Ann Coulter On Syria: ‘Why is Gassing Arabs a Bad Thing?’

Sep 09, 2013
Author Makes Controversial Comments to Fox News

082713_coulter_910Conservative commentator Ann Coulter generated fierce criticism today for suggesting that the gas attack in Syria last month was good for the United States.

In an interview with Fox and Friends this morning, she argued that since the victims were Arabs such attacks would reduce the number of future terrorists and that therefore president Obama shouldn't intervene to stop them.

The incident started when anchor Steve Doocy asked Coulter why she is opposed to Obama's intervention in Syria when she was supportive of Bush's intervention in Iraq.

"Someone needs to explain to me why gassing Arabs is such a bad thing," she replied. "I mean aren't these the same people that attacked us on September the 11th? Look, the system is working. Arabs are killing Arabs and that means in the future there will be fewer of them trying to kill us.

"I say we send them all the chemical weapons we have, and let them sort it out amongst themselves. Hopefully when it's all over we'd be left with some empty space to colonize. Personally I'd like to see megachurches and Home Depots outside Damascus."

Ann of Mean Labels

Coulter is well known for making outrageous, contrived statements in order to increase her book sales. In the past she has attacked Sept. 11 widows, compared liberals to the Ku Klux Klan and and walked out of a screening of Star Trek because it had "too many minorities."

But today's outburst was too much even for the conservative Fox and Friends team, who instantly challenged Coulter's logic and called on her to retract her statement.

"Well Ann, now you know we love you," said co-host Brian Kilmeade, "but don't you think that's a little short sighted? I mean it seems to me like you're advocating genocide. How can you possibly defend that position?"

"Brian this isn't genocide," she retorted. "This is more like in Breaking Bad when Walt sees Jesse's girlfriend choking on her own puke and doesn't help her. It's not murder. It's just enlightened non-interference."

"Yes, but these are innocent human beings caught in the crossfire of a terrible civil war," Kilmeade persisted. "Don't you feel any empathy for them at all? I mean Arabs are just as human as we are and should be entitled to the same level of dignity and respect, right?"

Not knowing what to say, Coulter sat silent for 20 agonizing seconds before finally responding: "That's some liberal bullshit Brian. Where'd you read that? The New York Times?"

Coulter is most recently the author of Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama. She holds degrees from the Cornell and the University of Michigan Law School and was once engaged to marry teen heartthrob Dinesh D'Souza.

  • Karen Mitchell

    Dammit! You got me again. I read the headline and I think “that’s so typical of that skank”.

  • Guest

    Does anyone really take Tranny Annie seriously? She says things just to make people agited. She’s a professional rabble rouser who is best ignored.

  • Lalala

    Apparently, this is a satire website. Yet, be that as it may I wouldn’t be surprised if she did say something that ignorant. She’s made outrageous comments in the past in earnest. I’m surprised anyone would take that nasty old hag seriously.

  • Expat

    You represent everything that’s right about America…but you do it wrongly. I pity you Ann coulter.

  • pideja

    Just exactly when did she say that? There is no trace of it anywhere except the styrical press. Not in the New York Times, not in the Washington Post, not on the TV Networks, not even on FOX!

  • Anthony L. Hayes

    Did you not read the two comments prior to yours? Ha! Jokes on you!

  • yaya

    ignoring a ‘rabble rouser’ is bad, because sooner or later, people will agree to her bullshitting nonsense. and then, people will label her nonsense as ‘truth’..

  • BdoMcGregor

    Conservatives don’t get satire…or nuance. Everything is black and white to them.

  • concerner

    I used to not like Ann and everything she said.

  • Boris

    don’t be ashamed. any left-wing ignoramus could think in such a way.

  • azmotor

    This woman is really ignorant, Why do they have idiots like tis around…

  • Karen Mitchell

    Says the non-thinking right winger who believes anything his “leaders” tell him. You SHOULD be ashamed.

  • Karen Mitchell

    What is “styrical” press?

  • Charley

    PLEASE stop circulating your immature bullshit. It serves no good purpose and it is certainly not amusing.

