Paula Deen Blames ‘the Jews’ For Firing

Jun 28, 2013

deen25f-1-webCelebrity chef Paula Deen, embroiled in controversy this week over allegations of racism, added two cups of gasoline to the fire this morning when she blamed her troubles on Jewish people.

Deen, 66, was a guest of morning host Dave Garver on Atlanta radio station WTMI when she claimed “Jew executives” deliberately abandoned her in the wake of the controversy, which stemmed from a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee against her company.

The Georgia-born Southern-cooking maven is doing damage control in the media after admitting that she had used racial epithets in the past and had once planned a slavery-themed wedding. The ensuing backlash has led to Food Network dropping her show and several sponsors cutting ties.

When Garver asked Deen if she expected to return to the Food Network or to another network once the controversy died down, Deen said, “I don’t know, Dave. The whole situation is very stressful and very upsetting to me.

“I hosted one of the Food Network’s most popular shows. We had great ratings, great cookbooks, the fans loved me. But as soon as this N-word thing came up, the greedy Jew executives at the Food Network dropped me faster than a baked potato on a summer day.”

A shocked Garver responded: “I’m sorry, but did you say greedy Jew executives?”

“Yes I did, Dave,” Deen responded. “I made those Jews all this money and they still stabbed me in the back. As soon as it looked like their profits would be affected, they told me I was no longer needed. That’s Jew loyalty for ya'll.”

Deen also had harsh words for the companies that have ended their relationships with her.

“It is heartbreaking but not surprising to see these sponsors leave me,” she said. “Target, Walmart, (diabetes drug maker) Novo Nordisk, Caesars Entertainment, Smithfield Foods. What do all these companies have in common? They’re owned and run by Jews.”

Garver attempted to change course by bringing up Deen’s recent appearance on NBC’s Today show, where she said she never intended to hurt anyone.

“I thought you were being very sincere when you went on the Today show and apologized,” Garver said. “You cried and seemed remorseful. You even asked anyone without sin to cast the first stone at you.”

“I was genuine when I said I was sorry,” Deen said. “It’s funny that this whole problem comes from the N-word because I honestly have no problem with black people. I have black employees. I have a black friend. I will even use the same bathroom as a black person.

“It’s the Jews I can't stand. Not even my accountant is a Jew. I don’t think Seinfeld is funny. I'd even prefer an Oriental over a Jew any day.”

When Garver asked Deen if her comments about Jews would further harm her public image, Deen sounded dismissive.

“It doesn't matter because Jews have it in for Southern Christian white people like me,” she added. “I suppose if I was an Oriental transgender lesbian prostitute with seven half-breed kids from Mexico, they’d forgive me.”

When contacted by phone, a publicist for Deen said she could not comment on the radio interview because she had just "parted ways" with her client.

  • Jennifer Bennett


  • Rita M Nicholson

    I was hoping this was an Onion piece. But, oh, my goodness, she really doesn’t get it and my guess is that she never will. How very sad.

  • Andybud

    Um, no, it’s a Daily Currant piece, which is pretty much the same thing.

  • guest

    She made her millions before coming out of the closet as a bigot. Time to buy your mansion and disappear from the spotlight.

  • vito33

    In other news, Deens latest cookbook, “Down Home N****r Country Cookin’!” is trending well on Amazon’s ‘New Titles’ list.

  • CC

    You do realize the Daily Current is all about satire, don’t you?

  • Pat Boyack

    Yeah, like the Onion……..just not funny. None of the pieces on this site are funny.

  • Pat Boyack

    Unfunny Satire…….they got the market covered.

  • Cherie Hite

    you do realize this is not true don’t you!

  • Andybud

    Humor is not a requirement of satire, although it is one possibility.

    What’s funny is watching people, both left and right, fall for the stories as being true because of confirmation bias.

  • Aoi Tsuki

    What a joke

  • gi jane

    she need to go fuck herself …she got into heat because of her stupidity not thinking before speaking now she attacking other religions. I hope she goes down and no one ever picks her up. She better have enough cash on the side to keep a float because she just ruined herself!!!!

  • Della Richmond

    Love her, forgive her and pray for her….she can use that heap of coals on top of her head to grill something as she fidgets atop her butter churn!

  • akabaloo

    I think some of the pieces are funny. I guess that completely invalidates your argument, doesn’t it?

  • Guest

    So DailyCurrant is like The Onion but not funny? Isnt the idea of satire being protected from slander laws is that it is clearly satire? Obviously, DailyCurrant doesnt know how to write anything worth reading so just invents lies and calls it humor.

  • Della Richmond

    Poor Paula…’Nigger Lady” …used to be a much ‘bigger’ lady!

