NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

Jul 01, 2013

mars-rover-landing-sequence-landed_57831_600x450NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave.

According to an official press release two giant stone slabs the size of small elephants were located deep inside a cavern abutting Aeolis Mons, a large mountain.

Upon one tablet is a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages - including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading "I am real."

According to top scientists who have studied the discovery extensively, these findings may have definitively established Christianity as the one true religion.

"This is amazing," says Syms Covington, an Australian researcher working for NASA's Mars Exploration Program. "We went into the cave looking for water, and we found proof of God's existence instead.

"I mean how else did those tablets get there? I can tell you one thing: there's not a single atheist inside NASA's control room now. What we saw was jaw-dropping."

Genesis 1:1

NASA's Curiosity rover arrived on Mars in August of last year with a mission to explore the Martian climate and geology for signs for habitability.

Thus far the mission has been a success, with the discovery of an ancient seabed and chemicals needed for life suggesting that Mars was once suitable for life.

However the tablets, both of which are signed "Peace and Love - Yahweh," represent the rover's most significant find to date, and is perhaps the most important scientific event in history.

"When people find out about this, they will demand change in our society," explains a political scientist at Georgetown University. "Democracy will have to give way to theocracy. We're gonna have to build more churches and reintroduce prayer into schools. Abortion is defiantly going to be illegal within a few months."

Despite its potential significance, Covington fears that the Earth-shattering discovery may not make the impact it should.

"Unfortunately, the mainstream media is so anti-Christian, they might not even pick up this story," he explains. "But God is real. We have proof. And everyone deserves to hear the truth."

  • Moish

    Seems to me you just proved that Judaism is the true religion.

  • Teabaggers Swallow

    Great story, but I’m pretty sure the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, a Hebrew. Not that it would matter to the Christian Right wing, but wouldn’t we all have to covert to Judaism?

  • vito33


  • Matt

    Because John 3:16 is a well-known part of the Torah, yes?

  • Where are the pictures of this. I’m sure that rover must have a camera on it to send the pictures back.

  • Becky

    No, the Torah is the first five chapters of the bible. John 3:16 is fourth book in the New Testament, not the old.

  • Becky

    Oh by the way, I think this is a hoax. Or maybe the mainstream media aren’t reporting it because it doesn’t conform to the status quo.

  • djstucrew

    …said no officlal news source ever! 😀

  • Bob

    If the religion was the true one you wouldn’t have to lie and make up stories like this one! Geez

  • Polly peeper

    This is insane. So, if I quit my job and devote my life to religious perposes and it turns out in a few months you (author) were actually making this up; that means I can get the money I lost from you? I mean if you stand by your “story” then you shouldn’t have a car in the world to you agreeing to compensate me for being wrong. Sounds like a good deal to me. Please stop telling farfeched stories just to get people to read you stories.

  • Lee Spencer

    Bob, it’s clearly disinfo. It proves this guy is a liar/shill/idiot, that is all, it doesn’t disprove Christianity.

  • Aaron

    Says the man that should get sued by NASA.

  • frigate

    It’s 1st of July, not a 1st of April!


    People, IT’S A JOKE!!!

  • Joseph Miller

    I just realized this is a satire news website. Nice try to convince us that Moses walked on Mars.

  • philo7626

    Recently when the ministry of foreign affairs, sorry of defence, threw out records of aliens in England, they said that the idea of aliens did not so much teach about real things out there that people claimed they had seen but that human beings are so credulous.. so willing to believe… the incredible!

  • Pawlys

    Because NASA is so exploring Mars caves, not just the surface ;D

  • Marty McFly

    The Daily Currant is satire people, SATIRE!! Jeebus!

  • Davida Burns

    Judaism is NOT the true religion for the simple fact of Jesus. Christianity is the true religion if one believes and accepts Jesus as their Messiah.

  • Davida Burns

    You do not have to quit your job to devote your life to religious purposes. That statement alone proves you are not a religious person, Your “compensation” would be eternal salvation.

  • vito33

    Another tablet found nearby read as follows:
    “To whom it may concern:
    HOOO Boy. This is embarrassing. Look, these giant tablets are here because it was the FOURTH planet from the sun that was supposed to be the one that had the oceans and the atmosphere and all the evolving life forms and such. What can I say? I totally dropped the ball on this one. But why move ’em? At the rate it’s going, that totally unexpected third planet is gonna look just like this one pretty soon.
    Ah, well, whaddyagonna do? Nobody’s perfect!”

  • jack

    ahahahaha. you’re funny!

  • jack

    i think you sould quit! quit now!

  • KKK_666

    Listen here all you Doubting Abrahams, this story is all true and I should know.

    It was me who made and placed these tablets there a while back and I’m willing to take a writing test to prove it.
    Unfortunately the Other Guy placed his tablets on another planet which did slightly better than mine and he won the bet.

  • S.Yakub

    so are we ever gonna see pictures of those tablets??

  • KKK_666

    I don’t think so.

    Like the god who’s existence you are so desperate to believe in, the tablets do not exist either.

    THIS is a SATIRICAL MAGAZINE. The story is satire, a joke, a parody…its a dead parrot…get it ?

  • Rich poortrillionair

    Only stupid people can beleive NASSA

  • motlotle mosiane

    I mean we do knw tht god exists becaz its his world we live in rite nw……..peopls likes 2 make all this weird comments !

  • iswaema

    May be,just may be.. we were born in the wrong planet,Moses,Jesus and those other miracle guys were on mars..Lets all move to mars,ooh wait..but Egypt is on Earth,..forget it,

  • The Professor

    So if this is really true and you did actually fibd these tablets what makes you 100% sure God put them there? I am a historian and the facts point to advanced life dating back well over ten thousand years ago. There’s no proof God left them there, advanced beings left them there, or humans came from there leaving them behind. All you truly know is that there was at some point, life on Mars.

  • Fridah

    Nobody can make up such a story believe it…God is real and “He give is only begotten son……..”John 3.16

  • Matt

    God exists because we are alive

    We are alive because God exists

    Do you not see a flaw?

  • Matt

    Really? “Selena Gomez Says Bieber Has ‘Tiny, Weird Penis’” wasn’t enough for you to realize this is a satire site?

  • Carlo Castillo

    I prayed when I read this news in Facebook, then when I scrolled down in the comments, WTF??/

  • Nidheesh Kumar

    nasa is now expecting funds from church and other holyplaces haha

  • Lake Atheist

    This is a HOAX. Heeeelllooooo

  • Joseph Reilly

    Mazel Tov!

  • Maddrummz

    People are truly turned into Sheeple….Its a freakin satirical piece….Do any of you buying into this understand the word SATIRE??? I mean for real?? I am scared shitless of the lack of common sense in most humans…it seems to be so rare it should be considered a freakin SUPERPOWER!

  • KKK_666

    Would you like to go 50/50 in a new business venture selling pieces of the True Tablets of Mars…we can wrap them in real pieces of the True Fraud of Turin for authenticity.

  • tilapia

    haha so true

  • summer fruitson

    I actually think its an ecological message. Mankind must have left Mars for Earth and it’s now called the red planet. *freaking out* lol

  • alberto sunga

    The message is this: God loves mankind or humans,and the only salvation is to obey the Ten Commandments written in the BIBLE. NO RELIGIION & NO PREACHER. Romans 16:17 & Titus 3:10-11

  • Kobie Solomon

    HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious; what a bunch of crap.. I hope not one person that reads this believes a word of it.. except the part about a rover being on mars. I’ll buy THAT part

  • Booo u r not real

    There are no creditable websights, this is fake as it gets. You suck!

  • Meme

    Sadly this is the only sight, I dont think its creditable.

  • <3 <3 <3 777

    I am that, I am.

  • Aggy Eustus

    KKK_666..God is real..and this is in Jesus name!!God is never mocked..

  • KKK_666

    There is no god and Jesus is a Mexican…one of many thousands.

  • Tony

    Seeing is believing … that robot better have taken good photos

  • Aggy Eustus

    Holy Ghost Fire!!

  • Aggy Eustus

    My redeemer lives….

  • KKK_666

    Don’t fire Holy Goat before you see the whites of their eggs…

  • KKK_666

    …in Acapulco

  • Kevin

    NASA Link please. this might be a classified info that might have been altered by media

  • Lucy

    NASA’S reaschers found two tabletes on mars. So interesting news. NASA-ers are believing now in GOD because they got two tabletes which state on it ” I am real” and ten commandments” and they promised us that no more abortion on american’s soil. what about guy’s marriages on america’s and westrens’ soil? is that possible.
    GOD gave two tabletes to every body some 3000 years before to saint moses . That two holly tabletes are now in the hand of ethiopia’s orthodox tewahedo church in ethiopia for the last 3000 years during king solomon’s era. so if the NASA’S reaschers news is for real, the real tablete which GOD sent to all human kinds which stated ten commandmenets on it is now in ethiopia’ and they can join the real christian religion and be the followers of the at religion.

  • Clarius Ugwuoha

    Human beings left them there and flew to planet Earth?? The language of these life forms strangely are understandable on earth – can u shed a little light on these observations, sir?

  • min

    very fact

  • Harry

    I don’t doubt the existence of God, bcos so many things around me speaks mightyly of his supreme presence and existence. Neither will I not be the Thomas of our time who would wish to see the commandments in Mars before they believe.

  • Rita

    I never in my entire life knew there were so many atheist,or non believers. I can’t imagine why anyone who does not believe in God and Jesus gets up every day. To live your life with no belief astounds me. It really does. For all those who are dumb enough to deny God, I say this I pity you and I will pray that one day you wake up, without one wisecrack about religion and find something worthwhile in your life. God lives and one day he will come and for some it will be too late. God loves you, too bad you don’t feel the same about him.God bless!

  • Des

    This is amazing.I hope people can read this article and know that GOD is very real after being a witness to so many miracles from GOD.pls share this article people and stop critising.Love GOD with all your heart.

  • Ethiopia

    For all of you who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, the creator and the savior:

    Such message could be fabricated one or true one. Therefore, we should not be amazed by such information. Since we are a true believer who know that God is real for ever. Unlike the confused world by the material advancement of human society, we know in our day to day spirit that God is real.
    John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    በእርሱ የሚያምን ሁሉ የዘላለም ሕይወት እንዲኖረው እንጂ እንዳይጠፋ እግዚአብሔር አንድያ ልጁን እስኪሰጥ ድረስ ዓለሙን እንዲሁ ወዶአልና።

  • Minasie Gessesse

    Minasie from Ethiopia

    I think many of the people in the world believe that there God or something other who created the world. This information to me is not credible at all, for it only says, ‘Peace and Love-Yahweh’ rather that Jesus Christ, Allah, Trinity or other. What I mean is it is a mere fabrication of Job-ha Witness. There must be someone who took those tablets to that very please. Me, however, I did not doubt that there is God everywhere. Thus, before you swallow
    something, try to chew it carefully and look at the discursive practices.

  • Gabriel Michael Temitope

    I do not think these findings preach religion but show us the LOVE of YAHWEH, Jesus in whom we should believe and follow His footsteps. Without this, it would very difficult for the human race to come to unified form of worship unto God. Lets not create barrier of religion so that others can enjoy this grace, Nonetheless, this TRUTH can only be found in the CHURCH OF GOD, HALLELUIAH!

  • cinda

    thank you for your unwarranted concern…..the point behind being an atheist is that we don’t believe we need you prayers or that we do not have a happy worthwhile life. We very much do and feel amazing that we do not have to give credit to a cloud man for our achievements or our shortcomings. All we do is because of our actions and not our invisible friend. We cannot love your god because we do not believe he exists, no different than the easter bunny or santa clause……do you love them?

  • rowena

    It’s also been proven that having people pray for you can actually cause undue stress to recipient of such prayers, actually making their condition worse 😉

  • Shane

    Um… There are people on this page that are believing that this is true… I am not saying this as a believer or non-believer.. This is a satirical new source… They aren’t serious. They are joking with you… SOME of you are taking this to be true.. It isn’t… Just thought I would pass this on..

  • Real ufo

    I do agree Minasie. I dont buy this story, but true christians dont need this anyway! Way to go Abbysinia! Jesus has left for us too many prints that we dont need to look forward to NASA’s crap to prove God’s existence.

  • Real ufo

    Right on!!

  • Minasie Gessesse

    I’m sorry all about that, u are right, Jesus has left all to the world

  • PentasonicTone Ali

    This is nothing but Lie and naked Lie.

  • [email protected]

    What bullshit!! Have god call me.

  • Hildana Jacob

    God is real people!!!!!!!!

  • David Henderson

    Great! Now I have to get a new Bullshit meter, mine just blow up. The needle when around twice and flew off and then it melted. I can not believe that any one would believe any of this crap.

  • dike

    you should put your picture, phone number and house/contct address as a true worshipper/believe of Christ. why are you shy of him here.

  • Chris Uche

    Believe it or not, God is really ‘real!’ and your unbelief would not alter His existence nor change the paradigm of His will, dominion and kingship!
    All of you who are opposing this would believe the same scientists if they had come back with a report that some aliens in mars breathe fire and crush mountains!
    Would you rather say ‘yes’ that science not God made this earth a habitable place? Would you say God did not create man, rather man was a product of evolution from primate?
    The Darwinian and Big-bang theories have been lies that were honored for ages and have kept humanity in total disconnect from the truth and the reality of life.
    I’m so happy that this discovery came from the very source of space scientific research (NASA,) in other words it doesn’t have a counter evidence nor scientific explanation (which in the end would still be cooked up)
    I am a scientist, i love science and believe in God, but we have to call a spade a spade and that is…..God is real!

  • fatcat

    lol KKK_666 you just made the biggest sin :)have a nice life or what you call it lol

  • Dexi Chaos

    teeheeeee, i hired him for my lawn care. i wouldnt recommend him tho. he tried to eat fruit from a tree not in seaon, now it wont produce ever again. he cursed it.

  • Dexi Chaos

    my children not being raped by your priest is worth while to me, then again i have girls, so i have a lesser fear of that than my friends who have sons.

  • Dexi Chaos

    no, imaginary.

  • Dexi Chaos

    wow, you are too stupid to insult 🙂

  • Dexi Chaos

    i was wrong about the other idiot earlier, YOU are the one that is too stupid to insult.

  • Gio from 9ja

    Mayb NASA or who ever cooked up the story… their would have being a picture to drive the message in. But weather or not the story is fake. I still chose to belive that HE is and that HE is a rewarder of those who deligently seek HIM.

  • olu frj

    God Great God

  • Syx

    Ok, so if Money is the Root of all Evil, why do churches all beg for it? And if God said ‘Have No other false idols before me’, then why do You all worship cross’? And what about all the pix of Jesus? Seems to me those are all idols…If it weren’t for all the Hypocrites, I may try to at least look at religion as a possibility but…… Mass Population Control…… Syx.

  • hiwi

    i will pay u the money cos i believe that this is true

  • hiwi


  • reezy

    u crazy son!!!

  • reezy

    kkk-666…u must be smoking some of that goat hair…u dumb son!!

  • me

    God is real. But this is bull shhhhhhhhit

  • Nawas Mogral U M

    so Christians need these kind of signs to make their belief strong which means the bible is not enough and improper…

  • Deathstroke

    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money, in and of itself, is necessary to function in society. Pastor’s need to eat and provide for their families.

    We don’t (or shouldn’t) worship the cross, rather it is a reminder of the price that was paid to secure our salvation.

    I agree. Pictures of Jesus are in direct violation of the second commandment. They should all be burned.

    Frankly, every single human being is a hypocrite. We all want to be treated better than we treat others. If you decide what’s true and what isn’t based solely upon whether or not the people who, in your mind, represent that system of belief are hypocrites, then you can’t believe anything is true. Of course, since YOU are also a hypocrite (as I assume you are a human being), if you believe that, then you can’t. So even the belief that nothing is true can’t be true. Your position is ultimately illogical.

  • joseph

    If this is true, then it gives me another thought; that humans used to live in Mars many million years ago. They destroyed their environment until it could no longer support life. Thats why we only see rocks and sand. Those humans are the ones who wrote those verses. How about that?

  • Charles

    Unbelievers say anything whenever God shows Himself. The always talk science when God is really making it happen, wait, He is still in wait for you. Whoever rejects God rejects his own soul

  • hiwi

    am 100% sure cos it says I AM REAL. i dont believe that there was a life in mars b4. and also, the people who go there are scientists. wake up! they are atheists.

  • ALI

    @Cinda, You not believing God does not change His position as GOD, the owner of the entire universe. Now, tell us, who is greater than our God, Jesus Christ, let him come out to tell us? But remember, you are only passing through this earth for a short while after you will die and it will be too late to learn to know Him. You think you would be pardoned because of your background or your parents background? Today, you have heard Jesus needs you, come to Him, repent your heart, confess to Him, He is ready to receive you

  • hiwi

    ሳያዩ የሚያምኑ ብፁአን ናቸው፡፡ God bless us!

  • hiwi

    come on! it might be true. u don’t know whether it’s false either for sure.what makes u say it’s fabricated?

  • hiwi

    fallacy. no where in the article mentions that Christians need to strengthen their belief beyond the bible. Bible is the only guidance to life.

  • Obinna

    Simple question: Where is the official press release?

  • Nawas Mogral U M

    “When people find out about this, they will demand change in our society,” wat is dis…?

  • Both Reat Yioy

    God is real since we are not born ,and tablets were given to us before birth of Jesus Christ, nothing new.

  • Francis

    Doubting Thomas. Jesus is Lord. May his name be glorified, Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross to save me for my sin.

  • hiwi

    it says PEOPLE. does people connote christian people to u?

  • AgnosticAtheist

    You’re a pitiful ignoramus. Jesus never existed. He is a creation of religious scam artists.

  • Nontheist

    You’re an idiot. This is a satirical piece. Go look up the meaning of satire. The story isn’t real; it’s meant to make you chuckle. But religious ignoramuses like you are too stupid to appreciate humor. God isn’t real. He is Santa Claus for adults.

  • Kris

    Yes, Chris Uche is a total idiot, a brainwashed religious zombie. How can you prove that God is real when millions of prayers go unanswered every freaking day? Plus, this “story” is mere satire. Go look up the meaning of satire, idiot. It’s meant to merely make you laugh. Daily Currant is a satirical news site. Its “news stories” are not real’ they are meant to make you laugh. But a brain-dead religious zombie like you is too stupid to appreciate satire. This world is full of stupid, ignorant people.

  • Kris

    God is great over a false story? Stupidity unlimited.

  • Professor

    You’re too stupid to deserve an explanation. This is a satirical story. It isn’t REAL. It’s intended to make smart people laugh. But you’re obviously too brain dead to know this! Go look up the meaning of “satire,” you doofus. God is an invention by man. There is no such thing as God or Jesus. Wise up.

  • Soski

    Tablets or no Tablets GOD is REAL! For those that feel they are products of chance, Wake up to the reality of Life You are not a mistake, U were Created for a Purpose by a Purposeful God. Your life will make a lot of meaning to U and others when U discover this Purpose. Wake Up People!

  • Professor

    God isn’t real. You know what’s real? It’s stupid, brain-dead religious zombies like you who have no capacity to think and hang their hopes on a non-existent entity called God.

  • lecturer

    “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

  • Prof

    Idiot, this is a satirical story.”The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

  • Leo

    I know those blindfold element who worship animals, sun, man and other useless and powerless things as GOD won’t believe. My word to you is that, my GOD is real and nothing can change or take HIS position. Fools forever.

  • Jayleh Yung

    Chance cannot explain the complexity of life in itself. It was design that brought about life. (just do a little study on genes & genetics) But this design flawed when death came in the scene. hence, Jesus dying and redeeming mankind. and also promising a better world after this very age passes over.

  • Pendi

    not the first five chapters> but the first five BOOKS!!!

  • live90

    For all you people saying Jesus is fake, you can ask any good historian even atheist and they’ll tell u he certainly lived 2000 years ago

  • Jesus_is_forever_REAL

    kkk, You should seek Jesus now that you have the chance before its too late…Jesus Loves you

  • KKK_666

    Does this mean the Earth isn’t flat either ?

  • KKK_666

    YAHWEH is not the real god…YAHOO son of YEEHAW is.

  • KKK_666

    Did that bug in your keyboard.just sneeze or what ?

  • KKK_666

    Why, is he leaving ?
    You tell me which bar he’s hiding in and I’ll go get him.

  • Max

    NASA just discovered that i came from pluto…..!!!!! deep inside my home they found some scriptures saying that i am the habitat of pluto

  • Joseph

    This is so funny. I wonder who are these moron coming up with these jackass fantasy. Please get a life. All religious people find something to prove they are right. But if you have any intelligence, you will notice all the religions are man made stuff for guiding the people. They are meant for good, but they are not divine. I can create a religion tomorrow saying it is from God. So, get this, no religion is from God. These are man made. Now get back to life and do something meaningful.

  • unplottable

    Batman. Batman is greater than Jesus.
    Saying your mythological god is the greatest won’t make him real. Presupposition is boring.

  • freiherrhelli

    … and where is the Picture …

  • freiherrhelli

    of course, there is a cam … like in Missiles and other surveillance gadges … how can you lead your stuff into the target …

  • DWise_Elder


  • Ash Taafe

    This is a hoax in the highest order. The only “scientist” made mention of in the article is a bloke from Melbourne University, Australia whom is dead now, named Syms Covington. He was actually a collaborator with Charles Darwin (funny that). This kind of publishing should be banned, it is blatant lying and deception. Also hilarious that NO respected or esteemed science site has reported on this…

  • Ash Taafe, an official NASA website has no report of this garbage! Jail the writer of this article!

  • Ash Taafe

    You are far from wise pal…

  • Ash Taafe

    Or the reports coming out of Nasa’s official websites???

  • Ash Taafe


  • So then where are the pictures of this history changing discovery. You made my point

  • Lázaro Carrillo

    uhmm… God or Aliens?
    History Channel needs to cover this.. xD

  • Yoni

    haha that’s Amharic its a Language spoken in Ethiopia. And believe you me there is a God trust me even if I also felt there is no God lately he is there and he is coming soon so u better get ur act right brother or sister which ever u are. Believe in Jesus Christ that’s the only way to a meaning full life. May God help us all and save us in his mercy. Amen.

  • Nawas Mogral U M

    “We’re gonna have to build more churches and reintroduce prayer into
    schools. Abortion is defiantly going to be illegal within a few months”..wat about dis…?…those people who cannot be christians will not build more churches…

  • Daily Currant is satire like The Onion.

  • CC

    What’s really hilarious is the number of people who think this is an actual news site instead of taking a moment to glance at the other stories to realize it is satire. It even says so in their own “About” section:

    “Q. Are your news stories real?
    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

    It is not a “hoax in the highest order”. It is a joke site – just like The Onion.

  • I’d also like to add that Google is greater than their jesus. I tell believers when god won’t answer their ??’s …ask Google, plus, the wait time is shorter! lol

  • hiwi

    what if the people who said this are the new returnees? we still cant get into conclusion.

  • hiwi

    hahaha… u r funny!

  • hiwi

    i don’t believe Selena said that. but coming to this one it shouldn’t be exaggerated as such cos God did and still does so many miracles. and i believe he exists without regard to this news.

  • hiwi

    what if the people who said this are the new returnees? we still do not conclude that for sure.

  • Cyrus Gikori

    Cheap shot!

  • Nawas Mogral U M

    wat do you mean by new returnees?

  • hiwi

    i mean that are returned to Christianity from being atheist following this news(it may include the scientists).

  • DjTaz

    I think the tooth fairy is God , i mean , have you ever seen both in the same room at the same time ?? Just saying ! Both invisible , both mysterious , and very little actual proof of either … science wins again, almost unquestionable proof that the tooth fairy is god.

  • DjTaz

    So you are saying God messed up in his design ?

  • Reptile

    When you said “NASA announced that its Curiosity Rover has found an
    unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave”, is
    there any reference to that so that someone can make further researches?
    I know NASA cannot contact THE DAILY CURRANT directly!

  • Luke Chidi Chukwubueze

    That is a shocking discovery to a troubled world of Agnosticism. What else would they say?

  • Akua Tawiah

    it is so sad to hear these comments from the unbelievers,i believe if you are not certain about something you dont give any comments untill you find answers before you can give a valid conclusion.Brethern, i would urge all who dont believe in Jesus christ to stop making funny comments about Him. one may say it is a free world to make any comments , but mind your words because He is watching…you may not believe Jesus Christ today but if i were you i would be curious to know if he exists or not . because what is the point of holding to your belief (that God doesn’t exist) and realise after all He is truly living !…what would you do?….whatever we sow on this earth is what we reap if so then we would account of everything we do to someone who is the Ultimate!…..if you are ready, say this to yourself ” dear God, i am sorry for hurting you. that i am a sinner please forgive me and accept me , i believe God loved the world and sacrifice his only begotten son to the world to save us from our trangression/sins. so today i accept you as my Lord and personal saviour. please write my name in the book of life. i thank you for accepting me as your own,Amen”….after these words, visit any church that believes in GOD ,THE SON(JESUS CHRIST) AND THE HOLY SPIRIT…AND YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  • Tammy

    Jesus is real jesus came down and hugged me the best hugg I ever got. people that dont believe in god are FOOLs

  • Jayleh Yung

    God does not play hide and seek games. He already redeemed mankind, he who has ears let him hear!

  • Royal Thandi

    Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth. And Christianity is not a religion, it is more than that. Its a relationship between man and Diety (God).

  • Jayleh Yung

    Death through man, messed up the design.
    Each man to his own, believe what you like. But I would recommend you watch a Tv documentary series called “I survived beyond and back”. See what just normal everyday people out there who died and went beyond and back to life say. With the witnesses of paramedics, doctors. From non religious, religious, atheist and even those that cant bothered. Hear about their experience. Then you know consciousness continues forever and its not tied to this dimension alone. There is a GOD!

  • Jenny

    whatever the creator of this information aims to achieve, I must say this, God is not mocked. if you choose not to believe in Him, why don’t you go your own way, and leave those who do to practise their faith in peace? you would tolerate people of all other religions, but the Christ, is the One you would out-rightly mock. Be careful. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap in bountiful measure. Peace and Love. Jenny.

  • Smarty

    send some pictures please for other to believe that God is so Real and His Alive.

  • This is more than interesting. This is like the days of finger handwriting on the wall!

  • real talk

    religious b.s. we all know the church is done…nice try….not

  • kathylebron


  • tope

    You dont need any evidence from mars to believe God is real
    God is the king of the Universe, And Jesus is the Son of God, and the saviour of the world. Accept Him as Lord and Saviour of the world

  • Sam Bhakshi


  • Sam Bhakshi

    hilarious comedy

  • C.J.

    2 John 1:7-11 “I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh,have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully. Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them. Anyone who welcomes them shares in their wicked work.” Come on guys. This whole website is created to poke fun at modern culture. Just look at the titles of the other articles advertised on the site. God gave each of us a brain and the ability to think critically. There is legitimate science to support scripture, but this isn’t it. We’ve got to do better, brothers and sisters.

  • lucy
  • Vali

    It’s Fake people you can check here

    There’s no way that the Curiosity Rover would be near Mount Sharp(Aeolis Mons) by now as it’s on a many-month journey. Don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you.

  • anonymous

    christianity is not a religion! it is a way of life! it’s best you know and understand this! plus you don’t need all these stories to believe, the bible is what you need, read it, meditate on it and you shall be spoken to through his words.

  • KAF

    prayers go unanswered not because God does not exist but rather He works
    according to His perfect plan. Imagine someone praying for rain and
    another for sunshine n dryness at the same time. God in His own wisdom
    knows when to answer for a complete benefit. have u stopped to ask
    yourself how u wish for something but don’t get it immediately and then
    it comes to you later when u least expected without any struggle. you
    might not believe it but that is God at work. whether this story is true
    or not, God is REAL n JESUS CHRIST is the only SAVIOUR of the world.
    Repent n get saved.

  • Dada Alake

    Christian God is real only the dumb and the feeble mind will not believe

  • Gilpin Huntington

    Thank you God for this finding. Have eyes and can’t see? Ears and can’t hear? Take note, Jesus Christ is coming, get ready. Like it or not, God is real.

  • camarade

    I believe in God’s existence….However I could NOT find any related news/mention on NASA official website..!!!….how could people believe in this article??


  • Henry Minjoot

    Wow … as the famous saying goes, seeing is believing. I wonder why God placed it in a cave on Mars, ok you’re gonna say only he knows. Fair enough. What if the ‘Curiosity Rover’ never found it, the it’ll be there for all eternity & we’ll never know. Still, I wonder why he placed it there … brings to mind the poster I have on the wall – “Rule # 1 : The boss is always right. But what if the boss is wrong ? See Rule # 1 …

  • Kokes

    Well, i don’t know about you guys but, you should know that Christianity is not a religion, its a way of life. Not some ritual you believe in and do some things. Its an everyday life with the Holy Spirit and learning to live a perfectly righteous life which as human being is soo impossible…because of that we need to recieve and believe in the perfect one..Jesus Christ only to become perfect as well.

  • Bhargav Reddy

    Yesterday I sent an rover into sun, and found an Ice Plate inside it. on which its written “People are not fools ” 😛

  • Olaoluwa

    I am deeply sure a lot of people will react the same way those people destroyed during Noah’s flood reacted.They turned everything into a joke and had fun till the flood came and killed them all..Its no joke that God is real and the devil has so much blinded people and built a household of fear into them, that’s why people find it difficult to believe in God..Accept him into your life before its too late, for if you die without Christ then it will be too late…..He that has ear let him hear what the spirit is saying….No remedy after death.

  • lucy

    Matthew 26;36 and 39

  • Richard

    May I suggest placing a ***DISCLAIMER*** which reads something along the lines of that the content of this website is satirical in nature. Personally, I find no room for satire in communications. Humor is only funny when both sides are aware that humor is being used.

    May God Bless You All

  • Richard

    Hi Bob,

    May I suggest reading up on fallacies.

    May God Bless You.

  • lucy

    Jehovahs witness are the only religion that does not ask for money,its voluntary.Jesus was on a torture stake .Isaiah 43:12

  • lucy

    Funnily enough our district assembly them for this year was called “Gods word is truth”

  • lucy

    Matthew 26:36,39

  • lucy

    JOHN 14:9,10 jesus said to him:’Have I been with you men so long a time,and yet,phillip,you have not come to know me?He that has seen me has seen the father also.How is it you say, ‘show us the father?

    10 Do you not believe that iam in union with the father and the father is in union with me?The things I say to you men I do not speak of my own originality,but the father who remains in union with me is doing his works..
    want to know more

  • xXSnaKeXx

    If this was real it WOULD be all over the news, the fact that they ACTUALLY found something on mars would be all over the media, wither they are anti-christian or NOT, I mean, Foxnews NBC, And all of the big news channels would be reporting this, EVERY media channel would, like i said, it doesn’t matter if it’s got to do with God, it matters they FOUND something on MARS, So wake up people, DUh

  • Kiara

    hey you guys why are we arguing about religion for that is what really separates us. Its nice to have such a title but who are we to name and divide ourselves as Jew or Christian. We all should fall under as Children of God(the best title ever) 🙂 have a nice day!!! 😀

  • Bala

    //NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found//

    Where? Dont make any nonces like this without proof or link.
    And dont make Christianity as a funny thing to others. Please respect Christianity and post the real things.

  • Vicki Sampson

    Ffs…really??!! Look, I dont care what others believe. did god create the world in 7 days, if time had not yet been created itself..and you want to believe this crap. Come on ffs! Your life path is created by 1 person…you!! God is an excuse for people to not blame themselves for their own mistakes. Get a grip

  • Angel

    If this is true you should find it on the REAL NASA website.

  • Kiara

    Hello 🙂 Mr.Professor. I totally respect you as a person who has a higher education than i, however NO one on this page is stupid, for they are typing complete sentences that came to mind, 60% of the people in the world don’t even know how to do that. i call that pretty smart, would you not? Also thanks for the advice, i did go and look up the word satire (its nice to learn new things:))…I guess I’m one of those “brain-dead religious zombies” you were talking about because i believe that there is a God! And even scientist, archaeologists, historians, etc. prove Jesus to be real. However i cannot force you to change your mind or believe in anything but how about you go and research God and Jesus similar to how you instructed us to look up Satire so we would know what it means: research the Lord and try to explain really why about 3,000,000,000 people or more believe in this one person. I encourage you to be optimistic. 🙂 thank you for taking the time to read this, you probably think i have no common sense and that I’m stupid but oh well, Jesus lives, God is real- also have a lovely rest of the day 🙂

  • Wendy Du Toit

    God does not believe in atheists 😉

  • Wendy Du Toit

    Huge difference between Catholics and christians 😉

  • Wendy Du Toit

    You are a sad little pc geek with no life I do feel very sorry for you but guess what whether you like it or night one day every knee shell bow and every toung will confess He is God. You 2 😉

  • Wendy Du Toit

    Prove it 😉 calling yourself a professor does not make you one only confirms how desperately you want to be viewed as intelligent

  • Wendy Du Toit

    Yeah why must all religions and ppl always mock Christians. if you have wisdom you can see why. He is the one and only. all else is from the same evil who mocks the only true God for satin hates God in all his made up religions to try fool you. im so glad I was born into wisdom.

  • Wendy Du Toit

    Funny funny but thx for the platform to talk bout God jokes on you in the end

  • Deko

    Plus One to you Bob.
    I have lies Really!!!!

  • Ruthie

    I’m not here to judge anyone. For a minute, think about this: You believe in God and you live your life accordingly. You die and find out there is a God, well good for you. This is a win situation. You die and you find out there is no God. Still a win for you because you lived right. So these two scenarios is a win win situation for you. What if you don’t believe in God? Yes, I know you live right, feed the poor, follow the rules, a good citizen but yet, you deny God and you die, you find out there is a no God. That is a win and if truly there is a God, you loose. That is a win loose situation. Which do you prefer? or would you rather take a risk? I don’t think it takes much to believe in God. Just a simple faith!

  • Agent Paul

    .. the same people who said back in 2002 that Iraq had weapons of MARS destruction )

  • Frank Don



  • Ash Taafe

    Satire like this evokes stupidity. Those without critical thought are led easily with this crap. Just look at all the bloody Christians waffling on about Jesus and God as a result of this idiocracy.

  • CC


  • CC

    Unless you’ve picked the wrong god, then you’re just making him/her/them angrier and angrier every day. There are thousands of gods in the world, but of course the one you believe in *must* be the “one true god”. Mmm yea, good luck to you!

    PS The word you were looking for is “lose”, not “loose” 😉

  • CC

    Because the page title “The Daily Currant – The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record” and the “About” page explaining at the very top that all of their stories are fake is just not enough? Not to mention that all of their stories (including this one) are too silly to be real…

    Don’t blame them for your lack of common sense and reading comprehension skills.

  • farter

    really??? I mean REALLY????? Come on now……. never heard anything more idiotic in my life..

  • alexan

    Im christian and this is really embarassing.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Chris

    Is this now an official invitation to a photoshop contest ? 😉

  • Samuel


  • pammy

    God is real. i believe in Him and i love Him…but this story i aint buyin…

  • KKK_666

    You were doing ok in the first part of your parable and then you went into some type of coma towards the end bit…were you speaking in “toungs” ?



  • Hahafuny

    Lmfao biggest bullshyt, ppl r just making Christianity look worse everyday.
    Hinduism for the win.

  • [email protected]

    those who believe God be with them and those who dont, let them wait until when they will have no choice but to blame themselves for their woes.
    God is indeed real,Praise be unto him , haleluya!

  • ~Bilamos

    No doubt theres a supreme power that exists. However news like this is a hoax. Nasa never claimed this findings themselves.

  • xxxx

    this is a western piece of sh*t sugar-coated by ‘scientific finding’ targeting other religions. on my part, I have no doubt even for a fraction of a second that religion is a pure fabrication.

