Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods

Oct 29, 2013
First 'Obamastation' Debuts in Detroit, Seventy Planned Nationwide

ObamastationAs the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor.

According to a report in The Detroit News this morning, the administration is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to "improve transportation routes to hospitals" to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The $2 billion-a-year program aims to distribute 40 million gallons of free gasoline each year through 70 new gas stations constructed in major metropolitan areas. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) will be responsible for operating the network, whose first station opened yesterday in Detroit.

"It's not something we're publicizing very much, for obvious reasons," explains Dori Salcido, assistant DHHS secretary for public affairs. "But under the law we are well within our rights to offer this service, and we think it's good public policy.

"How are people supposed to get to the doctor's office if they don't have gas in their cars? Health insurance is worthless if you can't make your appointment. This is just another fine example of government stepping in and solving big problems."

No Gas for You

Although some developing oil-rich nations like Venezuela and Indonesia subsidize gasoline for the poor, the practice has never before been tried in the United States. The plans are proving controversial with some taxpayers who are loathe to see their money go to subsidize others.

"So basically I'm being punished for not living in the ghetto," says Colin Blair, a white person from the affluent Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills. "I have three kids and a mortgage. Life isn't cheap for me either. I could use some free gasoline too."

An investigation into the station's operations, however, reveals that Blair is unlikely to be able to use the service.

"Supposedly access to the station is determined by income," says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. "But it's pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate."

The Obamastations scandal was uncovered by Nolan Finley , a conservative Detroit News columnist widely lauded for his groundbreaking exposé on Obamaphones. Finley says the blatant racial bias in the program is only one of its many outrageous aspects.

"The stations have Obama campaign logo on them and giant photos of the president," he explains. "He's trying to buy votes ahead of the midterm elections. This is something you normally only see in third world countries. I've never been more scared for our democracy."

  • craigmk1974

    What’s sad is that I could actually see Obama trying to do something like this.

  • Kim Craig Dixon

    If there is any truth to this, we seriously need a war. In the home front. I’m sick of these no accounts living out of my pocket and everyone else’s. The only thing they are entitled to is to get a frigging job. Loosers.

  • John Smith

    This may be a joke now but it could one day be a reality.

  • Erin Stevenson

    Daily Currant is a parody site, moron, It’s like you fell for an Onion article. Wait, Baggers do fall for Onion articles all the time. It’s Losers, by the way. One “o”.

  • mikesty

    Hahaha “loosers”

  • SickupandFed

    Can anyone argue that it is unneeded in some areas? Wake up people. you are next!

  • DannyE

    Only needed because of our buffoon of a president screwed up the economy so bad.

  • Guest

    silly tea-baggers……. open wide as parody site such as the daily currant dips his nut sack in your eagerly awaiting mouth.

  • GlazedDonut42

    silly tea-baggers……. open wide as a parody site such as the daily currant dips his nut sack in your eagerly awaiting mouth.

  • jdelcjr

    These satire articles must be written by a bunch of liberals in their relentless attack against conservatives. The proof is in the comments. They cannot debate the truth because they don’t know or want to know the truth, so they always resort to Name calling, vulgarity, deception and trickery.

  • Ray Gunner

    If a similar article, changing gas to cell phones, were written several years ago, you would have made this same asinine comment.

    Sadly, we have found that any welfare benefit you can think of is not out of reach for this administration.

  • NotAnIdiot

    Tell me what they loosened?

  • Louis Arnold

    THIS is what the Progressives wanted when gasoline was racing upwards in price with many on that side crying out, “Make it $6 a gallon so we get ours free!!!”

  • Guest

    This is a satire, right? RIGHT? PLEASE tell me this is SATIRE.

  • Jason Odegard

    Those damn freedom loving baggers. I tell you, I dont know what those Constitution loving, small government pushing, liberty and right seekers think sometimes. You douche Erin!

  • Jason Odegard

    Douche signs in as guest. Typical liberal coward

  • Bzirkone

    You can’t be serious?

  • Todd Clemmer

    Urin Stevenson.

  • Todd Clemmer

    Ouch. Did a “bagger” bag your mom or something?

  • Lauren Shinn

    And yet the city of Detroit is burning. I wonder if they got the gas to set the city ablaze from the Obama stations. Way to go there morons

  • MickeyandChristie McClure

    I am hoping this is a Halloween trick, but if not, this will cause civil unrest.

  • Becca Frierson

    YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME RIGHT ???? REALLLLY ??? disfunctional government …. so … they will have gas to do what ??? apparantely not GO TO THEIR JOBS !@!!!!! this governement is a nightmare ~!

  • guest

    actually the phone program started with ronald
    reagan…its not new..http://www.snopes.com/politics/taxes/cellphone.asp.

  • guest

    uhm its the daily courant…its satire lol…like the Onion…

  • guest

    this is satire ….two second on internet tell you that lol…is a satirical magazine..

  • annoyed american

    uh almost every president has screwed out economy up. it didn’t start with Obama. No he didn’t help it out at all but he didn’t start it.
    people seriously need to stop blaming him its not only him. its congress as well

  • MerleTemple

    Ray, the original program was to provide seniors and shut-ins with basic phone, no call features, no long distance, etc. This is not what happened under Reagan. Snopes takes some facts and tilts them to the left. Obama, just as he did with food stamps, eliminates any means testing to buy votes and corrupts well meaning programs. I worked in the Bell System when the original program was implemented. It was strict, and nothing like this.

  • Wendy Shores

    Such bullshit.. why dont you post truths instead of lies? Lets see how fast they get rid of this post… pffft

  • Ryan G

    I’m glad that I not only get to work hard to feed them but now I can work so they can got to the beach, liquor stores and drug deals. Now we can have more people on the road that arn’t paying for insurance. If you have an appointment and don’t have a ride you wake up early and walk over there.

  • Robert Radcliffe

    Do none of you pay attention? Or is it just immediate INTERNET CAPS LOCK RAGE!!!??? Satire kids. The site is satirical. FFS..

  • Chad

    Is Obamacare a satire, too? It’s the same ridiculousness!

  • Chad

    They loosened integrity and American standards, not that it took much with socialistic leaders. Losers!

  • Guest

    No racism her- move along—“Supposedly access to the station is determined by income,” says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. “But it’s pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.”

  • Wayne Lexus

    Yea ok, then u gunna have all the rich stuck up bastards driving to the poor areas to fill up and leave… smmfh fuck this country

  • William Harper

    Merle, you sound like a nice guy but you didn’t get any of this right – the program was based on income and expanded by Clinton. As far as I can tell, Obama hasn’t touched the program – do you have a source that says otherwise? Also, if you don’t feel Snopes is balanced do you have an alternative I can use?

  • MerleTemple

    Thanks for your civility, William. We just disagree. I worked the program, so for these sites to claim that it was Reagan is disingenuous and misleading at best. No, I don’t use any of these sites, left or right, to seek truth. I read, seek, analyze data from all sides…and then make decisions based on many years of experience in government and politics. What I am to think of a President who adds over 14 million people to food stamps, almost overnight, and then puts a grant up on USDA offering $75,000 to anyone who can identity ways to add more…even as we sink under an ocean of debt?

  • William Harper

    I don’t disagree about the debt but feel that everyone in congress should share the blame. Not a single elected official has done anything to reduce the debt – many of them claim they have but none have. The Ryan budget is an example. All of his current year cuts are offset by adds in other areas and the majority of his proposed cuts are in the out years – smoke and mirrors. Do you know the difference between a republican and a democrat? Me neither.

  • David in Dallas

    try truthorfiction.com

  • wavesofgrain

    Reagan’s phone ‘program’ included LAND LINES only…for local and emergency use. As a conservative, I didn’t mind paying for that. But when Obama started giving free cell phone, with 250 min, and free texts…which I could not even afford, it infuriated me.

  • William Harper

    Thanks. I went to truthorfiction and searched for “snopes”. They say Snopes is legit and not biased – http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/s/snopes.htm#.UnLd3hBbQUE. Funny stuff.

  • MerleTemple

    No, not so much. The two parties are one for the most part. Some tinkering around the edges when they swap power, but anyone who thinks the parties are conservative vs. liberal…well, they live in fantasy land. The Democrats are much closer to liberal purity, more than I’ve seen in a long time, but the establishment folks run the GOP. I have not seen liberty recede at such a rate as it has in the last few years. When I worked in Reagan’s campaign in 1980, we would not have believed this was possible in my lifetime. Things that were hinted at, nibbled at, by the left, are now flaunted and the messianic state has found its avatar in Obama. The meltdown has begun, the economy is near dead, there are few jobs, and it is going to get worse. Worst of all, faith is under attack. The Founders would not know what to make of it all.

  • DannyE

    And the buffoon of a president has his buffoon supporters.

  • Tim T. Sr.

    @William Harper: Merle Temple is completely correct in his post as to what the Telephone Program was originally intended to do.. As with other good intention Programs it has gotten out of hand, Case in Point the Food Stamp program.. This is what happens when you have Liberal Left Wingers getting involved..

  • Ron Gilbert

    So how is it free when tax payers are paying for it?

  • Cathy Miller Carroll

    You should realize that this President inherited a sky-rocketing unemployment rate and the implosion of our capitalist system. Under those circumstances I think it is logical to assume that the number of citizens receiving assistance would rise.

  • Ron Gilbert

    Please tell me that my eyes are deceiving me. You didn’t just post something believing that Snopes is actually on the up and up did you? Apparently you do not know that the husband and wife team that run Snopes are ultra Liberals being paid by other Liberals to “debunk” Conservative statements with blatant lies. Don’t believe me? When Obama Care transcripts were first released to the public, several people pointed out that RFID chips would be required in this bill. Snopes debunked it by saying that the class II implantable devices that Obama Care were actually pace makers not RFID chips. But the CEO of Applied Digital Solutions (the makers of RFID chips) stated publicly that they were in fact the class II implantable devices under Obama Care. Snopes tried to debunk that but failed and now we see that they are in fact going to be implemented in 2014 even though the Obama Administration and Snopes stated in 2011 through 2012 that this was not true. Snopes is unreliable at best.

  • Cathy Miller Carroll

    oh wait…I thought you were talking about the 1% there for a minute.
    cuz you know that’s who your hard work and spending really enable to live like kings, right?

  • Ron Gilbert

    Snopes is not legit. It is run by an ultra leftist husband and wife team being paid by other Liberal organizations to purposefully spread deceit about things that Conservatives write about. Here is one prime example. In 2011 they “debunked” claims that RFID chips were not the implantable Class II devices that Obama Care was talking about. Yet the CEO of the company that developed these devices for the government (Applied Digital Solutions) stated in public forum that they were in fact the devices spoken of in Obama Care. The White House denied this claim but was are now seeing that it was true after all. This is but one of the glaring facts that Snopes is not on the up and up. They have a tendency to throw in truth combined with lies.

  • Allan Caesar III

    I don’t want a war, I just want Bill Clinton as President again.

  • MerleTemple

    No, the numbers didn’t rise so dramatically until Obama eliminated means testing. It was a purposeful means of energizing a voting block and securing the allegiance of people to the state. What Obama inherited, he only exacerbated by doubling down on spending and regulation. Those who think he is incompetent are wrong. He knows just what he’s doing. He is the same committed ideologue that said he couldn’t wait for the revolution when he partied with Marxists at Occidental, who mocked people for clinging to their guns and religion, who preached the message of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals on the Woods Board, who was hand picked by Communist Party member Alice Palmer to take her Illinois State Senate seat, who entertains the SEIU president after he speaks at a N.Y. conference on “How to destroy capitalism,” and adorns the White House Christmas tree with ornaments honoring Mao. Culturally and economically, he has come to destroy all that was and look the gullible masses in the eye and lie to them as he did when he said you can keep your health insurance.

  • Johnny Ribena

    Well if you say they’re real Ron, why wouldn’t anyone believe you?

  • oblivious to rhetoric

    If you really look at the FACTS about this: a cell phone is cheaper than landlines. You seem to want to be angry about something. I suggest you do some research first before crying unfair. There are MANY other things you should be all up in arms over but the phone thing is petty and seriously ridiculous. As for this site, you should maybe read the first paragraph in the “ABOUT” section of this site before you start throwing stones.

  • Jesse Jacksin

    REVOLUTION, if this is true!

  • Mike Holton

    1.Count the number of liberals who are here supporting or defending a fake program.
    2. Count the number of buy-anything conservatives who are here calling for civil war over a fake program they think is real.

    Higher total gets bragging rights on dumbest group alive. Republicans favored 10-to-1.

  • William Harper

    Source please. I checked about half of your claims and none are true.

  • Keet Hensley

    It was one of Obama’s favorite Advisers that caused this mess, BILL CLINTON when he got China to sign the WTO agreement back when he was our Illustrious leader.

    China has not been playing fair with it and has stolen our jobs and been flooding Walmart with the products so cheap we cannot manufacture them for that price let alone be any kind of competitive.

    You Americans love those cheap prices so much, you just love supporting those people that stole not only your jobs but the whole factories.

    Then to make it better, Obama sent Bill’s wife to cut another deal with China, and China is running with it.

    Soon we will owe China so much, that they will demand payment and when we fail, they get our PROPERTY, Land that is, by Eminent Domain they will choose our choicest land and you will be moving.

    Is it not AMAZING how much we still hear about the Clintons in our politics every day?

    Obama Whines and says it was Bush, did you ever hear Bush Whine about what he Inherited?

  • james earl ray

    If this is true! Hopefully obama will have a dream like martin luther king!!

  • stevor

    will this finally get libtards to open their eyes when they have skyrocketing health costs and that pays for this freebie?

  • Will Neely

    I love the whole “there is a giant picture of Obama on the sign, hes just trying to buy votes for the next election” bit. First off, in the past two elections Obama has almost completely taken the black vote. He doesn’t need to do anything more to get them. Second,HE CAN’T RUN AGAIN. Presidents only get two terms. Nothing he does now is to win him votes. Or really, to win him favor. He does what he thinks is best for the country. And the whole thing where it says “well just give the gas to black people and charge white people the market rate” bit, there is no way that would fly. This is either fake, or not the full story .

  • Will Neely

    lol because Bush didn’t inherit much bad. He raised the debt so high and put us in these wars and left it to Obama to fix.

  • SpeedDemon174

    its not true… it was a hoax

  • Chris Barnes

    This is the mostly blatantly racist government sanctioned activity since 1863. Absolutely shameful.

  • jim

    People will believe ANYTHING. I live in Detroit and this station like 2 others were renamed in honor of Obama by its Muslim owner. They are not associated with Obama other than the name.

  • ClubUgly

    This site is so fake and full of bullshit stories it’s crazy! This site is not worthy to be called news, gossip, or even straight up lies… Skitzo and Psycho is more accurate!

  • BD BOY

    if it where true they would kill each other to get free gas lol

  • Leslee M

    William and Merle…thank you. It is so nice to see an honest debate without attacking the other person.

  • Bob Hope’s Ghost

    It’s not the fact that it’s fake, it’s the fact that it’s hard to believe it’s not fake.

  • MerleTemple

    Thanks, Leslee. Name calling, profanity, and such add nothing to the debate and do little for the case of the participants. We have lost reasoned and polite debate in this country, and are the poorer for it.

  • educated

    that food stamp program is also your farm bill that pays multimillionaire ultra conservative “farmers” billions in farm subsidies. get rid of food stamps and you get rid of the subsidies for those “farmers”, and you can guess what that would do. remember the french revolution

  • jeff

    Are you folks for real? This is satire. The Daily Currant is SATIRE !!. Go to the bottom and click ABOUT. The next page says it clearly. It’s mission is “to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs justice, and promote intelligence …” I’d say “The Daily Currant” has a real job on its hands.

  • jeff

    go to the bottom and click ABOUT. You’re on “The Daily Currant.” … it’s satire. The next page makes it clear if the total illogic of the article didn’t.

  • hurlco

    Are you always this big of a reactionary idiot? Or is this just our lucky day.

  • hurlco

    Good point William. At the end of the day, they all pitch for the same team and it’s not ours.

  • hurlco

    I concur. It is possible to disagree without dishonoring the other person.

  • William Harper

    Thanks Leslee. I get flamed a lot for asking for sources. It seems the extreme on each side like to make stuff up. As for Merle, I think he would be somebody I could have a beer with. Merle, do you prefer less filling or more taste?

  • Guest

    This can not be true. This would start a war.

  • Bob Jones

    If this is true, I would think that any service station determining who pays by their race can find themselves the subject of lawsuits because race can not be used as a means to determine who gets free services and who pays. These suits need to be filed immediately instate and federal courts….I don’t care what the ACA says…it is unconstitutional to determine who pays by race!!!

  • Leviathan14

    You must mean the republican congress that controlled his entire agenda from ’94 on…

  • Ron Gilbert

    You are free to check it out for yourself. In the state of Iowa, those that are on public aid were sent letters from the state telling them that they had to have the RFID chip installed by mid 2014. This is being repeated in many other states as well.

  • carol

    Obummer is trying everything is his power to get votes. I wouldn’t take anything free from that moron and his cronies.

  • Ron Gilbert

    So you give a source that is known to be ultra leftist and trust them and you expect that any source I give you is not going to be character smeared by you? Sorry, fell for that one a long time ago. Sooner or later that truth will smack you so hard it will be impossible for you to deny it. Oh…. that’s probably going to incur the usual “No source? No truth then!” that I get from people that depend upon another person spoon feeding them information. Keep looking, you will find what I said to be true. One more thing, I only made 2 claims so how is it that by looking up one claim you can state that none of my claims are true?

