Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization

Jan 02, 2014

893242-drugs-overdoseColorado is reconsidering its decision to legalize recreational pot following the deaths of dozens due to marijuana overdoses.

According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, 37 people were killed across the state on Jan. 1, the first day the drug became legal for all adults to purchase. Several more are clinging onto life in local emergency rooms and are not expected to survive.

"It's complete chaos here," says Dr. Jack Shepard, chief of surgery at St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver. "I've put five college students in body bags since breakfast and more are arriving every minute.

"We are seeing cardiac arrests, hypospadias, acquired trimethylaminuria and multiple organ failures. By next week the death toll could go as high as 200, maybe 300. Someone needs to step in and stop this madness. My god, why did we legalize marijuana? What were we thinking?"

Rainin' Fire in the Sky

Colorado and Washington state approved the sale of marijuana for recreational use in November though statewide ballot measures. Under the new policies pot is legal for adult use, regulated like alcohol and heavily taxed.

One of the principal arguments of legalization advocates was that cannabis has long been considered safer than alcohol and tobacco and was not thought not to cause overdose. But a brave minority tried to warn Coloradans of the drug's dangers.

"We told everyone this would happen," says Peter Swindon, president and CEO of local brewer MolsonCoors. "Marijuana is a deadly hardcore drug that causes addiction and destroys lives.

"When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer? All these pro-marijuana groups should be ashamed of themselves. The victims' blood is on their hands."

One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary.

Pinkman was partying with friends when he suffered several seizures and a massive heart attack which ultimately proved to be fatal. Toxicology reports revealed that marijuana was the only drug present in his system.

"This is just a terrible tragedy," says his friend Peter. "Jesse was trying to go legit and now this happens? I guess drugs really are as dangerous as they say."

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who opposed the ballot initiative that legalized the drug, says he will call a special legislative session to try and overturn the new law.

"We can't sit idly by and allow this slaughter to continue," he said during a press conference Thursday.

  • Mark Reeser

    I hope this article/page is a joke page or something because if not you have no proof of the BS you are spewing.

  • justsayingfacts

    You must be new to the internet

  • ANONymous

    If it’s on the internet it HAS to be true…this is total BS

  • Nathan Vaughn

    I wonder how much research it would take to find out if this was a satire web site or not? Apparently too much for this guy.

  • Ari Kirschbaum

    Morons….it’s SATIRE!!!!!!!

  • Mark Reeser

    Didn’t feel like researching it, that’s why I worded my post the way I did. Sorry for not being up to your intellectual capabilities.

  • Mark Reeser

    Thanks, didn’t really need to be called a moron though. I was hoping it was satire, but with the idiots in the world these days you never know what people will try to pass off as fact/truth. My wife had someone send this to her and tell her how bad MJ is for her, so that’s why I was checking to see what this page/article really was.

  • Mark Reeser

    Not new to the internet, just never seen this page before so I asked. If you didn’t like my question you could have just refrained my replying, but I’m guessing that would be way above you.

  • Stevie


  • Audrey

    Don’t criticize Mark..cmon. So many people still believe the April fool joke that Obama was a foreign exchange student.

  • ZPT205

    Instead of leaving a comment you could have….

    1. Looked at the Daily Currant’s own About page
    2. Typed “The Daily Currant” into google and clicked any of a billion links explaining that it is satire.
    3. Assuming you linked to this from Facebook, looked at any of the billion comments on Facebook pointing out that this is indeed satire.

    So yes, you are clearly very new to the internet.

  • Nathan Vaughn

    It’s OK bro. Just read some books and do some and you’ll get there too.

  • Mark Reeser

    Gotcha, so because my wife sent the link to me after it was sent to her, and all did was click the link and comment I am new to the internet. I’m glad you know so much about me and my life, or is it that you just know everything. New to the internet would be kind of odd though for a network engineer don’t you think?

  • Nathan Vaughn

    You’ve spent more time replying to why you didn’t research than it would have taken to do the research. You need to cut your losses.

  • Mark Reeser

    Criticism doesn’t bother me if its actual criticism and not just a bunch of little smart A punks who think they know everything because they spend all day on the internet from the comfy room at their moms house.

  • Mark Reeser

    Last I checked Natahan I was free to do with my time whatever I wanted. If I feel like wasting my day replying to a bunch a idiots I will. seeing as how I am an idiot too for asking a question instead of searching I feel right at home here replying to you.

  • Julia Burns

    Abuse of anything can kill and that is common sense. If a person abuses water they will die. If they abuses soda they will die. If the abuse alcohol they will die. Are you investigating the source of the marijuana? I should hope so. If this being a case, then how come there was not this problem in other states? It just happened in Colorado? Something is not right?



  • whydopeoplereadfakenewssites

    At best, this is LAZY satire on a site with an empty masthead and an ‘about’ link buried at the bottom of the page. But you know, as long as the ads display, and their post goes viral…



  • Leroy Veritas

    Turn the caps lock off crackhead.

  • Leroy Veritas

    I didn’t know your kind of stupid still existed.

  • Andrew

    Sorry, but if a bunch of idiots want to prove Darwin correct and kill themselves off through stupidity, how is that a reason to reverse progress?

  • Leroy Veritas

    You might want to grow an inquisitive side and spend the necessary 8-10 seconds reading the “about” section of this website.

  • Leroy Veritas

    How about those who are PhD students who think it’s time for stupid people like you to actually think before replying to something on the internet?

  • Mark Reeser

    How about if I thought it was just easier to ask than to do the research. Again if you don’t like my question do waste your precious time replying to stupid people like me. You confirmed you are student though so you are probably replying from your moms basement since you moved out of your room.

  • Becca

    According to a 1988 United States administrative law hearing:

    “Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an LD-50. The LD-50 rating indicates at what dosage fifty percent of test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity. A number of researchers have attempted to determine marijuana’s LD-50 rating in test animals, without success. Simply stated, researchers have been unable to give animals enough marijuana to induce death.

    At present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.”

  • Tyler Stanley

    How could you do anything other than laugh after reading the title on this? Anyone with a brain knows it is impossible to OD by smoking marijuana.

  • JanetMermaid

    All of you know this is a satirical publication, right?

    “The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment.[1] A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press. The Daily Currant is a competitor to The Onion.”

  • pragmastist

    If pot is outlawed only outlaws will smoke pot, if it’s legal every geek moron on the planet is going to smoke pot, I prefer the former.

  • Hannah

    The article references a breaking bad character lol.

  • Dave

    Your question was totally valid and its sad, but the responses you’ve received are pretty typical of the abuse that gets dished out in comments.

  • Mark Reeser

    Thanks Dave, typical of pretty much any websites comments page. Should have expected it I guess.

  • Mark Reeser

    If you are not joking then you are an idiot. I guess every moron smoking pot is worse than every moron drinking alcohol. How about all the morons that are high on prescribed chemicals that will probably addict/kill them is that better too?

  • Leroy Veritas

    The irony of the guy who couldn’t figure out the site is satire calling someone else an idiot is outstanding.

  • ZPT205

    That explains 3. That does not explain 1 or 2.

    I don’t think the original poster meant that you were _literally_ new to the internet, only that posting a comment to ask a question when you could find the answer yourself in 5 seconds is incredibly lazy.

  • Mark Reeser

    Well Leroy, I guess I can spend all day everyday here with the rest of you morons a be right at home. I asked if it was a joke, what about that says I couldn’t figure it out. I actually said I hope this is a joke, then I asked, but yeah I’m the big idiot in a room full of scholars.

  • ZPT205

    It seems obviously comical to people with sufficient braincells to turn off caps lock.

  • pragmastist

    I would rather see a smaller number of the fringes of society smoking pot than to see society in general being wasted which I think I stated very plainly in my first post. Morons are morons, they’ll do something wrong drunk, sober, or stoned.

  • Mark Reeser

    I’m American can’t I at least be lazy like I am suppose to be. Lazy or not it seemed like the simplest thing to do was ask, didn’t know that asking was bad, but then I forgot we are not suppose to question anything just conform.

  • ZPT205

    Jesse Pinkman is supposed to live in New Mexico, not Colorado, but it was nonetheless hilarious.

  • Mark Reeser

    Please tell me all these wrong things that stoners do besides smoking pot illegally. You do know that cannabis has many medical uses right including curing cancer and helping people stop seizures. How about all the uses of hemp. Do you even know the reason behind prohibition in the first place? Besides that in a truly free country prohibition would not exist. You think the founding fathers believed in prohibition?

  • Adam K Bice

    Not to pretend to tell you what to do, but you may want to stop and think about the way it looks when:

    A) The main thrust of your counter-insults to people who insult you is “you spend all day at your mom’s house insulting people on the internet, so you’re a loser,” and

    B) you’ve responded to literally every comment which mentioned your name.

  • william

    article is a complete hoax. hypospadias, acquired trimethylaminuria are
    things that could not possibly be caused by marijuana use.
    2. hypospadias is a birth defect of the urethra in the male that involves
    an abnormally placed urinary meatus (the opening, or male external
    urethral orifice)
    3. trimethylaminuria is a metobolic disfunction that causes you to

    Daily Currant is a “funny” page. Look at some of the other stories
    linked on the same page, such as Obama introducing a new flag for the

  • Garlont

    Curing Cancer..? Wow, you ARE stoned..!

  • Mark Reeser

    It is a slow day/week at work due to the holiday so yes I am goofing off on the internet. Not all my responses are that way just the ones I figure are smart A little punks that have nothing better to do than sit on this site all day and make smart A comments to anyone thats dares ask a question.

    B) as I said slow day/week at work due to the holidays so I have nothing better to do at the moment, but pass my time on the internet showing how stupid I am (not directed at you, just had to add that in there).

  • Mike Halem

    I do not think people started to smoke Marijuana because it became legal.
    It is unfortunate, but this is the best advertising against Marijuana use.
    People hardly smoke cigarettes because they learned it is not good for them. I am sure this will be the case for the marijuana too. Let people decide. even if some had to die because they are stupid enough to over dose on drugs of any type.

  • spongeO

    Where do you think Jesse went after he escaped?

  • Mike Stratacaster

    Why are you making this about you? Your response to this is making you look like a massive tool. Just move on and get over it and you look like less of an idiot.

  • River News

    The Daily Currant is a pathetic excuse for a humor page.

  • Mark Reeser

    Stoned huh, well you keep being a sheep and believing everything your government tells you to believe. I have seen it with my own eyes, and know it to be true. Do a little research of your own you can start here or here

  • Mike Stratacaster

    I find it hysterical that you had to point this out. And that Dr. Jack Shepard (Jack, from the show Lost), and Jesse Pinkman (Jesse, from Breaking Bad) as well as other references didn’t give this away in 10 seconds flat. Hahaha.

  • pragmastist

    I don’t have a problem with legal pot, I’m just stating my opinion which is based on being around people who smoked and those who didn’t for over forty years. This is going to make for some really entertaining news stories.

  • Eric Lugo

    Did you read the entire thing?

  • Mike Stratacaster

    Or grown men who are web developers and just happened to have a fully developed brain? Just because you’re too stupid to understand satire, or too lazy to take 30 seconds to investigate whether or not an article is real or is satire, doesn’t mean anyone else is a punk or a know it all. It means you’re a lazy moron who is lashing out instead of simply moving on with life.

  • Mike Stratacaster

    Plus a character from Lost (Dr. Jack Shepard)

  • duhh

    ” …a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary…”

  • Mark Reeser

    Thanks for the advice Mike, but I really don’t care what anyone here thinks of me, and as I already stated I have nothing better to do at the moment but kill time. Plus arguing with idiots on the net is easy and free entertainment. I will take your advice now that sine it’s time for me to get out of here and go spend the rest of the day with my wife and son. I’m sure tomorrow will be another easy day at work though, so I’ll probably come back so I can be the only idiot in the room.

  • Tebow3:16

    After looking over some of the comments, I have serious doubts about the collective intelligence of the United States.

  • 1982bitchs

    Your all a bunch of idiots if you believed this for a second.. Read the About section of the site it clearly state all the stories are fictional END OF STORY !!

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world”

  • Mark Reeser

    Once again Mike you got me, I don’t have a fully developed brain that is why I hang out on sites like this talking with intellectually superior people like yourself in my hope to get better.

  • Tebow3:16

    I hope that Mark and his wife don’t have kids.

  • Tebow3:16


  • chungasrevenge


  • aghazy

    Laziness is not an excuse. You refer to others as losers living in their parents basements. Too much Fox will give you the impression that no one is worthy unless they run a fortune 500 company. But that just means you are stealing wages from others not really working for what you have.

  • Brucey

    Shhhhhhh, it’s ok, you’re safe now.

  • aghazy

    And again you call others idiots but you are too lazy to do your own research.

  • aghazy

    So that’s why networks keep breaking down, you engineered them.

  • Shorty

    The only way to OD on MJ is to lace it. And, since cops like to use coke because its untracable on a drug test I am pretty damn sure that is what those buds were laced with…..Alcohol does way way more damage and deaths than MJ ever will or ever has.

  • sinrise


  • Tebow3:16

    Really? That’s your takeaway from this article?

  • Mark Reeser

    Sorry no Fox for me, don’t watch any TV news that will certainly rot your brain. I can be lazy if I want and call others idiot if I want all part of being on the net,

  • James

    dude just quit with the butt hurt already.

  • D

    OMG this is complete Bullshit, I want to drive down to CO and beat the fuck out of these trash talkers, for shame they should take something as harmless as MJ and use it because they themselves are aganist it, Im so pissed off right now I want to scream, how dare they?

  • Kevin Wright

    It would be a waste if the dope smoker were to die young. It is better for liberals when pot just makes the citizens stupid. Stupid people are the mother’s milk of liberal politicians. They do not die, they just consume. Dope smokers are easy to flatter, and they are easily driven to vote with the politics of envy.

  • Tebow3:16

    The public education system has failed so many.

  • 6Milk6Man6

    i cant believe they tricked you into believing this website was satirical. lol you really are dumb.

  • Tebow3:16

    It’s hilarious that you’re commenting on this story and using terms like “stupid people”.


  • ZPT205

    Yes, you have the “right” to ask a question and be lazy, and everyone else has the “right” to point out that you’re lazy for doing it, especially when it clutters up the comments sections.

    How on earth does the expectation that you should spend 5 seconds searching for something before asking someone else have anything do with being “not suppose[d] to question anything just conform?” You’re not helping your case by appealing to a meaningless platitude which also happens to be a non-sequitur.

  • Lie Hater

    Horseshit! Quit to make up stories.

  • Pete McDonald

    Ya, the problem is that there are a bunch of morons that will pick it up and think its real support for their own personal beliefs that cannabis *is* evil. In the end its likely it will contribute mainly to misinformation. Still I like the satire personally.

  • Solararis

    Obviously he doesn’t waste his time watching television all day. Either that or he smokes too much weed to remember.

  • TisSheilah

    For those that think this is a real news story, The Rocky Mountain News went out of business in 2006.

  • BoostedSRT

    well it actually goes to show the ignorance of most anti marijuana people when they would think this article is true….

  • Defending our children

    I agree, you did not need to be called a Moron.

  • Defending our children

    Bwahhahha, I didn’t notice that! I knew it was all lies but didn’t notice. Thanks 🙂

  • aghazy

    You almost had me on your side and then you had to say sheep. It’s such a Fox thing to say. Garlont, yes it has many medical uses that are much less harmful to the body than chemicals. It reduces tumor size without chemo therapy. It halts seizures in grand mal patients. And hemp cleans heavy metals from the ground. We all know that our earth has been abused for so long and here is natures clean all and Dupont has made it illegal. Yes they and a few others bought the congress, you know just like the corps are doing now, and made it illegal. All doctors carried cannabis in their bags for ailments but now a doctor doesn’t even know how to fix you unless it’s through pharmacology.

  • Shorty

    When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer? …..Yes really that is my take on this article. And only a portion of my take on the topic itself…..I seen first hand just what the differences are of the two and the way they can affect someone’s life. Both the ups and the downs and I have weighed my choices constantly….I fully support the fact that they should legalize MJ and actually make alcohol illegal.
    It does way more damage!!!

  • Al

    Of course you do understand that it is possible to die from smoke inhalation, like if you were locked in a room with a burning bale of the stuff. So you can dire from smoking MJ just not an overdose.

  • Disquietus

    This just in, a legislative quorum could not be formed, as the entire state body is simply too stoned, chilled and laidback to care. The apocalypse is expected to arrive shortly.

  • Tebow3:16

    It’s satire. Do you know what satire is?

  • Pyrate

    It took you this long? I think you may have just cleared up any lingering doubt. 😉

  • Annon

    Dr Jack Shepard – Jack from Lost
    Jesse Bruce Pinkman – Jesse from Braking Bad

    Should have been a bit of a clue…

  • Al Wolf

    funny. lets hope the people i share things with read it before they kill me.

  • me

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa.. who wrote this? the NSA or the DEA???

  • Nick

    So fake it isn’t even funny. There is NO way you can OD on it!

  • Steve

    This is that spice crap they are dealing with. It is not marijuana causing this. People have been going to hospitals with the same symptoms and dying for several years now because of that spice. Marijuana does not do anything even close as what has been reported in this article. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves and go get the facts straight on what is causing this to happen. It is that man made spice junk doing this to people. Get a clue.

  • Ric Canova

    Arguing on the internet is like running at the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  • Dustin

    I knew this could not be true based on all the evidence to the contrary but where does it say on this website that it is satire? What if some ignorant person reads this?

  • Johannes Bjarmarsson

    It is Physical impossibility to die from Cannabis use – Reasons; 0% None Poison or Toxins are to be found what so ever in Cannabis…. Many times 37 people Die every day in Colorado, No relation to Cannabis.

  • OLO101

    Jesse Pinkman? A former meth dealer from Albuquerque? Is this the Breaking Bad sequil?

  • Jason Eckhardt

    I have a friend who was huffing the pot and now he’s GAY!!

  • Joe Smith

    Its stupid fake articles like this that spread lies because some people will believe it

  • Nicholas V. Leftwich

    Wow…this really shows the ignorance of people whom fail to do the due
    diligence to realize that NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN KILLED FROM THE USE OF
    CANNIBUS! NOT EVER….You would have to like smoke your body weight in
    cannibus within 15 minutes to OD…which is couldn’t
    ROLL your body weight in 15 mintues much less smoke might die in
    a room filled with smoke because of asfixiation but NOT FROM OVERDOSE
    OF THC!!! Please people..educate yourself and DO NOT LISTEN TO BULLSHIT!

  • Mark Whittington

    ha never fear, i am here.

  • Guest

    cut. your. losses.

  • Mark Whittington

    um, o. k…doesn’t address being a superior asshole, but what the heck.

  • Mike

    All the good expensive, quality stuff must be going to Washington….State AND D.C.

  • Steve


  • Better Call Saul

    Well it does have Jesse Pinkman in it…

  • Ben

    Why did the names even matter? The fact that someone believes people die from overdosing on weed shows how brainwashed these children are from our government.

  • Guest

    Mark. You effed up. No biggie if you just learn and move on. OR you can keep doubling down.

  • The Rest Is Silence

    Reasons to legalize.
    Michael Phelps, Morgan Freeman, Carl Sagan, Bob Marley, Steve Jobbs, Bill Gates, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Most great musicians, artists and philosophers.

    Regulated and taxed means more money for government to spend back on its people. Decrease crime by removing trade from black market. Paranoia does not stem from drug, but from illegality of substance.

    Helps fight cancer, decreases nausea and depression, boosts appetite.

    Can be made into many industrial products, including oil.

    It’s a plant, which undergoes photosynthesis, lowering levels of CO2 and adding lovely oxygen to our atmosphere. Move indoor operations outdoors, to cut back on energy wastage from electricity.

    Space Exploration:
    See above uses for oxygen.

    Getting High:
    See space exploration.

    Why is this a debate anymore? If you are still against cannabis, you’re against mankind.

  • javier

    haha i almost got hooked into it……its all a lie.

  • Pinkie pie

    Wow. Totally thought this was the onion for a sec.

  • Pinkie pie

    Also, I think the picture is that guy from the musical “Hair”.

  • Guest


  • Aaron Glanny Glanville

    It’s already been scientifically proven that you’d have to smoke over 1,000 joints in ONE day to OD from marijuana…ofc it’s satire…

  • dudebroman

    Challenge Accepted.

  • LanaC

    Obama was awarded a Fullbright Scholarship at Occidental – that is only given to Foreign students….

  • Matt Robison

    wait! People actually believed this? lol Only in Amurica! lol

  • perogi
  • Chris Campbell

    don’t believe ya they do it every time we try to make it legal

  • Oldswitcheroo

    Ha ha ha! This is funny stuff. Irresponsible, but funny.

  • Juan Nightstand

    Oh crap, my friend was injecting pot and now he’s gay too!

  • Iwontbefooledagain

    This has to be a satire. What’s the point? This is idiotic. People don’t “overdose” on marijuana. They might get a little too high, then they just have some munchies and sleep it off.

  • Popsicleman

    This is fuckin bullshit lies

  • Guest

    You have been going back and forth with others and being all defensive and stuff. The only thing I have to offer you is my first experience with The Daily Currant where I saw a headline that was so unbelievable I had to check if it was satire first. You chose a different path, then vehemently defend your position to not do so. These are all facts. Some objective folks can decide who is the intellectual superior. I’m comfortable in accepting their decision.



  • Centerfold Skye

    You won’t fool me again with your Ha Ha stuff Currant…

  • heteroxalstalker

    More proof that shooting the pot will kill you. It also causes people to try and run between the headlights of cars.


    thats a bunch of bullshit

  • anna cooties

    this has to be fake. one, they used the name of a breaking bad character, jesse pinkman (i mean it could be someones real name, but come on). on top of that, although it is possible to be addicted to weed mentally, you cannot overdose, die, or be physically addicted to it. it actually has alot of healing properties and helps with asthma and prevents cancer!

  • bob

    This is a joke. I am
    positive that THC was not the only contributing factor in these tragedies. This reeks of federal disapproval and ignorant influence.

  • Anon

    I’ve never heard of anyone dying from hypospadias either!

  • anna cooties

    if it is true, i am 99.99999% sure it was laced or something. possible stench of government sabotage????

  • Jethro

    See I’m all for MJ, but those claims are always stupid. No-one’s died from MJ? Not directly, but take DUI’s and such into account.

  • Steve

    One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a
    former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to
    Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary.

    Pinkman was partying with friends when he suffered several seizures
    and a massive heart attack which ultimately proved to be fatal.
    Toxicology reports revealed that marijuana was the only drug present in
    his system. (copy/paste from article) Ok that is funny.

  • Johnny Cirrito

    You have a bit of a over inflated sense of self importance!

  • ToolBag69


  • joe


  • ToolBag69

    Only just now? Jesus Christ….. Americans are moron’s! ha ha ha

  • Edwin Alexander

    personal experience?

  • ToolBag69

    He wasn’t O.o????

  • ToolBag69

    Mark I like you!

  • Cecelia Phoenix

    Oh man, this is stupid. Excuse but I have come across alcohol poisoning from drinking beer. It like anything..all in moderation if there is any truth. I have been smoking pot for more than 20 years and I am still alive

  • Cecelia Phoenix

    oh my goodness! Dammit you got me!

  • Jess

    That’s impossible. He attended Occidental as an undergrad, and Fulbright Scholarships only go to Master’s and PhD candidates.

  • Mama T

    You can’t overdose on pot you stupid assholes, the guy abused other drugs and his body took the toll because of it, you should really work on those scare tactics. Everyone knows how safe pot is and that it is not addicting, so really!! Trying to control people by scaring them in to believing bullshit is not the way!!! lol

  • George

    Not buying it been smoking most my life nothing like i used to when young and a 33 year run with tons of friend smoking with me those 33 yrs never once have i seen or even heard of such a thing.for this to be true these people that have passed have some other issue’s that are leading to there deaths get the facts strait.

  • princess_rogue

    … LOL.

  • sdp1980icp

    now here what i have to say YOU CAN NOT OVERDOSE FROM POT IF YOU DO YOU ARE A MORON AND A WEAK PERSON it is inpossible to over dose from thc except if you eat a cake size of resin so this is bull schit its all a lie becouse i smoked a lot and i should of overdosed a long time ago this is to funny

  • Where Da Gold At?

    Good lord a lot of you are retarded.

  • J Roy

    Oh It’ll happen. when all these stoned idiots start driving down the wrong side of the freeway, etc

  • Amber

    Or how about the fact that it came from a report in the “Rocky Mountain News”, which was an old newspaper here in Colorado that has since gone out of business.

  • Seb Astion

    You guys know this is satire, right? It’s a joke.

  • George

    lol guess i should have read every ones postings before posTing but i was calling bullshit!

  • JoAnna Mundschau

    Calm down, please:


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Goodjob-not

    Really? This is what you put your intelligence towards? Somebody must be lonely.

  • Amber

    I don’t think the “moron” comment was aimed at you anyways. It was aimed at the people who commented before being all upset about someone touting this article. They believed it.

  • Facebook User

    OH MY GOSH EVERYONE!!!!! This is a fake news site, as they state in their about us section!!!

  • Voop

    More like 2…. I’m sure his friend, “Peter” is Skinny Pete…

  • Frank Knight

    Heh heh…. never heard of the daily currant before. I was going to classify it with a group that I originally thought was satire on facebook… turns out the group on facebook was serious! Glad I read on to find you are satirical!
    I don’t watch TV so… the names didn’t ring a bell with me.
    Check these bozo’s out:

  • Heather

    How many bindles?

  • RFTC

    Or the reference to Jesse Pinkman.

  • jackace

    what a load of crap.

  • RFTC

    Cannabis kills cancer! That much is not satire. And please google it before you make a fool of yourself.

  • Garlont

    You tell me not to believe the government then send me to a .gov website..? WOW reeeeaaaally high…

  • Marianne Jacobsen

    “This is just a terrible tragedy,” says his friend Peter, “Jesse was trying to go legit and now this happens? I guess drugs really are as dangerous as they say.”
    His friend peter would be skinny pete from BB
    Loved the quote from the MolsonCoors people as well 🙂

  • danp5648

    Pilots for 9/11 crap does not like drone photos haha

    Post a 9/11 drone on any “Truth” website and watch the red X show up in seconds.

  • ctomlin

    you cant die from it. its impossible! this just means a lot of people were hit with bad weed and it was laced with something leathal!!

  • BifBud

    They were weeding out the bad ones.

  • RaDonna Marshall

    This is more bogus crap….Just like the SANDY HOOK HOAX.

    …”Governor John Hickenlooper, who opposed the ballot initiative that legalized the drug, says he will call a special legislative session to try and overturn the new law”

  • jake

    LMAO that’s funny ive been smoking for years and have never seen or herd about anyone dieing from it…. lol the gov. must use GMO as firtalizer haha

  • Roy James

    The very scary thing about this satire is that it will probably be reported on Fox news as fact and lots of idiots will believe it.

  • MsSmith

    Satire .

  • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

    No it’s a sarcastic post. But, you can die of overdoses of anyhing, e.g. some die from excessive water drinking (the brain swells up but has nowhere to expand, what with the skull and all that)… but for smoking weed you would probably lose all interest in it long before reaching a lethal dose of THC… 🙂

  • jh


  • pump dat boombox

    Marijuana is good for you in many ways and…
    I love tacos!!

  • Dan Gutscher

    what a bunch of crap

  • Blair

    I didn’t watch Lost or Breaking Bad, so the names meant nothing to me, and it’s funny how people will consider me stupid for not knowing the names. Those people will likely be on the same intellectual plane as the people who wrote this moronic article and thought it was funny.

    This is classified as satire, but it was rather irresponsible of the people who wrote it to publish it. There are enough people out there who aren’t marijuana experts to actually spread this as actual news. Refer Madness was the video that ruined marijuana for decades because people believed the hype put forth by that movie without ever looking into actual facts.

    The fight for legalization has had a hard enough time without people writing “news” articles like this one. It isn’t even funny. Not one funny comment in it. People are believing it because people want to believe that weed has the potential to kill. These are the people that will never, no matter how much info is thrown at them, believe they could be wrong.

    Don’t make fun of the people who think this is a true story. Call out the morons who wrote this trash.

    The Internet has really ruined legitimate news.

  • Leroy Veritas

    Oh you poor, stupid lunatic.

  • Edward Porter Alexander

    Nullification of the Federal tyrants’ edicts is a good thing despite these casualties. Eventually these sort of things will level off, and unless the Union begins poisoning the marijuana supply like they did with aerial spraying of paraquat in the late 70s, which caused pneumonia, bleeding lungs, and death, then the worst that could happen is that there will be a rush on pastries, chips, and other such sundries.

  • Kristen

    These satire pages are annoying. And look, I HAVE seen marijuana addicts ruin their lives. Will they binge smoke and overdose? Maybe not. But they can become irritable addicts who burn their time away. Not all, but some. And now it is time for everyone to bash me for stating my experiences with seeing people use marijuana every day.

  • justanothersubscriber

    This report is so wrong, you would think you are reading or thedailykos.

  • Ramey

    Yeah remember when they said Chumlee from Pawn Stars OD’d on pot?? HaHa…, people are going to take this seriously which is the sad part… PEOPLE, YOU CAN’T OD on marijuana… and even if you could you’d still never catch up with the deaths involved from numerous legal drugs… oh yeah, and marijuana isn’t a drug. tyvm.

  • 420guru

    Oh yeah, heres the kicker, you gotta do it in just a few hours.

  • Tokin Chokin

    Articles like this should be taken down. There are too many gullible people out there that will believe this. It may be funny but all it does is hurt marijuana legalization and rights.

  • T. Jensen

    Hypospadias? lmao smh

  • Ramey

    don’t be an idiot, there were no casualties.

  • Leroy Veritas

    Yes, you are stupid. It’s a SATIRE site.

  • Me Just Me

    lies just pure lies they just need it to be bad

  • js1985

    it is proven you need to smoke your body weight to OD on pot. they really need to test what is in it because its the laced pot people die from. regulate and test the pot that are in shops. DUH!!!! stupid officials who think they know it all. get a grip and return to reality and stop trying to banish pot. worry about the actual drugs that kill people or something.


    fuck you. this was something to expect. weed is so dangerous man, yo! just fuck you. nobody ever died becouse of weed. the change doesn’t happen in night. this is bullshit and we saw it coming. pure propaganda.

