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John McCain Calls For Invasion of Hong Kong - The Daily Currant - The Daily Currant
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John McCain Calls For Invasion of Hong Kong

Jun 10, 2013

_63433176_63433175U.S. Senator John McCain called for the invasion of Hong Kong today in response to recent leaks about secret surveillance programs.

In an interview with BBC World News, the hawkish Republican said that by hosting the leaker, Edward Snowden, Hong Kong has proven itself to be an enemy of the United States.

"Either you're with us or you're against us," McCain explained to anchor Freddie Lyon, "and clearly the nation of Hong Kong is against us. By harboring this known cybercriminal they pose a clear and present danger to the American people.

"I don't want to hear about extradition or rendition or any of that nonsense. This man is a traitor and if we don't get him within 24 hours I say we need to start bombing the hell out of Hong Kong.

"Luckily this is a tiny country with no real military to speak of. I don't expect any resistance. We could probably destroy their infrastructure and occupy the entire country by the end of the week."

The Chinese Connection

Hong Kong is a former British colony that is now a Special Administrative Region of China. Although it has wide autonomy in domestic matters, defense and foreign affairs are the province of China - which has the world's second most powerful military after the United States.

John McCain, however, has a long history of advocating greater U.S. military involvement abroad, vociferously supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and calling for airstrikes in Syria.

The former 2008 presidential candidate has also been a vocal critic of China, but his willingness to use military force against a protectorate of Beijing is nevertheless a surprise to many. Yet in the interview McCain was unapologetic and said the U.S. shouldn't stop at an invasion.

"After we take Hong Kong and capture Snowden, we need to seriously think about annexing the territory,' he continued. "They have a world-class port, a great stock market and the best dim sum in the world. I don't know why China should have all of that and not us.

"If we had a military base in Hong Kong we could keep a close eye on what the Chinese are up to. We could station missiles that would be only minutes away from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin - all the major cities. And finally we'd have a place where we could move the Guantanamo inmates.

"Sure it will be a difficult adjustment at first. But everyone already speaks English, so half our work is done. In time Hong Kongers will come to love our rule - just like the Hawaiians, the Filipinos and the Afghans."

McCain has served as a senator from Arizona since 1987. He was the Republican candidate for president in 2008, a contest he lost to Barack Obama.

  • Michael

    Surely this is a joke ? I can’t imagine anyone being so silly.

  • pinko

    Yes – it is satire. But anyone who sings “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” in front of an open mic…well, who knows what else he might say?

  • Terry Carney

    John McCain is a sick and dangerous man! His threats could potentially be considered at challenging world peace. These methods need to be stopped. Nobody is with you Mr. McCain.

  • Culdee

    THIS IS SATIRE!! It’s not real. It’s just a joke lol… 😛

  • madkow007

    are you sure this fake?? Maybe this is the only REAL news and all other news is fake.

  • Lynn

    Invasion on Hong Kong because they are now considered A Enemy of the State… Is he kidding me? He is working for the Enemy of the State. Also, In the leak it was made public that He along with all others are well aware that this has been going on, and expanded. So why is he suddenly so shocked…

  • Realist

    Reading these comments are about as enjoyable as the articles themselves!
    Reminds me of H.L. Mencken’s quote…

    “Nobody has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the stupidity of the American people.”

  • Jason Jumbo Wenn Obe

    one country america doesnt wanna fuck with …china will knock america back to the stone ages…

  • bikerdogred1

    Hey Johnny boy you scumbag politicians took an oath to defend the constitution and you all keep selling the American people out and now that it is found out you are mad well screw you.

  • He needs to go visit his Muslim friends in GITMO

  • mcmcfarland

    One well placed bullet will quiet any man who is considered a traitor.

  • Hening

    Hawkish? Seriously?? How many drone strikes has he called to surpass the number of missions called for by the Nobel winner sleeping in the White House?

  • Blaine Cooper

    Not sure that would workout so well for us there John me thinks you been grazing on the local weed a little to much.

  • Blaine Cooper

    One guy in the government stands up to protect and expose the tyrannical government who is a hero by the way, and flee’s for his life dropping everything. and so now they are all butt hurt the only traitor is John McCain.

  • TX-Secede

    I don’t believe this for a minute. Show me the video

  • Mac

    Actually China’s military is outdated by about 40 years. They recently acquired their first aircraft carrier a few years back. It was an old gutted out Russian carrier. They still haven’t even finished re-fitting it yet. China wouldn’t stand a chance against our technology and our military veterans’ past 10 years of real combat experience.

  • Amie Galle

    So they say….. you really think there aren’t more high tech weapons at use? that lil old gutted Russian carrier just a front to make us think they don’t have much of anything ….. all it’d take is a big EMP and we’d be back in the 1800’s

  • Amie Galle

    it’s called satire 🙂

  • Jason Jumbo Wenn Obe

    if you look up americas last war games in the pacific , they had a very unexpected guest keep popping up behind there aircraft carrirs, chinas subs, they couldnt find out how they were decieving there excellt superior technology…oh and china wasnt involved in americas war games they just wanted them to no we no what your doing we are watching you…also go look up chinas stealth program, there more advanced than americas….why u think russia only ever had 2 aircraft carriers, they want to protect there country not invade others, like america has built theres for, they have no protection ..its all about attack with america ..no defence …sorry but china russia will wipe u lot out in seconds if u look into it..

  • Attakdog

    McCain said Ron & Rand Paul are crazy. This Old coot needs to be tarred and feathered & run out of town on a rail

  • Lee Hung Sing

    I’m from Hong Kong.
    Please invade us… I’m begging you. Being a second class citizen of US is STILL better than being under [fake]Communist rule from Beijing.

  • bombhk

    The people of Hong Kong are urging John McCain to bomb Hong Kong and occupy it before end of this week. We are sick of the communist!!! Make us the 52nd state or if it is too much to ask, label us as a San Francisco county!!!

  • mauman

    aaaw fuck. An article like that and everyone starts about who can fuck up who.
    Grow up and start denouncing the other idiot. McCain

  • rumennek

    McCain you keep going down hill that young man is a hero if you knew about this and didn’t say something you’re the trader to your country. I lost all respect for you a couple of years ago . You remind me of a washed up actor trying to somehow get on top again.

  • rumennek

    If they make their weapons like everything else they make you make me laugh

  • windwardtack

    I take it he’s not too up on China absorbing Hong Kong, no surprise really, from him.

  • steelblued

    No, as a Hong Kong citizen, this time I give my full support to John McCain.

    JUST COME, we will provide assistance and support for you to kill EVERY SINGLE COMMUNIST in HK !

  • ken

    Why not bomb China but HK?

  • K. Wong

    If you are not plain stupid, what are you smoking?

    Second class citizen? You were not even a 487th class citizen

    Ask Afghanistan people and Iraqi

  • Qui Gon Jin

    This has to be a joke right……

  • A Hong Kong citizen

    This is really a joke. How McCain got to be a senator is really a mystery as how someone have all the facts wrong and still kept yapping on. Hong Kong is a city of China, if you invade Hong Kong that means you are invading China be clear on that. Hong Kong’s military is the Chinese army, if US is to send troops over then they will be fighting the army of China.

  • digger

    hope this is true hk ppl suffered long enough under PRC’s tyranny.

  • Lee ka shing

    I come from hong kong too. Would you invade us as soon as possible and grant us the citizenship of the great USA !!

  • Ngoi Sing Yan

    Yes, please come and beat those Chinese out of HK. Hong Kong people nearly being all pushing to die………

  • Nin Mau Man

    I come from hong kong, we would provide fully support to the us army to kill all the fuxking chinese army. please come ASAP.

  • Welcome. Come liberate HK (no need to bomb).

  • Al

    Talk is cheap! please invade us NOW!

  • J.S

    I prefer Hong Kong returns to the Commonwealth or to the British administration rather than to annex with the American idiots like John McCain.

  • yes tam

    it is fake news? i searched on bbc news website, and didnt find a related article.

  • Long live UK

    welcome to hk go give us liberation

    British from HK

  • HK guy

    If you try to bomb us, we’ll NUKE & Fuck u hard, Done ever mess with the chinese!!!

  • yes tam

    definetly fake, please stop sharing those fake news, waste of our time.

  • Alex Tsang

    A voice from Hong Kong citizen:
    Please send the troop to occupy Hong Kong and kick the PLA away as soon as possible.

  • No tam

    thanks captain obvious, why the fuck are you even here?

  • Long LiveUK

    this guy is not talking real
    there are no 487th class
    and 487 is foul language in chinese
    why dont you talk about the dictator killed several 10K ppl?
    why dont you talk about the dictator can kill anyone he like?

    i think that guy works for commie

  • Long LiveUK

    chinese wont nuke us
    they just sold the nation to us

  • ticklingCh

    Define “we”

  • Casper Mok

    Calm down. You don’t even need a shot of bullet, native HongKongers are ready to be a part of US, just kick the PRCs, PLA n the slaved government out of HK ASAP.