  • Harry K James

    Because the parasites in America have done so much more than the 1%, right? LOL

  • gulf

    hahaha that’s funny. thank goodness its not true. I think they got the idea form a guy who owned a gas station he called it the Obama. He was in a poor part of Detroit and was helping people form the area with their gas. there is a YouTube video of him.

  • risingphoenix

    Hmmmmm… kinda just like FOX NEWS.

  • tiamariacat

    And I guess Erin that you thought “the baggers” almost paid for your gas ? I guess the ( Money) “Baggers” are Ok when dey be paying for your free stuff, right? You obviously fell for it too, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here. Too bad the jokes on you.

  • tiamariacat

    This ‘parody site’ sure got your attention, didn’t it ? You guys are like flies to honey when you see free stuff.

  • tiamariacat

    Merle , you are correct. I too worked in the cell phone industry for over a decade & approved people for these programs. You had to be over 65 or disabled & within certain income guidelines which were very strict. And you had to PROVE IT. You only got 15 minutes for emergency calls & no perks ( text etc.). And only basic phones were available. That program was called Lifeline. It was a far cry from the Obama phone program of today. I received exactly 3 calls in 10 yrs. for that program. That was back when people had pride.

  • tiamariacat

    Keet, I think you are you’re ‘getting it’ ! That is exactly WHY China has our companies and our jobs. It never pays to borrow money. However the debt to China goes back to 1928 & not a cent of interest has been paid since. They have already called their loans. That’s the part you have not been told. And they have already picked a few choice locations to begin building companies. Can’t wait to see what the ‘minority/majority’ thinks about this ! But, of course, they are too busy getting to the next level of Candy Crush to be bothered with paying attention.

  • tiamariacat

    Snopes is run by George Soros. Hardly a site I’d ever trust. There is no ‘source’, you just need to put some time into and do some research. Please stop believing mainstream & get your own answers. Reverse engineer it & do some research on the site owners, like I did, and you will be lead straight to the man mentioned above. Snopes gets a Nopes from me.

  • MerleTemple

    Yes, it was a different time, wasn’t it? Foreign to many today, I fear. Too many have the fixed pie mentality…if I have something, I must have taken it from you. We were taught to enlarge the pie for all, and did. That’s the genius of the free market and capitalism. Of course, the SEIU president visits the White House often, once after speaking at a gathering in N.Y. entitled “How to destroy capitalism.” Obama pits neighbor against neighbor and has balkanized the country and fostered a mood of tribalism that I didn’t think possible. Today, folks see the fat man and assume he got that at the expense of the thin man. Of course, if it’s in New York City, they just arrest the fat man for too many big gulps.

  • tiamariacat

    Yes it was. It was an embarrassment to take a handout in those days. You did what you could to get by. And now we have people who shuffle around all day thinking they are entitled to something & somebody ‘owes’ them a living. I say ;get off your butt’ and DO something. God rewards those who help themselves, not the sloths in this world.
    BTW, the company I worked for (that runs on 48% profit),was offered 7 Million dollars in TARP funds. The CEO initially declined the offer, they didn’t need the money, but was later forced to accept it. This company is now ‘in the pocket’ of the WH. The rest will soon become history …. I am not surprised that the CEO ‘retired’ right after that.
    We live in an upside down world run by an upside down Government with upside down people serving them. Good luck to future of this country.

  • sickofobama

    Surely,you’re not serious??Still blaming Bush huh??I didn’t care for Bush,but Obama has done 10x’s more to wreck this nation and has done nothing but hurt the real working class.Not the welfare class that he likes to call the working class.

  • William Harper

    I provided a source that says the first source is valid. You provided wild claims: 1)an ultra leftist husband and wife team 2)being paid by other Liberal organizations 3) to purposefully spread deceit about things that Conservatives write about 4)RFID. I’m sorry you are so angry but everything you don’t agree with is not liberal or leftist. By the way, it is hard to smear a valid source. Do you have one or not?

  • William Harper

    If you did your own research then why not provide sources? I am not claiming Snopes is valid, I am claiming that no one has proven otherwise because they never provide sources and they get angry when asked for them.

  • Ghost Rider

    So now BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK you get FREE gasoline but ALL the others have to pay for. Obamaa also spent several BILLION dollars to give to the BLACK farmers that. supposedly, weren’t given the same price for their gain as WHITE people were. MANY BLACK NON-FARMERS got their share of that money. Reports state one black woman got several THOUSAND dollars for her FARM that turned out to be TWO tomato plants in a window planter at her fourth floor apartment. WE NEED TO GET SOMEONE TO STOP ALL THIS RACISTS stuff that taxpayers are paying for and the lazy douchbags are getting for free.

  • Ron Gilbert

    The Blaze, The Drudge Report, and several other independent news agencies that I have listed for others time and time again only to have them character smear them time and time again while never actually addressing the claims. I always hesitate to offer sources due to the instant reaction of refutation without validation. Each and everyone of my claims is readily available but you are going to have to search it out for yourself but I will lead you in the right direction (and ps, not angry just completely tired of the same old comebacks by those that are so willing to accept main stream media explanations as truth)



    If you google whether Snopes is liberal, whether they are legit, whether they lie, you will find a smattering of differing opinions on this from they are Conservative bias to Liberal bias. From they are factual to they are liars. But when I find several issues that they have lied about (including the RFID issue) I tend to believe that source is not legit. When they defend a lying president by saying he is not lying about the things he does and then you can go to numerous sources and confirm that he did in fact lie, I tend to believe that they are not legit and are leftist. When journalists from independent news agencies come up with the same research stating that they are ultra leftists and Snopes denies this, I have a tendency to not believe them and will call people out on it when they list Snopes as a reliable source.

  • Diane Kilgore

    so how is it free, do they pick people, give them an a certain amount for gas, it will probably be put on their bridge card for cash you only get cash when you have kids. but here’s another thing if you don’t have transportation medicaid will supply a driver, they should just give you bus vouchers, and also give you a car up to a certain amount, it’s such a shame that people know how to work the system like getting a new refrigerator and they sell it and get a used on. and so on. Bet i won’t get any gas
    6 minutes ago · Like

  • William Harper

    I watched the video and agree that the RFID chip and scanner was approved by the FDA and is available for use. There was no mention of ObamaCare of it being forced on anyone. I also went to Snopes and looked at what they said about the chip – they basically said the Government is not requiring anyone to get the chip. I also couldn’t find any mention of it in the Affordable Care Act.

    I read the article you referenced at urbanlegends.about.com and it is clearly states that Snopes is legit.

    I searched both The Blaze and Grudge and neither have articles on the RFID chip or Snopes.

    I googled “Does Snopes lie?” and the results listed several sites that support your view. Unfortunately, none of the first 10 I checked offered any evidence to support their argument.

    You may wonder why this is such a big deal to me. Simple – As a conservative I see our way of life being degraded not by liberals and democrats but by people, claiming to be conservative, who can’t seem to tell the truth and exaggerate like
    children. Look at the comments by conservatives on any news site or even Facebook – most of the claims are false. People can’t see that the truth because we have made it nearly impossible to find.

  • Independent Tom

    Left-wing fringe kooks write up fiction like this to distract everyone away from their attempts to legalize and legitimize child rape. They get bored laying around on handouts all day…

  • Dan

    How much more blatant does Mr. Obama’s reverse discrimination have to become???

  • Nick H

    Man, is the Daily Currant a moron magnet or what? I’m not sure which is more hilarious: the people who take the articles at face value or the ones who know it’s not real but still get mad anyway because they can’t tell the difference between satire and lies.

  • JoeBlow

    the reason the parody works is because it could be true –

  • Tulpa Kat

    never heard of the daily currant before. i want my 5 minutes back and im not republican.

  • onlyvato

    communist countries own and run their gas stations.

  • Barbara’s Political Rantings

    Erin, youre a nasty, mean and hateful parasite. You need to stay out of public..someone might mistake you for a human being.

  • stacy

    This is Crazy what a joke the man has done nothing but make it harder on hard working people 🙁 makes me sad

  • Brian Grierson

    lol Had to look at it then research.. found this..

    As noted in the Daily Currant’s “About” page, that web site deals strictly in satire:

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world.

    Have to admit, if they had not run it, who knows they try it.

  • OBAMAfriedchicken

    This CANNOT be real… I am just going to act like an Obama voter and empty my mind of this article and all reality. Starting… NOW.

  • fred

    I guess that we will have to buy them automobiles since you can’t get to the doctor or the polls without an auto. What’s the use of having free gasoline if you cannot get a free Cadillac to burn it in.

  • S Vickers

    Using Snopes as your fact checker is just as idiotic as believing The Daily Currant. The phone program started by Reagan was a basic landline for seniors and shut ins. I know several families where everyone in the family has an Obama phone (4 and 5 per family). I also see them in the grocery store, paying with their EBT card and everyone in the family has a top of the line phone.

  • Tony Zambos

    false story

  • James D

    We he have a government that lies all time …..that is a fact not a parody. And now we have so many websites using sick phoney comedy that anything we read we can’t trust

  • A_patriot

    This is just scary enough to be true! But it is dripping with sarcasm. Likely the writer is just attempting to keep their sanity by blowing off some metaphysical steam, as it were.

  • carol

    what Reagan wanted was for people to be able to dial 911 in emergencies……then the free-for-all president escalated it (free phones) into the mess it is now…..attracting the free-loaders who are lazy…..

  • carol

    Merle, you have hit the nail on the head for sure…..obama usurps everything and is trying fast and hard to destroy us…..

  • Ron Gilbert

    This is directly from the ACA: “The Secretary shall establish a national medical device
    registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to
    facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each
    device that—”(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ”(B) is a
    class III device; or ”(ii) a class II device that is implantable”. The link I shared with the CEO of Applied Digital Solutions was just 1 of many that can be sourced but there are several where he specifically states that the RFID chip his company manufactures will be mandated under Obama Care as a Class II implantable device. In the state of Iowa, they have sent out letter after letter to those receiving welfare that by mid 2014 they will be required to be implanted with this device in accordance with the new mandates under the ACA. I know this because I work in the healthcare field for Iowa Health Systems (now Unitypoint Clinics) and several patients have expressed concern over this new mandate. Sadly some of our physicians have reference Snopes to them assuring them that this could not be true even though they had letter in hand. As for the link I provided about Snopes, that was my point. There are several that say it is ultra leftist and several that deny it. When I first referenced Snopes on the RFID chip they stated that it was NOT the Class II device and from what you just stated they are now saying that it will not be required by the ACA. This is still a lie and when a site claiming that they are reliable and non-biased, I still see this as being just one of many of their false claims. I do not believe any of their claims about Obama’s birth certificate (which has already been shown to be photo shopped and admitted to having been done by one of Obama’s aids), Obama’s selective service paperwork (which has also been shown to have been a forgery due to the time stamp issue), and just about everything they have “debunked” concerning Benghazi (again, when they first wrote on their site about it, it was due to a video being shown defaming Mohamed and we know that is not true).

  • Edie Simmons

    I was a cab driver and their are people so poor they are giving vouchers for cab rides to the emergency room and home laugh and hate it but a ambulance cost over $1000

  • CaptJamesFinder

    The only reason this has upvotes is because people are too lazy to log in and down vote it… Its obviously a joke, but even if it isn’t, killing someone because something like this? I shake my head at the people of America who believe this.

  • CaptJamesFinder


  • CaptJamesFinder

    Conservative decides to use insult instead of fact, typical conservative advocate.

  • CaptJamesFinder

    I like you sir.

  • CaptJamesFinder

    I’ve seen mostly conservatives here calling out liberals with rude names. I think you need to read further more into what the comments say before you assume anything.

  • Serafinos

    Erin HATE him some FREEDOM since it’s same ones he attacks doing the fighting – not only for us – but for him
    SELFISH little vile bagger ain’t he?
    But we WILL continue fighting, Erin, despite your uneducated commie loving self 🙂

  • rocka692

    Of course this is not racism!

  • William Harper

    The section of the ACA creating a national medical device registry was removed before the final vote and is not part of the law.

  • Jason Odegard

    The program has nearly tripled in size from $800 million in 2009 to $2.2 billion per year in 2012. Understanding Reagen started it the abuse is through the roof with the “advertising” of it by this POTUS

  • Jason Odegard

    It is 2 billion a year! Thats not enough to throw your hands up and get angry? That’s my tax money you thief

  • Jason Odegard

    That is an exuse to double our debt? Budget much?

  • Jason Odegard

    If you’re going to post negative then be a man and post with your name you silly fool!

  • Ron Gilbert

    You mean tax don’t you?

  • Frank Jaeger

    In detroit there are Obama gas stations. I always just thought that they were just die hard obama fans.

  • rroth

    Then why is it that it’s the red states that get most of the welfare checks?

  • Ron Gilbert

    Also, if that were 100% true, why are medicaid patients still receiving letters stating that they would have to be implanted with these devices in accordance with the ACA mandates?

  • Kelley Reese

    this country needs a REVOLUTION! so sick of these freebie sucking losers! pretty soon its free toilet paper for the poor, and others will be standing in line for days.

  • Stan

    How it is good public policy? I’m tired of paying for the lazy and poor. If I can get out and bust my azz to work then they can get up and work.

  • NativeNewYorker

    It’s the Daily Currant folks..it is not real.

  • Not Chicken Little

    This is a real scare story, for Halloween! What’s really scary is, it is so believable and sounds just like something Obama would/could do, if he had thought of it first!

    The truth is, what’s coming under Obama is likely to be much more outrageous and damaging to our economy and our country, than what’s “reported” in this humorous article.

  • plcc07777

    Surely this isn’t true. As much as I loathe Obama’s leadership, I find it hard to believe he could get by with such nonsense without a furious public outcry. On the other hand, he was elected by a majority of the sheeple.

  • tommy

    if they have cars, why wouldnt they be able to afford gas. this country has never been worst in my life time. what a screwed president. for the first time in my life i am not proud of america. its embarrassing. the leaches are running rampant.

  • tommy


  • AJames

    You do not pay 2 billion a year in taxes.

  • William Harper

    Actually, the program was expanded to include cell phones in 2008. Since then, 14 million subscribers have been added which accounts for the additional costs. I agree the program should be canned but the current president had little to do with it.

  • William Harper

    I’m not sure what you mean. Yes, it is a tax but was has that go to do with the RFID claim you made?

  • Ron Gilbert

    You said not part of the law. Also, read my other response to the RFID claim. I stated that even though you said that it was removed, our patients that are on state medicaid are receiving letters telling them that they must have this device implanted due to mandates within the ACA (in case you missed it here is exactly what I stated “Also, if that were 100% true, why are medicaid patients still receiving letters stating that they would have to be implanted with these devices in accordance with the ACA mandates?”). Maybe you should make them aware that they voted it out and that no one is really being forced to have them implanted.

  • Lou Cifer

    Actually calling someone a bagger implies they are, shall we say, the pitcher. It stands to reason that there is a catcher involved, let’s call that a baggee. You have identified them as the baggers… so the yin to their yang must be…. hmmm…

  • veitnam vet

    you people keep thinking that the Gov. is going to take care of you when the crap hits the fan don’t come looking for help from the rest of us that work for a living.

  • Guest

    So Obama and his cronies are taking over EVERY part of the economy. And leftists say he’s not a socialist. Up yours you communist B***ards, our fathers used to shoot your fathers in the face.

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    Here’s one in Detroit near the airport

  • Jeff Pope

    Please tell me this is a sick joke

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    Dolt, here is a picture I took on Telegraph near Detroit.

  • William Harper

    Sounds like a local issue to me but I will be glad to. Attach one of the letters and I will get right on it.

  • earnedit

    Real farmers would love to have the gov’t out of our business. Let capitalist supply and demand dictate prices. Would love to have someone show up here at 4 am to milk my cows 365 days a year…I’d even pay that poor person’s health care premiums out of my own pocket. Unfortunately, not every freeloader is willing to earn his subsidy like the American farmer has to.

  • jackjack

    you are correct, but the sad part is. most people wouldn’t doubt that its true..because what’s the motivation to get a job you get free food. free healthcare, free housing and welfare checks…why work. whats the motivation ?. Erin won’t answer this because he can’t. what he will do is attack that’s what liberals do. it must be we are bad poeple and we must be punished.

  • Ron Gilbert

    And you sound like a troll not one that claims to be a Conservative just trying to make sure that other Conservatives do not look like Liberals making false claims. Those letters contain patient information and it goes against HIPPA. How about you contact the State of Iowa public aid and ask them yourself?

  • Ron Gilbert

    Just so you know, Obama does not have any affiliation with these gas stations. This one is owned by an Arab man that supports the fraud in charge by claiming to sell cheap gas. He owns 3 of them and falsely believes that Obama is doing his best to help this nation. You can watch a few videos of him preaching his allegiance to his false god back in 2008 before the liar in chief was elected.

  • discripplemation

    you know what i love the most about the currant? reading the comments. i have ceased being amazed that ppl fall for the stuff these guys make up and have moved to being amused by the credulous idiots that do. if the fact that the “currant” is a small red berry that grows on a bush, as opposed to “current”, meaning happening right now, doesn’t tip you off to this being satire… smh… and the trolls!! you all go right on feeding them! who needs t.v. when there is plenty of comedy right here?

  • William Harper

    That makes a lot of sense. Think of me as you will but please remember that every false claim you make is driving more people to the other side.

  • Frank Jaeger

    You didn’t put a lot of research in to that did you.
    Most poverty is in democrat controlled cities.

