Ray Comfort Claims Pineapple Disproves Big Bang Theory

Jun 11, 2013

342407_005Christian minister Ray Comfort claimed today that the existence of pineapple disproves the Big Bang theory.

In a video uploaded to his official YouTube channel, the New Zealand-born leader of The Way of the Master ministry said that the spiny fruit could only exist in a universe created by God.

"The pineapple is the physicist's nightmare," he explained. "This humble fruit single-handedly destroys their argument that the universe began at a single point in space 13.77 billion years ago.

"Now according to the atheists and scientists, everything in the universe started at one single point and eventually traveled to their current locations. But how is that possible?

"I think we all can agree that the pineapple is one of nature's strongest fruits. But even considering its incredible strength, it's hard to imagine pineapples surviving the trip all the way from the center of the universe to Earth.

"Maybe rocks, mountains, and even oceans can voyage though deep space. But what about the rest of God's creation? How did things like pineapples, carrots or goats travel all that way? God must have created them, right here on Earth."

God of Gaps

Comfort is known for his use of fruit metaphors to challenge accepted scientific theories. In his best known video, he argued that the fact bananas are easy to peel disproved evolution because only intelligent design could explain this useful feature.

After many people pointed out that the banana was bred by humans to be easier to use, he eventually retracted his statement. In today's video, however, he appears committed to his "pineapple principle."

"Are you a sinner?" he asked his audience. "I know I'm a sinner. And I know I'm a liar. That's how I recognize all the signs of a blatant fraud.

"It's simply not possible for creation to have begun inside a singularity. But this is what the evolutionists and the Big Bangers want us to believe. That every man, woman, child, planet, star and pineapple all started out at the same place at the same time.

"But the good news is that God will forgive you. If you disavow your Darwinist and Lemaîtrian ways, you too can be redeemed and be awarded everlasting life."

  • Hassan Hamza

    He should have stuck with the banana. It’s going to be a lot harder to stuff the pineapple up his bum.

  • Cliff

    Whether he is correct or not, pertaining to the subject of singularity… dead jewish schizophrenic carpenters still do not rise up from death.


    Ray Comfort should try crapping a pineapple and see if his colon is “intelligently designed.”

  • BroRichard

    So where is the link? I can’t find the video on Comfort’s YouTube channel.

  • BroRichard

    So this is a total hoax. I thought it probably was. However, people are sharing it as if it is true. Verify people.

  • DreadPirateZed

    If you float your cursor over the “THE DAILY CURRANT” logo at the top of the page, the alt-text that pops up is “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”. Same thing if you hover over the title of the current tab. The “About” page contains this question:

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.

    And YET people assume it’s real. I sometimes despair.


    Noting the picture below, of the comely lass in boots, several questions have been raised in the vein of “What God? If God? Why God?” which all related to the necessity to “prove” God.
    Human beings (Man) typically use three
    ways to “prove” things; Scientific, Reasonable Doubt and
    Preponderance of Evidence. It the quest
    to prove God and he creation powers, Scientific is unreasonable because it
    requires the effect be replicated twice in a laboratory. In order to create
    something, one must be outside of it. As it is proposed God created all,
    including Time and Space and we are bound by those constraints. Thus, we are in no position to use the Scientific method.
    Man’s reason has been shown to be varied and influenced by unreasonable causes, therefore the Reasonable Doubt method is suspect. That leaves us with Preponderance of Evidence.
    It has been observed and calculated that we live in a Cause and Effect universe i.e. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Said conversely “For every effect there is an
    equal cause.” As there are innumerable aspects of the Universe we could deal with, the field shall be narrowed to the picture at hand, that of a female
    human being.
    It is reported that this form is the
    culmination of Creation and by the standard of “Practice makes Perfect”, its
    most exquisite one. It is a construction of incredible symmetry. The fact that
    Man are the only known observers that appreciate, emulate and, dare I say it,worship symmetry is, in itself, more evidence that we were, in fact, created by an innate intelligence.
    Observations provide that everything that
    is built, created, or manufactured goes through three phases; Image (vision), plan and implementation. As the Bible is
    the only reference that provides the three stage example of observed patterns, should not its remaining examples be given weight?
    Thus we take these evidences and come up
    with the following: “It has been said “You can’t prove God!” and yet; A
    critical application of the Second Law of Thermal Dynamics to the origin of the cosmos, demands God, specifically, Jehovah God.”
    Therefore, God did create the lovely before
    you. And he did Smile! And he did shake his head at the wonder of his hands, knowing the effect it would have on the surrounding appreciators. And he did smile once more, ‘cause he did such a damn good job!

