Robert Mugabe Blasts ‘Coward’ Nelson Mandela

Aug 05, 2013

800px-Robert_Mugabe,_12th_AU_Summit,_090202-N-0506A-187Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe blasted Nelson Mandela as a "coward" and "idiot" during a rally today to celebrate Mugabe's record seventh term in office following his victory in the country's disputed elections last week.

In one of his trademark fiery speeches, the 89-year-old Mugabe -- who has led the southern African country since 1980 -- claimed that he should be hailed as an African hero instead of Mandela, the anti-apartheid icon and former president of neighboring South Africa.

"My huge victory in these elections prove I am the greatest leader in the history of Africa," Mugabe told supporters in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare. "I have spent my whole life fighting for the Zimbabwean people and they continue to elect me."

Mugabe tightened his iron grip on power in last week's elections after he received 61 percent of the vote while his ZANU-PF party won a two-thirds majority in parliament, though there are allegations of widespread fraud and violence against the opposition.

"I am the greatest African who has ever lived," Mugabe said. "The world should love me more than the idiot Nelson Mandela. F**k Nelson Mandela. As I waged war against colonialism, that coward sat on his ass in prison for 27 years. He's a coward.

"I have been leader for 33 years. Mandela was president for five years. What kind of idiot gives up political power? Great leaders like me know how to stay in power.

"While Mandela sits comfortably in a hospital, I stand before you fit and healthy, ready to lead this country and the Zimbabwean people for at least another 25 years," Mugabe added, referring to the 95-year-old Mandela's ongoing treatment for a lung condition.

Mugabe also mocked South Africa's multicultural "rainbow nation" in his speech, claiming that Mandela didn't care about the interests of black Africans.

"There is only one color allowed in Zimbabwe, and it is black," he said. "I banned the color white in my country. Nelson Mandela told all the white people to stay in his ridiculous rainbow nation. He should have thrown all of the whites and homosexuals out of his country like I did. South Africa would be so much better off."

The Lord of Misrule

Mandela served as South Africa's president from 1994 to 1999 and is highly regarded at home and worldwide for his role in ending apartheid and becoming the country's first democratically elected leader.

Similar to Mandela, Mugabe played a pivotal role in the struggle for black-majority rule against the white minority-controlled Rhodesia, which became Zimbabwe.

In recent years, however, Mugabe and his government have plunged the country into diplomatic and economic isolation due to corruption, authoritarian rule, political violence and human rights abuses. Mugabe drew international condemnation in particular over his land redistribution policies, in which prosperous commercial farmers were chased off their land by violent mobs.

South Africa, which borders Zimbabwe, has pursued a policy of silent diplomacy with Mugabe, appeasing him in public while supposedly criticizing him in private.

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, who congratulated Mugabe on his presidential victory, said he would review Mugabe's remarks before making an official statement.

  • Johnny

    Racism!.. Just had to mention it.

  • dan mushabe

    Usual western propaganda, Mr. Mugabe would never attack Mandela…at least
    not using the F word.

  • Frank Mutua

    Western world is seriously waging propaganda now oooh! Mugambe can never insult Madela….ever

  • Dalla

    propaganda machinery in full throttle yooh!bob to say an F word on a rally!yoh

  • Guest

    Hi, I don’t have solid sources but I read this article now and I am interested to know why you guys say this is western propaganda. What are your citations or sources to prove Mugabe wouldn’t say these things? Please enlighten me. I’m keen to learn. Thank you.

  • kencho

    he can insult him, damn, mandela didnt care abt blacks, gave his land to the whites, i tell u,

  • kencho

    read history u will know how he treated the whites who came to take over zimbabwe land, u will kno how he sack them off, mandela was scared of doing that, he was scared very scared, now u see, S.A is being eaten up by whites, very soon the white race will take over S.A, damn it, africa is for black man, not white man, PERIOD, this isnt racism, they must leave, i support MUGABE

  • Jim Stocks

    Have none of you heard of satire? This isn’t propaganda. Wow. Seriously. And for the record, Mandela is a million times the man Mugabe will ever be.

  • Julius Babyetsiza

    “I have been leader for 33 years. Mandela was president for five years. What kind of idiot gives up political power? Great leaders like me know how to stay in power” – isn’t this also the rhetoric in Uganda’s ruling machine?

    “I dare to ask the executive, the wise, the visionary, the lucky, the successful men/women that: are you damn gifted in the listening and response department? Is it because that you are comfortable? Or because that the ideas are not your own? Or that you lack the courage to change things? Might you be lazy? Or that you have forgotten what it is to be young and have zeal; and to have to struggle to change things for better? What? Why?” – author “Destined To Triumph” p.198 daring to shade more light in the rhetorism in Kampala.

    You are invited to read ONLINE “Destined To Triumph”: http://goo.gl/UvLsmy | http://destined-to-triumph.blogspot.com | http://www.monitor.co.ug/artsculture/Reviews/-/691232/1290286/-/52x38z/-/index.html | http://destined-to-triumph.blogspot.com/p/harpercollins-authonomists-comments.html — it is an awesomely inspiring book, which will change their perspectives about a good number of life facets and, if so wish, they can order to download it or buy a hard-copy [paperback].

  • Julius Babyetsiza

    But you too substantiate that Mugabe did say them – fellows are saying, “Isn’t this West’s hoodwinking”?

  • femi

    this is crap.. Mugabe did not “plunged the country into diplomatic and economic isolation due to
    corruption, authoritarian rule, political violence and human rights
    abuses.” the western nations pointless sanctions did that

  • Jim Stocks

    Do some research on Wikipedia. There you will find that the daily currant is a SATIRE website. This is a joke. Don’t take it seriously. Tongue in cheek. Not true.

  • Julius Babyetsiza

    Lovely thank you, but watch out as can be from the holy scriptures, John 1:1-4 In the beginning was the Word, … The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.

  • ThatGuy

    OMG, all off you supporting that psychotic Mugabe are damn retards, how are you unable to see how his bleeding you dry, even the blacks! and kencho; Frank; and Dan, wake the F up ! your racist nonsense is killing your people, yes you read correctly, your killing own BLACK people by being so ignorant and disrespectful. Peace

  • Ngwanevic

    Just check the date and its not first of april

  • ThatGuy

    You are the one who should leave! no worries, I’m sure one of your own people will give you a flaming tire necklace for being so disrespectful of a hero

  • Stu

    You are living in the past you racist little chap. Accept movement of people on the planet or stop drinking coca-cola and driving your car. Please also remove that swanky nice suit of yours and stick on a loin cloth, then you can keep your Africa.


    White people must LEAVE Africa. PERIOD.

  • That guy

    ‘Nuff said

  • Modise

    is what Mugabe said not so long about Mandela hear him PLZ


    I woul hate to see US Africans being EU media!

  • Timothy sutton

    why do colonialists always try to control the narative by sugesting this is a black/white issue? israeli company was kicked out of the zimbabwe merenge diamond mine is what this war is about. Fact is mugabe was more successful than mandella ever was at anti colonialism because he was prepared to fight fire with fire. funny how colonialists always support minority rule govts who leave the majority population with scraps. this is not about race. its about limited resourses being reserved for tiny elites at the expence of the masses. Mugabe is also very popular in zimbabwe despite media propaganda blatant election lies. looks like the onion and this website now just used for propaganda.

  • George

    Somebody shoot that idiot

  • ngoz

    This site is not official and the story is cooked and just the write’s thinking and imaginations, Mugabe wouldnt speak like this about Mandela..Mugabe is wiser than saying these things.

  • Timothy sutton

    Whos afraid mugabe becoming an anti colonial hero? when are colonialists going to realise that the beligerant foreign policy does them more harm than good? No room for colonialism in todays world. We all want to see a global govt one day but not one run by a bunch of ethnocentric manipulative elitists who only seem to have one tool called “hostility” in their skillset. The global govt should be truely secular. Not the “secularism” of colonialist nations that not only fail to protect minorities but actively stirs hate against them. negative liberty and freedom are great values but should never be adopted as a religion since religions always have enemies. The enemies of libertarianism and real secularism are those who fail to protect minority citizens rights regardless of religion or race. Today we have to put up with colonial govts that break the most fundermental principle of a secular govt systehm: the right to equal protection regardless of identity religion or creed.

  • linda

    propaganhda disguised hhash hsatire comedy

  • africa4all

    mandela is the greatest man alive, he made peace while mugabe still hold grudges even today. he wil die holding grudges

  • Austine

    To support mugabe is to be sick in mind and to say whites must be banned in Africa is doom, then l suppose all blacks must be banned internationally too. We are all human beings who can learn a lot from other races and tribes…our only worse enemy is CORRUPTION….