    Here is the list. Some of the top states are:
    15: Oregon (blue)
    14: Pennsylvania (blue)
    13: Michigan (blue)
    12: Rhode Island (blue)
    11: Indiana (red)
    10: New Mexico (blue)
    9: Washington (blue)
    8: Minnesota (blue)
    7: New York (blue)
    6: Washington DC (blue)
    5: Vermont (blue)
    4: Massachusetts (blue)
    3: Tennessee (red)
    2: Maine (blue)

    And the state with the largest welfare role:
    1) California (blue)

  • J.W. Bowers Jr.

    Guess that means you fell for it as well! After all, that was your logic with Erin!


  • JG24fan


  • Jason Odegard

    It is apart of the farm bill, not the farm bill! It is “food” so tagged with the dept of agriculture

  • Zack

    “Supposedly access to the station is determined by income,” says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. “But it’s pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.”

    After reading that, I knew this was not a real article. lol

  • adndm

    thats pretty damn racist to say ” So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.” are you kidding me!!!

  • Darren

    Your list is absolutely wrong. Mississippi is #1 followed by Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, W. Virginia, Arizona, and Tennessee. Soo your idea that Democrat states have the highest level of poverty is just false…the only state that could be considered Democrat is West Virginia!

  • falling321

    Clinton had the good fortune to be president during the tech bubble, when people were becoming millionaires overnight and the government was raking in revenue! And of course he had a decent Republican Congress who kept his spending in check and forced his hand when it came to welfare reform.

  • falling321

    Obama has not only touched the program, he turned it into a campaign promise in some areas. ACORN was promising free cell phones for votes in 2008 when they were in Richmond trying to get people registered.

    In 2008, our gov. spent $772 million on the program…far too much, but at least it was limited to our elderly and victims of spousal abuse or other specific crimes. During Clinton’s term it the minutes were increased and more people were made eligible for the program. By 2011, taxpayers were on the hook for $1.6 billion and an audit of the system showed that 270,000 people had received phones from more than one service provider under the Lifeline program and after eliminating those duplicate subscribers our government claimed to have “saved” 33 million dollars! Of course, no money was cut from the program and in 2012, the program cost taxpayers $2.4 billion for 12.5 million phone lines.


  • Ron Gilbert

    You have never proven my claims to be false. You are the one accusing me of that without evidence to prove your own case outside of SNOPES! CALL THE STATE OF IOWA AND FIND OUT YOURSELF YOU SHILL/POSER. You are doing exactly what I said you would do when I gave you my sources. I could care less if you believe you have debunked them, I only gave you a smattering of the information I have read. Now stop harassing me and go about your life arguing with someone else. I firmly believe that you are not a Conservative and are in fact a Liberal trolling about only acting as an apologist for Conservatives and nothing you say further will convince me otherwise.

  • Bob Khan

    Oh give me a break, it’s ignorant to point out one group of people without pointing out all the other groups of people that have their own idiots within their midst. Truth be told, there are gullible Progressive Liberals, Classical Liberals, Libertarians, Paleoconservatives and Neoconservatives. Erin, you are a fool if you believe otherwise.


  • Jeffrey Todd

    ok fine if the government wants to give hand outs then fine, make it come straight from there damn pockets, we shouldn’t have to suffer because some people are lazy f*cks and would rather live off everyone else

  • Sunshine

    You’re not going to go to war on the government.

    You don’t have the balls.

  • Jimmy D

    Christ on a cracker, you people are gullible. Its satire.

  • Ron Gilbert

    It is a joke. These gas stations are real but they are not affiliated with Obama. There are 3 of them in the Detroit area owned by the same man that believes Obama is the savior of this country. Our government is not involved in this.

  • William Harper

    Harassing you? I believe you responded to my original post with a claim and I ask for the source. You still haven’t proven anything except you like to call people names if they don’t agree with you.

  • Erin Stevenson

    Bunch of dumbfucks in this thread.

  • JustData

    Not a bunch; you’re the only one.

  • swabbie10

    This is a satire site and the article is bogus. See:


  • Mac Macaroo

    Back in 2011? 🙂

  • Ognol Longo

    Want to make it affordable STOP TAXING IT! For ALL of you who dont know.. The Feds put at 30 to 50% tax on the fuel and it is incorporated into the price per gallon. The Feds make more $ on the fuel than the damn companies that produce it!

  • old motorcycle enthusiast


  • Ognol Longo

    Hes probably living in Sweden.. A lot of them comment online posing as Americans, but they’re not

  • Ognol Longo

    No.. hes in Sweden trolling for American freebies online

  • Mac Macaroo

    Then I assume it’s one of these stations…


    Obama gas station in Columbia raising eyebrows
    Posted: May 16, 2011 4:53 PM PDT Updated: May 27, 2011 3:04 PM PDT

    By Brandi Cummings – bio | email

    COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – A gas station on Columbia’s North Main Street has been renamed and redecorated after President Obama.

    Two gas stations sit at the corner of Columbia’s North Main Street and Prescott Road, the El Cheapo and another station with a new name — Obama.

    “I see more people come in excited with the name,” said owner Sam Alhanik, who got the idea from a friend who created an Obama Gas Station in Michigan.

    Alhanik has only owned this station for two months. Although born in Yemen, he says he supports America’s president. “It’s the first president of black people,” he said. “It’s our president. We like him.”

    He says he’s seen a boom in business since changing the name, one that has sparked quite the competition with the station across the street. Before our interview, the price at the Obama station was $3.59 for a gallon of regular. The price at El Cheapo $3.54.

    When we mentioned the difference during our interview, Alhanik’s cousin lowered the price to $3.53. Just seconds later, the price at the El Cheapo fell too.

    “That’s the business,” said Alhanik. “I don’t want to lose everything. It’s a competition.”

    One that’s great for frequent customers like Larry Nelson, who says his stops here more often because of the president’s picture. “I feel like it does support him by coming here,” said Nelson.

    Alhanik spent $4,000 to change the name and the look. “I think it’s a good marketing tool,” said Chiquita Burton, who owns Salon 5710 on North Main.

    Burton says the gas station name change has prompted discussions in her hair salon, but she does not like the idea. “A lot of people think that it’s morally and ethically wrong to have the president beside beer, wine and cigarettes,” she said. “That’s portraying an image to society and also to the children here.”

    Not created by the Obama administration but by a couple of private sector entrepreneurs. 😀

  • Mac Macaroo

    *SHRUG!* Not bad people. Just low-information and more than a little gullible sometimes.

  • Mac Macaroo

    How do you know there’s no means testing for the free phones?

  • me

    The truth is that red states are absolutely the greatest recipients of welfare and tax dollars while blue states pay the most to help those states along. This has long been the case. California helps the most states and Alaska needs the most help.


  • John Beach Hubbard

    Thank you, swabbie. But with the Obama administration, just about anything is possible. Except truth, of course.

  • me

    We have no socialist leaders. We have a lot of fascist politicians. Learn the difference.

  • John Beach Hubbard

    After some of the things Obama has done, this would not seem all THAT far out.

  • me

    Yes, they are all being eliminated, eg food stamps last Friday. Its shameful. The countries with the highest standard of living, education, life expectancy, etc have the best safety nets. And that is what Jesus would expect of his followers. Couldnt be more clear.

  • Mac Macaroo

    What would you say to the people on public assistance who have jobs; sometimes more than one?

  • Won Word

    “It is 2 billion a year!”

    Nothing but a tiny drop in the bucket to the $1,355 BILLION ($1.35 trillion) we spend on our military. (source: Analytical Perspectives book of the Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2013)

    Just like a ‘Bagger to fixate on the radish instead of the steak.

  • General SweetPants

    I came here just to read the comments, realizing most political extremists can’t tell the difference between their “news” sites articles and getting trolled by a parody site. I love this.

  • texasaggie

    Someone needs to send this to FoxTV right now. They are the only ones qualified to sound the alarm.

    And won’t they look even dumber than they already do when the source of the news is revealed.

  • John

    You are the reason the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots…

  • texasaggie

    The only people stupid enough to not realize what parody means are teahadists. And they are also the only ones so intellectually challenged that they would think this is for real even from a MSM source. It is really scary as to how gullible and incredibly ignorant the teahadists are.

    I take that back. Ignorance can be remedied by education. These people are so blindingly mentally incapable that education isn’t going to do any good.

    “Never give a sucker an even break.” – W.C. Fields

    And the very people taking advantage of these cretins are the ones whom they idolize. Cruz just took them for $800,000 last month while at the same time he was yanking $24 billion out of the economy in an attempt to make life even more difficult for them. Then Beck and Limbaugh have rackets going that enrich them both beyond their ability to spend it. And Fox TV makes a very good living for hundreds of people from using these suckers as cash cows.

    “Against stupidity even the gods contend in vain.” – Schiller

    So there isn’t any hope that things will ever get better.

  • texasaggie

    A little!!! A LITTLE!!!

    How about most of the time? Have you seen how many of these dingbats on this comment section take this seriously??? How is it that anyone past sixth grade doesn’t understand what parody is? These are the people who make other people like Bernie Madoff possible.

  • Rob

    At first I was getting pissed, then it became blatantly obvious that this was parody. Gg, daily currant.

  • monster221

    wait a minute what? “we basically let the black people pump for free and charge the white people” there is no way this is real. but if it is yeah, blow this sumbich to smithereens.

  • meatball19-60

    how are they to get to the dr ??????
    like we use to.walk or ride a bus.

  • Mac Macaroo


  • Mac Macaroo


    The 10 richest states are:

    1. Maryland
    Median household income: $71,122
    Unemployment rate: 6.8 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 10.3 percent

    2. New Jersey
    Median household income: $69,667
    Unemployment rate: 9.5 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 10.8 percent

    3. Alaska
    Median household income: $67,712
    Unemployment rate: 7.0 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 10.1 percent

    4. Connecticut
    Median household income: $67,276
    Unemployment rate: 8.4 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 10.7 percent

    5. Hawaii
    Median household income: $66,259
    Unemployment rate: 5.8 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 11.6 percent

    6. Massachusetts
    Median household income: $65,339
    Unemployment rate: 6.7 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 11.9 percent

    7. New Hampshire
    Median household income: $63,280
    Unemployment rate: 5.5 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 10.0 percent

    8. Virginia
    Median household income: $61,741
    Unemployment rate: 5.9 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 11.7 percent

    9. Minnesota
    Median household income: $58,906
    Unemployment rate: 5.6 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 11.4 percent

    10. Delaware
    Median household income: $58,415
    Unemployment rate: 7.1 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 12.0 percent

    Oddly enough, some of America’s richest states—Maryland and Virginia, for example—border some of the country’s poorest states, like West Virginia and Kentucky, which had median household incomes of $40,196 and $41,724 respectively.

    The 10 poorest states are:

    1. Mississippi
    Median household income: $37,095
    Unemployment rate: 9.2 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 24.2 percent

    2. Arkansas
    Median household income: $40,112
    Unemployment rate: 7.3 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 19.8 percent

    3. West Virginia
    Median household income: $40,196
    Unemployment rate: 7.3 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 17.8 percent

    4. Alabama
    Median household income: $41,574
    Unemployment rate: 7.3 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 19 percent

    5. Kentucky
    Median household income: $41,724
    Unemployment rate: 8.2 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 19.4 percent

    6. New Mexico
    Median household income: $42,558
    Unemployment rate: 6.9 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 20.8 percent

    7. Tennessee
    Median household income: $42,764
    Unemployment rate: 8.0 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 17.9 percent

    8. Louisiana
    Median household income: $42,944
    Unemployment rate: 6.4 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 19.9 percent

    9. South Carolina
    Median household income: $43,107
    Unemployment rate: 9.1 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 18.3 percent

    10. Oklahoma
    Median household income: $44,312
    Unemployment rate: 5.2 percent
    Percent below poverty line: 17.2 percent

    For more details about these states, and to see the full ranking of all 50 states, head to 24/7 Wall St.

  • August West

    ahhh, a liberal aggie…fairly rare breed, or at least it used to be

  • tim

    with all the money we have spent on war in the mid east gas should be free for all Americans~!!

  • Mac Macaroo

    ::: crickets :::

  • Mac Macaroo

    Carol, why would he do that? Be specific, please. 🙂

  • Mac Macaroo

    What, exactly, is an “implantable Class II device” and what credible evidence do you have that it’s being…or is scheduled to be…implemented?

    Note the qualification “credible”. That would probably exclude such sources as WorldNetDaily, Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh and the Bible.

  • Mac Macaroo

    Forgive me, but I’m not sure how you can claim this to be true and yet have provided no evidence that it is except your declaration that it is true. You further demand that people find confirmation for your assertion themselves.

    You made the claim. It’s your task to provide the evidence for it, and by that I mean VERIFIABLE evidence. If you can’t do that, then the only choice is to disregard the unsupported assertion as an…I dunno… unsupported assertion.

    Shabby argument. You should probably take steps to repair it. 😉

  • Ron Gilbert

    Mr Harper, I was under the impression that this was you responding to me under Wendy Shores thread. You are correct that I did initiate contact and I ask for forgiveness for the name calling. I will not bother you anylonger.

  • Ron Gilbert

    Here, try this:


    This should help you find your way through the internet. It is a very informative site that instructs someone on how to use a data search engine. Good luck.

  • Ron Gilbert

    Again, this is a very instructional website that teaches someone how to use a search engine. It might take you a while to figure it out but with perseverance you should accomplish it.


  • Rusty

    Really you are from Texas? The reason he thought it might be true is because he knows that if Obama had his biggest wet dream he would do exactly what this story suggests and then some.. That is what is scary.

  • Rusty

    I’ve always heard that Aggies were dumb, but I didn’t think that they disliked freedom and personal responsibility. “Government in its best state is a necessary evil. In its worst state an intolerable one.” Thomas Paine…. You should try to understand why that is true, and I believe you will learn you are on the wrong side.

  • Rusty

    I like the Sweden gag. It cracks me up.

  • John

    Thats funny.. If she needs it, I know some volunteers

  • Rusty

    You are dead wrong.. California has run the biggest deficit of all the states in the last 10 years while Texas has run the biggest surplus.. So who is helping who? Your statement is misleading. While true about the welfare dollars, not true about over all dollars.. Plus most banking, tech and old industrial companies are headquartered in blue states (New York, Cali, Illinois, Minnesota, Delaware). They make most of their profits in other states which go back to their headquarter states giving those states artificially high dollar counts and tax revenue..

  • Rusty

    Bill Clinton took us into the worst kind of war. A sectarian civil war. Luckily for us he was too scared to fight on land and only bombed from the sky..

  • Ted Albert

    You, sir, are a moron. It’s losers, by the way.

  • Keith Hopkins

    Erin cannot be a progressive. They are all tolerant and inclusive to people with different ideas. There is no way they would resort to name calling just because someone has a different view than theirs.

  • Keith Hopkins

    At least he didn’t lie about people being allowed to keep their health insurance. Oh wait, never mind.

  • Keith Hopkins

    Thank God there are no liberal entertainers getting rich, because that would make you look like an idiot.

  • Allan Caesar III

    If they controlled his entire agenda, you think he would of had been given a better looking woman then Monica Lewinsky though. Lol just saying.

    And I love making Republicans or Democrats like you comment on my posts, because you always say “WE ARE THE GOOD GUY!” no, both sides are bad. 🙁 I loved Clinton, Reagan, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, FDR, Lincoln, Thomas, Washington, but we will always have bad presidents. Obama is one of them, and Bush was too (Both Bush’s) But that’s how I look at it. Mkay? Thank you.

  • jmark80

    Congrats on using the same insanely hyperbolic term “teahadist” twice in one paragraph. Your wit is astounding.

    Nothing like equating liberty loving, small government, fiscally responsible patriots to America hating, suicide bombing terrorists.

    Nope. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Independent Voter

    Another Democratic “Special rights and privileges group”.

  • pulmyfgr

    It is very believable. Ever hear of foodstamps, public housing and Obamaphones, genius?



  • William Harper

    No worries – it is easy to get responses mixed up on this board. Apology accepted and you were never a bother – I looked forward to your comments.

  • 1captainhooker1

    I’m not sure that you do think, considering you guys can’t figure out how to jump two clicks to the “About” section of this webpage where it clearly states this is a satirical site.

  • 1captainhooker1

    Obamaphones are a myth. It’s a discount offered by the phone companies and is not connected to the president or taxes in anyway. Learn to research.

  • Shay

    I completely agree with you Kim!!!!! It’s time for a rebellion and time to take back our country and rights!!! Our forefathers would be very disappointed in what is happening and what this country has come to!

  • Mac Macaroo

    Did I insult you or use inane, condescending sarcasm to avoid answering my questions? But since you opened that door…

    You made the claim, so it’s up to you to defend it. I think you’ll find it difficult without referencing the conspiracy theory sites which promote the very theories (and I use that in the casual, non-formal sense) being questioned. If you’re not up to that, then I guess we’re done here. 😉

  • HenryThe7th

    Satire. Gotta love it.

  • Jason Haze

    100% fictional

  • Hokey Sloan

    This has got to be a joke …….. but come to think of it, the whole Obama Presidency has been a joke.

  • Jason Haze

    Fact of the matter, the discounted phone program was stated under the Bush/Cheney administration. .

    But why let facts get in the way when your watching FAUX noooooooooooooose 🙂

  • Lario

    Nevermind… found it.

  • Gary Louis

    don’t be stupid! There’s NO truth to this! and who is they? This is the reason why world is so up side down, its people’s like you and John Boehner.


