Sarah Palin Arrives in South Korea for Mandela Memorial

Dec 10, 2013

palin arriveSarah Palin disembarked from a plane in Seoul, South Korea today expecting to attend the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

According to local reports the former Alaskan governor and Republican vice presidential candidate arrived on Asiana flight 459 from Anchorage at 6:30 a.m. local time and took nearly a half hour to realize that she had flown to the wrong country.

Palin was one of many world leaders expected to attend Mandela's memorial today, which is being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, but she will now unlikely be able to get to the ceremony in time.

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  • LOL


  • Michael Confoy

    At least she made it to the right continent libtards.

  • Bokhoring

    Right continent – you must be joking?

  • Sambini

    You two must be related Michael.

  • cmptrwhz

    Are you a moron? South Korea is NOT South Africa. Repubs should not be allowed to reproduce.

  • KKK_666

    I thought Michael was just being satirical as well…weren’t you Michael or are you really that dumb ?

  • Bokhoring

    The Africa in South Africa should be the hint. However I suspect Michael only knows 2 continents – the US and the rest of the world.

  • chazmanr

    Were you being ironic in the spirit of the website or just stupid? Please let it be the former.

    N. Korea would be in Asia. Where do you think South AFRICA is?

  • telast

    Asia is not Africa. Wrong continent.

  • Lauri Bliss

    She is NOT a world leader. She is a world class doofus.

  • Lauri Bliss

    Name calling? Please act like an adult.

  • Kavemonkey

    Thank you for letting us Liberals understand how the Right Wing thinks… or doesn’t think as the case may be

  • Ishi

    Dumb as a box of hammers…..(sorry hammers)

  • Lauri Bliss

    And she is filming some kind of outdoor show, not trying to attend anyone’s funeral. Certainly not someone that stood for equal rights.

  • Kavemonkey

    Everyone is aware that this a satire news source… like the onion… these stories are not real (however, I would not be suprised in this story though)

  • TEDjosa

    it seems likely she would pull such a stunt to get her five minutes of face time onthte national rwing media she craves being lusted for b y rwing old men she was hot when she was young but shes married now

  • Joni

    Please refrain from using the root word “tard.” I find it offensive. Thank you. In your case the phrase “geographically challenged” is appropriate.

  • Michael Confoy

    Sarah can look out of her house and see all the continents because she is a woman of vision unlike Hillary.

  • vinman043

    Let’s see South Korea is in Asia and South Africa is in, well, Africa. Sure, right continent.

  • Mdc

    Dumb as a box of hair balls, if you ask me.

  • Mdc

    Last I looked, S. Korea was on the continent of ASIA
    President Mandela was from AFRICA

    looks to me that a certain “RepubliTARD” failed Geography.

  • Run2Live

    Home schooled?

  • Daniel Troesken

    Dude, you are as stupid as she is.

  • cpadd

    ok ^^^^that right there is hilarious!! Its actually funnier than the satirical story…bhahhhhahahahahah

  • Madam Mijanou

    I so love reading how a false report brings out the best and the worst in us….I would hope no one could be that stupid…but then you have republican trolls that expose even more stupidity as stating that Asia is the continent that holds South Africa? Just

  • cpadd

    he was serious…no he really was

  • grannieannie2

    Can’t they hold it up for her? (sarcasm light lit).

  • sunnydays

    I am pretty sure Michael is playing the satire of troll in this one 🙂 and I laugh…

  • grannieannie2

    I’m 84 and Palin and I are in a race to see who can get the most wrinkles before the 2014 mid-term election.
    I think I’m winning.

  • Jeffrey Mullins

    I’m guessing you said that to show how stupid conservatives are??? If not….guess what? Your DUMB.

  • mograph

    Michael has just been Incepted.

  • Kristen

    Ugh… She is not a, “World leader.”

  • Jamroast

    You got trolled fools.

  • Jamroast


  • Jamroast

    You trolled em. Good job.

  • Kaibelf

    It’s a satire website. You know. Fake? Like the Onion? The Daily Show? Colbert Report? Fake.

  • Kathleen Cicelski

    LMAO, thank you for trying to remind these homosapiens…..Though I will also admit, I wouldn’t be surprised either….

  • SATXThinker

    Yes. That’s why it’s funny: Sarah Palin is so DUMB that it’s actually believable she would do this.

  • Ojai Ellen

    Well, your statement tells everyone why you like her !!! You’re kidding, right ???

  • Ojai Ellen

    She’s a bottom feeder !

  • Man-of-Reason

    Gosh, Where DOES Mandela live?!

  • Melanie Tolar

    world leader? what world? bizarre ass-backwards world – ’cause it ain’t the real world she’s leading. (thank God, this is only satire)

  • David P. Turnbole

    Satire but I must say, nothing she would be accused of doing would surprise me.

  • Marvin


  • Marvin


  • Chuck

    lmao.. Yo Dumbo! Give it up ya stupid idiot!

  • Hoosier Lad

    Hey! Hey! Yo! Teabugger! Got her directions wrong again! Attended Billy Graham’s Political Birthday Party with the ‘Donnie Chumps,’ but still spreading her Moose manure against President Obama and President Madela… still calls him a commie and uppity, too!

  • mark

    Yeah I am sure this is true. More ridiculous “headlines”.

  • mark

    I mean if you’re going to make something up make it up that she went to South Dakota, this is BS.