  • Amber

    I would’ve mentioned Jesse Pinkman, but that was already referenced in the post I responded to.

  • clayt

    yeah okay this is just a bunch of lies if some one died on weed then it was laced with a foriegn drug which reacted too the weed! Maybe they where dying and just happened to smoke a joint its too funny that these left wing idiots come out and have to say a bunch of lies cause they are not getting a piece of the pie!

  • Leroy Veritas

    Oh dear. Just read the about page and then hang your head in shame.

  • William Keiser

    Dibs on the roach!

  • William Keiser

    Roll him over girl, that’s how Jimi died.

  • Leroy Veritas

    You with your damned reality check.

  • Scotster

    No, people have a right to be lied to, the main stream media does it every day.

  • Steven Roberts

    I never heard of Jesse Pinkman,

  • rascaltherat

    Uh…or “Rocky Mountain News” is very close to Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way”??? Don’t get me wrong, I completely dis-agree with the legalization of pot sales. I think it sends a very wrong message to children. I feel the same way with alcohol too, which is much worse to the children. And, from what I heard, these pot stores are charging the black market prices. $4-600.00 per oz.?? What fools. Adults, grow your own. But KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN!!!!

  • Leroy Veritas

    The internet has called legitimate news to task and improved the quality greatly if, and only if, you aren’t too stupid/lazy to do some legwork.

  • Scotster

    Hahha. People have a right to be lied to, the main stream media does this kinda thing everyday.

  • Kristin Hardison

    calm down guys, satirical website….from their about section….

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Benjamin Heien

    I like how it’s his friend “Peter” that said something about him hahah

  • Bill


  • Where Da Gold At?

    My cousin died from injecting three marijuanas. RIP

  • gmart

    So now you tell me. That explains a few things….

  • gmart

    Especially ones who use apostrophes inappropriately.

  • PKDame

    Thank you 🙂 *hugs* I’m still laughing over this article…and some of the comments I’ve seen 🙂 Good stuff 🙂 Go Colorado!

  • danielv

    Satire like this isn’t very funny for the people whom are using cannabis to save lives. 90% of the readers of this article do not understand that this is a satirical news site.

  • Greg Shea

    Jesse Pinkman…ha.

  • Stephen Rogers, Esq.

    Former meth user dies from marijuana use. Also NASA finds message from God on Mars, because God wanted to make it hard for us to find. Too bad he left all those marijuana plants out growing in the open like that. He could’ve put them on Mars!

  • Johnny Goldwater

    At this point, probably put the entire Colorado legislature in prison for life. It’s their fault this made it to the voters.

    Also, let the stuff stay legal, but users should have to wear some sort of green colored symbol on their clothing if they smoke it. Honor system, of course.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    The pot kills. Michelle Bachman’s people have already told us this.

  • Louie

    Someone should send this to that Sarah lady in Alaska. She’ll run with it as real news.

  • Saul Teelode

    Perhaps you meant John Denver’s ”Rocky Mountain High”.

  • Saul Teelode

    I am not accepting any calls at this time, but thank you anyway.

  • A good deal of people can’t see thickest of satire, and even when they may be able to, they may not care to read the article (these aren’t few either). You may have the most obvious jokes in there to make it apparent, you may have Santa Claus chime in on the subject, it doesn’t matter. The overall effect of this article is a worse image for Marijuana, whether you like it or not.

  • Chris Riot

    The CHEF of surgery says there’s going to be a delicious operation today!

  • Santa Claus

    for all the people who believe this satire bull..

    It is estimated that marijuana’s [median lethal dose] is around 1:20,000
    or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a
    marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much
    marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. [National
    Institute on Drug Abuse]-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh
    approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume
    nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a
    lethal response.

  • ZPT205

    Omg you pointed out my mistake. I shall now spend the rest of my day bullshiting reason why you are wrong and arguing with everyone who backs you up, rather than admit my minor memory error.

  • bunny

    hahahahaha! pot use causes a genetic foul smell in women and a mans urethra to be on the underside of his penis. Great satire and people should look up what the diseases really are. They are both genetic and nothing creates them overnight.

    Great article and would love to see all the Republicans and Democrats alike that got duped by this one!

  • TJ

    lol, Jesse Pinkman. Breaking Bad. Fail.

  • Not solely morons, but people who are neutral-slightly negative on the subject who won’t take time to read the article, but the headline will stick to their minds somehow. People may not even know death from marijuana overdose is so unlikely that even the title is dubious, so they may not be as shocked to want to read the rest of it. From a PR perspective, this is an overall loss for Marijuana.

  • Ihavenouseforaname

    I did hear about someone who actually died from pot. A whole bunch fell on him and killed him.

  • Adam Assenberg

    This news site is as much of a joke as cnn or abc, no one dies from cannabis.

  • Carinjks

    Reefer Madness Redux?

  • justanothersubscriber

    You have smoked a lot of pot in your day, haven’t you? It kind of shows.

  • yoyo

    hahahah NO KIDDING!!!!

    Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque

  • melody

    The medical conditions cracked me up. Trimethylaminuria…hehehe

  • Cannabis lover

    wow what a bunch of bullshat!!! nice try pointing finger at marijuana! Alcohol KILLS more and that statement by COORS is all scam to destroy the facts! read and do research again you morons!! geez this is unbelievable!!

  • John Spurgeon

    that’s cause your a sheeple! Marijuana is plant not a drug moron and no one is giving it to children unless prescribed by a doctor/ you are
    the only fool

  • bigbeeinthebuilding

    For someone against legalization, you sure are hip to street prices…

  • cowie_cat

    15 minutes*

  • Me23

    I can make fun of the people that believe this and AND of the people that wrote it.

  • willfixit

    Yes it is unbelievable…or satire. 🙂

  • Brom Bones

    H’a H’a H’a

  • Rock Sadler

    mmm there is some good that come from it

  • Guest

    This whole story is Bullshit!!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used it for 25 years of my life and have never heard of anyone dying from its direct use! I CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS ONE

  • Perplexico


  • KMWiltsey

    I never watched Lost! I had no clue … I feel like a knucklehead 🙁

  • Perplexico

    Or.. you’re an idiot.

  • Guest

    Yep if you think any of this is true thats what you are an IDIOT

  • So Mile High

    Mike, the article is satire. It’s not real. The Meth dealer from New Mexico “Jesse Pinkman” is from breaking bad… simmer down.

  • milehisnk

    No, it’s a drug.

  • Julia

    Someone is going to believe this. Ugh.

  • milehisnk

    Well, it’s rare but people have in fact died from pot. But this was still obviously satire, especially since Hickenlooper rallied FOR the law.

  • milehisnk

    I didn’t get the name references, but the rest was way too obvious it was satire.

  • ChainUp

    Your looking at the next Fox News Breaking report.

  • Bert Johnson

    In the fall of 1976 I took Psychology 101. In that class we learned in order to OD on ganja you’d need to eat an overflowing pickup truck load in one sitting. Ingesting rather than inhaling is a much more efficient method of putting THC in your system. More efficient, but a lot less fun without that immediate euphoria. With the potency of today’s pot the amount leading to OD is much less, but still in the range of a very large bale (hundreds of pounds and more). It is literally impossible to OD on weed without exploding first. Just knowing this fact renders this article as harmless fun. The Jesse Pinkman reference makes it even more so.

  • Iryshmyst

    I didn’t watch any of those shows either. BUT I was wondering how marijuana could cause hypospadius. I was thinking “man they must have smoked a lot of pot to cause organ failure.” Glad I read the comments LOL

  • Maritimer1

    Honey, anyone with a brain who reads knows you can’t OD on marijuana…not fatally. I had to laugh at the list of things they were seeing in ER: “cardiac arrests, hypospadias (, acquired trimethylanimuria (” Look the last two up……

  • Bert Johnson

    I’m assuming my very large bale of pot would include only the most primo of buds covered with crystals.

  • PlunkforHOF

    How have you managed to live to the age you’ve achieved?

  • Jas

    Yeah, that hypospadia is the worst, leaves ya having to come up with excuses. I don’t know about the trimethyl stuff, the only Ethyl was not Trim

  • Christopher Donaldson

    I blame Pinkman for starting this…damn Prankster…hahaha

  • JAck Jack
  • PlunkforHOF

    Ever had cancer Kristen? And Chemo and radiation? I have. I am a medical marijuana card holder. Pot helped save my life. You might as well say we should ban automobiles because there are bad drivers.

  • Barney IronBear Shannon

    They should have studied all the autopsy results first! 🙂 lmfao!

  • Ronnie Wolf

    Biggest load of bullshit ive ever heard….if people are dying….dont blame the weed ya better check for other drugs dummies

  • Kirschwasser

    “One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary.”

    Yo….Pinkman? (LOL!)

  • Barney IronBear Shannon


  • Dustin Thomas

    That MJ had to have had something else in it, you cannot overdose unless you smoke 3 times your body weight!!!!

  • pgeller

    Very true. What’s really funny is the early scientific ‘tests’ stating that cannabis kills and how they even ‘proved’ this using lab animals. What they forgot to mention is that in order to attempt an overdose on the animals they actually asphyxiated the poor critters with the smoking machines…..

  • B

    noooooooo people are unbelievably gullible

  • Somebody

    Hmm, no idiots Synthetic marijuana kills people, not the real deal.

  • Matthew Force

    Dude… quite simply: Shut up. Lighten up! And light up, you sound like you need to.

  • commonslug

    What would Willie Nelson say about this?

  • Michael Mayo

    People actually think this is real? Come on. Jesse Pinkman a meth dealer from Albuquerque? Anyone that knows anything about marijuana knows that there has never been a single case of a person over dosing on marijuana. Before you start believing this kind of garbage you need to contemplate the facts. The facts in the article are absurd and ridiculous. I don’t understand how anyone with half an education could believe this.

  • pgeller

    That’s propaganda not lies… And what do you expect from a country where only 6 corporations own over 90 percent of the media! 😉

  • Kim Irby

    What cracked me up was the supposed doctor’s quote regarding it causing hypospadias. That is a congenital birth defect where the urethra is on the underside of the penis. Bwahahaha!

  • topnotch

    As soon as I read that Dr. Jack Shepard was the “chef of surgery”, I knew something was up../

  • RoundRocker

    Hypospadius- LOL!

  • RoundRocker

    Not a news site. This is a satire site.

  • Debi Koshik

    meth does the heart damages. from one that knows.I have NEVER heard of people die from weed!!!

  • Daysha

    I call bullshit on this…. I bet the didn’t even check for any other drugs in his system and if the guy has already been dealing drugs for years then I bet he was on something the Toxicology reporters don’t even know about yet. Kind of like when that bath salt stuff came out they didn’t know about it tell later after people started dieing form. I have known plenty of people throughout my life that smoke lots of weed and have never heard of anyone going to the hospital because of an overdose now other drugs yes but weed NO! I would rather be around people that are smoking weed then people drinking any day. They are not violent, the worst thing that ever happens is they eat lots of junk food and fall asleep.

  • true

    Poisoned weed this is what I can say 🙂

  • M3L

    I never write on these things, however I have to say whomever thought to write this article has absolutely got to be a genius because they probably made thousands of dollars from this article thanks to all the ADs on this website alone. If anyone understand marketing, and how to make money online this would make sense….Make the article seem real enough to make headlines all over, but stupid enough to allow the select few to know it is FAKE! I applaud you sir & good luck with the money you earned!

  • RockMountainNews
  • Kim Irby

    That one was frickin’ hilarious !

  • Kat

    people y`all are all nuts I’ve smoked weed for many years and I have yet to do any other type of drug and many people can overdoes on beer its called alcohol poisoning. could these peoples marijuana have possibly be laced with something because someone truly doesn’t want marijuana legalized? thank you and have a nice day

  • andre

    ahhhhhhhhh bulllshittttttttt!!!!!!!!! this is media abuse!!!!!!!!

  • Rubytooz

    a CAVEAT on the top of the page stating it is a satirical piece would go a long way toward not propagating more propaganda via those ‘less-smart’ internet surfers, who will only skim the headline and pass it along to others as actual fact- as well as helping you to maintain the credibility of this site, if any…
    why do people think it’s funny to trick other people like this? especially without a warning? not everyone is smart enough to get the satire, and too many are just stupid enough to cause trouble because of it.
    at a time when we need all the support we can get to fight all the propaganda there already has been regarding this topic- wtf are you thinking?!?
    i am not laughing. neither is my partner, nor anyone else i have pointed this out to. i seriously doubt you understand the implications of these types of pieces… why no mention of the deaths caused by decades of prohibition? now that’s a real statistic…
    not gonna lie – not gonna promote this site.
    blessings anyway~

  • GloryBoi

    ya doubt this is true

  • Mike Smith

    I loved this spoof but the sad fact remains that a significant percentage of people across the world would think this satirical article is true and they will believe it, and in some cases, they want to believe it. I’m sure huge chunks of society and the elite, the blindly religious, the politically powerful, Corporate boardmembers, Criminal Corrections entities and Law Enforcement leaders were all just hoping and praying to God for such a disaster. The proof will be evident at the end of 2014 when the entire world can look back and say, “They legalized pot in Colorado and Washington State and nothing bad happened.” After that, what will be the excuse for keeping it illegal?

  • Rubytooz

    i do not watch TV- i do not know any of these supposedly ‘dead give-away’ names- i am not alone in this.
    this does not mean i am a moron, either.

  • That Guy

    I was with you all the way until “The Internet has really ruined legitimate news”. Please tell me you aren’t serious. The internet and independent news are the last real sources of information not owned and operated by massive corporations with their own agendas and simply looking to make profit as opposed to disseminating facts and truth, which is what journalism is supposed to be.

  • oOXOo

    FU, you can’t OD on pot you idiots. As truthful as The Onion.

  • Rubytooz

    the fact that ANYONE could believe this shows just how much we don’t need pieces like this exacerbating the ignorant prejudice that comes to these types of people as a result… these are the people who keep good laws from passing and make sure bad ones stay in place. how will things change for the better in light of that?

  • Doris Merrill

    “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer? Hey I see people doing this everyday

  • Justin Duhon

    Sugar is a drug?

  • Will

    Try googling “Jesse Pinkman”. nuff said.

  • Colo Res

    Rocky Mountain News doesn’t even exist any more

  • Kissy

    This article sounds like total bs to me. Considering the strict regulations that they put in place on the amount that can be bought at one time it would take a lot more than one day for such cases to happen.

  • Diego Keretzky Crusius

    Mark Reese vs the internet. Just leave it man.

  • Equalityforall

    So DUI’s and the deaths caused by DUI’s..the blood is on the breweries hands then? Beer/alcohol is an addictive drug as well and ruins lives. Irresponsible people will be irresponsible, no matter what.

  • mark

    this sounds like an article for the Onion

  • NathanDF

    Satire. S-A-T-I-R-E. It’s not like they try to hide it.

  • Gerry

    the only way cannabis will kill you is if 25 lbs are dropped from 50 feet above your head. haha it has to be something stupid or a bunch of propagandans trying to convince everybody it is dangerous. what I find funny is that the CEO of Coors says it is a dangerous drug and when was the last time you heard of someone overdosing in beer. I’ve seen many people over does on beer , some, pass out , puke while on their back and choke to death. never have seen an over dose on pot. and the guy that was a meth dealer—– well , enough said there. I don’t take this article seriously and neither should anybody else.

  • Idiocracy

    There has never been any report about someone dying using cannabis. Educate yourself before dumping stupid responses and make you look like a moron.

  • Wes Bailey

    “It’s complete chaos here,” says Dr. Jack Shepard, chef of surgery at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver… my favorite part -“CHEF of surgery”….bwaaahaahaa

  • AMS

    Really? Where’d you get that information from? What entity has documented deaths from pot? Because I have yet to see one. In fact, do a search on this, inform yourself on the subject, before making statements like that:


    don’t forget that the doctor wasn’t a doctor but a chef, lol “It’s complete chaos here,” says Dr. Jack Shepard, chef of surgery at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver,”. Wonder if hes got any brownie recipes

  • dany the french man

    stupidest thing i ever heard you retards marijuana help with cancer and other deseases but like every other MEDICAL DRUGS TO MUCH IS NEVER GOOD IM GLAD PEOPLES ARE WAKING UP ONE LOVE MY BROTHERS

  • John Spurgeon

    no it is a plant. the fda rules state that a drug has to be made from man made chemicals and anything natural such as plants and herbs can not be classified as a drug. Do some research and earn some truth and stop believing what your government tells you. so again you are wrong and are making yourself look like an uneducated sheeple twit

  • secondwife

    “We are seeing cardiac arrests, hypospadias, acquired trimethylaminuria and multiple organ failures”.
    hahaha that is just too funny! Hypospadias?
    Hypospadias is a birth (congenital) defect in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis. The urethra is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. In males, the opening of the urethra is normally at the end of the penis.

  • Hollie C.

    Complete Satire… Super funny… As Mike Stratacaster sates, “I find it hysterical that you had to point this out. And that Dr. Jack Shepard (Jack, from the show Lost), and Jesse Pinkman (Jesse, from Breaking Bad) as well as other references didn’t give this away in 10 seconds flat. Hahaha.” it is funny. Particularly like the part where they say “when was the last time anyone has overdosed on alcohol?” ummm at least 3 since I started typing this comment!

  • stoptraffikorg

    Sure … right.. what a great attempt at a hoax. People who smoke marijuana smoked it all along. They have always smoked it and they never paid attention to the law.

  • underground72

    I don’t believe this story… All lies and I don’t even smoke..

  • LA51

    Stop the madness! Stop the reefer madness!

  • J.James

    if this isnt satire then they need to find the anti drug person that poisoned the pot and murdered 37 people to try and set some kind of an example., Cause no one in the history of earth has ever over dosed on pot

  • Nunya

    This is ridiculous because that’s unheard of. If you do an autopsy on all the “victims,” they most likely died of other drugs in their system, not because of the marijuana they added to the mix. Propaganda all the way!

  • erinzdad

    This is an out right lie.

  • Mike Halem

    I do not care about the article. My argument stl valid. Marijuana should be legal. People should be able to decide if they like to smoke it or not. If se one overdose on drugs of ank kind, it is those choice If they die, other will learn from it.
    What part of this argument you do not like? Why I should be ashame of my opinion ?

  • Bink Binkerson

    It’s obviously fake news. “Gov. Hickenlooper”? Gimme a break.

  • Larry James Hanshew


  • Mrs. Spence

    Oh….and “Acquired Trimethylaminuria” AKA, fish odor syndrome

  • Mrs. Spence

    “Acquired Trimethylaminuria”
    AKA, fish odor syndrome

  • Roberto

    Ummmmm, how about the “Rocky Mountain News” that went belly-up in 2009!

  • It’s contagious as well!!…Touching stoned people can kill!…

  • JD McNuggent

    Thanks facebook friend who thought this was real.

  • JD McNuggent

    The one actually true thing in the article..

  • Shinybird Westwingleg

    37 less goofs people have to deal with.

  • Jong Gantala

    Just smoke weed responsibly…

  • Eigil myru

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH wata a moron hawe wrote this.

  • Peter Martinez

    Bullshit. This is the first I heard of this and I live in Colorado. This story is a farce and was probably written by some anti-marijuana zealot. This is proof that you can’t always believe what you read. If this was true it would be broadcast over all the major networks by now. Get a life. I sure won’t waste my time reading this rag again.

  • Jasper Anderton

    This is a Satire publication. It isn’t serious.

  • WildBill0283

    Let Darwinism work.

  • nayy

    Theres something called GOOGLE and SCIENCE to inform yourself in this

  • amj

    Over dosed on Marijuana… hahaha.. funny one!

  • alaskaproudandstrong1

    Ha Ha. Dope won’t kill you. It’ll make you look like a lazy slob, but it won’t kill you. Sheesh some people will believe anything.

  • Tinker

    You can’t spell slaughter without laughter!

  • Open2Debate

    OK so it won’t kill you but has anyone done the math, there are simply not enough Jazz musicians for everyone in Denver to have sexual relations with once hopped up on the stuff!

  • Nasty

    I was going to say that I gave it plenty of opportunities to kill me, back in the day. Not even a “hangover”, but I was always stocked up on salty chips! 😀

  • Nasty

    I was going to say that I gave it plenty of opportunities to kill me, back in the day. Not even a “hangover”, but I was always stocked up on salty chips!

  • Mr. Right

    Isn’t satire supposed to be funny? This whole site is really badly written…

  • Daniel Moore

    I especially liked the Jesse Pinkman angle. Very funny! To those who still don’t get it, it’s FICTIONAL!

  • Nasty

    I remember $30.00 for a three finger bag, and I thought that was expensive.

  • Michael Mahoney

    The problem is millions will believe it !

  • Sandi Hornsby White

    What a bunch of crap! Propaganda promoted by mass media so the Gov can feel justified. There was something on the pot or reaction from the meth…..mj does not harm anybody.

  • Nasty

    No it’s a plant. It grows out of the ground. Only needs to be dried a bit.

  • styles 12

    And me without my hip boots and shovel.

  • This article wasn’t the least bit amusing. We are making slow progress in lifting the prohibition of marijuana and the last thing needed is ignorant articles like this making fun of it. The facts…

  • Carmen Vito Blundo

    Satire. Hilarious Satire. They could at least of spelled everything right though. my favorite is Chef of Surgery.

  • Jen

    I have never heard of anyone overdosing from pot. Unless it is laced with PCP or something of that nature, it is very rare, if ever.

  • Dale Birmingham

    Hypospadias? Now I KNOW this is a total joke.

  • mercenarygrip

    See. Marijuana is a deadly drug, and alcohol is completely safe! (said no thinking person ever) The people who voted to legalize this harmful drug obviously did it for the sole purpose of killing the youth of Colorado. Now, let’s get back to sanity, where people were able to drink a couple of six-packs & drive home safely.

  • MichelleLeigh

    Is it weird that I still almost cried over Jesse Pinkman dying?

  • Jen

    And the article mentioned OD-ing on beer. Yeah…alcohol poisoning. Alcohol death. Happens all the time at frat parties, etc. So don’t compare the two.

  • Charlie

    It is incredible that The Daily Currant would write something that would hinder the progress that has been made with cannabis legalization in this country. Humans are extremely predictable that is why alcohol tobacco pharmaceutical companies take advantage of us THEY CAN MAKE US BELIEVE ANYTHING The Daily Currant has caused detrimental damage to a society that is uneducated or should I say ignorant in the facts of the positive effects of cannabis.Cannabis is a natural wonderful beautiful plant that can help millions of people suffering from many ailments. Mad magazine was satire very funny the daily currant not! You guys need better personnel editors writers funny I don’t think so.

  • Nicole Firefly

    ” A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.”

    Good luck trying to overdose lol

  • The only deaths from smoking weed that I have ever heard of are from accidents caused by being high… just like the accidents caused from being drunk.

  • However I am not happy with this new method of selling MJ, but I cannot believe it. Its not believable .

  • brain

    so whos the idiot getting sued for this article? Cant people get sued for false info? if not that is a sad sad thing. Furthermore who and why in Gods name would anyone take the time out of their life to write an article thats completely false? Make an article about how people that do wasteful things like this and should realize its time to go out and build a life for themselves. A REAL LIFE!

  • Daniel Moore

    I am defiantly watching FOX News tonight for the regurgitation of this their lead story! Should be hilarious!

  • Joanne Laurette Aubertin

    LOL, It would be the first time in history. Actually I thought for a second that the opposers spiked all the pot with poison, LOL!

  • Prohibition doesn’t work. All it ever did with alcohol was make some notorious criminals a lot of money… and that is exacly what the prohibition of marijuana is doing today for the cartels.

  • fredstein

    seriously ? its satire. You dont understand the point of satire ? its an extremely powerful way to make a point.

  • Snailman

    i heard they injected a lot of marijuanas, then anything is possible

  • Have your wife send this to the person who sent this article and told her how bad MJ is…

  • karinagw

    Surely, you realise that The Daily Currant is to be taken as Seriously as The Onion…that it is a satire site?

  • snix

    Dr. Sheppard can be reached for confirmation and comment at 481-516-2342. What a sad day….

  • karinagw

    Surely, you realise that The Daily Currant is to be taken as seriously as The Onion…that it is a satire site?

  • What a pity that nothing will make you look like less of an idiot.

  • Snailman

    You all think this is outrageous?!?!?!?!?
    Mitt Romney wants to ban Instagram and our (hawaii-born) president is about to unveil the new american flag which consist of 1 communist symbol, 1 cannabis symbol and arabic letters.

  • Vincent Aguilar

    This is hilarious! hahaha

  • TheLastTargaryenIsJonSnow

    Um, there should probably be something somewhere that says that it is satire. That being said you would have to be pretty ignorant to think that this was something that was really happening, and if you looked at the other headlines on the page you would have to be more than ignorant to not realize that this is satire.

  • Skippy

    I say good riddance. They wanted it…they got it. Legalize a few other drugs and if these idiots want to kill themselves let them. Fewer dumb @ss’ s at the ballot box, fewer dead beats and parasites. Better for society.

  • Terry G. Taylor

    Yes anyone that would believe this would vote for a liberal in an election.

  • Chris Favro

    B/S must of been Tainted Pot

  • Bananas

    “Jack Shepard, chef of surgery”….hahahahaha D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S organs

  • robbison

    Libs are killing this country. Hey guess what libs Wyoming passed a law last year to allow to carry a concealed weapon. How many deaths or injures from that? Where has the common sense gone.

  • adam

    If you didn’t catch the pop culture references did you maybe notice the name of the paper? The daily cur”Rant”. I mean if it was serious it would be current not a play on words or reference to a berry.

  • Dale Cordell

    Hypospadias (hi-poe-SPAY-dee-us) is a condition in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis, instead of at the tip.
    Surely caused by marijuana overdose. ROFL!!!

  • Tmac

    Anyone who believes this is a MORON… No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. It’s impossible

  • Black Feather

    Let me tell you why, The entire world has been using and smoking pot medicinally and for recreation for thousands and thousands of years and no one has ever been reported has dead because of it. Now because one state makes it legal all of sudden in a matter of a day all these people are over dosing? Yes you have to be a moron to believe that… Sorry!

  • maxiemom

    The problem is, there are way too many people who won’t understand that this is supposed to be satire — humor because it’s so utterly absurd.

  • Isabel Marie

    I knew it was fake when I read, “Dr. Jack Shepard, chef of surgery”. Chefs belong in the kitchen.

  • deanna

    this is COMPLETE BULLSHIT marijuana has never caused a death ever. you need to take a look further into what the plant has been grown with. marijuana plants are grown with tons of chemicals to stimulate rapid growth and increase yeild. you need to look at those chemicals and see what they do to the human body, if everyone was smoking organic weed there would be no problem. and im sure all the butaine from the lighters these kids are inhailing is not a good thing either. weed doesnt kill it only heals

  • Laura

    I call b.s. Marijuana has never killed anyone and yet once a state legalizes it 37 people are suddenly victims of “overdoses”. This is what passes for journalism today? Nonsense.

  • mathglot

    Eureka! I,ve been smoking marijuana for 30 years since college, and been using apostrophes wrong for about the last half of that! Its clearly the only explanation!

  • Whitney ‘Whit’ Henry

    Thank you Blair, You took the words outta my mouth. Everything about this articles infuriates me, and its people like the ones that wrote this and think this is funny that is pushing back our movement for rights and freedoms for a better life/world.

  • Anton Louis Feichtmeir

    This hits close to home. Me mum died of a marijuana overdose a year before I was born.

  • Jared Holbrook

    Everything on the Internet is true.

  • Mark Watson

    Bahahahahaa Love it..

  • Thomas McDonald

    I own a marijuana dispensary and have been in operation for over 3 years, this is pure bullcrap made up..No can OD on marijuana unless of course they are mixing it with something like (PCP) then it’s a big maybe…

  • Someonewhoknows

    The Rocky Mountain News died years ago. This is satire. Trust me, everything is happy and mellow in CO.

  • Mark Watson

    you should not be in Business. your to Stupid..

  • amanda t

    this is such a joke, as a medical professional I can tell you that weed does NOT kill.. in conjunction with other drugs it could definitely be harmful..and it could attribute to decreased metabolic functions, which then may lead to death. but definitely not alone.. But I can tell you that alcohol and cigarettes with no other drugs involved.

  • amanda

    this is the dumbest thing i have ever read in my life! lol

  • Becki

    I couldn’t have said it better! 😀

  • ChristiaanV

    “The Internet has really ruined legitimate news”. Are you sure that CNN, FOX, and CNN didn’t already do that? Haven’t, in the last couple years, all of those news channels been caught lying? Those are the major news outlets in the U.S. and they have all been caught either blatantly lying, or sending actors in to their “LIVE” broadcasts. Seriously, just google “news channels caught lying” and you’ll come up with 43,900,000 results. I think it’s a stretch to say that legitimate news was ruined by the internet which has only been available to the public since 1989. I think that “legitimate unbiased news” was ruined the second any government realized that feeding it’s people bullshit and claiming it to be true is an affective way to change public opinion. So, maybe, 1609 with the invention of the news paper. Possibly (definitely) earlier.

  • Becki

    Such BS

  • deadheadland

    Time to call Saul.

  • jay

    this story is bullshit. knowone can die from weed. you con weed people out there need to research and get back to all the pro weed people and apologize for your stupidity

  • Guest

    Actually, I have had to take several people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning for drinking too much beer. My husband died of cirrhosis in May. I have never heard of anyone being physically harmed by marijuana.

  • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

    It is like the

  • Chris

    This just incites more fear and opposition in clueless people, this also isn’t remotely funny.

  • Kowboy Santos


  • Zacharia Ashby

    Can’t be done. The only way you can die from smoking pot is if you specifically are allergic to the weed. People have smoked bales of pot in one sitting.

  • Windsong46

    I find this very difficult to believe. VERY difficult. Sounds like there is something political going on here.