    Teahadist…wow, I’m thinking you might want to move out of the country Texasaggle…yes, I typed aggle. You just continue to follow your libretards and some day you’ll get a wake up call.


    Wrong answer Hazer…keep on hookin!

  • stormy

    At least once Obama’s term is up.. we aint gotta worry about his bs no more hes served his 8 years cant be re eleted now!

  • Bill Jones

    can we impeach this jackass now????????????????

  • Walter Brennen

    I wonder if this is also included in THE AFFORDABLE BOAT ACT, ((The U.S. government has just passed a new law called: “The affordable
    boat act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat, by April
    2014. These “affordable” boats will cost an average of $54,000-$155,000
    If you already have a boat, you can
    keep yours (just kidding; no you can’t). If you don’t want
    or don’t need a boat, you are required to buy one anyhow.

    Like Obama, this story is a joke.

  • J.E Kalamazoo Michigan

    Oh it’s true free gas..now all we all have to do is quit our jobs so we can get some too…OH .. then whos going to pay for it all..I am now but I won’t be…Hmmm..Obama does it again…!st station is located on Joy Rd. in detroit…look it up…at has a phone # all workers should call……

  • Pat

    If its free gas, why does it have a price per gallon on the sign? I highly doubt they would call the station “Obama”. they would come up with somthing more cleaver. I dont believe a word of this..

  • Pat

    Ya on Telegraph.. Thats why the street sign says “Plymouth and “Wy….” Friggen liar.

  • marionrose

    It was started under Reagan……Bush expanded it. It is paid for by a small tax on your cell/landline phone bills. My cellphone bill: “$1.61 per month for “fee we collect and retain to help cover our costs related to funding and complying with government mandates, programs and obligations”. Enrollees pay nothing for a whopping 250 minutes per month and a very cheap phone. If they want more minutes they have to pay for them at a reduced rate. If they want a better phone they have to pay for it. Look up Lifeline to get the full story.

  • parkhillsres
  • Fat Bastid

    I have to call B.S. to this one. No one would have the nerve to charge whites and give it free to blacks. I know rich black people and poor white people. Also, how do people with no gas in the city get to the doctor’s office with no gas in their car, THEY TAKE THE BUS! That’s an advantage of living in the city. Also, the math doesn’t add up. You said that the program budget is $2 billion and they are aiming to give away 40 million gallons of gas. Even at $5/gallon, that’s only $200 million. What are they doing with the other $1.8 billion. See, I can poke all kinds of wholes in this b.s. Nice try in getting stuff started!

  • Ryan S

    It. Is. A. Joke. Apparently a good number of people have never heard of satirical writing…

  • I’m curious about where you, and Darren who replied, got your lists. I imagine you are saying the states with the most people getting welfare and Darren is talking about the states with the most people per captia.

    Neither list seems entirely accurate though California does have the largest number of people receiving welfare.

    It doesn’t even make sense to argue that statistic though considering CA is also a state with the biggest population (by a large margin over #2 Texas.. 37m vs 25m). Further, each state decides what thresholds have to be met for people in their state to receive benefits (welfare, medicaide, etc) and California lets more people qualify for help than Texas does.

    Here is an interesting article about welfare in California from 2012. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/Jul/28/welfare-capital-of-the-us/

    Avg family on welfare there receives a monthly check of $463..

  • Travis Walser

    Okay… that’s it. I’m beating someone to oblivion.

  • rowan2

    They aren’t a myth. Please research some more. Specifically Life-line Assistance and Life-line Hookup. They pay for the phone and the initial connection. They also subsidize based off of income. If you have no income and you are totally living off of assistance, then the phones are completely free. And the ironic part is the Federal Government is paying people to sit at a table under a tent at gas stations in low income areas to give them out and fill out the paperwork for the individuals in case they are unable to do it themselves. But you are going to ignore me and make offensive comments even though I saw it for myself and asked for an application just to see what would happen since my family is technically just below the poverty line.

    Here is the link to the Federal Website that explains it: http://www.fcc.gov/guides/lifeline-and-link-affordable-telephone-service-income-eligible-consumers

  • stickem

    what happened to taking public transportation? someone who cant pass a drug test can get free money and now gas!! its a shame!!!

  • Mike B

    Well, I guess it’a almost time to quite the job, stop paying bills, spend the hard-earned savings and retirement funds already saved, and apply for welfare.

    After all. I want to be part of “Obama’s Plan” to help me, the poor guy!

  • Mike B.

    Isn’t that like Obama and them thar Dumbocrats who spend hard earned taxpayer money for programs like “junkers” and ObamaCare that is already starting to fail after, what….. billions of dollars spent?

  • Badland

    That earns a pants on fire>

  • 1captainhooker1

    I went to the webpage you provide. I read it. And here’s what I found:

    ” Lifeline is supported by the
    Universal Service Fund (USF).”

    So naturally I wanted to find out about this fund and where it’s money comes from, so I followed that link and found this in their FAQ:

    “Q4: Who pays for universal service?

    A4: As required by the 1996 Telecom Act,
    telecommunications carriers providing international and interstate
    service and earning above certain revenue thresholds make universal
    service contributions. Consumers may notice a universal service line
    item on their telephone bills. This line represents a charge by a
    telephone company to recover its FCC-mandated universal service

    So if you want to call it a federal program, fine. It’s a federal program, but it’s funding comes from private telecom companies. These companies do choose to pass the cost along to the consumer, but do so of their own volition.

  • JoAnne Rekow-Fowler

    A discount? They are without charge. Zero. Not a discount.

  • mike

    you are an idiot if you think this is real


    concerned citizen

  • danapointdaddy

    hate filled, irrational, demonizing, arrogant person, you are all that!

  • danapointdaddy

    wow, how articulate and hateful and divisive… good work…

  • danapointdaddy
  • danapointdaddy

    petty? what is petty about a program giving away hundreds of millions of dollars worth of phones to people? petty?

  • danapointdaddy

    love this example of a liberal’s perspective… billions of dollars are a “drop in the bucket”…

  • Enzo

    Satire perhaps, but lets not give Obama any bad ideas.

  • Geoff Caldwell

    It was almost believable until the “Nancy Grace Arrested For Murder” blurb. No way the idiots who elected Obama would allow Grace to be put in jail.
    Great piece though, keep up the good work. I remember my Grandfather telling me that the only thing that got them through the dustbowl and the Great Depression was Will Rogers humor and making fun of the politicians.
    Lord knows the fundamentals are worse now than then and Obama’s got a lot more coming his way!

  • dragon5126

    Can I get a job in one? (covert education of the under informed voters : this gasoline isnt from Obama, it’s from the republicans)

  • dragon5126

    that FUND is a federal TAX that everyone with a phone number pays and inturn the company passes on you insipid fool

  • dragon5126

    and was expanded TEN THOUSAND percent under OBAMA.

  • dragon5126

    Him and the liberal idiots, Obamazites and Obama supporters

  • dragon5126

    the satire is that you are allowed online with your pedophilia conviction

  • dragon5126

    swedish chicks swallow so do the men and the fish

  • Lon

    Obviously , You could learn from Fox News Get Informed Jason for Gods sake, you and folks like you are taking the Country DOWN !!!!

  • William Harper

    I like the cleaver idea!

  • Faye

    So again the taxpayers get the freeloaders on their backs? How can freeloaders even look at themselves in the mirror? I would be so ashamed to sit at home on my backside while others paid my way. Obama is breaking this country, one act at a time, and don’t think he does not know just what he is doing. I’m ashamed of our political leaders.

  • Michael David Davis

    Texas aggie, I would be willing to bet my mortgage that the first time you saw something from this site, YOU thought it was real. But, typical leftist that you are, you’d NEVER admit that. Instead, you act all uppity and hip and in the know and lash out at anyone who thinks differently from you. F*ck you and your arrogant, self-righteous post.

  • Michael David Davis

    You Obama apologies are so f*cking stupid. Do you have any idea what a subsidy is, dumbass?

  • Michael David Davis


  • kayj1223

    They don’t get anything free that the government doesn’t give them! They have no incentive to go to work…they get everything they need free! Obama has to do more and more now to KEEP the votes of the poor, since he has made such a debacle of healthcare!!! This isn’t over! War on the home front!?? Maybe impeachment would help!!!

  • 1captainhooker1

    Excuse me? Think you got the wrong guy there, bud.

  • BBS


  • HML

    Ebony Jackson, Hmmmmm…………BS

  • TK

    Not one bit of truth in this…

  • ronb28135

    The Founders never intended for the Feds to be our nannies. It was the Supreme Court that made the nationalization of America possible by interpreting the Constitution to favor central government over the interests of the American people.

    Supreme Court Justices have been lying in their decisions since the first court was seated, long before the court’s decision on Barry’s healthcare, where Justices Roberts and Kagan swung the court to interpret a blatantly unconstitutional law as constitutional against the interests of the American people further empowering a president with dictatorial inclinations and expanding the power of the federal government beyond even Barry’s wildest dreams.

    Why aren’t there any calls for the impeachment of Kagan and Roberts?

    We have no paddle in this stream. The mess won’t get straightened out until the dollar collapses and brings the madness in Washington to a halt.

  • Tom


    Come on guys. I don’t like Obama either but let’s stop getting mad about articles that aren’t true…….

  • mylon449

    Actually all of those who believed this article and had the stupidity to attack Erin for enlightening them

  • mylon449

    Thomas Paine was a Virginian, they didn’t like any form of government. Didn’t work then and doesn’t work now

  • 2BRKnot2B

    “How are people supposed to get to the doctor’s office if they don’t have gas in their cars?”
    Ummmm…what about all that public transport we’re paying for? What about a thumb? What about walking like we’ve been told we need to do more of by our government nannies?

  • Mike

    Cruz took $24Bn out of the economy? Perhaps if Obama had’t been completely unwilling to negotiate it would not have come to a shutdown.
    the best part is that what the GOP was after was a delay of obamacare … now democrats are crying for a delay, because they know that seats in congress are evaporating the longer this debacle continues.
    oh the irony … if they had simply agreed to a delay they probably would have kept their seats.
    the GOP will control both the house and the senate in 2014. Obama will be on the golf course full time for the last 2 years of his lame duck presidency.

  • Bella Signora

    I’ve never heard of this site before and I actually thought this was real until I read the line “So what we do is let all the black people pump for free…..”

  • Argantos

    Why cant you have a real conversation without the name calling? Go to the facts and discuss them.

  • mdecoder

    The sad part is that people actually would parody the thought that the poor are owed gas. We give them phones, rent, food stamps and other stipends that fly under the radar. My grandparents came to this country pennyless and raised a family of 7 children without any government support. Why is it that we owe anyone today anything more than the opportunity to succeed? That’s what I don’t understand?

  • Angela

    If they can’t afford gas, how can they afford car insurance? Let alone own a car. I hope this report is just a hoax. My friend sent this to Bill O’Reilly to investigate. This nonsense has to stop!

  • chazmanr

    The Obamaphones that are actually the result of a law signed by St. Ron the Ridiculous?

  • James Marusak

    you mean the public transportation systems that the GOP hasn’t wanted to pay for in numerous cities/states across the US? the ones that are having lines cut to the suburbs due to budget cuts?

    but to be bluntly honest, if you don’t get the joke in all of this and the fact that this just isn’t true, then I don’t know if you can tell the truth. because that photo above is just a good graphics construction with either Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, or GIMP.

  • Krisstea
  • Fact Finder

    Thomas Paine was English and came to this
    America in the early 1770’s. He lived mostly in Philadelphia and New York. After only a few years he became Americanized and came to deplore heavy handed government. George Washington stated that Thomas Paine was more important to the success of the Revolution than any other person. Without Paine’s writings, few Americans (not just Virginians) would have kept the ideal of an independent United States going.

  • tlynnprice


    It is a satirical newspaper. It’s disclaimer says the stories are not true.

    But I wouldn’t put it past this administration to do this. I don’t trust them one iota.

  • Bzirkone

    ya think?

  • Ann Pack

    Some say this is a lie, some say this is true. We have been lied to so much by this administration it’s getting hard to find the truth anywhere!!

  • Kevin Graul

    Mike even when you present the facts in writing to these people they still cant comprehend the reality of it, so rather than inform themselves of what is real they just continue to drink the koolaid and follow blindly to everything obama bin laden tells them!

  • heavens2mergatroid

    ….but do so of their own volition. LOLOLOLOLOL oh, good one!

  • 4mercy

    I’m glad this isn’t true yet…

  • aaaa

    they would be more than happy to have a job
    but republicans keep cutting spending on public sector workers

  • aaaa

    yes most people on food stamps are in working poverty
    and public housing, what do you want people to live on the street ? or govt to build housing and sell it affordable rates

    and obamaphones is a old programme before obama become president , mainly for old people to help them stay connected with the world and not die alone

  • fahkir1

    Someone should have stayed in school. Maybe then you wouldn’t be a drain on the economy, scumbag.



  • ocreasy

    You have got to be kidding me?!? I don’t want people to live on the street, I want them to get a job and earn their keep.

    The Lifeline cellphone program was not for “old people”, it’s for people who can’t afford a cellphone. In my opinion, if you can’t afford a cellphone, you shouldn’t have one. It’s not a need, it’s a luxury.

  • Neal Mattera

    Correction I wish FOX NEWS would get this garbage out on their NEWS Station

  • Blakely1

    Why do the poor, who cannot afford the necessities of life like food &
    shelter have cars?

  • Blakely1

    Look up Lifeline, a government program & then apologize to us, Mr. Low Information.

  • Gabe
  • Wayne Pettit

    We taxpayers support some people their whole life, we give them Rent, Heat, air conditioning, electric, phones, internet, cable, food and now gas. Then when they move in next to us our property value goes down? Since they don’t have to work they have two much time on their hands so they play games like Knock out! And we can’t protect our selves with out going to jail. Gas was $1.80 a gallon when this president started his mission to destroy out country. I am not sure the best way to fix this problem, stop working? Deafeningly
    not have one DEMOCRAT left in office for the next 20 years.

  • Chris

    “So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.”
    Seriously? Isn’t that considered profiling? Discrimination? This is too much! I’m done with this damn administration trying to give away our country.

  • Chris

    OK, sorry. Completely missed the sarcasm at first. It really does sound like something they would try to pull!

  • AmVet

    The only D Fs voted for Obama and to prove how dumb they voted for him the second time to make sure.

  • hurrdurr

    It’s satire. Calm down.

  • seth1111

    You pull in to gas up,. get out your prayer rug, put it on the ground. Point yourself towards the WH, and swear your allegiance to your messiah obumma. Then you fill up, get your receipt good for a tax credit, and leave. Simple. Nothing to it.

  • sctanker

    As you posted from the website…

    ” As required by the 1996 Telecom Act,
    telecommunications carriers providing international and interstate service and earning above certain revenue thresholds make universal service contributions. Consumers may notice a universal service line
    item on their telephone bills. This line represents a charge by a telephone company to recover its FCC-mandated universal service contributions.”

    Ummm…what part of this being a “tax,” don’t you understand? The language is Clintonesque, where taxes were referred to as “contributions.” I remember when this came out, and the same cast of clowns were trying to tax the internet for “computers in schools.” Yeah, calling it a contribution from a private company is about the most intellectually disingenuous thing I’ve seen on here…well, apart from the parody.

  • sctanker



    You’re kidding me, right?

  • sctanker

    Actually, he was a Brit (like the rest of us), and moved to the American colonies. Specifically, he was English. Our form of government and philosophy didn’t just come out of some focus group. It was precisely the rights of free Britons that the War for Independence started over.

  • Guest

    It is vote buying, pure and simple.

  • msVickiFlorida

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

  • Alicia Richmond

    Fabricated story. I dislike him as much as everyone else, however this story is false as far as my research shows.

  • GDI

    Its time to secede. This kind of crap is ridiculous.

  • rob

    It is part of every cell phone bill paid for by all customers of the major carriers in the US. So in fact it is collected in accordance with a federal mandate ie. LAW that requires it. Just another hidden handout.

  • collinshubert

    Don’t be so freaking stupid!!!!! Yall kill me with this nonsense

  • heb macman

    There’s a difference between “false” and “sarcastic” (as well as “ironic”)!… Perhaps you should look up the definition of “satire”?!…

    In fact, the way I read the article every effort was made to make it unbelievable…

  • William Harper

    Anytime I’m not feeling good about myself I come here and realize that it could be much worse.

  • Guest

    yeesh I thought discrimination based on race was illegal.

  • Peggy Virnig Mnich
  • JJC
  • Duane

    Rusty: People as ignorant as you is what is really scary.

  • Duane

    Information should always be checked, researched before being considered accurate/truthful.
    That’s why so many of you fools regurgitate what you hear/see on fox … you don’t ‘check out’ anything for yourselves before spewing the hate and lies on fox.
    I mean, just like this, what was ‘presented’ was what YOU WANTED to believe, so you swallowed it.

  • LucyBlue

    Funny isn’t it….the goal of our govt is to turn citizen against citizen so we’re not paying attention to the REAL issues….and it’s working from what I read on these threads.

  • Brigandchief

    Thoroughly good idea. I have grandchildren in the US and cannot see them for want of gas so I will apply for a gas grant for the airline that wishes to fly me from the UK to the US. Don’t you just love socialism!

  • cpovet

    “So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.”

    If this is true, this is so racially charged….I really don’t know what to say. There are plenty of affluent blacks, too. So if a white man can prtend he’s black and win and election….there you go….come’on “woods”, let’s empty their tanks!!!