  • EdwardWJones

    World leader?

  • John Jaie Palmero

    I was fooled until they said “world leader”. THEN I saw the joke.

  • patriot911

    Nothing funny or clever here. Cannot understand why anyone would read fake news stories. I guess the clowns in the real news are too depressing.

  • johnnyfreemanking

    silly, not worthy of conversation.

  • Flygirl60

    lol such a lie. These satires are getting out of hand.

  • Charlie Fardette


  • Guest

    You mean the continent named South?

  • norval thomas

    Satire , however , it’s not beyond her lack of intelligence to find herself in a dilemma of this nature…

  • George

    I think it actually happened; after all, ANY South is South, right?

  • EvidenceBasedDecisions

    Not even the right hemisphere.

  • Funny stuff. She probably flew there because after looking at Russia to the northwest, if she looks further to the southwest, she can see the eastern Korean peninsula. Its an honest mistake for her. Speaking of selfies… here’s one of my favorites of Sarah.

  • jsdc007

    Wow, someone even dumber than the Grifter Palin herself!

  • Michael Confoy

    God told her it was the right south place to go. There are no death panels in South Korea like there will soon be here and we already know that commie Mandela started them in South (failed state) Africa.

  • Dingo19

    And yet, here you are.

  • donaldhump

    LOL – I get you

  • donaldhump

    even as dumb as someone who can’t see sarcasm right in front of their nose?

  • jsdc007

    LOL. Even stupider than the stupid are those who defend their stupidity. Go away.

  • Nahzuul

    The satire was in Sarah Palin being called a “world leader.”

  • Romulus Opondo

    I am at a loss to understand whether or not Sara Palin consciously or mistakenly boarded the wrong plane. Something extremely serious must have caused such an event. Remember this. While most of us live in countries, Americans live in a large continent divided into states as large as our own countries but some of which are much more complex. Imagine integrating all the complexities of the USA then add remote countries around the globe and it becomes more complex. One thing about Americans who do not travel is that they are localized to the extent they do not know where other countries are. Sara Palin could be one of the localized Americans and did not see that South Africa and South Korea were in different continents, let alone different countries. Or she thought Nelson Mandela lived in South Korea. I have much sympathy for the lady, if the story is not an interesting fiction.

  • Not South America?

  • PartyTime

    Michael. You are an idiot. That is all.

  • tommy

    Flounder Head!

  • Mattino2011


  • Brian Ferguson

    QUOTE. “I can see Russia from here” Aye, what did you expect?

  • Ioana Moldovan

    to bad she did not end up in North Korea !

  • John Oliver Mason

    Why should Sara Palin want to be President? She’s already the Duchess of Duh!

  • don

    Yes. So she is going to Do a Book Tour while she is in the area. 🙂

  • Guest

    They are not waiting for a quitter half term ,suffering from nothingism illness to attend a memorial…LOL.

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    They are not waiting for a quitter looney,suffering from nothingism illness!!! attending a sane memorial for a great man in SAfrica…

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    You are too kind in defining this imb…..moron.

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    World leader of ËMPTY”NUTS”.

  • jawillie

    The sad thing is that this is actually BELIEVABLE!

  • malcolmtbm

    give the lady a break…

  • jawillie

    Dear Michael. Please, please, oh PLEASE tell everyone that you are only joking and trying to pull their chain. Otherwise people will really think that you are even dumber than Palin. And frankly, that level of stupidity in a human being TERRIFIES me.

  • joe

    I now have the conviction that some people aren’t made to lead!

  • Sashatree


  • sista rudie

    Is this the calibre of leader that comes from a great western power?


    Well do not entirely blame her,


    Not many Americans know about countries outside the USA.I bet not all Americans can name the 50 states that make up the USA.

  • ixzist

    It’s funny because she is totally stupid.

  • Ava Weatherly

    I am sure that you are all telling a lie on the lady. No one can be that dumb.

  • txson

    Satire not truth! Sarah Palin has been and is demonized by those who are influenced by evil, who are most likely Godless and lower than whale dung. Sarah is a patriot who understands how the socialist have slowly influenced Americans through drugs, the loss of moral values and the destruction to family and their relationship with God. She is a Christian and those values is where her drive comes from, unlike so many politician’s that are ruining our country! Evil exist, one form is it attacks a person wrongly because that person has real value. Evil can not stand Godliness. Look around, evil is promoting homosexual and alternative life styles, that brought down the Roman empire, it is an abomination to our creator but you have to realize you didn’t crawl out from under a rock. I just recalled a Biblical principal that will end my rant, it is useless to try an teach fools anything!

  • Edd Boggs


  • IrishYank2

    Ironic how satire can sometimes fray not too far from the believable, isn’t it?

  • Cyberstuntman

    Baaahhh!..Bleet bleet…..baahhhh…..here comes the herders!

  • Palindrome

    One ought to tell her that she has to take the plane to Peoria, the capital city (of whatever)… vor einigen Sekunden

  • Cory Harkness

    You realize that was a quote made by Tina Fey who was IMPERSONATING Palin on SNL, right? You know that, right? You don’t actually think Palin said it, right? You don’t actually accept hearsay as fact, do you? Just wondering.

  • Cory Harkness

    I agree. I’ve felt this way about the USA for years. You get what you vote for!

