Obamacare Website Accidentally Enrolls Thousands in Sex Offender Registry

Oct 21, 2013

health-care-signup-1The federal health care exchange at Heathcare.gov has accidentally enrolled thousands of applicants in the government's sex offender registry, the latest of many technical failures to hit the troubled site.

According to several senior officials, since the exchange went live on Oct. 1 around 40,000 individuals looking to buy insurance have instead been listed on the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), a searchable database of rapists, molesters and others convicted of sex crimes.

The mix up was first discovered by people searching for sex offenders in their neighborhoods, only to find their own names. Administrators are uncertain how such an error occurred, but they note that both websites were built by the same contractor, CGI Federal.

In a statement, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged the problem, but sought to assure the American public that it would be resolved eventually.

"Unfortunately due to a technical issue, a number of people applying for health insurance are now mistakenly listed in our national sex offender registry," the statement reads. "We deeply regret this error and hope to fix it as soon as possible.

"Due to the extreme volume of traffic this site is currently experiencing, however, it may be several months or years before we are able to erase these names from the list. Please accept our apology."

Atlantic Ire

The Healthcare Exchange Marketplaces serve as the cornerstones of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. By allowing consumers to easily compare health insurance plans, they hope to facilitate the vast expansion of coverage envisioned under the new law.

However, the roll out of the exchanges has been marked by persistent technical failures that have prevented millions from using them. Originally dismissed as "glitches" by the Obama administration, these problems now clearly represent profound design flaws in the system.

Today's revelations will no doubt escalate criticism of the exchanges in particular and the law in general, and may lead to dire political consequences for the president. Several of the individuals affected are understandably upset and angry with the Obama administration.

"I'm never voting Democrat again," says Pete Anderson, a  welder from Dallas whose crime is listed as indecent exposure. "I tried to rent a new apartment today and was turned down because of the bogus charge in the registry. This never happened with Blue Cross. "

"The Republicans may be crazy," agrees Tamara Russell, a substitute kindergarten teacher from Eugene, Oregon. "But at least they don't publicly call you a necrophiliac on the Internet. This is so wrong."

Others were quick to use stronger language.

"This is bulls**t," proclaims freelance writer Dashiell Bennett. "I haven't had sex with a donkey in years. And even then, I never got caught. There's no way I should be on that list."

Victims of the this latest Obamacare mix-up have promised a class-action lawsuit against the government to compensate them for the emotional distress and reputational damage.

  • dri

    I laughed a lot when I first read this, but now I’m not so sure. Given the atmosphere, I wouldn’t be surprised if this got out and was believed (permanently) as news.

  • Apathy

    I love this site…..BENGHAZI!

  • pragmastist

    Wait until they start penalizing people for not enrolling, you enroll but someone with a similar name doesn’t and you get nailed. The best is yet to come.

  • Pedro

    Republican BS propaganda. Vote independent and don’t believe all the crap u read…..

  • DeezyHatesHoes

    the only thing funnier than this story is the reaction from the idiots who believe it…..

  • Scott Kivett

    Already happening.

  • Justavet

    Accept your apology? I don’t think so. Innocent people will be stigmatized and denied employment and housing because of this idiocy. If a private company did this, it would have itself sued into oblivion.

  • frankinchicken

    Its piracy software, & it was never meant to work. It is nothing but a datamining operation & open enslavement enrollment. Those who enroll are willing slaves….

  • S H

    … Doesn’t the government know they could just close the website, thus preventing traffic, and work on their errors? This is just one example of their sheer stupidity, and, of their laziness!

  • David Moore

    You do realize this is a joke right? Of course you do, no one would be dumb enough to believe this…right?

  • Joe Misuraca

    Moron !! It’s a fake news site….like the Onion.

  • Joe Misuraca

    Moron !!

  • Guest

    hahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LMAO! this is just the beginning. lol, good luck everyone!


  • Captain America’s Wife

    The Daily Currant is a SATIRICAL news blog. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Daily_Currant

  • jpnplspap

    I laughed so hard it came out of my nose. This is a great joke.

  • Aaron Horrocks

    Seems legit

  • Recon5


  • Jahshuewah Villiam

    This is proof of theNWO plan to send the poors to prison and discrace the middle class! When are people going to wake up????

  • whatthe

    People think this is real…

  • madashell

    Actuallyyyyy…to be honest,I did believe this and almost shared.NOTHING surprises me when it comes to the scummy thugs in the White House..

  • vsevolod4

    As with much of what you see in The Onion, satire is more believable than the “truth” that comes out of Washington nowadays.