  • the weedman

    lmfao this site is ridiculous

  • Polly

    Whatever…why don’t we post statistics on how many people die every day from ALCOHOL related incidents? Some people just over do it, especially college students. That isn’t news! Tired of this county thriving on DRAMA!

  • That Blonde Girl

    HAHAHAHA the Jesse Pinkman reference, GOLDEN

    I OD’d on pot once, I slept so good that night and felt so good in the morning.

  • Humberto

    When did anybody overdose on beer? its called alcohol poisoning moron.

  • Bethany

    this is satire….it was meant as a joke….it’s not real, you can calm down.

  • !Gunsmoke!

    when you let liberals make laws this is what you get

  • David W. Flannigan

    This is bullshit!

  • Windsong46
  • Becki

    Marijuana doesn’t kill people! Marijuana is a naturally grown herb with many medicinal uses. The government and Doctors prescribe medications for all the different medical issues that people have and need pain relief from and they are so willing to give you an RX of some synthetic chemicals that can clearly mess with ones brain as well other organs! Furthermore, a lot of these drugs are just as addicting as Cocaine, Meth, heroine! So I mean REALLY this whole article is full of BS. Before being judgemental do some research!!!

  • Obviously I did or I wouldn’t have said it wasn’t amusing.

  • darkpoetinc

    LOL this is fake.. love how sheep on both sides bought into this

  • Grayson

    Completely stupid really if people believe this they are morons.

  • Aaron

    Now if you believe this, I have a bridge for sale anyone interested?

  • Helena_Handbasket

    I’m personally hoping that the people who are commenting as if this were real, are just continuing the satirical vein.

    It’s probably not true, mind you…. but it’s much less depressing than the reality that people are, generally, idiots.

  • Muncie Harris II

    this is bullshit…look up hypospadias…it’s mislocation of the exit of the urethra of a man’s penis…creepy…but not at all life-threatening…who wrote this crap?

  • Ghey

    hahahahaha ghey!!!!

  • peolean

    dumb to write this dumber to believe it wow some people are so gullible for real and that’s so sad I don’t even live there but have smoked pot for a very long time and I have never heard of such a thing as oding on pot come on people get with the program if you have smoked it in the past and are still smoking it then chances are it is not the pot that will kill you but some other underlying situation for real so lets all get stoned and talk about this tomorrow lol

  • Helena_Handbasket

    Uh… no, it’s because “Rocky Mountain News” was a long running, now defunct paper in Colorado.

    Also, I think prohibition sends a much worse message to children. It’s certainly destroyed the lives of more children than marijuana ever could.

  • Independent Tom

    Potheads don’t have a sense of humor.

  • Lg

    You have ruined my day with your stupidity, throw your computer away and kill yourself!

  • Keli’i

    Too funny!

  • Markie D

    Come on now. What government official is starting this bullshit story. Maybe because there mad that the drug is now legal. You know Hemp oil from Marijuana in high doses cures Cancer. Google it everyone. Its the Governments biggest secret. One Shot takes one pound of pot to make a dose. A little boy in Amsterdam had stage four cancer on his brain stem. He went on a three week cycle and took a dose everyday for three weeks and all the cancer cells were gone and replaced with new healty cells. Little boy was only 4 and taking in a pound a day in hemp oil and he didnt die lol lol .. For Christ sake, it made him live. No more Cancer. Can u believe it. This country is all about money. There is to much money in Cancer to cure it with a drug the governmwnt doesn’t have there hands into. Now they are trying to get thier hands into it because there is only a little time till people find out about this big secret and go nuts over all thier loved ones they lost when there was a cure the whole time. Isn’t this Country something or what?

  • Randy

    Ditto!!!! All is well here in Colorado, come and see for your self!

  • Helena_Handbasket

    This sounds challenging, dude. You clearly need to train before attempting to smoke that much. You’ll probably need a training buddy to stay on course. I volunteer to help you smoke the holy fuck out of your weed while preparing. (aren’t I generous?)

  • kiki


  • Bethany

    It’s a satirical and didn’t actually happen.

  • Jackelin J. Jarvis

    “Marijuana is a deadly hardcore drug that causes addiction and destroys lives.” Really? Alcohol causes addiction and destroys lives and familes and kills people on the road. Its up to the people to control what they do not the government; we are not children–how many people die of alcohol poisoning all the time and they don’t make it illegal…? I was told only 20% of alcoholics recover vs. 80% of drug addicts.

  • Theoneandonly DCherry

    I have smoked most of my life and I have never heard of anyone to OD on Pot. I bet someone opposed has a hand in this artical. When it was legalized elsewhere, how many deaths so far?

  • Judy Nerad Davis

    What a bunch of lying bullshit! It does not kill people. I would much rather be driving next to someone on the highway that has smoked pot all day than to be anywhere near anyone who has had 4 beers or more. This article i9s for stupid people who haven’t got a clue! DAILY CURRANT, FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO LIE ABOUT or do some flipping research before you print this bullshit!

  • Scott Cheatham

    To create an overdose effect on marijuana you would have to smoke roughly 50 columbian strength joints in I believe somewhere around 15 minutes. To do that, you would starve your brain for oxygen and you would pass out well before you reached that point.

    I read the article and all I have to say is…wow…someone seriously likes to write satire.

    “Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), also known as fish odor syndrome or fish malodor syndrome,[1] is a rare metabolic disorder that causes a defect in the normal production of the enzyme flavin containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3).[2][3] When FMO3 is not working correctly or if not enough enzyme is produced, the body loses the ability to properly convert trimethylamine (TMA) from precursor compounds in food digestion into trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) through a process called N-oxygenation. Trimethylamine then builds up and is released in the person’s sweat, urine, and breath, giving off a strong fishy odor or strong body odor.”

    “Hypospadias is a birth (congenital) defect in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis. The urethra is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. In males, the opening of the urethra is normally at the end of the penis.”

  • Robert Stahl


  • Ron Boyer

    No way.


    Crazy hallucinogenic that scrambles your brains.

  • kerston

    ^^^^^More satire I hope Bwahahahaha!

  • xxcrashxx

    He wasn’t calling people morons for not knowing the names from TV shows…. If you read something from one source, and believe it to be true without the use of this wonderful thing called The Internet to check facts, then you are a moron.

  • kerston

    It isn’t funny , but some of the ignorant comments are. I swear some people evidently really do live under rocks.

  • punky


  • slpyhd43

    sorry got to pull the B.S. card on this one… Toxicology test take more than 24 hours, so how would they have gotten those results already.. friend’s bf died of heroin overdoes took 2 weeks to get that report back to the ME

  • Stoner2316

    EVERYONE! Chill out and go light up joint, a blunt, pack a bowl..whatever you prefer! Lol 😉

  • kerston

    You make this even funnier. Feel stupid? This is satire. Don’t bring the sane gun owners into this. Maybe they should give you a mental health check if you are going to carry though. Satire !!! Oh my do you know what that is or is that a word you think ‘Libs” made up? If we lose gun rights it will be because of morons like you.

  • GinosaurusRex

    hun, Fox news ruined legitimate news.

  • PeedroPaula

    For those of you freaking out, the Daily Currant is a satire page!

  • DamOTclese2

    Trimethylamin!!! ROFL!

  • DamOTclese2

    No! This is real! I saw it on Fox News! They wouldn’t show it on Fox News if it wasn’t real!

  • nnyl

    I never watched those shows, don’t watch much telly, but it is The Daily Currant.

  • nnyl

    The Daily Currant has never been news. Always fiction. Their other stories today include Clay Aiken joining Duck Dynasty and the NSA allowing citizens to buy back personal data. If you look at their About page, it spells out their stories are purely fictional.

  • nnyl

    I looked it up, it is fish odor syndrome.

  • dda

    I knew nothing good would come of this. Colorado made a stupid decision we have enough idiot’s running around now they just added to the idiocy.

  • Jackelin J. Jarvis

    Don’t feel bad Ruby I don’t watch televsion either;
    some of us are just wired differently, all the judgements are small words coming from small heads.

  • Jesuslovesyou

    I think your all a bunch of idiots. whether this is true or not doesn’t matter. And im sorry but legalizing drugs is not gonna make our “life/world” any better. drugs are wrong just like drinking is wrong. just cuz you are all abunch of druggies doesn’t mean you have to bash on people who do care about their life

  • Guest

    You know… since this isn’t your first time on this site I would wager that you were just simply way too lazy and stupid to realize that this was a satire/fake site when you visited 21 days ago or you truly are just posting to get a rise out of people…

  • Ron Barry

    The number of people who believe this is real, TV character names aside, is dumbfounding and frightening. I think the Daily Currant owes every person who believes this is real a pirated copy of Reefer Madness.

  • Jeffrey Sparks

    Yeah, Hypospadias is a malformed penis.

  • sandra

    not even close… this fake story is so fake that makes me feel pity. Please reed a little or smoke some pot before starting to make up pathetic stories

  • 60srad

    They should be stoned for legalizing it.

  • Pamela Hosler-cardona

    I checked to see if it was from The Onion!!

  • cerista

    It’s not their job to protect people from their own stupidity. Learn to do some research. Ask questions. Think for yourself. People need to stop being gullible. That’s the purpose of the satire sites. Humor is secondary.

  • precious d

    They had to lace the weed with something to make them die

  • RDub

    Satire, people. It’s satire. Now… seriously and introspectively consider why you reacted the way you did when you read the article. That way, it won’t be a total loss.

  • Mark Reeser

    Huh? If I was on this site 21 days ago I don’t remember it, nor do I remember what i was here for. Whatever it was I certainly did not pay attention to the site I was on. Can you refresh my memory as to what I looked at when I was here before?

  • Rick_CT

    Even though it’s satire I bet it makes the rounds on news networks, especially Fox, and people repeat it as gospel !

  • Rob Hill

    When the prohibition of alchohol was removed how many died? The real measure will come when the novelty wears off.

  • cerista

    Don’t insult the intelligence of network engineers by claiming to be one.

  • Robyn Dessauer Lewis

    I totally agree. Mainstream media has resorted to regurgitating the Talk Points of the Progressives/Liberals or the Republicans. What happened to real investigative journalism? The internet has the most investigated news than any other form of media in the US.

  • MamaBear

    OOOOR… even if you don’t recognize the names (which i didn’t immediately)… based on what I was reading and what I know of marijuana & alcohol (not to mention all of the obviously ridiculous quotes)… i figured it was a laughable farce. if you bought this, it just means you need a little more info/research into the subject, not to mention paying more attention to sources of information- at the very least, the fact that they quoted the president and ceo of the local brewery! ha! hilarious. and “i guess drugs really are as dangerous as they say”- it reads like a bad after-school special. thanks for the laugh. i can see why people are upset, but… it’s hard not to laugh at you too. if that makes us mean, oh well? i don’t think we need to be name calling though. this whole thing, including all the comments is super funny. thanks everyone.


    wow how sad that someone had the audacity to say that no ones ever overdosed on beer? oh but did you forget all the lives lost from driving after drinking beer? or how about people who tell you weed is bad then turn around and tell you to take a little white pill for your pain? they dont even know whats in those pills, but NOO dont smoke weed. heres the thing…..maybe people should do these things responsibly, like drinking responsibly; some people shouldnt drink, and some people shouldnt smoke, others can drink and others can smoke. its really sad that there is a CEO out there is so naive he thinks beer doesnt kill people.

  • “Wasted” Time

    OK, I don’t have time to watch Lost or Breaking Bad. I don’t have time to second guess and research some medical term someone uses in an article. I don’t live in Colorado so I don’t care who the governor is. I do know The Rocky Mountain news is a legitimate newspaper. The only reason I second guessed this article is because it said the toxicology report said the only drug in their systems was marijuana. Until I got to that part, I assumed someone laced a marijuana supply or something.
    OK, so it’s satire, that’s cool It’s still irresponsible to not say so somewhere so people who don’t spend their lives on the internet or in front of the TV can stop wasting their time reading it.

  • LuisM55

    Wow this article is being reposted and straight up reported as serious news all over the Internet. Some people are too gullible.

  • Heather Barron

    You, madam, are why the aliens won’t talk to us. For the love of God, please pick up a few books before you use the Internet again.

  • Mark Reeser

    Oh no you got me too, good thing my bosses that pay me good money to take care of their network hasn’t caught on that I’m an uneducated moron. Hope they don’t come here, and see that instead of researching it for myself I simply stated that if this wasn’t a joke, the people who wrote it are full of it. I didn’t even read the whole article or check out the site. I also did not know that the newspaper referenced was a paper that is now out of business (only been in CO for a month and a 1/2). I know though I’m the idiot and most here are very intellectually superior to me, sorry for upsetting you I didn’t mean to claim to be as good as you who must be the al mighty himself.

  • Chuckles

    If you are making an argument that you are not a moron you should try using proper punctuation, grammar, and for god’s sake capitalize your “i”‘s!

  • Mark Reeser

    Really, do you use anything with nicotine, sugar, or caffeine in it? If you are then you are just as much as a drug addict as anyone else. Also it is a god made plant, the if left alone to dry in the wild will get you high if you eat it. Jesus might live us, but I guess he sent you down to judge us?

  • Mark Reeser

    Thanks for the link Brandy, but she and I both do know the facts about this plant. the person who sent her the link might need to check that out, but we still haven’t figured out if she sent it as a joke, or if she thinks it’s true. I’m guessing the latter since she is very much against it, of course she is also a chain smoking alcoholic that thinks she doesn’t so any drugs.

  • Mark Reeser

    Oh no now we are both to stupid to have kids, and we have someone using the name Tebow to judge us, we are in for it. Sorry we do have one so I guess we just added to the stupid of the world. Of course if yo could read you would have seen earlier where I said I was going home to be with my wife/son, so you must be just as bad off as me for overlooking that piece of info that was right in front of you. Hopefully you will just add a little chlorine to your gene pool before you have some baby Tebow’s. I’m glad that 95% of the people on this page are so much smarter than someone that just wanted to find out if this site was satire or not after glancing over the article. Hopefully your god will smite us for being so inferior to you.

  • Andy

    This is the dumbest thing I have EVER seen in my life. What is this Fox News? Get your heads out of your you know whats. The people voted for it and they want it, this is a democracy. I don’t smoke marijuana nor am an avid supporter of it, but the people want it, so give it to them for Christs sake. If you don’t like it, move to Pakistan and have no political freedom and where marijuana is illegal.

  • Mark Reeser

    Safe from what? I’m ok don’t worry about me, my mom makes sure I keep my helmet on unless I’m sleeping.

  • Johnny Rios


  • Mark Reeser

    I sent you to government website because I figured that was the only thing you would believe

  • Mark Reeser

    I can tell you the sheep comment did not come from watching fox, I never watch any MSM news, all any of it is is entertainment for the masses. I just used sheep instead of sheeple.

  • babyboop.82

    Actually if you are allergic to it you can die from it.

  • Eric Bergstrom

    The Horror! The Horror!

  • forest wall

    I Remember 10 bucks For A 3 finger Bag…. LOL

  • Mark Reeser

    Really, I guess they missed me and lots of my stoner libertarian friends with their intent then. If its not the pot what causes you to be a such a good little boy and always vote republican then.

  • den_e

    while it’s obvious to some that it’s satire… one the the things i dislike about this site is that they don’t make that clear anywhere. then they publish other articles on contriversial subjects that aren’t as obvious and people spread them around like truth.

  • cerista

    Misconception. Satire isn’t necessarily supposed to be funny. It’s supposed to make people think.

  • Thomas Cowson

    lol lies

  • Britt Davis

    When was the last time you heard of a person overdosing on alcohol? REALLY? It’s called ALCOHOL POISONING – people get it all the dang time!!!!! Smh. This country is full of complete idiots.

  • Mark Reeser

    I’ll get right on the Diego, now that you and all the other geniuses here have shown me how stupid I am, and my mom always told me I was just as smart as the other kids even though I had to ride the short bus to school.

  • Alan

    not quite “The Onion” but ok!

  • Tyler Thomas

    This article is something else.

  • weed man

    Moron statement…alchol more dangerous than marijuana….fuckoff

  • Cristina20132014

    If you OD on weed, you deserve to die.

  • GlenBradley

    Apparently a lot of the commenters do not realize that the Daily Currant is satire…

  • Pete56

    People who’d believe this story.
    Their inescapable conditioning is always kind of sad.

  • lessgovernmentnow

    Serious pot smokers become lazy. I’m glad that I sold my Colorado business & moved in 1997. I also left Washington State in 2004. Pothead’s make lousy work force.

  • Wendi

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! “Jesse Pinkman!” LOL Well I guess we found out where he went after he left the meth house. lol

  • Chris Putt

    if i didnt have weed i would be dead THANK YOU WEED

  • This is crap. This is a set up or something theres no way! There would have tio be something in the weed.

  • Linda Lampe

    Yep,it is the same weird phenomenon as when the faux news about Romney saying he could relate to Black folks because his family had owned slaves.The liberals and low informed voters wet their pants with joy that they not had a valid reason to hate Romney.Even after showing them it was fake (better known as a lie) they still clung to their hate and venom.

  • angeka

    In order for a “overdose of marijuana” you have to smoke more then your body weight. The people who wrote this are in need of a reality check along with proper extensive research.

  • Desolina Deisch

    If marijuana killed people it had to be laced with something, because marijuana does not kill.

  • John West

    Dead giveaway. It’s from the Daily Currant!

  • Alex

    In fact the lethal marijuana OD is like 500kgs in one minute , try to beat that if u can 🙂

  • dantana

    TRUE OR NOT, THIS SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!! People permitted to make their own choices and to enjoy pot responsibly or suffer the consequences of their own behavior. Our nation, via Darwin, wins – big time.

    Libertarianism rules.

  • Valters Boze

    Sounds like fake PR to me. Why noone has died before just like that? in Amsterdam? or other countries where its legal / semi-legal ? It must have been mixed with something, as some years ago it happened in UK when quite a few people died because the “tobacco” was mixed with particles like sand/glass that destroyed lungs. P.s. I`m not pro-marijuana. I`m against it as well as alcohol.

  • Nesnej

    I hate when I smoke weed and die.

  • Billy Ross

    Just to be perfectly clear – If I die, I’m suing the government!

  • Billy Ross

    Dude, chill. Have a joint…

  • ksmichel

    investigative journalism has become illegal #snowdon

  • Billy Ross

    Don’t drink and drive home, smoke dope and fly home.

  • foxyldy

    What a load of utter tripe. No one has ever died from taking cannabis it practically impossible. Does the government really think people are this thick.
    Every one forgets cannabis was illigalised because of HEMP not because of the drug itself. They are using the drug as a cover up. Funny how its a CEO of a brewery who has put out this statement. Losing money are we peter? Stfu. Legalise it everywhere sort it out. Its personal choice to smoke it or not. I know my choice.

  • JESS K

    this is so silly. how much MJ would have to have been smoked to kill one? How much would that have cost? Is there not a limit? And it Killed more people that have been killed in high school massacres and how about the massacre at the movie theater. Come on now! Got to be a HOAX

  • bert

    It’s called alcohol poisoning when you od on alcohol. Thats why no one ods.

  • hHannah

    I just don’t understand how anyone could overdose on marijuana! Wtf is it laced with???

  • Michele Powell

    I’d say the Jesse Pinkman reference should have woken anyone up that thought this was real. I was thinking I was in the Twilight Zone until I read that and then it was palm to the face time… “One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary.”

  • Me me

    I call bullshit there is no way….

  • Andrew Ng


  • Luke Murray

    Totally Uncalled for!!

    Do you know how long it tooko to get marijuanna accepted legally?
    And now you go doing this, sure it’s a joke but you know that there are millions of complete idiots out there with the power to change things some places who can get very scared by this!

  • Stuart Allen

    What is the point of this site? To compete with The Onion?

  • Sean McKenna

    Wow! I remember when $10-$15 bought a Lid! They would the lid of a coffee can with a healthy handful/portion. Hence the term “Lid of pot”.

  • Terric Blythe

    They need to post a disclaimer somewhere stating this is supposed to be humor. And the people on here commenting, calling people stupid and being condescending dill holes with their pseudo-intellectual superiority are as ignorant as the asshats who wrote the article.

  • Tycho Heusen

    Stop posting this. I live in The Netherlands, where pot is almost considered legal. I know very much people who smoke it day in-day out and they are healthy. I think the Daily Currant and every other newsstation should be ashamed by making this up.

  • Taylor

    I think they need to work on their satirical writing skills. To somebody who doesn’t know much about cannabis and hasn’t seen breaking bad or lost, it seems almost reasonable. I think if they just added a line about people getting the munchies and eating babies, that would just tip it over the edge of believability…

  • I aint no fool but Blir is

    You sir are a sucker which is nothing to be ashamed of. Satire has not ruined news on the internet. You should listen to what Honest Abe Lincoln said “83% of all facts on the internet are made up.” (p.s. that was a joke it was actually George Washington who said it.) In any case only a fool would believe even the real news outlets as they are liars anyway which twist facts to make their political agenda. Laugh at yourself for being naive and taking the internet so seriously and move on.

  • Dawid Wdowik

    How many people died by Alcohol?

    Marijuana is very safe drug!

  • light

    this is ridiculous , as a marijuana smoker, i must this is utterly false. weed is very safe the worst thing that can occur while “high” is over eating or over sleep

  • core32

    how can someone die on weed? people are dying on alcohol, harddrugs, medicines, etc. we smoke weed in holland daily for decades, but no one died.
    thats bullshit!

  • Rlsjr0330

    oh this is to funny it states in the above article ……….According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News…….. ummmm Rocky mountain news Closed on fed 17th of 09

  • Sean McKenna

    Hey man concerns in matters such as this might be better off if focused on the fact that the FDA,pharmaceutical companies and certain doctors throughout this country are actively doing studies on the effects of OXY CODONE on children BETWEEN THE AGES OF 6 and 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This being after the fact that the drug has swept across this country in epidemic proportions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (By Design). This new study these F~~~KERS decided to launch was actually announced in a 20 – 30 Sec. segment just before going to commercial on the 3:00 news in FT. Myers FL. in the beginning of last year,2013! There has been nothing said of it since.

  • Boba

    Maritimer1 & Blair,

    I’m torn here because I found this article very funny but Blair makes some good points about the fight to get Marijuana legalized.

    As Maritimer1 correctly says, anyone with a brain knows you can’t OD on Marijuana BUT – and this is a big one – the problem is that there are millions of people out there without a brain (or with a brain but that do not use it) who will base how they vote, campaign and gossip on this article.

    A tricky balance to strike. I’m going to roll a fat one and think on it.

  • Dustin Cantwell

    this site is known as being a satirical ‘news’ publishing site, like The Onion.their not irresponsible or doing their jobs. people are irresponsible for being un educated.

  • Actually, the same could be said about anything that people have a SEVERE allergy to, even milk…

  • Andre

    I get that its a joke. Problem is many wont get it and it does not help the effort to change the public opinion. Its a pitty that there’s people that will actually believe it and even share this with an ” I told you so”

  • Elly

    What a load of untrue, anti cannabis propaganda. Cannabis does not kill and that is a FACT!

  • Unfortunately, the people opposing the legalization of marijuana don’t use their brains when it comes to MJ. The opposition wants to believe an article (even though satire) like this. By the time they have figured out it is satire they will have already used it to fool the others who don’t know any better. This makes things harder for those who are working to educate people and bring about some acceptance. We’re making great progress so why choose this to poke fun?

  • Noah Wood

    “Space Exploration:

    See above uses for oxygen.

    Getting High:

    See space exploration”

    I love this bit the most xD

  • Rainier German

    Guys, this is bullshit. The picture youre looking at is a guy from Melbourne and its not marijuana overdose.

    See this link below.

  • marco


  • Bard the builder

    Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an
    LD-50. The LD-50 rating indicates at what dosage fifty percent of test
    animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity. A
    number of researchers have attempted to determine marijuana’s LD-50
    rating in test animals, without success. Simply stated, researchers have
    been unable to give animals enough marijuana to induce death.

    At present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 is around 1:20,000 or
    1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a
    marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much
    marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied
    marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker
    would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana
    within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.

    In practical terms, marijuana cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity.”

    Even if someone is smoking marijuana concentrates or ‘dabs’ which can be 3-4 times more potent than their flower counterparts, that’s still hundreds of pounds of marijuana dabs within a 15 minute period. A person would pass out before they experienced a lethal dose level of marijuana. Something could harm the person if they fell while passing out resulting in death, but that’s different than the marijuana itself causing death. Some readers are probably wondering why the federal government fights so hard against marijuana research. Maybe it’s because every time they research marijuana they find out how wrong they are…

  • free božidar


  • Morten Haugelien

    Oh yeah, it’s good for you to smoke weed…..! That is SATIRE!!

  • urbanprojectz

    No, it’s a drug, it’s alters your state. To say that weed is not a drug is foolish, it’s a substance that has a desired high for the user.

  • Emilio Callejas

    Would be nice to know the Alcohol and cigarette’s related death!

  • Emilio Callejas

    Would be nice to know the Alcohol and cigarette’s related death! No one talk about it.

  • Thomas Mclean

    well said i never knew these names either(i rarely watch television) [email protected] morons, it’s just gonna get harder with these @rseholes printing crap like that!!!

  • Thomas Mclean

    are you stupid there are folk who won’t do their research & just spread the word like wildfire…another moron!!!

  • Karl

    LOL OD on weed -,- how could you do that i smoked 15 gram’s today and i only climb higher by the minute guess they climbed to high and fell.. to bad… gues they forgot to bring their parachute

  • Dee

    After being a Mary Jane smoker for more than 10 years, I must add that I have not suffered any loss of brain power, have excelled in my niche line of digital media, won awards for excellence, started a very successful business, raised a happy family and was stoned every day, 3 times a day! My father suffered with skin cancer for 15 years, and cannabis was his savior and pain relief for the last 3 years of his life, I saw the emotional, physical, spiritual change in a man that had nothing left to live for, not even eyes left to see the world, to someone who inspired, believed and once again saw the very simple joy that life is, pain free, stress free,
    Like all level c drugs, steroids, pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc, weed does NOT blend with every single person, like alcohol doesn’t. I don’t drink for the very reason of its got an adverse affect on my ego and judgment and temper. If I got pissed off my face, I would expect to end up dead or close, if not an accident, a fight, or worse…. So I DO NOT go binge drinking, or get anywhere past lighty tipsy, and as such, the same precautions should be taken with this level c drug!
    I have read that most deaths are caused from choking on the smoke ( weed is supposed to make you cough to get the cannabanoids into the blood stream), so on that note, I’m not saying this is BULLSHAVIT, but I would love to see the report that explains exactly what the contraindications were, vs the chemical composition of the actual weed they smoked, was it all from the same supplier / grower? What was the thc percentage in the blood etc etc. I don’t believe for one minute that’s its as simple as ” CANNABIS KILLS 37 IN ONE DAY!” So does alcohol, and falling out an aeroplane, and not looking before you cross the road, and not forgetting natures fury etc etc etc.
    Perhaps when legalizing weed and classifying it, the contra indications should be made clear??? That kinda seems like the logical thing to do, to me anyway.
    cannabis has many healing benefits, the needs of the many …… Indeed

  • disqus_BSTrGz6sM8

    Uummm….”hypospadias” is a BIRTH DEFECT…meaning you are BORN with it!!! So I am pretty positive you can’t ‘get/suffer’ from that due to smoking. AND Trimethylaminuria is inherited, meaning it is also GENETICALLY RELATED and you DON’T die from it!!!! Come on guys if your’e going to write a story CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST!!! UUgghh! 😛

  • thcproce Grower

    this is a FAKE. please dont believe in this idiot.

  • Audra Fried

    Then, it is safe to say you’ve never watched Breaking Bad.. what a great show.

  • emdoc1107

    I’m an ER doc and don’t use marijuana and know that it doesn’t cause lethal overdose. I could tell it was satire before I even read the first paragraph.

    It doesn’t change the fact that you dope smoking fools that *must* smoke your weed are losers. Get a life. Grow up and live a healthy lifestyle free of that $hit…the same with alcohol!!!

  • mhgoats1

    Having been in the parts of the world that was having breaking news, I have found that FOX is always the closest of all of them giving the most correct reporting. Was first hand at an incident and when I watched both CNN and BBC reports of it I was wondering just where the heck it had happened, because I didn’t see or hear anything of what they were talking of (at the time it was a terrorist attack on a Saudi military base).

  • TR1GG

    Honey! I know nothing about marijuana (except that morons use it to get ‘high’ because their lives are so boring) how would I know if you could fatally OD on it?

  • Michael J. Johnson

    you know it’s fake when there is only ONE tiny and insignificant website publishing it.

  • dalebo63
  • Edward
  • Katie Caudill

    FAKE….from a medical stand point, you would have to smoke 10 joints a minute for a straight 24 hours in order to even remotely start to overdose. it is physically impossible.

  • Kathryn Hildebrandt

    I agree. Satire is more than just a fake news story about events that didn’t happen. Good satire should make the reader stop and think about some of the absurdities in the culture.

  • Jonathan Scott Spicer

    I Love It! Great satire,besides you can`t O.D. on weed! Believe me I`ve tried and all i got was sleepy!

  • ShurpeW

    its a mix of drugs!!!!!!!!! Lets see what these post postmortem’s say????? STUDIES SHOW ITS SAFER THAN TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL!!! These young Dumb-Whits out there need to know what self control is all about!! its a lesson for others to learn from, not to bad marajuana! just because there are deaths on the roads everyday, doesn’t mean you ban driving!!! you teach drivers how to drive……you drive fast and like a loonatic, you die! you overdose and mix drugs…..YOU DIE!!!! Simplez!!

  • Jonathan Scott Spicer

    I`m no moron and the one thing I know about marijuana is this: It kills my pain and helps me sleep,when no other drug short of morphine will.

  • shuga

    I declare complete bullshit…

  • Rodney

    Interesting how one of the sources it’s the Rocky mountain news. Which isn’t around anymore. And secondly they sold close to a million dollars worth on the first day. Which means the state made almost half that in sales. I doubt they want to change the law.

  • aldrisang .