  • Hlfxdan

    “I have black employees. I have “A” black friend. I will even use the same bathroom as a black person. WOW!!! How kind of her!!! What a douche …

  • Fofer

    This is a satirical (ie; JOKE) article.

  • Fact Checker

    Pretty sure it’s fake, there is no website for WTMI Atlanta radio, and Dave Garver is the name of Clint Eastwood’s character in Play Misty for Me.

  • Rita M Nicholson

    Hi Cherie! Yes, I realize it is not true, my comment was meant to be sarcasim, with a whole lot of truth to it.

  • lostlegends

    Have to say I agree with her on Jews not liking Southern Christians or Christians in general. Had a bad experience with two Jewish lawyers years back. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Andybud

    Wow, you’re right on top of it.

  • Jewish Josh

    This cannot be true. No other media source is reporting this.

  • sammy

    please dont let a bad experience with 2 people ruin your opinion of an entire race….theres always gona be a few bad grapes in every bunch no matter which race you are unfortunately. i promise if you met me you’d think differently :)

  • Kahn

    Not every Jew is greedy, not every Jew hates Southern Christians. I’m Jewish and personally, I admire Southern Christians for standing up for their beliefs and for being so devout.

  • Sambini

    Satire Jane. Look it up.

  • placid

    wow if this is true that she said this, shame on her!!!

  • [email protected]


  • saleslady1

    I felt sorry for her, being brought up in the south. She just doesn’t get it. I will now trash all of her products. This Jew is done with her!

  • Adam Marc Leonard

    This is satire … like the Onion … but its just not funny satire.

  • Adam Marc Leonard

    and also think about it. .. the station name is WTMI … as in TMI … “too much info”

  • MaryJane Rissberger

    Well, you Paula Deen supporters, there she does again, sporting her true colors. She IS a racist, a poor excuse for a christian, or a typical southern christian, a bigot and apparently a stupid fool. You still want to support her? Then your are all those things she is and you can have her.

  • chickiephi

    Satire here, but it sounds so so real right???

  • Howie S

    Common people! She used kosher salt in all of her recipes!

  • Guest

    This is damage control? She really should just stop talking!

  • sk

    would be funny, except I can actually imagine her saying this!

  • sk

    Its not

  • Jew

    Yeh, two people you dont like, must mean that 15 million Jews are all like that…Racist fuck.

  • hdtex

    Sounds legit to me.

  • AIAM


  • carowe

    That’s right, Paula, just keep talking.

  • carowe

    Kind of like Darrel Issa does and calls it ‘oversight.’

  • nancy

    Paula & Mel…Perfect Together (yes, I know this was satire, but Mel meant what he said, and so did she, both aimed at a different group of people. Totally ignorant that’s it’s unacceptable to be a racist and a bigot.) Mind-blowing. She should fire her PR firm because they don’t even know anything about the people they represent-not their views, their history, their political opinions–nothing. If they did, they would have advised her and saved her sad, sorry a$$.

  • Jimmy Miller

    Would have been better if it were funny.

  • jcdchawk

    Does she really think that saying the Jews got here fired is the way to redeem herself? She needs a much better PR person giving her advice.

  • David Meadows

    Comedy is relative to the person. I find this one quite amusing because of how close it seems to be a possibility. So close that people often mistake this websites articles to be real. That to me, is deserving of some snickering.

  • Joyce

    She seems to hate everyone! and she deserves what she gets!

  • Fuzzy

    I can’t believe all the dumbasses that fell for this as real news BWAHAHA, shows the state of the brains in this country.

  • Gloria Cain

    I am her black friend and this was a real interveiw

  • Eathan

    This is a fake article.. there is NO WTMI RADIO STATION IN ATLANTA!

  • William Carr

    No, what’s funny is how hard it is to tell whether something like this is true or not.

    The OTHER kind of “funny”.

    And it’s a bit sad too.

  • William Carr

    Is there an eBook version ?

  • William Carr

    No… there’s no legal requirement that Satire be easy to detect.

    Remember Borat ? Some people took that seriously for a while.

  • William Carr

    Be fair. It SOUNDED real.

    It still does. After all, Mel Gibson would have said the same stuff verbatim.

  • Gabriel Villegas

    What a fuck**ng racist she is. She is just showing who she really is.

  • OpinionatedNation

    So many people aren’t savvy enough to check your “ABOUT” page to see if this is a joke. I know that your site is satirical but honestly, this is how rumors start and how issues like the Paula Deen situation grow out of control. This was such a stupid post to put up.

  • OpinionatedNation

    ….this is a joke. Read the “ABOUT” page here on the site. Get savvy when you read news on any website. It’s not always straight news.