  • Gabe

    So, you are saying that since evidence against God can’t be tested in a laboratory, therefore God?

  • Kenneth Peacock

    What is so crazy about all this is not that Ray Comfort is so far gone which is as entertaining as it is infuriating but that so many people will agree with him. It’s one thing to have one wacko spouting off ridiculous claims such as this but for multitudes to believe it is really just insane. Why is it so important to these Christians that science be wrong? Oh yeah because then their delusion is destroyed when science is found to be true. Which The Big Bang and Evolution are true , there is no debate on whether or not they are , it is in fact known they are true.

  • Tai

    He just makes fun of creationists by pretending to be one.

  • Dysone

    In all honesty, Ray Comfort says so many ridicules things that this is not outside of the realm for him to say. Heck, recently he said that mollusks aren’t animals because they’re in the phylum mollusca. Yeah, people should verify it, but it’s not unlike Comfort to say stuff like this.

    This guy gives christians a bad name. I’m not christian, but even I cringe for my friends when people like this start spouting all their gibberish and other people take it as fact.

  • Yh Wh

    that’s right, you can’t disprove god just like you can’t disprove leprechauns and dwarf-fairies.

    that’s exactly how much credibility you buy with that argument.

  • Rock Island

    That’s his argument? How simple do you have to be to follow this crap?

  • Gramms69

    So Chetwest, what are the other Laws of Thermal Dynamics?

  • Keith Mears

    This is so off the wall – even better than the politician who wanted to see an ecoli bacteria change into a human (apparently so ignorant as to believe that evolution was the individual changing of a single organism into all the forms of life).
    This kook apparently believes that a singularity is something akin to an overstuffed grocery bag, with every object that ever existed stuffed inside, and when it is dropped, all the pineapples that ever existed zoom across space to their final resting point in his refrigerator. From this, I assume he believes God created not just the pineapple, but every pineapple – just as they are sitting on the grocery store shelf. Maybe someone should attempt to tell him what a plant is, and that fruit are not created whole – they grow from seed. I think this guy needs to get a few hours of Sesame Street under his belt before he takes on cosmology (but first somebody better explain what a puppet is – who knows how Big Bird might fit into his divine theory otherwise).

  • Alexfg

    I’m now ashamed to live in New Zealand… I can’t believe something so uneducated, so amazingly mindbogglingly stupid can come out of the mouth of someone, the same species as me. And to mean it as an actual argument? Not as a joke? It’s just beyond any common sense. I’m just sitting here, trying to comprehend how he can think it’s even an argument.

  • Will

    this is satire. but the banana thing is a real claim he used to make

  • MichaelCNH

    What a totally insane douchepontoon this guy would be if this weren’t a satire site.

  • Nunya

    He’s a POE? HAhahahahaaha that would be heeelariyouz!

  • Saera

    I think he aspires to be a comedien, after all, having a chuckle over this big time:)


    I simply bring forth the evidence, disagreement with it can only be substantiated by counter evidence. If there is no counter evidence, Preponderance falls to that claim supported by the evidence in view. What evidence do you present?


    Scoffing is simple. If you would contend, be forth your evidence that counters that which is already presented.


    Feel free to research.

  • Nick J

    This was on the edge of believable so I had to check out the site. Just a quick look around shows this headline “Selena Gomez Say Bieber Has ‘tiny, weird penis'”. That is when I said ah not real. What is sad is that this story is just believable enough that if I would have found out it was true I would not have been shocked.

  • D Umbo

    Man hes rite. I hadnt thought about it like that. Its becuase I cant remember the big bang neither. was it in the millenium wen the planes all crashed beause the mauri clocks got broke an we invaded around arabia. Was the big bang wot cased the twin towers to fall down and not arab airways planes after all !!!!

