Westboro Asks Public Not to Picket Phelps Funeral

Mar 21, 2014

admin-ajax-(1)The controversial Westboro Baptist Church has asked the public not to picket the funeral of its founder, Pastor Fred Phelps, who died this week at 84, and "have a little decency and respect" for his family and friends.

In a statement posted on its website, the Topeka, Kan.-based church – home to America’s most hated family – claimed members of the public have threatened to protest Phelps’ funeral just as the church protested the funerals of others.

“This is a very difficult time for us,” the statement reads, “so we ask that the public have a little decency and respect by allowing us to mourn a great man who served God and tried to protect America from the threat of fags and perverts (i.e. gays and U.S. soldiers).”

The outspoken Pastor Fred Phelps, a former civil rights attorney, headed the Westboro Baptist Church since 1955, breaking away from mainstream Baptist churches to espouse his bigoted interpretations of the Bible.

The church has attracted widespread controversy for espousing homophobic rhetoric and for protesting at the funerals of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Church members typically carry inflammatory signs and claim the deaths are God’s punishment for the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality.

The 40-member church, primarily consisting of Phelps' family members, has also protested the funerals of celebrities, public officials and murder victims, including victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Apple founder Steve Jobs and murdered gay student Matthew Shepard.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, a church spokeswoman and Phelps’ daughter, said she was concerned people outside the church would try to picket the funeral service.

“It would be in extremely poor taste if someone were to protest my father’s funeral just because they disagreed with him,” she said. “Everyone is entitled to respect in death. What monster would go out of their way to upset my family when we’re grieving?”

Phelps-Roper dismissed the claim that the church’s unusual request is hypocritical, given the members have picketed the funerals of U.S. soldiers and murder victims.

"My father was a great man who did no harm to anyone," she said. "So what if he beat his own wife and children? Doesn’t any good, loving father do that?”

  • Niki Trejo

    Wow! They are insane.

  • dann

    Truly unbelievable my blood pressure rose instantly

  • Ron Lake

    If there is a Heaven, he surely won’t be going there.

  • kristibodey

    She is kidding right?

  • Patti Goettler

    What a pack of wackos!!!

  • AnonymousByRight

    Karma is Wonderful.

  • All I Can Say Is Wow!

    wow!!! Picket other people at their funeral, but heaven forbid anyone would return the favor!!!!

  • Michael B.

    see there about section:

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Wayne Downey

    All I need is a time and place. Signs already made up and airline ticket in hand. Time for a little JUSTICE and oh wait, here it comes, KARMA!

  • katyladygolfer

    Oh really??? Please have decency and respect at the funeral of our loved one??? REALLY??? Oh this will be sweet! I hope that there is a protest that makes the previous Westboro protests look like the pitiful, paltry they are. I would LOVE to hold up a sign stating that God hates FRED PHELPS!

  • Nik Popa

    Imagine that, . How many times did loved ones of fallen soldiers ask for the same thing?

  • IQ > 60

    It’s satire you stupid fucks.

  • Soldier

    Kill them.

  • Callum

    Nah, let’s not respect his death. 🙂

  • James

    guys, this is a fake story this is a fake website. I figured that out in like 3 seconds. Duh!!!!!

  • Mark Haines

    THIS IS NOT A REAL NEWS STORY. THESE WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN BY ANYONE AT WESTBORO… IT’S FAKE! I dislike this douche bag just as much as anyone but good lord folks you all would fall for and believe anything.

  • Miranda

    I blame people’s inability to realize this is a satirical website on the fact that no one knows how to spell anymore. Basically, this site is the Daily Raisin.

  • just sayin

    I would like to say, no one is that crazy to say all that, but in reality some people are that crazy. They believe everything they say and do not see what is real…delusional sickos. I think they should get what they gave.

  • Mojavegreen

    This group needs to be subjected to their own abuses and disrespect. I can’t give something to someone that doesn’t show the same. I don’t like to make light of someone’s passing. I will make an exception this time. I do not offer my condolences, how ever I do offer my excitement in knowing that there is one less piece of filth walking the streets spewing their hatred and discontent at those that are going through the worst times of their lives. I sincerely hope and prey that these turds get like treatment so that they can feel what they put others through during their time of grieving. I hope everyone that can, will go and protest at this groups funeral. There is after all a quote from the Bible that fits this to the T. Do unto those as they would do unto you. You have to love the golden rule. Let them have no peace in their time of need.

  • Dragonflydreamzzz

    I am not really an eye for an eye kind of person, but I think that is completely being a hypocrite for all the anguish and hostility and just plain mean things that these people have gone out and done to our military that have given their all for this county!!!! How many times have they asked for them to stay away!!! God bless our military…not saying anything else.

  • Ian

    Oh the Irony…

  • Billy

    The 40-member church, primarily consisting of Phelps’ family members,
    has also protested the funerals of celebrities, public officials and
    murder victims, including victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary
    shootings, Apple founder Steve Jobs and murdered gay student Matthew

    “Everyone is entitled to respect in death. What monster would go out of their way to upset my family when we’re grieving?”

    This seems to be the biggest contradictions ever. Why should he give respect when denying it to many others?

  • Billy

    change give to get**

    surry about typo

  • dmallett

    “My father was a great man who did no harm to anyone,” she said. “So what if he beat his own wife and children? Doesn’t any good, loving father do that?”

    Surely she was jesting, I hope.

  • DomGregory

    The Daily Currant posts satire pieces. Satire means not true — a joke.

  • DomGregory

    Shouldn’t let your blood pressure rise over a joke.

  • Michael Jordan

    if you want to know why Fred Phelps did what he did you should watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiPQGRY7wwE

  • KellyK

    This is a joke, right?

  • Nom Tacos


  • Jpat

    IQ shut you stupid f-king loser.

  • Jpat

    How do you know?

  • Deaddogseye81

    Check this site’s “about” section:

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • HuyTu

    The scumbag lunatics are worst then the worst scums.

  • DomGregory

    Yes, it’s a joke.