  • Felix K. Dumong

    Keep praying for the world, this is not ordinary but by the prayer of of the saints has brought this MIRACLE. I AM GLAD I BELONG TO JESUS.

  • Brad

    So you are saying I should follow what you say based off of what might happen? How about a lose-win. I am a total jerk in life but repent on my deathbed and go to heaven? How is that a good thing?

  • Brad

    You cannot use the bible as a source to prove the bible exists.

  • Brad

    again where is the proof that this actually happened?

  • Brad

    of course you know this is all satirical website right?

  • Brad

    You know that this is a joke right? This website is satire. Not a real news site.

  • Brad

    No I need evidence right here on planet earth.

  • Brad

    If god doesnt play hide and seek then why doesnt he show himself. FAIL

  • Brad

    you belong to the guy that mows my lawn?

  • Brad


    none of the article on this site are real.

  • Brad

    The real funny part are all the dupes who believe this is a real story.

  • Brad

    Why is it that completely rational people who won’t even trust their neighbors to check their mail go completely batshit crazy over a book written in a language that didnt even exist at the supposed time of the words creation talking about snakes conversing with naked women over the philosophical repercussions of eating an apple?

  • billert 1

    even if you dont believe this story , just check the difference on a life and character of a christian AND OTHERS

  • Edan Burg

    After reading through the comments all I can say is that I am ashamed of being part of a species that actually believes this. Please tell me you are only pretending to be this stupid

  • Logesh

    there is no such a News came out from NASA. this is totally rumor… Please share only the actual News by sharing the reference links.

  • max musimwa

    can u show us wher it is written.

  • imein

    you know, God loves you just the way you are. He created you to be a rational human being and that’s exactly what you are displaying here. but, tell me, what have you got to loose if you believe He is real. remember you only believe with your heart, you have always read 1000 and 1 reasons why God is not real, balance it dear friend and read 1000 and 1 reasons why He is real, then you can make informed choices… from your answers I think you are a smart person and very bold, so why are you so afraid that God is real.

  • Carl Gottstein

    Bob Belckel, the last Christian Democrat left on earth stated….”Unfortunately God missed a few demons. The Deluge was unsuccessful. Now the Godless Fascist Fabians are every where. Send a divine wind or something. Clean up these poor soulless creations. They are angry, hideous malcontents and they stink up the place. Fatwa This! <3

  • Rodgers

    If possible can NASA upload the TABLETS found on Mars so that we can all see the truth of the matter

  • Jayleh Yung

    My God who is Love and full of Mercy has already showed himself in the form of his spoken WORD, that became flesh and died and rose from death and lives forever more.

    And now has both power of Life and Death with him, that death should no longer have dominion over mankind. And this WORD is Jesus the Christ, the one that makes us children of the Most High.

    We are not just mere flesh and bones for man has a spirit, a soul, infinite consciousness that is totally different from other life forms.

    And this is our real self. The soul or consciousness that continues forever even after we pass away physically.

    If Life (Christ) had dominion over us in our very present life time, when we pass, we shall also be in Life. For we were always in Life. The same applies to those who death had dominion over.

    But the god of this age has blinded their eyes, “though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.

    Love, Peace and Unity

  • Ahiaba Victor Ugbede

    love that! the difference is PEACE and LOVE? what more do a man want from life?

  • ChiTownSounds

    If you believe this.. then you should search for a FRENCH MODEL to date online! 😉

  • Believer in Jesus Christ

    NASA to upload a picture of this tablet to show the World what they’ve discovered in Mars would be very much appreciated to us Christian and to others as a whole..

  • Vitalis

    You cant change the mind of people who believe they evolve ………..they think the bible was a story or some tales. but i wonder when bad thing happen they always say is the Satan that cause it. LOL…….They only believe Satan exit, but God does not. Hippocrates

  • nnnfeb10

    I pray that Our God, the creator of this universe and the one that has given you life, eyes and even fingers to type these word will show himself to you in a special way that you will know he is for real. You will come to the realization soon.

  • nnnfeb10

    Let see how google will save you on judgement day. I pray you see the light soon and repent from your ways.

  • Godsgift98

    pray to God when he answers you tell me what he said !

  • Godsgift98

    becuase he exist , pray to him and tell me what he says and be truthful .. im not beign sarcastic … pray to him

  • godsgift98

    repent … i realize alot of people who dont believe in god usually havent been thru enuff to call on his name but repent or your days will be against you from this day forth as God is my witness !

  • godsgift98

    god will judge you tomorrow ! i pray he has mercy on you .. message from a prophet !

  • godsgift98

    the Lord rebukes you ! i no you no God is real your defualt is satan who was defeated by God … the bible is the only book that mentions god & satan …you contradict yourself dude grow up and open your eyes God Is Real !

  • godsgift98

    7For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 8Be not you therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, 2 timothy 1:7

  • Repent? lol don’t hold your breath.
    Your statement is flawed. How did you come to the realization non believers haven’t been through enough? How many Atheists have you spoken to? Did they tell you they hadn’t been through enough thus their turning to Atheism? Did you conduct a poll? Observe Atheists in a controlled environment?

    You do realize-many Atheists are former believers…including holding leadership positions? We called on ‘god’s name but when we realized we were simply talking to ourselves, we thought it better to ‘put away childish things.’

    //your days will be against you from this day forth as God is my witness !// #yawn #Zzzzzz

  • Andrew Marinaccio

    lol. the richest man on earth, bill gates, is an atheist. Ask him what motivated him to get out of bed everyday. you know what motivates me? self-fulfillment. I enjoy success and being happy. i don’t need a master to feel good

  • Andrew Marinaccio

    Atheists: 10% of US
    Atheists: .2% of Prison pop
    Religious: 90% of US
    Religious: 99.8% of Prisoners

    what were you saying about the character of a christian AND OTHERS?

  • KKK_666

    Don’t tell them that…the comments here are funnier than the story and I own a big steel construction in Paris I’m trying to sell.

  • Rebel

    aaaah fuck religion and all the people in it, every religion is “the true religion” ….you all think the same like sheep in a farm you sheeple

  • Her

    Dear Briabria,

    What is the point of being Atheist and take the biggest risk in this world,and forcefully leave this world . What is your plan when you pass this world when you encounter Lord Jesus, what will be your reply. Please think twice, I beg you in the name of God. Think twice. What do you lose if you believe in Jesus Christ…. Nothing, rather grant your heavenly endless life. He only needs your salivation. Please don’t take the biggest risk for this short worldly life. Jesus sent you his word every day that he is the only way to heaven, and you ignored him. Who is the looser you or Jesus. Please my sister think critically and pray to Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late, no one else will hear your prayer.

    God bless U

  • Her

    and you finally leave this world….then what will be next. Do you think about that moment, the time you can’t do anything with out him. Please believe in Jesus Christ and Pray.
    God bless

  • PbLn ESt


  • Vini a.k.a SThrill

    I for one don’t believe in religion but I do believe in God, religion is man’s creation and as such is always going to be flawed. For those who don’t believe in God thinking those who do are small minded…….ARE YOU MAD??? OPEN YOUR EYES. what is the size of earth compare to space? human intelligence is nothing, we are nothing but a speck in the universe. We make this and we make that, inventions here and there but yet for some silly reason cannot come to terms we are someone’s creation? And yes this piece is satirical so please people don’t use as reference lol.

  • Dre

    Mars has caves that the rover can just go in? Hahaha and Syms Convington who died in 1861 just came back to life? Hahaha, and they really went to the cave looking for water? Hahaha… come on man, who believes this story, I don’t think God can prove himself this way, come on He gave you to chose between him and the world, thats your choice, he isn’t forcing you by showing you any miracle this big in Mars, this z one of the biggest Hoax i’ve ever experienced. I wonder why people make up lies to get other to God, You are not helping instead just forcing people to trust the wrong God, tell them in truth so that each may decide where to go, Yes he exists but lying just to get people there, how many of you Hoaxers n false Pastors are you gonna lie to people just to get money, don’t play God man…

  • Drumpy

    WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!…….

  • Йосиф Висарионович Сталин

    В СССР такой херни небыло!

  • ioan

    NASA is just piar, is obviously belong to those ho ruled the world, and not in interest of every day people. nasa will tell what they tell to do, nasa belong to them, so this story is just a bunch of crap, nothing else…

  • hiwi

    ur pic matches ur thought.

  • Atheist For Life

    How about…

    The NASA folks made a tablet of twelve languages and sent it over there?

  • WhaleBiologist

    This is too funny. I can’t believe how many people don’t realize that The Daily Currant is satirical. Wait, maybe it’s not funny, but scary that people believe this story. I’m going to go with both. Scary funny.

    Oh and Kim Jong Un is really the sexiest man alive. Seriously, The Onion had a story about it! LOL.

  • Daniel

    How does someone who died in 1861 make a comment on today sightings on Mars. Whoever wrote this junk must be laughing silly on their bed.
    P.s I am a Christian, believe in Jesus, but definitely not this crap.

  • Carmenalex

    Hey genius pants..this is a satirical piece…this page is like the Onion but you people are just sooooooo gullible.

  • Carmenalex

    You people sure are condescending…you cannot imagine because you lack imagination….Honey, my whole family is atheist…and we wke up every day just fine and go on with our lives just fine thank you very much. You are astounded because you are prejudiced and cannot see beyond your prejudices. My life has been SOOOOO much more worthwhile and wonderful since I left my religious delusions behind. I pity your ignorance.

  • Carmenalex

    What if your wrong and it turns out to be Odin?

  • Carmenalex

    Then he’s a weird little fella…cause here I am…unlike him, I can actually see me.

  • Carmenalex

    Catholics ARE Christians..they follow the same Christ….but then you people LOVE to hate each other and war over whose the better christian or the real christian…it would be funny if it wasnt so [email protected] bloody.

  • Julio Garcia

    99.8% of Religious Prisoners: In stark violation of Biblical and Judeo-Christian principles.

    .2% of Atheists in Prison: Doing what they defined as “moral” or “right’ because there is no moral compass to define these for them except, ironically, religious ones.

    What was that about there being no difference? and these stats are as bad as this article, couldn’t you have been a bit more imaginative?

  • Godwin Darteh

    God is real and there is no doubt about that, even satan himself knows that. Pictures of this finding will really make it clear to others.

  • Shakti Pakhrin

    Praise the Lord our Lord is real God. How wonderful God. ow!!!!!

  • la mansion mundial

    dios es real no lo duden el es real

  • Karen

    I feel so sorry for you KKK_666

  • Jay

    Right on. I have heard a lot about this church I would like to visit some day. As for Nasa, and this news site, screw them all.

  • Lookup

    Even if this was real an there was pictures of it, people still won’t believe in God!! They’ll say it was a manufactured piece or something stupid like that. Truth is, we don’t need this story to be real in order to believe. Faith is about believing in God without seeing! But he is very visible I would say!! Take a look at the most magnificent things on this planet to the very tiniest spect/germ on your arm!! Take a look at all the intrequite things in this planet or at least in your own body if you can’t explain who holds you together and not dimiah into dust particles in the air and go back to soil from which you came from, then some glory and props gotta be given to our Heavenly Father!! By Hos mercy we are sustained an everything is kept in place! But let’s beware of one of judgement!! A sad day for some and a glorious day for others.

  • Ghost

    Lmao I have a couple of friends who got trolled by this article, I haven’t told them yet but I can’t wait to see their faces when I do

  • Wendy Du Toit

    Exactly the cathlics murdered the chrstians they worship the pope and rape little boys before u can talk bout a Christian not a cathlic go read up on the difference im so tired of being put under the same umbrella us a bloody cathlic evil priest besides a true christian does not follow religion or judge so dnt u dare say we the same thing cuz u obviosly know nothing in that regard

  • James Asare

    Friends take time and read this

  • JMM

    Religion is a poison plain and simple

  • saganhill

    Are you serious? This article is not real. Just like god is not real.

  • Fongwa Severin

    Ohhh Mighty God, YOU are just so Real. Reveal Yourself more to all mankind, the works of Your Hands. Do not abandon Us Oh Great God.

  • Kenny

    god is dead otherwise it will not let the world in this state

  • Andrew Marinaccio

    you looked at that stat wrong. Atheists are 55 times less likely than theists to commit a crime

    “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going
    to punish you.’ If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God.” -Tracie Harris

    Kiera Knightly, Andy Rooney, and Penn Jillette eloquently sum up how many atheists think. There’s also one in there that says “Christian Terrorist? not a real christian…Muslim Terrorist? it’s because he’s a muslim!” which happens to be EXACTLY what you just did, sans the word muslim with atheist.

    couple other images too. read the blue one at the top first though.

  • Koky

    This is just dishonest.

  • Cliff Smith

    Incredible as it may seem to you Rita millions of people lead very productive, joy and purpose filled lives without finding any need to believe in the particular sect of the Jewish faith that you where born into which incidentally is one of many thousands of belief systems that our fellow humans have sincerely believed over thousands of years are the each the one true and truthful revelation of a creator. These millions of people love their children, are dedicated to their life partners, take care of their elderly parents and greet each new day as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in their world helping and encouraging the people around them. They do this from and of themselves, they are not driven by fear that one day they may be punished. Finally they do not consider a deity who ordered the mass genocide of tiny babies still feeding at their mothers bosom (1 Samuel 15:3) a suitable moral guide for their offspring choosing to rather teach their children the dynamic of reciprocity and why doing good to others is just simply a good idea.

  • ho

    Ask Google to give you answer for your question when you are in a place where there is no internet access or whatever… and please tell me if Google was able to answer … it is totally being fullish to rely on something human created

  • stevo

    God is able all the time

  • Cliff Smith

    Ignore the provocative title and listen to a very clear headed answer to your question:

  • I’m no more frightened of the alleged ‘judgment day’ than you are of santa claus and his ‘naughty list.’

  • ho

    I think the choice is yours – you live the way you defined life … if wealth, success and being happy are the ultimate needs of your self being and any one can get that in this world and go for it… but living with Jesus is totally different from what you just mentioned… unless you experience it, you dont know the different between the life you are talking about Bill gates or you or who ever atheist is talking. The choice is either to give your will to experience the totally other side of your current life /experience i.e. living with Jesus or choose to stay where you are now…

  • What is the point of being Christian and take the biggest risk in this world,and forcefully leave this world by not believing in magical underwear and receiving your own planet because you’ve rejected Mormonism? Or you won’t be reincarnated because you’ve rejected Hinduism? Or you won’t make it to paradise because you’re not a Jehovah’s Witness? The feeling you have when you think about being a Mormon, Hindu or Jehovah’s Witness…that’s the same feeling I get about Jesus. Everyone thinks their god is ‘the one.’ I don’t share the sentiment. The way you feel about all other ‘gods’ is how I feel also, I’ve simply added your god to the list as well. It was critical thinking that moved me to leave the church and abandon religion.

    Unlike most believers on this thread, I know you’re being sincere and I appreciate it. Thank you for caring but I’m fine <3

    To quote author Donald Wright, 'The only prayer I'll ever pray is 'Let My People Go.'

  • //it is totally being fullish to rely on something human created//

    Oh you mean like believing in gods??? lol

  • lol classic default answer

  • typing out a sermon sermon and ending it in caps doesn’t make your god any more real.

  • ho

    It doesn’t matter whether the story is true or fabricated… We believe in existence of God and his son Jesus Christ before this article… so it is totally not a matter!

  • Intelligent design…that’s flawed. What an awesome god you all serve!

  • ho

    Judaism doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ or the new testament – Jhon 3:16 is written on the tablets which you found in the new testament

  • Wendy Du Toit

    your answer clearly lacks intelligence

  • Why do you nouveax christians call it a relationship? it’s a religion. you get upset if someone doesn’t capitialize christian, christmas.
    Let’s put the christ back in christmas-I have yet to hear someone say ‘let’s put the relationship’ back in christmas. You guys repeat what you’ve been told and fail to understand how stupid it sounds.

    if you have a job that pays you for having christmas off, your reaction would be unsavory if your job stopped paying you for the christmas holiday…because it’s a relationship, not a religious holiday lol

  • Wendy, did you write that by yourself or were you inspired by your holy ghost?

  • ho

    Human can not prove the existence of God to you because God is a bigger than our mind, words, and imagination. But ask (pray) to God with a humble heart and good motive to give you evidence for His existence and and He will do so in a very simple way/example!

  • David

    Ah I see. I thought this was real! Not that I could believe this.

  • Cody La Vergne

    Hopefully science will find a cure for your disorder soon. Until then try to stay away from people so you don’t cause any more harm to society.

  • Natt

    Aaaah. ‘Cause having moral compass and being atheist in the same time is impossible? If your only moral compass is the christian-driven one you are so pathetic :D.

  • King Nog.

    The stupid is strong here. I feel embarrassed to be part of the same world as you religious nutters. This is a satirical news article that is taking the piss out of you believers believing anything you read about your belief. And you have proved this articles point. What a bunch of idiots. SMH.

  • Except that a lot of what was in the Bible is considered horrible now. You should know that the current societal morals came from trial, error, and common sense. They are not the morals from the Bible.

  • Not sure why common sense is still considered common. :/

  • I’m an atheist because there’s no evidence for a god. It’s the same reason why I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa, and leprechauns. Not sure how someone can believe in something without evidence. Maybe if less people wasted their time praising their god and actually had a little fun then people would realize that this article is only satire.

  • John of Indiana

    Xians don’t do satire, evidently. Well, that’s to be expected…

  • Joel M

    Christianity disrespects itself and is NOT free from criticism. Youre a joke to everybody else on this planet that doesnt believe the BS you do. If you believe the Bible because the bible says that the bible is true than you, and all others, who believe BS like that are what wrong with this world. The bible is not evidence for ANYTHING, its just a damn book, a very horrible book, that people draw their “values” from. but if you dont think slavery, murder, genocide, infanticide and misogyny is good, then guess what!!?, you are moral than the alleged god you worship. and if this god is real, she sure as F*ck doesn’t deserve to be worshiped. No horrible tragedy is history has ever been motivated by a disbelief in a god. People have killed in the name of a god and specifically your god. so thanks again for the dark ages you backpedaling idiots, its because of foolish judeo christian religiousness that we dont have hoverboards and flying cars yet.

  • Joel M

    *more moral*

  • JD

    How come people can believe anything else the world throws at them but cant believe in God? People why would NASA lie? your just in denial!!!!!

  • someguy

    never ever ever ever ever ever will you hear a person who knows what evolution is (or believe in it as you like to say), blame satan for anything, believe it or not, but we think jebus and santy claus, sorry satan are all part of the same mythology, neither are real entities and as such wont be blamed for anything. Only a christian would blame an invisible influence for bad behaviour..

  • Jayleh Yung

    Yes indeed, your are right! My God is awesome.
    He redeemed us from this “thorns and thistles” evil age. Death is an enemy to mankind, for it didn’t exist there would be no fear, no evil. Guns and knife would mean nothing when used as a weapon against anyone.

    For the first man Adam who was created to have free will and dominion over the Earth and all its creatures to live in Love, Peace and Harmony, but out of his free will deliberately chose death when he was tempted by the Devil.

    Through this man death came and ruled over him and all that he had dominion over. Man soon forgot his true nature, his real self because his thoughts and deeds was now governed by fear. Not of true selfless love as we were truly are made to be but now a counterfeit of himself.

    His seed was corrupted. Everything that came out of him was subject to expiry or death. When he expired physically, death took hold of his soul or consciousness for it was always subject to death and was also found in death.

    The Soul of Man, consciousness, his true essence continues forever, it is eternal and totally different from other life forms. Because it came from the very breathe of God himself.

    Rejoice now, for mankind is redeemed. Free from the grasp of death, its cohorts and all its workings.

    God sent his WORD. The same WORD with which he spake the invisible into visible and this WORD incubated a young virgin lady.

    Her womb was incubated not by the corrupted seed(sperma) from man’s linage that is subject to death but of an incorruptible seed which is the WORD that is Life.

    This WORD became a Man, born of a woman. Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God not subject to death but full of Life. But it wasn’t complete. He was just one Living man, death still ruled over all flesh. He had to make other men be just like him, alive and in Life.
    So out of his free will he laid down his life to be killed in order for him to be in death. To be buried like a seed in soil that grows to become a tree and bear many more fruits with seeds.

    He died and death took hold of him, because out of his will he allowed it. But he was Life and death had no power of Life, as darkness has no power of light. He defeated and spoiled death then rose out of death. And now Jesus Christ is alive forever more.

    Now we know this because we are found in Life and Life is found in us, even the Life that is Christ.The same that is alive forever more. When we have reached the fullness of our time and expiry, our soul is taken hold by Life, for we where always in Life and Life was found in us.

    Believe or not. Each man to his own. But at least you heard or read about it.
    Love xx

  • Todd Lorenze

    Although I would love this to be true, I can not find any evidence of this on the NASA web site or in NASA news.

  • Rob Everhart

    Julio Garcia = Fail.

  • Joshua

    this is amazing. God at last.

  • Sawab King

    obviously the laws have to change

  • You don’t think I’m reading that sermon do you? The first sentence was suffice. Save it for Sunday.

  • Sawab King

    SCIENTIFIC discovery.

  • Sawab King

    Im real. Im soooo very real. Boo!

  • Sawab King

    You do know what “Yoni” is in the indian language of Gujrati?

  • Sawab King

    Anyone who has followed mel brooks knows that there were 3 tablets and one fell down. kaput.

  • Edcel

    Jesus is the way, the true and the life!

  • Sawab King

    Thou shall burn in satan. Bow before your creator satan and get this over with.

  • Sawab King

    I am a computer programmer. I cant believe how mario wakes up everyday in his game mario kart and never for a moment thinks about his creator (i.e. ME). How useless his life is. He needs to pray to me and pray to my messenger (the joystick).

  • Eric Lai

    Share this this with all your friends and family! Undeniable proof from a website on the internet of the existence of God!

  • Top lel

  • Chuck Thom

    Many of the world’s greatest ethicists through history were atheists. Why is it so hard to understand that morals existed before the Bible and outside of it? Besides, the Bible is a terrible guide to morality. Most of what the Bible calls “moral” is now considered morally abhorrent. It’s obvious that you yourself don’t actually get your morals from the Bible, or you would be in prison.

  • Chuck Thom

    Ahh, the gullibility of Christians. How quaint.

  • Chuck Thom

    Google answers without an internet connection just as well as your particular deity does.

  • Chuck Thom

    Atheists don’t believe in Satan, if that’s what you mean. believing in Satan would make you not an atheist. NO ATHEIST blames the imaginary demon Satan for anything. By the way, in case you didn’t get the memo, all but the most uneducated classes of Christian now *accept* (evidence requires no “belief”) evolution as the likeliest scientific explanation for the evidence. Let me guess, you’re Southern Baptist?

  • HjC

    I’m quite amused that the most spelling and grammatical errors come from the people who believe that this article is real.

  • Samuel F Waddell

    God is real and He has already give us these writings right here on Earth. If foolish sinful people reject them here then they would reject them any where. It doesn’t have to be true anyway to prove God and Christ. There is already overwhelming historical and contemporary proof right here on earth. But as usual only those who truly want the truth and want to escape their sinful condition come to Christ but those who do are blessed beyond words and for all eternity!!!!

  • habtom


  • Carmenalex

    Know nothing? Honey you think raping kiddies is strictly Catholic? That Christians are not as evil? B.S. Just google pastor rapes and you get 943,000 results. Find out about the camps where they kidnap kids to beat the gay out of them…of course you would say those aren’t real christians..but you can say those aren’t real catholic priests because not all priests are rapey. There is no difference. The delusion is exactly the same. All you gotta do is see Jesus camp to get the Mayor heebie jeebies about the abuse and indoctrination of kids with christian parents.

  • Carmenalex

    And btw…raised Catholic (I reject in now fully) you have your facts wrong…we never “worship” the Pope, anymore than you worship your pastors. You know nothing.

  • Paul

    you say religion but i tolk you about christianism which is not a religion but an alliance between the true God and who belong to Jesus

  • paul

    you are free to say what you want about God and Jesus but remember you one day…

  • Larry E. Godwin

    From what Syms Covington, an Australian researcher working for NASA’s Mars
    Exploration Program. says, “We went into the cave looking for water, and we
    found proof of God’s existence instead…”.
    We can infer to the scripture:
    “But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never
    thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of
    water springing up into everlasting life”…John 4:14..
    They found the Salvation for themselves and the WORLD….Please Tell them, for they need to know…GOD Bless you even more for your willingness to shear this discovery….

  • Dr. Doink

    The term you were looking for is “Christianity”; and it is very much a religion. Anyone who says other wise is either an idiot or in denial; or both. Calling it a “relationship” or an “alliance” won’t change what it is.

  • Dr. Doink

    God is mocked all the time; what fantasy world are you living in? …Oh right, the Christian one. Do you have any idea how many people make fun of your invisible man and not a damn thing happens? “WE’LL SEE WHO’S LAUGHING ON JUDGMENT DAY!!” Well that’s cute and everything, but you people have been spewing this hogwash for centuries now. It’s getting old.

  • Dr. Doink

    You people seriously need to come up with a better tactic; these “one day u will see” empty threats got boring ages ago.

  • Dr. Doink

    I wish you guys could see just how stupid and childish you look every time you spew one of these “one day u will see!!!” tomfoolery threats.

  • Card5hark

    KKK_666… Props! I usually only last 2 or 3 comments from retarded religious people before I just give up. xD

  • Card5hark

    Besides the fact that a large portion of bigotry in the US is held by the Christian establishment.

  • Card5hark

    Have to love a religious person telling someone to read up on “fallacies”. Please

  • Card5hark

    If god were real.. I should have been smitten down loooong ago. Fuck all your bullshit fear mongering and fantasies. Might as well start praying to the easter bunny.

  • Card5hark

    WOOOO Quotes from a flawed book. Awesome!!

  • Card5hark

    LOL Retarded people will be retarded.. (Im talking about you btw)

  • Card5hark

    I would feel much worse for someone that has to live their entire life under an umbrella from some fantasy that was taught by their parents. Learn to look at the world through reason/understanding, you will become a much more content and happier person.

  • Card5hark

    Omg. Hey please fill me in with ANY evidence supporting your position of this “GOD” that owns the universe. Seriously I will wait.

  • Card5hark

    Sooo let me get this straight. You think your “GOD” made all the scientific advancements in medicine, transportation, computers, and just about everything else that has furthered human society? You dno’t even have to know a lick of science but holy crap.. take some history classes. Organized religion (including Christianity) has done nothing but halt scientific progress.

  • Bobby

    Why is NASA not making the announcement themselves?

  • Freppelepp

    *Most Americans.

  • KKK_666

    Pluto ate it….

  • Errico de Cleyre

    It’s really sad to me to think that someone can wake up every day and find their reason to exist in beliefs that they’ve never questioned. Being raised as a Christian, it was learning about the actual history of Christianity that turned me into an atheist. Irony of the “dumb enough” comment aside, let’s turn from that, and actually try to make you think. If the early Christians hadn’t made others think, then there’d be no Christianity today as the entire process relied on making others find fault in their own religions. As this didn’t really work too well, they eventually came to the conclusion that the best method was to absorb the beliefs of the other and make the religion seem more legitimate through reputability. Where do you think Santa Claus comes from? Why Dec. 25th (hint: the Winter Solstice is very, very close to that date)? Since you were never taught to question anything around you (still waving that flag you were brought up with, right?) I’m simply going to say that the root of ignorance is to “ignore.” I’ve found more reason to live by understanding the finality of life and the preciousness of it than I ever would have by reading the bible (which I’ve done, p.s.). What’s worthwhile to me is not living in fear of the unknown, my fantastic family, learning, making the world a better place for everyone (you included, even if you don’t appreciate the effort [is your head covered?]), and knowing that at the end of my life I’ve lived one worth the effort. It’s sad that you live yours only because of what you were told you should.

  • Errico de Cleyre

    …but they have been through and paid attention *enough* to know how to spell correctly. *Don’t* *Haven’t*. *Enough* dickishness aside, at least you chose “your” correctly.

  • KKK_666

    Yepp, you naughty little king.

  • Errico de Cleyre

    My answer? That he had too many unquestioning and selfishly obedient followers, that they rarely remembered the poor before themselves, that they never stormed the temples to say what was wrong in them because they never questioned anything therein, that they use his name to persecute others rather than loving them, and that most of them accept the greed (and corresponding murder) that tears this world apart as a way of life and are willing to defend it to the grave. What do I have to lose? My self respect in lying to myself about something that doesn’t exist, where the only evidence that it does rests in a culture and a book chosen by flawed and selfish men (look up the “Council of Nicaea” in 325 CE), centuries after Christ even potentially walked the earth. There’s also plenty of historic evidence to show it was edited significantly after that time! Oops, did I make you learn something?

    Seriously, I believe that I’m going to die, lose all consciousness, knowing of who I am and was, and will never experience anything again; and accept it. Can you name anything more terrifying than that? I’d rather burn in an oven for eternity because it would mean I’d still exist, even if in horrifying never-ending pain. Your pompous idea that atheists don’t consider the result of their decisions is insulting at best, and ignorant through and through.

  • KKK_666


  • Ernest Evans

    Many people here in Latin America are so excited with this “news”, It’s so sad. In my case, I lol’d so hard when I read this. Nice joke, really~ I love the part “Peace and Love – Yahweh”, it was priceless.

  • KKK_666

    Careful….Nurse Ratched is standing right behind you.

  • Arthur James

    God is aware that such people like you do exist

  • KKK_666

    But I am aware that your nonsense god does not except in the deranged brains of fanatics like you.

    Go waltz with a snake.

  • Pete the atheist

    The bible warrants Slavery, Racism, Rape, Genital mutilation, murder, Genocide to name but a few. I think I know who’s moral compass is messed up.

  • Arthur James

    sorry to you because you don’t know what your talking about

  • Black Blanc.

    If we humans don’t believe in God that’s more advanced and instead believe in the folly of mankind that says God doesn’t exist and the universe was created from a big bang explosion then think again.. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,that who so ever believes in Him will have life to its fullness John 3:16.. The world has gone crazy in sin and Everlasting Fire will be used to destroy this Uglyness. Believe in Jesus christ and His finished works on the cross as your life line from destrution that is to come.

  • Austin Mann

    Power, love and a sound mind can be derived without biblical rhetoric. Therefore, this verse means nothing to many people.

  • Austin Mann

    “god will judge you tomorrow !”

    “godsgift98 Dexi Chaos • 2 days ago”

    The time has come and gone. I wonder if Dexi Chaos is hangin’ with satan…

  • Austin Mann

    Don’t give any comments until you find answers? I think you’re mistaking what side you’re on. Christianity claims there is a god and jesus rose from the dead and magical things happening all the time yadda yadda… Atheism claims nothing. The burden of proof is on you, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem very likely that your proof will show itself any time soon. Less preaching, more understanding please.

  • Tommy

    This made me lol. Someone shared it on Facebook thinking it was actually true.

  • nasa

    article wrriten by a lunatic christian..

  • Allison

    This website is fake. I doubt that means anything to you (since I’m sure you’re not that keen on fact checking) but it’s fake.

  • Peter O’Neill

    Thanks,Marty. Satire explains it. What a relief!

  • H

    Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

  • Jennifer Anker

    Satan created some people? He just got cooler in my eyes.

  • Jennifer Anker

    Actually, there is a lot of contention about Jesus ever existing. There are no writings about him when he was alive. The first did not come out until years after his supposed death, and many 1st century texts were fabricated by later Christian apologists. Also, the dates in the Bible surrounding events of his supposed birth do not match up.

  • Jennifer Anker

    The grammar police in me is curled up in a ball, crying, because of so many of these comments.

  • Jennifer Anker

    So I have to get rid of my golden calf?! D;

  • Jennifer Anker

    Translated: “I don’t understand science and nature, therefore god.”

  • Jennifer Anker

    That would require people to provide evidence he is real in the first place. Add that it could be just as well that you’re worshipping the wrong god, and every time you pray, you’re making the real one madder and madder. After all, how do you know yours is the one true one and not Zeus or Odin or Ra or the Mother Goddess, or thousands of others that other people worship?

  • Julio Garcia

    Pete, where in the Bible does it say God approves of that behavior?

    When you find the verse, reply to this comment. Otherwise consider your baseless retort refuted.

  • Julio Garcia

    Not completely so. Anyone who’s studied western and middle eastern history can easily prove most concepts of morality are religiously driven.

    The common sense you speak of, which is apparently lacking in some of these comments, would let you take a quick glance at the world and deduce that the majority of people A) are religious B) have some sort religious background to their standards of morality.

    And by religious I don’t mean Christian or Abrahamic only, just the fact that people are drawing from something/one(s) they perceive greater than themselves as the source of this morality.

  • Julio Garcia

    Never said it was impossible. My point was meant to infer that atheist ideology cannot generate or explain morality.

    Ask yourself. Why are you moral? There’s no biological advantage to altruism, in fact, it’s the exact opposite of self gain or self improvement.

    Why take care of the sick? In fact – why let the m reproduce at all? They’re just re-inserting their defective genes back into the human gene pool, limiting the population and prohibiting evolutionary advancement.

    Morality in that light is really not helping anything but maintain humanity in an evolutionary hiatus.

  • Julio Garcia

    I don’t think anyone can expect morality to not exist “outside” the Bible. In fact it’s just plain stupid to assume so.

    My comment was a comeback at someone’s Jab at religion (which I assumed was Judeo/Christian) hence my reference to it on my comeback.

    Morality *must* exist outside the Bible, otherwise the fact that God created everything, and humans in particular after his image would have less ground to stand. It is obvious that since all of us were created equal, we will share the same base morality of our Creator.

  • Julio Garcia

    I think the Bigot train goes both sides. There hasn’t been such an outcry of intolerance and violence as the one the SSM advocates have raised over the issue.

  • UF

    It is very simple. Bring pictures out.

  • Crysta

    If your only “morals” come from a bible, you aren’t being moral, you are merely a criminal who is terrified of being caught and judged…

  • Neymar

    Don’t judge what you don’t understand, if you don’t understand religion, then why do you judge it?

  • Nick

    I lost brain cells reading this.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Syms Covington was the name of the servant of Charles Darwin who claims man evolved from apes – How ironic this article would claim to have found evidence of God using this man as the NASA contact – research evrything people – believe nothing in the media until you can vett everything…..

  • Shariq

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that the 10 commandments were proof of Judaism?

  • Shariq

    O, by the way, Curiosity would loose communication if it went into a cave!

  • Mike

    God is indeed real, let be known to all men.

  • martinelolu

    the theories that those tablets have existed had been in these earth since its beginning and nasa cleams to have found them in mars so what have they found God in mars for us or have they discovered the mystry of death? all that is just fine talk old story we need realistic things if there is a God where is he cant he speak can he be seen can we touch and feel this is what science should be focusing on not faith.. faith is for christians and its based on assumptions but science should be based on reality and proven by seeing i dont even need those tablets what i need is a dead man being put back to life this is what i will rejoice to know that man is evolving and the human mind is truely equall to the task of making the impossible now become possible.

  • jollibee

    sat·ire [sat-ahyuhr] Show IPA

    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    NOT REAL, PEOPLE. sheeez.

  • jollibeee

    sat·ire [sat-ahyuhr]

    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    NOT REAL, PEOPLE. sheeeez



  • truth seeker

    To quote John 3:16 is a dead giveaway to the validity of this msg. The NT was never written down until after 300 AD and the King James Bible in the year 1611. The title Yahweh was never used by Jesus or the OT prophets. The entire article is fantasy –

  • new

    you want to hear wht U like to hear!!!…..if it was Atheists assumtion …. u will not say it is a make up story

  • jpca

    that sounds extraordinary… so, where is the evidence?

  • Tim

    No mention of an apple actually.