  • OpinionatedNation

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

  • Lucinda Adrian

    That woman is a train wreck!

  • KC Barbie Q

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt…but the more I hear and see, I know- this woman is 1 tablespoon of vinegar short of a dill pickle.

  • islandgirl

    Messing with Jews??? Now she’s really done it. Hollywood is run by Jews, she’s toast, burnt toast.


    you know there are people who will believe this, it took me halfway through the story. I thought she had melted down and gone batshit crazy. And I like the woman. When the news of the day has become so ridiculous that we can no longer tell satire from real life its time for change. lol

  • Violeta Aguirre

    Is this satire?

  • Violeta Aguirre

    Because if it isn’t, I would say thank goodness she is a dying breed.

  • David Pacansky

    Mel Gibson will probably hire her to be his personal chef now. This is a spoof site,,, WTMI is an abbreviation for Way Too Much Information.. and this stuff is completely unrealistic. Sadly satire sites like these fool far too many of the “uneducated populace” out there and their hatred becomes very real.

  • Roman

    You guys know this news is fake right??????

  • nina bartoletta

    I think she is nuts.

  • Kimberly Marie

    k Paula shame on you. You had many supporters because what is happening to you is WRONG for something that was said a very long time ago. You have not learn from what you are going through now. We all know you are angry as you should be but, this was not smart. I am not Jewish but I am offended.

  • Bob Schneider

    Want to joke about anti semitism? Here’s a joke: fuck you… anti semitism is not a joking matter

  • anonymous

    Game over Paula. I wonder if she has some kind of chemical imbalance or is on some kind of medication that is causing her to lose it. At least I wish that were the case.

  • Wiliam Prince

    this is why america is lost and stupid, just look how many people believe this story is real. Goddamn stupid people.

  • ItsJulie1964

    Awesome. I only wish it was true that she said it, because it is certainly true that the Jews are behind it.

  • Kim Phillips Maddox

    This is so ridiculous! How many of you reading this, truly believe this is legit reporting? I got some ocean front property in freakin Kansas to sell.

  • Garland C.Shewmaker

    Oh, don’t kid yourself.She gets it alright. Paula didn’t get from the “the bag lady” catering from her home to catering to the world by being timid!

  • blight14

    She is 100% correct…….that this is satire is irrelevant…………I can say that the ‘sun rises in the east’ on the Onion and that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  • Flyover099

    She is brave to tell truth. She is being made an example for white America by the jews.

  • Silence Dogood

    The truth is she is right . The elite Jews have promoted the program of ‘diversity ‘ for decades . The program is designed to create confusion among the people , divide and conquer . Most still today have no clue when it comes to what the Jews really are about . Creating programs such as progressivism , liberalism , socialism , communism and the like , the Jews who run the news orgs , the movie houses , and the ‘fed’ bank know that to divide and conquer the people you must ‘race blend’ them as a ‘mutt’ has no identity to fall back on . Their holy book (the talmud) teaches them exactly how to divide and conquer the ‘goyim’ and they have used it to perfection . Ever wonder why ‘diversity’ is promoted all over the world , except for Israel ? , now you know . The biggest lie ever told was that Jesus was a Jew . Jesus preached against the Jews who he called ‘from your father , the devil and was killed for it . They are known throughout most of the world as the ‘greatest liars the world has ever known ‘ …

  • Tim E

    She may not have said it, but I bet she thinks it. Maybe not as complex as the “Oriental transgender lesbian prostitute with seven half-breed kids from Mexico” part, but probably the Jewish part.

  • Rita M Nicholson

    See my comment to Cherie Hite above!

  • ArtS

    As a Jew who has heard all this stuff for real, I find this “satire” not at all amusing and way too close to home. To me, it takes a great deal of privilege and a certain amount of pluck to trifle with bigotry and racism.

  • David R Velasquez

    The lighten up and then they will be.

  • Dunnyveg

    My, I’m starting to like this lady more and more, even if she did support Obama. It takes rare courage these days to tell the truth and not worry about PC charges of crimethink. Even though I don’t eat her style of food, I’m ordering her cook book right now to show my support. Wow!

  • Cookie Owens

    Is she for real? As a Liberal Jewish feminist, I have 0 tolerance and 0 sympathy for her…she’s going down in a big way and if she continues to talk that prejudgeous crap, & she gets what she deserves! What a throw back to the Cro-Magnon 50′s!!!!!! She had one foot in her mouth, now she has BOTH!!!!!