  • Heather Wilson

    It’s sad how sick they are.

    Just a word to the author… not all servicemen and women are referred to as “soldiers” Army=Soldiers, Navy=Sailors, Air Force=Airmen, Marines = Marine, Coast Guard = Coasties, you get the point. It is meant as a form of respect to refer to each service person accordingly. If you want to refer to all military it is appropriate to write “US Military” or “Servicemen”. (Picky military brat and military wife 😉 ).

  • T.O.

    I would love to see anyone and everyone who has a friend or family member in the military to picket this piece of crap so called man of gods funeral. He deserves not one ounce of respect!

  • James Jetty

    if this trash picketed you family’s even or funeralk then you must go ,, picket them silet no words just hold up a poster with the info on who they picketed …

  • The hypocrisy of this is unbelievable. While I hope the funeral is NOT picketed to show that WE are better than Phelps and his ilk, it is laughable that these people have made this request.

  • US Veteran

    Not only would I protest, but I’d have a couple beers to boot and piss on his grave. I’m glad that little POS is dead!

  • Wonderful “news”.
    Keep up the good “reporting”.

  • matthew

    I think people should since they want to protest funerals of other americans then he is no different then anybody else

  • Annoyed

    I hate these satirical sites. Just another to add to the list to “IGNORE” in the future. Wast of my time. 🙁

  • Dragonflydreamzzz

    What would be really good is for someone to block the family members from going to his funeral and let the man be buried alone…that’s the way it should be!!!

  • Graham Waters

    who wants to go to kansas with me? to picket this son of a bitch!

  • Kitty S.

    “My father was a great man who did no harm to anyone,” she said. “So what if he beat his own wife and children? Doesn’t any good, loving father do that?” – NO!

  • Guest

    How dare they speak of decency and respect and say it is in poor taste to picket a funeral when the entire church actively participated in funeral picketing for years. I am unreasonably angry about this. Hypocricy at it’s finest.

  • daxumbra


  • Norm

    Is this real? these quotes from this lady are ridiculous.

  • ResearchGal

    ummm… try clicking the link of their source which is found on this page only the last line is fake:

  • Noah

    I know this is satire, but people should actually picket his funeral. Maybe a homosexual union to cap off the day?

  • DomGregory

    That “America’s Watchtower” is quoting this page. It came out the same day as this article. If you look right before the one quote in the middle of their article, they have a link to this page of the Daily Currant. They were evidently fooled by it and and thought it was true.

    (In the paragraph starting “Here is the statement the Westboro Baptists released:” — the word “Here” links to this page of the Currant)

  • WhattheFUCK

    Is that last quote real?

  • kendar_of_the_north

    I had to double check that this was not The Onion…. these people are delusional.

  • kendar_of_the_north

    oh wait…. this IS an Onion like paper… ah ha! classic.

  • Pixie5

    Poe’s Law…I hear tell that the Onion is shutting down because too many people take the stories seriously. The reason why? Because the news and personalities are so extreme these days that no one can tell satire and reality from each other, especially when it comes to politics and religion.

  • honlads

    Satire should be funny, Daily Currant. Writing a story that’s not true is not necessarily writing satire.

  • heenan73

    No, they’re shutting down because people won’t subscribe, when so many sites do it for free.

    Follow the money.

  • Teresa Waters

    These people who have no respect for others want people to have some compassion for them. Well, we as good Christians should not lower our selves to their level. All I can say in asking this she wants us to give them the satisfaction of acting as they did. Which means
    we would be no better.

  • ThatGuy

    Satire should be illegal.

  • Rin68nyr

    Sorry…freedom of speech…anyone who wants to can picket the A$$hole’s funeral! I only wish that I lived closer.

  • tom

    oh boy i was hoping this was real.

    the irony in that statement would be enough to make a few hundred cannons.

  • Slartibartfast

    These comments make me sad about the high level of gullibility that exists still.

  • Loren Evans

    How do we say h y p o c r I t s ???
    Fact of the matter, a clear message of how little they had an impact on anybody would be for nobody to show up or even care.

  • Steven Gregory

    “have a little decency and respect”

    My pleasure: I have incredibly LITTLE respect for WBC and think they deserved to be egged and flour-bombed. But I have something they don’t have that prevents me from doing such things at the funeral: self respect.

    When counter-protesters held up a large banner reading, “SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS,” one of the WBC members said he didn’t know what that was supposed to mean. Of course he didn’t: it is a message of kindness and compassion, a foreign language unknown to WBC.

  • Alana Gaines

    What a bunch of crap. They can picked then shouldn’t we do the same. I never once heard them worry about others feelings.

  • Nate P. Fübbler

    One hater down, many more to go…

  • Randy Fitzpatrick

    HEY PEOPLE!!! To those that are foaming at the mouth, THIS IS A SATIRE PEICE. Wow…doesn’t anyone ever vet the sites they comment on:?
    I mean, if the story were true, it would be appropriate to be pissed off, but come on…it’s a frigging fake story.

    The Daily Currant IS a know Onion type site.

  • eric Resseguie

    your family deserves to be miserable. not one of you will see heaven i would like to point out that the pickteing of anothers funeral goes against one of the major tenants of the bible it’s self thou shalt not judge to jusde is god’s alone. I myselgf am a wicaan and you are all retards

  • DomGregory

    The HuffPo (which, while not hard news, is not a satire site like The Currant) has this quote from a family member — “We don’t worship the dead in this church, so there’d be no public memorial or funeral to picket if any member died.”