  • Mthokozisi

    viva mugabe viva

  • the earth

    the mother ship is coming……………….your time is up!

  • the earth

    that’s what western society want people to think, that land belong to the black people of that country……….the robbers need to leave.

  • the earth

    quess what …..GOD hold grudges too.

  • yayiro

    This is totally bullshit, you hate africans so much that you can create this propaganda to wage war among africans. You disgusting. Mr Mugabe never said such, and you know.

  • guest

    It would make it much easier for all concerned
    if the paper would state on its online pages that it is satirical. Gives you the option to continue reading and wasting your time. 2. Continue reading and enjoying the satire or 3. Prevent people from getting hot under the collar and tackling each other in the comments column.

  • Solomzi

    This smacks of propaganda and should be condemned as such. The F-word as a direct insult to Madiba can not be imagined…

  • yame

    This is totally bullshit, you hate africans so much that you can create this propaganda to wage war among africans. You disgusting. Mr Mugabe never said such, and you know.

  • keith

    Are you serious?? Africa is the fastest developing continent on earth, period. Have you been? Buildings and homes that make homes here look like toilets. You are coca-cola and the propaganda machine has your little brain.

  • Corrupt_comrade_JACOBUPTA

    Heil hitler! I mean – hail MADBOB! Now maggot jacob has somebody his equal!

    Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.
    Alexis de Tocqueville

  • Corrupt_comrade_JACOBUPTA

    my oh my,shoe size exceeds your iq ,hey comrade? Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart.Alan Alda

  • DAnger

    Is either you are stupid or ignorant – Look at Zimbabwe, since Mugabe chase white away the country is a laughing stock – Whites civilized Africa – The reason South Africa still stands as the biggest economy in Africa is because of Whites.

    Unlike Mugabe Ian Smith left Rhodesia rich and lot of cash reserves, now there is nothing in the bank, only the president enjoys life while the rest of the people suffer. Factories closed, only Harare is left standing – Soon there will be nothing.

  • Johan

    ”PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL.. is all I can say if it is true that Mugabe called Mandela those nasty words. What wrong has Nelson Mandela done against Mugabe? If all the secret files were to be published we may find that Mugabe made compromises similar to the one Mandela made if not worse. Add to that, the struggle for the liberation of Zimbabwe & the post independence era is full of assassinations whose files have never been made public.

  • Stu

    If your rhetoric and comments are indeed in reply to my comment, then you have missed my point entirely.

  • Major Musango

    The remarks attributed to President Robert Mugabe in this article are false and malicious.

    The President has not addressed any gathering since the eve of the election when he held a press conference.

    We wish our brother Mandela a speedy recovery and regret the distress caused to his family and South Africans by these dishonest reports.

  • mabrugwa

    This is a lie. You must be ashamed of yourself you racist monkey.

  • Bob Zim

    You should be ashamed of yourselves daily c#nts or whatever you call yourselves! Stop spreading lies! Mugabe has never held a rally since the elections and never spoke about Mandela in his campaigns. You are a very evil people thats why you want to divide and destroy

  • elly

    ALL along i took whites and th west as the most civilised, educated but after seeing this i now realise that we africans are far much better in thinking becoz we never lay so low to post something like this. after yu heard S.A endorsed Zim elections yu now want to create a rift btwn the two countries. my president is far much smarter than all yu arsoles are

  • YAWE

    Mugabe is too knowledgeable to do that, period. Mugabe is the man you will all hate to love.

  • B


  • Rodgers Shazhira

    Your head is in your pocket mate.The world was created for everyone, black white yellow etc.You are likely to end up somewhere somehow in your life, nobody knows. Kencho, you smell yourself out of yourself within the demise of your spirit’s uproot.

  • Rodgers

    He is completely lost this Kencho. He needs enlightenment.

  • No-way!

    This can’t be really true,it defies all logic not even by Bob standards!

  • Rodgers

    We do not even want to see a global government at all mate. These NWO proponents are also Satan’s hubb so we would love a world governed by the Almighty, PERIOD

  • sameting

    Hahahaha…u guys can surely dream! Mugabe is unlike the western guys, he doesn’t have the F-word in his vocabulary. Give and show respect were due.
    That was some joke, u have managed to fool some idiots…kikiki

  • nehanda

    ..and vaMugabe does not use foul language either,these pale fools will not stop at anything with their foolishness<While vaMugabe holds his head up fotressed by the population that loves & adore him

  • nehanda

    ..and vaMugabe does not use foul language either, these pale fools will not stopn at anything with their foolishnesswhile the LION OF AFRICA rules his very own country the land of his ancestors, he holds his haed high with pride and joy butresses by the love & support of 90% of Zimbabweans ICHOO! ALUTA!


  • Matsanga Tsangidho

    you are talking bullshit and am certain you are talking from outside zim why don you come on the ground…stop beating up your own drums we dont need whites coz they dont need us clearly

  • Matsanga Tsangidho

    thanx cde for clearing the air for these people Gushungo would neva do that neva that i refuse totally this is propaganda at its worst what are they trying to achieve honestly?

  • Baba jukwa

    fuck u baboon Bob

  • Matsanga Tsangidho

    thats exactly why you are that guy and im me call him what you want im the one thats on the ground u don tell me what to do from wherever you are that is totally absurd….you honestly forsee Mugabe saying such which function was that did you even care to verify ur info before imposing ur crap on us and telling us hw much he is bleeding us bullshit…fuck you mate!

  • tyson

    What is this? A cheap attempt to push potentially divisive propaganda as satire at this particular period in Mandela’s life and, volatile political climate in Zimbabwe? Africa is not Europe/the West. As much as we also have a sense of humour,if indeed this is your attempt at it, be aware, Bullshit like this stupid article of yours can stir emotions and result in undesired real life consequences on the ground; Not everyone has the access/ have the smarts to visit your stupid website to decipher the difference. Word of mouth still plays a huge role. God forbid there are Xenophobic attacks met on Zimbabwean refugees living in South Africa as retaliation on the back of your ignorance, what then? What poor and cheap satirical judgement. What a cheap way to generate traffic. I guess you didn’t think…#Western problems syndrome. Bunch of ignorant Ass***les.

  • mayor


  • mayor

    White men at work to divide n rule . Cos they r Abt to loose more of their investment in Zimbabwe indeginization policy

  • Nononsense

    To all those people saying that this is satire….If this is the case, what are the other similar reports over the years called? Oh wait, Maybe they were only joking, right? And to all those people talking about racism, what is the history on racism against the whites? what qualifies you to judge what racism is?

  • Ndlovu Bhekinkosi

    mugabe you shud understand that your choice cannot be Mandela’s choice ,, if you chose to deal with colonialism its your own decision ,, you shud understand that we all think different,, so pliz leave Mandela alone. Mandela has a sense of humour. That is even why South Africa is shining now ,, dont you have a shame about what is happening in zimbabwe now?. Your mindset is just dead. Everybody deserve life whether you are black or white. Stop telling pple things that dont exist in this world. Seriously i dont understand you , you think you are fixing white pple , but gues what who is suffering its your own pple , sad stupid idiot!!

  • tyson

    You are proving to be the stupid idiot. This article is meant as satire (be as it may, insensitive and in poor taste)

  • Stuart Ben Smith

    Well both mandela and mugabe are terrorists.

  • Charles Dalton Opwonya

    Mugabe was good to the west till he reminded the British on their pledge to give back the Blacks their land and when the British shamelessly dilly-dallied, he acted in patriotism1

  • brainreaper

    all people who take this article must b world class idiots,cnt u see thz is satirical news page.rise up and wise up,ignorance really shows th moronic side of people sumtyms.

  • Doll

    This is PURE PROPAGANDA to slander this man. We are wise to the machinations of the beast class.

  • nthele

    Stu, please stop being ignorant. Most of the innovative work the world has come to enjoy is all thanks to a black man… you don’t know this coz u were fed embellished history… a black man started crafting instruments using metal and discovered the art of extracting sun flower oil out of the seed long before
    a white man became universally disliked for going around plundering and pretending to own the earth. You must go check out some of the writings of a white man whom history authors wanted stupid people like you to know as the father of mathematics and you will learn that he confessed to have learnt maths from Africans. If only you knew that it takes a great knowledge of maths for people to erect a pyramid with the kind of precision that @ night one star shone its light through a tunnel until it hit the ground. Please wake up before it’s 2 late and appreciate the fact it was not blacks who went around the globe invading and stealing people’s work. Foolish u.