  • Tim

    I wonder how many of the comments supposedly by Christians are actually by trolls. I’m sure some Christians are gullible enough to believe this, but I suspect a lot of the comments are by trolls too. Also, the vast majority of Christians reading this would just have a little chuckle and move on to another page, so if you conclude that most Christians who have commented on this believe it just based on the comments then you are just as gullible as those who believe it.

  • unplottable

    If your god exists, he holds himself to a different of standard morality than he holds us. There are plenty of examples of Yahweh doing things we (and likely you, I should hope) would consider quite horrific. I try to be moral because I have a big brain and that it tends to make life go much smoother and more enjoyably if I do this to a sensible degree (i.e. don’t rape, murder, steal, or deceive the people I love). Learned social behaviour explains morality as well as, if not more satisfactorily than the idea of a man who is everywhere, watching you all the time, telling you through his bronze age religious texts that you need to follow his rules, and that he will see any slip, any small mistake and punish you for eternity for even one of these minutely unscrupulous acts. And in any case, are you really going to stop being moral if you thought he wasn’t watching? I don’t think he’s watching and I still do my best.

    If you don’t know that Yahweh accepts, and legislates the rules of slavery, you need to give the ‘good’ book another read.
    Leviticus 25:44-46
    And in case you were thinking of explaining to me that Yahweh’s slave trade was better and more fair than the rest, because they were allowed to leave after seven years: Exodus 21:2-6, this only applies to hebrew slaves. In case your bible reads servant instead of slave: servant exchanged for money as property = slave.
    Ephesians 6:5
    And then some.

  • etana2012

    No photos, eh?

  • david

    being religious and an atheist is not the case brother, being religious will not make a way for you to heaven.

  • david

    have you read the whole Bible chuck?

  • Tim

    It’s satire.

  • Tim

    Comment by a lunatic non-Christian who doesn’t understand satire.

  • Tim

    A bit of a generalisation. Look at all the comments on here saying things like “So where’s the evidence?”, or “Article written by a lunatic Christian”. Should I generalise and say that atheists don’t do satire? Also, most Christians who read this would have a little chuckle then read something else, so only the small minority who fall for it end up commenting.

  • Nate

    Keep saying what you want but my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went too the prayer line and at her next appointment it was gone the doctors could not believe it. the doctor told her he just can’t make since of it she look at him and I told you I have a good god so believe what but you better believe there’s a price too pay

  • Marcus Mook

    Seems like you’re the one who hasn’t the read the Bible.

  • Marcus Mook

    And you don’t even know your grammar. What a way to tell someone that they don’t know what they’re talking.

  • Chuck Thom

    I have. Have you?

  • MarieLittleone P. Boston

    Then why does God himself say in the Bible that he hates religion? It’s a “relationship” with him not “religion!” He went off on the Pharisees for being religious hypocrites. You obviously read the Bible but didn’t “Study” it. There’s a big difference between the two (read vs study)

  • God’s Children :D

    Obviously, most of you people are idiots. The Christians know the truth. We have open eyes. It is you fools who dont believe in him. I cant wait to know the look on all of your faces when Jesus comes back. Every knee shall bow before him. I just hope someone looks in your face and say ” oh now you want to believe he is real, well that is kind of late”. You all will see. God bless you all. 🙂

  • Juanes Lemos Vargas

    Where is the source of this information ..?

  • PHIL

    this message is false, I just went to the nasa website and there is no record of it

  • prmichael1960

    Do you think people need this to beleive in God?

  • bumba harris

    Islam and the muslims do it, soooo, its only right the Christians get to do a bit haha 😉

  • Christine Glo

    Mady my day… sorry, but I don’t believe it……

  • Myrna Montesa

    I STILL HOLD ON TO REVELATION 19:12 -15; I AM ALFA AND OMEGA… THE FIRST AND THE LAST… Meaning God created all things on earth perfect… and becaue of Sin he will destroy everything with a promise to Those who believe in His Son …JOHN 3:16 FOR GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE AN EVERLASTING LIFE..

  • Myrna Montesa


  • David G

    Morality can’t be accounted for outside of the Biblical worldview. Sure atheists “assume” morality, but they do so without any basis whatsoever. The reason they assume morality is because God has built his laws into people, which is why we instinctively know it’s wrong to go around killing people without regard.

    If naturalism is true however… well how could you even have such a thing as right and wrong in a random-chance evolutionary universe, and how could you possibly know about it?

    I mean, if you’re just an animal – a chemical accident that evolved from slime, why would it be wrong to kill you in your worldview? In the Biblical worldview it’s wrong because human beings are created in the image of God, but what about your worldview? Someone killing you would be ultimately no different than a spider killing a fly – after all, you did evolve from the same thing, right? Yeah… bacteria.

    You’re being inconsistent with your own worldview. Stop stealing from God and the Bible.

  • kim-b23

    I belive that God can do that and so much more!!!
    A sin is a sin no matter what year, milenium or century we are on! People just wanna do whatever they want, so they prefer to think, things like this are fake so they can continue w/ the fake lives! When God almighty comes back for his chruch lets see how many will change their mind then…but it will too late!! The time is now!!

  • Gudu Kassa

    Dr. I think this article is false but i am from a Country where God exist. For more info visit this person.

  • Gudu Kassa

    Card5hark I think this article is false but i am from a Country where God exist. For more info visit this person.…

  • hiwi

    just curious, what does it mean? it is a famous name in Ethiopia.

  • Voice Of The People

    Why wasn’t the third note revealed?

    # 3 “Stand Your Ground”, self protection is your God given right….

    When will the full truth be told???
    “Whistle Blower from NASA” “Power To The People”

  • Carlos Santa


  • SaLLY

    they get saved WHILE IN Prison, because distractions and reality becomes clear.

  • Chuck Thom

    No, that wouldn’t be the case. Basically, evolution happens when negative traits die off and positive traits allow for survival. The human race could not exist without empathy. Can you really not see how killing other people is bad for the survival of the human race? Without empathy, and with humans just running around killing each other, our entire race would be wiped out in short order. If you think your god programs us all with good morals, explain to me how you account for serial killers, Crusaders, Nazis, mental disease, and so on. Empathy in no way contradicts evolution. Stop stealing from the natural order to support an ancient book that espouses terrible morals. Do you stone adulterers? Do you have slaves? Have you sold any of your children lately? Do you have concubines? If not, you don’t get your morals from the bible. You get them from modern society.

  • Mawuna

    God is real. If you don’t believe it you will parish in your sin.This discovery gave hope to Christians and warning the perverse to repent

  • Brayan Cxrx

    daily currant sucks as$holes

  • Zach

    Syms Covington is indeed a real person, or was at least. And he did live in Australia for a time. He was a fiddler and cabin boy for Charles Darwin during his trips to the Galapagos islands. But he died in 1861.

  • Me

    what a bunch of moronic comments!! enjoy the joke fools

  • NothingbutTruth

    ok why are 99..8% of Prisoners now Christian? Bc they gave their lives to Christiany in there. The very fact their in prison means they werent doing the right thing. You can’t deny that if your a bible reading and doing person your not going to end up in jail. An atheists on the other hand has all the chances of ending up in prison bc they have no life limits apart from the law. You have to understand one thing is being religious and the other is being a true son of God. A religious person say’s their Christian but lives like an atheists, a son of God does what Jesus did.

  • NothingbutTruth

    That’s your problem.

  • Cata

    He is real now I know the truth I knew he was real all the time as a lite child I dreamed with no
    I didn’t see his face but I herd his voice that stayed with me forever ….

  • Cata

    I mean as a little child I dreamed with God and always knew since then he was real now scientists confirmed my questions.. I’m glad that finally the world will know that God is so real the world is so wicked and evil and I’m glad there’s one God who will someday come for us 🙂 I’m sick and tired of this evil world I live in….a lot pain evil people hurt innocents 🙁

  • Hector Enrique Mercado

    Where are the pictures? evidence please?

  • Brakha

    Nothing is BIG if we are talking on GOD name … But Which source is use for this comment by The Daily Currant … It is Nothing on about something this it is relevant news .

  • Tim Mena

    //atheist ideology//

    No such thing…..look up the word, fuckwit.

  • Tim Mena


  • Zee

    I believe in God. Now Do I believe this? I dont know because no where in the NASA.GOV site talks about this. I dont need to explain my faith. Therefore, stop messing with people with blasphemy.

  • Louis

    LOL Syms Covington died in 1861 its fake :/

  • Govt_Lies

    It’s really not even funny for satire.

  • Felix

    yeah, they found that just like I found 1 million dollar under my bed today. idiots

  • Jerry

    Blue beam proyect

  • Josh

    Gential mutilation? Racism? Rape? Murder? You talk as if you actually knew what you were talking about. You take things out of context, which makes your criticism against the old testament’s moral senseless. Let me explain as an example: In the ancient world, slavery wasn’t frowned upon, it was righteous because the concept of slavery was different back then, there was good slavery and bad exploited slavery, such as today there are housemaids who are paid, fed and also live with their employers, and on the other hand theres people in chinese sweatshops tha work 14 hr shifts and hardly get paid. Just because the term is now “work” doesn’t mean slavery is bad. People have made it bad over the past centuries. The definition of freedom has also changed. Genital mutilation? That’s funny, health experts now recommend circumcision. The rest the terms you mention are also out of context. Your petty argument is ignorant, just as your arrogance for not wanting to believe this world was designed, not random.

  • Agnostic

    Where are the pictures of said “tablets” No person with common sense will go with just the words. Most people will demand proof before changing. Even with pictures, most will go on with life until they can go to mars to see and touch the “tablets”, which will only make a few of the millions of Athiests and other non-christians change. Nothing is going to change in our society.

  • Wes White

    Well seemingly following one’s own moral compass is far more effective for an actual moral outcome, then, isn’t it?

  • futurevgd

    Satire actually. And no.

  • futurevgd


  • Julio Garcia

    Hmm… No, I think I have. I’m a Theology major, studied 4 years at seminary, in which, Ironically daily Bible reading was required to obtain the degree.

    Besides that I’ve been a christian for 11 years, reading the Bible nearly everyday during that time.

    I’m glad that you like spewing stuff that you don’t really know about. Really sets a precedent for your furture comments.

  • Thom

    Really Christianity?? Then why does the bible not mention religion what so ever??????….. Such BS!!!!

  • e

    Julio – prove? Please do

  • e

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL —– you are a jackass

  • e

    lolol, image of a non-physical being…..

  • God

    Im real yo

  • e

    EVEN SATAN?!?!?!

  • Julio Garcia

    No such thing as a an “atheist philosophy”? I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

    There’s veritable philosophies that influence atheist thinking, and according to this definition, my term is correct:

    Next time, research a bit before you start cussing people out for no reason.

  • Michael

    This is a BIG LIE like the 9-11.

  • Julio Garcia

    According to this estimate, only 2.01% of the world population is atheist:

    .. or “godless” by definition.

  • Julio Garcia

    Empathy is not a biological trait, Chuck. Altruistic empathy is rarely seen in the animal kingdom, and those species have thrived without it anyway.

    It’s easy to account for or against those groups of people you mention. Everyone is born with positive base morals. The same Bible you supposedly read states that it’s possible to “sear your conscience” and bypass that base morality. Since all the groups of people you mention are usually godless or in blatant violation to Biblical and Judeo/Christian principles of morality, you can easily point to them and say “they’re wrong”. They’re usually not very devout Christians, and even if they were, that wouldn’t remove the fact that they were in violation of the teachings they’re supposed to be following.

    So the teachings are good. It’s not the teaching’s fault if people are submitting to a baser mentality in wanting to fulfill some sort of carnal objective.

  • Julio Garcia

    Gotta love someone that believes “one day, long ago, nothing exploded and now, there’s everything” calling people out on fallacies…

  • Matt Begley

    Are you mentally retarded? Look up satire… or have someone explain it to you.

  • Rev. Nick

    You are the false prophets and anti Christians you morons if you think anybody is going to lie down and die for you idiots guess again. You start that submit or die crap with me and guess who’s heads coming off first.

  • Alirio

    Es la noticia mas ridicula que he leido en toda mi vida.

  • scientist

    There are no references in the article… this is bullshit

  • Tim Mena
  • yahooda

    nasa said its made up..prove ur religion other ways! …

  • Richard Brown

    attention all gullible people out there the ten commandments were written way before the book of john & its written in the old testament “god said, One may not add or subtract to the bible”. And on top of that just to prove its bullsh*t why would christians compose a bogus headline such as this to fool people into believing in their religion??!! NASA stated today that this story was completely fabricated

  • That guy

    Is a god from earth, leave messages on mars. GOOD JOB GOD! -.-

  • Richard Brown

    Compare the difference between the life character between jews & Christians…Christianity are ppl not willing to give up all worldy things & give themselves to G-d so they created a new easier testament changing everything unlike Deuteronomy 13:1 “The entire word that I command you, that shall you observe to do; you shall not add to itand you shall not subtract to it”. Now if you think logically from both sides there is no logical explanation why people believe in the new testament.

  • Steve Toom

    lol god has no power to reach earth … this is just ridiculous and bullshit of a kind

  • Stian

    haha if this was true it would be on every news channel everywere for a loooong time. it would be the biggest news ever in history and the media would not turn it away for anything.. BULLLSHIIIITT

  • wel809

    and the bible says satan will indeed rule over the planet for some time, so don’t expect news like this to go mainstream, or do you rely that much on “cnn” and “fox”?

  • Hatter

    actually atheists have a moral compass the point to being an atheist is the “lack of proof to substantiate the existence of God” not a license to do what we want. there seem to be alot of misconceptions about what atheists are about. its about not believing 2000 year old traditions … that frankly even people who believe those faiths barely practice… if so no one woul be wearing bright colors .. women would have no real place in society except at home, you are shunned if you are raped because you didnt scream hard enough, and many other traditions that we have decided we dont need. its all or nothing guys … you either follow all the rules or you follow none. you cant pick and choose. also I personally am an atheist for 2 reasons. 1 the lack of belief… and 2 the way all religions as a whole act. its down right grotesque! every religion at its core preaches love and peace… yet christians hate and say the vilest things about gays. yet mulsims are at war with other muslims, with other religions. the problem is not that other believe different or dont believe at all… its that people are so caught up in themselves being right they hate when anything challenges that rightness. its sad that even on a satirical story people still thing they must assurt their ego. and before its said I am not typing this to be right… Im typing this in hopes that real HUMANS will start acting like it

  • Nicole

    Sadly, many of you have lost your way on this topic. It’s about NASA’s findings on Mars, remember? Personally, I think it’s a miraculous thing. As for those whom have lost their way…I must say you have the WRONG focus! Prayerfully you will see the light.

  • agape

    nfinite universe, anything is possible and you can’t deny that if you are truly a supporter of science. Your tables, your clothes, your shoes, your bathtub- all have a creator. Someone made it at some point in time, and you have no idea who. Does that mean a creator doesn’t exist? Although there is evidence of a creator all around?

    Now, you’re strolling in the park, and you see an object in the middle of the field. I tell you, “it just happened. Throughout millions of years, it kept developing and this is the final product, no one left it, no one made it, it’s just there for no reason at all” Would you believe me? If it’s impossible for something on this minute planet to be without a creator, how is it possible that this enormous universe lacks one?

    The bible, a book written over the span of 3500 years, has continuity. The writers, who were inspired by God, were not intelligent. They were not professionals who KNEW rhetoric and persuasiveness. Yet the book has a continuity that links the passages written thousands of years with those written after Jesus ascended. WHY in the world would a man in Israel write about a WOMAN finding Jesus’s tomb empty and being the one responsible for letting the others know? If the writers REALLY wanted to be believable they would have had a man spread the news. But God used this woman first, then several hundreds to saw the full form of Christ after his resurrection. He knows many will not believe. He knows those who do believe are the fools of this world. Your earthly wisdom cannot compare to the wisdom we “fools” have. Darkness and light cannot exist, which is why we believers and you non-believers can never be in harmony. There are false Christians. God knows that.
    He has not come because he is being patient, as the Word says. More than ever, this planet needs Him. But he knows he will be rejected.

    We humans think we are oh so clever. But we’re not. And those who accept how little we are and how great God is will be loved for eternity with him. I have offended no one directly in this, because God is not a God of hate. He is a God of justice. If his justice and his wisdom make you utterly repulsed, pray. You won’t and that’s fine. But if you read this, you’ve been exposed to some light. I am not perfect. But God has granted me the intelligence of this world, and the wisdom of His light.
    Not every Christian is uneducated. I am a skeptic of many things, as an intellectual. But a skeptic of God I am not, because He is more real than you will ever know. He is not invisible, but lives IN me. He is around me all the time as an omnipotent, omnipresent being. To you, however, he is no where to be found. Because you reject him. He’s no authoritarian dictator; if you want nothing to do with him, he gives you your space.

    Accept the truth that you need Jesus. This article is obviously satirical, and it’s a stepping stone for the mass intolerance for Christians. You don’t need big signs to know God is real. You expect us to tolerate everything, but you won’t tolerate us.
    Jesus is waiting. I pray for this world.

  • agape

    The beginning should read: In an infinite universe…

  • David Flores

    Your text
    It says religious not christians you fuck

  • Ginette

    Je ne trouve pas cette nouvelle à la Nasa ?

    I can not find this new NASA?

  • Ginette

    I can not find this new NASA?

  • REE42

    It can only be proven in the heart. God is Spirit. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. It is written, “without faith, it is impossible to please Him. I know He is real. Proof that He is or proof that He is not, is not attainable. Therefore, it is best to choose to believe, and then follow Him and learn of Hm.

  • REE42

    PS It also takes faith not to not believe. It is a choice.

  • zeidgeist

    Translated:- Tablet #1 No canvassers, No Earthlings and no preachers. Tablet #2 Beware of the Sklrrg

  • Alexander

    Syms Covington
    Syms Covington was a fiddler and cabin boy on HMS Beagle who became an assistant to Charles Darwin and was appointed as his personal servant in 1833, continuing in Darwin’s service after the voyage until 1839. Wikipedia
    Born: 1816, Bedford, United Kingdom
    Died: February 19, 1861

  • sergo4

    ST John 21: 25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. And God Himself revealed to Moses, He created world without numbers, but He said to him I will speaks to you about this one you live. I do believe all things we see testify there is a God, even things we could not see with our own eyes. NASA there are more keep looking you will be bless by inspirations and knowledge.

  • Barry

    Satire in the favor of Christians. So why are so many taking this as an opportunity to defend their beliefs? Why are you all so insecure? I’ve heard it all before. Guess what? I really don’t care.

    If I choose to believe you’r all a bunch of ignoramuses who need to have your heads surgically removed from your anuses, well that’s my choice. You don’t have to like it. That’s YOUR choice.

    If atheists telling you how stupid they think you are gets you so worked up, then perhaps you should start examining the foundations of your beliefs.

    Most atheists I know including my 16 year old sister chose this after examining the options and concluding that, in their minds, they were absurd and no longer serve a purpose in society other than to hold us back from what we could potentially be.

    I hate to tell you this, but your little “BAAAAA….!!” session is more than likely going to affirm the positions of any atheist reading through these comments.

    Keep your preach in your churches where they belong. If we find ourselves interested, we will let you know.

  • Caleb

    Is this real ? Would be awesome if it was real 😀

  • oscar

    Lo que no encuentro posible es que si somos producto de la evolución, como es posible que en otro planeta se ayan hablada las mismas lenguas que en el nuestro, y que los apostoles hayan sido los mismos. ?????????

  • Julio Garcia

    Your previous comment being insanely ambiguous:

    “//atheist ideology//
    No such thing…..look up the word, fuckwit.”

    According to that one of those two terms “is no such thing”. I proved ideology “is a thing” therefore, and by consequence “atheist ideology” is also “a thing”. So now you say “I meant atheism” so is atheism “no such thing”?

    Are you even understanding yourself? Because I’m having a very hard time trying to come up with what you’re trying to say.

  • Julio Garcia

    The higher % group of people in jail were found GUILTY because of a standard of law.

    Replace the standard of law with personal moral compasses and you might have empty jails but legal impunity, crime and illegality will run rampant outside, as “everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes”.

    How can you see society running coherently when by default people are inherently evil and looking out only for themselves and all of them running around without any standard to punish the bad and reward the good?

  • unplottable

    You’re telling me that there are scenarios where exchanging and selling human beings as chattel could be morally acceptable? Your suggestion that we’re just misunderstanding slavery in the ancient world is a bit (incredibly) wonky. We have ancient texts (THE BIBLE for one) that explain the arrangement, we know how it was done and just about any modern human would deem it morally abhorrent. Can you truly not see that morality itself has evolved along with our species? Loads of things USED to be considered acceptable that we’ve changed our collective minds about (racism, the rights of the common man, certain types of warfare, etc). Slavery is slavery, and it’s unjust in any incarnation, and I believe I can make that assumption without the greater assumption that a creator endowed me with that knowledge.
    While I’ll submit that there is still debate about the health benefits of circumcision, I think it’s safe to say that the benefits in favour are at least negligible. A lot of what goes around about it being cleaner and ‘safer’ are essentially myths. ( Don’t act like you always have the ultimate opinion in an argument, you could easily be wrong, even scientific studies aren’t always empirically correct.

  • Tim Mena

    Atheism doesn’t have a set of values, morals, ect. That’s what I mean, and unless you truly are retarded, you could have understood that. “Christian ideology” makes sense, because it is an ideology derived from Christianity. Atheism has nothing with which to derive any ideals from… is only a non-belief. Sorry I don’t have a coloring book with pages that can explain this to you better.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    wow how much of a bigger ignorant can you be? seriously not even if it were right before your eyes would you believe… what a shame, even I a 15 year old knows better than to be so closed minded and ignorant…

  • steph

    OBVIOUSLY you dont know that most of those people who are in prison and are christian became christian while in prison because preachers/pastors are allowed to go to them and convert them because every deserves a second chance, and if they ask God for forgiveness who are you to judge?

  • maria

    you can go ahead and believe or not believe what you want but all i have to say is that not every christian “hates” gays if that is so then they arent acting like real christians and your just being stereotypical. we as christians are supposed to love all, even the non believers because we arent here to judge anyone for we are not perfect. No one is perfect and every one sins. And as said in the bible no sin is greater than another which means that if i lie or steal it would be the same as if i were gay or if i commited adultry or any other sin. so shame on you for saying that and not knowing what your talking about.

  • Wes White

    You assert that people ‘are inherently evil and looking out only for themselves’, it isn’t a fact.

    I wasn’t arguing for no societal law, I was saying that, based on the statistics you’re discussing, people seem to be much better at adhering to that law when they don’t try to follow the Bible. That seems clear.

  • arvin

    wow .. its extravagant ! .. It is a proof that religion dominates all aspect of life !! bravo ! 🙂

  • Guest

    Read the books of King David.

  • Jesse

    In response to all who have spoken. First of all, the above story is clearly a satire. However, the discussion generated from it is not.
    We have all been given minds with a capability to think and to reason, but few have wisdom that goes beyond knowledge. Wouldn’t it be a funny thing if you had more knowledge than any other human being but you failed to realize that you are actually not as wise as you thought you were? People claim to be right from childhood and argue arrogantly even when they don’t really know what they are talking about. But even when they “mature” into adults, they continue to act the same, being puffed up with what they consider to be knowledge, yet being more foolish than a young child who doesn’t yet make the mistake of claiming to be wise.
    You know, there is more hope for a fool than for someone who thinks he is wise.
    Let me ask a question: If scientists make wrong claims or foolish choices in the name of science, does it mean science no longer is real? Even if there isn’t a single person on earth who understands science, does it cease to exist? No, the laws of nature continue to go on as we are ruled by them. In the same way, if someone claims to speak in the name of God and to be a follower of Christ fails to act as a true follower and soils the name of God, does it really disprove God’s reality? No, for in the same way that the laws of science and nature continue to govern those who live in this world, so does the One who created these very laws of science and nature continue to govern the universe. You could say He is the greatest scientist, for in His wisdom he thought up every law of nature and science that exists (and there are many) and he holds everything together by that same wisdom and power that created all things.
    As humans, we can only understand things that have beginnings, and we can only begin to imagine things that have no end. But what about the concept of something existing forever in the past? Did all matter just exist for eternity in the past with no beginning? Are we still talking about science? Yes. We must think about such things as scientists. Eternity past sounds like Sci-fi, or fantasy, not what we humans deem “reality”… but if things didn’t exist forever in the past, then at what point did they suddenly exist? And what was there before that? Now we have a dilemma, neither way avoids a seemingly scientifically unexplainable solution. So, whether you use the term “magic” or “fantasy” or “sci-fi”, it doesn’t make a difference. You are forced to realize something your puny human mind doesn’t have the answer to. To put science in your box of understanding is to put the mystery of the universe into the puny box of your personal intelligence. But the truth is, we are all like children… whether we like to be smart enough to admit it or not. Continue searching for the end of this universe… will you ever find it? Continue naming planets and stars, but this does not make you wise. You can name the species of all the plants and animals on earth and know their anatomy but truly be an infant at heart. It means nothing to know all these things, but be a fool in reality. Humans never truly know all there is to know about these “scientific” things. Someone in the following generation always comes after the last to either go a step further or even disprove the former. Always reaching for more knowledge, yet never grasping it.
    But science would never advance if people always put it into a box of only what they could understand. It is understandable why childish beings like us would not want to hurt our minds thinking about something as big as God. After all, the one who created the universe is bigger than it, and far greater. And the one who created science and wisdom is clearly the source of all that we are able to begin to grasp.
    Did you know that people don’t need a book made of paper to understand these mysteries? All of creation, and the entire universe with its immaculate intricacies is one BIG message to us about God and who He is and what His character is like. But people, being darkened in their understanding twist the truth and deceive themselves – and others.

    However, God has chosen to help us by revealing things to us both by written and spoken word. He did this not with word only, but in power. The one who is the King of science can also do things beyond our imagination and defy the laws of science as we know them. How else could the universe suddenly come into existence, other than by a being who has no beginning Himself and who has great power to call into existence the things that do not already exist? Yes, throughout history God has shown his power to mankind in order to give us a chance to escape from our own lies and come to the truth. He has displayed his power in miracles and great signs that defy scientific understanding.
    Even to this day such things are happening. Those who truly have faith in God have been given authority to heal the sick by laying their hands on them. The blind are made to see. The deaf are made to hear. The dead are raised. People tortured for their faith escape from maximum security prisons by supernatural miracles and many other such things. But the greatest miracle of all is a cold and stony heart coming to life and faith in this dark and sinful world where peoples eyes have been blinded.

    God has chosen to do these things this way for a very specific purpose. He has done it this way to offend the minds of those who think they are wise so that they will be humbled. I now quote something interesting Jesus said, as he was filled with joy from the Holy Spirit:
    “I praise you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, for this way was well-pleasing in your sight.”

    Those who are wise in their own eyes are unable to see their own foolishness and childishness. But God has chosen to reveal these things to the childlike, in order that the very least of mankind will be able to receive eternal life. God has hidden such things from those who are puffed up with pride and trust in unreliable human understanding.
    I’ll give you a secret…. God draws close to the humble. He is a defender of the weak and loves little children.
    Jesus also says,
    “If you do not humble yourself like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”

    If you are willing to let go of your pride and your childish reasoning, God will not only grant you the kingdom of heaven, but he will also grant you true wisdom and understanding which goes deeper than the shallow understanding humans are capable of.

    But know this, for any one who has been willing to take the time to read this message,
    The Kingdom of God has come near you this very day.

    Whether you have humbled yourself as a child or not, the Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, maker of heaven and earth, is surely coming on the clouds of heaven with great power and great glory. All tribes and nations of the earth will weep and mourn because of him. He who made you knows your every thought and feeling from the moment you were born, and he will judge you according to your deeds. If you have chosen to accept His sacrifice for your sins, you will be washed clean of all guilt, and your judgement will be eternal life. But if you have refused the gracious offer of the Lord of the Universe to pardon you and spit on his gift, how will you be saved on that day?
    Humble yourself like a child, for that is what you are, it is what we all are… Accept him as King, for he is a merciful King, and you will be saved.

  • lisa741

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  • Daniel

    don’t need outside sources of such finding if were true, cause Jesus change my life and filled the emptiness of my heart and spirit, gave me peace, heal my bulging disc in my spine, fill me with his presence, forgave my sin, and is constantly working in me everyday to make me more like him. Religion don’t save, man cant forgive sin, only Jesus the Christ who fulfill all the messianic prophecies and will come sinner than what we think, for those whose name are not written in the book of life will not enter heaven. Jesus is the only way, the true and the life. no one goes to the father but by him,. Elohim the plural personal pronouns, and other verses in the bible that clearly shows Gods three dimensional acting as one, Father, Son, Holy spirit.
    God bless.

  • Julio Garcia

    Never said exceptions did not exist, but that does not trump out the norm. Even evolution teaches you this, everyone looking out for their own survival means you will want to achieve this by all means necessary, which is an observable fact.

    As for the stats, besides the fact that those are dramatically exaggerated and most likely invented, my retort was simply pointing to the source and point of view from the inmate’s perspective in comparison to the fact that even if they WERE religious they were in violation of Biblical principles and thus knowingly deserve the punishment, whereas the rest thought killing/stealing/criminal activity was the morally right thing to do and might not acknowledge that they’re indeed wrong. .

  • Julio Garcia

    Oh really? It’s a “non-belief”?

    Tell me then, according to most atheists how did everything get here?

    Answer that and you’ve found the pillar for everything you **believe**. THIS is called a “doctrine” and according to the definition you’ve pasted atheism is conformed by certain teachings and doctrines that assert that there is no metaphysical manifestations of any sort, personal or otherwise in this world.

    I’m the one that’s actually sorry that you don’t even seem to know what you believe in, it’s pretty heartbreaking to be honest.

  • Jay

    ou sont les fotos alors?

  • Guest

    God is stupid. Why isn’t a single message in an African language? May I remind heth that there are more than a billion of African on Earth and in a near future they will form the majority of world population.

    By the way at the creation of mankind there were no English language.

    God is really stupid.

  • KATE

    I’m a flower of Christ, and this is ridiculous. So sad. Too bad that all the freak Christians out there twist things and make all us look like weirdos. Of course it’s the psycho ones that get the attention in the media.

  • Siegfried Kloepper

    the biggest nonsense ever heard,………hahaa

  • Sam

    Ha… The funneh thing about atheists… When they come to face death, they get on their knees and “pray”. It is that simple. How can you “know” or “have” the guidelines to a life you did not design? FOOL.
    Its either jesus is god or we all are. If jesus christ is not real then we are next in line right? But who are we kidding? Us? Gods? Really? Hahahaha.
    I choose wisdom and common sense. Im going with Jesus.

  • Chuck Norris

    How about fuck you

  • Truth

    It’s a shame, this is another marketing strategy to increase donations going into “a church”, Christianity is now a business and the false prophets will do anything to get church. A nigerian pastor owns private jets, question is, since when did pastors become business men?, nonetheless this does non mean Christianity is a fail. It’s just the false prophets we were warned about @work

  • natasha

    was a fiddler and cabin boy on HMS Beagle who became an assistant to Charles Darwin

  • seema

    Amen this is so beautiful and my faith in my God of the Bible is growing more as days past by. Amen Holy Spirit.

  • chile

    What ever we say and thing wont change this finding
    God Almighty Is Real and Only True God, He placed those stones in Mars not any other….
    In Jesus Name, Amen!

  • Eymie Jathang Haokip

    This truely is a sign that the second coming is nearing.. all who hear of this bettr b prepared before its too late.. He wants us to b ready for the day.. God is almighty..

  • UnknownTruth

    You’re telling me christian s have a better life character than people of any other religion let alone those who don’t believe in any? Anyone can have a good life and character. You need to open your mind up a little bit.

  • E Brian Rose

    What do The Ten Commandments have to do with Christianity?

  • Archer
  • peace

    Those against the message should read the 10 commandments, John 3:16 and think deep on the words “Peace and Love – Yahweh”. If you find anything wrong in them please don’t believe but if it is true, just believe.

  • Rad

    Religion and Atheism have tendencies to split people but both have the ability to follow a strong set of moral values. Most if not all religions do too. There are extremisms that religions have to killing but, the good-natured values that are in the religion that people go for and not those that negatively hurt others can be shared no matter the religion and doesn’t have to seperate people as much as they do right now. With how much the world has changed, isn’t cooperation amongst people better than hate or criticism for their religion? As a Christian I believe this. Talking about our religions or opinions openly as to not push or offend one into converting to a religion but to talk about ideas and values that are incorporated in what they believe in.

    As to this article, I don’t believe it is true, neither do I believe the article posted about Barack Obama resigning or Justin Bieber comparing himself to Jesus are as true as they have come out to be. With such reports, one would have to consider what aim this website is trying to get. Strange titles like these aren’t reliable pieces of information … duh lol yes yes that’s an obvious statement. But, I believe what the articles do provide brilliantly is a room of discussion on the topics they are about such as religion and atheism in this one, or sexuality in the article about Pope Benedict. These discussions, I rather the articles take focus on and not what seems to be, the publicity of a news story. That’s my general understanding : ) Hope it was helpful 😀

  • Just a random guy

    oh well, i’ve been tracking the source of this article and unfortunately there is no official source for this, and that “scientist”, was taken from history, he was a fiddler who lived from 1814 to 1864, and there was also a Charles Darwin’s assistant with that name, maybe the same guy of this article hahaha, so if someone can bring an official source of this article, will be pretty much appreciated. If not, there is no need to argue or being intolerant. God bless you people and I hope you’re having a good time… Thanks…

  • Ike

    There is nothing like the books of Kind David in the bible. Sorry you are misleading those who do not know

  • Dariem Henao

    XD yeah

  • D Umbo

    Man he must be god becauze all i can fit on my tablits is a smiley fase. They must have strong magnifikying glases to reed all that. Man if they have stuff that can reed stuff on tablits on mars thatz amasing . I have to admit i woodnt want to be a deeler on a foreiegn planet. North of the rivers wierd enoutgh.

  • Kasie

    Ok, so I’m not so much as a hard core Christian as some of you in this debate, but I’d like to point out something that I have seen a couple of you debating about. It’s about the whole genital mutilation thing and having your sons circumcised. If you sit there and think about it, for one Jesus was a Jew…Jews do not believe in this as it is against their religion, and if Jews were at one time the “chosen” people then why did it become so popular for society to start circumcising their sons? Secondly, as a worker in the health care world more and more doctors and parents are steering away from this procedure. There are no medical facts stating that it is healthier to have it done than not. It’s is looked at now as meerly cosmetic. Also you can’t put all Christians in the same bucket for we all do not think on the same plane. I for one take to heart love thy neighbor…pink, yellow, gay, Atheist, whatever. I believe that people even though it’s wrong to say this should only be judged upon their character. People have been known to change, but it’s also easier to fall backwards than it is to step forward. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Also why does everyone try to push their own beliefs on everyone else. It isn’t up to us to judge everyone else, only God can do that and that is done when we get to the pearly gates! The world would be a much better place if everyone would just agree to disagree!

  • AlpaCINO

    You can’t just differentiate between a servant and a slave. Servants are willing workers, paid for their services while slaves are people captured and forced to work without pay. In the Old Testament, great men of God had servants not slaves, unless those captured during war. And Jesus changed everything in the New Testament. Jesus associated more with the Gentiles(non Jews) than the Jews and His teachings were against all these things you mentioned. Pls try to get your facts right.

  • AlpaCINO

    Don’t destroy urself for cheap publicity. Don’t dare God the Almighty. Who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and dry, day and night. Winter and summer. He makes the earth to quake and the seas to overflow. He does things your scientist can’t explain or imagine. He is Yahweh the Almighty. He is, He was and He will be.

  • Roan7995

    I want you to look up the benefits of reciprocal altruism. No need for a god.