  • Amanda Gail Perry

    No. A good, loving father does NOT beat his wife and children. These people give hypocrites a bad name!! Lol

  • Mandy Sims

    do unto others as you would want to have done to you!!! You picketed while people mourned their families who all thought the same things and feelings for their lost loved ones that you now feel!!! You expect people not to picket when you randomly picket everything for whatever falsified reasons you want!!! your cult should be picketed against!! I have my morals and I know God has judgement and sentencing for your father I am a much more dignified person than to stoop to your level but I have definitely thought of it thats for sure. You picket a slain little girls vigil, soldiers who have fought for your freedoms to be able to think freely for yourself and you expect a nation that has been pummeled by your facious beliefs not to retaliate!!!??? you guys and your cult are out of your minds and there is a special place somewhere for all of you but definitely not next to the man on the other side of the pearly gates….. and fyi to you a great father and husband would never raise their voice to their family let alone put their hands on them you need to get a clue lady quick!!!! I pray you ask God for forgiveness for all your wrong doings

  • Emjay

    I get that it’s satire but I also get why a lot of people initially think it’s not. The WBC protests funerals and advocates violence against people, so why wouldn’t they contradict themselves? Makes sense to me.

  • William Dean Luke

    this isn’t real..this is a satire site.

  • John Warren

    Posting fake stories like this intended to create hatred is little different from what the Westboro people do. It’s simply hate mongering and widens the gaps between people.

  • Betty

    if i was there i would picket his funeral. why should we give him respect when he didnt the soldiers if other families. its a 2 way street.

  • Laylla

    Im relieved to know this is satire.

  • Guest

    Are you fricking kidding me??? That’s nerve!

  • Dee Bird

    my son who just passed away was instructed before his death to sit next to GOD and have a protest sign to keep his dad out and the wastboro ppl

  • jwltwp

    Hypocrites! Unadulterated hypocrites!

  • Lance Speroni

    The hypocrisy and their stupidity astounds me.

  • Charlie

    OMG I cant believe these bunch of idiots. Seriously?? Protested all these people who died in combat fighting for their rights and ours and also the Gay community who didnt do a damn thing and they have the adacity to say to have “decency” to not picket their crazy dads funeral. Let me just tell you Phelps family….Karma is a Bitch and if you dont meet it here you will when you stand before Almighty God.

  • Wayne Bradley

    Fred Phelps was an evil hater and thought nothing of picketing the funerals of others. I hope hundreds show up to show them what it feels like!

  • Ben

    Hypocrite ! What they are asking is pure hypocrisy ! I’m sorry but this is beyond belief. How hypocrite they are to ask this ?

  • Tiffany Cesarin

    Ohhhhh, their suffering and mourning should be respected and remain private, oh dear, oh my. It’s so sad~ their loss. Well, every other funeral they protested though…that doesn’t count, ok I see. BOO F&#%ING HOO! Deal with it Phelps Phamily. You should have thought of this before you wreaked havoc on other people’s suffering. This is what is called Karma. Karma 101. Yes, even if you choose not to believe in it, it still exists.

  • Duuuuuude…

    …and in a perfect irony, the advertisement at the top of my page said to “drive with inspired 4×4 confidence” as an ad for Ford trucks… Love it!! True satire all the way around!

  • Jim Gramza

    You all know this if fake and made up by someone right? I believe I already read that Phelps son said there will be no funeral.

  • Marsha Bradey

    are you kidding me i was against protesting until i read this now i want to protest this they were gonna go to childrens funerals and now what kind of animal would protest his are you kidding me

  • Tyler Ray

    I might just take a flight out there not to picket but celebrate… well maybe do some sort celebratory picket… it is truly amazing these idiots would even tell people to have some decency… morons

  • Pixie5

    Don’t take a flight…this is a satiricle site. The story is not true . In reality they won’t have a funeral because they don’t believe in them. They call it “worshipping the dead.”

  • Pixie5

    Please don’t. This is a satire site. The story is not true, They will not have a funeral because they consider it “worshipping the dead”

  • Pixie5

    Poe’s Law

  • Pixie5

    There will be no funeral. They call it “worshipping the dead.”

  • jessica

    wow they ask us to be decent and not picket his funeral well where was the churches decency when they picketed the funerals of our fallen soldiers people like this just make me sick

  • Ajm

    Wow….interesting that they like to dish it out, but can’t take it….hummmmmm….I say every solider, sailor, marine, and airman that can be there, in uniform with signs that say things like; “how’s this for decency?” “The Extreme Poor Taste Shirley speaks of only takes place when your animal of a father protested those who fought for his ability to protest our troops funerals!!”

  • Akira

    so they can picket any mourning family, BUT GOD FORBID, that we do the same to them showing them how RUDE and INCONSIDERATE they were of others feelings. . . there is a word for this . . what is it. . OH YES. . .HIPPOCRATES!!!

  • truth_machine

    “I hear tell that the Onion is shutting down because too many people take the stories seriously.”

    Um, that joke’s on you.

  • truth_machine

    “How do you know?”

    By not being an imbecile.

  • truth_machine

    ummm… you totally fail at research, gal.

  • truth_machine

    “IQ shut you stupid loser.”

    You proved the point.

  • truth_machine

    Moron, unadulterated moron. There are numerous clues that this is fake, starting with the fact that *every* story at this site is fake.

  • truth_machine

    Correlation, not causation.

  • truth_machine

    It’s also *obviously* fake. The notion that the WBC would ever ask for respect is ludicrous, among numerous other ways this is “off”.

  • truth_machine

    Sorry, Charlie, but you’re idiot for thinking this is a real story … also for believing, along with those creeps, in “Almighty God”.

  • truth_machine

    Your stupidity, and the stupidity of the others here who took this as a real story, is sad but not astounding.

  • truth_machine

    Well, no. And who exactly is it widening the gap with … the Westboro Baptist Church? That can only be a good thing. But it’s just satire, not hate mongering.

  • truth_machine

    Not necessarily, but this obviously *is* satire, as all the people yammering “hypocrisy!” and “Are they serious?” and “Is this real?” should make clear to anyone with a functioning brain. From the dictionary, with the critical word highlighted for you: “the use of humor, ***irony***, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

  • truth_machine

    Which is a key element of SATIRE, fool.

  • truth_machine

    What is with these morons who believe everything they read, regardless of how obviously absurd it is?

    The WBC excommunicated Phelps and they aren’t holding a funeral for him … they don’t even believe in funerals.