    Trust me. Kick out those PRC and the flow will just like the Horizon – a flat, straight line, no violence, no bleeding but peace. Haha

  • Damunyot

    You love America, they did not love all they want is the to have their military bases. That is stupid thing Hong Kong boys. Wake up china HK baby

  • Damunyot

    Senator McCain has a barbaric kind of thinking, what kind of senator is he, the sin of 1 people suffered all humanity in Hong Kong, you are just like hitler…

  • Hong Kong needs you and the US army!!! PLEASE INVADE US NOW!! (We will gladly open our doors to you, no need to kill any civilians. But kill the government officials like CY Leung and the PLA.

  • Mario

    Yea and be on the obama kill list and be killed without a trial.
    How about the high tax rate. How about the infamous police brutality that hong kong people like to pretend they have here but in fact it is nothing comparing to the US.
    You sir know nothing.

  • Michael

    Oh really? I would love to see how you are going to eat your words. *grabs popcorn*

  • K. Wong

    That number is just a random number came up in my mind. It is not my intention to say a foul language. Very sorry if anyone was offended.

    What I mean is that the Hong Kong people would never be a US citizen even if US invaded Hong Kong.

    Just take a look at Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Tung Chee Hwa

    Welcome to 852 , pls kill CY Leung and all Fake HKgers !!!!!

  • Malocsav

    Please do invade us and kick the china govt away
    From Hong Kong

  • Lee Lindsey

    I’m so glad he did not win the Office of the President…

  • Ian Mikinney

    Liberate Hong Kong from commies now.

  • Salvador

    Main point:

    Hong Kongers will come to love our rule – just like the AFGHANS

    To be perfectly frank, if we are going to be occupy, I hope it would be the Brits.

    Just a quick info, under the Young’s plan in 1946, Hong Kongers will have a higher level of democracy as a colony than being a “SAR” of PRC…

  • we

    add me in and here “we” go!

  • In reality: The US doesn’t give a damn about Hong Kong, nor liberation of the Chinese anywhere. If they did, they would have stayed on Taiwan’s side.
    Anyway, somehow I hope there will be a day when it’s in the interests of the US and Britain to “invade” and occupy Hong Kong. Only in a situation like this can HK be liberated.
    Many Hong Kongers are fighting hard for independence and autonomy but sadly without foreign help this is really hard to do.

  • What a jackass!! Who’s going to invade his puny little RINO brain…?

  • NZ

    So does that mean where im from (New Zealand) we should be on high alert of American attack also? considering ‘Kim.com’ lives in one of our biggest city’s

  • Gary

    lol this is a joke right?

  • Kala

    As a Hong Kong citizen, Im feeling so shame looking at those stupid comments saying that “PLEASE COME BOMB MY COUNTRY”
    Seriously, you guys don’t deserve staying in Hong Kong, such a wonderful place.

  • Jon Leung

    We are all Chinese u dumb fucks. Shame on all of you.

  • Thomas Ng

    As much as I am purely worried if Hong Kong does come to US bombing, if US does take control of Hong Kong, I am more than welcome to that. Communist -leadership controlled lifestyle is imminent to people of Hong Kong, and I’m sure that under control of other non-communist country would be more beneficial to all who live here.

  • K.

    Yes please invade us, or at least threaten to do so – the housing prices will collapse and I can finally afford to buy a flat on Hong Kong island!

  • NoMoreWar

    totally not with his insane ideas, especially seeing his ranting crap is likely to push this ‘pivot to the pacific’ into full force…Mr McCain, do your dirty work on YOUR land not HongKong or in Australian. Take your war mongering madness and your US bases and go back under your rock! Why isn’t this mad man asked to resign, this is no way for anyone to behave let alone a senator. Do the other senators and Obama share his views, it looks that way. THE PEOPLE choose PEACE not WAR, you are either with us or the enemy!

  • aiden

    luckily, he didn’t win Obama…

  • Penelope

    I bet you never thought you’d prefer British rule lol. Commonwealth nations are just a rename of their Empire, not ideal but the better of 2 evils >.<

  • Ivan Ng

    Seriously guys- stop saying all these “bomb Hong Kong” BS. Be a little more educated and think about what the consequences will be. It’s time to be a grown up and represent your own country/ city. I’m not a fan of communism but having some of you commenting “Please bomb Hong Kong because I’m from Hong Kong and I want to be a 2nd or 487th citizen of the US” just makes you sound ignorant. Just my 2 cents

  • Jacky

    On behalf of me as a Hong Kong permanent citizen. Please don’t attack Hong Kong.

    I will surrender.

  • R.Cheung

    Dear John, please come!! Castle Peak Hospital welcomes you, where excellent services are provided!!

  • Dng

    Is this a joke? Tell him to try. This guy doesn’t have the balls to get close to the region, let alone he’s simply stupid to say Hong Kong is a country.

  • Shane Collins

    Is this interview online anywhere? I would like to see it

  • Steve Dodson

    McCain has gone off the deep end! Must be drinking the same crap Al Gore does. If he’s looking for a traitor all he has to do is look in the mirror!

  • madeuce42


  • Ben Parsons

    No one has more of my respect and admiration than John McCain. It is time for him to retire and enjoy the stress free life of an elder Statesman he richly deserves.

  • Guest

    Is it too late to send him back to the POW camp?

  • Jasper Poon

    I personally believe that McCain and his supporters are too selfich and naive.

    From what we know, the US government has clearly done something wrong. From the very start they have trespassed US citizens’ AND world’s privacy in order to show off how they successfully “take down” numerous terrorist organisations by eavesdropping and taking “military actions”, arresting suspects. However, some Americans are fooled by their government and think that terrorism is a constant fact and baddies are everywhere, ready to strike at anytime. They have neglected that the sloe reason of terrorism towards the US was and has always been caused by US invasion. The US government always tries to take poccession of resourses of other countries and areas, neglecting what locals think. It is always the US who wages war and seizes properties of other countries. The US citizens seem to not see the truth: their government is the main cause of hatred from Afghan and Iraq and Iran; their government’s actions indirectly lead to the revenge of the middle-east.

  • Kevin Boston

    Much like Carlin said: “Prick-waving.”

  • eper090643

    He has developed a bad case of OLE TIMERS. BRAIN NOW NO FUNCTION.

  • GimiGlider

    Oh look, a “so called” democrat. The US will oppress you if they invade.

    Anyways, this news is fake. Sorry to smash all your hopes and dreams.

  • L Y

    So let’s look at some figures, in Iraq war about 100000(from the most conservative estimation) to about 600k civilians died. That translates to about a 0.3% or 1.8% civilian death rate.

    For Hong Kong with 7mil people this means about 22000 to 126k people would die. Not to mention Hong Kong has a much higher density so the collapse of even one building would mean probably 1000-10000 death toll.

    Now I sure hope you will still keep your optimism when your mom and sisters are being raped by the US marine.

  • Lisa Wong

    I cannot find this interview on BBC WORLD, please advise the source!
    Is it fake?

  • Lisa Wong
  • Lisa Wong
  • HKpatriot

    Not if Hong Kong becomes the 51st state of US, and becomes the point of trading between China and US. You know what? If that is to happen, all those internet Chinese patriots will come flooding across the border to HK to become a US citizen. It is beneficial to everyone, except the commie lovers. Right now HK is no better than a communist colony, at least the UK colonized us with quality citizens not like the locusts nowadays.

  • Voice of Reason

    To all the HK citizens wanting the US to actually come and take action.

    Read up on your US history.
    The Native Americans.
    The slave years.

    That would be you if we invaded.
    You don’t want us. Your government sucks, but unfortunately, we would just treat you worse.

  • HKpatriot

    You have a point mate, bomb commie beijing and encourage Guangdong Guangxi to separate itself from the northern babarians, then allows HK to become independent. We don’t mind you stationing troops in HK while we build up our own army like Singapore :).

  • HKpatriot

    Hey I am a Kiwi too, but originally from HK. The situation is different over there…….In NZ we have democracy and the government is selected by the people. In HK the government is strunged by the commies in Beijing, human rights are being stripped. And we are overrun by the notorious mainlanders………

  • john

    This maddness. The Only real threat to the world in the USA!!!

  • Gabe Brett

    Please don’t speak for the people of HK

  • dvorah b

    the man is gone bonkers

  • michaelrivero

    Ever since China floated the gold-backed Yuan as a replacement for the dollar in international trade, it was obvious the US plan to force the world back onto Bretton Woods would eventually mean war with China, and McCain is using Ed Snowdon to pursue that agenda.

    But McCain has “jumped the shark” here. China was not “harboring” Snowdon. Snowdon was simply staying at a hotel. Claiming this proves China is an enemy is like claiming the commonwealth of Massachusetts harbors terrorists because the Tsarnaev brothers lived there!

    But if you really feel that way John, here’s your rifle, here’s your parachute; watch your head climbing into that transport plane, and we’ll call China and tell them you are on your way to whip their butt all by yourself.But after that whopper you told us all about Saddam’s nuclear weapons, you will forgive us if we sit this one out and keep our kids safe at home!

  • Herbert

    Is this man suck? Sending other people to dead? or just shout out for his stupid and selfish aim. Fxxk you.

  • bob_adams

    What other proof do we need to decide that John McCain is certifiably insane? he is an embarrassment to the people of the United States.