  • YouPPLrIdiots

    You do realize this isn’t true….this news site is satirical.

  • lol

    Coming from that guy, anything is possible.

  • jjdoe

    What a FOOL! An intelligent-design banana would have an edible skin, like an apple. Who would design such an inefficient design?
    (actually, you’d almost think a banana was designed to be shipped and trucked, with that skin. It’s surely been designed to be picked green…)

  • Carl Jones

    Pinapples come from outer space because it has the perfect temprature…

  • Oran Black

    Maybe dead Jewish carpenters don’t rise from the dead, but the Son of God does.

  • Oran Black

    What facts do you have that the big bang and evolution are true? Even with all the technology we have, the big bang and evolution are merely theories. Scientists have not found one, single evolutionary creature anywhere, and the ones they have claimed to find have already been proven to be a combination of many species. Evolution never happened. God created the universe.

  • Oran Black

    There is no evidence against God. I challenge you to show me your so called evidence against God.

  • Oran Black

    Don’t you know that God created all things for His pleasure according to His imagination? By your logic, all vehicles should look and perform exactly the same, but they don’t. We have motorcycles, cars, trains, semis, etc. If mankind has enough imagination to create a variety of vehicles, it makes sense that God would have enough imagination to create a variety of fruit.

  • Oran Black

    Bananas are also found in a different climate than apples. Some fruits might need tougher skins to protect them from harsher environments. Since bananas are tropical, without their thick skins, they would probably rot faster, same thing with pineapples.

  • Oran Black

    According to evolution, all life began as bacteria and eventually evolved into self-replicating cells. The major problem with the theory of evolution is that it believes the entire universe came from nothing. Evolution does not have a cause for the Big Bang, and it also believes that bacteria just “appeared” into existence. with no cause for that effect either. Every effect in this universe has a cause, but evolution can never explain the cause. The Bible not only gives us a cause to the effect, it also tells us how the universe got here. Why on earth would anyone want to believe in a theory that has a bunch of effects with no causes?

  • Ford

    Blah blah blah, you’re using the same old tired arguments that actually have MOUNDS and MOUNDS of proof for them, if you just search objectively. Obviously, you don’t. You probably search Google and accept the first article that agrees with your worldview, which is subjective, not objective. You’ve proven you don’t know the first thing about science by stating “merely theories”. Anyone who has any intellect knows that there is a difference between a scientific theory and a regular theory. A scientific theory is a well-substantiated, well-supported, well-documented explanation for our observations. It ties together all the facts about something, providing an explanation that fits all the observations and can be used to make predictions. In science, theory is the ultimate goal, the explanation. It’s as close to proven as anything in science can be. Stop and do some more research first before trying to build an argument.

  • Oran Black

    A scientific theory is just a theory, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a theory. You’ve done the exact same thing every other evolutionist has done, run your mouth about “proof” but offer no proof whatsoever. The fact that you have to resort to making false assumptions and accusations about me is not surprising, especially considering it’s the exact same thing every other evolutionist does. You’re just one more apple in the barrel, and that’s all you’ll ever be. You’ll just run your mouth, make false accusations about people, make lame attempts to insult their intelligence (which fail miserably), and make bogus claims of “proof” while offering none. I have done my research. I would challenge you to do some actual research, but I know you won’t, you’ll just believe the first thing any anti-Bible fanatic says and take it as absolute truth. Take your “no proof” argument and go back to the drawing board, your argument is defeated.

  • bbum

    You don’t know what “scientific theory” means, apparently. A lot of people don’t. For something to be a scientific theory, there cannot be a single shred of concrete evidence that disproves the theory.

    Evolution is one of the most tested, observed, scientific theories we have. Of all the scientific theories, Evolution is the most well understood.

    Denying evidence is like denying that water is wet.

  • bbum

    Have you even done the most basic of research? I would suggest you start with the Wikipedia page on the theory of Evolution. Now, scroll to the bottom. There you will find links to hundreds of cross-referenced, peer reviewed, heavily critiqued research papers documenting various details of Evolution.

