Nancy Grace Arrested For Murder

Oct 18, 2013
TV Host Suspected in 1983 Killing of Nursing Student

nancyPolice arrested HLN host Nancy Grace today for the gruesome 1983 murder of a young college student in Vermont.

Authorities say Grace strangled 22-year-old Josephine Walker, her college roommate at Middlebury College, with a piece of chickenwire following a heated argument.

The case was cold for decades, but new eyewitness testimony now puts Grace at the scene of the crime. Prosecutors say they spent several days gathering evidence and are now convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that the 53-year-old legal commentator is guilty.

"We were approached by an old homeless gentleman last week," explains Addison County prosecutor Jim Trotter III. "This guy says he saw Grace strangle the victim to death in her Middlebury dorm room, then drive three miles and throw the body into the ocean.

"We don't really have any physical evidence or anything like that, but our witness is pretty reliable. Plus, Nancy Grace just seems like a murderer, doesn't she? That was a big part of our calculation. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut."

Trial By Media

Grace is a former prosecutor who since 2005 has hosted an eponymous prime-time current affairs show that features prominent true crime cases. Although a ratings success, the show has attracted withering criticism for Grace's tendency to ignore the presumption of innocence and pronounce defendants guilty without knowing all the evidence.

In her own case, the evidence appears to be quite shaky. Although described in the indictment as Walker's roommate, there is no record of Grace ever attending Middlebury. She graduated from Mercer University, thousands of miles away in Georgia.

Additionally, 15 people say that they were with Grace at the time of the killing at her home in Atlanta, where she was throwing a dinner party. There is also no ocean within three miles of Vermont.

Inconvenient facts, however, haven't stopped several of Grace's peers in the media from proclaiming that she's guilty and demanding quick justice.

"This bitch should fry like bacon in the electric chair," says Dr. Drew Pinsky, Grace's colleague on HLN. "What kind of a sick human being would strangle a young, beautiful 22-year-old with all the potential in the world? I wonder if she was on drugs or something."

"I heard that Nancy Grace and the victim were lesbian lovers and her murder was a crime of passion," said CNN's Piers Morgan on his show today. "Apparently they were performing oral sex upon one another and right after they climaxed Nancy strangled her. That's just speculation of course. But it makes a lot of sense."

"Why are we even bothering with a trial?" asks Fox News's Greta Van Susteren. "I've never seen anyone so guilty in all my life. Just lock her up and throw away the key."

Meanwhile, the entire 2006 Duke Lacrosse team -- some members of which Grace falsely accused of rape on national television -- has issued a statement asking the media to stop speculating and let the legal process take its course.

"Rushing to judgement is something Nancy Grace would do," the statement reads. "We're better than that. We think America is better than that."

Grace is expected to be held in lockup over the weekend and brought to Vermont for arraignment on Monday. She continues to vigorously protest her innocence.

  • ck49

    lololololololololololol boy am I going to enjoy seeing what happens to your paper when she gets done with you!!!!!

  • blah
  • blah

    load of crap…untrue story as usual from this site

  • Christopher Scott Knell

    Do you knuckleheads (commenters) realize this is a parody site?

  • Carrie

    lol. I can’t wait to see how many people run with this.

  • Zedsdead

    You do, of course, realize all stories on this satire site are untrue. Or do you?

  • cerealspiller

    Heh heh. North Korea is running with this story too. Along with Dennis Rodman’s Nobel Prize. Seriously, you make an interesting statement, that all stories on this satire site are untrue. I would assert that all of the stories are indeed satire, but there is a great deal of truth involved.

  • macaroni

    ok… isn’t satire meant to be at least a little funny? like, at least make you chuckle? because this is just a bullshit story with the single purpose of deceiving people. where’s the parody? if this is what you call parody, then it sure sucks.

  • Zedsdead

    Yes, I suppose there may be an element of truth in some instances, however; I find the majority of posts appear to take the title of an article as truth.

  • cerealspiller

    Agree. That’s what makes powerful satire. The proof is in the pudding when so many fall for it, hook, line and sinker. And what is so sad, that so many do not get the point being made.