    If you don’t know this is a joke, or suspect it, by the time they’re calling marijuana a hardcore drug… much less when they bring in Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad… =P

  • EducatedGuesser

    Shouldn’t parody websites at least try to be funny? Just saying things that aren’t true isn’t all that clever, guys.

  • ALCO
  • Nico Twothousand

    BUUUUULLLLLLLSHIT…..! Worst thing that can happen is… You fall asleep. Somebody doing some lobbying for the Pharma, or Liquor industry…?

  • Vera De Vries

    Hi this is Xaviera Hollander.. I am of the opinion that many more people kill themselves with overdoses of alcohol than marihuana or legal pharmaceutics you can get easily at any drugstore. That seems to be far worse in numbers.
    I live in Holland and here life is so much easier and relaxed… and not too many restrictions except this year alcohol can only be bought by kids over 18. There will always be people who don’t know their limit,

  • ojaoi

    10 seconds flat, lol XD

  • Sophia Keenesburg

    One can on the FAKE socalled synthetic marijuana. This is why I do not think this parody article is funny.
    You will see some people will start to believe real marijuana is dangerous … it only takes a few times to copy and paste this text and pull it out of it;s context.

    Fake / synthetic can cause seizures and leave a person braindamaged for life. But the fake think is very very different but I guess I do not have to explain this to you.

    greetings from Holland (EU)


    Bullshit Article, Bullshit Newspaper, Bullshit Editor. Moron Journalist. No wonder the American people are completely Manipulated till stupidity.

  • Sophia Keenesburg

    I use it in as TEA. Relieved me of my backpain.

  • Sophia Keenesburg

    It is also to relax. And you do not get hooked to it by the way.

    (live in the netherlands and grow my own plants so I do know what I am taking and without pesticides and so on. Make tea out of it I am a non smoker. For me it is about handling my backpain and it does it very well)

  • Sophia Keenesburg

    It is more difficult to find the truth … as you hear the same story different. Try to look up something what happened years back … and you will find information and disinformation on several subjects (history).
    Than you really have to turn back at the BOOKS.

    Or the real newspaper clippings.
    Some stories I cannot find anymore online …

    So yes I do think one has to question everything ones reads online.

  • Wayne Koppa

    Better satire would be “no deaths from alcohol on New Years, because everybody stoned”.

  • Dutch Ganja Team

    ppl !!

    HI we are a couple of regular weedsmokers from Holland, yea thats right Holland land of weed! and let me tell you 1 thing!! aint nobody getting killed over some weed they smoke. Because weed is not deathly, the only thing that can kill people is if they put some other stuff in the weed that doesn’t belong there. Trust us we have seen it all!! and let me tell you this; the weed ppl smoked was contaminated!!! feel free to ask any questions if you want to know more about it !

    Ganja lovers

  • Daniel

    I get that this is satire but its actually in poor taste and not that funny. I think you need to reconsider what you see as satire – making up bullshit facts that are blatantly not true is not clever, smart or funny for that matter. Satire is meant to be a spin on the truth in order to enlighten others or highlight real world truths – its not about creating and spreading blatant lies. In this case you are doing more harm that good… not good guys, not good.

  • joseph whitehead

    this story is full of f****** s***…I’ve been smoking cannabis 18 years ..I’ll smoke the good the bad most ever happen is I puked from coughing..its all is imitation weed going around..and okay if it is true..we need to stop making pills and medicine..alcohol and cigarettes too..oh yeah by the way food to can causes cancer..

  • shawnlt1

    Not true, i am a person that always looks for a second source, so i went to and if something like this had happen, it would be headline but its not even on there. LIES.

  • Gringo

    – People in Amsterdam

  • jip

    What a bullshit, they just are trying to ban pot.

  • Bob Hashgreen

    What a lot of rubbish! Irresponsible trash media again.

  • Jeroen OhmCore

    this article is a fake one..

  • ReadbtwnLines

    It’s a joke. Jesse Pinkman is from Breaking Bad and the Doctor is from LOST.

  • DCrunner926

    It’s a joke. Jesse Pinkman is from Breaking Bad and the Doctor is from LOST.

  • DCrunner926

    Before any one takes this article seriously. THE DAILY CURRANT IS LIKE THE DAILY SHOW OR ONION. Look at the other articles “Obama comes out with new American Flag” is one of them.

  • leona

    what a bullshit u never can od from marijuana whahahah

  • Urz

    Man dies from smoking marijuana. Today John Q. Publix smoked a joint, walked in front of a speeding FOX News truck and was struck dead by the front bumper (which was also under the influence of marijuana and is not expected to live).

  • luke skywalker

    only americans can accomplish in something noone else in history of world hasent been able to do 😉

  • Tristen

    Um…really? I do not trust the veracity of this article ONE bit…considering the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS has not been in circulation for years and was bought by the Denver Post in 2008. Really? “According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, 37 people were killed across the state on January 1st…”

  • Will Mickelson

    What you say is not proven fact. You can say as far as we know no one has OD’d, but you got to be realistic.

  • Go eat eat your vegetables ;o)

  • cliff

    Can you say Onion.

  • Allen

    50,000 people die every year from alcohol poisoning. Everything in moderation people jeez.

  • Tonya

    how can they report this when the Rocky Mountain News is closed as of 2009???

    I call this a PR stunt!!!

  • Colin Mathew

    If u no nothin y comment then. I don’t comment sayin take ur stupid little views and jump off a bridge cause u hav nothin goin for urself in life do I but maybe I sud

  • Tonya
  • Luca

    Jesse Pinkman 🙂 hahaha

  • Tonya
  • That guy

    It’s called google use it

  • Brett Keoki Patton

    The internet… Fact-checking is actually easier then its ever been. I get how that is ironic, since this article of BS came from the internet, but a simple google search would have probably debunked it fairly quickly for you. Just saying…

  • Tonya
  • Cookie

    people are so so so retarded. Who let you write the news?!

  • sense

    you are totally ignorant, you know nothing about it, that is why you use the word morons and other derogatory terms about cannabis users, probably best not to comment on things you are completely ignorant about

  • hillbilly

    Calm down folks!!! This is awesome!! Movement movement blah blah blah…This Daily Currant is just like Onion News Network. Its for entertainment. Smoke a joint and read it again. You wont be nearly as upset..

  • Tonya

    Key people
    Andrew Molson, (Chairman)

    Peter Swinburn, (President and Chief Executive Officer)

    haha….. DE-BUNKED



  • Sandykm

    No such thing as overdosing on pot….DUH!

  • Soph

    Fantastic! Lost and Breaking bad. Funny 🙂

  • thingscanbbetter

    The author of this article must be on Meth

  • suzieQ37

    Idk if people are actually dying or not, but it stands to reason that more than likely all of these ppl probably smoked marijuana for years before it became legal, and probably more of it since it was never taxed before, and never “overdosed” on it which leads me to believe that either A. this is a bold faced lie, or B. these merchants have added something to it before they sold it. I am neither a supporter or opposer of legalization, I believe that it would be lovely not to have to worry about being jailed if I wanna smoke, but I also believe that legalization will ultimately ruin the quality of what we smoke, adding things that kill us. Tobacco on its own is far less dangerous than the chemicals they add to it.

  • Mgooboo

    so… your solution is censorship because people are too stupid to get a joke thats clearly more in favour of legalisation than anything? Well thats good news for free speech…

  • Kat Danelson

    Um if you’re doctor you would know that dope and pot are different things.

  • Teresa Purdham

    they were doing something besides weed i have known alot of weed smokers and they still smoking after years and are fine i have however lost people due to drinking. this is bull.

  • Forrest Blocker

    So many morons, so little time.

  • Teresa Purdham

    some do it for pain and to help rhem eat get your facks right

  • Teresa Purdham

    i hear ya

  • Zack Preston

    Wow seriously? Never heard of an OD from beer? Last time I checked alcohol poisoning is very very real. I dont buy for a second that pot was the only thing in their systems. On another note pot has been proven to have several medicinal qualities as well. Does beer? How about cigarettes? No? Didnt think so.

  • Mitch.

    If you educated yourself, you would know that Marajuana has NEVER hurt anyone, infact quite the opposite. It is a miracle plant that can save lives compared to 100,000 deaths per year on prescription drugs. Your ignorance and lack of education is YOUR problem not someone else’s. It just seems you fear change. Its people like yourself that prevent progression in humanity, believe it or not.

    Boring life? For 11 years Ive smoked and Ive managed to travel 4 continents whilst holding down a job as a client relationship manager/account executive/broker, meeting a variety of people from all over the world along the way. My life couldn’t be more exciting right now…

    You sir/madam, if anyone, are the moron. However, if your comment is to rile us pot smokers…you did a very good job and I congratulate you,

    If not, please educate yourself. And that goes to the Doctor (which i actually doubt to be a doctor) who commented below, you should have more respect for people in your position…


  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • hehehe

    People don’t believe this crap , marijuana never killed anyone , EVER ! alcohol kills thousants so do the msth what is safer..

  • Paulus de Mooyen

    nonsense…. it is impossible to overdose on marijuana… … this is wrong information…. inform yourselves……

  • Pot Don´tKill

    I don´t believe a word… I had never ever ever heard of anybody overdosing on marijuana, that’s impossible! Marijuana Overdosing “No. There has never been a documented case of marijuana overdose. In order for a human to consume enough marijuana to be fatal, they would have to consume nearly 40,000 times the amount of THC required to intoxicate them. In contrast, it only requires about 5 to 10 times the amount of alcohol required to intoxicate, to be fatal. For example, if it requires 3 beers to intoxicate you, it only requires 15 to 30 beers to kill you. However, if it takes you 3 ‘hits’ of marijuana to intoxicate you, it would require 120,000 hits to kill you. Thus, it is virtually impossible to die of a marijuana overdose.

  • Liam Evans

    No lets make fun of people who can’t take 30 seconds to google “The Daily Currant” or click on their about page and start linking this article while discussing weed.

    You don’t need to be a freakin’ expert you should be critical of everything you read, especially on the internet. If you believe this article for a second, or even think this is a legit news story from a legit company, you’re a moron. The moment I read something, even if it sounds like it could be true. I find a second source.

  • themasked

    Dr. Jack Shepard does not exist. Hypospadias is a MALE BIRTH DEFECT. Trimethylaminuria is a disease which causes you to smell like rotting fish. The president/ceo of molson coors did not say that, his name is not even peter swindon, it is Peter Swinburn. Marijuana has only made lives better, it is the drug war and the people who punish u for it and claim the user as a criminal and felon who destroy the user’s lives. it is very possible and improbable to drink yourself to death and it is not possible to smoke yourself to death with marijuana unless you suffocate in which case it’d of probably been a suicide attempt because your normal thinking brain would force you to stop smoking and breath, and yes your brain will still act and function like that even if you are high. The only “Jesse Bruce Pinkman” I could find is the one off of “breaking bad” the television show. On that note I bet the writer of this article or at least the ORIGINAL writer did not know that smoking marijuana actually puts u at a lower risk of seizure dramatically as well as heart attacks greatly.
    And finally the governor Mr. John Hickenlooper did not oppose the marijuana legalization in fact if you look here you will see he signed to laws asking for legalization

  • rashuns

    Pot does not kill you

  • sxn74

    The Rocky Mountain News final publication was May 27, 2009.

  • Mykal Garneau

    what a total crock of fabricated horse puckey this is! and IF IT IS indeed satire…. the ignorant world will take it seriously!

  • Gaupo

    For all the pot smokers out there and the non drug users, here is something to consider, pot use does add to self destruction when used on a regular basis. The viable chemicals that make you high stay in your body for more than a month and the more you smoke the more stays in the bodies fatty tissue. Stress can cause a sudden release of this making you instantly high. So when you are taking that bus, taxi, plane, boat or ridding as a passenger think about whom is driving. When you go talk to a banker, counselor, or any kind of advisor, wonder if they are high giving you good advice. When you need medical attention, pray your doctor, nurse or surgeon has not been toking…..

  • Chronedout4191

    Really Jesse Pinkman the former meth dealer from Albuquerque?

  • Umy Lucky

    how can we delete this shit???od from marihuana…omg!!!

  • dom

    The last time someone overdosed on beer wtf

  • Hannah

    Excuse me? “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?’ Well Mr Peter Swindon hundreds of thousands of people die every year because of alcohol related incidents..alcohol is one of the most adictive and destructive of drugs.. I knew this would happen.. the alcohol companies are getting scared because more people smoking weed means less people getting pissed which means less money for them… it all boils down to MONEY once again, greedy bastards.. you cant overdose on weed, they probably took something else more ‘hardcore’ that caused their deaths.. ‘One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former METHAMPHETAMINE dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to
    Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary.’ hmm maybe it was the vast amounts of methamphetamine he was probably consuming?! Surely the people who wrote/quoted on this article cant be for serious? No doubt by idiot redneck americans, ffs get an education.

  • Tina Heavlow

    i dont smoke it, but im glad it went legal. i guess there is always a few that are gonna mistreat the use. and a matter of fact people do die from to much beer, and guess what people die everyday from one thing or the other…this is what the world is made of. live or die and learn….its not hurting anyone but themselfs.

  • Tara Hamilton

    Complete bullshit.. its not the weed they are overdosing on … more than likely its whatever they mixed in with the weed … wouldnt you know they would start this crap…

  • Dave Lanson

    You know some moron is going to believe this is real and cite it as a legitimate news report about marijuana deaths. Those idiots can’t even tell that the Onion is satire.

  • Luke Murray

    Umm you do know that you can take a pot and whack someone on the head with it untill they are dead right? Overdose on pot!

  • Phil Gross

    Popped up on my FB feed & I responded “FAKE” b4 even clicking the link to get here…. ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE PEOPLE.

  • Sofia

    I knew this was fake as soon as I read “Rocky Mountain News.” They shut down in 2009!! Pretty funny article. Feel for the people who actually think it’s true!

  • westie420uk

    You can OD & die from cannabis, the LD50 (median lethal dose) for cannabis is around 1:20,000 or 1;40,000 in layman terms this means that in order to induce death you would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much weed as is contained in one 0.9 gram joint. Theoretically you would have to consume 1,500 pounds of it in 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. Even water has a LD50 (90ml/kg).

  • The Professor

    Damn, you are stupid. You should have just stopped at “I know nothing”.

    So you know nothing about marijuana, but apparently knowing absolutely nothing about it is enough to form an opinion that you will use to weigh in on the subject with and condemn others for using the drug.

    Go. Fuck. Yourself.

  • Phil Gross

    As far as we know in the few hundred years that its been in use. with literally billions of users in all that time. not one report of an OD. fatal or otherwise.

  • Westie420uk

    You can OD & die from cannabis, the LD50 (median lethal dose) for cannabis is around 1:20,000 or 1;40,000 in layman terms this means that in order to induce death you would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much weed as is contained in one 0.9 gram joint. Theoretically you would have to consume 1,500 pounds of it in 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. Even water has a LD50 (90ml/kg).

  • fiveseven15

    too late. thats how i found this. from someone thinking this is legit lol

  • warning

    Is satire just a nicer way to say hoax or Bullshit! Lol

  • Sandykm


  • Charterholder

    I’ve been trying to OD on weed since college, all I’ve done is have fun.

  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer
    Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make
    you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used
    recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still
    function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • dave

    its mad how people actually believe this. Shows what a deceptive press can make people think. Of course war is good, the poor are at fault and fox news never tells lies – but I got this one

  • sorrylew

    I know you can’t overdose on marijuana, but just because someone else may not that doesn’t mean they don’t have a brain. Example: my father. Please don’t assume that EVERYONE should know that you can’t overdose on mj. Only a moron would ASSUME that EVERYONE knows that you can’t O.D. on mj.

  • Cave Man

    dont feel bad i have not watched tv for almost 20 years, i do not know shows or names of characters. to me, that only makes me smarter than someone who sits in front of an idiot box programming your precious little mind.

  • Ana

    I don’t do marijuana, but this is bullshit.

  • Luke Murray

    It’s so true man.

  • HelgeSalzburg


  • Proof

    bullshit I dont belive single word! theres no chance to overdose by marihuana…AND I SAY THIS AS A GANJA SMOKER WITH MORE THEN 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – EVERY DAY

  • balbalbal

    Just regular propaganda, i i’m shure that pot was poisoned by alkohol lobysts, why there where no overdoses in other countries, eaven if you smoke illegal pot(this could be more dangerous than legal i supose)..

  • cc

    Wake up people, don’t be zombies, fuck the sistem , are only lies

  • Mr.Potatoe

    Let they die,stupid people…

  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer
    Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make
    you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used
    recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still
    function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • randys girl

    Hypospadias. , from quick memory doesn’t that mean the urethral hole is on the bottom side of the penis ? I’ll have to look up the other one but lmao

  • Sam

    Okay……. This is like letting a child loose in a candyshop. Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands since the beginning of time, and there are no deaths linked to marijuana whatsoever. See this link, it’s in dutch, but the word canabis shows the numbers

  • Carl

    And nor should you, since the Daily Currant is a well known SATIRICAL ‘news’ site, like The Onion…

  • 0 cases in amsterdam!

    methamphetamine dealer jesse . i bet he used it him self. and after he quit it his body and hard wasn’t able to handle the change. when u stop using hard drugs suddenly ur body will fail. omg cant belive there’s ppl like this doctor in a such a big country, that ppl thinks is “best country in world” i wish that doctor will go to psychedelic hospital to get some marijuana treatment!

  • EF

    Yeah it is satire, but think about some of those people sitting at home stoned who are thinking “Oh Sh$t, I’m gonna die!” lol

  • M.

    My father smoked it because it’s the only thing that helped him while being sick. And believe me, you don’t want MS. I smoke it because it helps me calm down and even helps me work better! you should get your facts straight before opening your mouth and start blabbering all kinds of bullshit

  • Phil Francesco

    Hey on New Years eve 488 people died from over drinking (heart attacks due to excess drinking) not counting the ones that were killed in car accidents due to booze but nothing was plublished about that

  • dneat71

    I personally do not smoke. My husband and daughter both do. And I’m sure someone will now call me ignorant because I know my daughter does. Anyway, I used to be against it but honestly have been more informed as of late. HOWEVER! When I read this article, call me ignorant or brainless, stupid or what you will, but as someone who only cares about family and friends and I DON’T KNOW “effects” of marijuana, only what I knew from reading CRAP like this…. yeah! I was immediately concerned! SO, if you potsmokers don’t want people like ME, who doesn’t really give a CRAP either way until i think it’s going to harm my loved ones… then don’t you think it’s in your best interest to help educate people rather than call them dumb or ignorant?

  • effingreat

    I knew this would happen. What a dangerous drug. It causes men to beat their wives, drive wrecklessly, cause global warming, beats puppies, causes brain damage, creates tsunamis, etc, etc. This blight on humanity must be stopped.

  • Marty Torrez

    Get the facts right people…How much marijuana is safe to use? Can you overdose?

    There is no recorded case of someone dying from an overdose of marijuana, but it has been a factor in accidents or medical issues that can lead to death.

  • Carl

    It’s actually satire, lampooning the ultra-conservatives “the end is nigh!” nonsense. It’s pretty clear from the language – “injected one pot” for example – reference to obviously non-related medical conditions and papers which are known to have closed half a decade ago.

  • justSayin

    Hilarious! It’s a shame that there are people who are gonna read this and believe every word of it.

  • Carl

    Yes, it is indeed wise not to trust anything from a well known satirical news site. Just like one would be foolish to believe anything on The Onion.

  • I see what ya did there. Poor Jesse Pinkman…

  • Thomas Bush

    “Toxicology reports revealed that marijuana was the only drug present in his system.”

    I find it really funny that they can have these results so quickly when it took months to get a full toxicology report on Michael Jackson after his death.

  • Carl

    Can’t tell if sarcasm or not. I’ve spent far too long reading conservative comments lol

  • Patrick Perry

    I smoked pot for years and never heard tell of anyone overdosing on it,the pot these people smoked had to have been laced with some kind of chemical

  • Jev_LFC

    I think theres a dark agenda here with this “Satire” as you say……Disinformation big time. People will believe this as proved by the comments. Prohibitionists 1 – the world 0

  • Jev_LFC

    Fact 1 : There has never been even 1 death related to Marijuana consumption. That stretches back over 1000 years!!!
    Think, before you drink, before you drive me mad.

  • Didi

    What a load of bollocks. it is impossible to overdose on marijuana, another fat lie from media!!!

  • jose

    Im sorry, but your dead wrong. People certainly can, and have, have cardiac arrest by smoking too much weed at one time, as they already had heart conditions. Get your facts straight and stop calling other people stupid when you sound so dumb

  • LadyB

    Why don’t I believe this? People who use marijuana legally have been using it illegally. Let’s keep it real. People don’t wake up one day and suddenly become marijuana users and over dose on the stuff. I don’t believe this story.

  • act

    “At present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 is around1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.

  • Marty Torrez

    You are disgusting and so full of crap! All those people overdosed on alcohol, I guarantee it or no one overdoes and you are a bold face liar. Stop fighting it. Cant believe you can look at your self in the mirror. Shame on you for this bullshit propaganda article you wrote. I hope your career of lies is over after this. You are a seriously misguided being.

  • Angelo Casasanto

    This is the biggest piece of bullshit i’ve ever read… The Rocky Mountain News was shut down years ago.

  • Dee Queen

    Something was wrong wit that weed, it had something on it that killed those people, if it really happened??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the first day it was legalized, Reallllllllly! sounds like it was done on purpose if thats the case, there is a murder on the lose.

  • Marty Torrez

    no, it only ruined our first response to seek the truth!

  • captain_pudding

    You tell that to the late Jesse Pinkman, bitch.

  • captain_pudding

    He will be greatly missed . . . bitch

  • Angry

    May be the most ridiculous lie of an article ever written! People die of alcohol poisoning everyday and this is just republican crap propaganda! Very amusing lies and someone is very deranged to post this

  • Thomas Fowler

    are you insane??

  • captain_pudding

    Did you not read the article? Poor Jesse Pinkman died, bitch!

  • Dee Queen

    Lol Me to 🙂

  • captain_pudding

    I feel sorry for that poor Dr. Jack Sheppard, with all those people being killed by the smoke monster known as marijuana he must fell very . . . Lost


    You know what gives it away to any true Coloradans? THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS HASNT EXISTED FOR 10 YEARS!

  • LadyB

    I don’t use Marijuana, but I thank God that I did research from reputable scholarly resources to know the medicinal properties (which have been tested and proven) of Marijuana. It can cure Asthma, help people with Glaucoma, cancer and many other painful conditions. And it has no side effects. Marijuana was used to help cure people of drug addictions and earned its name the gateway drug.. Meaning it helps get people off of drugs and alcohol – not the gateway to hard was twisted.

  • Nick

    This is retarded I couldn’t even get thru the first paragraph. Whoever thinks this story is true is a complete moron!!

  • captain_pudding

    You’re on a joke news site, what are you expecting?

  • dan

    I warned people this would happen nobody would listen its like they were high or something.

  • looks like our media lies as much as our politicians do.

  • captain_pudding

    I think the easiest way would be to concentrate it and make it into edibles. 20lbs of brownies should do it.

  • Jerry McVicker

    Some of you….satire much?

  • Stoned Sober

    I have smoked marijuana/cannabis/weed… what ever you want to call it, for the past 7 years, almost DAILY! i would smoke at least 5 joints a day with friends and had no adverse effects (except of course a lack of will to get out my chair). My friends and myself have had no health depreciation from this in any way shape or form.
    It is true however that Marijuana has ‘muscle relaxant’ characteristics, and of course the heart is a muscle, therefore it is entirely possible that people have died from smoking, but i highly doubt it is from the Ganja alone. im almost certain there are parts of these death reports that have been withheld from public knowledge, such stating other health deficiencies within the deceased, or perhaps GM Marijuana.

    We also have to look at the health benefits of marijuana too, like the fact that before the big pharmaceutical companies where ever established, and before it was made illegal so they would use trees for paper rather than hemp… Marijuana was the most widely used plant for making medicines by ALL cultures. Hemp nut is the perfect food for humans too! it has ALL the necessary nutrients a human needs to fuel themselves for a days work. The fibres from the hemp plant make the highest quality clothing and paper you can get! and its FREE, poke a seed into the ground and there you go, the only thing you need to make almost anything you need…

    Please, DO NOT take my word for it, go and do your own research!


  • kris

    Helllloooo….. they make it abundantly clear that ALL of their stories are satire aka untrue.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Renee Bush

    somebody laced that weed. If people was smoking illegally before why is it deadly now.

  • captain_pudding

    He can’t escape that damn smoke monster 😛

  • Annielil

    Did anyone else happen to see the names of the guys are the same names as the guys from Breaking Bad???

  • Robert Chambers

    This story is pure BS

  • Danielle Abraham

    omg i dont like it when news media will go to ANY LENGTHS TO MAKE SOMETHING LOOK BAD BUT OD ON MARIJUANA THATS BULLSHIT LOL…


  • captain_pudding

    I bet you also believe that Kenyan birth certificate issued by a country that didn’t exist when he was born is real as well.

  • captain_pudding

    And hypospadias is a birth defect where a males urethra doesn’t exit the penis in the right spot . . . can you imagine smoking a joint and your peehole starts moving?

  • captain_pudding

    Go easy on the poor doctor, he died in a violent plane crash!

  • captain_pudding

    So, fight for the right for individuals to use recreational marijuana by suppressing free speech?

  • Anders Risgaard

    fist of all its probbly not even true…. and second… they said it was only avaible for adults i think a adult should be old enough to controll it. at all its there own choice….. and for the third i think this is fake i mean comon tons of peoples smokes weed all day long every day…. and we never hear about andd now after it’s been legal we hear about it all over? sounds kinda retarded and theres atleast x3 as die by cigar because of all this acid in it where weed atleast are more or less clean and let’s take a look on the water pibe to… over a longer time it will give water in your lounges
    so to me this is kinda retarded…. just saying

  • Sean Regan

    if u dont like weed why are you taking the time to discuss it

  • McHebrew

    Jessie Pinkman ! He was in my HS chemistry class, taught by Mr.White. Tough but fair teacher.

  • chad1307

    Soooooo dumb so dumb its a good think someone messed up on the stran or mixed someting with it u cant die from weed dude if u could i would be dead

  • Gordon Blakeburn

    You know nothing about “Cannabis” yet feel you can label users as morons? Sounds a bit moronic to me!

  • Moonangel4evr

    To a comment made….there HAVE been many people die of overdoses on beer, and other liquors. It’s called alcohol poisoning. I think this legalization is dumb. Only bad can come from it. SO I’m not saying natural pot is dangerous, but a real danger to worry about is that a lot of pot is laced with more dangerous drugs. I only smoked once and I couldn’t walk…my feet were like tons of bricks weighing my feet down. So mine was prolly laced. So many people can say oh its natural, its just fine. But legalizing it also puts it in the hands of the people who MAKE it dangerous. They ruin it for the people doing it legitimately. BUT that makes it not worth it. So, no it shouldn’t be legalized. Don’t blame it on people who don’t use drugs n stuff. Blame it on the homies out there that fuck it up for you.

  • moony239

    i don’t think you get it. of course they want people to spread it as truth. it’s satire, but it’s funny when people are stupid enough to think you can overdose on weed. it’s also funny when your friends post it on facebook in anger, and someone finally corrects them and they feel sheepish. if anyone should feel stupid, it’s you. maybe you should smoke some weed. but don’t smoke four whole marijuanas – i hear it can put you in a coma.

  • w

    “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?”

    are you serious? It’s called being drunk…

  • manticore388

    OMG how many morons are commenting on this article? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “About” link…and you’ll see that The Daily Currant says flat-out they’re news stories are not true. For Pete’s Sake people…you’re like the girl on the commercial who says “everything on the internet is true”.

  • garyk

    I believe this story as much as I believe Al Gore’s global warming fairy tale.

  • BIGB

    who the fuck are you should we eat the pills that you prob get paid to throw at us.I SMOKE WEED FUCK YOU!!! DOC

  • Doubtful in Az

    people do die everyday from Alcohol poising…I have never heard of drug overdose from Marijuana.So,wonder what autopsy will say is the real cause of death…Betting it isn’t marijuana has to be something else…

  • Melody

    This is just like a hoax … coming from the ones that are against legalization. Marihuana can’t cause these ‘overdose’ symptoms … just medically impossible. Unless some idiot put poison in this marihuana so they can ‘show’ how dangerous it is … well if you put poison in a sandwich that snadwich becomes deadly too … we should not allow sandwiches .

    by the way … those people against marihuana should come visit us here in Holland sometimes. Here marihuana is used for lots of things, medical and relaxation, and never was there any person that physically suffered from just marihuana.
    I’m glad marihuana is available here, so people treated with chemo can last it, people with severe pain can live and so on.

  • Cristian

    It’s a big BS!!!!

  • Thebes de Hippie

    That anyone believed this story to be real is a sure sign of the failure of America’s Government Schools.

  • wm97

    Or maybe they are just irritable because they are around someone who makes bigoted judgments. There is more than one possibility to explain your experience.

  • melodie mills

    This ad is false! Not true! Just 1 question to ponder, if this was slightly accurate then it would be worldwide top story news.

  • Erwin Dale Brown

    It isn’t SATIRE it’s propaganda that many people will believe and you know it. It is the kind of conjured up crap that makes us stupid and weak. It is a lie that is told thousands of times and you still think it is funny? Highly detailed propaganda is not entertainment, it’s a tool.

  • wm97

    “Satire” Look it up.

  • Patti Goettler

    Hello…”satire”…look it up…too funny….

  • Patti Goettler

    Don’t these folks scare you? he he!

  • lolz

    look what media can do. it can strongly manipulate unaware people.

  • muiz muiz


  • BobSmith77

    What? You need to take the blue pill and the yellow pill as directed by your physician daily.

  • Star Lit

    LOLOL… Well Since The Rocky Mountain News Has Been Closed Down Since, What? 2008! This Seems A Little Far Fetched!!! A Story For Idiots That Don’t Know Any Better! Is This From That Creepy Church Guy Again?

  • wm97

    Let’s see if we can all learn a new word today. The word is “SATIRE”

    Hello? Is any of this registering?

  • wm97

    Satire. Look it up. It is a new word, just invented.