  • Black Unity

    I don’t believe one ounce of this. The Eurocentric Beings are at it again with propaganda. Don’t let the white devils divide you two. Both of you have contributed to making Africa great!

  • Pillicks

    Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon and as a tool to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.

    It is pretty much taking the piss out you president you bunch of chops. I know there are some long words you will not understand that you will need to google if you know how to google. But maybe one day you will have an education system that works.

    At the same time I’m very happy you do have these feelings of following your president because to be brutally honest South Africa doesn’t need you second rate moronic people in our country anyway. Do enjoy your day in poverty and an average inflation rate of 1200%.

  • Harry

    Mugabe cannot ever have used either foul language or belittled mandela in the manner reported above. there is some misreporting in this article up here.

  • Harry

    Definitely Mugabe cannot have ever said the things that are reported above. never ever. go back and read all his speeches and interviews for the last 35 – 40 years, dating back to the 1970’s. there is definitely an error in the report above.

  • tinashe

    lame Stu you never know the taste because you just a cub among the lions den.


    danger you so low literate haaa im disappointed,in Europe and america theres nothing Africa is the BREAD BUSKET OF THE WORLD.We can beat any European country only just that you whites were clever to form organizations that control us,look u impose sanctions on us because we going to the TOP…

  • Haroon

    Mugabe, cannot have ever made the remarks stated in the above report. in fact in President Mugabe’s interview with CNN in 2009 he clearly said “Oh Mandela, He is great man” – thanks Major Musango for the clarification that President Mugabe has not yet addressed any gathering since the eve of elections. When I read the above report I said to myself ” NEVER, NEVER, NEVER” His Excellency does not use such words.

  • tundwani

    to be truely speaking i dont think ever never can Mugabe say such cant of words never

  • Haroon

    Mugabe, has not yet addressed any gathering since the eve of elections as Major Musango has clarified, also, not so long ago, He openly stated in a CNN interview, that ” oh, Mandela, He is a great man” so bottom line, the above mentioned report is disregarded. its out.

  • Haroon

    Here are some FACTS :

    Mugabe has not yet addressed any gathering since the eve of elections, that would be 30 July 2013, further, not so long ago, in a CNN interview, Mugabe said about Mandela ” oh Mandela, he is a great man” go and search youtube for Mugabe CNN interview.

  • TJ

    this is propaganda of the highest order!!! they honestly think we are stupid to believe this?!!!

  • Chillipeppa

    At his age, he should know that his chances of reaching 95 are slim, especially given Zimbabwe’s declining health system

  • Major Musango

    Yey people…..here is the meaning of satire
    The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of…
    A play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.

    these people call themselves…. The Worlds Most Satirical Record…. in other words they just make up stories

  • Major Musango

    a. A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. b. The branch of literature constituting such works.

  • Kay M Foroma

    hahahahahaha. only an idiot can believe this article. Mugabe has never uttered even one swear word in his life and he hates foul language so much, he can’t even stand it when his guards use it around him. I don’t know if you’re attempting to stir up public disgruntlement or what, but this article is ridiculous in every imaginable sense. good luck with your journalism career.hehe

  • PMM

    Sorry. This writer is either stupid or is Not Zimbabwean or South African. Mugabe is a great leader who does not speak nonsense. if you are European that will explain your writing other wise you did not make any sense. Pamberi naVaMugabe naVaMandela. Mugabe is a Hero. Redistributing wealth to the black Majority is not an overnight job. thank you

  • Zwonaka

    You are right Frank. This is western propaganda at its best fooling the gullible public. Zanu-PF has issued a statement putting it on record that Mugabe has not addressed any gathering after winning the elections, but it’s clear to see that Mugabe didn’t utter those words

  • Skara Bantwini

    May the Good Lord have Mercy upon his people.

  • Dylan Berndt


  • Knowledge

    I think you would like to know that in the next few years, Nigeria will be the biggest economy in Africa.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s what you think, then something is wrong with you. It’s actually the other way around, if you go to SA now, many places are full of blacks eg Courts, Airport etc of which it wasn’t like that before. All good jobs are covered by black South Africans, besides you can’t compare SA with Zimbabwe. How many South Africans can you find in Zimbabwe? In the contrary 70% of Foreigners in SA are Zimbabweans. SA is way too better than Zimbabwe, it’s still using its own money & never without Electricity or food to buy.

  • Cyy

    First of all Mugabe’s english is impeccable and everyone knows that so this is just some fool playing a stupid, distasteful joke thinking we are idiotic enough to believe Mugabe would use such simple vulgar words in a speech right after winning elections.
    I mean yes the guy is ancient,has cave-man ideologies and is incapable of stepping down but please just quote his real speech or atleast if you decide to put words in his mouth make them believable…

  • ThatGuy

    Look man, obviously this entire website is just a joke; apparently satire or something, however the racist remarks made by the above people I’ve mentioned are not. And yes, I my info is quite verified; do me a favour and Google: “Zimbabwean economic demise mugabe” and you’ll see what I mean. I honestly which people would stop falling for this communist bull, usually one one man take everything, whilst the rest suffer in his wake.

  • joe

    haha whatever dude, not sure about you though…

  • Ndia

    I am south african, Mandela sold us to babylon style. is hard to live in S.A

  • bruce

    .desperate measures by the west. this is cheap pathetic lies….guys this is pathetic…..honestly claiming the president used the F word. The West must be really desperate and any person who would believe this is equally an idiot

  • Boitshepo

    True Frank, this is just another one of UK/US led mainstream media Propaganda initiatives to make the old man sound arrogant spiteful and like the tyrant they want to make him out to be! The problem here is there there is some truth in the statements, this video will show the readers how Mugabe speaks to Media : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djd23O3v2sA

    The type of slurs reflected in this article are not a reflection of what and who Mugabe is!

  • jackjindauko

    who ever wrote this article is an idiot. this is too amateurish

  • Boitshepo

    They did not dilly dally around the mater they plainly said that they will not fund it any more as per agreement at Lancaster House December 79!

  • Concerned citizen of the world

    I read all your messages and my heart sinks. To think that you harbour such ill intent based on racial class in the 21st century makes you no better than the fools responsible for the original scramble for Africa.

  • Concerned citizen of the world

    I have read through all the messages posted on both sides of the field. What amazes me is that you all put aside the main theme for racial diatribes and mud-flinging.
    I am a white African and I admit that colonialism was wrong. Trying to imprint Western philosophy on Francophone Africa would never work. The biggest mistake was to subdivide Africa.
    But no, everyone here will continue to replenish their hatred instead of finding amicable solutions to the problems we face.Because of your naivete and lame inability to forgive and move forward you will perpetually keep Africa in a state of turmoil.
    What you fools do not realise is that we need each other. Get over your racial animosities or failure is certain.
    Racist, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Bob Zim

    I have just come to a realisation from reading the other stories on this site that its some sort of Comedy Central themed news site and don’t mean what they say. So I guess its some form of white humour …………

  • Stu

    nthele, you wrongfully assume I’m stupid and lump me together with a group of people you say ‘plundered’ the earth. If you were in anyway spiritually enlightened you would know it is not a birth right to choose what colour or race we are born as. I’m not going to debate the truths or lack thereof, of European discoveries vs. African over the last 12 000 years with you, because I’m well read on the African significance of stargazing in the Ancient Egyptian story. Similarly, I’m also well read on the same unaccepted facts mainstream science denies, that Europeans in the Upper Palaeolithic also performed intricate star observations and architectural alignments in their megalithic sites. I’ll certainly save debate on Euclidean/Pythagorean vs. African mathematics for another time. I’m well aware of a hidden history in the human story, but my point being, do not assume foolishness in another man nthele, for that makes a fool of you.
    In reference to my original post, I take offence to the small number of native Africans, especially those in South Africa, who share kencho’s mentality of a ‘black Africa’. Indeed it’s predominantly black, but there is place for people of all colour on the continent (see ConcernedCitizenOfTheWorld’s comments above on working together). The amount of Chinese investment in the continent is staggering, so perhaps it’s the Chinese people, whom those of kencho’s ilk should start racial divides with these days.
    Regardless of all the above, it would appear Daily Currant has a healthy proportion of black readers (some extremely unrelenting in a perceived hatred of white people or Europeans), so I actually look forward to having some constructive debates with these and other moderate types here…

  • Stu

    The source of this article is The Daily Currant, a site well documented for satirical takes on current news items. It’s not Western Propaganda, but rather a bit of joke.