  • IhateJohnMcCain

    FUCK YOU!!!

  • gordon_wagner

    McCain is an idiot and ought to be removed from office pending psychological evaluation.

  • Guest

    Our PRESIDENT is a traitor!! START with him BEFORE you DARE to call ANY other American citizen a TRAITOR!

  • Borissgal

    Yet another Lib page trying to make fools of everyone. I’m blocking this page.

  • Ralfine

    PRC’s tyranny?

    HK is suffering under the CE’s stupidity and their kowtowing before even asked by Beijing to do so.

    The HK government should follow the example of all other governors of mainland provinces and put the interest of their own territory before that of Beijing.

  • Ralfine

    You are just as bad as the HK government – grovelling before a foreign power.

    If you have no self respect and love of Hong Kong, why not leave and lick the boots of McCain?

  • Terrence Leung


  • Czeshirecat

    is this article fake? I hope to god it is. Serves you right USA that there are some people with morality in your administration

  • EG

    How US can have such ego, short-sighted, brainless senator. US is in danger to keep him!! Another Adolf hilter comes alive!!

  • Citizen from Hong Kong

    Really shame on those folks shouting “come and invade us”.
    U r insulting Hong Kong people, u r insulting the whole beautiful city.
    U ruin the freedom of Hong Kong, u ruin the spirit of Hong Kong people.
    If really speak my sincere words, i don’t think US politics is better than the Communist Party. No true freedom, no dignity as second class citizens, no constructiveness for the politics.
    Maybe have some human rights as the law protected, but lots of bullying, crimes for the us society.
    I rather like the situation of Hong Kong as a special administrive region, although this may not last for a long time.

  • Nancy Lipsett

    I knew the US would do anything to void debts to China as the balsnce of trafe deficit mounts into the trillions however I thought it would take a few years to happen ,

    I am a US citizen and love my country and also a student of Hx. Look what the Roman Cathiolic Chrch did to raise money re crusades when that fid not pay off as well as they thought. Persecute and kill
    Jews and take their lands and goods or those Jews must convert… Either way the Holy Mother Church got its money and did not have to repay

    I suppose rightious indignation can justify a war monger’s actions when it is to save their financial lives or does it?

    Raise your hand if this makes sense.

    And Harper will and has sold Canada off to the higjest bidder rather than stand up or speak put for our values

    Mix in genetic seed food failures, water shortsges and financial ruin
    Dark ages here we come

  • Kinson

    do i own a gun after all?

  • hk expat

    do you really think hong kong, China, or the rest of the world would A) allow the US to invade and occupy Hong kong or B) that hong kong would willingly become the 51st state or C) that the united states wants hong kong as the 51st state? the answer to all of those questions are no. furthermore, hong kong is not a communist colony, we dont live in the same cold war that you and your parents lived through.

  • Intermatrixnaut Tantra-trooper

    This is a satirical magazine. But it wouldn’t surprise me!

  • kealii8

    The U.S. did it to hawaii so why couldn’t they do it to hong kong

  • HKer

    Please invade us please…..we Hong Kongers will be happier than living under China!

  • Anthologie

    Ho man… I’m so sorry for you. Have a good life and don’t open your eyes, you might be scared…

  • C.C.C.T

    Wow~ There are so many stupid Hong Kong people here~

    Just tell you all the truth, if US invade and start bombing us, one of the men who die from US bombing is you! Maybe your dad? Your mon? Your wife? Your son and daughter?

    Well, maybe US soldiers will give you a shot just like the citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh! Maybe your wife and daughter will rape by US soldier!

    To all the Hong Kong people who want US to invade:
    Don’t try to run away from US invasion! You need to welcome them to kill you and your family! Welcome the US soldier to rape your wife and daughter! You need to be happy for what happening on you! Because it is you to ask the invasion and bombing from US!

    Go home and see what US soldiers have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Will you welcome them?

    War is not good.

  • C.C.C.T

    Wow~ There are so many stupid Hong Kong people here~

    Just tell you all the truth, if US invade and start bombing us, one of the men who die from US bombing is you! Maybe your dad? Your mon? Your wife? Your son and daughter?

    Well, maybe US soldier will give you a shot just like the citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh! Maybe your wife and daughter will rape by US soldier!

    To all the Hong Kong people who want US to invade:

    Don’t try to run away from US invasion! You need to welcome them to kill you and your family! Welcome the US soldier to rape your wife and daughter! You need to be happy for what happening on you!

    Go home and see what US soldier have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Will you welcome them?

  • Anthologie

    Yeah, you should keep laughing and being arrogant. The american “democracy” is bright.

  • Tolin Jonese

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  • tommy

    oh gosh I think i hate CCP too much that I am actually hoping this news is not fake. How twisted is that?

  • LoveHK

    A bunch
    of idiots! This is a fake article! YouTube: JOHN MCCAIN ON US FOREIGN POLICY – BBC WORLD NEWS (There is NO mention about HK!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ix8-s5tmNg
    All of those stupid Hongkongers, Shame on you!

  • YF H

    All you americans should go back to where you came from. Stop trying to take over the world coz you people wont be able to. “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and get that traitor of yours off our territory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • LoveHK

    A bunch of idiots! This is a ‘FAKE’ article! YouTube: JOHN MCCAIN ON US FOREIGN POLICY – BBC WORLD NEWS (There is NO mention about HK!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ix8-s5tmNg
    All of those stupid Hongkongers, Shame on you!

  • Luis Lo

    People are taking satiric news seriously nowadays. I lost faith in humanity. Or are Hong Kong people just stupid in general?

  • shocked

    look at all these stupid hong kong citizens or maybe they aren’t but how can you say “come bomb my country?” makes me sick to even think you retards exist in this world..You think by attacking hong kong you ll have any chance to support them? there are countries who are waiting for a chance for someone to start war with U.S so they can budge in and vs china? you have to be kidding me…idiots becareful what u say.

  • PK

    Drop dead! You’re an asshole!

  • PK

    Get out of Hong Kong! Stupid asshole! You’re a disgrace!

  • hk73ers

    Thank god that this guy wasn’t elected to be our president. He didn’t even have the common sense that HK is not a country or a nation. And he is nothing but a bull dog who only knows how to threaten. Someone like him only causes war and not resolution. Stupid white trash senator.

  • LOL

    Moron HK idiots think this is a real article. Only idiots think being invaded by another country is a good idea.

  • Satcomrgr

    McCain all this guy did was tell the truth about what our government is spying on our citizens. It is not about stopping any attack, it is about spying on American citizens. If all this recording every bodies phone calls to stop any attacks on Americans, Then it did not catch the Boston marathon Bombers. So what is it?

  • innocent bystander

    Any previous history on military invasion and wars would tell you that none of the people in the colonies or the ‘battlefield’ ever benefited from it. You’ll only be forced to fight for a country which you obviously don’t belong to. To be honest, there is no such thing as complete liberty in any countries. I personally find the highly successful manipulation of the common fear of communism way more shocking than the news. And now someone will call me a commie. GREAT.

  • CJ

    yea as a mainland Chinese i’d very love to see US bombing HK ~~~ hey, US, do you need a forward base that is full operational, well equipped and filled with excellently trained personnel? Welcome to Mainland China~

  • ?

    This article is hard to believe to be true…the way mccain speaks within it is way too forward, no politician would speak so direct about invasion.

  • CJ

    the 51st state, you wish, stupid HK ignorant dickheads. Just claim your fkin’ independence if you have wore your balls today ~ Oops i’m sorry you don’t have balls~~~
    attack the HK PLA right fkin’ now~ we mainland china has millions of tons of Bombs about to go expired soon~ so the sooner you claim war on us, the less bombs we have to spend money on recycling~~~ we’ll just let you have them ~~~ in a very good way 😀

  • Mr G.

    this scandal the most telling thing for me is that dems & repubs
    are ok with the current state of the NSA program. They were acting
    outside of the programs stated purpose of monitoring foreign calls, I
    support the monitoring of foreign calls. . And now it is revealed that
    they are spying on everyone. The politicians like it. Why not adjudicate
    an expansion of the scope of the surveillance? Could it be because they
    know that no one would buy it? So I think it is an acceptable power
    grab in the minds of the political class. They are the ones who should
    be running to Hong Kong, Not Snowden!

  • pickles

    Is this real? I have my doubts. That is crazy even for McCain to say and I can’t find this “interview” even on BBC’s website. Watch out folks.

  • NonPerplexed

    Oh my god, dumb Muricans putting their moron status on show for the whole world to see again pffffft, so I gather you are happy your govt breaks every law in the book and shreds the constitution to spy on you, YES YOU, and then gets all put out when someone violates their privacy?? You morons, if the US even looked like attacking Hong Kong it would be the start of WW3, multi megaton warheads would be raining down all over the US and your bases in the middle east within minutes…..Hey wait a minute, you have been stuck in stone age countries fighting guys with AK’s and IED’s for longer than WW2 and you think China/???? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jon Nutzati

    I am also from Hong Kong. You are stupid.
    In my 20 years living in Hong Kong, the government has never interfered in my life. I was free to do whatever I want as long as I didn’t hurt other people. In 2011 they gave me HKD6000 for free. Taxes are minimal. Police, fire services and hospitals are excellent. The police are only ever helpful and respectful and never try to bully you.