  • Zedsdead

    The sad side of this is if they vote. An ignorant, uninformed voter is a dangerous entity.

  • Mighty MoJo

    This reads like a Weasel News Report from the GTA series

  • brooke batton

    this is all made up idiots….

  • Rixar13

    Seems like She is making a difference… snicker

  • Candice Harris

    so many dunces, this is a fantasy of the writer. DUH!

  • AshleyShell

    Um, to me this borders on libel…I know that The Daily Currant publishes satire, but you have to dig a bit to find that out if you are just scrolling through your Facebook news feed.

  • Daily Currant is GUILTY!


    Ya’ reckon? Nothing gets past you.

  • shaylynnvacca321

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  • Britton Bell

    No, Christopher – they don’t. I finished a month experiment reposting and posting from many NON satire sites onto my FB page to find out how many actually click on the links to either read the articles or watch the videos. 99.9% do neither. They read the headlines and jump to their conclusions. Some reposted the links, and made comments including, “Kill the bastards” – without having any idea what the content was about; only based upon the headlines. Few folks possess critical thinking skills – which is why we have the problems we are facing in this country. Pablum eaters …

  • McColl Magazine

    Don’t you find it disconcerting how well the story blends in with the mainstream news we read daily? LOL

  • John Rudd

    I agree 110% with Britton Bell! How many people will stand at a checkout stand in nearly ANY super market, read the ‘Headlines’ on a Rag Mag, and believe it to be the truth?!? C’mon folks, pull your heads out, see the sun and the reality, hear the testimony, then be deemed to hang her ‘cos she’s a southern ATTORNEY BROAD, from GOJA!!! Lord, please forgive us for what we’ve allowed to be President of these Glorius United States of AMERICA!!!

  • Gnarls

    Thank you Mr. Obvious.

  • cecilia

    satire is protected speech…..not to mention really damn funny

  • Ben Tousey

    And why did she use chicken wire, which is just cruelty to animals? She could have used a nice hemp rope which are all natural fibers, AND, not harmful on the environment.

  • Satire may be protected speech – but when it is used to damage someone it becomes evil …and this site tends to use it as a political tool to harm political reputations …they know gullible people will run and post it to their Facebook walls thinking it is true …. only to find out later they have egg on their face after finding out it is a spoof …

  • indeed many will ..and many will find they have egg on their face …

  • baked half truths usually have a purpose …just enough truth to make it believable so that gullible folks spread it around thinking it is gospel …designed to destroy credibility

  • very very true

  • ldyhawk549

    Obviously you & Christopher Scott Knell don’t realize that the comments go with the story …. since the story is satire, the comments would be too. DUH!

  • ldyhawk549

    Those that do believe it’s true are idiots. When satire is used to damage someone, it isn’t satire. It’s libelous. Anyone with at least one brain cell would know that.

  • ldyhawk549

    North Korea, at least the government leaders, have proven themselves to be idiots. So if they run with the story, they’re just proving yet again that they’re idiots.

  • cecilia

    There’s no “maybe” about it. Free Speech is Free. And the minute we become afraid to speak is when we lose it.

  • It may be free speech …but that don’t make a half truth that is intended to malign someone right … it only makes that free speech (half truth )spoken Evil ….We have a accountability for what comes as a result of our tongue or pen …

    note I did not put the Words May be together there is a difference in meaning acknowledges the action …the other casts doubt

  • Many of those that believe its true are good folks taken in by a half truth believing it was true …and when links to half truths are transferred to Facebook walls it does damage to the one the half truth was directed …
    this site articles seem to be loaded with article that are designed that way …

    I prefer the Word Naive to the word “idiot”

  • texasaggie

    Seems that you are spot on about Nancy Grace. Now about the Daily Currant?

  • cecilia

    You don’t understand the purpose of satire. (hint: a joke is funny because there’s at least a grain of TRUTH in it.)

    The only good thing about your position is that unlike those Muslims who tried to kill people for publishing cartoons about their sky dude – you don’t seem inclined to violence.

    I applaud you for that.

    But there’s no way I would ever allow myself to be intimidated by bullies just because their little feelings might get hurt.