  • Vorian

    Israel terrrorist attacks against its allies.
    Wikipedia : “USS Liberty incident”
    Wikipedia : “Lavon Affair”

    Israeli spying on its allies.
    Google : “CIA considers Israel one of its biggest spy threats” -RT

    Isreal bans marriage between jews and none-jews.
    Google : “Not jewish enough to marry cohen” -Haaretz
    Google : “Marriage to an Arab is national treason” -ynetnews

    Israel view on and christians.
    Google : “Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them” -Haaretz
    google : “Catholics call for Israeli hate-crime crackdown” -RT
    Youtube : ” Insulting Jesus on Israeli TV”

    Leader of a main political party and parliament member rips up the bible and throws it in the trash.
    Google : “MK Michael Ben-Ari rips up New Testament, throws it in trash” -Haaretz

    Funder of the fourth largest Isreali party and top rabbi in Israel says none-jews exists as slaves for jews.
    Google : “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” -jpost

  • Vorian

    As a Liberal Jewish feminist you have no tolerance and no sympathy for many things, whites, white history and culture, heterosexuals, marriage, christianity, equal rights for whites.

    You people are the nazist of our time and needs to be dealth with as such.


    Actually, Rita, the spoofer of this article does get it. It’s you that doesn’t get it. Almost all media, big business, education, and government in America is controlled by traitorous Jews who hate the white race and hate Christ. Revelation 2:9, and Revelation 3:9, God says the Jews are liars, and the synagogue of satan. In John 8:44, God says the Jews are descendants of the devil, and natural born liars and murderers. This article is an attempt to tell a forbidden truth using satire.


    All Jews are half-breed transgendered. Poor Jews.


    How dare you criticize the Jews. They are God’s chosen firewood.


    See this Jewish homosexual tell the truth about anti-semitism and racism. All white Christians are war criminals, murderers, and anti-semites. The Jew even calls whites, “dirty goyim” which is a Jewish racial slur that means, “dirty cows.”


    Even on a satirical web site, Jews cannot resist the urge to defend their hatred of white Christians. “Anti-semite” is a codeword for “Christian.” They’re not against anti-semitism, they’re against the existence of white people.


    You are not actually naive enough to believe that BBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. are actually real news, are you? It’s all fake news. It’s all spin, lies, half-truths, and black propaganda. All corporate news is fake news. The Currant is more credible than the big networks, because their satire has an element of truth to it. There is no element of truth in the Jewish-owned big news networks.

  • MARY F

    I believe that if you dont like a person it shouldnt be because they are black,jewish,irish,italian etc… You should take them for who they are. I think that sometime in our lives we have all gotten so angry at someone of color,or ethnicity, that we have used that word, whatever it is, in anger to get our point out, that we were angry. This I thought had gotten out of hand, for something she said 30 yrs ago, but, she used JEW in a way that sounded like she didnt like any jewish people. wake up Paula, and dont be so stupid, you hick, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!

  • tbone

    She is a cook…who gives a crap what she thinks.

  • jc

    I do not believe I’ve heard that phrase before “..gods chosen firewood”, would you mind clarifying?

  • Laurie

    Fake Story!

  • Robert Kelley

    Had you bothered to look at any of the other stories you’d have seen that this is a satirical website.

  • Lora

    My question to everyone…..Do you “investigate” everyone you buy food from? Buy clothes from? Pay for entertainment from? This is so utterly ridiculous. It just makes me sick. Even the Rev. Jesse Jackson has said “enough is enough”…that should tell you something! smdh

  • Clairvoyant Psychic

    My goodness. lol. Paula Paula Paula. Now what is she going to say if she gets a “jew” judge in the upcoming lawsuit against her. She should really know when to keep her mouth shut.

  • DianeB5

    Funny spoof.

  • DianeB5

    It’s a joke. I’m Jewish, and I think it’s pretty funny.

  • Tee

    Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his penis to women and we are gonna crucify Paula Deen.. Really people take a look at this picture, this woman 20 years ago used the N word, she didn’t kill, rape, molest….get a grip

  • lionelbdavis

    The first clue about this site is the name. If I’m not mistaken, a currant is a berry. If this was a real news site, the name would be Daily Current.

  • DanaM

    Well said. I didn’t find this to be funny at all – and especially given some of the comments from people who mistakenly believed it to be real and “agree with her about the jews” or used it as a platform to post about anti-jewish sentiment – I think it’s actually scary and offensive.

    I feel bad for Paula, I think she made a mistake (or many mistakes), but she apologized, is paying for it and will hopefully come out the other side a better person. The Daily Currant is purposefully in bad taste.

  • heyheycoco

    They killed Jesus…I am sure they are not the chosen ones anymore. It would be us ritian people, thank you very much..

  • heyheycoco


  • kerryberger

    Disgusting POS Paula Deen is. If this article is true, I hope she gets royally crucified by the Anti-Defamation League. That anti-semitic witch deserves it.