    I have live in the USA for 7 years now. The police are bullies, the hospitals are a place to die and nothing else. There are taxes on everything and rules about everthing. You don’t know what communism is. You surely believe stupid American propaganda. After leaving Hong Kong and living in Europe, South America and the USA, I know that Hong Kong is one of the best and freest place in the world to live and you are an ungrateful, uneducated person.

  • NonPerplexed

    The article is SATIRE morons, its making fun of the loser and traitor McCain, my god the flouridated water and mainstram media and other distractions has really done its job hasnt it, you clowns make a mud brick look sharp 🙁

  • NonPerplexed

    For those of you who dont have a clue, or even know where to look for one, heres a little bit of history about John Mccain you might be interested in….he fits right in with all the other traitors in DC…..

    The impression that McCain and the media has attempted to portray of
    McCain’s 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam is about as
    far from the truth that one could possible go. McCain, from the first
    moments of his capture, had behaved as a COLLOBORATOR and propaganda
    tool for his North Vietnamese captors. McCain had engaged in no less
    than 30, and likely as many as 38 anti-American propaganda broadcasts for Radio Hanoi during
    the period of his captivity. Far from the image of a dedicated
    American “hero” sweating it out in a North Vietnamese prisoner’s
    “hotbox” for 5 1/2 years, McCain was often given “special” treatment by
    his captors, who were fully aware of his father’s and grandfather’s 4
    star admiral positions with the Navy. No one has ever witnessed McCain’s supposed “torture” at the hands of his jailers.
    The consensus opinion of other POWs in McCain’s camps was that McCain
    was NEVER tortured by the North Vietnamese. McCain’s disgraceful and
    wholly reprehensible conduct (along with John Kerry) during the 1991-93
    Senate Committee on POW/MIAs leaves no doubt that McCain is a traitor to
    this country and its veterans and especially to the families of POWs
    and MIAs

  • Jon Nutzati

    When was the last time the PLA bothered you?

  • Kevin Lee Mcmahon

    This article is 100 percent bullshit all of you dumbasses not smart enough to understand should be deported to China

  • Man from Modesto

    This is poorly created satire. Look at the other headlines. Use some common sense, people. McCain can’t form that many sentences all in a row.

  • Barbara Wall

    what a crock of shit…there are thousand out there that believe McCain said that…get your laughs from something obama has failed to do…

  • Jess

    A stupid news article and a lot of stupid people commenting. I’ve wasted 5 minutes of my life.

  • Jim Snape

    The libtard hack that wrote this fiction couldn’t pick a democrat to libel? After all, you guys are the most pissed off that dear leader was outed, and thus, the most likely to say this stuff.

  • hal


  • Matt W

    McCain is the worst Republican ever. We Republicans don’t even claim him. He’s a fool, a liar and completely worthless. The Democrats can have him. We don’t want him.

  • Jonny Angel

    This is a joke right? I mean McCain is a joke, so I just assumed this article is about jokes. If he really said that he needs a padded cell somewhere….

  • tyrranyneedstogo

    Considering the fact that Hong Kong told him on the weekend to get out and he checked out of his hotel Monday morning and no one seems to know where he is, McCain must be blowing smoke. We as a country should just let the man be. He did a good thing exposing such a tyrannical act by this administration and the Bush administration that started these types of eaves dropping programs.
    He should be made a hero, not a victim

  • Bogus article

    This news article is bogus and there was never a BBC interview. Can anyone find a BBC News interview with Freddie Lyon anywhere online or on youtube? If you can please post.

  • Jason Jumbo Wenn Obe

    🙂 as bright as a 40 watt light bulb in a power cut ..lol

  • Jason Jumbo Wenn Obe

    you obviously think your country is far superior to every one elses,
    just proves how much brain washing they have really done on most americans ..lol

  • Wuffendok

    Hey guys, this is a joke news site, so lighten up!

  • Jack Smith

    All these honk kong people asking for american domination.you guys would deserve it,being raped and tortured and having american soliders kick down your doors and rape your daughters infront of you.that is what happend but most of you are fond of it,with your western first names,like good little brittish house pets

  • Reid Reasor

    Funny how our lawmakers like Graham and McCain are calling
    Snowden a traitor. How is he a traitor to the lawmakers who illegally violated
    the 4th amendment? There are
    only three ways to get around the fourth amendment. First is a declared war, we
    are at “terrorism” and we will never be out of fighting it as the middle
    eastern mind doesn’t think in terms of conventional military strategy; the
    middle eastern mind think in terms of generations. We are now a target of radical Islam and will
    always be, so we need to get used to it.
    Second, we can declare martial law, praise God we have not done so. Last is to do it legally in accordance with Article
    V of the US Constitution and hold a constitutional convention. McCain, Graham and every Senator and congress
    person and Judge who approved this, HAVE DONE SO ILLEGALLY! Everyone who established this domestic spying
    should go to jail, and I hope that after we sue the federal government, we can
    do just that. I hope the punishments are so severe that nobody ever tries to
    subvert the US Constitution again. It is interesting that as we have illegally
    violated the US Constitution, which not only the terrorists win, but when you
    spy on Americans the communists/statists/globalists/socialists really win. Maybe that is why 60% of liberals think it is
    a good thing. It is easy to give away
    something without any skin or blood in the game, stop betraying us. Lt Col Reid
    Reasor, USAF (Ret)

  • Zanthangum

    The language of Senator John McCain lacks diplomacy. As a US Citizen who has spent time in Hong Kong studying architecture, and through this experience gained respect their culture… I am ashamed by his blatant ignorance and poor choice of words.

  • Jeff

    Reckon McCain is on drugs.

  • SY Lau

    “Either you are with us or you’re against us” seriously im wondering whether it is the right attitude for the most powerful nation to treat us, just because someone from your country has found out about the secret surveillance programmes, and decided to stay in hk.

    I have always thought that US is the country that care most about human rights, or perhaps im wrong- it is just a beautiful lie.

  • Dan

    I say we put John McCain in jail for trying to start a war with the whole world.

  • Douglas Mckeever

    I’m amazed at how many people are taking this seriously! Really? ROFL!

  • Casey Brown-Myers

    The fact that Obama was elected twice proves the veracity of that quote.

  • chico3215

    had me until paragraph 2…cunts.

  • HK21

    At least he treated HK as a tiny “country” lol
    seriously this also showed why Obama won the election.

  • HKppl

    Sorry, I am from Hong Kong too, I don’t like the way what PRC doing, but I simply think Chinese surely deserve “a world-class port, a great stock market and the best dim sum in the world”, and I don’t trust neither British and American, there is something called dignity here.

  • Ed Jacobson

    John McCain is the traitor!

  • Todd Woodell

    Hahaha…China would put up with the US basing missiles in Hong Kong just about like we put up with Russian missiles in Cuba. Never gonna happen! McCain is a loon!

  • Ed Jacobson

    The United States is controlled by the global elite who are also communists. Obama is a communist as well. United States is supposed to be a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Democracy is a stage where a country is on it’s way out and heading for tyrrany. The United states government has been controlled to a certain extent by criminals even since its beginning. Now the United states government is almost completely criminal. The united states government criminals don’t have any intention of wiping out communism. They only want to wipe out anyone who exposes their corruption.

  • Lorraine Cady Hammock

    Someone is getting Oldtimer’s and be forced to retire. What the heck? Yes let all the crazy old men just bomb the world…. sorry but everyone in washington should have to retire by 65 just like the rest of us. You’re brain is no longer working properly.

  • BrooklynChickLovesLiberty

    This f’ing idiot.

  • Balta

    McCain needs to stop and think what is better for our country. Transparency and truth, or no transparency and lies concerning military complex and all its lies.He is all about war not piece. In McCain’s eyes, apparently, it doesn’t matter weather Edward Snowden was trying to warn the American people of the corruption within our government. This just shows me that McCain has become part of the problem we, the American people are facing now.

  • simoncat

    You 50 cents party

  • SW Cheung

    Please invade & take over Hong Kong. We love the Americans and we hate the Chinese.

  • Hakuna Matata

    I am from Hong Kong too. I believe US is not as nice as some other people in HK think, and I know that there are lots of dark side in US medical, insurance, discrimination and political situation. And I do believe Hong Kong five years ago is still a good place to live if you compare to a lot of countries like Ireland and US. But Hong Kong is getting worse and dying, it is not as nice as it was, I can understand why Jon Nutzati said what he mentioned above.

    But I would rather be ruled under UK or Germany. 😛

  • HKpatriot

    So many commies impersonating foreigners lol

  • Joe Hochman

    People! It’s a joke! Even John McCain is not that much of a warmonger. Lighten up.

  • HKpatriot

    We know it is a joke, but the majority of HKers would rather be governed by the west, or protect us as an independent state like Singapore. Chinese rule failed miserably, and there are a lot of maindlanders impersonating HKers in this forum.