  • Roberto

    Oh my god, you’re an idiot. The theory of evolution, a theory in biology, says absolutely nothing about the birth of the universe; that would be cosmology. Evolution doesn’t even attempt to explain how the first life got on this planet, just how it adapts to its environment over time ONCE IT IS ALREADY HERE. Before admonishing others to do their research… well… your book of fairy tales does have a little passage about specks of sawdust and logs in peoples’ eyes, does it not?

    Every effect in the universe has a cause… EXCEPT for god, amirite? No, HE doesn’t need a ’cause, because it’s not convenient to my fairy tales, right? So, okay, everything needs a cause… so before you get to posit god as a likely explanation, you need to explain how he got here in the first place. And don’t say he’s infinite… you JUST said everything needs a ’cause. You can’t say everything needs a ’cause… except for god, without good reason. That’s known as special pleading.

  • Hady

    funny thing about creationist, the keep barking that nothing can exist without an intelligent designer, a creator…. but forget to tell us who designed god? who created him? if you insist as a creationist to say that Nothing Cannot Create Everything, then please, explain to me how out of Nothing God poofed into existence? don’t they realize that Aesthetes call it NOTHING, Creationists call it GOD

  • Ogre

    “The fact thatMan are the only known observers that appreciate, emulate and, dare I say it,worship symmetry is, in itself, more evidence that we were, in fact, created by an innate intelligence. ”

    That’s not a fact. There are plenty of animals that are attracted to and appreciate symmetry. It’s part of why a lot of infant animals look the way they do.

    “It is reported that this form is theculmination of Creation and by the standard of “Practice makes Perfect”, its
    most exquisite one.”

    Who reported this? I’m pretty sure “Woman is the culmination of creation” isn’t something I saw in any scientific journal.

    “As the Bible isthe only reference that provides the three stage example of observed patterns, should not its remaining examples be given weight?”

    Are you trying to say that only the bible has that method in it? I’m pretty sure my book on cooking has that same aspect, I guess it’s scripture. Or do you mean that the bible is the only holy book that has a creation myth involving your 3-step method? If so, you should check out the dozens of ex-nihilo myths that use the exact same structure, some of which outdate Christianity.

  • Ogre

    Russell’s Teapot.

  • Ogre

    You haven’t presented actual evidence yet, so there’s nothing to counter. You can’t just say “this is fact, so these other things”. You actually have to prove something first.

  • Ogre

    That must be very confusing towards the kiwifruit and other tropical fruit that have edible skin yet don’t rot nearly as fast as your standard banana.

  • TheGirlWhoLovesWedgeAntilles

    From now on, I’ll be referring to Ray Comfort as “Fruit Bat”. As in batshit crazy.

  • dave

    this ray guy is on crack.

  • Joshua Merrill

    oooooh, The son of god does… I say as sarcastically as possible 😉

  • Tired

    Kind of like the Theory of Gravity, huh? no really proof it exists. We may start floating away!

  • Liadan

    There is too much proof to be offered on a message board. If you had done research, you’d know what the word ‘theory’ means. You are confusing it with the word ‘hypothesis.’

    A hypothesis is a guess based on evidence. Experiments or research either support or disprove a hypothesis.

    Theories are a combination of proven hypotheses. Evolution cannot become a Law because it cannot be replicated. We cannot recreate the Big Bang, or wait millions of years for evolution to occur.

    However, not one shred of evidence presented disproves this *theory* one bit. Hence, it is not a “just” or a “merely”.

  • Mack

    please, PLease, PLEASE stop refering to this moron as “New Zealand born”, or “Ex New Zealander”!!! WE DON”T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM!!! America was stupid enough to let him in, you can keep the fucktard!!

  • Ralf

    try for yerself … why not see if yer resuracted after having some REAL LIFE

  • Keith Ziegler

    Can someone beat him with that pineapple and shut him up?

  • Mickelodian

    He’s not confusing it with anything… to confuse it with any other notion like ‘idea’, ‘thought’ ‘guess’ or ‘random assertion’ he’d have to have a cerebral cortex roughly attached to a language center and then to his fingers to enable typing… somehow I don’t see that working at optimum in this idiots case.

  • Mickelodian

    First Ed Current is a satirist… but that of course does not mean Comfort is not an idiot….