  • Roan7995

    This is Orwellian doublespeak. Christianity is a religion.

  • Agozo

    y is dis only abt christianity wat iz wrong wit other religions who believe in God.The ten commandment das nt only exist in de bible bt de quran as well so it das nt confirm christianity to be the wan true religion.

  • Dark Star

    Yeah, just look at these Christians, why can’t secularists be more like them:

  • Abortion is “DEFIANTLY” going to be illegal? If you’re going to misspell it, at least do what everyone else does and spell it “DEFINATELY”!!

  • R3sistance

    Wow Julio I would compare these arguments to David and Goliath but it would not give enough justice for the intellectual butt kicking you have handed out on this post.

  • Albert Ross


  • Tmfark

    Because morality is not about SELF Julio, it is about at least the species if not life in general. Taking care of one another, trying not to cause harm, from family on up is beneficial to survival.
    This behavior is more than apparent throughout the spectrum of life. Take the Bible out of your eye and actually look and think about reality. Your precious book and ‘God’ (and his identical cousins Yahweh and Allah) not to mention those other crazy deities in Athens, Rome, Africa, Norway, India, Mexico, South America, etc. and the people who control [politics & church] ‘their’ teachings are ALL about power. The Bible stole morality because it helps keep people alive… to serve the whimsy of the rulers. Self. Not morality.

  • Rc

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Gzeus

    I believe you’re using what’s known as the “God of the gaps,” fallacy. Just because we don’t know a whole lot about the origins of the universe doesn’t mean that god did it, sorry.

  • Gzeus

    I don’t think you understand statistics. More religious people are in prison than atheists per capita which means that on average, religious people are more likely to be in prison than atheists. That is a FACT, and calling atheists immoral doesn’t change the fact that, on average when compared to religious people, they are not.

  • Gzeus

    Atheism is a lack of belief in god, not a belief in science. I could be an atheist and believe that the easter bunny created the sun and the stars. You are misinformed.

  • Gzeus

    If you didn’t believe god existed, would you murder and pillage and rape?

  • Gzeus

    Empathy IS a biological trait. You say there are animals that are thriving without it, yet the only animal with bridges, automobiles, computers and that dominates the planet DOES have empathy. Empathy came about because groups of people that trust and care about one another last longer than people who backstab and fight each other. It’s the reason the sith.lords died out and the jedi thrived.

  • TesshuAriyama

    who da fuck cares what you idiotic morons think.. this is fake.. if its real get them to show proof.. deal with it..

  • Cillendor

    Why not? If there’s nothing to live for beyond reproduction and self-benefit, then rape is the most practical way of seeding wombs with your genetic material, and pillaging is a lot easier than actually working for the things you want. There’s nothing “immoral” about rape and theft if morality is defined by whatever the chemicals in your brain tell you is best for yourself and society.

  • Daniel

    Julio –

    You really need to research the big bang more thoroughly before making that claim. The big bang does not claim that nothing exploded. Also, atheism is purely the lack of belief in god. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Jeremy

    HAHAHA, You Jesus freaks are morons.

  • 918Environmentalist
  • Jim Jones

    > I’m a Theology major.

    Cool. I’m a Phrenology major. I have a minor in Psychic readings.

  • mutie

    Wait, so you’re saying there are parts of the bible that were written by mortals? That pretty much means you have to throw it all out, right? Because god doesn’t sign his handwork? Welcome to the world of atheism, friend. We meet every second Tuesday at the pub. Bring your own darts.

  • Charlie

    All you did was say “Oh those aren’t real Christians. They’re in jail so they must not abide by god’s law so they can’t be real Christians.”

    I shouldn’t even have to point out that if you’re a “BIble reading and doing person” there is plenty to go jail for. “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

    The worst part about your comment is that you didn’t realize how much of a double standard that was. I can easily say “Oh those atheists didn’t follow the golden rule so obviously they aren’t real atheists.”

    Please think before you speak.

  • Charlie

    People like you are the scariest thing alive. People like you don’t understand anything about morals. You say that if there is no afterlife, no reward or punishment for being good or bad, then there is no reason to be good. By saying that you admit that your morals are based on not burning for the rest of eternity, not because you are a good person.

    So as you asked, why not? Why not go rape that girl next door. She is so hot, and she can’t stop me so why not? I’m not going to go rape her because I can assume that if I was a girl I wouldn’t want a guy to rape me, therefore rape is an inherently bad thing so I shouldn’t do it.

    But hey do what you want. You believe in Jesus so even though you’re a total douche you’ve convinced yourself that you’re getting into heaven. Have fun.

  • Charlie

    Coloration does not equal Causation
    I see lots of birds flying just before a hurricane therefore birds must cause hurricanes.

    In the same sense
    Humans are Altruistic
    Humans are an Intelligent Species
    Therefore Altruism causes a species to become Intelligent.

    But I hope you know that isn’t true.
    all of those animals are Altruistic but none of them can be defined as Intelligent.

    What we do know is that Altruism is a good trait to have. So it is very possible that Empathy is inherited. Altruistic Humans got food when their harvest wasn’t good but known thieves wouldn’t have gotten any food. Therefore if you weren’t Altruistic and didn’t have empathy then there was a greater chance of death whether it be from starvation or a wound. But there is no need for a god in this scenario. If anything we have lions and wolves and floods and fires to thank for this trait.

  • Cillendor

    So tell me, what is the basis of your morality? Why do you think it is “wrong” to rape and steal?

    PS—I’d be a douche if I actually did any of these things. I’m having a hypothetical argument. If anything, I’m less of a douche because I’m begin intellectually honest, unlike you.

  • NASA employee

    This is a fake story, we have NOT found any “elephant sized” slabs on Mars, which has said anything about the Ten Commandments or God.

  • Houstonguy1984

    In the Bible, god doesn’t just approve of murder, he commands it. Read Exodus through Joshua, where god commands his Hebrew soldiers to slaughter “everything that breathes” in the various cities of Canaan… including women, elderly, children, babies, even the animals; those people are non-combatants, and not a threat, yet god commanded the slaughtering of those people. The only people that god told the Hebrews to spare were the virgins… to be FORCED into marrying one of the Hebrew soldiers! How did they find out who were virgins? One can only imagine….

    God also gives instructions on how slaves are to be bought and sold, and virgins were required to marry their rapists… Just google that stuff and you’ll find the verses, but you’ll probably just want to be in denial about how your mythical god is a complete monster throughout most of the Bible. I was a Christain until I was 25 yrs old, and issues like this were one of MANY that put the final nail in the coffin to this brain-washing (religious faith).

  • Katerina1982

    Julio, it may be time to read your bible if you don’t realize the bible condones and even orders these immoral behaviors. It is not “the verse” but MANY verses. Please, read your bibles!

  • Katerina1982

    If you read the bible every day and you have no knowlege of god condoned slavery, genocide, mass infanticide, genital mutilation, then you must not be reading the bible, but instead the Dr. Suess books.

  • Katerina1982

    Tell us how moral it is to commit genocide and mass infanticide please. Oh I get it: god said it is OK, thus it is not immoral to murder entire cities. As a scientist and immunologist, I attest that the penile foreskin contains immune cells, and studies have shown that circumcised men are more prone to certain STDs than uncircumcised men. In the USA, circumcision is a multi-billion dollar industry with physicians earning money for each circumcision, selling the foreskins to pharmaceutical companies who in turn sell the cell-based products back to the consumer. Also, the bible says it is OK to beat a slave until near death bc he is your property. If you get your “morality” from the bible, please stay FAR away from me! I believe in honestly, compassion, and true righteousness! I am atheist.

  • trevor

    That was easy

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

  • Nhlanhla

    …………………………….._ /…./___

  • corhen

    nice straw man,

    Propose something no one believes, prove that this thing that no one believes is wrong, prove that you are better than no one!

    Please, for the sake of yourself, educate yourself, Take some science courses and read some books!

  • corhen

    If god is never mocked, and i mock god, doesn’t that prove that god doesn’t exist?

  • corhen

    There are massive amounts of non believers because to some people truth matters more than assurances.

    the main objective of my life is to learn more of the truth every day. To keep my eyes open and pointed up. This has taught me the wonders of the universe. the majestic spinning of the spiral galaxy. the super nova that created our atoms, and the big bang that was the start of this universe.

    It has also shown that there is no need, and indeed no proof, of a god figure to create everything. there exists a natural physical process that can explain everything we find and see around us.

  • Lars Morten Lindberg

    I smell.. bull shait.

  • Jobro

    To respond to those who are saying God condones Genocides …. You really have to understand the full context. First off God is the creator of everything, our knowledge and mind can not comprehend his reasoning. If you read (Job 38:4-7) God explains to Job that his reasoning is not something he can comprehend. God responds by saying “where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions?…”. In addition people forget that God created us with abilities to choose, to either choose to follow him or not. But God told Adam from the beginning that not following him will lead to death (Genesis 2:16). With that all being said, I want to inform you that there are definite consequences to everything that we do in this world and God sometimes uses people to carry out his punishment, read (Ezekiel 25:14). In case you didn’t know the genocide of the Canaanites was due to their practices and their sinful nature. They were burning their CHILDREN “sons and daughters” as sacrifices, practicing witchcraft…. they were so far from God that he had his reasons to stop that from continuing. But please don’t be fooled and think God only punishes unbelievers. I mean he allowed the chosen Israelite’s to go through slavery, defeat, captivity and so forth for their disobedience. This is all to say, read the word of God carefully to better understand our creator.

  • Wing_Zero_75

    I say you are full of it. And, are either a liar or cannot read and like the pretty pictures in the kids bible with no bad stuff.

  • SilverNightwing

    I took my morals from my mother, who is an atheist. She taught me the value of common sense, as well as the value of a question, something which is clearly lacking in your upbringing. Your are blinded, blinkered to the real world, because all you can see is what everyone else wants you to see. You never stop to question, you just blindly follow, without making your own impact on the world or it’s events. I end my response with a link, which sums things up nicely.

  • Aggy Eustus

    May God bless you
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from du

  • Debebe yilma

    God blessing you

  • Debebe yilma

    Did you know evrything .did you know the next seconds, minuts, hours .day…..end of your much you are sure of it about your life.
    You may not get success or reach at your aimed or not know 100% every thing in the next life in all. Unless you bleve in Jesus your life is in trble. Test him you will injoy……

  • brian

    now this was funny!

  • debo

    wat a shame, my people perish bcos they lack knowledge.God said it dat people will misinterpret His words for their selfish and evil acts.we will all account for all we utter out, , all we do and all d people we have mislead.if we seek God for knowledge and read the Bible with open heart then we will realise the difference in life before d birth of jesus christ and life after him (old & new testament).10 commandments says it all.may God give us grace and mercy before it’s too late.

  • sam

    “Curiosity Rover … in a Martian cave.” — how on earth would NASA send their precious toy into a cave to risk losing communication forever?

  • Sheku

    for all i care, with or without those mars evidences, Christianity is the
    one and true RELIGION. It can tell on the character of those that practise it truely.

  • odio al que hizo la noticia

    quien haya escrito esto es un gran estupido!! con esto no se juega! a este bastardo de persona le deben pasar cosas muy malas y ya debe de saber por que!! personas como esta deberian ser repudiadas por inventar cosas asi.

  • Rhino40


  • black torch

    this site should be closed for fake news, My God!!!

  • Henry

    NASA also found two used condoms there.

  • Arthur James

    May he bless you

  • Arthur James

    as long as you got what i was trying to tell you i don’t mind am not english.

  • Ash

    LOL this website is full of bullshit :’D Can’t stop laughing at this article!

  • Vlooibait

    The use of the word “rules” is always thrown out of context. If they where actual strict rules then Christianity would be a religion worthless of following. Because doing so is impossible. To claim that a Christian must in a sense be perfect to meet these requirements then I can understand why a lot of people despise them. It’s almost as if they must act and be better then the “normal” person. But this is where it is important to understand what these commandments mean and why they where given. In Exodus the scripture starts off by saying that God was the one that saved them from the evil of Pharaoh, Egypt. Only then continues to give Israel a set of “guidelines” on how to live a moral life. They sure needed something to help them out back then. Christianity strives to live according to this purely out of love and appreciation for what God and Christ has done, and still does, for them. They know that following these commandments are impossible for a human being, because humans are born to cause destruction. We are the only specie that this world can do without… Only through the grace of God does all these “rules” make sense. He wants people to follow them, because he wants people to see what love in the world can do. What it can change. It’s almost like your mom had a rule to not steal from the cookie jar, because she wanted you to be educated in morality.

  • Type1ASupernova

    Thank god it is satire.

  • Studira

    All of this is so beyond what being human actually mean. It is a conscious state of ourselves living in a reality created by believe and maintained by the absolute to showcase duality so that we can understand it. If you are only in a spiritual state then there is no reference point and therefore nothing to be understood. Good and evil is cut from the same cloth, and the was, the is and the will be, is deterministic by the absolute but lived by the real.
    Those living and claim they know it all will eventually be replaced by those that claim they believe in all and slowly reality will expose the absolute to make possible the impossible. This is an eternal cycle and cannot be broke but rather be transformed. Knowing who we are is more important than knowing what we are not. So those who do not like this thread, rightfully they can claim a certainty taught by predecessors but not proven by themselves, and those who do like this thread can just know that they have no clue as to what is actually going on.

  • Just Not

    Well I’ll be goddamned if people believe this…

  • Altus

    God did not create right or wrong. These are mere human constructs that was shaped by our will to survive. We understood that the best chance of survival is through a collectively co-operation. Our moral code has developed through social evolution and human interdependence. It has nothing to do with being made in the image of something. Image merely means to look alike.

  • Harry

    God is only trying to reveal himself through his son(Jesus Christ) and thereby proving to the world that CHRISTIANITY is the only one true religion. Be warned unbelievers!

  • vicky

    how come nasa dont show pictures of the slabs

  • DocWatson

    Hilarious humor. And look at all the ranting going on now. Amazing!

  • bob

    cant the robot take a damn pic. sheeple blinded by ignorance and lies

  • Sag1st

    What a proof. Jaw dropping

  • fred

    believe what u want

  • fred

    check with NASA before commenting

  • fred

    Everybody will be judged independently not as a collective

  • fred

    Do you believe that God is the creator of all things on earth? If you do then you will notice that since mankind was chased out of the garden of Eden because of our sins a gap was created between man and God. Therefore during those times it was whether you obey the commands of God strictly or not, if you do not then you were not one of HIS children. So if God command the killing of people who do not worship HIM but idols then its justifiable. After CHRIST death that vacuum created was filled with the GRACE. “NO ONE GOES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME” Jesus said.

  • Alexander Johansson

    And yet no pictures of the discovery?

  • kczbox

    What is so sad is that millions of people will believe this story…..

  • Guest

    May the force be with you 😉

  • Fred Palmer

    May the Force be with you 😉

  • Houstonguy1984

    God? Which god are you talking about? Humans have created thousands of gods. The god of the Old Testament is probably one of the most repulsive characters in all of fiction. You’re god is a monstrous hypocrite if he tells his people “thou shalt not murder”, but then commands his soldiers to slaughter children & babies. He’s a monster if He permits his soldiers to force virgin captives to marry one of his soldiers, and forces virgin rape victims to marry their rapists.

    There is a saying:
    “Morality is about doing what is right regardless of what you are told, religion is about doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.”

  • Davidod

    A theology major who’s never read Exodus 21:20? WOW!!

  • Bobby Klug

    cool all have read and studied man made open your mind to something new. perhaps fear of the unknown is our human downfall. fear of failure surely is. just like fight or flight. everyone seems to be taking flight on this topic. your life span will end in the blink of an eye in comparence to the universe . so with that said. your youth is clouding your judgement. dont let technology reinforce your disbelief.

  • rllawren

    The commands you mention are phrased “utterly destroy them” always followed by commands like “do not intermarry with them or they will turn you to the false gods.” So the term “utterly destroy” in the original context and genre obviously to the Israelites did not mean “slaughter” or “commit genocide”…but it does mean, “God has warned these Canaanites for 40 years that if they dont stop sacrificing their first-born babies on heated statues to Baal and Molech, then their civilization based on these abominations will be utterly destroyed.” Of course Ruth and Rahab are evidence that anyone who abandoned these gods and these practices was allowed to live in the land, and even a tithe was dedicated to supporting these foreigners since they weren’t allowed to own land in Israel, unless they became worshipers of Yahweh who was the defender of the innocents and foreigners. I am actually writing a paper for my ThM last week on Deut 17 and next week have a 15 page essay due on holy war..interesting topic though I take the pacifist position as a New Testament Christian.

  • rllawren

    also Deut. also commands that before they were to attack any of these cities they were to offer it terms of peace and allow them to live among the Jews as long as the honored the ten commandments (Basic morality) even if they didn’t become Israelites. Anyone who refused did so to defend their gods who commanded child sacrifice. These were the ones killed in battle regardless of age or gender…this is what it meant to “spare no child, woman, or man but utterly destroy them.” You really should read it from an Ancient Near Eastern viewpoint to understand the meaning of the text. Feel free to read any ancient docs of Hittite treaties etc. to confirm the immoral and atrocious actions commanded by the gods of Canaan. I am not trying to convert anyone here and dont expect all the sceptics in here to just accept this but I do intend to show that Christianity has reasonable answers that are consistent with what all (even secular) anthropologist, sociologists, and archaeologists know of the genres and culture of the Old Testament to answer these accusations that Yahweh of the Old Testament was a merciless maniac. Numerous texts have been written on the topic give extremely satisfactory answers.

  • rllawren

    in ancient times when a person had a debt they could not pay or they could not support their family they could “sell themselves” into slavery to pay the dept. It is a far cry from the type of slavery perpetrated against Africa in recent times and VERY different from the slavery the Jews suffered from in Israel. Numerous passage defend the rights of these “slaves.” When the dept was paid, the “slave could choose to stay as a permanent servant/save if they enjoyed the protection and provision and treatment of the owner. I know in our era the term slave is contrary to what we see today…but a contract with an employer or movie stars or agents are commonly called what they truly are…”I own you” (legally speaking of course)…when a slave entered the contract initially, they agreed to be “property” in exchange for the alternate. Any “slave” that chose to be circumcised, baptized (yes see the Mishnah for baptism practices of Gentiles becoming Jews) became a FULL JEW with most rights and honors except temple inner court and priestly rights. But these were no longer considered foreigners.

  • rllawren

    Unplottable…it is western Democracy and pretty much only that which considers owning a person immoral. It is the mistreatment of a person for any reason that is immoral.

  • rllawren

    God programs all with the “ability to be moral” but freedom determines what a person actually does. p.s. Serial killers are generally a medical-psychological phemon. Not an example of immorality.

  • Chuck Thom

    I just did dare him. It turns out he’s either a coward or doesn’t exist.
    “Smite me almighty smiter.”
    Nothing. What a sissy.

  • Mensa

    You’re an idiot and hypocrite. Atheist don’t believe that we can simply be guiltless and forgiven for our wrong-doing by apologizing and can you imagine how important life and values are to people who don’t believe in an afterlife? Most atheists I know are not only smarter that most religious people but also have a better set of principals because we believe for the most part that you don’t need a supervisor in order to be a good person. you do it because it’s right. the rest of you are like ignorant children who need a parent to give you a set of guidelines.

  • Mensa


  • Chuck Thom

    Of course atheists can explain morality. Morality is simply the idea that we shouldn’t do things that harm other people, because if we do, our race will die off. That’s much better than explaining morality as “well, someone told me so,” which is what the religious claim. Why is your morality any better just because the Bible says so? By the way, if you really lived by “Bible morals,” you’d be in prison right now.

  • Chuck Thom

    No, a doctrine is a set of rules that must be followed. There is no atheist set of rules. Atheists believe all sorts of different things. Some of them even believe in nonsense like astrology. Buddhists are mostly atheists.

  • ziddina

    I can’t wait until they find the “Chronicles of Cthulhu” on the flanks of Olympus Mons… That’ll blow “yahweh’s” crackerjack box tops out of the water – er, Martian dust…

  • Chuck Thom

    It’s bigotry to say gays deserve the same legal protections as heterosexuals? Wow.

  • Houstonguy1984

    So why couldn’t god just punish the people performing the sacrifices only, and spare the innocent children & babies? The god of the O.T. did sanction human sacrifice. You may be familiar with the story of Jephthah, a man who sacrificed his daughter because he foolishly made a vow to god that he would sacrifice the first thing that walks through the door if god gave him victory against the Ammonites.
    God, being all-knowing, knew the girl would be the first thing to walk through the door, but did he warn Jephthah not to make that vow? Of course not, that would’ve been too easy and something a nice person would do.

    The Israelites were also allowed to take virgin captives from conquered cities to be forced into marriage (which is essentially rape). If God prohibited intermarrying, why did he permit his soldiers to marry virgin captives? Wasn’t he concerned the virgins would turn his soldiers over to false gods?

    Not that any of this really matters, there’s not really any archeological evidence that these things actually took place in real history: the mass exodus from Egypt, the wanderings in the wilderness for 40 years, or the Jews (specifically) conquering all these Canaanite cities.

  • Faircritic

    what are you talking about here?? you can defend anybody, any action, anytime, anywhere, if you choose to. And that’s what you have done here. Where did you read from the bible that god told the Canaanite to stop sacrificing children, and if they do, he would change his plan about giving their land to the Israelites? He was going to take their lands anyways regardless of who they worship. … There are so many atrocities in the old testament that if you want to be honest with yourself, you know there is no ”reasonable answers” In 1Samuel 15.2 for example. There was no treaty, there was no condition or whatsoever, the instruction was plain and simple, ” GO AND DESROY ALL AMALEKITES FOR WHAT THEIR FATHERS DID MANY CENTURIES AGO.” How could they escape that? they can’t change what their forefathers did. So according to you ( someone who always want to see the bible as a good book) They deserve to die! innocent men, women and
    children, animals, everything found there. Just because you want to make the jewish god to look good. If I want I can write a thousand page on why Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler were the best leader ever to rule any country, I can easily do that. it is insane. People who consider, any of those appalling acts in the bible as good or say there are satisfactory response to them, have only been brain washed into those things without a choice than to always say ”God is good all the time” regardless evidence contrary to that.

  • Nancy Huckle

    You are an idiot.

  • Nancy Huckle

    It was the Arab/Egyptians who invented slavery idiot! Not God and not the Hebrews.

  • Nancy Huckle

    You are NOT born of the Spirit and thus cannot understand the Bible. Until you do shut up!

  • Katerina

    I have. I think I’ll skip on the christianity, thank you.

  • Katerina

    Sweetheart, no matter who invented it, god CONDONED it and ORDERED it in the bible! Read your bible before you speak about it!

  • Katerina

    Your ideology is EXACTLY that of fundamentlist Islam. “kill those of another religion.” I am so grateful I am not Christian or Muslim. The two are nearly identical in their supposed superiority and desire for bloodshed.

  • Houstonguy1984

    You obviously have not read much of the Bible. Or you are so brainwashed & indocrinated by the death cult you call “Christianity”, that you will rationalize absolutely any horrible act committed by the diety or commanded by the diety in the Old Testament. You are too emotionally invested in your cult to have a rational, unbiased understanding of your holy book.

  • Holy Man

    First. I am a Christian, so all the haters can just stop. But the one thing this does explain is that the Mars expedition and the pics of the Rover are staged somewhere here on this planet is proven. Come on! pics of the Rover…. who exactly is taking these? It’s like the “reality shows showing stranded people and have a camera crew there documenting it! LOL

  • Jim Jones

    You’ve never met me and yet you can judge me? And still get it wrong? Your crystal ball is badly cracked. Or maybe it’s the nut that holds the ball.

  • Jim Jones


    Is that some sort of incestuous gang bang thing?

  • Stephan McCarroll

    How did two tablets that are signed, “Peace and Love – Yahweh” get on mars? When NASA announces something like this you’d think the whole world would be talking about it. This is a PERFECT example as to why our Lord said that those who worship Him MUST do it in spirit and truth. It’s by “faith” we believe, not by signs. If the Lord Himself appeared, the mainstream media would excuse Him away, as would most people today. What an exciting article.

  • rllawren

    1) if you really read my post you would see that I have already mentioned that the meaning of the command was that any person capable of making the decision to not abandon their god, were to be put to death…this is the context of “all women and children…it means make no exceptions….and Every family worshiping Baal and Molech was required to make these sacrifices. God permitted intermarrying of any who accepted the God of Israel…slaves automatically accepted their new masters god/God. Also concubines were not wives…they were for prolonging the heritage of a family, not for equal rights. There is a distinction not always made clearly in Scripture between marrying for procreation, and marrying for rights and love. Virgins were similar to slaves int hat they weren’t already legally devoted to a god…and marrying a wife of another was already forbidden for adultery reasons, the obvious exception to this was virgins…(unmarried women)
    If you are really serious about learning about these historical details about the Bible i would recommend not just looking for info from your favorite pages but do what all credible scholars are required to do…read objectively from the opposition’s best. Most of us as Christian scholars and professors not only read from Christian scholars but ESPECIALLY pay close attention when someone brings a good argument and see if a possible explanation exists that is supported by facts. “IS God a moral monster” is a book that does make some presumptions but does justice to the questions you have presented here with citations for the evidences referred to.
    As for your last comments…

    Why doesn’t God kill, stop or take away the free will of EVERY person before they commit murder? Or take away our free will before we lie or say something that hurts others? Where would you draw the line if you were the organizer of the rules governing a universe? And there lies the problem with using our own values as right and wrong…they are subjective. God can either have a world that is free to love or reject him, or he can create robots that only do good with no freedom. And since He knows all possible routes he has chosen the best possible world.
    As for your comment about no evidence of what the Bible says…that argument has long been played out my friend…first they said there was no Jericho, then they found it…then they said there was no Governor named Pilate, then they found it..then they said there was no evidence of a King David, then they found a plaque naming a king “of the house of David”…the fact that the Old Testament was unchallenged historically for two thousand years by those who had much more information available to them then we do three to four thousand years removed from the events should lend some weight to the testimony of the Scriptures. When an ancient country (like Rome) destroyed a city it was DESTROYED including their records. History knows the winner writes the history. Only in the modern tech age is it possible to record the true facts of both sides BEFORE the winner destroys everything of the loser. The temples built in Israel and the size of the Canaanite people are some evidences(which we do have some evidences of)…obviously to destroy a nation of peoples that large and populated it with cities as vast as what we see in Ancient Israel…required people and an army the size of…hmmm. the size the Bible says the Jews had. Egyptian history record the number of the Jews as in the hundreds of thousands. If it was only a small group of vagabonds came in and wiped out and conquered all the people in an entire region and populated it…as we know it was in third to first century BC.and before the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity, then we would call these nations sissy-punks…lol. They were obviously a large group of armed people…no credible scholars I have read would try to argue that point…you only find those arguments on Youtube and comments like here. No offense intended my friend. 🙂

  • rllawren

    First, what I am doing is offering reasonable arguments based on consistent premises and conclusions explaining an alternative reading of the passages you are citing. It is the same thing that any Atheist schoalr does when debating how one can be atheist and still have universal morals. They offer explanations for how the two “can be” consistent.
    As for your second comment.

    When Caleb talked to Rahab she said that the reputation of Israel was known to all of the Jericho inhabitants…from the Red Sea incident to the recent victories of Kings…(40 years) even some tribes came to the Jews and asked for peace treaties. This was a reasonable option for all of them…as for God saying he was driving them out for killing babies?…Read Deut 18:12. These two together and the moral conscience of man when he sacrifices his first born child to be burned on a statue argues that God had warned them to stop worshiping in this way. The fact that God did this only to the inhabitants of this land but not other nations who weren’t this horrid in their ways (like Egypt) shows God had chosen to wipe out these specific nations for a reason. Deut 18 is the reason.

  • rllawren

    and to argue that I am wrong because “I am just not being honest with myself” doesn’t even merit a response my friend. it is a baseless argument.

  • Josh

    You didn’t spell the name of the mountain right.. haha yup not real. Its actually spelled Olympus Mons!!!

  • rllawren

    also if you study how to read Biblical narratives, often the author simply record facts without mentioning whether God approved of it or not. Keeping your vow, according to the rest of the Scriptures, was not as important as saving an innocent…He should have repented of his foolish vow and took the consequence on himself instead of making his daughter pay for it…it was an example recorded (by God through the author of the text) to help others see the foolishness of such vows in order to spare others the same mistake not an example of God blessing a man for keeping a foolishly made vow at the expense of another…as a matter of fact, there are numerous recordings of this which culminated in Jesus’ teaching to “make NO vows” just be a “yes or no” person and be trustworthy…all else comes from the enemy.

  • Josh

    Actually Josh, there is a mountain called Aeolis Mons. Its within a crater on the martian surface. still though… Not true.

  • Messenger not IM

    Remember the beginning? Genesis? Also known as Noah’s age? God wiped the whole world clean, all but the chosen ones? Because of the sins and desolate truth of the violations of his laws! This is the same warning for the end times in Revelations? Just remember, a punishment from the mortal parents are temporary and no match in parallel to the eternal parents punishments! So…. Remember, thy punishments are rough and very much final judgement.Iif you disobey or disrespect creator of this whole universe and tiny mortals.

  • catnoel
  • islandgirl244

    blessed be the name of God.I can bet the evil ones children will try to stop this from happening.but God is God and he made it possible for this to happen.hopefully they’ll come to their senses now and do right by the one true god..and put bibles into the schools and be with the one true living God…

  • missarahi

    No, it means there is no possible way of coming before God without a mediator.. Jesus. It’s through his death on the cross that allowed us to become redeemed from Adam & Eve’s mess up.

  • missarahi

    That’s the old testament. You guys are confused. Before Jesus, we had to deal with God himself. The people selected Moses to speak with God because they were afraid of Him. Now that Jesus died on the cross for our redemption from Adam & Eve’s mess up, we no longer have to sacrifice animals to be acceptable when approaching Him. Jesus taught about love and forgiveness. There is no killing here. You guys need to read your stories thoroughly and organize them.

  • Jim Jones

    What is worse is that too many commenters here don’t understand this is a joke site!

  • lenomdeplume

    Arguing the merits of religions, or their absence, is seldom an intellectual exercise. Those who do attempt to do so are pilloried by the “believers” and “non believers” alike. Instead of ranting about whose imaginary benefactor is more powerful, ask whether our actions increase or decrease suffering TODAY.

  • Gred


  • SLSK

    Daily Currant=satire. Not real

  • SLSK

    It’s a fabricated article. Daily Currant is satire, like The Onion

  • SLSK

    You mean hypocrites. Hippocrates=ancient Greek physician. Just FYI

  • SLSK

    The authors of the website.


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • SLSK


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • SLSK

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • SLSK

    It’s a satirical website. ITS NOT REAL. The articles are made up. Like The Onion

  • SLSK

    There’s nothing to “buy”


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • SLSK

    Love their articles 🙂 I can’t decide if it’s funny or worrisome that people don’t realize the website is satirical. Especially when they post religious articles like this one.

  • Thorin

    Project BlueBeam….Here we go!!!

  • JenniferEvette

    why wasnt this on NASA’s website either? is this accurate or a different version of the truth, someone elses perception of the truth?

  • Katerina

    You left out a VERY important fact: The Hebrews would approach other villages and offer peace — as long as the village would agree to become slaves to the Hebrews. If the villagers refused to be the slaves to the Hebrews, that was views as reason to attack and murder the villagers and steal their spoils! (Deuteronomy 20:10-15) I am so glad I am not a christian and know the different between right and wrong. As an atheist, I can tell that this behavior is immoral. That is what is sad about christianity: it warps believers minds into thinking good=bad and bad=good. It is better to keep an honest and open mind and to know the true difference between right and wrong… something judeochristianity and islam seem to sorely lack.

  • rllawren

    Katerina..You should re-read my post about “Old Testament slavery”…slaves were treated with a higher dignity and respect than understood in the Ancient Near Eastern culture, were supported by a tithe from every Jew. Compared to how the Egyptians treated the Hebrews when they were slaves, slavery under Jewish law was AWESOME!!! If you take anything out of its context you can build a strawman argument as you have done here. For example, I could say since Atheists don’t believe in an absolute authority outside of themselves, they have no absolute morals. On its face it is logical, but in practice I know many Atheists who are very moral, just have a hard time justifying why without referring to an absolute moral giver.

  • rllawren

    Katerina…I would also pose these 2 points…what if you ABSOLUTELY KNEW that a nation would grow up to become Nazis and kill millions of innocents because of racism? Would you then judge the person who order their destruction? This is the God which the Bible portrays which we will never be able wrap our heads around…what would you do with absolute power and absolute knowledge of what would happen if…second, for you to say that Go dis immoral you have to first prove that you have a criteria that is perfectly moral to judge against. killing a family for a sin of one member is wrong to us (yet moral to the majority of the world) because we so emphasize the rights and freedoms of each individual apart from a community identity. But that same value of personal freedom is the reason guilty men and women are found innocent in court in the US only to go and hurt, rape and kill other innocents…even our “higher moral” system in western culture has its faults and imperfections thus we shoudl not use it to decide whether the creator or the world and everyone in it has a “right” to do something with the ones he has created. (Yes, since you are arguing the Bible shows an immoral God you must debate this argument using the full description of this Yahweh of the Bible or your argument holds no weight)…

  • LOL

    God always comes first

  • art

    Apparently jeebus school didn’t teach you the meaning of the word ‘Irony”, so I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT synonymous with coincidence.

  • brad

    That is a lie, to say 99 percent of people in jail are christians, I would go so far as to say TRUE CHRISTIANS make up less then 1 percent of the prison population, not just someone that says i believe JESUS is real!!~!~

  • Vincent Gonzales

    nothing on nasa;s web site about this???

  • charliebenjamin

    Not sure why I’m bothering to engage with an article that’s fake (at least the part about the stone tablets). Anyway, the rovers have cameras on robotic arms, which can turn and photograph the rovers themselves.

  • charliebenjamin

    Once I saw the home page and saw what they’re doing, making up satirical, near-plausible stories about current events, I thought this is actually very funny.

  • name

    do you think that they started as christian when they got incarcerated or converted while in prison by people willing to go and talk to them there? christians by large are more willing to go spend time with prisoners then any other faith

  • spiritwolf

    do you know the difference between life and death?
    …..really…”were still waiting”…”OH”…”SO YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW, DO YA” … well, jesus is life,
    luserer is death…! any questions

  • James Stanford

    That’s because they became Christians in prison, smartie pants.

  • James Stanford

    (Deuteronomy 2:33-34) – “And the Lord our God delivered him over to us; and we defeated him with his sons and all his people. 34So we captured all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, women and children of every city. We left no survivor.”

    The command by God to kill all inside a city is seen by many to be immoral and a demonstration that the Bible is not true. But, we must examine the issue in light of its context, its biblical context, not in light of present day, non-Christian assumptions. If we want to see if it is moral or not, we must know which morals are in question.

    First of all, the context of this verse is dealing with the wickedness of the Amorite king Sihon of Hesbon, a city of the Amorites (Num. 21:25). They were a wicked people (Gen. 15:16; 2 Kings 21:11). When the Israelites wanted to pass through their land during their exodus from Egypt, the Amorites refused them safe passage and attacked the Israelites. However, they were soundly defeated by Israel (Num. 21:21-31). It is in this context that God delivered them over to the Israelites; that is, in the context of the battle.

    Why would the decision of the Amorites be so serious to God that He would have all their people wiped out? The answer is simple. God tells the Israelites why the people were destroyed. It was because of the wickedness of the Amorite people.

    “It is not for your righteousness or for the uprightness of your heart that you are going to possess their land, but it is because of the wickedness of these nations that the Lord your God is driving them out before you, in order to confirm the oath which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” (Deut. 9:5).