  • HKpatriot

    A lot of the commie official’s offspring (including president Xi’s daughter and Bo Xi Lai’s son Bo gua gua) are in the US, along with majority of their assets. Commies would rather kill you than nuke the US. Get a grip!

  • Danny Ha

    Why Snowden select Hong Kong?
    Why we proud of “Made in Hong Kong“?
    Why don’t you visit Hong Kong?

  • hohoho

    Ha Ha! I’m from Hong Kong also. Good work! 😛
    All I want to say is relax, everybody needs a vacation, so does Snowden. So I think people in Hong Kong would give you a big big hug if invasion happen. Love is all around, please don’t hate each other.

  • Canna Blis

    actually, police in Hong Kong are pathetic. they command on the spot body searches constantly for no reason whatsoever, at least in the states u can avoid being felt up by two cops when u go outside for fresh air (although hong kong doesnt have any fresh air anyway lol). no victim no crime.

  • MatLi

    I love HK! So should you. Those who dun like it, you are free to go.

  • Remy

    Im Born in Hong Kong and serving in the US Marine Corps. All i gota say is LOLZZZZZ!!!!!!! also i miss the shopping in HK cant wait to go back.

  • Abdurasul-Tajik

    Dictatorship killed thousand or two, but not 10k, american army killed millions, 2 million orphans there are in iraq after “american democratcy introduction” that is not alright

  • Oliver

    The China gorvernment is such a idiot!One more thing,I’m a secondary student from Hong Kong and all my classmates hate the China gorvernment.I love my country but not the stupid gorvernment.

  • me

    Well said. McCain is insane. Those of the likes of this man making decisions on behalf of the people. No wonder the world is getting so fucked up. Bomb innocent civilians because he does not agree. I haven’t checked the validity of these statements so must do so, but if it is McCain verbatum we could just do away with him and his military arms dealing to make a safer world. McCain is nothing but a war mongering profiteer.

  • James Green

    obviously fake…

    And to anyone insulting Hong Kong on here, obviously you have never been there or lived there, it is the best country in the world and way better than the US who cannot even help it’s own civilians in extreme situations such as Hurricane Katrina, however can fight a very effective war overseas..John McCaine never said this and it is obviously a fake article or it would be all over the SCMP and the BBC….

  • truthistreason

    John McStain needs to retire, act his age, and die. No apologeeze here. He is the scum of the senate along with lindsay and many of the democrats too. These guys need to disapear from our congress and let the new generation of america take over. they are holding on the there position to give their lives meaning. without their never ending reigns over their seat, they would be nobodies. EVERYONE IN THE SENATE SHOULD BE A NOBODY. THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A CELEBRITY SENATOR. WE NEED TERM LIMITS NOW!

  • chiupolini

    The maker of this story has a real sense of humour. And above all, he likes dim sum like I do. : )))))

  • Isaac

    Remember that this random Chinese submarine surfaced right next to the USS Kitty Hawk unnoticed in 2006?

  • dailyraspberry


  • Cheung Yui San

    Guys. First off, Hong Kong is a city, not a nation. We’re a Special Administrative Region, not a country.
    As for begging US to invade us… sorry, I’d like to keep my freedom of speech, my (il)legal downloads (We don’t have SOPA-esque legislation), my gun-free city and my 15% flat tax here.
    So yeah, we’re not exactly divorced from China. But is that even a bad thing? We get a lot of deals from China, our economy is stimulated by being so close to China and we’re a major shipping port for products made in mainland China.
    Hong Kong is East meets West. We have our freedom of speech but at the same time we get a lot of benefits (no SOPA, no guns and a good economy). Let’s not be greedy.
    Besides that, I’m a first-class citizen here and I’m not going to trade that identity for anything else.

  • McCain’s Mother

    Something wrong in his mind. Doesn’t sound like a normal person’s speaking. Maybe all republicans like that.

  • Dew2

    Hey John! Are you for us or against us…. It seems you are more concerned about keeping the government secretive.

  • This guy is off his rocker and lost his mind

  • This must be a joke. Either that or McCain’s dementia is getting worse every day.

  • Matt

    Red white and blue dawn

  • Beth Liu

    Another Hongkonger speaking. It seems to be a good news to break away from the Chinese Community Party. However, I can hardly think that it’s would be good to be ruled by US. They threat us, And they want to build a military base here. We will only be their props but not their people. HK will probably be a battleground. It’s awful to be ruled by a selfish and cunning country waging war just to get what they want. Americans are nice but not the politicians. Don’t dream that a country, which tried to oversee people around the world, can be a good ruler.

    And HK gov, don’t you dare send the HERO, Edward Snowden, back to that blamed country.

  • Mccain’s Dad

    This McCain guy must be the dumbest of the dumb. Doesn’t he know anything about world treaty between governments? HK has the extradition agreement with the US. Glad he weren’t the president. He would’ve dropped bomb everywhere. What a dumb speech!!!!

  • JB

    After reading the comments, I am astounded that people don’t realize that this is a fake story… The Daily Currant is not an actual news publication, it only prints stories that are satirical in nature. That means they are for humor, usually at the expense of the person or people involved in the story.

    Maybe you found the story reprinted on another website or something, but it should always say its from The Daily Currant. Another, even better publication (and website) for stories like this is called “The Onion.”

  • Reila90

    Do you realize how stupid your comment is?

  • We know it is for humor. The comments are our feelings. 2 evils, picking one, we chooses to be ruled by US rather than People’s Republic of China.

  • We know it is for humor. The comments are our feelings. 2 evils, picking one, we chooses to be ruled by US rather than People’s Republic of China.

    For English native speakers, the word “China” has two meanings, 1. 中國 and 2. 中華.

  • Temitope

    Now I see why he will never be president of USA. His brain is been fried so his thinking is skewed

  • Joanne Dorlando


  • k9maiden

    Go after the real enemies, Obama, Holder, Killary! But no, the mealy mouthed, PC, mamby pamby Republicans will go after this guy like he is the villain, how convenient.

  • Hong Kong is a state, a city-state.

    Hong Kong is not a de jure country, but it has a clear territory of political geography. A person who possesses citizenship of Hong Kong can possess no citizenship or nationality of People’s Republic of China (PRC). A person who possesses citizenship or nationality of PRC can possess no citizenship of Hong Kong. Here are no free movement of goods, capital, services and people between Hong Kong and PRC. Hong Kong has politics, law system, government and monetary system itself.

    Hong Kong is not de jure nation, but it has phenomenon of nationalism and patriotism that nation is Hong Kong. Many Hongkongese who are 華人 (Chinese) identify themselves as 香港人 (HongKongese), not as 中國人 (people of PRC or ROC). Hongkongese think Hong Kong as a whole. Nowadays, many Hongkongese protects economy, culture, core values, politics and land of Hong Kong not to be invaded or eliminated by PRC.

    Hong Kong economy is a part of 南洋經濟圈 (market of nanyang), not PRC.

    The word “China” has two meanings, 1. 中國, 2. 中華.

    The concept of 中華 is like as Roman, Europe or Christendom, not a single country. 中國 means that the country is the power center in that world. Japan, Korea and Vietnam ever thought themselves as 中華 or 中國 in past.

    We shall take every chance. Hong Kong will be free from PRC, not become slave of PRC.

  • We want freedoms, full democracy and full autonomy of Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong is a state, a city-state.

    Hong Kong is not a de jure country, but it has a clear territory of political geography. A person who possesses citizenship of Hong Kong can possess no citizenship or nationality of People’s Republic of China (PRC). A person who possesses citizenship or nationality of PRC can possess no citizenship of Hong Kong. Here are no free movement of goods, capital, services and people between Hong Kong and PRC. Hong Kong has politics, law system, government and monetary system itself.

    Hong Kong is not de jure nation, but it has phenomenon of nationalism and patriotism that nation is Hong Kong. Many Hongkongese who are 華人 (Chinese) identify themselves as 香港人 (HongKongese), not as 中國人 (people of PRC or ROC). Hongkongese think Hong Kong as a whole. Nowadays, many Hongkongese protects economy, culture, core values, politics and land of Hong Kong not to be invaded or eliminated by PRC.

    Hong Kong economy is a part of 南洋經濟圈 (market of nanyang), not PRC.

    The word “China” has two meanings, 1. 中國, 2. 中華.

    The concept of 中華 is like as Roman, Europe or Christendom, not a single country. 中國 means that the country is the power center in that world. Japan, Korea and Vietnam ever thought themselves as 中華 or 中國 in past.

    We shall take every chance. Hong Kong will be free from PRC, not become slave of PRC.

  • imparanoic

    a megalomaniac or madman or even an idiot

  • After McCain bombs you to stone ages your country will look like Afghanistan and Irak

  • steelblued

    Are you implying Stone Age, Afghanistan and Iraq are worse than communist?

  • sure or would you prefer Al Qaeda,Taliban Islamic type rule?
    With daily beheading and suicide attacks?

  • Guest

    I saw slightly different forms of that in mainland China everyday.

  • hkkid

    maybe you were right if you lived in hk 10years ago but HK is different now.U.S. may have taxes on everything but their salary is way higher than ours, at least some of the U.S. citizen can affort to buy a house in their life time but we don’t, on top of that, hospital in hk is too busy serving wealthy pregnant mainland ladies who would like to give their child our hk citizenship without paying $1of tax to the hk government.