  • Snipper1

    l support you, there is a serious discord in the above speech, Mugabe’s mouth is sometimes dirty but the above speech is far away from his vocabulary.

  • boitshepo

    Kencho, The white people in SA do not want political power, the struggle had never been about politics its about monetary value and wealth! The same white people that benefited from the apartheid regime are still benefiting in this one when you will never hear a descendant of the powerful white leaders of SA complain about the ANC as they are in closed doors eating together! The only reason Mugabe is still in power is also monetary, the difference is that he want African money in African hands and not in swiss bank accounts of people that see African and Asian poverty as a driving force for the engines of the foul systems they have created!

    Mind you Warren Buffets son Howard own thousands of kilometres of land in SA under a so called trust!

    There are many white people that benefited from the land acts in african countries but they did not usurp a fraction of the wealth that the white elite have. In the same way that even in black rule you have the elite and the middle class then you have the common man as history describes him. but the bulk of the money is still going the the same hand it was going to before 1994. Mandela did what had to be done at the time, now that SA has governance it is time to transfer the wealth back into the country which the ruling parting is failing to do. And this is not an African thing, its a global phenomenon and unfortunately its been carried out by a fraction of the white people that eventually leave most of the white people that have not benefited in the wrong!


  • Stu


  • papz

    Funny how its not racism when a black person says bad things about white people yet a white person says something about a black person and it is.. you all go on about how you dont need white and black people could have develop all the things that the western world had given to you but I highly doubt it going by how terrible the grammer and spelling is.. before the western world took africa over you had no idea of anything.. so really you blacks should thank us whites and other European nations for your internet, smart phones, running water, power and housing. . You needed whites more than they needed you… instead of holding on to all your hate you have try learn to work together and learn from different races…

  • Diplomat

    Stop writing lies you idiot…….. Mugabe is a seasoned, ethical and professional leader, he can never say such about Mandela.

  • Aghast

    Wow, the racist trolls are out in force today. This is a satirical publication, people, ie not true. Poor attempt to be funny, but nothing worth getting your knickers in a bunch over. Just chill out, everyone.

  • Matigimu

    156 million versus 54 million…it should have been a bigger economy but then again everything a black man touched in Africa was turned into ….


    rodgers shazhira: try to understand Mugabe and his principles, he only means Zimbabwe is the promised land for Zimbabweans, Africa is for Africans,

  • Abraham Leki Mokome

    Its about time Africa creates a continental trade platform in defense against negative global trends and appropriate for regional development, food security and acceptable intercontinental trade relations.

    – Abraham L. Mokome

  • Matthew Sch

    Does ANYONE who has commented below, realise this is a satirical website??? Thats the point of this website… ALL the stories here are fake!


    Amazing how people first jump to conclusions before even knowing the entire story. its called Research!

  • MugabeBalls

    People this is a PARODY website. What Propaganda are you talking about? Look how they wrote about the Pope. Think out of the box.

  • Matigimu

    tinashe do not expose your IQ on a forum….countries serve their interests(the permanent thing) and friendship later..to expect Bush and TOny to be all nice with you first before they serve their interests first its naivety,Mugabe did that with Congo in the late nineties, SA does that with SADC…any country which creates its own vulnerability(due to mismanagement and selfish leaders) is more suspect to artificial vulnerabilities created by the stronger nations(Jungle Law-Survival of the Fittest)..the Chinese are eliminating those locally created threats thereby raising the international bargaining levels….why cant we?

  • Biyi Simoyan

    If he really said all that I think the dude is becoming senile!

  • Matthew Sch

    I mean, the first article below is “Pope Benedict Comes out as Gay” .. i mean COME ON people! Why arent there alerts going off in your brains telling you its fake?

  • Dmats

    I am not a Mugabe supporter (though i like some of his policies) but i do not think he said this of Mandela. However, the two failed us!

  • Bob Loblaw

    A good indication of a given individuals intelligence is their ability to recognise satire, especially in a situation such as this one, it’s not exactly subtle. Oh, and all of you racist idiots convinced that this article is Western propaganda penned by “the white man”, along with the fools arguing that Africa was better off when the majority of the continent’s population was oppressed, I hope you know how stupid you sound…

  • Alex

    How do all of you idiots still support Robert Mugabe? That’s the true issue here… Not propaganda, but pure idiocy.

  • Nimo

    This is satire you bunch of retards. ie: It’s joke, humorous lies, made by an satirical website. Now put the guns down, and get on with you day-jobs.

  • OpenUrEyes


    The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment.[1] A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.[2]

    Errrm people, this page also has links to stories like “Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay” and “NASA Finds Message From God on Mars” Come on. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • lillian

    you are racist……and you seriously need to go hug a

  • Benjamin

    This old man is crazy if this words came from his mouth

  • i am african to

    Funny how all you so call Africans always have your hands out for aid from the despised white countries and donors. There is tons of aid passing through S.A daily from the US and other countries. Half your population lives in SA be it legal or illegal. Africans are the biggest Hippocrates on this planet. Robert Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s problem you all like sheep and can’t think for yourselves just like the South Africans. Not to worry good old South Africa is on it’s way to join the exclusive club of failed African states. So sell your luxury car, burn the suits and fancy dresses get your children out of the schools with their white education, burn your bibles and head back to the bushes from where you came. take back your Africa.

  • Zimbofab


  • Farmer

    Kencho, you are a proper idiot. I am not a Mugabe supporter at all, and I’m a white Zimbabwean farmer, and I admit Mugabe could never say that. However, if you cannot see what he has done….then with people like you in this world, then the whole world is in trouble, not just Zimbabwe. I agree with Stu, take off your suit, stop driving your car, get rid of your cell phone, your ipad, your lap top, cut off your electricity, stop using any type of fuel……I could go on…do you get the message yet you pathetic little idiot……

  • Slugger

    The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment.[1] A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.

  • GemT

    I have been reading a very interesting article which basicly says SA needs to prepare for cival war when madiba dies. He is the only thing keeping the peace as the worlds eyes are currently on us

  • Proudly African

    United we stand as African… Pres. Mugabe would never say such things, words or make statements of this nature.. South Africa is a second home for Zimbabweans…

  • Anonymous

    I could think of many things to say to you, but you’re not worth the effort, because people like YOU don’t change! You’re a complete waste of space and disgrace to ALL human race!

  • Studentatlarge

    Mandela is a man and should not be shocked when insults are thrown.

  • jakkals

    I’m speechless…!! All the curse words I know are going through my head simultaneously!!!

  • zike

    europeans civilized Africans?….are u civilized …has civilized any kind of identity or interpretation?.
    Am not a mugabe fan and hate every thing he does and stand for but i leave mugabe to zibabweans, its their case white or black. I have lived and experienced european , american and asiatic racism, light skinned people are kind of stupid when they look upon blacks as uncivilized and primitive in culture while the whole idea of racism is pure primitivity.

  • Gringo54

    You guys do realise that this is a satirical website right?

  • Bongi

    Why you all fighting one another and calling each other names? Is it really worth it? We need each other. lets not look at colour and unite. Going on each other like that doesnt make any country better. I doubt that President Mugabe uttered those words.

  • seeforyourself

    well this article accomplished its purpose by stoking racism.

  • Charl Marais


  • HotShow

    Fake article. .shame on who ever posted that. Please leave Africa alone and in peace.

  • Khan Denis Teyim

    President Zuma should be careful when he opens his mouth to respond, else Mugabe would give his own share of the insult

  • Donato

    Though I dislike Mugabe……i do not believe this article…..that is rather too brazen for even Mugabe himself….

  • Donato

    Don’t like Mugabe but have never heard him deploy four letter words at his opponents….these are lies….

  • Stretch

    How is it possible for a publication to release information that is clearly not the truth! You bring journalism into question! You are supposed to be the standard not a tool of propaganda!

  • Justshutupandlive

    I’m “on the ground” as some deluded person kept saying. I’m Zimbabwean. I’ve lived through it from start to finish. This website is a joke- but it says a lot that people find it easy to believe. Ok- so all whites must leave Africa? Fine, so let’s go around Britain and take all the blacks out shall we? Send all Indians back to India, Pakistanis back to Pakistan? We can’t have a CHINESE person living in LONDON!! You’re a bunch of racist arseholes if you honestly think the world would be better off with us all separated… I feel sorry for anyone living with so much hate in their hearts. And due to a first hand experience, and a LOT of research I can safely say that Mugabe IS a liar, and a murderer and he’s a evil, racist… Just saying.

