is just as atracttive as the outside…Soon or later someone will gonna come and say “Poor people shouldnt be allowed to breath”

  • ParliamentHillCat1


  • Susan Littleton

    I pray she has nightmares and wets her bed every night until she recants.

  • Mr. Ellegant

    yeah, that’s terrible, but do you have the source of that info? I’ve been trying to look it up and the only media that currently holds that info are some web pages in south america…

  • Ian Shankey

    “Most of her fortune comes from a mining company she inherited from her father”

    Good thing you had a rich daddy you fat, ugly, lazy cunt…Hitler would be proud.

  • Lee Texas

    by the same token we should do the same to the rich so we prop up hateful people such as this lady. Hatred is never the solution!

  • Ariesgirl77

    I wonder if she follows the teachings of Adolf Hitler

  • URGthrash

    Sounds like a female Hitler type personality….. very sad…..

  • Bryan McManus

    Um… how about not hoarding wealth where it can do NO GOOD for ANYONE?!

  • olga

    The only way to alleviate poverty is to to stop the idiot billionaires from multiplying!!!

  • olga
  • Rolo

    Why isn’t there a link to the video?! I tried to find it on youtube and it doesn’t bloody exist. Fools

  • olga

    and suggesting a payment of 2$ a day isn’t it similar to sterilysation??? (excuse my faults, I am not from an english speaking country)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUCbWfJSw5g

  • Rhoadwarrior

    so what’s her IQ? she inherited her fortune, and definitely not her ‘good looks’…

  • April Stewrat

    This is pure ignorance. She should not be aloud to have kids. This is part of the worlds problem. Ignorant people like this lady.

  • Laura Finney

    more I think about what this woman has said; the more I would act on
    her words and make her eat them. Everyone under her employ whom is not
    making at LEAST 100 k a year should demand a raise. If she refuses they
    should sue her for discrimination and indenture servitude .

  • Stuart

    Wealth is an indication of greed, not intelligence.

  • samantha

    Has this Lady went completely mad! To refer to people who r less fortunate as waste? To believe our right to bear children, a gift from God should b taken away over an amount of money? I’ve heard all I can. They should cut out her tongue so no one has to ever hear her dumb ideas again. Wow, some people..I defitinely feel bad for her kids. Witch.

  • Pedro Luis Barrios Cabo

    asi te salga un cáncer en la lengua por decir estupideces…no se puede ser mas rastrera…si me tuvieras de frente y me dijeras eso…te ponía a nadar junto a tiburones…que los pobres tienen derecho a comer y tu seguro que les dabas juego como para mantener una familia de ellos…

  • Brian Davids

    Hey, I’m most certainly not a fan of hers, but the greedy $2 per hour wage demand and sterilisation isn’t the same things, and the eagerness of many to pretend it is only serves as a blight on their own intelligence. It’s real sad that so many are willing to believe any cotton-bull story just because they don’t like the self-centred fat toad.

  • Brian Davids

    Umm, that’s not Gina.

  • ranganator

    who will collect her garbage and clean her mansions once all the sterilised poor people have died out?

  • ranganator

    and discriminating by someones socio-economic status and their level of intelect- what next she will add people of a specific religon? perhaps we should start calling her adolf……

  • inma

    As she is ugly, fat and old, what do you think hitler’s evil daugher supposed to be gassed? It is one of her ideas as she is rich?

  • drown-the-bitch

    self censoring on this one…….some hacker needs to take all her
    wealth and then leave a cyanide pill on the door step, she will be
    sleeping on.

  • inma

    As punishment for her ignorance I will make her open a foundation that only poor, intelligent, young and beautiful people were educated there. All the opposite of her evil and ‘mosquito brain’ personality

  • David McElroy

    The poor are often poor because they have better ethics than the moneyed sorts this fascist witch prefers. They are also more often than not deprived of opportunity for advancement, and squashed like bugs with impugnity by elitist snobs like this greasy Gina Rhinehart. Some highly intelligent people have contributed greatly to society and yet died poor, like Nicola Tesla. Money should not be the measure of all things, most especially life and death! What does Rhinehart do for society that she deserves to draw breath and speak such evil?

  • admirer

    i would rather be poor and educated with morals and feelings towards others.. loyalty and respect is something money can NOT buy.
    Gina Rinehart and Co.