    God has declared that the Amorite people deserved to die because of their sins. They remained unrepentant (unlike Nineveh) and the righteous wrath of God fell upon them via the Israelites. Since all are sinners, all deserve to die. They were no exception. Nevertheless, God is merciful by allowing them to live. In the case of the Amorites, God was gracious to them by letting them live and enjoy life with its generic blessings from God (provision of rain, sun, water, etc.), while He encouraged them to repent of their sins. They refused to turn from their immorality and were finally wiped out.

    Also, the death of a child might be a very merciful thing because had the child grown up in the sin of the Amorite culture, it would surely have suffered the eternal wrath of God. If the “age of accountability” notion is correct, then God delivered them into His hands and it is possible that by this they were spared eternal damnation.

    The final and most important reason for their destruction is that God needed to keep the messianic line pure so that Jesus could be born and thereby redeem His people so that believers could go to heaven. Without Jesus’ sacrifice, all would be damned. If the Amorites were allowed to live, surely they would have influence the Jewish nation in a harmful way thereby threatening the arrival of the Messiah. Therefore, God in His righteous judgment executed judgment upon them.

  • James Stanford

    “And Moses said to them, “Have you spared all the women? 16 “Behold, these caused the sons of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, so the plague was among the congregation of the Lord. 17 “Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. 18 “But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves,” (Numbers 31:15-18).

    The harsh command is what God told Moses to do. “Take full vengeance for the sons of Israel on the Midianites…” (Num. 31:2). But why would God order this and even have children killed?

    In Numbers 24 the people of Israel had played the harlot with the daughters of Moab and served Baal, a false god. But this idolatry, though bad enough, was accompanied by the pagan and licentious practices of the pagan women who were seducing the people of God. This would ultimately result in the destruction of Israel as well as the destruction of the messianic line.

    God is often so strong in the Old Testament, even ordering the killing of people so that he might ensure that the future messianic line would remain intact. The enemy, Satan, began his attempt to destroy God’s people in the Garden of Eden, by also trying to corrupt the world (which led to Noah’s Flood), by trying to destroy Israel with attacking armies, and by encouraging Israel to fall into idolatry by exposure to other cultures as well as intermarrying women from those cultures. The result of both the idolatry and the interbreeding would have been the failure of the prophecies that foretold of the coming Messiah which specified which family line the Messiah would come through. The Messiah, Jesus, would be the one who would die for the sins of the world and without that death there would be no atonement. Without the atonement, all people would be lost. So, God was ensuring the arrival of the Messiah via the destruction of the ungodly.

    This is why God ordered the destruction of this nation. It was pagan, participated in vile and grotesque sins, was idolatrous, and was posing a serious threat to the national identity and sanctity of Israel.

  • Houstonguy1984

    So if these cultures were so sinful and needed to suffer the wrath of your god, why were ONLY the virgins allowed to be spared to be FORCED into marrying the Hebrew soldiers, while the children & babies were slaughtered by the sword? Wasn’t your god concerned about those virgins influencing the Hebrew soldiers?

    Your god didn’t even kill all the guilty sinners in those Canaanite cities, he spared the virgins to essentially be raped, by being forced into marriage with someone who killed their family and friends.. If those nations were so bad, why were the children & babies ordered to be killed, but the virgins spared?

    Plus, by commanding his soldiers to kill innocent babies, your god commanded his soldiers to violate one of his commandments “thou shalt not murder”. So your god is a hypocrite who violates his own moral law. Your god could have easily killed ONLY the guilty people (by himself) using a plague, while sparing the children and babies to be adopted by the Israelites. But instead he ordered people to violate his own commandments by having them kill children and babies. Even Jesus condemns harming children in the New Testament saying “it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” -Mark 9:42. Even Proverbs 6:16-19 says it is an abomination for “hands to shed innocent blood”.
    So your god is an abomination by his own moral standard, for ordering the killing of innocent babies in Canaan. To remain consistent with his moral standard, he should’ve ordered all the small children and babies to be spared and adopted by the Israelites.

    This is why religion is so dangerous. If you want to get a good person to justify horrible things, you need religion. Is it okay for Muslims to kill in the name of their god? After all, in their eyes we are wicked and deserve punishment. Is it okay for them to do it? Or is it only okay if it’s YOUR religion?

  • gloria fengu

    Yes God is real maybe it takes a lot to actual ly believe until God reavels something to you which you never thought you wld have known then you believe personally me i believe God is really .gloria

  • Amanda L.

    I would really like to take this seriously, but the author can’t even spell! “Defiantly” ? Seriously?? Hmmmmm *facepalm

  • Wisdom

    ” why couldn’t god just punish the people performing the sacrifices only, and spare the innocent children & babies? ” …. Ever heard of serpent DNA or Reptilian DNA? The Cananites really had a mixture of demon DNA. Well, that was the reason that the Israelites were commanded by YHWH to slay every man woman and child so that the DNA of the Israelites would not be corrupted again.
    Before criticizing and condemning the Creator and the Bible, you must first learn the history of the Bible.

  • Houstonguy1984

    I’m assuming you’re joking. But if you’re not, where in the Bible does it say the Israelites had to slaughter every man, woman, and child BECAUSE the Canaanites had demon/reptilian DNA??
    And if YHWH didn’t want the Israelite’s DNA to become “corrupted” as you claim, why did He allow the Israelite soldiers to take virgin captives and force them into marriage? That would certianly “corrupt” the Israelites DNA. Your theory makes no sense, and I highly doubt it has Biblical support.

  • Huh

    The question still stands, which you failed to answer, where in the Bible does God condone slavery, genocide, mass infanticide, genital mutilation? Book and verse. Oh, and try not to piece together small excerpts to make your case.

  • huh

    The slavery which is mentioned, was used by someone to pay back debts and those slaves should be set free after seven years whether they paid all of the debt back or not. Where did God order slavery?

  • Rhema

    Stop calling everybody idiot when you are yourself. In the bible when Abraham went to Egypt with Sarah and their people finding a place to stay. He instructed Sarah to tell Pharaoh that they were brother and sister, but God told Pharaoh not to touch her because she was Abrahams’ wife, Pharaoh was so upset that he put them out with everything they have touched. God told Abraham that if would not pay for what he did but his descendants would pay Pharaoh’s debt being slave in Egypt for 400 yrs. Anything bad you do to someone, you will pay for it somehow, if not you, your kids or grand kids and so on… so you would not like someone call your kids idiot, you, learn how to stop that now and repent yourself.

  • Rhema

    God told Abraham his descendants would be slaves for 400 yrs.. read the bible

  • Rhema

    Hey watch your mouth because God can punish you severely… I am telling you, no jokes.

  • Julio Garcia

    Um… no… It’s ironic that Marcus is implying I haven’t read the Bible when reading it is required to complete the necessary courses at seminary.

    The fact that he implies I haven’t done something that was required for my degree is not coincidence, but irony.

    Now, if I must hint you on common sense, let’s just say that hint: it apparently is not so common any more.

  • Houstonguy1984

    Which god are you referring to? Your fictional invisible boogie-man in the sky who gives you emotional comfort can’t do anything because he/she/it doesn’t exist, it’s a delusion meant to give your life a feeling of purpose/meaning and to console your fears of death and the unknown. Oh… wait… I feel a tingling in my leg….. ZAP!



  • Nat.

    I am christian and I’m glad to here this!

  • darkxangel

    hahahaha this is soooooooo bullshit

  • Jessica for Jesus

    It is quite amazing all this arguing. At least it gets people thinking. What I would like to share with you in humbleness and happiness is that there is no need to go to Mars to find the law of God. It is already written on your heart. I know that now. I was so terribly lost in a Galaxy of wormholes and space debris. Luckily God found me. I did not even search for Him. The Gentleman He is, never forced His will upon me. I had a choice. You have a choice. There is actually Two Commandments: 1. Love God and 2. Love your neighbour. If you do that, the rest is bound to follow.

    You have just become my neighbour and I will not force religion
    onto you. Because I care for you, want you to be safe and have this earnest
    desire to see you happy, I would like to encourage you to go explore inner
    space! Find that Tablets. Find the Author.

    Jeremiah 31:33

    For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after
    those days, declares the LORD: I will put my law within them, and I will write
    it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

  • Karla

    hahahahahaha okeeeeeeey

  • Dr Gbenga Elegbe

    Truly our GOD is real, peaceful and loving. I think we should just give him a chance to create a new world of peace and joy for us.

  • Merlin Monad

    ^^ Ahem…Mr Garcia it is such ignorance that does nothing for your cause and the cause of others like yourself. So twisted your religion that it’s adherents will defend it blindly with only what the pastor tells you to back it up. Try ACTUALLY reading it next time..


    Ephesians 6:5-9 (NRSV) Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as you obey Christ; not only while being watched, and in order to please them, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. Render service with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not to men and women, knowing that whatever good we do, we will receive the same again from the Lord, whether we are slaves or free. And, masters, do the same to them. Stop threatening them, for you know that both of you have the same Master in heaven, and with him there is no partiality.


    1 Samuel 15:3: “This is what the Lord Almighty says … ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’ ”

    Child murder and revenge

    Psalm 137, “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us / He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”

  • Guest

    That’s because you’re stoooooopid.


  • Casey Fluffbutt

    Christians: Kiddy fingering priests.. Rich scamming Televangelists..
    God: A fairy tale for weak willed sub-70 morons to follow.

  • Casey Fluffbutt

    Ahh.. the old “Morals come from god therefore atheists have no morals”…

    The blinkered morons who follow god and religions just can’t accept the idea that someone can arrive at a set of morals and ethics themselves, independent of their idiotic fairy-tale.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Well said.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Apparently you have never read the bible or cherry pick it to avoid discomfort.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Well said.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Fred, you are a psychopath if this is your belief. A demented psychopath. By your logic, I could conclude I heard my god tell me to do terrible things to you. Then what? Would you then deny it and say it was the devil? You are so blind to reality I feel sorry for you. And you are also the reason people need home defense. Sick folks like you hear voices and people end up getting killed because… You have faith.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Well said.

  • Sylent Mynd

    To the toilet with god.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Well said.

  • Sylent Mynd

    Jesus states in the Bible he has not come to over-turn the old laws. Do any of our religious zombies actually read the book?

  • Sylent Mynd

    God made us to sin and be damned by god, to rape a virgin to give birth to his son that was also him to save us from him, his dad, but who was him, who impregnated his own mom, an underage girl, so he could be a human sacrifice to himself to save us from himself… You are all sick psychopaths.

  • Sylent Mynd

    God failed then. Cuz… Um… according to this worthless book of toilet paper, god supposedly started the world with incest twice and failed to rid the world of evil every time he tried… For behold… The world as it is proves your god is either not real or an utter failure whose will was not done. Also, could make all the stars and planets, but has to make a woman from a man and taunts their devotion by placing temptation before them, knowing they are too weak to resist. This nonsense is wretched and depends on the gullible and indoctrinate, mentally ill to keep it going.

  • liz

    Yaweh i love you…you are the Master of the universe

  • Kevin Piatz
  • Kevin Piatz

    Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)

    Christians who are slaves should give their masters full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them. (1 Timothy 6:1-2 NLT)

  • Yevan

    If you think the only people who have morals are people who have religion then you’re seriously, horribly wrong.
    I hope you weren’t saying that though.

  • scorpsportal

    So the 3rd paragraph is proof that God’s language is English…?

  • unplottable

    Your answer: nothing. I was in the faith for 20 years. I’ve been there, and this kind of thing will get you nowhere with me I’m afraid. Call me lost all you want – I feel better than ever.

  • unplottable

    Funnily enough, I have a scientific explanation for all of the things you mention. After reading what I wrote, did you really think this tripe would have any effect on me?
    And why would you think I wrote it for “cheap publicity”? It’s an insignificant article on one of the millions of websites. I would have been aiming rather low if this was my idea of fame.
    P.S. I understand you likely believe you’re doing me a favor. But when dealing someone as myself, who is clearly an atheist, it comes off as quite patronizing and, frankly, rude to tell me that I’m destroying myself. I don’t believe in your god – I’m (probably – I say probably because I can’t account for how much you actually believe) as convinced that he doesn’t exist as you are that he does exist.

  • jackoo


  • blamesatan

    Deuteronomy 22 for starters.

  • blamesatan

    Deuteronomy 22 for starters. Verse 28 is the prime example, and a personal favorite. I’ve been saving my shekels should such an occasion present itself.

  • blamesatan

    Seminary doesn’t qualify you as an un-bias theologian. It just qualifies you as an individual trained in the art of spewing contradictory nonsense.

  • charles rivera

    Christians are Moral? MORAL? hahahaha! Ask any Christian if slavery is moral and they will tap dance around this biblical-sanctioned evil. Ask any Christian if it’s moral to force rape victims to marry their rapist and you will see pinwheels in their eyes as they try to explain that “that was then, it’s different now”. Ask any Christian if Christ came to bring peace or an ideological “sword” and watch them try to explain this contradiction to non-believers.

  • charles rivera

    Julio, if you have to ask it’s time to sit down and read your damn bible. Jeesuz, why are lots of Christians ignorant of their own beliefs?

  • charles rivera

    Great, then you should have no problem finding where God EXPLICITLY describes how, when, where to find and use slaves and why it’s okay to beat them. Try for starters for some real Bible verses, not just your cherry-picked, Sunday happy-happy verses where you sing praises to your angry god.

  • charles rivera

    “Before Jesus, we had to deal with God himself.” why?

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    Silly American’s

  • whut

    is your opinion unbiased? no.

  • GURU

    hearing how you guys ask question about What God are talking about?Which God?asking questions of commandments? you guys just sounds like the Pharisees who questions about Jesus. They do not understand the purpose of why Jesus came to Earth and live with humans and show them they way to eternal life. I mean this is your only chance to think about what you said and i know that deep inside you there is an urge for you to say that the believing in Jesus is the way.

  • Guest

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  • skotsko

    Shame on you all for dishoning god for one. And two speaking of his name in the way. Youall should be ashamed. God wants grace and happniess tofollow in his great words. To help not onlyyourself but other to be strong and reresist the devil. I’ll be prying for all tonight. IN Jesus name,Amen

  • Peter Capper

    habitibility…????? geez, english eh !!!

  • Mark Schmidt

    My uncle Pogo got a 2013 Porsche 911…he stole it.

  • Daitchie Angela Boyd


  • Olayemi Bandele Adewale

    Jesus is Lord . Spread d NEWS.

  • Enzo

    He’s real alright but he’s not the antichrist.

  • listener007

    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jehovah our God Almighty. God asked us to seek and we shall find Him

  • listener007

    NASA officials said this. You always believed NASA why doubt them now? You are really lost. Free your mind and God will save you

  • Guest

    The statistic about prisoners is because they seek religion after they get incarcerated.

  • Guest

    Plus, not all “religious” are Christians.

  • kat

    He condones and orders this because the people of Canaan were to be put to death because they were the offspring of demons and humans, nephlehim. and in every other instance, the people that died for gods cause JUSTLY were continuous sinners. and the Israelites and jews were put to slavery several times through history for the fact that they strayed from god.

  • kat

    The canaanites were to be slain because all of them were the descendants of nephlehim, demons and humans would mate before noahs time and give the offspring supernatural powers, that is why they were all slain.

  • Guest

    You motherfucker should just shut up! DIdn’t you read the line “Also, the death of a child might be a very merciful thing because had the child grown up in the sin of the Amorite culture, it would surely have suffered the eternal wrath of God. If the “age of accountability” notion is correct, then God delivered them into His hands and it is possible that by this they were spared eternal damnation.”
    And that they need to be killed so that Mesiah could be born!

  • Scott Lanier Sprayberry

    hey dumbass, most of that 99.8% of prisoners do not claim to be religious until after they get sent to prison, then they “convert” to try and show they have been rehabilitated and get parole.

  • Houstonguy1984

    “You motherfucker should just shut up!”
    –Wow, how Christ-like… and such a creative response! Instead of ordering the slaughter of innocent babies, why didn’t your god just spare the babies’ lives, and have the Hebrews adopt them? Doesn’t sound like your God is “pro-life”. Your argument could be used to justify abortion.
    If everyone had to be killed, why did god allow ONLY the virgins to spared to be forced into marriage and raped? Wasn’t your god concerned about wiping out those sinners??

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    This is the most sensible explanation of all… and besides, the only thing moral is God Himself… he is the moral compass of everything… If he tells you to kill, annihilate or even rape then that is moral… we have no right to question His commands and decisions… Because whatever His reasons are they are unfathomable by our limited minds… Much like the minds of those who give negative comments about God in this thread… God is merciful but He is still God… Please don’t disrespect Him this way… I will be very heart-broken should you suffer his wrath… But then let’s just pray for the safety and well-being of everyone and wait for His coming… Only He can answer all of our questions…

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Houstonguy… your questions will be answered by God Himself… Ask Him personally and He will answer… I used to have the same sets of questions and I was very very angry… People using religion as a pretense to do anything that was perceived immoral by any standards is definitely far out… I know you don’t believe that He is God… but He definitely exists… Go ask Him now… He is the only one capable in answering all your questions… May you be blessed all the days of your life.

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Houstonguy, please don’t listen to anyone else… you’re being sidetracked by the enemy… Ask God yourself and He will answer you immediately… Have a blessed day…

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Houstonguy, you have every right to be angry but please don’t disrespect God this way… to clear things up just ask Him directly the reasons why He commanded all of these as in your own words “repulsive”.

  • Guest

    I am not hearing this from the mainstream media. However, the rover looks like a left-over clearance at Toys R Us paving way for Christmas items. Showing the tablets doesn’t instead, may look credible.

  • Charlie

    My uncle just fucked your sister.

  • William Voorhees


  • Fabho

    jajaja this is bullshit, but funny

  • Ankit Gautam

    LOL 😀

  • Jeeler

    So then, “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” was actually a documentary.
    Knew it!

  • Jeeler

    Drop dead, Cletus.

  • Cedric

    It’s satire you dipshit

  • Cedric

    “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be punished; for the slave is his money.”

    —Exodus 21:20-21

    Welcome to the internet, where religion comes to die.

    Oh and by the way, your really stupid for not being able to find out for yourself.

  • Cedric

    A theology major eh. Hmmm well I think you’ve quite nicely proved without a shadow of a doubt that your so-called qualification is completely and utterly worthless. How about you go and learn something useful instead.

  • Cedric

    I’m an Atheist and yet I can run rings around any Christian. The most fascinating thing about that is that I can use your precious bible to do so.

  • Cedric

    I will repost this just in case you missed it above.

    “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be punished; for the slave is his money.”

    —Exodus 21:20-21

    Welcome to the internet, where religion comes to die.

    Oh and by the way, your really stupid for not being able to find out for yourself.

  • Cedric

    I know. What a total dipshit! It’s astounding isn’t it. Why is it that devout Christians are so incredibly f**king dumb? They actually think the Lucifer is the bad guy, when in fact it’s God that commits all the atrocities in the bible. It’s all there as plain as day. Denial is a powerful thing indeed.

  • Cedric

    I bought that book. A very worthy purchase indeed, despite the steep price. If every Christian actually read it then there would be a lot less Christians around to hassle people.

    ps. yeah I know I could have just read it online, but having the book makes me feel like a badass scholar. I also like contributing my money to worthy causes 😉

  • Cedric

    Hmm then perhaps the people who educated you were also remarkably stupid. But of course cherry picking Christians brainwashing others with their bullshit and lies never happens does it 😉

    You have a qualification that has not even equipped you to win at a very simple discussion with Atheist blasphemers. I bet you’re feeling really proud of that time well spent he he.

  • Lognbowgun

    This reminds me of the “God’s Final Message” scene from So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish…
    I remembered that Marvin found some solace. But, on reading this, I almost cried.

  • Cedric

    Yep. God is an evil mass-murdering scum bag (if he was real of course).

    His kill count is estimated to be 33,041,220. Meanwhile, Lucifer (who is portrayed as the bad guy) killed 10 people, and even that was condoned by God as it was a bet they had with each other.

    Despite this, Christians all around the world spew complete and utter wank about a loving god. It so far beyond incredible that there aren’t words to cover it.

  • Electrical Thought

    I don’t see picture of the tablets sooooo, Its Bullshit.

  • rbdbdgr

    At least my moral compass is based on what i believe to be right and wrong, and not a barter system used to try to buy my way into fake afterlife

  • rbdbdgr

    Man invented god

  • Cedric


    This is the most adored word by Christians when defending atrocities in the bible. They use the word “context” to warp whatever they like.

    Christians also claim that God is infallible and unchanging. He is eternal etc etc……

    …….and yet oddly enough Gods morality is only ever on the same level as the morality of the people within each time period.

    “Oh but that’s how people lived back then!”

    So God used to kill people back in the day when it was considered moral by the people, but now he has changed his mind about all that…….conveniently at a point in time where most people have evolved about of this way of thinking. How convenient.

    The god of the bible can’t seem to make his mind up about what is right and wrong. I guess he is just a free loader who is evolving along with the rest of us. What shall we teach poor old confused God next? 😉

  • Alex Winn

    Leviticus, numbers, and judges are books in the bible filled with that stuff. Check out (make sure you bring your bible to confirm it) and prepare to apologize to Pete for calling his claim baseless.

  • rbdbdgr

    Ok, but I really need to know, Julio,

    you believe there are tablets on Mars, right? I mean, God put them there, so you have to believe it

  • JMB

    “However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.” (Leviticus 25:44-46)

  • David

    Want the real truth, go to

  • Cedric


    Two thought slaves are seen in the garden of eden by Lucifer. He encourages them to seek knowledge and self awareness to free themselves from the rule of the evil tyrant God.

    God likes his slaves just the way they are, so he curses them for trying to better themselves.

    Later, he sends his magical son down to Earth, so he can be tortured and murdered. What a lovely father! This loving God declares (for no decent reason whatsoever) that anyone who believes in Jesus can have the curse lifted…….the curse that HE placed on them (for no good reason) to begin with.

    Why not just lift the pointless curse anyway? What a complete areshole! Oh but I guess he works in mysterious ways right 😉

    Oh yeah and in the beginning Adam and Eve were innocent and docile. They had no concept of right from wrong…….so how exactly were they supposed to know that disobeying Gods order was the wrong thing to do?

    Oh dear. It does appear to be the case that the idiots that wrote the bible f**ked up.

  • Cedric

    God has forever been the best excuse for people to commit the most horrific acts upon others. It still continues today, and will continue until religion is universally acknowledged as a HUGE mistake.

  • Cedric

    …..and how would anyone who is not either mentally unstable or massively deluded do that? Should they get on their knees and pray to thin air? Will god speak to them in their mind?

    There is god to ask, except for other people who claim to have spoken to it.

  • Cedric

    What a great guy this Messiah is. He can only be born if huge numbers of children are murdered beforehand? That’s just swell.

  • Cedric

    “Doesn’t sound like your God is “pro-life”. Your argument could be used to justify abortion.”

    That was an excellent line. Very well said. These deluded christians often show their true colours when pushed. In fact a lot of them are pretty much illiterate, which is hardly surprising considering that religion is a substitute for a decent education.

    God of the Gaps indeed.

  • Cedric

    But what if the spooky voice you hear in your head is Lucifer? Oooooh. He is supposed to be the master of deceit right?…..and as we all know, God has never been able to eradicate Lucifer. Clearly he has more influence than God

  • Cedric

    ….but of course don’t listen Houstonguy. Block your ears and ONLY listen to the Christians who want to your remain as deluded and gullible as they are. We can’t have you challenging your own religion now can we, as that would lead to doubt……and doubt leads to questions and a quest for knowledge……..the very thing God the Tyrant does not want.

    Yes remain ignorant. That’s what Jonathan B.Rico wants you to do.

  • Cedric

    Did they ride unicorns as well? Or was their favoured mount the Velociraptor?

  • Cedric

    Spoken like a true thought slave. Do not question. Just obey. Sorry to be so clichéd but you make me think of the german soldiers who carried out the orders of Hitler.

    You have basically just admitted to everyone that you would commit murder if the voice inside your head ordered you to. You are unsafe. You really should consider getting yourself committed to an asylum for the safety of those around you.

  • Cedric

    “God is the creator of all things”

    “Therefore during those times it was whether you obey the commands of God strictly or not, if you do not then you were not one of HIS children”

    In the delusional badly composed theory that you just made up, could you at least try and not contradict yourself.

  • Cedric

    Well of course all the thousands of other gods were false gods…….but not this Christian one! Oh no no! He is definitely The One True God. Definitely. No-one in history ever said that about Thor though, and if they did then they were certainly lost and confused.

    /sarcasm off

    ps. It also becomes more true if you capitalise His Name. Capital letters signify true divinity 😉

  • Cedric

    Yeah and that will only happen after I’m dead right? That’s nice and convenient for you…… jokes!

    It must be interesting living in fear of something you have never seen. Fear of the unknown. What a masterful tool for controlling the gullible.

  • Robinoz

    Now we know why gods have never been seen, found or heard from on earth, the whole 200,000 of them are on Mars!

  • Robert Lounsberry

    Garbage like this is why no one believes you when you tell them the truth….kind of reminds me of a childhood tale I heard a few times…..

  • Cedric

    Oh well that’s alright then. Slaves only have to remain as slaves for 7 years? Yeah that’s not too long I suppose.


  • Cedric

    But you’re reading it out of context 😉


  • Cedric

    Yep and in a very nasty and unpleasant point in time, which is why the god of the bible is such a complete and utter scumbag

  • Cedric

    Well that’s nice and very moral isn’t it. The crimes of the parents get inherited by their children, who had nothing to do with it? Yeah remind me to never pray to your evil god…….not that there is one mind you.

    ps. You’re an idiot 😉

  • Cedric

    The devil is the good guy in the story you nit wit. God is the one that murdered 33,041,220 people (give or take).

    You’re the one that should be ashamed of promoting the most evil character in fiction as a good guy, while placing all the blame for the atrocities committed by your bloodthirsty god onto Lucifer.

    Shame on you for your ignorance and stupidity and shame on you for trying to infect the minds of others with it.

    Yeah you waste an entire night praying to your imaginary evil skywizard. Us evil godless blasphemers will tremble in terror as we await divine judgement from The Almighty Mass Murderer……because prayers get answered all the time don’t they 😉

  • Cedric

    It would be rude to pray to Yahweh. For one thing he has a divine plan, so he already knows exactly what is going to happen. Asking him to change his plans to match your own selfish desires is a bit naughty don’t you think?

    Besides, if you pray to Yahweh then it would only incur the wrath of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the One True God…….and his noodley appendage is most definitely not something you should trifle with. If you don’t believe me, then why not ask Him yourself? 😉

  • Cedric

    Yep religion is poison. Christianity and Islam are the worst religions on this planet. They are effectively the same thing. They have always been a threat to everyone.

  • Cedric

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.” (Matthew 5:17)

    “Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law” (John7:19)

    “You guys need to read your stories thoroughly and organize them.”

    Yep reading your bible before talking about it would indeed be a really a good idea. That was the only piece of advice you gave that was actually decent. The first clue for you should have been the fact that your explanation makes no sense. It’s ok it’s not your fault. You’ve just been brain washed to only see what you want to see.

    It must be galling to have an Atheist teach you about your own religion.

  • Cedric

    Indeed. See above. Ha ha. It’s so easy to run rings around these Christian zombies. Then again they do actually worship one of the undead 😉

  • Cedric

    It’s interesting isn’t it. Dealing with God himself is (according to Missarahi) a terrifying and nasty ordeal……

    ……and yet they all want to spend an eternity with this nasty creature when they die.

    The stupidity of devout Christians. It’s like every time they open their mouths, they just dig themselves even deeper. Debating really isn’t their speciality. They are only good at obeying.

  • Bryan Hall

    i just shot a load in in his face a shotgun load

  • Cedric

    It’s certainly very creepy……but then again he is the product of God raping Mary, so it’s hardly surprising he turned out a bit messed up…….especially considering his dad only ever intended him to be nailed to a cross.

  • Cedric

    Adam and Eve’s mess up eh? Hmmm……

    Two thought slaves are seen in the garden of eden by Lucifer. He encourages them to seek knowledge and self awareness to free themselves from the rule of the evil tyrant God.

    God likes his slaves just the way they are, so he curses them for trying to better themselves.

    Later, he sends his magical son down to Earth, so he can be tortured and murdered. What a lovely father! This loving God declares (for no decent reason whatsoever) that anyone who believes in Jesus can have the curse lifted…….the curse that HE placed on them (for no good reason) to begin with.

    Why not just lift the pointless curse anyway? What a complete arsehole! Oh but I guess he works in mysterious ways right 😉

    Oh yeah and in the beginning Adam and Eve were innocent and docile. They had no concept of right from wrong…….so how exactly were they supposed to know that disobeying Gods order was the wrong thing to do?

    Additionally, Lucifer was supposedly angry at God for favouring humans over angels…….and yet this was BEFORE God created Adam and Eve (the first humans).

    Oh dear. It does appear to be the case that the idiots that wrote the bible f**ked up.

    ……and you fell for it.

  • Cedric

    Well of course. He came first when he raped Mary

  • Cafeeine

    I’m no biblical scholar, but I don’t recall that bit in the Bible. Can you point me to chapter and verse?

  • Cedric

    Yeah you carry on living in fear of a mad angry bloodthirsty god…..that loves you. Personally I don’t really care to worship psychopaths, and I certainly don’t want to be loved by one that would torture me for eternity for not bowing to him out of fear.

    Fear. That’s the whole basis of your f**ked up religion isn’t it.

  • Cedric

    “Remember the beginning? Genesis? Also known as Noah’s age?”

    Nope. I wasn’t there. Were you? I have however read a story about it in a really poorly written book.

    Fear of stories unfounded in evidence. How childish.

  • Cedric

    Yeah because that makes perfect sense. I think you forgot to take your meds. Come back when you’ve learned how to formulate something that isn’t complete gibberish.

  • Cedric

    …..and didn’t God supposedly create everything? How could anyone not be born of the spirit?

    Ha ha ha! You guys are hilarious. Keep posting more comments. They’re just so entertaining. It’s better than going to the circus

  • Cedric

    Is yours? No.

    “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    Matthew 7:5

  • Cedric

    “The commands you mention are phrased “utterly destroy them” always followed by commands like “do not intermarry with them or they will turn you to the false gods.” So the term “utterly destroy” in the original context and genre obviously to the Israelites did not mean “slaughter” or “commit genocide”…”

    No that’s what is commonly referred to as a contradiction, of which there are at least 470. If you are studying this useless nonsense, then you would do well to pick up a copy of The Skeptics Annotated Bible. Your teachers probably won’t give you good grades as they themselves are no doubt cherry-picking deluded Christians, but at least you won’t remain as ignorant as them.

  • Cedric

    “regardless evidence contrary to that.”

    Since when have christains cared about evidence? It is anathema to them.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Ha…what a blatant lie by the foolish infidels. Everyone knows that it was Allah and the Prophet (PBUH) that was in that cave.

  • Cedric

    “and to argue that I am wrong because “I am just not being honest with myself” doesn’t even merit a response my friend. it is a baseless argument.”

    It’s hardly baseless when he has explained precisely why you are being dishonest. You have an agenda to justify all the horrific atrocities committed by Yahweh. You are on a quest to justify genocide. You’re not a very nice person.

    The only reason you choose not to give a response to him, is because you have no rational response to give.

  • tzioneretz

    The comments show quite clearly that the world is headed down the drain. Neither those disbelieving the article by writing “bullshit” nor those genuinely believing the article realize that the article is pure satire. Of course it’s not true!

  • Cedric

    You’re totally correct. These Christians who are trying to justify and excuse the murder of entire nations is highly disturbing.

    I too am so glad that I have never been brainwashed into any of these sickening religions. I have learned my morals from experience and observable facts in the real world……..not from blindly worshipping the words in a book written by murdering savages from a bygone age.

    These Christians are a threat to us all.

  • Cedric

    “This is the God which the Bible portrays which we will never be able wrap our heads around”

    So how can YOU possibly know anything about it then? What makes you such an authority on the mind of a god that you have claimed can not be understand?

    You contradict yourself over and over. Such is the way with people polluted by religion.

    Oh and how would anyone know what a nation is going to become in the future?

  • Cedric

    “Compared to how the Egyptians treated the Hebrews when they were slaves, slavery under Jewish law was AWESOME!!!”

    So how about we bring back slavery then? Forcing people to be subservient to others is fine as long as you treat them reasonably well right?

    Wow! Just…!

    Absolute morals? What are those exactly. Can you point to them? If you think they come from God, then why is it that when God allegedly directly intervened in peoples lives, people were harsher and more violent than they are today, feeling perfectly happy about decimating entire nations?

    It’s pretty obvious that as we move further away from religion towards a secular society, we generally become more peaceful…….and there is no longer any god getting directly involved in anything. He appears to have become a silent bystander.

    We don’t to believe in the invisible man in the sky. We have evolved past that…….well, some of us have anyway.

  • Cedric

    “Ever heard of serpent DNA or Reptilian DNA? The Cananites really had a mixture of demon DNA.”

    Oh wow! Demon DNA! I love it! That has to be the most insane thing I have seen a christian come out with yet.

    I have read about conspiracy theorists who believe the royal family here in the UK are actually alien lizards in disguise. Maybe you should read up about that too. They could well be the modern day demons of which you speak 😉

  • Cedric

    Demon DNA! The stuff some of these devout Christians spew out is beyond belief. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so utterly absurd……..and to think these people breath the same air we do. Maybe their is something in their diet that makes them go batshit crazy perhaps? Either that or they take LSD while reading the bible.

    These guys are truly terrifying! Imagine what would happen if they got their hands on nuclear weapons? Oh wait a number of them are already in that position. Fuuuuccckkkk!!!!

  • Cedric

    Demons and Nephilim.

    You really should stay away from LSD. It’s not good for you.

  • Cedric

    It’s always easy debating nutty Christians by quoting their own book of nonsense back at them. It’s also good fun too. In the age of the internet, their insane bullshit and pathetic justifications for immoral behaviour cannot be passed off so easily.

    Hopefully in future generations, these fuckwits will be a thing of the past, something our grand children can look back on and laugh at. Evolution is such a wonderful thing 🙂

  • Obvious

    If my “god” told me to murder women and children, do you know what I would do? The same thing any sane person would do. I would tell God to do it himself (he’s surely capable) and leave me out of it.

  • Houstonguy1984

    If the canaanites were the descendants of of nephlehim and demons, why did your god order the virgins to be held captive and forced into marriage with the Hebrew soldiers? It makes no sense to spare the virgins to mate with but slaughter the babies and kids.

  • Gary Griffiths

    Is it true that one of them had, written on the back, “Sorry for any misunderstandings,”?

  • rllawren

    Cedric…respectfully, before you quote the Bible you should study it so you don’t misquote it…like any reputable scholar would do. The Bible in no way says we CANNOT wrap our heads around anything about God. My comment IN CONTEXT was referring to God’s ability to foresee all possible futures with certainty and decide what to do or not do in order to bring about the best possible world. In fact according to the book you are referring to, it says we were created in his image with the capacity to understand a lot (but not all) of him…therefore what He reveals to us can be known, such as his greatness as portrayed by the intense size of the universe which he created, his power, which is clearly explained in the cosmological argument that whatever is responsible for the power found in all of the universe must have a power greater than it all combined, and also his authority which is reasonably deduced by the fact that whoever gave you and I the life and soul that we have has an authority over us. This is the message of the Bible. Now whether you choose to agree with that is certainly your right and opinion and you alone will be responsible to God IF it is true.