  • I’am not necessarily A Nancy grace fan …And I don’t mind good satire …I just have a problem with satire that is designed to be politically targeted with half truths that will be picked up by well meaning but Naive folks and posted to their face book walls as if it were the gospel truth ultimately causing damage to and diminishing the credibility of the target of the satire and to the one doing the posting ….Speaking the truth is not a problem as long as the facts back up that truth .We all want people to be accountable with the truth relating to us and we need to be accountable with truth relating to others . satire that is understood to be satire in the right situation shouldn’t be a problem …The internet is a medium that takes a life of its own and satirical spoofs are like Rumors that shape-shift as it travels along …


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  • cecilia

    If an attempt at satire isn’t truthful and isn’t funny then it fails as satire.

    The Daily Show and Colbert (for example) are brilliant satire Because they are both truthful AND funny.

    I’m not going to worry about stupid people who will never get the joke….and by the way, the BEST satire is political issues. I mean what else deserves to get a poke but some idiot politician or newsperson/public figure?

    Ripe for the picking, my friend!

  • LarrySingleton

    Yep. found a snitch:

    One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh
    Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutor’s power and betrayel by Edward Humes
    The Innocent Man by John Grisham
    Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson
    Snitch: Informants, Cooperators & the Corruption of Justice by Ethan Brown
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.

  • Elizabeth Hook

    roflma, there is no ocean 3 miles anywhere in vermont.

  • Jeff

    Her latest commercial really irks me. She boasts ” I get to make a difference”. I think to myself: If falsely accusing people on your TV show and being rude to your guests if they don’t agree with you 100% (remember a little German guy who thought that way?) that they are guilty is somehow making a difference, its not a positive difference

  • Tashunda Jones Brown

    Lol this is crazy why put this up if it isn’t real???? funny tho

  • Patti Smith

    Credibility? Credibility? With Nancy everyone is guilty regardless of the evidence or lack thereof…that is what makes this funny.

  • What will the twins do.,,??? lol.. team Nancy..!!

  • Bob Dobalina

    Considering the mind pablum that is foisted upon the American public every day from source like Fox nooze, Rush Limbaugh, and similar bottom feeders, who purport it to be the TRUTH, I can’t see where any of them (or Nancy Grace) can take issue with this piece.

  • socialmediamo

    The article mentions lesbian lovers and frying bacon so I give it a thumbs up.

  • Guest




  • Jaker

    Seriously though, I wish Nancy Grace would get cancer and die.

  • BrianMancash

    I wasted two minutes of my life reading this.

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  • Nicole Mayfield

    That is hilarious, lol… hopefully people can tell this is a fake article lol

  • David Fields

    I love these stories… so untrue that they seem true, which shows how pathetic things are right now.

  • Worship Dancer

    and the REST of us know your aunty is nothing more than an internet transvestite hooker.

  • Ellen Signorino

    I can’t believe I didn’t realize this is fake, lol! 2 days without sleep….yeah that’s it.

  • Shawn Binette

    Hahaha I think the best part of the site is seeing how many people will believe the satire here. Thats now one of the first things i check on when opening up a page. Wow what a sad state of affairs haha.

  • effingreat

    Satire. The word you’re looking for is satire.

  • James Chris Anders

    Unless your buddy’s mom strangled her computer with chicken wire, nobody cares.

  • Lacroix

    I just think it’s funny that on every story so many have to be reminded that this is satire! SATIRE!

  • james

    nothing going to happen to the paper ever here of freedom of speech no one likes that skank nancy crace besides ignorant morons so this will more than likely boost the papers readers

  • james

    nancy is a manipulative bitch that does not deserve any credibility who cares who believes it that is their problem

  • Charles Bundy

    Bacon and lesbians…does it get any better?