  • Sharon Port

    That certainly is true of the current WH resident.

  • stevie1910


  • MarcSFried

    So what state was she representing? The state of Confusion????

  • Janice Adams

    Wait, did I miss the part where Sarah was crowned and became a world leader?

  • scandi cranberry

    indeed, it is useless to try to teach fools, my poor fried 🙂

  • cgm

    on behalf of Satan, too bad.

  • Mike McClanahan

    I’m always blown away by how many people don’t understand satire.

  • Mike McClanahan

    This is only satire, you ninny. Watch “Sarah Palin: You Betcha!” on netflix.


    This satire is so good, because it comes so close to the truth.

  • I think a lot of people believe this lol

  • She deserves to be mocked

  • max
  • Guest

    State of denial

  • Wellread

    state of denial

  • James Layman

    OK, anyone who believes that this is a real news story please move to the right so we can keep an eye on you. No dammit, your other right!!!!!

  • Cory Harkness


    It IS physically possible to see Russian soil from Alaskan soil. I admit my error was assuming Brian Ferguson was referencing the SNL skit. Still, Palin is far from a dim bulb… she has proven her mettle as Governor of Alaska.

  • Defenestrator

    Better double-check that.

    “You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.”
    -Sarah Palin (not Tina Fey)

  • Defenestrator

    Yes. Yes, I think he actually is joking.

  • vernsviews

    However she’s not a politician as as such should not get as much klout as she does. Sure most (all) her televised interviews are on Fox but other networks need to stop re airing her comments. That’s what keeps her relevent.

    I really think ever since they tapped her to run for VP the plan was “Make her a distracting talking head”

  • bucky

    Idjit. Memorial was in NORTH Korea, not south, even she shoulda known that

  • BillyBob Johnson

    Made you stop for a moment and wonder, right?

  • Quan

    She was governor. What are you?

  • Carol L. Zembry

    I’m a person who knows that Nelson Mandela was NOT from South Korea.

  • Carol L. Zembry

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. Simple Sarah said it.

  • Carol L. Zembry

    No, she did NOT!

  • Em

    What part of “this is a satire” do you not understand?

  • Rockabybaby

    This is a big lie. Faux News is not reporting it.

  • chazmanr

    This whole website is a big lie. Have you not read the “About” page?!

  • Ebenezer

    It’s not satire because low information voters will actually believe it. Satire is funny because it is obvious. This is merely a left wing meme machine.

  • Ebenezer

    And you are an ar seh ole.

  • chazmanr

    This is a satire news source? Damn. I feel almost as stupid as Rep. Tom Lathan (R-Clueless).

  • Ebenezer

    Ar seh ole. You can see Big Diomede Island (Russia) from Little Diomede Island (USA). Now go crawl back in your hole.

  • Ebenezer

    Don’t ever expect proggie idiots to know geography.

  • Ebenezer

    Are se ho le.

  • chazmanr

    “this is BS” – was your first clue the “About” page? or do you really not realize that this is a satirical site?

  • Ebenezer

    Or, you are an idiot.

  • Ebenezer

    Yes. About the intelligence of the idiots who believe this.

  • politicstick

    Palin would NEVER attend the funeral or memorial for a violent communist, EVER!

  • chazmanr

    You pose a very interesting and ironic question. You seem to be offended that anyone could possibly misinterpret the word salads espoused by Tina Fey for the word salads spewed by the Nitwit of the North. Thus, you would be defending said Nitwit. Here is the ironic part… Sarah Palin is the queen of accepting “hearsay” (entirely the wrong word, but I don’t teach remedial vocabulary to baggers) as fact.

  • rhonda

    Sounds about right for her. Wow!

  • Kent Barcus

    Yes, you can see Big Dionymede Island across the international boundary from Little Dionymede Island (pardon my spelling) and in doing so you are looking from Alaska into Russia..

  • Daniel Tabor

    It’s only satire if stupid people get it?

    And satire doesn’t have to be “funny.” How “funny” was Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”?

  • independentone

    If you looked further south, you’d see that you are a complete a$$

  • sacred_dog

    sweet mother of god.

  • Pierre Savoie

    South Korea is not a country full of Blacks, but she might still be able to score a little “Seoul Food” before she flies back.

  • sacred_dog

    I am GOD, and you are very sassy. 🙂 you can forget about christmas this year. not to be confused with santa.

  • sacred_dog

    genius, I say. sheer genius. you go chaz! 🙂

  • Paul

    You win the Internets.

  • Horace Mungin

    That’s what makes it satire.

  • s_c_f

    You just learned that 5 minutes ago.

  • JonRobert W. Johnson

    This is satirical? What part is satirical: 1) Saying she flew to the wrong country? or 2) Calling her a world leader?

  • JBS

    Yep…she proved her mettle by quitting.

  • Adam K.

    DUH! This whole site is a lie, because it’s satirical journalism not unlike the Onion. The only dumb people in play here are the people commenting here that actually believe and defend the material.

  • txson

    I stated it was satire in my first statement you ninny. What, you can’t stand someone who has a different dialect! Everyone needs to talk like you? Satire mocking her is about ALL there ever has been towards her, because she is a better person than most of us, there is very little for evil to drag up on the patriot! Don’t worry about her holding any important office again, the majority has become duped in stupidity and are the lefts “useful idiots” that will keep the vile running and ruining this county!