  • rllawren

    you seem not to pay much attention to the world around you Cedric…bring slavery back? some nations abolished slavery, while others still practice it without violating UN criteria…such as US employment deals where if you quit without fulfilling your obligations, you owe the employer. Or if you are fired without cause they have to pay your…a moderate form of slavery. As for your comment….”It’s pretty obvious that as we move further away from religion towards a secular society, we generally become more peaceful.”…if you are seriously trying to argue that since evolution began to be taught in schools and teacher led prayers and teaching creationism was banned, school violence has reduced????? where do you get your stats from???Anyways..I am done with this convo. since it is obvious you are only going to post fact-less opinions like this one I referred to…

  • rllawren

    for a person who doesnt believe in absolute morals, you seem to prove that you agree there are some…such as a person who justifies genocide is “not a very nice person”…is that true absolutely?

  • Jim Jones

    Kids. It’s hard to get them to leave the house – harder still to get them to stay away.

  • rllawren

    I would give a million dollars to see you go to church! I make only 450 dollars a month as a missionary. Are these both true statements or is one a contradiction. Learning to reading hyperbole and poetry and much ancient literature such as the style even secular scholars refer to as “ancient near east war language” is a valuable tool in research my friend.

  • Jim Jones

    Superman can beat up your stupid Yahweh. Yahweh is the Homer Simpson of gods.

  • Jim Jones

    The Canaanite weren’t slain by the Jews because they WERE the Jews.

  • Jim Jones

    > Only He can answer all of our questions…

    OK, I admit it. I am God. AMA.

  • Randy Abern

    You just answered your own question.

  • Randy Abern

    “The stories on this site are purely fictional.”,as stated by the editor-in-chief:Daniel Barkeley.See for yourself: it Christians !

  • Randy Abern

    Oh go blow yourself up or something!

  • Randy Abern

    The koran is just about as laughable (if not more) the holy bible.

  • juan Peron

    Tablet or ipad ? 8 or 16GB ?” has it got a slot expandable to at least 32GB too ? lol

  • Riobound

    Poor little Daitchie is having a bad day … A completely OFF-TOPIC bad day!

  • John Abreau

    Most of them are probably in prison for failing to be white.

    And that “moral compass” nonsense is the same tired fairy tale that bible-thumpers love so much. The fact of the matter is that moral sense is part of human biology, not some mystical force. Like any other aspect of our biology, it can atrophy if not exercised.

    The historical record shows clearly that religion does no better in fostering morality than the average person, and in many cases religion fares much worse.

    A good person can be good, and a bad person can be bad, but it usually takes religion to make a good person commit atrocities.

  • Randy Abern

    You see…how it works in reality is,we need to make the change ourselves.All religious people do, is sit around and hope for change to come from a non-existent,invisible sky-fairy.This is why nothing changes,do you see?

  • Randy Abern


  • Randy Abern

    Did you know that this story is fictional?There are some dumb people out there.

  • AlKhalil

    Rather, the Canaanites weren’t slain by the Jews because, historically, THERE WERE NO JEWS at the time.

  • Randy Abern

    The story is fictional.

  • AlKhalil

    I picture Yahweh as the “Psycho” or maybe the “Freddy Krueger” of the gods.

  • Randy Abern

    Breaking news!!! NASA says they spotted the easter bunny hopping along a valley on mars,with a basket full of golden eggs!

  • Randy Abern

    No you chose blind faith,irrationality,and pre-scientific superstition.

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Oh,perhaps you have no idea how it is to be a soldier Cedric… it’s OK I can take everything you wanna say… After all, it’s just your opinion…

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Mamamatay kayong dalawa ni Cedric mga ilang araw mula ngayon dahil sa kabastusan nyo sa Diyos…

  • ProfessorJericho

    I was hoping one would say “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

  • Sam

    if its true then how come they wouldn’t share the pics with us instead of putting the picture of the space droid….that makes you wonder if this is a bullshit find or not….cus usually when researchers find something new they are quick to place a picture of it and write about it…but when shady people say they found something they don’t show you any picture and make sure you don’t ask for proof and they just write some nonsense about it…..i believe this article is the latter one….(just another one of them national geographic stories once again)….

  • vonnegut

    Dude, it’s a SATIRE site.

  • John Iringan

    Amen to that. However, we the christians even without that discovery, we have been believing the existence of GOD. I am praying that all the people living on earth will ultimately believe on GOD’s existence.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    He’s been ‘coming soon’ since 500CE. Never going to happen.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    Good grief.

  • Veronika Kostrnova

    For centuries, scholars have been debating the two main possibilities
    for the origin and meaning of life. Some aspire to a higher
    philosophical dimension, which they can’t find in the theory of
    evolution, while others dismiss as irrational any reference to an
    almighty god.

    But what if another theory, one both rational and with philosophical depth, were to be available?

    This is what the “Message” proposes: Thousands of years ago, scientists
    from another planet came to Earth and created all forms of life,
    including human beings, whom they created in their own image. References
    to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of
    many cultures. Due to their highly advanced technology, they were
    considered as gods by our primitive ancestors and often referred to as
    ‘Elohim’ which in ancient Hebrew meant ‘Those who came from the sky’.

    Despite being a plural word, Elohim was mistranslated over time to the singular ‘God’ reference that appears in modern-day Bibles.

    Nevertheless, these people who came from the sky (the Elohim)
    educated humanity through the ages with the help of various messengers
    (also called prophets) with whom they had made contact. Each messenger
    was given a message suitable for the level of understanding prevailing
    at the time, with the primary purpose of instilling basic principles of
    non-violence and respect.

    Once humanity reached a sufficient level of scientific understanding,
    the Elohim decided to make themselves more visible in UFO sightings and
    to conceive their final message.
    Rael was given two missions: spreading that last message on Earth
    and preparing an embassy to welcome the return of our creators.

    The atheist ‘Intelligent Design Theory’ offers a rational solution to
    the age-old debate between God-believers and evolutionists.
    It’s compatible not only with today’s scientific discoveries but
    also with the ancient historical accounts of all cultures.

    But don’t take our word for it. Read Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers for yourself and do your own research.

    We guarantee you’ll never look at the world the same way again!

  • Salahhe Sali

    Now, if THAT happened, I would be a Jew.

  • ylang-ylang


  • Charlie

    i Can’t Believe it have an English!

  • Ozymandias

    And thus began the long-ass debate in the comments section about god or no god between the internet people, who by the end of the day, would still stick to their own beliefs, believing that they had somehow made the world a better place! Grammar Nazis Attack!

  • Mike Hargreaves

    rllawren – First are you saying that absolute knowledge of a person’s fate/destiny/life path is possible?

    Second are you claiming that it is possible to change the outcome of that person’s life by killing them before they become what was absolutely known would happen?

    Aren’t these two points directly contrasting. If you can know what a person will become then you can’t change it. If you can change it then you can’t know what they will become. And if you can change it through killing them then you can change it through other actions.

    And if they are going to become something violent and evil in the future how is killing them now not simply you being violent and evil?

    Thirdly Would you want your children killed because of some crime they will commit in the future? If we are guilty (not only of our father’s crimes) but also of our future crimes what does that say about God’s moral judgements.

    If you kill me now am I still guilty of my future crimes? If not then abortion is a kindness as it is right to kill a child before they are born to punish it for it’s future crimes. We are sure it will sin. All of us sin so it’s clear the child will.

    I think that I need to understand the implications of what you are saying better. But I think you should come and kill me first so that I don’t misunderstand you any further.

  • Semilogical

    I’m amazed at the length some people go to make fun of a religious group on this planet that is the most peaceful ever and then fall back on the rising “religion” of hate and killing. Get real there people, there is one God and after the close of your days it’s too late to make the decision.

  • belvoce

    FYI this website is a satirical website. None of this is true.

  • sonny

    this is an AMEN! our GOD is the master of the UNIVERSE!

  • sonny

    my islamic name that says : sonnyboy

  • Pangalan Koy A-r

    let us see some pictures 🙂

  • Cedric

    Mike Hargreaves that was brilliant 🙂

  • ronch

    Never believed it for a second. Good read, nonetheless. 🙂

  • Cedric

    “The Bible in no way says we CANNOT wrap our heads around anything about God.”

    I wasn’t quoting from the bible. That was what YOU said. YOU said that we cannot wrap our heads around God……and yet you continue to pretend that you know all about it.

    How can you possibly know anything about a God simply from reading a book anyway? You’re being ridiculous.

    “Now whether you choose to agree with that is certainly your right and opinion and you alone will be responsible to God IF it is true.”

    …..and if you choose to believe everything the bible tells you and it all turns out to be wrong, you may also find yourself responsible to something else that may instead be true. How do you know that the bible isn’t in fact a creation of an evil divine being that only wants to ensnare you? What if you reach the end of your life, only to find that through your devout belief, you have bound your soul to a nasty creature for eternity?

    When we die, it might be possible that our ability to challenge beliefs and ideas gives us strength to exist in some other form. Atheists might find themselves in a position of strength, able to create their own realities around them, while people like yourself might find yourselves trapped in a hellish limbo state filled with illusions and phantasms.

    Of course I’m not saying any of that is true. It’s highly unlikely that it is. However, the same can be said for your fragile threats and supposed dire warnings. I have enough common sense to know that I cannot truly know such things with any certainty. You however seem to be lacking in this ability. You’re extremely arrogant, but then that’s the way with devout Christians.

    The fear tactics that your religion is based upon (but….but…..what if you’re wrong?) have no effect on me, because you have nothing to back them up with except for a book written by other people that you know nothing about.

    You’ve got no game.

  • Mike Hargreaves

    Cheers Cedric…

    I’m a time travel fan, and the question “Would you go back in time and kill Hitler?” fulfills a similar reference point.

    Hitler as a Child wasn’t guilty of the horrendous acts he commits in later life. If you can kill him to prevent them then time is fluid and you can change it. So instead of killing him work your way into his life and change it showing him human life is valuable.

    Assuming that the only action available is murder is somewhat limiting. In the biblical examples we can also ask if God is all powerful then why was Killing the Canaanites – etc… – the only available option?

    Limitations such as restricted choice options do not apply to an omnipotent deity. Killing them all would have only been one option available to God. And offering them the option to live amongst the Israelites, under slavery or not, also doesn’t exhaust all the alternatives.

    Claiming that Jesus would not have been born without the massacre of these heathens also leaves us many questions.

    An omnipotent god would not be limited to only having one possible path of choices to lead to a desired outcome. Also the existence or behaviour of sub-potent mortals cannot add up to a level of resistance that could not be overcome by an all powerful deity. His plan could have allowed for the existence of these other tribes and cities of non-jews.

    The timing and placement of the Jesus figure could have been arranged for any point in history and in any grouping of humankind.

    The fact that the Israelite nation was chosen by God is arbitrary. God again is not limited by the existence or placement of mere mortals. His plan could have used any patriarch and did not require Abram. He is all powerful and could have brought about the planned salvation from any nation on earth. To suggest that any of the details were “set in stone” is to introduce limits to god’s power set and deny an important aspect of his conceptual qualities.

    So God could have worked around the atrocious murder of the enemy tribes, he could have worked out a starting position where opposition from enemy tribes would not occur, he could have delayed the planned salvation and started in a time period where the region was more stable and then chosen a people who were already positioned in a land.

    God’s options should have been infinite and yet he chose a course of actions that leaves modern observers with issues about his motives and morals. God has chosen – poorly. A suboptimal choice leaving us with many questions, leaving apologists with a lot to answer for.

  • Wisdom

    You want everything on a platter and then to be fed into your brain? If you are so smart why don’t you just read the Bible from the beginning and try to understand it contents or if you don’t have a Bible, just do a google search for a free one and you will find it.

  • no you are an idiot- and possible homosexual

  • my atheist friend is straight- lol

  • Wisdom

    You are the most obnoxious and blasphemous creature I have ever come across on the internet. It is understandable of course knowing where you are coming from – ‘Babylon, the Great Whore Mother of Harlots’ mentioned in the Book of Revelation – surely she has power over her people and control over their brains – for they don’t believe in the True God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth that’s why He will allow death and destruction that is lurking around you. The time-bomb is ticking – Wake Up or Die.

  • Wisdom

    I bet you come from the same stock of the (not alien) but demon lizards no wonder you are so obnoxious.

  • Cedric

    Very well said indeed Katerina!

  • Kunotski

    what the F**K tablet on Mars? are you on drugs?

  • BQ


    Judges 21:10-24

    Numbers 31:7-18

    Deuteronomy 20:10-14

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    Deuteronomy 22:23-24

    2 Samuel 12:11-14

    Deuteronomy 21:10-14


    Leviticus 25:44-46

    Exodus 21:7-11


    Ephesians 6:5

    and the list to long, so your homework for the next couple of months is to read the bible, really read it no just listen what the priest/pastor says to you

  • rllawren

    Yet you seen to be VERY certain of many things, although you claim it is impossible for me to know this with any certainty…again, your philosophy falls on its own…your “COMMON sense” is not so common and doesn’t make sense…as you said. “you’ve got no game”…Out.

  • Jim Jones

    That’s only for Jews who were slaves. Others were slaves forever so they were boned – in both senses.

  • IamaChristian

    God gives us Free Will to choose to believe in Him and not to believe in Him. I am a Christian and I believe in One God.

  • IamChristian

    But i don’t believe in the article above. its satirical.

  • don’tcare

    if this was real science, there should be something like “proof” . your argument is invalid . hmm -_-

  • Mike Hargreaves

    It is the repeated evidence on this article that believers believe.

    Those who accept this article without a sceptical approach are quick to leap to the frontlines.

    Those who approached this with a sceptical eye – well done.

    Many of the Atheists have had that sceptical approach for other claims. Clearly they were sceptical about the biblical claims.

    The claim that a rover on mars has found evidence of God is appealing to accept. It plays into the bias that believers have. But if you just take it on board without looking into it first then you are being gullible.

    That’s nothing new or evil. Everyone has fallen for something at some time or other. And buying into this story is acceptable. After all it has been written in a form that is designed to convince.

    You might have felt that this was proof for the existence of a supernatural being. That thought might have made your faith more real for a moment. But now that the fact of it’s satirical nature has been revealed will that return you to the level of faith you had previously or will it make you only more certain?

    When a scientist finds the evidence doesn’t support his hypothesis they are willing to change their minds. But I’m not being fair – this was never a source of evidence. This was a concerted effort to draw out the reactions we’ve seen, for and against – pro and con.

    You may feel lulled into a false sense of security. And that was unkind, so too are the ad hominem attacks leveled at you for your beliefs. But your false sense of security was not created by this article – you brought it with you and only felt more so for a brief moment.

    For many like you they will have read this article and gone away thinking it true, never fact checking. Clearly reality will set them straight at some point. But will they or you learn the lesson that is presented by this story.

    Don’t just believe – investigate and be sceptical. Use the brain you have, even if you believe it is God given.

  • Houstonguy1984

    I have read the Bible…. and it’s pretty easy to find holes in many of its stories… all the more reason to believe the Bible wasn’t inspired by an infinitely wise creator.

  • Sheryl Hunter

    Julio you do realize that laws dictating morality were around LONG before Christianity? I am Atheist, I don’t kill, lie, cheat or steal. I help those around me .. not because anything religious says I have to follow that code, I do not lie steal, kill or cheat because I respect others. I help those around me because that is simply kind. Why is it that it is always someone religious who believes you can’t be a good person unless someone else tells you to be?

    Personally I don’t need a celestial nanny.

    Oh and Atheists commit less crime, are more generous to the people around them and divorce less than Christians .. fairly interesting facts.

  • vonnegut

    Ugh. Some people want to believe so badly they don’t even realize when they are reading a satire site.

  • robert cuevas

    Mars is an old earth i think, back from a billion years ago mars have so many living spiecis lived there but the time and evolution wipe them all , and the earth we are living now will be soon facing like what happen to mars..

  • inom_lang

    Still God created MAN here we are playing

  • shot_lang

    those tablets are ipad

  • Anti-Pork lover boy

    Where’s the photo?

  • Not a Christian Idiot

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

    Q. Are your newsstories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Golgathan

    No pictures… typical government lie.

  • golgathan

    My thoguhts on that is earth is “Heaven” but humans are parasites in nature. meaning humans destroyed Heaven.

  • bviner
  • aldoranada

    lol written in english….

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    randy bum

    When us Muslims are rampaging down your street, you’ll wish you had died in childbirth.

  • Leemar Rosauro

    Nailed it. Checkmate.

  • Pandamus

    One quick question…if such a find is ‘amazing’ then how come no photos of the ‘alleged’ finds were posted. After all, if the people in the control room saw it, why not publish it for the world to see like the other Mars Discoveries?

  • lesnev

    The fact that you’re all here arguing about religion is what is really idiotic. Who cares if god does or doesn’t exist..JUST BE A GOOD PERSON. If we spent as much time caring about our planet as we did ourselves and religion…we wouldn’t be in an environmental black hole

  • mergep

    The fool says in his heart, “There is no God!”

  • Cristy Gallano

    Cedric – a biblical name

  • criss

    and the thing is you cant even give us a picture of a stone! and another lie on internet

  • JustSaying

    Pictures or it didn’t happen, all I’ve gotta say.


    Maybe he is referring to the story of Job. Where God allows satan to do everything he wants to Job aside from killing him in order for him to know how faithful Job is to God. I on my behalf don’t like the idea most born again Christians do in order to get attention. They will always do or make up things in order to deceive people and believe them. These things are what satan usually does where I can plainly say they are of satan not of Christ.

  • mark valdez

    is it YAWEH what they saw… for what I know on the originial hebrew it is only YHWH..

  • Jude


  • umaygoodness

    “If he tells you to kill, annihilate or even rape then that is moral…”

    utang na loob i hope you’re kidding with all your comments. it’s that thought that keeping me from putting a bullet through your head as God is whispering, telling me to do that right now

  • shu2

    dude ur math doesnt even add up.

  • Virtualvine

    1 Peter 2:18 “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Why don’t you do it then… if you have the strength and conviction that God is the one telling you to put a bullet in my head… I’d be more than glad to receive that bullet from you… I am not perfect and have had my share of your so-called “badness” because you people think that if it is within the confines of our earthly laws then it is “good” or “the right thing to do”… So far, I haven’t killed anyone because God told me to do so… The concept of what I have been saying is about total obedience to the ultimate Law, which sadly, none of you believed. I respect that… For your information, I have been a soldier for 15 years now… Been wounded in battle so many times you’d be horrified to see the scars I have incurred because it is my duty to serve my country as an Army Ranger… Yes, I’ve killed quite a number of enemies of the state because earthly laws permit me to do so… So don’t go telling me you wanna put a bullet in my head because that is not a foreign thing to me… I just wish all of you can wake up to the harsh reality that we are never in control of anything… I agree with Houstonguy1984 that more blood have been spilled in the name of religion than any politically motivated wars in this world… but my stand is although I am not perfect I believe and respect God for who He is and His total authority over all things… Being an atheist is a right and a personal belief as what everyone in this thread is trying to say…and I respect your belief… But disrespecting God with whom I put my own belief and conviction is a blatant disrespect to my faith and my opinion… Please respect me as I respect you… Oh and for the record, I have never killed, raped nor annihilated anyone because God’s own voice told me to do so… He is not that bad you know… He is always good.

  • ninja-chacha

    ohh another bed time story ! 🙂

  • cpovet

    Whoa CEDRIC! i take very much offense at you calling MY KING of Kings a scumbag! Believe what you will, but that is totally uncalled for!

  • TheBigLOL
  • cpovet

    If you are an atheist, please answer me one question…why do you spend so much time and energy hating something that doesn’t exist? And spewing hate to others who have different beliefs? You might sure enough know the Bible…so does Satan…word for word. So please answer this. And besides i take great offense at someone mocking my King!

  • Isaias Beltran Jr

    May God be Praise…………

  • Hibiki

    then why do you spend so much time and energy loving something that doesn’t exist? where’s your king? can’t see IT..

  • Hibiki

    so its better not to be born? I guess your mother should’ve aborted you a long time ago.. 😐

  • Karla French

    im a nobody……so yeah <.< haha but it was interesting to read…..still i would require the pictures to make up my mind about if its true or not lol

  • Hbiki

    ahh ganun ba? ilang beses at matagal ko ng binabastos ang diyos mo bakit di pa rin ako namamatay? so sinu ang papatay? ang Diyos? napakabait naman nya? akala ko ba loving god yang diyos mo? kung loving siya dapat niligtas nya ung tinamaan ng Yolanda… kahit anung dasal nila namatay pa rin sila… bait talaga ng diyos noh?

  • guest

    my guess is..’ll find out soon enough. you seem to be the kind of person who’s got it all figured out. good for you.

  • Hibki

    can your prayer feed all the people who are hungry? what can your two hands do in praying? nothing? just sitting back and enjoying the food that you can eat instead of you hands on helping the needy… 😐

  • roflmao

    Lol this is written exactly like an Onion article!

  • rye j

    Slavery: Leviticus 25:44-46

    Rape: Deuteronomy 22:23-24

    Murder (especially atheists) 2 Chronicles 15:12-13

    Genocide: numbers 31:7-31:19
    Don’t you just LOOVE that book? 🙂

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Ah matagal ka pang mabubuhay… abangan mo lang ang darating sayo…

  • Jared

    please enumerate what is the ten commandments being written there.

  • Jake Woods

    we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting our world and lives get to this point

  • Jake Woods

    Atheism is literally becoming its own religion which is kind of scary

  • jamesss


  • vg

    Except for the part where if their MASTER GAVE them a wife (not God mind) then if the didn’t just want to up and leave their family after 7 years (pffft who wouldn’t right?) they had to say they LOVE the MASTER and be slaves forever read it buddy it’s right there.

  • Real Talk

    hoy jonathan . kung isa ka tlgang religious na tao.. hindi mo gugustuhin na mamatay ang kapwa mo kahit ano pa ang ginawa nya / sinabi nya sayo. diba ang turo always forgive? LOL !

    mga Religious lng kayo sa salita . ndi sa gawa.

    mga hindi kasi kayo open minded ayaw niyo tanggapin ang katotohanan.. buti pa yung mga Polytheist at atheist dito e. REAL TALK lang !

  • Jonathan B. Rico

    Hoy Real Talk… wala akong sinabing religious ako o mas banal ako kahit kanino… Sinasabi ko lang ang katotohanan kung ano ang mangyayari sa 2 bastos na ito… Oo pinapatawad na kita sa kakitiran ng isip mo… masaya ka na? Open minded ako pero di ko kailangang mambastos ng paniniwala ng ibang tao… At ano naman ang katotohanang sinasabi mo? Hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo kaya wag ka ng humirit dyan… Para magkaalaman tayo humarap ka sa akin ng personal… Haharapin kita anytime, anywhere… Pinoy ka naman siguro dahil mahusay kang managalog… Sabihin mo sa akin ng personal ang real talk mo at ng magkaliwanagan tayo… You have no idea who you’re dealing with kaya wag ka ng makialam!!

  • real talk
  • Barney

    Most criminals that are killers don’t have a god but only themselves they may not call them selves atheist but they are the same,so the number of 2% is higher. 10% atheist plus 72% killers makes 82% total surveys. The 90% religious are not all Christians. They just become or pretend to become religious hoping they will be pardoned or their sentence lessened. And not all atheist are intelligent as perceived or assumed by themselves to condescend those who believe in a deity,I know cause I work with most of them and generally they don’t even know how to spell or calculate a simple Ohms law in electronics and electrical diagnosis. Yes they read the Bible but not the way true Christians do,they read it to look for assumed mistakes and try to fictionalize everything in it. Give them a good cookbook and they will burn your kitchen.They don’t like the freedom most religious people enjoy so they go sites like these . If Christianity is that bad then why these kinds of people are still alive. It was Christianity that bans killings but the atheist are the ones who made the law that if you kill you will be sentenced to death,because they don’t value life.This guest commenter is from another planet who don’t know real world history,he’s just playing wise guy.most of my life I am surrounded by Christians and never saw the what these commenter is saying.If my mother is not a christian she could have aborted me. I also live amongst atheist but I never heard them say anything against the religious people they are with. I say I don’t believe in religion cause I don’t have one.Atheist in real meaning are god haters and haters of those who believe in a deity. If I will impose atheism on my city,it will be survival of the fittest, if I see you “guest”(including those who agree with him) and see you are smaller than me I will beat you up and what is yours will be mine,including your wife and children and anything you own,cause in atheism there is no morals or god to be accountable for.Without these religious groups there is no balance only anarchy and chaos.

  • Barney

    No Marcus Mook-you are the one who hasn’t read the bible. There are the Christian Bible and there is the atheist version of the bible where everything is just fiction. The Christian book tells of human failures and how they went through life. Ahh sorry I don’t believe in religion I don’t have one. But both of you are debating on none sense that both of you can’t come to a conclusion. The article above is baloney and a hype. But I’m a wide open minded reader of history and Astronomy. There is no such thing on what they found in Mars.

  • Anonymous

    It is because Christians are persecuted by alot of people because of just believing in Christ. The best example is Nero, the most cruel king in Rome. He made those Christians suffer, burned, being eaten by lions, and being crucified just to entertain those patricians which is the average or wealthy people.

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me (Jesus). Matthew 5:11

  • edward penischlack

    pics or it didn’t happen

  • Kennex

    Faith in Christianity restored.

  • Joseph Felix Gregory

    Really? Proof. What NASA

  • meow



    gotta stop laughing now…

  • what does this mean?that evangelists long time ago tried to christianize the martians?this is new to me

  • HermeticallySealed

    Because this is a satire site, not a legitimate news outlet?

  • HermeticallySealed

    People! This is a satire. It’s not a real story. Get it yet? It Is A Joke! FFS

  • Oslec

    I am a Christian and this story might increase my fight. But where are those evidences?

  • JOE


    now that said their is a god that is “not of this world” who we worship, but unless youre able to travel to the fourth demension and lose youre life doing it to prove it go for it but. I have faith in His/Her promise towards for His/Hers upcoming salvation.

  • Julio Garcia

    Of course I do man! They’re as real as my vestigial tail bone! And THAT is science!

  • Julio Garcia

    All 3 of those books deal with the founding of Israel as a nation, which before these had no laws, constitution or system of government. He told them exactly what needed to be done even in very complex situations.

    And you know what’s even better? If you’re a Christian and belong to the NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH you don’t have to do any of those things because Christ fulfilled the law at the cross! We now live under the new testament and the best laws of all:

    Love God above all things,
    Love your neighbor as thyself.

    Yipeeee!! Aren’t you excited!?

  • Julio Garcia

    Sure, just a few quick questions, how do you know that what you think is right, is right?

    Are you your own standard? Are others your standard? Did you get your morality off Wikipedia?

    Can my morality be better than your morality? What if I think harming others is good? Or killing? You can’t have a problem with me because I’m using the *exact* same system to define my morality as you are! I’d say that would be awesome, if I get to kill and steal because I think it’s cool and stuff, or Lie, cheat on my spouse.. and feel good about it, because, well I think it’s good!

  • Julio Garcia

    Well.. I’m… not… perceiving that… I’m losing?… and besides it’s like 10 of you against me, I dropped off this conversation and move on with my life about 6 months ago, I just found myself with nothing to do and decided to peek here and see what silly-senseless-baseless arguments you blasphemous atheists were coming up with 😉

  • Julio Garcia

    If that gives you purpose in life bro, have at it, I’m just the messenger if you got a problem talk to the boss.

    Or, I guess we all will some day, *shrugs* good luck!

  • Julio Garcia

    Yep. Atheist commenting 101 – let the insulting begin.

    Seriously.. you guys are soooo predictable, you should really write a book, you know, because it’s almost 100% guaranteed that when you don’t have anything to say, fall back on calling the other person names, or mock them.

    When I was younger, it used to be proper to not say anything if nothing good would be coming out. Guess you guys are changing even that with your senseless ranting.

  • Julio Garcia

    I’m sorry, where in that passage does it say it is ok to have slaves?

  • Julio Garcia

    Nope. There is no mention of God saying:

    “Hey guys go get you some slaves and rape all the chicks and after you’re done chop your weiners.”

    Genocide and “Infanticide” are a bit more debatable, I’ll give you that.

  • Julio Garcia

    Yes! I have! You know what’s even better? I know it doesn’t condone slavery!!

    Wohoo! 😀

  • Julio Garcia


    In principle: “If you already have slaves, this is how you should treat them. If you *are* a slave, as a Christian, this is how you ought to behave”.

  • Julio Garcia

    Yeah and God was totally happy he was sending them to be slaves, because you know, he condones it.

    /better sarcasm

  • Julio Garcia


    Indentures OP!

    Totally not historic, totally not in the bible, and DEFINITELY not CONDONED!

  • Julio Garcia

    God invented man.

  • Julio Garcia

    Nobody said I’m unbiased 😉

    But hey, call it what you want, I bet I’ve fed, given alms, built homes, and stirred others to do what’s right through this contradictory nonsense, at a loss many times.

    But HEY, who am I to complain? Your angry comment just let’s me know everything is going well with this conversation :D.

  • Julio Garcia

    Well, finally someone came up with some decent passages.

    As a refresher, the poster to whom I replied said the Bible “warranted” slavery, rape, murder and genocide.

    *Slavery: The passage you posted points out facts and instructions for Israel concerning the slave trade, which slaves were considered “Inherited Property”, which could be eligible for manumission, and which could “redeem” (buy) themselves out of slavery. The slave trade was, unfortunately, a strong economic market at that time in the middle east, and God was giving them instruction on how to interact with it as a nation. Your passages, however, fail to warrant, condone or approve slave ownership for believers today and no such command is found in the New Testament. – Rf. Philemon 1:16

    *Rape: I’m sorry dude, but, REALLY? Did you even read this? How is the passage condoning rape? BOTH participants of the act are judged, and the woman is judged “if she cried not, being in the city” which would bring you to the only LOGICAL conclusion that she was CHEATING her husband voluntarily.

    *Murder: I read the entire chapter and I’m still looking for where exactly God told them to murder (kill with motivation or for personal gain) anyone. It seems to me they were promising God they would be doing that. But if you even bother to read the rest of the chapter, Asa’s mother was still an Idolater and all he did was remove her from being queen. He did not kill her. *shrugs* guess you guys just pull straws that fit your arguments when convenient ;).

    *Genocide: This is actually a very poor passage concerning genocide. This battle in particular was caused due to God willing to avenge the Israelis that the midians had slain in previous encounters. This is perfectly consistent with God’s character as he is the only one free to carry out vengeance (Romans 12:9).

    However, because I am biased as some here say I am, I will not deny that God *has* actually ordered the slaughter of an entire people group (the Amalekites, I Sam. 15:2-3) although the reason for this destruction is roughly the same as the Midianites – the Amalekites ambushed and nearly destroyed Israel when they were roaming in the desert after being freed from Egypt, so again, the concept of God avenging his people comes to play.

    None of the passages you post warrant, exhort or condone new testament Christians to participate in any of those acts.

    Hopefully this will clear out your doubts, and yes, I DO LOVE THIS BOOK, and YOU SHOULD TOO!

  • HAH?

  • Whew! Now I can finally stop being an atheist!!!!!

  • It never fails to amaze me. And it seems the more ludicrous the story, the more people are apt to believe it!!! smfh…

  • Who? The martians???

  • dodz

    if you really mean what you are saying, then when you meet God (Hebrews 9:27), just like Satan u will say, TRULY JESUS IS CHRIST!

  • dodz

    if you don’t believe God, can you explain your existence? or you are just an ape created by Darwin!

  • mikey

    I broke my water when i saw this..

  • Tanong mo sa hotdog ni Aljur!

    Anu kaya maisip ni Djoanna dito pag nabasa nya to..?

  • Tanong mo sa hotdog ni Aljur!

    Djoanna hey read this.. XD

  • Ben Buckley

    You idiots think that God ORDERED the creation of the bible, and DICTATED what’s in it?

    The bible was created by people (read: humans) who have hidden agenda, and at that time, part of that agenda was keeping the system of slavery intact.

  • Elmo

    hi cedric….i agree on most of your thoughts….but always remember…the bible is not scientifically and historically correct…according to christians…its biblically correct…im a christian and sometimes i have doubts on my own religion…i have a theory that christianity was created to have control over the people… thats why christians of old times tried so hard to convert muslims into Christianity….to the extent that it became “convert or be killed”….god may be true…or maybe he isnt….all i know is im here….alive…breathing….enjoying the things that IT created….i was always told that the quran and the bible is the same…the difference was the bible is the word of god recited through jesus christ and christian considered him as a god….on the other hand, quran is the word of Allah or god recited through Muhammad but the muslim considered him as gods messenger on which he is. He is a mortal bowing before god so why should the people bow before him. it is quite a humble thought dont you think??

    there are alot of flaws in all religions but religion is only flawed because people are flawed.

    if god is out there possible reading this. thanks for the boobies and bacon.

  • Dragonlight

    Whoa there don’t you know most of these christians in prison became christians when they got put in jail because pastors and other christian workers usually spread christianity to prisoners thats why theres a stereotype that in jail the book you’ll most likely find there would be a bible

  • spindoctor

    this probably another Nasa’s crap! why not send man to the moon again and made apartments there,as you claimed to set mans foot on the moon in the 60’s well it would be very easy for you now considering the latest technology of the present time

  • James

    Jesus told us not to called anyone Master or Father for he is the one that is above.u have to overlook mans translations sometime we re not perfect.but Jesus was/is which means so is the Father God.Jesus is the way.

  • James

    If u read it u would know that Gods wrath is real .If u refuse him he does promise pain n suffering.This is true.But I take it u missed the parts where he said how he will curse u or bless u. Nd after all is said and done that if u make ur way back to him he will come and get u no matter how far u are.Yes even on Mars.

  • Aaron Longgrear


  • asdf

    The bible (from the old testament to the new) is a journey wherein people write about their experiences about God, but with little understanding of His true nature. God sent Jesus as the perfect representation of His being. Just like the unfolding of human civilization with bits of pieces to be placed together, so is the bible about God. Not only do we struggle to get a grip of where the human race really came from, but also do we with the slightest grasp of God’s true nature.

  • alvin bristol

    wow too many atheists here. i will pray for your souls 🙂

  • Sam

    i would really like to see some images to support this. also if it is true why isnt it written in arabic too. arabic is older than english !!!???

  • AliY

    this could make a great sequel for Dan Brown’s Deception Point

  • guest
  • Steven


  • JJ

    any genuine proof??

  • Stampy

    Julio the whole Old testament is full of God telling the Israelites to rape and murder, did you skip that section or something?? And don’t go telling me it was “context” or that when Jesus came everything changed and that is no longer relevant because if God is as unchanging as he goes on about then the “person” he was then is still the “person” he is today… a psychopathic son of a bitch! Lucky he doesn’t exist hey!!

  • Stampy

    The entire Old Testament! and he doesn’t actually “condone” it, he COMMANDS it of his chosen people!

  • DEE

    This seems abit too doggy?, no picture of the evidence (the tablets) not one but two, and its printed in 12 languages, of today?, can it be carbon dated?
    …and to find God or to know he is real is to search within ourselves than to provide external evidence to suggest otherwise…need more information..

  • Dee

    It is not God that commits all the atrocities in the bible, It is Men. Mens are the mind behind every choices made in history.

  • what if?

    …..What if Jesus was an alien…..would explain all the ”miracles” he did was just alien powers trying to shape humanity for the better?

  • Lee Dunn


  • Lee Dunn

    if this is the case they surely have photographic evidence to back up this clean off it claim

  • Son of God

    I am sure that God is real. so if that is right or wrong that will not change my mind i believe that Jesus is alive and he will come back one day to take us to his kingdom so try to prepare your self 😉

  • ParaNormen01

    wow people got hooked with the debate, if this kind of activity can produce energy then it would be meaningful :))))

  • Mark Z

    BULSHIT !!! THat;s a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Zach Van Vuuren

    The more we carry on with these people the more they will come out with utter rubbish as they do, because they don’t know the LIVING GOD. What is so significant about this mars story is, they went to discover water, and the found the LIVING AND TRUE WATER. Praise the LORD as He is Almighty King of KINGS. The Father of all men. In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Mike Perry

    Do you have any evidence for these miracles?