  • DoItRight

    The editor needs to close all of his/her quoted references as well as quote when Jacob Zuma publicly stated that he would be reviewing Robert Mugabe’s remarks. Referencing these quotes would also clear up this ill quoted ”he said she said” style of argument.

    Mugabe is a tyrant, he has been that way for many years now, but at least write an accurate and referenced factual article to back this up.

  • Dimitri

    Wow I guess that 91% literacy doesn’t count for anything if people don’t understand what satire is, ITS A DAM JOKE!!! None of it is meant to be true, just poking fun at headlines in mainstream media. Do people even read the other headlines, ”Pope comes out gay”?? Even if one doesn’t know what satire is, common sense should prevail.

  • Matthew John

    ha ha! the Daily Currant strikes again!

  • duif73

    Finally some one gets how everything works… a rich elite… generally white but now some black have been incorporated. The white middle class is not to blame but yet they the ones who get nailed.. Politics like we experience with elitists running everything happens all over the world and the races and religions are pushed against each other so the elite have an army to fight their battles…. maybe Mugabe actually cares about his people or maybe he is just an older Malema who has already succeeded and become super wealthy.. Perhaps he is even financing Malema.. none of these guys care about the guy in the street..its all money for them and power… if you have a poor population then promise them everything and you will stay in power….. If one day Malema gets to power it will be through empty promises that are simply lined up to enrich him since his other efforts failed to keep his luxurious life style… none of these guys care about the people. A leader who cared would be a leader who lived with the people not in mulit million dollar housing complexes while his people starved….

    It is all a waste of time that leads to death and mayhem for a few to hold onto money and power. Mugabe is no worse than some of the western leaders.

  • Ras

    People, people we were all created in different races and cultures so that we may learn from each other and share with one another. Yes Mandela and his ANC did sell SA out to the Banking Elite of the West. Land will soon be a heavy issue in SA once the poor Africans awake.

  • Missus Moon

    Please Guys! Read the other headlines – this site is meant for satirical humour. Look at some of the other headlines taking the mick out of everyone from the Pope to the Royal family. THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS ARTICLE NOR IS IT TRUE!

  • storyteller

    nuh my guy, kencho didn’t say blacks nd whites don’t need each other, all we want is full control over Africa….if is the suits we r suffering for they can go back with em, we’ll go back to wearing lions’ skin, until they realise how much they need our resources, then we can talk, but thru the phone this time….

  • Bobo Sekokonyane

    hes insane,im not suprisd

  • Guest

    Guys, just a reminder that this is a satirical website. For the uneducated amongst us:
    Satire Noun- the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

    After reading the comments for a while my faith in our human race is dwindling fast.

    Grow up people. Seriously.

  • rick

    i dont believe if Mugabe can say this though i dont like him.

  • Stu

    Whilst I understand Africa is under threat of being raped of it’s valuable resources by certain factions of Western Capitalist involvement, without investment (and therefore some control), these resources will never be made available to the people that need it. Nobody in their right minds provide ‘know-how’ for the extraction of resources without taking some control of the landscape, ecologically and politically. It’s not a black/white thing because there are top black folk in cahoots with bad western capitalists in Africa as well. Also, the last time I checked, most of the heads of state of African countries were native (and therefore black in cases) to their countries, so conspiracy theories aside, to me it looks like Africans are in general, in control of Africa anyway…

  • MS

    This site is poking fun at the news – it is in fact anti-propaganda.

  • ross

    61% actually

  • Tonyzim

    This is a very false article. No matter what ZANU-PF opponents may say, this is not a speech Mr Mugabe would make…ever! This reporter should be investigated and charged for making up such a slanderous article!

  • JournoZA

    Either this is a fictitious article, which wouldn’t surprise me, or it is Mugabe’s words, which confirms that the syphilis has truly worked its way right through his brain. Either way, insulting the greatest leader of black liberation is pathetic and shameful. Anyone can call themselves a leader, only a true leader achieves resolve without massacring and beating people

  • bratt

    HAHAHAHA! Shame what a puny, obtuse life you live. Back to your mud hut then Mr Black man. Please show me one modern invention that came from the Black African Nation. Please, just one…

  • bratt

    And furthermore to your point, you wouldn’t have a cellphone, internet or running water if it wasn’t for the whiter man you ignorant creature. And your punctuation leaves much to be desired.

  • Fake Article

    These are blatant lies, Mugabe doesn’t swear, i have never heard him swear before not never, this is a fraud article, articulated to rouse suspicion on what the old man is going to or not going to do.

  • mwa

    This is bullshit, Mugabe could never utter such nonsense directed at Mandela

  • truth

    because we are so far behind

  • wdfcd

    i agree its fake but i doubt it was the west.

  • money mike

    mugabe will never say that.stupid article!!

  • Jay Gatsby

    much of what this Mugabe the Great says is true. But he doesn’t say so much what could be real interesting for example : which of these two murdered more ? (apart from the victims were white or black)

  • truth

    lmao we cant even feed our own ppl as a true african and a person of the world africa has a long way to go because the world can survive without us but we would be a village without them..human rights for all! yes white ppl have exploited us but we have never been more exploited then now when we are ruled by our own kind! blacks dont care for there own why should the world..

  • Just Annoyed

    have you not seen the way he has spiraled, remember one thing where there is smoke there is fire, and i expect nothing less from him, nothing good has every come from him but death and decay all around. Those who actually vote for him deserve what is to come from this demented idiot

  • Joseph Chimano

    Shame on the colonialist mouthpieces waging propaganda on victorious, iconic RG Mugabe. If you don’t have anything to write please kindly close shop. Mugabe will never say anything like that. He is a true statesman.Thank you.

  • JEFF

    Blue lies. mugabe has not addressed any rally or talked to the press since 31 july 2013. paid journalism this!

  • mindpower

    Full control over Africa. How naive. Do you think English people have full control over England, or Chinese people have full control over China.

    Grow up and accept that the world is a global village. Businesses *everywhere* are owned by foreign people. There is nowhere on earth that is fully controlled by the indigenous people of that land, to even think that is possible is idiotic.

  • Keame Asare

    Mr. Mugabe didn’t say those things. The Daily Courant is lying!

  • Boitshepo

    I will be a optimist and argue that mugabe’s leadership style is preceded my glorious success in countries around the world including China , Venezuela, Chile and the like, unlike all other world leaders is fighting a war that most deem imposible to win, but the stats count for mugabe! If the Zim Indigenisation policy is implements Most of the countries GDP will benefit Zimbabweans more than it used to!

  • Aubrey Kloppers

    I think that you miss-spelled “currant”, it should it not be “koerant”?

  • Freedom

    that should just put a bullet in Mugabes head. Its been a long time coming.

  • Poor journalism

  • Onesime Kabumbu

    Mugabe is right,how can you explain for someone who was in prison for 27 years and become the wise and intelligent man in africa.Why they don’t talk about Thomas or Kuame Gruma?.Mandela is a east made.Butelezi is the one who has fighted non Mandela.

  • concerned zimbabwean

    this is the worst thing that I have ever heard. Being a Zimbabwean citizen and knowing our leader he would not have said this….

  • Gazza

    The Daily Currant is a satirical website you uneducated morons. It’s a joke, not real, tongue in cheek, a farce, just for laughs, you get it? No wonder you idiots vote this guy into power every election, you really have no clue.

  • kencho

    Proof South Africa’s Apartheid Government Developed Germs to Kill Blacks Only,

    now the whites wanna kill all de blacks, u see? i haile u mugabe, u too good,

  • jose

    let metellu here and now-hate him all u likebut mugabe is better than that.

  • Ronald Kimmons

    This is satire. Not propaganda – satire.

  • Ronald Kimmons

    satire (n.): the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

  • mlungu

    africa is for the black man? and you say that is not racist? you are just as bad as your terrible leader

  • Ronald Kimmons

    lie (n.): a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood

    satire (n.): the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

    It’s important to learn the difference. Especially if you are going to read The Daily Currant or The Onion. Otherwise, you might start to think people actually believe that the Pope came out as a homosexual or that NASA found a message from God on Mars.

  • Abraham Leki Mokome

    Its about time Africa creates a continental trade platform in defense against negative global trends and appropriate for regional development, food security and acceptable intercontinental trade relations.

    – Abraham L. Mokome


    LMAO! Africa is wild Awake people. Find new tricks. This sure too old for today’s African

  • sosotrue

    South African’s have a limited understanding of true empowerment. Being able to piss in the same toilet as his baas is enough for a South African. We have a different take (pun intended) on what true empowerment is.