  • kerryberger

    Well, some Christians live up to the code word. Remember we have 2,000 years of being persecuted by Christians.

  • Mercurio Krushmonger

    Mantraganda is having a hard day and a hard life. Poor Mantraganda

  • Alex

    This website is the problem with America today.

  • maryann r. roth

    jews have been the scapgoat since the beginning of time. Anyone who is a racist will surly have something to say about jews,

  • savannah native

    She wants to claim she is from Savannah but I guess she forgot the some of the city’s founding families are Jewish. So screw her.

  • Jan Chilton

    That is exactly what I did, and what I think. There is nothing funny or even satirical about this article. I’ve never heard of this crappy website and had no idea it was considered “funny”.

  • Carol Mitchell

    Paula’s new video: Egyptian themed


    It shows the state of Batshit Crazy in this country. Check out the Worst of the Far Right on facebook. There you will find dozens of stories like this that are chillingly real. Give people a break. Its getting very hard to tell real crazy from satire.



  • Harry Case

    Now this takes the cake. I was in support of her until now. She is still exhibiting bigoted attitudes. As a Christian who supports Israel I cannot stand by her after this. Too bad. She had a good thing going and had a chance to redeem herself with the public but she just destroyed it. She really doesn’t get it.

  • c684570

    A Black man pointed a gun to her head in a robbery. What do you expect her to call him? A saint?

  • c684570


    Thank you!

    This site is crap!

  • c684570

    You’re right. Crap site.

  • Kevin117

    Glad it’s comedy

  • M_C_Lissa

    Prejudice of any kind should not be a joking matter but we live in a world with small-minded yokels who think denigrating others is funny.

  • Angie

    This Jew is speechless

  • Angie

    Diane this is how stereotypes are fueled.

  • DianeB5

    You are right. I have noticed that some of her racist, antisemitic fans believe this story to be true and agree with the sentiment. And I have no doubt that Paula Deen, privately, is antisemitic, too.

  • a jew

    I never killed Jesus, you moron

  • HS

    For goodness’ sake, people, it’s SATIRE! She did NOT say this.

  • HS

    She didn’t really say this. It’s a humor site. It’s a made-up story.
    But you’re actually a bigot.

  • HS

    You’re gross.

  • HS

    What, all the Jews? At once? Wow…where can I get in on this? As a Jew, I would love to be part of the Hollywood-controlling party…

  • HS

    This is a humor site. This story is made-up. She didn’t actually say this. Sheesh…

  • HS

    Yes it is.

  • HS

    She didn’t actually say this. This is a humor website. SATIRE. Fake news.

  • HS

    She didn’t actually say this. This is SATIRE. Aka, FAKE.

  • HS

    It’s a fake story. Satire. She didn’t actually say this.

  • Flyover099

    No kidding.
    And you know very little what is going on around you or you’re part of the problem.

  • Charles Cook

    Well, if you are going to be attacked constantly in such a way anyway you may as well tick them all off. A well sounding ^*&( you in the face of that is much better than groveling.

  • Charles Cook

    It’s just a shame that this isn’t real.

  • L T

    I’m sorry, but any satirical piece using real people’s names should have a simple disclaimer at the top or bottom which reads “This is a work of satire.” That’s it. Just plain and simple, and it won’t ruin the fun, but with these days of social media sharing and spreading the word, it’s borderline slander and libel.

    That’s not to defend Deen, because she’s a piece of poo racist and deserves to be ridiculed for what she actually SAID, but just saying to have a simple one line disclaimer at the top or bottom of every article should be appropriate practice.

  • L T

    You shouldn’t have to read the “About” page on every website. If a website deals with works of satire, using real people’s names, then they should put one simple line “This is a work of satire.” on the article page, either at the top or bottom of the article. Something simple, not to ruin the “fun,” but to be honest.

  • Charles Cook

    You mean the other articles that there are links to here(right above the comments) don’t make it a dead giveaway? “Pope Benedict comes out as gay” “Selena Gomez says Bieber has ‘tiny, weird penis’” “Sarah Palin claims global warming with bring back the dinosaurs”?

  • L T

    Oh, I don’t know…how about:
    - The jerk who did that.
    - The a$*hole…
    - The (mother father)…
    - The piece of (poo)

    There are a NUMBER of things you can call someone who does something bad without losing the emotion, but not having to resort to calling them a racist name.

  • K.h. Deutsch

    This is a parody site in competition with The Onion

  • dodo

    look is not new no one like the jew she is a radnek she like no one ex the kkk 30 year ago she say rhe samthing abut black

  • Christine Daria

    Good riddance to her! She bashes everyone and needs to look at her self.

