Mel Gibson’s Daughter Marries a Jewish Man

Sep 10, 2013

jewish-wedding-ceremonyThe daughter of actor and noted anti-Semite Mel Gibson married a devout Jewish man over the weekend.

In a ceremony Saturday at the Temple Emmanuel of Beverly Hills, 36-year-old Mary-Catherine Regina Gibson married 42-year-old Ezekiel Sharon, a prominent record producer.

The couple has been secretly engaged for two years and are planning a long honeymoon in the south of France before meeting up with relatives in Israel. Mary-Catherine has reportedly already converted to Judaism.

Mel Gibson was asked about the surprise nuptials during an interview with E! News this morning while promoting his upcoming documentary on how the Rothschild family killed Abraham Lincoln. The acclaimed actor and director said that although he is disappointed in his daughter's decision, he hopes that eventually she will see the error of her ways and get a divorce.

"You know I've got nine kids," Gibson told E! anchor Melana Scantlin. "So I guess it's not surprising that one of them turned out to be a complete f*****g loser. But when I think about all the time and treasure I put into that one: the Catholic school tuition, the monthly private jet to Lourdes, the rosaries made of diamonds ... and then she goes and does something like this?

"I can tell you one thing: that greedy little challah lover is not getting one god damned cent of my money. I've worked too long and too hard for that. Too long and too damn hard. Let's hope this doesn't last."

Mazel Tov Mel

Mel Gibson has faced accusations of antisemitism since a 2006 incident in which he infamously told a police officer that "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Mel's father, Hutton Gibson, for his part is a radical traditionalist Catholic who has flirted with Holocaust denial and promotes various conspiracy theories involving Jewish people.

Although Gibson fils has never used such language himself, he came perilous close today when asked why he though his daughter had chosen to defy him.

"They're all in on it," he proclaimed. "Emmanuel, Redstone, Eisner, Spielberg, Geffen -- all the big Hollywood Jews got together and arranged this marriage just to try and screw me over. It's not enough they destroyed my career by blacklisting me from good projects, now they're out to destroy my family too.

"I should have seen it coming. It's all so clear now in hindsight. But that's the thing with these guys. They're sneaky. They hit you when and where you least suspect it."

In a statement released though the groom's publicist, the newlyweds responded to Mel's unhinged comments.

"We're sorry to hear that Mary-Catherine's father disapproves of our union, but lucky for him he now has several psychiatrists in the family though his daughter's in-laws. Feel free to stop by any time free of charge."

LISTEN to one of the couple's wedding songs,  "Mel Gibson's Daughter," by the Paris-based Bam! Carousel.



  • Elizabeth

    If what he reprtedly said is true, then I have absolutely no respect for him anymore. His daughter is old enough to know her own mind and what she wants out of life. Why is he so anti Semetic?

  • iliv2bhap

    the photo is a fake b/c no orthodox rabbi would officiate the marriage of a jewish man causing his children to never be jewish halachically

  • justsaying

    nor would a wedding take place on a Saturday

  • D Umbo

    Has mel retyred from his work looking for oil in the dezert. if he has is his car for sail. ? Australia deserts are hektic with guys with mohikans and killer boomrerings. No wonder the aboriginals are hiding. in one of the documentries i saw mel killd loads of peeple and he didnt get arested! is he hiding in hollywud now. ? someone told me hes got relidgeon now. i dont understand relidgeon. i tried it out but its no fun. no boose or wimmin or raves. im much more into raveligion. RAVELIDGEON RULES MAN!

  • SDE

    They might if it is a Reform synagogue and if she had a conversion already…although that rabbi looks rather frum for a reform synagogue.

  • jane

    I used to love Mel Gibson. Now I couldn’t watch his movies knowing that he’s an anti-semite. He should have kept his mouth shut. It’s a shame he’s been in such great movies, many of which were directed/produced by Jews. He probably grew up indoctrinated with a very hateful radical christian upbringing, focused on hate rather than love. He hates Jews so much which doesn’t make sense as many of the movies he starred in were produced or directed by Jews. My favorite movie of his “Maverick” was directed by a man who is Jewish so what is his problem? He’s one of the few actors who actually made it, yet he attacks those that helped launch his career. Contrary to the stereotype, there are a lot of people in hollywood who aren’t Jewish so why does he choose to act in movies by producers/directors who are Jewish if he hate them to much? Mel Gibson’s a traitor to the people who helped launch his career.

  • Cusie

    I assume when you said all these guys are sneaky you think that Christ (Jesus) was sneaky too. You’re such a devout Catholic (phony) that you conveniently forget that Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew. You condemn your daughter for following her heart. You are not a good Catholic or a good father or neither have you been a good husband. No wonder you are washed up.