  • tm

    Being a “former” governor does not bestow upon you intelligence. She is the most obvious example of that, but I suppose being a right-wingnut you probably truly believe that she is an iconic figure in American history too. Jackass!

  • DeeDEEthree

    I think the W in your screen name stands for WACKJOB.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Satire DIMWIT.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Satire, DIMWIT.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Satire, You DIMWIT.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Satire, DIMWIT.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Satire, DIMWIT. SMH.

  • DeeDEEthree

    Only to MORONS(YOU).

  • DeeDEEthree

    Yeah your mother is for giving birth to a MORON(YOU)

  • DeeDEEthree

    Only to a MORON(YOU)

  • Guest

    They have enough crazies there that
    I doubt very much if they would allow her in North Korea.lol

  • Raymondo Ford

    They have enough crazies there that I doubt they would allow Sarah in North Korea.

  • JM

    She’s done worse

  • SATXThinker

    She quit halfway through her term and used her new found notoriety to pursue money grubbing gigs with ghost writers and Fox News. That hardly makes her a public servant.

  • SATXThinker

    She quit halfway through her term. How is that proving her mettle at anything?

  • Black Dynamite

    RIP Sarah Palin you didn’t deserve the hand you were dealt.

  • Iseedumbpoliticians

    I love fake stories.
    I even read somewhere that Obby was elected as Pres.

  • Iseedumbpoliticians

    Full Sail = online diplomas for sale for the unemployables

  • Tom Hubert

    not a quitter

  • [email protected]

    If this post is real it will simply prove how stupid she really is.

  • Areader

    Even though The Daily Currant is satirical media outlet…somehow you know with Sarah Plain this was possible!

  • anonymous

    “Palin was one of many world leaders expected to attend Mandela’s memorial today, which is being held in Johannesburg, South Africa,”, seriously?! Palin a world leader?! Thanks for the good laugh…

  • Carlos Alma

    Everybody knows is a joke… but yes, is believable.

  • Carlos Alma

    Smart enough to know that dont mean anything. – And if u cant see that, maybe the problem is u.

  • Carlos Alma


  • im2b

    wouldn’t she have traveled with her husband, Ted ‘dimwit’ Cruz?

  • William Valenti

    For songwriters, poets and pundits (and anyone with a brain) Sarah is simply golden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU-_oHw00nU

    The magic is that even the most obvious satire about Palin can be mistaken as truth.

  • Ratmonster

    Not a quitter.

  • Jethro

    I don’t know, I think being stupid is something to hold against her. That’s just me though.

    As a hardcore Communist who sacrifices children to the devil and engages promiscuously in juicy butt-sex I find your comments offensive. I would have thought a Christian would be more accepting, like Jesus was.

    But as I’ve learnt, Christianity is about pretending to have morals and compassion whilst stomping anyone different into the dirt. You should try Satanism, it’s more along your lines of thinking.

  • Lou Kief

    Maybe she’ll have plenty of time on the planes to catch up with her reading so the next time Katie Curic interviews her she’ll be ready…. OMG is this for real?

  • Keep your day job. I don’t think you’re gonna get hired as a writer for The Tonight Show.

  • Bonnie Brezette

    WAS….and not a good one either.

  • Pete Thompson

    Hahahahah….stupid doesn’t cover it. I expect Nelson would have been delighted that she didn’t attend.

  • Claudia Parish

    I’ve always thought of her speeches as nothing more than “word salad”.
    Right on!

  • Art Hawley

    Those two sentences have nothing to do with each other.

  • jawillie

    Wow. You actually spelled MORON correctly. I’m impressed.

  • Stijn De Jong

    Hey, pssst! You, yes you overthere. Here’s a tip: don’t read the comments.

  • Bren

    Oh goodness, doubling up the spoof went a little past you did it?

  • Bren

    The Donald asked her to “track down his birth certificate while you’re there”

  • Avengeme

    Good for you, want a cookie?

  • Avengeme

    Couldn’t even hack it for a full term, that’s a pretty piss poor defence.

  • Avengeme

    I’m not, spell check is everywhere…just not quite stupid enough to not find the right mouse button…lol

  • Avengeme

    Do you know what a meme is? lol…incredible.

  • Keith

    What an idiot…lol

  • Avengeme

    lol….the abundance of irony in this statement is absolutely wonderful.

    You should probably move to Alaska….and never leave.

  • Black Matter

    Sarah who?? Oh Palin, that nimrod.

  • Ghostie

    I wanted to comment on the article itself, but I’m too busy laughing at Ebeneezer’s obvious compatibility with Palin on that whole intelligence/comprehension thing.

  • K L Holm

    She was a Governor. What state. Oh that’s right. I almost forgot she left office early because she’d probably get thrown in jail for the things she was doing while imitating a governor.

  • Cory Harkness

    Hearsay: information gathered by one person from another person concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience nor can it be adequately substantiated. *With regards to the SNL quote being attributed to Palin rather than Fey I’d say it seems to be entirely the correct word, actually.

    I’ve already admitted my mistake in assuming BF was referencing the “I can see Russia from my house” comment. But as I (and other posters) have shown, Russian land is visible from Alaskan land. So there is no reason to imply (notice I didn’t use ‘infer’ or ‘deduce’) Palin is less than intelligent by stating a simple fact. You’re entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

    NOTE: Fact (derived from the Latin factum): something that has really occurred or is actually the case.