  • rastaman

    BULSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BobSmith77

    The Daily Currant is just the homeless man’s version of The Onion. Not nearly as creative.

  • Tee

    How can you OD on marijuana? I live on hawaii and everyone I know that does marijuana has not OD. The people I know who OD on marijuana they also did other drugs at the same time. That’s the problem, or people would mix the soil with chemicals that will harm the human body.
    People stop trying to improve something that is ment to be natural. If you would stop doing that then it would be legalized everywere.

  • Kellie

    I’m not going lie this is quite shocking however to Peter Swindon I don’t know where you have been this whole time alcohol has been around but many people have died from alcohol poisoning. Get your facts straight.

  • wm97


  • Wrong. Legalizing it ensures that legalized outlets can sell it, and those outlets are subject to government inspection to ensure the weed is not laced. I would say, if you had that reaction to smoking a joint, you are probably correct – it was laced.

  • wm97

    Satire. Let’s see how many times that point has to be posted before people start to get it.

  • RonitaM

    Why hasn’t this made national news?

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Oh no!!! I knew that guy! RIP Jesse Pinkman. He was a good kid. He just fell in with the wrong crowd. It’s so sad to hear about this. If only Walt had been around to help him. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened… Poor kid. He was so close to seeing his dreams realized. Damn these drugs and the death and destruction they cause!!! DAMN THEM!!!

  • BobSmith77

    Surprised they didn’t mention the guy who choked to death while trying to consume an entire bag of Funions.

  • wm97

    Probably because people are absolutely clueless about a thing called “Satire”. You may know such a person.

  • wm97

    Satire. Post it again to see if anyone knows what the word means.

  • BobSmith77

    I know. The 700 Club needs to get on this right away and spend reporters to CO.

  • wm97

    Not funny enough for this piece of SATIRE.

  • wm97

    SATIRE. Look it up and report back to us on whatever it means.

  • BobSmith77


  • wm97

    Give us the most intelligent response you can manage. Oh, you already did. Thanks for playing.

  • BobSmith77

    SATIRE, SATIRE, SATIRE. It really wasn’t that funny although using the Rocky Mountain News was clever.

  • wm97

    So, your first thought was that a news article about 37 people dead from pot overdoses must be real. Is that the general picture? If so, I can see why you have a tough time with satire.

  • Rocco

    They know nothing about marijuana!
    So please shut up!


  • Moonangel4evr

    First off to a comment made earlier….yes there have been people die on overdoses of beer and other alcohol. It’s called alcohol poisoning. Anyway, it IS a drug. It DOES alter your state. Relaxes you, “mellows you out”, etc. Somtimes enough to the point where you don’t pay attention when your driving, and other stuff. Kill yourself, not innocent people. PLUS a lot of pot is laced with more dangerous drugs. I’m sorry for those of you wanting to be legal, so don’t blame it on just say no people. Blame it on your homies that fuck it up for you by MAKING it dangerous. Again, it does have side effects. THAT’S WHY PEOPLE WANT IT LEGALIZED SO BAD!! Not everyone wants it for medical purposes. They want it legalized for recreational use. If they want it for that, why? BECAUSE IT ALTERS THEIR MENTAL STATE, MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD. It’s not worth innocent people dying. No, you may not be able to od on it, but it can and zwill cause deaths. Hopefully if they make it legal they do it like alcohol and forbid driving. Just do it at home and STAY there or get a dd. That’s the ONLY way it should be legalized.

  • Star Lit

    propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies! propaganda & Lies!

  • Star Lit

    Call Saint Likes Medical Center In Denver. They Will Tell You This Is False!

  • BobSmith77

    Exactly. I was horrified that it was leading to dozens of fatalities and rampant spikes in crime.

  • Eric Kubik

    Jesse Pinkman was a character on Breaking Bad. It’s disturbing to me that people will actually find this crap true.

  • trevor johnson

    TR1GG, You should have stopped with ” Honey! I know nothing.” Class- the lesson of today is about ignorance, and the dangers of trying to use ignorance as a stance against learning. Saying “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer in any circumstance. I could give you examples of ignorance and define the word for you, but instead we had a volunteer. Meet TR1GG. TR1GG’s ignorance is highlighted by his befuddlement to the idea that he would even be remotely responsible for becoming informed before commenting on a topic. Ignorance is never a defense in debate, and nobody ever got off on a crime with the “I don’t know.” defense.

  • wm97

    OK, I think we found the real problem. You really don’t have any clue at all about this subject, do you? Therefore, you actually believe this stuff could be real. You know, like the Tooth Fairy might be real, leprechauns might be running the streets causing havoc, etc.

    Just to bring you up to date, no Tooth Fairy, no leprechauns, and no evidence of crime, death, and destruction associated with marijuana use. Just ain’t happening.

  • wm97

    Did you ignore the replies to your previous post? Let’s try again.

    Satire. As in “someone would have to be really gullible and dumb to believe this is a real story.”

  • wm97

    Let’s try again and see if anyone can get it.

    SATIRE. Look it up.

  • RonitaM

    WHEW! Thought it was stupid…and could quickly identify with that for I too am stupid. 🙂 Should have, could have, would have, READ the damn thing, but I didn’t. EEE GADS!

  • wm97

    SATIRE. Look it up.

  • BobSmith77

    Billions of innocent brain cells are dying daily due to a result of this.

    I would be willing to bet the ‘Tooth Fairy’ is real and that at least one person in the US has that as their legal name after they changed it.

    As for leprechauns, they’ll be out in 2 months when they are ready to share their magic ‘green’ beer.

  • wm97

    Yeah, there’s the problem.

  • BobSmith77

    You hate green beer too?

  • Not nearly as blatantly obvious with the satire, that’s the problem.

  • BobSmith77

    Are you are a licensed satire officer? More of a private internet d!ck right?

  • wm97

    Soooo . . . you thought that a headline about 37 marijuana deaths was believable? At what point would you have found it hard to believe?

  • wm97

    PhD and on the Federal Task Force.

  • BobSmith77

    Not according to Webster’s 2013 additions to their dictionary.

  • This is satire, but the way it’s written – with references buried too far into the formal- and official-sounding article – will inevitably end up making MOST people (not just a few idiots) see it as legitimate and serious. Like the Beastie Boys party song, it’s supposed to be satire, but it’ll come out in the public view as being a serious dig at legalizing pot. Authors really need to work harder on making it blatantly obvious (more than just a Breaking Bad reference) if they don’t want this stuff accidentally taken seriously.

  • wm97

    37 deaths from marijuana wasn’t obvious?

  • Malia May Helmen

    Since we all know that there has not been any reported cases of overdosing on marijuana, isn’t is safe to say that the “legal pot” that was
    given in these ” overdose cases” could have been a set up by the government? Hmm

  • Chris

    You bunch of rejects! No one has ever died from marijuana entering the body. You cannot over dose! You would have to smoke hundreds of pounds within a 24hr period to cause death from lack of oxygen.

  • Majikhat

    Isn’t it possible that wild circulation of something this absurd will (when ignorant people are quickly taught as they bring it up in conversation) bring attention to the fact marajuana isn’t ever lethal? I don’t like misinformation spreading around, but this seems to have the hidden bonus of education.

  • Kathy Ament

    Propaganda! This is laughable!

  • Kc Kush Taynor

    If he had half a brain he would also know the difference between cannabis and alcohol as well!

  • its just a little too late


  • Star Lit

    Pufffff Puffffff Passssssssssssssssssssssss!!! LOLOL!!! :o)

  • bigfoot

    total bullshit. everybody knows you can’t overdose on marijuana. come on government, you can surely do better than this!?

  • Zachary Eisele

    think you would probably fall asleep or over eat long before you OD on weed. I’ve smoke a half pound in a day. Hey still alive here. P.S. I did have some help.

  • EIghtOneFive

    And Jack Shepard is from LOST….

  • ohmygodpeoplethinkthisisreal

    look up the characters names in breaking bad hahahahahahahaha

  • Knight Moonsuga

    sadly I know a lot of people are going to read this article as genuine. it’s satirical folks.

  • Jadey

    Have you looked at the trending articles to the right?? lmfao. all of this is fake. its funny tho.

  • Beverly Ann Taylor

    How can anyone find your comments important when your incapable of spelling your own name? The way it’s spelled indicate a small raisin – is this for regularity? Shouldn’t it be “Current” such as up to date?

  • EIghtOneFive

    You do realize this is satire, no? Jesse Pinkman? Jack Shepard?…

  • A Fast

    This is total bullshit! All there is too it, and I don’t even smoke it anymore. If people overdosed then they were on something else as well plain and simple

  • Vanessa

    Where is the source for this article? Because this sounds like a load of BS for sure. No one I have EVER known has experienced this while smoking copious amounts of marijuana. This is seriously laughable.

  • EIghtOneFive

    I dunno, I had a friend who injected 12 marijuana’s and is now in a coma…I could see death happening for sure

  • Cranky57

    You might say that Darwin is just ‘weeding’ out the weakest of the pot heads.

  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer
    Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make
    you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used
    recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still
    function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • Kc Kush Taynor

    U be realistic and find us the one death EVER, that cannabis has contributed 2!

  • EIghtOneFive

    Or seriously satirical…Jesse Pinkman?…Jack Shepard?…did you seriously buy this?

  • EIghtOneFive

    Stupid enough to not realize this is a satire piece?

  • Sherri Hurt

    IF ANYONE thinks this is true they SHOULD be made fun of YOU seem to be the moron I see you can’t take a joke? WOW SMDH????


    it’s the victim’s decision to take an overdose.. Let them suffer of the consequences. It’s none of your business to interfere one’s judgment. It doesn’t harm other people except himself… If he want to destroy himself so be it.. In that way others will be afraid of the consequences of overdose.. Whether you ban it or not, still the overdose will persist. The only difference it is officially recorded while before it is hidden.. DO NOT BE EFFEMINATE. USE PRUDENCE IN DECISION MAKING..

  • tommylee

    They are not dead, you don`t die from marijuana

  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer
    Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make
    you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used
    recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still
    function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • DoobieHawser

    Dude, you are an ER doc, I’m surprised they let you off long enough to be judgmental on the Internet between all those sniffle, script refill addicts and consultation calls. I keed. 😛

    I’m a nonprofit CIO for a company with about 47K clients. My wife is a GI surgeon fellow. We both are just under the age of 30 (a polite way of saying we consider ourselves pretty successful, and that she’s an incredibly driven and smart cookie). She goes out to EDM shows trippin balls on molly to cope with her stressful job and is a total Phishhead. She also rages with other attendings and because the PD is actually cool with the scene and doesn’t test constantly, everyone is happy, responsible and comes to work.

    I go trail hiking with a crew of lifelong friends for weeks at a time which consists of a forest ranger, a chemical engineer, a pharmacist, and a photographer and I don’t think I’ve ever done a day on the trail sober. We’ve been blazing since we met in undergrad, because it’s fun, relaxing and a good way to kill time with friends. Ever hear of a vape? Times have changed, I’d say it’s more damaging health-wise living a stressed out life than a couple puffs off of a vape.

    I am not some sort of exception–there are plenty of others like me out there–but it would be awfully nice if people just accepted that we are happy with what we do, we aren’t bad people, and would just like to be left alone and unmolested and not judged by how we spend our time. To quote a famous figure: That’s just, like, your opinion, man. 😀

  • EIghtOneFive

    Not true, I’ve known two people who have died from injecting 12 marijuana’s once.

  • Collin Nance

    i mean damn me and my buddies can smoke a half pound and all we do is get the munchies and play xbox

  • Joe

    Why would anyone share this garbage? It serves no use other then to fuel anger and ignorance. It draws unnecessary negative attention to an already overabundance of misunderstood fiction regarding the drug. Breaking Bad and Lost… Really!? We’re all surrounded by Meet Heads and doomed to fall victim to tyranny because of it.

    This is funny:…#

  • fist_of_kenichi

    Nice burn!

  • EIghtOneFive

    I’ll grab the ice pack

  • quarktriplet

    Anyone who does not realize that this article is satire is either so stupid that they shouldn’t be involved in any reasonable discussion regarding drug laws or they have smoked so much dope that the inevitable has occurred.

  • jharley883

    Besides Maritimer! who just called you out, seriously do you get all your news from the internet? How about doing your own research, instead of crying because someone popped your little bubble world of what you “thought” the effects of marajuana were like.

  • Mr. Weed

    The sky is falling, run for cover.
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Your article had me on the ground I was laughing so damn hard.
    The haters need to get a life.
    We are all past the BS that’s why it’s legal now.
    40+ years of smoking….I’ve only gotten the munchies and smiled a lot.
    God bless Colorado.

  • Sherri Hurt

    Hmm you say you know NOTHING about marijuana. BUT YOU are voicing an opinion about people on something YOU admittedly know nothing about? Who’s the moron?

  • Anne Faust

    maybe you cant overdose but
    you could do brain damage, eh. I know alot of people (young and old) who have died.and even had a heart attack. Use whatever brain you have left

  • MagicRay

    I had two friends that drove all night to be there on the 1st to get some weed, they never returned. I wonder if they are among the 37 dead? I don’t know what to do, I don’t want the weed now, as a matter of fact I’m never smoking again. Every hit I would take could be my last, makes me paranoid just thinking about it. I’m moving on to other drugs, I may die from them but I’m not going to die from pot, possibly choking on Fritos or something.

  • Cory Ross

    Have tried it’s impossible, you will fall asleep first. Any Dr. who says otherwise got there degree in a cracker jacks box!

  • wm97

    Come stand out in front of the group so everyone can take a look at what kind of person thought this was real.

  • Becky Baldwin

    Um that’s kind of a dumb question “When’s the last time you heard someone over dosing on beer?” ALCOHOL POISONING!! Drinking and drugging are both life destroying, I abused both since the age of 12 and finally got clean and sober at the age of 37. I found Jesus and my life is forever changed. I have peace and joy, my kids have a Mom. Praise God!

  • wm97

    SATIRE. You may have seen the word mentioned if you read any of the comments.

  • Billy

    Jessie pinkman? Really? I didn’t know the guy from breaking bad wasa real entrepreneur.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Or a made up television show….Dr Jack Shepard –

  • Cory Ross

    sorry douche we don’t think we are better than you like you do us

  • wm97

    They have a problem piercing the skin which is why joints are always rolled to a point on the end. Deadly stuff.

  • EIghtOneFive

    You realize this is the 5th time you’ve posted this exact same comment, right? I think you need to lay off the marijuanas, dawg.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Yeah this is so stupid satire or not Mary Jane Products never killed anyone ever and WHY would you EVEN say that? Totally LAME DUDES!! I mean start with LOL or something!! Seriously?

  • Cranky57

    The only real I though this story was is real fake! I would not make such a comment if I thought this was a true story. You will have to find your gullible sucker somewheres else.

  • wm97

    why are the born again folks always so eager to tell people what slime balls they used to be?

  • tommylee

    You really need to lay off the drugs you`re taking because you`re getting them confused with the most natural way and harmless way to have fun…Must be a loadie…

  • MagicRay

    I just heard the death toll has gone up, I hope my two friends aren’t there… sob sob

  • Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby

    This is pure lies ,. even a sick person could smoke tons of marijuana,
    Marijuana does NOT get healthier by criminilazin lol

  • wm97

    SATIRE. It is your word for the day.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Naw Dawg, injecting 12 marijuanas is the new black, time to get out of your barcalounger and join the real world old man.

  • EIghtOneFive

    S A T I R E

  • Mr. Weed

    The sky is falling, run for cover.
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Your article had me on the ground I was laughing so damn hard.
    The haters need to get a life.
    We are all past the BS that’s why it’s legal now.
    40+ years of smoking….I’ve only gotten the munchies and smiled a lot.
    God bless Colorado.

  • Logan Parmer

    hahahahah that was so funny!

  • wm97

    Isn’t there a bridge or some swampland we can be selling these people?

  • EIghtOneFive

    Dude….I don’t even….

  • melanie

    not possible so what they died of a heart attack had nothing to do with pot!!!

  • EIghtOneFive

    But I have to say this is making my morning

  • Mathadocius


  • emdoc1107

    I tuned out a few sentences into your boring tirade…sorry.

  • tommylee

    You are a real schmuck, how old are you? Get a life and grow up and go back to your wanna be- hip – hop, pants hanging, and talk like you know what you`re talking about. For me being 77 and smoking for the last 62 yrs, I guess my barcalounger is doing me just fine…………

  • emdoc1107

    I know that you are a dope!

  • Sean Andersen

    And here we have the town drunk chiming in. You couldn’t wait till you were sober to start typing that mind numbing drivel. Did that make sense to you or did you even read what you wrote before hitting send?

  • MagicRay

    First you aren’t a doctor or you would know about the medical benefits of marijuana and those they help; like the little girl who had 300 seizures a week who now has a few a month because of cannabis. Is she a loser? What about the hundreds of thousands that benefit from it when nothing else works? Doctors, judges, teachers, nurses, hippies, skydive instructors, etc. that smoke weed do their jobs everyday and you are nobody to judge them…You get a life, leave those who are living it alone… liar liar pants on fire…

  • April

    I find this ridiculously hard to believe and guarantee you that all of the patients had something other than “just” marijuana in their system. please don’t be one of the sheep that believe every single thing you read people

  • emdoc1107

    Duuuude, I thought MJ was supposed to relax you? Whatever stuff you are getting is weak and you should get your money back.

    I am sure mommy is glad you know how to type on her computer but she must not be happy about your use of foul language. Next time, use bold as well as all caps. I had to read your post 3 times to see the words clearly.


  • Raoul Fleckman

    Um if you’re a human being you would know that doctors don’t know that because it is not true. We {as in Americans who have smoked pot) have been calling pot “dope” since the mid-1960’s. Children of your age will not be making decisions regarding the evolution of the American language as long as baby boomers are alive but thanks for sharing.

  • MagicRay

    Honey, you are right. You know nothing…

  • emdoc1107

    I am FOR legitimate medical marijuana use. However, too many losers out use it purely for recreation.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Ah! the 62 years of smoking pot, THAT explains it. I was wondering how you wouldn’t have figured out the complete regurgitation of SATIRE both in this article and my comments. Was going to troll you a little longer but that would be as mean as kicking an infant.

    Seriously, nice dog tho.

  • emdoc1107

    Reading comprehension is not a strong suit for you, I can tell. Never was there a comparison between the two. Once you get past the 10th grade you should obtain better reading skills.

  • Andy S.

    I love it!! Tottal bullshit…”no one ever died for a beer overdose” wow! And I bet half of the people reading this believes it really happened….it is nearly impossible to ingest the leathal amount of pot to overdoes…you’d pass out first and wake up hungry before that ever happened…dumb

  • Johnnyjames

    bitch it takes smartness to write this anyway, it’s like a parrallel art.

  • Sherri Hurt

    Who When Where? Can you back up you calm with facts? The answer is NO you can’t because it has not happened. WHY do those who don’t agree with something have to lie. If you don’t like it it’s real simple DON’T USE IT. You don’t have to spread lies to the ignorant;.

  • emdoc1107

    Brilliant! Don’t debate others on topics you “don’t like”, speak to only like-minded people, lock yourself in a closet away from the rest of the world…

  • emdoc1107

    I will. And I will get a kick-ass workout in today, also!

  • Adriana

    If you believe this stupid story you are like the story…I’m feeling quite stupid just reading it and commenting on it!! AHHHH…..what’s wrong with me!!

  • wut

    No, you’re just stupid. There are THOUSANDS of sources for the harmlessness of marijuana.

  • emdoc1107

    Never stated I am better than anyone. Are you self conscious?

  • IpseCogita

    Wow. The comments here are just amazing. Hard to find better online entertainment for the same price.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Satire (sat·ire)
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and
    criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
    contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • Nancy Ann

    After reading, or at least trying to read some of these misspelled ramblings I’m inclined to believe the ‘myth’ that weed kills brain cells. It appears to be evident here when most who are posting can’t put 2 correctly spelled words together in a sentence.

  • emdoc1107

    Well stated!

  • tommylee

    I think you and your b.s. must be fun..I am enjoying it..So let`s see how long we can keep this up……Love it

  • Shawb

    I thought it to be extremely funny when said “”When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?” Just thought it was funny because alchohol kills people everyday…

  • WyoWind

    Please post the citation for the Rocky Mountain News (which is now part of the Denver Post) where this was discussed, besides the quotes you provide. This is TOTAL garbage.

  • EIghtOneFive
  • but_srsly

    What makes it more hilarious to me is that it’s posted in the “Crime” section.

  • Shawb

    Nancy, not everyone cares about posting a message, and it being grammatically correct. Stop being hateful for no reason, it only makes you look like YOU lost some brain cells.

  • MagicRay

    Now that is funny, and so true!!!

  • Raoul Fleckman

    Anyone who thinks marijuana has never harmed anyone is too selfish and stupid to voice an opinion. I am pro-legalization and I indulge, but I have enough intellect to understand that there ARE risks. There is a definite and well documented risk of a very strong psychological dependence for about 15% of everyone who uses MJ. There is a definite and well documented risk that at least 10% of people who use will desire something stronger and will try another recreational drug to get higher. Inhaling smoke deliberately DOES cause cancer in a certain percentage of users. Also every study conducted on teenagers using MJ show psychological development is stunted at the very least. So please shut your stupid, stupid mouth.

  • CRIS


  • old pappy

    Didn’t need to read the article the title was enough and personal experience back when I was a teenager told me the article was a joke!

  • emdoc1107

    As mentioned above, I am FOR medical marijuana use. Totally different subject. I am or appropriate use for morphine for pain patients (i.e. cancer patients), narcotic pills for legitimate conditions (broken bones, etc.) and other appropriate use of controlled substances. My post had nothing to do with medical marijuana use. The vast majority of the people on this board who are posting are concerned about their recreational use.

    I don’t feel the need to convince you of my line of work. How you came to your conclusion based on what I wrote is baffling.

  • Peter Five-Oh

    What I’d really like to see is how they consumed 1000 lbs of pot in 15 minutes.

  • ladymulti

    PHffttt…hilarious. And reading other comments; lol, people are believing this when suggested articles to the side are clearly fictional?

  • EIghtOneFive

    Nah, I think I’ll Bow (wow) out (see what I did there) of this one. Just isn’t as fun when EVERYTHING is going over the targets head.

    Keep up with the bong rips and marijuanas injections gramps, you are what makes this country amazing. Stay gold Ponyboy, never change.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Satire (sat·ire)
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and
    criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
    contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • Jason Kyer

    That fake you cannot overdose on marijuanaI i smoke a quarter pound every day and I’m still here whatever they were smoking must be in rat poison

  • IpseCogita

    The LD50 for THC is something like 3 grams for the “average” 70kg adult. That would mean something like 12 grams of actual pot. That’s inhaled, eaten it’s like 4 times that.

    That’s from animal research though, as not enough humans have tried doing that to make a statistically significant sample.

  • Caitlynn M

    Lol, I mean it’s obviously BS from the start, just please look to the sidebar and review the other outrageous stories. And don’t even get me started on “when is the last time you’ve heard of someone overdosing on beer?” Hello, it’s called Alcohol Poisoning). But the sly Jesse Pinkman reference? Bravo. XD It really alarms me that people actually believe this. I’m not saying that I have never been gullible, I just know enough to do my own damn research before believing everything I hear lol.

  • Cam

    By far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!! There is NO way this was caused by the use of marijuana. Whoever wrote this article is a hater. You ask who ever overdosed on beer lol? It’s called alcohol poisoning u idiot! Just because 37 people in Colorado died doesn’t mean it was alcohol. Where’s ur proof … U talk about toxicology reports … Where are they at? Stop bashing something u have never tried. U obviously have never smoked in ur life or u would know an overdose of marijuana may cause intense hunger and possible immobility from the couch intense laughter and cotton mouth….THAT IS ALL… Get a life and stop taking ur boredom out on the unknown.. Roll it up light it up… Smoke it up.. Thanks

  • Nick
  • Gina Russell

    Natural Selection at it’s best!

  • EIghtOneFive

    *cough* Satire bro *cough*

    Satire (sat·ire)
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and
    criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
    contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Keep up the detective work tho

  • MagicRay

    Nancy cna’t splel eithre, she juts uses splel chekc to look smrat adn to tyr to maek otehrs look stpiud, it bcakfried!

  • EIghtOneFive

    I find it more funny that there is actually another website/page DEDICATED to saying this is a hoax…

  • EIghtOneFive

    injecting it, way easier then bong rips

  • Steve Hancock

    buhahaha god i really hope people dont take this seriously! i understand its funny but if taken the wrong way it will be devastating to the movement.

  • EIghtOneFive

    You know, I seriously wouldn’t put it past Fox News to get their source from a satirical website…could totally see it being the front news story tonight.

  • SJ

    As a rule, people who don’t write for The Onion shouldn’t do news satire — they’re just not very good at it.

  • Tiago Reis

    I find this post terribly misleading, i did not blink before thinking: “ohhh, of course, that is why the u.s. government allowed mj to be legalized in the first place, this is all a consipiracy to make american people believe you can o.d. on marijuana.” On this page there is no reference to the fact that this is fictional satire… I find this absurd, should be clear in every article that it is bogus, and intended to laugh… you have a lot of work to do regarding showing your new users (most comming from social network shared links) the veracity of you articles, that being said i believe you owe your audience an appologie for everytime you failed to clearly show that your content wasn’t real..

    smoke in peace,

  • Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby

    I cant believe the author even got permission to write so much lies in one report
    + im shocked .. this is not possible,

  • Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby

    I was really checking my calender to see if it must have been 1 april

  • Daisy

    I know about pot, I know about substance abuse in general. I know that for many recreational users, pot is a better alternative than alcohol and Meth is down right evil. How about trying to heal the reason why you feel the need to hide in any of them and live your life.Cope with your reality with life skilss not drugs for heaven sake.. What I know about pot is that if you over imbibe, you become rather like a wet noodle, lethargic and very boring.
    But these comments should be about the article itself, I will say this, I know none of the names mentioned that “should have given it away”, I do however know that if any deaths had occurred from pot use, it would have been a headliner on all news stations and networks. Pot does not kill, ignorance does. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but educate yourself first, come on I know there is intelligent life out there somewhere.

  • EIghtOneFive

    The references to Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman) and LOST (Jack Shepard) and the bogus medical finds (hypospadias, trimethylaminuria) didn’t give it away?

    And how about the ‘Trending Articles’?

    “NASA Finds Message From God on Mars ”

    “7-Year-Old Girl Strip-Searched At Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport”
    “Obama Announces Plan to Forgive All Student Loans”

    I think I’ve been staring at these comments too long on this article so I’m having a problem deciphering who is actually of sound mind…jeebus I hope you are kidding.

  • Melissa

    What can I say…other than… (cough, cough) …BULLSHIT! They obviously died of something else — but hey, why not blame it on the marijuana? After all, society is the miserable failure it is because of marijuana, right? PUH-LEASE! If marijuana overdose were real, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this reply – I would have been dead a million times over 25 years ago! IDIOTS!

  • emdoc1107

    There are many functional alcoholics out there, as well. Your jet-setting and curriculum vitae do not change my opinion.

    Why do you doubt I am a doctor? Do *all* physicians advocate recreational marijuana use? Your assessment of my line of work is based on what? Not that is truly matters to me as I have done well in my career for many years without your approval. I am just curious to know how you came to your conclusion.

    More respect for people in my position? Please explain…

  • Jorma Frinn

    Sell this Doc some BIG PHARMA,STAT!!!!

  • EIghtOneFive

    For a satirical website, anything is possible…

    Also, Gullible isn’t in the dictionary

  • emdoc1107

    I am not for legalization but I appreciate your post. If more people had your outlook I would actually probably be on your side.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Welcome to the new form of marijuanas use, injecting 12 marijuana balls is just as bad as smoking drain-o…this isn’t 25 years ago…

    Also, this could also be a satirical website…yeah…lets go with that one instead…

  • HarukoHaruhara

    I would think “chef of surgery” would be a dead giveaway…

  • EIghtOneFive

    uh, it says ‘chief’, Chief.

    I think more to the fact Jack Shepard is a character from LOST would be more the giveaway.

  • HarukoHaruhara

    Oh, I see they fixed it now. I thought they did it on purpose.

  • MagicRay

    This is a satirical news reporting company… it’s not that funny if you say it isn’t true… they do have a post about their company, see the link below. It’s not satire if you say it is 🙂

  • EIghtOneFive

    Yes, they read your comment and in a matter of seconds ‘fixed’ it…it wasn’t you mis-reading it at all…

    lay off the bong hits junior.

  • HarukoHaruhara
  • Jeff

    Or you can stop being a judgemental jerk.

  • emdoc1107

    Witty response!

  • Jeff

    How about a pothead with two masters degrees who likes to get stoned after working all day and a two hour work out? You probably have some snarky comment for me too.

  • Jeff

    37 year old with two masters degress and a nice home on a golf course. I’ve toked nearly every day since I was 14 sans every football season in college when I played football. Most of my friends are similar in income and education level. Most of us smoke pot daily. Anti-pot people want to pretend potheads like us don’t exist. The irony is many of us work in the same exact offices they do.

  • Jeff

    I will too. And when I get home, I’ll take a couple of bong rips.

  • Jeff

    You implied it when you labeled others as inferior to your with the language used to describe them. You’re a doctor, you know the value of tone.

  • Physician Bresch

    I Farted POT and killed my Dog IT’S INHUMANE !!!!!! then I sold the Gas as a new form of Meth and man I made a KILLING on it ….

  • Jessica Cielo

    not true at all. Marjuana slows the reaction time of brain cells but does not kill them. This is why Cannabidnoids are used in high risk epileptic patients.

  • Jeff

    I use it to get high because it’s fun. I don’t remember the last time I felt bored. It’s tough to do when you work a FT job, try to start your business and work out.
    Thanks for being another anti-pot derp who knows nothing about what they oppose.

  • Just Once
  • Jeff

    This is all true. How come anti-pot idiots can’t come up with logical points like you did?

  • Kalen

    Yeah…anyone who has to get stoned after work everyday is still pathetic…regardless of your “two masters degrees.” Anyone can cram their way through grad school, trust me. I know someone with a Doctorate in Physics…..doesn’t know anything about it.