  • truth_machine

    She never said it, fool.

  • truth_machine

    Yes, the morons and imbeciles who took this to be a real story are indeed a pack of wackos.

  • truth_machine

    Low low low IQ.

  • truth_machine

    h, you go right ahead, along with the rest of the imbeciles who think this is a real story.

  • truth_machine

    We say “hypocrites”.

    How do we say “gullible moron”?

  • truth_machine

    Sorry, but the reason people don’t get that it’s satire is because they’re stupid. The lack of critical thinking skills displayed here has a lot to do with why the WBC and other godbots dominate the U.S.

  • truth_machine

    Yes, it is beyond belief … and yet you believe it.

  • truth_machine

    Only stupid people believe in karma or believe this article is real.

  • truth_machine

    Yes, you’re being kidded, and yet you’re gullible enough to still take it seriously.

  • truth_machine

    Satire is not exactly a joke: “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

  • truth_machine

    And if there isn’t a heaven — and there isn’t — he surely won’t be going there. When people die, they don’t go anywhere, they cease to exist — like when you turn off a fan, where does the whirring go?

  • Brenda Backus

    You say have respect ? Where was his respect ? Where was his honor ? And no most father’s do not beat their wife and children.. I believe in spare the rod spoil the child.. I do not believe in beating’s. And most kind God loving parents don’t and you don’t picket others funeral’s.. As a person that love’s God I don’t believe in disrespecting people’s funeral’s. But it is obvious your dad did not care so why should you ask other’s too! Get some help, your mind is warped by the beating’s of your father!

  • Brenda Backus

    You can’t compare God to a fan ! God is real, a fan was created by man ! We have so many miracles in our life,

  • Meghan Stith

    Are they joking?

  • truth_machine

    I didn’t compare God to a fan, you blithering moron, I analogized between people and fans, and consciousness and the whirring of a fan. As for God, at least fans and consciousness are real, God is not.

    As for “miracles”, they’re just events that you’re too stupid and ignorant to understand, or that have been made up for gullible idiots like you to believe … like the stories here at The Daily Currant.

  • truth_machine

    Brenda, you pathetic godbotting cretin, this story fake … no one said the things that are quoted.

  • ash

    so it’s NOT okay for us to protest his funeral when it was “Okay” for him to protest other people’s? what a bunch of hypocrites!

  • Maria559

    What ever has happened in life for you to not believe in GOD is truly sad. Saying that, GOD Still loves you and will protect you until your final day. If you choose to not walk with him, he will not drag you home to heaven. You must want it and only then will your life be complete.

  • Gary Walker

    Absolutely everyone on earth should be there to say a giant “Fuck You” at his funeral….

  • David Boccabella

    Reap as yea shall Sow….

  • vivkingswood

    I’m pretty sure this is a satire site.

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    It’s fake, but it’s too bad there’s not a funeral. Shows how chickensh** they are—they know if they DID have a funeral, there would be a gigantic party where people would be celebrating in the streets. I think someone in the town should organize a parade anyway…

  • GoFig

    is this satire?

  • DomGregory

    Yes, I know, but so many people having been posting that this is satire, and other people seem to just not understand, I thought I’d simplify it a little for them.

  • Ste

    Erm, God was also created by man you tool!

  • truth_machine

    What happened is that, unlike you, I was born with intelligence and got an education.

  • Lori Balestrier

    this is bullshit…………maybe they should have thought ahead when they picketed other peoples funerals

  • Kristinfan413years

    there is no funeral. you satire news sites need to just f off!

  • leathercublon

    Many a true word said in jest and all! But the good thing is that Phelps won many court cases arguing his right to protest was covered by the First Amendment so this works both ways and there’s nothing they can do about lawful protest of his funeral in return. Though I agree with taking the higher ground to a point and we should have rainbow banners with Sorry For Your Loss across them.

  • Ron Lake

    wow! hey waiter…..i want the same thing he had! Awesomely bleak observation coming from a troll like yourself. Continue on please…..i’m loving this…..more…. more!!!

  • Ron Lake

    As for conscience, you have none.So when you become unconscious, like your friend “the fan” where will you go? ( oooh i can hardly wait for the answer to this one!!) lmao

  • Rickster

    I pray for his family that they in his death they receive life from the only one who can save us all….Jesus. It is a shame that Mr. Phelps had to die to find out the truth all too late. Let us not continue to spread his hatred but use his negative example as a call to love one another equally as God did when he gave himself to save us.

  • Mada

    I wish Fox News would do that.

  • baxter

    may that man rest in peace… wile he can
    now its time to fix the damage this hate group has caused!
    lets have this man spinning before they can even put the casket in the ground

  • Jim J.

    There are quite a FEW sites that are mirroring this report. Typical religious fanatics, dish it out but can’t take it.

  • idfkwtfiswrongwithamerica

    FYI, Westboro Baptist Church are the most successful trolls of all time. They don’t actually believe this crap. They’re just trolls so good they’ve been banned from entering countries.

  • Guest

    I think you got educated waaaay beyond your intelligence.

  • Zorku

    Well you know, make a boisterous noise.

  • Arturo Osito

    It’s satire…not real…

  • Ghost JC422

    my friend, hashem (God) lays within us, God is literally everything. But one must accept the spirit of both hashem and his son yahoshua joining together as the holy spirit. To go more deeply, I would like to touch on a bit of evolution, which troubles me its really a nice way to explain things but what happened before all that. From my knowledge of studying big bang theory we were nothing, no darkness no light completely nothing. out of nowhere we became a universe as big as marble in the palm of your hand, than after billions of years and multiple dimensions we are where we sit. my question I have to say to you is this, we have morals we no right from wrong right? wouldn’t a intelligent creator have to give us that? I Guess in my mind that’s my idea of god nonetheless a multidimensial one god that can manifest himself in many different ways. Including the human body of his son, and giving us his wonderful spirit that he desires to live in all of us. with that I must say shehechianu hakadosh baruch hu

  • ghostjc422

    also I must touch on the right from wrong theory, I don’t believe we were ever meant to know that. for all we were meant to know is love. something changed that, something brought darkness in

  • James Peter Allen

    I read through this whole article, and then realized this was the Daily CurrAnt lol, got me! I guess I just couldn’t believe the last line of the article..