    And there is no need to stoop to name calling. I didn’t (nor did Mrs. Palin to my knowledge) call you an @$$hole or an idiot or a condescending, pretentious pr!ck. I’d be offended by ‘bagger’ but it’s not part of my vernacular (notice I didn’t use ‘vocabulary’ as it is a word that I understand to be derogatory).

    Cheers! Keep up the good work teaching remedial vocabulary to non-baggers! You’re a saint.

  • TD

    “money-grubbing gigs with ghost writers” …. are we talking about Obama?

  • Cory Harkness

    She’s been involved in politics since the early 90’s. I’m assuming (and I admit I may be wrong) you’ve never been an elected official. Whether I agree or disagree with a person’s politics, it does take personal resolve (AKA: mettle) to enter and stay in the political arena. Would you have been more or less outraged if she had decided to stay on as Governor and continued to allow taxpayer dollars to be used for a portion of her personal legal defences?

  • Cory Harkness

    lol… no argument, just mudslinging. How very conformist of you.

    You should probably do something, somewhere with someone… and never stop.

  • bob
  • Cory Harkness

    Do you believe people live to be governed by the state? Or is it the other way round?

  • Darryl Sweetland

    Apparently she was only going in the first place in the hope of meeting Winnie. She’s a great fan of children’s stories, and ones about bears in particular.

  • kamdem

    I can believe it because you are not supposed to know where a country is before travelling ane secondly I think she needed visa from sud african embassy

  • nialler


  • Jacob Palmer

    Seemingly unfazed, she made the best of things by hiring a helicopter and hunting for live game with her rifle. Unfortunately, ‘live game’ means something completely different in South Korea: namely, taking pot shots at North Koreans.

  • Cory Harkness

    Did she get thrown in jail? I must have missed that.

  • NinoBrown

    Yes, a Governor voted in by a bunch of fools. …. Shows how disappointingly stupid a whole lot of people can be and still be stupid enough to be openly associated with the Tea Party!!!!……. When will they ever learn?????

  • It’s Bad

    this article is bad

  • Lily White

    easy does it Dee…no need to attack on a thread about the dumbest person EVER (even dumber than Dan Quayle) to be chosen as a running mate on the VP ticket. Keep it fun and goofy…that’s all Palin (AKA snowcrab snookie) deserves.

  • Lily White

    Don’t forget, your queen screeched while half-term governor “I HATE this job”.

  • Lily White

    There’s hope for ya dee, eventually your obsession for Palin will go away and you can start worshiping ANOTHER weak tea-party hag when Palin finally accepts the fact she’s nothing but a cipher and has always been!

  • Lily White


  • Lily White

    your drooling over Palin is making your keys stick, uh….moron.

  • Lily White


  • Lily White

    Ah, I get it, you’re one of those who perches on Conservatives4Palin, and drools all over yourself in your adoration of a failed human being. How embarrassing for you.

  • Lily White

    LOL, yes, people CAN be that dumb. First, Palin, and secondly you poor brain-washed fools who continue to worship a loser.

  • Lily White

    Trig, it that you?

  • Lily White

    When a person brays her major in college was journalism, I’m shocked she doesn’t know Africa is NOT a country, as well bragging that her foreign relations consisted of a lay-over in Ireland. She is a dim bulb born with pathological narcissism, nothing more.

  • Lily White


  • Lily White


  • Lily White

    You’re right. The actual quote was ‘I can see Russia from my outhouse, ya betcha’.

  • Lily White

    Research Palin calling a Wasilla leader named Jay, a ‘va-jay-jay’, or how she bragged she needed to wear her push up bra for a city council meeting. The lady has (had, rather) looks, NOTHING more.

  • Lily White

    Ebenezer’s comments are satire, Palin’s extreme ignorance is real.

  • Lily White

    A person that quits half term is NO governor. The narcissistic broad had aspirations on the white house…nothing more. Most Alaskans now despise her. Those who know her the best like her the least.

  • Lily White

    *high five* Sashatree!

  • Lily White


  • Lily White

    Her next movie flop needs to be titled “Shooting at Wolves’. (and missing because she is such a horrible shot.)

  • Lily White


  • Lily White

    too funny!!!!!

  • Lily White

    That deserves a LOL!!!

  • Lily White

    Um, that was proven clear back in ’08, and for many, year before that even.

  • Lily White

    And the Dee in your name stands for DUMB and Delusional.

  • Lily White

    No, sounds more truthful than satire. Ask your goddess Sarah about ‘her’ version of the history of Paul Revere, then get back to us, stumpy.

  • Lily White

    Uh no…she didn’t know that, but then there are millions of things the Queefer Queen doesn’t know.

  • Lily White

    Sadly, for Palin…she missed that part too. She still thinks she’s all of that.

  • Lily White

    Who mentioned Fox news?

  • Lily White

    *might want to edit the word ‘fried’, scandi. 🙂

  • Not a lover, BUT

    Check into one fact, Asiana does not have a direct flight from Anchorage to Seoul…….period!

  • Bradley Thomas Horton

    Can she her house?

  • LoveisGod

    They would if she came as Dennis Rodman’s date:)

  • MarcSFried

    obviously you’re a righty!!!

