Ed Miliband Offers to Sell Gibraltar to Spain

Sep 26, 2013

millibandgibraltarEd Miliband offered to sell the British territory of Gibraltar to Spain today.

In an interview this morning on Spanish news channel TVE Internacional, the leader of the Labour Party said that the U.K.'s control over the rock is a relic of imperialism and should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Miliband was in the studio to discuss Syria and the European economy, but the conversation soon turned to the increasingly heated argument between Spain and Britain over control of Gibraltar. When asked his opinion on the issue, he surprised the hosts with his candor.

"I just don't know why we're hanging on to that rock anymore, to be honest with you," Miliband replied. "Frankly if I become prime minister I'd be happy to sell it to Spain for £1. Gibraltar is nothing but a monument to a capitalist bourgeoisie empire that thankfully we've mostly left behind.

"It's terrible what Britain did to Spain. What kind of country invades someone else's land, decimates the local population and the claims their territory as their own? The U.K. should be ashamed of itself."

Irredentist Ed 

Gibraltar is a tiny, strategically-located territory near the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. It was ceded to Britain in 1713 following the War of Spanish Succession, but Spain has disputed its status in recent decades.

Although its strategic importance has diminished over time, the U.K. is officially committed to retaining control because its population has repeatedly voted to stay in British hands.

Playing the role of Devil's Advocate, the hosts asked Miliband what he would do if Gibraltar's residents voted against his plan to sell the territory. He dismissed outright the legitimacy of such vote.

"Don't give me any of that 'let the people choose' nonsense," he retorted. "The folks who live in Gibraltar now are neo-colonial occupiers who stole that land from hard-working Spaniards.

"What kind of scam is that? We're gonna take your land, put someone else on it and then ask them if what we've done is proper ... The only ones who should be deciding Gibraltar's fate are the Spanish people."

Miliband has led the U.K.'s Labour Party since September 2010. He previously served as secretary of state for climate change in the Gordon Brown government.

  • D Umbo

    gibralter is were all the gambling is made to games. the truth is that gibralter could prbably by spain ! with spain in so much det i rekon i coud by spain for a cuple of qwid. dont reealy think i want it though. wouldnt mind bying bermuda or havana even though i dont smoke.

  • NoOneLikesEd

    The Gibraltarian people have the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to decide for themselves. Secondly, with Gibraltar’s self sustaining economy… what complete and utter fool would suggest dragging it down with Spain?! Ed must be absolutely moronic, this is about human dignity and the Gibraltarians will decide for themselves!

  • Michael Yeo

    With the current political feeling in the UK towards Gibraltar being bullied by Spain’s Fascist right wing Government,I personally think Mr Milliband has blown his chances of ever becoming the UK’s PM by siding with a nation which has a complete disregard for the democratically expressed wishes of a loyal British minority population.How much would you sell The Falklands to Argentina for Mr.Milliband?

  • AntiMilibandMan

    Mr Miliband, I will offer you £2.00 for Gibraltar, that’s twice as much. I think that before selling to foreigners, you should sell it to me, a Gibraltarian. There is no doubt that you wish to join Judas, Lord Ho Ho and others in the Guinness book of Traitors and to be recorded in history as Gibraltar’s villain. A thug like you will never be elected. This is the start of your downfall in the Labour Party and your end in politics. The British people love Gibraltar and
    will never stand for a dirty sod like you. Go and have a wash, your rotten soul smells.

  • NoOneLikesEd2

    I do not know anyone who is 300 yrs old. The Spaniards need to stop fighting a battle none of them were in and furthermore shame on anyone who has an opinion on how anyone else should live… Live and let live!

  • Anne Hurtado

    Lol!! Absolutely right, Ed would have to be moronic to say such a thing ;)…….good job he didn’t, huh?

  • llanita84

    Guys this is a satirical site…no truth in this!

  • Anne Hurtado

    Shhh, what did you tell them for!! I was having fun watching.

  • Grumpy Granny

    It’s about time Kermit returned to his pond and left politics alone. Gibraltar was given independence. The only reason the Spanish want it now is because it is financially sound, not the same can be said for Spain!

  • Why do people like labour?!

    Jesus Christ, that has got me wound up, i never thought I could hate someone that much. Having a flat in spain and commuting to gibralter may not be possible again, the whole closing the frontier madness will screw up everything. All the more reason to be a conservative.