  • ande

    I applied for a job with you and couldn’t get a reply. I am a hard worker and I care about other people but obviously not good enough for the likes of you. Sorry you lost yourself a dedicated hard working honest person who doesn’t drink or smoke. Have a great track record for work burns you want 457 workers to maximise your profit

  • RobZombie

    FUNNY! You mean the elite robber-baron, satanists, thief, murderers who actually create poverty, economic crashes to rob wealth, inequality by privatizing wealth and passing the debt onto the public via taxes, inflation are calling for the extinction of their class of victims??? Nice.

  • RobZombie

    oh, and they’re NOT telling you what they SHOULD DO, they are telling you what they have done and are still doing. We’re already in the middles of genocide: BOYCOTT ASPARTAME, FLUORIDE products, SOY, CANOLA, VACCINES, GMO, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, WIFI PRODUCTS/”Smart” Meters (smart-bombs? lol) spy devices ETC and all the NWO stars, politicians, news/media puppets, celebrities, musicians, Bill Gates worship-BAN IT ALL, call them out!!!

  • Natalie Lee Palazzi

    Oh let this rich bitch say this to my face. Just because we all dont make $100000 a yr doesnt mean we are bad parents or cannot support our selfs stop with the stereotypes not all are useless I have five beautiful smart daughters who are well mannered and well educated. Maybe yoou should look in your own backyard you may have money but money doesnt give you love. I have one quotr for you. Light travels faster the sound which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. So I suggest you should shut your mouth

  • Chris Habgood

    where is the actual video?

  • Natalie Lee Palazzi

    What makes you think that if u earn under $100000 means that you can’t support yourself or your children

  • This is the type of comment one would expect from an inbred ancestor of a convict,mind you with a face like she’s got there’s not much chance of her breeding anyways.

  • Lygeia

    So, if you make $90,000, you should be sterilized?

    But if you make $10,000 more, you should have 12 children?

    This woman would never be able to make $100,000 (her cut-off point for being a person who deserves to live and reproduce) by her own efforts if she hadn’t inherited millions from her father.

  • onooop

    This is satire, but Obamo and the democrats In AMERICA DO THIS type of thinking everyday!

  • john

    i actually agree with some of this. pity someone else didnt say it. hard to accept from someone who became a billionare raping australian resources

  • gill

    god damnit woman stop making the rest of us aussie look insane O_<

  • Dave_Mowers

    Here we are, 100 years later and the rich are still telling us the only way to save us is to enslave us or kill us. Nothing has changed with the mythological system of capitalism.

  • Dave_Mowers

    Don’t you understand that rich people are rich because the gods have favored them? Don’t you get that they are more divine than you and as such they should make the rules you are forced to live by?

    What is wrong with these peons today?

  • Dave_Mowers

    …but when Goldman Sach’s executives claim to be doing “God’s Work” what “god” does than mean?

  • Dave_Mowers

    …or government corruption.

  • Dave_Mowers

    …who followed the teachings of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church.

  • Dave_Mowers

    All western societies preached and practiced eugenics at that time. Germany was just doing what all western countries were doing.

  • cecilia FXX

    poor people should use contraception and concentration on getting an education – even if it’s just going to a library and reading everything in sight. Education is the key to everything.

    but this bitch should be sterilized because we don’t need idiot rich scum having lots of rich spoiled brats

  • Bonfe Roni

    Nothing says imbred dictator like commenting that “every couple making less than 100K should be sterilized.” Perhaps Mrs. Rinehart should consider for a moment that her social policy means that dishwashers must be payed at least $50K a year or that every citizen in Australia must hopelessly compete for six figure salaries while the dishes go unwashed.

  • Bonfe Roni

    I’m fairly certain that Obama has NOT advocated sterilization of the poor. What are you talking about?

  • reuben

    only the obese will survive!

  • lydia476

    Where was she when Costello was telling Australians to go be fruitful and multiply and that for the good of the Nation they should have 3 children 1 for Mom,1 for Dad and 1 for the State. The proffered Baby Bonus of $5,000ea would not be means tested or taxed.

    Then came the predicable teenage school drop out, the spike in birth rate which till then had remained stable for a number of years. We now forced to navigate the supermarket with the influx of twin/triple prams in the shopping center. I saw one it was carrying 4 tots and the mother couldn’t have been out of her teens.