  • Marjorie

    Maybe she can see South Africa from Korea like she could see Russia from Alaska

  • Carol L. Zembry

    I understand it! I knew it was satire. I just don’t understand how this stupid woman stays in the news. She is an embarassment to herself. Anyone who is ignorant enough to take a personal call and believe that she is talking to the leader of France and invite him to go hunting with her is a silly, stupid person.

  • Carol L. Zembry

    She should be.

  • JustFatOlMe

    Ah,you must be an Obozo fanboy!


    Yeah, as the whole world knows, no stupid person has ever been elected to public office.

  • Kanye14Inches

    Isn’t Kim Kardashian on that flight too????

  • Kanye14Inches

    and Justin Beiber on same flight wanna perform to get air time..

  • Vexious

    Or keep it snotty and mindless….like you

  • Ebenezer

    So you would put “Daily Currant” in a class with Swift?”

  • Lorenzo Clemons

    First misnomer she is being called a World Leader in this story….

  • texasaggie

    Not to mention that while she was mayor of an itty bitty town, she screwed up so badly the republicans who were grooming her for greater things had to appoint a city manager. And then there is the business about leaving the town in $5 million of debt for a sports center she wanted built.

  • texasaggie

    After what the repubs have done to our political system and our financial system, satire is no longer obvious. There does come a point when things like Bachmann being a serious presidential contender, not to mention Frothy, Perry and Cain, go beyond anything that a satirist could invent. Other examples of beyond the fringe are the utterances of Louis Gohmert and Steve Stockman, the absurd foolishness of Steven King, the stupidity of the Cooch. The things they do are beyond satirical so how can you claim that satire is obvious anymore when the reality is as bad or worse.

  • Ebenezer

    Blah blah blah sputter sputter hate hate hate…

  • Ebenezer

    And O’Dumbo was a half-term senator who voted “present” most of the time.

  • rob tillotson

    This is the women that told us she could see Russia from her porch? South Korea is a long way from South Africa… Maybe she couldn’t see where she was cuz she was wearing her Foster Grant sun glasses. What a goof ball!

  • DeeDEEthree

    You are a MORON.
    The Daily Currant is a satirical website.
    Satire, not true. SMH.

  • Lyle Howard

    “…world leaders…” SHE IS NO WORLD LEADER. She would get lost in a closet!

  • SATXThinker

    You may be wrong about my involvement in public service, yes. You said it takes mettle to enter and stay in the political arena, but she didn’t do that, did she? I’m not outraged at Sarah Palin; I simply think she is under-educated, misinformed, and unfit to be a policymaker.

  • SATXThinker

    I think you’re missing a couple of important points here. First, Sarah Palin, not Tina Fey, said it was possible to see Russia from Alaska. Second, she said this in the context of answering a question about her foreign policy credentials. Even if you can see Russia from Alaska, that never qualified her on foreign policy. Claiming to see Russia from Alaska was a vapid, fumbling side-step to a valid question.

  • SATXThinker

    Oh, that just shows real genius on your part. Are you interested in an intelligent conversation at all, or do you prefer to just sit back and call names? I’m sure I can operate on whichever level you choose.

  • Tesfaye Hailu

    I think his name says it all “Just” – “Fat Old me”…no further questions your honor!

  • kelemi

    What country is she head of state for?

  • JustFatOlMe

    Your opinion/position is already noted.There can be no intelligent conversation with a progressive liberal,because real facts are lost on them.

  • Rachet

    What’s sad (…well, not sad) is that this is something that so easily could be true.

  • susan

    don’t believe the story. No one could be that oblivious.

  • dsun1971

    She is NOT a world leader!!! She’s never held a Federal position, she is a NON-ENTITY!!! She is a LOT like the Kardashians.

  • Beverly Brown

    This is so damn funny. She can see Russia from her house. Africa is a country, boy we’re really learning from her. It’s been quite over the news media. Here I go lookout, I’m about to tell Rev. Al and the rest of the gang.

  • Cory Harkness

    If you watch the clip it seems to me that she alludes to the proximity of the two (Russian and Alaska) in the context “We’re so close we have to know how to work with one another”. Does that qualify her on foreign policy? No. Is it a “vapid, fumbling side-step to a valid question”? Again, no. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • IrishYank2

    Wow. What an amazing response. Do you actually think Sarah Palin is worth anything or are you just a troll? If the former, then I feel truly sorry for you.

  • IrishYank2

    Yep. Things are fine just the way they are and were 100 years ago. No need to face the “facts” of the current world we live in, is there? That’s why conservatives, just like religion, are slowly failing and becoming an obsolete, archaic institution.

  • IrishYank2

    Please stop supporting Palin. Even the most hardcore conservatives I know think she’s an idiot. It’s pretty obvious stuff.

  • IrishYank2

    Hey, same response as you gave to my comment, Polly want a cracker?

  • IrishYank2

    Right, but he isn’t a global laughing stock like Palin. Perfect POTUS? No. But definitely not even in the ballpark with Palin. She’s such an embarrassment.

  • IrishYank2

    Looking foolish is a hard pill to swallow, eh?

  • IrishYank2

    Go watch the Daily Show on location clip of Wassilla, AK, then tell me how she was qualified to be governor.

  • IrishYank2

    Yes, because the conservatives travel abroud by the droves? Not what I’ve experienced. Why would they ever leave “the greatest country on the planet”?