  • ObamaBucks

    “…teen heartthrob Dinesh D’Souza”


    Read this on another site, and I believed it was real (she actually says stuff like this) until I read the part about that fake-Christian adulterer D’Sousa.

  • Yogi

    The only thing That mouth of her’s should be good for is to harbor my Sp37m until It’s needed to make more Arab Babies….

  • Boris

    My leaders, really? 🙂

    I suppose, you expressed your blinkered picture of reality quite well already. New baseless assumptions don’t add much to this view.

  • Karen Mitchell

    So, Boris, tell me something. Why is the fact that I found this to be funny so disturbing to you? Is it because my first reaction was to believe she would say something like that? And you are such a fan of hers that my reaction got you all butt hurt or something?
    I have a firm grip on reality, skippy, but thanks for your concern.

  • Boris

    > Is it because my first reaction was to believe she would say something like that?

    Well, believing in something that is so obvious contrary to reality looks not especially interesting. The funny part is the very final where it is Ann who is a skank after all.

    Isn’t it a brilliant demonstration of leftist mind at work?

  • Karen Mitchell

    And the left is so different from the right in that respect how?

  • Boris

    I suppose, it is as different as a name-calling horde is different from a self-sufficient individual.

  • Karen Mitchell

    Well somebody thinks he’s better than everybody else!
    Calling me an ignoramus isn’t name calling, huh?
    Ima guess you are a right wing, repub, white, Xian, gun owner.

  • Boris

    First, I don’t think I’m better, I think you demonstrate some poor reasoning patterns. Your comment won that name for you.

    Second, I’m not Republican and not even American. I’m from that gloomy part of the world that had been feeding and benefiting from western “useful idiots” for decades. Not without prolonged consequences for US, I’d say today.

  • Samuel VikingPoet Poole

    What a racist idiot. There are Arab Christians who speak the same language — Aramaic — as Jesus. Does she hate them, too?

  • Karen Mitchell

    Aaaah….got it. Yeah, I know your type; we have a name for people like you. I am done with you.

  • Boris

    clearly. I had a conversation with lib and all I got is this lousy name

  • Cee Crowl

    Lonesome spinster bitch. She looks like Skeletor with a blonde wig.

  • Cee Crowl

    She hates anything that isn’t pity-fucking her.

  • Raymond Peentner

    Good for her, could NOT agree more. Not all Muslims are treeorists, but ALL terrorists ARE muslim

  • Nathan Tesla

    this is what happens when Guns stop Natural selection from Happening you have ignorant twats like this born .

  • rwdrwdrwd

    Apart from the instances where they are not, like the Unabomber, Anders Breivik, Columbine, Timothy McVeigh, Scott Roeder, John Patrick Bedell, Wade Michael Page, the Ricin attacks in ’03 and the perpetrator of the attacks in DC a mere two days after you posted this rubbish – basically your point is pointless.

  • gatelime

    Keep up the good work Ann…You’re spot on.

  • conservatives are not alone …many libs run with these satirical spoofs as if it was the gospel truth and use it to beat conservatives with

  • This is a site that uses half truths to make satirical stories about different personalities in the news simply put half truths are lies ..in the case of this site it does political damage to the person it is directed at ….because many good people will see it as the gospel truth and re-post links on their face book walls …then the rumor mill takes it from there ..

  • Mr. Sid

    Keep it up Fox, soon the only viewers you’ll have are the racists, biggets, and basically stupid people of our nation, Oh! you already have those as viewers!

  • Big_Gay_Al

    Finally. Someone else figured it out. 🙂

  • Big_Gay_Al

    You do know, the story is fake. Right?


  • Big_Gay_Al

    Really? What about Timothy McVeigh? He was a terrorist, and he wasn’t Muslim. Not that it really matters, since the story is fake.

  • Big_Gay_Al

    It’s “satirical” not “styrical”. Satire: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in
    exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

  • Ed Ferrusquia

    Fast-forward a year later, and the US’s torture activities have been exposed. Now that conservatives like Cheney have been backed into a corner, they’re left no choice but to double down on defending torture. So yeah…I’m not entirely sure that defending the indefensible is that beyond the pale for conservatives.