  • Christine Daria

    She is the wicked witch of the south.

  • Miguel

    WRONG! When you are a hair away from getting your brains blown all over the wall, you can call the perpetrator anything! Sometimes being kind with your word choice is not the first thing on your mind, even if your vocabulary is derogatory or racist.

  • Luna

    This isn’t funny. This is nasty lies to exacerbate a bad situation in someone’s life. When I first read it I thought it was true. Now that I know you are a make-up-the-news paper, which isn’t even funny like “Onion”, I can avoid reading you in the future.

  • nobaddog

    Your really not to bright. How will never get it. LOL

  • Kat

    Before you beleive that is what she said , read this

  • Kat

    Here is another to read

  • Kat


  • barbara

    ITt was a long time ago…. GROW UP people. Has anyone never said something inappropriate in their past.

  • Alan Weisberg

    30-40 years ago, the N-word was fairly common. That doesn’t make it right. But I’d hardly call this a current scandal. Nor is it worth any of the attention it’s getting now.

  • ForJew#2?

    The previous pope revoked the comment about the Jewish people killing Jesus in a statement that said that he wished to remove and end the controversy with regard to the matter. Correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe it was a group of Roman people who had some kind of disagreement with Jesus that caused his untimely end. Jesus was Jewish and considered to be a great Jewish rabbinical scholar who was appreciated as a learned man by the Jewish people.

  • jackmeyhoffer

    This is a BS story. She didn’t say this.

  • Jew With Tattoo

    Y’know, for a second, I believed this.

  • Spiritart

    The Daily Currant really needs to put the word satire in their name or at least on their home page.

  • JaySBee

    The joke is about anti-SEMITES, not anti semitism. I think making fun of bigots is one of the best sports in the world. It shows how tiny their minds are and I laugh at them all the time.

    What is NOT funny is the idea that someone could take this seriously on any level. I hope you were more outraged and vocal when Deen planned a slave themed wedding IN REAL LIFE.

    Were you?

  • JaySBee

    Bigots will always be a joke. And they should be.

  • JaySBee

    I’m not Jewish and I didn’t kill Jesus. I did however say he was imaginary. I await his rebuttal.

  • JaySBee

    @Kat: Are you asking someone to prove a fictional piece that is running on a satire site? I just want to clarify on this before I start pointing and laughing derisively. There are steps to be followed here.

  • Raviv

    This woman is insane! Absolutely crazy. Goyishe Kup of the highest order…

  • Barney

    Jesus was known as the HEBREW from Nazareth. HEBREW is another name for JEW. You figure it out.

  • MarcG

    So am I, and it’s not. It’s like an unfunny Onion article.

  • HaroldT

    The ancient Jewish death penalties were strangling, stoning or beheading. Jews did not crusify. That was a Roman punishment .
    Anti-semitic Christians have perpetuated the lie about Jews killing Christ for 2000 years.

  • DailyCurrant

    A Currant is a berry.

  • Rita M Nicholson

    That’s priceless coming from an individual who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re!

  • StepnFetchitDarko

    There is truth in satire.

  • StepnFetchitDarko

    Wow. And I thought Jews were smart. Just another stereotype, I s’pose.

  • Kar

    While the Currant article is satire, the original complaint against Paula Deen, filed in Superior Court, does allege a hostile work environment where “jew” is used in a derogatory manner. Other groups, including women, didn’t fare well either.

  • Spiritart

    I know that, it’s still a bit too subtle for some people out there and I keep seeing their articles being posted as serious commentary.

  • Mariana Petoom

    Better check your bible. Jesus was a nice Jewish boy who was killed by the Romans.
    If you can bear to check out Jewish theology, Jews are the chosen people because they chose God.

  • JTV

    Wait until she finds out that her messiah was Jewish.

  • Mariana Petoom

    So all Blacks are robbers? She could have just called him a gangster, a crook without using a racist perjorative.

  • voiceover

    Just like Cashman said to AROD, SHUT THE F*%#K UP! She is like her cooking, DONE! Bye Paula, as you will live by your mouth of trash!

  • Natalie Wilson

    Why can’t people keep their mouths closed? According to a report this afternoon, during his speech at a White House dinner last week, Joe Biden called Michelle Obama’s new hairstyle “ghetto chic.”

  • Laure Olson

    If true, a true bigot will put their necks into it, because they are oblivious . But, this is really extreme, so, not believing it.

  • gangster granny

    Well this stupid woman just cooked her southern fried goose!