  • N. Grace = Hitler’s Daughter

    “we have a accountability for what comes as a result of our tongue or pen???” are you NUTS? 2 (that’s correct, two) women have committed suicide after being lambasted on Nancy Grace’s libelous show… Yet nobody has EVER heard Nancy Grace admit that she was in the wrong or that she is remorseful for HER “tongue and pen.” She does not respect Due Process – what our legal system is founded upon. She is Judge, Jury, and Executioner. The problem with her assuming this triumvirate role is that she NEVER waits for the true facts to come to light before assuming someone is guilty (we all know about the Duke Lacrosse Team and MANY other occurrences of this exact nature). The worst part is that ignorant people (most of our population nowadays, unfortunately) watch her show and take it as truth without any critical thinking or questioning the validity and checking the REAL facts. She should be thrown in jail, at a minimum, for the anguish she has caused those two women’s families and how dare you think otherwise. Hope you educate yourself… and btw, before you assume I’m uneducated, I have post-graduate degrees with over a 3.5 from top 40 universities. Lastly, I would like to formally begin a petition to ban her from broadcast tv and any form of widespread information distribution systems. You just got OWNED

  • there is no doubt Nancy has misused her soap box….and I would fully agree she should have her soap box taken away from her …

    a sites like the daily current that put out misleading satire need to be required to put disclaimers within or at the end of the articles that label it as satire …to many well meaning people latch on to these articles and pass them along as Gospel truth only to later eat crow when they find out it was bogus information .

    the Daily Current is not a whole lot better than Nancy Graces rant …

  • Nancy Grace = Dimwit

    (This is me from above – what you just responded to) I agree with your point, but as you said they are required to have disclaimers. Unfortunately some people reading these types of sites take them as valid news. The reason I believe Nancy Grace is worse than say, the Daily Currant, is that HLN happens to be a real news station. On top of that, I had never heard of the Daily Currant before today, whereas HLN likely has millions of daily viewers who, because it is a real news network, take it at face value without thinking twice. Her parochial view of just about everything is dumbfounding to me, and I personally feel she does more harm than good taking the stances she does. The worst part about it is she allows others on her show, supposedly “hosting” them, only to berade them and not allow them to speak if their viewpoint differs in any way whatsoever from hers. Unfortunately the media today only prints and televises the atrocities that occur and never any good that people do – because atrocities sell. And now that the media has become so pervasive, and our public education systems have failed to do their jobs, there is no such thing as a “fair” trial (hence, juror sequestration, which who knows if that even works…). Honestly, all news outlets have their own agenda, be it political, economic, or just plain personal – from the show host’s or editor’s personal prejudices. It’s a shame, and I wish I had the resources to buy advertising time on every news channel, during every broadcast, to tell the viewers NOT to take the media’s word for it and fact-check themselves to find the true story. That said, a lot of the truth is distributed by the media, but contorted to send the message they wish to send. Thank you for your reply, Galut1. Good night.

  • Russell Orsborn

    hey, if she can lie about pretend facts and science she never read, she can be lied about also, looks goon on her

  • Melissa Auffinger

    What kind of B.S is this? How can they even get away with posting it?

  • Julierobin Davis



  • Julierobin Davis

    naive does not mean the same as idiot.idiot.

  • Some folks just like to throw the term “idiot ” around loosely ….I try respect folks and not do it…. have a very nice day

  • Justice Seeker

    Can’t stand her…. and I find this satire piece funny enough to share. I know some of my friends will jump the gun and run with it… that is ok though. 😉

  • Joni

    Isn’t it exactly what Nancy Grace does though? Make assumptions and comments and convict people with a trial by media? At least this IS a site devoted to satire, Nancy’s show is NOT and she doesn’t worry about being libel

  • Yes Nancy does do that type of thing and it is wrong no matter who does it ….my problem is ..articles from this site take lives of their own when shared on the internet face book walls and the disclaimer that its satire is never attached so people take it as gospel truth and keep passing it on. Nancy may need a dose of her own medicine but it may destroy others . or put out untrue rumors about other issues.

  • terafied

    TwatMom FTW! Haaahahaa!!! Love this Onionesque site.

  • zx74125800

    Very funny, thank you.

  • AMuricaJezusFreedum

    That Nancy remind me of my EX. She a crazy woman. She always talking about them black men and what not. She a COMMUNIST now.

  • Joe Average-Mann

    A neighbor heard the victim call Nancy a “bleach blonde, horse-toothed, evil, nasty bitch” during an earlier argument and Nancy’s blood was found on a roll of chicken wire at the local Home Depot as well as a pair of wire cutters near the roll of chicken wire.