  • Henry

    I live in HK all my life, me and all my family & friends have never been body-searched nor seen anything like that. Please stop spreading lies.

  • HKer

    Hong Kong isn’t even a nation…

  • John Chan

    I hope this news is not fake. It is true for the people around world to know what the US would do for us. Let they list Hong Kong as the evil of axis, with such reasonable “idea” to invade HK.

  • Chun Pang CP Chan

    Hmm … how striking a deal …HK surrenders Snowden’s head on a Silver platter to USA in exchange of FULL democracy in HK and the Americans keeping the Chinese out of HK with a military base… HK is like a 51st state – and we will pay the Federal government taxes with Chinese Dim Sum 😉

  • Chun Pang CP Chan

    The enemy of my ememy is my friend,
    Mr McCain, you don’t need to bomb HK, we will surrender Snowden’s head on a Silver platter to USA in exchange of FULL democracy in HK and the Americans keeping the Commies out of HK with a military base… HK is like a 51st state – and we will pay the Federal government taxes with Chinese Dim Sum 😉

    Colonization by US is still definitely better than the Chinese …
    look at Tibet

  • bbb


  • bbb

    I come from hongkong, I want to fuck you.

  • bbb

    Fuck you run out of Hongkong.

  • HKHKHKers

    Come to take HK place ! Come one !
    Please come and take HK within this week !! Or your are a American PIG ONLY !!!

  • lovehk

    better bomb hongkong since its so rotten alrdy under CCP’s tyranny for 14yrs.

  • badcow

    i’m sure you’ll be the 1st one to be kill by US bomber!!!

  • badcow

    hi loser! PLA never fuck you either HK citizen..
    but sure US Army will fuck you after they took you everything, even you life!!
    stupid loser!

  • badcow

    you sure Queen Victoria have gave you democracy b4 1997??

    are you a blind or a liar??

  • Timmy Price

    John McCain is just like any person who’s time has come and gone, he feels he must say shocking things to keep himself relevant and in the news… He is an idiot, and this is a stupid statement…

  • Merlin Money Mason

    “McCain has served as a senator from Arizona since 1987”

  • steelblued

    more probably by Communist officials out of no reason

  • Roger Wildin

    McCains usefulness as an American Public Servant I think has finally plunged into senility. Is he so daft that he doesn’t realize that attacking Hong Kong would be a virtual war with China ? And he represents the American people ? He also wants to send troops into Syria and help the rebels. How many rebel groups are infiltrated with Al Queda ? Nobody knows. Surely not McCain who has recently been in photos with supposed kidnapping suspects. How many of the military rebels in Libya were infiltrated with Al Queda ? Again, massive support from John McCain. Isn’t it enough that we have to wonder about Obama and his Islamic leanings ? Even though he claims to be a Christian, Yeah right !

  • dabruster

    I’ve never wished cancer on somebody until now.

  • 保持队形


  • haha

    if we lose ,the darkness will last

  • ZK

    I came from mainland China, and I am studying in US. I enjoyed life in China much more than any other country (except the pollution part). So I guess you misdirected yourself from China to North Korea.

  • HKbrainlessCitizen

    Like, never?

  • Terry Z

    C’mon some HK people. It’s perfectly fine if you wanna get rid of CCP, but can you at least claim to build a new country, maybe Republic of HK like what Singaporean did, instead of BEGGING to be a colony? Do you know something called ‘dignity’? A kind note from Mainlander. 🙂

  • mainlander

    some of the posts really made my day.. lol shows how ignorant a lot of the HK ppl are as they can’t even distinguish between REAL and FAKE news ..I am not taking a stance on any of the wrongdoings of PRC/US.. but some of these posts are simply retarded.

  • bullshit!

  • Dave

    First USA should look at its economy, stop borrowing from China….. then think of going to war against their interests! John is just a trigger happy crazy guy!

  • RedKnife

    HKer be prepared for the coming disaster. Shanghai,Guangzhou and Haikou
    will take all your priorities away, Shanghai is now planing it’s 1st tax free zone, Guangzhou has been the best and most powerful harbour seens early 90s’, Hainan is now the 1st duty-free shopping zone in mainland. China can produce every thing in the world from nail to spacecraft, and we do not need Hongkong as a free trading port any more. You’ve been shameless for too long time, now you deserves what you’ve done.
    If you don’t want to be a Chinese, emigrate, we don’t need you. But if you want to make chaos in HK,Have fun in the last party, dozens of WZ-10 are ready to go.

    Get out of China and leave the land.

  • melvin polatnick

    Few Americans have the true grit of McCain, his type of warrior is the reason why the US is the wealthiest nation. Those with military might must use it before their bombs become rusty and useless.

  • Win322


  • makinami

    well,you could give up your Nationality and get out of my country.

  • makinami

    expecting those rumors and fantasy,what else do you have

  • Woody

    I ensure you who want the US to “liberate” hk that there will be no hk any more if the war begins. The war between China and America will be a nuclear war.

  • Woody

    Over 100,000 people dies in the Iraq war, and over 60% of them are civilians. I hope you are lucky enough to survive.

  • direction

    born slave

  • Geoffrey

    I have no idea about these people. What a shame.

  • Nick Au

    有種咪黎打我囉, 講咁多廢話, 我就企係度比你殺

  • somebody

    Then HK will be the next Iraq. Did you see the life of Iraqi people?

  • W

    And you manslaughter by U.S. drone

  • somebody

    The high price of house is truth,but it is normal,because HK is a huge city, just like Shanghai.

  • serieslover

    open up your mind and just walk out of hostility and prejudice

  • somebody

    I remember that there was no democracy when English ruled Hong Kong. Your governor was sent by King of UK.

  • somebody

    What are your reasons?

  • LMAO

    First of all, Hong Kong is not a nation, so yeah, China is against you. Good luck with that.

  • R!

    Crazy man, so ashame for those who shows definitely immature and irresponsibility to their words.

  • drhoecker

    god sent me to begin the dismantling of the upper echelon,doubt me? i caused the national monument event to happen,i warned the white house ahead of the cracking cornerstone.all i have to do is say my desires and it wiill come,i am he whom is seen on the mountains by face as a sign to the nations

  • Shan

    Funny how you try to trade for your “Democracy”–AKA smart bombs– with the head of a whistleblower who just risked his life and everything else he had for true democracy. So much for your faith in freedom and justice, “people” from Hong Kong. Maybe the philosophy behind freedom and justice is just too much for your hatred-clouded small brain to comprehend?

  • reichthedog

    stupid, does he know where Hongkong is?

  • Ludwig Morales

    someone should put a cork in his mouth… damned dinosaur…

  • lol

    like HK has ever had a democracy.

  • Arthur

    I once believe that we Asians have a higher IQ, but after reading the comments of this joke news, I start to doubt that. At least some Asians do not have enough IQ.

  • Curious

    “Bombing HongKong”—Are we sure that this was really from John McCain, whom I actually respected. For all your supporters of “Bombing HK” out there, I hope that you do realize that “bombing HK” is just like “bombing Beijing” in the view of Chinese government. If you are so bored with your life and are ready to exchange nuclear bombardment with China, then go ahead to call your senator/congressman and tell them that you will only vote them unless they force the president or whomever to start bombing HK. Good luck 🙂

  • Fuck hk traitors

    To all the traitors in HK, get the fuck out. Nobody is twisting your arms. Move to UK, US, or where ever you want. HK belongs to all Chinese, not foreign slave wannabes,You make all the Chinese looks bad.

  • PLA

    I agree

  • PLA

    If you bomb HongKong, we’ll Bomb Washington DC. Seriously.

  • JC

    These so called “hongkong people” who asked for invasion of US to be liberated are bunch of ungrateful losers who take everything mainland China provided for granted. Check following fact, 70% of the fresh water and 80% of food are imported from mainland. Mainland people do not owe you anything, sure you will get your freedom but stay hungry and thirsty next day.

  • ooobama

    I see your point is that you hate communist. But other than that, what you said are just nonsense. Because whether you are in mainland or hongkong, no communist is coming to kill you. That’s for sure. The danger of being killed by anybody is way lower than if you are wondering in US and being killed by a gunman out of no reason. Yes, you hate communist. We got you, in a funny way though.

  • ooobama

    I tell you what: HongKong is Chinese territory. But people living in HongKong doesn’t have to be Chinese. We Chinese care mainly keeping this land. You people don’t want to be Chinese can go. But don’t you still land.

  • John

    Is he our senator we really need?

  • Rynosaurus

    Can we send him back to POW camp? I think he is a clear and present danger to the entire world.

  • You don’t get the joke.
    If the USA is going to intervene in HK, they won’t do it like in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    HK is now getting so bad. The last thing we want is to become mainlandised. We welcome any country who can put a stop/slow down to Beijing’s blatant violation of HK’s internal affairs

  • guest


  • Gopher

    for those who want to be ruled by UK or US,..

    don’t you want to rule by yourself? It is your land, your country, why do you want to be ruled by somebody else.

    I remember a man from Taiwan said: Hongkongers think themselves as English…. totally slave mentality!