  • Hannes Toerien

    If it was possible to have a logical argument with a religious person, they wouldn’t be religious.

  • Scousebadger

    My cousin Cletus put a USB cable up his bum and caught a computer virus

  • kyle

    Being Christian I know well not even if this were true would anything change, human nature is against God and people today are much more inclined to act their nature rather than deny it for the sake of good, sad but true.

  • Yu Solari

    PICS or it didnt happen

  • David

    I love a good Satire piece!

  • David

    So if we disagree with you, you’re a homosexual? Talk about a quantum leap!

  • kso721

    if human nature is god’s creation, doesn’t your point self-refute itself?

  • kso721

    the Zombies are coming the Zombies are coming?

  • YKteo

    Of course. The Religious Prisoners are not being religious, but the Atheists in Prison are being atheists. Surely the Religious People who are good are truly being religious, and the Atheist People who are good are not being atheist-like, but religious-like, because Jesus.

  • Matt Horton

    Funny how atheists are always talking about God hu

  • Matt Horton

    Why can’t I see you right now? Must be fake!

  • Matt Horton

    Yep, because atheists never did ANYTHING wrong (cough Hitler). Your logic is so stupid just like most of your idiotic comments.

  • Jerry Tomlin

    Pete, The Bible which is God’s Word ,says – The fool has said there is no God.Psalm 53:1.

  • TheRock

    The 10 commandments might as well be in mars, because no one on earth cares to obey them.

  • Zippity Zop

    Oh boy, here comes the religious people and the atheists, and the many others.

    Time to grab the popcorn.

  • James Smith

    I jumped the tracks….” Peace and Love…Yahweh “? What a clown. Yahweh was originally known to humans as ” I AM ” and ” The Almighty “. No essential name was listed or given. Yahweh is a Jewish description and or a political humanly devised name. God is simply God…the beginning and the end…of infinity. His presence within human bodies defines something greater than a myth. You do not have to go to Mars to find that God is real….just pray and ask, fast, get contrite and broken. That’s all He’s waiting for from us humans. Be willing to turn your life over to Him, in Christ. And presto! Your assured a better idea of who God really is and where He wants to abide.

  • ImWithStupid

    90% of the US population is religious….99.8% of the prison population (who also make up US population) is religious. Your point? That is like saying, 90% of Americans watch television…..95% of prisoners watch television….uh ya, they are one in the same.

  • ImWithStupid

    Oh this again. Where does the Bible warrant these things? Must have been omitted from mine.

  • not-a-atheist

    religion is nothing but an excuse to explain that if which can not be comprehended by humans, and to enact order with out a proper cause.

  • D Zaster

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t go viral

  • Louie Damask

    Please release yourself of your ignorance and faith in a God who has slaughtered millions first hand, and ordered the execution of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more.
    Jesus is God; John 8:58 (and numerous other verses)
    God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow Hebrews 13:8.
    Now… Please read Ezekiel chapter 9, Samuel chapter 15, and Deuteronomy chapter 20. Murder and genocide of countless nations! Not just the adults who sin! But everyone! Including BABIES!
    The Christian God is not a merciful omnipotent being. He is a murderer, who believes we should all worship him because of his inability to forgive us of our sins without vicarious atonement. God exists but not as the Christian bible claims.

  • Louie Damask

    This is a satirical article.

  • David

    Daily SELECTED readings

  • SurroundedByIdiots

    And of course someone on my facebook feed is shouting and yelling about how much this changes everything. Fuck I hate living in the bible belt. Save me.

  • Hannes Toerien

    Just lol

  • Nick M

    and that’s why I’m not a christian. You think because you have religion you are better person than I am. I get that’s probably not the point you were trying to make, but it is definitely the one you proved.

  • leoxanigm

    It amazes me that atheists hate the God they believe that doesn’t exist. I mean, how do you hate someone that doesn’t exist. But, if you ask me, ‘how do you believe in some one that doesn’t exist?’, well I do believe He exists.
    Because I don’t think the universe is just a random coincidence. I can’t define it to you or explain it to you, because I am a very tiny being compared everything that is there so is my knowledge and understanding.
    But I have a challenge for you, if you can count all the stars in the universe and name them, then I WILL BELIEVE IN WHAT EVER YOU SAY. Be sure that I’ll hold the end of the bargain, because now I’m doing so. I believe in the One that did what exactly I said.

    But for the tablets that were found on mars, I don’t really care if it was true of just a hoax because that is not foundation of my belief. Though, honestly speaking, I think it’s just some crap a bored person thought.

  • Janine Cockerham

    Syms Covington was Charles Darwins personal servant. He was born in 1816, so I highly doubt that he has anything to do with NASA’s Mars mission, oh dear! says alot about your so called religion having to make up stories to try and make people believe. SMH

  • Jade

    Christianity as the one true religion? This is madness.. I don’t believe on it. As an SDA (7th Day Adventist) religion doesn’t matter to God. What matter’s our faith to him and serve to him ’til eternity.

  • jeff

    Umm no.. It does not warrant Slavery or Rape or Genital mutilation or murder or Genocide. Slavery in the Bible was nothing like you think of when you of modern slavery.. Slavery was more like indentured servants..and often treated like family members. And no, the Bible also says not to mistreat slaves.
    Something modern day slave owners neglected to understand.

    Racism, Umm no…
    Murder — Nope
    Genital Mutilation — If you count circumcision –which I bet if your a dude, you’ve been circumcised.

    Violence in the Old Testament — Do your research

    The New Testament supersedes the Old Testament. Again, learn the difference between the Law and Grace.

  • RadBeligion

    Hitler was not an atheist?

  • jeff

    And yet more people were murdered by Atheists than in any of the crusades. Yes yes…I know, they didn’t kill in the name of Atheism…True..But they Atheism did drive their thought processes and gave them the ability to do what they did believing they would never be held accountable.

    Man is corrupt….A child when born is naturally selfish and already knows how to lie, cheat and steal. It is the parents that have to teach them to be good and what is right and what is wrong..

  • jeff

    Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge, Hitler.. Millions upon millions upon millions slaughtered in the early 20th century.

  • jeff

    I know Cedric.. You would rather people of faith have no place in society. You think it’s a massive delusion or some mental problem… You’re like a blind man trying to convince me there is no color.

  • jeff

    Lol! Good one..until you realize that up until about 200 years ago the word Unicorn was used to describe a species of Asian Rhino…a Rhino that had one horn. Bet you didn’t know that. Isn’t it funny how words change their meanings over time?

  • Morgenstern

    Spot the spelling mistake…

  • Cherakee

    How fake is this? Jeez. My sister even thinks it’s real. I feel sad for her, now.

  • Kathy Thompson Ellis

    Gotta love this! LOL! God’s signature is all over creation. Who is to say? maybe He did leave a tablet or two somewhere. Good job Daily Currant… hahaha gave me a laugh this morning.

  • Jake

    Okay seriously did you even read the context for those verses??

  • Jake

    Okay why are you taking those bible verses out of context? its real easy to make an case against something you don’t understand…

  • stupid

    ur stupid like your picture. how u gonna cough hitler when hitler was a christian but his ancestors were jews

  • meow

    Hitler was a Christian…

  • N J H

    monotheism = totalitarian. One (POLITICAL) faith, One leader, One people.
    Sieg Heil folks.
    Thankfully when it comes to the anti-Semitic new testament – most of us no longer take it seriously.

  • N J H

    God can not exist because of Eric the God-Eating Magic Penguin.

    Since Eric is God eating by definition, he has no choice but to eat god. So, if god exists, he automatically ceases to exist as a result of being eaten. Unless you can prove that Eric does not exist, God does not exist. Even if you can prove that Eric does not exist that same proof will be applicable to your god.

    There are only two possibilities: either you can prove that Eric does not exist or you cannot, in both cases it logically follows that god does not exist.

  • N J H

    Kill Kill Kill the mutherfukking bas*ards, kill them without mercy, Kill them for Jeasus you mutherfukkers.

    Wow I like being a Christian! I did know it was so fun!

  • N J H

    Kill the Nephlemim and the aardvark and save us from the evil rays from the moon. Kill them in the name of the virgin Jeezuz and his boy friends. Kill the custard eating Canaanites for the one true faith. Yeah! In jeesus’s name I pray.

  • N J H

    Velociraptors -Now you are being silly.

  • keithwren

    I don’t pretend to know the mind of the “Living God”, but when we think of God’s plan for the liberals in America, we have to consider that plan as a “silver lining” for the current disaster in America because of the Liberals.

    We daily pray that God will include the RINO’s in His Master Plan, if you get my drift…

  • Mark Forrer


  • Jamie

    There is no point in arguing over religion. If there is a god, those who believe will be “saved.” If there is no god, we will die and nothing else. There is no need to try and convince people of your own belief. This article is obviously satire, and NASA has released a statement saying that it is false. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Jamie

    If this article was true, I wouldn’t be seeing it for the first time today when it was written in July…

  • hunter

    I asked. No answer…

  • Hunter


  • Hunter

    All rhinos have one horn dopey

  • Guest

    Actually according to Christian culture He does. The Bible says that “Lucifer” (Satan) is the prince of this world and that he rules and reigns here.

  • sonny

    Houston…we have a problem..tsk, tsk,

  • Gary

    It’s jewish history.

  • jeson

    i know you…you dont believe God..the next thing is you will say…since there is no God…i will be God..same old story…dont try fool us..we know exactly who you are…shut up and leave…loser!

  • Josue Chaparro

    Cedric you are a ridiculous person. Instead of trying to discredit a religion, which can’t be done since it is based on faith. Why don’t you give me a constructive/valid reason on why you don’t believe in a god at all?

  • JasonDhalle

    Someone just shared this on Facebook and though it was real so I deleted them.

  • James


  • Jeff

    You can’t possibly be this dumb, can you?

  • Brooke Biggs

    I thought it was a sin in your religion to lie?

  • Mike

    You’re a class A moron

  • Tanner

    Wow I hate how the media lies to influence people.

  • Justin Isnotthe Cockman

    bull hockey

  • Sunny

    I am grieved at this story, God does not need this kind of help. All one has to do to see God is look into the heavens, because they display God’s glory and design and are a reflection of who He is! God’s Word (Bible) does the same as well as the earth and every person, because each person is created in God’s image!
    When one looks intently at the design of each thing in the universe, one can see the design and marvel at its complexities and know someone made everything! Keep and open mind as you look intently at everything to see if it was an accident or designed. The truth will set you free!

  • rthtyh

    Stop this ignorance

  • jt5542002

    atheism is a religion also.

  • rthtyh

    Thats bullshit, u get bad christians and bad athiests, ur point gets nowhere

  • rthtyh

    The bible doesnt warrant anything. It tells a truth in such a way that ur ignorant mind picks out falices on which to preach

  • rthtyh

    Also ignorant

  • rthtyh

    Its not religion thats the mistake, its the preachers in it. come on people why cant u see it?

  • rthtyh

    U dont even know what sin means

  • rthtyh

    hmmm whered u hear that kat? Demons ey

  • rthtyh


  • rthtyh

    U dont see it, but u will

  • rthtyh

    what are u trying to get at with this

  • rthtyh

    If this thing in the article is true, it is good. We need more christians so that the truth is reached. Not saying that christianity is the right way. But its necessary to get to the truth with which it speaks

  • Sharon Christian

    AMEN James

  • ImWithStupid

    That’s it Jeff? That is your rebuttal? If 90% of the US population is religious as “Guest” stated above….why would anyone be surprised that the US prison population has a strong correlation?

  • Timothy

    nethertheless – if he was here before us, he is our ruler and we must obey him no matter the consequences. He must have been around for a few years like, he must know better than us.

  • Rocky Chambers

    Funny how people get religion when they get into trouble….what were you saying about character?

    ‘Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, cast your burden upon me and take up my yoke and learn from me for my way is easy’. Jesus Christ of Nazerth

    I have friends who work prison ministries. The reason there aren’t many atheists in prision has more to do with what happens to them while they’re in prision then what they were before they went in. Probably also why many athiests suddenly become believers on their death bed.

    “I think therefore I am”. This is not just a statement of self-awareness, it is also a statement that tells us that outside of knowing you exists everything else you know requires faith. Not coincidently the question Jesus asked most often was…”where is your faith”

  • nicolieolie

    Hitler cited religious reasons for killing millions of Jews. Try again.

  • Jerry

    Not only are those statistics false, but the reason for prison pop having a higher percentage of religious population is due to the fact that they get benefits for becoming religious. An atheist has a much lower chance of getting out for good behavior than a Christian (or any other religion).

    Fact: Inmates try to take advantage of the system just like many of you and our (American) people.

    Resources: I worked at a prison.

  • aaron

    HAHAAHA poor aardvark!

  • Discord

    C’mon, is anyone really shocked at how readily the theists embraced this as real without question?

  • anon

    Not that my opinion matters but I think that you are a loyal guy and not crazy for following what you feel true to your heart. Nobody wants to be called crazy. Nobody has “God” figured out… The ones that do will never be right by the ones that have their perceptions… God or Godless. Thats the gift and the curse! What we do with our existense is totally up to us, but the choices we make will always affect our living. Obviously you have every right to your beliefs. They hold you together. Many of us don’t won’t to feel like we are alone in this world. Its a scary place. A higher power that could cradle us transforming all of the horrors that we face is a craving we must overcome. I use to think if there is a god I feel horrible for him… So much burden and no one that is his true equal. Would he feel alone deep down? He would have to endure through endless compassion for everyone to keep the wheel of existense going…. But I have started to feel like we hold much more responsibility than we think.

  • Bowser

    I am not here to offend anyone or to harass anyone either. God was a cruel, mean but just GOD! But this is why Jesus was born to start a new life, to start over! The old testament is not something we as Christians are suppose to act on but reflect on. We are suppose to remember and look back at the Old testament but the new testament is what we as Christians are suppose to follow! People posting on this site who are saying negativity towards God or Christians seem to be referencing back to the Old testament and if you had any common sense or would say something else besides what every average Joe knows then you would realize that you are wrong! The bible can be depicted in many ways and will continue to puzzle people until the end times but we as humans are not suppose to know everything, are minds can not handle the amount of knowledge it would take to know everything about everything! Now I am not some all knowing bible man but it what it comes down to is this…FAITH. You must have faith and believe in a higher calling. If you don’t then that is your own prerogative but people GOD is real and you will realize this one day! For the people who are going to bash me on here please refer back to the top of this comment where I mentioned Jesus, he was the new coming and the reason for the New testament!

  • Bowser


  • Bowser

    read the New Testament and stop referencing back to the Old Testament…know your stuff before commenting.

  • Bowser

    2 words, New Testament

  • Bowser

    someone is finally mentioning the new testament. FINALLY!

  • Bowser

    Because everyone is born into sin, duh? God has always been there and will always be there. Read the New Testament and then maybe you will understand something. Jesus who you may not have ever heard of died for our sins and only by accepting him and being washed of the sins can we be reborn!

  • countrymouse

    James thank you for taking the time to add the context to these verses.

  • Tadpoles

    I’d rather live as if there is a God and die to find out there is Not, than to Live as if there is no God and die to find out there IS! ; )

  • JohnJ

    We have an RV on Mars??

  • Rachael

    Ahem. You forgot the part where the people they’ve been slaughtering have been raping, murdering (senslessly, might I add), performing carnivorous acts, worshipping the devil, JUST to name a few. You also forgot the part where God sends messengers from Israel to these people telling them to repent from their ways and serve the Lord. There’s also the part where these messengers are chased away. So yeah, God commanded them to be wiped out, but #1, the world was better off without them anyway because of what they’ve been doing and #2 they had a chance to turn away from those evil acts.

  • Rachael

    I’m not even sure where you’re reading this from. Because God specifically told the Israelites to not spare one individual or animal from these lands, and it was the sinful nature of the PEOPLE that spared women and/or animals from those lands.

  • Jacob Adams

    Actually, we cannot directly hear Him speak because that would be prophesying. Prophesying was done away with after “that which is perfect” (the Holy Scripture) was finished. God now speaks through the Bible, chastisement, and by answering prayer. Don’t even say: “Oh sure, now that we want Him to, He won’t do it.” The reasons He doesn’t directly speak are (1) to keep people from falsely prophesying and (2) to separate true believers from non-believers, because if someone won’t follow the Scripture, then they won’t follow Him anyway.

  • Heat

    guilty will be judged, you cant lie to yourself

  • Rion Hedrick


  • Brett

    I don’t need this story to tell me that my God is real. I knew He was real before this was made public.

  • EndtheFEDS

    Where are the pictures??? Or are they still fabricating them? Lol

  • stan

    wait like a samsung tablet? or…what?

  • AreYouStupid

    This is stupid -_-

  • Nancy Snyder

    Excuse me? you need to reread your Bible. It does NOT warrant any of that. In fact, the BIBLE speaks against all of that and more. Go to church for crying out loud and hear the truth.

  • Nancy Snyder

    Sorry to disappoint all you who are getting all your facts WRONG on this issue. Try reading the whole bible in the Living Translation and you might understand it better. God does NOT condone any of these behaviors you are all talking about. The reason God destroyed the earth with water in the day of Noah was because there was too much evil on the earth and Noah and his family were the only ones worth saving along with 2 of each and every kind of animal, bird, insect, etc. Go back to a Christian non-denominational church and get the truth straight.

  • Paul Pena

    This looks like a good place for a Stick Up!

  • josh

    alll of this dnt matter even if the story is false its good to have hope and faith in everything u do in life May God be with u all…

  • andrew

    What in the heck are you talking about? That is probably the stupidest thing I have ever read. You dont have to believe it but if your going to criticize it at least get your facts straight.

  • Chris

    Seriously? Prisoners BECOME religious IN JAIL!!!! They are not usually Christians before they get in there. DUH!

  • Chris

    YOURS so not true

  • Jaco

    Sorry to hear about thats the way you feel our GOD. May GOD bless you and forgive you for the way you are thinking.

  • Chris

    Hitler was a moron!

  • Jaco

    Listen my friend. Go on your knees and ask forgiveness.

  • Brenan The Nice Guy

    Sadly I am friends with people who “believe” this article is 100% true. -__-

  • Brenda Odom Bailey

    Preach it James, yes God is real and all these people will be kneeling before Him soon………..

  • Guest

    Prayer is a conversation between you and God and when you talk to God and ask for forgiveness (repent your wrongdoings) then God will provide your answer in a way you would not expect. You have nothing to loose if you try to connect to God (with a honest heart and without mocking and falseness). Please ask for forgivenes because God is not a God to mock or curse. You really do not understand God.

  • Me

    Christianity is the one true religion, if this is a lie, it wasn’t published by a Christian.

  • bru820

    Its 0k if you dont … or do … believe this story. Fact is, it what YOU yourself believe in, not anyone else. Are any of us really up there besides the rover to actually see them there ?
    Thing is, seeing always is believing. But with God, believing needs faith to help it along . And I know that I believe in God. Whether anyone else believes or not, its their business. So lets all relax and enjoy life everyone and not get mad at each other 🙂

  • arwyn james

    you are still equating being gay or living your life as a gay person, with living a life of deceit and thievery, not that I’m necessarily saying that you’re saying it’s the same act, but that to the god you worship, and therefore to you, they on equal par regarding sin. I would submit to you that homosexuality is not wrong at all, and therefore inequitable with lies or thievery, and that your book promotes bigoted concepts, and therefore by proxy so do you. except maybe you don’t realize you’re promoting an antiquated and bigoted idea, (except now you do, I suppose) and would hope that you’ll invest some thought in the matter, so you can stop being such a bigot.

  • Becky Carlisle

    Becky Carlisle

    all i can say is most of the statement i read are that God is not real well all i can say is when he comes back every one will be on there knees asking for forgiveness cause the bible says so./ My God is alive and well and he will come back and take all his followers with him and all that r left will be consumed by a never ending fire. may God have mercy on all of u non believers,

  • omfgaliera

    This doesn’t even try to identify itself as satire as much as simply spread fun misinformation to fox watchers who couldn’t be bothered to google facts anyways. This is disgusting.

  • James

    I think it’s the funniest thing i’ve read all week!

  • Levi

    Cedric, That is a huge blanket statement. If 98 percent of America is religious, then does that mean a large proportion of America is illiterate? But rather, Christianity is a religion requiring thought, it’s not simply rules that you follow. I think we all have agreed that the scriptures can be confusing. I guess that makes sense since they were written a few thousand years ago and in a completely different culture and language. So lets be careful when jumping to conclusions without truly diving into the matter and understanding both sides. I’m not trying to argue for a specific side, in fact I am attempting to be somewhat impartial. I understand your side of the argument, I really do. But I also understand the opposing side. I have now spent years studying arguments such as these, and have concluded that words often don’t change anything because we are so set in our ways that our heated debates are futile. So lets be careful. I don’t see any benefit in jabbing comments. I would love to discuss this issue, but lets not argue.

  • Miguel Miranda

    why dont we send god a message and ask him to show himself if hes ”real”

  • Jim Jones

    Your wife likes that?

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    I think your the one who’s messed up. I won’t attack every point because the posts stupidity barely warrants a reply at all. But are you referring to circumcision as genital mutilation? That’s ridiculous as modern science has proven circumcision is healthier than being non-circumcised. Mutilation describes the destruction or near destruction of a certain part or whole of physical body. If that action improves and is not only healthy but healthier than the alternative then it is not mutilation. You are one of the finest examples of ignorance I have seen yet.

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    To kill in war is not a murder. And honestly god made the ten commandments, so if anyone can give a directive that ,may seem controversial or go against those commandments it would be the maker of them himself. You have to look at the bigger picture. You can take small portions of any historical event and only tell small parts or twist them to make the good guys seem bad. for example lets leave out all the atrocities committed by hitler and his allies in world war 2 and just say During world war 2, america bombed the Japanese with the worlds first ever atomic bombs killing thousands of innocents and leveling two prominent Japanese cities. If you just tell that one part of the story then suddenly america looks like the bad guys. but when you see the whole picture you realize that japan was an allied force with germany and they were not only associated but were aiding and participating in the largest genocide in history and the dropping of those bombs ended the war in the Pacific and saved countless lives on both sides, far more than it took. Spin the stories as you want, one day you’ll be held accountable

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    I think your reason ended with your vivid imagination of giant penguins eating things…. Because it is flawed to the core. A simple mind will never understand, things of a complicated nature. There are signs everywhere pointing to the existence of god. But if your mind is as narrow as this guys, you will never bere witness to them

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    And as long as you challenge god, and never find faith, you never will receive one, until the day of reckoning at which will know all and yet you will perish and burn with that knowledge. That’s not how it works as it is outlined in the bible. It’s about faith, god will give you an answer it all depends on you too see it., I pray you find him and peace with that.

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    He speaks truth. look at history you cannot deny his statistics are true. It appears you are the moron.

  • John Joseph Pszenitzki III

    Hitlers religion was that of atheism. He was a believer of Scientology, which is why he sought to make “the perfect race” Scientology is an atheistic religion, that believes there was no god, but a chain reaction of completely perfect and yet coincidental circumstances. and one in quadrillions chance, after chance after chance that occurred for us to be here today. An aspect of science that is neither observable or repeatable. So you try again. Obviously you need to study your history a bit more

  • Common Sense

    Pretty sure the rover has the ability to take pictures, yet there are none in the article. That’s first..Where is your proof other than an article on a web site that is the Rag Mag of the internet? Really people? Do you honestly believe everything you read just because it’s in print? Look at the headlines of this site ( on right) and tell me you can honestly believe anything written here.If you do, you have way more serious problems you need to deal with.

  • John Gabriel

    Pete you have to be able to understand the Bible before you can make those claims and not shoot from the hip. Tell me the verses of scripture you read to come to your conclusions.

  • John Gabriel


  • John Gabriel

    because of freewill that God gave us…if your a Christian you know the difference.

  • John Gabriel

    He is but only rules if you allow him to rule.

  • N J H

    I see signs and wonders everywhere, John Joseph, my head is spinning with the evidence that Eric has been here and eaten all the Gods. Nom Nom, Thor, Mercury, Vishnu, yum yum Zeus, gulp Yahweh. They used to be with us and now *burp* ALL GONE! The evidence is overwhelming – according to my personal experience. A Giant Penguin eating things may be implausible – to you – but you just need to open your mind and see the truth. Its undeniable.

    “Even if you can prove that Eric does not exist, that same proof will be applicable to your god.”

    Come on guys! I mean really: burning bushes, dead people walking, talking snakes, God having a “son” a “favourite people” etc – we are not that simple minded. (Get it?)

  • Tiffany


  • eyemall

    All prisoners get religion while in prison they have to do something to try and get out early. Just like everyone on death row is innocent…..

  • eyemall

    Islam calls for Muslims to kill people your point is?

  • ShocksAway

    Hello, my name is Old Tjikko, I am a 9,550 year-old Norway Spruce tree living in Sweden, and I’m here to tell you that flood never happened.

  • ShocksAway

    I’m only here to read the comments from people who don’t know this is a satire site. Fantastic.

  • ShocksAway

    So you think the god that you pretend to believe in values credulous and fearful bootlicking over honest skepticism? You’re welcome to it!

  • ShocksAway

    Always makes me laugh how the religious can breezily dismiss reams of scientific evidence with a casual flick of the wrist, until they find a shred that might chime in with their weird old stories.

  • ShocksAway

    Hm. How about taking a look at the mechanism of your own eye, built upside down, backwards and horribly inefficiently. Or the imbalance of your prefrontal lobe size versus your adrenal glands. Or your DNA string, crowded with useless junk. Or your vestigial tail and appendix, or the coat of fur you grow and shed in the womb. Or the junkyard of failed species (99.99% of all animals that every existed) that have become extinct over the epochs while your footling, tinkering god was coming up with our species. Some design!

  • Rod

    Biggest majority of religious prisoners became religious after they were incarcerated!!

  • Gibby

    Show me a picture then we can talk.

  • arwyn james

    this is a satirical website and by extension a satirical article…very much like the onion and it’s “news” stories.

  • J.MARIE95

    I think this is cool and all, but i would like to personally see the pictures of these stones.

  • belilu belilu

    It’s not just the preachers. What of the masses in agreement with those preachers? And until getting caught what book do u think those preachers were using not just to cover up but even to justify themselves & their filth, while the masses said ‘Amen’ & ‘Hallelujah’ to them?!

  • belilu belilu

    Plz stop trying to explain any part of the bible in light of its context because on top of every logical argument already covered by Houston Guy (most of which ur arguments don’t really cover or undo) but also what u explain here ‘in light of its context’ will still be contradicted by yet another verse & as well by ur explanation (in light of its context) for that other verse.

    And that’s just when it includes ones person doing the explaining. It’s another matter when we get into how ur own preacher or the next guy’s preacher may explain the same verses ‘in light of its context’ differently than u & yet another preacher or church member will explain it in slightly different ways.

    Each verse/story the bible & each explanation will always not make sense & in almost all cases gets contradicted when held in comparison to another verse & in comparison to ur & millions or at least 10000s of other ppl’s explanations for each verse. So on & so forth.

    I for one am NOT against religion, especially Jesus’ teachings & his life (if all accounts are true). I’m born into a Christian family & can only identify myself with Jesus’ & his teachings (if all were true). I do NOT believe that religion is the cause of wars or the reason for all or most of our problems. I know that we humans whether atheists or religious would most likely have most ruined things & done wrong in the same way as we have either because of or in spite of our religious beliefs & so called ‘God’. And religion starting with Christianity & a few other ones, have done more good for humanity than bad. All the bad would’ve been done with or without those religions, under different excuses anyway.

    I also can’t understand how anyone in this day & age, would still argue that there can’t be a God just because they can’t (or so they think) see evidence of it. I could give a million examples of evidence but that’s not where i’m going with this. I’ll just finish this part of my point by saying how true it is that Atheists really are like the blind man trying to convince everyone else that there is no color.

    The point is that most religions have been & can be a good thing. Almost all things that we assume is our own conscience & values are really the by products of the guidelines & instructions set by religions (which may have come through either wise or controlling ppl or by the Creator) & passed down from generation to generation. There is a God. We have less & less reason now to ever deny the existence of a creator.

    BUT none of these mean that the Bible is a proven word of God. It’s NOT PROVEN!! Or that it’s the perfect book, one that doesn’t contradict itself left & right. It DOES! So do Christians & their Preachers! Stop lying to urselves & to everyone, in the name of GOD!!!

  • Rey

    Dear God, you left that on the wrong planet. Sincerely, The Human People of Earth.

  • Adam Rigdon

    that was literally the stupidest comment I have read in my entire life… wow… just simply wow..

  • Adam Rigdon

    Until I read this one and now it has taken the title for the most ridiculous atheist based statement imaginable. tbh sir you ARE the most simple minded individual on this post to actually think there is even one shred of logic in what you’ve said. And the sad thing is you probably have convinced yourself that this notion of your “disproves the existence of God” …. wow,

  • Adam Rigdon

    Do you truly find yourself amusing? You are even too ashamed of the things you are saying to give your real name or identify yourself with your picture. Even that is the proof of God convicting your heart with shame. You know what you are saying is wrong… that’s why you hide. You can hide from every single man, woman and child on this earth… But there isn’t a place you go that you can hide from Jesus Christ.. I just pray you see that that before its too late..

  • You or me

    it already has

  • Devlin

    Send pictures 🙂

  • atheistareidiots

    So, say for instance, you’re walking down the road when you see a building. The building is perfectly designed all the way down to the foundation. However, you realize that whomever built the building isn’t around. Maybe he passed away, or maybe he’s still alive. Either way, a great creation was made, and yet, the architect isn’t there, but you know he made it. To all Atheist out there, try being open minded and use more than 8% of your brain. Just because one may not see the creator, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist.

  • jamesworthington

    I don’t have to read it on the internet I have found it true when I obeyed the scriptures, Read and obey Acts 2:38 and you will know that God is real as you are filled with the Holy Ghost. I know that many will laugh and make fun at this but don’t knock it until you have tried it. I have tried the ways of the world and they never worked, but when I tried Gods ays they never failed.

  • Roe Skidmore

    He did send his son, who died on the cross and arose again…

  • Roe Skidmore

    Sounds like today and the hate the far left exhibits daily, when is next flood coming?

  • Lies..
  • Linda

    I’ve always known that GOD was real. I have come dangerously close to losing my life three times. HE was always there.THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME AND MY UNBORN BABY THE LAST TIME!!!! She is now 30 yrs. old!!!!

  • Jim Jones

    You should get back into bed before the attendants find out you’ve used their computer. The doctors don’t want the crazies doing that. They might up your dosage of antipsychotics.

    Mind you, maybe they should.

    This is a JOKE SITE! There never was such a message on Mars. It’s a JOKE!

    But you probably think The Onion is for real too.

  • Jim Jones

    The preachers reflect the congregation. If they didn’t they’d be gone.

  • Jim Jones

    > But they Atheism did drive their thought processes

    Every one of them received religious training. They then applied it with gusto.

  • Jim Jones

    By people who became gods, at least in their own minds.

  • Jim Jones

    What color is the sky on your planet?

  • Jim Jones

    Hitler was a fully communicating Catholic up until his death. He was beloved by the church and had his own pope.

  • Jim Jones

    Hitler murdered atheists for their lack of belief.

  • Jim Jones

    > If 98 percent of America is religious, then does that mean a large proportion of America is illiterate?

    Many fewer than that are religious but yes, IME 98% of people are as dumb as a sack of rocks. I don’t fault them for not being able to construct a logical argument. I do fault them for not being able to follow one.

  • Jim Jones

    > God now speaks through the Bible, chastisement, and by answering prayer.

    “Christianity: 2,000 years of everyone making it up as they go”.

  • sandy

    being religious and having a relationship with Jesus Christ are sooooo different.

  • NZL72

    n did Hitler die again?

    The Church of Scientology promotes Scientology, a body of beliefs and related practices created by L. Ron Hubbard, starting in 1952 as a successor to his earlier self-help system, Dianetics.
    The first Scientology church was incorporated in December 1953

  • David Thomas Gatti

    Screw your self righteous god. If we aren’t all good enough. Than you can rejoice in heaven. Alone.

  • N J H

    I’ve not seen any sign of this “perfect design” you speak of. A lot of apparent design is not actually at all perfect and a designer is superfluous as there are simpler and more effective explanations. The “great architect” is a projection of the human mind – like the Magic Penguin who is just as likely to have created everything (poorly) and accounts for why there is no longer any “great architects” about (they have been eaten).

  • N J H

    With logic and argument like yours Adam – backed up as it is by copious evidence – I have to retreat in disarray and bow to your superior intellectual powers. I mean wow . . . I am, like you, dumbfound.

  • N J H

    Hitler was a Christian – a Roman Catholic to be exact and believed that the Jews killed Christ. Or that is what he taught. He closed down the secular schools and liked faith because it taught the habits of obedience. A liberal, a humanist, a secular democrat he was not. neither were Mao or Stalin etc who prob were atheists.

    Atheists do things wrong just like believers do things wrong. Atheism just says what you do not believe in not what you do. I am an atheist and believe in a number of things . . . but not the supernatural.

  • Brothers

    I just won a Power Wheels monster struck because I was foolish enough to believe the myths I read in the Christian Bible. Go Yahweh!

  • Brothers

    If you believe in Christianity I suppose you have met the tooth fairy that visited me last night. Just remember you have to have faith in order to receive money from the fairy of teeth.

  • N J H

    I doant know why we take the bible seriously, it is shot thru with mis-translations, fabrications, plagiarisms, propaganda, mis-attributions and forgery. It is called pseudoepigraphia – “false writing” but that is still a forgery.

    This is before you start to look at all the contradictions and the immoral preachments. We are lost if we look to the bible for our morality. Some nice poetic bits tho.


    Yeah, if that’s how the God of the Bible does business, then… no, thanks.

  • Moondragon007

    Thank you! I was wondering who these morons were that wrote this article!

  • JEN

    Not an accurate statistic. Many inmates convert to religion after incarceration.

  • JEN

    And to say 90% of the US populas is Religious is not the same as saying that 90% is Christian. Know your facts.

  • JAxxxxxxxxUp

    Christ warrants none of these things. Enjoy your random writings of old Jews walking through the desert in that thing you call the old testament.

  • Guest

    There is a difference between the old testament and the new. You shouldn’t lump everything together if you don’t know what you’re talking about. 🙂

  • Yaleis4bitches

    The mere fact that anything exists at all is more amazing to me than burning bushes, and walking dead people… so no I don’t get the logic that we should absolutely rule out anything really… even your giant penguin. If the universe is truly infinite than there is an infinite number of possibilities across an infinite number of galaxies… so not only is your giant penguin analogy plausible but it in fact MUST exist. If the universe isn’t infinite and it has an end then how can we expect the laws of our universe to apply outside of it’s boundaries… Now you have a whole new set of possibilities that we really can’t even comprehend.

  • Critical Thinker

    well it would impact if NASA would show! the Genuine Evidence not the fake ones

  • arniel

    haha fuck your government

  • N J H

    The problem posed by Eric the magic penguin does not say anything about anything’s or everything’s existence, only about the existence of gods, as the argument that he (Eric) does not exist can also apply to other gods. As it is I am open to the facts of the universe/s being awesome. But “possibilities that we really can’t even comprehend” are non-testable hypotheticals and are vulnerable to an Eric-like counter-hypothetical.

  • kyle

    Nah human nature is what happened when man gave up God’s nature, and then it progressed to the point where nearly everything we do is sinful, but whatevs.

  • Jacob Adams

    The text of the Bible has actually been dated back to the 1st century AD, and some have found the latest texts around the 4th century AD.

  • Josh

    Man I wouldn’t worry about it. It literally never happened.


    God isnt real you stupid fucks. If you disagree you can suck my sweaty balls. Im not having a discussion here either, im stating a FACT.