  • Kathryn McElroy

    You really can’t blame people for being confused since there is no official “REAL” journalism anymore. I am a big fan of Hunter Thompson. He’s a god to me. Then one day I realized that he is the one that opened up the floodgates for the GOP to create journalistic theater. He gave birth to FOX NEWS in the worst way. Where Hunter was a genius to use is valid reporting authority to suddenly reveal insidious political truths with Nixon, The elites turned the tables and created a whole phony news station. The take away is that…you better become very well educated so you can know what’s true and what is not true. It’s like Hercules trying to solve the riddle of the SPHINX.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    If the shoe was on the other foot Nancy Grace would demand a public hanging without a trial. I often wonder how many countless innocent people Nancy Grace got locked up when she was a prosecutor. Give her 30 seconds and she could convince the eskimo’s they need to buy ice. I have never seen or heard a women who hates men more than Nancy Grace.

  • ethan

    what is he point of this site? its pointless, not funny, and just dumb

  • xCLMx

    If anyone believes this then you have an extra chromosome…lol

  • Ann Fountain

    Really too bad it is not true. She has certainly slaughtered enough reputations and lives without reason or sanity.

  • don

    Sounds like she “made a difference” in “Josephine Walker’s” situation. Are there any other type of “lovers” in Vermont other than lesbians?

  • opinions are subjective

    Everyone on Fox News should be in jail. All they do is spew lies. They are listed as Entertainment rather than News so they can misinform with impunity.

  • Lillith70

    It isn’t funny enough to be immediately recognized at satire. I just thought there goes the media again. Palinized.

  • mjt832

    ‘She really did do it but, her fellow illuminati will cover it up for her” –
    Quote by any conspiracy theorist on the planet.

  • Don Baxley


  • MEME


  • Seederman

    I love all the self-righteous geniuses who post messages like “Hey dummies, this is a SATIRE”, even though not one commenter has suggested that it isn’t.


    I knew it! That b*tch should fry! :)~~~~~

  • Guest

    I don’t know if it is true or not but until they get it sorted out, then and only then you can believe that she did the killing. Also Nancy Grace have made a lot of enemies. And a homeless man came forward and said he seen her killed her. Someone who hate her could have paid the homeless person money to eat on or other things,in return told him what to say and how to say it. You can pay an homeless guy anything and they will tell what ever you want him to say. See maybe one of the commenter on here paid the homeless man to say it who knows. Until all the evidence get sorted out leave her alone.

    And for Dr Drew and Pierce Morgan, they should know better to jump the gun on the story.

  • Oybama

    What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?

  • B. Mac

    YES!!! Having eggs and potatoes with that bacon!

  • DaveG

    You’re sick, Jaker.

  • DaveG

    “Funny” would be a matter of opinion, Cecilia.

  • DaveG

    I think the last time Good Morning America was part of the News Division at ABC was in the 1980s. It’s pure entertainment.

  • Darth Wolfwood

    Christ, I wish some of these were real… I love this site, it’s f**king hilarious!

  • DirkGently


  • jstein7444

    I can’t stop laughing…………………………………

  • Anti Lib

    This is too funny! Get her for murdering the legal system, that might stick!

  • A reliable homeless man?

  • Michael Fugno

    If it was true it would be pretty neat trick to drive 3 miles from Vermont to the ocean.

  • D. Devine

    BOMSHELL TONIGHT: Yea…right.

  • corey2444

    Pretty much sums it up.

  • jefe68

    Such silliness.

  • JasonB

    It’s totally real!! Don’t mislead these people! A HOMELESS man saw her do in a dormroom and saw Grace travel miles to dump the body. Totally true. 😉

  • JasonB

    I once came on Nancy Grace’s face

  • Grimcrotch

    why you chowderhead, i’ll brain ya!

    woobwoobwoobwoob! nyuknyuknyuk…

    com’ere, porcupine!

  • Mike Smithy

    Nancy Grace is undoubtedly the most smug and condescending know nothing on TV. She is a despicable mammal. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this satirical story because it effectively gives her a dose of her own medicine and illustrates her unprofessional demeanor as she makes a mockery of the criminal justice system.