  • AngeTKenos

    she is NOT that thick

  • Ebenezer

    Palin is not the leader of the free world. O’Dumbo has his finger on the pickle.

  • Ebenezer


  • ixzist

    Not as much of an “ar seh ole” as poor Ms Palin. Unless that is some sort of Mexican dish, in which case, I have no idea.

  • ixzist

    Thanks for putting that in all caps with the qualifying “(YOU)” – I don’t know how a moron like me could have possibly known to whom you referred. Are you my mommy?

  • ixzist

    Ooh, governor! She must be a good person then, governor. Wow, she was a governor?

  • txson

    I’m pretty certain our present VP takes the prize for the biggest moron we have ever had. No wait I almost forgot about Gore!

  • txson

    Oh, I must have hit a nerve Jethro! I forgot how sensitive you homo’s have gotten about what the so called book of fair tales has to say about that life style!

  • txson

    I’m not your fried or friend fool!

  • txson

    Always go with the flow cgm, it doesn’t take any guts!

  • txson

    Another sick fool.

  • txson

    Bye, bye, not wasting any more time here!

  • Ardiva40

    Oh yeah?

  • Ardiva40

    Outer Mongolia

  • JustFatOlMe

    At least I’m honest with myself,you dumbass!

  • JustFatOlMe

    Only with the sheeple. The true Americans will fight to the bitter end if necessary to preserve the American way.If you think we will just roll over and join you liberal communists,you got another think coming.

  • JustFatOlMe

    I suposse you prefer Miley Sirus for your “person in the news”.

  • JustFatOlMe

    hahaha,you mean the same fools who voted in obama twice???

  • JustFatOlMe

    Just tell us what the fuck obama was then!!!

  • Ebenezer
  • James

    More lies and deception from a satire site. Patriots don’t pay respect to COMMIES!

  • James

    Yet look where she is, and what you are. What a fool

  • Andrewpalandrew

    Idiot comments below.

  • Tam_TX

    Right..because stupid idiotic progressives (such forward thinkers they are,…NOT..have pretty much took us back to 1950s race relations, and turned our country into another 3rd world country. Yeah, you stupid libtards are the ones that are becoming obsolete. Idiots.

  • Tam_TX

    Wow..one could say the same of the current clown in office. Talk about idiot and a big screw up.

  • chrisdeitz

    Well, maybe you would believe it.

  • SATXThinker

    You have no idea where I am, and therefore, no possibility of knowing whom or what you’re talking about.

  • big mouth

    So tired of you americans who forget what Obama was handed after Bush totally destroyed your country. He was allowed to win so they could ruin the rest of the country and blame him. Health care was so distorted by the repubs that it probably is bad. Its so obvious to non americans that O is being blackmailed or squeezed into doing whatever the ‘powers’ want… so against what he really stands for.

  • vernsviews

    Seems you don’t understand the core concept of satire

  • E. Scotty

    So tired of foreigners who think they know what it is like living in the United States.

  • innessa111

    You wouldn’t be surprised in this story because you’re a MONKEY – no brains.

  • innessa111

    Brainwashed idiot (not Palin, BTW)

  • innessa111

    “Intelligent conversation”? I’m surprised to hear it from you.

  • bozikhan

    Upon questions from reporters, she insisted that she knew what she was doing, and she intends to walk the rest of way to S. Africa. After all, she said that she could see Africa from her back yard on a sunny day…

  • sarah fan

    leave sarah aaalonnee bbbwwwwaaaaaahhhhhh! ,

  • SATXThinker

    You’re good at name-calling. Why don’t you try adding something intelligent to the discussion?

  • SATXThinker

    You’re a very angry person, aren’t you?

  • Guest

    Satire the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • bcmugger

    Haters gonna hate.

  • bcmugger

    Mrs Palin is 10000X more bright than any of you liberals.

  • bcmugger

    You commies sent reporters to live beside Palin yet you wont even ask to see Obamas schoool records or birth certificate. Ahhh the smell of communism in the morning.

  • Jethro

    I must admit, I laughed and then I felt sad. Out of my entire comment, full of things I know Conservatives dislike, you chose homosexuality to focus on, rather than the most disturbing factor of sacrificing children.

    Also that you’d take my comment seriously, then again, as you say. You also took a book of fairy tales seriously as well.

    No nerves hit though, I’m just sitting in my comfy chair made out of violated Bibles, drinking the blood of Christians out of my Harry Potter sippy cup.

  • Bartleby

    She was smart enough to not got to South Dakota or South Carolina

  • Ebenezer

    Satire is only valid when the intended audience is literate enough to understand it.

  • IrishYank2

    I’m ot stating that Obama is some supreme leader. Never did. But to even compare the two is outright silly. She’s pathetic and anyone who thinks otherwise in my opinion is blinded by their party lines, not the common sense of knowing an idiot when they see one. Just look at the Tina Fey impersonation and the fact that she used the Palin statment VERBATIM as a response to how to imprive the economy. VERBATIM!

  • IrishYank2

    Yep. And Romney was the GOP A-game? People like Romney and Palin are the best things to ever happen to the Obama campaign. Problem is the GOP is too blind to see that they’re choosing bigger fools than the fool in office, therefore, people vote for the lesser evil. It’s again very obvious stuff.

  • AlphaRaptor7

    BS, lying puke !

  • AlphaRaptor7
  • Anuj

    How brainless can this can get..