  • Bradley Gill

    Bet they get audited this year….

  • ForTheMusic

    This is a terrible joke

  • TWP

    Well, they are likely to be Obama supporters, so to quote Hillary Clinton, what difference, at this point, does it make?


  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    It has. It is. And I can’t convince my teapublican friends that it’s satire.

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    wrong – as in: I know dumb people

  • R3Stripes

    Big government….to be expected. If they can’t take care of the easy part ie web-site roll-out, imagine how well they are going to manage the 2700 pages of contradicting rhetoric.

  • R3Stripes

    I contend it is designed to fail. When millions of people wind up with no coverage due to insurance companies going out of business and no way to enroll in Oba macabre…. Our loving government will then impose a single payer plan (probably already written) and look like they are saving the day. Wake up people.

  • Diane Badget

    It’s satire. But what does it say about the current administration and the boondoggle of Obamacare that so many almost instantly believed it? Could it be because we know that out of this White House almost any screw-up is plausible?

  • Scott Leger

    obamacare is one big joke,

  • Scott Leger

    obabacare is one big joke ,one big unfunny joke

  • John Paul

    Is your PC/browser being hijacked and keeps redirecting to some other websites you are not aware of?


  • Connie Lee

    Can we all say surprise? And yes that is meant to be sarcastic

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    Very true, scott. And it’s on the teapublicans because ACA is a GOOD thing and the teapublicans realize it now…well, the smart ones…unlike yourself, I gather.

  • Mark

    how is something that won’t work, costs too much and is already causing companies to fire people a ‘good thing?’

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    Isn’t that a term used by kamikaze pilots?

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    Gosh mark! I dunno. How do freeways work, and CDC and NIH? And Social Security and Medicare? I guess it’s…wait for it!…MAGIC!

  • Out To Lunch

    Huh? Truth out of Washington – oxy-moron, yeah I get it!

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Yes, because adding a layer of highly-paid Union Government Middle-managers on TOP of existing health-care costs will SAVE money in Liberal Unicorn Land.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    I know this is parody but with the Clownshoes Barack “Fore!” Obama in office I find Government incompetence even easier to believe now. Nobel Peace Prize anyone?

  • Guy

    There is no magic, and listing things that really dont work well (often at all) isnt a very solid argument.

    But…but…MUH ROADS!

  • Tim

    300k just lost insurance as a result of Obamacare and Kevin says just wait, You just cant fix stupid

  • RedHoffman

    I shared it….and many, many democrats will now never vote that way again. So, something good came out of this. Heh heh heh

  • alex

    This is why Obama needs to be impeached immediately. Since he is the one who wanted Obamacare started, he should be the one who fixes his screw up in days, and not months or years from now.

  • the dude

    That is the stupidest thing said on here, congrats for being a dumb mother f*cker

  • Gordon

    Social Security and Medicare don’t really work well either… I am fairly certain all the money being taken out of my checks now won’t even be available to me by the time i retire. And i would most def. be denied access to it now.

  • Mary

    The scariest thing is that it is believable…and these are the people who are supposed to protect our privacy and medical information. I don’t even think about going to the site for fear of my thoughts being data-mined!

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  • LJ Wilson

    ACA is just one more step created by liberals to bring this nation closer to a socialist state.

  • Jess Cavanaugh

    My insurance is going up by $800.00 for my family and the coverage is crappy compared to my plan now that was canceled by odumbass and his clowns. If this is such a good thing how come you’re democRATS leaders and their staff and odumbass and his no good for nothing family along with other people the democRATS deem as important all have wavers to get out of it? And why did that ignorant foolish stupid pelosi say they had to “pass it to find out what is in it?” That right there proves how stupid and irresponsible the democRATS are. And you are just one of millions of sheeple who believes there’s lies. And no the tea party is against this. Its is the GOP republicans that are democRATS hiding under the republican title that are for this crap.


    Obvious a lot of the twits commenting here don’t grasp that this is a satirical web site…..some kinds of dumb are beyond fixing.

  • Jess Cavanaugh

    Good for you sir, and thank you!!

  • Jess Cavanaugh

    Kevin Michael Shelton You’re showing your democRATic, stupidity and blind sheeple faith in the government once again. It is also really really sad you would make fun of a situation as serious as Benghazi. Real people were murdered because of your America hating government.

  • Jess Cavanaugh

    This is one time that wikipedia is right. BUT for future reference, do not believe wikipedia most times. It has been proven time and time again that wikipedia facts are false because anyone can edit the pages in anyway they want to.