  • cpovet

    Ignorance is one thing, stupidity is another. So what people jumped on this, so did i, because Big “O” is a racist and NOTHING from him would surprise me. So go back to your rock where you came from, troll. But you will be happy when us “Stupid ” people take this country back. And you, for one who are against that, well you will be one of the first ones shot, because we don’t take no puzzys!!!!!

  • cpovet

    I read a lot of these posts after i made mine. My opinion has not changed. Trolls everywhere. Un-American idiots. If you don’t want to be a part of the solution. Go somewhere else. The sad thing? A LOT of people will spend a fortune driving around looking for these stations.

  • mrmynor

    You do realize that for economic growth to occur, there must be a certain level of unemployment because to expand operations there must be unemployed individuals to fill the new positions you create, correct? Or that unemployed individuals who are actively seeking jobs will have a hard time getting hired if there is no means by which a potential employer can contact them? Or summoning the assistance of medical or law enforcement personnel in case of an emergency (or do medical emergencies not fall under the “necessity” heading in your book)?

    250 minutes for free a month isn’t even 5 hours of talk time, its not like you are paying for the individuals enrolled in this program to spend all day yapping on the phone.

    The bottom line here is that the bottom rung of the social ladder is an economic inevitability – regardless of how motivated everyone is to find work, there simply won’t be enough jobs to go around. Not only that, but many of the jobs that are out there pay the minimum wage of $7.25/hour, which for a full time worker who takes no vacation equates to a whopping $15,080 gross income, $13,949 after payroll taxes have been withheld. Hardly a livable wage.

    You may well wish everyone not only had a job, but had one that paid a sufficient wage to be able to cover the cost of their own basic necessities without need for financial assistance, but as the old saying goes “wish in one hand, sh*t in the other.” The reality is that what you would like simply isn’t attainable. If you think that people who are dependent on public assistance are living a life of indulgence and leisure, I would invite you to give your job to someone who wants it and try out living on the public dole for yourself, to see whether the lifestyle you are able to enjoy is really as posh and carefree as you apparently imagine it to be.

    If you want to talk about entitlement, why don’t we talk about how you and your ilk feel that the privilege and opportunity you are afforded as a citizen of the wealthiest country in the world (based on per capita income) should come free of any obligation to the very society that has facilitated your success to provide for the most vulnerable among us. Jerk.

  • mrmynor

    If the shoe fits…

  • mrmynor

    So you think it is acceptable for a party that lacks the political support to repeal a duly enacted law to condition its appropriation of the funds necessary to permit the executive to pay the obligations congress has incurred (i.e., to do their jobs) on the democratically controlled senate and the sitting president agreeing to let them make an end run around our Constitution’s requirement that for a bill to become law must pass both chambers of congress and be signed by the President?

    Constitution loving patriot, indeed….

  • Roger Ashley


  • Roger Ashley


  • Roger Ashley

    because they are blackmailed by the Obama gov

  • Mike

    i doubt it was of their own volition to create an FCC mandate that requires them to charge every paying account holder a surcharge to pay for “obamaphones”.

  • jmark80

    The shoe not only doesn’t fit, but is an imaginary construct in the OPs mind. Stop with the hyper-partisan stupidity. The only ones still buying into the D vs R paradigm are the mentally inferior and the hopelessly intransigent. Equating Tea Party activists to jihadists is quite literally equitable to comparing the writers at Mother Jones to rapists. It is stupid, beneath the conversation, and adds nothing to political climate but more raging imbecility.

  • Mike Savage

    It cracks me up these obamaloids come on here and trash Foxnews and conservatives in general. Go crawl back under your rocks! You are the epitome of uninformed. And you make yourselves look like Idiots.

  • boatkitten

    And in the old days we called these: “PAY PHONES”.

    This started under the REAGAN administration, when REAGAN realized that people without a phone had almost no chance to get a followup phone call for a job.

    On top of that, PAY PHONES actually cost more to keep up. So we found that offering emergency pay phones for those types of calls is cheaper (which is why it is called LIFE LINE).

    The people do not get to use these for long distance. They pay extra for that They are offered them for emergencies —- Such as when they see you get beat to a pulp in an alley, they now have a phone to call you an ambulance. YOU might be the next person saved by an OBAMAPHONE.

  • boatkitten

    Ok, So you want them to get a job. But you don’t want them to have a phone.

    When they fill out a job application, the employer says, “OK. We’ll call you”.

    Um…..So, do you see a problem here? How in the H3LL can someone get a job with no phone!?!?!?! REAGAN said let’s give them a cheap phone so they can get jobs —— and so did Clinton —– and so did Bush —- and so did Obama.
    Get a clue! STOP THE IGNORANCE!
    This is why some people never should be put in charge. They don’t have the ability to think things through.

  • FireBlogger

    He’d do it if he could get away with it.

  • Joey

    No that is real place in a city in South Carolina . He is just using Obama names to get people to come to his place.

  • Erin Stevenson

    Hey lady, I’m not the one that can’t read

    “Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

  • Trudycatsmom

    Wow. That was one of the meanest, most hate-filled internet rants that I have ever seen. I don’t think you are a very nice person.

  • Trudycatsmom

    The lifeline program was started under the Reagan Administration. Its purpose was to ensure low-income people could access emergency services. The 250-minute cell phone program was under Obama.

  • W.F. DePriest

    why not give them free bus passes and stop the air pollution they are so worried about

  • Gray Wolf

    Erin, you may be mistaken. Perhaps the reason these folks are willing to believe every outrageous assertion about President Obama no matter how implausible it may be and contrary to all logic and reason is because they are racist not stupid.

  • Dr. Eowyn

    Don’t fall for this. It’s a hoax. Just read the other headlines on this site. Daily Currant is a SATIRE website, like the more famous Daily Onion.


  • Lee Sackett

    I do wish that you people would remove this story! Far too many people are posting it as the “TRUTH!” I gives liberals a way of showing ignorance in the conservative causes! 🙁

  • Guest

    agree. I am on the Soda Head blog and liberals use this kind of story to slam Conservatives as liars. 🙁

  • loveit

    I’m trying to find the Oprah “they have to die” parody on here, but oh wait…that was real!

  • stan

    anyone that even think this is true is got to be crazy

  • stan

    Got a question, what are you going to do when you get a white president next and the country is still fucked up, who are you going to blame then, Don’t forget the country was fucked up before obama took over.

  • William Harper

    Did either of you read what you wrote? You wish to remove a story so your side won’t look bad…Isn’t that what you accuse liberals of?

  • Desiree Green

    fyi he cant buy votes he is already in his second term and a president can only serve 2 terms in a row just food for thought on how legit this article really is

  • Rach D

    racist much?

  • Harvey E. Payne

    This is just another dirty and racial thing that the Obama health Bill contains
    I wonder what other suprises that we are going find out to late,Thanks to
    Nancy P.who said we have to pass it to know what’s in it. Thanks for the
    opportunity to weigh in.

  • Papa

    You cannot be serious! I guess I’ll just to give my black bretheren a few bucks to drive my car in and get it filled up every week!

  • Bob Paige

    The loose nuts in the asylum are here on a parody site trying to espouse a serious statement….. get a sense of humor, yo’self!!
    Get A Life!!

  • Moo

    Sooooo…Just because people are lazy, don’t want to work hard, and don’t want to get a job, they should be treated better then the hard workers? Laziness isn’t a handicap =/

  • psidey
  • EstebanCafe

    Even though it’s a parody, the fact that some people believed it does not mean their stupid, it means that It. Is. Believable…given your current American Administration.

  • nethawk2013

    And this, Mr. Washington, is what has become of the nation that you and all our forefathers died for. HOw do you like your American brother’s now? No wonder why Russia, Germany, China, Israel, Sweden, Mexico, Ireland, Africa, and the list goes on, completely have no respect and regard for the US. They all realize that it’s full of retarded American’s who would rather bicker amongst themselves and act like little children with name calling rather that find actual solutions to the problems. If you bitch about the problem but in the end, offer no viable solution and just sit back and let it continue as it is, then you are part of the problem.

  • Josch Beres

    I don’t know what is sadder – the fact you dumb fucks believe this article without doing any research or the fact that so many of you are racist. So glad you people are dying out.

  • whatever

    Well, I have an obama phone and I get foodstamps. Whats that make me. A drain on the economy because Getting a job is becoming impossible. Go ahead say it. your not trying hard enough. Cause whoever says it is living my life and would know right. Even though I dislike the fact of getting this stuff, it is still a big help when I have virtually no income. I apply to at least 5 or 6 jobs daily, over 100 in the past year, 2 interviews and 0 job offers. Why is it hard yall wonder. cause I am a felon. before u critisize me about it you would have to know the reasons for me getting the felony. Wasnt for being a criminal thats for sure. Ive always held a job up until going to prison. thats right prison. why did i go and get this felony, because the husband of my ex was hopped up on pills and passed out behind the whell of the car and run off the road with my daughter in the car. yes i called the cops but without my exes statement against him, nothing i could do because its my word against theirs. so what i do. took it into my own hands like any other father would do. granted i only punched the guy once it was enough to break his jaw. not a badass by no means and i dont like to fight but when it comes to my kids it becomes a different story. now even writing consistently to my governor. rick scott who is a joke and wont even reply to my concerns. so the EOE that companies say they are isnt true. how i know this. tested, check yes on felony box on several aps and no on several aps. which ones you think i got any replys from. def not the yes ones. so for some of us it is needed cause the only jobs i get are ones from doing little things for indidvidual ppl in my community. so dont judge all of us who get these things. though i do agree that it sucks having to pay taxes so that others have these things cause believe me id rather work everyday than get the help i get and though its very little, its still a huge help

  • John Jett

    I hate Democrats, they ought to be fed to wood chippers.

  • mcgrew

    there is no truth to this, this gas station is about a mile from my shop and is just one mans love for his president, there is no chain and if you go there there is no free gas either !!

  • jmark80

    Calling for an end to hyper-partisan stupidity is hardly “bickering”. And I certainly do advocate for a solution. I am a staunch Libertarian who wants to see more personal freedom (gay marriage, reduction of the War on Drugs, etc.) and less Government intrusion (NDAA, Patriot Act, NSA, etc.), along with ending the foolish foreign wars and spending spree of the last 12 years.

    I AM offering a solution. And doing everything I can to enact change.

  • argh32

    Would the man child consider something like this? Of course. Would the left wing media report it? Of course not. That is what makes this spoof so believable, at first blush.
    Mr Massie wrote of the Obama’s , “I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America . They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous.

    I don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress. I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an
    unparalleled love for the country and her people. The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish. His arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job.”

  • sfcmac

    Gawd, you leftie douchebaggers are a piece of work.

  • sfcmac

    You’re the lead dumbfuck.

  • sfcmac

    Talk about suckers, the most intellectually bankrupt douches on the planet are liberals. Case in point: They foisted a SCOAMF into the White House , twice. America now has a $17 trillion debt, our foreign policies are a laughing stock, and ObamaCare is a socialist monstrosity. The corrupt petty little tyrant wields government agencies like a billy club against critics and opponents. The numerous scandals; IRS targeting of GOP groups, the DOJ hacking into phones and emails of reporters, Benghazi, Fast and Furious gunrunning, and the NSA’s blanket surveillance of innocent American citizens, should result in prosecution and an 8×10 cell under Leavenworth.

  • Alliene Wood Lockett

    Ha! “our democracy”. I’ve never been more scared for our Republic! Though this article is a satire.

  • LostInUnderland

    How can they “get a job and earn their keep” without a phone number? Do you know of any job that will hire a person that they cannot call?

  • Leslee

    I am so sick and tired of all this. I am on unemployment which ends 12/28.and my husband is on dssi and I can’t get health insurance we make 200.00 too much really? I can’t get anything. I want to work so bad. But I am 59 and do not tell age does not matter. On 12/29 we will be broke and I need a job. I am white if I wasn’t I would get the help.

  • Johnny

    So, If you happen to be White you have to not only pay for the welfare for Blacks, the social security to illegals, Section 8 housing for the poor and illegals, the Whites now also have to pay for their gasoline. Can any one out there explain to the rest of us when all this racial crap will end? It is the Blacks that complain the Whites never do anything for the Blacks. Since the very beginning it has always been the White that helped the Blacks. Now, the Blacks want even more. I feel this is a very bad policy.

  • CultureWar

    It’s dumb fucks like you that voted for and elected this disaster.

  • macs13

    It’s funny how how and mighty you Obama haters are. Don’t you ever stop to wonder how he got the vast majority of the vote of educated Americans? It’s because we’re smarter than you and aren’t led by the nose by foolish websites and radio personalities.

  • Stacy

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • William Harper


  • EstebanCafe

    Yes. Your current administration is the least transparent of any in memory, if the French and German press are accurate.

  • William Harper

    I was referring to your defense of the nice folks that believe the articles on this site.

  • Guest

    Funny thing , that is the same rhetoric ‘your’ people used to deny death panels… safe to say , you have zero credibility at this point.
    It should instead demonstrate to you the absolute garbage we expect from government, regardless of flavor .. blueberry or red… lol
    If you are really still stuck on the left/right false paradigm… GET OFF the plantation !

  • petulantes

    ACTUALLY, they were BUSH-phones first . Under his administration a NEW TAX was added to every paying cellphone user to hand out phones to ‘poor’ people.

  • petulantes

    Well, or without reliable transportation, or decent clothes , or…. pffft Teach a man to fish, not fish for him. People always have a relative that has a HOUSE PHONE at least

  • Mike

    Oh they were there alright, all over Detroit. Subsidized, but not necessarily by taxpayer dollars. There was no racial qualification for sales. Nobody got free gasoline. Several of these cropped up around election time, this is not just some made-up “Bagger” pipe dream. The stores were loaded down with give-away Obama T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, road signs and other merchandise and campaign materials. The owners took advantage as a marketing ploy.

    One example: “The Sunoco station at the corner of Wyoming and Plymouth in Detroit has changed their signage to reflect their support of presidential candidate Barack Obama. They are also selling their gas for 10 cents cheaper than the station across the street.” – Detroit Free Press, Sep. 25, 2008

    Another location: OBAMA Fuel, 15800 Joy Rd at Prevost Ave., Detroit, MI 48228-2104

  • MadMax Viper

    Yeah okay, so the poor and uneducated are the new “educated” voters when they’re not crying about being poor and undereducated? Obama supporters
    are nothing if not habitual bad liars!

  • 1-877-929-7168

    better insurance

  • AmVet

    Passing this to you because I care. You and I both know that this is not the country that we grew up in and it is not what we want for our children and for some of us grand-children. I want my country back. When you go to vote, vote for the United States and not for a political party.

    Quit Trashing Obama

    Quit trashing President Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any Other President before him.

    He has an impressive list of accomplishments:

    First President to apply for college aid as a
    foreign student, then deny he Was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never Lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States .

    First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when There was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies To his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through Executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the Deportation of illegal
    immigrants across the U.S. , including those with Criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his Political appointees.

    First President to tell a CEO of a major
    corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America Is no longer a Christian nation.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and Refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to Protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly Issued years ago.

    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    First President to fire an inspector general of
    Ameri-Corps for catching one Of his friends in a corruption case.

    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.

    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    First President to go on multiple global apology tours and concurrent Insult our friends tours.

    First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by

    First President to have 22 personal servants
    (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at Taxpayer expense.

    First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of The Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for Their own private insurance because they volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.

    Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

    First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 States ( Mexico vs Arizona ).

    How is this hope and change working out for you? THERE’S AN ELECTION COMING UP…I HOPE YOU REMEMBER THIS LIST WHEN YOU VOTE!

  • AmVet

    I don’t understand, here you are proving my point. If he ever told the truth you wouldn’t be able to detect it because you obviously listen to the liberal media and have not researched for your shelf. Obama never tells the truth. His lies are being exposed every day. Obama is one big embarrassment to the United States. Not one word of truth ever leaves his mouth. If you keep track of anything he has said in the past you will get a completely different story now. You cannot find one statement that he has told the American Public that has not been proven to be a lie. If you contest that you are only lying to yourself.

  • CQQL33

    Hey macs13, he did not get the majority of the vote…..that’s how “educated” you are (?).

  • Mary Dale Lentz

    right, if you are already taking from us with welfare now you get something else for free. as far as I am concerned if you are living off the system you shouldn’t be able to own a car. Obummer need to be gone before he gives all our tax dollars away. We will all be living in the getto if he keeps it up.

  • Mary Dale Lentz

    Amen. Thank you for your service to our country. I wish that we could take it back.

  • AmVet

    Thank You for being a good American and have a Merry Christmas.

  • Betty

    When I first moved to the country there was only one car and while hubby worked I depended on neighbors to get me to medical care in emergencies and to church as well. Bless them all. When I finally got a car I offered rides to those without transportation. That’s what neighbors do. Also when I went to college on my butter and egg money I sometimes ran short for gas money so I got a part time job at the college to pay for the gas. The generosity of others and hard work was what it took to become a graduate and later a teacher. I had five children and I know its tough but it can be done.
    I really hate to see more government debt. Haven’t minorities and or the poor, of which I was one, learned to be resourceful and supportive of one another. No one understands that we had to work hard and do without a lot but we did it, My husband worked earning three hundred dollars a month and survived along with selling butter, eggs, milk and a little produce from our family garden. Just have to be resourceful and use what you have.

  • lil mac

    I don’t believe this hype for one minute,I live in one of the most depressed area’s in the country and I’ve yet to see Free Gas. or Obama gas, or Obama cash or anything else for free.!!!