  • Cusie

    this is false, she probably had to agree the children would be raised in the Jewish religion

  • Angie Rosenberg

    Oy it’s satire people.

  • Sara Johnson

    Do people not realize this is FAKE!? Not everything you read on the internet is real, people. Mel Gibson doesn’t even have a daughter by this name. His oldest is Hannah, who is 33 and was married back in 2006. How gullible do you have to be to actually believe these quotes?

  • Kari

    To be fair, the quotes are the only thing here that sounds very believable.

  • Kari

    How do you raise a non-Jewish child as Jewish? If the mother is not a Jew, neither is the child. No Orthodox or even Conservative Rabbi could marry them unless she converted. Anyway this doesnt’ matter because Mel Gibson does not have a daughter by this name and this is satirical news site.

  • It’s fake guys, Daily Currant is a joke site. Hilarious though. I hope Mel Gibson ends up reading it somehow, I can imagine he’d hyperventilate with rage hahahaha

  • ss

    The article says that she converted. If she converted to Orthodox rules, then it’s perfectly ok….

  • Nicoleta Abusharekh

    She converted to Judaism?

  • Nicoleta Abusharekh

    It says it happened over the weekend, there are two other possible days, just saying.

  • msmtl

    If nothing else, “his upcoming documentary on how the Rothschild family killed Abraham Lincoln” screams ‘fake’!! It was fun to read, though.

  • Pninah Means Millson Mason

    The Daily Current is satirical like The Onion. The stories are NOT true. Oy vey

  • giuencna

    Orthodox Jews dont marry on Saturdays. Fail.

  • Shoes9253

    Mel should really heed these words. “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt”

  • Aaron

    I have been to Saturday night weddings. Conservative too.

  • Aaron

    The article said she went through conversion.

  • Reggie

    Hoax people! Don’t believe everything you read! How pathetic! Hannah his daughter is married to blues and rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd. And the other one, Lucia is only 4 years old!

  • Killer Heels UK

    Not on a Saturday. Not even in a Liberal Synagogue!

  • Killer Heels UK

    Saturday night AFTER Shabbat goes out yes. But not during Shabbat.

  • TheProfiler

    Many no doubt will consider this
    perspective of mine off-the-wall. I have
    studied and contemplated what mankind has most often labeled “Falling in love,”
    Spiritual Eros, or as Cynthia Bourgeault found previous scholars calling “the
    Fifth Way” of reaching spiritual perfection, for many years.

    Whatever one calls it, it is an
    inner power that wealth and power have tried to control for millennia to secure
    who inherits their wealth and power (i.e.,arranged marriages). What I’ve discerned is that this state of
    being crosses boundaries, religious, ethnic and racial, to bring human beings
    together in love more than any other force in the world and in my perspective
    of God, fits God’s design.

    In this light – it feels like a divine intervention
    that Mel Gibson’s daughter married a Jew

  • westerling

    So let’s cut out all the baloney. All religions were made by men, not GOD, That is why it is the biggest business in the world today. Keep in mind therefore that all religions are absolutely spurious at best,and do not have the blessings of GOD at all. But hey! They do make a lot of money by exploiting the naive and foolish and suck in their money.

  • I believe its time for a sequel, “The Passion Of The Groom”.

  • It got me, and I write satire for a living. I imagine given all of the ludicrous hateful anti-semite idiotic statements Mel’s made over the years (both sober and straight); it seemed like just “another Mel incident”. Good job, DC.

  • obfuscator

    Are we sure this not just a hoax?

  • obfuscator

    I agree. No ultra Orthodox Rabbi is going to officiate where the bride wears short sleeves and her dress cut so low in the front, Unless it is a staged ceremony.

  • Angel

    I’m curious what a devout Jew is doing with a Catholic girl in the first place. They are going to have problems raising their kids because of her father’s antagonistic ways. I hope that they don’t create a family just to have it break apart to religious pressures from either side. Now that their union is intact, may it be strong in the face of adversity and may they show their children that they need to stand up for their beliefs!

  • Ofir

    Well then u will need to come to Israel
    Cause 80% of the brides wear dress like that

  • avikraft

    If it is true( and it probably isn’t ),it would be great poetic justice

  • Eli Bartek Zolkos

    hehehehh B”H! Mel Gibson was hurt in heart! But im shure that is just the begginning what Hashem prepare for him. Mazal Tuv!

  • Trevor Cherewka

    Totally fake. Not only are there spelling errors but there is also no author credited with the story.

  • Tradebay

    Hoax. Gibson has 2 daughters, none are named Mary-Catherine
    Regina Gibson. Check out Wikipedia Mel Gibson Bio.