  • jobob

    your bout stupid there is nothing wrong with marijuana just relaxes u if everyone did it we would have a lot better world to live in lol everyone would be laid back and not wanting to kill everyone haha give it a try might like it but alcohol should be banded it kills pot helps u live a good life alcohol makes u mad ppl vary what it does to them it kills other ppl ya makes scents to me lol

  • Fred

    It’s satire people. Hypospadias is a birth defect of the penis and trimethylaminuria means your body odor smells like fish.

  • head moron in charge

    I resent your condescending remark, about something you admit to having no practical knowledge about. Thanks for making it obvious who the real moron is…. my grandmother hardly a moron also died from ovarian cancer. So stfu

  • Q

    Like with that Duck Dynasty dude – free speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

  • Kalen

    Wow…It is definitely not ok for someone with your wife’s job to trip on molly when she goes out. Jesus, everyone on here defending these drugs…they are still drugs and not legal….grow up.

  • Hunter

    Does it hurt being that stupid?

  • Colleen Murphy

    REALLY… This article is such a JOKE!!’ You Can’t Overdose on Marijuana…hahaha… The kids that are having problems are messing around with something else besides Marijuana… Combined with other drugs Just like Alcohol… Yes I can see something happening that shouldn’t have if they hadn’t combined another drug . Not on it’s own… Whomever stated this Clearly has not been educated on this matter….

  • robin

    Give me a break. Pot doesn’t do any of that, only if laced with something else. This is just scare tactics because it takes money from the booze industry which causes more deaths than pot.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Satire (sat·ire)
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and
    criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
    contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Or you’ve treaded over to the satire corner of the internet and fell hook, line, and sinker…

  • FunkTron

    It wants to be satire, but instead it’s not funny and just pure, unadulterated stupidity.


    I died from marijuana overdose and I’m here to tell everyone about just how to do it….oh wait i forgot how to….wait a minute! no I forget…damn!

    signed smoke’m if ya gottem

  • Tomas Morgas

    Call 100% BS on this and this why. In order to induce death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response. So as you can see it’s impossible for a human to OD on cannabis

  • Chrissy
  • emdoc1107

    I have opinions and state them. This is called a forum where people express their thoughts.

    For people who are supposed to be so relaxed there is sure has been lots of hostility expressed!

  • EIghtOneFive

    Congratulations, you’re calling BS on a 100% Satirical news site….*slow clap*

  • Kristen Fink

    Everyone should have common sense not to indulge in anything its just like u eat too much u get fat, u drink too much it makes u I’ll and yes alcohol could kill you also!!!! There’s a limit to everything!!! BE WISE

  • emdoc1107

    I cannot take you seriously. Your poor grammar and lack of punctuation tells me plenty. Yet, another adolescent pothead or immature “adult” too high to function. Yet, you call me stupid?

  • emdoc1107

    Inferior? Please state the post where I did so. Do I find the obsession with smoking pot foolish and childish? Yes. Does it make anyone who smokes pot inferior to me? No. Do I do things that you would find foolish or are am I considered stupid (I have been called that and other derogatory names a few times on this thread) for what I believe? Likely. I won’t cry about and search for insults that aren’t there.

  • EIghtOneFive
  • ian

    you are not a doctor of any kind. except like these
    Dr Dre
    Dr Scholl
    Dr Who
    Doc Martin
    Dr Green Thumb

    you may at best be a nurse with a serious case of rectal blockage and a fatal case of self righteousness.

  • emdoc1107

    You are still a pothead, just an educated one. However, education nor social status are panaceas for substance abuse and dysfunction. I can give you hundreds of anecdotal ER stories about professional people I have seen who are f***ed up on mind altering substances.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Animal

    Heaven FORBID that people should have a recreation that is different from almighty YOU!

  • Animal

    The only person who appears obsessed to this outsider is you mate.

  • emdoc1107

    Sooooo true!

  • Jeff

    Look, I don’t trust Jack or Jesse. I’m holding out until I hear what House has to say about it. For all I know, it could be Lupus.

  • emdoc1107

    If you believe that healthy *recreation* is getting drunk or high then I feel comfortable in stating you have a problem.

  • Dan

    fake!!!Dont believe this report!!! It is impossible to OD on weed!!!

  • Watcher1900

    Do the folks posting here realize this story is satire? In other words its a joke? You DO know that don’t you? Jeesh.

  • K

    Even if this was a legit article, most cases people are doing more than Pot, to OD. mixing other drugs or even alcohol. they wouldn’t OD on the Pot It would be the other chemicals they ingested.

  • Victor Helms

    You must be retarded… damages brain? You obviously have never smoked weed. Even our fucktard president smoked weed.John kerry, Oprah, Jayz but they must all have brain damage right?

  • Watcher1900

    Hey folks, when you read this story think The Onion. Its meant to be a joke. Get a grip.

  • Victor Helms

    Which is not possible- therefore you cannot OD.

  • EIghtOneFive

    I have a feeling most people don’t even read the actual article, if they did they’d realize just how much of a joke it really is. They just scan the title and flip out.

    I mean the references to Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman) and LOST (Jack Shepard)
    and the bogus medical finds, hypospadias(birth defect of the Penis), and trimethylaminuria (fish odor syndrome) would give it away to anyone actually willing to spare 5 minutes and read.

  • emdoc1107

    Why didn’t you “toke” while playing football? If MJ is harmless, should it not have a negative effect on your abilities? I played college football also and knew more than a few guys who showed up to practice lit up…and I can tell you their skills evaporated by the time they completed their college careers (if they finished college at all).

    I know you exist and I know people, and work with people, who partake in smoking pot. I am well aware that substance abusers do not all fall into the same stereotypical demographic. If you want your physician or nurse taking care of you while high, be my guest. Not me!

  • GodIsGreat

    i laughed

  • emdoc1107

    Juuuust can’t wait to get high? That’s the problem.

  • emdoc1107

    I’m just having fun trolling. You all are getting sucked in to the fun and games.

  • dlu

    Anyone with a brain? Or anyone that thinks about pot 24/7?

  • HDOG5280

    What about people that use food as a coping mechanism? Or caffeine use to make it through the day? Or all the people addicted to sugar? Are they all pathetic and losers?

  • HDOG5280

    Marijuana IS legal in Colorado and Washington,

  • I_M_Science

    Obvious joke once read, but…is this a well found article – quick look at twhat the science is now telling us – THC levels 2x what they were from ’93’ to ’08 “It’s much more potent marijuana, which may explain why we’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase in admission to emergency rooms and treatment programs for marijuana,” said Dr. Nora D. Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “When we hear, ‘Well, I smoked and nothing happened to me,’ we need to think about the context of when these people started to take it, how frequently they used and how active the marijuana was.”

  • loudlong

    While this is obvious satire, there is nothing funny about the widespread plummeting of brain function Coloradans will soon experience. Get ready for long waits, meandering conversations that end abruptly, and poor service everywhere. Your state is about to get real stupid.

  • Steve Schroder

    Maybe they ate a fatal amount of doritos, how do we know it was the pot?

  • EIghtOneFive

    No more stupid then the rest of the country I bet

  • really now

    “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?”…….. WELL…..

    There are approximately 88,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States. This makes excessive alcohol use the 3r d leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the nation. Excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) annually, or an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death. In 2006, there were more than 1.2 million emergency room visits and 2.7 million physician office visits due to excessive drinking. The economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption in 2006 were estimated at $223.5 billion

  • Summer Metz

    I call bullshit on this one! I don’t believe this for 1 minute, you can not overdose on weed!!!

  • JJ


  • EIghtOneFive

    And Gullible isn’t in the dictionary…

  • Zach

    HA! I cannot stop laughing about this. It is so obvious that this article is either false or a weird joke. Yet people still source this as fact. My gosh, the lack of knowledge is incredible. “Marijuana is a deadly hardcore drug that causes addiction and destroys lives”. I literally cannot stop laughing at this 🙂 It’s so silly. The ONN should do something on this 🙂

  • Moobahmoo

    Actually, it kinda was. Relevant and timely, on several levels of which I’m sure your aware. Why else would you troll an obvious satire piece. Are we to take your quips as concern for the fate of the populace at large?

    btw: Docs are more of the coke/oxy crowd….

  • Jonathan Alvarado

    Omg, hahaha. This guy should write movie scripts.

  • amsterdam

    “One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer” someone has been watching to much breaking bad :):):) thc won’t kill you. B.S. story’s might

  • chelsea

    I think that they put something in it too try and teach us a lesson on why they never legalize it to begin with.Ive been smoking for years and years and never once has anything that extreme ever happen to me or friends. I dunno if this true or not but I still think it’s all staged and the government had something to do with putting something in it. This is why we stoners should just stick to our drug dealers because we can trust them more, then are own government….How sad. I just can’t believe that 37 people have died and I send prayers to all there family’s. I think the family’s should investigate the case a little closer and see if the government had something to do with the life already lost because of this.

  • nikki

    i was about to say, sounds like he’s a troll and y’all got fooled. no actual doctor would have such ridiculous views on marijuana when there are tons of other issues out there. I’m a former opiate addict, and have been going to a methadone clinic for over a year now. the only thing that helps my anxiety attacks & withdrawal symptoms is indica/hybrid MJ. without medical MJ, i’d probably be on klonopin or xannax, which is a whole another kind of addiction (a horrible one btw, similar if not worse than opiate withdrawals). I don’t ever feel a physical need to smoke pot like i did with opiates, and i think that’s a big step in the right direction for former addicts. whether it’s recreational or medical, it’s better to smoke pot than to drink alochol…which withdrawal symptoms CAN ACTUALLY KILL those who become addicted.

  • nikki

    i doubt you’re a doctor, cuz this is the internet, and there are tons of trolls just waiting to waste their time and everyone else’s for no reason other than riling people up for their own amusement. but good job, you accomplished your goal i guess.. XD

  • Jeff Danger

    HAHAHAHAHA “Legitimate news”

  • Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby

    im learning something new every day ,. and oh my English is not so good

  • Jeff Danger

    I guess with the Lost and Breaking Bad reference, someone HAD to bring Duck Dynasty into it.

  • Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby

    and hwo wrote gullible?

  • anonymous13333333

    Pot smokers are morons

  • Moobahmoo

    Its really quite cute that you actually believe that. Precious even. The whole evolution of language thing. Not the nomenclature. Your dead wrong with that. Maybe in the 60s & 70s there was confusion, but at least since the mid 90s; dope is not pot.

  • Nyckita

    Just to throw it out there, I would like to let you know that cannabis is not what you make it out to be. Please be aware that not everyone that smokes “dope” as you refer to it (which by the way is the wrong term, dope refers to heroine, not marijuana) are losers. Cannabis has many medical properties. Hemp (a form of cannabis) could potentially fix our entire economy and help our county go green in the process. I know of a young child out in the world who suffers from a rare disease. She is 8. Every day multiple times a day she would have horrific seizures, until the doctors finally proscribed her a form of medical marijuana. The company who grows the cannabis actually created a special strain of marijuana called Charolette’s Web. Cannabis can do amazing things for both medical and economic field. There are many out there who smoke pot, and still take care of themselves. Please don’t propetuate this stereotype that pot smokes are lazy, good for nothing losers. That is not true. There are many, many pot smokers out there who live healthy, happy, loving lives. You say get a life, I say check your facts and information.

  • Huitailopochli

    Some of them are brilliant.

  • jcarson_17

    Hmmmm…Numbers don’t even compare…Check this out. Maybe it had something to do with it…Wiki this..Obesity-associated morbidity

  • Terry Houston

    liars, if they died , it was laced, or just mr. smiley

  • docscience

    satire…folks…not truth! all made up for fun. please don’t believe everything you read!

  • EIghtOneFive

    Pft, they deserve it. Injecting marijuana balls is bad and they should pay for their crimes…If the good lord thought pot should be legal he would have made it grow out of the ground.

  • Irene

    Hahaha it’s OBVIOUSLY not a real news story,The Daily Currant is a satirical website. Do people really not know this?!?!

    It’s pretty easy to figure that out…

  • Mike

    I respect your opinion, even if it is wrong. Lol I smoke, have for a very long time. I don’t drink, I don’t do pills or any other drug. When talking about the big picture, marijuana is the least pRoblematic issue in this country. Did you know that the Netherlands have closed hundreds of prisons in the last 10 years due to low crime? I think there’s a recipe for success there. Everyone’s just betterbehaved with a little weed in their system.

  • Courtney

    You would think it’s pretty obvious this is Satire but a lady I know actually posted this on her FB page asking if anyone knew if it was true – and OMG even if it isn;’ these laws are going to cause all kinds of problems. It will never cease to amaze me how uneducated and unaware people are of what the truth is and the lack of research done to find things out – just believe whatever everyone says, must be true right? NOT!

  • Bonnie Jo Hughes-crick

    Just more bs by people who think lying like this will change more peoples minds about smoking pot. No one has or ever will die or overdose from smoking it.

  • Bobby Upchurch

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • gma

    i honestly believe that all the people you listed DO have brain damage!!!

  • JustAnon

    If this article had any real validity, then why would the person who wrote it find it necessary to hide their identity and credentials? Any simple minded person knows that anytime a new article comes out that is legit, that the journalist would want the credit for their works! Why would someone who was supposedly reporting the truth have to hide?

  • EIghtOneFive

    All the contributing writers are here:

    Also the fact it’s a satirical new site…

  • EIghtOneFive

    But…but…It’s on the Internet…it HAS to be true!

  • Πολύφημος Σπαζοκλαμπάνιας

    name ONE.

  • DancingNataraja

    This is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE! Hello!! People are seriously sharing this crap?!

  • knowsallaboutweed

    You idiots, you cant overdose on weed ffs. go back to school. hahahahahaha. this website is a full out bullshit sham

  • chros

    This is going to happen when you make something available to people for the first time. I bet when prohibition ended thousands of people died from alcohol poisoning.

  • Charmpt

    I don’t smoke marijuana, but this doesn’t make sense. Even if it was possible to OD on marijuana, your organs would not fail within less than 24 hours. Ridiculous, and the doctor’s claim to have been getting new patients every minute because of it is too hysterical. Probably just trying to get in re-illegalized.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    The Daily Currant—-YOU SUCK!!

  • Jessie Pinkman

    fyi, this website has NO credibility, only sleeping sheep would believe this bullshit.

  • Πολύφημος Σπαζοκλαμπάνιας

    You don’t get to make that call. Neither does he. His supervisor did and he decided that that someone does know physics.

  • thissitesucksballs

    filled with so much spam adds also. Get real people.

  • getabrain

    This article sadly makes me chuckle! It is impossible to OD on marijuana and really a brewery saying when was the last time someone OD on alcohol? How many alcohol related deaths are there in the US? This is the dumbest thing ever published!

  • Πολύφημος Σπαζοκλαμπάνιας

    Alcohol is ridiculously more costly to humanity that cannabis. Name one person that has died from cannabis. Found him? Now, how many die each year from alcohol? Directly and indirectly?

  • EIghtOneFive




    1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize
    people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary
    politics and other topical issues.

    I weep for America..

  • addy

    Here in Holland we can buy pot for manny years and i have never heart of people who died of smoking it. This is again real amerikan media. Who thinks to know everything about anything and spread fear and hysteria among the common people. Fear that creates extreme reactions from those who are not zo strong or brainstormed for so manny time. People, please think for your selve and let the media not have any influence in your opinions. They let you think what they want you to think.
    Greetings from Holland

  • matias

    If you believed it, goes to show how gullible ppl are and how much we depend on news for credibility and facts

  • Dave Keener

    Toxicology reports in 2 days? Hahahahahahaha not going to happen. This is totally fake.

  • chros

    The fact that people are idiots and trying to consume copious amounts of something is no reason to shun the true use for it… to relax from a hard day at work, to gain appetite when unable, to help numb pain rather then using serious hard drugs (ie. Vicadin, perkaset, morphine, etc…), To help someone fall asleep easier, etc… but no because you have a bunch of idiot extremists trying to push the level overboard and thus scaring the skeptics and fueling the haters. Stop trying to stop something that is inevitable, rather embrace it and move forward just like with alcohol and teaching people and kids the dangers of this new drug and how to take everything into proportion.

  • Snoop Dawg

    The Rocky Mountain News (nicknamed the Rocky) was a daily newspaper
    published in Denver, Colorado, United States from April 23, 1859, until
    February 27, 2009. Don’t believe a word of it. Go to the Denver Post to
    get your information!

  • Brooke Baglioni

    sorry this is bullshit! and look the head guy of coors or whatever is speaking out, I guesss hes never heard of alcohol poisoning or liver failure. hmm

  • Mario

    It’s still pure b.s.

  • deb

    That wasn’t even remotely funny. And some idiots will believe it. Very irresponsible.

  • EIghtOneFive

    This is a satirical news site, no one comes here for real ‘News’. Jesse Pinkman is from Breaking Bad, and Dr. Jack Shepard is from LOST. And ‘trimethylaminuria’ is known as ‘Fish Odor Syndrome’, has nothing to do with Pot…

  • EIghtOneFive

    You seriously believe information coming from a news site named after a tiny berry.

  • darren

    Oh, look, anecdotal evidence! Better throw away all the peer-reviewed science done by professionals on the matter………

  • Peter Martinez

    Thank you Mr. Anderton. I had never heard of this publication prior to someone posting this article on my face book. I guess I fell for the story hook, line and sinker.

  • JustAnon

    If this article had any real validity, then why would the person who wrote it find it necessary to hide their identity and credentials? Any simple minded person knows that anytime a new article comes out that is legit, that the journalist would want the credit for their works! Why would someone who was supposedly reporting the truth have to hide? Here is an article that describes how the currant articles are fake, it shows the real frauds the people be hind the currant are and how they admit to making false stories to try to get their points across.

  • JustAnon

    Here is an article that describes how the currant articles are fake, it shows the real frauds the people be hind the currant are and how they admit to making false stories to try to get their points across.

  • darren

    Except Marijuana will be legal very soon…..Are you blind? Do you not read news? Within a decade, most of the states will vote on whether or not it should be legalized. Even if you are against it ( No argument present in your comment at all, by the way), you should still try to inform yourself about the reality present around you, instead of sticking your head in the sand.

  • a


  • Guest

    right, the only time marijuana killed 37 people was when the stores got stampeded, now they call it “GREEN FRIDAY’

  • Road Trip

    Right, Never heard of anyone OD’ing on Beer! Or any Alcoholic Beverage.

  • Jennifer Gensler


  • darren

    You’re so full of it. Cite “horrendous medical and social consequences” or shut your lying mouth. Please, no worthless, unverified, unverifiable anecdotal evidence. If you deal with them on a daily basis, it stands to reason that there would be a widespread problem. When has the media in America ever shut its mouth about a trendy drug problem? Never. It’s sad that people like you don’t value a rational, evidence-based worldview like us stupid, degenerate, MJ abusers do. Evidence that marijuana is a gateway drug? Your claims are entirely unsupported by evidence. You’re just a sad side effect of the propaganda “War on Drugs”. Misinformed, gullible, ignorant, and worse, OBLIVIOUS.

  • Jerry Allbright

    I know a lot of people who have died as well. None of them from marijauna related causes though.

  • NoPot

    Im not buying it, Jesse Pinkman? He was a character in Breaking Bad,

  • Glint

    The Colorado Government better test they blood too see what was also what other things like alcohol and other compounds that are mix can cause people to die. Many people die from too much alcohol You see that a lot in Alaska.

  • darren

    Worthless, anecdotal evidence can never replace strong, empirically validated science. Sorry if the world ignores people spouting your kind of opinion over legitimate science.

  • Trey Martin

    what about you , the guys that make bundles of money off of lying to people. you are the loser. all the drugs you sell are to keep customers, not to help anyone. your drugs are way more damaging. thing is, you think you are the bees knees just because you are a doctor. but your true identity is that of a dare to call people a loser just because they dont think and feel the way you do? just because they dont spend free time the way you do? look at yourself in the mirror doctor snobb. your career is based on poisoning people and lying about it.. thousands suffer from what you do, all the while you sit in your nice house wallowing in the money you made off the suffering of sit back on your fancy sofa and judge people when you yourself are in fact what is called a legal criminal. selling lies and far more damaging drugs. so if your drugs are more damaging, then what would you call the people that take them? are they losers as well?and if so, then what does that make you? the one who gives out these dangerous drugs? i say that makes you the biggest loser of all. and dont give me any crap about how they help, because thats lies. they only help put money in your pocket.

  • Julean


  • EIghtOneFive

    Ha, funny, this is the same link I gave you in your last post.

    They are ‘frauds’ by no means, and these stories are not ‘false’, they are satirical, big difference.

  • EIghtOneFive

    and Jack Shepard in LOST, and hypospadias is a birth defect of the penis, and trimethylaminuria is a syndrom that makes you smell like fish.

    Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet

  • Skitz Prod

    hahahaha you dont expect us to beleave this do you?lol. been to Amsterdam and the canibus finals…. seen many things, death not one… anyone who bealeves this doesn’t need to smoke weed. they are burnt out retards with no minds of there own anyways. lol

    We dont smoke with sheep. sorrys… lol

  • Gareth EVANS

    Hilarious… just smoked a doobie… and now I’m dying… (thump) :oD

  • Guest

    Son, i don’t care how you call it, it has to stop before more young lives are lost!!! 😀

    Seriously, you could’ve picked a better word, those who didn’t dig that post from the start could surely use an explanation =]

  • Me

    First.. ITS A FAKE ARTICLE…. Second.. If this where to happen it would not be because of the Marijuana.. IT WOULD BE BECAUSE OF THE WAY WE GROW IT!!! … all the chemicals used now a days for this over priced chemically indueced “exotic” bud… Ive grown before… the bottles I used for hydroponics said big in bold warning letters…. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, WILL CAUSE 3rd degree burns… like wtf… what happened to good old natural reggie grown by the acres in fields… now its all indoors totally unatural… lmao

  • Pete

    LOL yeah okkkkkk

  • Duh

    Maybe these people don’t understand the word moderation. And alcohol poisoning happens when drinking too much of any alcohol. So overdosing on beer can happen.

  • Moobahmoo

    Your tone’s a little off for satire. Subject matter was good, like the fear mongering, always useful… I think its your explanation how how’s its stored and released which…well, it needs a little more english. Otherwise, nicely done ;p

  • Jason Harbin

    Your dumb, Benjamin Franklin smoked and guess what, if you think all baby boomers don’t smoke and that you speak for all of them, you are more special than the entire Olympics that is run for those that are.

  • Pot doesn’t make you stupid; just distracted. Posting stupid comments doesn’t make you stupid, either, but it’s an indication of a serious problem, 🙂

  • Jim Frank

    OMG! LOlpms

  • Trey Martin

    not in those words, but thats what you were getting at when you called people losers.that is pretty much leaving the impression that you feel you are better than others. you can speak on your opinion without insulting other people. you say people need to grow up because they smoke weed, yet you are acting childish by throwing insults at others for living a different life than you. that is way more childish. i didnt see anyone that smokes weed throwing insults at people that dont.

  • Jason Harbin

    grow up yourself, only been illegal since about six decades, must be an intelligent six decades right….. wrong.

  • wmac30

    there is no way…….

  • Jason Harbin

    You spout your judgment like a zealot who has never seen better, wait until your the minority.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Or, you know, this is a satire website and this DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

  • Lee Baron Lee

    the “irresponsibility of satire”. Sniff. Now I’ve heard it all. Boo-hoo.

  • Gary Graefen

    Gary Graefen Died today from a thc overdose related to the marijuana legalization in Colorado. The fumes drifting halfway across the country caused a seizure. Sources say that Gary’s family intends to sue. OMG what have we reaped-This post apparently made by a digital Ghost-

  • 4

    Yeah…. just died…. It sucks…

  • Cindy

    Hypospadias is a deformed penis….just like some of these people’s heads.

  • PUNKem733

    LOL!! You know what’s funnier? The feds WISH this was true.

  • Marcellus Walace

    Dr. Jack Shepard went down with Oceanic 815

  • EIghtOneFive

    Damn skippy he did

  • Bub T

    Some people need to smoke more MJ and others need to get laid once in awhile.

  • Marty

    What a bunch of crap, if you believe this article you gotta be a complete idiot !!!

  • a

    I hope you see Breaking Bad….

  • Marcellus Walace

    I can’t believe there are people making serious comments about this article and its “journalistic merits”. It is so overwhelmingly obvious that this is satire that it numbs my brain to consider anyone not understanding that.

  • Shawn Dunwoody

    This madness needs to end. I personally knew Jesse Pinkman, he had gone through a lot. And now to OD on this horrible drug. We need to listen to Dr. Shepard, before more undeserving people die.

  • EIghtOneFive


  • regko

    Oh shut the fuck up you prick..what made you so self righteous? your forgetting that the degenerates like yourself are causing more deaths by prescribing pills then marijuana ever will

  • melissasparks

    lmfao ! Whoever believes this is a idiot!

  • Scott Fly

    this article has to be bullshit!!!

  • Il Kwart

    Name one.

  • Guest
  • Scott Fly
  • EIghtOneFive

    You seriously needed to look elsewhere to come up with the conclusion that this article isn’t true? Jesse Pinkman? Jack Shepard? This is a satirical news site….

  • Mary

    I don’t like the way this was written… Some people won’t exactly understand that this is a joke, especially older people who don’t watch those shows. The satire should’ve been laid down a little thicker. Nowadays, most people just believe whatever they read online, and more stuff like that could have a negative impact on marijuana’s legalization and decriminalization nationwide

  • captain obvious

    …whatever brain YOU have left… your wording suggests a heart attack is worse than death!

  • Pookie

    satire or not …the author who decided to publish this has not only influenced the ignorant ,but has also thrown a monkey wrench in the fight to get legalization else where ………too bad you did this …….shows you sure do not think about what your actions might cause

  • Snootcher

    This article is stupid and not funny at all! Definitely missed the humor mark.I get the joke but many ignorant people won’t and will spread this to even more ignorant people, reinforcing their ignorance. This didn’t help pro marijauna groups at all, more of strike against them really.

  • captain obvious

    a .9 gram joint is called a blunt! lol

  • Charles Ramsey

    They already started. This website should be shut down. How’s that for humor?

  • jay

    So its okay for someone to have a few beers after work but not a joint? please explain to me why alcohol is a smarter alternative. Is it pathetic to take medicine aka DRUGS like tylenol or advil that cause stomach bleeding? Or just pathetic to smoke a perfectly harmless substance that has been proven to have tremendous medicinal value? Quit being ignorant.

  • idiots

    And how stupid they are to analyze the way information is presented and not just accept it as credible because it appears legit. Idiots

  • Elizabeth


  • tony

    Lmfao. If you believe this, Kill yourself. Just another way to fuck with people’s heads. And the whole jesse pinkman thing… lol.

  • NorCal530

    Idiots, spreading misinformation. Must be funded by the alochol companies since they stand to lost the most $$$$. You’re a fool if you believe corporations care about your health, they just want to protect their market share.

  • JoeTender

    Whoever wrote this article must be high lol and whoever believes it is even more toasted

  • The Modest Proposal Blog

    HAHAHAAAA! Awesome. The irony is treating relatively safe marijuana as a crime ruins far more lives than marijuana itself, while plenty of prescription drugs and alcohol are legal and potentially far more damaging than pot. Legalize it!

  • The Modest Proposal Blog

    The fact that people fell for this just goes to show how several generations of disinformation has taken root among the public. The paper and petroleum industries, seeing a threat from industrial hemp as a fiber and bio-fuel source, financed a campaign to make pot look like a terrible drug, and when they made pot illegal they made sure hemp went along for the ride. How many lives have been ruined by this lie? Sanjay Gupta of CNN has a fantastic documentary on the topic, in which he personally apologizes for the role he played in misleading people about pot.

  • The Modest Proposal Blog

    The fact that people fell for this satirical article just goes to show how several generations of disinformation has taken root among the public. The paper and petroleum industries, seeing a threat from industrial hemp as a fiber and bio-fuel source, financed a campaign to make pot look like a terrible drug, and when they made pot illegal they made sure hemp went along for the ride. How many lives have been ruined by this lie? Sanjay Gupta of CNN has a fantastic documentary on the topic, in which he personally apologizes for the role he played in misleading people about pot.

  • Lg

    Once, my friend injected three marijuanas in his arm and died almost instantly!

  • J.E. Schulz

    What a bunch of horses manure! You can’t overdose on cannabis! This is just another excuse to ban a completely harmless drug with all kinds of uses, including making money! Goddamned conservatives will do anything to get their way! These were probably all pictures of people with alcohol poisening! Don’t believe the B.S. folks!

  • kimmi

    This article is a joke. To the person who wrote it -you are ignorant and uneducated. Who are you, by the way?

  • jessCO

    This feed is really amusing. Almost better than the article itself. 🙂 Colorado is the best.

  • EIghtOneFive

    contributors are here:

    along with the fact that this is a satirical news site and nothing written here is true…

  • keller23

    Hey man this article is like totally…..wait what were we talking about?

  • Nick

    Please tell me this is suppose to like a Onion news type site.. lol such a moronic story. The worst part is there are people out there dumb enough to think this is real.

  • Jason Harbin

    You obviously don’t know what a blunt.

  • keller23

    Judging by your avatar you’re an Obamabot. Which means you’re a cretin and the last person to give anyone advice on anything.

  • keller23

    It’s hilarious how libtards, with a straight face, tell you smoking pot is 100% harmless. But then these same people are banning cigarettes, salt, sodas, etc because they’re bad for you. Liberal logic is fascinating to watch.

  • Obama

    “These are the people that will never, no matter how much info is thrown at them, believe they could be wrong.”

    You can just say republicans.

  • Jason Harbin

    You did when you stated that recreational users are POS’s

  • Twitch

    ya’ll need to check yalls weed manufacture cause all the weed ive smoked in my life time not once did I get any side affect except hungry sleepy and fuck it attitude so maybe yall need to research on how to process your marijuana

  • tommylee

    How stupid does society think we are?? Remember the movie Reefer
    Madness, they tried to portray marijuana as a lethal drug that will make
    you want to go out and kill people. Bud is the most widely used
    recreation drug and I know people who have smoked over 40 yrs and still
    function normally everyday. It`s the man made drugs you need to stay away from. As far as all those people dying, I don`t think so….