  • [email protected]

    the seeker after truth should be as humble as the dust so even the dust may crush him. than and only than will the seeker see a glimpse of truth. My beloved teacher – Gandhi

  • jodi

    Time Machine, I wish I had the time to waste on your comments. I wish I had the lack of intelligence so that I might be able to relate to you. However, I would have to stoop so low that my head would be under the ground. Despite the fact that you may believe you are superior to everyone and anyone else, suck it up, buttercup, that just isn’t the case. You’re time will come, karma’s a killer.

  • James Peter Allen

    Umm, The Onion is free…

  • ghostjc422

    My friend man did not create god, man is nothing without god. For god lays within man. we are all apart of the universe and quite frankly just dust in the wind

  • guest

    High high high superiority complex. I’ve never seen someone so angry that other people don’t get a joke they didn’t even make themselves.

  • Kayla

    This has to be some sort of bad joke. Right? Everyone? Everyone is entitled to respect in death? What Monster? Next time Westboro Baptist Church wants to protest the funeral of a fallen soldier I suggest someone throw this back in their face. I wish I could have been there to protest such an ugly hearted man’s funeral. You all deserved a dose of your own medicine.

  • hahaha I hope his coffin falls over and he goes rolling out on the turf and everyone attending screams and runs and the funeral is ruined.


  • I truly honestly don’t feel bad about him being dead. He was awful scum and I find it hysterical that his death has been met with nothing but 100% “Thank god” or “who cares”.

    The cruelest irony would be no one showing up to protest so that he gets buried uncared for and irrelevant.

  • ghostjc422

    what about astral projection. how can you explain to one that there is no spirit when someone has actually experienced themselves leaving there body thru deep mediation and prayer? heaven is a place of true bliss where the most high sits on his thrown with his son yahoshua. Your correct many people do not achieve heaven in this lifetime. But why not achieve it on earth while we are still in the creators creation? material objects mean nothing, nothing is real except life itself. Simply put, life itself brought us our technology, life itself brought human mankind, animals, the grass that’s grows from seed that we plant. that being, we have used all of the love and passion for corruptness we turned into a Babylon system that’s on the edge of collapse. truth is love and truth will always win, think of it? 🙂 theres been evil doers corrupt poltcians and tyrants since before Christ existed, The Pharisees wanted power, they wanted to have both things, but how can you be evil and not have evil in return? same goes for love. Being said you cant choose both in life my friend:) exodus explains all of pharaohs claims to be a god, claiming to make the Nile. crocodiles can smile, but beauty shines externally and that’s the story of Greece, inside America bleeds. A great mentor of mine Matisyahu. spoke these words. id like to pinpoint this as well Exodus explains that everything in this world, everything in this life has an inner essence, an inner soul. When it started out before the soul was reincarnated into this life, into this body, time and place that we find ourselves in. It was baskin above in the rays of Godliness, and it comes into this world for one purpose. That it should tranform the darkness into life, That it should take the darkness of the world and make it light. as you can see we aren’t all to different from one another, are desires, lust, anger, greed and temptations just cause us to slip away from the truth. one must be as humble as the dust that surrounds him so even then it can crush him my friend and only than will he see that glimpse again not my words but you catch the drift. Shalom my friend and may you slay the wicked with your tounge and never forget Jerusalem for if you do fire will not come from your tounge. Blessed is your name adonai. My Rock My Redeemer

  • Julie Marsh

    They are just trying to get attention… In the end we need to take the high road on this one or risk being just like them by picketing. We should not give them attention at all. Ignoring them will have the greatest effect!

  • IanVL

    This isn´t satire. It just fake news which is sometimes marginally more extreme than the real story. I came here because I saw this re-posted somewhere. I have no idea why people think this site is funny. Anyone could do this (e.g. Andy Borowity).

  • Uthersmom

    I believe some people are thinking of the Landover Baptist website which is a parody of the Westboro Baptist Church, which is a real entity.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    These people have got a lot of flipping nerve! Ever heard the old saying whats good for the goose is good for the gander???? Hope you were inundated with picketers…..

  • Forever Cyrus

    the truth is the Gods are real and everything has a purpose. here bit information youll simply hate./…. you dont know everything. when we die we do go place, everyone goes somewhere different.

  • Pissed of Veteran

    “It would be in extremely poor taste if someone were to protest my father’s funeral just because they disagreed with him,” she said. “Everyone is entitled to respect in death. What monster would go out of their way to upset my family when we’re grieving?”

    Really now, it would be extremely poor taste, then why did the church exhibit such “extremely poor taste at the funeral of AMERICA’s Military members who fought and died preserving your right to express your opinions freely. I believe that the so called reverend will NOT be permitted to enter the pearly gates because he was preaching FALSELY the word of GOD.
    I just wish he could come back after meeting Jesus and tell his people how WRONG HE WAS.

  • Max Fortune

    Look up the definition of satire moron and you’ll quickly realize this is a SATIRE news website. Here is the definition of SATIRE:

    noun: satire
    use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize
    people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary
    politics and other topical issues.

    This is a SATIRE NEWS WEBSITE, lighten up moron!

  • Max Fortune

    Are you an idiot? Seriously this is a satire news website the news they report is FAKE!

  • mrs

    Found this floating around on FB with the source removed. I’m SOOOO glad it wasn’t true. I was instapissed. LOL

  • IanVL

    Wait, is this reply supposed to be satire? It seems exaggerated and a bit ironic (using all caps and name calling in a sentence to tell me to lighten up). I am so confused.

    As for the article, I don´t find it humorous, ironic or really exaggerated. It seems like something that could be true that happens to not be true. It seems like trolling to me.