  • Tradebay

    It’s a hoax. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • JoJo

    This reads so much like a hoax!!!

  • Divine D

    The perfect description of Mel Gibson would be DOUCHE BAG. How can one celebrate love and joy, when he is so freaking miserable? If he ever gets the willingness to go for help, start with unconditional love,
    Mazal Tov on the wedding news!!!

  • askabigailprod

    Is this a satire, like so many other of your posts? I guess it is. I tweeted this saying “You can’t make this stuff up” but I guess you can. The discussion afterwards is always illuminating and many people are caught in its snares: so I don’t feel so bad.

    I think you are providing a service for open and uncensored discussions.

  • check_it_out

    By the way…

    Mel Gibson doesn’t have 36 year old daughter with name
    Mary-Catherine Regina Gibson

  • Dan J. Wachter

    I firmly believe that every religion must work together to build a better place. Sometimes, it is disheartening to see such hatred on both sides. And there is hatred on all sides.

  • MaxS.

    They might if it was late enough, after Havdallah.

  • SZwartz

    Are we being punked? For one thing, Temple Emmanuel is Reform and that looks like a Chabad rabbi. Also when Gibson said his prior comments, I believe he was drunk — maybe the liquor allowed him to say what he thought, but I doubt he was drunk during a E! interview.

    So my first reaction is that we’re being punked. I have to check it out which should be easy.

  • SZwartz

    No, they too are way over the top even for a non-drunk Gibson

  • SZwartz

    Take the time to check it out. I suspected it was false since the Temple president is my friend, and I know it is Reform and that is not a Reform rabbi who, BTW, is Laura Geller, a female.

  • SZwartz

    What. Gibson’s 4 year old daughter converted to Judaism, became frum and was married by a Chabad rabbi? Astounding. A haredi rabbi in a Reform Temple! Will wonders never cease.

  • Sallie Nemerowsky

    Temple Emmanuel of Beverly Hills is a Reform Cong. Mel Gibson, you lost be as a fan long ago. Now it is confirmed and proved I was correct in my choice.

  • Butseriously

    Saturday marriage is a blessing and not a violation.

  • Joe

    You don’t agree to raise a child in the faith in the Jewish religion. The child is what the mother is. You have it confused with Catholicism.

  • VictorMC

    One small problem. Mr. Gibson does not have a daughter named Mary-Catherine Regina.

  • DrNomad

    As an Orthodox jew i can tell you one thing. No Orthodox Rabbi marries anyone Shabbat.

  • Sarah

    Mel Gibson is just not a good PERSON! Another lost soul who needs Jesus the Messiah in spirit and in truth! Pathetic to see what Mel Gibson’s hateful father breed in him. He is completely dysfunctional, destroyed his own career with his unbridled hatred of the Jews and has missed the message of the gospels completely (he should really read the bible which he obviously hasn’t). He might as well be a crusader or Hitler slaughtering Jews for he does it every second within his own heart! God sees his dark heart! Unless he repents, I can’t wait to see his face on judgment day when the Holy Father says, “Depart from me you cursed, I NEVER knew you,” as he is cast for eternity into the lake of fire.

  • Ada Aharoni

    Mel you should be proud of your daughter that she did not become a racist like you and she chose the man of her heart and the religion she preferred.
    I hope this marriage will influence to stop being a gruesome anti-Semite!
    I have stopped seeing your films and so have lots of people because of the spiteful hate in your heart and soul. YOU CAN STILL CHANGE IF YOU DESIRE AND SET YOUR HEART TO IT!

    Prof. Ada Aharoni

  • Vlad, NJ

    Mazal tov, Mel!

  • jane

    I realized it was a hoax shortly after writing this when I googled “Mel Gibson’s daughter. lol 🙂

  • jane

    realized it was a hoax shortly after writing this lol

  • ivon

    I guess that this ignorant of mel Gibson don’t know about history !! piece of animal if that is the word don’t you know that atrocities that the catholics have done in the inquisicion??? how many were killed?? omg some people are real ignorant , not to say that theRomans did their best to put the fault on the jews, and the catholic church needed to brain wash people so they believe jews as the killers of jesus! hopefully ones in this life somebody will start reading and learning more about all the history of the human world!
    Mel Gibson I hope all your kids convert and marry jews so you can eat your own poison and live with that the rest of your life and your dad as well!!
    Mazal Tov Mel Gibson!! now you will have mayb a lot of little challas!!!!!

  • helen june

    Well mr. Mel Gibson you can kiss my boney little tannes Jewish a$$ Bon appetite

  • Alicja Johnson


  • kam


  • kaatje

    My very big wish is: he might have such a daughter who married such a devoted jewish boy…..And that she might be so happy with her husband and have grandchildren who are going to call him grandpa or opi of I know what…

  • Lydia

    anyone recognize the Rabbi??