  • Xuete

    John McCain would never threaten Russia like this.

  • Mr.Z

    As a Chinese in America, I feel shamed to see a Chinese calling for others to kill their fellows no matter what. Oh, dat Hong Kong citizen, please don’t speak Chinese anymore, do not use any Chinese character, and btw 你是個傻逼

  • Nicole

    Oh look more stupid comments from the republican party. SHUT UP McCain. Are you trying to destroy America? Invading Hong Kong will bring the Chinese out and well fuck Good bye America after that

  • wzis

    But do you know that UK people also feel the environment is much worse than what 20 years ago.

  • Brian

    McCain run for the US president? What an idiot!!!

  • jed kassing

    You all are missing the point here Guys!!! John McCain is insane by saying what he said. can’t believe such stupidity came from a US senator!

  • Dave

    what, beheading and suicide attacks? which part of “China” are you from? By the way, you *see* slightly different forms of that everyday. You don’t “saw” it. The fail is strong with you.

  • Dave

    care to give some proof or are you just saying dumb things like this for the sake of saying them? shut the fuck up if you have nothing better to say.

  • Dave

    I find it so funny how no one seems to know that Daily Currant is a satirical site for political satires. Among all the cyberwarriors so heatedly arguing about all sorts of things ranging from national dignity, national identity, mainland Chinese politics, mainland-Hong Kong relations, and World War III—-just to name a few—– does no one realise that the story is fake and is simply poking fun at USA’s Hawkish policies?

  • Z

    LOL. I just returned to CN with a master’s degree from the States. I am eagerly expecting you, yourself instead of American troopers, stepping on HK land, or maybe CN mainland as well… You will like it here, just like most of the Americans do when they really came here instead reading your partial news. Yet of course, you will start hate it here when we start beating you shortly after. Welcome, psycho!

  • Norman

    are all our senators like this idiot?

  • pickawhatevername

    Did someone beged US military to bombing himself city?

    Never hear that before


  • Bobby

    John McCain is a very sick man! He is insane! How could this man be a US senator?

  • It is also our plan. But at first, let the world focus us.

  • jason

    你是一个傻逼 you are stupid who calls for other people to invade homeland. Don’t think you are from HK or you are Chinese. Say English forever, never back. SHAME on you.

  • D Umbo

    wich datin site you on becose i havint had a cuddle for wile

  • D Umbo

    I thout all the columnists had retired wen they saw the documentry film with the Rambo guy yearss ago an they saw how he had that kool bandananna and kicked everyone buts even the american polises butts. I woodnt mess !!! Didn’t Rambo win the columnists or have the columnists come back wich is worrying if theyve grown back.

  • D Umbo

    Or waz it Rocky. I coodnt tell them apart. Rocky or Rambo or Rocky. Its like they was bruthers or sumthing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OrAnOr

    I am a chinese living in mainland and I never know 487 is foul language. how come you know that ? BTW, 250 is

  • OrAnOr

    He’s just blinded by propaganda of US

  • Hongdong

    In my opinion, foreign invasion or independence is of no use to Hong Kong. You cannot ignore the economic and political influence from China. If you don’t like what the communist party have done, the only thing you can count on is the democratisation of China.

  • hellothere

    Why so many HK ppl want put their future in US or UK’s hand, than in their own hand. Why they would rather be bombed or be ruled as a colony. Of course I understand it is just a few of ppl in HK. If HK need democracy and human right, then protect it by protect Snowden’s human right, show the world that you will fight for it, and you shall deserve it later.

  • Amy Cushing

    China is responsible for protecting Hong Kong, and China do have lots of nuclear bombs that can hit Washington or anywhere in America. I don’t think this guy worth that much – i.e. the whole planet. That is really insane. Either McCain is too old or he wants the world to end with him – that will be pretty evil.

  • Amy Cushing

    If a country can put astronauts in the space, you bet they can put a nuke right on your head. It’s called mutual destruction… Let’s not forget their best friend Russia can do that too.

  • Amy Cushing

    If Vietnam can capture you think about what China can do …

  • aaa

    HK doesn’t have the best Dim Sum. Macau does.

  • couldbeme

    for a made up story this one is a great piece

  • Jenny

    How does nobody notice that this article is SATIRE. Note the website’s name is the “DAILY CURRANT” (as opposed to “CURRENT”), “The Daily SATIRICAL Newspaper of Record”.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli


  • ibt

    Crazy, selfish, arrogant American

  • abc

    tombkeeper weibo guanguangtuan

  • Hendrie

    So John mcCain sad that Edward Snowden is a cybercriminal and a danger for the entire country. Why ? Because he speaks the truth about the spying that they do…….. and he is called the danger ?

    And ofcourse the amaricans do what they are best in Threaten other countries with WAR !!!!

  • BG

    send mc-cain to the nutty house.

  • Anonymous

    Wow mcCain ur a flipin tool imagine if he had become a president of US it’s bad enough with Obama wats wrong with all the world leaders these days

  • vic2r

    you don’t need to invade HongKong you just need to NUKE china…even Douglas MacArthur suggested it…and those trillion of debt of yours will be gone in seconds, not only that you will also remove the 19.09% population of this world, you will also reducing global warming, you will also removing the biggest threat not only in your economy but as well as other Asian economy and territories, and you will also remain a dominant power in this world. that’s too many birds in one stone.

    or you can only invade those countries without nukes????

  • jun sagudo

    yes and make hongkong the hqs ot the 7th fleet.

  • Keith McHenry

    Thank goodness most Americans are not as sick as our government leaders are. Time for Americans to rise up and send these people packing. McCain is a criminal and should be sent back to Vietnam to finish his sentence.

  • Abraham Ortiz

    An iron fist rule for Snowden should be imposed!Traitors like him have no place in Hongkong.He is hiding in hongkong to the detrement of hongkong people.Send him to America and face what ever case he has inflicted to the American government so hongkong will not be responsible for him.

  • Abraham Ortiz

    So send Snowden back to America!

  • george

    mccain should win president!!!!

  • Abraham Ortiz

    Ha!chinese is starting his claw on spratley just because of oil on that small island which belong to the Philippines.

  • Abraham Ortiz

    which goes to saying don’t steal spratley island!

  • george

    hong kong is acting like the communist china as well as taiwan USA should bombed those chinesse retards to restore humanity!!

  • george

    hongkong is much like pakistan, afghanistan, and iraq harboring criminals its better if usa would strike hong kong

  • Abraham Ortiz

    So send back snowden!he is the one reason why all people are ranting its other now in hongkong and nearby nations.

  • pro-am

    You’re right “steelblued” i agree with you

  • intsik

    China is a DEVIL country!

  • HaruhiSuzumiya

    I’m a mainlander. Communism Party is just like any other gvn’t, no better and no worse. I can’t understand why some HK citizens think it’s better to get bombed. Either they just want to watch the world burn or they’re freaking stupid.
    To the US, I just have three words: I DARE YOU.

  • steelblued

    Well, I was one of the HK people posted “please invade us” comment, I don’t like US troops either.

    This is just a joke (but hopefully true) comment on a joke article.

    However, you said you like a current situation that you know would not last long, so what’s the problem for people hoping for a change?

    You said there will be no freedom when US troops occupied HK, and can you see that we have also no true freedom now and the situation is worsening day by day?
    No, we are not in an improving situation, it would not lead us to true freedom.

  • steelblued

    2 questions for you, if a Chinese government fuck you, do you think that this government love the country and people?

    And what if it is actually the current situation?

  • HaruhiSuzumiya

    I can’t see the logic in “bomb to restore humanity”.

  • John Zhou

    He is insane

  • steelblued

    We have no religions here.
    We have no private military groups here either. Or you consider those local triad gangs who fight (but why?) with knifes can cause 100000 people die?

  • steelblued

    Of course the US are not going to invade us, why get serious about the joke?

    But something else is happening here and it is not a joke.

    The Chinese mainlanders are currently invading us, people are robbed, girls are raped, social security worsens, living standards go straight down, PLA are constantly doing military training preparing to kill us, Beijing officials are interfering decisions of our autonomous governement, our government officials are becoming more corrupting, our social media start getting self censoring to please the Beijing.

    what the ~

  • RSJP

    McCain thinks he is still wearing military uniform. But his treat is a pure dud bomb, which will spoil any bid he has in mind in the future. Surely the President of the USA will not buy his opinion, yes , like any politicians they want publicity if they are in their foxhole!

  • Ferdi Gat

    @HKppl.well you must choose the lesser evil. You should be thankful of your former master for making HK as a great island colony. The British Empire made Hk successful in commerce and trading. Mainland china has nothing to offer is terms of good governance.

  • Andy

    I guess it’s true. Sarcasm just doesn’t translate.

  • Richard Ma

    I think real reasons for US to invade HK is because it is the last land in the world that allows freedom of speech and repects human rights.

  • Van

    McCain, you are the man! You have great ideas and you could be the next Hitler.

  • HOHN


  • Chen Wang

    If no support from China Mainland, Hong Kong has Already bankrupted like Iceland or a smaller Greece. The British used up all the government money and left a big debts to China when they left HK.