    Labor has since scrapped the Baby bonus but the poor muggins who fell for Costello bs are now worse off than before and they can’t jolly well send the babies back. I think they should take the babies and leave them at Costellos. Let him look after them.

  • mikebrash

    What a kind hearted person she must be to have given so much of her valuable time ( as estimated in dollars and pounds, and ounces it appears) to considering the futures and lifestyles of lesser earning Australians in relation to her companies’ sales and costs. Her thoughts as described in this article might, but then again they might not in this world, elevate Ms. Rinehart ruminations to a comparison with Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

  • mikebrash

    If this is a satire, then I feel a little embarassed to have fallen for the “share” that people sent to me and I ask for Ms. Rinehart’s forgiveness.

  • jobe

    Jesus!!! She looks like she eats for 20 people!!!

  • desertangel

    And then she will be the first to protest if it became mandatory to tummy staple the fat people! As a way to help those who can’t seem to be what society says is healthy.

  • Perthmum88

    Ok and what if a couple are under the $100,000 one year but over the next after already being ‘sterilised’. Could this woman have a more deranged view if she tried? Unintelligence is a word she should know well as most of her statements are of this nature. Shut up woman, no one wants to hear what comes out of that face!
    Rant over!

  • onooop

    Obamao supports planned parenthood which was started by margerate sanger who was a eugenisist, yes Obamao does advocate sterilization of the poor and mass murder of the unborn!

  • Muhammad Abbass

    It makes a LOT more sense to kill and eat the rich actually. The allegory (since such subtlety is lost in this dumbed down matrix and to save me from kidnap and torture or execution as a ter’ist) refers to redistribution of wealth from the very top down. I say let them eat but not have so much they can play with my world like it’s their toy.. Strip these fat cats of all but a hundred million at most and the rest goes to the bottom segments of the worlds people allowing them lives equal with the average in any Western nation and we’ll have enough left over for a party to celebrate the peace and prosperity for all.

  • real man

    I come from a big family of 7 kids our parents didn’t earn more than $40,000 a year yet we grew up with what we needed Gina your statement is worthless you didn’t work to be a billionaire your father did your an embarrassment to life maybe you should give your fortune to help Australia rather than trying to run it

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Anyone who wants to bleat about how wrong or immoral that would be, might want to give some thought to “Bank Bailouts” and the precedent set in Cyrpus recently, where those Fat Cats decided that the upper middle class could do with a haircut for the furtherance of their ponzi schemes, derivitives gambling and whatever else modern Banking has devolved to. It’s OK for the rich to steal from the poor and even more from the wealthier folks, but who are yet not rich enough to own banks and governments, but not for the poor to take back some for themselves? Are there some among you who would think it too cruel to strip a massively rich sheik or banking family heir of most of his money and only leaving him with 100 million? Poor didums, how could they manage?

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Unfortunately the first part of what you said is true, but nothing Gina said even implies let alone proves the second part.

    * sigh * It is hard sometimes not to concede at least that dumb people should be sterilised. 🙂

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Public figure, Australia, no chance. She takes what she gets, it’s the price of being a public figure, and being able to get your own daft or offensive views plastered all over the corpse media anytime you want.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Could be if you removed the glasses.

  • J Glenn Lowe

    Probably better off with applying good old fashion style Trickle Down
    Theory…with some rope…eliminating all the pasty white fat bloated
    money hoarding billionaires that suck all of the money into their black
    hole businesses that actually create poverty…Then even the poor could
    afford a descent education.

  • Kitte Lishuss

    Or disgustingly rich people like her could pay a true living wage enough that workers can afford to send their kids to college. That would do even more to alleviate poverty.

  • William Keiser

    ♫♪ ♫♪
    “Dumb all over. A little ugly on the side” – Frank Zappa

  • CNNStopDeletingMyComments

    should sterilize you, you pig-faced orc bitch..bad genetics

  • Dis Gusted

    ONE THING IS VERY APPARENT MONEY CAN’T BUY YOU INTELLEGENCE you Gina are a fool, wake up and look back some of the richest people were born in to poor families, it is poeple like you who ought to be sterilised for thinking that a comment like that is acceptable, you disgust me

  • drinkie

    if she did that then she would wipe out her workforce and then where would she be? in with the masses earning under $100,000 per year. some people are so stupid and don’t think of the bigger picture

  • Bad Santa

    Yee-haw!! The hypo huntin’ season is now officially open, folks!