  • Star Vation


  • Thabiso

    Who ever wrote this article clearly has an agenda. For one …Mugabe is far more articulate than most african and western leaders. This article is written as a quote ‘word by word’ of his speech. Please find a more suitable hobby, or better yet, get a real job.

  • Bobil

    Big lie…Mugabe world never utter this non-sense, …this goes to confirm the freedom fighter that he has always been. Western propaganda cannot tear the truth down…shame!!!!!!!!!

  • duif73

    if the policies are done by a person who is not enriching himself and his cronies then it may work..but human nature seems to be power hungry and greed wins it seems every time… Mugabe is quite simply a successfully wealthy man who has bled his country dry for nice shiny things….do not compare Mugabe to the South American stories, can’t remember which but one of those presidents takes the bus to work… which means his efforts are true and will hopefully survive against the corruption around him.

  • goodie

    why does everyone associate modern technology to whites. it does not mean that all those technologies could not come about if the whites did not invade africa. the gun powder came from the east. does it mean whites should not use guns. the whites think suits and morden clothing is their invention so other races owe them. do they farm cotton in england? if anyone of you guys believe in creation and are descendents of adam and eve then everyone of u should not disconnect himself from hides. God gave man clothing from animal skin in Genesis. This is not unique to africa. we have common roots- putting on hides for clothing. dont tell pple to leave cars and walk on foot coz u think cars where invented in europe. Does it mean england has to leave the fuel that drives the cars coz it comes from africa or the middle east. whilist we preach equality, the problem with is others have an unfair advantange over the others. this is the message mugabe preaches that has led him to victory in this past election. imagine this whole thing as a game between white and black teams in zimbabwe. the first half the whites have advantage with apertheid and every law that u can think of to favour white dominance(100years) and the second half the blacks have advantage through affirmative action. would u not find it a fair game to give affirmative action 100years too to make the match fair. u cant have the other half shorter than the other. it the pitch is not even others are going uphill to score and others downhill to score, dont u think u need to exchange goal posts at halftime to make fair play. there after u can make the ground even. black africans need supporting laws and structures to make them equal competitors in zimbabwe.society is dynamic, we accept living together black and white. but dont make the ground even too soon without equal halves for competion to be fair.

  • Donato

    Was not familiar with the way The Daily Currant operates…. but knowing Zimbabweans rumors will be doing the rounds…..This type of reporting I’m afraid will only bolster Mugabe’s position..all he now has to do is make noise about the western media, falsehoods and regime change agendas and this will elevate him even more…..among his friends in SADC

  • tony

    mugabe is the most useless african leader that ever existedhe is a disgrace to africa,i honestly dont see how this nonentity still rules.his time is coming and he knows it.fool.

  • darkie

    I would hate it is Mugabe did say these things, it would show that he is getting dementia and is a danger to himself and the country being “mental”, but then Hitler was also Mental and had such a great following. Looks like people love to be ruled by a “nutcase”. Lets hope it is hogwash. He’s old and mad enough to maybe have said that?????

  • mufaro ray

    thats a stupid false story which has been written by an imperialist. Yes Mandela sold out just like what Tsvangirai wanted to do but our president wud nevr say “fuck” and all those silly words cos he is truelly a gentleman.

  • Gabriel Stoole

    This has got to be a misrepresentation of what was actually said. As much as we like to pour ridicule on RGM, I don’t believe that he said what is printed in this article. I stand to be corrected but unless I was there and heard it for myself I don’t believe it!

  • Peter Kaungwa

    Mugabe does not use foul language. However, the truth remains the same. Nothing will change now after 33 years Mugabe rule. Economic sanctions is just a lame excuse. Lets grip ourselves for another economic squeeze.

  • Roparembwa

    Mugabe is one of my least favourite person, however knowing him the way I do, he would never utter those words in public. I take this article as one big joke. Its in bad taste though.

  • Siphiwo Gangca

    This is a high school journalism poorly constructed by a whiteman who lost a land years ago.

  • African

    Not a bad idea moron. The rest of the world would then have an excuse to rid the northern hemisphere and declare it white. Wouldn’t be long before it hit you in your nostrils who was prospering and who wasn’t.

  • James

    this a contradiction to what Mugabe has said about Mandela in the past this does not sound true at all it’s rubbish. I don’t like the man (Mugabe) but many of us know for a fact his not stupid his a politician. This sounds like bad reporting and if it is false i don’t understand why one would allow this to go up.

  • Tindo

    This must be a joke. Does not sound like Bob

  • petros

    Where is that Military drone

  • sizwe

    No this cannot be true. I don’t think Mugabe will ever say such thing. This has been done by someone who is trying to perpetrate war between South Africa and Zimbabwe. NO NO NO NO NO.

  • Jo-Anne

    Fake story, would be world news if it was real

  • Ivor

    those are definetly the words from his mouth. When I was living in Zimbabwe he made a public statement about getting rid of anything that was gay and white. He said that he would be the first black hitler.

  • Theo

    I overlayed a picture of a gorilla on his face but then I got confused about which one was the overlay…

  • Theo

    You are the idiot.
    No wonder you still vote the idiot back into power!

  • Theo


  • Mazungu

    I didn’t realize things had improved so much. What can you buy with a Zimbabwe dollar now?

  • Luke

    they say it will take Africa 250 years to reach where America is now. wow. Africa is the richest continent in the world according to the resources (minerals) we have, but the is really something with the black Race, i am black but we are so good at bringing down things, ect schools, campanies, organisations, universities. our leaders come in power and they are greedy and they take us no way. if we keep thinking like Africans will end up worse than we are now. Refuse to think like a black man cause a black man thinks too much poverty and thinks of himself and His family. a black man does not respect time either and we say time is money. hate me or love me, the truth is that if you think like a black man you will end up no where in life. we are always in need of help, yet we have everything that God could give and splendor us. we have half of the worlds minerals still underground but we cant manage our own things well. we are always in need of aid but if we could govern our countries well we wouldn’t need it. i am Black, but i refuse to think like a black Man. poverty mindset. i would love to back us but records prove other wise. thank you

  • Theo

    Africans are not in control of ANYTHING. Least of all their own minds. They only WISH they were and are quite good at pretending to be and excellent at believing themselves. A juvenile attempt at making others believe in their ‘importance’. Africa do not have leaders – it has mimes. Understand that, and you’ll understand a lot about the world

  • jay

    fuck u, im not a president and im a Zimbabwean who has a better life than you ignorant dumbass

  • Stu

    I no doubt expect a vicious retort to this…

  • Deadeye

    I have never felt the urge to write on articles in my life, however, just as I am about to go to bed I haven’t laughed so much in my life. I don’t pretend that I have all the facts about African politics but holy crap I feel smarter than a lot of people in here!! Firstly, to those that think that this is a genuine article is laughable. Secondly to those that think that Mugabe’s will is the quest for the advancement of Zimbabwe is ridiculous! It’s not a question of white v black anymore and probably never was. I am sure that somewhere he was fighting for the people of Zimbabwe, but he has wondered far from that path. The white Zimbabwean has been made to suffer rightly or wrongly (in my personal view very wrongly) but the majority of the sufferers are the blacks of Zimbabwe. They are the ones who are starving because their leader has no interest in feeding them. Robert Mugabe is in this Zimbabwean political game show to make himself rich and has managed to make his own country a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    I would love to know Kencho’s basis of knowledge especially when he calls himself a Zimbabwean. Look what your country once was and what it is now!

    The fact that you wish to tarnish Nelson Mandela’s name in the same sentence as Robert Mugabe is a true reflection of your stupidity.

    Wake up and smell the black/white coffee.

  • iMcJaz

    haha, this was hilarious!



  • Calculated

    What a clown.

  • Ivor

    Shame on you !! What makes you think you are so special. Yu are full of hate. Shame …or rather SHAME ON YOU. x

  • Dino


  • Srsly

    I just want to point out to the outraged few who (somehow) don’t realise this is satire–and believe it to be part of a Western imperialist conspiracy against Mugabe–that Mugabe was at one time viewed very favourably in the West, as a promising leader in a new, independant African nation. That view has changed only because the man is clearly a tyrant.
    Mutua and the rest, I can only hope you guys are trolling.

  • mathambo

    Ende maShona liyangihlekisa ngothando lweZanu yenu…

  • Mfoirbeaze

    Gosh you guys are vicious. It is a bit like blaming your parents for your mistakes in life, It is completely pointless and a waste of brain cells to endlessly debate who is right! My husband is Russian/Nigerian/German/Jewish. In Nigeria he is called ‘white man’. In England people get very confused and don’t know what he is. What will you do to him, cut him in 4? The western world does not have all the answers clearly. We have poor people here, and so do you, We have history and so do you. We have wars and so do you. I have never encountered racism, cos cannot be bothered to notice if people have notions about who I am. We are all products of the culture we have lived in. Live in a world of racism, and boy, you will see it around every corner. Live in a world where you want to improve yourself and your family and friends, and you might make life a bit better for those you care about. None of us have the power to change anything else.