  • Christina

    Oh NOW they want the public to not picket as to respect the family and their friends????? Seriously, after they picketed I don’t know HOW many soldiers funerals they picketed????

  • Absolute mess. These people are the reason Southern Baptists are viewed in the way they are….

  • rubix_1011

    This is indeed a real story. This ‘family/church’ is from the area where I live, and these people truly do exist. Google Fred Phelps and the Westboro Church. Again, this is completely true.

  • Merav

    The site is satire, but I’d wager to guess the scum at the WBC wouldn’t wan’t the funeal protested so that they can morn in peace.

  • Max Fortune

    Jesus Christ! I’m from Topeka too… The WBC is a real church and Fred Phelps died the story in and of itself is SATIRE!

    Once again read the definition of SATIRE:

    noun: satire
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    So essentially the website created a satirical fake news story to ridicule the WBC churches stupidity.

    It truly amazes me how people can’t seem to grasp the concept of satire! Ever watch SNL? They often use satire as well in their skits.

  • MikeyTsi

    FYI, looks like “tickld” has decided to re-post part of your fine report here without a link or attribution:


  • Max Fortune

    You obviously don’t seem to grasp the concept of satire do you? You ever watch Saturday Night Live? They take real news stories and events and use satire in their sketches to make a statement.

  • Jesse

    Lol I agree with Max Fortune you people need to grow brains. This site is clearly satire. The article titles under trending read “Ukraine Deploys Gay Men to Scare off Russians” and “Palin Wonders if Flight 370 ‘Flow Directly to Heaven'”

  • Barbara Swope

    these people are honestly stupid if they believe it is not hypocritical to ask for respect at his funeral when they have not bothered to show that same asked for respect for others. a good Christian knows that you don’t have to believe that someone is behaving the way GOD wants because it is not our place to judge anyone, GOD will judge us all when we get to the gates. If you want respect you need to show some

  • Sunshine1011

    I actually think they are trolling to get protesters so they can make a “thing” about it.

  • Terrie

    My knee jerk reaction would be to get all my gay and lesbian family/friends, all my military family/friends, and all others and dress in drag, uniforms, and whatever else and picket the entire thing… from the mortuary to the church, to the 6 foot deep hole in the ground… and then hand out literature, flyers, and other informational material that talks about diversity, equality, and other supportive informational, as well as ask for donations to the many 501c3 charities accepting of their donations.
    I would love to picket these people… just as they had no respect for others… its an eye for an eye…. they most certainly have a loose screw in that empty jar where the brain goes….

  • Terrie

    Truth machine, seriously, where do you get your information from? You have stated this is not a real story, however the media has posted this….
    And also why are you trying to discredit anyone?
    We can believe what we want to believe, whether is is right or wrong, or true or not true…. We all have faith in something…. some have faith in a God, some have faith in Karma, and some have faith that there is No God….
    Do you use a metal spoon or wooden spoon when you Stir the Pot?

  • Jessica

    I would greatly enjoy picketing this funeral.. these people are evil.. god don’t like ugly.. and that’s what these people are.. what kind of “respect” did they show the families of all the funerals they have protested.. god in no way shape or form HATES anyone.. they are the biggest hypocrites in this entire world..

  • Binder

    When is the funeral, I will be there now for sure but I doubt those vile people have any decency to say decent words

  • Ashley

    I can not wait to meet you God <3

  • Eric Kelly

    Then what are we? Children of the corn? Tools to be used like the fan? Its true we are just dust in the wind and the pure awesome vastness of the universe should be enough to make you feel dwarfed and insignificant. But that should feed your curiosity to vanquish the feeling and conquer the inhibitions of your disadvantage and not crumble at petty weight of power and size and that which might seem larger and more threatening. Your idle stance points out a certain indifference to human existence. Ste’s point is backed with the science of physics and the constant factor of flowing energy and the absence of it. Figure out your opinion and back it with proof, or else your opinion will only be a statistic.

  • Robert

    Get Fuc7ing real whats the old saying do on to other’s as you would want them to do onto you WELL hello your the one’s that started this now your asking for peace I myself say no way. Your Pastor is not a man of God not the God my Lord Jesus this is just the start of something new for you !

    A US ARMY VET 1976

  • CzechItOut14

    Is your life so insignificant that you get joy by going to the comments section of satire web sites to call people moron and re-post the definition of satire? We get it, it’s satire. Says it in their FAQ. Move along dude.

  • Eric Kelly

    My dear. Its not a real one. He may have died, but they have not actually done this. Its very clear, and you shouldn’t be so trusting of Media sources, they only try to promote things that will ultimately skew you intelligence and take away from a true understanding of situations. You should always have trusted sources, but to be safe, don’t trust them completely and fully like to many people who are lied to all too often do.

  • Eric Kelly


  • Eric Kelly

    Guys he died. But his family did not say this. Stop reacting. Its satire.

  • Marinewife

    Is your life so insignificant that you find it necessary to call people out for calling others out on their mistakes? Seriously, move along dude.

  • CzechItOut14

    Is your life so insignificant that you find it necessary to call people out for calling others out for calling others out on their mistakes? Super double seriously, move along dude.

    He didn’t make a mistake, he is beating a dead horse. Also, glad to have the input of someone who’s life is boiled down to that of being a Marine’s wife.

  • Horrible Human Being

    This man was truly awful and so are all of his followers.

    I suggest everyone dances on this monster’s grave. May he burn in hades.


  • Paxton Robinson

    So its ok for them to picket everyone else but the get there panties in wad because people are picketing their pastor. You reap what you sow.

  • Bre

    Love thy neighbor….

  • josh

    my opinion is that of the truth, somthings that’s been held so dear to the Israelites since before our time. your opinion is also valid, but your missing faith my friend. Again I will askyou this question, hat came before all that? since there was no dark no light? I don’t believe you ever answered that question in fact you hopped your way around. That’s my problem with evolution its just theory. Just a great idea, and explanation for like what I said before of something of great intelligence that existed and extinguished itself
    and to answer your question no we are not children of the corn, the righteous want no evil my friend. we are of a humble sort and not from this world for if we where you would accept us. I would suggest stepping into the aish tamid where the fire is eternal and feeding your inner child till its full with bliss. Babylon is fallen, and we live in a world of corruptness why not fill up on knowledge, why not love? Also If I may ask how can someone explain that there’s no spirit
    to someone whom practices deep meditation, whom has experienced their spirit descended out of there body and connecting with there soul? such as a rabbi or a guru?