  • Shockie

    Fantastic. Rinehart for prime minister!!!

  • Me2

    The thing is about geniuses, Rinehart, they tend to be intelligent enough to forgo raping and pillaging the planet’s irreplaceable ecosystems for a buck.

    You’re not intelligent enough to make the distinction between brain power, and blind ambition. Dollars are a better measure of ambition, not intellect.

    You are the poster child of how inheritances corrupt children.

  • james

    If the fat F_ paid the correct amount of tax the government could afford to pay the welfare bill which is 138 billion +.

  • Jack_Luminous

    How about an alternative law, in which all single rich people are forced to marry a random poor person, thus solving the problem?

  • georgina grace

    Let’s sterilise the wealthy – it’s those people that get us into this mess!!

  • largejack

    Lazy, drunk and stupid? That’s because of all the mindless junk on TV and the countless chemicals in food and vaccines that people like you keep feeding the poor you worthless scum Rinehard!

  • Fan

    Consume things with additive 951 in it Gina, its really good for you and it will improve bad eyesight and cure a large list of ailments.

  • SocietyisScrewed

    Hi, welcome to the daily currant, a SATIRICAL news site. This never happened – if it did she would have been crucified by the Aussie media

  • SocietyisScrewed

    It’s a satirical site. This never happened.

  • SocietyisScrewed


  • SWD

    nah just sterilise all the f**king muzzies those c**ts breed like cockroaches, u don’t wanna go sterilising Aussies cos we need more Aussies.

  • SWD

    she’s still got more brain cells than her dipstick ex step mother tho LOL

  • SocietyisScrewed

    This is obviously satire. Look at some of the articles above. “Bachmann running for President”, “Bieber has Weird, Tiny Penis”. Cmon guys, do some research before brandishing the pitch forks.

  • SocietyisScrewed

    It’s people like you that really do need to be sterilized. If Obama wanted the poor to struggle, why would he introduce Obamacare? Why do rich, white conservatives hate him so much?

  • Endtime

    That woman is obviously not Christan! If she would be, she would know that what is needed is more equality and just sharing. Anything else appears more satanic than Christian…The greedy rich must be forced to share their much to heavy wealth with those who have less and poverty would be effectively reduced, since there would be much less of the poor and they could have more jobs. The horrible truth is that the heavily overwealthy are the ones who make them poor!!!

  • jj

    Everyone not smart enough to realize that this was obviously not a real news story should be forcibly sterilized so as to raise the collective IQ…

  • Useanameplease

    So Gina you could lose a few kilos and help with the waste of our nation.
    Pity you were not castrated at birth.

  • Rob Crawley

    someone should sterilise her

  • Anon

    It appears that 21 billion dollars, doesn’t buy you a heart either…

  • Jackie Patrick

    Fuck you bitch , but then again who’d want to try using your billions to help the poor not execute them

  • MrsB

    If Rinehart is so damn intelligent, why is she hoping that the sons of doctors would apply to work at a mine for a ‘decent pay’? Deluded. And possibly abit dim.

  • Rom…

    The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a subdivision corporation of the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. How and where did it get it’s authority to issue a miners lease or right if the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a US corporation and not Australia? (Search “company Search” on the UNITED STATES, SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, for the listed company called: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and see for your self the truth.

  • Karin Bosman

    This woman must remember today you are here but tomorrow you are gone. she be powerful and rich… but it doesn’t profit a man/woman to gain the world but lost his/her soul…

  • Jethro Cohen

    Sounds very out of touch with reality, but the basic theory is sound. We need to remove the baby bonus and all other forms of encouragement for the poor and stupid to reproduce!

  • Margaret

    Worked well for Hitler

  • chris

    This liberal “satire” rag is nothing but passive aggressive slander.

  • neto

    It’s her DAD, you spazz attack

  • larissa

    What a disgrace to womanhood! has she been to a Bilderberg group meeting “? Gina not only has a big stupid mouth she also has a big girth. At least she is honest about her disregard for humanity and the working class. Bill Gates and his philanthropic posturing is also probably a eugenicist- just a little smarter and somewhat more sophisticated his push for family planning and immunization is all about a class and race war. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill and Melinda didn’t immunise their kids!