  • eish47

    is this a true ?? Did Mugabe actually say these things .. If so – what is our esteemed president going to do about this?

  • James

    He probably did not insult Nelson Mandela. But he does make some good points. South Africa is a country with majority blacks, whom have lived and farmed on the land for thousands of years before the Europeans invaded the territory. Nowadays, most of South Africa’s lands and resources are owned and controlled by the minority group (Europeans), while the Majority race (blacks) are being forced to labour and enrich them. The black people do controlled the presidency, where as the whites controls the economy or the wealth of South Africa. Now ask yourself, who has the most influence on politics, in South Africa? What Mugabe did to Europeans in Zimbabwe is exactly what Europeans did to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe. Europeans forcefully took away lands from Black Zimbabweans, lands these people owned since the creation of time. What Mugabe did was to returned the lands to their rightful owners, Is there anything bad in standing for justice?

  • gadget123

    Fuck mugabe and his regime! I hope he dies or someone can asasinate that fucker! Fuck him to say madiba is a coward

  • Bahati

    Seriously?? You need to read up on history mate. Explain the pyramids in South America, i suppose Africans passed on Math to them as well? Pyramids on both sides of the globe and precision mathematics to build them were developed at roughly the same time in history, no one really knows where this development came from. If the Africans themselves were so far advanced in mathematics, crafting instruments using metals, etc, why were they still hunter gathers and nomadic’s dressed in skins when the white man arrived by ship, with gun powder and sword just over 200 years ago?? Who is foolish now

  • Karma Chameleon

    So you believe in what he has done to ruin a country that was once considered the bread & butter of Africa.

  • Karma Chameleon

    I’m with you, lets genocide the blacks!

  • Bahati

    Black people must leave the Northern Hemisphere, period

  • Chuck

    You forget the basic fact that Mugabe’s acts against white farmers destroyed the last functioning part of an economy that he completely destroyed over 30 years of rule. As a result, Zimbabweans are starving because food (mostly imported) is expensive and nobody except Mugabe has money. In SA, white farmers use expensive machines and western technology to hyper-overproduce food to ensure a large supply of cheap food for SA’s 50 million people. The subsistence farming practiced by SAfricans 500 years ago was okay for then, when only 3 million people lived in SA, but it will cause mass starvation in a country of 50 million people who cannot afford to buy expensive food imported from Russia, the US, or elsewhere.

  • fok off

    hahaha fastest developing?!?!?sure but also with a booming population which cant FEED itself…you are enslaving your own kind in the townships and allow chinese to mine everything from under…thats ok…blame the white man…your going to realize your mistake when your children are forced into slavery with chinese names, when africa has lost all its mineral wealth and this place is a shithole…then you will realize your mistake…viva mugabe’s stupidity and that of his followers…btw southern africa is for the white man…go back to your central african banto education fuck-up countries…little brain???fuck off asshole, learn to read “between the lines”

  • kajangu


  • Stu

    You must be privy to some seriously secret inside information. Can we share over a cup of tea?

  • mortempost

    Mugabe is a pig that eats sh#t

  • Jonathan Portuesi

    Mugabe has just proven yet again that he has totally lost the plot. How can he insult a universally respected protagonist of peace and respect like Nelson Mandela ? What has he ever achieved besides destroying a once rich country, inciting racism, and crooking his own people for 33 years ? The world is a better place because of people like Nelson Mandela and more the poorer for people Like Mugabe. Shame on him.

  • STIX

    Does anyone know this satirical? Im feel like im taking crazy pills.

  • stix

    I feel like im taking crazy pills!

  • Brendan

    “My huge victory in these elections prove I am the greatest leader in the history of Africa,” Is that why his country is in famine and economically ruined and the currency there is value among the worst in the world? Yeah, he’s a great leader…

  • Michael Ian Wright

    Actually, the SA government holds title to the majority of the land. Not convenient to mention that though, right?

  • TiredofAfrican excuses

    I have been on the ground in Zim it really is a sad place to be Harare has no munisiple water or street lights at night which would be great because the roads are so bad ,there are once prosperous farms now standing in ruins where fruit trees bare fruit that just falls to the floor because a freedom fighter owns the land but is too Idle to actually harvest and sell the produce ???? There are road blocks in and out of every town with desperate policeman that the only way they can support there families is by getting bribes from white people (strangly enough) You ruined your own currency which lead you too having to use the usd .I have seen the big chinese millitary base they have just outside harare ,do you really think that they would go to all the trouble to help Zimbabween people ,no Sir mostly that base will be there so that when the locals step outta line you will mostly be getting a Whiping Boy ,the strange truth about Africa and its people is the old saying ,You can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink , you can give africans a prosperous country but they are too layz and coroupt to actually make it work and as far as africa been for africans ,sounds good to me if you will take alll the africans from around the world back too .

  • steve

    Sickening!, that cannot be comrade Bob!

  • What a complete clown…. Absolutely hysterical. I wonder if we put this wop on stage with JZ and Juju if we’d be able to do a remake of the 3 stooges?

  • jack

    this is pure lies and not worth reading,like it or not these two leaders are great sons of africa

  • Ghost2309

    Firstly, if you have any idea about world events, you will know that he hasn’t been “voted” into power for years. The circumstances surrounding Zimbabwean elections are far more complicated and far less democratic than you clearly believe. Secondly, this is not “tongue-in-cheek” humour. Tongue-in-cheek humour is intended to be subtle, with a hidden or double meaning behind the context. This is not subtle. In fact, it is a blatant attack against a nation… trying to veil itself behind sick humour. Use your words carefully when you involve a man of such historical standing. This is not tongue-in-cheek humour, but rather viscous satire. The Daily Currant is not only criticizing the weaknesses of Robert Mugabe with a far out accusation, but it is also attacking a man so close to so many hearts, Nelson Mandela. Thirdly, the inability to identify humour within a vaguely satirical article has nothing to do with intellect. It was actually American researchers who found that highly intellectual individuals, at times, struggled to identify the humour within a given context and, rather, took the explanation, phrase, statement, et al, at face value. Therefore, your above statement has been rendered invalid, since you have no proof of ignorance or indication of how this inability to accept this blatant disregard as humour relates to a person’s apparent “decision” to vote Mugabe into power. I would request that you do more research on a topic at hand before you arrive at such uneducated accusations. Africans do receive education. In fact, Southern Africa is the home of the first kidney and heart transplants in the world. Thank you, kindly, for your input. But please realise that not everything is funny to everyone. Sometimes words can be offensive and, in this case, the line between satire and offence was broken when those words were used against Nelson Mandela. Forgive me if I don’t see the humour behind your preconceived notions. I thought I was the one with a third world education.

  • Mugabe is a holy leader sent by Africa’s God to deliver the lost in Africa, America, Diaspora, and abroad!


    This is a total lie

  • Lazz

    Aluda…some people they would implicates political eruptions evolving tension towards the two countries! thank you for being so discreet towards this malicious article

  • black patriot

    Robert Mugabe is way better than Mandela. Mugabe has given the land owned by the white colonizers to his black people, who are the real owners. Mugabe has forced western mining companies to share their profits with the black people. Western companies only care about making themselves richer while the owners of the natural resources, the Zimbabweans, are getting poorer. Mugabe is a black hero who stood against this. The west hates Mugabe because he stood against their interest. People say South Africa is free but the fact says that South Africans are still under the economic colonization of the whites who call themselves South Africans. South Africans have accepted homosexuality, which is a western culture, instead of kicking them out of their country. Black South Africans are still poor because the whites control the majority of the wealth. The only South Africans I know are the black South Africans. The whites are there to exploit and use South Africa for their benefit.

  • Rikali

    This does not sound like anything I have ever heard Robert Mugabe say. This is a fabrication.

  • Roru

    This baboon is Africa’s prize Idiot, whaaaattt a hero, this asswipe is a Zero!!!

  • black patriot

    Mugabe is a hero Stu. He is fighting for his people.

  • James Desertviper Vos

    Pity about Language usage online,as i’d be $#@!! But Robert Mugabe will NEVER be a MAN as Mr Nelson Mandela was and is.Sorry to pop your Bubble,You were,are and Never will be 1 millionth of a man like Former President Nelson Mandela.You are nothing more than what Adolf Hitler was.Your days are numbered,no man lives for ever and we all answer be it here or the after life,for our Sins.