  • nyc_nystate

    Brownie you’re doing a fine job anyone?

  • nyc_nystate

    there are lots of people who believed the Ann Coulter story when that first appeared so it cuts both ways. everyone needs to be aware of the sites they are on and like looking for Waldo, see if there are any facts in a story

  • nyc_nystate

    I laughed instantly when I saw this. some of you really want to get Obama

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    keep believing that, jess. whatever helps you sleep at night and keeps the numbers up in your party as it crashes and burns.

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    Democrats don’t fall for the bs you republicans do. Good luck with that though.

  • Laura

    I like how on this story, people jump up and down to make sure everyone knows this website is a joke…But on the similarly ridiculous “Palin claimes Jesus celebrated Easter” article that has been trending, EVERYONE IS TAKING IT SERIOUSLY.

  • Daniel Woodworth

    I couldn’t agree more. For the longest time, the Wikipedia article on Joseph McCarthy mentioned his time on the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

    Senator Joe McCarthy.


  • joe

    you all know this did not really happen

  • Eric Brian

    You and Joe mama … . The rest of the world, who knows. Quien sabe?

  • Eric Brian

    Do you think he’d fix it faster if he’s impeached?

  • Liz

    Now THAT’s funny! 🙂

  • Liz

    I clicked on a link to an article not a website. The ones that almost believed this to be true, like myself, did so because 1) 90% of it IS and 2) we are not dumb twits as you say and we don’t subscribe to or frequent idiotic websites that are geared toward the sheeple, so we were not aware that it was satirical. I hope you love your new insurance policy under Obamacare!

  • NM

    You believed it because you wanted to believe it. It is extremely obvious that this is satire.

  • The great irony is that so many people are able to conceive of this as being legitimate. That’s how screwed up the Obamacare effort has been. But yeah, I’m okay with the government having a hand in my health – sure thing!

  • thetruth2001

    They cant even run the govt, and now they want to run our healthcare.

  • Bombastic

    True or not, doesn’t matter. Progressives would consider it the cost of doing business either way. Obama would still get a pass on it.

  • thrak

    Obama should be on the registry for raping 350 million people with his health care plan.

  • Sean Dutra

    How hard is it to fix it, I program in the same code as they used to make this crap. There are back ups of back ups of Back ups, ALWAYS backed up. You get an old list before the error happened, You have someone sit down with both lists and cross off the ones that don’t match. DONE I just saved the Gov millions boom

  • Chez Whitey

    Wow, they have no shame whatsoever do they? They will tell *any* lie to scare stupid people.

  • ThePatritoteer

    The best jokes have a hint of truth to them. This thing is so crappy, it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

  • Steve Mattison

    KMS You don’t know a damn thing about 0bamacare, neither does anyone else, other than it is a complete and utter DISASTER. If you haven’t noticed, everything the Government tries to “fix” ends up more broken. FYI, ALL of the govt. agencies you listed have been perfect examples of this FACT for decades! Just keep spewing the talking points (read lies) that your King, 0bama sends you.

  • carey751

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  • Apathy

    This is pure satire……….I enjoy reading the responses of people who get sucked in on this site. From reading some of these posts, I get the feeling there is going to be a tremendous amount of whining, crying, and gnashing of teeth when Hillary becomes the next POTUS.

  • Thomas Husk

    Apparently you do, you were dumb enough to vote him in to office a second time, oh wait you also believed you could keep your medical too if you liked it… i know for one the supposed Affordable care act isn’t affordable nor caring…

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    Time will tell, Thomas. And even though you are wrong, it is apparent you will never admit as much. Have a nice day.

  • Angel

    Um….. You CAN keep your medical if you like it. The insurance companies would be the ones that stop you from doing that, not the PPACA

  • Thomas Husk

    I would have no issues if I am wrong, but I have done the math, my insurance is no longer affordable, oh wait explain to me why my parents, who are retired can’t keep their insurance as we were told they could, but they can’t because it doesn’t cover maternity care… I am sorry, but pretty sure maternity care is not needed for 70 year olds… You idiots can keep drinking the kool aid thinking the socialist view is good for you, I know my history and there was a reason for the tea party back in the day, most likely could happen again in our time….

  • Ashotjan

    Dumbest comment possible. Congratulations on that achievement. I didn’t think it would be done.

  • Sarin Birran

    Yeah, this needs to open with a mention of it being satire. I was hooked until the donkey-banging bit at the end. Totally inappropriate.

  • Fernanda Roberts

    i think so too