White Women Are the World’s Worst Mothers

Jan 09, 2014
By Amy Chua - Author, 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother'


If you're a white woman thinking about having a baby, do yourself and the world a favor - don't.

Studies have consistently shown that women of European descent are the worst mothers. They endlessly coddle their children and are incapable of setting the boundaries kids need to thrive.

You might think you're ready to be a parent. You might fantasize about putting a cute little baby to sleep at night. But if you're white, your cuddly little infant will grow up spoiled, undisciplined and undereducated, and will likely end up on welfare.

You'll spend your 50s and 60s paying legal fees from DUI arrests and desperately hoping your little bundles of joy kick the meth habit. Driving them to and from rehab and Wal-Mart, you'll be embarrassed by the fact that your progeny are a constant drain on decent society.

Most white people don't realize that parenting is hard work. In my 2011 book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother I tried to impart my superior Asian parenting methods to the rest of America.

But it turns out that parenting is not something you can teach. It's something that's embedded inside our various cultures. And not all cultures are equal.

In my new book, I identify eight cultural groups that have innate qualities making them more likely to succeed: Jews, Indians, Chinese, Iranians, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians, Cuban exiles and Mormons.

These groups have what I have termed the "triple package" -- a superiority complex, insecurity, impulse control -- which allow them to go further in life than others.

Critics have been quick to argue that my analysis is unfalsifiable pseudoscientific nonsense used to justify racist cultural stereotypes. They say I'm simply using the language of academia to perpetuate the prejudices and elitism present in my own family.

They also take issue with my grouping, saying it's just an arbitrary construct pre-determined to further my controversial thesis without appearing too racist (look I have all the skin colors!).

Frankly, I can't refute any of these critiques. But I would like to point out that they are mostly coming from round eyes.

I'm Not Racist But...

Now most of you should know by now that I teach at Yale (ever heard of it?). And as an Ivy League academic, I believe in basing my arguments in evidence.

I think the best way to judge a certain society's success at parenting is to examine the overall success of that country as a whole. After all countries are simply groups of individuals. And each individual has been shaped and formed by their parents.

By that logic, it's clear why all of the world's richest, most democratic nations are in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and North Korea have used Asian values to leapfrog the U.S. and Europe in terms of living standards and will continue to excel in future.

Meanwhile Iran and Nigeria have used their "cultures of success" to make their nations the envy of the world. Given the choice, what sane person alive today would choose to live in Paris over Pyongyang? Or London over Lagos? Or Texas over Tehran?

Terrible white parents have ruined the Western world with their concepts of "freedom," "individuality" and "creativity." If the United States or Europe wants to compete with the rising dynamism of these emerging markets, they will need more fewer haoles and more Chinese and Indians.

Not to say that all white people are bad. I largely plagiarized my first book from one. And sure, Neil Armstrong, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Pope John Paul II, Bill Gates and even Barack Obama were all raised by white women.

But when you look at the evidence, it becomes clear that overall white people are inferior and should not be a allowed to procreate. I'm sure if Neil Armstrong had a Tiger Mom he would have gotten all the way to Mars.

If you absolutely must have children, do what I did: marry into one of the successful cultural groups. Like most Chinese women, I didn't marry for love. No, I married for one reason and one reason only: the Jew-genes. My husband is Jewish and my children are perfect little Sino-Judaic hybrids.

Just last night my little ones serenaded us with the Hava Nagila on violin. Afterwards my husband and I retired and had very efficient, goal-oriented sex.

Don't pretend you're not jealous.

Amy L. Chua is the John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School. She is also a bigoted racist and a survivor of narcissistic personality disorder. 

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    you tried

  • Jack Johnson

    you sure this aint moochelle obozo’s writing under a assumed ID ( let’s face it they have a history of fraudulent ID’s)

  • Ladygrey

    Can we say BIGOT? What an arrogant excuse for a human being. She quite obviously hates white women

  • pikawicca

    What a hoot! Haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while.

  • aaron

    Im white, was raised by a white woman, and can personally attest to the validity of this argument. Ive actually had to bring up to my mother, and the pathetic mothers around me, the gross failure she was as a parent. She did me no favors by lying to me and coddling me. She actually set me up to fail. Thank god Im a very strong person and overcame a lifetime of being lied to and coddled. This is why America is circling the drain. This is also why China is literally buying America with the money we owe them…

  • Anon

    Ummm….we all know this is a spoof, right?

  • kellos01

    “Given the choice, what sane person alive today would choose to live in
    Paris over Pyongyang? Or London over Lagos? Or Texas over Tehran?” Really? I will give her a few points but she, unfortunately, oversimplifies and lacks a sense of nuance and complexity.

  • Half Of Me

    Abusing your kids isn’t right…..

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    I know right. They have some dumbass people out there.

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    “Frankly, I can’t refute any of these critiques. But I would like to point out that they are mostly coming from round eyes.” hahahhahahahhaha fuck!

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    Is it? It has the Tiger Mother lady listed as an author. That bitch is brutal.

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    Have you ever felt like the smartest person in the room?