  • ghostjc422

    you may water leaves my friend but we water the roots. and this monster will be tamed. Science is great, history is great. all teachings are great but what we lack is faith. faith is truth, faith is real but instead we fight wars for something every person is meant to have

  • josh

    you may water leaves my friend but we water the roots. and this monster will be tamed. Science is great, history is great. all teachings are great but what we lack is faith. faith is truth, faith is real but instead we fight wars for something every person is meant to have. Blessed is adnoi. Our Rock Our Redeemer. who flys planes through your deep waters and puts thunder in your chest you. so your jaw may not cling to your jaw and you may spit fire

  • Rob Oakes

    If I had the influence I would invite the village people to this ‘wonderful’ gentlemen funeral. I hope that people give him the same dignity that he gave to the funerals of soldiers and gay people…… “God hates Fred Phelps”

  • Terrie

    Thank you Eric. I can appreciate your comment. However I am unclear when you state “they have not actually done this”
    who are you referring to? The westboro congregation has done this to many families. The public however I doubt has done the same to them? I understand that some people will lie on top of a lie, and I do not trust many. However why would the media comment/post something that they could be discredited for? This certainly does prompt questions I hope to research. Thank you again Eric, your words are appreciated.

  • zx74125800

    Just found this site, very funny. Again this is satire folks.

  • josh

    your tongue may not cling to your jaw** excuse my spelling errors as my phone is touchy

  • Anon

    The people of the Westboro “church” are completely evil. From my point of view, they thrive on attention. They love the hateful comments they receive because perhaps it makes them feel justified in their horribly misguided faith. In my opinion, they should be ignored. No more media coverage. No more youtube videos. No more attention!! They crave the spotlight. They crave hate. DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM!! Let them be alone in their insanity. If you want to hurt them, ignore them. If they protest and harrass public events, arrest them. If they disturb military funerals, arrest them there too.. but do not buy into their desperate need for attention. AMEN!

  • Anon

    PS. Max and Jesse.. you both sound incredibly rude. You can’t assume anyone who disagrees with you is unintelligent. That is ridiculous.

  • Tim B

    There is no scientific evidence that astral projection as an objective phenomenon exists, and pseudoscientific claims to that effect are not accepted as reliable scientific evidence in the relevant fields of study.[6][7]

    Robert Todd Carroll writes that the main evidence to support claims of astral travel is anecdotal and comes “in the form of testimonials of those who claim to have experienced being out of their bodies when they may have been out of their minds.”[59] Subjects in parapsychological experiments have attempted to project their astral bodies to distant rooms and see what was happening, however such experiments have produced negative results.[60]

    According to Bob Bruce of the Queensland Skeptics Association, astral projection is “just imagining”, or “a dream state”. Although there is rigorous mathematical support for parallel universes,[61]Bruce writes that the existence of an astral plane is contrary to the limits of science. “We know how many possibilities there are for dimensions and we know what the dimensions do. None of it correlates with things like astral projection.” Bruce attributes astral experiences such as “meetings” alleged by practitioners to confirmation bias and coincidences.[62]

    The psychologist Donovan Rawcliffe has written astral projection can be explained by delusion, hallucination and vivid dreams.

  • STL

    “…you people need to grow brains…”

  • Shaun

    lol man you people really dont know your news, this story IS real and it also IS satire….thats right its both you dumbasses. (allow time for feeble minds to process information) ok, YES Fred Phelps is dead, YES, family members did ask for people NOT to protest his funeral…but these quotes are NOT real. the “but doesnt any good father beat his wife and daughter” quote…fake. funeral real. i mean thats what satire is….humorous twists on real life events. not completely made up mumbo jumbo. Man, peoples intelligence scares me now and days i bet its sites like these that allow people to think that obamas a good president haha. gotta stop just watching ONE news source that tells you what you want to hear. so lets recap for the slow now….fred phelps dead=REAL, church members ask public not to protest funeral = REAL, This news article = Satire

  • Kris Lowell-Furman

    This may be a satire site but the man really did die. I wouldn’t put it past his family to request that people not protest at his funeral. They are really that deranged.

  • Yahoushua

    eric the question that you seek has already been answered we are man. we are a spirit and we our the beauty of the baud. in do time you will understand. its nice to have answers to everything but your answers will always be left unfinished until you turn to the way of the pure and the truth. for the truth will always win..have no fear my child

  • yahoshua

    how can you prove there isnt my friend? my heaven is a place of true peace. so before you go twisting peoples heads maybe you should look within. i must ask, if you truly believe theres no heaven than you must not be at one with yourself? am i correct, may i suggest confronting someone such as a guru or rabbi with you theories and maybe than you can see that light my friend is truth.

  • Insigception

    Is your life so insignificant that you find it necessary to call people out for calling others out for calling others out for calling others out on their mistakes? Super duper double seriously, move along dude.

  • Petesjunk

    I don’t know why so many people feel the need to instantly tell others that this is a satire website. Part of the joke is watching people react.

  • Bri

    I hope no one protests. Then we (non-WBC members) are the bigger people. Kill them with kindness.

  • The Satyr

    I know. It’s literally unbelievable.

  • Longstranger

    Where was Westboro’s decency. How hypocritical. Sick mo fos.

  • Heather Askew

    This cracked me up! Hahahahahahahaha!

  • Kristine Furstenberg Hanson

    Wow, totally pathetic. I read this and had to scratch my head – “My father was a great man who did no harm to anyone,” she said. “So what if he beat his own wife and children? Doesn’t any good, loving father do that?” Wtf does beating his own wife and children have to do with the hatred that he spread? Maybe he did that but is he trying to say that ALL of the homosexuals and military personnel were wife and children beaters? I am pretty sure God is in Heaven just scratching His head over this. This man and his followers surely did not or do not represent the God that I worship.