    I’d suspect that Comfort is not an idiot…because he makes a mint from selling garbage, nonsense and tripe to anyone with the average education level of a frog and an IQ lower than average barometer readings.

    The idiots are the people looking at him holding a banana (can’t have been accidental that either) and nodding their head like total morons. You can get the fundamentally religious to do that… they are very quick to put their hands in their pocket to give money away based on it too… remember you don’t have to be an atheist to run a religious website and make a mint from the sheeple… but it helps! Unfortunately all these moralistic atheists keep pointing out the ethics of it all…

  • Tom Schmidt

    “THE GREAT THING ABOUT SCIENCE IS WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT; IT IS STILL TRUE’ !!!! Like it or not, thems the facts of life, bubba

  • Tom Schmidt


  • Jae Murphy

    A simple Google search will show how you’ve confused the term “theory” and its application in science as compared to its everyday usage. With your lacking of knowledge of the scientific process aside, we have multitudes of evidence of evolution. In fact, I read an article earlier today about bacteria evolving on camera over a day or two( We have the fossil record, the protein clock, DNA sequencing, etc. Also, aside from the evidences, because of what we know about genetics and ecology, it is impossible for natural selection to not occur.

    You claim to have done your research, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that isn’t true. Reasons: 1.) Earlier you stated that evolution never happened. Anyone that knows anything about evolution knows that it didn’t “happen” it has, does, and always will happen. 2.) You also mentioned not finding “one single evolutionary creature.” Firstly, that sentence just didn’t make sense. Seriously, what is an evolutionary creature? 3.) You claim there is no evidence. If you’ve done the research, you’ve seen the evidence. It’s all over the place.

  • Prof. Farnsworth
  • sunny martin

    People..this didnt say this stuff. Which part of ‘satirical site’ do you not understand. He’s still an idiot without people making stuff up about him.

  • John Edwards

    The man is an idiot. Enough said.

  • Blargh

    “The major problem with the theory of evolution is that it believes the entire universe came from nothing.”

    You know THAT is actually the problem with creationism. Biblical theologians have referred to the story in Genesis as “Creatio ex nihilo” for centuries, which means exactly “creation out of nothing”.
    That’s exactly why creationism is not science, because creationism believes the entire universe came from nothing.

  • sam watson

    [face palm!]

  • sam watson

    okay, what proof do you offer that evolution is wrong and that we were all designed but some invisible and not-present Supreme Being? you hound those who support evolution, and deride it as a ‘mere theory’, yet you offer not one shred of evidence or proof to back your own claim. or is that different, because you (of course) have “the Word of God” on it all?

  • Oran Black

    Just because the skin is edible doesn’t mean it’s not protective. All skin is protective, fruits, animals, and humans alike. Get a clue.

  • Ogre

    That’s not what I was saying. Your comment said that bananas have inedible skin to protect them from harsher environments. Kiwifruit come from tropical environments, just like bananas, yet they have edible skin. I’m not saying that the skin of kiwifruit is not there to protect them, only that your idea for why the skin of the banana is the way it is, well, is wrong.

    The kiwifruit has a soft and edible skin because it is made to be eaten and then have the seeds distributed as waste. The banana has a hard and inedible skin because it doesn’t reproduce through seeds. Other varieties of banana have much softer skins with large seeds inside the fruit.

    Please take some time to actually read and learn. The unadulterated banana evolved over time into many, many different varieties. We’ve bred one specific variety that we like and cultivate, which is subject to a whole ton of diseases and may get wiped out.

    Now, to bring this back around to the intelligent design argument: Your reasoning for why the banana was intelligently designed is wrong. Please go back to the drawing board and hatch another one. I’ll be happy to prove it wrong as well.


  • Oran Black

    For you to say I’m wrong means you know why bananas have inedible skin. However, since you’re not God, then that makes you wrong.

    Here’s a little fact for you: Banana peels CAN be eaten. In fact, in some countries like India and Southeast Asia it’s common for people to consume the banana peel. So there are two reasons you’re wrong about the banana. So it does look like my design about the banana is correct.

  • Ogre

    Oran, shoes can be eaten. That doesn’t mean they’re considered edible.

    As for Southeast Asians eating banana peels, it’s a different cultivar of banana than we eat in the west, and they have to cook it to make it edible.