  • Richard Grow

    It was the Youtube video that incited that flyby riot in Benghazi!

  • William Harper

    51.01% popular, 61.7% electoral.

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll be 80 before I get Rich.

  • marmaru

    Smarter? More “schooled” in the belief in Statism. Kodachrome! Education is one thing, the idiotic belief in government “sovereignty” over individual liberty/responsibility is quite another. Also, it is not necessarily hating Obama, but in the obviously corrupt manner he got voted in and the blatant disregard for the Oath of Office. Smarter than who? Both the Dems and repubs are complicit in this fiasco. Those who vote “party” and argue over hot button issues given to you by those who farm you like Salmon, this is the problem. Self imposed ignorance.

  • Mike


  • RBShuler

    Why not put a clinic in the poor neighborhoods ???

  • ServosT

    And what is sadder still is that stories like this are no longer that outlandish that everyone can’t see them for parody. In fact The Obama is giving away other ppl’s money on stuff a lot worse than this.

  • rayhause

    Send your congressman a note to withdraw funding.

  • JR Dowd

    God I hope this is not true! How can you use federal money to give other races free gas and not white people. That is a DIRECT violation of our civil rights it’s favoritism by the US Government something they are sworn not to do and if we did this, we would be shut down or arrested for racism. THIS CALLS FOR A REVOLUTION!

  • LostInUnderland

    That is demonstrably untrue. That is also the reason for the phones. I do not know anyone who has a house phone. That is like saying teach a man to fish, but don’t give him a fishing pole. The man can be as wonderful and determined a fisher as he wants, but without a fishing pole, he isn’t going to catch any fish.

  • youcanthavemyfreedom

    Talk about being led by the nose, you and your ilk will believe anything Obama’s administration tells you. He didn’t win the election by any means, it was voter fraud that has been proven that got him “elected”, not real votes. How would you explain anyone getting 106% of the vote in one county alone? Too bad all the judges are so afraid of Obama and his threats that they don’t have the guts to stand up to him. What a bunch of uneducated and underinformed idiots you are.

  • Josh Corrington

    what do you mean “you people”?

  • Ron

    They have to have free gas for their Cadillac and Lincolns so they can make those free doctor appointments..

  • David Mills

    Maybe it is a parody, but with Obama it is quite believable. Today’s parody is next year’s news.

  • James in Texas

    Racism at it very base. “WE let all the Black people pump for free, We charge all the White people at market rate”! If you don’t now recognize what color racism is, you are both blind and stupid. This by order of the current President of the United States of America.

  • Yochana

    This is class discrimination in the highest form.

  • Yochana

    Which foolish websites and radio personalities do you follow? Hmmmm I bet you have a good paying job too and are very rich so that the Potus can take your money and give it to the poor also and you won’t resist because you drank his koolaid. I want to see Potus give his wealth away to the poor too and not put it in an offshore account. Potus is all about class warfare. Please give me your money as I am poor too.

  • Jack

    More propaganda for the dimwitted masses.

  • This is dumb

    He can not get re-elected! There is a 2 term limit. HELLO

  • missnellie

    If this is true and will be implemented…then quite seriously there will be civil war.

  • Frack You 2 !

    You are Retarded if you fall into this race baiting BS.
    HHS is Health and Human Services
    DHS is Department of Homland Security
    You should know this. DHS was created by the Small government President G.W.
    Fact checking is not important to the Radical Conservative folk.

  • BurmaShave2

    This is a fake. Go to the “About” item at the bottom of this page.

    Founder Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Currant – not Courant, get it? ha, ha — [perennial sophomoric] Daniel Barkeley says:

    “Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.”

    … which is a very sweet way to portray the sowing of lies, gossip and deceit and to pose as being constructive. If Daniel should ever discover he is on the receiving end of a major fraud, I hope he finds it hilariously funny, because many others will.

  • William Harper

    What is racist about it?

  • Capt. Philip Topps, AMS

    Yep, Never underestimate the power of STUPID PEOPLE in large numbers. Hopefully, and I stress HOPEFULLY when these so-called “millennials” see what the “Not-so-Affordable Care Act” AKA Obamacare,is going to cost them, they won’t sign up, pay the fine, and the “system” will crash. We will see.

  • Capt. Philip Topps, AMS

    Lets clear one thing up right away. It was NOT educated people who elected Obama, it was largely undereducated, young, and illiterate voters, as even Vladimir Putin pointed out. You can see his article on that OTHER rag, Pravda, if you want to be informed.
    Secondly, I suggest you look up the quote of Norman Matoon Thomas, who ran on the Socialist platform, against FDR in the ’40s regarding how to slowly convert this country to a socialist nation, because its been happening ever since. Bet you “highly educated” (by your own description) types didn’t know that YOU are the ones being led by the nose, and you’re too stupid to even know it.
    Unfortunately, you “useful idiots” (Vladimir I. Lenin’s description of people like you) are leading the charge to a socialist system, and the rest of us are being dragged along, at least until we join forces to put a stop to it,either at the ballot box, or ” By ANY means necessary” (Malcom X)

  • Capt. Philip Topps, AMS

    Give it time, and we will. I think these millennials will revolt against the so-called “Affordable Care Act” , which isn’t, and just pay the fine, which will effectively de-fund THAT, and maybe, just maybe they will awaken and help elect someone who will turn this nation from the socialist path we are on now.

  • Citizen

    once again the republicon lie factory finds a fool to spread it’s manure, IT’S A FRAUD FOLKS, courtesy of your local Teanazis

  • Worship Dancer

    I wouldn’t put it past obama to actually try something like this once “dear leader” has been declared king forever. on that note, i hope everyone realizes this is satire. that’s what the daily currant is. from their ABOUT section – click the link ABOUT below ”


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • Frank Huwer

    Their will be a line around the block with Lexus’s.

  • Dale Hogue

    If the information in this article is true, then our Constitutional Republic has already become a Third World Country and there isn’t much we can do about it except grab our guns, torches and bull horns and take off for Washington D.C. to confront the clowns that have brought us to this point in our political history.
    Drum roll, please: “hup two three four, hup two three four. Hey, you slackers in the back, keep up or drop out.” Jus’ commenting 😉

  • Dale Hogue

    I don’t know if this is true or not. If it is, then it’s time to do something to those scumbags in Washington. If it is a parody, then it’s too close to the truth to be misunderstood.

  • Dale Hogue

    If this is a parody, then it is striking very close to realism as far as the Obama Administration is concerned.

  • Dale Hogue

    If this is a parody, then it is striking very close to the realism of the Obama administration.

  • Dale Hogue

    You’re wrong about everything you’ve written in your post. In fact, most of the what the liberals post on this site, is pure, unadulterated BS straight from the Democratic Party headquarters’ printing machines.

  • Mike in MI

    A friend sent me an email re this article, and I freaked out until I followed the link and found this is a parody site (I hope). The large point is that the story is completely credible, and in character for Obama, as this is something he would totally do if he could. A few years back, before we entered into George Orwell’s world, who would’ve thought our president would be giving out free phones, driving labor participation to all time lows, driving welfare payments sky high, having community organizers, black panthers and the SEIU manning the voter stations (ala Vlad Lenin), and generally beating us about the head with his Cloward and Piven brickbat?

    Who woulda thought? Everyone, after 5 years of socialist, Marxist bullshit.

  • Mike in MI

    They won’t buy the ACA and they won’t pay the fine, because those aren’t the only choices. They will refuse, pursuant to their Natural Rights and the 10th Amendment, etc. Watch for states beginning to nullify this crap, it’s happening now, but even if the states don’t nullify (because we have lots of morons running the state governments, especially in my state) the people still can nullify. Read the Tenth, you’ll like it:

    Amendment X:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Smart fellas, those Founders!

    Learn something today, go to

  • David A. Tuttle

    there is no way this is real, this would just promote Racism

  • Pat Alexander

    The regime has been doing this all along! This is just more a visual spread of the wealth!

  • smo

    dah, …. hasn’t that been the plan ….

  • Toonie

    He got the vast majority of vote from people such as you who are hammock lying, hand out, everybody owes you freeloaders. Your day is soon coming. At some point very soon there will be way too many hammock free loaders and not enough working American’s to carry you. Get a job, stop free loading, and become a responsible tax paying citizen.

  • Frack You 2 !

    This phone program started under Bush.

  • Frack You 2 !

    I’ll ask Exxon

  • Debbie G

    But you stay on this thread because you really love us.

  • Debbie G

    Ya’ mean like ABC, NBC, MSNBC, John Stewart, HuffPo, Susan Sarandon, Matt Damon, and other foolish TV stations and movie personalities?

  • Debbie G

    So you are an anarchist? How about an Occupy Wallstreeter? College student?

  • Henricksen

    This can’t be true – all this does is increase the welfare rolls and make it easier for inner city dwellers to never have the incentive to leave. Free gas! It is just ridiculous

  • Mitch Davis

    we are called tea baggers because you suck our balls

  • 42n81

    Ah yes, another lib trail balloon to gauge attitude. If Obozo had his way, this is exactly what it would look like. You are AA, free!! You are anything other than AA, market rate for you…But then what is the big deal..its not like the most failed race in work history needs to be exposed any further does it?

  • 42n81

    Brave little metrosexual pencil necks aren’t you? Awfully tough hiding behind a device and insulting people..

  • againstmedialiars

    LIARS! A class action lawsuit will be brought against you for deliberate misinformation! You aren’t funny!

  • katznkatz

    I am no big fan of this president or the last guy. However get a grip. This story is a HOAX. Scary that It must still be circulating. http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/gasstations.asp

  • William Harper

    Good luck with that.

  • Detroit needs any help we can muster, Screw any Republican Rat Bastards.

  • Origami Crane

    Not everyone who is not America or who is not any longer living in America for an extended period of time, or who has a different opinion than yours is Swedish.

  • Origami Crane

    I think many people who make up slogans and cutesy names for procedures and positions are probably suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, whether conservative, liberal, or just normal. Not just the making up of names in and of itself, but of a lot of the things accompanied with it.

  • spokencitizen

    I can’t fucken believe this

  • gunnerv1

    It’s not what he said, it’s how he said it. We’re no smarter or dumber that the average American smuck that’s tired of not seeing performance for their ‘hard earned’ Dollar$. I’m not happy with the performance of this President along with the ‘majority’ of Americans. So far, he has the ‘Touch of King Midias’s Idiot Brother, every thing he touches turns to crap’. What he has attempted to do is make American into European ideals. I was just there (Amsterdam, NL, Germany, France) and witnessed Citizens being searched by the Police at random (and the ‘sheeple’ tolerate this) and at anytime or anyplace. He attempted to do this in less than eight years. It’ll never happened without a major game changer (Civil War II). Scary, isn’t it, now what’s really scary is that they also have a minimum tax rate of 40% to pay for their Cradle to Grave Welfare System.

  • Sherry

    Thank you!

  • Obsidian Warrior

    Charging and not chraging a race is a RACIST thing to do! Someone needs to be fired and/or impeached. Obama SHOULD be impeached for “buying” votes or favortism in this manner. He authorizes this type of action! We as a Nation should run him out of town TARED AND FEATHERED riding backwards on a jackass.

  • William Harper

    I’m with ya’ man. Let’s go beat somebody up!

  • William Harper

    Absolutely correct! Let’s blast our elected representatives with our opinions on this and let’s do it today!

  • D Guest

    Sadly, the satire is not even obvious anymore. You have to sit and think to yourself, would Obama really be this bold? Just the fact that you have to think about it shows the danger our freedoms are in.

  • Tucson_Jim

    Hmmmm macs13… funny, I thought that Obama won by a 3% margin, almost exactly the same as the lead “Stolen” by GW Bush…

    Also, I might mention that out here in the South-west and Mid-west, the mining engineers, civil engineers, aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, manufacturing engineers, accountants, chemists, physicists, quality engineers, test systems engineers, doctors, etc. that I work and socialize with (all highly educated in objective-reality-based professions) seem to wonder how this charlatan with no previous real work history and no noteworthy political history got elected.

    But, then, we don’t consider Liberal Arts, History, Literature, or Communications to be a REAL educations…

  • ZOMG Lo-Info


  • shaunadee

    You can spell it with 2 “o” if you are trying for emphatic. Like soooooo what.

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    wow. just wow. I used to wonder how republicans kept getting elected. now I realize that it’s because LOW INFORMATION voters who are ready to march in the street based on what rush limbaugh and fox news feeds them as “truth.”

    LOL teabaggers. You’ll get left behind in the dustbin of failed ideas and superstitious ignorance, but not a moment too soon. God bless ye, f00ls.

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    you forgot socialist, marxist, fascist, kenyan, stalininst, trotskyite, and a whole host of nonsensical and disproven slurs.

    Get an education, redneck.

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    HAHAHA what utter BULL$H!T.. EVERY one of your teabagger talkkking points has long ago been disproven. It’s unfortunate, too, because I’d LOVE to see the FIRST President to actually stand up for us for a change and not just a militaristic corporate shill, like 100% of repuglickans and their teabagger front groups!

    But srsly thanks for using your copy and paste skills to give me a good laugh.

    Anarchists! LOL

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    He said Mitt Romney and the republican establishment (including their teabagger front groups) are just chicken hawks and corporate puppets who would privatize everything and leave real Americans to starve in the streets unless they wanted to join the military and be frog marched off to d!e for a corporate l!e.

    There. I found one.

  • Otto

    No you actually are dumber than the average person. What about <7% unemployment, 3% GDP, almost too-low inflation, and a generally seriously recovering economy don't you understand? These things, had they gone south, you would've blamed on Obama. Now you won't give him credit?

  • Arch mason

    Part of your smaller government needs to defund the military, which is 1/3 of the budget. The only reason you hate Obama is because he’s black. You didn’t hate Clinton this much despite his more liberal policy.

  • gunnerv1

    You are dumber that you sound, you actually believe those numbers. Look around you, how many unemployed or underemployed do you see? How about on your way to work, how many do you see with cardboard signs ‘Will work for food’? You actually believe the crap they feed you. I’ll guarantee you it’s greater than any 7% that the DNC pumps out. Try doubling that number and you’ll be close, as far as the GDP being at 3%, that’s total BS too. How many Factories do you see a ‘full’ capacity, or better yet, even running at 75% capacity..
    Sorry, but this President shall go down in the History Books as ‘The Great Fabricator’. He can just pull things out of the air and expect everyone to believe it. Soon it’ll be the ‘Great Welfare State’ . Then again, he must deserve another $4 million Vacation to Hawaii. They love him there, it’s another great welfare state (and yes, I’ve lived there for 13 years. Nothing in that state impress’s me).

  • gunnerv1

    Yeah, because he lied to them (and you) and they (you) bought it ‘hook, line and sinker’. You are just a ‘useful tool’.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Why does the do nothing House not impeach Obama and rid this Nation of this Communist takeover while they can? the Obama phone was a quid pro quo for votes and is illegal! Obama cannot as a public official receive gratuities or anything of value while in office or use his office to solicit funds or votes!!!! This is egregious, blatant and unconstitutional!!!

  • AmVet

    Refer you to earlier responses as you certainly fit the bill.

  • Faye

    I wonder how I made it when my kids were small and I was alone without all this free stuff. I walked to work and if one of the kids had to go to the Dr. we took the bus.

  • Faye

    No we don’t wonder. We know it was fraud that got him each time. No one with half a brain would vote for this POS.

  • John

    I agree I am sick if there is 2 Billion lets drop gas prices so we all could afford it. Why should the working class pay taxes so government can turn it around and pay people who do not chose to work but collect all the freebees

  • mike

    hate to burst everyone’s bubble!!


  • Michael

    I seriously hope that someone puts him out his misery real soon. Ironic thing is the blacks got out and voted him in cause of his skin color. Odumbass is only half black and not a citizen and the blacks are worse off than before he got in. All he is is major embarrassment to America.

  • angryplbr

    ZOMG aint he also the pres. that said he would bring our American warriors home from battle? Umm, seems we’re still in Afghanistan and now we’re going to the Sudan . But its all good huh,. IDIOT.

  • William Harper

    They probably haven’t done anything because he hasn’t done anything impeachable. I know you want to believe that craziness you spew but none of it is true. All you are doing is making it easy for people to claim R’s are irresponsible and dishonest.

  • Joe Hinkie

    And Cadillac suv’s drink a lot of gas!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Hinkie

    You better learn to speak Russian or Chinese with your mentality then!!!!!

  • mtim2474

    Given the idiotic things this administration is doing, it’s hard to read this as parody…

    But I can’t wait to see the idiot liberals upset at a Republican president for not engaging Congress for modifying laws. When a Republican president starts modifying his law on a whim, you can all remember when Obama did it and you said nothing. Obama is setting a dangerous precedent, and I know you’ll all be just as forgiving when it doesn’t work in your favor.

  • Lonnie

    Nah, y’all are just led by the nose by the BIGGEST LIAR EVER!

  • Lonnie

    ZOMG….you are the epitome of “IDIOT!”

  • Lonnie

    obama is HALF white, ergo, I dislike the policies foisted upon us by the WHITE HALF, not the BLACK HALF! p.s.- if the “black” half is so great why did he not carry Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia? These states have a VERY large “black” voting base! Color has NOTHING to do with it. Time to “fold” that old, tired, worn out “RACE” card! He has NO “redeeming qualities!”

  • Lonnie

    Unemployment, according to independent sources(not obama’s propagandists), is closer to 13%! GDP is about 1,3%! You need to quit guzzling that Kool Aid and do some research! Recovering economy? That is a pipe dream, from obama’s crack pipe! More people out of work or cut to part time! Even pelosi admitted that! She said “People getting cut to part time is a good thing! Those people will have more time to pursue their dreams!”