  • Anne Hurtado

    “The support for Gibraltar at the conference was tremendous at every level, from the rank and file right up to party leader Ed Miliband himself who was clear and forthright in his support,” Mr Picardo said. This is from today’s Gibraltar Chronicle. The Currant is satire, all made up for fun, just like the Tories austerity plan.

  • Hekate

    You do realize this is a satirical news site…..

  • Hekate

    Calm down, it’s only satire intended to wind people up with bullshit stories, Just look at the other headlines on here. I mean, I can’t believe that Justin Beiber has got a tiny weird penis.

  • Just Me

    “What kind of country invades someone else’s land, decimates the local population and the claims their territory as their own?”. He needs to look around the United Kingdom. He will see our territory has been claimed by various other countries his government allowed in.

  • Anne Hurtado

    Err, it’s satire. Pope Benedict hasn’t declared he’s gay either. It’s called The Currant (dried grape) not The Current (as in current affairs).

  • MECooper

    He has.

  • EdMillimillimilliband the 3rd

    Fiver – no probs. And Wales for a tenner – but only if you take Northern Ireland as well. Deal? Oh – and you can have Yorkshire for nothing (just joking – Geoff Boycott’s already offered me £40 million for Leeds alone).

  • joseph

    is a lot of bullshit in this paper to misleading people created by who ever is created this

  • Anne Hurtado

    It’s called satire, it’s supposed to be so ridiculous that nobody believes it but just laughs. 🙂

  • fridge alwaysfull

    LOL! Loved the bit about invading and decimating another country;)

  • Charlie

    ED Milliband has shown, if the statement attributed to him is correct; that he has no concept of the right of people to decide their own future. GOD help the UK and Gibraltar should he ever get into power .REMEMBER THE LAST TIME LABOUR was in Power?. I DO!!!! And so does the whole of Gibraltar!!!!

  • Ed sucks

    I can guarantee if he was to come to Gibraltar and say that to any Gibralterian or even Fabian, he would get absolutely trashed! I for one wouldn’t mind seeing this guy in persone! Give him a piece of my mind. Gibraltar use to belong to Moroco, if anyone has a right to “claim” Gibraltar it would be the Moroccans and NOT SPAIN!

  • Anne Hurtado

    Calm down. He didn’t say it, it’s a joke publication. Why don’t people read the other comments before they post if they don’t get the joke by reading the article. It’s called The Currant (dried fruit not The Current (as in current affairs).

  • texasaggie

    I’ll see your £2.00 and raise you a kopeck.

  • texasaggie

    I’ll take the Falklands but you’ll have to go down quite a bit on Wales. And I won’t take Northern Ireland or Yorkshire for that matter, not even at gunpoint. If you want me to take London, then you’ll have to come up with real money to pay me, like what the bankers have been paying themselves.

  • chrisgreen242002

    Of course! And Spain will give Ceuta and Millila back to Morocco! Two products of Spains imperialist and colonial past which shouldn`t be allowed to continue in the 21 century!

  • llanita84

    My blood tipped boiling point at first…I’m thinking of those a lot older than me!

  • Shanasa

    Just tells me who NOT to vote for in the next election. Not that I know who to vote for anyway. None of the selectable parties are in touch with their voters.

    Whether this is a satirical site or not, I don’t want to leave this unanswered. Ed says: “Don’t give me any of that ‘let the people choose’ nonsense,” he
    retorted. “The folks who live in Gibraltar now are neo-colonial
    occupiers who stole that land from hard-working Spaniards.”

    He hasn’t got a clue! What happened to people’s human rights and other laws? The Gibraltarians are not neo-colonials, they were there before and after 1713 and made their lives work for themselves. And now Spanish people from La Linea on the other side of the border are not stopped from crossing the border and working in Gibraltar (some 7,000 or more). They are suffering from the “restrictions” put on by the Spanish government at the border, with long waiting queues, making them late for work and late to come home.

    Any hassle mentioned in the media about contraband with cigarettes is really down to the Spanish people in La Linea trying to make ends meet, as Spain has totally forgotten them, and they have real poverty issues. Not that I condone the smuggling, but it explains the reason for the smuggling, and it’s not the Gibraltarians that do most of the smuggling either. So the Spanish government should start to look into what they’re saying and doing.
    Most Gibraltarians are your average people like you would find anywhere. They’re not loaded with money, they’re working like anyone would given a chance, and they certainly don’t have money stashed away in hedge funds or special tax free accounts.

    Sorry, Ed, but you certainly won’t get my vote just because of this!

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