  • JustFatOlMe

    Amen brother!

  • JustFatOlMe

    Well,now on that,I tend to agree.I wish there was a “None of the above” button at the voting booth. 🙁

  • JustFatOlMe

    You’re right.You can’t compare the two.One is a foreigner bent on bringing this country down,and the other is a hot looking female.

  • IrishYank2

    1950’s race relations? Nope. It’s the right and their disgust of having a black man in the oval office – nothing more. As for 3rd world country, you actually need to go to one, then you’d realize how misinformed your comment is. The USA is doing just fine – you just have too many first world problems and can’t see past your mailbox or maybe the occasional trip to Walmart for groceries.

  • IrishYank2

    I fought in Afghanistan. Does that not make me a true American? You Ree Rees don’t know what a true American is. All you care about is the individual freedoms which, for every one you preserve, there are five others you oppress (ex: reproductive rights, gay rights, separation of church and state, list goes on). BTW – does being fat make one a “true” American? If that’s the case, then I guess you are and I’m not.

  • IrishYank2

    Foreigner? Are there still people who think he’s a foreigner? Please tell me this, Oliver Stone – how is it that background checks are required for every level of government office (including citizenship), yet somehow old Barack Hussein Obama managed to slip through the cracks? Face it, you’re just uncomfortable that he’s not a WASP.

  • IrishYank2

    If you look at leadership in the current global political system, the leaders are NEVER the most intelligent. NEVER the highest educated. Politicians are glorified car salesmen and the irony is how they make sure voters like you and I focus on the wedge issues and create divide while they all are friends, hang out, etc. Our political system encourages people to act like sheep who fall in line with party politics and don’t look at the issues on an individual basis. You and I are both guilty of that.

  • JustFatOlMe

    You’re probably right.However,you seem to focus on calling me names (the “fat” part) while ignoring the “old” part.I like to think that I have learned a few things as I was aging.For one thing,I tend to know BS when I smell it.If you really think Obama is a gift to the free world,then you are entitled to your opinion.Me,I happened to research him when he was first running for president.And being from Illinois,maybe I had an inside view of his incompetence.Now it’s true the Republicans didn’t have a viable option,at least they had someone with experience; not a former community organizer. And before you throw “senator” up,you had better check his congressional record.

  • JustFatOlMe

    You must be dyslexic DOG

  • JustFatOlMe

    No I’m uncomfortable that he’s trying to destroy the United States. Tell me how it’s right for the people who work have to pay for people who won’t.

  • JustFatOlMe

    Oh I get it now.You women on here are putting Sarah down because she’s pretty and popular and you ain’t! bwahahaha

  • JustFatOlMe

    First,I want to thank you for your service; I was also in the service and took an oath to defend the constitution of the USA from ALL threats both foreign AND domestic. And that oath has no expiration date.The most serious threat that is facing our way of life is the socialist liberals. You say you were in Afghanistan.Do you know who you were fighting.Does Muslim extremists ring a bell? Why do we give billions of dollars in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood when we have people homeless and starving in the streets,including children?
    Oh and if all you have is name calling,just don’t reply back to me anymore,as you will just be ignored.

  • It is called satire.

  • wrigney

    Sarah warns the (SOUTH) Koreans, if they don’t stop their Nuclear Program, she will “bomb them” with verbal quibbles and anecdotes…etc.,…….”relentlessly”, she adds.

    Hopefully she says that will cause them to make peace with their brothers in the (NORTH) Waziristan region. Let’s wish her luck and a productive foreign policy trip to the (MIDDLE EAST).

    I’m just sayin’

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    Palin 2015!! Get that socalist Obama out of office once and for ALL

  • ZOMG Lo-Info

    Wait. You want to give billions in aid to the homeless and starving???

    Does the tea party know about this?

  • D Umbo

    Yore rite ha ha because Nelson Mandela was a colummmist so the memory servise was obviusly in north kurea. Even thou shes a babe Mary Paylin isnt too brite. ha ha

  • Tesfaye Hailu

    I just repeated what you stated, this is no way of an intelligent conversation fat old man! lol

  • Guest

    ^^ Ladies and Gentlemen, The stupidest person on the face of the earth.

  • sfthomas

    Actually thought she was going to North Korea to shoot some hoops with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un. Got in wrong plane at Alaska airport.

  • joep77

    It’s a comparative phrase, therefore: “brighter” instead of “more bright” – or – you may want to say: “brighter-er-er-est.”

  • dlws8607

    What an ironic (and moronic) whine. You practice name-calling throughout this thread and then cannot handle it when someone retaliates. Poor big baby.

  • ReadWryt

    No, she wouldn’t go anywhere near Rodman, or anybody else who wears nicer dresses than her…

  • Juliox

    “have …. took” Now, that there is some fine Duck Dynasty English, if I ever heard any.

  • Anthony Wayne Walker

    What, she let you sniff her shoes?

  • Ron Lake

    it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it were true…lol

  • Fat Canadian Guy

    People who actually believe this is news are idiots. This never happened…. morons. Go find something better to do with your time.

  • Mary Hall-Rayford

    Can anyone really be this disengaged from reality?

  • kristiekburchfield

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  • Rick Biegen Weaver

    Once again, what a complete idiot !

  • Rick Biegen Weaver

    More intelligent than she is – how about you ?