  • C. Ricardo Paulino

    No sabia que Mel Gibson era antisemita, entonces, si esto es así ¿como es que hizo una pelicula de un semita llamado Yeshua (Jesúa), creera él en Yeshua, si es positivo, como consiliara Mel este asunto?

  • C. Ricardo Paulino

    Si Mel es antisemista, nunca mas vere una pelicula en la que él nisiquiera sea vecino de la misma… Para nada .! Todo antisemista es antihumano y anti Elohim(Dios)

  • Steve

    This is a false story meant to be satirical and sarcastic. Look at the other headline stories…they are all ridiculous and false.

    Here is a website explaining in more detail.


  • Parody AndSon

    More Mel Musical tributes. See “Blow Me Today (Mel Gibson Rant Mix)” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw5XLhw6Rek or at the Parody & Son blog: http://parodyandson.blogspot.com

  • Alan

    Mel Gibson is beyond a racist. He is a paranoid sociopath!

  • Ralph

    Mel I hope you read this. Jesus was Jewish His apostles were Jewish. After WW2 the Jews swore that they would never be victims again for any reason. They established a country call Israel to have a safe place to call there own.



  • Mark

    The Daily Currant – LA’s equivalent to the Daily Onion – gets my vote for “truthiness,” i.e., news that is fabricated and is completely false by any objective standard – it’s fake as sin – but it could be true in a flash in this or any alternative universe (such as the one Mr. Rove inhabits)….

  • lemuel852

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  • Peggy Hart


  • Amir

    This man is nothing but a pathetic sole LOSER,he is indeed a rich and a powerful man,and a successful actor and director but from the inside he is full of hatred,jealousy and crap over a group of successfull people whom in comparison with their amount of money,success and influence he is not so strong at all .I’m not a religious jew,and I certainly do not believe in this bullshit that Jesus had no humane father but I can tell you one non-supernatural fact and it is that this fool and delusional man named Jesus (supposed he ever exist) was a jew.

  • gabriel

    well said!!!!

  • seaMo

    The Daily Currant is PARODY, you stupid fuckin’ cuntwads!

  • lareen

    this should be removed. it is bullshit and offensive.

  • Mariana

    Mel Gibson should marry Ann Coulter. They can be married bu the Devil, certainlly not a man or woman of God.

  • Mariana

    How funny! As if all that the big Hollywood moguls have so much time on their hands that they arrange marriages on the side. Gibson has always had one foot over the line separating the same from the nutty, and now he has jumped that line and put both feet squarely in the loony bin.

  • Amanda

    I do not believe ONE SINGLE word of that!

  • CSN

    Yes, he only has one daughter and her name is Hannah. She married a few years back to a Base Guitarist. Can’t remember his name. I wondered about it, when I saw the name Catherine. I thought, whoa, whooo??? As for the guy who says all religions are man made. No…the Jews were God’s Chosen people, and then he sent his only begotten Son, who died on a Cross for our sins and to open the gates of Heaven, so the prophets of the Old Law could enter Heaven, which was shut due to the sin of Adam. Jesus is real and he lives! So sorry you got taken in by the Communist Atheists who preach that garbage in all the schools of higher learning.

  • CSN

    The Daily Currant is a Fake News Agency…obviously trying to ruin Mel Gibson again, for something which is entirely untrue. He only has one daughter and her name is Hannah. Look it up on the Web. Hannah Gibson gets married. That’s his only daughter, besides the one with Oksana, which is out of wedlock. The rest are by his First and Only Wife, Robyn Gibson, and only one Girl and the rest boys.

  • Shirley

    Dont be mistaken or mislead, it could Shabat evening, and YES a liberal synagogue and Rabbi will marry my kids on Shabat eve they count 25 hours from when Shabat starts then havdalah, then Bob’s your Uncle, and even that “A-s_ H-l- ” daughter can be married as a Jew. Any way who cares, Revenge is MINE, and I hope he has Harridi grandson!!! that would be great.

  • Traci

    Gibson only has one daughter named Hannah. I can’t believe this crap actually exists. Don’t you have anything better to do than make up completely false stories about celebrities?

  • Darryn James

    good for mel! a lot of girls have daddy issues so marry blacks, spanish or jews to piss em off. its a sickness and i am glad mel disowned the heeb-lover!

  • sudon’t

    Jesus WAS Jewish. He, along with all the apostles, converted to Christianity. I should think that would be obvious.
    Israel would be a safe place, if only the Jewish people had followed G_d’s plan. See Yehoshua 11:9-16 for details.

  • Jay Walker

    and killed by Jews… lest we forget!