  • Bill Bowles

    Heck of a good way to buy more votes for the Democrats. I thought this wasn’t true but perhaps I was wrong.

  • GTeye

    You vote for Obama and call other people morons? Lol… that’s a laugh.

  • GTeye

    Actually they haven’t been disproven. MSNBC saying – “This isn’t true it’s been disproven” doesn’t ACTUALLY disprove anything.
    How can you seriously still support this man?

    Unless you are one of the ones getting that check to buy your loyalty?

  • GTeye

    What exactly is smart about voting for a man who accomplished nothing except be involved in scandals and won his senate seat through thuggery?

    What is smart about still supporting a man who has lied to the American people over and over again?

    I think the problem is that you are being educated in a way that tells you being a moron is being smart.

  • SJCharlie

    Have a cup of Cool Aid, it’s on me!

  • SJCharlie

    What color is the sky in your world?

    You’d call me a racist if I played RED on the Roulette wheel.

  • lance troupe

    You are the most uninformed Individual in all the conversation. You have to be kidding us, stop hating Obama, Really! This is the first President with more offense’s against him than any 10 presidents before him. He has racked up more debt that all of the previous presidents combined. He has, and is trampling our Constitution. Entered the American Presidency through Lies and trickery. He gave cell phones away to gain the dumb and misinformed votes he needed. He and his minions rigged the electronic voting systems. He is an Illegal alien him self, and this has been proven by Arizona’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpio. His forensic team proved beyond a shadow of a dough t ,that his birth certificate was a layered copy done with computers, A proven fact! There are more than 100 misuses of executive orders that are also and Illegal act. Obama is a Brother of the Muslim Islamic Haters of christians. He has bowed to an Arabic King, something no president in the history of the USA has ever done. He is the dog that lies to our faces and his agenda for you is to spread the money around. Your money and mine.

  • AmVet

    I don’t understand why or what you are replying to. I want illegal alien, Muslim Brotherhood member, that is now occupying the White House to spend the
    remainder of his life in GTMO along with all of his cronies.

  • Thomas Stachnik

    How do poor people even afford cars, insurance, maintenance? They should just use public transportation or dial a ride when they need to go to the doctor.
    Free gas will end up like free phones, used up right away on bullshit instead of being conserved for emergencies.

  • dondehoff

    If, and only if, free gas is in the offering to the poor (blacks, no less), then it must be controlled at the county or local level, wherein all recipients can be verified that they are in fact needy (yes, photo ID), and the amount must be strictly controlled, else “they” will be modifying vehicles as “transporters” to haul the free gas to localities where it can be sold at a discount, which could put the legitimate dealers out of business. And, how about free gas for the bank robbers and other criminal activity wherein vehicles are used? Those (useful idiots) receiving all of these “freebees” must realize all of this free stuff will cease, once the NWO groups are in power—-if you won’t work, you won’t eat—and if they are “infidel”s, they probably will also lose there heads. People, look at the “bigger picture” and not just at today and tomorrow—–with this administration, in the final analysis, there is no such thing as a “free lunch” (or gasoline). A final thought, will those entitled to free gas also demand a “free vehicle” (and brand new of course), in which to use the gas? I predict many congresspersons are going to get “run out of town on a rail”, this coming election cycle. In fact, everyone should be contacting their elected officials right away and demand this farce be stopped immediately.

  • Mike

    Why not give free cab fair for documented doctor appt’s?…cheaper.



  • darioqqo948

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    nearly new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid by working from a computer. a knockout post

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    got a stunning blue Toyota Matrix only from working off a macbook… try this B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • purplewings

    Why do you publish such lies? I posted this and when questioned about it’s veracity, I contacted Nolan at the
    Detroit News & asked if this is true.
    He responded immediately:
    No hoax by bunch of jerksSent from my iPhone

    On Dec 28, 2013, at 3:35 PM, “Loral O.”
    I believe him, am embarrassed that I posted it & will need to apologize. I’ll never visit this site again.

  • purplewings

    How are we to know this is one of those stupid parody sites??? They shouldn’t even exist. What good are they?

  • purplewings

    You have just proven yourself to be the fool. Every one of those points have been proven. Too bad that Obama pays off and threatens everyone who takes it to court, but it has been well-proven. You should really check things out.

  • sssa

    Listen to the teabagger’s you would think they want a real America the way it was meant to be for all of us, black, white, rich, poor, citizens.

  • Think Local

    If this is true, then how can these so called ‘poor’ have a car and afford mandatory insurance?

  • Death2Unions

    Welcome to The MSA. The Marxist State of America.

  • Jimbo

    macs13 didn’t understand that what you began the thread comment with was sarcasm. he didn’t read the whole comment

  • jimbo

    Hey ZOMG Lo-Info what’s that hanging off your chin? Oh, it’s a tea bag! Alinsky – pound them on a personal basis! We need to fight fire with fire! No more compromise – 17 trillion debt is a consequence of bipartisan compromise.

  • William Harper

    Please explain. I’m thinking you don’t know the meaning of the word.

  • William Harper

    why would question whether it is true or not?

  • Mons. Leclerc

    How can Congress sit on their rear end and do nothing about this? This is a trick by the democrats to control the next election, and they are using the money of whites to do it who are being robbed just as if Obama was in the bank with a gun, he is doing this with a pen. This is a socialist invention and that despicable Socialist/Muslim Obama is guilty, so why is not Congress acting here, it is clear he is in violation of our Constitution.

  • capnjack43

    Well Libs you wanted it now you’ve got it. That hand in your pocket is just the beginning.

  • barry1817

    if this is true, then what next, free cars to put the free gas into, and where does it stop.

  • barry1817

    someone states this is a satire. But because so many think it can be real, the satire is much more pertinent, based on real perceptions

  • William Harper

    Kind of like the Tea Party – brainlessly following the most corrupt of our society while believing they are leading.

  • barry1817

    projecting your own lack of brains onto the Tea Party, how liberal, and so perfectly sticking to liberal mantra of debate, projection, deception, deflection and Alinsky tactics

  • kowgurl

    Isn’t this decimation – the blacks call it all the time – why isn’t this CALLED DECIMATION because it’s not in favor for the BLACKS

  • William Harper

    Thanks. When was the last time you had an original thought?

  • barry1817

    did you notice, if there is any truth to this, or are you so blind never mind, you are a liberal, so that answers the question for me.

  • joep77

    It’s pure bunk, but it won’t stop maroons from believing it nonetheless.

  • joep77

    Rambo: what mean “decimation”? Is that a new word in this context?

  • joep77


    Yeah, it’s total bunk, but the right’s dead-from-the-neck-up mantra is to pee on anything the Admin comes out with, we’d expect nothing less.

  • DoubleDipBandit

    He did all that and he’s not even white!

  • William Carr


    First, this is a “hoax” site. The stories are click-bait pranks aimed at morons and are deliberately played up to make Right Wingers furious.

    Click on the “Obama releases new US Flag” if you need proof.

    The authors of the jokes are being a little cruel.

    They set up the prank to get Right Wingers frothing at the mouth; until they click on the dead giveway pranks and realize they’ve been played.

    Second, calling for someone to put the President “out of his misery”, is Sedition, and it’s illegal.

    Expect a friendly visit from the Secret Service if you continue like this.

    As a patriotic America, I remotely slap you for stupidity and disloyalty to America.

    It’s the bigots like you that are America’s biggest embarrassment.

    The Right Wing falls for this stuff easily, because, like Clint Eastwood, you don’t even see the REAL Obama; you see the “Invisible” Obama, the monster under your bed, the Man in the Empty Chair.

    A few tips:

    One; learn to think. It’s a good skill and might help you down the line if your job at McDonalds doesn’t pan out.

    Two; in America, if you have African ancestry, you are Black. By the laws of the old Confederate States, you’d be Black if you had 1/64th African ancestry.

    Three; there’s no way 14% of the population can vote in a minority President without the majority of the population also voting for the same candidate.

    Four; Obama was born in Hawaii; both Birth Certificates, the newspaper announcements, and the State of Hawaii say so.

    Five; The Economy is still rocky because of the Crash of 2008 under Bush’s policies. When Obama took Office, we were losing almost 800,000 jobs PER month.

    He stopped all that in four months, and we’ve been rebuilding ever since.

  • William Carr

    You mean the Reagan/Bush phone, don’t you?

    The program started under Ronald Reagan, on the premise that people needed a home phone so they could look for work. So of course, they got land-lines as cell phones were as rare as hen’s teeth then.

    Under G.W. Bush, the program expanded to cheap Cell phones.

    Obama simply has nothing to do with it.

    A President can’t simply strike down laws signed by his predecessors. Congress has to Repeal them.

    I really am sorry for you. You’re so caught up in the lies you believe in, you can’t even see the truth any more.

    Work through the logic with me. Obama didn’t sign any Bill into law creating “Obama Phones”, therefore… there aren’t any.

  • William Carr

    No. The fact you’d almost fall for this shows the danger to America from the Right Wing Hate Machine.

    The hoax is worded precisely to get Right Wingers furious.

    I can imagine the goons that write this stuff sitting around with laptops on their laps, egging each other on, trying to find the best phrasing to make Republican Blood boil.

  • William Carr

    Then don’t believe it. It’s a hoax.

  • William Carr

    Freedom of Speech, remember?

    They set up the Prank, but you fell for it.

  • William Carr

    Yeah, it’s a parody.

    But it’s NOT credible. It’s set up to trick the Right Wingers who believe anything Obama does is based on Racial favoritism.

    If you walked into this with a pre-programmed anti-Obama attitude, you’re on thin ice already.

    After all, it was Reagan and then Bush that set up the “phones for low income job seekers” program.

    Obama had nothing to do with it.

    People are still on food stamps because of the Crash of 2008 and all the jobs we lost because of G.W. Bush and his policies of War, War, War.

    Labor Participation is low because Baby Boomers are retiring at 10,000 per DAY; and those that retire before 64 are counted as able-bodied but not working.

    Community organizers, the “Black Panthers”, and the SEIU aren’t “manning” the voting stations.

    That’s either a Glenn Beck or Breibart hoax.

    The “New Black Panthers” seen at a polling station… all TWO of them… happen to live near and vote AT that polling station.

    They had the RIGHT to be there.

    But the RW media picks up one picture of two tough-looking black guys outside a polling station, and you all fall for it.

  • William Carr

    It’s a parody. The reason it struck home with you, is that you’ve been pre-programmed to believe hoaxes about Obama.

    It’s not that giving $2 Billion in free gas to any black person is realistic.

    It’s nowhere NEAR realistic.

    It’s just that you’ve been programmed to believe crap.

    You remind me of another Conservative that read a story that had already been debunked.

    But he liked the “sound” of it, and said it was a “useful Archetype”.

    I questioned him on that. I said “you KNOW that this was faked, that there was no truth in it. Why do you think it’s “useful”, and what is an “Archetype” ?

    I pressed him, saying “Is the term ‘Archetype’ the term you use when you want a story that will anger Conservatives and let you manipulate them? Does the little fact it’s false not bother you?”.

  • William Carr

    Ah… so you’re LITERALLY Race-ist.

    After all, you’re claiming African Americans are “the most failed race in work history”…

    So, you’re exposed as a Racist. And no doubt, proud of it !

    Your claim is laughable. African Americans were brought here as slaves, and when they were freed, were instantly impoverished.

    All the wealth their ancestors in Africa could have amassed was gone, and they had NOTHING.

    Many of them have painstakingly built lives and respectable incomes since then, generation after generation.

    Until the Jim Crow laws were struck down, they were fighting the good fight weighed down with lead and stumbling through knee deep mud.

    Innocent black men were arrested on false charges and then sold into work gangs until too old to work.

    That went on until 1942.

    So, yeah; Poverty sucks, and Reaganomics brought Poverty back, big-time.

    But it has nothing to do with skin color.

  • 42n81

    There ya go….always know you won the debate when they play the card. Most everyone stopped reading after you played the card…nice job! Yrt another lazy, unqualified 13%’er that represents the most failed race in the history of the world…

  • Mac Burks

    Obamafuel! I am so sick and tired of these oil companies taking our tax dollars. It’s about time they start paying us back!

  • Mac Burks

    Posts like this are awesome because you don’t know if its top notch trolling or if you are one of the tea-people that is being targeted by this article. Loosers. Indeed!

  • mac burks

    You must be one of them liberals.

  • andre

    thank you ! The real problem is that people actually believe this. Just shows what type of judgement some voters have. If you read this and think it is true, you sir or maam, need to stop passing genes to younger generations, please. , .

  • barry1817

    Maybe it isn’t dead from the neck up, but from seeing the videos of those getting the Obama phones, and the increase in food stamps, and other handouts.

    But no problem, keep working hard, so you can afford to pay for the goodies that so many want, and think that it is free

  • William Carr

    Um, “Decimate” is a Latin term for “kill one out of ten”.

  • William Carr

    Be honest. You’re a Site Admin and you’re toying with the silly fools.

  • William Carr

    Thanks for proving my point.

    I’m Irish.

    Google the surname “Carr”. Somewhere in Ireland there’s a crumbling old Castle with my name on it.

    When YOU make the comment that one particular race is “Lazy”… dude, that means you’re a Racist.

    This is literally what the term means;

    “Racism is generally defined as actions, practices or beliefs, or social or political systems that are based in view that sees the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently.”

  • William Carr

    Oh, no… I think it’s smarta$$ Liberals setting up TeaBaggers just to watch them froth at the mouth.

  • William Carr

    Wait, what? A useful suggestion?

    Admin, you should BAN this person for being helpful !

  • William Carr

    Yes, and think how much Slavery helped them ! They got the opportunity to learn a trade !

    Oh, Johnny. Finally learning to read won’t help you if you don’t learn to understand what you read.

  • William Carr

    It’s the Republican Paul Ryan that obstinately refused to renew the unemployment insurance extension.

    For everybody, BTW; race has nothing to do with it.

    When Congress wakes up from all that eggnog, Democrats will be pounding to renew the Unemployment extension.

    Did you know the F-35 Jet was so buggy that for years, it couldn’t be flown at night or on a cloudy day?

    It’s high-tech, all right, but it’s buggy. The Budget for that was $1.2 Trillion dollars !

    There’s 3/4ths of that money left. Cancel it, fix our REAL problems.

  • William Harper

    No, I have nothing to do with the site and have rarely commented except on this story. The site clearly states it is satire, the stories always have strong hints that they aren’t true, and the comments are full of people screaming it isn’t true – yet folks are still showing their desperation to blame someone other than themselves for their problems by throwing out ridiculous responses (like going to war). I used to try to reason with them and explain that it isn’t true but they always flamed me so I decided to entertain myself with it while recovering from a major surgery. If someone is particularly mean I will engage them a bit more but, for the most part, I’m just having fun. I wish I could find a site where Democrats are as easy to pick on as the TP folks.

  • James

    Turns out… IT WAS!

  • William Carr

    Actually, no; Mr. Massie just doesn’t like them, period.

    He doesn’t have to make up a reason.

    And you shouldn’t take anything he says as Holy Writ.

    For example, his odd protest against appointing “czars”.

    Every President since FDR has appointed people to his Administration to fill specific jobs, using the term “czar”.

    It’s not the ACTUAL title, just a term of reference.

    This isn’t “arrogance”, unless you think all American Presidents are arrogant.

    And no, Obama doesn’t bypass Congress.

    Obama hasn’t “levied taxes”, “declared War”, or “written legislation” and then signed it himself.

    Those are the powers of Congress.

    The President hasn’t usurped any of them.

    The War Powers Act gives any President 60 days to quickly respond to a situation he deems affects America’s interests.

    Again, that’s not usurping the powers of Congress, since Congress passed the War Powers Act in the first place.

    It’s obvious that Obama Derangement Syndrome can affect Blacks too !

  • William Carr

    That’s it, keep a bright thought. Lean over, isn’t there something stuck down in the wood chipper? I bet you can pull it out… reach a little farther… farther…

  • William Carr

    Yes, what a disaster… 45 straight months of private sector Job Growth, the Auto makers saved from Bankruptcy, Wall Street setting records, the Economy recovering…

    We should have stuck with Bush and losing 750,000 jobs per month in a shattered Economy.

  • William Carr

    Well, that’s easy.

    “You People”: the people that believe hoaxes without blinking. Without any fact-checking.

    Reactions to this site vary by political persuasion:

    Conservative Reaction A: Fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. Grump, gripe, call for a Revolution !

    Conservative Reaction B: Realize it’s a parody, but comment it sounds very realistic.

    All Liberals: “Wha… oh, it’s a Parody. Hey, it looks like some Conservatives are actually crazy enough to fall for it. Let’s make fun of them.”

  • William Carr

    Prove it.

    The Obama Phone? No such thing. Reagan started that with land-lines, and G.W. Bush made it Cell Phones.

  • William Carr

    Or, you could put on “blackface”. If, you know, this wasn’t a PARODY.

  • 42n81

    Wow,,,how racist and assumptive can you get? You are so proving the point of how tricky racist libs are..what ? All blacks are Washington, Jefferson, Jones? I’ll. Bet you can identify blacks by what they eat huh? What a hypocritical POS you are..and yes, I so know someone African American named Carr…thanks for proving my point…

  • Funionman

    What does one gain from putting a site like this and reporting false news?

  • CB750Rider

    ZMOG is actually one of the 25 viewers of MSDNC.