  • DianeB5

    Yes, of course it’s a satirical article. Not that I don’t think Paula Deen isn’t saying this in private, because I think she’s racist AND antisemitic in the tradition of the Old South assholes. And she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s not too stupid to know she shouldn’t go on a radio show and rail against Jews. People might find out what kind of a person she really is. Her idea of an apology is, “I is what I is, and I’m not gonna change.”

  • DianeB5

    I can’t explain why I find this article funny. I think Paula Deen is probably antisemitic (and I think she is a racist), but I can’t imagine, after trying to convince people she is not a bigot, that she would publicly rail against Jews. That’s why I found it funny.

  • Donna Rosenthal

    That would be ” you’re ” and ” too “.
    Satire is usually intended to make a point, not necessarily to be funny. Did you get it?

  • glennmat1

    she never made those comments according to the radio station

  • Nate

    Not funny. While I believe Dean is probably racist, this was in very poor taste.
    2 thumbs down

  • Nate

    Another ignorant bigot. The reason the Christians call Jews, “The Chosen People”, is because they believe that the Jews were chosen to bear the “savior”. Suck on that!

  • Nate

    Actually, I believe it’s because God chose one of THEM to be the savior.

  • Steven Kaufman

    The irony is you’re the one guilty of stereotyping people, you’re just too stupid to realize it. We all know you thought thjs was real because people like you are used to having your opinions blended down like baby food and spoon fed to you so you can repeat the approved talking points. One day you might want to try thinking for yourself. It may hurt at firsf, but you may find you actually like it.

  • Steven Kaufman

    Thanks for being another Jew that gives the rest of us a bad name. Seeing wealthy Jews with a the benefits America has to offer still trying to always play victims makes me ill. Stop hiding behind that knee-jerk crutch, grow a a pair, and grow up.

  • DianeB5

    No, Steven, I knew this was a satire. You are an asshole, by the way.

  • DianeB5

    Steven, why do you continue to pretend you’re Jewish? Do you really think you’re fooling anyone?

  • Rg

    Jesus was BORN a Jew and Died a JEW
    He had NOTHING to do with Christianity which materialized 200 years after his death. Oh and by the way all the disciples were also JEWS

  • Rg

    Hey Vorian you MORON do U really believe everything on the internet

  • Sandra Epstein

    Paula Deen I felt so sorry for you, Your message on The Today Show was very moving. Now I just forund out what a real antisemetic bitch you are. You can forget going back to the today show , it is owned by jews, like so many things you use, wear, cook with and etc. You are simply Trailer Trash !

  • Sandra Epstein

    This is real it is on Snopes….check it out !

  • c684570

    Shut up, LT.

  • c684570

    Shut up. Your vagina smells like fish, Mariana.

  • galet09

    Reading the above article and being a follower of Paula’s for ten years, it doesn’t sound like her at all! She’s rarely negative in public anyway and after her interviews where she said she is not a racist to come out against Jewish folk as she has is like an about face! I don’t understand this at all, but if it’s true I will be rethinking my position as a supporter of hers.

  • David Vederman

    Apparently, in her case, the “Jews” made a silk purse out of a Pig’s ear. Another miracle! Mazel Tov. :)

  • Nancy

    It is pathetic to post this as if it’s real.

  • FX Green

    While this is satire, it’s in very poor taste. Further, there is a legion of people out there who believe this to be “real news” and are further perpetuating these false rumors.

  • Larry

    Paula Deen is to stupid to know when to keep her mouth shut.. If she thinks the way the media claims she should be forced to eat her own cooking. The frying grease in her recipes should do away with her PDQ.

  • We are all one

    Should have known at the first media report that she had diabetes and was still pushing the food to make it worse but that was smoothed over. This
    woman is a train wreck and is a left over from the old South not what good Southerners are like today.

  • c684570


  • Got my hole in 1.

    Even though I one of god’s chosen ones, I think this is hilarious. What is mind boggling, in this day of Honey Boo Boo & the Kardashia’s, is that so many people automatically bought into your humor thinking it was the truth. WOW!

  • Jim Henry

    When will that stupid, stupid woman just go away?

  • hn

    what???? planet is she from??? who is her publicist? she has a case of diarrhea to the mouth so bad that is has single handedly ruined her career!!!!! smfh?

  • Adrienne

    I hope Paula Deen drowns in her souffle. She is a moron. I love when people say, my best friend is black. Give me a break. Why doesn’t she blame the Catholics, the Lutherans, etc. while she’s at it. If it wasn’t for the Jewish people, she’d be head of the Sanitation Department. People like her will never know when to shut their mouths.

  • IdiotDetectionSquadMember

    I call bullsquat… you were had and just won’t admit it…

  • dbsherri

    I never heard of her before this. Making racists comments then blaming the Jews for firing her is at best, ironic. She has gone completely off the rails, if in fact she was ever on them.