  • Sam

    When is the funeral, I want to go and picket!!!!!

  • Soren

    yeah,but not this request b the WBC.
    Shirley Pehlps-Roper announced,that there will be no funeral held for that fucker…
    and I think she knows very well why it’s better not to do.Btw,Fred Phelps got excommunicated by his own church last year August…I guess he won’t be saved by his god than,eh?

  • LittleMissMe

    Yikes, I didn’t realize this was satire at first, and my eyes nearly popped out of my skull.

  • NO one

    Are they idiots or what. What about all the families they picketed. The families didn’t want them there either but yet they showed up.

    I hope a lot show up and do protest his funeral just so they can all feel the pain that they cause other families who just want to bury their family member in peace.

  • bright eyes

    God commands us to love our enemies. Yes, its hard but that’s part of the reason why there is some much pain, hurt, and suffering in this world, because people find it easer to hate than it is to love one another.

  • Donald Lang

    They do that, they just don’t give the disclaimer

  • Vicky Jordan

    This is bullshit! There is no way on this earth that woman said that. This absolutely has to be a hoax.

  • SteveDK

    This IS a satire website, like The Onion.

  • Vicky Jordan

    Well I figured it must be. Thanks for the clarification Steve.

  • truth_machine

    I have no concern about what some internet moron says about my intelligence.

  • truth_machine

    The fan doesn’t go anywhere, the whirring does, imbecile. Any more questions from you will wait an eternity because I have desire to waste further time on you.

  • truth_machine

    “you dont know everything”

    Ah, but you apparently do, asshole.

  • truth_machine

    For one, I get my information from the about page for this site, which says it’s a parody site, you blithering moron.

  • kitty petmecky

    this is ridiculous it is ok for them to disrupt other people’s funerals but don’t want there father’s funeral disrupted. Think there should be a large turnout disrupting (quietly as they did/do) his funeral so they know how it feels.

  • Robbie

    this is hilarious. yay, god! http://payloog.com/?invite=137347

  • truth_machine

    “what about astral projection.”

    What about rank stupidity?

  • truth_machine

    You’re so stupid it hurts. This a parody site … they posted it precisely because it’s not true.

  • truth_machine

    No one cares what some “guest” dufus has or hasn’t seen. I’m not angry at morons like you, I’m saddened. As for superiority, it’s a curse but I’ve learned to live with it.

  • Thomas Favors

    Luckily for him his religion is a complete lie. So he will just disappear from everything over time. Sorry Fred, no pearly gates for you, not even a fiery lake, just oblivion.

  • Thomas Favors

    Satire is wonderful, we just have people who are too smart, or too stupid. The too smart people will make satircal responses to the satirical article, and they will be misunderstood by normal folk. The second is that some people don’t know when to tell satire from fiction. This could be fixed though, by having them attend a literature course where satire is focused on.

  • Michael Pople

    I wouldn’t protest the Phelps funeral, I would however wait until everyone left then piss on his grave.

  • ukfecpl

    Shirley Phelps Roper of the Westbro Baptists asking that no one picket her Fathers funeral:
    ” What monster would go out of their way to upset my family when we’re grieving?”

    If I needed any proof of how religion perverts logic and rationality – This would be it.

  • Cindy

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it….

  • Reece Norwood

    a) I’m well aware this site is satire
    b) I oh so hope that some of this story is true – and folks did try to protest
    c) particularly the part about his awful daughter who is as virulent as Phelps ever was.
    d) sad that these cowards told the media there would be no funeral. These are not people of the Lord. People of the Lord are not cowards.

  • Max Fortune touches little boy

    Max Fortune,

    WHO CARES??? You are a bigger moron for being such a d*ckhead! Go f*ck yourself and the high horse you rode in on.

  • Paula Blanchette

    Crock o crap. These people are truly insane.

  • Pauly1975

    Tell me where his grave is. I got a steaming one on deck ready to drop on him.
    Christ, I hope some Ed Gein wannabe digs him up and rapes his corpse.

  • fustian24

    I’d like to call you out for…you know.

    My life may be insignificant, but damned if I’m going to type all that out.

  • Archer Tuttle

    Satirical irony is quite a widely accepted form of humour around the globe

  • Archer Tuttle

    Are you saying:”You are a bigger moron for being such a d*ckhead! Go f*ck yourself” satirically?

  • Archer Tuttle

    Is that what makes it satirical?

  • Archer Tuttle

    You could satirically copy and paste

  • Archer Tuttle

    I am a fan of God. Whats that whirring noise?

  • Archer Tuttle

    Cosmic dust?

  • Tired of the nonsense

    I am a born again christian saved by the grace of God. I have
    a relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. I have known the Lord for over 20
    years. Never once has He ever told me to tell someone that He hates them.
    On the contrary, He’s told me to tell those I witness to how much He loves
    them. Homosexuality, as well as adultery, fornication, etc…are
    all sins and God does not take them lightly. But just as bad
    is the sin of hatefulness and haughtiness, which seems to ooze out of the pores of this family. Westboro members, God
    loves you too but He is not going to put up with the nonsense forever. How dare you ask people to not protest your family members funeral when you
    have done the same to others that you did not agree with. Do you think you are the only ones with feelings? Do you know how much you have hurt people that were trying to bury their loves ones in a dignified way? Such hypocricy!!!
    Quit calling yourself a church. You are NOT a true church. The bible says
    in John 3:3 ; “…YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN” Putting a sign on a building
    and calling yourself a church means nothing without a relationship with
    Jesus . You’ve done more harm than good!!! And for your information,
    I was raised by responsible parents that spanked us when it was called
    for but very seldom did more than ground us for a couple of days.
    THEY were good loving parents. They never once beat us.Beating kids
    and wives is NOT normal.