  • ServosT

    “Everybody in Cleveland got Obamaphone.”

  • Randy Beard

    One More Program to Defeat the Work Ethic-What Made America Strong –Our US Government is Totally Upside Down,Inside Out and Flip-Flopped so that I Don’t Recognize Her Anymore ,If Something Doesn’t Change for the Better, We are Doomed…

  • William Harper

    It magnifies the silliness of the us vs them, right vs left, R vs D mentality that has gripped the U.S. I enjoy sites like this because it really shows how stupid the extremes from both sides are.

  • Anthony Edwards

    nothing is free. might as well we give them every damn thing else

  • argh32

    The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding
    of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

  • argh32

    He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

    What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved
    Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

    Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah.

  • argh32

    He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is
    mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname
    and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic
    parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from
    his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

    What he isn’t,
    not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved
    Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor
    who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading
    was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended

  • AmVet

    He is the puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood. Everything he does seens to benefit the Muslims, George Soros and the Shadow Democrat Party memebers, NOT the United States.

  • argh32

    Somebody needs to educate the o-man, “Socialism
    is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and
    the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

  • AmVet

    The Defense budget is the last thing that should be
    touched. If you had any knowledge of our economy you would know that much of that money is disbursed to the millions of American that have jobs due to the direct connection with Our military. Building equipment, housing, supplying food, clothing, etc. creates millions of jobs for Americans who in turn spend their incomes for their family needs and pay taxes. Isn’t that better than giving them money to not work? Do you want to give up our freedoms to be governed by a foreign pig? Would you rather be defending Our Freedom fighting within our borders or on our enemy’s soil? I don’t hate Obama because he is half black; I hate him because he is not an American. You assume I’m not black, just as your rhetoric inclines me to believe you are black. Either way you need to do more studies on the Constitution and research just who Obama really is and his allegiances. The first defunding should be ObamaCare, the second is all
    of his Czars and Muslim appointees and the third would be banning the American Communist Party and the American Liberal Party both of which have assimilated with the once honorable Democratic Party. I am taking for granite that you did not know that it was the Democrats that hired the KKK after the Civil War to track down newly freed slaves and forced them to remain on the plantations or hung them for declaring their freedom, after all it was the Republicans that were responsible for the abolishment of slavery in the United States. Why do you think Obama types are re-writing our history books? They don’t want the new generations to know the real truth about the Democratic Party and the Communist goals. As for Clinton, I did not like him; but I did not hate hime either. We were fortunate that President Reagan beefed up our military after the Carter disaster as Clinton did the typical Democratic Party program to weaken our Defense Program.

  • Captain Z

    Wow, are the comments as much a spoof as the article? I think the article didn’t go far enough in its absurdity to make it obvious that it is a spoof, but a lot of these comments really take up the slack! I would be spending a lot of time on Snopes, FactCheck, etc. if I didn’t already know this was a comedy website!

  • Cathy Pridgen Cross

    None in our neighborhoods, and I would qualify. Darn. 😉

  • joep77

    The phone deal started under Reagan. But you probably figured it all came about in 2009, right?

  • barry1817

    and when it was a phone line, the abuse was far less, now with cells the abuse is huge and you pay for it,

  • barry1817

    was a land phone for emergencies, wasn’t the abuse with that system that now exists.

    But then I guess you are ecstatic with the waste and fraud in this new system and with the people that get the phones and are neither grateful or responsible.

  • William Harper

    says the anonymous internet tough guy.

  • argh32

    Internet tough guy, William? Which part of this is not completely accurate? I honestly believe it is right on the money, all of it. Is that hope and change jive working for you?

  • Bitohoney4

    What educated Americans???? The vast number of people who voted for him were poor, minority people. the VAST number of educated people did NOT vote for that communist!

  • William Harper

    I didn’t say you weren’t accurate. I was pointing out that you said the President has “no balls” and you are posting anonymously.

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    That is the problem with the Obama Administration. One minute its satire, the next minute it is policy.

  • doramin

    Sorry, but the way things are going these days, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Obama went the full Chavez.

    Subsidized food and fuel are a common feature of turd-world dictatorships–bread and circuses, Jack–the massive expansion of the food stamp program is an example.

  • Kimo

    Do you need to have an ObamaCar for this?

  • TruthWFree

    Good list…I’ll throw in one more First Illegal White House Occupant…to say “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam (I assume hewas talking about the murdering, robbing, pedophile false prophet Muhammad…there wasn’t another false Islamic prophet, was there?)

  • bruce

    I see a discrimination lawsuit for the white people

  • EndtheFed

    Its Un-American communist cowards like you that cause all the Bullshit this country is experiencing. Over educated weaklings that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag! Yet you think you could impose your beliefs on the Real-Americans. Does the saying ‘Or die trying” enter your obviously thick skull? I hope it does,and i wish you would ! Pa-*#%&@$^thetic!

  • Journey

    Be afraid, be very afraid. He is now giving gas to the poor and homeless? They are poor because they don’t want to work, most homeless are the same, NOT all I promise you. He brings them in over the boarder, not because he’s kind but he is looking for more votes. Now owning gas stations? The government stole our social security money, did they ask to borrow it? I don’t think so. Now they young pour more money into it, knowing full well they will never see a penny of it……..Be afraid, Be very afraid.

  • Evelyn

    The vast majority of UNEDUCATED,you mean. All those on welfare, say “aye”. He got a lot of votes from dead people and multiple votes from living people. He got elected FRAUDULENTLY!!! As an “educated” person, do you understand what that means? It means he should NOT be in the White House. Do you also understand what TREASON is? He has committed it since day one and needs to be arrested and dealt with as well as his entire administration including “kill”: ary.

  • Evelyn

    Lance, you did not read all of AmVet’s post! Read it all! I have a copy of this. It is wonderful and tells it like it is!

  • Evelyn

    Not me, AmVet, I want his sorry A$$ arrested and tried for TREASON and dealt with accordingly. Preferably at the end of a rope from a Seaquoia.

  • Evelyn

    I believe the hospital that is listed on his birth certificate was not even in existence when he was born. If I am not mistaken, he is listed as “African American” on his birth certificate. That term was not even being used at the time of his birth. Please explain to me what else has been “Proven”. IF you can.

  • Evelyn

    His first lie was when he took the oath of office!!!!

  • jo

    Why bring up barney frank?

  • William Harper

    I’m with you. Let’s put together a million moron march to show “him” who is boss!

  • rifftop

    Don’t give these creeps any ideas even as a joke.

  • rifftop

    agreed……..boggles the mind that so many morons voted for the sob a second time

  • rifftop

    educated? has nothing to do with it…….that’s how they got brainwashed in the first place listening to left wing twisted professors. Because somebody sat in liberal arts classes doesnt make them intelligent. Lot’s of “educated” people all over the planet, including terrorist muslims. Idiocy is electing Obama a second time because you have a warped mind that thinks he’s a leader, thinker and reformer for the good of the US and refuse to understand Obama’s goals, philosophy and intentions. Hitler, Mao, Castro had lots of believers as well……..including so called “educated” fools.

  • rationalized

    These poor and homeless don’t have cars so why do they need free gas. How would you distinguish between poor/homeless and rich? If an ID is the answer they why can’t they do it for elections.

  • Jack

    It is time for white america to come together and clean our country up once more..

  • Jack

    Y’all left one big one out..Benghazi.

  • Jeff

    Replace gas with healthcare and it’s a valid article…

  • Jeff

    So if others did something, then O should get a pass? That’s the kind of “intellectual” thinking that got us in this mess to start with. Put down your legalized weed and wake up!

  • Hound Dog

    Only in the sick twisted mind of a Democrat will you find this kind of insanity. Question is who in their right mind will venture into these inner city war zones to get free gas? The people that live there don’t even own cars.


    Considering how psychotic and crazy the Left is, it’s hard to tell if they are really up to something or not.


    It’s amazing how ignorant liberals are. They worship communism, yet this system has brought misery and death to millions of people. Liberals never have any proof or data to back up why their ideas will work. liberals base their agenda on how they feel. Many liberals are just losers.

  • Michael Bowler

    That’s pretty funny, I don’t care who ya are…

    Truth is, I wouldn’t put it past Obuttnugget to try it…though I think they’d get burned to the ground in a few days.

  • Michael Bowler

    It’s amazing to me the number of yahoos who don’t get that this a joke…and it’s on them.

  • rifftop

    Problem is……in the bizarro lefty world…….today’s joke becomes tomorrow’s reality. They gave them free phones, bought their junk cars……anything is possible if you instill it in the mind of these regressive liberal addicts , especially with this con man in the white house. Hey, they grew the EBT/food stamp cards, give them free med. care, housing subsidies, school space, pay their utilities………what else can the bastards hand them……..Oh yeah……gasoline. If you look back 20 or 30 yrs, nobody would believe the crap they are doing today. Remember to a lefty the joke is only funny if everybody else pays for it.

  • Michael Bowler

    I assure you, emphatically, there are progressives out there, right this second, who think this should happen. I do believe that if there is a movement to provide the looters with free fuel, it will be through their EBT cards. That I can see happening.

    A looters only, free gas station would become a trashed, burnt out dump within a week or two. If the looters didn’t burn it because they didn’t get enough gas, some right minded individual would burn it, because it would be an affront to decent hard working people…and I, for one, would cheer him.

  • freedom lover

    I believe we need a law that would not allow people to vote if they receive government assistance or something for nothing. As it is a conflict of interest.

  • Beluci

    Well, after free cell phones, cash for clunkers, free medical care, and food stamps,and government subsidized housing, why not free gas? What’s next? Free pot?

  • hlshaw01

    You are smarter than us since you don’t want to work, just live off the fat of the land.

  • Myko

    Which vast majority was that? He won by a few million. Are you Koolaiding again? What will your mama say?

  • 1776

    FAIL! The tyrant was not elected, he was placed by fraud, and with the aid of brain-stem damaged liberals such as macs13.

  • William Harper

    I’m not a liberal and I think it is difficult for us to win with fine folks like you continually showing your brilliance.

  • J. Brown

    Evidence indicates that you followed TV personalities by voting for BHO. Lack of intelligence.


    hes the biggest fu–king idiot that ever lived worthless son of a bitch ruining this country

  • Michael Lawrence

    and one troll named Erin

  • Ralphsheets

    There has to be a way to stop this regime and the potus.

  • Ralphsheets

    You know this has worked in my family for 50 years.My spouse would get me to the doctor or pharmacy or hospital or maybe one of the kids and maybe a neighbor or a friend.This way won’t work anymore or what.

  • Ralphsheets

    You know the poor in our country have a wide screen HD TV,cell phones,computers,game station,free landline.Throw in section 8 housing,welfare,healthcare and all the other entitlements.No wonder everyone wants to come to America.How do we keep paying for it????Eventually you will run out of other peoples money.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Soros-owned voting machines and tabulators, of course! And you need to learn the difference between “educated” and “indoctrinated” because those to whom you refer are among the LATTER group, not the former!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Gitmo would be as bad or worse than hanging. Especially if he’s treated to water boarding and other nice “amenities” of like nature.

  • The Sheirff

    If you were smarter you would not have followed the pied pier to your destruction. You are like a bunch of Rats being led to drown and trying to take us with you. Sorry but we are not as stupid as you, we have God on our side, You only have Obama.

  • the sheriff

    As I see it ZOMG Lo-Info means zoo maggot uneducated ideate. It’s a shame that you are so blind that you don’t even know your being led to slaughter by your pied piper Obama.

  • Beinor

    DHS is Dept. of Homeland Security
    DHHS is Dept. of Health and Human Services

    Daily Currant, come on…

  • bj


  • Hadenough

    Lance, Amvet was being sarcastic. He is on our team.

  • Paul Candella

    Great Post Lance

  • Bkwcomments

    The phone program started several administrations ago as assistance for landlines. Bush’s admin switched it to cell phones and Obama inherited it.

  • Bkwcomments


    LOL. Sorry. I couldn’t resist!

  • Bkwcomments

    I agree that the system is not being used as it was originally intended, to provide phone access to rural and sparsely populated communities. But the switch to a cell phone program was made under the Bush43 administration. It just didn’t take effect until Obama took office, so everybody blames him for it. Well, everybody who doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about.

  • barry1817

    and the abuse is rampant, so once more a government program that may have been worth while, is rife with corruption and problems.

    Seems that if people are going to be given something, on the backs of the taxes of others, there must be an accountability.

    Not there, don’t do the program.

  • William Harper

    either works for me

  • Matildaq

    It’s not real, it’s satire, that’s all this publication does. It’s a joke people!!!

  • James White, M.D.

    Make no joke, Erin, at the expense of people who write what Kim wrote. You, dear, should realize that “America” is the joke of the world, right now–a nation committing suicide–and that parody sites are having trouble keeping up with the river of deception and stupidity pouring out of the government, and being consumed daily.

  • Erin Stevenson

    Dr. White, as an educated man, you have to realize that people like Kim are a disservice to this country. They can’t even be bothered to recognize obvious parody when it smacks them in the face if it agrees with their worldview. They will never be convinced otherwise that it’s a joke, and will continue to tell their low information friends about it as if it were 100% true.

  • William Harper

    No disrespect intended Dr White but where do you the idea that America is the joke of the world? I travel a lot (38 countries in 2013) and I have yet to see this. I’ve heard a lot of the TPs make the claim but have yet to actually witness it for myself. If you have seen it first hand please name the city, country, and social arena and I will certainly check it out.

  • Dale Koven

    The people that called Obama an idiot in this blog are the true idiots! THIS STORY IS A JOKE!!!!! Here, I’ll show you this from the “About” at the very bottom of this article:

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.
    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?
    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world
    Q. Who are your influences?
    A. Bat for Lashes, Dave Brubeck, Regina Spektor and Jeff Buckle

    Now who’s the idiot!!! You people amaze me!

  • JJ

    so get off this thread and there will be one less.

  • Erin Stevenson

    Hi, JJ. You do realize that the Daily Currant is a parody site, right?


    “Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

    There’s Republicans in this thread who believe everything that is in the fictional news story above, and are reacting as if it is real because it supports their confirmation bias.

  • deathtobanannas

    they dun it wid cumpyooters!!! he aint no muricin n i noeit!!!

  • jmstalk

    This rag ought to be shut down. As if there isn’t enough confusion in the world. I don’t see the humor at all.

  • William Harper

    By all means, if you don’t understand it we should shut it down. You could shoot it or blame it on God.

  • hazeleyes

    Get a grip. “Baggers” don’t all swallow tripe, even like yours… we received the same email and did a search. Don’t be a bigot.

  • z–man

    Dang. For a minute there, I thought this was true.

  • Ron Ruthfield

    Lance, you’re dumber than a rock and blind to boot. Read the entire post by AmVet, then apologize to him for being a raging dolt.

  • trish87109

    AmVet, I really love what you are saying. However, you do need to check your history in terms or Reagan and Carter. Reagan was the 40th and Clinton the 42nd so Reagan could not have cleaned up Clinton’s mess. That would have been GW Bush that had to clean up the Clinton mess.

  • trish87109

    AmVet, I’m really sorry! My bad. You did say Reagan and Carter and I even typed it. Yes, Reagan did clean up the Carter military mess! My apologies.

  • William Harper

    Actually, he needs to check all of his facts and a review of the histories of the conservative and liberal movements in the U.S. would probably help. A learned person states facts without a need for twisting them.

  • lordairgtar

    baggers don’t fall for Onion style articles. However when read at face value, the Currant article sounds true until you get to the end which has the sentence about just letting Black people pump for free and White people being charged. That caps it as a satirical piece. I have Liberal friends who fall for satirical pieces all the time.

  • AmVet

    trish87109, Thank you for your response. If you read the last sentence again you will see that I did not put the Presidents in the wrong order. Reagan beefed up our military after Carter cut the military budget. Clinton started cutting the budget as soon as he got in office and now Obama is doing his best to weaken our military. That’s why I consider them pro-communist.

  • vince

    How do you afford a car if you can’t pay for your gas to run it? I think we should all stop working, and live off the federal government, and see how long their funds last! Make the politicians go broke without any tax revenues coming in……LOL

  • William Harper

    This article just keeps on givin’.

  • beardove

    Sorry on this one J Been going around a bit but is FALSE L http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/gasstations.asp

  • Edoardo Walsh

    Barry Obimbo is old enough to be listed as a NEGROE or COLORED on his birth certificate and too old to be Afro-American, which he ain’t.

  • Edoardo Walsh

    You are loonier than a 2-peckard goat! I hated clitton and his goose stepping feminazi co-president. just as much as I hate this communist charlatan.

  • Eyeswideopen

    Now that’s a DAMN good Idea. Can you imagine how crazy that would make these jackass liberals that buy votes by giving things to the laziest people in the country……………

  • Duane

    little mdd: remind me of whatever you want – I know enough to ignore anything a fool like you has to say.

  • Konserwatysta

    So you’re accusing this person of being a liberal-progressive? That’s just hate speech.

  • William Harper

    I love this thread – It just keeps on giving!

  • A little late with your answer as I just happen to be returning here now. You recall the old adage : ” You can give a man a fish or you can teach him to catch his own fish” … or something like that. Well you get my drift.

  • William Harper

    No drift received. Still looks some folks live in a fantasy world.

  • E. Newton

    These are all self-serve stations and that’s wrong. At the other gas stations, the ones for white people, there is someone to pump the gas for you and clean the windshield. Why isn’t this being done at the Obamastations? It’s a clear double standard and it’s bigoted.