  • Anne Faust

    any drug even  when they are  legal if not used as given can cause death

  • G. Fawkes

    I’m sorry we can’t dumb down legitimately clever satire for you.

  • MagicRay

    Pot is so bad, all you dopers should be ashamed of yourselves smoking the devil’s cigarettes. I had friends there in CO that are now confirmed dead from overdosing – one had some get stuck in his arm while shooting it and the stem kept his vein open and he bled to death, very horrific. I just might go smoke and join them. I’ve known others that have died from having too much weed… my friend tripped over a kilo and broke his neck… and another jumped out of an airplane with a whole backpack full of it, but he forgot his parachute. I need to watch Reefer Madness again, maybe that will help me stop.

  • keller23

    You also lost the ability to use capital letters and punctuation.

  • EIghtOneFive

    Jesus, how are you back again? This is the sixth time you’ve posted this…

  • colt 45

    give it up this whole thing is a complete joke an for Jesse pinkman to even have a part in this convo is absolutely retarded an obviously some ppl have no other vetter things to do. I there for have been smoking cannabis since I can remember.. give ur heads a shake!!

  • Max

    Who on God’s green (that’s ironic) earth wrote this? I hope your fired and I never read a single other story by you. As for you, The Daily Currant, I will never have a single positive thing to say of you for publishing nor releasing this nonsense. We don’t need idiots like you in this country. Pack your bags and leave.

  • anonomys

    hox story says fox news

  • Floyd T

    If you don’t know, the daily currant is a satircal website. It is just like The Onion. Of course 37 people didn’t die from OD’ing on weed in one day. Smoke a joint and chill.

  • Kyle

    so some people did smoke that much since it was made legal 😛

  • Andy

    Kalen your the drug in our country that should be illegal, get over yourself…. You can’t fix stupid….

  • Michael Smith

    This is nothing but Bullshit – Whoever wrote this article deserves to be Bitch Slapped. I’d like to Bitch Slap the Mother Fucker My Damn Self.

  • Lol

    Thats why Americans are stupid. I have been in Amsterdam. No problemo 😀

  • The Modest Proposal Blog

    Wow. Very mature. Yes I support Obama, but that has nothing to do with this. I believe it’s immoral for people’s lives to be ruined by pot i-legalization when much worse things are legal and the impetus for pot being i-legalized in the first place was based on lies and profiteering. I also believe in true representative democracy vs. the current system that sells off our politicians to the highest bidders. I believe in gay rights, human rights, environmental quality, working together, abolishing nuclear weapons, investing in our future, being nice to your neighbors and to the least among us. So yes, I’m a cretin.

  • EIghtOneFive

    I dunno, you’d probably deserve one of them slaps yourself for falling for an obviously satirical site…

  • Lukas Ofinski

    I think this is a game play from Alcohol industry.

  • averageladee

    I use it if I can’t sleep and need rest. Just like any other pharmacy drug if its not for you then you shouldn’t take it.

  • histerix

    Son, i don’t care how you call it, but it has to stop before more young lives are lost!!! 😀

    Seriously, you could’ve picked a better word, those who didn’t dig that post from the start could surely use an explanation =]

  • Anthony Lineberry

    This is one of the biggest kettle of carp I have ever read. Never have I know one single person to OD from pot, but were killed by whatever they mixed it with in their system. I about feel out of my chair when I read this article, names used are familiar to programs “lost” and “Breaking Bad” I am going to call this hospital in Denver or where ever mentioned in this satire and inquire, I will post the REAL DEAL.

  • Mats Lindblad

    So he basically died from his poo smelling of fish and peeing on his balls?! The horror!

  • Anthony Lineberry

    So true and if you read it on the net it has to be true . Haaa!!

  • ImUrAssassin

    I must be dead then. Been smoking for 10 years. Someone shoot me in the head, I’ma zombie. RAWRR! I wanna eat your brains!

  • Roland A. Duby

    and then it would only kill half the people who did it, LD50 means lethal dose for 50% of users.

  • Anne Faust

    There is always a first time

  • Roland A. Duby

    a blunt is at least an eighth or 3.5 grams

  • Izlude

    You obviously have never heard of the daily currant. It’s the same thing as the onion… It’s all satire. Not our fault you weren’t aware of that fact.

  • Roland A. Duby

    it makes your body fluids smell like fish.

  • ImUrAssassin

    It would take me, and 9 of the biggest hitting smokers I know to smoke 1500 pounds several months to smoke. One pound of weed on average is about 10 inches long, 8 inches wide, and about 6 inches thick (Depending on how dry it is, what strain, how well cleaned it is, and if it’s tossed or compressed) . You can fill more than just one room with that.

  • ImUrAssassin

    a Joint is a normal white rice paper, a blunt is a cigar wrap or Brown Papers.

  • Izlude

    Good call, ER doc. I’ll drink to that. 😛

  • Christy

    Doing this is really screwed up even though we know it’s false. This could lead to “crying wolf too many times” It’s moronic.

  • Jon

    I was hoping I would at least get a good laugh out of this. Not so. Poor way to waste 2 minutes. Try harder to be funny next time?

  • Really?

    The entire site is satire. The Daily Currant is similar to the Onion, and it’s the writer’s fault? Think for once.

  • Really?

    Not as long as man has been on the planet…but maybe one day. Right?

  • Kristina Marie

    Cannabis, the raw stock part of the plant is very rich in fiber and can be used for textiles. It also makes clothing more comfortable than silk but strong like cotton. Before yellow journalism and the substantial abolition of cannabis, 20% of a farmer’s crop was required by law to be cannabis. The flowering part of the plant can be used to effectively treat a variety of ailments. I think the benefits greatly outweigh any down sides. As for those of you belittling pot smokers, until the sun doth shine from your backsides pink eye, I suggest you shut up. Tootles!

  • Kristina Marie

    And before the trolls show up, I know this is fake.

  • tokira

    Trouble is, even though this is satire, there are way too many ingnorant people who believe it.

  • alnga

    wait wait do not stop this program. After all the liberals have been warned for years and now that they see the results, let them become really impressed with their decisions.

  • Liz Gozza

    you do realize this is satire right? no one died.

  • kathy

    I call BS

  • 08 09 13

    “These are the people that will never, no matter how much info is thrown at them, believe they could be wrong.” Idiot.

  • Idigia

    You mean to tell me you believed this satire was true?

  • Alex Saddic

    IDIOTS! You can’t overdose on marijuana lol. Who actually published this nonsense?! Here’s the funniest quote from this article:

    “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer? All
    these pro-marijuana groups should be ashamed of themselves. The victims’
    blood is on their hands.”

    Umm, people OD on alcohol all the time! How many times do we hear about people on their 21st birthday dying from alcohol poisoning on their 21st birthday from taking 21 shots? On the flip side, how many times do we hear of a person ending up in the hospital from marijuana alone? It makes me sad that this article was published and just shows how much stupider society has become.

  • APRO

    someone might be responsible about this killing. maybe someone try to sabotage this movement. and if ever the issue of marijuana overdosed is true maybe smoking marijuana should have a medical permission from those who has the authority to do so. i thought it could be giving every potheads a license or a dosage limit for a solution.

  • Tonyt

    Absolute BS article is a fail

  • Joshua Price


    If you mean can they overdose and die from marijuana–the answer is no, its not very likely. But they can experience extreme anxiety (panic attacks) or psychotic reactions (where they lose touch with reality and may become paranoid). And people can and do injure themselves because of marijuana’s effects on judgment, perception, and coordination. For example, marijuana affect the skills you need to drive (e.g., concentration, reaction time) so people can injure themselves and others if they drive while under the influence. For more information on marijuana, see:

  • Zedsdead


  • Zedsdead

    Ok………….Whats a Zeppelin?

  • stopthelies

    It is absolutely astonishing that something like this can be published and people will believe it. Unfortunately, there are people out there that refuse to believe in the science behind the benefits of marijuana. The ignorance is maddening. I salute Colorado for it’s legalization initiatives and wish them all the best moving forward. Please put an end to false information about marijuana.

  • Lesa Hollen

    OMG! What BS and Miss information – THC is endogenous and we make it to be our breaks in our nervous system – what lies – people do not die from THC overdose – from a Neurochemist

  • Anne Faust

    Take what you hear with an open mind and do it when you  are clearheaded
    Reports arent always accurate – take them with a  grain of salt

  • Von Jackson

    Lies and Slander,
    biologically and chemically improbable.

  • Sean

    the amount of marijuana that you would need to smoke to die from an overdose would suffocate you from the amount before you die from the actual chemicals

  • Rex Senju Dago-an

    now you learned your lessons POTheads!!!

  • Johann Von Bingen

    The real marijuana deaths will occur on Colorado roadways. DWI and DWS (Driving While Stoned) present equivalent, and unnecessary, risks. How long before a new organization, MADS, is formed??

  • Johann Von Bingen

    You DO stay off the roads when you’re stoned, right?

  • Brianeweis

    I don’t believe you know a lot of people who had heart attacks and died from weed

  • Jerry Callender

    Proof that some will believe anything.

  • RottieMom

    Um… you can OD on water…. you can OD on just about any substance if you get more than the body can handle.

  • Ken

    Please factor in that the Rocky Mountain New ceased publishing in 2009.

  • christopher richards

    me a tek this time out fo say weed na good me used to love it bad especially wen me girl give me stress but i end up hospital yow nearly buss my heart i survive sum how my heart was going 122 fo every 15 seconds n i survived smh weed not good

  • Guest

    I can’t afford that!

  • AlexWrightDance

    This must be the onion lol

  • Tim

    Good for you! Who really cares about what you and your friends do or how much money you make! My grandfather smoked cigarettes for 75 years and he lived into his 90’s so cigarette smoking must not be bad for you! What a moron, go smoke another one!

  • Francesco Bonfatti

    “One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former
    methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to
    Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary” LOLOL Sounds like the character from Breaking bad.

  • Grant Smith

    .bullshit this story is fake ad a snack cake

  • Talia Marisia Gomez Mayfield

    Come on people don’t it sound a little fishy.They need to check there supply before just handing it over to people.Its easy for someone to tap into the weed. And put whatever they want. BESIDES, your trying to say alcohol hasn’t killed anybody.How many people get alcohol posion a day . How many people die from it a day. That’s more addicting than anything I know , so is tobacco. They did not die from over dosing on Marijuana.!!!!! Just saying. Think a little cause before this came out, You never in your life heard of someone doing too much Marijuana. All you ever heard was Of someone dieing of lung cancer from smoking there pack of smokes , or they drunk too much ALCOHOL!!! … The only thing you ever heard before they let MARIJUANA in two states, WAS kids selling it or someone growing it NEVER EVER about someone dieing from it. The honest truth is , that yall wanna say they overdose cause yall wanna re think and take it from people that it helped. They didn’t over dose.. What did happen was someone in the system. Messed with it.. and put something in it, that would kill people. So the government would re think about it. And not let it be Legalize.

  • audrey

    Jesse Pinkman?? Did the writer really want us to pick up on the fact that using actors name from breaking bad seemed a little far fetched? I think the writer was just got carried away and couldn’t resist lol

  • Talia Marisia Gomez Mayfield


  • carlos cruz

    are we ever going to grow past the adolescence of satire, its getting a little annoying how these cretins are playing on the minds of their cousins. please lets deal with social issues in a mature and open minded way that nurtures and promotes our cousins with love.

  • Markese TheMop

    how about being stupid for not knowing that hypospadia is a penis deformity, and not a life thretening condition?

  • nikileet

    What a crock of b.s. it is funny though. Some truth may be in the abuse references. Of course you will find those who have suppressed their needs and wants for marijuana over indulging at first. What else would you expect? Have you ever seen the way a child acts after you introduce him/her to candy for the first time. That’s all they want. They could live off the stuff if you let them. There comes a time when that child learns it is readily available and they ween down the addiction a bit. Our country and government fails to understand that knowledge is power. If you teach as well as allow moderation. Then educate our citizens to the benefits, side effects, and consequences of drugs and alcohol you would not find as many “abusers” as we have today.

  • Pecolia Jones

    You cannot OD from marijuana

  • Kimberly Smith

    Lol Jesse Pinkman huh? Tee hee hee

  • Ora

    People who smoke have very few clear thoughts, but they perceive them as clear and inspirational. Take it from someone who smoked weed for ten years +.

  • Ora

    I went no where and was content with nothing as I smoked weed for years, that’s why the government is allowing it to be legalized, its easier to brainwash brain-dead people. Ninety percent of pot smokers beliefs in God are very liberal and clouded with unscriptural bible doctrine.

  • Elena

    Haa haa haaa… OD on marijuana.. Seriously?!? OK.. ;0)

  • Ora

    Like I have said: liberal beliefs, lifestyle and mind. Times have changed your right, but for the worse. Just look at the world. Its sad if the only way you can have a good time is when your high. True joy, fun and happy living is when you can do the things you enjoy sober. Godly joy is not defined as always being happy and laughing, but being content with real things without a clouded mind. Weed doesn’t kill people everybody knows that, although indirectly it has caused millions of deaths over the years. Its a sad day when everyone who is high or drunk think that sober people are always depressed and unhappy.

  • Barbie Scott

    Maybe government laced it with something, unless they did, you cannot OD on this, no way, no how. The crap that is put out there from news is sad.

  • Falw

    Synthetic mariujuana spice perhaps is the cause for these not the pure one.

  • reefermatters

    a blunt is commonly about a 0.5-1.0 grams you get a couple blunts from an eigth

  • BillboyBaggins


  • lulu77

    I think who ever believes it was marijuanna is dumb cause my father has been smokinng it since he was 14 he is now available 77 and doctors say hes very healthy for his age hes still very active now synthitic marijuana is another story that stuff isnt associated with marijuana though thats what people need to learn to understand that fake stuff is a killer nothing compared to marijuana

  • Ritaray08

    40 yrs. 😉

  • John Muench

    My concern is people may not read whole article and go only by the title so share concern that this will later be referenced by ignorant or biased to justify not legalizing Cannabis nationwide in future!

  • Drax21

    IT”S A JOKE, PEOPLE! This is a parody site.
    I live in Colorado. 27 people DID NOT DIE TODAY. Not by any cause. It’s a joke….a bad, stupid, pointless joke….but a joke, nonetheless.
    When you read something that seems just incredible or unbelievable, check the source. For example, The Rocky Mountain News, cited as the source of this story, went out of business over 10 years ago. The only newspaper in Denver is The Denver Post. “Dr. Jack Shepard” was a character from “Lost”. Peter Swinton is not the CEO of Coors Brewing.

  • know1

    OK, I’m all for legalization, but damn, what you wrote……you’re having trouble putting words together into coherent sentences for some reason.



  • booby mcgee

    jesse pinkman come on i know you miss breaking bad but come the eft on

  • Nikki DePue

    Obviously they got laced weed. I have never heard of a pot smoker over dosing ever. And I know people who chain smoke 24-7. They got bad stuff if they died.

  • Fran Giboney

    Anyone who denies people cannot die from too much alcohol consumption, need to do more research on the subject. In my town there are calls for an ambulance, along with emergency medical personnel to treat college aged students in particular, that have overdosed on alcohol, actually and they can die if if the alcohol level gets to a certain level. It is not rare, it is the norm in a lot of places, especially college towns.

  • Jimi

    Sorry, but I think it’s irresponsible not to state clearly somewhere on the same page as the article that it is satire and fiction.
    This will get passed on by the gullible as truth, and the people they tell will tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, etc. and there will always be a subset of people who will believe it to be fact.
    Maybe that’s the intent, but it would defeat the purpose of the stated mission of your site.

  • BluntMama

    Can we erase this now? It is a satire! Stupid is as stupid does!

  • ron
  • auxhead

    No you cannot OD and die, but by God you sure can FEEL like you’ll die when that paranoia sets in. And it is Goddamn scary. Not fun at all.

  • Kalen

    It is only legal on the state level….it is still federally illegal in every state….it is still an illegal drug.

  • Matthew Meinema

    And you can’t notice satire.

  • Jimi

    I posted my comment, with the same sentiment, before I read yours.
    I agree with you completely.

  • Nikki DePue

    And they may be passing Sylvia off as Marijuana , which is some seriously crazy stuff from what I have heard. That can kill you and even worse if mixed with another drug. So my suggestion buy your pot from a licensed dealer not a street dealer

  • Kalen

    I’m stupid because I choose to be clean? lol. I only just received a 4.0 in my junior year of college. Yep, I am a certified dumbass.

  • ZPT205


    1. You just replied to the wrong comment
    2. If you reread the comment you meant to reply to, you’d realize that your reply makes no sense. I obviously know who Jesse Pinkman is, otherwise I wouldn’t have said he was supposed to live in New Mexico.

  • Nes

    Thank you!

  • Tre

    WOW! I almost thought this was the onion for a moment.

  • Shane Milder

    Umm, The one that died was a Meth dealer?, Ever think just maybe what He was smoking was laced?, And YES Coors, People have died from alcohol poisoning, This is a joke, Lets just Blaze one up and have us a little chat about this ok?, I will go get the Cheeze Puffs, Chips and pop first. brb…

  • Kalen

    Actually, I am pretty informed on the subject. Obviously you are not. Marijuana will NOT be legal anytime soon….Yes, some states are legalizing it, but that is only state wise. It is still federally illegal in EVERY state. I am not obligated to present an argument on whether I agree with it or not. I think yes, it is ok in severe medical cases. Most people arguing for the legalization are the exact people who will drive while high or participate in other dumbass things while high. Just because it is “reality” doesnt make it ok. Instead of pushing the recreational use of drugs so heatedly, maybe we should focus on more important things like trying to push for equality rights for gays, lesbians, and transgenders. Which, most people arguing for me to “open my eyes to reality around me,” most likely think homosexuality is wrong.

  • barb2c4u

    If you are an ER doctor then you must have seen hundreds of seizing babies and young children from epilepsy. You should know that there over 40 illinesses that marijuana could help or save their lives if big Pharma wasn’t so popular in DC. It is a special type of MJ that is being grown that takes the “high” chemicals out of it and leaves the medical benefits in to be prepared for medicinal marijuana. Read a book on this stuff folks before you go crazy. Frankly I don’t think you can smoke enough to OD.

  • Candy_salad

    Does your wife have any single friends?


    LMFAO @ jesse pickman from Albuquerque ? yea right .

  • Jimi

    Not true – there are plenty of people with fully functioning brains that are ignorant of the facts, whether willfully or incidentally.
    Those people will promote this as fact and it will propagate as such.
    I’m already seeing it happen.
    A friend posted this story on FB, believing it to be true.
    I told her it was satire and provided a link to the about page where it’s made clear that it is fiction.
    She left the post up and sent me a private message saying, “I hope you are right, I really do.”
    SMFH – she didn’t have to “hope”, I provided her the link to the statement that it was fiction.
    She is naive (I hate to say ignorant), very religious, comes from a different culture with a different language and *wants* to believe that marijuana is an evil, dangerous, deadly drug.
    And she’ll tell all of her friends who will also believe it and will tell all of their friends.

  • Pappamike

    Test have been performed on lab mice. The scientists concluded that marijuana did in fact kill them. 200 pound blocks of marijuana were dropped on mice from 50 feet high, and sure enough, it killed them.

  • Kalen

    I never said alcohol was a smarter alternative. I don’t believe any self medication like drugs and alcohol is a logical excuse to “deal with stress.” Yes I think it is pretty pathetic to resort to any type of use just to deal with stress. Try working out, meditating, reading, hobbies, etc. I’m not ignorant, I’m realistic.

  • Scott MacDonald

    So CEO of Molson Beer, his product that ruin peoples lives is complaining about Marijuana? He probably noticed a decrease in monthly profit and had to do something about it……

  • ZefSideNinja

    Approx 65% of humans can properly process THC chemical. People can have an allergic reaction(s), therefore it should be treated like everything else medically speaking. Use with cation, if you a newbie. However, it is impossible to overdose on marijuana, you would need to smoke your body weight in marijuana to get a dangerous level of THC in your system. I would love to see anyone try to do that… Individuals with a mental imbalance such as Schizophrenia or such, should not involve themselves with marijuana, as it may intensify those imbalances. It is an amazing plant that is highly versatile. It has over 10,000 textile product uses. The plant creates 4x the amount of air than trees. The Cannabinoids display a “diverse range of therapeutic qualities” that “target and switch off” pathways that allow cancers to grow. Anyhow, that’s my two cents worth… Be smart, be safe!

  • Kalen

    I’m sorry, remind me where I said at all that any of those things were a healthy alternative. Anybody that needs to abuse a substance to make it through the day, is someone that needs to take a step back and work out how to cope with life in a healthy way.

  • Scott Warring
  • L

    How irresponsible to waste time printing such nonsense! More importantly…to take a position and use it irresponsibly. The media, be it farce or not…is so powerful that they can sway a vote, opinion or law. It is their duty to report facts…because they are in a leadership and informative position. I say…cut the media out of all positions of reporting and let’s see how the citisens fair on their own. Stick to the THE facts or “SHUT THE F*** UP” in the words of Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. Otherwise, call yourselves a COMIC Book. Deception is NEVER a good thing!

  • GingaSnap

    Trimethylaminuria – is a genetic disorder

    hypospadias – is a birth defect of the urethra in the male that involves an abnormally placed urinary meatus

    any other questions about how legit this is?

  • dennis


  • dane littles

    everybody just simmer down, calm down, there are more than enough drugs for everyone. i’m sure you can find all you want somewhere. and, please, go stone yourselves dopy…duh…..did I just hear your brain calling for more?

  • matt

    a large balloon filled with air that were used in ww1, similar to a blimp

  • Steve Dugan

    At first, I was floored that this had actually happened. But I’m so glad I read the comments. I haven’t watched all of Breaking Bad, either, so I would have been duped with the rest of them. And I didn’t know The Daily Currant was satire! Now that I’m in the loop, it’s pretty darn funny.

  • Christine Dee

    It is funny but very harmful for the cause. How can we expect people to take weed seriously when people read this and they think it’s real?

  • PeoplerRetards


  • Alicia Fullbright

    Did somebody poison the weed?

  • Dave

    Including your over-the-counter stupid pills. What’s your point?

  • Krista Meadows

    O.D. on weed?!?!?!? Hmmmm… lemme go test that….

  • fokin false news


  • sara masraft

    weed didn’t kill no one the dang goverment put chemicals inn it to kill you its the goverment killing people not weed get your facts right

  • Elephant Talk

    Umm…this entire article is satire. He didn’t say that.

  • Devon Orand

    Rocky Mountain News haha!!! -Denver joke, cause it was disbanded two years ago

  • Elephant Talk

    Sadly, it seems a great number of people commenting here do not realize that this article is satirical….:)

  • Krista Meadows

    People who didn’t realize this was a joke are the reasons why we have “Contains Peanuts” on jars of peanut butter lol 😉 I’m glad for the debate over this… Hopefully it will inspire people who feel themselves being teased to finally do some research and bring attention to the absurd demonization of the plant. Ignorance and stupidity ARE different… We should all be patient with one and pity the other… I think the gullible parties in this case are adorable 🙂

  • MelCross

    Unfortunately, not all people in the world know the show “Lost” and did not see the hoax quickly. The Daily Currant has gained popularity, but at what cost. Thousands of people get beaten by police, thrown into prison cells where they are raped etc, all because they had some dry leaves in their possession. This story has gone viral and unfortunately the people that for years have believed the evils of marijuana believe this, making the fight for legalisation in other countries like the one I live in much harder. My own child was recently beaten by six burly security guards at Monte Casino in Johannesburg, when I tried to save him I was thrown across the room and crushed in a doorway till the wall broke. He now faces a courtcase and a criminal record. This was a very badly timed piece of writing.

  • Essech RedPanda

    What? The Rocky Mountain News has not been around for years now, it no longer exists! How can we have a report from the Rocky Mountain News about a news topic of 2014? – Nice cover

  • Fred
  • DonnaSweeney

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist, LMAO I Love it. I know the Feeling, I’m living proof 2 🙂 =========~ Puff Puff Pass 2 the Left 🙂

  • DocHoliday

    Dope smoking Fools?? LOL! What kinda Doc are you? Are you sure you don’t have Investments in Big Pharma Instead? Canibas is the Best Medicine in the World and Have Fun trying to patent that plant, I think God already has the patent on that. 😀

  • Cant oOD!!!

    Propaganda Like the Hitler stated against Jewish people in Germany. This should be banned and fine the people that put this together. Its sad really

  • drew

    Did anyone bother to think that maybe the years of meth abuse the guy they decided to talk about that overdosed might have been the cause of what happened to him..maybe, just maybe all them years of being tweaked out and not sleeping finally caught up with him.

  • Guest

    I can’t believe brad pitt passed out in the picture above during Legends of the Fall. He must have been doing that asian scene and got real high or something.

  • DonnaSweeney

    Ya Right, this is not a drug it is a God growing Herbal Medicine Plant. sounds good by Me, Thanks God 🙂

  • Rex Julien

    Stop being a corporate puppet and spreading false propaganda. There has never been any such thing in the media, but all of a sudden it’s legal and people are dying. I have a hard time believing this story. My question is ” Do you corporate puppets feel the same towards the pharmaceutical companies that continue to legally manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals that are known to cause life threatening side effects?”

  • Your Whore Mom (a joke? maybe)

    lame site that wastes time and misinforms the gullible. it had me until i did the research. and by the way i don’t even watch the series on television that everyone just assumes is common knowledge. besides why would i even care it is using big companies as a backing for it to be believed. Coors? really did anyone have the right to publish a statement from this company? how about the hospital? these are suppose to be upstanding companies and facilities that are being slandered by ‘fictional’ ‘statements.’

  • lolatthisarticle

    yup, it was the pot. not the fentanyl withdrawl. xD

  • martomom

    story is false……..a felon cannot open a dispensary ….. this is just the haters trying to reverse the law somehow because they know that the lawmakers sometimes listen to the media instead of the people.

  • guest

    THANK YOU! for calling it what it is. propaganda!

  • Jbkorn02

    I like how they used Dr. Jack Shepard from Lost. It gave me a good laugh.

  • Jbkorn02

    Far better than alcohol in every way for your body. Brain included.

  • Jbkorn02

    You have to admit it would be funny if a big network like CNN actually ran this article taken seriously before having to apologize.

  • Cambridge25Pembr

    Absolute nonsense, marijuana doesn’t cause fatal overdoses. Also, yes I have indeed heard of overdosing on alcohol such as BEER! Also episodes of violence are common with overuse and misuse of alcohol, liver disease…etc! Brainwashing websites, you’re a fool if you beleive them.

  • Peter Wild

    Well, there are advantages to keep it illegal….otherwise thousands of ppl worldwide loose their nice job and have to get a real 9to5 one…

  • Yep!
  • Galoviz

    “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?”

    Turn on the new and lesson for 5 min

  • DocHoliday

    Easily one of the Best Hard Rock bands ever.. 🙂

  • DocHoliday

    Pretty small Blunt…
    just saying…

  • JustSaying

    I was about to check the validity of this article when, upon spotting the side panel, I noticed an article saying “Nancy Grace arrested for murder”. Yup, its satire, quite hilarious though.

  • Jimmy conny ronny

    Hey man. You put a bad comma in there. You should really check your spelling and punctuation skills if you want to be taken seriously…

  • Truth Trolololol

    Of course you can die from smoking too much weed. If you’re allergic, it will kill you. And with the stupidity that follows the immediate inhalation, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually *DID* happen.

    This is why we can’t have nice things. The majority of the country doesn’t understand this wonderful thing called SELF CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY.

    No faith in humanity. No forgiveness for idiocy.


    I’m thinking as I am reading this someone is making up a whole lot of crazy stuff because there is no way one person could overdose yet alone 37 and maybe 200…. lol I go all the way back to my days in Vietnam and I am still here…. lol

  • Truth Trolololol

    Level of caring: Non existent. Suck it up and get over your stress like a real man.

  • Truth Trolololol

    Sounds like you failed financial planning to me along with time management.

  • Kenny

    absolutely lost it at Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer HAHAHA

  • Anna

    FAKE!!! This is suck bullshit! Why would they post this?! There are plenty of people out there, that vote, that will believe this and ruin it for the people who actually bother to get educated!

    Stop lying!

  • hannah

    This is of course ridiculous. In Israel they are researching the use of Marijuana for cancer patients and some have been cured. Also, check out the doc. that Sanje Gupta made about the use of marijuana helping children with seizures.. If God gave us this plant we should utilize it for our good and I think that people are being helped.

  • Timothy Keran

    There is No Rocky Mountain News

  • Ladonna Bartlett

    I have never heard of any connection between marijuana and a congenital defect of the male genitalia or that it would cause “fishy-smelling” urine or sweat(?) I guess, by using medical terminology, it is possible to fool some people!

  • PJ

    Did you even look at this website? Look at the stories on the side and below it… ANYONE who read this and started spouting it to others as “news” deserves being called an idiot, specially when they read one source and run off to facebook to tell everyone else about it. The internet hasn’t ruined legitimate news… irresponsible internet USERS have ruined legitimate news.

    Go ahead and make more long-winded and ignorant replies.. you’re just mad you got trolled.

  • Mel

    LOL, this is hilarious.

  • eazyman

    ive smoke marijuana for over 10 years and never had or felt like i was going to die the only thing happend to me was being sick ( whitey / greened-out) which only lasted 10mins and i was up for smoking more after that but if u use marijuana use as something to chill you out or help you to eat is which is what i use it for so no this is 100% wrong

  • klintawnamore

    I doubt that the deaths were actually marijuana overdoses…. but the fact remains that all the people who died on the first day that pot was legal, had pot in their systems… so it kindof just shows that pot is a dangerous drug to legalize, i am a not a pro marijuana person, i do believe that if it was legal, the government could benefit, but the fact that so many people died as a result of having marijuana in their systems proves that it shouldnt be legalized.

  • jamie

    Never read so much bullshit in my life!