  • cecilia FXX

    yes, this is a satire site, but the reason it works is because this bitch HAS said things this stupid. Don’t feel badly.

  • cecilia FXX

    oh, THAT stupid non-argument.
    Planned Parenthood is about giving women the tools to have power over their OWN future. To have or not have children when THEY want them and can afford them.
    This is not “eugenics”, it’s humane.

    idiots think it’s ok for women to be nothing more than brood mares burping out a million kids.

    This is the 21st century, women aren’t slaves

  • onooop

    but you are a slave and you dont even know it! because you are so subservient to your democrat marxist masters!

  • damndago1

    How intelligent do you have to be to be an heiress??

  • Mellbell

    LOL.. I know its satire.. but if some couple is making more than 100k a year and then you make them breed upwards of 10 kids.. you’re just making a new kind of poverty.

  • steph cavanaugh

    America has already done this and recently abolished the old eugenic law. The worst part about this woman is that she has so much money and is very clearly poorly educated. By her standards she should be sterilized too. What an ignorent fool.

  • Babbarr

    Gina Rinehart is big fat pig (pass it on)

  • Fiona

    my heart goes out to you, you poor darling, the world needs educating about your experiences. love from England

  • Brett

    I did sort of like her but now there is no sort or like! People like this is who we need to stop from breeding! Money has nothing to do with intelligence, morals, respect, healthy genetics, or contributions of any kind to social, economic, environmental or future growth of our country!
    Australia has so many great individuals whom would excellent workers, hard working, efficient, safe, loyal, punctual, keen and willing to succeed!
    Problem is even if you have billions of dollars, bad judgement, poor people skills and a bad attitude, obviously leads to hiring recruitment and HR personal who must have similar issues to Gina and do not know what a decent worker looks like!
    You would have to get your own dishes and open your own bottle of wine when you dine out unless your going to tip the waiter/waitress $100, 001

  • Amercan111

    Maybe people like her need to be euthanized. Based on her weight, what she eats daily could easily feed a family of 10.

  • eat the rich

    does anyone suddenly wish aggressive cancer for this fat pig?

  • I am sick of low life welfare sucking people getting a portion of my paycheck. That said this woman is whacked!!!!!! Everything she is saying is designed to keep her rich!!!! Everyone deserves the same chance to be successful in life.

  • Richard Deerfield

    No reason to sterilize this bitch, what man in his right mind would even want to touch it?

  • bob

    Drop dead you fat C**T

  • vagn

    I call for the sterilization of people who think that intelligence relates directly to wealth. These are usually multimillionaires and billionaires so they should be tested first.

    It would be like an IQ test and if they fail they would be forbidden to procreate.
    That should fix the problem!

  • Wesley M

    Sterilization of The Poor is already happening through proven, not-easily-detectable methods such as the GMOs the poor eat

  • michael

    This woman’s gone Luni…end of!

  • Brodie

    I think we should sterilize fat people too. Obesity is genetic right? Skinny people can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound for the rest of their lives. Lets just rid the world of obesity, then this fat broad won’t be leaving behind any posterity. And by the way, less then $100K is not necessarily poverty, idiot.

  • Speedy

    What about our Lord Jesus……..when He was on earth I have never heard that He rode a horse….moreover a chariot. What about mother Teresa….from Calcutta? ……..What this world really needs is people with heart, full of compassion and love……then this world will become Heaven.

  • AravothThrone

    Funny how the PIGS think their world is the only answer for the rest of the world. Maybe she should sell all she has and give it to the poor. ”It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of of a needle then it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. But then perhaps Mammon is her God and she thinks it will save her? Maybe she should get a lobotomy to straighten out her thinking. After all, that was the answer to some eugenics advocates. What next then? Whole races eliminated to satisfy her eugenics beliefs? As far as I’m concerned, this woman is in that group known as human monsters, and we all know what should be done with monsters.

  • AravothThrone

    Read ”Animal Farm” by George Orwell, and pay attention how the Pigs operate against the rest of the farm animals. If you have never read this book then get a copy and give it a shot. Gina Rinehart you deserve all the curses of the lost empire. Pay people a decent wage and you’ll lift them up from poverty.
    Cut peoples wages and you put them dire straights. The workers make the wealth for the rich man. If the workers stopped working, then the rich man will become less rich, and maybe even bankrupt, in the poor house, and standing in the bread lines along with the rest of the indigent people. That’s some food for thought.