  • Jasmine SueAnn Eibert

    wow, this isn’t true and also very disrespectful.
    To bad your opinion and education doesn’t matter to anyone…
    Your just an author and a professor with their nose way to high.
    Good job

  • Rich

    She has a point on how Americans and Europeans became soft with all the political correctness, child coddling, spoiling, discipline, lack of personal responsibility (that is the lawyers who want to make money, blame someone else so you can sue them) allowing low standards of education and education conformity etc. Obviously not all Americans or Europeans but as a culture generally we have declined a bit. We need to take some advice and reverse the trend. Cut the political correctness, cut the nonsense they teach, the poor baby hurt feelings where every kid wins the baseball game and gets a trophy, the every kid has to be treated the same. Life is not that way and we are conditioning these poor kids to take a fall later in life and will not be able to deal with daily life. Much less keep our nation on an upward trend. She is funny but can you see her point?

  • StacyHarry00

    …seriously, If you make less than $5000 dollars a month you need to read this Best96­­.­­c­o­m—These groups have what I have termed the “triple package” —
    a superiority complex, insecurity, impulse control — which allow them
    to go further in life than others.

  • Claude

    This is satire. It’s from a satirical website. They do fake stories. This is one of them. The fact that you can’t recognize that is so scary. There are even other comments talking about it being satire. I sincerely hope you don’t breed. If you already have children, please drown them immediately.

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    it may be a spoof but imagine if this said black women make the worst mothers..oh wait it wouldnt say that cus it’d be considered RAYYCISS!!!

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    Even though this is clearly satire, I find it quite offensive. Because I have met “bad-ass” blacks who live in ghettos and raise their kids to aggress and steal.

  • Tulio Diogo Vieira

    -Obviously not all Americans or Europeans but as a culture generally we have declined a bit.

    Wow such understatement, Euro-Americans degenerated, that’s a fact, that’s why this is probably the last generation they are still relevant.

  • Sharangir

    Actually the spoiledness is what causes people to say things like “cut the political correctness”

  • Asian mothers love to kill their female babies. Just look at the massive male/female imbalance they have created in China and India!!!!

  • Mitchell Fuqua

    Wow, sometimes smart people make the best Morons. Really if you need attention call me up and I can tell you what an idiot you are without wasting space or publishing books. Arrogance is your name Amy Chua

  • Matt

    The Daily Currant is a satire website, so if you are attesting to the validity of the argument, you may need to rethink things.

  • Volucre

    I find it highly amusing that Mormons, who must be among the whitest people in the world, are included in the list of successful non-white groups.

  • shweebe

    My grandmother came from Europe. She instilled in us: music, the arts, courtesy and compassion. She was a good lady and I am glad and proud that she was my grandmother.

  • John

    Chinese women are well known for mental illnesses and in China they spoil their children rotten, it’s called ‘xiao huang di’ Figuratively “Little Emperor”. I’ve lived there a few years, I know. The kids there are so naughty it’s unbelievable what their mothers let them do.

    And that mentally unstable dragon of a woman can thank American white people for China’s current economic status not to mention the thousands of Chinese that studied in

    America only to return to China to help the poorly developed country. Only after the big tick that is China has finished weening of White societies superiority will it drop off and bite the hand that fed it.

    Get a grip bitch, you’re not a survivor of a mentall illlness, you still have it to be so deluded – graspin to satisfy your sunken self esteem.

  • Kaitlin Powell

    LOL pretty funny stuff… I love it!

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    Kyle: Yesterday I was blocked by CofCC for writing something the computer deemed inappropriate. I spoke to Linda at CofCC and she said it has to be unblocked on your end in the computer. I will watch what I say and how
    I word my comments so they won’t be construed at threatening. I post on your site all the time and never had a problem. I would appreciate if you unblock me so I can continue to post. My screen name is “dave” Thank you,Dave

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    I think majority of all women nowadays are mentally deranged. And should be kept in a padded cell with the key thrown away.

  • Ashley Holloway

    Ahahahaha wow this is quite interesting, what’s hilarious about this is that your are wrong and do not know your facts in all races there are good and bad mothers and stop trying to categorize a race when not every white parent spoil and coddle their children. And to validate

  • Ashley Holloway

    Yea you do have a point but still not every white person is the same and I find it quite pathetic that she would post something saying that we should do people a favor and not have kids that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard and to top it off like I said in my comment I posted there are many bad mothers and good mothers in all races so maybe she should be a little more open minded instead of using one race to define what a bad mother is.

  • Mengles

    It isn’t. It’s actually written by her. See the byline.

  • bob

    I like how you slip in some anti-Asian racism under the cover of sarcasm.

  • Lexxs

    It is satire, but sadly it is also true.

  • Lexxs

    Ignorant and disgusting white racist

  • lordblazer

    well as a black american I can get behind Prof. Chua on this one. 😛 I’ve seen white kids cuss their parents out. Though in southern states white parents tend to lay down the law with their children. but that’s southern culture in general whether you are white, black, asian, hispanic, etc..

  • PlainOldTruth

    Take-away: Watch out for the children of WHITE WOMEN. The children of white women are more likely to be muggers, murderers, thugs, litterers, vandals, rapists, dopers, drunks, and semi-literate expletive-spewers. Forgive me if I am slightly skeptical.