  • Rick

    This just proofs that there was life in mars at one time or another. If the commandments are exactly the same or not would proof if its diffusion or not. I for one believe that we as a human race at one time lived in mars then left the dying planet to start over in earth. Future excavations will proof that humans used to live there at one time. God existence is notable the question is who is God.

  • Kevin Williams

    It’s Christians like you, who are so angry and determine to punish people you don’t approve of, that stop me from EVER thinking that religion is anything but total EVIL. People like you create the atheists.

  • Kevin Williams

    Well here we have it again, another “CHRISTIAN” who is threatening murder because someone doesn’t agree with him. God, please save me from your violent followers.

  • Jim Jones

    > The text of the Bible has actually been dated back to the 1st century AD

    The method used to ‘date’ them is entirely composed of wishful thinking. There are reasons to date Mark and the rest after 135CE and no good reasons to guess a date before that.

  • Jim Jones

    > Either way, a great creation was made

    Really? Google (Cymothoa exigua)

  • anoynomos

    sak dik

  • 11:23pm

    U don’t get it though. First of all, Christianity is a faith not a religion and the Bible makes it clear that even God doenst like “religion”. Secondly, a lot of prisoners will go to jail and repent for what they have done and when some of them leave prison they will go back to either being criminals or truly holding on to their faith. The Bible makes it very clear as well that God chose men to follow His plan. Man is not perfect and that’s why God sent His son to die for us so he can bear the burden of death brought upon us by our sin. Everyone thinks just becuz someone is born again means that we should be living a perfect life or that we are judgemental towards others and think we are perfect compared to the rest, well some Christian will think they are but the right ones will do the right thing and share the love of Christ properly.

  • Santiago Uscátegui Leyva

    Abortion is what this writer’s mother should have considered before giving birth to such an embarrassment and hindrance to society and evolution.
    Please see the attached link, perhaps it might help you. Or not.

  • Matt

    No, there aren’t. There are things in nature that may look like they’ve been designed by an entity, but science eventually will get to the bottom of it, like it has done, relentlessly, over the years.

    Evolution, my friend.

    “Evolution is just a theory” I hear you scream.

    “Gravity is a theory too” I calmly retort, “but you’re stuck to this planet” (it’s a sphere, not flat…oh, and it’s around 4.5 billion years old, as well. Just so we’re clear)

    One who believes in god, is one with a closed mind.

    You nutters put things in the “too hard” basket, and put it down to an imaginary being that you’ve made up to feel good.

    The real people with imagination are the scientists at the forefront of their fields, not a bunch of people who use an ancient story book, written by bronze-aged peasants a few thousand years ago.

    Instead of seeking real answers, you put things in the “too hard” basket and put it down to an imaginary being.

    Major cop out. It’s the easy way out, isn’t it?

    “I don’t understand, therefore it MUST be god”

  • fred

    You worship the wrong god. We all know that Apollo is the true god.

    You are a heathen, and shall be smoten for your worship of a false god.

    The Lord Apollo decrees it to be so.

    I pray that you realise the errors of your ways, before it’s too late.

  • Hate Monger

    Numbers 31:7-18 NLT
    Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    Deuteronomy 21:10-14

    There’s more but I got bored. Check out the last one specially 😉

  • Hate Monger

    It’s extremely amusing to see that people who call themselves Christians do live and swear over and over again by a book they have obviously never read.

  • Hate Monger

    I went and asked him “Why, Oh Lord, has Thou written all this bloodshed and gore into Thy Sacred Book and asked us, Your Sheep, to follow?”

    And he answered “Dunno mate, was too drunk to recall. Do you have some paracetamol left?”

  • Hate Monger

    Nice!!! I have however to call your attention that ALL HUMANS only use 10% of our brains anyway. Pito for your argument 🙁

    My question is: If you don’t knew this silly universally know factoid… how can you know that the building you are seeing is really a building ?

  • Hate Monger

    Where are these signs if I may ask?
    If the signs are simple, why do I need to change anything in the scope of my mind to see them?
    Where did you read that Eric the Penguins was “giant” ?
    Wasn’t Jesus who said that “Blessed are the poor of spirit because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”? (Matthew 5:3)

  • Hate Monger

    WRONG!! Thor hasn’t been eaten, I can proof it!, I have an E-Mail from him “Hi Mate, went out to get a crate of Belgian and cheetos for the party, don’t forget to call the stripper, cya Thor”. So there it is, the proof.
    Only the narrow minded will not believe it.

  • Hate Monger

    Well, there is a little thing called logic that you don’t seem to have grasped yet. Note that I am speaking about the very same logic used by Christian theologians, the same Aristotelian Logic.

    I refer to the fallacy of the Burden of Proof or “proving the non-existance”

    This becomes a very dangerous affair, because you get into an argument of the following form:

    a) it cannot be proven that X does not exist

    b) therefore: X exists

    A) Therefore: everybody who does not believe in X is an idiot.

    BUT, this is valid for X, Y , Z either way It is indeed valid for everything that you cannot disprove to exist:

    Zeus, Eric the Penguin, God, a 5000 Euro bill or the fact that I have a brown pitbull.

    So, if we had to accept a) as valid (which is not because it is a fallacy) you would be calling yourself an idiot and narrow if you don’t accept that I do have a brown pitbull and/or a 5000 EUR bill.

    You are indeed calling it yourself anyway for not believing in Buddha and in Brahman or in the fact that Mohammed is the Prophet and the Quran the only holy book… Or that the Vedas are holy by themselves and revealed themselves and that there are no Gods as the Vedas themselves are so holy that they are enough to contain all the Holy things.

    Don’t believe that? You are a narrow minded idiot. Can you proof to me that the Vedas aren’t enough to contain and explain all the nature, the circle of rebirth and the way of escaping this circle?

    Can you proof the non-existence of Zeus Olympic? So, why are there fires in Mount Olympus then?

    But, that’s why the Burden of Proof fallacy exists: To avoid that we use such constructs and end up in circular arguments.

    And incurring in fallacies demonstrates that you do not know how to properly use logic.

    You can’t therefore pretend to have any type of authority above others and much less claiming to be more intelligent.

    My suggestion: Try to put your claim into logical terms and avoid fallacies. The bad part: It has never been achieved, not even by people way smarter than you (and surely me).

  • Hate Monger

    Indeed “God” makes things more difficult.

    A simple mind (a narrow mind indeed) will say “OK, it’s God, so there I stop thinking”

    An inquisitive mind, even accepting God will ask herself “And WHY did God do that?”, “How did God make it happen”, “Who IS God actually?” “Is He the only God in this universe, are there more Gods in other Universes?”,”What was the PURPOSE of God creating this universe?”

  • Hate Monger

    Wow? I have a lvl 81 Undeath DK in Steamwheedle Cartel EU, what realm are you in?

  • Hate Monger

    You will never escape the circle of Samsara, your lack of faith and unwillingness of attaining enlightenment will be a burden on your soul like a mill stone anchoring your spirit to the material things unless you have faith in the Eightfold Path and cleaning your spirit through the practice of the Four Noble Truths can finally grasp beyond the veil of Maya…

  • Hate Monger

    You dare to utter blasphemies?

    It’s general knowledge that the Superior God of all Gods is Crom!!!

    “…He dwells on a great mountain. What use to call on him? Little he
    cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention
    to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless,
    but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul.
    What else shall men ask of the gods?”

    — Queen of the Black Coast

    So, tell me: Can you find a more badass God than Crom “The One Who Doesn’t Gives a F***k?”

  • Jane

    You must not be reading the right bible, mine don’t say all of that

  • Alejandro Haberkon

    porqué mienten así???, es mentira que descubrieron una tabla escritas, ni nada parecido!! por favor, dejen de mentirle a la gente.

  • Jacob Adams

    In fact there are reasons for scholars to believe from possibly even before 70 AD to the 2nd or 3rd centuries:
    The point I’m trying to make is that Christianity has not been made up over 2,000 years. It was set after Jesus was resurrected.

  • melbo

    More and more prisoners are finding God in prison…God is love and He doesn’t give up on us…He will go to the ends of the earth…and yes…even into the prisons…to save each and every one of us 😉 Do you hear Him yet? I think that’s Him knocking on the door of your heart right now. What are you gonna do about it?

  • Jim Jones

    > from possibly even before 70 AD

    All of those reasons are wishful thinking.

    > after Jesus was resurrected

    Jesus never existed.

  • Joseph Daly

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

  • Joseph Daly

    And as for murder, rape, genocide. Here are some fun ones.
    (Judges 21:10-24)
    (Numbers 31:7-18)
    (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

    This one’s great. It stipulates that rape is allowed as long as you marry woman afterwards.
    (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

  • Joseph Daly

    And as far as moral compasses go, if you need to appeal to an external source to determine right from wrong, you, by definition, have no moral compass.

  • Joseph Daly

    Adam, I have to agree with the others. You’re not providing any evidence to prove your point. His point is totally valid. The existence of a supernatural entity cannot be proven incorrect. HOWEVER, THERE ARE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF POSSIBLE PROPOSITIONS THAT CANNOT BE FALSIFIED.
    Because of this, the only propositions rationally minded people take seriously are those that the evidence supports. And please don’t seriously suggest that an old book is evidence.

  • Lucas Faeldan

    Couldn’t they hypothesize that there was life on mars before? Or Us humans lived on Mars and we just went to earth due to Mars’ unstable and unhabitable structure; one of the things we brought was our religion? Cousin terrestrials once lived on Mars? So many possible reasons yet scientists would claim that Christianity is the one true religion instead. I call BullShit! There might be truth but no way scientist would think that way..

  • David Ottosson


  • Brother john

    Warrants? You haven’t read it have you?

  • Brother john

    Who did you thank at Thanksgiving?

  • Pablo Awesom O

    Hay que tener mondongos para inventarse esta basura…

    para todo lo demás

  • Elohim lives

    Yes thats true but ubfortunately fools will never get it and if Jesus returns back with the Elohim in their vessels he would probably be killed a second time we need to embrase science and love and realise its one of the Same

  • N J H

    I don’t do Thanksgiving Brother John – being a Brit – but if I did I think that I would give thanks that I was not one of the First Nation people who – if I remember correctly – saved your pilgrim father’s behinds and were then ethnically cleansed for their trouble.

  • seriously?

    I am in awe of how many people can sit behind a computer screen and act as if they are the all knowing and above everyone else that is arguing over God’s existence. Why fight so hard over something you say you don’t believe in? If you don’t believe it then why are you spending so much time fighting it. Whether God exists is personal belief and opinion. No matter what you say, if poeple believe in God, let them. If you dont believe in him then I truly hope you grow to see him and understand him because I believe he is true and just and there will be a day where we will all find out if his existence is true or not. Until then I plan to follow him and live my life so that if I met him today or tomorrow I would be ready to face him and be able to say that I believed in him with all of my heart.

  • Ang

    Let’s just say we believed these “tablets” were there. Wouldn’t the bigger discovery be that human’s once lived on Mars and they were Christian’s?

  • Jacob Adams


  • Jim Jones

    There were Christians. So what? Mormons don’t prove the angel Moroni and Scientologists don’t prove Xenu.

  • Michelle

    So what you are saying is you have faith, your faith is in science and the finite man that study it? Therefore, your faith is in mere mortals. What a sad faith 🙁

  • Michelle

    That is like asking a couple what is the purpose for having a child. Look at the physical and it mirrors the spiritual attributes of God. God is creator so He creates. We as people choose to worship either The Creator or the created.

  • Eddie Higgins

    funny but I don’t hear anything except my Parrot are you stating that Maxwell is god if so he said fuck off

  • thr33phas3

    That “building” you’re looking at appears to be a termite mound. Sorry.

  • True GOD

    Christians are hypocrites the love to point fingers and never practice what they preach. They are the snake in the garden that needs to be killed

  • Psalm 14:1


  • Psalm 14:1
  • Psalm 14:1
  • pSALM 14:1
  • pSALM 14:1
  • PSALM 14:1
  • cecilia

    you don’t need faith for science. Science is a Method. A way to examine reality. Science looks for answers AND questions.

    religion thinks it has all the answers. Faith is belief with no evidence

  • cecilia

    maybe YOU were born a horrible person. But speak for yourself. I was born ok.

  • cecilia

    atheism is NOT a religion. It’s a lack of beliefs in any gods.

    and Scientology wasn’t even invented when Hitler wrote his “Mein Kampf”. That book is FULL of statements about how he and all Germans should be ‘soldiers of Christ’, blah blah blah. Go read it sometime – it’s online

  • cecilia

    Hitler was Catholic…get help for your cough

  • cecilia

    so ‘god’ is a bully???
    and I’m supposed to be afraid of this petty, bitter bully???

    your stupid god doesn’t know how to communicate intelligently. so F him.

    For a creature that is supposed to be so ALL powerful and ALL knowing he sure seems very small minded and petty.

    The only thing that impresses me is Evidence. You petty god has provided absolutely NO evidence for an intelligent person to examine. That suggests he doesn’t exist.

  • cecilia

    of course your god is real to YOU. it’s you inside your head

  • Cedric

    You should perhaps consider seeing a psychiatrist. Invisible magic men knocking on doors attached to your heart? Yep definately book that appointment as soon as you can. Give it a few years of intensive psychoanalysis and you’ll be as right as rain.

  • Cedric

    That’s funny because when Christians lose intellectual debates about God (which is pretty much all the time), they fall back on the claim that you cannot use reason and logic to find God and instead have to abandon thinking in favour of feeling. In fact thinking and questioning are anathema to faith. Now here you are claiming that only intelligent people can find the magic sky wizard.

    I think you will find that the narrow minded one is actually yourself. We are all capable of deluding ourselves into seeing what we want to see, and your “signs” are nothing more than you forcing perfectly ordinary circumstance into a specially shaped box of your choosing. Oh look! That shop sign has the word “save” in it and a man with a beard is stood underneath it just as I happened to look at it. It’s a sign from God that Jesus will save us all!

    You inconsistent christians are quite entertaining really 🙂

  • Cedric

    Eric the God-Eating Magic Penguin is definitely real. Otherwise, why do Penguin chocolate bars exist? They are so obviously a sign from Him.

    Praise be to Eric! May he devour all godly usurpers!

  • Cedric

    “I think your reason ended with your vivid imagination of giant penguins eating things…. Because it is flawed to the core.”

    Hmmm so when your vivid imagination conjures up a God it’s perfectly reasonable, but when his imagination conjures one up it isn’t.

    Yeah that makes sense…..not

  • Cedric

    “WRONG!! Thor hasn’t been eaten, I can proof it!, I have an E-Mail from
    him “Hi Mate, went out to get a crate of Belgian and cheetos for the
    party, don’t forget to call the stripper, cya Thor”. So there it is, the
    Only the narrow minded will not believe it.”

    This is where you have proved that N J H’s intellect is actually quite a bit beyond yours. Your claim can easily be disproved by merely asking to see the email. If you were truly a clever person, then you would have devised some kind of “proof” that doesn’t rely on something so obviously disprovable as a real thing that actually does exist.

    I know you were only joking of course but you need to try harder than that. The paradox of course with thinking too much is that heavy questioning and challenging your beliefs tends to result in their demise……well…..they would do if the person doing the questioning was being honest with themselves and was actually willing to put their own ego to one side for a moment.

  • Cedric

    “So what you are saying is you have faith, your faith is in science and
    the finite man that study it? Therefore, your faith is in mere mortals.
    What a sad faith :(”

    You’re the one obsessed with faith. You’re the one that leans on it like a crutch. You need your faith in the unseen because you can’t cope without it. What a sad and pathetic way to exist.

  • Cedric

    “Do you truly find yourself amusing? You are even too ashamed of the
    things you are saying to give your real name or identify yourself with
    your picture. Even that is the proof of God convicting your heart with
    shame. You know what you are saying is wrong… that’s why you hide. You
    can hide from every single man, woman and child on this earth… But
    there isn’t a place you go that you can hide from Jesus Christ.. I just
    pray you see that that before its too late..”

    Ha ha ha ha! You are so transparent and obvious. It’s actually quite boring to read. Everyone can see that your insecurity has been exposed, and it’s all due to the simple question “where is the evidence?”.

    You’ve got no game sir, which is why you have now been reduced to puerile messages like the one above, where you resort to petty personal attacks and rubbish attempts at trying to claim that your opponent feels shame and is somehow cowardly…..when actually you know nothing of anyone elses feelings. So you think you will win an argument if we all reveal our real names? Do you ever make any sense?

  • Cedric

    “….. until the day of reckoning at…..”

    Oh so it’s on a particular day is it? Can you provide the date please? Just a rough estimate will be fine, so that I can get all of my atoning out of the way beforehand in preparation to be judged by the great tyrant and player of silly pointless hide and seek games.

  • Cedric

    Good sir you should write your own holy book. Your writing skills are in top form. You are very clearly a divine prophet. The proof of this lies within the words you type……but of course only those with eyes wide open will able to see. Those that squint or close their eyes will not be able to see, and shall merely wallow in their own folly.

  • Cedric

    “alll of this dnt matter even if the story is false its good to have hope
    and faith in everything u do in life May God be with u all…”

    But it does matter. It mattered to you enough for you to type a reply 😉

    Only those who fear death need the “hope” of eternal life presented by a story. If you face the fear of your own mortality and overcome it, then you have no need to hope for life after death. It wouldn’t matter either way to a person who is not afraid of the natural order of things.

    You are clearly not that person, as you have chosen to live in fear of the unknown.

    Besides, existence after death does not require a God any more than being alive right now does. Which story of “hope” were you referring too anyway? Oh was it the bible? That story which is all about instilling fear of what a vengeful god will do to you if you don’t believe in his story?

    There is never anything good about believing false stories, except for when you’re a child that believes in Santa. Adults should not be actively choosing ignorance. They should face the facts and if those facts upset them then they should continue to face them until they have come to terms with it all.

  • mo

    This is old testament. Before Salvation. Before Grace. Before Mercy. He died for you. Let Him love you.

  • Cedric

    No. Prayer is a conversation with yourself, while you picture it being with someone else. I have taken part in prayers myself. It was with a buddhist group, who took part in chanting as part of their practice. It ranged from being pleasant and enlightening to boring and annoying (depending on my mood at the time). It was exactly the same as what christians do, except the focus was not god but what they refer to as their own buddhahood or “perfect self”.

    I never stuck with it personally as it became too easy to see right through. It was all just psychological, just like your faith. However, it amused me that I met lots of really devout buddhists who insisted that their practice worked and was the ultimate way to live your life. They reminded me of every other devout religious person I have ever met, which is why I walked away from it all. Still, it was a nice place to go to meet people and debate ideas.

  • Cedric

    “Its not religion thats the mistake, its the preachers in it. come on people why cant u see it?”

    Ermmm no. It’s the books themselves AND the preachers. Besides the people who speak the religion ARE the religion. These belief systems are only kept alive by the people who subscribe to them.

  • N J H

    He exists and here is a photo of Him eating a minor fire god of the Sinai peninsula called Allah.

  • RicknRedmond

    All of these challenges to scripture relate to the old testament. Jesus preached a much different code. That’s why it is called Christianity. Read what He said. True Christians live by His code. They are not too plentiful, but they do live among us. Be one too.

  • N J H

    Well, you got that one wrong, rthtyh. The problem is faith. Faith is pretending to yourself and to others that you have knowledge that you do not have. It is an opiate and makes folks all warm and happy, pink and fluffy but defensive and aggressive when someone, who is not in this madie-up-wish-fulfilment-world, comes along and says “actually faith-head, you are fooling yourself; grow up!”

  • Enric Martinez

    I would say you are wrong. He could perfectly produce the email, headers included. Forging an email is easy-peasey even for a beginning hacker.

    You don’t believe me? Well, check out your spam folder and you will see what I mean.

    And you can’t trace an email like a physical thing unless you have access to all the mail servers down the line, AFAIK only the NSA could do that.

    So much for your “real thing that actually exists” 😉

  • Enric Martinez

    This guy didn’t write anything, LOL, this is a quote from Robert E Howards “Conan the Barbarian”

  • Enric Martinez

    Shouldn’t you be thanking the Indians?
    Well they were exterminated AFAIK. So, nobody to thank, pity… so, just thank God, isn’t it? Cool

  • Enric Martinez


  • Enric Martinez

    You tried a circular argument. This is neither valid nor sound.
    But it is not actually circular:

    People have actually reasons for having children:

    – Because it’s what society asks from them
    – To show others that they are not infertile
    – To have somebody who cares for them when they grow old
    – By accident / lack of knowledge about contraception
    – To show the rest of the world that you are wealthy enough to have a Pet Baby
    – To seal your love with the other person
    – For no good reason at all

    So, your attempt of explanation hasn’t been to fortunate as it just leaves the questions exactly as it was:

    Why did God create the Universe?

    And your answer “because He is ‘a’ Creator” seems to imply that it was by accident so that we then have a god that’s not omnipotent (thus contradicting your own creed) OR that He is some sort of Uber-Ant Queen and has no choice but to create in which case God would have no free will (which is again contrary to the Creed and to logic)

    I thus take the liberty of making Hate Monger’s question mine and ask:

    To what purpose did God create the Universe?

  • Cedric

    “You would rather people of faith have no place in society.”

    Absolutely not. Simply by existing a person has a place in society. Everyone should be welcome, whether they need fairy tales to get by or not. I would rather that people of faith keep their noses out of everyone elses personal lives and stop trying to ram their delusional beliefs down everyone elses throats by brainwashing children, persecuting gay people, trampling over womens rights, hindering science, spreading divisive tribal bullshit and passing ridiculous laws based on ancient bronze age myths.

    “You’re like a blind man trying to convince me there is no color.”

    Ermm nope. The burden of proof is on you. You are the one making the claim and then failing to back it up with any evidence. You are like a….well…..actually you ARE a crazy man trying to convince me that the hallucinations you suffer from are real for everyone else…….a little bit like my gran who is currently in a care home. She also sees some pretty weird and wonderful things too, such as getting visits from dead relatives. She even got a visit from the Queen once! Of course SHE experienced it and it was real for her so it MUST all be real for the rest of us too right? Of course I’m sure the fact that she has been a big fan of the Queen all her life had no influence on the visions she witnessed at all. Oh no absolutely not! Creating experiences with your own mind?! Preposterous!

    Oh and trying to compare colours to god is just stupid, because colours are something in the real world. It must be a bummer believing in something that can only be described with analogies that compare it to real things 😉

    What’s your next analogy going to be? Are you going to compare God to the air we breathe? Oh go on please use that one. Pleeeeaaasee

  • JnResuello

    People who don’t read the bible don’t know the difference between religious and Christians. Many times, Jesus rebuked the The Pharisees for their being religious but only for the show of it. God cannot be mocked. . . He knows what we are to pray for even before we start praying. He knows our hearts, motive & true intent. Christians or Christianity is not a religion. They are believers of Christ. What difference can you see on them? is that they are the salt and light of the world. (The Holy Spirit dwells within them). If not, they are Christians only in outside appearance. Again. . . God can never be mocked and is no respecter of man He created. No matter what the issue is, the bible is clear. Believe in Jesus Christ .
    John 3:16

  • Brody

    Pics, or it didn’t happen

  • CuriosityAbounds

    where is the evidence? where are the pictures? extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence

  • Stew Brown

    where did you get your stats?

  • NicCville

    your idea that the hebrews would have been influenced by anyone doesnt hold water because historical fact says that the hebrews are the only nation ever to remain apart. period. 400 years in egypt and it wasn’t Egyptians exiting it was Hebrews. Hebrews left Babylon not Babylonians. As for why God would demand that all be killed; i find that its more believable that their bloodlines were corrupted by the fallen angels (satans first try at stopping the coming Christ) because of the fact that the animals were to be killed too. why kill animals if the people are sinful? no reason at all but if the genetic mutating of the animals were involved as it was before the flood then wiping them out as well would be necessary. remember david picked up not one stone for his fight with the mutant giant goliath but also one for each of his brothers. wiping out satans perversion of the genetic code was top priority.

  • Hug Doug

    the Daily Currant is a satire “news” site, much like The Onion

  • Hug Doug

    the Daily Currant is a satire “news” site, much like The Onion is.

  • Hug Doug

    did you know that the Daily Currant is a satire “news” site, much like The Onion

  • Hug Doug

    Satire is like any comedy. if you have to explain it, it’s not funny anymore. most people get it.

  • Hug Doug

    it’s not true. the Daily Currant is a satire “news” site, much like The Onion

  • Hug Doug

    of what? that the Daily Currant is a satire website?

  • Hug Doug

    let’s just say the Daily Currant is a satire “news” website, like the Onion. oh wait, that’s already true.

  • Hug Doug

    did you know that the Daily Currant is a satire “news” site, much like The Onion is?

  • James Stanford

    Everyone wants evidence to prove that the Christian God exists. If you are still alive when the rapture happens, you will see and know the truth.

  • Human

    for as you say CEDRIC you need no god for existence after death therefore you will not repent you will suffer the wrath of eternal damnation.
    God is giving you a chance to repent he is trying to save you . You are like a little child who does not listen to your father and yet you would tell the world that you dont think he is real.
    Heed the words of God or you’ll suffer damnation

  • Guest

    I don’t believe the Mars story for one second, this is all a fabrication, and the Jesuits run the world and our nation, so of course they would go to these lengths to perpetrate their demonic religion. Any God that would let a book like the Bible get in the hands of people and then watch the suffering caused by it go unchecked, is one sick god, and thus it is all a sick and twisted fantasy and illusion created by madmen that wanted to control the masses and it worked, and now this is the hoax they need to rule for the next 1000 years. The people are getting smart, so they had to come up with a dozy!

  • Stephen Paine

    I don’t believe the Mars story for one second, this is all a fabrication, and the Jesuits run the world and our nation, so of course they would go to these lengths to perpetrate their demonic religion. Any God that would let a book like the Bible get in the hands of people and then watch the suffering caused by it go unchecked, is one sick god, and thus it is all a sick and twisted fantasy and illusion created by madmen that wanted to control the masses and it worked, and now this is the hoax they need to rule for the next 1000 years. The people are getting smart, so they had to come up with a whopper!

  • Colemen Gibson

    i don’t believe this bs. they have prob been creating those tablets for years. SMH, don’t believe everything you hear people. just because it’s televised or in the paper doesn’t mean it’s true

  • Dannymac

    i think that gives a pretty accurate picture of the problems in the united states doesn’t it when that high a percentage of people are willing to relinquish the ability for FREE THOUGHT over to some fictional entity in the sky.

  • R Lee Urbanski

    All of the major mass murders that took place in the 20th century was under atheist rule. So what does that say about the character of atheists???

  • Gringo

    This Website is a tabloid, am I right?

  • stupocalypse

    Pssssst… you’re the moron…

  • stupocalypse

    You are going to die one day. There is no heaven. Go smoke a joint and stop arguing about fantasy stories on the internet, you’re wasting your life.

  • Michael

    i think, i think, i think… blah blah blah… all of you just talking bull! God is that! GOD!!! so basically he can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t need your permission and he doesn’t care what you think is morally right or wrong. It’s his creation and he can do whatever he wants with it. Bible says he regretted making us after he saw what we had become!!! You all don’t understand, bible talks about having fear for God. We seek his approval not because of all that bull everyone else is talking about but because we don’t want to end up like those other civilizations that were wiped out! Here’s a question for all of you! Would you rather be the ammorites who were wiped out or the ninevites who repented and got another chance?

  • Julio Garcia

    How do you know there’s no heaven?

  • erarius publicum

    It was not religious monks who invented Weapons Of Mass Destructions that now menaces to extinguish life in planet…the atomic bomb was a pestilence from atheists science minds like Einstein,Fermy and others…do you still deny it? And I believe your “made up statistic” is evil lie,indeed,to justify scanbags like you….christians are a small percentage of world population…less than 10%…

  • Erarius Publicum

    Frankly,I believe they shoulda fire most technicians and scientists who are religious folks or believers of a Deity working for NASA…since 90% of this work force,which go against politics of atheists philosophy,it´s a hypocrisy they making a living on such a territory…..and fake reports like these,to pretend convincing fellows colleagues of shamefull superstition ….

  • Feargal

    From my understanding approximately 92% of the population of the USA are Christians by birth. If that is the case can somebody explain to me why it is only the Jewish Menorah that is allowed to be erected on the Whitehouse lawn at Xmas ? Also why was Bible lessons banned from the classrooms in the 1960’s ?

  • Feargal

    Show me any religion that has not been manipulated by wicked fundamentalist people and who have not perpetrated the same acts you listed above ? 😉

  • Feargy852

    Actually Gravity is a real physical force and we can see and feel the effects of it. It is true that we do not understand the Gravity in its entirety however gravity itself is well acknowledged.

  • CitizenCan

    For those atheists who profess that there is no God, you can prove you are right. The Bible tells us that God promised mankind a long life provided we remain strong. No where were we promised immortality. Thus, an atheist can prove there is no God by living forever. Good luck with that one.

  • Guest

    Hahaha, what a ridiculous story.

  • Wind

    They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

  • kyle

    because Human being choose by nature to be against God, thats the way its been since Adam and Eve, good became hard to do while evil became easy which is why i said what I did, the nature God created Adam and Eve with was perfect which then turned to sinful nature as they accepted a lie over God’s word, look up some bible verses about it, its pretty easy to know just by thinking about it.

  • WhoCares

    Syms Covington (1816-1861) was a fiddler and cabin boy on HMS Beagle who became an assistant to Charles Darwin

  • Animaw

    Syms Covington

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Syms Covington

    Syms Covington (1816-1861) was a fiddler and cabin boy on HMS Beagle who became an assistant to Charles Darwin
    and was appointed as his personal servant in 1833, continuing in
    Darwin’s service after the voyage until 1839. Originally named Simon
    Covington, he was born in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, the youngest
    child of Simon Covington V and Elizabeth Brown. After Covington’s trip
    on the Beagle, he then emigrated to Australia and settled as a
    postmaster, marrying Eliza Twyford there.[1]


    1 Beagle voyage

    2 Return, work for Darwin and emigration

    3 Life in Australia

    4 Books discussing Covington

    5 References

    6 External links

    Beagle voyage

    When he was fifteen years old, Syms Covington became “fiddler & boy to Poop-cabin” on the second survey expedition of HMS Beagle,[2] which left England on 27 December 1831 under the command of captain Robert FitzRoy.

    Covington kept a journal of the voyage, and in September 1832 at Bahía Blanca in South America he noted wildlife found there, including a find of rhea eggs, and giant fossil bones of the megatherium which were collected and sent to England. It is not clear if he was assisting Charles Darwin with this work, but FitzRoy’s later account suggests that both Darwin and Covington worked at excavating the fossils,[3] and on November 3 Darwin arranged some clothing for Covington.[4]

    On 29 April 1833, Darwin and Covington landed and took up residence ashore at Maldonado, Uruguay, while the Beagle went elsewhere on survey work.[5] After an excursion into the interior lasting twelve days,[6]
    they spent several weeks at Maldonado preparing the collections to be
    sent back to England. In a letter home started on 22 May, Darwin told
    his father that he had decided to take Covington on as a servant –

    The following business piece is to my Father: having a servant of my
    own would be a really great addition to my comfort,—for these two
    reasons; as at present, the Captain has appointed one of the men always
    to be with me, but I do not think it just thus to take a seaman out of
    the ship;—and 2nd when at sea, I am rather badly off for anyone to wait
    on me. The man is willing to be my servant, & ALL the expences would
    be under £60 per annum. I have taught him to shoot & skin birds, so
    that in my main object he is very useful.[6]

    He had been thinking about this for some time, but had not yet
    consulted the captain. In an addition to the letter, dated 6 July,
    Darwin announced that he had FitzRoy’s agreement, and an unexpected
    saving –

    I have asked the Captain & obtained his consent respecting a
    servant,—but he has saved me much expence by keeping him on the books
    for victuals, & will write to the Admiralty for permission. So that
    it will not be much more than £30 per annum. I shall now make a fine
    collection in birds & quadrupeds, which before took up far too much
    time. We here got 80 birds and 20 quadrupeds.[6]

    As well as working as a servant and general amanuensis,
    writing out Darwin’s records of investigations, Covington became
    Darwin’s assistant as a collector, hunter and taxidermist. In addition
    to his duties, Covington kept a personal journal regarding his
    impressions of the voyage. His journal includes accounts ranging from
    his daily mundane tasks to impressions of the lands and the people he
    encountered, and it provides an alternative perspective to supplement
    Darwin’s Journal and Remarks, better known as The Voyage of the Beagle.

    Return, work for Darwin and emigration

    After the Beagle returned in 1836, Covington became Darwin’s manservant and continued in his duties as a general amanuensis. His own collection of bird specimens was invaluable in establishing the relationship of Darwin’s Finches to each of the Galapagos Islands as, unlike Darwin, he had taken care to label where each specimen had been taken.

    Covington remained in Darwin’s service until 25 February 1839.[1] He decided to emigrate, and was given a personal reference from Darwin in a letter dated 29 May 1839.[7]

    Life in Australia

    Records indicate that Covington landed in Sydney in 1840, and he married Eliza Twyford who lived at Stroud, a small town in northern New South Wales, although she had been born in London
    in 1821. He was able to draw on his naval connections to find
    employment, and by 1843 was working as a clerk at the Sydney coal depot
    of the Australian Agricultural Company.
    Around 1844 the family, with their first two sons, accepted the
    invitation of Captain Lloyd and moved to the South coast property at Pambula, New South Wales, which Lloyd had been given in lieu of a pension from the Royal Navy.[7]

    Covington continued to correspond with Darwin, who sent him a gift of
    a replacement ear-trumpet to help with Covington’s increasing deafness.[8] In response to Darwin’s request for specimens, Covington and his eldest son collected a large number of barnacles at nearby Twofold Bay.
    Darwin’s letter of 23 November 1850 expressed his delight at having
    just received the box, which included particularly unusual species. This
    contributed to the extensive studies of barnacles which established
    Darwin as a biologist.[7][9]

    Covington became Postmaster of Pambula in 1854, and managed an inn called the Forest Oak Inn built on the coast road above the floodplain where the first Pambula township had been repeatedly damaged by floods.[7] His original inn was licensed in 1855, and the building which still stands was constructed on the same site about a year later.[10] By 1848 he and his wife had eight children,[11] six sons and two daughters.[12] In 1861 Covington died of ‘paralysis’ at only 47 years old.[7]
    The inn was then run by his widow, and later by her second husband
    Llewelyn Heaven. The license was taken over by John Behl around 1864,
    and the building became known as The Retreat in 1895.[10] It has been used as a doctor’s surgery
    and more recently as a Thai restaurant, and its red tin roof and double
    chimneys can still be seen beside a sharp bend of the main Coast Road.[7]

    Books discussing Covington

    “The Journal of Syms Covington, Assistant to Charles Darwin Esq.” was discussed by Jonathan Hodge and Gregory Radick in The Cambridge Companion to Darwin.

    In 1998, Australian author Roger McDonald published a novel based on Syms Covington’s life and his work for Darwin, called Mr Darwin’s Shooter.

  • Atheists don’t know anything…they lack the study skills to understand the OT and the NT and how the 2 mix and overlap with each other. They’ll see one verse that talks about slavery and all of a sudden, they become geniuses. It’s like reading the first page of a novel and automatically knowing the whole story….that is what Atheists do.

  • InMyView

    Curiosity Rover`s mission is to explore climate and geology. Messages from God are way outside its brief and should be ignored.

  • One person

    The torah is a cryptic text if you take it literally you show yourself to be a fool. God speaks in parables and has only revealed the old testament text through Jesus Christ in light of his resurrection how else would have the Apostles would have been able to preach what the did. The only fool I see is you distorting texts to fulfill your selfish desires. Go read a homily.

  • David Ottosson

    spreading confusion and misinformation? what a meaningless and idiotic hobby…

  • Hug Doug