  • Chen Wang

    I can ascertain that U.S. will also go back to stone age. Maybe the whole planet…but Chinese will be rising up again at fastest speed.

  • Chen Wang

    Have you ever gone to Tibet? Tibet is now a civilized administration area that all the people have all the human rights you have, which is much better than the Slave Society before Dala Lama left. BTW, Dala Lama was the biggest slave owner and he peels off the skin of slaves just for fun.

  • Chen Wang

    Those islands belongs to China since hundred years ago and Philippines admitted that even in 1970’s. They stole the island because oil found and now we just take them back. You should study history harder and stop bullshit on what you didn’t know.

  • Chen Wang

    Hong Kong is China territory and not belong to people do not support the Great Country. So turn yourself into a ball and roll out the country quietly.

  • Chen Wang

    Hong Kong is China territory and not belong to people do not support the Great Country. So turn yourself into a ball and roll out the country quietly. +1

  • Chen Wang

    Hong Kong is China territory and not belong to people do not support the Great Country. So turn yourself into a ball and roll out the country quietly. +2

  • CP

    The Chinese 50cents army is here.

    Tibetians do not want your empty “GDP growth” they want their lives as they used to live in. They prefer their previous spiritual way of life with Dalai Lama, they don’t need your stupid government coming to “liberate” them with your army at gun point.

  • rudy2013

    just boycott all China made products and avoid dealing to any of their businesses would hurt them well specially HK investors in China….


    I think the U.S. watched and learned from hittlers third Reich. And now we (the U.S.) are slowly but surly taking over the world. Everyone now knows the english language and we have troops on nearly every peice of
    Land p. The world. I think in 15 years the whole world will be westernized and on the us dollar no matter who disbelieves this. You will see in the end. Anonymous.

  • Ralfine

    The PLA doesn’t bother you as much as Americans bother the citizens of Okinawa. I’d like the PLA soldiers come out of their barracks more often, even in uniform.

    Right now the PLA does less damage to Hong Kong than property tycoons wanting to “develop” Lantau, Sai Kung Country Park and Lamma. “Develop” meaning destruction of all the greenery, razing mountains, polluting the last clean streams, covering up rivers, liberating us from the sight of damselflies and dragon flies and giant butterflies, and wild buffalos. Having construction sites and especially noise everywhere for years to come. No, they are not interested in Hong Kong and its people, just the money. Not much different from drug dealers.

    If property tycoons would want to improve Hong Kong they could start making the existing buildings in Hong Kong energy efficient and slash aircon bills in half.

    They could start mixing residential and commercial areas to reduce commuting. Provide affordable housing for all the cooks, waitresses and cleaners near their place of work.

    And with reduced energy use, and reduced pollution you’d get more tourists in that would like to enjoy the country side, the beaches, and especially the closeness of beaches, waterfalls, and opera houses.

  • Andy

    John McCain is made by Skynet… You foolish people 😉

  • A proud human being

    Lust for hatred only show us your poisoned mind, it does not mater you hold a position as high as US senator or lived a life so low that have to beg others to invade your own motherland, movie “Schindler’s List” tell one truth: you can feel powerful to be able to kill others, but you would be more powerful if you can hold that trigger. For the rest of us who are still not insane, long live humanity!

  • A proud human being

    I now know this story is totally faked (from this site’s about page), but all the replies are not fake, which reveals the truth of each mind, I’m surprise that in this world how many persons are still living with human skin but with a inhuman brain!

  • hongkong is second to japan in export. before uk turn over to mongol chinese.

  • concernmen

    i know john mcain speeches is stupid as bad-ass but i cannot blame mcain he really sees urgency to stop china silence offensive to united states. china steals some classified technology from US which is a cowardice move and lots lots of chinese monkey bussiness dreaming to become as powerfull as united states which is too impossible so to speak. many critics including me that hongkong, taiwan are secretly collaborating to sabotage american economy and covering it by fooling of taiwan-china invade drama. taiwan, china as its military and economy grows now really shows signs of agressiveness against weaker and poor country with irritating chinese insults and bullish and so not an acceptable qualities of being superpower or world leader. now china will eventually see like popping up from nowhere the other side of america “the dark side” and do the american hawk will tame and feast the chinese dragon. china should beware of testing american waters because american firepower is superior in experience and technology at the same time does not know defeat. hawain is now american, filipinos were once americans but still it is when time needed, afghanistan is tamed and embraced american control and so many more that china isin’t known for. hail america, hail mcain

  • zero

    your right buddy.. without the invasion of British Empire, Hon Kong is like ordinary province of china without infrastructure

  • D1968Leon2

    We Filipinos will be enjoying seeing Americans bombing China. Thumbs up
    U.S. Senator John McCain.

  • Bruwer

    John McCain deserve be
    send to International Crime Court for War Crime, so far, living in US for more thana decade, I haven’t seen him doing nothing beside promote war and killing…he has blood on his hand for sure!

  • stack

    why china signed and agree UN convention regarding territorial boundary???if china owned it you dont let others to take it, whata mind???

  • stack

    very simple 200 nautical miles away if you understand!!!!

  • stack


  • stack


  • sajwefry

    I wondering this is a formal news dialogue or some just for fun program with a hiding camera recording? Or the Senator out of his mind to give such a wired talk

    For those supportors from HK, u seriously mean what u say.. As watching “bomb HK, occupy ports, therefore have a closer watch to China ” I dont see any Democracy here.

  • e1313ruth

    I wonder what dirt Obama has on Mc Cain to cause him to be so stupid to want to go to war with China over a man who had the courage to tell it like it is..
    Or is he just senile…The Republican party should disown him and a few others that are so flip floppy…
    It is a sad day in America when an American has to flee to other countries because he told the truth about his evil government..
    These B’s forget who pays their salaries..including the B in the white house.

  • whathappenedtothisworld

    John McCain is out of his mind. He is openly advocating the killing of millions of innocent citizens to a long term US ally. Frankly speaking, no missiles, no planes, not a single shred of metal can touch HK before amounting to a total global warfare.

  • JhayMcDarwin

    GO MAN!! hahaha BOMB that Fuckin’ Chinese! ILOVE HONGKONG BUT HATE CHINESE… They’re always the roots of Fake, Dangerous and disposable Products… they used to be a copier machine to copy other’s work! WHAT A SHAME TO CHINA!

  • JhayMcDarwin

    OH NO IDONT THINk SO! hahaha dont live in the past! LIVE IN THE FUTURE! and Learn to Respect other Nation!!! DONT BE SO GREEDY! CHINA SUCKS… CHEN WANG doesnt have an idea about obeying LAWS you should study man!

  • bushywhacky

    johnmccain love you long time

  • Joe

    Even if China’s democracy is bad, McCain and the US have no reason to invade HK! It shows McCain is a total stupid who thinks war can solve every problem…And I’m ashamed that some HK citizens cheer for him.
    John McCain, I wanna say, you are a F**KING A**HOLE. With no respect at all.

  • skybrite

    Apparently not. LOLOL. For the record I had a great laugh at the article and the responses.

  • Han Peng

    Wait for the day that Philippines will be able to rebuild her military. We send fighter once more to liberate Hongkong and Tibet from China. Because Filipinos will fight for Freedom. WE help SOKOR, We help Taiwan, and other nations who believes in the spirit of democracy. Whats the use of your nations wealth if your people die unhappy with limited freedom.

  • kevin

    This guy is on drug.

  • Deb

    The Daily Currant is a satirical publication for God’s sake!

  • stains massive

    hk sucks. it’s a puppet of the west. it;s residents are all brain washed british style. by the way, hk has a pla base. the u.s and the west is weak, thats why they need to deploy shills on websites like this and conduct psyops, because if they were straight up with us, no one would believe their lies. i’d much rather be a colony of China than a white man. just ask all the dead native americans, and African slaves who were thrown into the ocean.

  • UUM

    Is it not obvious to everyone that this is fake>?

  • SS

    Oh so we are serious now? ^^

  • wonderfulyier

    Fired him!( ̄ω ̄)

  • Jake

    Good thing this clown wasn’t elected president.

  • Jake

    Hey bbb, I’d like to bounce my balls of your chin while I skull fuck you.

  • Joseph

    As an American I am embarrassed to say the least, but I’m glad I didn’t vote for him exactly for the purpose. How scary it would’ve been to make him the President! My God…he would’ve re-instituted the draft! If anything, we should’ve kept McCain in his cage and left him there for dead. It would have been better for him and the rest of the world…

  • Are you one that took this spoof for real ….? hook line and sinker 😉

  • robg1

    Hilarious you utter idiots. This is a spoof website. it’s a joke you fools 😉

  • Jon Taylor

    you all know this site is a political satire site right?

  • Long LiveUK

    this guy is not come from HK
    ‘ you guys don’t deserve staying in Hong Kong’ is words which commonly used by 50 cents

  • Long LiveUK

    come and liberate us

  • Long LiveUK

    bbb is not hker

  • Long LiveUK

    wide autonomy in domestic matters?

    no, the gov and the congress is controlled by the commie..

  • sleepvark

    How about the more northern expression of 白痴, or even 呆子?