  • Janaan

    If you had answered w/o cursing, you’d appear civil. I believe your mother taught you those nasty words, and you both should have your mouths washed out with soap. You’ve joined the morally deficient of our once great USA. It was once a melting pot but has become a chamber pot–thanks to the likes of YOU, Bob Schnook. .

  • mellie

    So true fuck her!

  • Sandbox

    DianeB5 – Ditto! No Jew would make such a remark.

  • Sanbox

    Vorian is obviously is a bigot … big time!!

  • Sanbox

    heyhey – guess you were in a cave somewhere … or you ust live under a rock … even the Pope said this is a lie.

  • Sandbox

    Obviously many here “think” that way also.
    What a pitiful bunch.

  • crystal

    She is the biggest joke. Her brain is drowning in butter. That’s what too much of it does to ya Miss Paula Dean. How did you not die from diabetes??? Stay in a trailer park. That’s where you belong southern trash!

  • jesusishere

    Whoa !

  • Guest

    ok, I like Paula Deen now. So assertive to be saying all this stuff! Has she given her opinion on the DOMA ruling yet? Can’t be long!

  • IndisputableAttitude

    Funny thing is that when Ricky Sanchez was fired, it was actually the Jews at fault.
    Ricky Sanchez said, “Jews control the media”
    Then his bosses said, “No we don’t, btw, you’re fired.”

  • Steven Akins

    Want to know what this pure White cracker Southerner thinks of the Jews? Read it and weep:

  • haleyyael
  • Laurence Hutner

    Interesting timing. I’m finishing a 2-vol examination of Hitler, from birth to death, written by historian Ian Kershaw. It begs reason to imagine Hitler courting some lovely Southern belle, but I’m sure that with time travel, had he met Paula Dean, he might have stayed out of the Sudetenland, Poland, France, Stalingrad, etc, preferring to be with Ms Dean, an obvious soul mate, and then 6,000,000 Jews wouldn’t have been slaughtered by his followers. How true: Timing is everything.

  • Vonda Rochelle

    It’s fake…The Daily Currant is satire.

  • jboogy

    You do know that this terribly racist planned slave wedding involved a black couple getting married? So no I am not upset. To each their own. Worry about how you live your own life and let others do what they want as long as it is not hurting anything more than your feelings.

  • DBOS

    What’s even more pathetic is how many people think it’s true.

  • Lexasmom

    It was NOT a black couple. It was her brother’s wedding. Geez. Read the deposition.

  • Guest

    wow you are the arbiter of what is funny……thanks for alerting the media

  • Julie Ottaway

    Do you always make up your own facts?

  • Jare Bear

    Or “Way Too Much Info”

  • MB


  • Ricardo SanFrancisco

    Did they stop her just short of her oven recommendations?

  • Theresa Gordon

    I don’t believe it. She just insulted Jews, Orientals, Mexicans, transgendered, prostitutes, lesbians, and half-breeds (Obama). Has to be fake.

  • David Sims

    Yeah! The lady’s got guts enough to Name The Jew. I hope she never apologizes. (It wouldn’t do her a bit of good, anyway.)

  • Laura Phares-Wilson

    Good for You, Paula Deen. Tell the truth to these stupid sheeple in this country. Make them look at the faces of their Masters on the Plantation that they Live on.

  • harvey

    Give her gribinese to blog her arteries followed by rugalach for her diabetes

  • Magnus Buttfoorson

    Satire is supposed to be funny. This is just idiotic.

    You are in NO way promoting intelligence. You’re insulting the bulk of Americans by implying racial bias is the norm in WHITE Christian areas. You are the bigots and you’re the ones who will burn for it.

    You’re just such sick little bottom feeders. You’re so stupid you can’t even get satire right so it’s no wonder you think this article/post/bigoted blast of insecurity is clever.

  • Scott Gurstein

    Whewwww! Well MAZEL TOV! Thank GAWD someone started blaming us Jews again for SOMETHING! I was starting to feel VERY neglected; VERY ignored. And now, with Ms. Deen’s comments, I once again feel RELEVANT to the world around me. Now, where is my bank statement? I want to take it to bed with me and make love to it…

  • fireaintnojoke

    Lighten up bagel boy…

  • Sandy Reis

    The bible is full of lies.

  • Mariana

    Who are the ritian people? A new sect? Maybe you should change your name to heyheycoo-coo

  • Mariana

    Gee, someone here who actually knows something. Congrats Rg

  • Mariana

    No, you are wrong. They are the chosen people because they chose God, the one God. Read the bible.

  • Luthar

    I like it. No one can stand Jews. Jews can’t stand Jews.