  • Elizabeth Anne Summers

    This is just plane crazy – you cannot OD on pot. OMG – I am sorry for those that passed – but there had to be some other reason. How many people die in Colorado everyday? And I bet you some of them smoked but that was not the reason.

  • Izumi Momoko

    I didn’t get it was a satire until I read the part about a local BREWER calling marijuana ‘a deadly hardcore drug that causes addiction and destroys lives.’ LOL Fell off my chair at that point and appreciated the rest.

    But I DO agree with some of these other posters. A lot of reactionary morons are going to latch on to this and present it as truth – spread it around.

    Then again, you make it pretty obvious it’s fake so really, it would just kind of backfire on them anyway. BRILLIANT! [Peter Swindon of MolsonCoors indeed] ^_^

  • Ayumi Kiyomizu

    Only in America, legalize pot is more important than education! Anyone think of bill or legislation that would reduce costs of university level education, or increase learning for students in school? It is really a country of fools….

  • Igor Gustavo Ribeiro Pinheiro

    The lethal dose of a substance is a measure of its deadly power. Defines a lethal dose (LD50) as the atmospheric concentration of a chemical substance capable of killing 50% of the population of animals tested in a range of 14 days. This dose measured in milligrams (mg) of substance per kilogram (kg) body weight of the animal. The lethal dose also depends on the mode of exposure to toxic product, it can happen with marijuana when the organism is under the effect of other drugs such as alcohol or other substances or drugs the percentage of starting a cardiac arrest increases greatly. The control grams consumed in a coffeshop and the use of breathalyzers become extremely important.

  • Pam

    I totally agree with you….I did not know any of the actors names and I am a well educated person and I am very upset someone would even do this after the huge undertaking it was to get the law passed….this could turn out to be a major set back for future areas

  • kevivrain


  • Jacki1

    It is a law of nature that fools die out 🙂

  • Izumi Momoko

    Yeah, right? I didn’t get it was a satire until I read it most of the way through. that kind of tipped me off. Well that and the fact that it is impossible to OD on pot.

  • Igor Gustavo Ribeiro Pinheiro

    THIS CASE IS A SATIRE, Dr. Jack Shepard LOL

    The lethal dose of a substance is a measure of its deadly power. Defines a lethal dose (LD50) as the atmospheric concentration of a chemical substance capable of killing 50% of the population of animals tested in a range of 14 days. This dose measured in milligrams (mg) of substance per kilogram (kg) body weight of the animal. The lethal dose also depends on the mode of exposure to toxic product, it can happen with marijuana when the organism is under the effect of other drugs such as alcohol or other substances or drugs the percentage of starting a “bad trip” or early risk heart failure increases greatly. The control grams consumed in a coffeshop and the use of breathalyzers become extremely important.

  • Igor Gustavo Ribeiro Pinheiro

    Dr. Jack Shepard (Jack, from the show Lost) LOL

  • Iwin

    HAHA, the Liberal agenda at work. This didnt happen. I <3 your folklore though. Lying bastards. Just know, and I mean this, You can spread it far and wide. Nothing will come of it. This movement (Marijuana Legalization) will grow and grow. Nothing you can do about it. I feel sorry for you. Because no matter how hard your fight Marijuana will WIN! Don't take it from me, wait awhile. You'll find out the hard way!!!

    I rly do love renting space in peoples minds 🙂

  • Jeremy Kirn

    I’m actually pretty angry at the Daily Currant for writing this. Yes it is a satirical website, but not many people know that. Many people think this is true. Good job setting marijuana prohibition back a dozen years!

  • adrian salvador gonzales

    who ever wrote this didnt get that much attention growing up. wish you were aborted author man/woman.

  • Loren Shaw

    Satire is useless if not everyone gets the joke!!!!

  • thcGod

    THIS IS JUST B.S! cannabis does NOT kill ANYONE. who’s the idiot that wrote this s*it?

  • flanicat

    BUNK! either they made pigs of them selfs or someone is putting chemicals in the pot so this will FAIL!

  • markd

    I guess I died in the early 80s from when my pot smoking increased to an 1/8 every three days….damn the bad luck…damn, damn, damn…I should have taken the movie “Reefer Madness” more seriously…..lmfao at any/all who thought/think there is even a morsel of truth to this.

  • buttmunchmcpooface

    Fully agree. Losers also use alcohol, coffee and sugar for recreation (yes they should also be illegal). Our world is full of losers, very few sane people.

  • LordPeckerwoodThree

    The Daily Currant has lost all credibility

    how can you print such blatant lies?

  • Jem

    How on earth does smoking pot cause this after 1 day of legalisation?


    What a STUUUUUUPID post! Who dod write this and way??? There are a lot of people who would actually think that this is TRUE! WTF?? You need to smoke over a ton whithin 15 minutes of weed to get killed. So this is impossible. There was never ever any record of someone died of marijuana! Educate yourself people! A marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette.


    I am not a TV watcher, so the names meant nothing to me. When I saw the headlines I knew it was not fact, or I would have been dead many many years ago. What I did think was it was just more propaganda being planted in the minds of those who do not know it’s impossible OD on pot. Maybe from exhaustion from all those trips back and forth to the kitchen, the lighting and relighting the forgotten joint in the ashtray or maybe from falling out of bed while taking a nap. PLUS my good sense knows had it been real I would have already known it from the news.

  • Khey Ru


  • Rob Hopkins

    I think what Boba means is that it’s stupid to believe one can OD on weed, but it’s equally stupid to publish without disclaiming the story as satire, even stupider than the people who don’t “get the joke”.

  • MomofMedical420daughter

    Can’t over dose on beer? Why you sure can it’s called Cirrhosis of the liver, granted it happens over time with heavy usage.

  • Rob Hopkins

    Yes, marijuana will kill you. If you make rope out of it and use the rope to hang yourself, then yes. Weed can kill.

  • Sandra Williams

    How sad, people actually believe this. Dr. Jesse Pinkman, DEAD giveaway:)

  • Trueanglo

    You can overdose on water, does that mean that water is bad, or is it rather the individual who misuses it? How many foods are bad for you eaten in excess? Look at the misuse of alcohol, millions have died because of it not being used in moderation. Everything is a danger to us if not used wisely. To much government seems to be the most deadliest of all.

  • Rob Hopkins

    One should not continue to make false statements when each successive statement reveals how little one knows about the subject about which the statement is being made.

  • Pim

    I live in the Netherlands where it is legal to smoke weed practically everywhere and i made a fun calculation on how to overdose on weed.
    You got to smoke up to 648-KG in just 15 to 20 minutes before it can kill you, and you will probably die of lack off oxigen instead of an overdose on THC.
    Ever seen 648KG of weed???
    If you do… you’re probably in Holland or Heaven :p

  • Izumi Momoko

    Sir or madam – this was a SATIRE. Poorly done and I think will do more harm than good for the pro-pot side. Your post is a prime example of how the joke backfired. And I quote [ “… the fact that so many people died as a result of having marijuana in their systems proves that it shouldn’t be legalized.”]

    First of all, the article is satire. Names of characters from Breaking Bad and other popular culture references. [ i.e. MolsonCoors, silly afflictions such as Hypospadias (look it up).

    Second – Sir or Madam I must assure you…. NO ONE has ever, EVER, died as a result of having marijuana in their system! Not a one. EVER! Zero. Zilch. None. Nada. No one ever has or ever will die from using pot. Pot cannot kill you. Or really harm you in any way.

    You should look to the state I recently moved to – Washington. Seattle is a hub of technology, art, music, maritime industry. Seattle is the most honestly and actively homogenous mixture of races and cultures of any city I have ever lived in. It has the best public transportation system I have ever had the pleasure of using.

    The streets are not overrun with rioting “potheads”. Crime is perhaps a little less now that the police can concentrate on REAL crime instead of taking up valuable resources enforcing a misguided law that affected many decent everyday, otherwise law-abiding people.

    People who prefer to get stoned recreationally rather than get drunk are certainly no worse socially or ethically than anyone imbibing alcohol – and are in fact much less likely become ill or physically addicted as alcohol drinkers can.

    Pot is a MUCH less dangerous than alcohol – both physically,
    psychologically and clinically. Your view of marijuana has been formed
    and tainted by a false set of data from the start.

    The medical
    benefits of certain strains of marijuana and medicinal preparations of THC and Cannabinol are
    well documented and are undeniable.

    Yes, the government will benefit from the tax income – but not only that – they will no longer waste money incarcerating non-violent offenders and wasting resources on what many in law enforcement already considered to be a non-crime.

    Once you overcome your programming and look into the facts honestly, you will find you have been on the wrong side of this battle all along.

  • Nugliscious

    A Big Mac will kill you quicker than a spliff.


    brain dead eat to much wow feeling no pain smoke them if you got them and be red eyed and its nap time smoke more pot yea smoke pot there not dead just to stoned to breath or have a pulse passed out to stoned to think here i thought its was from chewing bubble gum that made every one so stupid wrong again its the dope

  • Billy Martin

    But why do you want to advertise it?

  • Nugliscious

    Sounds like you’ve had one too many hits.

  • soledo

    How can you OD on 1oz. of Marijuana? EXPLAIN!

  • Ze Mog

    . RIP

  • SmokeyMcPot

    Articles like this one are written as a “joke” to those that know better and as a form of mind control for those that do not. In 6 months when the next state votes on legalization what will be voters minds is 300 kids died in Colorado, not the tax money will help our economy. I found this article on FB, from people who believe it, a lot believe it! So laugh it off, call people stupid and enjoy the propaganda show.

  • SmokeyMcPot

    I can post that one more time in case anyone missed it……just don’t want the “brain damaged” pot smokers to miss it.

  • Blah

    Don’t you have to literally smoke pounds upon pounds to even get anywhere near ODing? Lol #GoodLuckTrying

  • SpanishMN

    Obviously we need more reading classes or is it merely a lack of reading glasses? First assignment: expand on this line from the article in a two page essay: “When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer?” Don’t smoke or drink or use before answering the question.

  • Davo

    Satire!!!!! LOLOLOL

  • pot genius

    Saying that pot causes brain damage is about as ignorant as it gets. NO ONE has ever died from pot – EVER! Pot doesn’t cause heart attacks, brain damage, or anything else uneducated people like yourself just say as if it is fact. I smoke pot and scored 182 on my last IQ test.

  • matterer

    This is poorly written satire.

  • One12alpha

    You can overdose on cannabis. Lol some people are such idiots.

  • mojacar

    perhaps as a direcrt chemical reaction no death was caused however as a result of marijuana induced schizopghrenia and psychosis there have been lotss of deaths

  • Jozef Mikula SkiFi

    😀 😀 I wish it would be true! :)))

  • mojacar

    recent studies shoe measurable brain changes in consumers who start using pot at an early age. holland has recently reclassified certain strains of weed (white witch ) as no longer being harmless

  • Billy

    This Is All Bs

  • Silvio Bugnano

    The hypothetical overdose of marijuana or it’s derivates is 1 kg. Maybe this morons smoke this quantity? I don’t believe it

  • mike

    Its an article from a site dedicated to satire. Come on, do we need to start worrying about stupid people thinking the SNL news stories are real to?

  • willanderson

    BULLSHIT! All lies.

  • Blondmyk

    All the way to the bank!

  • Nils Laersen

    indirectly the harsh laws against a plant like cannabis & coca leaves has caused millions of cash to criminals & terrorists.The ammunition they use to kill your best friends,they have bought with their golden drugmoney.

  • Vickie Wilson

    WHATEVER!!! They are trying everything to get this drug to be taken back. Nobody has EVER died over a marijuana od. I can guarantee you that the person I watched almost OD was NOT on marijuana! Get to the real source of the problem. What was IN the marijuana? Anyone checked that our yet???? Get your facts straight, people. Don’t CONTINUE to be ignorant for the rest of your lives……..I know it’s hard not to be, but TRY!

  • Manny734

    Blair, I’d marry you 🙂 thosr words were articulated beautifully and the message both thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to express you thoughts.

    I’d love to get your opinion on a few of my ventures. If interested in helping another out, my phone # is 8six0five1nine7five4nine. Shoot me a text anytime and ill let you know how you can make a difference in the lives of millions overnight.


  • Nils Laersen

    cannabis helps me to disconnect from my adhd brain,& gives me a mental room where i can focus &be like others who don`t have this trouble.I can meditate easily after smoking.So to me,& many who have adhd,its a Gods gift.Not like amphetamines who slowly makes one sick & depressed.

  • TruthBeTold

    This satirical artical… Somewhat amusing.
    Many of these comments… Somewhat frightening.

  • Wow

    Haha, I guess not everyone sees the humor in this and people actually believe it… Sad world.

  • TruthBeTold

    If only people were as informed and concerned about the national debt and tyrannical nature of government as they are about weed.

  • Nils Laersen

    you speak of yourself,always.remember that & save yourself.

  • Nils Laersen

    Thats you Kalen.You need to take a step back,& work out how to cope with life in a healthy way. (just listen to your own good advice that you imagine are messages to others.) Everything that pops out of someones mouth,is all about themselves,even if they don`t care to listen.

  • getting high

    I don’t believe they died from an overdose due to smoking too much marijuana!!! Sometimes I get so high I don’t know my eyes are closed. They had to have added something else to the marijuana. I’m a 100% healthy and I’ve been smoking marijuana for 27 years….

  • Vickie Wilson

    And….”Mr. Coors…” are you kidding me???? How many people are addicted to alcohol and have killed OR die over the liquor you sell……I watched my ex die because of alcohol NOT marijuana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne Cristal

    Never EVER died someone overhere in the Netherlands!! And if they did there is ALWAYS another drugs involved!!!

  • Oswaldo Huaman

    Hahahaha… what a piece of crap….!

  • g

    lol “when was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on beer”

    yesterday probably

  • Annie

    Ridiculous! Obviously, this must have been written by someone who stands to loose something from the legalization of marijuana. Seriously do more research…

  • El

    doctors poison included… not spoken about….

  • kimber

    lmao how stupid!! This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a long time..

  • viki pittman

    there may always be a first but 37 in one day….. i highly doubt it unless there was something else in the drug besides its natural properties

  • Guest

    sure that if they looked harder they would find that marijuana didn’t kill anyone. the deaths are more likely from a pre-existing illness

  • Meako

    well if it was true marijuana and not laced or hiped up somehow this is impossible cause your body would pass out before overdose. and people die every day from alcohol

  • Kalen

    That doesn’t make any sense. Stop smoking so much weed, then you could leave a logical comment. I advocate healthy coping such as working out, meditation, reading….So “I” am the one that needs to take a step back and reevaluate? That makes absolutely no sense. I dont agree with recreational drug use so , according to your statement, that means I actually do advocate it? Okkkkk.

  • denise

    The stupidity killed them. I’m sorry that they died. But lots of people smoke it on a daily bases and don’t die. And it’s not a drug. It grows on its own. And people die every day from alcohol poisoning. I almost did, from stupidity.

  • Nils Laersen

    I Agree.Theres no sense in advocating work-out tips etc.,to others,when infact it should be done by oneself.Its so darn easy to believe oneself to be above others,when infact one belongs right down there with everybody else.
    If i had a penny,for all the times i did that,man i would eat out everynight in fancy restaurants.
    &, you don`t have to agree with recreational drug use,to advocate it.Being against something like that ,often inspires others, in favor of, to do what it takes to make it happen,a lot faster. Like gasoline to fire.



  • Anne Faust

    It just may be!

  • Kalen

    Ok…lol. Lets try this whole conversation again when you are sober. Never said I was above others…And why is there no sense in advocating HEALTHY coping mechanisms?

  • Nicole

    Did you seriously just write all of that? No one attacked you.

  • Nils Laersen

    lol back.Im sober as a well rested donkey.Have not smoked or drunk anything.In Norway we don`t have legal cannabis,& its very hard to get hold of any,
    I believe in advocating good healthy lifestyle to others,if i can see the person before me,having a hard time.But on the internet,i have no idea who people are.So im being careful. 🙂

  • Guile Williams

    You’re stupid if you die from smoking to much pot. Just like ODing on anything else.

  • Carol

    That’s a big lie, Jack Shephard never came out of the LOST island

  • Richard Hurts

    Bruce “Pinkman” really??? wow…

  • Shampoo

    There is no hard evidence to back that claim.

  • Julieb615

    ROFL I am agaist legalization, but this is very funny!!

  • Illmatic Impala

    stop defending dope

  • jj

    FAKE!!!!! never happened FEDs and Corp at work here..

  • Karin Kloosterman

    This sounds like an article from 1950 on the dangers of rock and roll.

  • Amy Westerbank

    Genius level satire

  • Loren Turner

    LOL The only way you can OD on pot is if the buds have been dipped in another drug to ‘compliment’ the high. If the pot isn’t pure plain and simple cannabis and has been ‘cut’ with other substances then it is possible to get deathly ill from using it. But it isn’t the pot doing it, it is the other substances the buds have been dipped in…
    However, for those who found this un-funny, I agree, many people know nothing about pot nor do they follow popular tv shows so they wouldn’t know who the named individuals were etc
    There are those who would take this seriously and those folks vote.

  • Sandy Hillshire

    This is total crap – you don’t OD from Marijuanna – alcohol is much more dangerous than pot – and yet people have been drinking forever – how many of them have died?

  • Guest

    Peter Swindon, president and CEO of local brewer MolsonCoors said when have you heard of anyone over dosing on beer hmmm yes!!!!!!!! you can can take in a very large consumption and die of alcohol poisoning idiot and lets not forget about drinking and driving who is this character thinking what he is doing isnt harming lives too dont PAT yourself on the back to hard jackass!!!!

  • Christopher Joseph

    If you believe this ..Kill Yourself

  • Joseph Slabaugh
  • toxicology report in one day not on this planet rediculous this has to be part of fox news

  • ktwe

    I smoked the fake stuff for years and all it did was give me a constant cough. No seizures no hallucinations, no crap like that…maybe I just wasn’t doing it right?

  • Scott

    Berry funny, Daily Currant.

  • disqus_RJRBNjjwaF

    Blair, it is good that pieces like this are published as it makes the general population more aware of the effects of MJ. It is very important to know that NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM AN “OVERDOSE” of pot.

  • DMF

    It says, “Jesse was trying to go legit”. Was he already smoking cannabis? If so why would this happen to him. Yea.

  • IBN

    NO. it would be a HEMP hanging!

  • Mgooboo

    Ok then ban these type of articles, see how that works out… I get it, you don’t like the article and don’t get the joke, if only we could ban everything we don’t like eh, what a wonderful world that would be… Censor anything that could possibly go against anything!

    I like satire and satirical articles, so do a lot of other people, so suck it up and deal with it, you can’t just ban stuff because you don’t like it and don’t understand it, thats not how free countries work! Also for what it’s worth i’m in favour of recreational legalisation, this article is CLEARLY pro-legalisation, but not at the cost of free speech however, cause that would be bloody brainless!

    If you think this is propaganda you really are stupid. Im guessing you’ve never been on a website like this before or read a satirical article in your life, but because you got your own agenda you come barging in saying ban these they damage my cause (they actually dont by the way)! oh so nobel…

    Please look up the word SATIRE, it tends to be the most critical of the mainstream of any other form of publication – probably the exact opposite of propaganda. Now if local news are re-reporting these stories as fact and people are too lazy to read an article properly or check the website they got it from (which is very openly SATIRE) then theres a problem but you can hardly blame The currant for that can you?

  • Mgooboo

    I dont get it. I like satire, i’ve read it for 20+ years, (im also in favour of recreational legalisation btw) now all of a sudden im getting all these arsey potheads with there own agenda telling me Satire is wrong evil propaganda and should be banned and censored… Just because this one article you PERCEIVE to go against your own personal agenda of legalising weed doesn’t mean anything at all. The Currant is not a news outlet, its a SATIRICAL WEBSITE. please learn the difference. You can’t blame the Currant because people take their articles literally when it takes around three seconds to tell not one of there articles is serious. Stop whining and accept you can’t ban every single thing you don’t like or understand! If your really that bothered write a letter to all the Real news outlets and journalists who were too lazy to do basic fact checking and re-reported this as fact, It’s not the currants fault that journalism is in such a dire state that journalist jump straight for sensationalism without checking anything and i don’t see why they should stop taking the piss because of that. The Irony is all you “freedom loving” potheads would happily crush anything that goes against your own agenda, your just bloody hypocrites

  • lino

    Overdose maryuana killer?????
    chimica of course

  • lino

    there is not a single case of death from cannabis ….. unless there are both hanged with a rope made of Hemp…..aaahahhahahaa

  • Stu

    this is total rubbish, you cannot overdose on cannabis,certain people are born with a gene that may cause phycalogical effects but no one has ever died from overdosing on cannabis, this report is total rubbish!

  • Shelby
  • Tony

    Uh, i really hope that our generation of humanity does not fall for this type of bs. If they do, God bless their souls!

  • Joseph Vaillancourt

    man….people will never stop the excuse making…..a few dozen people die due to cardiac arrest/heart issues created biologically or by other drug and alcohol use and it’s marijuana that cause’s it…wow is all i can say…

  • purplepeopleeater


  • DUH


  • net

    oh BS no one OD’s from weed

  • Joseph

    My friend told me just tonight that 37 people OD’d in Colorado today(yesterday, IDK I’m Irish man) … I guess some people just can’t read past the words. Funny article! Well done Colorado and all other free states!

  • herplah

    its a fake news website like the onion.. just makin jokes.

  • Greg Steller

    I may be wrong but the Rocky Mtn. news went out of business a couple of years ago.

  • Phillip Flowers

    Who ever heard of someone overdosing on beer? Yeah it’s called alcohol poisoning nimrod!

  • Joseph

    Well written comment, I’d love to agree….but….I can’t. This article is light-hearted humor. A lot of people understood the references. (Who do you know who hasn’t watched the above shows? Not many I’d be willing to bet.)

    Smoke one up and chill brah



  • Patrick Smyth

    Imagine if a satirical article was written about how many people dies over the holidays from drinking and driving. The alcohol lobbies would be up in arms. Thank God weed smokers have a sense of humor.

  • Jay Clownz

    and i quote “One of the those victims was 29-year-old Jesse Bruce Pinkman, ” How many of you asswholes watch breaking bad Yea doese Jesse Pinkman ring a bell… these fucks gotta be joking

  • ToLazyTbh

    idk bout you but after smoking a quarter ounce/half oz by myself in one sitting i actually start to sober up while smoking

  • Rob M

    I’m trying to stay out of the argument here, but do you realize with a score of 182 on any standard IQ test you are basically one of the smartest people on the planet?

  • canadianpotlover

    LOL morons actually believe this it should be stated that its satire but still dont believe everything you read on the interenet specially in articles

  • Buddy

    Well I think this is very odd. I have never known marijuana to take lives. Maybe someone has sabotaged the leaf in hopes to have the Law overturned. Something just to think about. I am not a smoker nor do I think it is acceptable to use marijuana, but something is wrong here people. Colorado better start investigating the contents of what they are selling?

  • emdoc1107

    That’s “you’re”…

  • emdoc1107

    Professional potheads?

  • ACV2233

    It’s clearly satire but I am wondering how many pot-heads are going to be out on the roads DUI. Hope that innocent people aren’t killed in crashes with the high losers.

  • emdoc1107

    Wow!!! ALL baby boomers smoke? You really are high 24/7!

  • emdoc1107

    Some are.

  • emdoc1107


  • emdoc1107

    Pretzel logic makes sense in the pothead’s world.

  • emdoc1107

    I have the same feeling about alcohol as I do cannabis. If you need any…any drug to help you relax regularly (Rx drugs, as well) you have a problem. I find alcohol MORE dangerous because because it is legal and more socially acceptable. There should be stigmas associated with all drug use.

  • emdoc1107

    Darren, smoke a doobie or two. Your panties are obviously in a bunch.

  • emdoc1107

    Hostility? You are smoking some weak $hit. Relaaaax!!!

  • emdoc1107

    I am a troll, and I am a doctor…really!

    Awesome! An addict who finds another drug to help with her problems.

  • emdoc1107

    There were plenty of insults by potheads throwing insults at people that thought the article was real. Was that necessary? Read a few of the early posts.

  • emdoc1107

    Then don’t ever go to the emergency department. I’m sure you will do well by just smoking weed no matter what the problem is.

    You can assume all you want that I don’t help people. Today my co-workers and I rescued someone from respiratory distress, turned a septic patient around, evaluated chest pains, severe asthma exacerbation and a TIA, etc. I know, I don’t fit the mold of a naturopath that can heal these people with herbs, relaxation methods and hand holding. I actually have to use big pharma drugs. Sorry!

    If you know of an medical literature that is evidence-based with techniques that cure the problems I see in ER holistically, please let me know. How should I treat sepsis? Heart attacks? Strokes? Asthma? Fractured limbs? Head injuries? Pneumonia? YOU may not like me prescribing big pharma drugs but they will likely save your butt some day…as they will mine.

    I am middle-aged and don’t have any medical problems. I take no medications. I don’t give big pharma a chance to make money off of me if I can help it.

    Much of the money I make is off of people abusing themselves with poor eating choices, substance abuse (I include cigarettes and alcohol as the worst “drugs”), sedentary lifestyles, etc. I make money off of others’ poor choices and prescribing medicine is often part of it.

    ONE QUESTION THAT I WANT ANYONE HERE TO ANSWER: If as an ER doc I could prescribe medical marijuana to aid in someone’s illness, should I feel guilty about making money off of it? If not, why should I feel guilty about prescribing other medicines that help people?

  • emdoc1107

    Read my above post. If cannabis helps any of the above ailments–better than big pharma medications–let me know. I must have missed that information during my training.

  • emdoc1107

    I agree with you 100%–every word you typed. I am for medical marijuana. I am not in a position to Rx it from the ER.

  • Jck

    So it’s a joke?
    What are you, stoned
    This is truly sick
    The asylum awaits
    You yanks

  • Odd

    I find it HYSTERICAL that you don`t understand that not EVERYBODY KNOWS those references and know who Jack Shephard and Jesse Pinkman is . Hahaha.

  • Odd

    Maybe he has been practising the same test for a long time?

  • strangeangel24601

    I’ll let the wise words of Foghorn Leghorn speak for themselves:

  • EddieFrancis

    Oh god. People are stupid.

  • EddieFrancis


  • thedutchwoman

    i’m a smoker for over 11 years, smoke marihuana and i have never never ever heard about people die! while they smoke marihuana.. and i’ve you not believe that, then i’m a ghost who write this .. Greeting from the netherlands

  • nobody

    now u can probably overdose on milk too….stupid stupid people


    maybe if you smoke schwag

  • Susan Austin

    hypospadias, lol

  • jgh

    there was a marked increase in Dandruff too

  • RJ Franklin

    this is bullshit. not true and just haters being haters. why would be people suddenly OD on a drug thats never killed any one in the years its been known to mankind.. and now suddenly when it becomes legal people are OD’ing.. it’s BS first off to OD on the drug marijuana you must smoke at least 1,200 lbs in a single session. You would pass out before the oppurtunity of OD’ing and made a chance to arise. don’t believe everything you read on the internet cuz chances are its not true

  • Me

    This is a fake story

  • paul j

    typical media,probably paid off $$$$ from anti pot smokers…Pot doesnt kill people….dumb people kill themselves. alcohal is a million times worse.u can smoke a ton of pot and u cant overdose…probably the same people that promote vaccines and useless pharmacy drugs that have killed more people than all the wars in history combined.

  • Steve Ball

    Your concern that people will take the article seriously and spread the disinformation is well-founded. But I think your conclusion does not follow. The big difference between today and Reefer Madness days is, in fact, the Internet. Reluctant as I am to embrace even a small part of the “I believe it because if it’s on the Internet it has to be true” meme, I do believe that the Internet ultimately DOES facilitate truth. “The truth will out.” Partisans for legalization should, in fact, copypasta this page, complete with the right sidebar’s OBVIOUSLY SATIRICAL headlines:
    Obama Unveils New American Flag
    Nancy Grace Arrested For Murder
    Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital Following First Erection
    and use it in response to the inevitable fw:fw:fw: emails.

    This is called accepting temporary disadvantage for greater ultimate advantage. The resulting disillusionment will help put actual anti-cannabis propaganda in bad light.

  • Paul

    Pinkman, a former methamphetamine dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder to establish a legal marijuana dispensary. I guess he found a new way to deal his meth by mixing it with weed.

  • Seriously

    There is no way you can overdose on marijuana alone…. If this happened and that’s a BIG IF it was laced with something or they have had other drugs in their system. Colorado has strict regulations for selling marijuana and believe me if this was true the reports of deaths would have been all over the news. No I am not a user. Do your research. The daily current ??? Seriously

  • Jeff Lavigne

    I had a friend die in a car accident once

  • James Smith

    as a matter of fact studies have shown that cannabis lessens the symptoms of both schizophrenia and most psychosis.

  • thetruthderp

    I got an infection after getting bit by a rooster. It’s tooth got lodged in my leg and I almost died. The doctor said that tooth is as dangerous as marijuana.

  • James Smith

    a gateway drug, now thats rich, you still believe that eh? what was the gateway substance that led to cannabis?

  • roller coaster

    perhaps in certain controlled conditions what you say is correct. once the stronger strains started coming back with Vietnam troops and then the advent of hybrid homegrown varieties there have been lots of serious”bad trips”not unlike those experienced by victims of badly manufactured psychedelics
    some of these “bad trips”resulted in suicides and other ongoing mental problems . some requiring institutionalization , others requiring ongoing treatment .once in Jamaica , a local rasta suicided by jumping off a cliff after eating pot brownies prepared by a Canadian girl when we were there for a festival . this guy could smoke most anybody under the table , apparently the affect of the brownies was something he couldn’t deal with
    in the 60s before lsd was banned from medical applications it was effective in weaning addicts from heroin

  • tm

    Kind of funny considering children are having their stomach’s pumped daily due to consuming alcohol. Would this not be considered as overdosing on alcohol? Also in the centuries that marijuana has existed and people smoking it, no one has ever died from marijuana. Maybe being a meth addict has something to do with it. Don’t need a PHD to figure that one out doc.

  • disqus_IyVx0WzV50

    Nobody ever overdosed on weed. I hate politicians.