  • richard ndemanga

    Can reporters write lies like this and get away with it?Where is the intergrit,truthfulness of the paper.l have been following mugabe’s interviews and speeches before and after the elections……never ever will his excellency used valguar language.Cheap propaganda.

  • Shona Randall Salver

    So anything anti Mugabe is “Western propaganda” …..Boring and ridiculous. What about the millions of Zimbabweans who HATE Mugabe and had their vote and their voice STOLEN.

  • Shona Randall Salver

    If this is not racism what is ??

  • Alien & Stranger

    As I’ve skimmed through the comments here, a couple of things are clear:
    1. A lot of people do not understand satire, even clumsy satire like this. Think of April Fool’s jokes in the news media – somewhat plausible but just OTT enough to make one realise it’s not true.
    2. Pursuant to that, Mugabe’s supporters have demonstrated that they are brain-washed racist retards with no sense of humour. Despite repeated comments pointing out that the article is satire, did
    the Zanu-PF apparatchiks take any notice? Nah. Too fixated on their racist hatred and bile…

  • iBhunu

    The ranting of a lunatic.

  • Tongo22507724

    LOL… I doubt those are actual quotes. The lies and fabrications that have been put on Mugabe make the Iraqi WMD fairy tale look truthful.

  • hernandayoleary

    Well this is a lie, mugabe doesn’t swaer.

  • Linda

    Surely this can’t be real. If it is I am disgusted. Any man who wants to stay in power would be a fool to bad mouth Nelson. A man who taught the world peace and patience is the best way to fight injustice. Mugabe’s popularity would drop so much that I doubt that even he could not corrupt the polls that much at the next election. To me Nelson and Ghandi are brothers

  • African

    The truth is and the facts are Africans, especially Zimbabweans, are ridiculously followers and not explorers. So what did the AU do about Egypt and what do you expect them to have said about Zimbabwe? Watch what will happen to Africa after the Chinese have had their way in the next five years? All Africans want is to be like the whites and when the whites say “no” Africans call them racists?

    I am proudly black and African but will not condone the lies that my fellow Africans want to portray us. If Africans built the pyramids and Great Zimbabwe, why can’t we fix the potholes in Harare and Kampala?

  • D Umbo

    Frank, what you don’t understand is that Mugabe is an insult to all Africans everywhere. Until Africa can behave with honour and honesty then the entire world will view African democracy as nothing more than the farce it is. Until the OAU turns its back on all African dictatorships then Africa can never expect the world’s respect.

  • Spectator

    Guys, all of this…and for what? Whether Robert Mugabe did or did not use foul language towards Nelson Mandela. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than to exchange futile comments on these pages because you are never going to influence each other’s views. Each side will have entrenched positions because of their “view” of the world which is informed by their backgrounds and circumstances among other things. No one wiins in these kinds of debates.

  • Kenny

    Mugarbage must be the only person (if I could call him that who could say something so shocking about such a great man as Nelson Mandela. He is an embarrassment to both Zimbabwe and Africa. Nelson Mandela succeeded in uniting a country whereas Mad Bob has totally destroyed a once flourishing economy. Only a piece of rubbish could have such things to say about a man who is an icon both to us South Africans and the world.

  • thulani

    i dont support Mugabe, but this is pure propaganda Mugabe is too intelligent to swear in public, He would never say such raw words. l am sorry this is the type of reporting which never gains any momentum.

  • lois752

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  • The Truth

    This is one stupid website people really dont get their facts straight.. Mugabe is a great man because he got rid of white colonialism..in South Africa the majority of the land is still owned by whites who live in luxury while the blacks suffer. I respect Mugabe for what he did Zimbabwe is a great country dont be fooled by the videos you see on BBC or CNN they only show you the bad side because they cannot get over the fact that Mugabe refused to be their puppet that is why they are putting sunctions and all. They are the ones destroying Zimbabwe

  • black pansy

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  • Tesfaye Hailu

    “The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment” – Wikipedia. Man People need to pull their heads from their as* and have really become sensitive!

  • eva brain

    oh bend over and take it like a man – you know you love it…

  • James Russel

    Can you prove he didn’t say it? This news site says he did.

  • James Russel

    The Egyptians were middle-eastern. Not black. Besides, you shouldn’t be proud of something that people with similar shaded skin did thousands of years ago. Instead, you could try to do something productive today. Like, I dunno, maybe not rape women and children. That’s not too hard for us in the western world, but I hear the temptation is too much for most Africans to handle.

  • James Russel

    Kind of like Hitler did for the Germans.

  • James Russel

    Does satire not exist in Africa? We get some idiots like this on American stories, but never to this ridiculous extent.

  • James Russel

    Okay. We’ll let the Chinese bleed you dry instead.

  • James Russel


  • James Russel

    Black people robbed my house once. The robbers need to leave.

  • James Russel

    Nothing, but if you collect twenty you get a gumball.

  • James Russel

    1. Dude, “africanglobe” isn’t an unbiased source.
    2. If Africa had a decent education system then you would realize how impossible that is.

  • Major Musango

    the first proof is that

    The President had not addressed any gathering since the eve of the election when he held a press conference.

    the second being that….

    this site is a Satirical site…. that’s up to you to search what the word satire stands for…. then we will discuss after that

  • James Russel


    Satire. Checkmate.

  • Chairman Mao

    Lol Mugabe is a legend,Mandela is a hero.

  • DotMan

    Who’s the moron equating knowing what the Daily Currant is with having an education. Forgive me for my moronic following of Time, The FT and FP.

  • rentslave

    Mugabe:Rhodesia?Where we’re going we don’t need Rhodesia.

  • jere14

    These are misattributions to Robert Mugabe. Nobody speaks like this.

  • thisguyisanidiot

    Oh wow. You’re a bigger idiot than we thought.
    This is SATIRE.
    What words were used “against” Mandela? What on earth are you smoking? And to counter your ignorant remarks, Mugabe is a joke, a dictator who is killing his people and destroying a nation.

    You need to either figure out in your brain what humour is or get some freaking perspective.

  • BroVic

    Though satirical, I think it’s a bad time for it. A family is mourning the loss of their loved one and we shouldn’t ‘prey’ on it… It’s just like those fools stealing parts from Paul Walkers’s wrecked Porsche… smh

  • PanamaFresh

    satire guys

  • PanamaFresh

    also…i have a feeling that some of these comments are from people not living in Zimbabwe (like me). Lets just all hope for the unity of Africa soon and for each nation to be respected without outside manipulation. As a resident of USA…let me say to those of you in Zimbabwe…we in the states don’t believe everything that is blasted in media about foreign leaders…we understand to take all that stuff with a grain of salt. We have so much blatant corruption in support of agendas of a powerful few here that we understand the games being played with the character assassination campaigns. peace!

  • KamalGilkes

    At least another 25 years?

  • Okito

    This sounds too good to be true. I am in the view that Mugabe could not insult Mandela. We need proof of this information: a video that shows what Mugabe said, could be appreciated.

  • Das

    hater and racist! how can such a racist be a president?

  • worldpeacecutie

    Mugabe needs to worry about & fix the growing problem of all the women / girls being raped, abused & killed in his ruling country, instead of being jealous that a passing legend is being honored. 15 women are raped everyday in Zimbabwe, according to latest statistics supplied by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Office (ZimStat).However, there are fears that the number could be higher as some cases go unreported.
    The ZimStat report, titled Quarterly Digest of Statistics, says 2 195 cases of rape were reported in the first five months of the year. But it is in May where the statistics are gory, as 470 women were subjected to sexual assaults. This translates to 15 women being raped daily or an equivalent of one woman abused every 90 minutes.http://www.thestandard.co.zw/…/15-women-are-raped…/

  • wickedwine

    Guess you (thatGuy) have that pink nose!!! hahahaha!

  • Guylain KYUNGU

    This is a propaganda from western whose cheapiest goods to sell to africans are ugly lies. Note Mugabe has nothing to do with false democracy as tought by books from colonians (britain, France…) and hegemonists. I chalange every politogist from the above contries to tell me if Britain, Norway, Sweden crowns are also democratic or monarchic, no matter constitutional. Way western handling a certain scale to measure western situation and if it is concerning africans then their another scale to make their assessment.

  • Cranky Crab

    Shut up and shine my shoes, boy

  • Asante

    I love Mugabe!

  • hernandayoleary

    I am sure he said fcuk nelson mendela, liar.