  • Allan Richardson

    I am so relieved to find out this is satire. But there is something wrong with us as a people when we produce REAL wackos so insane that it is hard to see satire for satire, because it is so close to real opinions.

    If she were real, I suspect that her policies, if applied to her ancestors dropped off at Botany Bay, would have prevented her from being born. Sort of like the paradox (real, not satire) that Ann Coulter feels women should not have been allowed to vote … even though SHE could not be in politics if women’s vote had not been ratified!

    Some conservatives are so afraid of what poor people breeding might produce … like President Obama, for one!

  • Nick1956

    Perhaps this fat bitch should be sterilized instead, she has neither class or intelligence.

  • Isnt this Hitler’s speech about the jews?

  • Ron Knight

    OMG – thought we left this kind of thinking alone after WWII

  • Nick Reiss

    I can smell her getting fatter from here.

  • Explorer

    The answer to all of this is: If you provide proper education, and health, you will get great help. Even autistic children have developments not even thought of. But wealth goes back to being one with the community not an outsider looking in . Talk is cheap so if one does not have the chance there is a hard road to follow. Maybe she should automate everything the she can blame lazy robots and maintenance costs.

  • Steve3

    I think Gina should be forced to have a lobotomy. The problem with these people that make more money than they can handle is that they then believe they are God. Money and power over others is their GOD.They are not normal

  • Arkantos Kirgyakos

    this woman has gone mad and who supports har is an genocidal

  • Ern

    All of Gina’s workers would have to be sterilized for making only $2 per hour. Less than $4200 per year. Lol

  • Jacqui Paulson

    I think that anybody who makes such ridiculous statements should have her wealth forcibly removed from her and spread out to the poorer residents as compensation for such ridiculous and offensive rhetoric. This woman should not be allowed to remain in a free society.

  • Lynda

    does anyone know the you tube link to watch the video

  • Virgil Bierschwale

    Just think.
    If we did that, she would not be alive today as she wouldn’t even be a figment of her fathers imagination.

  • mikeatle

    Too bad Gina’s parents weren’t sterilized.

  • Daniel Savage

    Didn’t the Nazis try to do that?

  • Joy Halbrook

    I think I know a 100 poor people more intelligent then her unfortunate person. This just proves just because you have money doesnt mean you have class. Maybe she needs to be sterilized for having no common sense. I mean really didnt we have a guy that tried sterilization to eliminate at type of person he was called Hitler.

  • Darlene Lee

    AND while this fat bitch is demanding sterilization for the poor….someone cut the food line to this fat bitch!! Procreating is a GOD given right just as eating is!!

  • gail

    well too bad she hasn’t used some of that wealth to make herself attractive

  • Chris walker

    Let her do the work since she’s so intelligent. Didn’t she inherit the money?; what work did she do to deserve it?. How can she call others lazy when she has had all the advantages of her privileged upbringing without any work to earn it?

  • Guest 2

    What happens if those earning more than $100,000 have a streak of bad luck and become poor? Who is going to feed their 12+ children? Does Australia have a welfare system for the poor? Will that once wealthy person have to be sterilized to prevent bringing any “dumb” children into the world? Now you know what a 1%er is like. Not a very pretty picture. This reminds me of what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust. Just how sick can it get!!!

  • maggie33

    Well, that’s just plain shocking. Perhaps we should say that ugly women such as Ms. Rinehart should be sterilized. Never mind, what man would want this piece of crap person anyway.

  • maggie33

    Raw Story reports this as well so I’m not sure that it is satire. Just saying.

  • Renee

    So, say we actually do this as ridiculous plan. We sterilize all the people who make under $100,000 and keep doing it until all the people in the planet make over $100,000. Who is going to mine for her? Is she going to pay them over $100,000 to do it? And her butler, hairstylist, garbage men, painters, gardners, people that make shoes in china.. seriously, this woman is retarded.

  • LOVE IT! She is certainly one of those.

  • CaribeTraveller

    Anyone know where she ranks on the Bachmann Stupidity List? Oh, we’ll. every toolbox needs a hammer.