    So, no, I’m still not wrong.

    Also, the “you’re not God so you can’t know a thing” argument is absurd and lessens you for attempting to make it. Please try to discuss things like an adult.

  • Oran Black

    Good grief, are you really resorting to an argument like that? Banana peels are actually very nutritious. Just because people prefer to boil or cook it doesn’t mean you can’t eat it as is, some people do. Still, that doesn’t change the fact they can be eaten.

    When you quote me, you should quote what I say and not change the words, okay pumpkin?

    Yes, you’re still wrong, and no, you don’t know everything.

  • Ogre

    Are you sure? I checked with your god today, and it said that it didn’t make bananas and that I’m right. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Oh, wait, you can’t. Have fun with that, pumpkin.

  • Ogre

    It also said that you’re an idiot. Man, your god hates you. Some of the stuff it said I can’t really repeat in public. Must suck for you.

  • Oran Black

    You’ve reduced yourself to a pathetic moron. I’ve already proven your argument wrong with the fact that banana peels are edible, not to mention that skins of all types are protective barriers. That’s not really open to debate, those are facts. If you want to continue showing the world what a loser you are, by all means continue replying.

  • Corbin Null

    You realize that gravity is a theory. A theory is something that has been tested many times and had nothing Disprove it.

  • brian schneider

    I challenge you to show me your so called evidence FOR God.

  • Callum Osborne

    Makes me sick to remind myself that he is my fellow countryman. Never been so embarrassed by a New Zealander before.

  • kyle

    oran a theory in science terms is the closest word to fact that we use every day. and have you ever had a vaccine. well the reason you need updated flue vaccines each year is because the flue virus evolves and changes. have you hear of chrynoble? the animals there that were not able to stand the radiation due to low antioxidants died however the others who were capable of surviving lived to reproduce and now wildlife is flourishing. point is there are places in this world where we can observe evolution at work. and as for the big bang look up gravitational wave reaserch done in antarctica. to simplify we can measure the ripple effect of the big bang like when you drop a stone into water. this was just discovered a couple months back. point is you would get a nobel prize if you can even punch a hole in either theory but why has no one done it yet? it is because they cannot i mean gravity is a theory too but i suppose you think gravity is a fact right. well as i said a Theory in science is as close to fact as things get. it is a theory that the earth revolves around the sun and that the moon revolves around the earth all due to gravity. it really does show a lack of understanding of science to dismiss something as “just a theory” when all science is is proving and disproving hypotheses trying to make them into theories and then testing and retesting those theories to validate them so go ahead and try to prove it wrong and then go get your nobel.

  • Dodino

    You have 5 minutes to tell me that this is a joke before I suicide…

  • Helena Bell

    You really should pick up a book,other then the bible,and do some reading. There are species,where evolution can be observed in one’s lifetime.
    Italian Wall Lizard
    Birth in Three-toed skinks
    The Blue Moon butterfly

  • Haqodeshim

    How did NASA going to Mars with the Mariner 10 satellite in the 1973 lead to the formation of the Shroud of Turin Research Project later in 1978? This project in 1978 would attract 38 skeptical American scientists on the team of 40 (with only two Christians), who thought they’d prove it a hoax within a week’s time, but leading to all the scientists, even a Jewish man on the team, all coming to faith in Jesus after 5 days studying the Shroud of Turin.

    Sin means “without” without God specifically, so when Jesus told a sinner to go and sin no more he was really saying, “Go and be without God no more”
    (avoid Adam and Eve’s mistake of thinking they could cast conversation with the creator to the wayside).

    “The holographic Universe and the Father of the Heavenly Lights . . .” –

    “Theories have limitations whether they are creationism or evolution.” –

  • Sandy Buchanan

    I read all these posts and I must say, most of you have nothing better to do than come on different sites and blasts people for their own personal beliefs. Maybe you would want to have a discussion with people and show some sort of respect, understanding and love. I believe in god and that doesn’t make me wrong, as so with what you believe in. Some people are self centered and others God centered. Have a nice day.

  • Micheal Rich

    The son of god “jesus” is just as much of a myth as the son of zues ” Hercules” !

  • juliejburns

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